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Welcome to ELSIS “It is with the greatest pleasure that I introduce you to ELSIS. Our mix of nationalities makes it a vibrant place to study and learn English and with such a great mix our students learn very quickly. Our teachers and administration staff are well qualified and ready to help you with any questions you may have. We also have many exciting social activities. So whatever brings you to ELSIS, there is something for everyone. You will make great friends as well as learning English in our wonderful city. I look forward to seeing you to welcome you personally to ELSIS.� Cherie Soto Director of Studies

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Why Choose ELSIS? • ELSIS offers a wide range of English courses • Fantastic nationality mix • Highly qualified teachers • Pathways to universities • Fun and enjoyable social activities • Excellent accommodation options • Prime city centre location


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Sydney Information

LIVING COSTS IN SYDNEY Students may have difficulty in finding a job in the first few weeks or months upon arrival in Sydney. Finding accommodation, applying for a work permit, taking care of household chores and adjusting to a new study environment can take a lot of time. Therefore it is highly recommended that you bring with you enough funds to support yourself. Approximately $ 14,000 - $17,000 Australian Dollars (AUD) should be allocated for living expenses for each year of study.

CLIMATE IN AUSTRALIA Australia has four seasons Summer is from December to February Autumn is from March to May Winter is from June to August Spring is from September to November Rain is expected anytime throughout the year. Although January usually has most rainfall, sometimes there are light showers and at other times thunderstorms. In summer daytime temperatures can exceed 35 degrees celsius and in winter the average daytime temperature (June/July) is 16 degrees celsius. For further information regarding the climate in Australia please refer to:

One of the world‘s most cosmopolitan cities, Sydney is an exciting and safe city with an international range of services and a clean natural environment. A high standard of education and good student services have given Sydney a reputation as the premier place to study.

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With a mild to warm climate, Sydney’s numerous clean and safe parks and beaches are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle. In 2000, Sydney hosted “the best Olympics ever” (former president of the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch), which reflects the positivity, energy and harmony that exists within the city. Sydney has a rich mixture of ethnic and cultural groups and an

OUR Campus Student Facilities ELSIS is a modern educational facility designed to meet the needs and requirements of our students. Location facilities include advanced computer labs with the latest technology and software, fast broadband, plasma TVs and DVD players. On location at ELSIS are common areas where students have access to their own kitchen and free internet.

international atmosphere. With hundreds of restaurants, cafes and cultural attractions, Sydney has something for everyone and many experiences to discover. Transport is another area where Sydney excels. Sydney possesses a fleet of clean and modern trains, buses, ferries and taxis which are safe and reliable. Sydney’s natural environment consists of a unique range of native plants and animals, many of which can be experienced in the easily accessible zoos and pristine national parks which surround Sydney. It is because of all these features that Sydney has become one of the world’s most popular tourist and study destinations.

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Course Flow Chart Cambridge Exam Preparation

General English

Certificate in

GE 6

Advanced English


10/12 weeks

12 weeks

IELTS Exam Preparation

English for Academic Purposes EAP 2 Advanced 12 weeks

IELTS 2 First Certificate in English 10/12 weeks

Business English

GE 5 Upper intermediate 12 weeks

12 weeks



12 weeks

12 weeks


GE 4



10/12 weeks

12 weeks

GE 3 Pre-intermediate 12 weeks

GE 2 Elementary 12 weeks 0 5

GE 1 Beginner 12 weeks

EAP 1 Upper Intermediate 12 weeks

Under Graduate and Post Graduate Or Other Universities

Diploma and Advanced Diploma Or Other VET or TAFE

General Intensive English General Intensive English CRICOS course code: 054514E

Key facts: Course length: 12 weeks per level Levels: 6 levels – Beginner, Elementary, Preintermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced 20 hours face to face teaching per week Class size: Average 15 / Maximum 18 Minimum age: 18 Entry requirement: Notne Start date: Any Monday

Skill Classes Program Skill range from Writing, Vocabulary etc Students choose two skill classes per month and have one class on Monday and Wednesday and the other on Tuesday and Thursday

Testimonial: Hi, my name is Michaela and I come from Slovakia. Studying English at ELSIS is really amazing and we have so much fun during the lessons. One of the most fantastic things is that you meet people from all over the world! - Michaela, Slovakia

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IELTS Preparation Course for the International English Language Testing System CRICOS course code: 062241C

Key facts: Course length: 12 weeks per level Levels: 2 levels – Intermediate and Upperintermediate/Advanced 20 hours face - to - face teaching per week Class size: Average 15/Maximum 18 Minimum age: 18 Entry requirement: Pre-entrance test or Intermediate level at ELSIS Start date: Any Monday

ELSIS offers courses in both general and academic IELTS and students have the option of studying in the morning or in the evening. The courses run over a period of 12 weeks, and have a weekly intake allowing students to enter the class at any time. This course is also a great challenge for students wishing for a more intensive course of study. Students need to be level 4 (Intermediate Level) to participate in the IELTS classes.

Skills include: Academic writing, reading, listening, note taking and speaking Study skills IELTS exam preparation and practice test

Learning Outcomes Students who undertake the full course will gain: An understanding of the examination’s structure Strategies to do the exam: timing, organisation, etc

Testimonial: 0 7

Hello Guys! My name is Edina, I like ELSIS, it’s really great and everyone is friendly! The teachers are very nice and funny! Every day there is a very good atmosphere here so it’s easy to learn. Come on!!!! - Edina, Hungary

Competency in the four exam skills A better understanding of grammar, vocabulary, functions, register and discourse The main vocabulary used in the examination’s themes Development of speaking fluency and accuracy Students are assessed at regular intervals and are well prepared for the demands of academic studies.

EAP English for Academic Purposes CRICOS course code: 058166K

Key facts: Course length: 12 weeks per level Levels: 2 levels –Upper-intermediate and Advanced 20 hours face - to - face teaching per week Class size: Average 14/Maximum 18 Minimum age: 18 Entry requirement: Pre-entrance test or Upper-intermediate level at ELSIS Start date: Fixed start date

ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES (EAP) EAP is a preparation course designed for students who wish to study at one of the universities or colleges affiliated with the school The course provides students with the skills necessary to cope with the pressures of university life: lecture notetaking and comprehension, referencing, paraphrasing, giving presentations, research, academic essay writing , debate and discussion This is an excellent course for students wishing to enter into academic life in Australia, or who wish to learn about academic life in Australia Students will be exposed to teaching methodologies currently in use in Australia which may be different from those that they are familiar with in their home education system With a strong research and project focus, the course aims to develop students’ English language skills within the Australian cultural context. EAP 1 is for colleges EAP 2 is for undergraduates EAP 3 is for post graduates

Testimonial: My name is Akkharaphon Reaungrung, I come from Thailand. I’m studying EAP at ELSIS because I plan to study at university in Australia. Before I enter university I need to take the EAP course. This course can help me to improve my writing and speaking skills. The reasons I do like this course are the teacher and all my classmates, they are very kind. Especially my teacher, she is very kind and she can make boring things interesting with her sense of humour. - Akkharaphon, Thailand

LEARNING OUTCOMES Writing a critical review Writing an essay based on research Writing a report Writing a case-study analysis Delivering oral presentations Participating in tutorial discussions Preparing for examinations 0 8

Cambridge Preparation Course for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET)

LEARNING OUTCOMES Students who undertake the full 12 weeks of the course will gain:

CRICOS course code: 068411G

Knowledge of test-taking techniques specific to PET, FCE and CAE

Preparation Course for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) Test

Improved listening skills

CRICOS course code: 068411G

Preparation Course for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Knowledge of text types, eg. formal and informal letters, narratives, reports and articles Improved reading skills for a variety of genres Improved speaking skills

CRICOS course code: 063235D

A greater awareness of word families and word formation

Key facts:

The ability to analyze texts grammatically and to transform sentences so as to express the same meaning in a different form

Course length: 10/12 weeks Levels: 3 levels –PET, FCE and CAE 20 hours face - to - face teaching per week Class size: Average 12/Maximum 14 Minimum age: 18 Entry requirement: Pre-entrance test Start date: Fixed start date (January, March and September)

Development of speaking fluency and accuracy Students are assessed at regular intervals and are well prepared for the demands of academic studies

CAMBRIGDE EXAM The exams are internationally recognised and useful for students who need to use English in their workplace The exams consist of five papers: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Use of English. The courses develop and improve skills in all five areas.

Testimonial: 0 9

I’m glad about my decision to do the FCE course in ELSIS. The time here is so enjoyable, because the teachers are extremely enthusiastic and motivated. Every day they make me feel more motivated about my upcoming exam. -Edi, Switzerland

Business English Business English Course

(Intermediate to Upper Intermediate) CRICOS course code: 072180F

Key facts: Course length: 12 weeks 20 hours face - to - face teaching per week Class size: Average 14/Maximum 18 Minimum age: 18 Entry requirement: Pre-entrance test or Intermediate level at ELSIS Start date: Fixed start date

WHY STUDY BUSINESS ENGLISH AT ELSIS? Our Business English course prepares students to negotiate a diverse business world using English in a global context. It gives students the language they need to work in an international company or to conduct business with native and nonnative English speakers.




Week 1


Taking part in meetings

Week 2


Telephoning: making arrangements

Week 3


Managing meetings

Week 4


Socialising: introductions and networking

Week 5


Starting and structuring a presentation

Week 6


Dealing with figures

Week 7


Social English

Week 8

Human Resources

Getting information on the telephone

Week 9

International Markets


Week 10


Considering options

Week 11



Week 12



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Social Activities

g n i p Cam ELSIS offers a range of exciting and educational activies on a regular basis. We believe that this is important in learning English effectively so that students may become part of a wider social network in their new life in Australia.

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s e i t i v Acti

Extended school trips include weekend camping trips to picturesque beach destinations like Ulladulla, which is just a few hours out of Sydney.

h c a e b e h t n o Q BB

Halloween Party

y t r a p s s e r d y Fanc

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Boat Cruise





Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Lesson 1

FRIDAY FREE workshop






seessions available


Lesson 2

Lesson 2

Lesson 2

Lesson 2






Skill Class 1

Skill Class 2


Skill Class 1 Skill Class 2

EVENING General English

4 pm - 8:30 pm


4:15 pm - 8:30 pm

Testimonial: 1 3

Hi! I’m Francesco and I’m from Rome, Italy. Here at ELSIS I found friendly teachers and I met a lot of friends from all over the world. Here I learn and enjoy at the same time. - Francesco, Italy

and activities

Workshop & Workclub PUBLIC SPEAKING Learn sucessful techniques to speak clearly and confidently. Give a professional appearance.


ELSIS - Workclub Intends to help students to develop their skills by doing Professional Internship in their fields of expertise. This is an extraordinary opportunity to add value to your Resume by working in a local company.

Introduction to job search techniques research, vocabulary and speaking activities with interviews in mind.

INTERVIEW / TELEPHONE TECHNIQUES Techniques to speak persuasively and confidently about yourself in order to get that interview or job.

AUSTRALIAN WORKPLACE CULTURE Learn the unspoken ground rules of the Australian workplace.

MS OFFICE APPLICATIONS Make your resume look professional to get the edge.

BUSINESS ENGLISH Learn how to use English with specific business vocabulary in context.

IELTS EXAM WORKSHOP Practice IELTS skills under exam conditions.

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Student Services

Student Services is located at our reception on Level 2. You will meet our friendly team on your very first day. They can help you with any questions you may have about Australia and your English language learning.

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Our Student Services officers will guide you in the right direction. On your first day they will take your photograph for your ELSIS Student Card and give you a textbook. If you have questions about things like opening a bank account, arranging a tax file number, obtaining a mobile phone/sim card etc. then they are the people who can help you. ELSIS offers free individual tutorial time for students who want extra help. This help may be in the form of writing an effective curriculum vitae/resume or a job application letter. It could also be to practice pronunciation or to gain help with a confusing grammar point. Very soon ELSIS will feel like your second home because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere.


We aim to ensure a comfortable stay in Sydney for all our students with direct support from our Sydney-based office. Our accommodation is divided into Residence and Homestay. Apart from our accommodation options, we also offer an airport pick-up service, collecting you from Sydney Airport and transporting you directly to your accommodation destination. We can also arrange transfer back to the airport at the end of your stay. For your peace of mind, all of our drivers carry identification. All bookings can be made by agencies through our online booking system. You receive all the information necessary for airport pick-up, if required, and a complete profile with rules, photos, location and transport details for both residence and homestay accommodation. For more information please contact Cozzy Stay Accommodation at

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ELSIS Staff Andrew Duvall

Aine Geoghegan

Janette Gilbert

Emma Brunker Shane Murtagh Natasha Gallo Tony Papadopoulos Michelle Cowans

Our friendly and professional staff is made up of teachers from all over the world, ensuring that you will be exposed to a variety of English accents. Our teachers are university educated and hold specialist qualifications in English language teaching, including Masters of Applied Linguistics, Masters of TESOL, Masters of Education, and CELTA. Ongoing professional development ensures teachers are always up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies. In addition to the Director and Assistant Director of Studies, there are level coordinators available should your require any assistance, or have any questions relevant to your educational needs. 1 7

Cherie Soto

Mitch Tilley

Leila Rowett

Timothy Edwards

Sally Yao

Alberta Noden

Kerstin Raybould Robert Horlin

Benjamin Bronw Rima Ibrahim

Alan Furnell

THE ELSIS TEACHING TEAM IS AS FOLLOWS: Director of Studies Assistant Director of Studies Coordinator: Starters, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate Coordinator: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced Academic Coordinator: IELTS, EAP Cambridge Coordinator: PET, FCE, CAE


Evening Coordinator: All levels General English Teachers IELTS Teachers EAP Teachers Cambridge Teachers

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The Rocks

Opera House

Circular Quay

Sydney Tower Darling Harbour

Town Hall Station

LEVEL 2, 545 KENT STREET SYDNEY NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA Phone: +(61 2) 9283 3601 Fax: +(61 2) 9283 3646 Email:

QVB Shopping

Chinese Gardens

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ELSIS Brochure 2011 internet.pdf  

ELSIS Brochure 2011 internet.pdf