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July 28, 2012 • New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center • Louisville, KY July 28


Sweepstakes Junior Show


July 29


Sweepstakes Open Show


Barn Social, Summer Stakes Elite Sale & Embryo Auction AM

Hotel Headquarters: Hilton Garden Inn (Airport/Fair Expo Center) 502-637-2424

Sweepstakes Chairman: Darrin Barbour • 816-898-8990 Embryo Auction Chairman: Doug Parke • 859-421-6100

Contact for details or leave a bid.

Watch the website for updates, semen lots, videos and other auction items.

Magnetic Lady M25 x Upgrade

Heifer Calf Pregnancy •

Mr NLC Upgrade U8676



Due: 12-12-12

ASA# 2474338


SVF NJC Magnetic Lady M25

ASA# 2154953

• Magnetic Lady continues to excel and produce elite sought after offspring. Fore the past several years at the Sloup New Direction sale her progeny, embryo’s and pregnancies are among the sale highlights and claim top prices. In the 2011 sale a daughter sold fore $23,000, embryos for $1,150 each plus pregnancies for $5,000, $4,750 and $4,500. A Upgrade son, SS Upscale sold privately to Pigeon Mountain, Select Cattle and Jay Anderson in which limited semen was marketed in 2012.This heifer calf pregnancy will benefit any program. • Sloup


Simmentals • 402-641-2936


Pregnancy •

Mr NLC Upgrade U8676


Due: 9-17-12

ASA# 2474338


JM Dice H25 L24

ASA# 2144342

• This is an awesome package deal here. Selling a pregnancy out of L24, a daughter of the legendary H25, and dam of Miley Cottontail, CAJS Elegant Force, and the recent Dixie National Champion Bull, CAJS Sugar Daddy. L24 has proven herself as a great producer of performance animals with show winning phenotype and soundness. The sire of this pregnancy is Upgrade, which makes it a full sib to Sugar Daddy, and gives it a chart-topping set of EPDs. As if that wasn’t enough, the recipient is a Miley Cottontail x Steel Force. Progeny from this cow family, both bulls and heifers alike, have been bringing top dollar and winning shows all across the country. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! • Happy

6 • 859-533-3450

HPF Promise Y817 CE: 10

BW: 0.1

WW: 21

MM: 0

MWW: 14

MRB: 0.19

CNS Pay to Dream T759 Lot


YW: 59


REA: 0.16

API: 106

CNS Dream On L186 MLF BL Jessie K336

Leachman Saugahatchee HPF-GWF Promise Me Purple SS Sadie 3/4 Blood ASA# 2633066 BD: 10-27-11 Tattoo: Y817

• Y817 is a late fall born female that combines style, substance, powerful cow

families, and balanced EPD’s into a unique package. Anchored by legends such as Bertha 46D, SS Sadie, EXT, Saugahatchee, Jessie K336, Power Drive, and K107W; her pedigree leaves us no doubt of what Y817 will be capable of in production. In the meantime, she will attract plenty of attention in the show ring with her extended front end, bold rib cage, and overall softness and flexibility. • Hudson

Pines Farm • 815-499-0522


JM Dice H25 L24 x Upgrade


Sweepstakes Coordinator: Jame Secondino Krieger

Miley Cottontail daughter of L24 and a half sib to the pregnancy.

July 28, 2012 • New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center • Louisville, KY

CMFM Independence 84Y

Ms CCF Sazerac Y33


CE: 8

BW: -0.7

MM: -0.7

MWW: 12

WW: 26 MRB: 0.48

RRJS Steel Force 134U


YW: 57

REA: 0.13

MCE: 9

CE: 6

BW: 0.7

WW: 45

API: 112

MM: -3

MWW: 19

MRB: 0.18

Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 Lot

SVF Steel Force S701 RR Idessa 7375


Myers Queen Sazerac P94 BD: 3-03-11 Tattoo: Y33

• Here is a grand daughter of the past champion at the first percentage

show at the North American, Sazerac P94. Y33’s dam and grand dam are past champions at the Sweepstakes. The “Frog” bull from Ratcliff is doing a superb job. This yearling has loads of potential and no doubt will be a future donor. Elite SimAngus genetics stacked together for superior results. • C&C

Farms, Dwight Cooper • 706-215-1251

BW: 0.5

WW: 24

MM: 2

MWW: 14

MRB: 0.26


LMF Movin Forward


SVF/BT Sazerac W406 Purebred ASA# 2638073

M Farm • 214-882-9523

BANB Miss Eliza 91Y

MCE: 10

CE: 8

BW: -0.2

WW: 23

API: 111

MM: 4

MWW: 15

MRB: 0.26

TNT Ever Ready R232 SVF/BT Sazerac T317 BD: 10-15-11 Tattoo: Y406

of the first ever Summer Stakes. We easily could have kept this heifer however wanted to show out commitment to the event. Sazerac Y406 is out of a first calf heifer, a Ever Ready x Sazerac. This Movin Forward is attractive, big bodied and super sound. This heifer can stand some competition because she has the goods and the family tree to complete the package. Her disposition is a big plus.

LLC • 601-394-8848

Triple C Krissie L30Y BD: 11-02-11 Tattoo: 84Y

REA: 0.29

• We always have enjoyed the Sweepstakes show and are pleased to be a part

• JRW,

HC Power Drive 88H

YW: 52

LMF Godivas Beautystroke

API: 117

• It is very hard to let this one go but we wanted to bring our best. This one can show and with the cow family behind her she will end up in the donor pen. She is super sound ,big bodied and good looking along with a great set of numbers. All of this and a cow family behind her in KA TCF Independence and Hollywood Queene. We feel this female has the genetics and the look to do great things down the road. • Circle

Triple C Invasion R47K

MCE: 10

REA: 0.47

Ms NLC Mojo S6119 B

KA TCF Independence S30L Purebred ASA# 2633634

Miss JRW Sazerac Y406 CE: 7

YW: 80

Ellingson Legacy M229


GLS Frontier N13

Miss CCF Sazerac T43 SimAngus ASA# 2583053

Flying B Cut Above Lot


Partisover Elan 007W 3/4 Blood ASA# 2624678

YW: 46

MCE: 7

REA: -0.08

API: 104

FB Prime Cut 456L Dillons Ms Pretty Woman SVF NJC Built Right N48 Partisover Burgess 430 BD: 9-11-11 Tattoo: 91Y

• Here is a fall born we feel is special. This Fatt Butt was born small at birth however is growing well and is very impressive. Eliza’s dam we purchase from Partisover and she definitely is the front pasture kind. This Fatt Butt female has a great disposition as you will see sale day. 91Y is complete, well balanced and sure fire show stopper. We are excited about Elisa’s potential and be able to offer her in the Sweepstakes. • B&B

Cattle • 601-479-5165

July 28, 2012 • New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center • Louisville, KY

CE: 6

BW: 1.4

WW: 27

MM: 1

MWW: 15

MRB: 0.17

CNS Pays to Dream T759 Lot

YW: 54

MCE: 10

REA: 0.16

API: 108

CNS Dream On L186

HC Power Drive 88H

Lazy H Power Time W8 Purebred ASA# 2636118

Lazy H Liberty Time S8 BD: 1-09-12 Tattoo: 2Z

• Aubrey’s Odessa is an attractive January heifer with strong genetic

merit – ready for your consideration! Her pedigree combines the legendary Power Drive and the well-known Summer Sister family. She’s a big-middled, sound calf with the perfect disposition for the young exhibitor. • Aubrey’s Cattle • 317-450-0652

BW: 1.5

WW: 31

MM: -1

MWW: 14

MRB: 0.35

YW: 57

MCE: 10

REA: 0.22

API: 111

CNS Dream On L186 3C Melody M668 BZ SC Mo Magic S47

Lazy H Majic Burn X114

Lazy H Burning Desire


ASA# 2638101 BD: 1-03-12 Tattoo: 201Z • Great purebred contribution to the inaugural event! This heifer has improved every single day of her life and should have probably been held back for our production sale but our word is our word so here she is. Her dam was our choice of Lazy H Game Day bred females and is doing a whale of a job as a first calf heifer and is bred back while nursing this good female with ease and a good udder. This heifer has always been long with great lines but she gets deeper and soggier every single day. And her attitude is great. This one is weaned, broke, and ready for the rest of the summer or fall. The work is done here. You just found your purebred project for this coming fall and next year… • Horstman Cattle Co. • 765-426-0426

YW: 48

MCE: 6

CE: 6

BW: 0.9

WW: 32

YW: 55

MCE: 7

API: 95

MM: -2

MWW: 14

MRB: 0.41

REA: 0.30

API: 101


SVF Star Power S802

PCC Star Power 9208 3/4 Blood ASA# 2638142

900R BD: 3-25-12 Tattoo: 360Z

• American Dream is a full brother to Dream Catcher. Several breeders across the country invested in American Dream thru shares and all reports coming in are super positive. Dream’s first progeny look great! This star face daughter has all the right parts to be a good one and be show heifer with a great future. Sage is young however you can see she has the look, muscle, hip, rib shape and soundness to be a contender.

Cattle • 405-206-7997

WAGR Driver 706T Lot

REA: 0.31

CNS Dream On L186 W/C American Dream 9027W Lot 3C Melody M668 BZ

• Pembrook

WW: 29 MRB: 0.35

DWJF PCC Maddie 365Z

DWJF PCC Sage 360Z CE: 4

BW: 0.2 MWW: 12


MLF BL Jessie K336


CE: 7 MM: -3

PPCC/RSC Uptown 36X Lot


Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 203/39P GWS Ebonys Trademark 6N

T0256 5/8 Blood

ASA# Pending

0256/K0256 BD: 4-10-12 Tattoo: 365Z

• Maddie is definitely sharp and attractive with eye appeal galore. This

youngster is sired by the 2011 NWSS Reserve Grand Percentage bull. Her sire Uptown a Upgrade son is siring this type and kind. A female with great extension thru her front end and balanced throughout her overall makeup. This female is young however we feel has loads of promise and a future. • Pembrook

Cattle • 405-206-7997


LAH Burn Baby 201Z

Aubrey’s Odessa 2Z

July 28, 2012 • New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center • Louisville, KY

Embryos are full sibs to HPF Miss Crocus Y007, the $30,000 high selling open female out of The Living Legacy VII going to Circle M Farms in Rockwall, TX

HPF Ms Crocus x Milestone

2011 Division Champion North American National Show.

HPF Miss Pep X304 x Pays to Dream

Selling 2 Embryos

JF Milestone 999W


Selling 2 Embryos

CNS Pays To Dream T759

ASA# 2494990

X 12 HPF Ms Crocus U326



Donated by... Hudson Pines Farm • 815-499-0522


HPF Miss Pep X304

ASA# 2440046

ASA# 2419373

ASA# 2535322

Donated by... Black Watch • 660-525-9921

Hudson Pines Farm • 815-499-0522

2011 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Champion Cow/calf pair.

PRC Looking Good x LAH Sue 604S Selling 2 Embryos


LAH Sue 604S


ASA# 2333265

Selling 2 Embryos

HTP/SVF Duracell T52 ASA# 2392068 R&R Chamberlain X744 ASA# 2560508 Wheatland Stout 930W ASA# 2563268



PRC Looking Good T94

RJM Machos Dream Embryos

ASA# 2393685

Donated by... Horstman Cattle Co. • 765-426-0426



RJM Machos Dream U146

ASA# 2439352

Donated by... Tom Robinson • 319-350-5811


July 28, 2012 • New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center • Louisville, KY

THO/LTS Divas Moco Embryos

Miss Lucky Gal x Steel Force Selling 2 Embryos

SVF Steel Force S701



ASA# 2340262


GCF Miss Lucky Gal N42

Selling 2 Embryos Westfall Voyager 721P ASA# 2276508 or BMR Explorer ASA# 2385799 or Triple C Bettis S72J ASA# 2341670 or Limestone Darkhorse U322 ASA# 2524878 or Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 ASA# 2474338 or Rubys Wide Open 909W ASA# 2492312

Lot ASA# 2244831



THO/LTS Divas Moco

Donated by... Dave Zeis & Laaker Cattle Co.


Miss Maximus 2010 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Champion Percentage Heifer, half sib to the eggs selling.

ASA# 2400264

Donated by... Jeff Tompson • 563-349-8722


P30 x Mo Better

HSF Victoria x Make It Rain

RP/MP Right To Love Embryos Selling 2 Embryos

BMR Explorer ASA# 2385799 Harkers Domination ASA# 2589959




K-Ler Make It Rain



RP/MP Right To Love 015U

Selling 2 Embryos

ASA# 2434417

Donated by... Hadden Simmentals • 712-281-2690

HSF Victoria P30

ASA# 2376230

X ASA# 2376230

Donated by... Ryan Hecksel • 952-201-8662

Catalog Produced By:

On the Leading EDJE of Innovation 866.839.3353

July 28, 2012 • New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center • Louisville, KY

Embryos are half sibs to JF Milestone.

Ms Maxie Lou x New Trend

Rhodes Lucinda R92 Embryos

Selling 2 Embryos

Selling 3 Embryos- Choice of Upscale or Chopper

SS Upscale ASA# 2586789 ZKCC Chopper S44U ASA# 2453413

JF New Trend 1044Y



ASA# 2594604




Ms Maxie Lou M112S

Rhodes Lucinda R92

ASA# 2331542

Donated by... Janssen Farms • 515-314-4771


Many time champion and 2011 Sweepstakes Reserve Junior Champion, full sib embryos

Ms Beautiful x SAV Pioneer

SS Ebonys Grandmaster ASA# 2281133 BC Lookout ASA# 2431243 Yardly High Regard ASA# 2522822


ASA# 2478526

Donated by... Lee Simmental Farm • 573-881-5629

Diamond A Farms • 618-292-3127

Selling 2 Embryos



DAF Summer Time U29

Clover Valley Simmentals • 812-738-4129

Selling 2 Embryos - 1 embryo by Grandmaster other embryo can be Grandmaster, Lookout, or High Regard

ASA# 2289513

Donated by... Slate Farms • 931-206-5026

DAF Summer Time Embryos


SAV Pioneer


ASA# 2496647


HPF Ms Beautiful S054

ASA# 2337559

Donated by... Bramlet Simmentals • 618-841-6763


Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes  

Cattle Sale in Louiseville, KY