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Summer language courses abroad Make friends for life as you learn a language abroad

Language Travel Students ages 14-17

The summer of your life Make new friends, improve your language skills and see the sights during an unforgettable summer abroad.

Welcome to EF

Why choose us?

EF has over 50 years of experience creating language courses that redefine the way students learn. Our personal approach ensures that younger learners gain lasting confidence and enduring language skills.

-- Highly trained staff Our global network of staff are always on hand to help. They are experts in creating language courses that include everything from flights and food to accommodation and activities. -- Support around the clock Travel with a local EF Leader from first day to flight home. You’ll get extra support from an EF Leader based in your destination too, who’ll make sure you have a safe yet action-packed summer. -- Fun-filled schedule Explore your destination and make lots of new friends during exciting activities and inspiring group excursions. -- Choose your course type Ensure your time abroad matches your interests by choosing from 4 different course types – from traditional lessons and activities to artistic studios and sports camps. -- EF resources Benefit from pre-departure meetings and info-packs that will equip you with everything you need prior to departure. You’ll gain immediate access to My EF too – our online platform where you can connect with classmates, check your schedule and join new activities.

Our innovative EfektaTM Action Learning Curriculum, developed by our team of academic experts, ensures maximum progress and encourages lots of interaction. Fun and engaging lessons are complimented by exciting daily activities and excursions, all led by experienced EF Leaders. From discos to cultural visits, they‘ll reinforce language skills and ensure that you create memories to last a lifetime.

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

Over 50 years experience

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“My English has improved so much in just three weeks. Now I can understand and think in English a lot faster.� Frida from Norway EF London

Pick your destination

Choose from iconic cities and sun-soaked beach resorts to historic towns and countryside campuses.

UK, Ireland & Malta -- Hastings -- Torquay -- Brighton -- Oxford -- London -- Eastbourne -- Cambridge -- Dublin -- Cork -- Ireland Immersion -- Malta

Europe -- St. Raphaël -- Munich -- Málaga -- Uppsala

USA & Canada -- Florida -- New York -- New York – Thornwood -- New England -- Seattle -- Virginia Beach -- Long Beach -- California -- San Francisco -- Los Angeles -- Miami -- San Diego -- Vancouver Island -- Toronto

Asia & Pacific -- Tokyo -- Singapore -- Seoul -- Shanghai -- Perth -- Cairns EF International Language Campus New York – Thornwood

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

Make new international friends while you soak up the sunshine

Choose your course

EF Language Courses

EF Camps & Studios

EF Immersion

EF Tour

Make maximum progress Enjoy a classroom-based course with interactive, teacher-led lessons that use games, tasks and group work to advance your language skills. Experience a range of activities and excursions that develop your proficiency in real-world situations.

Get active Choose from either sports camps or artistic studios, led by professional coaches and teachers. Sports camps combine language learning with team games and outdoor adventure. Artistic studios develop practical skills in subjects such as art and music while you learn the language.

Connect with cultures Live with a host family in the heart of a welcoming community, and learn how to live like a local. Advance your English skills through real-world, daily interactions as you benefit from maximum cultural exchange.

See the world Experience a range of cities as you hit the open road with a local EF Leader and an experienced EF Tour Director. This all-inclusive package includes your travel, hotels and meals, guided sightseeing and excursions.

2:00pm - 7:00pm Get active while building your language skills with EF’s daily activities, from snorkeling by the beach to playing team games at the EF Arena.

7:00pm - 8:00pm Enjoy dinner with your local host family or other international students at an EF residence, and exchange stories as you relax after an actionpacked day.

A typical daily schedule

9:00am - 12:00pm Develop your language skills with interactive, teacherled lessons focusing on pronunciation and grammar.

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

12:00pm - 2:00pm Enjoy a packed lunch in the middle of your study visit to ancient historical ruins or beautiful nature parks around your EF destination.

Make yourself at home

Socialize with friends in our comfortable accommodation

EF Homestay

EF Resort

Benefit from maximum cultural exchange by living with a local host family. You‘ll perfect your accent and pick up local expressions as you benefit from daily immersion in the culture.

Experience the more relaxed vibe of a holiday resort. You’ll live, learn and chill out with students in accommodation that features a swimming pool and other great leisure amenities.

EF Residence

EF College Campus

Live in a student residence in the heart of your course town with EF students from around the world. EF Residence Managers are on-site 24/7 to assist students.

Enjoy traditional student life on a UK or US campus. You‘ll benefit from state-of-the-art facilities both inside and outside of the classroom.

EF Junior Boarding School All of EF‘s Junior Boarding Schools are set among acres of playing fields and boast numerous outdoor facilities as well as bright and modern classrooms.

Languages, friends and fun.

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Bureau de Bordeaux Tél. : 05 56 80 17 93 Fax : 01 42 86 09 91 Tél. : 03 88 16 16 05 Fax : 03 88 16 17 89

Bureau de Nantes 2 allée Duquesne 44000 Nantes Tram: place du cirque Tél. : 0800 94 01 31 Fax : 01 42 86 09 91<country>

Midi-Pyrénées Sophia Djemmali 29 bis rue Ingres 31130 Quint Fonsegrives Tél. : 05 61 23 63 94

Normandie Valentin Bontemps 5, avenue de Provence 75009 Paris Tél. : 01 42 61 46 26 Fax : 01 42 86 09 91

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