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Dedication I would like to dedicate this book to

the Sloth Fishing Crew… My grandpa Gordon, dad Dennis, uncle Darrell, cousin Andy, and next year my son, Tucker.

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nce a year, Sammy Sloth’s grandpa, papa, uncle, and cousin make a fishing trip up to Lake Kabetogama. “Am I old enough to come on the fishing trip this year?” asked Sammy Sloth.

“I think you are, Sammy, but remember, it takes a lot of patience to catch fish,” replied Papa Sloth. “Yes! I want to catch a big fish!” exclaimed Sammy Sloth.

The Sloths loaded their camper with all their fishing gear and headed north. After about thirty minutes on the road, Sammy Sloth asked, “Are we there yet?�

“I know you’re excited to catch a big fish, but just be patient. We will be there soon,” replied Grandpa Sloth.

After hours of driving, the Sloths finally pulled into the campground. Sammy Sloth was super excited and cheered, “We’re here! We’re here! Let’s go! Let’s go catch a big fish!”

“Patience, son, we will go fishing early tomorrow morning,” said Papa Sloth. “Let’s start a campfire instead.” The Sloths sat around the campfire, taking turns sharing stories of the big fish they once caught. Sammy Sloth could hardly sleep that night because he was thinking about the big fish he was going to catch the next day.

As the sun came up that next morning, the Sloths set out on their fishing boat. Sammy Sloth hooked his bait and cast his line. As the Sloths were fishing in their boat, they saw Debbie Deer on shore getting a morning drink from the lake.

“I want to catch a big fish!” Sammy Sloth told Debbie Deer. “Sounds good, but it takes patience to catch a big fish,” replied Debbie Deer.

Hours passed, and the only thing Sammy Sloth caught was an old stinky shoe. No big fish. Sammy Sloth saw Bradley Bald Eagle soaring above looking for fish and yelled to him,“Hey, Bradley Bald Eagle! I want to catch a big fish!”

“Sounds good, but it takes patience to catch a big fish,� replied Bradley Bald Eagle.

A few more hours passed, and the only thing Sammy Sloth caught was a rusty tin can. No big fish. Sammy Sloth saw a family of otters sunbathing on a huge rock and told them, “I want to catch a big fish!�

“Sounds good, but it takes patience to catch a big fish,� replied Olivia Otter.

It started to get late, and the only thing Sammy Sloth caught was an old toilet seat. No big fish. Sammy Sloth began to get discouraged until he saw Bobby Black Bear catch a big fish. “I want to catch a big fish, how did you do that?� asked Sammy Sloth.

“It takes patience,” replied Bobby Black Bear. “I’ve been waiting for hours, and then all of a sudden a big fish swam by, and I caught it.”

Sammy Sloth cast his line in the lake and waited patiently. He waited and waited quietly without a peep. He was about to give up, and then all of a sudden, he felt a tug on his line.

Sammy Sloth thought to himself, Could this be it? The big fish I’ve been waiting patiently for all day?

Sammy Sloth set his hook and started reeling his line. The fishing pole bent all the way to the water. Sammy Sloth reeled the fish with all his might as the fish swam back and forth underwater. The fish continued to pull the line and bend the fishing pole. Is this it? Is this the big fish?

Grandpa Sloth and Papa Sloth both held onto the fishing net as they scooped the fish out of the water and into the boat. “Holy smokes!” said Papa Sloth. “That is one big fish!” “I did it!” exclaimed Sammy Sloth “I caught a big fish!”

“I’ve been fishing here for many years, and that’s the biggest fish I’ve seen!” said Grandpa Sloth. “I told you, it takes patience to catch a big fish.” Sammy Sloth could hardly wait until the next campfire to tell the story about how he caught a

big fish!

Sammy Sloth's Big Fish  

Sammy is finally old enough to join his family on their fishing trip. He is excited to catch a Big Fish, but finds out its not that easy. Do...