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E Boxer Dogs A Bi Monthly Internet Publication

Volume 1 No.1

May/June 2011

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E Boxer Dogs |

E Boxer Dogs |

E Boxer Dogs |

AM & CAN CH. Windfall I Dream Of Style

“Macey” MULTIPLE BEST IN SHOWS & MULTIPLE SPECIALTY BEST IN SHOWS 2010 American Boxer Top Twenty Peoples Choice Award


Keith & Cheryl Robbins George & Barb Adkins Tina Porter Lee Stanton Jorge Pinzon

Style..not just a fashion statement… it’s a way of Life!


Tina Porter Lee Stanton


Michael Shepherd

Assisted by:

Dottie James

E Boxer Dogs |

E Boxer Dogs |

2010 ABC Reserve Winners Bitch 2010 Best Puppy in Futurity Owner/Handler Champion Breeders/Owners: Bonnie Wagaman & Jennifer Tellier Crystal debuted as a “Special” in April, 2011 with Team Bettis, going Best of Breed over top winning specials and Group 4. Watch this beautiful girl shine in the Breed ring when she officially hits the road at the American Boxer Club National Specialty.

Cryst al handled by Jimmy Bettis

handled by Diego Garcia

PRESENTING CH Telstar’s All That Glitters At Cinni-Bon

handled by Wendy Bettis

Sire: CH Topaz’ Liaison At Hitide Dam: CH Telstar’s Dancing In The Rain

E Boxer Dogs |

GCH Storybook Written in Gold for Meridian (CH. Rochil’s Call of the Wild SOM (Gable) X Rochil’s Black Magic Woman DOM (Cyndee)

Briggs Health Testing:

*DM - Clear (6/09) *Holter - ‘0’ VPC’s (12/09) *Cardiologist Auscultation/Echo - clear (3/10) *ARVC - normal (6/09) *Thyroid – Normal

Bred by: Skip and Linda Abel Owned By: Meri Wilkinson, Skip and Linda Abel, and Michael Shepherd Handled by: Michael Shepherd and assisted by Dottie James

Meridian Boxers Photos by Todd Lambert

Meri Wilkinson

E Boxer Dogs |

Litter due end of May, 2011 at Meridian Boxers

DOB: 11/29/2009

& Ogre

Meridian’s Martini

Bred by Meri Wilkinson


for her turn in the ring’

Photos by Todd Lambert

( GCh Storybook Written in Gold for Meridian x Ch. BlueCollar’s Devil in Disquise )


E Boxer Dogs |

Meridian’s Absolute DOB: 11/29/2009

Major Pointed! Meridian Boxers Meri Wilkinson

E Boxer Dogs |

Jill Hootman

( Ch. Masue’s Out Of Luck x Ch. TealCrest’s Pennys from Heaven, CDX, RE, MX, MXJ, CGC, TT )

` Sean `

Am &Intl Ch. TealCrest’s Luck of the Irish, CD, RA, NA, NAJ, CGC, TT Watch for Sean’s Get at the American Boxer Club competing in Futurity, Obedience, Rally and Regular classes:

TealCrest’s Hellfighter Aria-TealCrest’s Music of the Night Aria’s Vissi D’Arte Country Time’s Charlie’s Pride Country Time’s Memories of the Good Ol Days

TealCrest Boxers

Dedicated to Boxers excelling in “ALL” rings.

E Boxer Dogs | E Boxer Dogs | E Boxer Dogs |

Dusty Road’s Kennels LLC Presents:

“ Dynamo”

Dusty Road’s Perfect World (WW CH Twinkle Star v. Eurozone IPO 1 ZTP X CH Dusty Road’s Don’t Wana Mis A Thing)

Dynamo lacks one major from finishing his American Championship. Color Doppler Echocardiogram Normal, Holter 0 PVCs, OFA Fair Hips, DM Carrier, ARVC Negative. Dynamo is offered at stud to approved, health tested bitches.


Introducing our next Show Ring Stars! by...

Rockett’s Red Glare

( AM/CAN CH Naja’s Enterprise of Summer CD AGN x CH Bluecollar’s Starship Mercury CD RA NA NAJ CGC TT )


Dusty Road’s Penny Lane of Global

( Faerdorn Just the Biz ~2007 ABC Reserve Winners Dog ~ x CH Dusty Road’s Don’t Wana Mis A Thing )

We wish everyone a great ABC!

Pictured at 15 weeks



Dusty Road’s Red Ryder BB is staying at Dusty Road’s Kennels.



Dusty Road’s You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Ralphie is for sale to a serious show home.



Dusty Road’s Overcome By Art Boggle is for sale to a serious show home.

E Boxer Dogs |

Dusty Road’s Kennels LLC Randy and Judy Pasbrig Peyton, CO. 719-650-2574 E Boxer Dogs |

E Boxer Dogs | E Boxer Dogs |

is the memory of those first milestones that most readily bring tears to my eyes.



e are all familiar with the veteran class. Those wonderful dogs that we recognize fondly for their accomplishments in the breed. They have made their mark; their work is done. We have a special class to pay them tribute and often they bring tears to our eyes. But this article isn’t about them. This article is about those other veterans. These veterans aren’t separated by age group. They can be seen in any of the regular classes and often in sweepstakes bringing another show prospect up in the ranks. Often you find them outside the ring where they congregate in clusters, nodding their heads in silent agreement to the occasional comment - nice rear or lovely outline -

spoken in whispers among them. These are the other veterans and unlike their canine contemporaries, their work is not done. In fact the most important part of their work may just be starting. And that is the work of mentoring. I think we can all remember starting out in dogs. It is a world unto itself, where bitch is not a swear word and the discussion of semen motility is as commonplace at the restaurant table as the discussion of what to order from the menu. To the newly initiated it can be a very intimidating and hostile place. After all, most of us got started in dogs out of our love of dogs and desire for a canine companion. This other world can come as quite a surprise. The fact that as many of us survives those early years is often due in large part to the person who quietly took us under their wing. Our mentor. What does it take to be a mentor? Besides an abundance of patience and a healthy sense of humor, good mentors possess the ability to guide without dominating, to give advice without lecturing and to celebrate each success with their charges no matter how small. I will never forget the pure joy of those first wins. Our mentors were there to share in our excitement and while those events may pale in comparison to what has come since; it

We were fortunate to start out in dogs in an area of the country with a high concentration of experienced breeders. We went through the normal rites of passage, enduring our first shows with only the people who sold us our first dogs being willing to speak with or be seen standing next to us at ringside. These gentle people helped us to understand the nuances of the show world. Through their guidance we learned how to complete an entry form, the proper stocking of a well equipped tack bag, where the local handling classes were, and the etiquette of the dog show world. After one of our first shows we went wine tasting with some friends, had a late night, and in the morning decided that we were too tired to make the early morning ring time. So we stayed home. About an hour after Dalmatians showed, the phone rang. That day we learned about majors and how important it was to make sure that absent an Act of God or a Death in The Family you and your entries were present at the dog show. Fortunately we did not break the major that day, but the point was made, the lesson learned. As people became more comfortable with us and realized that we might actually stay a while it became easier to talk to others in the breed. And as the sport unfolded in front of us, we learned just how much there was to learn. Taking the step from showing and finishing your first dog to breeding your first litter felt to me like parachuting out of an airplane. It was something I didn’t think I’d ever want to do. In our early days, my mentor had suggested that I offer to home the regional club library which contained an archive of National Specialty videos, pedigree books, the National Club breed magazine and a wealth of other information related to our breed. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I spent nights pouring over the magazines

and pedigree books, watched old videos and generally became acquainted with the legacy of our breed. This foundation of information made that jump out of the airplane feel a little bit less frightening, but as with all first jumps I was not going to do it alone. My mentor was there with me when I had my first litter. She was sick with bronchitis, and was on her way to my house from the doctor’s office when the first puppy was born. My bitches have always chosen to whelp their litters over night - and so went this first litter. This litter was not without its issues, and the next evening as we came home from the vet’s office, my mentor was still there with me, both of us starting to feel the effects of the past 24 hours of too little sleep and too much worry. We were fortunate to have many different mentors as we came up in Dogs. I was in the early days Specialing. We were at a small show; I had won the breed with my Special and was entering the group ring for just the second time. In spite of my inexperience my special earned a Group 2. As I was walking out of the ring, I saw someone running over to the entrance. It was the person who taught me how to show dogs, now a very successful professional handler and I think she was as excited as I was about the win. She took me aside and shared with me the facts of life in the Specials Ring. Among the many things she shared with me that day, she told me to enter every ring with the attitude that it was My Ring. One month later we were standing outside the breed ring, me with my bitch and she with a male special she had taken on for the day. Right before we went into the ring she turned to me and said “Whose ring is it?” - and my answer back - “It’s My Ring”. Another plane jump - and another parachute. And yes, we won the breed that day. Mentors don’t have to be close by. One of my best sounding boards has always lived at least 1,000 miles away from me. We have carried on some of the most interesting email

E Boxer Dogs |

conversations - well, interesting to us - about litters we’ve had, issues we’ve seen in the breed and hypothetical “what if ’s” of putting two pedigrees together. We don’t always agree, but that doesn’t matter. We both share an abiding interest and fascination with our breed and the exchange of ideas has fueled more than one interesting conversation.

vocal about their accomplishments, but you will find them as part of the historical record of the breed. The best mentors are always still learning. They will not only share information, but they will look at things with you and provide you with ideas to further explore.

All the things we do with our mentors don’t often make sense. Once at a multiple day circuit at a show site out in the middle of nowhere, one of my mentors and I sat ringside to watch the groups - alone. You see, the ring was outdoors and it was pouring rain. The handlers were huddled under the tent pointing at us and laughing as we sat in our chairs huddled under the protection of a shared umbrella. We held out through the Non-Sporting group and then came to our senses and headed for dry ground. We have laughed about that afternoon more than once.

How do you convince a mentor that you are worthy of their time? The first rule of being a good mentoree is to listen - your ears should be open more often than your mouth. Remember, you are not there to convince the mentor of how much you know. You are there to learn from the mentor, who if you’ve done your homework and chosen wisely, will be a tremendous source of information and support.

And sometimes your mentor becomes one of your best friends. This mentor was not only instrumental in helping me truly understand the nuances of breed type, but she also helped me through a very frightening episode in my personal life. This friend of mine had a degenerative disease that inevitably would result in the need for a transplant. She did not let the disease control her, and instead lived her life and managed her medical situation around it. When I went through my own medical crisis, she was the best role model I could have ever had. How do you shop for a mentor? Actions speak louder than words. Look for the person who consistently is present in the breed. This person has withstood the test of time. They have a legacy of accomplishment with their line. They attend local shows whether or not they have something to show, and they are ring side at most every National Specialty. Look at the archives of the national club magazines. Peruse the results of past specialty shows. These people are probably the least

The second rule is be committed to learning. Are you serious about learning? I don’t know anything a veteran dog person loves more than talking dogs with someone who is truly interested. I do know that one of the biggest turn offs is trying to hold a conversation with someone who knows it all. At the same time don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are lots of uninformed opinions out there, and often you read and hear conflicting information. A good mentor will help you sort through what you’ve heard, give you the correct information if it is a question of fact, or discuss with you the differing points of view if it is truly a matter of opinion. And finally, as you go along your travels in the sport, remember to return the favor. Some time down the road, you may find that those people I spoke about earlier, you know the ones sitting ringside in quiet conversation. That may be you. When your turn comes, don’t forget how you felt in those early days. And remember, your most important work may be yet to come! w

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E Boxer Dogs May/June Edition 2011  

E Boxer Dogs May/ June Edition 2011

E Boxer Dogs May/June Edition 2011  

E Boxer Dogs May/ June Edition 2011