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Volume 3 No.5

E Yorkshire Terriers A Bi Monthly Internet Magazine

Oct/ Nov 2011


CH. Images Play It Again, ROM


Yorkshire Terriers

On The Cover

Ch. Images Play It Again, ROM


Yorkshire Terriers

Sam BISS Ch Scruffy’s Playboy Image, ROM

Ch Images In Love Again

Ch Raymondale’s Aimin To Please at Scruffys

( Ch Fiacre’s Worth Repeating X CH. ImagesPardon My Arrogance)

Ch Images Love me Two Times

“Sam”, shown with some of his Get is my first Stud dog...and WHAT a Sire he is! Sire of BISS, Group, Specialty, Grand Sweepstakes winners & multiple Champions.

Patti Bisgard - 909 921 4194 or 909 483 1404 E Yorkshire Terriers |


Yorkshire Terriers

BISS Ch Scruffy’s Playboy Image, ROM


Yorkshire Terriers

“Playboy” GCh Images Girl Next Door Ch Images Tom Boy


Yorkshire Terriers

Ch Images Playing The Field

( Ch Images Play It Again Sam, ROM X Scruffy’s KillJoy)

Images Centerfold Girl

“Playboy” was #2 Breed & All Breed as a Special. Even more special is his ability to sire outstanding pups! He has sired ranked Specials, Group, Specialty & Sweeps Winners along with multiple Champions.

Patti Bisgard - 909 921 4194 or 909 483 1404 E Yorkshire Terriers |



Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

Ch Images Killer Looks, ROM


Ch Images Cover Girl Looks Ch Images Anticipation at Serenade

Ch Images Prom Queen

( Ch Scruffy’s If Looks Could Kill, ROM X Images Best Of My Love,ROM)

Ch Pastyme’s Dressed to Kill

“Lover Boy” was ranked in the Top 10 Breed as a Special. He has sired Group, Specialty, Sweeps winners along with multiple Champions.

Patti Bisgard - 909 921 4194 or 909 483 1404 E Yorkshire Terriers |

Priscilla Morgan Rye Cynthia Smith-Garrett Darlene Arden William McMurran Jill Lawson Matt Siegel Alec J. Wasserman Bente Poulsen Patti Simmons Barbara Mackey Susan Corral Sid Vicious-Yorkie Brenda Ann Novicki

Donna Cumby Bird Kim Siba Eva Decozio-Bush Ric Banks Ricky Cohen Patty Schmelzle Yvonne Tolley Nadine Liebenberg Rick Caran James & Sue Janson Pat Shomber Lisa Bridgewater Barb Beissel Janet Jackson Philip Myers Helen Scott Lane & Vera Sheldon Lisa Thornberg Norma Jacobs Lori Leskiw Susan Devich Peter D. Goldberg Andi Heflin White

In loving memory of Arlene b. Lagin

M “ ontana� March 30, 1946 - September 24, 2011

Selina Kim Vickerman-Prince Adrian & Denise Aguirre Drexel Sylvia & Larry Levine LuRuth Crawford Taylor Beverley Buchanan Cynthia Alvarez Piedad Escobar Josephine Eatts Kimberley Skiba Bronya Johnston Patricia Johnson Reisha Horn Julie Howard

Design: Dan & Lisa Thornberg

Sandra Hardman-Carnicle Orly Gerasy Szulikowski Carol Anne Heilman Ritzy Roo, Ivy Breeze Lois Pulliam Sandi Miller Rose Levy Joyce Dow-Evertt Nancy Lonas Andrea Carol Cooley Mary Trimble Alice Klies Lindsey Klies

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Ch Zenheart Sky Dancer [ CH Moonlights Soar Like An Eagle X Moonlights So You Think You Can Dance ]

Sugar Maple Yorkies


AKC Champion!

The biggest THANK YOU to her handler Ms. Polly Lamarine...You are the BEST! Thank you to all the judges that made Phoebe’s championship possible. Owner: Victoria Cole-Wilbur 753 Hartsboro Rd   Wallingford, VT  05773    802-353-0209

Phoebe E Yorkshire Terriers |

Handler: Polly Lamarine  Meriden, CT 06451 203-639-5106

Breeder: Wanda Smith.

Mandy BISS GCH. CH. Paradise She’s A Party Girl

Sire: Ch. Showbiz Day Of Reckoning Dam: Ch. Paradise Undersea Mystery R.O.M.

Winning the Roving Specialty supported entry. Mandy won the Rocky Mountain Yorkie Specialty as a 9 month old puppy. 

She is truly an outstanding girl with attitude, structure and a beautiful dark silk coat.

Thanks to Alyssa DeKruif for a job well done! Breeder/Owner Crystal & Timothy Messersmith -Paradise Yorkies

E Yorkshire Terriers |

July 7 2003 - July 14 2008

Am.Nat’l, Int’l BIS BISS Ch Sparkling Blu Dreams of Glory


Sparkling Blu Yorkies

Nancy Lonas |

Glory lives on in her Beautiful Kids...

Sparkling Blu Yorkies

In Rememberance of Glory....

E Yorkshire Terriers |


Am, Nat’l, Int’l BIS GrCh. Sparkling Blu My Dreams of Glory


Nat’l, Intl Ch Sparkling Dreams of Glory Too

Breeders/ Owners: Nancy Lonas, Andrea Cooley, Jaime Romero

Sassyville launches another star

Cosmo” Proudly presenting

Sassyville’s Rocket Man

( Ch. Holidays Play Me x Sassyille’s Sip of Merlot )

Shown in his second outing winning Best Junior Puppy and Grand Sweeps at the Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club’s Specialty under Judge Sharon Turner

Sassyville Yorkies Mary Ingersoll-Ackerman Breeder/Owner Trinity, Florida 727-534-4352

News Flash:

Pictured above winning BOB Puppy in Deland under Judge Anthony DiNardo. Thank you to both Judges for recognizing this exciting young dog’s outstanding qualities. Thank you Denna Walts for your wonderful presentation!

E Yorkshire Terriers |


Amineh Yorkshire Terriers Honeybee Drop It Like It’s Hot

new champion

Sire: CH Brynstar’s Majic Star Of Amineh Dam: CH Tapyoca’s Party Ain’t Over

Breeder: Cindy Whitehead Owner: DeAnne Lachney 

“Thank you Cindy for this beautiful dog, she is such a special gift ”


E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club 2011 Specialty

E Yorkshire Terriers |

the 4th of July weekend. Our



ne of the most exciting aspects of having a litter is watching the pups grow into young adulthood. We study them at 7 or 8 weeks, evaluate structure and stack rank the pups in terms of quality. We make bold predictions of how we think they will grow up, their future success and the ribbons and awards to come. For some the journey to their championship is straightforward and for others there is an interesting tale that accompanies crossing the finish line.

WRATH One of the things you learn when showing a dog is that many of life’s lessons can be applied to the show ring. We learned the true meaning of “when you least expect it” with our first show dog. This dog got off to a normal enough start considering he was in the hands of earnest, but very novice owners. He picked up points at a steady pace, one or two at a time, and singled out. The first show that drew majors required this dog to go Best of Winners. He did, and the first major was achieved. “Piece of cake” we naively thought. We entered him in a series of shows over

hopes soared – there were majors every day. We set off on our long weekend of showing, confident that we would be returning home with a Champion. We did return home with a champion, but it was six months and many shows later. Between that weekend and the crowning moment when that final major was achieved there were several major reserves, wins that needed to cross over but didn’t, and shows where the entry fell just short of the count needed for those elusive three points. And once we stopped expecting it to happen it finally did and the setting could not have been better. Our first Champion finished in front of the home town crowd, to the applause of our friends and his breeder, at a benched show, where for two solid days we could bask in the glory of that win. It is a memory I will have forever. And then there’s the dog that just needs that last single point to finish. We’ve had a few of these, both with varying degrees of big and important wins. This particular bitch, my first show dog, had both majors and was slowing working down the last 5 single points. We had one final point to go. After a series of single point shows where we went reserve or worse, we entered the ring at a large show on a specialty weekend. We were in a very large open class – the entry in this class alone constituted a major. Once all of the dogs had been examined, the judge immediately walked over to us, placed my bitch at the front of the line and we were awarded first place. It was the biggest class of the day. Filled with anticipation, we walked into the ring for winners, confident we’d be coming out with a ribbon. We did – reserve. The American Bred entry – a class of one was Winner’s Bitch. It is the only time I walked out of the ring and wanted to cry. One month later we found ourselves in a similar situation, and after winning the largest class of the day I stood in the ring for winner’s, looked down at my bitch, and said “Honey, stay with me on

this”. On the first go round the judge pointed to us. So I ended up with that big specialty weekend win, just not on the day I thought it would happen! It’s not just the first show dogs, or the novice handlers who have tales to tell. Experience does not always matter, but attention to detail does. It is not good enough to arrive at the dog show with a dog in the crate. You need to have the right dog. On this particular day, a wellintended spouse thoughtfully helped out his wife by packing the car for her. Imagine her surprise when she opened the crate door to find her dog – unfortunately not the one that was entered. Even worse was the husband and wife team that thought the other one had put the dog in the car – and you guessed it – arrived at the dog show only to find that they had transported an empty crate. These are the things that keep us humble.

point in dogs each day, and on the first day this dog was awarded Winner’s Dog and Best of Opposite Sex over a male special. With one point safely retired, we took the picture and crossed our fingers that Sunday would be “The Day”. Shortly after the picture was taken, our friends came over and congratulated us on finishing our boy. We thanked them but told them he still needed a single point. They asked us if we had added the male special to the point count. We had not. A quick check of the catalog confirmed they were right. We found the photographer and the judge and retook the picture – this time with New Champion proudly displayed.

Imagine her surprise when she opened the crate door to find her dog – unfortunately not the one that was entered.

The ability to perform simple math and to keep accurate records is another skill worth developing. How many people do you know who have thought they had a finished champion, only to find later out that they were one point short. Usually this is discovered several weeks later, when a quick check of the AKC website reveals that the total is not quite 15. As in horseshoes, close doesn’t count. A few years ago we erred in the opposite direction. We had a dog that needed two single points. The entry was a single

E Yorkshire Terriers |

And then there are those dogs, who have amassed impressive wins, that you are certain will finish at the next show. And then in the blink of an eye, your plans are changed. We had one of these too. This young male was awarded Best of Winners at our National Specialty. In need of a final major to finish, we planned to take him to our regional specialty shows the following month. It was a Saturday morning and I was running on the treadmill when my husband came racing into the house with a bloody-mouthed dog in tow. “Danny’s been kicked and I need you to look at his mouth while I catch the horse”. I looked down at the dog, wondering what I would find when I opened his mouth. Amazingly, there was no obvious damage. All of his teeth were accounted for, he had not bitten his tongue, and after carefully cleaning him up, this dog went over to his housemates, tail wagging and curled up on the floor

next to his mom. With the horse safely back in his stall, my husband inspected the dog. He found a small cut on his upper lip and we decided to take him to the vet to have it stitched. We dropped the dog off with the instruction to return in about an hour. We were not expecting what came next. Because of how sensitive the dog’s muzzle was, the vet decided to do an x-ray. The x-ray showed that the dog’s jaw had been fractured. He ended up at the local veterinary hospital the following week to have a splint glued to the roof of his mouth to set his jaw. Six weeks later, after spending most of that time in a crate and eating meals of pureed dog food, the splint was removed and we had confirmation that the jaw had healed properly, no issues with teeth or bite. Our dog would be fine! He finished his championship about 2 months later. Thankfully, there is not always this much drama associated with finishing a dog’s championship. Some of them even make it look easy, and for all of them it should be cause for celebration. We are at that stage with our most recent litter – the wins are mounting and one by one the championships are being awarded – each pup at their own pace and in their own good time. We love every phone call we receive reporting the latest win. The joy is in the journey and being able to share it with others. Good luck and good showing to all those young pups and their owners. May you enjoy each and every stop on your way – to crossing the finish line!

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Yorkie Stats ~ Canine Chronicle Stats from January 1, 2011 up to & including Aug 31, 2011

E Yorkshire Terriers |


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E Yorkshire Terriers |

Autumn Greetings from E Yorkshire Terriers

Photo by Lisa Thornberg

Enjoy The Season

E Yorkshire Terriers Oct/ Nov 2011 Edition  

E Yorkshire Terriers Oct/ Nov Edition