Education Choices - Winter 2021

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Mr James Dahl (15th Master at Wellington College)

Interview with Mr. James Dahl, Wellington College Headmaster Chloe Abbott, Founder of Education Choices magazine, was able to interview Mr James Dahl (15th Master of Wellington College) and discussed life at the College since Covid 19, the new Education Grant and the multi faceted work that they are doing to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to close ‘the learning gap’. You can listen to the full interview here How did Wellington College manage to support and provide for the children through the lockdown in March 2020?


Education Choices Magazine | Winter 2021

The biggest challenge that I think every school faced back in those remarkable days in March was pivoting to deliver everything virtually rather than in person straight away. We are very lucky at Wellington that we have gone down the route in the past few years of being a Microsoft showcase school and everyone having Microsoft surfaces and doing a lot of our teaching through the Microsoft platform. When we saw that the closure of schools was imminent we frantically did a lot of training with everyone on Microsoft Teams and schools closed on that Friday, but we were able to deliver