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Benefits Of CakePHP In Web Development

A Brief Introduction CakePHP is widely used by web development companies to create multi featured websites with simple procedures. Being an open source, CakePHP development offers a robust platform for flexible web development.

Why CakePHP? Today, there are many website development frameworks available which are driven by PHP. Yet, the unmatched advancements in the sphere of CakePHP has made it the finest development framework among others. Due to this, web developers prefer CakePHP platform available over others for advanced web solutions.

History Of CakePHP CakePHP was introduced to teh global web sphere back 2005. It was the era when the existing PHP market was taken over by Ruby on Rails and Spring frameworks. Still, the highly advanced and robust features it featured helped it secure a top spot. Today, the global web development service providers are making extensive use of this technology. Let us see some of its features and benefits

An Open Source Platform And Supports PHP The primary reason for CakePHP being such a hit is the fact that it is an open source web development platform. This simply means that there are no licensing fees or any recurring charges. The platform supports PHP, which gives freedom to the developers to create an amazing website.

Code ReUsability During development, most of the time is consumed in writing codes and checking its synchronization. Instead, a CakePHP developer uses pre-written codes. This saves a lot of time. The saved time can be invested on creative and logical parts. The developer can just pick an already verified code and add it to the program.

Model-ViewControl Pattern CakePHP is based on Model-ViewControl pattern.This helps the developers to separate the data presentation layer from the business logic. • The models aligns the data with the logic and save it in the database • Views displays the data in a presentable way • Controllers process the information before it is stored in the database

Object Oriented Programming

CakePHP implements ORM. This allows a CakePHP developer to incorporate the object oriented programming in a project. Data is represented in the form of different classes, which are used to define relations.

CakePHP Implements CRUD CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. All the database handling issues are solved by implementing CRUD.

Various project related entities can be easily created, read, updated and deleted.


CakePHP is an all-in-one sloution and supports the process of making a perfect content management system. With its amazing features for caching, translating, validating and authenticating, one can overcome any challenges faced with ease.

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Benefits of cake php in web development  

CakePHP is widely used by web development companies to create multi-featured websites with simple procedures. Being an open source, CakePHP...

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