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Welcome! Summer 2012 was spirit filled –– and we can’t wait for 2013! Come enjoy horses, the Blob, Iceberg, a 3-D archery range, climbing wall, high and low ropes courses and so many more things for all ages. The first time listed in the description is the time we have reserved for the campers to arrive, and the second time listed is our check-out time. Dinner meals will be served for campers who arrive on Sunday nights or Wednesday nights. Wesley Woods offers two types of adventures within our programs. Inpost camping programs stay in cabins or lodges, which are air-conditioned and have bunk beds. Campers in the inpost program will take most of their meals in the dining hall. Outpost campers stay in a variety of accommodations from the Pioneer Log Cabin to a 1918 Sears and Roebuck House to Covered Wagons. Outpost campers will cook breakfast and supper over the campfire, and get lunch inpost at the dining hall. Outpost events are indicated by the campfire after the event name. If you would like more information on specific camp sites, you can find those on our web page at All events have some things in common. Campers can expect three meals and two snacks daily. Campers with special food needs are encouraged to complete the online food allergy form at before they arrive. Camper fee includes a water bottle, group picture, and horse ride (weight limit 240 lbs.). The whole camp has a daily Bible study, worship, theme days and community activities. Outpost events are indicated by the campfire after the event name.

We are dedicated to sharing the Good News of a loving Father and a Son who covered our sins. Campers will be encouraged to grow in their faith through testimonies, worship experiences, daily devotions and small group Bible Studies. We believe individuals grow stronger in their faith as they worship, play, pray and live in Christian community. God has blessed us with beautiful facilities, dedicated staff and tremendous support from parents, pastors and congregations. Thank you for considering joining us for a summer camp or retreat experience.


A Friend & Me Adventures Day Camp Ages 4-6

Join a parent, grandparent, or adult friend at camp for the day. Make a craft, learn a Bible story, eat S’mores, swim at the pool, and take a wagon ride to meet the farm animals. 10:00 AM-5:00 PM 7000 / Child $57 June 5 7001 / Adult $35 June 5 7002 / Child $57 July 10 7003 / Adult $35 July 10 7004 / Child $57 July 24 7005 / Adult $35 July 24


Discovery Zone Ages 6-9

Discovery Zone is our half-week camp that’s perfect for beginning campers. Splash around in our swimming pool, participate in Bible studies, make ice cream, go on a horse ride in the arena, and creek stomp on the way to our mud slide. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and build your faith. 5:00 PM-5:30 PM 7110 $195 June 2-4 7111 $195 June 5-7 7112 $195 June 9-11 7113 $195 June 12-14 7114 $195 June 16-18 Here I Go Day Camp 7115 $195 June 19-21 Ages 4-6 7116 $195 June 23-25 A fun-filled day for first time campers. Spend the day 7117 $195 June 26-28 exploring all that camp has to offer. Swim in the pool, 7118 $195 June 30-July 2 make crafts, take a wagon ride to visit the farm animals, 7119 $195 July 7-9 eat S’mores and learn about Jesus. 9:00 AM-5:00 PM 7120 $195 July 10-12 7014 $74 June 12 7121 $195 July 21-23 7015 $74 July 3 7122 $195 July 24-26 7016 $74 August 7 7123 $195 July 31-August 2 7124 $195 August 4-6 7125 $195 August 7-9 One Night Out


Spend one night at the Granary Barn. Help feed the miniature donkey, goats, sheep, chickens and llama. Try to catch the giant “old Charlie” catfish, swim in the pool, play games, Bible study, and have fun. 5:00 PM-5:30 PM 7100 $108 June 2-3 7101 $108 June 30-July 1

Animals, Animals, Animals Ages 6-9

We love animals, yes, we do! We love animals, how about you? Come for a short visit packed with animal-related activities while still experiencing what camp has to offer for everyone. Go on a horse ride in our arena, visit Blank Park Zoo, have daily Bible studies, creek stomp and mud slide, swim in the pool, and eat S’mores. You’ll also visit A Friend & Me Adventures Overnight our farm animals and meet our goats, chickens, miniature Ages 4-6 donkey and llama! 4:30 PM-4:30 PM Join a parent, grandparent, or adult friend at camp for 7150 $218 June 9-11 the day and night. Make a craft, learn a Bible story, eat 7151 $218 June 12-14 S’mores, swim, and wagon ride to the farm to meet the 7152 $218 June 30-July 2 animals. It’s a great time for families to come together in a relaxing atmosphere filled with God’s wonder. 7153 $218 July 31-August 2 6:00 PM-5:00 PM 7007 / Child $94 June 2-3 Little Cowpokes 7008 / Adult $70 June 2-3 Ages 7-9 7009 / Child $94 July 2-3 Do you love horses? Come to Little Cowpokes and take 7010 / Adult $70 July 2-3 two horse rides in our arena, while having fun at camp by swimming at the pool, creek stomping and mud sliding, making crafts, having daily Bible studies, and eating Here I Go Overnight S’mores. This is a great introductory camp for elementary Ages 5-6 One night and fun-filled day on your own with counselors students. 4:30 PM-4:30 PM 7154 $212 June 2-4 and friends. Stay in a cabin and explore all the fun things 7155 $212 June 5-7 at camp. Swim in the pool, do crafts, go on a wagon ride, visit the farm animals, and learn about Jesus. 7156 $212 June 23-25 5:00 PM-5:30 PM 7157 $212 June 26-28 7017 $108 June 2-3 7158 $212 July 31-August 2 7018 $108 June 30-July 1 7159 $212 August 4-6 7019 $108 August 4-5 7160 $212 August 7-9

Pioneer Adventure Ages 9-12

Adventure is never far away when you stay in the yurts or teepees, go to the creek and mud slide, take a horse ride, participate in Bible studies, and cook meals over a campfire. You will also go swimming, find treasure, meet new friends, and explore the trails in the woods. It’s a lot of camp in a short amount of time. 4:30 PM-4:50 PM 7267 $195 June 5-7 7268 $195 June 23-25 7269 $195 June 26-28 7270 $195 June 30-July 2 7271 $195 July 21-23 7272 $195 July 24-26 7273 $195 August 4-6 7274 $195 August 7-9


Join us at Wesley Woods for an afternoon of fun, fellowship and food! We host an “open house” for all ages and give people the chance to try out our zip line, climbing wall, archery course, fishing, swimming pool, carnival games, and the Blob and Iceberg at Broken Arrow Pond. Supper is provided and a worship service that night introduces the summer staff and tells of our hopes for the summer season. 1:00 PM-8:00 PM Free Will Offering June 1

Grandparent/Child Ages: 8-Adult

Grand weekend of quality time for grandparents/children; fish, swim in our pool, worship, Bible study, horse ride, campfires and hikes are optional activities. This is a great event for family that is divided by distance or job schedule. Stay in our lodges and enjoy our retreat facilities as a family while worshipping God as a camp. 6:00 PM-NOON 7850 / Grandchild $95 July 12-14 7851 / Grandparent $95 July 12-14


Confirmation Ages 12-16

Life is full of change, but God is the same yesterday, today Ages 9-12 and forever. Come to camp and ask the tough questions Fusion is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of about yourself, God, and the world around you as you awesome fused together in a week at Wesley Woods. learn more about church history, spiritual growth and Climb our rock wall, swim in our pool and at Broken Arrow your own faith, while participating in the activities we Pond, creek stomp to our mud slide, go on a horse ride, have at camp. Challenge yourself on our high ropes learn during our daily Bible studies, test out our archery course, choose your own Journey activities, experience course, and do even more with our Journey choices. Stay daily Bible study, and stay in our main camp area and eat in our main camp area and eat in our dining hall for meals. in our dining hall. 5:00 PM-5:00 PM 5:30 PM-5:30 PM 7725 $380 June 16-21 7325 $385 June 2-7 7726 $380 July 7-12 7326 $385 June 9-14 7327 $385 June 16-21 Horses, Horses, Horses 7328 $385 June 23-28 Ages 9-12 7329 / short $238 June 30-July 3 Attention Horse Lovers: we have a camp for you! Spend 7330 $385 July 7-12 extra time with our horse program with two trail rides, a 7331 $385 July 21-26 lesson in horse science, and learn how to care and groom our herd. You’ll also participate in our Journey time, swim 7332 $385 August 4-9 in our pool and at Broken Arrow Pond, challenge yourself on our climbing wall, and have Bible study daily. Stay in Immersion our outpost area at Ponderosa, Farm, or Pioneer Three and Ages 11-14 cook some meals over the campfire. 5:00 PM-4:50 PM Love being at Wesley Woods and wish you had time to 7285 $387 June 9-14 immerse yourself in all the activities offered, including 7286 $387 June 16-21 Journey options? This is the camp for you! Challenge 7287 $387 June 23-28 yourself on the high ropes course, canoe, go on a horse 7288 / short $240 June 30-July 2 ride, eat S’mores, play games, swim daily, and go deep into the Bible studies with your group. Stay in our main 7289 $387 July 7-12 camp area and eat in our dining hall. 5:30 PM-5:30 PM 7290 $387 July 14-19 7340 $385 June 23-28 7291 $387 July 21-26 7341 $385 July 21-26 7292 $387 July 28-August 2 7342 $385 August 4-9

Furry, Farm Friends Ages 9-12

Do you love animals and enjoy being around them? Live at the Farm or Ponderosa site and help care for goats, sheep, a miniature donkey, chickens, a llama and more! Join the rest of the camp for Journey time and have daily Bible study, swim in our pool and at Broken Arrow Pond, test your strength on our climbing wall, and creek stomp to our mud slide. This event includes a trip to Living History Farms. 4:30 PM-5:30 PM 7252 $387 June 9-14 7253 $387 June 16-21 7254 $387 June 23-28 7255 $387 July 14-19 7256 $387 July 28-August 2 7257 $387 August 4-9

Mud, Poles, & Fishing Holes Ages 9-12

Do you love to get muddy and fish? Check this event out! Live in one of our outpost sites, cook two meals over a fire, fish daily, go to the creek to mud stomp twice. Eat the fish you caught at the fish fry with your group. Join the rest of the camp for Journeys, swim in our pool or at Broken Arrow Pond, and participate in Bible studies with your group and go on a horse ride. 5:00 PM-5:30 PM 7263 $387 June 2-7 7264 / short $240 June 30-July 3 7265 $387 August 4-9

The Ultimate Adventure Ages 9-12

Do you want to attempt lots of activities over the course of a week while staying in our outpost sites? Bike-a-Rama This camp experience includes creek stomping, a horse Green Striped Hippos Ages 9-12 ride, swimming, exploring the woods, archery, singing, Ages 12-16 Why walk when you can bike? We have 344 acres for you This camp combines a lot of ‘activity favorites’ for you over to explore! Stay at Blue Heron Bay, Homestead, or Broken building a shelter, treasure hunts and daily Bible study. 4:30 PM-4:50 PM the course of the week. Stay up late, go to Adventureland, Arrow camp site and explore the nature trails at camp sleep in, go into town for a meal and other activities, as a group while biking. Swim daily, cook meals over the 7277 $385 June 9-14 choose your Journeys, have daily Bible studies and do the campfire, go to the creek and mud slide, learn about God 7278 $385 July 7-12 high ropes course. Stay in the main camp and take your in daily Bible study, and participate in Journeys. 7279 $385 July 14-19 meals in the dining hall. 5:00 PM-5:10 PM 4:30 PM-5:30 PM 7280 $385 July 21-26 7360 $405 June 2-7 7250 $387 June 16-21 7281 $385 July 28-August 2 7361 $405 June 23-28 7251 $387 June 23-28 7362 $405 July 7-12 July 21-26 7363 $405 August 4-9 7364 $405

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Outpost events are indicated by the campfire after the event name.

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Best of the Best

Ranch Hand

Ranch On the Road

Are you looking for a week of adventure filled with roller coasters, night time zip line and more? Then register for this action packed adventure. Stay up late, sleep in, go on two horse rides, go into town for a meal and other activities, spend a day at Adventureland, choose your activities for Journeys, Bible study and do high ropes under the stars. 5:00 PM-5:10 PM 7294 $405 June 2-7 7295 $405 June 9-14 7296 $405 June 23-28 7297 / short $275 June 30-July 3 7298 $405 July 7-12 7299 $405 July 21-26 7300 $405 July 28-August 2

Are you experienced around horses and really looking to build skills, yet enjoy some trail riding? Then this event is built for you. Each camper chooses to ride English or Western. Ride time will include small group and large group arena sessions, planning a parent program, and trail riding. All horse activities are under the supervision of our safety-certified riding instructors. You will stay at Homestead or the Ranch House. 4:30 PM-4:30 PM 7410 $405 June 16-21 7411 $405 July 14-19 7412 $405 August 4-9

Calling all trail riding fans: We’re taking our Ranch camp on the road! This event is for experienced riders only - you must be able to groom, saddle, and ride independently/ safely. After a day of orientation at Wesley Woods, we’ll load up the trailer and head to central Iowa parks with miles of trails waiting to be explored! When we’re not riding, we’ll be cooking meals over the fire, diving deep into Bible study, taking care of the horses, checking out local recreation opportunities, and sleeping under the stars! If you’re interested in this event, contact Wesley Woods for pre-screening information and registration requirements. This event is only offered every few years. Don’t miss out! 4:30PM-5:10PM 7421 $415 June 23-28

Ages 11-14

Ages 13-16

Ranch Hand Plus Ages 14-17

This event is only for the experienced rider. Choose Western or English tack. Campers will live at Homestead Outback Challenge camp site. Ride time will include small group and large Ages 11-14 group arena sessions, planning a parent program and trail Do you love to canoe? Are you looking for a camp that is riding. All horse activities are under the supervision of our physically challenging? Consider signing up for this. Canoe safety certified riding instructors. Other options for riding from Blue Heron Bay to the main camp and back daily. Trip will include an overnight horseback trip and/or a day includes two portages over dams to other lakes. Campers horseback picnic, weather and skills permitting. compete as a team in challenges to earn rewards. 4:30 PM-4:30 PM Challenges include water, rope, and mud components. 7319 $405 July 21-26 One night the group will build a shelter under the stars. 7320 $405 July 28-August 2 Event includes extra time on low and high ropes courses and more advanced canoe training. 5:00 PM-5:10 PM 7303 $385 July 7-12 7304 $385 July 14-19 7305 $385 July 28-August 2

Ages 14-18

Best of the Best Plus Ages 14-17

Think you’re better than the best? Want to plan a week at camp as a group? Choose your meal options for the campfire one night, go to Adventureland, go on two horse rides, participate in Journeys, go into town for supper and an activity of your choice, have Bible studies daily with your group, and swim in our pool and at Broken Arrow Pond. You’ll challenge your skills on our high ropes course, during archery and canoeing, all while making new friends and praising God. 4:30 PM-5:10 PM 7323 $405 July 14-19 7324 $405 August 4-9


Boots & Saddles

Leaders in Training/Junior Staff Rookie

Wrangler Helper Training

Want to learn about horses and spend lots of time around them but don’t have much experience? Register today! At this event you will spend hours daily with horses, riding and learning about them. There will be lots of time in the saddle, including arena riding and trail rides. Live at the Ranch House or Homestead. In addition, participate in Journeys, enjoy the pool and Broken Arrow Pond, daily Bible study and more. (All sessions Western tack. English tack available upon request.) 4:30 PM-4:30 PM 7306 $405 June 2-7 7307 $405 June 9-14 7308 $405 June 16-21 7309 $405 June 23-28 7310 / short $275 June 30-July 3 7311 $405 July 7-12 7312 $405 July 14-19 7313 $405 July 28-August 2 7314 $405 August 4-9

Do you love kids and sharing the love of Jesus? Consider joining our leadership development program and spending part of your summer in service to others. This training is aimed at first timers wanting to serve in support roles in the main camp, including crafts, games, food service, and being a third counselor in a group. Training acquaints you with the site, sharing faith, leading groups, team building and songs. If you are already involved in our Jr. Staff program and are unable to attend the Renewal weekend, please register for Leaders in Training 7800. 6:00 PM-7:00 PM 7800 / Leaders in Training $10 May 3-4 7801 / Jr. Staff Rookie $10 May 3-4

Spend the weekend training as a wrangler helper. Develop an eye for safety, learn about Wesley Woods’ horse care and Ranch programs. This IS NOT a substitute for a week as a camper! Trainees who demonstrate established horse skills, strong work ethic, and an exemplary attitude will be eligible to serve as a wrangler helper during the summer. 6:00 PM-3:30 PM 7803 $10 April 26-28

Ages 11-14

Ages 14-17

Ages 14-18

For more information on other opportunities, please visit our website www.wesleywo

Wesley Woods 2013 Summer Brochure  
Wesley Woods 2013 Summer Brochure  

We are dedicated to sharing the Good News of a loving Father and a Son who covered our sins. Campers will be encouraged to grow in their fai...