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Welcome to Chicago

Destination Overview •

Ideal for students who enjoy a city environment

EF Chicago is located in the 3rd largest city in the US

Big city with a small city feel, people are friendly

Shopping, restaurants and beaches just steps away

Two professional baseball teams and organized sporting games (soccer, beach volleyball) for our students

Outdoor festivals celebrating music, food and fun all summer long

EF Chicago: Welcome

EF Chicago: Welcome •

EF Chicago is located on Michigan Avenue, the city center of Chicago

EF Chicago: Welcome •

EF Chicago provides a fun atmosphere to learn English and American culture.

Close to public transportation, and many city sights are within walking distance

Near restaurants, shopping and Chicago’s famous Navy Pier, where you can ride the Ferris Wheel and enjoy the view!

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City Center Location Shopping right outside your door‌

City Center Location Parks and attractions too‌

City Center Location

Student Facilities  Brand new school coming this summer  Located in the same building, 4th floor  New location will include:  Same convenient city center location  New classrooms  WiFi  I-PAD use during class  And much, much more! For now let’s explore our current space in Chicago‌


Student Lounge

Activities Lounge

Wi Fi available everywhere

Student Computers

3 Student computers in lobby

2 student computer labs

School Tour: Classrooms

TV Lounge / Classroom

School Tour: Academic Facilities Classrooms

Meet the EF Chicago Staff

Sandy Moklak Academic Director

Jennifer Smith School Director

Jen Leet Administrative Coordinator

Katja Claussen Housing Director

Kim Brodziak Activities Coordinator

Student Life - Accommodation Host family  Experience the “typical� American family experience  Located on average 50-80 minutes by public transit from the school  Commute price: 1 ride: $2.25 Monthly pass: $86  Single and twin rooms available

Accommodation - Residence International House  University of Chicago campus dormitory  25 minutes to school by train, monthly pass: $86 (average weekly: $14)  All SINGLE ROOMS available  Shared bathrooms (for 35 students) 4 toilet stalls, 6 showers, and 7 sinks cleaned multiple times per day  Kitchen facilities available onsite  Light breakfast included  For students 18 years and older

International House

Location: International House

EF Chicago

International House

Downtown Chicago is 25 minutes away on the train.

International House

Accommodation - Residence Downtown – Hostelling International  10 minutes walking distance to school!!  Convenient downtown location close to major attractions  Apartment-style living, 2 bedrooms per apartment, multi rooms  6 students share a bathroom, kitchen and living room  Kitchen facilities available onsite  Breakfast included  For students 18 years and older

Hostelling International

Hostelling International

Hostelling International

Hostelling International

Hostelling International

Location: Hostelling International

EF Chicago

Hostelling International

EF Chicago is 10 minutes walking distance.

Accommodation- Residence Downtown – Fornelli Hall  5 minute walking distance to school  Convenient downtown location close to major attractions  Apartment style living, 2 to 3 bedroom apartments (singles, twins and triples)  2 bathrooms per apartment, approx. 2 students per bathroom  Apartments have living rooms and modern kitchens  Light breakfast included  For students 18 years and older

Location: Fornelli Hall

EF Chicago

Fornelli Hall

EF Chicago is 10 minutes walking distance.

Fornelli Hall

Activities Coordinator – Kim Brodziak

Popular Activities


The Beach (really!)

Weekend & Day Trips

Activities - Weekly Sample

Chicago Academics • • • • • •

Summer school for students 16 years and older Diverse student population Exciting and interactive class atmosphere Motivated instructors with direction and training to help students Large range of SPINs Class field trips—the city as a classroom!

Summer SPIN classes • • • • • •

Chicago neighborhoods Vocabulary through games EF Chicago newspaper Short stories Chicago fiction Slang and conversation through music

Lecture • Weekly lecture series planned by lecture coordinator • Lectures include outside speakers from local companies and organizations • Past lecture topics include: Chicago neighborhoods, NCAA Basketball tournament, Bike Tour Chicago and How to meet and date in Chicago

Top selling points  Incredible location

 Beautiful modern school  Multicultural city  Wide variety of outdoor activities  Outdoor festivals all summer long featuring food, music and Chicago fun Five professional sport teams  A variety of museums, shopping and restaurants minutes away


School Presentation - Summer School Chicago 2012  

School Presentation - Summer School Chicago 2012