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Flexible-length courses Kick-start your global future by learning a language abroad

Languages Abroad Students and adults ages 16 and above

The world is waiting

Learn a new language. Make international friends. Create memories for life. Experience all this – and more – at one of our 52 destinations around the world.

Welcome to EF

Why choose EF?

Over fifty years ago, EF was founded with the mission to open the world through education. Today, EF has become the world’s largest private education company – helping millions of people learn a language, explore a new city and make international friends abroad.

-- Personalized courses Study when, where and how you like with our flexible-length courses starting every Monday. -- Guaranteed progress Advance one language level every six weeks when you attend all your classes and complete all assignments with our flexible-length courses. -- Comprehensive experience Benefit from complete study abroad support around the clock. -- International network Make memories for life with new friends from 100 countries. -- Globally accredited Our 52 schools are accredited by some of the world’s leading education organizations. -- Inspiring environment Every facility boasts modern interiors and welcoming staff to ensure that you feel at home during your time abroad.

Prepare for your international future at one of our fully-accredited schools. Whether you’re picking up English for university over the summer or preparing for an official language exam on your winter break – your language course will be personalized to your interests and goals. Choose from 11 languages and study from 2 to 52 weeks. You’ll make guaranteed progress in your studies – thanks to our learning method that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion. When lessons are over for the day, you’ll enjoy a full schedule of EForganized activities and excursions.

“EF prepared me for university by improving my English – a language that I will continue studying and that will be useful for my future.” Milena Rossi, Italy EF Bournemouth

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

You’ll advance one course level every six weeks when you attend all your classes and complete every assignment. Our method will guarantee that you make maximum progress – otherwise, you’ll study for free until you do.

11 Languages 52 Destinations 100+ Nationalities

Pick your dream destination Choose from 11 languages in 52 destinations around the globe – from iconic cities and sunsoaked beach towns to historic capitals.

English -- Boston -- New York -- New York Thornwood -- Miami Beach -- Chicago -- Washington, D.C. -- Santa Barbara -- San Diego -- San Francisco -- Los Angeles -- Seattle -- Honolulu -- Vancouver -- Vancouver Island -- Toronto -- London -- London Aldgate -- Cambridge -- Cambridge Clare -- Bristol -- Oxford -- Brighton -- Manchester -- Bournemouth -- Eastbourne -- Dublin -- St Julian’s -- Sliema -- Cape Town -- Sydney -- Brisbane -- Perth -- Auckland -- Singapore

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese and Dutch -- Madrid -- Málaga -- Barcelona -- Playa Tamarindo -- Nice -- Saint-Raphaël -- Paris -- Berlin -- Munich -- Rome -- Dubai -- Lisbon -- Antwerp

Mandarin, Japanese and Korean -- Shanghai -- Tokyo -- Seoul

EF International Language Campus Boston

From Brighton to Boston and Perth to Paris – experience local culture on a daily basis

Whether you prefer laid-back beach towns or bustling capitals – your dream destination awaits

Select your language course EF Intensive Course 32 lessons of 40 mins per week Language Level: Beginner to Advanced

Our most popular course

Length: 2 to 52 weeks Start date: Intakes every Monday Make maximum progress during your stay abroad. This course is recommended for students who need to learn a language as quickly as possible for academic or professional reasons. Our highly structured syllabus will have you speaking and writing with confidence in the least amount of time.

What’s more, you’ll benefit from the maximum number of Special Interest Lessons, to ensure you successfully achieve your goals while studying abroad. Taught both in class and online, you can take SPIN Lessons focused on language skills, professional development, exam or university preparation or culture and arts.

EF Basic Course

EF General Course

EF Exam Preparation

20 lessons

26 lessons

32 lessons

of 40 mins per week

of 40 mins per week

of 40 mins per week

Language Level: Beginner to Advanced

Language Level: Beginner to Advanced

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Length: 2 to 12 weeks

Length: 2 to 52 weeks

Length: 8 to 52 weeks

Start date: Intakes every Monday

Start date: Intakes every Monday

Start date: Designated Mondays

This course is ideal for students who want to focus on how to communicate as well as enjoy a lot of free time. Combine activities and excursions with General Language Lessons, Project Sessions and Lecture Sessions all taught by our certified teachers.

This carefully composed course is designed to help you move up one course level every six weeks while gaining a sound understanding of the essential disciplines of a language. The course includes lessons focused on communicating clearly in everyday language.

Students with a wide range of goals – from university entrance to measuring their current language level will learn the skills and tools they need to pass an officially recognized language exam. Gain a professional advantage and academic edge with a Cambridge Exam, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, DELE or DELF.

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

Make yourself at home

EF Homestay

EF Hotel

Experience maximum cultural exchange by living with welcoming hosts in a private home. Gain insight into local culture and pick up expressions with greater ease. Enjoy breakfast and dinner with your hosts on weekdays, and all meals on the weekend. EF Homestays are typically conveniently located near public transporation.

Enjoy the comfort, convenience and privacy of a full-service hotel. Every EF school offers conveniently located 2-star, 3-star and 4-star hotel options. Expect a range of hotel amenities, including onsite restaurants, fitness facilities, laundry service – even swimming pools.

EF Campus Living

Live in the heart of your destination city alongside EF students from over 100 countries. Enjoy easy access to your school by public transportation – as well as the city’s shopping, restaurants and sport facilities.

Stay on-site, just steps from your classes. You’ll experience a vibrant campus life while living alongside students from over 100 countries. Enjoy facilities such as a cafeteria, student lounge, sports complexes, Wi-Fi access and more.

EF Residence

EF Apartment Live more independently in an EFselected apartment. You’ll have the choice of your own room, or one shared with a fellow student. All EF Apartments feature a communal bathroom, kitchen and living room.

EF activities and excursions Make guaranteed progress while enjoying EF-organized activities and excursions with your new friends – from touring your destination city to playing in a football match to taking a weekend trip, the choice is yours! Every destination has an Activities Team to assist you with maximizing your time abroad.

The faster way to learn a language.

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