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50% AMAA BULL 439985 - GVC SC 39.5 Solid - BW 89 - Adj WW 677 - Adj Polled - Homozygous Black and Call today to learn about the group of productive females we have The full brother to GVC Ditto! ws available this spring for sale. Several top producers are available. All females have $2500 packages include 50 stra accurate performance records and many have calves at-side. Only 20 packages will be sold

DENNIS GARWOOD FAMILY 46974 866 Road • Atkinson, NE 68713 (402) 925-2970 - (402) 340-4788 Marketing Agent: Craig Reiter, (419) 862-0117 www.greenvalleycattle.com

Visit our online semen store at greenvalleycattle.com to order semen from our herd sires for spring delivery.

March/April 2014


march/april 2014 • VOlUmE 24/NUmBEr 4 The official publication of the American Maine-Anjou Association.

cOVEr dEsigN By liNdsEy BrOEk

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National Western Stock Show Coverage

Supreme Court Invalidates Patents on DNA Markers, Beneficial to Cattle Producers by Gene Summerlin, Michael Annis & David Newman


Incorporating Genomics Into Genetic Evaluation by Dr. Matt Spangler

Departments 4

Headquarters by John Boddicker


Commercial Connection by Dave Steen

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Open Show Reports

Junior Show Reports

Junior Update by Hunter Randall Index/Dateline

March/April 2014

The American Maine-Anjou Association publishes the Maine-Anjou Voice. Copyright ©2007 by American Maine-Anjou Association. All rights reserved. None of the contents of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the publisher. Subscriptions *U.S. rates are $20 per year *U.S. first class rates are $45 per year *Canadian rates are $35 U.S. Funds; International money orders, Visa and Mastercard encouraged. $35 U.S. Funds when paying with a Canadian personal check. *Foreign rates are $35 per year plus postage. Advertising Space Rates (For Space Only) Size 1 Time PrePaid Full Page (1FC, 1BC, BC) by contract only Full Page (inside) ……… $555 … $455 3/4 Page ………………… $505 … $425 2/3 Page ………………… $455 … $390 1/2 Page ………………… $325 … $260 1/3 Page ………………… $260 … $205 1/4 Page ………………… $195 … $150 Card Ads ………………… $75 … $300 Other options available. Call for rates or terms. Color Rates Single Color ………………………… $100 Four Color ………………………… $200 Extra Charges • Original Color Photo Scan ……… $20 • Retrieve Color Photo Scan ……… $10 • Black & White Photo ……………… $7 • Special Artwork/Spot Color Per Project Advertising Deadlines January/February .................. December 1 March/April ............................. February 1 May/June/July................................ April 1 August/September ........................... July 1 October .................................. September 1 November/December ................. October 1 Past Due Accounts Payment is expected in 30 days. Accounts past due will be charged a 1.5% interest penalty per month. Copy Changes Changes to advertising copy, if made after deadline, will be made only if time permits and will incur the appropriate charges for time and materials involved in the change. Advertising Content The Maine-Anjou Voice reserves the right to refuse any advertising copy at its sole discretion. The Voice assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the advertising content as submitted or approved, including pedigrees, statements regarding performance or photos from outside parties. Advertisers shall indemnify and hold harmless the Voice for any claims concerning advertising content as submitted or approved. Content received after deadline will be sent to the advertiser for review as time allows. The Voice is not responsible for errors in advertisements where content is received past deadline. Digital File Conversion Disclaimer Many of our advertisers are choosing to supply digital photos rather than glossy prints for use in their Maine-Anjou Voice advertising. The Voice magazine will not be responsible for quality of photo reproduction or printing as a result of any digital photos supplied. The Voice magazine will not be held liable for any financial compensation or discounted advertising as a result of poor reproduction quality of digital photos. All digital photos supplied for use in the Voice magazine will be used at the advertiser’s risk.


lAst stAnd i-80 x irish Whiskey (8/19)

BW: 86 WW: 756 yW: 1185

gCC lonestAr x tC Freedom BW: 86 WW: 756 yW: 1210


GRID Bull Sale TO

Chopper x oCC Just right x Whiskey BW: 86 WW: 756 yW: 1341

CervAzA x limestone ext x Whiskey

April 12th in Follet, texAs Angus, simAngus, WhiskeyAngus

To be placed on the Griswold mailing list call the office 405-372-3300 or email gcccatalog@gmail.com

Check www.griswoldcattle.com for updates and videos John Griswold: 405-780-3300

Jeff Bourquin: 806-886-3145 March/April 2014


Headquarters│ Current EPD Profile (Active) MaineTainer Sires MaineTainer Dams Maine-Anjou Sires Maine-Anjou Dams

CE 6.5 6.8 7.2 7.2

BW 2.1 2.1 2.5 2.4

WW 35.8 37.6 39.5 39.8

YW 72.4 75.7 78.4 78.6

MCE 0.9 1.8 2.8 2.9

MM 19.3 19.7 19.4 19.4

MWW 37.1 38.5 39.2 39.3

CW -3 -1.1 1 1

FT 0.01 0.01 0 0

REA 0.13 0.14 0.18 0.17

MARB 0.18 0.2 0.19 0.2

%RT 0.26 0.26 0.32 0.31

by John Boddicker, executive vice president

AMAA Strategic Plan... Moving Forward American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) Mission Statement The AMAA will promote Maine-Anjou genetics that provide superior, value added performance, docility and carcass excellence for the beef industry while also providing expanded membership services for adult and junior members. It’s been a little over a year now that the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) passed its long-range strategic action plan. Under one of the levels for points of emphasis that read, Breed Image - Effectively Communicating the Merits of Maine-Anjou Cattle, the association was to: • Recognize breeders for data submission. • Broaden performance orientation among breeders. • Identify breeders as commercially focused to clientele. • Keep voluntary program but foster to identify elite performance breeders. With that focus in mind, a core group of breeders has met a few times with one last meeting scheduled for late spring in Platte City, Mo. From this meeting a program proposal will be presented to the AMAA Board of Directors at the June 2014 summer meetings with implementation to begin in late summer 2014. If you, as a Maine-Anjou breeder would like to attend this last organizational meeting please watch for upcoming association e-mail blasts pertaining to date, time and place. The focus of each participating breeder is a commitment to a direction of reclaiming the true genetic performance and carcass values that the Maine-Anjou breed has to offer the beef industry. Stated many times in this space, in order to gain confidence from the commercial beef industry the breed needs to continually provide true data that substantiates the breed’s genetic value. Just stop and take a long look at other beef breeds that hang their hat on research and data, they, in turn, sell many bulls into the commercial sector each and every year! The old adage question of what comes first, the chicken or the egg? I bring that up in reference to 4

March/April 2014

breeder’s questioning why they have some difficulty selling their bulls to a commercial beef producer. It is not enough in the commercial bull marketing arena to sell bulls out of a popular sire line or donor dam, one needs to have data to support that pedigree. Bottom line is that in the commercial bull business, data is king! In concert with Maine-Anjou breeders working to bridge the commercial connection gap who would like to have much quicker updates from our data system, that request does not fall on deaf ears. The current system we work under has two data runs per year with EPD updates occurring at that time. So in the case of spring bull sales, when ultrasound data is submitted, an actual EPD update will not occur until the next run, this being counter to a few associations that can produce an interim updated EPD within a short period of time. Also, if you happen to be working with MaineTainer pedigrees, both sire and dam must be in the system at a minimum of one run prior to the progeny going through the system. The AMAA is part of the MB-ICE Multi-breed system that is managed at the American Simmental Association. We are in communication to get programming in place to assist Maine-Anjou interim EPD data to be updated on a more timely basis. Again, please watch for upcoming e-mail blasts regarding a scheduled spring meeting here in the Platte City area dealing with a greater Maine-Anjou commercial connection to the beef industry. The long term results of this program has the capability to change the course of thinking within the industry as it relates to the worth of Maine-Anjou genetics.

SELLING 75 HEAD ... • 40 Head of Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Show Heifers & Donor Prospects • 25 Head of Horned & Polled Hereford Show Heifers & Donor Prospects • 10 Head of Chianina, Shorthorn, Simmental, Charolais & Commercial Show Heifers.

Saturday, MARCH 29, 2014 Congratulations BAILEY BUCK - Bred by Happ Champion Horned Hereford Female, ’14 NWSS Jr Show; Champion Horned Hereford Female, ’13 National Junior Hereford Expo; Reserve Champion Female, ’13 NWSS Jr Show; Reserve Champion Female, ’13 FWSS Open Show

Congratulations MACIE McCOLLUM - Bred by Dupree Champion MaineAnjou Female, ’14 FWSS Open Show

Congratulations CHRIS BARTON Bred by Buck & Price Champion Maine-Anjou Female, ’14 FWSS Jr Show; Champion Maine-Anjou & Supreme Champion Continental Female, ’13 Belt Buckle Bonanza; Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female, ’13 San Antonio Jr Show

Congratulations CADE VanVLIET - Bred by Moore Champion MaineTainer Heifer, ’13 NAILE

Congratulations BECCA MOORE - Bred by Jeffery Champion MaineTainer Female, ’14 FWSS Open Show

Congratulations KASH LONG - Bred by Buck & Davis Champion Maine-Anjou Female, ’14 San Antonio; & Champion Maine-Anjou Female, ’14 NWSS Open Show


MaineTainer ... Bojo x Angus


Monopoly x Irish Whiskey



Selling 30 Breeding Bulls

Maine-Anjou ... BK Unlimited Power x Irish Whiskey

Maine-Anjou, MaineTainer, Hereford & Club Calf Sires. Bulls will be semen tested & ready for spring breeding. You are welcome to come look at the bulls anytime prior to sale.

Madill, OK 73446 All Buck cattle are fed MFM Feeds & Sure Champ. Talk to us about their advantages.

Pictures & videos will be posted at www.buckcattle.com Jirl, Brenda & Bailey Buck

www.buckcattle.com • 580.795.4865 mobile • jirl@buckcattle.com Todd Herman 918.605.5137 • Matt Scasta, 580.220.7288 Ray Unwin, 580.319.8900

March/April 2014


Commercial Connection│

by Dave Steen, commercial development director

2014 National Western Bright Lights Sale To equal last year’s weather would have been a challenge, but this year’s weather far outpaced January 2013 and was welcomed by all. This was the seventh year in a row that the Colorado climate was perfect for the National Western Stock Show. The attendance of interested buyers and onlookers at the Bright Lights sale was amazing, with many familiar buyers and a lot of new faces. We very much appreciate the continued support of all of our buyers! Twenty-two consignors from 10 states sold a total of 38 bulls, nine heifers, four embryo lots and a donated flush from one of Bremer Show Cattle’s proven donors – RMF Carla 907W or KBSC Carmen 202Z. The $12,250 raised went to the American Junior Maine-Anjou Association (AJMAA) to benefit the 2014 National Junior Heifer Show. The winning ticket belonged to Adam Pryor of Woodbine, Iowa. Thank you to Kendall Bremer for his generous donation. On Thursday, January 16, each sale bull was evaluated by a panel of three judges that included Tyler Cates, Indiana, Bob Dwyer, Illinois and Craig Reiter, Ohio. Thank you to these gentlemen for making the trip to Denver to evaluate our sale bulls, your time and effort is very much appreciated. Congratulations and thank you to this year’s consignors for a great set of bulls and females that were brought to the Bright Lights sale. The ultrasound data and weights continue to show the genetic strength and consistency of the Maine-Anjou breed and show the positive impact that this breed creates in the production cycle of the beef industry. Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Bull and Female Sale As always the Bright Lights sale saw a standingroom-only crowd of potential buyers. When the sale ended, 38 bulls averaged $4,571, eight heifers averaged $4,725 and two embryo lots averaged $3,937. The demand for Maine-Anjou genetics was evident again this year, as was shown by the outstanding averages. Prices ranged from $1,900 - $10,100, making quality bulls and females affordable to everyone. 6

March/April 2014

Top Selling Bull Lots • Lot 1X - This lot was selected from the champion MaineTainer pen-of-three bulls. These Irish Whiskey three-eighths bulls were exhibited by Cardinal Cattle Co., Wyoming, Ill. These bulls were not entered in the Bright Lights sale but Cardinal Cattle Co., agreed to sell the choice of this group. Their top selling bull sold for $10,100 to Wayne and Barb Ohlrichs, Norfolk, Neb. • Lot 104 - EVFM Mr. Suh 246A, a black, polled, three-quarter son of GVC Suh 01W, consigned by first time consignor Eastview Maines, Jasper, Minn., sold to Beau Brecht, Blairstown, Iowa, for $8,800. • Lot 139 - BBR Achilles 3A, a black, polled, MaineTainer son of BBR Rumor Mill consigned by Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo., sold to Bird Cattle Co., Lubbock, Texas, for $7,100. • Lot 125 - BBR Avis 13A, a black, three-quarter son of BBR Rumor Mill, consigned by Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo., sold to Obrecht Brothers, Harlan, Iowa, for $6,600. Numerous other lots sold from $4,400 to $6,500. Thank you to all of the consignors who continue to make the Bright Lights sale a huge success. Top Selling Female Lots • Lot 4 - BPF Princess 577A, a black, polled, threequarter daughter of LFCC Unstoppable 727X, sold to Morgan Smith, Indiana, for $8,500. • Lot 7 - PSC Cowboys Angel 309A, a black, polled, three-quarter daughter of GOET I-80, consigned by Parks Show Cattle, Michigan, sold to Taylor Rock, Strasburg, Colo., for $6,000. The balance of the female lots brought from $2,800 - $4,800. Thank you to all of the female consignors for bringing an outstanding set of females to Denver.

Champion Pen-of-Three Bulls • Champion Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Bushy Park Farms, Highland, Md. Two of the winning group were sired by BPF Mercedes Benz 131U and the third bull was sired by Irish Whiskey. • Reserve Champion Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Griswold Cattle Co., Stillwater, Okla. The three bulls include, two three-quarter bulls sired by GOET I-80 and DCC Hard Drive 138R and a purebred bull sired by GCC Maverick 9066R. • Grand Champion Sale Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo. These bulls included a purebred sired by BBBN X and two three-quarter bulls sired by SLC Sooner 101M and BBR Rumor Mill. These bulls sold for $6,600, $6,500 and $4,000. • People’s Choice Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Nagel Cattle Co., Springfield, S.D. This pen was comprised of two three-quarter bulls sired by AFR Banker 1W and Nage Doppler 27X and a purebred bull sired by Nage Doppler 27X. • Champion MaineTainer Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Cardinal Cattle Co., Wyoming, Ill. These three bulls were all March, three-eights flush brothers sired by Irish Whiskey. The pick of these three bulls sold for $10,100 in the Bright Lights sale. • Reserve Champion MaineTainer Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls • Exhibited by Green Valley Cattle Co., Atkinson, Neb. These were March bulls sired by HFM First Impression, GVC Suh 01W and GVC Settler 004X.

There were no pen-of-three females shown. The pen-of-three bulls were judged by Donnie Begalka, Castlewood, S.D., Josh Enlow, Sapulpa, Okla., and Dave Guyer, Robinson, Ill. Thank you to these gentlemen for judging this year’s pen-of-three bull shows. Commercial Development Award Winners Each year nominations are accepted for the commercial development awards. This year’s winners are: • Commercial Producer of the Year - Neil Birkeland, Dupree, S.D. • Partners of the Maine-Anjou Award - Casey and Curtis Hackbart, Seward, Neb. • Promoter of the Year - Dr. Don Coover, SEK Genetics, Galesburg, Kan. • Breed Builder of the Year - Denny and Donna Denison, Denison Acres, Keatchie, La. • Seedstock Breeder of the Year - Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo. Congratulations to these award winners! The Bright Lights sale is always a great success because of the superior cattle quality that our consignors bring to the National Western Stock Show. Your continued effort to showcase your outstanding Maine-Anjou cattle is very much appreciated! Thank you! Please feel free to call (515) 201-3281 if I can help. Good luck on your calving and breeding season. Maines on the Move, Dave Steen AMAA Commercial Development Director

For all your commercial development needs Dave Steen • (515) 201-3281

March/April 2014



GVC SUH X NAGE MS TROJAN 183K │ REG. # 429575 │ 2/12/2012 │PB MAINE-ANJOU




Beauprez Land & Cattle Mark, Lisa, Nick & Megan Beauprez Byers, Colo. Mark - 303-378-0718 │ Nick - 303-880-7827 Nagel Cattle Company

Blane, Cindy, Landon, Shayna, Cheylee & Shalayne Springfield, S.D. Blane - 605-464-1187 8

March/April 2014











Res. Division Winner 2014 NWSS Semen available from owners & Cattle Visions!

TLM TLM Powerhouse 860U │ TLM Dutchess 927W AMAA Registration: 429369 Calved: 3/23/12 • Purebred • Black • Polled BW: 90 lbs. • Adj. WW: 748 lbs. • Adj. YW: 1,305 lbs. SEMEN AVAILABLE

TLM Powerhouse was a class winning bull at the 2014 NWSS. He is also in the top 4% in growth and performance for weaning weight and yearling weight with a very acceptable birthweight. Special thanks to Michael & Jennifer Rigby, Fiarview, Utah, for purchasing half of TLM Power Up 231Z. Truline Maines would also like to thank Lyle McLaren, Canada, for his 2014 Bright Lights sale purchase of an outstanding brood cow and show prospect, TLM Dutchess 326A!



CE 8.8

BW 1.8

WW 54.3

YW 100.9

MILK 16.8

M&G 44.0

MCE 3.8

Truline Maines Everett - Steve - Mike Forkner

9282 E. Indian Line Rd. • Richards, MO 64778 (417) 484-3306 (877) 489-0570 (417) 549-0666 www.trulinemaines.com eforktlg@gmail.com **A GREAT spring calf crop is on the way!** March/April 2014


MINN Hard Whiskey GEF Open Bar DCC Hard Drive 138R Purebred TH/PHA Free

Ice Chest 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

DCC Hard Drive 138R GVC Maverick 05U CMAC Hard Core Purebred PH/THA Free

SLC Sooner 101M Purebred TH/PHA Free

SAK Summit

DCC Hard Drive 138R 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Majors Money Man 673J Majors Waldo Purebred TH/PHA Free

GVC Special Delivery

BPF Comfort Zone


Live Action

TCTC Patton



GVC Twitter



GVC Statesman Purebred TH/PHA Free

Monopoly 50% Maine-Anjou THC/PHA Free

Daddy’s Money I-80 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Predator 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Special Delivery 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Afterhours Irish Whiskey MaineTainer TH/PHA Free

GVC Noble Man 11N Purebred TH/PHA Free

Irish Whiskey MaineTainer TH/PHA Free

Monopoly MaineTainer

NAGE Ante Up GVC Suh Purebred TH/PHA Free

Mercedes Benz Purebred TH/PHA Free

DMCC Limited Edition Purebred TH/PHA Free

I-80 50% Maine-Anjou THF/PHAF

Cattle Visions

The Hottest Sire are Here! (866) 356-4565 call for a free directory or view online at www.cattlevisionscom 10

March/April 2014

Trae Simmons • 765.438.2313 www.simmonscattle.com

Cattle Located

4610 N Pecan RD • Ponca City, OK 74601 11 Miles off I-35 • 40 Miles North of Stillwater, OK

Russ Salton • 515.490.4241 www.saltoncattleco.com

15 - 20 Head of eLiTe SHow HeifeR & donoR PRoSPeCTS SeLL Several breeds represented: Simmental, Maine, MaineTainer, Chianina, Charolais, Hereford & Commercial. You will not want to miss this set of females. View them today in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Online sale held with CW Cattle Sale • www.cwcattlesales.com MaRCH 26TH - MaRCH 30TH THe SaLe HeifeRS wiLL be avaiLabLe foR viewing in aRdMoRe, okLaHoMa aT JoneS bRoTHeRS SHow CaTTLe

Be sure to stop out at 3432 Springdale Road, Ardmore, OK 73401/Jones Brothers Show Cattle to view this outstanding offering.

15 - 20 Head of eLiTe SHow HeifeR & donoR PRoSPeCTS SeLL

be SuRe To aTTend THe oTHeR aRea SaLeS Be sure to attend the other area sales the same weekend. Conley Cattle, Sulphur - Buck Cattle Co., Madill - Bushy Park Farm, Marietta.

March/April 2014


National Western Stock Show

Maine-Anjou Females Judge: Dave Duello, Wyoming

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Champion Junior Yearling NCD BK Zealy 202Z March 5, 2012 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: BK Playmate 413P Exhibited by: Kash Champion Long, Wheeler, Texas

Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Reserve Champion Junior Yearling SUNM Hope 244 April 2, 2012 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: SUNM Faith 944 Exhibited by: Alexis Wright, Phillip, W.V.



Champion Junior Heifer Calf WLFF Fergie 8A March 23, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: WLFF Fergie Exhibited by: Kathy Lehman, Shelby, Ohio

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf UDELL Catherine 14A March 27, 2013 Sire: SLC Sooner 101M Dam: GP Dinah 1100T Exhibited by: Kori McLaughlin, Mediapolis, Iowa

Champion Senior Heifer Calf BK Zhonda 2018 Sept. 16, 2012 Sire: BK Navajo 42N Dam: LADD Xannie 0008 Exhibited by: Jacob Moore, Madill, Okla.


Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf CMCC Zrey 2013 Oct. 15, 2013 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: BK Renegade 5010 Exhibited by: Shaylee Senkel, Ada, Okla.


March/April 2014

Champion Summer Yearling RESC Ms. Maddie May 3, 2012 Sire: LFCC Unstoppable 727X Dam: VMS Miss Maag Exhibited by: Katlyn Ahrens, West Point, Neb.

Reserve Summer Yearling GVC Carlea Aug. 6, 2012 Sire: GVC Suh 01W Dam: GVC Farrah 77W Exhibited by: Savannah Harrison, Stratford, Okla.

MaineTainer Females Judge: Dave Duello, Wyoming

National Western Stock Show

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Champion Junior Yearling Miss Whiskey Dreams 30Z April 15, 2012 Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: 846U Exhibited by: Kori McLaughlin, Mediapolis, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Champion Summer Yearling PHY 1Z May 2, 2012 Sire: Daines Dr. Suess 79P Dam: Unregistered Exhibited by: Cade Van Vliet, Otley, Iowa

Champion Junior Heifer Calf BEF Whiskey Chic Feb. 22, 2013 Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: BEF Ms HW 14R Exhibited by: Becca Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf BLSC Arabella A312 April 3, 2013 Sire: Torrington Dam: BBR Raptor 1193Y Exhibited by: Taylor Dorsey, Eaton, Colo.

Champion Senior Heifer Calf JFR Zue Sept. 24, 2012 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: Unregistered Exhibited by: Becca Moore, Madill, Okla.

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf MWDD Holly 201Z Sept. 12, 2012 Sire: Hollywood Dam: RF GMC Miss 312N Exhibited by: Kyle Hiebert, Ringwood, Okla.

Reserve Champion Summer Yearling OAR Sooner Girl 70X May 24, 2012 Sire: Unregistered Dam: JABR Miss Sooner 107X Exhibited by: Jordan Odell, Byars, Okla.

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling ML Miss Anne April 15, 2012 Sire: Unregistered Dam: HARK Miss Indiana 208R Exhibited by: Tyler Clark, Covington, Ind.

March/April 2014


National Western Stock Show

Maine-Anjou Bulls Judge: Dave Duello, Wyoming

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull Champion Junior Yearling Daddy’s Money Jan. 12, 2012 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: JSC Velvet 112W Exhibited by: Woodlawn Farms, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Jones Show Cattle, Harrod, Ohio, Griswold Cattle, Stillwater, Okla., & Tolle Farms, Taylorsville, Ky.

Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull Champion Junior Bull Calf JPV Dexter 421 April 17, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: BBR Superwoman 1182Y Exhibited by: Emma Vickland, Longmont, Colo.


Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf GFSC Mr. I Mean Business March 3, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: LFCC Lucy Exhibited by: Grauer Show Cattle, Shiloh, Ohio

Champion Senior Bull Calf QHLC Strut Oct. 28, 2013 Sire: RRRC Hennessy Dam: QHLC Donna Exhibited by: Questing Hills Land & Cattle, Afton, Iowa

Reserve Champion Senior Bull Calf WAC The Joker 149Z Dec. 15, 2012 Sire: MCF Chaos Dam: WAC Mystic 56W Exhibited by: Trace Alexander, Brookfield, Mo.

Premier Breeder Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Bull NAGE Ante Up 70Z Feb. 12, 2012 Sire: GVC Suh 01W Dam: NAGE Ms Trojan 183K Exhibited by: Beauprez Land & Cattle, Byers, Colo.


March/April 2014

Buck Cattle Co., Madill, Okla.

Premier Exhibitor Kori McLaughlin, Mediapolis, Iowa

Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Junior Females Judge: Cody Sankey, Indiana

National Western Stock Show

Grand Champion Junior Maine-Anjou Female Champion Junior Heifer Calf WLFF Fergie 8A March 23, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: WLFF Fergie Exhibited by: Kathy Lehman, Shelby, Ohio

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Maine-Anjou Female Champion Junior Yearling NCD BK Zealy 202Z March 5, 2012 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: BK Playmate 413P Exhibited by: Kash Champion Long, Wheeler, Texas

Grand Champion Junior MaineTainer Female Champion Junior Yearling Miss Whiskey Dreams April 15, 2012 Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: 846U Exhibited by: Kori McLaughlin, Mediapolis, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Maine-Anjou Female Reserve Champion Junior Yearling SCSP Chelsie C 210 April 25, 2012 Sire: MAV Charisma 906W Dam: SCSP Chelsie 269M Exhibited by: Whitney Walker, Prairie Grove, Ark.

March/April 2014


National Western Stock Show

Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Bulls Judges: Donnie Begalka, S.D., Josh Enlow, Oklahoma & Dave Guyer, Illinois

Pen-of-Three Bull Champions

Grand Champion Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Bushy Park Farms, Highland, Md.

Reserve Champion Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Griswold Cattle Co., Stillwater, Okla.

The three bulls include BPF Swagger 524A, sired by Irish Whiskey, BPF Overtime 507A and BPF Middle Man 511A, both sired by BPF Mercedes Benz 131U. The bulls range in age from Jan. 20 - March 20, 2013. Averages include: age, 327 days; weight, 1,130 lb.; WDA, 3.45 lb.; REA, 14.16 in.; fat, 0.22 in.; SC, 35.33 cm.; BW, 1.5; WW, 34; YW, 68.2; M, 20.1; M&G, 37.5; CE, 10.7; MCE, 4.28.

The three bulls include: GCC Last Stand 3000, sired by GOET I-80, GCC Eagle Butte 3110, sired by GCC Maverick 9066R and GCC Ziebach 3007, sired by DCC Hard Drive 138R. The bulls range in age from April 18-23, 2013. Averages include: age, 272 days; weight, 1,013 lb.; WDA, 3.73 lb.; REA, 13.78 in.; fat, 0.23 in.; SC, 30.83 cm; BW, 2.5; WW, 40.5; YW, 77.4; M, 18.1; M&G, 38.33; CE, 8.68; MCE, -0.95.

Grand Champion Pen-of-Three MaineTainer Bulls Exhibited by Cardinal Cattle Co., Wyoming, Ill.

Reserve Champion Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Green Valley Cattle, Atkinson, Neb.

The three bulls include CARD Whiskey Boy 52A, CARD Whiskey Boy 77A and CARD Whiskey Boy 614A, all sired by Irish Whiskey. The bulls range in age from March 11-19, 2013. Averages include: age, 308 days; weight, 1,171 lb.; WDA, 3.8 lb.; REA, 14.94 in.; fat, 0.29 in.; SC, 35.7 cm; BW, 1.3; WW, 47; YW, 94.8; M, 13.7; M&G, 37.2.


March/April 2014

The three bulls include: GVC Impression A09, sired by HFM Impression, GVC Reprint A07, sired by GVC Suh 01W and GVC Settler A02, sired by GVC Settler 004X. The bulls range in age from March 4-27, 2013. Averages include: age, 308 days; weight, 1,085 lb.; WDA, 3.52 lb.; REA, 14.25 in.; fat, 0.32 in.; SC, 33.83 cm; BW, 2.2; WW, 53.3; YW, 106.8; M, 23.9; M&G, 50.6.

Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Bulls Judges: Donnie Begalka, S.D., Josh Enlow, Oklahoma & Dave Guyer, Illinois

National Western Stock Show Pen-of-Three Bull Champions

People’s Choice Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Bulls Exhibited by Nagel Cattle Co., Springfield, S.D.

The three bulls include NAGE Banker 43A, sired by AFR Banker 1W, NAGE Doppler 35A and NAGE Doppler 62A, both sired by NAGE Doppler 27X. The bulls range in age from Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2013. Averages include: age, 353 days; weight, 1,054 lb.; WDA, 2.99 lb.; REA, 13.21 in.; fat, 0.24 in.; SC, 34.33 cm; BW, 0.97; WW, 38.1; YW, 79.5; M, 15.9; M&G, 34.8; CE, 8.93; MCE, 4.53.

Grand Champion Pen-of-Three MaineTainer Sale Bulls Exhibited by Sojka Farms, Riverside, Iowa

The three bulls include SAK Legacy 1A, SAK Legacy 2A and SAK Legacy 3A, all sired by SAK Summit 1Y. The bulls range in age from March 10-14, 2013. Averages include: age, 309 days; weight, 845 lb.; WDA, 2.74 lb.; REA, 12.18 in.; fat, 0.19 in.; SC, 32.33 cm; BW, 0.83; WW, 28.3; YW, 57.6; M, 16.8; M&G, 30.9.


Grand Champion Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Sale Bulls Exhibited by Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo.

The three bulls include BBR America 10A, sired by BBBN X 483X, BBR Atticus 11A, sired by SLC Sooner 101M and BBR Avis 13A, sired by BBR Rumor Mill. The bulls range in age from March 22 - 27, 2013. Averages include: age, 299 days; weight, 1,052 lb.; WDA, .51 lb.; REA, 14.59 in.; fat, 0.26 in.; SC, 34.17 cm; BW, 1.17; WW, 41.8; YW, 80.8; M, 19.4; M&G, 40.2; CE, 10.47; MCE, 5.03.

Reserve Grand Champion Pen-of-Three Maine-Anjou Sale Bulls Exhibited by Will Alexander Cattle Co., Brookfield, Mo.

The three bulls include WAC Touchy Feely 11A and WAC Handshake 12A, both sired by BFW Mitten Man Q35P and WAC Big City 20A, sired by GCC ECC Dubai 56S. The bulls range in age from March 3-10, 2013. Averages include: age, 317 days; weight, 1,138 lb.; WDA, 3.51 lb.; REA, 13.21 in.; fat, 0.33 in.; SC, 34.17 cm; BW, 3.03; WW, 39.7; YW, 57.6; M, 16.8; M&G, 30.9.

March/April 2014


National Western Stock Show Another packed house filled the livestock center January 18 for the 2014 Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Sale. Like the name, the Bright Lights of the National Western really do shine down on Maine-Anjou breeders during their week long stay, and this year’s sale reflected that! Always a sale highlight, this year’s sale was again kicked off with the donation lot 1. Kendall Bremer Show Cattle, Blakesburg, Iowa donated this outstanding opportunity and helped to raise $12,250 to benefit the 2014 Junior National Heifer Show in Louisville, Ky. The American Junior Maine-Anjou Association and American Maine-Anjou Association would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Kendall for his generous support to our junior program.

Sale Gross - $225,675 4 Embryos - $7,875 1 Bred Female - $6,300 8 Open Females - $37,800 38 Bulls - $173,700

Avg. $1,969 Avg. $6,300 Avg. $4,725 Avg. $4,571

Sale Report

High Selling Lots HEIFERS - $8,500 - Lot 2 - BPF Princess 577A, an April 7, 2013, three-quarter daughter of LFCC Unstoppable 727X, consigned by Bushy Park Farm, Highland, Md., sold to Morgan Smith, Darlington, Ind. - $6,000 - Lot 15 - PSC Cowboys Angel, a March 3, 2013, half blood daughter of GOET I-80, consigned by Park Show Cattle, Metamora, Mich., sold to Jay Kitzmiller, Homeworth, Ohio. BULLS - $10,100 - Lot X - CARD Whiskey Boy 77A, a March 19, 2013, MaineTainer son of Irish Whiskey, consigned by Cardinal Cattle Co., Wyoming, Ill., sold to Ohlrichs Cattle, Norfolk, Neb. - $8,800 - Lot 104 - EVFM Mr. Suh 246A, a Feb. 20, 2013, threequarter son of GVC Suh 01W, consigned by Eastview Maines, Jasper, Minn., sold to B4 Cattle Co., Blairstown, Iowa. - $7,100 - Lot 139 - BBR Achilles 3A, a May 5, 2013, MaineTainer son of BBR Rumor Mill, consigned by Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo., sold to Jay Bird, Lubbock, Texas. - $6,500 - Lot 114 - MINN Route 6 105A, a March 26, 2013, threequarter son of GOET I-80, consigned by Jason Minnaert, Atkinson, Ill., sold to Jerry Guilin, Blythe, Calif. - $6,500 - Lot 124 - BBR Atticus 11A, a March 22, 2013, three-quarter son of SLC Sooner 101M, consigned by Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo., sold to Charles Carnahan, Kiowa, Colo. EMBRYOS - $6,000 - Lot 12 - Full sib embryos to BPF Middle Man 511A, a Jan. 20, 2013, three-quarter son of BPF Mercedes Benz, consigned by Bushy Park Farm, Highland, Md., sold to Scott Fulmen, Mansfield, Ohio.

$12, 250 - Lot 1 - Choice flush of two oustanding donors offered by Kendall Bremer, Kendall Bremer Show Cattle, Blakesburg, Iowa. A very sincere and heartfelt “Thank You” goes to Kendall and all those who purchased tickets on this year’s ot 1. Proceeds will benefit the 2014 National Junior Heifer Show in Louisville, Ky., June 21-27. The winner of this year’s donation lot was Adam Pryor, Woodbine, Iowa.


March/April 2014

2013 Award Recipients

2013 Maine-Anjou Breed Builder of the Year Denny & Donna Denison, Denison Acres, Keatchie, La. A true southern gentleman, Denny Denison and his wife, Donna, of Keatchie, La., were presented with the Maine-Anjou Breed Builder of the Year award. Denison’s operation is seated deep in the South and began in 1991, concentrating on convincing the commercial cattlemen to use Maine-Anjou genetics in their cowherds. His plan to sell his program to potential customers began by showing his cattle and winning the commercial, non-Brahman and Brahman influenced heifer shows. The Brahman influenced champion was sired by a Maine-Anjou bull and caught the eye of commercial cattlemen at the show. From this time on his business began to flourish. Denison’s present day cowherd consists of about 100 head of outstanding registered Maine-Anjou cows. He has done a great job of selling his bulls to commercial producers, in part by sharing with them the updated results of our AMAA feed trials, showing them producer testimonials that talk of the benefits of using Maine-Anjou genetics and most of all, being a committed partner in helping them select the right bull genetics to complement their cowherd. Continued sales of his cattle are proof that the Maine-Anjou breed and word of mouth have been his best sales tools. His customers are using his bulls on all types of cows with great success. They have experienced as much as a 100 lb. increase in their weaning weights, are amazed at the temperament of the calves and the docility of the cows. A good number of his customers are selling their calves directly to feedlots with ease and topping local market auctions. To keep his Maine-Anjou business going forward, he records all of the performance data on all of his cattle and also records all of the sales of his customers so that he can

National Western Stock Show help them select the right genetics for the continued improvement of their operations. An area of great interest for this gentleman is working with today’s youth, mainly 4-H kids that want to show cattle. He is very interested in helping them learn more about the cattle business and reaching their goals, which has led to a big increase in the number of kids showing cattle in his area. His genetic program has been extremely successful in the showring as well. He has shown the champion MaineAnjou female numerous times at his state fair, along with the overall supreme champion female several times. An interesting note is that these genetics have all been sired by four Maine-Anjou bulls that he has purchased at Maine-Anjou sales since 2000. His cattle are the quality that can compete anywhere. To further the betterment of the show industry, this gentleman is also the inventor and designer of the popular Boss cattle blower that so many have.

2013 Maine-Anjou Commercial Producer of the Year Neil Birkeland & Family, Dupree, S.D. Neil Birkeland and his family of Dupree, S.D., are the 2013 recipients of the Commercial Producer of the Year award. This gentleman’s passion for raising cattle began when his dad gave him a heifer to raise as a 4-H project. Ask him today why he is still in the cattle business; his quick answer will be “I enjoy it! I love ranching and raising good cattle.” His favorite time of the year is the calving season, he loves to see the newborn calves. Birkeland was born and raised on the land in the northern plains where he and his wife have raised five children. Today he ranches with his son, managing a 600 head Maine-Anjou based cowherd, growing winter wheat, sunflowers, corn and oats. Throughout his ranching career, this gentleman has continually March/April 2014


National Western Stock Show worked to improve his genetics by selecting for MaineAnjou bulls that will sire calves that put on weight quickly and he selects for cows that are very maternal and have easy fleshing ability. Over the years this operation has developed into a much respected MaineAnjou operation with a statewide reputation. In the early 1980’s Birkeland introduced MaineAnjou genetics to his Angus based cowherd. This cross finally provided the results that he was looking for. Birkeland remarks that the Maine-Anjou breed truly transformed his herd by adding a lot of rib and thickness to his cattle and pounds to his calves. His calves weighed well over 600 lb. this year, despite the historic South Dakota snowstorm. His calves are always in great demand and have topped the local market auctions for years. The first time I had the opportunity to ride through the pasture with Birkeland and visit this beautiful working ranch was a sheer pleasure for me. The knowledge of this unique rancher was impeccable. The quality of his cattle is absolutely unbelievable and the level of quality of the 140 replacement heifers was remarkable. The Maine-Anjou Association is so fortunate to have producers of his caliber involved in our breed.

2013 Maine-Anjou Promoter of the Year SEK Genetics, Galesburg, Kan. The 2013 Maine-Anjou Promoter of the Year award went to Dr. Don Coover, SEK Genetics of Galesburg, Kan. Dr. Coover has made his mark through his business and has positively been involved and touched the lives of so many cattlemen, both nationwide and in foreign countries. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York and served about 10 years in the Army as a military intelligence officer, 20

March/April 2014

2013 Award Recipients

flying helicopters and fixing wing aircraft. After resigning from the Army, he pursued a career in veterinary medicine and graduated from Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Because of a life-long interest in the beef cattle industry, this gentleman pursued his dream and purchased a semen company over 20 years ago that is now at the forefront of the beef cattle industry, not only selling semen, but is also involved in somatic cell nuclear transfer and the cloning of cattle. In addition to semen distributions and embryo transfer (ET) services, he offers lab services for pregnancy testing, persistently infected BVD cattle, Johnes disease and others. He was also honored to be the first person to ever display a cloned calf at the National Western Livestock Show. Dr. Coover operates a 150 head commercial MaineAnjou cowherd that also includes some registered Maine-Anjou females. He has cloned some of the high profile Maine-Anjou cattle in the breed and uses Maine-Anjou genetics extensively in his AI and ET programs.

2013 Partners of the Maine-Anjou Casey & Curtis Hackbart, Seward, Neb. The 2013 Partners of the Maine-Anjou award was given to Casey and Curtis Hackbart of Seward and Mildford, Neb., sons of Terry and Connie Hackbart of Seward, Neb. These two brothers started their operation 19 years ago, by purchasing their first purebred Maine-Anjou heifer for a 4-H project from Major’s Maines in North Platte, Neb. Since then, their beef enterprise has continued to grow and expand at a rapid pace. Farming alongside their parents creates the 1,000 acre family farm that includes row crop, hay and cattle. Presently, they run a 250 head MaineAnjou based spring calving herd and also a 50 head fall calving herd.

2013 Award Recipients

The Hackbart’s use Maine-Anjou bulls in their operation to improve docility, add growth and muscle plus they like the overall style and performance that the breed offers. With the aid of AI and ET, this onetime 4-H project has turned into a full time seedstock business, marketing high quality bulls and females, show cattle and commercial calves and replacement females. They recently acquired another farm that includes a 300 head feedlot facility, giving them the opportunity to commercially background their Maine-Anjou influenced calves and offer custom back grounding to potential customers. The Hackbart families are involved in several beef organizations that include the American Maine-Anjou Association, Nebraska Maine-Anjou Association, Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association, plus a number of other associations. With future plans to continue to increase both their cattle and land operations, it will be interesting to watch this duo as they go forward with their business plan. These are two producers who are committed to success and are always willing to support the Maine-Anjou breed, the Maine-Anjou association and the National Maine-Anjou Junior Heifer Show. This is a true family endeavor that continues to grow and be a large part of the beef industry with the great support of their parents. We wish them the best of luck as they go forward to reach their goals.

National Western Stock Show becoming a successful seedstock operation, designed to develop cattle that would fit the needs of the commercial producer and compete in the show arena. Blind Badger Ranch consists of 5,800 acres of dryland, 1,200 acres of irrigated ground that supports wheat, millet, corn and hay and 6,000 acres of pasture grass. This 450 cow/calf operation consists primarily of Maine-Anjou influenced females that are the base for their program. Artificial insemination is widely used, plus they have an extensive ET program in place. Their program has shot to the top in 13 years, winning many awards that include last year’s 2013 National Western reserve grand champion Maine-Anjou pen of bulls, 2013 reserve champion MaineTainer show heifer of the year, 2010 reserve junior show heifer of the year, and many other national titles. They presently feature four MaineAnjou sires in their program, Rumor Mill, Bittersweet, X and X2, as well as AI’ing to a number of other nationally known herd sires. When it comes to the support of the Maine-Anjou association and its many breed functions including the junior association, the Voice and their participation in the AMAA National Feed Trial, to name a few, you can count on this operation for their support every time. Their cattle in last year’s feeding trial did extremely well, proving the strength of their genetic program. The crew they have is second to none and do a tremendous job from management, selection, feeding, fitting, showing, farming and servicing their commercial producers. Rewards are always the payment for success, as their female sale last fall garnered the highest average in the history of their operation. This ranch is truly built on the foundation of quality, trust, honesty and integrity. A sincere congratulation goes out to them. Thank you Blind Badger Ranch for your continued support of the Maine-Anjou Association.

2013 Maine-Anjou Seedstock Producer of the Year Jim Hett & Bud Gamel, Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo. Last, but certainly not least, Blind Badger Ranch, Jim Hett and Bud Gamel of Fort Morgan, Colo., were awarded Maine-Anjou Seedstock Producer of the Year. Blind Badger Ranch was established in 2000 by Hett and Gamel. They fulfilled their dream of March/April 2014



March/April 2014

March/April 2014


Adam Pryor Barry Nowatzke Berlowitz Cattle Brian Goettemoeller Buellesfield Cattle Co. Bushy Park Farms Danny Dupree Davis Cattle Dennis Garwood Glen & Diane Broek Eric, Linsay, Mason, Whitney & Catelyn Walker Grauer Show Cattle Greg Hiebert Griswold Cattle Co. Hidden Creek Farms Jason Minnaert Jeff Hayes 24


Jeff Wisnefski John Boddicker Mark Beauprez Mark Core Marty Van Vliet Mike Welch Moore Cattle Co. Moore Land & Cattle Myron Alexander Scott Clark Swanson Cattle Co. The Gall Family Tim Burke Todd & Kim Herman

March/April 2014

A sincere thank you to Kendall Bremer for his generous donation to the juniors and the 2014 National Junior Heifer Show.

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March/April 2014


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March/April 2014

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have filled out all required information so that your registrations are not delayed. Please provide the sire’s registration number rather than writing the sire’s name as this slows the registration process. upcoming show information Crown Plaza Junior National Headquarters 830 Phillips Lane Louisville, KY 40209 (502) 367-6161 Ask for the Chi/Maine/Shorthorn Junior National block. Rates are $99. Courtyard Marriott Louisville Airport 819 Phillips Lane Louisville, KY 40209 (502) 368-5678 Ask for the Chi/Maine/Shorthorn Junior National block. Rates are $99. Holiday Inn - Fair/Expo Hotel 847 Farmington Ave Louisville, KY 40209 (502) 637-4500 Ask for the Chi/Maine/Shorthorn Junior National block. Rates are $99. Sleep Inn - Louisville Airport 3330 Preston Hwy. Louisville, KY 40213 (502) 368-9597 Ask for the Chi/Maine/Shorthorn Junior National block. Rates are $99. Hilton Garedn Inn Louisville Airport 2735 Crittenden Dr. Louisville, KY 40209 (502) 637-2424 Ask for the Chi/Maine/Shorthorn Junior National block. Rates are $109.

March/April 2014


New Adult Members│ CALIFORNIA

Herd Prefix: MHMN Michael & Robert Mullion 13750 W. 10th Ave. Silt, CA 92225 (760) 922-4114


Herd Prefix: RDDR R & D Livestock Roger, Dawna & Clayton Dowdell 11438 C.R. 311 Ft. Lupton, CO 81652 (971) 876-5009 Herd Prefix: RK Ryan Kunze 11211 C.R. 28 Meeker, CO 80621 (970) 584-9031 Herd Prefix: WRB White River Ranch Forrest Nelson 2496 RB C.R. 8 Amherst, CO 81641 (970) 878-4721 Herd Prefix: MTC Marc Weber 59873 C.R. 30 Willow Hill, CO 80721 (970) 520-2977


Herd Prefix: DHAR Harper Show Cattle Don & Lesa Harper 22704 E. 700th Ave. Colfax, IL 62480 (618) 421-5025 Herd Prefix: KP Kelsey Jo Petersen 34306 E. 2100 N. Rd. Canton, IL 61728 (309) 723-5791


March/April 2014

Herd Prefix: WAG Kyle Wagner 22249 E. Cypress Rd. Curlew, IL 61520 (309) 338-1084

Herd Prefix: NOTE Derek Noteboom 23196 R Ave. Swea City, IA 50638 (319) 239-9062


Herd Prefix: DANN Cole & Mandy Danner 4926 370th Ave. Creston, IA 50527 (563) 299-6046

Herd Prefix: PRE Preston Show Cattle Jared & Chad Preston 208 2nd St. S. Odebolt, IA 50590 (712) 209-3591

Herd Prefix: DSS S & S Cattle Co. Sidney & Samantha Dunphy 1854 Iris Ave. Durant, IA 50801 (641) 782-6338

Herd Prefix: KLS Schulte Cattle Co. Klint & Larry Schulte 3134 Dean Ave. Victor, IA 51458 (712) 668-2626

Herd Prefix: CCSE EB’s Cattle Co. Steve & Sherrie Ebersole 103 5th Ave. Inianola, IA 52747 (309) 230-3103

Herd Prefix: SMT Mike & Dawn Smith 1183 A Diagonal Woodbine, IA 52347 (319) 647-8432

Herd Prefix: DRJ Dr. Jac Cattle Richard Graham 11360 Hoover St. Grand River, IA 50125 (515) 480-8277

Herd Prefix: SLVM Mark Sullivan 1790 Perkins Ave. Terril, IA 51579 (816) 304-0050

Herd Prefix: DRRP Galen & Patti Jimmerson 15288 Riverside St. Pocohontas, IA 50108 (641) 773-5854

Herd Prefix: NMJ NMJ Cattle Todd Nissen, Tom Matthews & Todd Johnson P.O. Box 212 Pella, IA 51364 (712) 853-6135

Herd Prefix: RMC Ryan Malone Show Cattle 112 E. Pearl St. Northwood, IA 50574 (309) 335-2658

Herd Prefix: JLMM Jordan Vander Molen 1186 133rd St. Princeton, IA 50219 (641) 521-9917

Herd Prefix: NELC Nelson Show Cattle Eric Nelson 675 475th St. Grundy Center, IA 50459 (641) 590-4963

Herd Prefix: AKK Kevin & Andy Kruse 26356 230th Ave. Mcpherson, IA 52768 (563) 210-0302


Herd Prefix: JWM 4J Cattle Justin & Jill Mead 678 Frontier Rd. Butler, KS 67460 (620) 242-6673


Herd Prefix: GNT Grant Caldwell 1025 Phillip Sharp Rd. Chassell, KY 41006 (859) 462-3117


Herd Prefix: TEF Twin Elm Farm Dean & Karena Latendresse 42702 Paradise Rd. Hesperia, MI 49916 (906) 523-4571 Herd Prefix: MRN Andrew Morren 48 N. Stone Rd. Maryville, MI 49421 (616) 836-8456 Herd Prefix: JCAW James Williams 4770 Cat Lake Rd. Pipestone, MI 48744 (810) 565-1754


Herd Prefix: GKE Gary Eikmeier 48653 237th St. Lake Benton, MN 56164 (605) 997-2967 Herd Prefix: WQC Jake Weber 1924 County Hwy. 13 Ravenna, MN 56149 (507) 368-9560


Herd Prefix: DSSS Dethlefs Sisters Show Stock Torri, Tara & Holly Dethlefs 77854 Hwy. 10 Lyons, NE 68869 (308) 440-5553


Herd Prefix: CB Clint Barnes 10910 C.R. RS Cadiz, OH 43533 (419) 356-6685 Herd Prefix: SKLN Skyline Farms Inc. Nelson & Jason Birney 45507 Unionvale Rd. Cadiz, OH 43907 (740) 942-3214 Herd Prefix: BIRN Jason Birney 45515 Unionvale Rd. Somerset, OH 43907 (740) 942-4026 Herd Prefix: MMC Clouse Family Farm Megan & Michelle Clouse 4411 Township Rd. 40 Wooster, OH 43783 (740) 808-6490 Herd Prefix: MFCR Kirt Keener 1077 Fairfield Dr. Coldwater, OH 44691 (330) 347-1357 Herd Prefix: KNAP Knapke Cattle Co. Chad Knapke 5555 Wabash Rd. Felicity, OH 45828 (419) 942-1659

│New Adult Members

Herd Prefix: NEAD Nead Farms Brian & Tonya Nead 1104 Skiffsville Rd. Conover, OH 45120

Herd Prefix: PSS Prince Farms Phil Prince 8205 E. Snyder Rd. Louisville, OH 45317 (937) 538-0176 Herd Prefix: DSR Raber Dairy Farms Dwight Raber 10310 State St. New Carlisle, OH 44641 (330) 428-2776 Herd Prefix: SUBR Sutherly Bros., LLC William & Richard Sutherly 880 W. Jefferson St. Ringling, OH 45344 (937) 845-3568


Herd Prefix: BBUT Barrett Butler P.O. Box 1018 Verden, OK 73456 (580) 662-3095 Herd Prefix: CLV Carl Venable P.O. Box 216 Uniontown, OK 73092 (405) 453-7373


Herd Prefix: MCHK Mike Kletcho 231 Walnut Hill Rd. Twin Brooks, PA 15401 (724) 438-5807

March/April 2014


New Adult Members│


Herd Prefix: JDSC Jordan Dockter 14440 473rd Ave. Groton, SD 57269 (605) 949-0692 Herd Prefix: JUSH Justin Hanson 502 W. 3rd Ave. Decherd, SD 57445 (605) 380-1120



Herd Prefix: KDLJ Kenneth Lee 56 Twin Oaks Court Rotan, TN 37324 (931) 967-0748


Herd Prefix: CAVE Brandon Cave 209 E. Burnside Deer Park, TX 79546 (325) 735-1368 Herd Prefix: CLC Commercial Land & Cattle David, Molly & Katie Culbreth 2213 Canterbury Court Stowell, TX 77536 (832) 731-0795


Reg. #437524

DFL Wide Track 41A NAGE Wide Track 94J X NAGE Alexis 114D

Here is the bull everyone is waiting for! An outcross to Ali!


Herd Prefix: ACBR Arnold & Sherry Majors P.O. Box 58 Jacksboro, TX 77661 (409) 466-9003 Herd Prefix: MIL Herman Mills 2275 U.S. Hwy 380 W. Ronceverte, TX 76458 (940) 567-1675


Herd Prefix: CHAW Chris Hawver Rt. 2 Box 102 Alta Vista Rd. Hawver, WV 24970 (304) 647-9619 30

March/April 2014

2014 National Junior Heifer Show • June 21-27, 2014 Louisville, Ky.


Lyndon Youngblood Ashdown, AR (903) 908-5913


Cameron Larios Holtville, CA (760) 791-7937 Melissa Monterosso Union City, CA (510) 789-8991


Macy Collins Meeker, CO (970) 361-2411 Rachelle Quinn Castle Rock, CO (303) 814-9477


Nick Trask Christmas, FL (321) 698-0740


Joe Ballegeer Geneseo, IL (309) 314-6089 Taylor Donelson Clinton, IL (309) 825-4931 Brandon Jackson Alpha, IL (309) 738-3802 Nate Shrader Charleston, IL (217) 232-5150 Adam Smiley Medora, IL (618) 729-2076 Dakota Bregar Grandridge, IL (630) 816-8671


Michaela Blanding Wolcott, IN (219) 747-0028 Ravi Dare Liberty, IN (765) 458-6535 Kipton Edie Bedford, IN (812) 583-6629 Brandi Henderson Goshen, IN (574) 975-0166 Kendall Leonhard Fortville, IN (317) 408-1085 Carrie Meeks Upland, IN (765) 998-0981

│New Junior Members

Erik Darrington Underwood, IA (712) 566-2119 Sydney Dunphy Creston, IA (641) 344-2552 Tanner Frerk Pocohontas, IA (515) 341-5111

Tanner Henningsen Ames, IA (515) 268-0192 Chayse Jaspering Washington, IA (319) 454-6257 Emilee Johnson Eagle Grove, IA (515) 293-2621

Emma Messmer Martinsville, IN

Cody Lane Muscatine, IA (563) 506-3847

Mallory Minnick Logansport, IN (574) 722-9085

Luke Lawless Independence, IA (319) 440-0259

Barrett Roberts Marshall, IN (765) 569-3731

Dalton Lawless Aldia, IA (641) 932-8104

Daniel Scales Rochester, IN (574) 282-6910

Brett Leer Humeston, IA (641) 344-2829

Wyatt Stutzman Claypool, IN (574) 268-7886

Carly Main Buffalo Center, IA (641) 561-2905


Dustin Pfeiff Morning Sun, IA (319) 865-7112

Adam Ahrendsen Clutier, IA (319) 479-2939 Nathan Crall Albia, IA (641) 777-4290

Trevor Schulz Elk Horn, IA (712) 764-2600 March/April 2014


New Junior Members│ Luke Streit Hartley, IA (712) 240-3834

Colin Campbell Butler, KY (859) 445-4656

Erin Streit Hartley, IA (712) 240-3834

Hunter Howard Green Up, KY (606) 922-9710

Kandice Van Dyk Parkersburg, IA (319) 346-1717


Brandon Van Wyk Grinnell, IA (641) 593-6676 Bryton Voss Dexter, IA (515) 789-4453 Grace Voss Dexter, IA (515) 789-4453


Jaya Esquibel Lakin, KS (620) 375-4891 Wyatt Fechter Howard, KS (620) 515-0149 Macey Lewis Douglass, KS (316) 747-2423 Jaxson Mead Mcpherson, KS (620) 242-6100 Megan Newlon Hugoton, KS (620) 626-7106


Dalton Anderson Morningview, KY (859) 393-7415


March/April 2014


Grace Erb Louisville, OH (330) 875-5447 Alexis Feglan Wellington, OH (440) 506-8669

Gunner Crawford Myersville, MD (301) 748-0424

Grant Mcintosh Winchester, OH (513) 313-6089

Sydney Wise Chaptico, MD (301) 769-2926

Alayna Mcintosh Winchester, OH (513) 313-6089


Katie Schau Buchanan, MI (269) 591-2027


Amber Hoover Dundas, MN (507) 269-6443 Patrick O’sullivan Maple Lake, MN (612) 860-0158 Maggie Post Lakefield, MN (507) 662-5045


Alex Huntsman St Joseph, MO (660) 651-4014 Mikaela Rojas New Boston, MO (660) 689-7177

NORTH CAROLINA Melinda Boyd Raleigh, NC (252) 927-3405

Joseph Groce Lexington, NC (336) 407-2318

Harrison Patton Bowling Green, OH (419) 308-0055 Ljenna Phelps Milford Center, OH (937) 349-9583 Elizabeth Shatto Fort Loramie, OH (937) 295-2341 Theresa Sours Tiffin, OH (419) 448-0932 Alexis Wilcox Arcanum, OH (937) 459-8020


Kenlee Crouch Elk City, OK (580) 821-6218 Austyn Fuss Pawnee, OK (918) 538-2209 Wyatt Holder Hulbert, OK (918) 207-6805

Paige Hoover Sand Springs, OK (918) 812-395

Katie Culbreth Deer Park, TX (832) 731-0795

Megan Lee Cushing, OK (918) 306-1315

Johnna Headley Paradise, TX

Makinzie Odell Byars, OK (580) 421-2355 Cole Sliger Tishomingo, OK (580) 371-5468 Brooklyn Whipple Kingfisher, OK (405) 538-8849


Kally Parish Darlington, PA (724) 462-3606 Jack Parish Ellwood City, PA (724) 462-3606

Trevor Hedeman Stephenville, TX (817) 676-1637 Katie Koerth Missouri City, TX (281) 499-8287 Cody May Crowley, TX (817) 480-0383

│New Junior Members

Abigail Rodriguez Mercedes, TX (956) 261-6134 Cammi Selby Scurry, TX (214) 793-0512


Rachel Brown Catlett, VA (540) 219-3649


Elizabeth Widder Sheboygan Falls, WI (920) 918-1689


Landree Wilson Templeton, PA (814) 541-0246


Payton Beare Ree Heights, SD (605) 943-5636 Brianna Buseman Canistota, SD (605) 296-3361 Collin Schmiedt Woonsockett, SD (605) 350-2221


Savannah Cox Troup, TX (903) 312-0676



Open Show Reports│ Rapid City Stock Show

Feb. 7, 2014 - Rapid City, S.D. Judge: Kyle Conley, Oklahoma

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull Exhibited by: Weber Show Cattle, Highmore, S.D.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

May/June/July Herd Reference Deadline April 10

Exhibited by: Joel Lau, Armour, S.D.

Call today! 816-858-9954 Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: Justin Holt, Aberdeen, S.D.

Exhibited by: Tagg Weller, Kadoka, S.D.

Sale Report│ Black Hills Stock Show Rapid City, S.D. - Feb. 7, 2014 Auctioneer: Sonny Booth, Oklahoma 14 Lots Gross - $48,500 2 Bred Heifers - $7,900 Avg. $3,950 7 Bulls - $26,300 Avg. $3,757 5 Open Heifers - $14,300 Avg. $2860 High Selling Females $4,700 - Lot 5 - JLL Ramona, a March 22, 2013 daughter of BPF Mercedes Benz, consigned by Joel Lau, Armour, S.D., sold to Cora Schaunaman, Ashley, N.D. $4,600 - Lot 13 - EVFM Mr. Euchee 022A, a Feb. 21, 2013 son of BK Euchee 694N, consigned by Eastview


March/April 2014

Maines, Jasper, Minn., sold to Jim Wiltmeier, Avon, S.D. $4,400 - Lot 8 - ASCC Mercedes 17Z, a March 22, 2012 daughter of BPF Mercedes Benz 131U, consigned by Altena Show Cattle, George, Iowa, sold to Steven Muller, Agar, S.D. $4,200- Lot 14X - EVFM Mr. Impact 191A, a March 20, 2013 son of EVFM Mr. Impact 191A, consigned by Eastview Maines, Jasper, Minn., sold to Mark Stueven, Pipestone, Minn. $4,100 - Lot 10 - WEBC Andy 320A, an April 12, 2013 son of GOET I-80, consigned by Weber Show Cattle, Highmore, S.D., sold to Steve Brown, Sturgis, S.D. $4,000 - Lot 11 - HBSC Mr. Biz, an April 1, 2013 son of S A V Bismark 5682, consigned by Justin Holt, Aberdeen, S.D., sold to Mark Schaunaman, Ashley, N.D.

│Junior Show Reports

2013 Michigan Winter Classic Dec. 7-8, 2013 - E. Lansing, Mich. Judge: Mark Hoge, Illinois


Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Hunter Geeseman, Michigan

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Exhibited by: Hayley Albrecht, Fostoria, Mich.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Ring A & B Exhibited by: Janel Gilbert, Greenville, Ohio

Ohio AGR Classic

Dec. 14, 2013 - Columbus, Ohio Judges: Ryan Cummins, Texas (ring A) Patrick Gunn, Indiana (ring B) NO PHOTO AVAILABLE

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Ring A & B

Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Exhibited by: Elisabeth Cotton, Gladwin, Mich.

Exhibited by: Maci Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Ring A & B Exhibited by: Layne Sanders, Greensburg, Ind.

Lincoln AGR

Dec. 21-22, 2013 - Lincoln, Neb. Judge: Shane Werk, Kansas

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Jayson Berry, Brown City, Mich.

Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Ring A & B

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Exhibited by: Atlanta Maronde, York, Neb.

Exhibited by: Becca Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

March/April 2014


Junior Show Reports│


Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Brandon Hagie, Clarion, Iowa

Scarlet & Gray

Jan. 4, 2014 - Columbus, Ohio Judges: Lydell Meier, Tennessee (ring A) Kevin Jensen, Kansas (ring B)

Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Ring A & B Exhibited by: Layne Sanders, Greensburg, Ind.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Ring A - Reserve Ring B Exhibited by: Janel Gilbert, Greenville, Ohio

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Ring A & B Exhibited by: Lucas Wisnefski, Wyoming, Ill.


March/April 2014

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Ring B - Reserve Ring A Exhibited by: Maci Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

March/April 2014


Card Ads│




Kahl Cattle Co.

Mark, Lisa, Nick & Megan Beauprez Mark (303) 378-0718 Nick (303) 880-7827

Quality Maines in Southwest Missouri

New Herd Sire!

Bulls & Females for sale! Ron & Amy Kahl

GVC Maverick

2651 Lincold Rd. • Reeds, MO 64859 h (417) 246-5329 • c (417) 850-0705 e-mail: kahl4hay@yahoo.com

Division Champion!

Sired by Maverick

Maine-Anjou & MaineTainers




since 1971

Bob Fields, D.V.M. • Maine-Anjou • Show Cattle • Bulls • Seedstock 36578 Morgan Hill Rd. • Wister, OK 74966 (918) 655-7750 • (918) 655-3105 okiebluesky@hotmail.com

TLM Synergy 825Y A building block to the Proven, Performance Future! Performance, Production & Power! TH/PHA Free


Ken, Audrey and Kendall Bremer 23384 Ridge Rd., Blakesburg, IA 52536 (641) 938-2163 kafarm@iowatelecom.net • www.kafarm.net


Denison Acres

Foundational • Commercial • Show Quality Cattle Everett - Mike - Steve Forkner 9282 E. Indian Line Rd. • Richards, MO 64778 www.trulinemaines.com • (877) 489-0570 • eforktlg@inetvisions.net


Breeders of Quality registered Maine-anjou & Mainetainers Breeding Cattle and Show Cattle Private treaty

Home of KBSC Watergate 1W Denny and Donna Denison Contact:

SEK or Genex for semen 800.443.6389 or 222.333.1783 (318) 453-6093 - Cell

P.O. Box 86 Keatchie, LA 71046 h: (318) 697-4617 o: (318) 747-1400

Michigan Clay Knoll Farms The Simpkins Family

P.O. Box 1475 Fort Benton, MT 59442 Mike O’Hara — (406) 734-5434 Heath O’Hara — (406) 734-5443 Hardy O’Hara — (406) 734-5252 www.oharalandandcattle.com

Miles & Kim DeJong 31842 DeJong Rd. Kennebec, SD 57544 (605) 869-2329 (605) 222-1292 - Miles cell www.dejongranch.com Visitors welcome! Please no Sunday business

North Dakota Fred & Joan DeRouchey

Gary & Janette Simpkins Home: 989-426-8185 Cell: 989-329-4668 Duane Simpkins Home: 989-426-3244 Cell: 989-329-6141 clayknollfarms@yahoo.com clayknollfarms.com

South Dakota

Black, Polled, Purebred & Percentage Maine-Anjou

1001 Hurst Ave. • Mitchell, SD 57301 Phone: (605) 990-6488 Fax: (605) 990-6489 Mobile: (605) 530-6488 or (605) 530-6489 derouchey@mitchelltelecom.net www.deroucheycattle.com

Gene & Danette Loder 13408 90th St. S.W. • Scranton, ND 58653 (701) 275-6227 — home • (701) 206-0721 — cell lodercc@ndsupernet.com

Blane & Cindy Landon, Shayna, Chesney, Cheylee & Shalayne 31164 E. R.S. Rd. - Springfield, SD 57062 Blane 605.464.1187 (c) 605.369.2628 (h) nagelcattle@excite.com - www.nagelcattle.com


March/April 2014

│Card Ads

Alta., Canada NU NuHaveN Cattle CompaNy Quality Purebred and MaineTainer cattle with out cross genetics.

Gary & Kristine Smith (403) 227-2523 (403) 350-9802 - cell

Kelly & Scott Fraser (403) 598-4323

Jame Secondino-Krieger


Cell | 405.823.2972 Res. | 405.387.3236

P.O. Box 145 Universal, IN 47884 812.208.0956 Cell www.livestockins.com

Fax | 405.387.2965 1748 South Portland Newcastle, OK 73065 “Your sale is my main concern”

Representing American Live stock A Division of Market Service, Inc.


Box 198 - Pine Lake, Alberta - T0M 1S0

Ron KReis Auctioneer (740) 796-5242 • (740) 683-3235 • RTKREIS93@GMAIL.COM 2005 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer Specializing in purebred and general livestock auctions

Auctioneers Al Conover

Bill Sheridan auctioneer (517) 676-9800 740 S. Cedar St. Mason, MI 48854


P.O. Box 9 Baxter, IA 50028 (641) 227-3537 Office (641) 227-3686 Home (641) 227-3792 Fax (515) 491-8078 Cell


Worthy of Your Confidence

conover@conoverauction.com www.conoverauction.com

March/April 2014


2013-2014 Jr. Board Members

Junior Update American Junior Maine-Anjou Association • ajmaa@kc.rr.com • www.maine-anjou.org

Greetings! by Hunter Randall Executive Committee: Elizabeth Heaton, President – At-Large 2139 Township Rd. 500 N. Toulon, IL 61483 (309) 238-1360 eheaton94@live.com Cameron Alexander, Vice President – Region 1 830 Spencer Rd. Sabina, OH 45169 (937) 302-0078 • c-alexander.1@onu.edu Becca Moore, Sec./Treas. – Region III P.O. Box 26 Madill, OK 73446 (580) 795-5665 beccam25@gmail.com Region I Andrew Weaver 5107 Sturgeon Creek Pkwy. Midland, MI 48640 (989) 708-2557 weavera7@msu.edu Region II Kennedy Core 859 92nd Ave. Pleasantville, IA 50225 (641) 842-6098 kennedyjcore@gmail.com Kiley Elder 2005 Hwy. 163 Pella, IA 50219 (641) 628-2297 showsteers.kiley@gmail.com Region III Reighly Blakley P.O. Box 465 Oologah, OK 74053 reighlylou10@gmail.com At-Large Hunter Randall 686 Hwy. 907 Monterey, LA 71354 (318) 386-5358 hunter.randall@cathedralgreenwave.com Advisors Bailey Core 859 92nd Ave. Pleasantville, IA 50225 (641) 780-7765 • core.bailey@gmail.com Bailey Buck R.R. 1 Box 344A - Madill, OK 73446 (580) 677-2648 • bailey.buck@okstate.edu

2013-2014 AMAA Royalty


Tayler Gall, Nebraska

Junior Princesses 40

Macie McCollum, Texas Shelby Seymour, Texas March/April 2014

Hello everyone! I hope everyone within the association is doing well and weathering this awful cold, we even had snow in Louisiana! With this being my first chance to speak to you all, I would like to thank everyone that voted for me this past June. I have truly enjoyed my first seven months on the junior board and hope my next year will be just as fun. I would encourage everyone who is thinking about running for the junior board to do so, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. As you know, we drew for the Mile High lot at the National Western Stock Show, the junior board would like to congratulate Adam Pryor, the winner of this year’s flush. Also, a big thank you to Kendall Bremer and Kendall Bremer Show Cattle for donating this year’s lot 1. Without the continued support of breeders like Kendall, there is no way that the junior national would be possible. With the National Western and Fort Worth out of the way, we can now focus our attention to my favorite event of the year, junior national. This year it will be hosted in Louisville, Ky., in conjunction with the Chianina and Shorthorn junior nationals. The theme this year is “Ride for the Brand.” I know that a bunch of hard work has already been put into this event to make the week a fun and successful event for everyone involved. I would like to thank all of the sponsors and those who volunteer their time to help make this great event happen. For all of the juniors, it is about time to start thinking about ideas for the public speaking and salesmanship contests, practicing for showmanship and judging contests and riding through the pasture looking for the perfect photo to enter in the photography contest. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any one of our eight junior board members. We will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. I look forward to seeing everyone in Louisville this summer! Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend NYLC this year in Arkansas. It will be hosted in conjunction with the Hereford junior association. This is an event you won’t want to miss!!

. . . e tl t i l a e v i G

Support the 2014 junior national and advertise your operation! The AJMAA will again be selling pages in this year’s show program. These programs will be handed out all week to exhibitors!

$300 - Full Page Color Ad $100 - Color Card Ad

Get A LOT! All proceeds will benefit the 2014 National Junior Heifer Show in Louisville, Ky., June 21-27.

Contact Devon to place your ads!

816-858-9954 or ajmaa@kc.rr.com March/April 2014



Supreme Court Invalidates Patents on DNA Markers, Beneficial to Cattle Producers




by Gene Summerlin, Michael Annis and David Newman Genetic testing continues to play an increasingly important role in the selection of animals for beef cattle production. Recently, the United States Supreme Court determined that the discovery of the location of a gene on a chromosome is not eligible for patent protection. This ruling will significantly alter the playing field for cattle genomics companies that seek to patent genes in relation to tests for traits like marbling, tenderness or milk production. In Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., the Supreme Court held that the loca42

March/April 2014

tion of genes and the order of nucleotides in a gene are “products of nature” that do not meet the Patent Act’s invention requirement. At issue in Myriad were patents directed to two DNA markers that identified the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes as well as the normal sequence of nucleotides within those genes. Women with certain mutations in these genes have an extraordinarily high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. Myriad’s patent claimed the exclusive right to isolate an individual’s BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and the sequence of the nucleotides within those genes. As

a result, no other laboratories could perform tests for mutations of these genes because isolating the genes and their DNA sequence in any individual would infringe Myriad’s patent. The Court struck down the patent because “Myriad did not create or alter any of the genetic information encoded in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. The location and order of the nucleotides existed in nature before Myriad found them. Nor did Myriad create or alter the genetic structure of DNA. Instead, Myriad’s principal contribution was uncovering the precise location and genetic sequence of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. . . To be sure, [Myriad] found an important and useful gene, but separating that gene from its surrounding genetic material is not an act of invention. Groundbreaking, innovative, or even brilliant discovery does not by itself satisfy the [patent eligibility] inquiry.” Why does this matter to beef producers? Genomic companies in the beef industry follow a similar strategy – finding DNA markers that identify genes related to a specific trait and then offering genetic tests to determine whether an animal possesses those genes. Whether the trait is positive (like tenderness or marbling) or negative (like curly calf or dwarfism), the technology is premised on identifying the location of the relevant gene and offering a test to determine whether the gene is present or absent in a given animal. By holding that individuals or companies cannot patent naturally occurring genes (or their nucleotide sequence), the Court insured that competition for genetic testing will remain robust. While genomics companies may still protect their discoveries as trade secrets, those companies can no longer prohibit competitors from engaging in research to locate the same genes and offering competing tests under the Patent Act. As genetic technology becomes more sophisticated and a more accurate predictor of phenotypic results, the absence of monopoly power among genomics companies may serve to keep testing costs lower by encouraging price competition among these providers. On the downside, the absence of the Patent Act’s monopoly protection may cause private companies to think twice before devoting substantial sums to research and development of new gene markers and tests. Though, as with many products and services, the ability to be the first in the market place to of-

fer new or particularly valuable tests may well offer sufficient financial rewards to keep the private capital flowing. Yet, even if there is some limitation on private research, land grant institutions and federally funded institutions like the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium and the US Meat Animal Research Center are likely to continue investing significant time, energy and funds into identifying DNA markers for commercially relevant traits. Finally, and probably more importantly, the Myriad ruling will allow genomics companies to discover and offer tests for multiple gene pairs relevant to a given trait without fear of incurring patent liability. Especially for those traits that we know are governed by multiple genes like marbling and tenderness, the impact of the Myriad holding will be significant. Assume, for example, that a thousand gene pairs have a statistically significant effect on marbling. If 10 genomics companies each hold patents on one-hundred of the one-thousand relevant genes, each company could only offer tests that represent 10 percent of the relevant genome. Absent a producer’s willingness to pay for 10 separate tests, we would never get a true picture of an animal’s genetic merit for marbling. For now, Myriad insures that we won’t have to face this scenario. While no one can predict the exact effect that the Myriad decision will have on the beef industry, the Supreme Court’s determination that the location of a gene is not patentable is a positive step for producers who seek to profit through science. Gene Summerlin and Michael Annis are partners in Husch Blakewell LLP’s Food and Agribusiness practice. Mr. Summerlin represents livestock producers, breed associations and related entities. Mr. Annis represents a wide variety of food, agriculture and biotechnology companies in intellectual property matters. Mr. Newman is an associate in the firm’s Nebraska office. Ass’n. for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., No. 12-398, 2013 WL 2631062 (U.S. June 13, 2013) This article is reprinted with permission from the Register.

March/April 2014


PROS PULL YELLOW High-volume hay production, better-looking bales and fewer hassles – all things a pro needs when it comes to baling hay. Only the Super M Series Balers feature the patented dual-stage belt tightening system, exclusive direct crop feed and the durability you expect from Vermeer. So no matter what color the tractor, the PROS PULL YELLOW. Watch it work at vermeer.com. Vermeer and the Vermeer logo are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries. © 2014 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Southwestern Regional Junior Show

Held in conjunction with the Oklahoma Junior Beef Expo April 17-19, 2014 • Stillwater, Okla.

Open to all AJMAA members! MaineTainer • Maine-Anjou Females • Maine-Anjou Steers OCCA Double Points For more information contact:

American Junior Maine-Anjou Association P.O. Box 1100 • 204 Marshall Rd. • Platte City, MO 64079 (816) 431-9950 or ajmaa@kc.rr.com


March/April 2014

Fort Worth Stock Show

Maine-Anjou Females Judge: Jim Gillooly, Indiana

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Champion Junior Yearling ADD Zulu 222 March 8, 2012 Sire: BKRI Trendsetter 501T Dam: BK BOAK Xpertise 010 Exhibited by: Macie McCollum, Bellevue, Texas

Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Reserve Champion Junior Yearling BAY Hazel 89Z Feb. 9, 2012 Sire: Prototype Dam: AFR Promise 101T Exhibited by: Cole Clanton, Bucyrus, Kan.


Champion Junior Heifer Calf - Div. 1 BK All That Jazz 307 April 1, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: BK Yawker 197 Exhibited by: Hunter Morton, Stratford, Okla.

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf - Div. 1 BBR Adrienne 395A March 19, 2013 Sire: BBBN X 201X Dam: JSC Charm 96X Exhibited by: Taylor Goering, McPherson, Kan.

Champion Junior Heifer Calf - Div. 2 BK All Smiles 310 Feb. 20, 2013 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: Miss Yardley P181 Exhibited by: Rebbeca Moore, Madill, Okla.

Champion Senior Heifer Calf CMCC Zrey 2013 Oct. 15, 2012 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: BK Renegade 5010 Exhibited by: Shaylee Senkel, Ada, Okla.

Reserve Senior Heifer Calf BK4J Zune 2020 Oct. 3, 2012 Sire: BBBN X3 1039X Dam: BK4J Whatta 972 Exhibited by: Chance Sweeten, Gene Autry, Okla.


Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf - Div. 2 BBR Ana 388A Feb. 19, 2013 Sire: BBBN X 483X Dam: WCC Panorama 112T Exhibited by: Baylor Buck, Wray, Colo.

March/April 2014


Fort Worth Stock Show

Champion Summer Yearling BPF Rumor 554Z May 2, 2012 Sire: SLC Sooner 101M Dam: KASS Rumor S38 Exhibited by: Carissa Jones, Sunray, Texas


Maine-Anjou Females Judge: Jim Gillooly, Indiana

Reserve Champion Summer Yearling CSIX Eve July 29, 2012 Sire: CSIX Who’s Best Dam: CSIX 42U Exhibited by: Madeleine Mehaffey, Hamilton, Texas

Champion Senior Yearling SCHE 50Y Fearless Dec. 28, 2011 Sire: GEF Dirty Hairy Dam: DSSS Fearless Impact Exhibited by: Amber Orr, Alvord, Texas

Champion Cow/Calf Pair MJL Pistol Annie 44Y Nov. 28, 2011 Sire: DCC Smokin Joe 157P Dam: CSIX Whos Your Mama Exhibited by: Cody May, Crowley, Texas

Junior Maine-Anjou Females Judge: Christy Collins, Oklahoma

Grand Champion Junior Maine-Anjou Female BKBP Zerenity 203 March 1, 2012 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: JJN Miss 800U Exhibited by: Christopher Barton, Jarrell, Texas 46

March/April 2014

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Maine-Anjou Female SZH Pistol Annie Feb. 10, 2013 Sire: SZH Sage Dam: RJFM Sammie 610S Exhibited by: Lane Neckar, Bruceville, Texas

Fort Worth Stock Show

Fullblood Females & Bulls Judge: Jim Gillooly, Indiana

Grand Champion Fullblood Female FCF Indian Princess 30Z May 22, 2012 Sire: DSMA Quigley Dam: Doxa Rachel Exhibited by: Fancy Creek Farm of the Prairie Cross, Springfield, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Female JJN Diamond Jan. 25, 2013 Sire: DSMA Quigley Dam: Miss HMCC 11RDS Exhibited by: Natalie Mai, Rhome, Texas

Grand Champion Fullblood Bull FCF War Drum 108A Jan. 5, 2013 Sire: JJN Edens Cornerstone Dam: FCF Indian Princess 108X Exhibited by: Fancy Creek Farm of the Prairie Cross, Springfield, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Bull FRT Fire Cracker June 10, 2012 Sire: Big Sky Blazer Dam: SCA Miss 68R Exhibited by: James Fort, Madill, Okla.

Breeder’s Group Grant McCabe, Rochester, Pa.

Produce of Dam Al McKenzie and Laurie & Clayton Elliot, Dewberry, A.B., Canada

Get-of-Sire Grant McCabe, Rochester, Pa.

March/April 2014


Fort Worth Stock Show

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female JFR Zue Sept. 24, 2012 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: Unregistered Exhibited by: Rebecca Moore, Madill, Okla.

MaineTainer Females Judge: Jim Gillooly, Indiana

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female GEF Miss Dominatrix 236A March 12, 2013 Sire: MINN Hard Whiskey 591Y Dam: Unregistered Exhibited by: Blind Badger Ranch, Fort Morgan, Colo. 2013 Maine-Anjou Herdsman of the Year Troy Jones, Jones Show Cattle, Harrod, Ohio The American Maine-Anjou Association would like to extend our congratulations to Troy on this prestigious honor. Congratulations, Troy!


March/April 2014

Fort Worth Stock Show

Maine-Anjou Bulls Judge: Jim Gillooly, Indiana

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull Champion Junior Yearling CCLT Slammin 94Z Feb. 13, 2012 Sire: GVC Statesman 91T Dam: SWSN Carla 159U Exhibited by: Cole Clanton, Bucyrus, Kan.

Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull Champion Junior Bull Calf - Div. 1 RRRC Magellan 350A March 17, 2013 Sire: Hall’s Legacy Plus 738G Dam: DCC Playmate 140P Exhibited by: Rachael Ann Carlson, Plattsburg, Mo.


Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf - Div. 1 DRCC Aviator April 4, 2013 Sire: DRCC U235 Dam: DRCC Miss YMCA Exhibited by: Reighly Blakley, Oologah, Okla.

Champion Junior Bull Calf - Div. 2 VJM Zues 64A Feb. 6, 2013 Sire: BK Sting X8 Dam: BK Tyras Girl 707 Exhibited by: Vinoka Morris Farms, Petersburg, Texas

Champion Senior Bull Calf Sambuca Oct. 15, 2012 Sire: Predator 19U Dam: Sweet N Nasty Exhibited by: Mackenzie Chesney, Celina, Texas

Premier Breeder 4J Family Partnership, Parker, Texas

Premier Exhibitor Cole Clanton, Bucyrus, Kan.

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling DBCX Ironman March 6, 2012 Sire: GVC Statesman 91T Dam: DRCC Miss YMCA Exhibited by: Dakota Bransom Cox, Itasca, Texas

March/April 2014



Incorporating Genomics Into Genetic Evaluation by Dr. Matt Spangler University of Nebraska Lincoln Historical Summary From a historical point of view, there have been considerable changes in the arena of beef cattle genomics. Changes include new genotyping platforms, the incorporation of genomic information into genetic selection decisions, the usefulness of it in predicting genetic merit and our understanding of how best to utilize it. When genomic information was first integrated into National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) by the American Angus Association (AAA) in 2009, the paradigm was completely different than it is today. At that time, the identification of animals in training populations was largely unknown, and thus the relationship between them and the target population was also unknown. Furthermore, only molecular scores were returned for use in NCE, the actual genotypes were held by the commercial genotyping company. In short The current status of time, the global genomics in beef cattle understanding represents a strong of key issues partnership between breed began to associations and universities penetrate working together to enhance NCE. our industry. 50

March/April 2014

Retraining, or recalibration, became a necessity and the beef industry understood that the efficacy of genomic predictors were not robust over several generations.The issue of robustness was also very clear across breeds and the use of genomic predictors trained in Angus could not be used with any beneficial degree of accuracy in a closely related breed like Red Angus (Kachman et al., 2013). Consequently, for breeds to capitalize on the benefits of augmenting traditional EPD with genomic information, they must first make an initial investment in developing a training population. Generally speaking, breed associations were advised to genotype a minimum of 1,000 animals that were preferably moderate to high accuracy. The choice of animals in the initial training population was mostly ad-hoc. Genomic assays, or SNP panels, also changed. The initial “backbone� of genomic prediction was the Ilumina BovineSNP50 (50K) assay. The Ilumina High-Density (HD) assay that included approximately 770,000 SNP was later released but did not penetrate the commercial market likely due to the increased cost and early research results that showed little predictive advantage of the HD assay over the 50K. More recently, an 80K product

(GGPHD;GeneSeek) and a reduced assay (GGP-LD; GeneSeek) have been released. The 80K product has taken the place of the 50K assay in some settings and the LD assay has allowed for imputation to denser content at a lower cost. Along with changes in panel density, there has been a considerable evolution in the entity that performs training. Initially, two primary companies performed this service and marketed the resulting genomic predictions: Pfizer Animal Genetics (now Zoetis) and Merial Igenity (now owned by GeneSeek). Other breed associations desired to own the intellectual property behind the genomic predictions they used and turned to the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC) lead by Dorian Garrick at Iowa State to perform the exercise of developing prediction equations. Inclusion of Genomic Predictors in National Cattle Evaluation As different breed associations began including genomic information into their NCE, the nuisances related to methodology for doing so increased. The method used by AAA was first proposed by Kachman (2008) and used by MacNeil et al. (2010) in their prototype evaluation. This became known as the “correlated trait approach” and assumed that the linear combination of SNP (Molecular Breeding Value; MBV) could be fitted as a correlated indicator trait in existing multiple-trait models. A primary benefit of this was the familiarity of the concept to breed associations. It also allowed for genomic information to influence the predictions of animals in the pedigree that were not genotyped. An initial pitfall was the model complexity associated with fitting multiple MBV for the same trait as a result of working with multiple commercial companies. As other breeds began to include genomic information into their NCE, “new” methods of doing so began to appear. It is important to note that the choice of inclusion method was arguably based on the genetic service provider (entity that conducted NCE) and not through model comparison. The majority of breeds that followed implemented a blending (indexing) approach whereby the MBV and EPD were indexed together to produce a genomically enhanced EPD. Initially, this was done post evaluation and consequently only impacted the prediction of the genotyped animal. This created the largest difference between blending and the correlated trait approach. Currently, some breeds (e.g. Hereford) are moving toward blending such that ungenotyped animals will be influenced as well. Yet another variation on the theme was the American Simmental Association’s (ASA) approach of considering MBV as an external source of information much the same

way they considered a non-Simmental parent EPD as an external piece of information in their hybrid genetic evaluation. This again illustrated that the choice of inclusion method was conditional upon the differences in the genetic evaluation platform used by each breed. A primary benefit of this line of thinking was that it allowed for variable accuracy of MBV. It was intuitive to think that MBV did not predict the genetic merit of every animal in the population with the same degree of accuracy, mostly due to their relationship to the training population. This assumption is a flaw of the current implementation of the correlated trait approach and other blending methods. These incorporation methods could be altered to accommodate variable MBV accuracy, but advancements in both methodology and software are required. Initially ASA attempted to weight MBV proportional to a metric of reliability that was estimated from the posterior distribution of molecular scores via GenSel software. Unfortunately, this “reliability” was not the appropriate metric to use, as it took on values that exceeded the bounds of reliability. Although a failed initial attempt to tackle issues that were known to exist, it arguably spurred the genomics community to start thinking of how to accommodate variable accuracy of genomic predictors. All of these methods are essentially variations on the same two-step theme; train MBV and then fit them into NCE. The single step approach (Legarraet al., 2009) that is being utilized by other species has never been adopted by the beef industry. Initially, this would not have been possible since the actual genotypes were not accessible to breed associations. All of the methods currently being used by beef breed associations have flaws. We know that bias exists in the genomic predictors. Now that the animals contained in training populations are known, these sources of bias can be estimated and accounted for. To date several beef breed associations publish genomically enhanced EPDs and this list is likely to grow. Although the AAA was the first to do this, organizations such as the American Hereford Association, ASA, Red Angus Association of America, American Gelbvieh Association, North American Limousin Foundation and American Brahman Breeders (tenderness only) have at least initial prototype evaluations that include genomics. Even though these breeds have made tremendous progress, there is still a need to remind breeders that the fundamentals of genetic selection have not changed. Recording of phenotypes has always been critical and in an era of genomics it remains equally important. ... continued on page 52 March/April 2014


It is clear that retraining will be necessary overtime, and dense recording of phenotypes is needed to enable this. Although genomic predictors have enabled increased accuracy for young animals, phenotypes on progeny are needed to advance the accuracy of EPD past what is possible by genomics alone. Future Goals A needed, and logical, short term goal is to better understand the sources of bias that can arise due to the incorporation of genomic information into NCE. These can be caused by varying degrees of relationship between animals in the training set and those being predicted. Bias can also be created by using a selected subset of animals in training that are not representative of the general population. Admittedly, as the number of genotyped animals within a population increases, the impact of these concerns will begin to decrease. However, we are far from being at that point. These concerns might be even greater for “novel� traits, or those that are sparsely recorded. When phenotypes are expensive to collect, it is less likely that they will be chosen at random from a population. Although there are currently major efforts underway relative to developing genomic predictors for feed efficiency and susceptibility to Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), these efforts will serve as a starting point for breeds to work from. Ideally, some degree of strategy would be employed to build upon grant funded training sets to further the development of genomic predictors for these types of traits. A long-term goal centers on a greater understanding of the inter-workings of NCE. Issues related to the incorporation of

genomic information into NCE and understanding and acceptance of the resulting enhanced EPD illustrate fundamental misunderstandings related to key concepts of genetic prediction. From a breed association perspective, genomics and the hurdles that have accompanied it might allow for (or force) dramatic changes in NCE platforms. In many cases, this would be a much needed overhaul from platforms that were built decades ago. From a breeder perspective, the true understanding of accuracy and possible change are needed to fully grasp the impact of genomics. Finally, the current status of genomics in beef cattle represents a strong partnership between breed associations and universities working together to enhance NCE. However, a succession plan must be in place, such that, at some point in the future, breed associations develop the capability to move this process in house. This might, indirectly, force some degree of consolidation within the breed association community.

This article was originally published in the Beef Improvement Federation in the 10th Genetic Prediction Workshop Proceedings, Dec. 12-13, 2013. It was then published in the 2014 February issue of the Simmental Register. This article is reprinted with permission from BIF and the Register.

Literature Cited Kachman, S. 2008. Incorporation of marker scores into national cattle evaluations. Proc. 9th Genetic Prediction Workshop, Kansas City, MO, pp. 88-91. Kachman, S.D., M. L. Spangler, G. L. Bennett, K. J. Hanford, L. A. Kuehn, E. J. Pollak, W. M. Snelling, R. M. Thallman, M. Saatchi, and D. J. Garrick. 2013. Comparison of within and across breed trained molecular breeding values in seven breeds of beef cattle. Genetics Sel. Evol. 45:30. Legarra, A., I. Aguilar, and I. Misztal. 2009. A relationship matrix including full pedigree and genomic information. J. Dairy Sci. 92:4656-4663. MacNeil, M. D., J.D. Nkrumah, B.W. Woodward, and S.L. Northcutt. 2010. Genetic evaluation of Angus cattle for carcass marbling using ultrasound and genomic indicators. J. Anim. Sci. 88: 517.


March/April 2014



March/April 2014


2nd Annual

FoundationS Fullblood Maine Anjou Sale April 3-5, 2014 - online sale

JKR 13A featuring top quality fullblood bulls & heifers from: CWC Cattle Co., Stenberg Maine Anjou, and Wildberry Hills Maine Anjou

- build your herd on a strong foundation also selling from Reuben Mandel the 2013 Farm Fair Fullblood Maine-Anjou Grand Champion Bull Calf

Videos, photos, and measurements as well for more information: as genetic evaluations with a profitability Craig:780-387-6037 index and ultrasound data for most bulls Bob: 780-388-2182 available end of March on the sale website. Reg: 780-818-9146

www.foundationssale.com 54

March/April 2014

Services & In House Lab  BioPRYN Blood Pregnancy Testing  BVD Testing for P.I.’s  Neospora, BLV, Johne’s Testing  Complete Embryo Facility  Embryos Available  Semen Volume Discounts (starting at $300 - some bulls may not apply)  No Minimum Straw Orders  No Packing & Handling Fees  A.I. Schools & Supplies

SAK Summit 1Y THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 423292

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Mercedes Benz THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 386737

Predator 19U THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 394569

Comfort Zone THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 426594

I-80 THF/PHAF Maine-Anjou Reg# 400082

HFM Duracell THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 414649

The Witch Doctor THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 169334

DCC Hard Drive 138R THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 350469

Gucci THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 389047

No Worries THC/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 435803

BPF Real World 230X THF/PHAF Maine Anjou Reg# 412726

Call for a catalog! A.I. Schools this Spring March 29-30 April 26-27

9525 70th Rd. Galesburg, KS 66740 1-800-443-6389 www.sekgenetics.com

March/April 2014 March/April 2014

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March 1 - Green Valley Big Picture Bull Sale, Atkinson, Neb. 3 - Nagel Cattle Co., 20th Annual Performance Plus Bull Sale, Springfield, S.D. 15 - The Ohio Maine-Anjou Sale, Columbus, Ohio 15 - O’Hara Land & Cattle Maine-Anjou Sale, Fort Benton, Mont. 17 - Jones/Winegarder Main Course Bull Sale, Columbus, Ohio 19 - The Wilson Families The Maine Bull Sale 2014, Strathmore, A.B., Canada 20 - Styles Maines Dispersal Sale, Cut Knife, S.K., Canada 29 - Buck Cattle Co., Spring Edition XVIII, Madill, Okla.

April 3-5 - 2nd Annual Foundations Fullblood Maine-Anjou Sale, Canada 12 - Griswold Cattle Co., Grass to Grid Bull Sale, Follett, Texas

May 1 - ENTRY DEADLINE: Junior National Maine-Anjou Show, Louisville, Ky. 15 - LATE ENTRY DEADLINE: National Junior Maine-Anjou Show, Louisville, Ky.

June 21-27 - Junior National Maine-Anjou Show, Louisville, Ky.

July 27-29 - National Youth Leadership Conference, Fayetteville, Ark.

May/June/July Herd Reference - Deadline April 10 March/April 2014


Mizzou 40A


X Tag 997 (Maine/Angus)

Mizzou 40A was a standout at the 2014 National Western Stock Show. His Denver weight was 1,200 lbs. and he scanned a 15.5 inch ribeye. Semen will be available this spring through Cattle Visions!

Honor TLM


Sire: HAA Security Dam: TLM Miss B 303N **We have a strong set of Honor sons availale at the farm!**

WAC Show Cattle

TLM Honor 024X was the Reserve Show Bull of the Year in 2012. Honor has done a great job for us here at WAC Show Cattle. He sired our high selling bull two year’s ago in Denver and a reserve division at the American Royal in 2013, as well as our high selling female in the 2014 Denver sale. Semen will be available this spring through Cattle Visions! 58

March/April 2014

Will & Shelbie Alexander 20546 Hwy. M Brookfield, MO 64628 (660) 734-1427 │ (660) 734-8568

Alexander Land & Cattle

Myron & Carol Alexander 23231 Hwy. FF Linneus, MO 64653 (660) 375-7263 │ (660) 895-5346

d l r o W l a Re ly makes sense to To make a champion, it on

breed to a champion!

Sire: SLC Sooner Dam: Excitement 315R Past National Champion Full Sister to Hotline

Maine-Anjou Show Bull of the Year 2011

REA 17.8 • Scrotal 39.0 at 11 months! BW 82 lbs • TH & PHA-Free PB Maine-Anjou • Polled BW 1.3 • WW: 47 • YW: 90 M: 23 • M&G: 47

Proven Calving Ease!

Stone Barn Farm Bushy Park Farm - Steve Robinson, Owner 40281 260th St. - Mitchell, SD 57301 Cory Thomsen, Gen. Mgr., 605.730.2397 888.502.7322




Grand Bull, NAILE Reserve Bull, 2012 NWSS

Maury & Beth Kaiser Cedar Grove, Ind. 765.647.4992

Excitement 315R Dam of Real World

March/April 2014



March/April 2014

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March/April 2014

Maine Anjou - The Voice Mar/Apr 2014  

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