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October 2011

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Please Note Our New Date!

November 19 - On the ranch Selling 110 Green Valley Females Bred Heifers & Cows - Spring Calves - Pairs

Congratulations Kiley Elder, Pella, Iowa! GVC Hearts Desire 009X 2011 Iowa State Jr. Fair Champion Maine-Anjou Female plus several other wins this season after selling as Lot 1 a year ago. An impressive full sister will be a feature this year!

GVC Suh 01W His first crop looks great and a large selection of daughters will highlight our open heifers along with a strong group of females carrying his limited service! Also selling his natural-born full sister!

To receive a reference catalog or for more information about the Green Valley program please visit or contact our marketing agent at: P.O. Box 85 - Elmore, OH 43416 419.862.0117 - voice 419.862.0119 - fax

DENNIS GARWOOD FAMILY 46974 866 Road • Atkinson, NE 68713 (402) 925-2970 - (402) 340-4788 Marketing Agent: Craig Reiter, (419) 862-0117


Registered and Commercial Females Sired by Green Valley Bulls. Contact us for details.


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OctOber 2011 • VOLUMe 22 / NUMber 1 The official publication of the American Maine-Anjou Association.

October 2011


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Maine-Anjou cattle are the commercial cattleman's dream. Cover design by Gidget Funk, Grant City, Mo.

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Features Meet Your AJMAA Junior Board. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Profiles on junior board members Cameron Alexander, Ohio and Carrie Elmore, S.C. Igenity Profile Helps Producers Make Critical Ranch Decisions by Dr. Kevin DeHaan . . A look into the advantages of using genetic profiles A Quality Product from Start to Finish by Lindsey Broek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Two Louisiana Maine-Anjou producers share their stories. National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC) by Kasey Herman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A brief summary of the National Youth Leadership Conference held in Fort Collins, Colo. July 28 - Aug. 1.

21 28 42 44

Departments Headquarters by John Boddicker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Commercial Connection by Dave Steen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Announcements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Junior Update by Bailey Core . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 New Junior Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 New Adult Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Junior Show Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Open Show Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Extra Voice by Lindsey Broek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Index/Dateline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55

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LO cal Sol PB

October 2011



Sullivan Farms Voice_Layout 1 9/12/11 6:06 PM Page 1

LOT 1A calved 03.22.11 SULL Red Rock x 46P PB Shorthorn & MaineTainer A maternal sister to the 2011 NWSS Champion Shorthorn Female, shown by Hannah Moore.

LOT 7G calved 01.04.11 Hard Line x P898 ShorthornPlus & MaineTainer

LOT 25A calved 02.22.11 Right Direction x Tamele ShorthornPlus & Chi A full sib to the 2010 NAILE Supreme Champion Female.

LOT 1B calved 03.09.11 SULL Red Rock x 46P PB Shorthorn & MaineTainer A maternal sister to the 2011 NWSS Champion Shorthorn Female, shown by Hannah Moore.

LOT 3F calved 04.02.11 Solution X 35L PB Shorthorn LOT 1F calved 04.18.11 SULL Red Rock x 46P PB Shorthorn & MaineTainer A maternal sister to the 2011 NWSS Champion Shorthorn Female, shown by Hannah Moore.

Sunday, OCTOBER 9, 2011 12:30 PM CST at the farm, Dunlap, Iowa

catalog on-line at

Selling 145 Head of Shorthorns, ShorthornPlus, MaineTainer and Chianina Many dual registered heifers. 80 Open Show Heifer Prospects, 50 Bred Heifers and 15 Young Donor Cows, Embryos and a Flush.

Building Maternal Legends

7/8 Registered Shorthorn and 1/2 Registered Maine, SULL Red Rock is blending the best characteristics of each breed.

October 2011

John, Dede, Sara & Sage • James • Nick 712.263.0263 Dunlap, Iowa 51529 • John Elder, 402.650.1385 • Josh Elder, 402.650.1380



Saturday, November 5, 2011 6 p.m. EST ○ At the farm ○ Harrod, Ohio Troy Jones: 419.230.8675 ● Randy Jones: 419.230.8734 Offering Maines, MaineTainers, Chi, Simmental, % Simmental and Shorthorn cattle

Sale Managed by

Bob: 309.337.1404 Nick: 309.337.6404

Troy & Randy Jones P.O. Box 127 ○ Harrod, OH 45850 419.648.9196 (home) 419.648.9967 (office) 419.230.8675 (cell) 4

October 2011

to s t a r g n o C ! s r o t i b i h x these e TJSC Lucky Lady

TJSC She’s So Sweet

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female 2010 N.A.I.L.E. Sumpreme Champion Overall Ring A Heart-of-it-All Reserve Division 2011 N.W.S.S. Reserve Overall Ohio AGR Supreme Overall Female 2011 Kentucky Beef Expo Supreme Overall Female 2011 Ohio Beef Expo Supreme Champion Overall Clark County Cattle Battle Champion Junior Yearling 2011 N.J.H.S Champion Maine-Anjou & 4th Overall Ohio State Fair Jr. Show Exhibited by Sam Grauer

Reserve Champion Sim-Solution Female 2010 N.A.I.L.E. Division Champion 2011 N.W.S.S. Exhibited by Josie John

JSC Sweetie 42X


JSC Miss Comfort 134X Reserve Div. Champion Female 2010 N.A.I.L.E. Many time Champion & Reserve MaineTainer

October 2011

Grand Champion Overall Michigan Beef Expo Champion MaineTainer Kentucky Beef Expo Many time Champion & Reserve MaineTainer Champion MaineTainer Ohio State Fair Jr. Show Exhibited by Candace Muir

Make plans to attend our 2nd Annual Bull & Bred Female sale the 2nd Saturday in February! 5

Headquarters This, That and The Other by John Boddicker, executive vice president


I have to have one of the best jobs in America! What a grand experience to spend a few days with young leaders of our breed at the recently completed National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC). The activities will be highlighted on later pages in this issue. I must say, what a great group we had attend this year’s conference. I truly hope these young leaders took a few things out of the provided activities that will benefit them as they travel through life. Now, I am not going to tell you that each morning there was a sunny ray of smiles. I understand the hotel room lights may have stayed on into the morning hours, but as the day wore on, the life again began to shine through! On Sunday afternoon the group went white water rafting in what was some very cold water. I will guarantee all were wide awake on our trip down the river. To every junior member I would highly recommend attending at least one junior leadership conference, it is a great event if you let it be! A huge thank you goes out to our donors and purchasers of the silent auction items and to all those who helped coordinate or hosted the conference activities.

interests of the rural area - just saying. If available, what do you think crop insurance would cost? The production of ethanol and the topic of farm subsidies, I would assume, attracts some morning discussion at the local coffee shop. No doubt about it, the production of ethanol has caused some major shifts in agriculture production. In the years between 2000 and 2009 an additional 7.2 million acres have been used for corn production. What was once planted to another crop, or in a lot cases was once pasture land, is now used to raise corn. Regardless if one is an ethanol advocate or not, the truth of the matter is that it is in all probability an alternative energy source that is here to stay. Livestock producers as well as row crop farmers will need to keep revising their business plans in order to cope with the higher level of corn pricing. Farm subsidies, that topic can always raise some interesting opinions. Ag-related funding will undoubtedly garner some very tough discussion as Congress deals with the debt ceiling. The farmers whose crop has either been flooded out or watched it burn up realize that cuts are probably just around the corner, making an already tough time a little tougher.


The Other

I recently read an article posted on the Drovers Cattle Network written by Blake Hurst, President of the Missouri Farm Bureau. The article dealt with President Obama and his recent Midwest tour, urging the President to come back and tour the rural farmland devastated by the flood waters after the Birds Point levee was destroyed by the Army Corps of Engineers. It seems the Corps has announced it will be rebuilding the levee to 51 feet, a full 11 feet short of it’s original height. Records from the last 20 years show that in 12 of those 20 years the Mississippi has exceeded 51 feet. While I am sure not an authority on this type of issue or for sure have not been a part of any discussions, “common sense” would tell me that the proposed 51 feet rebuild height is not in the best


When in an ag-related business, the risks are great. From a purebred seedstock operations standpoint the success of a program goes way beyond what genetics are being used. Besides the few items mentioned earlier, our thoughts go out to all of the ranch and farm operations suffering from the 2011 drought. I wish we could take credit for trying to help out in some small way, by setting up through our classified ad section, dialogue between hay and pasture suppliers and those that are in need. The one responsible for getting this initiative started was Mr. Sid Greer from Dangerfield, Texas. Thanks to Sid for the idea and hopefully some benefit will arise. It’s hard to believe yet another year is coming to a close. MAPP inventories have been mailed out. Please

October 2011



IO N � A









Bright Light’s Entry Deadline Nov. 10, 2011

2012 Maine-anjou ShowS and Sale


� ED U

take a few minutes and update the list. It is such a great help to the AMAA staff if you will do this in a timely manner. Lastly, I would ask you to be as proactive as possible the rest of 2011 and leading into 2012 in promoting your breeding program and the Maine-Anjou breed. As the country’s cow herd continues to decline, the competition of placing purebred livestock within the industry will become as competitive as it has ever been! Information and more information will be needed in order to sell bulls, make sure you are prepared.

JUDGING: Denver National Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Pen Show: Friday, January 13 Jr. MaineTainer Breeding Heifers/Open MaineTainer Show: Sunday, January 15 Jr. Maine-Anjou Breeding Heifers/Open Maine-Anjou Show: Sunday, January 15 SALE: NWSS “Bright Lights” Maine-Anjou Bull/Female Sale: Saturday, January 14 For information, visit or call 303-299-5559

October 2011



October 2011

October 2011


Commercial Connection Predictable Genetic Advances Are Just Around the Corner by Dave Steen, commercial development director I hope everyone has had the opportunity to read the article “Maine-Anjou Genotyping and Discovery Project” last month in the August/September issue of the Voice. Genotyping may be the biggest innovation to impact the beef business in the history of the cattle business. In the past, many producers have selected for the desirable traits in their cattle based predominantly on phenotype while others have paid great attention in their selections based on past performance of the sire and the dam using EPDs. This method has served the industry well, but unfortunately producers never know which traits will be inherited from either parent. Along with this type of selection process also comes some undesirable traits along with the improvements. With the introduction of genomics, a genetic map of each individual will now be available to help enhance and refine our EPD profile of the sires and dams. We will be able to tell the traits that the offspring inherited from each parent using the DNA map for cattle. Each animal’s genetic traits will be identified and the genetic merit of the individual will be calculated into a genomic evaluation of each animal. When producers realize the power that enhanced EPDs will provide with increased accuracies, producers will be able to make decisions at an earlier age, especially in the selection of yearling bulls that are kept, based on individual performance. Industry points out that genomics will play a big part in identifying the lowly heritable traits such as reproduction and efficiency and give producers the opportunity to select the animal with the best genetic markers. In the end, higher EPD accuracies will allow both seedstock and commercial producers the opportunity to zero in on the traits that need the most improvement. Quoting Bob Weaber, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University, from the October 2010 issue of the Cattle Today in an article entitled “Gather Information to Understand DNA Technologies” stated that “The


reality is that EPDs do work and so do DNA markers, they just measure different things. Remember the EPD describes the effect of all the genes (net effect) an animal has for a trait. The markers describe the effect of a specific subset of these genes. While the DNA markers may help you make specific mating combinations for marked genes. EPDs should be used for the overall mating decisions as they are the only measure of ‘net genetic merit’ available.” Dr. Weaber provides consulting services to the American MaineAnjou Association (AMAA) concerning our breed’s EPD database. Many of us find this type of information very complicated and hard to understand, but it is the “new” informational wave of the future. Please embrace the need for this data collection and consider testing your bulls on the 50K marker panel test. The cost is $85 per bull. We need to test upwards to 1000 Maine-Anjou bulls to begin the validation process of the Maine-Anjou breed. Please feel free to contact the AMAA or myself with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the genotyping of the MaineAnjou breed. No doubt many of you have noticed that some sale ads are starting to advertise this new DNA information and this is only the beginning. As additional DNA markers are identified, the speed down the informational highway will begin to quicken, as a breed we need to be in the race. It is my belief that producers will ultimately demand this game changing information in their future purchases once this DNA technology is incorporated into a useable and understandable format. With all the above being said, it is time to be proactive and promote the Maine-Anjou breed. Our cattle can compete no matter what the contest! In this commercial issue of the Voice is an article written about a very successful seedstock program that has been in the Maine-Anjou breed for a relatively short time, and one of his commercial producers that is experiencing the benefits of

October 2011

Commercial Connection incorporating Maine-Anjou genetics into his commercial program. I think that you will find this article to be very informative and interesting. Our thanks to Denison Acres, Denny and Donna Denison, Keatchie, La., for their belief and participation in the Maine-Anjou breed. Thanks also to Mr. Jim Holmes, Shiloh Cattle and Land, Keatchie, La., for allowing us to present the positives of his program. Thank you Mr. Holmes for selecting the Maine-Anjou breed to add to your commercial program. I enjoy hearing testimonials of others and would appreciate having the opportunity to hear of your customers’ success stories. Testimonials from your customers are one of the greatest selling tools in the marketing of your cattle. I look forward to hearing from you!

efforts to improve your genetics. Last year 8,176 head of retained ownership cattle and producers received on the average a profit of $142.88 per head. It’s that time of the year to think about entering your calves. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact me at (515) 201-3281 or Tri-County at (712) 769-2600. The futurity is based out of Lewis, Iowa and is contracted to feed cattle with 10 different feedlots in southwest Iowa. Please feel free to call me at (515) 201-3281 if I can be of assistance in any way. Maines on the Move, Dave Steen AMAA Commercial Developmental Director

Tri-County Steer and Heifer Carcass Futurity

What a year it has been for cattle producers! The last twelve months have been beyond wild in the cattle market as all-time highs have been set virtually month after month. As we have offered in the previous two years, the AMAA, in conjunction with the Tri-County Carcass Futurity, is offering producers the opportunity to retain ownership and feed your cattle to obtain the harvest data that will assist you in your continued

Iowa Sites for Steer and Heifer Tests Tests October Delivery November Delivery December Delivery January Delivery

Sex Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers

Health Completed Sept. 19, 2011 Oct. 17, 2011 Nov. 14, 2011 Dec. 19, 2011

Entries Due Sept. 21, 2011 Oct. 17, 2011 Nov. 16, 2011 Dec. 21, 2011

Delivery Date Oct. 19, 2011 Nov. 16, 2011 Dec. 14, 2011 Jan. 18, 2012

For All your Commercial Development needs Contact Dave Steen - 515.201.3281 October 2011


Wiese Cattle

Pat, NaNcy, & Brody Wiese 54223 822 Rd., Lindsay, Nebraska 402.428.9037 home 402.270.0718 Pat • 402.920.0082 Nancy tim & doug Wiese Lindsay, Nebraska 402.920.3499 TIM • 402.920.3324 DOUG Check out our website for updates, pictures, videos, and more champions at Please be sure to stop by Oct. 15 & 16, when in the area for Ohlrichs & Burke Sales.

Thank you, Kelsie, for your loyalty and faith in us. Families like yours are what make this enjoyable!

Champion Foundation Simmental (Both Rings), 4th Overall (Ring A), 3rd Overall (Ring B): 2011 KSU Kickoff. Champion Simmental & Reserve Grand: 2011 Sweetheart Showdown. Champion Foundation Simmental (Both Rings), Grand Champion (Ring A), Reserve Grand (Ring B): Sneak-A-Peak. Grand Champion Female: Northern Exposure, Belleville, KS. Shown by Kelsie Musil. Champion Commercial & Reserve Grand (Both Rings): 2011 KSU Kickoff. Champion Commercial (Both Rings), Reserve Grand (Ring A), 3rd Overall (Ring B): Sneak-A-Peak Shown by Kelsie Musil.

Grand Champion Pen of Three Mainetainer Heifers: 2011 National Western Stock Show.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female: 2010 NWSS Open Show. Raised by us. Sold by Hartman Cattle Co. Shown by Whitney Gray.

The Ringer x SULL Miriah’s Rose ET. Sold in 2010 Hartman Cattle Company Customer Appreciation Sale for $42,500.

Champion Market heifer and 5th Overall at Belleville, KS, and Champion Market Heifer at Washington, KS. Shown by Morgan Burke.

Grand Champion Market Heifer: 2011 National Western Stock Show. Shown by Allee Maronde.

Champion Simmental: 2010 Northeast Livestock Classic. Shown by Cal Swanson.

1st aNNual oNliNe Female sale

November 3rd

Bidding opens at 7 am on Nov. 2nd and closes at 7 pm cst on Nov. 3rd.


Genetics Inc.


PB Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 390328 DOB: 3.16.2008 Sire: SLC Sooner Dam: GVC Samantha 591R BW: 88 lbs. TH & PHA Free

Tiny Tim

Mercedes Benz

3/4 Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 386737 DOB: 3.23.2008 Sire: Cowan’s Ali Dam: DCC Mercedes 701P BW: 81 lbs. TH & PHA Free


50% Maine-Anjou - Reg. #402803 DOB: 3.3.2009 Sire: Ali Dam: Heat Wave BW: 80 lbs. TH & PHA Free

PB Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 411043 DOB: 4.2008 Sire: Ali Dam: #503-P411042 BW: 65 lbs. TH & PHA Free

Rocky Balboa


Hairy Bear

75% Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 394569 DOB: 2.01.2008 Sire: DMCC Lamborgini Dam: Miss Jewel 19N BW: 70 lbs. TH & PHA Free

50% Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 412889 DOB: 4.01.2003 Sire: BK Lifeline TH & PHA Free

50% Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 379037 DOB: 3.01.2006 Sire: Polled Energizer Dam: Who Made Who BW: 60 lbs. TH & PHA Free


PB Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 400082 DOB: 3.20.2009 Sire: Ali Dam: Hard Drive BW: 62 lbs. TH & PHA Free

Breath Easy

50 Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 394165 DOB: 2.25.2008 Sire: Ali Dam: #WAG Hairietta 9145J BW: 71 lbs. TH & PHA Free

Dirty Hairy 2

75% Maine-Anjou - Reg. #402803 DOB: 3.2009 Sire: Ali Dam: Strictly Business BW: 75 lbs. TH & PHA Free

- BVD Testing for P.I.’s - BioPryn Testing (Pregnancy Test) - A.I. Schools November 5-6 & December 3-4 - A.I. Supplies -Complete Embryo Facility - Semen Volume Discounts Starting at $300 (Some bulls may not apply) - No Minimum Straw Orders - No Package & Handling Fees

GVC Special Delivery

PB Maine-Anjou - Reg. # 367181 DOB: 3.20.2006 Sire: GVC Nobleman 11N Dam: GVC Sarah Jane BW: 78 lbs. TH & PHA Free



50% Maine-Anjou - Reg. #374000 DOB: 4.02.2005 Sire: Chill Factor Dam: Jazz BW: 74 lbs. TH & PHA Free

800.443.6389 9525 70th Rd. Galesburg, KS 66740 October 2011

Perfomance, Correctness,

Sire: SLC Sooner 101M Dam: TLM Amy 451P AMAA# 388733 Purebred ● Polled ● Homozygous Black Calved: 3/1/2008 BW: 92 lbs. Adj. WW: 778 lb. Adj. YW: 1,469 lb. Scrotal: 44 c.m. Frame: 6.1 REA: 17.8 in. Fat: 0.29 in. % IMF: 3.51 PHA/TH FREE


82 09 Ali ve bs. ee


65 08 Ali 5J bs. ee


RE FEATU le in our sa ! g offerin

Sire: TLM Synergy 825U Dam: TLM Dutchess 307N AMAA# 416601 Purebred ● Polled ● Black Calved: 9/5/2010 BW: -1.5 WW: 35.7 Sire: TLM Synergy 825U YW: 76.7 Dam: TLM Dutchess 458P Milk: 19.1 AMAA# 416608 M&G: 36.9 Purebred ● Polled ● Black

TLM Dutchess SY 076X

2nd in class Mo. State Fair Jr. & Open Show Exhibited by Clay Forkner

Calved: 9/12/2010 BW: 0.3 WW: 39.4 YW: 83.3 Milk: 17.4 M&G: 37.1

TLM Dutchess SY 078X

Sire: TLM Synergy 825U Dam: TLM Dutchess J 265M AMAA# 409487 Purebred ● Polled ● Black Calved: 3/17/2010 BW: 2.7 WW: 50.7 Sire: TLM Powerhouse 860U YW: 97.2 Dam: TLM Miss C 707T Milk: 20.5 AMAA# 409503 M&G: 45.8 Purebred ● Polled ● Black


03 09 Ali ss bs. ee



3rd in class Mo. State Fair Jr. & Open Show Exhibited by Kayla Forkner

OPEN HOUSE and private treaty pasture sale beginning Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011. Featuring spring calves, fall yearling bulls and bred heifers. Prepriced!

Spring bull calf preview!

1st in class Mo. State Fair Jr. & Open Show Reserve Division Champion Open Show Exhibited by Kayla Forkner

Calved: 3/14/2010 BW: 2.7 WW: 42.3 YW: 78.5 Milk: 18.6 M&G: 39.8


Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Heifer 1st in class Mo. State Fair Open Show Reserve Division Champion Open Show Exhibited by Clay Forkner

Capacity & Calving Ease

Everett - Mike - Steve Forkner 9282 E. Indian Line Rd. • Richards, MO 64778 ○ (417) 484-3306 or (877) 489-0570 ○

October 2011




For more information on consigning or to request a catalog: Kevin Mears, 931.533.0169 or 937.839.6142 - 16

October 2011


Finance charges are now being applied to all accounts that are over 60 days past due. The following charges will apply: $5 charge per month on an outstanding balance of $250 and under; $10 charge per month on an outstanding balance of $251 to $500; $20 charge per month on an outstanding balance of $501 to $1000 and $25 charge per month on an outstanding balance of $1001 and above.


If you are selling an animal we ask that you register and transfer the animal in a timely manner to avoid extra charges and to assure buyers they are purchasing from a reputable business person. Rushes will be done in the order received; a rush fee is currently $25 (covers eight head). If rush work is faxed, it is the breeder’s responsibility to give us a follow-up phone call to make sure the work is legible and to cover all fees. It is not our office staff ’s responsibility to call breeders that fax in registration work. No work will be released until payment is complete. Rush work is processed ahead of the regular work that is received in our office and mailed by regular mail the next business day. We will do our best to complete rush work that is received in our office by 2 p.m. (Monday – Friday). There is no same-day turnaround. If you need to have registrations sent out by overnight delivery, there is an additional fee (in addition to the rush fee) for sending overnight. We normally use Federal Express, and the charges are based on FedEx fees at that given time. Again, let us emphasize, it is your responsibility to contact our office to make arrangements for overnight delivery so that we have the correct shipping address and payment before sending. Federal Express WILL NOT deliver to a post office box. A rush will be picked up by FedEx the next business day for delivery the following day. For big weekend events, such as state expos, we reserve the right to require work to be in our office no later than 2 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to that weekend’s show. Please plan ahead. If a paper is needed within two weeks, a rush will be required at this time of year. Thank you.


Please read through the information given under the “Welcome Note” found on our homepage at


It is now time to register show animals for winter shows. Please keep in mind during the winter show season, you will need to allow at least two to three weeks for turn-around on registrations and transfers sent in to our office. If a paper is needed within that time, a rush fee ($25 per eight head) will be required before the work will be completed.


Once an animal is registered, it is backed up that same night to our Web site at It can be viewed the following day by clicking on “Breed Information” then “Search the Maine-Anjou Breed.”

October 2011

AmericAn mAine-Anjou AssociAtion P.O. Box 1100 - 204 Marshall Rd. Platte City, MO 64079-1100 AMAA (816) 431-9950 Fax (816) 431-9951 Voice (816) 858-9954 - Fax (816) 858-9953


John Boddicker, executive vice president Dave Steen, commercial developmental director Dawn Jochim, registrar Lindsey Broek, Voice editor/director of communications Kasey Herman, director of youth activities Rhonda Boddicker, administrative assistant Marcena Fulton, administrative assistant Tammy Seevers, office assistant

executive committee:

Bill Thorne, president Marty Van Vliet, 1st vice president Jirl Buck, 2nd vice president Rick Carlson, secretary/treasurer Fred Nessler, at-large

region i

Rick Carlson - (816) 560-3533 3702 S.W. 224th - Plattsburg, MO 64477 John Dickerson - (765) 342-1761 990 Baker Rd. - Martinsville, IN 46151 Troy Jones - (419) 648-5870 P.O. Box 127 - Harrod, OH 45850 Fred Nessler - (217) 698-0202

536 N. Bruns Lane, Ste. 1 - Springfield, IL 62702

region ii

Scott Bilslend - (308) 384-6257

608 Ravenwood Dr. - Grand Island, NE 68801

Brad Nelson - (712) 263-3453 901 Hwy. 39 - Denison, IA 51442 Cory Thomsen - (605) 730-2397 40460 254th St. - Mitchell, SD 57301 Marty Van Vliet - (641) 628-9639 372 190th Ave. - Otley, IA 50214

region iii

Mark Beauprez - (303) 822-9260 11780 Mimosa Rd. - Byers, CO 80103 Jirl Buck - (580) 795-7271 R.R. 1 Box 344A - Madill, OK 73446 Josh Enlow - (918) 321-5196

19732 B S. 145th W. Ave. - Sapulpa, OK 74066

Bill Thorne - (806) 244-5234 P.O. Box 1057 - Dalhart, TX 79022


Jerry Adamson - (402) 823-4350 HC 74 Box 10 - Cody, NE 69211 Mike Holden - (712) 652-3200 559 240th St. - Scranton, IA 51462 Barry Nowatzke - (219) 872-6218 9335 W. 200 N - Michigan City, IN 46360



You can now go to our Web site, www.maine-anjou. org, and click on “Online Billing” to submit payment by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover accepted).

2011 DuES

Thank you to those who have recently submitted your 2011 dues. Please keep up to date with your AMAA dues! Keep in mind there was a dues envelope in the November/December issue of the Voice.


Please note our year is a calendar year, (January – December), and dues follow the same. If you submit registration work late in the year and have not yet paid your annual dues, they will be charged. Please keep up to date with your dues! Watch for the dues envelope in the November/December issue of the Voice for your 2012 dues.


Please note if a buyer submits a registration and/ or transfer from an owner that is not currently a dues-paid member, that buyer will be charged for the seller’s membership fee or annual dues (adult dues are $100). The exception to this rule is if all animals owned by that individual (non or inactive member) are being transferred or cancelled at the same time as what the buyer has submitted, the membership fee would be waived. In that regard, work is held until complete payment is received.


Inventories and registration applications were sent to all MAPP enrollees in early September. Please complete the inventories and return to our office by NOVEMBER 15, 2011. It is extremely helpful to our office to receive these early as we do enter our “busy season” in the fall and appreciate the timeliness of our members in returning the inventories. The AMAA office will begin invoicing the MAPP fee of $5 per head of 2012 enrolled females in January 2012 (along with billing 2012 dues if not already submitted).


Please note when faxing in rush work, it must reach our office by 2 p.m. in order to be processed in that day's work. If a faxed rush is received after 2 p.m. it will be processed the next business day.



Please note, we do have a listing of sires available on our Web site. You will find bulls listed alphabetically by nickname. This is found as “Frequently Used Sires” on the Web site,


Dams: Prior to registering ET calves, all donor dams must be DNA typed and TH/PHA tested and on file in the AMAA office. Registration papers will NOT be mailed from our office if the donor does not have DNA on file. This applies to registered MaineAnjou donors AND commercial donor dams. If you are unsure if a dam has been typed, please call our office. You need to allow up to three weeks for DNA results to be processed from the lab as well as three weeks for TH/PHA testing. Bulls: All bulls that have been collected for marketing OR for home use are also to be DNA typed and TH/PHA tested and on file in our office. Registrations out of AI sires that have not been typed will be held. Please call our office if you need any DNA kits. There is a $35 fee per requested kit.


Please submit any TH/PHA status on your cattle if you have not already done so. Please be patient and keep in mind that it takes approximately two to three weeks to process samples and then get the results back to you. It is up to you to forward a photocopy of results to our office. Please include registration numbers. When mailing samples, enclose a sample submission form with the samples. Refer to the instructions for sample submission for further submission information. Enclose a request for release if you want the results to be sent to the AMAA. Status can be viewed on our Web site by clicking on "Search the MA Breed" keying in a registration number and looking at the GAB status. Please note we are now accepting results from AgriGenomics, Igenity Labs or Pfizer Animal Health. AgriGenomics can be reached at (217) 762-9808 between 1 – 4 p.m. CST; Igenity Labs at (877) 4436489 or Pfizer Animal Genetics at (877) 233-3362. Please keep in mind that we currently require all donor dams and AI sires to have BOTH TH and PHA on file at the AMAA. Owners of such individuals will continue to receive notices until the AMAA has documentation with the status. If the donor dam or AI sire is no longer alive, please submit a disposal code with such information. The

October 2011

Announcements option is available on deceased AI sires to send a sample of thawed semen. Make sure the sample is packaged properly to reduce the chance of crushing the straw through the mail and the lab not having a viable sample to test.

Per AMAA BoArd ruling

As of Jan. 1, 2010 performance-only registrations submitted via hard copy will be processed as free for the first eight head and charged $7.50 for each additional animal amount. Online entries will continue to be done free.

north AMericAn (louisville) entry inforMAtion

Please note the special rules listed on page 142 of the premium book when submitting entries for the 2011 N.A.I.L.E. Maine-Anjou Show. “Maine-Anjou total entry fees will be $55 per animal, payable by Oct. 1, 2011. $30 per head will be paid to the North American office with the remaining $25 paid and sent to the American Maine-Anjou Association, Box 1100, Platte City, MO 64079-1100. The entry fee to the AMAA office is also due Oct. 1, 2011.

tAttoo yeAr letter for 2010: x tAttoo yeAr letter for 2011: y tAttoo yeAr letter for 2012: Z uPcoMing show inforMAtion American Royal Maine-Anjou Show

held in conjunction with the American Royal, Kansas City, Mo. Oct. 28, 2011 - 8 a.m. Junior show followed by open show. Hotel Headquarters Hyatt Regency Crown Center (Downtown Kansas City) 2345 McGee St. Kansas City, MO 64108 (816) 421-1234 Ask for the Maine-Anjou block. $95

Hotel Headquarters Springhill Suites Louisville Airport 820 Phillips Lane Louisville, KY 40209 (502) 361-9009 Ask for the Maine-Anjou block. $129

National Western Stock Show Denver, Colo.

Jan. 13 - Pen Shows, Pepsi Arena Jan. 14 - Bright Light Maine-Anjou Bull and Heifer Sale, Livestock Center and Auction Arena in the yards. Jan. 15 - Junior Maine-Anjou and MaineTainer shows, Open Maine-Anjou and MaineTainer shows. (starting with bulls) Hotel Headquarters Red Lion Hotel 4040 Quebec St. Denver, CO 80213 (303) 321-6666 AND Doubletree Hotel 3203 Quebec St. Denver, CO 80213 (303) 321-3333 Ask for the AMAA block. Rates are $85 at the Red Lion and $98 at the Doubletree.

National Maine-Anjou Show

held in conjunction with the Fort Worth Stock Show, Fort Worth, Texas Jan. 27, 2012 - Committee Meetings Jan. 28, 2012 - Annual Membership and Board Meetings Jan. 29, 2012 - Open Maine-Anjou show. Starting with bulls. Hotel Headquarters Radisson Hotel at Fossil Creek 2540 Meacham Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76106 (817) 625-9911 Ask for the AMAA block. $89

N.A.I.L.E. Maine-Anjou Show

held in conjunction with the North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, Ky. Nov. 12, 2011 - AOB & Maine-Anjou Junior show. Nov. 15, 2011 - Open Maine-Anjou show.

October 2011


Junior Update American Junior Maine-Anjou Association • •

2011-2012 Jr. Board Members

Executive Committee: Bailey Buck, President – Region III R.R. 1 Box 344A Madill, OK 73446 (580) 677-2648 • Bailey Core, Vice President – Region II 859 92nd Ave. Pleasantville, IA 50225 (641) 780-7765 • Rachael Carlson, Secretary/Treasurer – Region 1 3702 S.W. 224th Plattsburg, MO 64477 (816) 785-7413 •

Region I

Cameron Alexander 830 Spencer Rd. Sabina, OH 45169 (937) 302-0078 •

Region II

Amy Sampson 63329 210th St. Nevada, IA 50201 (515) 382-4198 •

Region III

Lisa Reid 14510 Brighton Rd. Brighton, CO 80601 (303) 917-0828 •


Carrie Elmore 300 Cox Rd. Enoree, SC 29335 (864) 237-7771 • Ryan Holaway 174 C.R. 1336 Chico, TX 76431 (940) 210-1127 •


Anna Loftin 169 Loftin Rd. Elm Grove, LA 71051 (318) 676-9129 • Mackenzi Dorsey 35297 C.R. 41 Eaton, CO 80615 (904) 733-1791 •

2011-2012 AMAA Royalty Queen Lauren Prill, Kansas

Junior Princesses Whitney Walker, Arkansas Danielle Funk, Missouri


Summer 2011 by Bailey Core, Vice President

What a summer it has been! Summer 2011 sure has been a busy one, not only for me and my family but for all the people in the cattle industry. My busy schedule started when junior national came around. As most of you know the MaineAnjou, Chianina and Charolais junior heifer show’s were all together this summer. It was a very busy week for everyone involved, but turned out to be a very successful event. After my county fair, I headed to Fort Collins, Colo., for NYLC, the Maine-Anjou Youth Leadership Conference. The weekend was full of amazing opportunities, we met Temple Grandin, toured the Colorado State University vet clinic, visited Blind Badger Ranch and many other things. Between my busy schedule most of my summer was focused on getting heifers and steers ready for the Iowa State Fair. This year we had six head in the cooler getting ready for the big two weeks in August. It ended up being well worth the work as we made the top five in both the heifer and steer shows. Although we were very excited with how our showing success played out, that is not the importance of state fairs. State fairs are about much more than “winning it all.” The Iowa State Fair livestock shows are based around 4-H and FFA programs, although we do have open breed shows. While being apart of these programs (4-H and FFA) you are able to compete in a few of the most

prestigious shows in the nation. Participating in these highly competitive events prepares youth for their future, or the “real world.” It teaches myself, as well as others, the idea of responsibility, working towards a goal and sportsmanship. Numerous 4-H and FFA shows such as state fairs, Ak-Sar-Ben, Denver, etc., have contests called Premier Exhibitor. Every contest is a little different than the next, but a lot of them involve an interview, test, showmanship, the show and sometimes a carcass contest. I encourage every junior to get involved with these programs, they are not only teaching you about cattle and the agricultural industry, but most of them give scholarships to the winners and those who place in the top five. The importance of participating in these contests and the contests at the National Junior Heifer Show is they can open so many doors for a young person looking towards strengthening themselves.

June 17-22 Lima, OhiO 2012

natiOnaL JuniOr heifer shOw

October 2011


AJMAA Carrie Elmore 2011-2012 At-Large Director

NAME: Carrie Elmore AGE: 20 AJMAA POSITION: At-Large COLLEGE / HIGH SCHOOL: Clemson University ExTrACurrICuLAr ACTIvITIES: Showing cattle, Block & Bridle Club and 4-H Youth Advisor FAvOrITE FOOD: Sushi FAvOrITE SONG: "Crazy Girl" by Eli Young Band FAvOrITE QuOTE: "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain." FAvOrITE PASTIME: Photography MOST MEMOrABLE SHOW MOMENT(S): Being crowned National AJMAA Queen at the National Junior Heifer Show in Spencer, Iowa. WHAT INSPIrIED YOu TO ruN FOr THE AJMAA JuNIOr BOArD: My love for showing cattle and my passion for being a mentor. I want to help make a difference, especially in the lives of our junior members. FAvOrITE rESTAurANT: The Keys Fisheries in Marathon, Fl. IF YOu HAD TWO ANIMALS IN A CHAMPIONSHIP DrIvE, WHO WOuLD BE YOur #1 CHOICE TO HELP SHOW YOur OTHEr ANIMAL IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP DrIvE: Chris Mackey, AKA Brother Hammer IF YOu HAD A CHOICE, WOuLD YOu rATHEr WASH Or DrY YOur ANIMAL(S): I am really picky, so I like to do both myself. If I had to choose I would dry.

October 2011


IF YOu COuLD PICK ANYONE TO HELP YOu FIT/GET YOur PrOJECT rEADY FOr THE BIGGEST SHOW OF YOur CArEEr, WHO WOuLD YOu PICK: My dad. FAvOrITE MEMOrY OF BEING ON THE AJMAA JuNIOr BOArD: So far, my favorite memory is whitewater rafting during NYLC with the rest of the junior board and some AJMAA members. WHILE ON THE JuNIOr BOArD, WHAT ArE SOME THINGS YOu WOuLD LIKE TO ACCOMPLISH: I would like to help the junior board stay organized and focused. I would also like to work towards increasing membership in the southeastern states. Cameron Alexander 2011-2012 Region 1I Director

NAME: Cameron Alexander AGE: 18 AJMAA POSITION: Region I COLLEGE / HIGH SCHOOL: Ohio Northern University ExTrACurrICuLAr ACTIvITIES: Football, FFA and Adopt-A-Highway FAvOrITE FOOD: BEEF! FAvOrITE SONG: "Dirt Road Anthem" by Colt Ford FAvOrITE QuOTE: "Pain is temporary, pride is forever." FAvOrITE PASTIME: Football and showing cattle FAvOrITE MOvIE: The Hangover MOST MEMOrABLE SHOW MOMENT(S): Winning Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer in Denver

FAvOrITE rESTAurANT: Gold Star Chili WHAT INSPIrIED YOu TO ruN FOr THE AJMAA JuNIOr BOArD: I have watched junior board members over the years and how helpful they were to me and others. I wanted to be able to help younger kids like the junior board helped me. IF YOu HAD TWO ANIMALS IN A CHAMPIONSHIP DrIvE, WHO WOuLD BE YOur #1 CHOICE TO HELP SHOW YOur OTHEr ANIMAL IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP DrIvE: My sister, because she always helps with my cattle. She knows them as well as I do and she has been very successful in many showmanship contests. IF YOu COuLD PICK ANYONE TO HELP YOu FIT/GET YOur PrOJECT rEADY FOr THE BIGGEST SHOW OF YOur CArEEr, WHO WOuLD YOu PICK: Gordy FAvOrITE MEMOrY OF BEING ON THE AJMAA JuNIOr BOArD: Since I just got on the board, it is probably being elected and getting to help in the showring at the National Junior Heifer Show in Kansas City, Mo. IF YOu HAD A CHOICE, WOuLD YOu rATHEr WASH Or DrY YOur ANIMAL(S): Wash WHILE ON THE JuNIOr BOArD, WHAT ArE SOME THINGS YOu WOuLD LIKE TO ACCOMPLISH: I would like to help make the 2012 National Junior Heifer Show one of the best yet. Since it is in Ohio, I will have the chance to be really involved in the planning. I would also like to improve the Maine-Anjou breed by staying involved in activites.


New Junior Members ArkAnsAs

Brady Bremer Perryville, AR (479) 366-2697 Mackenzie Chambliss Perryville, AR (501) 432-5107


Jordan Isaacs Santa Rosa, CA (707) 762-3477


Logan Deters Walcott, IA (563) 349-7856 Dalton Howell Columbus Junction, IA (319) 212-0398 Taylor Noonan Solon, IA


Ryan Filhart Clare, MI (989) 465-1179

Morgan Jewell Clayton, DE (302) 242-3680

Michaela Newth Grand Ledge, MI (517) 881-0433



Marie Swims Ranger, GA (678) 371-9891


Kelsey Stimpson Melba, ID (208) 890-4517


Morgan Leka Buffalo, IL (217) 364-5122 Drake Prestegaard Lee, IL (815) 824-2372


Mallory Bakley Osceola, IA (641) 414-7549

Danny Chandler Elk River, MN (763) 291-6034 Tyler Kieffer Royalton, MN (320) 355-2614 Nathan Sukalski Fairmont, MN (507) 773-4292 Kesmond Willert Marshall, MN (507) 532-2450

Kiera Bremer Fullerton, NE (308) 550-0924


Jared Clark Bloomville, OH (419) 988-3861 Jonathon Crawford New Madison, OH (937) 564-1817 Kim Eschedor Bradner, OH (419) 250-0596 Clay Foor Pataskala, OH (740) 927-3622 Mikayla Pope Gallipolis, OH (740) 245-9875 Ronald Schumm Willshire, OH (419) 495-4168 Quinn Walker Hillsboro, OH (937) 288-2305


Kaitlin Gosney Shattuck, OK (580) 886-4172 Jaysa Northcutt Tishomingo, OK (580) 371-0390 William Wynn Ada, OK (580) 436-6742

rhOde IsLAnd

Ethan Oatley Exeter, RI (401) 295-1138

sOuth dAkOtA

Savannah Vogel Hamill, SD (605) 842-2117


Hannah Baldwin Caldwell, TX (979) 535-4037 Sarah Blair Montgomery, TX (936) 597-5443 Hayleigh Delahoussaye Kirbyville, TX

Karly Alexander Yukon, OK (405) 350-3338

Michael Demasild League City, TX (281) 334-3564

Payton Dahmer Nevada, MO (417) 884-5045

Carson Fincher Chickasha, OK (405) 574-6780

Kayla Mancill Kirbyville, TX (409) 423-3934


Reilly Ford Marietta, OK (580) 276-9803

Kelvin D. McCollum Bellevue, TX (940) 928-2442


Bonnie Tartt Bailey, MS (601) 737-8718



October 2011

New Junior Members Emily Sultenfuss Rogers, TX (254) 982-4536 Tanner Wade Breckenridge, TX (254) 559-9990 Ashley Ann Worthy Liberty, TX


Dakota Siegler Burlington, WI (262) 539-3696

West Virginia Clarence Pugh Chester, WV (304) 914-5451

A D V E R T I S E October 2011

2011 American Royal Tentative Livestock Schedule ●Thursday, Oct. 26 Junior & Open Cattle Check-In ● Friday, Oct. 28 - 12 p.m. Open Bull Show, Junior MaineTainer Show, Open MaineTainer, Junior Maine-Anjou, Open Maine-Anjou

204 Marshall Rd. - P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, MO 64079 (P) 816.431.9950 - (F) 816.431.9954 -


New Adult Members ARKANSAS

Herd Prefix: WD David White 7225 Fulcher Rd. Benton, AR 72015 (501) 776-8448


Herd Prefix: CMK Carla R. Kelly 5752 French Camp Rd. Mariposa, CA 95338 (209) 742-6862


Herd Prefix: WOCK Ryan Wock 26297 Hagen Rd. Jerseyville, IL 62052 (618) 498-6767


Herd Prefix: FULF Craig Fuller 3165 S.S.R. 103 New Castle, IN 47362 (765) 521-2500


Herd Prefix: FELT Felt Farms James, Delores & Merlin Felt 57977 857 Rd. Wakefield, MN 68784 (402) 287-2488 Herd Prefix: HFS Pat Hawkins 5600 S.E. 14th Ave. Owatonna, MN 55060 (507) 451-2370



Herd Prefix: JKH Hambleton Family Kent & Kathy Hambleton 55822 N. Ember Rd. Fullerton, NE 68638 (308) 550-0418


Herd Prefix: CULP Michael Culp 1067 Stump Rd. Akron, OH 44319 (330) 882-2544 Herd Prefix: FWV David L. Hastings 10175 Camp Rd. West Salem, OH 44287 (419) 846-3396


Herd Prefix: KSDC KSD Cattle Kelly & Kristy Dietrich 129 Willow Rd. Hamburg, PA 19526 (484) 256-4680


MESC Melissa Mancill 2371 C.R. Rd. Kirbyville, TX 75956 (409) 423-3934


Herd Prefix: FLU Flying U Land & Cattle Russell & Kassi Renner P.O. Box 812 Lovell, WY 82431 (307) 548-2596

2011 N.A.I.L.E Tentative Livestock Schedule ● Friday, Nov. 11 Junior Cattle Check-In

● Saturday, Nov. 12 Junior Show - 8 a.m. Maine Focus Sale - 2 p.m. ● Tuesday, Nov. 15 Open Maine-Anjou Show (Starting with bulls)

204 Marshall Rd. - P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, MO 64079 (P) 816.431.9950 - (F) 816.431.9954 - October 2011

AMAA Board Nominees Dennis Moore Region 1 Dennis Moore grew up on a commercial cattle operation in central Illinois. Dennis left the farm later and pursued different occupations. In 1987 he married his wife, Sara. They have three daughters, Taylor, Hannah and Morgan. In the early 90’s Dennis decided it was time to get back in the beef cattle industry. Dennis began purchasing Maine-Anjou genetics using different blood lines. Both Taylor and Hannah are involved in showing. Currently Dennis and his family run cows that are raised for breeding and showing purposes. “Maine-Anjou cattle have many strengths” says Moore. They excel in performance, feed efficiency, disposition and carcass traits. “Maine-Anjou cattle can add bone and muscle size while maintaining the soft made appearance people are looking for,” says Moore. Moore feels it is necessary for Maine-Anjou breeders to remain focused on producing good quality cattle that are sound structured, maternal and easy calving. Dennis is an avid supporter of the junior MaineAnjou association. Moore feels it is important that we as breeders encourage commercial producers to use Maine-Anjou genetics. “We need to start with local and state wide beef associations and educate cattlemen on the value Maine-Anjou genetics can add to their herd,” says Moore.

Scott Bilslend Region 2 Scott ‘Biz” Bilslend has been involved in the MaineAnjou breed for nearly 20 years. He concentrates on quality, maintaining a select cow herd that includes 40 purebred and MaineTainer females. Bilslend markets replacement heifers and show prospects privately and through consignment sales. In Bilslend’s current operation they have used source and age verification since the 2010 calf crop. The steer calves are sold to a local feedlot and followed through slaughter. By collecting this data Bilslend is

October 2011

able to promote his herd and the use of Maine-Anjou bulls. Bilslend feels the versatility of the breed is one of its greatest strengths. Bilslend believes the Maine-Anjou breed is viewed as a ‘show’ breed. “We need to start taking the necessary steps to gain acceptance in the eye of the commercial cattleman. We need to promote the breed from birth through conception,” says Bilslend. The Maine-Anjou breed is a breed that serves many facets of the cattle industry. As an association we need to work together toward a common goal of advancing Maine-Anjou genetics. If elected, he pledges his best efforts to serve the common good.

Jirl Buck Region 3 Jirl, Brenda and Bailey Buck own and operate Buck Cattle Co., in Madill, Okla. The Buck family has been in the Maine-Anjou business for 23 years, the cattle business is how they make their living. Jirl was raised on a ranch and exhibited cattle while in 4-H and FFA. Jirl is a graduate of Murray State College and Oklahoma State University. Currently Buck runs 200 head of Maine-Anjou cows and raises 120 head of embryo calves annually. Buck sells 120 bulls and 150 females annually. Buck’s cattle are marketed in their annual spring and fall sales, monthly online auction and available through private treaty. “Maine-Anjou cattle have so much to offer the cattle industry with their feed efficiency, maternal strengths, disposition and added performance,” says Buck. Buck feels the Maine-Anjou dominance in showrings across the country has helped the value of the top end cattle. “We need to continue to promote and make the commercial producers aware of the value Maine-Anjou genetics can add to their programs,” says Buck. Buck feels it is important we continue to support and educate our juniors and other members to continue to move forward. “We as breeders are all on the same team, we need to all work together and support one another to expand growth and get more people involved,” says Buck. Buck supports and is directly involved with his state and national association. He and wife, Brenda, have


AMAA Board Nominees served as state youth advisors for the past 10 years. “It has been our pleasure to work with youth and guide them to be successful with their Maine-Anjou cattle,” says Buck. “Our association must continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology,” say Buck. He feels it is important that we as breeders continue to collect and record data to improve the value and accuracy of our EPDs. “This breed combines great cattle and great people. It’s simple, we need to continue to get more folks involved to become stronger and achieve our goals,” says Buck.

Jim Hett Region 3 Jim Hett has been in the livestock business since his high school days. In 1999 he increased the size of his cattle herd and purchased about 12,000 acres south and east of Fort Morgan, Colo. When looking for sires to use on his commercial cows, he became aware of the positive influence that would be made in his herd with the use of MaineAnjou genetics. As Jim’s daughters, Taylor and Tori, grew he found himself dealing with 4-H and FFA projects to which he directed Maine-Anjou breeding with winning results. In investigating different breeds of cattle in his search for sires, Jim came upon information that led him to believe that the Maine-Anjou breed, although the most recent continental import, might be a very good choice for his operation. Their size, color, milking and marbling ability were traits he wanted to maximize in his herd. Their easy keeping, ability to gain at lower costs, their new genetic pool and the fact that less than purebreds could be registered were added advantages. Their reputation as hard calvers was dispelled when he began using Maine-Anjou bulls on his own herd. He found that proper selection of dams and sires produced as easy a calving experience as any breed and better than most large breeds of cattle. From his own experience Jim has learned the advantages of crossbreeding using Maine-Anjou genetics. His work has been in establishing a reputation herd of this breed to which others seeking the best cattle can come for information and product. His use of A.I. and


embryo transfer has enabled tremendous genetic gain in his cattle. Jim and his family are great showmen and can be found promoting and showing Maine-Anjou cattle at many of the National Shows such as the American Royal, Ak-sar-ben, Junior National and National Western. The crew also shows in the two county fairs in Weld County and the Colorado State Fair. Jim believes the influence of the breed is just beginning.

Mike Holden At-Large Mike Holden has operated a corn and soybean farm operation since 1980. Holden runs approximately 300-350 cows with the bulk of the herd located in Stuart, Neb., and the balance located at the farm near Scranton, Iowa. Holden sells bulls, replacement heifers and finishes out the remaining calves to collect individual carcass data. All of Holden’s breeding prospects are ultrasound scanned, pelvic measured and DNA profiled. “Virtually 100 percent of our calves are Maine-Anjou influenced,” says Holden. Recently, Holden and son, James, started a private label meat company, Moo Meat, which features MaineAnjou beef. He is a guest presenter at the local high school’s advanced food class selling them beef for their restaurant. Holden markets his Maine-Anjou genetics in a variety of ways. He offers bulls in production tested sales and has a feedlot where he has collected nearly 10 years of data on their calves. Holden ultrasound scans all of their replacement heifers and bull prospects as well as running the Igenity DNA marker tests. Holden has helped Dave Steen promote the Maine-Anjou breed at Town Hall meetings whenever possible. Holden feels Maine-Anjou cattle have many strengths, disposition, large ribeye, less backfat, the ability to grade choice, better yield grades, performance, tenderness of meat and great eye appeal. Holden feels as producers and breeders we need to identify and select for breeding stock that are strong in these traits and provide this information to our customers. Holden feels these qualities make the MaineAnjou breed and will add value to any breed of cattle. “Identifying and providing cattle that possess these strengths will create more value for our cattle to the

October 2011

AMAA Board Nominees feedlot industry and in turn the packer,” says Holden. When asked about the future of the Maine-Anjou breed Holden sums it up in three things. First, we have to invest more dollars for advertising and promotion in the commercial venue. We need to show commercial producers what the Maine-Anjou breed can do for them. Second, breeders must identify and actually select breeding stock that reflects strong carcass and maternal traits. Third, it is imperative all producers collect the important data and report it on MaineAnjou cattle. “This breed cannot afford to ‘talk’ about commercial acceptance at election time or at sale time. We have to make it a ‘real’ part of our cattle operation,” says Holden.

Cody Tebbenkamp At-Large Growing up on a diversified grain and livestock operation, Cody Tebbenkamp acquired his first MaineAnjou heifers at age 11 with the purchase of two females; a half blood female from Tom Klingner and a high percentage female from K & A Farms. Tebbenkamp has since been an active member of the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) and has shown throughout his youth exhibiting many champion and reserve animals while building his herd. Today that herd consists of 35 head, mostly registered cow/calf pairs which he runs with his father outside of Corder, Mo. The goal for their operation is to produce quality show or replacement females and bulls. They sell the calves on a private treaty basis. Some of Tebbenkamp’s past sales include champion and reserve MaineTainer heifers at the Missouri State fair in the open or FFA show in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009. He also sold the high point MaineTainer heifer in the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association points system in 2009. A graduate of the University of Missouri, Tebbenkamp was a member of the 2003 livestock judging team. While attending college he had the opportunity to work for Governor Matt Blunt. He was able to see agriculture and business from a completely new perspective. Tebbenkamp currently works for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as a District Coordinator with the Soil and Water Conservation Program and is also a representative for Ranch House

October 2011

Designs, Wharton, Texas. Tebbenkamp feels the Maine-Anjou breed has many strengths, with marketability being number one. Maine-Anjou cattle appeal to the cow/calf man and seedstock producer with their docility and great mothering and milking abilities. We need to market this strength to seedstock producers while cowherd numbers are low so when producers increase their herd sizes they will utilize Maine-Anjou genetics. MaineAnjou genetics appeal to the commercial cattleman’s operation because calves grow, wean and perform efficiently across the board with any other breed. This strength needs to be promoted and pushed constantly. Once there is performance acceptance, cattlemen will come to realize that the showring is not the only sector Maine-Anjou genetics excel. Performance and cutability appeal to the feedlot/packer/consumer portion of the industry. Known specifically for these traits, it will bring repeat packer and customer business because of the quality product. With their style and eye appeal, Maine-Anjou cattle appeal to those seeking recognition in the showring. The future is bright for the Maine-Anjou breed. Whether it is a purebred seedstock operation, MaineTainer operation, commercial calf producer or those who want a junior livestock project, the Maine-Anjou breed has something to offer for everyone. Continuing to collect the pertinent data that shows value in the commercial industry will bring us one step closer to obtaining our goals as a breed. “We need to promote the advantages Maine-Anjou genetics have with our replacement females and bulls and the positive impact they can have in the commercial cowman’s operation”, says Tebbenkamp Different things Tebbenkamp has done to promote his operation over the years are attending cattle sales, promoting their new A.I. sire BBR Burn Notice on the national level and exhibiting or judging at numerous shows and events. Tebbenkamp played a large role in getting a MaineTainer show established at the Missouri State Fair and it is now one of the largest shows in the country for Maine-Anjou and MaineTainer genetics. With nearly 20 years of involvement in the MaineAnjou breed and seeing the changes and progression the breed has made, Tebbenkamp believes his age and diverse agricultural background can bring new and fresh ideas that will help move the breed forward in the future. I would be honored to be elected as one of your directors.


Feature IGENITY® Profile Helps Producers Make Critical Ranch Decisions by: Kevin DeHann, technical services director In today’s economy, between the rising costs of feed, fuel and land and trying to sell cattle in a highly competitive market, cattle producers are investing in DNA technology to not only get a leg up on their competition, but to assist in making critical ranch management decisions. “Through the use of DNA technology, such as the comprehensive IGENITY® profile, producers are taking advantage of an opportunity to accelerate the genetic progress of their herd,” explains Dr. Kevin DeHaan, technical services director for IGENITY. “Not only are these producers making their herds more efficient, they are utilizing the inside information gained through an IGENITY profile to assist in making important selection, breeding and marketing decisions that will also help to increase their bottom line.” Three years ago, herdsman Matt Burbank turned to the comprehensive IGENITY profile to assist in selection and marketing decisions for a purebred cow/ calf operation in Missouri. “We profile all of our heifers each year,” says Burbank. “The IGENITY profile is a better way to pick which heifers to keep back. We use it as a sorting tool alongside EPDs.” Developing a replacement heifer requires a substantial financial investment by the producer, explains Dr. DeHaan. Not only will that heifer remain in the herd for years to come, but she will also help to define the genetic direction and profitability of the entire herd. “It is critical to identify replacement females that are superior,” says Dr. DeHaan. “By using the IGENITY profile to help select replacement heifers, Maine-Anjou producers can help to ensure they are pointing their herd in the right direction to make faster genetic progress and return dollars to their pockets.” Burbank says one of the traits he is most interested in is homozygous black. “Whether we’re sorting or marketing our animals, we want to know what we


have,” says Burbank. “We also want to give our customers a guarantee that the animals they are looking to purchase are in fact homozygous black.” Dr. DeHaan agrees. “DNA technology is the only way to have confidence that the animal is homozygous black. You’re ultimately taking out the guesswork when selecting which animals to keep in your own herd or when a customer is making a purchasing decision.” Burbank says he also focuses on the tenderness scores of his cattle when making sorting and marketing decisions. “The trends right now are directed toward tenderness and improving the meat quality of the nation’s beef herd,” he says. “We’re committed to producing a quality product that will perform well through every stage of beef production – knowing the ultimate goal is a pleasant eating experience for the customer.” For Ronnie Rogers, a fellow Missouri rancher, a favorable eating experience was exactly why he began focusing on breeding tenderness into his cattle. “It was an accident, really,” says Rogers. “We had a hurt animal that came from a female with a high IGENITY score for tenderness. Those were the best steaks and roasts I’ve had in the past 35 years.” Since then, Rogers has become what he calls “carcass conscious;” he’s been using the IGENITY profile to make selection and marketing decisions in his herd for the past six years. “You need to have something to diversify your herd from the competition, and carcass scores, such as tenderness, are desirable traits to select for. We watch the tenderness score and are mindful of it all the time,” he says. “It’s all about producing a quality product for

October 2011

Feature the consumer.” Dr. DeHaan echoes the sentiment. “There have been a lot of consumer studies that indicate that if people are going to have a bad eating experience it is because of tenderness, or the lack thereof,” he says. “With the comprehensive IGENITY profile, producers may select for carcass traits, for example, balanced with a combination of maternal or growth traits to produce a very efficient herd. The IGENITY profile allows producers to develop a customized program based on their individual ranch goals. Regardless of herd size, IGENITY has a product for every type of producer.” “Times have changed,” says Burbank. “Producers need to look to the future. If you’re not using DNA technology in your herd, you’re going to be left behind.”

To get started, producers can order sample collection kits by contacting their IGENITY sales representative, call 1-877-443-6489 or visit www. Results will be returned to producers several weeks after samples are received. Sample collection can be done at any time or age; however, collecting samples when animals are already being processed may be the most convenient. Planning ahead will ensure the information will be available in time to make selection decisions and provide results at production sales. ®IGENITY is a registered trademark of Merial. ©2011 Merial Limited, Duluth, GA. All rights reserved.

AJMAA Northeastern Regional Show Held in conjunction with the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE), Harrisburg, Pa.

O p e n S h O w - Oct. 6, 2011 1 p.m. J u n i O r S h O w - Oct. 9, 2011 8 a.m. Maine-Anjou Females, MaineTainer Females, Showmanship and Cattleman’s Challenge

P.O. Box 1100 • Platte City, MO 64079 (816) 431-9950

October 2011


Junior Show Report Ohio State Fair

July 30, 2011 – Columbus, Ohio Judge: Tim Schwab, Indiana

Grand Champion Female 4th Overall

Grand Champion Steer

Reserve Grand Champion Female

Exhibited by Curtis Harsh, Radnor, Ohio

Exhibited by Connor Bonnell, Hope, Ind.

Exhibited by Sam Grauer, Shiloh, Ohio

Reserve Grand Champion Female

Reserve Grand Champion Steer

Grand Champion Steer

Exhibited by Cameron Alexander, Sabina, Ohio

Exhibited by Austin Trbovich, Waynesburg, Ohio

Exhibited by Angie Hyndman, Albion, Ind.

Indiana State Fair

July 30, 2011 – Columbus, Ohio Judge: Blake Bloomberg, Oklahoma Brandon Callis, Texas

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Grand Champion Steer

Exhibited by Ali Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio

Exhibited by Rachel Rogers, Kendalville, Ind.

Grand Champion Female Champion Overall Exhibited by Becca Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Abbie Collins, New Paris, Ohio


Grab your Chi's and head to the Maine Event! 2012 National Junior Heifer show June 17 - 22 Lima, Ohio October 2011

Junior Show Report Illinois State Fair

Aug. 11, 2011 – Springfield, Ill. Judge: Joel Judge, Califonia

Grand Champion Female Maine-Anjou Exhibited by Elizabeth Heaton, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion Female (MaineTainer) Exhibited by Lucas Wisnesfki, Wyoming, Ill.

Iowa State Fair FFA Show

Aug. 12, 2011 – Springfield, Ill. Judge: Marty Ropp, Illinois

Iowa State Fair 4-H Show

Aug. 12, 2011 – Springfield, Ill. Judges: Clint Rusk, South Dakota -Heifers Matt Lewis, Colorado - Steers

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Amber Radcliffe, Long Grove, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Michael Pilcher, Blakesburg, Iowa

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Kiley Elder, Pella, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Jordan Crall, Albia, Iowa

Let your Voice be heard! ● Print Advertising ● E-mail Blasts ● Banner Ads ● Classifieds

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by Anna Krug, Newhall, Iowa

Exhibited by Kenton Lane, Corydon, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by Alexandra Hunter, DeWitt, Iowa

Exhibited by Kaitlin Ihns, Wilton, Iowa

January/February Voice Deadline: Dec. 1 Contact Lindsey today! 816.858.9954 or October 2011


Junior Show Report No Photo Available Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Justin Ringkob, Springfield, S.D.

Grand Champion Steer

Grand Champion Steer

Exhibited by Gracie Russell, Prescott, Iowa

Exhibited by Cagney Effling, Highmore, S.D.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Dani Jo Stolz, Mt. Vernon, S.D.

Reserve Grand Champion Steer Reserve Grand Champion Female

Exhibited by Jordan Ferguson, New Sharon, Iowa

Exhibited by Shelby Kroupa, White Lake, S.D.

South Dakota State Fair

Sept 3., 2011 – Huron, S.D. Judges: Dan Folkerts, Minnesota

Reserve Grand 0Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Clay Archambeau, Highmore, S.D.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Sammi Schrag, Marion, S.D.

Grab your Chi's and head to the Maine Event! 2012 National Junior Heifer show June 17 - 22 Lima, Ohio

Eat More Beef 32

October 2011

Open Show Report Ohio State Fair

July 31, 2011 – Columbus, Ohio Judge: Gaylon Fink, Kansas

Grand Champion Bull

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by Candace Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio

Exhibited by Daniel Mooney, Peru, Ind.

No Photo Available

Grand Champion Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull

Exhibited by Cameron Alexander, Sabina, Ohio

Exhibited by Landon Gough, Ridgeville, Ind.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by Kayla Campbell, Cedarville, Ohio

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Y-Not Cattle, Pleasant Plain, Ohio

Indiana State Fair

Aug. 11, 2011 – Indianapolis, Ind.

Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by Kyle Dice, Avilla, Ind.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion Female

Reserve Grand Champion Bull

Exhibited by Sarah Simpson, Russellville, Ohio

Exhibited by Connor Bonnell, Hope, Ind.

Exhibited by Mason & Family, Logansport, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Darcy Howser, Mt. Orab, Ohio

October 2011

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Jordan Kuhn, Greenfield, Ind.

November/December Voice Deadline: Oct. 1 Contact Lindsey to place your ad! 816.858.9954 33

Open Show Report Illinois State Fair

Aug. 12, 2011 – Springfield, Ill. Judge: Ken Geuns, Michigan

No Photo Available Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by Jones Show Cattle, Pontiac, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Jack Kelly, Dallas Center, Iowa

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Hannah Moore, Alton, Ill.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by Circle S Cattle Co., Winslow, Ill.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Lauren Robinson, Coggon, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Jon Heaton, Toulon, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by Fancy Creek Farm, Springfield, Ill.

Iowa State Fair

Aug. 13, 2011 – Des Moines, Iowa Judge: Mark Hoge, Illinois Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Blueprint Cattle Co., Otley, Iowa

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Ethan Hanold, Brighton, Ill.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Underwood Farms, Moravia, Iowa

Grand Champion Bull Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by Schrage Cattle, Parkersburg, Iowa

Exhibited by Abby Tomhave, Jacksonville, Ill.


October 2011

Open Show Report

Reserve Grand Champion Bull

Reserve Grand Champion Female

Grand Champion Bull

Exhibited by Maine Aim Ranch, Allerton, Iowa

Exhibited by Sammi Schrag, Marion, S.D.

Exhibited by Stout’s Maines, De Smet, S.D.

No Photo Available

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by DeJong Ranch, Kennebec, S.D.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by Blueprint Cattle Co., Otley, Iowa

Exhibited by Krick Cattle Co., Highmore, S.D.

South Dakota State Fair

Sept. 3, 2011 – Huron, S.D. Judge: Jeff Jackson, Texas

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by Dani Jo Stolz, Mt. Vernon, S.D.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by Jeff DeWitt, Blakesburg, Iowa


Please note if a buyer submits a registration and/or transfer from an owner that is not currently a dues-paid member, that buyer will be charged for the seller’s membership fee or annual dues (adult dues are $100) The exception to this rule is if all animals owned by that individual (non or inactive member) are being transferred or cancelled at the same time as what the buyer has submitted, the membership fee would be waived. In that regard, work is held until complete payment is received. October 2011


Extra Voice Commercial Acceptance by Lindsey Broek, editor/director of communications

Now more than ever it is crucial for Maine-Anjou breeders across the country to step up and let their Voice be heard about the advantages Maine-Anjou genetics can have in the commercial industry. Although the country has suffered setbacks, drought has ravaged the South and flooding the North, people are still looking to expand their cow herds. What better way to do this than with Maine-Anjou genetics. Cattle prices are high, cow numbers are low and people would rather go to they local steak house than Kentucky Fried Chicken on their birthday. It’s just that simple. Time and time again Maine-Anjou genetics have proven they can dominate in the commercial sector. Countless feeding trials have been topped by MaineAnjou influenced cattle. I encourage everyone to get involved with collecting the pertinent data needed to prove Maine-Anjou dominance in this arena. Let us show the world what we have, a great product from start to finish! I encourage you to become involved in feeding trials and bull tests. If you are not sure how to get started, please feel free to visit with our staff. We will be able to send you in the right direction. For all of your commercial marketing needs please feel free to contact Dave Steen, commercial development director for the AMAA. With summer behind us and the fall show and sale season underway I ask this question, are you just going through the motions of advertising? Have you had the same logo and web site design for the last five years? I encourage you to add a little pep in your step and change things up! Sure, we have talked about branding before and making people recognize a specific logo or ad design, I am not trying to take away from that. But, sometimes the same ol’, same ol’ can become repetitive and sure people see it, but do they recognize it as the same thing, year after year? The same goes for established programs. Have you stopped advertising because you think everyone already knows about you and your program? What about those new kids who are just starting, who don’t have a 4-H leader, FFA teacher or family member to guide them?


How will these people know you are there? Word of mouth travels fast, so help jump start the rumor and ADVERTISE! To those of you who think advertising is only for the big guy. You are wrong! Maybe you only have a handful of calves for sale. Well, that’s a great start. But how are people going to know about that handful if you do not tell them? They won’t know, and there you will sit with a handful of calves still for sale. I encourage you to look at your current advertising plan. Do you have a Web site? If so, does your Web site need to be updated? Include donors, sires, a winner’s page and an updated profile of your operation. People like to know the background of where stuff comes from. Do you have a Facebook page or Blog? Here is an example of FREE advertising. For those of you who are just getting started here is a great way to get your name out there. Please let us know how we can help. The Voice offers a variety of different options for all of your advertising needs. Contact Lindsey or Kasey for details! It is hard to believe that two years ago I packed up all of my worldly possessions and made the trek south to Kansas City to start my new job as editor and director of communications for the Maine-Anjou Voice. It’s fair to say I am no longer the new kid on the block, but I still find myself learning new things, meeting new people every day and loving my job more and more everyday. Safe travels to all of you attending the shows and sales this fall, I look forward to seeing everyone down the road!

November/December Voice Deadline: Sept. 1, 2011 October 2011

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High and Low% Maine-Anjou Cattle Specializing in calving ease bulls.

Jim Hett (303) 435-1271 Brian Fox (970) 483-5126 Fort Morgan, Colo.

Jeff, Becky, Jessie, Cale and Jenna Ziegler Phone: (330) 364-4777/(330) 204-2668 Dover, Ohio

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TLM Bouncer 152L A Building Block to the Future!

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The RIGHT BEGINNING for a GOOD ENDING Ken, Audrey and Kendall Bremer 23384 Ridge Rd., Blakesburg, IA 52536 (641) 938-2163 •

P.O. Box 1475 Fort Benton, MT 59442 Mike O’Hara — (406) 734-5434 Heath O’Hara — (406) 734-5443 Hardy O’Hara — (406) 734-5252

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JIM BESSLER Office: 815.895.7868 Cell: 815.762.2641 Fax: 815.899.9121 'PYQPJOUF%SJWFt4ZDBNPSF *-t

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2012 National junior Maine-Anjou Show June 17 - 22, 2012 ○ Lima, Ohio Look on for updates! For questions contact Kasey at (816) 858-9954 or October 2011


Bright Lights Entry Deadline: Nov. 10, 2011 Maine-Anjou Bull & Female Sale Saturday, January 14, 2012 • 3 p.m. In the “yards” • Livestock Sale Center NWSS, Denver, Colo. Individual bull and female lots as well as pen-of-three bull and female lots are eligible. As a pen show/sale feature, grand and reserve sale pen champions will be designated in all the divisions. Take advantage of the extra marketing avenue, the NWSS pen show always has a great crowd on hand. Steve Bonham, Newcastle, Okla., will auctioneer the 2012 “Bright Lights” Sale. Dustin Layton, Edmond, Okla., will be assisting with the “Bright Lights” Sale • (317) 821-1100

P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, MO 64079 (P) 816.431.9950 (F) 816.858.9951 40

October 2011

Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Bull & Female Sale 3 P.M., SATURDAY, JAN. 14, 2012 Entry Deadline: November 10, 2011

Rules, Regulations


• Eligibility: Active AMAA adult and junior members are eligible to consign to this sale. • Fees: An official entry form, original registration certificates or applications for registration and proper fees must be submitted by November 10, 2011. The sale expense will be 12% ($150 of the $250 entry fee will be applied to 12% commission). For consignments that go through the sale another $60 charge will come from the NWSS yard release office. The 12% commission will apply to any total “No Sale” prices. Entry fees are non-refundable. • Health Certificate: An individual health certificate must accompany every consignment, made in quadruplicate, and leaving blank the consignee and destination spaces. Each animal must meet the health regulations set by the state of Colorado for interstate shipment. • Substitutions: $50 per head. • Payment: All Association past due accounts will be deducted from consignor prior to payment. • Data: Scrotal circumference, WDA and ultrasound data will be made available on every sale bull. • Entries: All consignments must be sired by a registered Maine-Anjou bull. • Hair Samples: For purposes of parent verification. (At the discretion of AMAA.) • Veterinary Service: Will aid at check-in. Consignments suspected of unethical practices will be disqualified. • Semen Test: Every bull 14 months or older at the time of the sale must have a satisfactory semen evaluation. A semen evaluation certificate must accompany the health certificate.


NoTEWoRThY ITEMS & PRoCEDURES A. Sale order and screening process. a. A three-man committee will screen all bulls. b. EPDs will be provided to the screening committee to be used at their discretion. c. Each committee member will be evaluating structural and phenotypic design. Sale order will be determined by the points each bull accumulates. d. Points may be deducted by the sale committee for: 1. A bull falling below the “norm” for scrotal circumference of similar aged consigned bulls. (2 pts) 2. A bull falling below the “norm” regarding WDA. (2 pts) e. The number of bulls sold will not be set at a certain number. f. Bulls that accumulate a low point total may be screened from the sale. Entry fees of screened bulls are non-refundable. g. Screened bulls will be charged a $60 yard fee to be paid by consignor to the NWSS. B. Sale order for consigned females will be determined by AMAA Sale Committee. C. oNlY PhA and Th FREE consignments will be sold.

oFFICIAl ENTRY FoRM • Entry Deadline, November 10, 2011 owner:

AMAA Number:

Mailing Address: City:



Animal’s Name

Zip Code:

Social Security:


Birth Date

Birth Weight Weaning Weight Date Weighed

If you wish to submit a short footnote for your entries, please do so on a separate page. Also, if you have a good photo, please submit. Usability will be at the discretion of the AMAA staff. NoN-REFUNDABlE I am a member of the AMAA and I certify that these consignments are in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the Bright lights Maine-Anjou Bull and Female Sale. I will not hold the AMAA responsible for any loss or injury to any animals, persons or articles and realize that the AMAA and the National Western are acting only as sponsors for this sale and assume no liability for any accidents, which may occur. I further stipulate that I will make my cattle available for veterinary examinations to check compliance with the sale rules and will not hold the sponsors liable in any case for enforcement of the rules. Consignments consigned to the National Western AMAA Bright lights Sale are free of liens and/or mortgages.

lab# Status

PhA & Th

lab Used

Total entry fee ($250 per head)

_____x $250 =__________________ Send forms, fees and original certificates or applications to: American Maine-Anjou Association 204 Marshall Rd. P.o. Box 1100 Platte City, Mo 64079-1100



October 2011


A Quality Product from Start to Finish Two Louisiana Maine-Anjou Producers Share Their Story by Lindsey Broek

Located in the DeSoto Parish of Louisiana, 25 miles south of Shreveport in Keatchie, Denny Denison and Jimmy Holmes have been friends for as long as they can remember. Not only do they share the same zip code, but also an appreciation for the Maine-Anjou breed and the value they have added to their herd. Neither Denison or Holmes are newcomers to the cattle business. Both were raised on dairy farms and have been involved with livestock their whole lives. Growing up, Denison knew the dairy business was not for him. At the age of 10, Denny and his dad ventured to the bank, got a loan and he purchased his first group of beef heifers. Denny was able to turn a profit and pay off his loan. Starting off with a primarily Angus base, Denison expanded his herd to include Brangus genetics. In 1991 Denison decided he was too old to “out run” and deal with the bad attitude some Brangus may have. He started researching other breeds when he came across the Maine-Anjou breed. “When I first started to research the breed I did not know of their success in the showring,” says Denison. What he found was a breed excelling in performance, feed efficiency, disposition and superb carcass traits. Finally his research convinced him to give them a try and Denison purchased his first Maine-Anjou bull, he was black and white and came from Texas. “I didn’t really know much about him,” said Denison.

Denny and wife, Donna, Denison Although happy with the bulls overall performance in his first year, he did notice he had some birth weights that were heavier than he would like. Denison then began to incorporate EPDs into his selection process. The following year Denison, with help from Dave Steen commercial development director for the Ameri-

Denison Acres Staff (right) 42

October 2011

customer is long time friend, Jimmy Holmes. Jimmy owns and operates Shiloh Cattle and Land Company, LLC. He runs approximately 150 cow/calf pairs while farming 320 acres, renting 300 as well as a hay crop. With a cowherd made up of primarily Simmental/Angus crossbred cows, Jimmy was looking for a new Angus bull, Denison began talking to Jimmy about the benefit Maine-Anjou bulls could have for his herd. Interested in what they had to offer, Jimmy took a look at some of Denison’s bulls. He bought his first one nine years ago, and has been back every year since. Jimmy Holmes of Shiloh Cattle and Land Company, LLC. Holmes turns out his bulls in the first can Maine-Anjou Association, purchased a second bull week of March for 90 days. After the 90 from Fred DeRouchey in South Dakota. days he pulls them off. He turns them back in around Denison’s selection process is simple; females have the first week in November to catch anything that did to milk and still have some meat. Bulls need to incornot settle. porate these maternal traits and a low birth weight. Keeping most of his heifers for replacements, maDenison says “there is no better cross than with a ternal traits are important. “They have to be good Maine, it’s like the calves are on steroids.” mothers with plenty of milk,” says Holmes. He sells Denison markets his calf crop primarily through most of his steers to a local auction or on contract. word of mouth. “Not many people in our area know “Bull calves are good,” says Holmes. Since he sells all what the Maine-Anjou breed is,” says Denison. When of his steers, Holmes likes the higher weaning weights selling bulls to his neighbors Denison makes a point to that Maine-Anjou calves have. He sells his steers look at what kind of cattle they have. “We work from when they are approximately 700 lbs. “They are good there to decide what will work best for them” says beefy cattle,” says Holmes. When asked if introducDenison. By selling and educating people in the area ing Maine-Anjou genetics to his herd has added value, about Maine-Anjou genetics, Denison has been able Holmes said “of course.” Recently Holmes sold cattle to develop many repeat happy customers. One such at auction. “Due to the drought we had to wean a little earlier than I would like,” said Holmes. Despite having to wean early, he still averaged $1.19/cwt. “With the conditions I was very pleased with how the calves performed,” said Holmes. Two different operations, with two separate goals. Both Denny and Jimmy are able to produce a quality product from start to finish using primarily MaineAnjou genetics.

(left) Cattle at the Denison Acres ranch October 2011


story by Kasey Herman photos by Lindsey Broek Sixteen members of the American Junior MaineAnjou Association (AJMAA) representing seven states joined together in Fort Collins, Colo., July 28 - Aug. 1, 2011 for Youth Moving Mountains, the AJMAA National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC). The weekend started on Thursday with Lindsey and I picking the attendees up at the airport and transporting them to Fort Collins. After most of them arrived in Fort Collins, Lindsey took them to Fort Fun where they enjoyed slides, bumper boats and putt putt golf. The evening ended with a pizza party and early bedtime for all since Friday’s activities started early in the morning. On Friday, everyone met in the lobby of the hotel at 7 a.m. to start a day of fun and learning organized by Shane Bedwell and Travis Hoffman, employees of Colorado State University (CSU). We started the day by going to meet Dr. Temple Grandin at CSU’s cattle working facility. She explained her reasoning behind the design of the working chutes and how she knew that the cattle would work better by them being designed the way she did. It was an unbelievable experience had by all! Mr. Hoffman then took us to JBS Five Rivers Feedyard. At the time the feedlot had 85,000 head of cattle! Everyone was full of questions, none of us had seen anything quite like that before. We were given a tour of the facility and explained how they keep track of all the cattle. They also have working chutes designed by Temple Grandin. We were able to see them actually working cattle in them. After seeing that, we were able to better understand the reasoning behind Dr. Grandin’s design. It was nothing less than a great experience. For lunch Travis took us to a great little diner. Some of us enjoyed Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time! While I really enjoyed them, others were not as pleased. Like most people say, “It tastes like chicken”! The CSU vet school was our next stop, where the group got to see many things they had never before seen. All of us got a chance to stick our hand in the rumen of a cow! The tour of the vet school is


something I know most of the kids will not forget. We ended the day by getting a tour of CSU’s campus, playing flag football and eating great food sponsored by the college. We started Saturday by touring Budweiser Clydesdales. The whole group was in awe of these magnificent creatures. We learned how they are trained to pull a carriage and how it is decided if they are good enough to go on tour. We met Jackson who is the biggest Clydesdale at the Fort Collins facility. He eats approximately 50 lbs. of hay in one day! Saturday afternoon we went to Blind Badger Ranch in Fort Morgan. If you ever get a chance to go to Blind Badger, I highly recommend it. Brian Fox showed us around the ranch and explained his everyday routine on the ranch. Jim Hett, owner of Blind Badger, came out to eat dinner with us that evening. They sponsored a wonderful meal that everyone enjoyed. Sunday was our “fun” day that included whitewater rafting down the Poudre River. I’m not sure I have laughed that much in a long time. Luckily, no one fell out, but we did get really wet! We ended Sunday with sitting around the pool and eating pizza. It was a great end to an even better NYLC. The attendees closed the weekend with discussing where to have next year’s NYLC. We hope that by discussing where the juniors would like to go we will get more of them to attend. They decided on Lansing, Mich. for the 2012 NYLC! We hope those of you that could not make it this year will be able to attend 2012. Participants included, Bailey Buck, Okla., Rachael Carlson, Mo., Carrie Elmore, S.C., Anna Loftin, La., Reighly Blakley, Okla., Kaitlin Bell, Okla., Becca Moore, Okla., Emily Coleman, Okla., Jake Grossnicklaus, Okla., Leighton Robbins, Texas, Danielle Funk, Mo., Lisa Reid, Colo., Laurie Reid, Colo., Amy Sampson, Iowa, Bailey Core, Iowa and Ryan Holaway, Texas. Thank you to everybody that helped make the 2011 NYLC a huge success!

October 2011

October 2011




The American Junior Maine-Anjou Association (AJMAA) would like to thank the following for their support in donating or purchasing items in the silent auction during the 2011 National Junior Show. We appreciate your support towards the 2011 National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC) in Fort Collins, Colo. July 28 - Aug. 1, 2011 Trans Ova Genetics Wayne and Barb Ohlrichs Maine-Anjou Voice AMAA Russ Salton Kourtney and Renee Grimm Dave Steen Kathy Bell Oklahoma Junior Maine-Anjou Assoc. Buck Cattle Co. Riley Smith Morgan Tomson Brandee Wornhoff Fowler Reproductive Services Eric Wornhoff Ancor Paint Terry Muir S.C. Maine-Anjou exhibitors Shelby Seymour Reid family Krecia Leddy Taylor Dorsey Lee Echler Kasey Herman Lindsey Broek Neil Hansen Sheryl Clarahan Double B Farms Karen Wallace Faith Hampton Cindy Stark Muir Cattle Co.

Grauer Show Cattle Sullivan Supply Bill Umbaugh Danielle Funk Jim Oppmerman Rooney Ranch Rosemary Carlson Doguet Rice Ron Miller Shane Prill Shelby Windham Demi Powers Edje Technologies Gary Leonard Bar R Cattle & Lakeside Farms Tomson Cattle Amber Spafford H&H Cross Covered Farms Glen & Connie Hinshaw Janette Simpkins Colton McCorkle Gray Cattle Marty Van Vliet Dice Cattle Co. Breeders’ World Paul & Andy Jones Steer Planet Kristy Hampton Hanold Old West Cedarmill

Russ Beckman The Showtimes Magazine Rick & Brenda Humphrey Katie Marston Show Circuit Jason Minnaert Maci Chamberlin Carlson family Ricky Gray Bovance Willow Springs Ranch Maximum Exposure Cindy King NWSS Johanna Loftin Ryan Jones Christy Lee Funk Show Cattle Karen McCullough Christine Norris Kelly Adams Courtyard Marriott, Denver Joseph Lolli Bastian Show Calves Shanen Ebersole Jake Hartin Evan Funk Timothy Patten Jacob Embry Rashele Blakley Belinda Callaway Brighton Feed & Supply

P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, Mo 64079 (816) 431-9950


October 2011

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October 2011

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Canadian Maine-Anjou Association

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October 2011


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2012 National Show & Convention Jan. 26-29, Fort Worth, Texas

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October 2011


Watch for Jaguar at all the majors this fall!

r a u g Ja Full brother to popular AI sire Mercedes Benz!

Member of 2011 Unanimous Grand Champion Pen-of-Three & Peoples Choice Maine-Anjou bulls!

DOB: 1/22/2010 Sire: Cowan's Ali 4M

For Semen Contact

Twisted L Show Cattle Tim & Lacey Vargo Leighton, Lanham & Landry Tim 210.316.6124 ○ Lacey 205.296.8927 4017 CR 345 ○ La Vernia, TX

Grand Champion Bull 2011 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Bushy Park Cattle Co., LLC Owner - Steve Robinson Cory Thomsen 605.730.2397 40281 260th Mitchell, S.D. 57301

Owned with LC Robbins, LLC

BK Unlimited Power DMCC Limited Edition 4F x Pannell Miss 4072 Purebred

America's Maine A.I. Brand

GEF Open Bar Ice Chest x Black Impact 3/4 Maine I-80 Cowan’s Ali 4M x DCC Hard Drive Purebred DCC Hard Drive 138R CMAC Hard Core x MVH Miss Pinnacle 4J Purebred Mercedes Benz Cowan’s Ali 4M x Dr. Who 3/4 Maine GVC Maverick SLC Sooner 101M x GVC Samantha 591R Purebred GCC SLC Merger SLC Sooner 101M x GCC Miss Sharpie 5652 3/4 Maine GVC Special Delivery GVC Noble Man 11N x GVC Sarah Jane 402P Purebred K&A Nautica 47N EBB Strictly Business x K&A Sally F601 Purebred Majors Money Man 673J Majors Waldo x Majors Cher 673F Purebred CAG Shiver 301R Chill Factor x CAG Miss 301L MaineTainer GVC Fortune and Glory SLC Sooner 101M x Black Smoker Purebred

TLM Bouncer 152L DMCC Body Builder x EFF Dutchess 901J 3/4 Maine BFW Mitten Man Q35P FJH Special Edition 505M x LMJ Connie 590 Purebred Boomer DMCC Limited Edition x Pannell Miss 015 Purebred

Predator Lamborghini (Double bred Midas) x Jewel (Backdraft,/Angus) 3/4 Maine

(866) 356-4565 call for a free directory or view online at

E To be sold in the 2012 Bright Lights National Maine-Anjou Sale Thank You to the past donators of the Mile High female. Without the continued support of our breeders, events like junior national would not be possible. Last year’s Mile High female raised over $12,000! Look for a junior board member to buy your raffle ticket for this year’s female!

P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, MO 64079 (816) 431-9950 52

October 2011


Make plans to attend the 2012 National Junior Maine-Anjou Show June 17- June 22, Lima, Ohio. Held in conjunction with Chianina Junior National!


EXCLUSIVE to benefit the Stanley E. Stout Livestock Marketing Center at Kansas State University

OCTOBER 28, 2011

6:00 PM (CT)

Wagstaff Sale Center at the American Royal

Offering 20 units of semen from one of the best bulls ever produced at Green Valley Cattle, the many-time Show Sire of the Year and now deceased, GVC Statesman 4R.

Without question, Collins Grizz 950 is and has been one of the most productive donors in embryo transfer to Meyer 734 in history. Collins Cattle, Inc. is offering two embryos out of a 950 clone.

Bellar Cattle Company is offering three Driver x Gracie embryos - an exciting Simmental mating to say the least. Gracie, who is sired by 3D and out of the famous Harietta cow, is the dam of the popular club calf bull Time Saver. Plenty of bone and body in an attractive package with these eggs. View and bid live online:

DeRouchey Cattle Company is offering three embryos sired by Sooner and out of DCC Jewel 230L. A full sib to this mating, pictured above, sold for $48,000 in Bushy Park Farms 2010 female sale.

LiveAuctions TV

the stoutest offering in the cattle industry


Offering elite genetics from the best purebred producers nationwide • 40+ lots from multiple breeds

Sale book available online at For more information, please contact:

Justin Stout 913-645-5136 •

Doug Paul 405-820-3982 •

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January/FebruaryVoice Deadline: Dec. 1

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October 2011

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Green Valley Cattle Co. ...... IFC Jones Show Cattle ................4,5 K&A Farm............................37 KNP Land & Cattle Co. ........38

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Entry Deadline: N.A.I.L.E., Louisville, Ky. Tulsa State Fair Open Maine-Anjou Show Northeastern Regional Junior Maine-Anjou Show, held in conjunction with the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE), Harrisburg, Pa. Deadline: November/December Voice Tulsa State Fair Junior Maine-Anjou Show State of Texas Junior Maine-Anjou Show Arkansas State Fair Open Maine-Anjou Show MCF 26th Annual Club Calf Sale, Washington, Kan. American Royal Junior & Open Maine-Anjou Show Exclusive Genetics Sale, to benefit the Stanley E. Stout Livestock Marketing Center at Kansas State University, 6 p.m. Wagstaff Sale Center

November 3 5 5 6 10 12 12 15 19 26

Wiese Cattle 1st Annual Online Female Sale, Lindsay, Neb. Winegardner Show Cattle 15th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale, Lima, Ohio Jones Show Cattle High Standards Female Sale, Harrod, Ohio Blind Badger Ranch Back to the Basics VI, Fort Morgan, Colo. Entry Deadline: Bright Light's Maine-Anjou Bull and Female Sale, N.W.S.S., Denver, Colo. N.A.I.L.E. Junior Maine-Anjou Show The Maine Focus Maine-Anjou Sale, held in conjunction with the 2011 N.A.I.L.E., Louisville, Ky. N.A.I.L.E. Open Maine-Anjou Show Green Valley "The Big Picture" Female Sale, Atkinson, Neb. MCF Top Cut Female Sale, Washington, Kan.


Let Your Voice Be Heard! Call Lindsey or Kasey to place your ads today! 816.858.9954 October 2011

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January/February Voice Deadline Hartman Cattle Co. 16th Customer Appreciation Sale, Syracuse, Neb.

January 1 13 14 15


Happy New Year Denver National Pen-of-Three Bull and Female Shows, Denver, Colo. 3rd Annual Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Bull and Female Sale, Denver, Colo. Denver National Open Maine-Anjou Bull Show, Junior MaineTainer Female Show, Open MaineTainer Female Show, Junior Maine-Anjou Show, Open Maine-Anjou Show, Denver, Colo. National Maine-Anjou Show (Open Maine-Anjou Bull Show, Open MaineTainer Show, Open Maine-Anjou Show and Open Fullblood Show) held in conjunction with the 2012 Fort Worth Stock Show, Fort Worth, Texas


Saturday, November 5, 2011 Allen County Fairgrounds, Lima, Ohio

View sale cattle pictures at To view videos and picture please visit Proxy bidding is also available for your convenience.

Selling a full sib bull prospect to our Lot 1, high selling female from our 2010 Sale. Breeds representated include Chianina, Maine-Anjou, Simmental, Charolais Composite, and Shorthorns

Brad, Melanie, Ashlie & Hannah Tyler & Natalie Brad: 419.303.3399 • Tyler: 419.236.4375 • State Route 309, Lima, Ohio •

Steers for sale private treaty all fall. Call or stop by!

Offering 40 top end Donor Females, Bred Females & Bred Heifers!! Offering 50 Elite Show Heifers! Maine-Anjou, MaineTainer, Simmental Foundation Simmental, Hereford, Angus & Chi’s Sell! Offering 1 outstanding bull prospect.

meyer ranch 734 • angus Sells bred to monopoly.

Top donor prospects like this sell!

OCTObEr 22ND | 3:00 pm aT THE Farm miTCHELL, SOUTH DakOTa

THE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FriDay, OCTObEr 21ST 3:00 PM 4-H & FFA Judging Contest 6:00 PM Dinner Served

SaTUrDay, OCTObEr 22ND 10 AM Stock Show U Fitting Clinic 12 Noon Lunch Served 2:30 PM Jr Exhibitor Recognition 3:00 PM TOE Elite Female Sale boomer • 917U 4/2011 • maine-anjou Heifer

boomer • Eva 33S 2/2011 • maine-anjou Heifer

Hard Drive • Lucky Lady 71N 1/2011 • maine-anjou Heifer

Hard Drive • 530S 3/2011 • maine-anjou Heifer

Please join us For a Family Fun weekend in mitchell on October 21st - 22nd!

bushy park Farm Steve robinson, Owner

mercedes benz • 530S 4/2011 • maineTainer Heifer

bojo • Flashback pb angus 5/2011 • maineTainer Heifer

Show heifers like this sell!

40281 260th Street • Mitchell, SD 57301 Fax: 605-996-0721 • Toll Free: 888-502-7322 Cory Thomsen, General manager, 605-730-2397 riley Laber, Show barn manager, 605-999-2560 Stephanie Steck, marketing, 402-680-1254 On-line at: Visitors always welcome!

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