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Long-term programs Achieve language fluency and complete cultural immersion

Language Year Abroad Students and Adults

Welcome to EF

Take a long-term language program with EF and return home with lasting fluency and friendships.

More than a language course

Design your dream gap year

EF’s Language Year Abroad programs provide students with more than just the language and academic skills needed to launch their international futures. Our 6-, 9- and 11-month programs go beyond basic classroom lessons to provide students with a truly immersive experience in the world’s most sought-after destinations. These programs are customized for long-term students and include unique features such as: in-depth project work, set term times, vacation dates, included study weeks and special activities. Combined, these ensure that students explore every aspect of life in their host city.

You have complete control of where, when and how you study thanks to our comprehensive program options in 52 cities around the world. Take your pick from living and learning in iconic cities, sunsoaked beach towns and historic locations in 21 countries. You’ll realize your travel dreams on a daily basis, no matter if that’s finding the best espresso in Rome, living like a real New Yorker in The Big Apple or learning how to surf in Sydney.

Long-term study, lasting rewards In today’s globalized world, employers and universities are increasingly looking for candidates with international experience. That’s why our long-term programs are designed to ensure you return home with lasting fluency, globally recognized language exams and an international network of friends. These features will make you stand out from the crowd as you apply for jobs or degree programs.

5 reasons to take a gap year 1 Gain complete fluency in the language of your choice 2  Live in an iconic city with new friends from around the world 3  Experience working in an international environment

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4  Get certified proof of your language level 5 E  njoy lasting benefits, no matter if you travel after high school, university or during your career

You’ll advance one course level every six weeks when you attend all your classes and complete every assignment. Our method will guarantee that you make maximum progress – otherwise, you’ll study for free until you do.

“This year has changed my life. It made me realize the global future I want to lead and gave me the language and academic skills to achieve it. At the start, my English was very basic, but I left with language fluency that I know will help me succeed in the future.” Lars from Sweden EF London

Be more than just a tourist Experience the best your destination has to offer as you discover everything from cuisine to concerts, shops to sporting events. Every EF destination has incredible things to see and do – the hardest part is deciding where to start!

Travel breaks

Local cuisine

Take a road trip with your new friends on the weekends or travel during your holiday breaks. Our schools are placed conveniently near major transport hubs, making it easy to get out and explore far and wide.

There’s nothing more memorable than tasting new flavors for the first time. We’ll show you where to find the best local fare in your host destination.

New hobbies

Discover nearby events and mingle with the locals at festivals, concerts, celebrations and more – like London’s Notting Hill Carnival or the Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

Try something new and exciting. Learn how to surf in Honolulu, take Flamenco lessons in Madrid or sign up for cooking classes in Paris.

Action-packed schedule Every EF school has an Activities Coordinator, who plans a weekly schedule of activities, day trips and weekend excursions.

Check out our students’ pictures and videos by searching #EFmoment on Instagram

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

Exciting events

Expert guidance From shopping and restaurants to theaters and museums, we can show you the best locations and insider spots in your destination.

Enjoy first-class student facilities, like our private swimming pool at EF San Diego

Make yourself at home

Enjoy home comforts by staying with a carefully selected host family

Live like a local while you’re abroad with our range of accommodation options. From living with fellow EF students in a centrally located residence to immersing in daily life with a host family, your choice of accommodation will help you live the language.

The perfect program for you Start living like a local in the world’s most sought-after destinations – all while gaining fluency on a program that’s personalized to your language and cultural goals.+

Choose one of 5 programs 1) Gain complete language fluency Make maximum progress with our highly innovative General and Intensive programs that are designed to get you writing and speaking with confidence. 2) Prepare for an official exam Get ready to take a globally recognized English proficiency exam like Cambridge English, TOEFL and IELTS. We also offer exams in a range of other languages. 3) Up to 3 languages in 3 destinations Experience life in up to three destinations, learning as many as three languages with our Multi-Language Year program. From a bustling city to a chilled out beach town, the gap year of a lifetime is waiting for you. 4) Combine language and career training Enhance your CV by combining long-term English or French studies with a careerboosting Advanced Diploma course. You’ll develop language skills while exploring your career path with industry-specific classes and an internship or volunteer experience in your chosen field. 5) Prepare for university abroad Gain the language and academic skills required for direct entry to an undergraduate, master’s or MBA course in an English-, German or French-speaking university. Graduates of our University Preparation programs are guaranteed a place at one of over 230 partner universities.

Tel: (+) 41 00276222

Choose to learn from 11 languages in 52 destinations in 21 countries English in North America Boston, New York, Miami Beach, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Honolulu, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Toronto English in the UK and Ireland London, Cambridge, Bristol, Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, Bournemouth, Eastbourne and Dublin English in the rest of the world St. Julian’s (Malta), Cape Town, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and Singapore Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese Madrid, Málaga, Barcelona, Playa Tamarindo, Nice, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Rome, Lisbon and Vught Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic and Korean Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai and Seoul

Combined language and academic studies

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