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Nutritional Consideration in Breast Cancer Prevention

October 2011

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for Stress


Sugar Pumpkin and

Cilantro Quesadillas

Exercise & Mood



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Success Story Evie Ambler


HORMONES be your problem?

L et us he l p y o u ! C all u

n s . o i t s e u q r o f 9 3 9 3 . 8 0 7 . 7 1 s at 3

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(Constipation, Bloating, Gas, Heartburn) PAIN MANAGEMENT ALTERNATIVES (Headaches) DR. ANGELA LASALLE


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new year…new you!



Choosing the right plastic surgeon is crucial to your outcome. Dr. Timothy Gillum Double Board Certified

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Are you sleeping alone again because you snore? Does your fatigue stop you from full enjoyment of your life? Can’t tolerate the CPAP? Let us help you with the proper oral appliances to help you have a good night of sleep and get your life back.

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9 Protein Needs for Athletes and Recreational Exercisers

11 “Mood Enhancers” Exercise Can Benefit the Brain!

12 Does Your Doctor Practice

What He Preaches?

13 Harmony 15 16

and Health

Fall Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin!

The Benefits of DIM for a Healthy, Fit, and More Balanced You

19 Enhancing Outcomes with Complementary Medicine

25 How Weight Training Can Improve Your Life and Conquer Stress


26 Exercise and Mood


32 Success Story

Is My Drug!! Amy Hineman


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October 2011



Exercise for Stress Relief Heather Thomas

Evie Ambler

33 Nutritional Consideration in Breast Cancer Prevention

34 Circus Peanuts and Sensible Shoes

35 Sugar Pumpkin and Cilantro Quesadillas

Vol. 3 Issue 10 (#48)

Breast Cancer


Welcoming New Family Practice Patients in Carmel


Health and Wellness of Carmel is pleased to announce the association of Douglas J. Ladika, M.Ed. MPAS, PA-C, physician assistant, with Dr. Clifford Fetters in the practice of family medicine. Doug joined the practice this year and is accepting new patients. Same-day appointments are available for acute illness or injury. Care for all ages is offered, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Physical exams, immunizations, mental health, preventive care, wellness promotion, and assessment and management of chronic disorders are among the services provided. As a certified physician assistant for 34 years, Doug is privileged to have worked in many different specialties: neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, emergency medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, internal medicine, urgent care, and—his very favorite—family practice. His training and experience gained have prepared Doug to provide full-service care to patients and their families. Listening carefully to you is Doug’s first priority. Healing begins when you feel deeply heard and when a thorough examination is performed, followed by compassionate care. As an experienced Physician Assistant and a Professor at Butler University, Doug looks forward to the privilege of providing comprehensive, holistic health care for everyone in the family.

11900 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 200 | Carmel, IN 46032 | Phone: 317.663-7123 |


activelife Guide

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umpkin-spice lattes, scarves,

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Happy fall, friends!

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of autumn also marks the beginning of an often stressful holiday season for many.

And remember—be active, live well!


Here’s your reminder (and permission) to SLOW DOWN and set aside some time for yourself to workout, meditate, read a book—




whatever it takes to refresh your mind and

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those things for you, so try delegating the tasks that other people CAN do for you.



In this issue of activelife Guide, we bring

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you exercises, recipes, and tips on how to improve your mood and relieve stress.

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We’d also like to shine a spotlight on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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program. If you follow these fitness tips, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge

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October 2011


activelife Guide from any claims.

By Alec Smith



Protein Needs for Athletes and Recreational Exercisers

t is widely recognized that

grams (about 0.6–0.75 grams per

amino acids (the building blocks

rice is missing an essential amino

carbohydrates and fats

pound) of protein per kilogram be

of protein). They are “essential”

acid that beans have. Likewise,

provide the body with the

consumed each day. Again, for a

because our bodies do not produce

beans are missing an essential

energy needed to perform exercise

150-pound individual, this comes

them, and they must be obtained

amino acid that the rice has.

and activities of daily living;

out to 90–115 grams. Athletes

from the diet. Plant sources of

When eaten together (delicious

but what is protein’s role, and

trying to lose weight should

protein, such as beans, nuts,

and nutritious by the way), they

how much should we have? Can

consume about 1.6–1.9 grams

grains, and seeds, are typically

provide all of the necessary

a vegetarian really get enough

per kilogram (0.7–0.9 grams per

referred to as “incomplete”

components. Additionally, beans

protein to satisfy his or her body’s

pound) to preserve muscle mass.

proteins because they lack at

and brown rice contain no fat,

demands for it?

These numbers are not exactly

least one of the “essential” amino

no cholesterol, and are ample in

dead-on (but almost exactly

acids. So, does that mean that

fiber. However, if one chooses

From an athlete’s, or even

dead on), and they are what I

vegetarian athletes are unable to

to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet,

a recreational exerciser’s

recommend to my clients.

meet the aforementioned protein

supplementation for vitamin B-12,

perspective, protein should be

requirements? Absolutely not.

calcium, iron, and vitamin D, to

thought of as the “repair guy,”

So, now we know the numbers—

While vegetarians may not be

name a few, should be included.

rebuilding the muscle tissue that

great. How does that translate

eating certain animal sources of

Contact a registered dietitian for

has been broken down during

into actual food? First of all, great

protein, the combinations of plant

appropriate supplement doses or

exercise, be it from running or

protein choices include lean meats,

foods actually can complement

questions regarding general diet

resistance training. So, while

fish, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts,

each other. For example, brown

and eating habits.

carbohydrates and fats provide

low-fat dairy products, as well as

us with energy, protein provides

soy products. Just 1 ounce of meat

very little (about 5% or so,

contains 7 grams of protein, and a

just to give you an idea). For

serving the size of a deck of cards

Americans ages 18 and above, the

(about 3–4 ounces) contains about

recommended dietary allowance

20–25 grams. An 8-ounce glass of

(RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams per

milk contains 8 grams; a ½ cup of

kilogram of body weight. (This

cooked kidney beans has 8 grams;

comes out to being just shy of

and an ounce of peanuts contains

0.4 grams per pound.) However,

about 7 grams. The average

numerous studies have shown

American diet is ample in protein,

that this is inadequate for athletes

and I rarely see clients who are not

and weekend warriors alike.

meeting their protein needs. With

Depending on the type of exercise

that in mind, supplements can be

that is being performed, protein

a convenient choice, but are, in

needs vary. For example, those

most circumstances, not necessary.

who are engaged in a strength or

Supplements are also essentially

resistance training program require

an unregulated industry, and

anywhere from about 1.5–1.8

the safety and efficacy of some

grams of protein per kilogram of

products is often brought into

body weight (about 0.7–0.8 grams


Enhancing Health and Athletic Performance Registered Dietitian helping to make Indianapolis healthier.

We provide individual and group nutritional counseling. Other services include metabolic testing, body composition analysis, and lectures for businesses and other organizations.

Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

per pound). For a 150-pound person, that is 105–120 grams

Animal sources of protein, such

per day. For endurance athletes,

as lean meats, eggs, and fish are

such as runners and cyclists, it is

complete proteins. This means that

recommended that about 1.4–1.7

they contain all of the essential

Breast Cancer


317.721.3161 8310 Allison Pointe Boulevard Suite 103 A, Indianapolis, IN 46250


October 2011 |

activelife Guide 9




At the YMCA, we exist to strengthen community. Together with people like you, we nurture the potential of kids, help people improve their health, and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors.

At the YMCA, we exist to strengthen community. Together with people like you, we nurture the potential of kids, help And create meaningful change not only for you, but also for your community. people improve their health, and provide opportunities Multiple of Greater Indianapolis to give YMCA back and support neighbors. So join our cause.

branch locations to serve you!

So join our cause.

For facilities and programs, please visit or call: 317.266.9622

And create meaningful change not only for you, but also for THE YMCA OF GREATER INDIANAPOLIS your community. Multiple YMCA of Greater Indianapolis branch locations to serve you! For facilities and programs, please visit or call: 317.266.9622


IndyKidsDirectory_2011May.indd 1

5/5/2011 1:32:11 PM


By Christie Thrasher-Rudd, Fitness Professional



“Mood Enhancers”– Exercise Can Benefit the Brain!

t’s morning again! It’s barely 6:00AM, and ready or not, another day is coming at you! You are thinking to yourself, “If only I could sleep a little longer.” Well, THINK AGAIN! Recent studies in exercise science show that a morning exercise routine can do more for your energy level, confidence, and ability to handle pressure than any additional amount of “shut eye.” That’s because exercise doesn’t just stimulate your muscles—it also stimulates your brain. “Yeah, I know—it’s hard to pry yourself out of bed in the morning,” says Denise Black, long-time client of Studio 49. “But then I feel so good for the rest of the day.” Denise is a regular at the 6:10AM classes held Monday through Friday at Studio 49 Fitness. She says that she not only notices a difference in her muscle tone, but also a difference in her mood.

The scientific correlation between mood and exercise A study by the Mayo Clinic shows that exercise increases levels of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, while at the same time reducing levels of stress hormones—combined, this can provide a sort of two-for-one improvement effect on your mood. Exercise increases the level of endorphins (that “feel good” chemical) in the brain. In fact, researchers have found exercise to be even more potent than some antidepressants for elevating mood. There are other psychological benefits of exercise, such as a feeling of accomplishment when creating a healthy routine and, perhaps one of the most psychologically uplifting events, “fitting back into those skinny jeans.” As Cathy Mecker, another 6:00AM regular, stated, “You build confidence knowing that you not only feel good—you look good, too.”

Getting started

getting you to the gym each day, and it can grow into new and enduring friendships.

While it takes approximately three weeks to make a habit, it takes only one week to break a habit, so staying disciplined is the key. Getting your workout in first thing in the morning increases the chances of making it happen. Even with the best intentions, you never know what the rest of the day will bring. There are often so many distractions and interruptions in our lives today. Julia Condron says, “I find that if I exercise first thing in the morning, my day just seems to go more smoothly, and if I skip an exercise session, things are just a bit offbalance for the whole day.” I know there are scientific studies to back this up, but just ask my husband, my boss, or my kids, and they will tell you whether I got my workout in that day.

How much exercise is enough to see the difference? You can see the brain benefits of exercise with as little as 15 minutes a day, three times a week. In fact, all forms of exercise are known to have a beneficial effect on mood, and it is even more impactful when you choose an exercise activity that you enjoy. You will need to work out consistently three to five times a week to get the mood-boosting effects. In fact, a brisk walk for 30 to 45 minutes will give your brain a better jolt than several cups of coffee. Also, try to mix it up and keep it fresh by adding some resistance bands and weight training to your workout routine. And remember that you won’t get the full effect if you’re not challenging yourself, so you should strive to get your heart rate up every time you exercise. If you prefer the community aspect of working out, choose a group class setting such as the ones offered at 6:10AM at Studio 49. Sometimes a group class or a workout buddy can serve as just the right motivation for

Staying the course Try to approach your exercise routine with some creativity, and have fun with it. If exercising is fun for you, it’s easier to stay committed for the long haul. Once your routine is well entrenched, you can withstand that occasional travel or vacation interruption. It is very important to consult with your physician before starting a new workout program, and make sure you set reasonable goals for yourself—try not to overdo it, especially in the first couple of weeks. Strive for some early success (once or twice a week) until you get used to the new routine. Mark your calendar, monitor your progress, and be sure to celebrate success.

Reaping the brain benefits of regular exercise While some people work out for the benefits to their physical health, the emotional benefits are just as powerful. Whether you’re worrying about the economy, anxious about possibly losing your job, or frustrated with your kids, exercise can help relieve the anxiety and bring a calm sense of confidence. The good news is that in terms of elevating your mood, nearly anything that gets your blood flowing and your muscles moving will do the trick. There’s also the personal satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something good for yourself, which improves confidence and may even lead to other positive, healthy changes in your life. So, if you’re ready to improve both your body AND your brain, then toss the energy drink, grab your work out shoes, and meet me at Studio 49.


Breast Cancer



October 2011 |

activelife Guide 11

By Ethan Wagner, CERF, CFM, ABEM



Does Your Doctor Practice What He Preaches? he

say, it is more important than

only to fantastic results. It is

practice of

ever for physicians to lead by

vital that the patient/consumer


example! Those practicing anti-

can look to his or her physician

is often

aging medicine, age-management

not only for advice but

filled with

medicine, functional medicine, or

also as an example. At


any primary care specialty need

Geist Age Management


to practice exactly what they

Experts, I take my job


preach: eating fresh, organic foods;

seriously. Health isn’t just


avoiding starchy carbohydrates and

taking a pill, but eating,

smokes, the obese physician, the

simple sugars; sticking to a low-

supplementing, exercising,

internist who refuses to take her

glycemic diet; and supplementing

and resting appropriately.

medicine like it is prescribed.

in such a way as to strengthen the

To become a patient and

many of us know the doctor that

immune system and revitalize the

learn the way to a healthy

won’t even wear a helmet when

body. And don’t forget exercise!

lifestyle, check out www.

riding his motorcycle? These

Interval exercise training, when, or

issues ring true today as much

the body is completely running

call 576-1114 for a free consult

as they ever have, and, sad to

in “tip-top” condition, can lead

with Dr. Wagner.


Geist Age Management Experts help you to bring nutritional and health theories together to create an organized approach to living

Located at

Simply Skin Medspa

longer and better.




Lifestyle and Hormonal Optimization Dr. Wagner CERF/CFM certified in Age Management Medicine and board certified in Emergency Medicine

Your path to success in regaining vigor and a zest for life starts with a G.A.M.E PLAN. INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS: Nutritional | Exercise | Vitamin Supplement | Hormone Replacement

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October 2011


Geist Age Management Experts STAY IN THE G.A.M.E

Breast Cancer


Harmony and Health


hen it comes to being healthy, how do you determine what your true health is? Many of us will simply say, “I feel good.” The dictionary, however, does not say anything about health and feeling good. Many disease entities are nothing more than a by-product of emotional stress, chemical stress, and physical stress that our bodies have to deal with every second of every day of our life. Our body must be in harmony to be healthy. Even though most of us would agree with this concept, we still want to blame bad luck and bad genes every time something unhealthy or catastrophic pops up in our health profile: “It’s not my fault— my parents had the same thing,” or, “My kids or coworkers were sick and I got it from them.” It’s not the seed, it’s the soil; and it is high time for all of us to take responsibility for our health—or lack thereof. I will often discuss with a patient what I call the “fish tank analogy to health.” Let’s say I have two fish tanks. One is the perfect environment: clean and pure water, proper filtration, good food source, free of toxins—a

healthy environment. The second tank is less than desirable: cloudy and toxic water, poor filtration, unhealthy food—a sick environment. I go shopping and find a nice, young family of fish who are genetically the same and bring them home, split them between the two tanks, and begin to observe them. Several months later I begin to notice the fish in the healthy tank are thriving, growing, and reproducing. The fish in the sick tank are—you guessed it—sick. They are sluggish, not growing, and are developing tumors. I remove the poor, little sick fish and run them to the fish doctor for medicine and surgery to remove their tumors. I return them to convalesce in their toxic little tank, and this process goes on for several years. I just can’t understand why half of my fish have bad genes and are just unlucky to have poor health. How many doctor visits is it going to take to get these little guys healthy? Although the care they receive is very helpful to control the crisis, I’m sure all of you recognize that the real way to get these fish healthy is to put them in the environmentally healthy tank. So, why do so many Americans spend their lives in the toxic tank

and focus on crisis care? It is more expensive, takes more time, and robs you of quality and quantity of life! So, now it’s time to ask, “What tank do I live in?” This brings us back to our title of “Harmony and Health.” When we consider harmony, it’s all about your nervous system.


for the entire group. Pero concluded that “chiropractic may optimize whatever genetic abilities you have” so that you can fully resist serious disease. “I’m very excited to see that without chemical intervention, this particular group of patients under chiropractic care did show a very improved response.”

There are two philosophies of health care in the world. The East believes in energy, and the West believes in matter. Of course, energy and matter exist together. Chiropractic’s intent is to harmonize the energy balance of your nervous system.

So, in closing, get more informed. Learn all your options in being as healthy as you can, whether you are fighting for your life with a serious disease or you want to extend the quantity of your life with a higher quality of life.

Ronald Pero, PhD, hypothesized that people with cancer would have a suppressed immune response to their environment. He studied 107 individuals who had received long term chiropractic care. The chiropractic patients had 200% greater immune competence than those who had not received chiropractic care, and they had 400% greater immune competence than those with cancer or other serious diseases. Despite a wide range of ages in this study, immune competence did not show any decline with age: it was uniform

Dr. Stacey S. Conrad operates Premier Sports Chiropractic at 8924 East 96th Street in Fishers, Indiana. He was the first team chiropractor for the Indianapolis Colts (1995-2008). In 2002, he helped organize chiropractors working with professional football teams to establish the Professional Football Chiropractic Society. He is a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (C.C.E.P.) and a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (C.C.S.P.). For more information or to attend our free health information workshops, call 317-841-2700.

◊ Posture Correction ◊ Functional Movement Screen ◊ Nutrition / Diet Counseling

Dr. Stacey S. Conrad Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner


◊ Home Rehabilitation Programs ◊ Custom Foot Orthotics

Free Weekly Health Workshops Open to Everyone

8924 East 96th Street - Fishers, IN 46037

Breast Cancer



October 2011 |

activelife Guide 13

Look amazing this autumn. Offering Treatment of: Moles, Warts, Acne, Dark Spots, Age Spots, Dry Skin and Spider Veins



Skin Cancer Screening Limited time offer University Dermatology Center Expires 12/31/11


13121 Olio Road


9669 E. 146th Ste 215


OR 1-800-450-4548 In case of an emergency, our doctors can be reached 24 hours a day


14  activelife Guide |

October 2011


Breast Cancer


By Alexander Zemtsov, MD


Fall Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin!


s the last days of

sure that it is very short (no more

summertime weather

than five minutes) and that only

fade away, the

the dirty areas are washed. The

condition of the skin

water and soap remove all the oils

is facing challenges

on your skin, which are necessary

associated with autumn weather.

to keep it from drying out. Keeping

In the summer, the main threat to

your skin moisturized will help with

our skin is sun-induced ultraviolet

the elasticity of the skin and can

radiation that can cause skin

help from getting future wrinkles.

cancer, wrinkles, and brown and red pigmentation. In the fall, the

Another big issue during the colder

main threat to our skin is dryness

months is that everyone begins to

in the air. As humidity decreases

lose their color from tanning, and

and we are sitting in our homes

all the damage from the sun shines

without humidifiers, the air becomes

through. All of the brown spots, skin

very dry. In the dryer months the

discoloration, and spider veins are

skin loses moisture and becomes

more visible when your tan fades;

dry, leading to xerosis. The xerotic

therefore, it is a great time to treat

skin is often itchy and inflamed. If

these lesions. There are numerous

untreated, it continues to worsen

cosmetic treatments that can help

and develops into eczema or

with sun damage, wrinkles, and

asteatotic dermatitis. Asteatotic

spider veins. Our office can treat

dermatitis is very itchy and

these unsightly things with chemical

uncomfortable, and if an individual

peels, lasers, and sclerotherapy.

continues scratching the areas, they

Most of the treatments require you

can get infected. The best way to

to abstain from any sun exposure

prevent dry skin is to follow some

right after treatment, so doing

simple rules. Take no more than

them during the wintertime is best

one shower a day, use lukewarm

because the days are shorter

water, use a mild soap (Dove or

and sun exposure is minimal. As

Cetaphil, for instance), and apply

I mentioned, these are cosmetic

a good moisturizer (Lubriderm or

treatments and are not covered by

Eucerin, for example) all over your

any insurance companies, but they

body. When taking a shower, make

can be very reasonable in cost.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Three conveniently located, state-of-art facilities. High energy and positive atmosphere. Elite core of masters degreed personal trainers. Highly experienced group fitness instructors. Flexible hours to accommodate busy professionals.




Better Bodies Village of WestClay

Better Bodies Inc

Better Bodies Village on the Circle

12775 Horseferry Road Carmel, IN 46032

7031 Mayflower Park Dr. Zionsville, IN 46077

111 Monument Circle #152 Indianapolis, IN 46204-5404

(317) 818-1432

(317) 733-3388

(317) 829-5005

Try us FREE for one week! Breast Cancer



October 2011 |

activelife Guide 15

By Cory Black


The Benefits of DIM for a Healthy, Fit, and More Balanced You needs such as skeletal growth, skin, and protein deposition. Progesterone is the building block for other major hormones. Sex hormones are formed from progesterone, and so are corticosteroids, which are essential for stress response, electrolyte balance, and blood pressure. As we age, we can develop a condition where our active estrogen dominates progesterone levels. This can be problematic in both men and women. In women, some of the issues go beyond menopause, causing weight gain, moodiness, and breast pain. Men tend to suffer from weight gain, loss of sex drive, prostate enlargement, and male-patterned baldness due


to the condition.

he balance of our

individual functions. As we age, levels

hormones plays

can become unbalanced and prevent

There are various factors that affect

an important role

us from feeling our best.

our hormones: diet, environment, stress, and the natural aging

in health and well-

being. In particular, the balance of

Estrogen is produced in some degree

process. The supplement DIM

estrogen and progesterone can have

in both men and women, playing

(diindolylmethane) has been shown

significance in both men and women.

a larger role in the female sex. It

to naturally help the body balance

Estrogen and progesterone need

maintains the health and function

or reduce our estrogen levels. DIM

each other in order to perform their

of our sex organs, as well as other

is a phytonutrient that is found in

16  activelife Guide |

October 2011


Breast Cancer


cruciferous vegetables, such as

for men and women, supporting

to inhibit the formation of new blood

cabbage and broccoli.

energy, as well as a happy mood and

vessels required for the growth of

a healthy sex drive. Your testosterone

tumors. Only a few small studies

A slow metabolism of estrogen

levels affect your ability to synthesize

have been done so far, and more

prevents the body from managing

proteins for maintaining muscle as

research needs to be done to confirm

the levels of active estrogen, and

well as for strengthening muscles.

the usefulness of DIM for cancer

DIM specifically helps increase

Including DIM in your nutrition


its metabolism into the beneficial

program will help support any training

estrogen metabolites the body

program and encourage lean muscle

Although DIM can be found in

needs. Many of the benefits that are


cruciferous vegetables such as

attributed to estrogen—its ability to

broccoli, you would need to eat

protect the heart and brain with its

Also, DIM may have some cancer-

a very large amount every day to

antioxidant activity, for instance—

fighting properties. According to

get beneficial levels. No adverse

are now known to come from these

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer

effects have been reported from DIM

“good” metabolites. And in men,

Center, DIM has been found to

supplements at doses up to 200 mg,

the promotion of healthy estrogen

help prevent and treat breast and

and it is a natural phytonutrient, but

metabolism also supports the

prostate cancers. Studies done on

always consult your doctor if taking

desirable actions of testosterone,

animals also found DIM to prevent the

other medications.

including energy and libido.

replication and spreading of cancer cells. Exactly how DIM helps to

The supplement DIM may be the

DIM has been shown to promote a

prevent and treat cancer is unknown

solution you need for a healthier,

balance of testosterone in the body

from these studies, but it appears

more balanced you.

{Balance + Healthy Metabolism} + Supports hormonal balance and healthy metabolism + Naturally and beneficially balances estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone in men and women + Provides estrogen metabolites that function as antioxidants and reduce the effects of aging

{reduce body fat} + Reduces stubborn body fat around the core, as well as hips, thighs, and buttocks + Supports lean muscle for a toned and lean body + Clinically proven and safe for body fat loss

Take 20% Off Any Pure Therapy Purchase! No Hassle, Just Mention this Ad. Promo Expires October, 2011.

Breast Cancer



October 2011 |

activelife Guide 17

Whatever your adventure... Maximize your potential and Optimize your health with

The Guyer Institute.


15% OFF

with Pharmacist*

Supplement Purchase*

*Please call our office to schedule, through November 30, 2011

*Valid for new clients only please, through November 30, 2011

• Full-Time Pharmacist on Staff to answer questions • Physician-formulated private line of products • Tested by Outside Lab for Purity and Quality Assurance • Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements 836 E. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240


For the Supplement Store


By Dale Guyer, MD


Enhancing Outcomes with

Complementary Medicine


he cancer diagnosis can be a challenging situation to confront. Often, one can feel like the therapeutic options are engaged with a speed that does not lead to a reassuring experience. An integrated approach to cancer therapy provides a method which helps to enhance outcomes, diminish side effects, and improve well-being. Physiologic stress from therapies used for cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, can cause various essential nutrients to be depleted. These may include coenzyme Q10, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), B-complex vitamins, glutathione, and lipoic acid. Nutrient depletion at the cell level can significantly increase potential for side effects of mainstream therapy and can potentially limit the likelihood of maximal success. For example, one of the products we have found useful at the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine is a proprietary immune system antioxidant supplement shown to have increased CD4+ immune cells by 24 percent in one published study. We have found this product, Immune Ox, to be very helpful as an adjunctive support in patients needing immune enhancement as they deal with various chronic fatigue states and nutrient deficiency. Immune Ox works to optimize the immune system to replace nutrients depleted by chemotherapy. Some nutrients have been shown to improve cancer-cell-killing ability when given along with chemotherapy. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and quercetin (when administered with antibiotic-type chemotherapy agents such as doxorubicin) have all been shown to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy. Other nutrients can decrease toxicity—vitamin E, selenium, coenzyme Q10, and glutathione, to name a few. Caution is advised, however, as some forms of antioxidants may, in some

Breast Cancer


cases, decrease the therapeutic effect of some chemotherapy types such as tamoxifen. Consider also that some specific antioxidant nutrients, like vitamin C, may have selective anticancer potential when given in higher doses intravenously. Research published by the National Academy of Sciences demonstrated that precancerous tumors in mice were reduced by about 50 percent using this therapy. Confirmation will require ongoing studies and will not likely be a mainstream therapy, but could be considered as an enhancement to existing therapies. Combining therapies to more broadly support individual cases produces a synergistic effect. This allows targeted therapeutic options that can help individuals reduce toxicity of available therapies, enhance outcomes, and maintain energy and well-being. Reduction of both treatment side effects and the potential toxicity of chemotherapeutic medications represents a primary therapeutic benefit of adjunctive use of nutritional supplements. Some nutrients, including coenzyme Q10, have been demonstrated in some studies to decrease the likelihood of

heart damage during chemotherapy. Topically applied antioxidant-rich creams can also decrease skin irritation and burning during radiation therapy. Even supplementation with probiotics (friendly bacteria) has shown broad-spectrum benefit when included with conventional therapy. The process of engaging a cancer therapy is nearly always intimidating, and it can be further complicated by decision making uncertainty. Using a comprehensive, “holistic� program to balance all aspects of maintaining cellular health and well-being, to the highest degree possible, can facilitate enhanced outcomes while decreasing complications and improving longevity. We invite you to stop in the Supplement Store at the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine and have a complimentary consult with our registered pharmacist, Chris McMullen. Chris is a graduate of Butler University and focuses on holistic pharmacy. The Supplement Store carries a wide variety of supplements, specially formulated by Dr. Dale Guyer, that can help patients achieve optimal health and wellness while fighting cancer or other chronic conditions.


October 2011 |

activelife Guide 19

Cover Story


By Matthew Hume


Is My Drug!!



umba first entered my consciousness shortly after I moved to Indianapolis in 2007, when I saw a class being advertised in a community space on the west side of town. Being a musician and a very challenged, but very enthusiastic dancer, I immediately thought Zumba would be something I could enjoy. But year after year, I’ve let the seasons come and go, standing on the sidelines, a wallflower at the “fitness party” that is Zumba. One reason I’ve been hesitant to hop on the Zumba train is that I have thought of it as “something that women do.” Amy Hineman, this month’s activelife in the spotlight and Zumba instructor extraordinaire, has turned my beat around (as Vicki Sue Robinson might say). How did Amy discover Zumba? “I had tried everything under the sun in the past 10 years—group

Breast Cancer


classes at the gym, Billy Blanks Tae Bo, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, The Firm, In Home Fitness DVDs—you name it,” says Amy. “I would see results, but honestly, it was hard to stay motivated after awhile—and there is nothing like a live class.” Amy was introduced to Zumba when the gym she was attending started a class a few years ago. “My best friend and I both love music, so we thought we’d give it a shot—and from the first class, we were hooked!” She likens her first impression of Zumba to being at a nightclub, having a blast and dancing away without a care, all the while getting a great workout. (I like to imagine a piña colada thrown into the mix.) “There are some moves that put me out of my comfort zone,” Amy says. “I’m not a big fan of shaking my booty while bending over, for one! But altogether it makes for so much fun.” Not long after she began participating in classes, Amy was asked by the gym to get

her certification. “One of the instructors was going on maternity leave, and they asked me if I would like to get certified and cover her,” she says. “I just knew it was the right fit for me. To this day, it’s the only workout I’ve stuck with and look forward to—even though I’ve been teaching it for almost four years.” Having just given birth to twins when she first discovered Zumba, Amy says that the high-energy, musicdriven workout made it a cinch to lose the baby fat. “I craved the class! Not only did I shed that weight, my body got so much more toned. I love that!” As is almost always the case with our activelife spotlights, Amy points to an active childhood as the foundation for the active life she leads today. “I played volleyball, was a cheerleader, ran track, swam, and was in show choir,” she says. “I worked at a gym part-time in high school and was able to work out often, learning about different


exercise programs—this has helped me greatly in my adulthood.” These days, of course there’s Zumba, but Amy also teaches a total body toning class each week— and gets plenty of extra exercise chasing her twin boys around. “As a full-time employee, mother, wife, and fitness instructor, I’m always on the go!” she says. And it’s this busy, active lifestyle that helps Amy to be the strong, positive woman she is. “Being active is almost a ‘drug’ for me,” she says. “If I don’t get my workouts in each week, I feel sluggish, grumpy, and just yucky about myself.” For Amy, working out is a necessity. “It definitely improves my outlook on everything…I have more energy, and it’s a great stress reliever.” When it comes to nutrition, Amy struggles with the same temptations we all do. “I eat what I want, but in moderation,” she says. “I’m always on a ‘diet,’ but for me that doesn’t mean a diet of deprivation. I do splurge

October 2011 |

activelife Guide 21

Cover Story occasionally, but I want those splurges to be worth every calorie—so if I get something and don’t love it, I won’t eat it!” Amy admits that she loves sweets and starchy carbs. “I don’t like much candy, but I’m a sucker for cakes, ice cream, and cheese fries.” (Mmm… cheese fries...) She defends herself against overeating when dining out by picking off her husband’s plate. “When we go out, I may just get an appetizer or something small for myself,” Amy says. Sharing with her husband not only saves money, but keeps her from eating too much. Amy has had her share of difficulties—two knee surgeries in the last eight years; a car accident that left her wheelchair bound for a few weeks; the 50 lbs gained while she was pregnant with her twins (and the C-section delivery she had after her water broke early at 35 weeks). “I have been through several physical therapies in my lifetime and have seen many people overcome physical ailments,” Amy says. It was easy for Amy to use her knee issues or her lack of energy postpartum as excuses not to be active, but she soon had a realization. “Wanting something to happen will never change the way I feel, so I had to overcome the fear of failure and get myself to the gym.” And is she glad she did! “In Zumba, I found something I love—and the power in finding joy in your physical fitness is fantastic!”

22  activelife Guide |

In addition to her own physical fitness and the sense of joy it brings to her, Amy points to her class attendees as another source of satisfaction. “I have been very fortunate in my classes because of my wonderful participants,” she says. “We have a great sense of camaraderie together, and I definitely think the ‘encouragement and accountability’ part is something that makes my classes stand out from others. Not only are we getting

puddles of sweat all around us!” Amy says with a laugh.

a fantastic workout, but everyone has networked in their own way and made social connections.” Amy’s classes have evolved over the years, as the collective health of her classes has improved. “By class request, I created my weekly toning class, and I run a few ‘weight-loss booty camps’ throughout the year,” she says. “I’m so blessed to witness the life transformations in so many individuals. And I always find joy in seeing the

your goals and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle that way,” she says. “Changes won’t happen overnight, and it’s OK to go at a different pace than everyone else. But don’t get discouraged by your progress if you’re not committing to each step 100%. You get what you give!”

October 2011


So what is Amy’s advice for us (other than to check out one of her classes)? “My biggest advice is simply to get active,” she says. “Diet will definitely help, but by adding cardio and strength training, you’ll not only feel so much better, it will accelerate your efforts tenfold!” She encourages us to find something we love to do physically. “It makes it so much easier to stay focused on

And Amy gives back to the community whenever she can. “I’ve held several Zumbathons in the past two years, in which

all proceeds have gone to a charity. Through these, I’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the American Heart Association, Team Chloe Poor, and to a family in need,” Amy says. “It has been great to see our community come together to support such great causes.” “I recently received a card from a woman celebrating one year of attending my classes and who was celebrating her

67th birthday that same week. She told me about some of her personal health issues and how she hadn’t regressed since attending class—her goal was still to be Zumbaing on her 70th birthday!” So it truly doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what size or shape you are, what your health concerns may be—and it certainly doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a girl! Zumba is a feel-good drug we all can get addicted to.

Breast Cancer


Attend any of Amy’s classes just by showing up! Zumba classes are every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:15pm and are $5 each, and her toning class is every Sunday at 6:15pm and is $7/class. All classes are at Brand Photo in Fishers.


We are hot yoga, we are TYC!

THE YOGA CENTER “if the method of vinyasa is followed, the body becomes healthy and strong, and pure” – Pattabhi Jois Mention this ad receive 10% off a purchase. * *Excluding specials or workshops. Discount valid until 12/31/2011.

Now offering specialized oncologic facial aesthetics for breast cancer patients and survivors!

Don’t let Mother Nature stand in the way of getting the look you’ve imagined. Redefine the the way others see you, and more importantly, the way you see yourself! Schedule a consultation today.

6245 N. College Avenue (317) 255-YOGA

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October 2011

Broad Ripple


Clay Terrace

14400 Clay Terrace Blvd., Ste. 160 (317) 843-YOGA Breast Cancer


By Laura Marenco, PT


How Weight Training Can Improve

Your Life and Conquer Stress


ave you ever heard of the term “natural high”? Achieving this so-called “high” can be as simple as getting off the couch and exercising. We are all faced with stressors every day: work, the kids, bills, school, even traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a “happy place” where we can go when we are stressed out? Why don’t you give the weight room a chance? Lifting weights reduces stress in many practical ways. Physiologically, there is no doubt that a heavy-duty workout with weights raises levels of dopamine and serotonin, the two neurotransmitters most related to depression. In fact, most antidepressant medications work by increasing the level of both of these chemicals in the brain. A good weightlifting session can accomplish the same thing, without the side effects, and has so many additional benefits to both your physical and mental health. Weightlifting is more than the high you get after a work out, and it’s more than just a good way to let off steam and release the tensions of a heavy-duty day. The additional benefits one gets from being a weightlifter can go a long way in reducing and managing stress. Better health, the ability to be more active, improved self-image, and increased confidence all come from weightlifting. Taken together, this can do a lot to fight stress and depression. I know

Breast Cancer


of many people who began a weightlifting program strictly to “get in shape,” only to discover that it improved so many other aspects of their lives. One of the great things about weightlifting, unlike with many other types of training, is that you can see

start to see a difference in the mirror. This leads to improved self-esteem, which leads to all sorts of positive changes in one’s life. I am not suggesting that weightlifting is some magic “genie

find partners and even find better jobs. In other words, you have so much to gain with weightlifting and so little to lose—except some flab! Speaking of meeting people, if you work out in a gym, weightlifting is an inherently social activity. Many weightlifting routines require spotters or partners, and lifting is a great way to meet people. Being active socially is also a great way to relieve stress. I have primarily been focusing on how weightlifting helps relieve mental stress; but muscles also suffer from physical stress. Trainers and health care professionals may refer to “tension” in muscles, or you, yourself, may say your lower back, neck, or shoulders feel “tense.” This is a great time for a light work out with weights. The simple warm-ups and stretches that must be done before a weightlifting session will start to loosen up this “muscle stress.” Follow this warm-up with a workout using lighter weights, and the muscle stress will melt away. Those endorphins will also get going, and the rest of your stress will start to fade along with it.

results almost immediately. Many people who have never lifted before will, in just a few weeks of weight training, see a dramatic improvement in their strength and stamina, and they will even

in a bottle” that will immediately improve your life. However, with the increased self-confidence and self-esteem that come from improved health and better selfimage, people have gone on to


So give weight training a chance. If you aren’t sure where to start or what to do, hire a professional to show you the correct exercises and proper form to execute them. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a happier you!

October 2011 |

activelife Guide 25

By Clifford W. Fetters, MD


Depression is a chronic illness that exacts a significant toll on America’s health and productivity. It affects more than 21 million American children and adults annually and is the leading cause of disability in the United States for individuals ages 15 to 44.

more researchers and physicians are coming to the conclusion that exercise can be as effective as antidepressants in reducing the symptoms of major depression. Over 100 clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of exercise in the treatment of depression. Research on the subject has demonstrated that 10 months of regular, moderate exercise outperformed a leading antidepressant (Zoloft) in easing depressive symptoms. A 30-minute aerobic workout done three to five times a week cuts depressive symptoms by 50 percent in young adults. These studies have shown that increased participation in exercise, sports, and physical activities is strongly associated with decreased symptoms of anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Lost productive time among U.S. workers due to depression is estimated to be in excess of $31 billion per year. Depression frequently co-occurs with a variety of medical illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain and is associated with poorer health status and prognosis. It is also the principal cause of the 30,000 suicides in the U.S. each year. In 2004, suicide was the 11th leading cause of death in the United States, third among individuals 15–24.

Regular exercise may, in fact, be the most powerful natural antidepressant available. People who participate in regular exercise feel better, have higher self-esteem, are much happier, and are less likely to be obese than people who do not exercise. Research has shown that sedentary men are more likely to be depressed, perceive greater stress in their lives, and have a higher level of cortisol and lower levels of beta-endorphins. Most of the mood-elevating effect of exercise is believed to be due to an increase in the level of endorphins. Endorphins are endogenous opioid peptides (natural morphine) that function as neurotransmitters. They control pain, reduce cravings for chocolate and potentially addictive

Despite significant gains in the availability of effective depression treatment over the past decade, the level of unmet need for treatment remains high. On average, people living with depression go for nearly a decade before receiving treatment, and less than one-third of people who seek help receive care that is adequate. Is it possible that there is a simple solution to this devastating problem? More and

substances, reduce feelings of stress and frustration, regulate the production of growth and sex hormones, and reduce symptoms associated with eating disorders. The best exercises for improving mood are either strength training (weight lifting) or aerobic activities such as brisk walking, bicycling, jogging, cross country skiing, swimming, racquet sports, and aerobic dance. Popular exercise equipment includes the elliptical machine, treadmill, stationary bike, and cross country ski-machine. A rebounder (mini-trampoline) is one of the most costeffective indoor workouts. Unfortunately, individuals with depressed mood often feel lethargic and have little motivation to exercise. The best advice for these individuals is just to become active. I ask them to at least go for a leisurely walk for 30 minutes every day. As their mood and energy improves, they may pick up the pace or start engaging in more rigorous activities. Many individuals thrive on group activities such as exercise classes, aerobic dancing, or participation in a recreational league for basketball, tennis, soccer, or some other favorite sport. Clifford Fetters is a medical doctor practicing holistic medicine in association with physician assistants Swathi Rao, PA-C, Doug Ladika, PA-C, and Karin Henderson, PA-C. Health and Wellness of Carmel is located at 11900 N. Pennsylvania St., Carmel, IN 46032. Phone 317-663-7123. Website: http://www.

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October 2011


Breast Cancer


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Exercise for Stress

Relief Change your posture, change your mind, change your mood with this gentle, but

stimulating yoga practice designed to reduce stress, increase brain function, fight fatigue, strengthen your lower back, arms, legs and core muscles.



1. Child’s Pose: Begin on your hands and knees. Place your hands underneath your shoulders, and position your knees underneath your hips. Exhale: Push gently back with your hands to move your chest towards your thighs. Inhale: Relax the upper back and shoulders. Exhale: Adjust your knees either closer together for more compression to the midsection or further apart for less. Inhale: Focus on deepening your breath while you hold the pose. This is a restorative posture, 5–10 breaths to begin, then eventually 1–3 minutes. Inhale to rise back to hands and knees. How it helps Child’s pose is a gentle, forward fold that stretches the backside of the body, opens the hips, and soothes the senses to release tension and stress.


October 2011 |

activelife Guide 29

Training 2



2. Downward Dog: Begin on your hands and knees. Position your hands shoulder-width apart and slightly forward of your body. Place your knees under, and a little wider than, your hips. Exhale: Press your palms into the floor, tuck your toes under, and lift your hips upward. Inhale: Relax your neck and jaw, and try to internalize the position of your body. Exhale: Gently press into your palms, while gently encouraging your heels towards the floor. Inhale: Relax and hold the pose for 5 breaths, and eventually longer as you get stronger and more comfortable. Exhale: Drop your knees onto the ground, and push hips back towards heels for relaxation in child’s pose. How it helps As you turn yourself upside down, you increase overall circulation and deepen your respiration. Downward dog calms the nervous system, and this begins to eliminate stress, elevate your mood, release fears, and reduce depression and fatigue.





3. Camel Pose: Kneel with your feet slightly apart (for balance), with toes pointing back. Drop your lower back down. Place your hands on your lower back, and squeeze your elbows together. Lift your chest up and lean backwards, moving your hands to your heels. How it helps Camel pose increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates the nervous system, thereby increasing concentration, reducing fatigue, and releasing anxiety.

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October 2011


4. Easy Pose: Begin by sitting on the floor. Exhale: Cross your shins, allowing your knees to widen. Inhale: Rest your hands in your lap, palms up; or lay your hands on your knees, palms down. Exhale: Gently squeeze your shoulder blades together to “firm up the pose.” Hold for 1–5 minutes. Focus on lengthening your inhales and exhales. Breath deep, relax. How it helps When we take our original seat, we are reminded that life should be a balance of easy and effort. It is a simple pose to modify and allows most practitioners to easily focus inwardly. The easy pose calms the mind and strengthens the back.






5. Fish Pose: Begin lying on your back on the floor. Inhale: Roll onto one side, then the other, to slide your hands, palms down, just below the tailbone. You are lying on your hands; don’t lift your hips because your hands do the work in this pose. Exhale: Tuck your forearms and elbows up close to the sides of your body; press into your forearms and squeeze your shoulder blades into your back. Inhale: Lift your head, neck, and shoulders, puff up your chest with your breath, and finally release your head back. There should be very little weight on the head. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, breathing smoothly. Exhale: Lower your torso and head to the floor. How it helps This beautiful heart opener calms the mind by expanding the rib cage, thereby increasing the space for a deep breath and reducing anxiety, fatigue, and backache.


October 2011 |

activelife Guide 31

activelife’s Success Story By Kim Brenton

“The Wake-Up Call” “Walking is not enough—weights and diet are important, too.”



Age: 59 Height: 5’ 2” Weight before: 160 lbs Weight now: 130 lbs Location: Carmel, IN Occupation: Homemaker Favorite exercise: Anything with bands or weights Favorite clean meal: Grilled chicken breast, baked sweet potato, asparagus

lower body within each session. Evie’s cardio

The Wake-up Call

consisted of intervals on the elliptical and treadmill.

At the age of 58, Evie Ambler received her wake-up call. Her family doctor pointed out

Evie says that she actually looks forward to

her high health risks due to her weight and her

her sessions at Get in Shape for Women!

family history of diabetes and heart disease. He

“The trainers have kept me motivated and

urged her to hire a trainer. Although Evie felt

challenged,” she says.

like she was in fairly good shape prior to her transformation, her energy level wasn’t great.

Another huge part of Evie’s transformation

She used to walk approximately 25 miles a week

came from the change in her diet. She

with friends and ate fairly well, but also did a lot

started eating three meals a day: a breakfast

says that she always loved buying clothes, and

of carb snacking.

consisting of 350 calories within the first hour

now it’s a lot more fun! She stays motivated to

of waking up, followed by another 350-calorie

continue her new, healthy lifestyle by trying on

meal for both lunch and dinner. Evie also started

old clothes or looking at a photo of herself prior

enjoying a 100–125-calorie snack following each

to her transformation. Her goal is to maintain her

Evie joined Get in Shape for Women in October

meal. Most importantly, Evie began to make sure

current weight.

2010. Her initial goal was to lose 20 lbs. She

she was consuming 100 grams of protein each

began personal training sessions and nutritional

day. This was the hardest part of her healthy

Evie wants our readers to know that walking is

guidance, and she attended biweekly weigh-

change: adapting to eating six small meals a day

not enough! A strict regime of strength training,

ins and monthly measurements to track her

and getting her daily 100 grams of protein.

healthy diet, and a good dose of cardio must be

Get In Shape (for Women)!

a part of your exercise program.


The Results

Evie worked out three days a week, with her workouts consisting of half an hour of weights followed by a half hour of cardio. Her weight

Evie has lost 44 lbs, gone from a size 12-14

training would alternate between upper body and

to a size 4-6, and has a lot more energy. She

32  activelife Guide |

October 2011


If you have recently accomplished a health, fitness, or nutrition goal that you would like to share with our readers, please contact us at

Breast Cancer


By Roger Spahr, MD


Nutritional Considerations in Breast Cancer Prevention



ow often do you wear a seatbelt? Would you buy a car without airbags? Do you lock your car and house doors when you leave them unattended? Chances are these things are pretty common for most of you. Just because you take precautions does not mean that you won’t suffer an accident, injury, or theft. However, we all agree it probably lessens your risk, so you do these things without thinking twice. You will often hear about the BRAC 1 or 2 genes, which increase breast cancer risk; but these account for a very small percentage of women who struggle with breast cancer. Have you ever wondered about the reason women with increased weight, high levels of saturated fat, low vegetable intake, and prolonged HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are at increased risk? How do you reduce your other risks?

Weight Estrogen is considered a growth hormone. It causes the lining of the uterus to grow, supporting pregnancy. There are also receptors for estrogen in the breast, fat, brain, and other tissue. Estrogen sensitizes insulin for growth of fat, and fat cells make more estrogen. The heavier one is, the more estrogen you make–it’s a vicious circle. Follow a low-glycemic diet with moderate exercise for insulin and weight control.

Stress makes things worse by markedly reducing progesterone, the precursor of cortisol and the primary inhibitor of estrogen. Estrogen dominance increases insomnia, anxiety, depression, and menstrual cycle disruption, thereby enhancing stress. HRT with estrogen alone, without the use of natural progesterone, feeds the estrogen-dominant picture. Progestogens, man-made compounds in many pharmaceutical products, have been shown in multiple studies to actually increase risk of cancer, stroke, and blood clots. Progesterone, itself, has not.

Detoxification Take a moment to “Google” the term methylation. B-complex vitamins are needed in the detoxification pathways that break down estrogen for elimination. Genetic changes may prevent the activation of folic acid, B-6, and B-12. These vitamins exchange methyl groups to rid the body of estrogen and other toxins. Depletion of B-complexes via high carbohydrate diets, poor activation of vitamins, and gastrointestinal issues (such as constipation) complicate excretion, thereby causing hormone excess.

Family History Genetic changes in detoxification pathways, B-vitamin activation, vitamin-D conversion and poor antioxidant

production run in families. There are also changes associated with repair of your own DNA.

Diet Poor dietary habits are also frequently passed on from generation to generation. These include low intake of fiber (for gut function) and vegetables (for nutrients). High amounts of saturated fat increase stress and oxidation injury to the body. Proper compensation of these via diet and supplementation may offset otherwise negative effects. So, how do you wear your seatbelt? 1. B-vitamins: Use activated forms if there is a family history of multiple health problems. 2. Vitamin D: In the Midwest, 2,000-5,000 IU. 3. Omega-3 fish oils: 1500 mg of DHA/EPA (or flaxseed oil, borage oil, or evening primrose oil). 4. Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, etc., to speed breakdown of estrogens. 5. Exercise and a low-glycemic diet to reduce simple sugars’ effect on estrogen, weight, insulin, and fat building. 6. Most importantly, find ways to minimize the stressors that you find dominating your life. Just like with the seatbelt, these tips may not prevent every accident; however, they will help to reduce other negative influences that increase risk.

Is Your Blood Pressure or Cholesterol Too High? Are You at Risk for Diabetes or Osteoporosis?


The components of our program will get you healthy and change your life!

1. Weight Training 2. Cardio 3. Nutrition 4. Accountability Work with one of our expert personal trainers in a small group of 1-4 women for as little as $19/session.



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Breast Cancer


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October 2011 |

activelife Guide 33

By Chris Suever


Circus Peanuts and Sensible



hen I was growing

Back then, there were no walks or pink

alcohol consumption, and no smoking or

up in the sixties,

ribbons. No emphasis on annual exams

estrogen therapy.

my grandmother

or awareness to the advantages of early

would come

detection. There was no emphasis on breast

When I think about what we know about

to visit, and

cancer at all. Detection was rare, survival

breast cancer now compared to when my

I remember those visits, and her, as if it

even rarer, and the standard treatment

grandmother was diagnosed, I can’t help but

were yesterday. Grandma’s wardrobe, with

consisted of the “fire sale” method:

be optimistic for the future. Breast cancer will

Grandma being a stocky woman of German

everything must go.

never “go away,” but with continued research

descent, consisted of loose-fitting dresses with

and improved methods of detection and treat-

belts. Sometimes they had a tiny floral print or

Grandma was fortunate, and she survived to

ment, we may someday find ourselves in a

a lace collar, but they were basically the same.

live a long life, filled with many memories.

time when it is as uncommon as polio.

And she always wore sensible shoes. Today,

Fortunately for all of us, we live at a time


when we think of sensible shoes, we picture

when there are far more tools at our disposal

something with “Merrill” or “Pr!vo” stamped

to detect, treat, and survive breast cancer.

on it. But hers were the real deal: brown or black leather, with skinny laces and chunky

Advancements in treatment have come a long

heels—and the only difference between her

way, and a double

“everyday” shoes and her “dress” shoes was

mastectomy is no

that the dress shoes were newer.

longer an automatic

Chris Suever is co-owner of Any Lab Test Now! located at 13636 N. Meridian Street in Carmel.

response. Increased Between her strong heritage and her life as a

knowledge and

farmer’s wife with a large family, Grandma

awareness make early

possessed a practical, no-nonsense nature.

detection possible,

She had a serious expression that, as a child,

which greatly

I interpreted as grouchy, but, as an adult, I

increases the chance

recognize as strong. I overlooked the stern

for survival. And

features because, hey, she was my grandma,

good post-treatment

and because I knew she was much more fun

habits also increase

than she appeared. We would play bingo

a survivor’s odds

in the evenings, and she always brought

for a normal and

circus peanut candy with her as the prize for

healthy life after

winning a game. It was the only time this type

cancer. Some of the

of candy was in the house, so it was a special

basic, but important,

treat that made winning even more exciting.

post-treatment habits

Now, whenever I see a bag of circus peanuts

are: regular exercise,

in a store, it reminds me of Grandma, and

maintaining a healthy

sometimes I buy them just because it does.

diet and a proper and stable body

What makes these memories truly amazing is

weight, annual health

that Grandma had breast cancer in the 1940s.

screenings, reduced

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October 2011


Breast Cancer



Sugar Pumpkin and Cilantro


Ingredients • 3 cups peeled, seeded sugar pumpkin or butternut squash (from about half a 2-lb whole pumpkin), cut into 1 ½-inch cubes

6 servings


• 1 finely chopped seeded jalapeño (about 2 tablespoons) • 12 8-inch-diameter flour tortillas


• 10 ounces feta cheese, crumbled • 1 1/2 cups coarsely chopped fresh cilantro

Cook quesadillas until golden and dark char marks appear, about 1 minute per side.

• 2 limes, each cut into 6 wedges

Preparation • Cook pumpkin in large saucepan of boiling salted water until tender but not falling apart, about 10 minutes. Drain and cool 10 minutes. While pumpkin is still warm, transfer to processor; puree until smooth. Stir in jalapeño; season with salt and pepper. • Divide pumpkin mixture equally among 6 tortillas (about 1/4 cup per tortilla) and spread evenly. Sprinkle feta over each. Top each with 1/4 cup cilantro and sprinkle with black pepper. Top with second tortilla.

lime f o e z e e u q As lavors f e h t l l a s e unit wave w e n e s e h of t . quesadillas

• Heat heavy large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook quesadillas until golden and dark char marks appear, about 1 minute per side. Serve with lime wedges.

Nutrition One serving contains the following: Calories (kcal) 355.2 % Calories from Fat 35.7 Fat (g) 14.1 Saturated Fat (g) 7.6 Cholesterol (mg) 33.4 Carbohydrates (g) 45.0 Dietary Fiber (g) 6.3 Total Sugars (g) 3.3 Net Carbs (g) 38.6 Protein (g) 16.2

Cilantro • Powerful anti-inflammatory capacities that may help symptoms of arthritis. • Protective agents against bacterial infection from Salmonella in food products.

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