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Flexible and long-term language courses Take your career to new heights

Languages Abroad Adults, professionals and executives

Go abroad to get ahead

Advance your career at one of our fully-accredited language campuses: EF Professional Language Campuses and EF Executive Language Institutes are designed to refine language skills, enhance networking and launch global futures for adults, professionals and executives.

Why choose EF? Exclusively for adults, professionals and executives Benefit from language courses designed and developed for adults, professionals and executives. Learn faster, guaranteed Make quick progress with our innovative learning method. Personalize your studies Study when, where and how you like with our flexible-length courses starting every Monday – whether you’re a novice beginner or nearly fluent. Experience a new culture Enjoy leisure activities organized by EF – from wine tasting to excursions to nearby cities.

EF Professional Language Campuses Focus on professional development at select EF campuses featuring courses designed and taught for professionals. You’ll benefit from the latest learning technology in an environment that is ideal for networking.

EF Executive Language Institutes Take a language course specially tailored for executives. You’ll have access to exclusive locations and individual teaching – all so you can make the fastest progress in as little time as possible.

Build an international network Network with professionals from all over the world at every EF campus.

“I recently graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Now that I’ve improved my English skills, I can put my degree to use and communicate with people from all over the world.” Maria Emilia Bugliotti Viel, Argentina Student, EF London Tel: (+) 41 00276222

11 Languages 52 Destinations 100+ Nationalities

Learning Guarantee

You’ll advance one course level every six weeks when you attend all your classes and complete every assignment. Our method will guarantee that you make maximum progress – otherwise, you’ll study for free until you do.

Select your language course EF Intensive

EF General

EF One-to-one

32 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Make maximum progress during your stay abroad. This course is highly recommended for serious students who need to learn a language as quickly as possible for academic or professional reasons. Our highly structured syllabus will have you speaking and writing with confidence in the least amount of time (total tuition time of 21 hours and 20 minutes). You’ll return home with a higher level of fluency and a wealth of international connections.

26 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Gain a sound understanding of the essential disciplines of a language. This course (total tuition time of 17 hours and 20 minutes), is designed to help you move up one course level every six weeks.

6 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Benefit from private lessons – customized for you and your studies. Lessons are taught inperson at your campus or online in iLab.

EF Summer Course 20 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Combine a relaxing holiday abroad with 20 language lessons a week (total tuition time of 13 hours and 20 minutes). You will concentrate on understanding and speaking the language in practical situations.

EF Exam Preparation

Our most popular course

32 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Prepare for officially recognized language examinations. In addition to intensive language study (total tuition time of 21 hours and 20 minutes), learn valuable test-taking techniques to build confidence.

EF Mini-Group 32 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Study in a group of 8-10 students to gain more individual attention in your general and conversation classes – ensuring that you make maximum progress in your studies (total tuition time of 21 hours and 20 minutes).

EF Career Builder 32 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Perfect your English skills for the global marketplace while learning expert tactics to boost your career. Learn business vocabulary, concepts and culture. Focus on the legal world or business.

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

EF Internship and Volunteership 32 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Improve your language ability with sessions on CV writing and interviewing skills on a minimum 4-week EF Intensive Course. Then, work part-time at an unpaid position to develop industryspecific language skills, or add a volunteer experience to your resume.

EF Language Year Abroad 32/26 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Study abroad for 6, 9 or 11 months to gain complete language and cultural fluency. You’ll benefit from a syllabus that combines classroom lessons with cultural immersion (total tuition time of 17 hours and 20 minutes).

EF Pre-MBA & PreMaster’s / Pre-PhD 32/30 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Prepare for your MBA, Masters or PhD program with EF. You’ll learn the linguistic and academic skills you need for postgraduate studies.

EF Executive Premium 40 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Enjoy the perfect mix of private lessons and small group classes (max 8). Our one-on-one courses are completely tailor-made to help you make the fastest progress in as little time as possible.

EF Executive 40 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Benefit from 10 private lessons per week, combined with 30 lessons of small-group tuition and independent Project Sessions (total tuition time of 26 hours and 40 minutes).

EF Executive & Professional Group

more individual attention in your general and conversation classes (total tuition time of 20 hours).

EF Executive Private 40 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Become fluent quickly with highly interactive private lessons. This course is perfect for tailoring your classes to your industry specific needs.

Courses for executives

Company-specific courses 30/40 classes of 40 mins per week: Create an industry-specific learning program for your team with our range of highly tailored courses for busy professionals.

32 lessons of 40 minutes per week: Study in a small group of 5-8 executives or professionals to gain

“English is essential to achieving the future I want for myself. And my ability to speak and understand English has grown so much since I started studying with EF.� Mylene Monta, France EF Manchester

Pick your dream destination Choose from 11 languages in 52 destinations around the globe – from iconic cities and sunsoaked beach towns to historic capitals.

EF Professional Language Campuses -- London -- Manchester -- St. Julian’s -- Cape Town -- New York -- Chicago -- Miami Beach -- San Francisco -- Honolulu -- Toronto -- Sydney -- Singapore -- Paris -- Berlin -- Madrid -- Dubai

EF Executive Language Institutes -- Boston -- Cambridge -- Hong Kong

Additional EF campuses around the globe -- Oxford -- Cambridge -- Bournemouth -- Bristol -- Eastbourne -- Brighton -- Dublin -- Boston -- Washington, D.C. -- Los Angeles -- San Diego -- Seattle -- Santa Barbara -- Vancouver -- Brisbane -- Perth -- Auckland -- Nice -- Munich -- Rome -- Barcelona -- Malaga -- Playa Tamarindo -- Lisbon -- Shanghai -- Tokyo -- Seoul

EF New York

EF Miami

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

Make yourself at home

EF Hotel or Apartment

EF Homestay Experience maximum cultural exchange by living with welcoming hosts in a private home. Gain insight into local culture, pick up expressions with greater ease and return home with a more authentic accent. In most cases, you can choose to sleep in your own bedroom or share one with another professional studying with EF. Our courses for executives always include Homestay in a single room.

EF Campus Living or Residence When you choose EF Campus Living or one of our Residences, you’ll be living alongside EF program participants from every corner of the globe, experiencing a truly international exchange of customs and cultures. Not only will you live on-site or have easy access by public transport to your EF school, but you’ll be well-placed to take advantage of your host city’s restaurants, sports facilities and nightlife. When living on-site, you’ll enjoy facilities such as a cafeteria, student lounge, playing fields, sports centers, libraries and more.

Enjoy the independence of living in an EF-selected apartment or hotel close to your school. All EF Apartments feature a communal bathroom, kitchen and living room – and many boast on-site amenities like laundry rooms and pools. You’ll be sharing daily life with fellow EF classmates, shopping for food and cooking together. Hotels are also offered at every EF destination. Whether you choose a 2-star, 3-star or even a 4-start hotel, you’ll enjoy a range of amenities such as onsite restaurants, fitness facilities, laundry service – even swimming pools.

Enjoy your free time EF’s Leisure Team – headed by an EF City Insider – builds a full program of optional activities, events and excursions. On your very first day, you will get to meet fellow students at a Welcome Party. EF’s Leisure Team will arrange evenings out on the town and get you into the best night spots. The social calendar for daily events and outings, hosted by your EF City Insider, will introduce you to the history, art, culture and sports of your host city. Your EF City Insider can also help you plan your own private escapes, so you can explore your host country during weekends.

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