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Working With families to create chamPions in the rinG and in life.

champion maine-anjou heifer, 2015 sd spotlight res. supreme champion heifer, 2014 sdsu sib sell in 2015!

champion aob heifer, 2015 ozark empire fair champion mainetainer heifer, 2015 mo state fair

champion mainetainer heifer, 2014 arkansas state sib sell in 2015! fair, open & jr shows sib sell in 2015!

3rd overall champion continental heifer, 2014 belt buckle

calf champion maine heifer, 2015 ft worth, jr show

a sampling of the cattle we’ve raised & sold in our past sales.

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OCTOBER • VOLUME 26/NUMBER 1 The official publication of the American Maine-Anjou Association. COVER PhOTO By ShANNON COOK


Features 14 getting It Right Makes All the Differece:

Contemporary grouping and Data Reporting For Beef Cattle genetic Evaluation by Bob Weaber

46 Faces of Leadership Recap by Lindsey Broek

Other Departments 8 headquarters by Blake Nelson

10 Commercial Connection by Dave Steen

25 Junior Update

by Reighly Blakley

26 Announcements 30 New Junior Members 31 New Adult Members

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headquarters Current EPD Profile (Active) MaineTainer Sires MaineTainer Dams Maine-Anjou Sires Maine-Anjou Dams

CE 6.5 6.8 7.2 7.2

BW 2.1 2.1 2.5 2.4

WW 35.8 37.6 39.5 39.8

YW 72.4 75.7 78.4 78.6

MCE 0.9 1.8 2.8 2.9

MM 19.3 19.7 19.4 19.4

MWW 37.1 38.5 39.2 39.3

CW -3 -1.1 1 1

FT 0.01 0.01 0 0

REA 0.13 0.14 0.18 0.17

MARB 0.18 0.2 0.19 0.2

%RT 0.26 0.26 0.32 0.31

by Blake Nelson, executive vice president

Blake Nelson, Executive Vice President

American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) Mission Statement The AMAA will promote Maine-Anjou genetics that provide superior, value added performance, docility and carcass excellence for the beef industry while also providing expanded membership services for adult and junior members. Hello everyone! As I pen my first editorial for the Voice I find myself having to choose what I would like to convey first. I think it is important to immediately express my sincere gratitude to the board for this opportunity! I am here for YOU! I am quick to recognize that without members/breeders we don’t have an association and I don’t have a job. I have already had the chance to meet many Maine-Anjou breeders and look forward to meeting many more. I would like to convey some thoughts about the past, the present and the future in this article. I believe in the Maine-Anjou breed. The past has shown the development of the breed from early on as an imported phenomenon to the more established breed that we see today. With any breed there are ups and downs and we have seen those cycles with Maine-Anjou. I think that we should recognize the work and energy that John Boddicker has dedicated to the breed. John has been at the helm throughout the cycles of the cattle industry and stayed true to his vision for the breed. The junior program has flourished and the breed has remained relevant even when some others have fallen by the wayside. In the Boddicker era the breed has seen many positive changes. Programs have been implemented that I believe will move us forward and solidify legitimacy to the breed. The MAPP program and the increased incorporation of DNA enhanced EPDs are two of the



most recent additions. The work that Dave Steen has done with feed trials and collecting gain/carcass data is invaluable. To have the ability to present facts on paper about how profitable our cattle can be is a must! These programs will help document and track the production qualities of the breed. Presently, Maine-Anjou is without a doubt the breed that excels in phenotype. Whether it is showring success or just visual quality we have those traits covered. Maine genetics are the most potent phenotype enhancer out there! Docility is a trait that is becoming more important every day in the beef industry and that is a strong attribute of the breed. The calving ease of Maine cattle has seen drastic improvement over the last decade. From a yield grade and carcass standpoint our cattle can have a strong positive impact without diminishing marbling. All the previously mentioned traits are strengths we have in hand. They still have not been enough to capture more interest from the commercial cattleman across this country. Why? Some say that while chasing calving ease we have lost the punch or growth factor that we once had. Others claim the practical function of the Maine cattle was lost when the emphasis was placed on a heifer only having to look good and not do her job in production (fertility, milk, longevity…etc.). Regardless of the cause, the commercial industry view of Maine cattle today is not favorable.

Future, I pose a question; “Why should phenotype be our only calling card?” The breed has so many more marketing possibilities available! If we would adopt the previously mentioned programs within our operations and have hard data to gauge and show what the breed can offer to the commercial man then, maybe we could harness a larger market share for Maine genetics. I am not suggesting we turn our backs on what is working today, but rather to enhance what we have with some science and production facts! The junior show program is an excellent market but many of you know that this is a small piece of the pie. The commercial bull buyer is a revenue source that we need to more closely focus on when we make our breeding decisions. What do the bull buyers place their emphasis on - calving ease, docility, growth, and conformation. They prefer problem free cattle with balance! Not just physical balance, but also a balance in production traits. Finding this balance in production traits is the key to Maine-Anjou’s growth. If we truly want to make a run at the bull market and have cattle that will be profitable in the commercial sector we have to IDENTIFY our weaknesses and strengths and select for improvement. This starts with data reporting and an open mindset.

If we look at the progress in beef production that has been made over the last 75 years, we will see that it started with data collection and the incorporation of new technology. This is why data collecting and reporting is so important to truly identify the production ability of our cattle and not let our own biases or perceptions get in the way. The use of DNA sequencing is another new technology that we need to embrace. Through the use of DNA we can more quickly identify the genetic potential of an animal and either select to propagate or cull their genetic line. Again, these are just some ideas to enhance the marketability of Maine genetics. I understand that you the breeders must make your choices on what works for your customers. Admittedly, if our eyes and the data matchup then everyone is happy and you have produced a great product! There are so many possibilities that can increase the popularity and profitability of this great breed. I hope that you have a great fall and feel free to stop by the office or call anytime! Best regards, Blake

! F E E B L A T I G I D E


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CommerCial ConneCtion

by Dave Steen, commercial development director

Maine-Anjou... Adding Value to Your Program

2015 has again been a good year for cattle producers. The cash fed cattle prices have bounced back after declining almost steadily since the first week of April. The cash fed market reached a high of around $165/cwt. and then dropped to a low of about $145/cwt. in late July. Forecasters are estimating that the remainder of the year looks like a positive for the finished steer market, which could possibly average around $153/cwt., only a couple of dollars lower than 2014. The feeder calf market prices have varied from week to week but still have brought very respectful prices throughout the country. Cattle with documented feeding and carcass results have topped many of the sales throughout the nation. Last week I received a call from a producer in Utah who along with two or three neighbors grouped their Maine-Anjou calves together to be able to sell three pot loads of steer calves. After a couple of weeks of a soft tug of war, the feedlot owner bought their calves weighing 625 pounds at $2.55/lb. That’s an average per head price of $1,593! The feedyard that purchased these calves has fed them for the last three years. His starting bid was $2.40/lb. After two weeks of negotiations, the buyer had to increase his bid by $156 per head to own the calves. Here’s the interesting part of this story, the ranchers have no idea how their cattle perform and have never received any information from this feeder concerning the overall performance of their cattle. In my estimation there is probably little doubt that these Maine-Anjou sired calves must perform at the highest of their feedyard’s expectations! I personally had the opportunity to visit two of these ranches last year and I can attest to the outstanding quality that these cattlemen offer. Congratulations to these Utah producers and thank you for using Maine-Anjou genetics in your programs. This is a story that I have both seen and heard 10 OCTOBER 2015

many times over the years. I have personally sent many pot loads of cattle to feedyards and I never knew anything about the performance of the calves except that they were sired by Maine-Anjou bulls and knew a little about their vaccination programs. In each case the feedlot managers knew that these were Maine-Anjou sired cattle. The feeding and carcass results in each closeout have been remarkable. Each case is a testimony to the value of Maine-Anjou genetics! For the producer to be able to collect this valuable carcass information concerning their cattle, the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) will again offer consignments to the AMAA/Tri-County Steer and Heifer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF) in 2015 – 2016. Please feel free to contact me at (515) 201-3281 with any questions you may have. 2015 - 2016 AMAA/Tri-County Steer and Heifer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF) The AMAA, in conjunction with the TCSCF, is offering producers the opportunity to retain ownership and feed your Maine-Anjou cattle to obtain the harvest data that will assist you in your continued efforts to improve your genetics. The delivery dates are posted, but we will accept cattle whenever it works for you! If this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact me at (515) 201-3281 or TCSCF at (712) 7692600. The futurity is based out of Lewis, Iowa and is contracted to feed cattle with 10 different feedyards in southwest Iowa. Our cattle will again be fed at Gregory Feedyards, Tabor, Iowa. Their phone number is (712) 625-2311 and manager David Trowbridge’s cell number is (712) 370-2205.

Tests October Delivery November Delivery December Delivery January Delivery

Sex Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers

Health Completed Sept. 15, 2015 Oct. 12, 2015 Nov. 10, 2015 Dec. 14, 2015

Iowa Sites for Steer and Heifer Tests Additional information: Gregory Feedlots Jim Gregory, Owner David Trowbridge, Feedlot Manager 1164 305th Avenue Tabor, IA 51653 Phone: (712) 625-2311 Fax: (712) 625-2321 Directions to Gregory Feedlots From Tabor, Iowa go south on Highway 275 for 2 miles to junction 184 (County Hwy J18) and 275. Head east on Highway 184 (J18) for 3½ miles to 305th avenue. Go north ¼ mile to top of a hill and look for a sign on the east side of the road.

Entries Due Sept. 18, 2015 Oct. 16, 2015 Nov. 13, 2015 Dec. 18, 2015

Delivery Date Oct. 15, 2015 Nov. 12, 2015 Dec. 10, 2015 Jan. 14, 2016

For those of you who are traveling on Interstate 29, take Exit 24 and go east 10 miles to Tabor, Iowa. No one will be billed for feed, it will be deducted from the proceeds of the cattle! Please feel free to contact me at (515) 201-3281 with any questions you may have. Optimism has a Solid Base - It’s Maine-Anjou!!! Maines on the Move, Dave Steen AMAA Commercial Development Director

For More Information:

Dave Steen, 515-201-3281

OCTOBER 2015 11

c a W


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Building a Better Product... One Generation at a Time



AMAA Reg. # 425792 - RRRC Sport 701T X DCC 804J DOB: 5/21/2010 • 3/4 Maine-Anjou • Polled • Homozygous Black BW: 76 lbs. • TH/PHA Free CE 12

BW -0.9

WW 33.5

YW 37.6

MILK 20.1

M&G 36.7

MCE 9.9

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OCTOBER 2015 13



etting It Right Makes All the Difference: Contemporary Grouping and Data Reporting For Beef Cattle Genetic Evaluation

by Bob Weaber, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Cow-calf Extension Specialist, Kansas State University The process of analyzing individual performance association. As far as the genetic evaluations system is records and converting them to meaningful predictors concerned, data not in the database doesn’t exist. Do of an animal’s genetic merit is a process that has yourself, your cows and your breed a favor, and submit undoubtedly been debated in countless pickup trucks, all the data from your herd. Collecting performance sale arenas, coffee shops, kitchen tables and most data across a wide range of traits, including calving certainly many professors’ offices. In many ways the ease, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, genetic evaluation of beef cattle is very complex. scan data and in some cases carcass data and EPDs However, the basic premise used to compare animals resulting from analysis of that data is now considered is very simple. The basis on which an animal is essential information by commercial cattlemen. evaluated is how it (and/or their progeny and grandWe know that not all the differences in an animal’s progeny) performed against its contemporaries. In performance are related to its genetics. Part of other words, how did the animal perform within its the difference is due to environmental effects. The contemporary group? result of the expression of an animal’s genetics in It is important to note that not only does an environment is an animal’s phenotype. Every contemporary group structure matter, getting data performance measure cattle producers take of an in the evaluation also matters. Data that exists in animal is a measurement of the animal’s phenotype. your herd records or computer system at your farm For example, we know, and adjust for the fact that or ranch DOESN’T matter a bit if it never makes its the weaning weights of calves born to 2-year-old way to the database and record system at your breed dams are lighter than the weights recorded for calves

14 OCTOBER 2015

born to 5 or 6-year-old dams. An individual calf ’s weaning weight is the result of the calf ’s genetics for pre-weaning growth and the environment in which the calf was raised. This environment includes the herd, year and season it was born, the amount of milk provided by the calf ’s dam, which was influenced by the amount of grass she ate, the age of the dam, the calf ’s sex, and other effects that would also be experienced by the calf ’s contemporaries. EPDs were designed to predict an animal’s genetic value after environmental effects have been removed. Since EPDs are calculated on the basis of comparisons, it makes sense that we must make fair comparisons. In a sense, we want to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. When animals are appropriately grouped with contemporaries in terms of similar management and environment, then differences in performance are likely due to differences in genetics. Thus, proper contemporary grouping is critical for EPDs to be accurate. The contemporary group helps animal geneticists separate genetic differences from environmental effects so that animals are compared on a level playing field. A common technical definition of a contemporary group is “a group of the same breed (not required in multi-breed systems such as the IGS multi-breed system), born within a specified age range, raised at the same location or in the same herd, of the same sex and managed alike from birth until time of measurement.” More simply put, a contemporary group is a group of animals that have had an equal opportunity to perform. Many breed registries help breeders to define correct contemporary groups according to the breed percentage (not required in multi-breed systems), sex, calving period and herd, but producers must carefully group animals according to other management and environmental factors like health and nutrition. Even so, individual breeders are ultimately responsible for the accurate contemporary grouping of their animals. It is likely that only you know the management history of your herd. When completing performance data entry forms, consideration should always be given to the management and nutrition of the calves

and their dams, and then they should be grouped accordingly. In theory, contemporary grouping is easy, but the application of contemporary grouping in real life can present many challenging decisions. A common error in building contemporary groups is breeders not assigning enough groupings to accommodate calves that have received unequal treatment. Just as damaging, some breeders create too many contemporary groups. Assignments should be as simple as possible while still accounting for major differences in management. A useful method to aid in contemporary grouping is to assign distinct contemporary group codes to animals that are exceptions to regular management practices. For example, calves that received preferential treatment (cattle being fitted for show, for example) should be placed within their own contemporary group. It is important to note that contemporary groups never increase in size after the calving season is over. A contemporary group may, however, decrease in size. Often, as calves get older the contemporary group will decrease in size due to culling, injury, sickness, death or assignment to sub-groups that reflect different management treatments. Contemporary groups cannot be recombined once animals have been defined to be members of separate groups. Reporting complete data is an important part of contemporary grouping that deserves special attention. In order to make EPDs as accurate as possible, it is critical that complete and accurate performance data be submitted on every calf born in your herd. Incomplete or inaccurate data reduces the reliability of each animal’s EPDs. The preciseness of an animal’s EPDs, particularly animals that have no progeny, depend greatly on an animal’s own performance record. It is important to report all the calves born on your farm or ranch and their respective weights. Granted reporting all data takes more effort, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Sending performance data to many breed registries on “computes” or non-registered animals is often at a reduced or no charge. If you do not report all the data, the overall performance

OCTOBER 2015 15

Feature ... continued

records of your operation will not be as accurate as they could be. Every calf should be weighed at birth. No exceptions! Yes, especially weigh the DEAD ones. It is important that both the sire and dam of a dead calf get the credit they deserve. Reporting only the good calves does not identify the poor producing parents. Not only will reporting each calf aid the accurate calculation of EPDs, it will also keep the dam’s production record current. Often breeders will try to economize by only sending in data and registering a portion of their calf crop, usually the top end. The practice of only reporting part of the contemporary group data is seriously flawed! It is as important, maybe more important, to identify the bottom end of the genetics and cull them, as it is to identify the top end. Additionally, by not reporting the bottom end of the calves, the top end doesn’t get the credit they truly deserve. For example, a producer has 10 bull calves. The average weaning weight for all 10 calves is 625 pounds (see Table 1). Note that calf #1 is 101 lb. below the group average and has a ratio of 84, while the best calf (#10) is 117 lb. above the average with a ratio of 119. It is important to remember that National Cattle Evaluation programs focus on the deviations (or difference) of calf weights from the average of the contemporary group rather than each calf ’s adjusted weight. Now let’s consider the calves if the producer reports only the heavy half of the calves. The new group average is 675 lb. The average weight, ratios and deviations are shown in the right portion of the table.

With the new grouping, the heaviest calf (#10) has a ratio of only 110 and a deviation of +67 lb. He still looks good, but not as growthy as he really is. More importantly, notice calf #6. When all the calves are considered, he was slightly above the average (ratio = 102, deviation = +14). If only the heavy calves are reported, he now looks inferior with a deviation of -36 and a ratio of 95. When data is only submitted on the best or poorest calves, they are being treated unfairly. And, the resulting culling and selection decisions the producer makes will be flawed. Each calf you raise depends on you for a fair comparison relative to its mates. Many producers think it is advantageous to only report the best calves, when in fact it penalizes them. Only you know how your calves have been managed. Make sure your contemporary groupings reflect this knowledge. Common contemporary group criteria used in genetic evaluations are listed below. Some helpful tips for breeders to use in creating contemporary groups are included in the section ‘A Guide to Contemporary Grouping.’ Another key issue related to data reporting is recognition that pedigree structure can affect the utility of data from a contemporary group. In the genetic evaluation, the focus is on evaluation of sires using data on the calves reported. To compare sires, progeny in a useful contemporary group should be sired by two or more bulls. Ideally, one of those bulls should be a high accuracy sires, either a proven bull herd sire used naturally or AI bulls. Providing good data take more than just collecting weights, it takes attention to detail, planning good contemporary

Table 1. Weaning Weight Contemporary Example All Calves Reported Top Half Reported Adj. 205d. Weight Deviation Ratio Deviation Ratio 1 524 -101 84 2 562 -63 90 3 578 -47 93 4 605 -20 97 5 606 -19 97 6 639 14 102 -36 95 7 643 18 103 -32 95 8 655 30 105 -20 97 9 694 69 111 19 103 10 742 117 119 67 110 Average Deviation and Ratio 0 100 0 100 Average Weight 625 675 Calf ID

16 OCTOBER 2015

A Guide to Contemporary Grouping 1. Use group codes on registration application or performance data submission forms to assign calves to contemporary groups.


Use the group codes to put a sick or injured calf into a single animal contemporary group if the illness or injury affected the calf ’s performance.

3. Take weaning weights and measurements on all calves on the same day (when a majority of the calves are between 160 and 250 days of age), including as many calves in each contemporary group as legitimately possible.

4. Weigh all animals in a group before separating them, especially before separating show

calves or bulls for a test station.


If the age spread of calves is greater than 90 days, choose two or more weigh dates, using as few as possible.

6. Have progeny from two or more sires in each contemporary group. 7. When calves are within an appropriate age range for each trait, record yearling weight, height, scrotal circumference, pelvic area and ultrasound measurements on the same day.

8. If carcass data is to be collected on cull bulls, heifers or steers, report weaning weights

on all animals. These data allows selection of replacement females and bulls to be accounted for in genetic evaluations and help prevent bias in the predictions.


Do not weigh each calf individually as it reaches 205 days of age but rather weigh each calf in a group individually when calves average approximately 205 days of age.

10. Do not include calves receiving special treatment (show, bull test, sale) in the same group with those that did not receive an equal opportunity to perform.

OCTOBER 2015 17

Kaylee Miller

Reighly Blakley


Junior Bevan Holmgren

18 OCTOBER 2015

Tayler Gall

Hunter Randall

Hannah Topmiller


Hunter Randall

Board Ladd Landgraf

Kennedy Core OCTOBER 2015 19

Bevan Holmgren Age: 19 AJMAA Position: Region I Director School: South Dakota State University Extracurricular activities: Working on the farm and spending time with family and friends. Plans for the future: Graduating with a degree in Ag Education and finding a job in the ag industry. Favorite show and why? ... National Western Most embarrassing moment at a show? ... I really don’t have one. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Steak I wish I were better at ... Studying for school. My favorite aspect of being on the junior board is ... Being able to help out in the ring and the opportunity to meet new people. If I could judge one show it would be ... NAILE My greatest accomplishment ... Being able to be on the junior board and getting to work with kids that have the same interests as me. If I could meet one person it’d be ... George Washington My favorite AJMAA memory is ... Working the showring for the first time. My favorite sports team is ... The Colts My favorite song is ... Why I Farm If I could show any other animal besides cattle it would be ... Goats, because I have never shown a goat. Hannah Topmiller Age: 16 AJMAA Position: Region I Director School: Little Miami High School, Morrow, Ohio Extracurricular activities: Playing soccer and showing. Plans for the future: I hope to pursue a degree and a career in agriculture and maintain my own Maine-Anjou herd. Favorite show and why? ... My favorite show is junior nationals because each year is new experience. It’s never the same location and the experience of what each state has to offer is always exciting. It’s also about the youth and gives me a chance to meet new people and gain new knowledge about the industry. Most embarrassing moment at a show? ... Walking into the showring and my show halter broke. Someone had to catch her and I ended up showing in a rope halter. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Macaroni and cheese. I wish I were better at ... Memorizing pedigrees. My favorite aspect of being on the junior board is ... Working with the young people and promoting the industry. If I could judge one show it would be ... NAILE My greatest accomplishment ... Being elected to the AJMAA Junior Board and bringing home three banners from the Ohio State Fair in one summer, all while recovering from ACL surgery. If I could meet one person it’d be ... Luke Bryan My favorite AJMAA memory is ... Being elected as a Region 1 Director.

20 OCTOBER 2015

My favorite sports team is ... The Ohio State Buckeyes My favorite song is ... Centuries by Fallout Boy If I could show any other animal besides cattle it would be ... Sheep

Kennedy Core Age: 19 AJMAA Position: Region 2 Director School: Iowa State University Extracurricular activities: Spending time with family and friends. Plans for the future: Continue to get my education at ISU. Favorite show and why? ... My favorite show would be the NAILE There is nothing better than the green shavings and good cattle! Most embarrassing moment at a show? ... When I went into showmanship with gum in my mouth. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Pizza! I wish I were better at ... Math! My favorite aspect of being on the junior board is ... Getting the opportunity to be a role model for the younger kids. If I could judge one show it would be ... Iowa State Fair Market Steer Show. My greatest accomplishment ... Winning Kansas City and Louisville in one year. If I could meet one person it’d be ... Pat Summit My favorite AJMAA memory is ... Winning sweepstakes as a junior and intermediate. My favorite sports team is ... Iowa State Cyclones My favorite song is ... Save It For A Rainy Day If I could show any other animal besides cattle it would be ... Pigs Kaylee Miller Age: 19 AJMAA Position: Region 2 Director School: Northwest Missouri State University Extracurricular activities: Running and spending time with family and friends. Plans for the future: After I graduate from Northwest I plan to find an agriculture teaching job in Iowa. Favorit show and why? ... My favorite show would have to be the junior national because it’s a week I get to spend with all of the juniors and meet a lot of new people. Most embarrassing moment at a show? ... Getting my showstick stuck in my calf’s tale. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Steak I wish I were better at ... Having more confidence in myself. My favorite aspect of being on the junior board is ... Having the opportunity to interact with all of the younger members. If I could judge one show it would be ... National Western Stock Show My greatest accomplishment ... Receiving my American Degree at the end of this month. If I could meet one person it’d be ... The Big Guy upstairs. My favorite AJMAA memory is ... Winning sweepstakes at junior national.

My favorite sports team is ... Iowa State Cyclones My favorite song is ... Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood If I could show any other animal besides cattle it would be ... Pigs Ladd Landgraf Age: 18 AJMAA Position: Region 3 Director/Secretary/Treasurer School: Oklahoma State University Extracurricular activities: Exploring new places with friends. Plans for the future: Graduate from OSU and return home to take over the family business. Favorite show and why? ... NAILE. It was my first major to attend AND the bowl of cheese fries you get right outside the barn are some of the best I have ever had, second only to Eskimo Joes. Most embarrassing moment at a show? ... Mine happened this year at the NAILE. I was showing a bald faced Chi heifer who had a bit of an attitude and while in the middle of a conversation she bolts. Me of course, flailing after her at the end of the halter. I ended up rolling through the infamous green shavings and have shavings in my jeans, pockets and all, for months. No joke. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Fried rice. I wish I were better at ... Being patient. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to wait around, and as we all know the show calf industry is a waiting game. My favorite aspect of being on the junior board is ... Getting to actually help the kids. I want to be there for the kids who mean the world to me and this breed. If I could judge one show it would be ... The Oklahoma Youth Expo. Growing up in Oklahoma the youth expo holds every bit as much weight as any major show in the country. Winning that show is every kids dream who shows in Oklahoma. My greatest accomplishment ... As cheesy as it sounds, not much gives me a better feeling than knowing that I was able to help the kids who are showing no matter where I am. My favorite AJMAA memory is ... White water rafting this summer in Colorado for our NYLC trip. It was a total blast. My favorite sports team is ... I’m not a huge sports fan, but when I do want to watch it, it usually ends up being basketball so I’m actually a fan of the OKC Thunder. My favorite song is ... It depends on my mood, however a consistent favorite of mine is Slow Dancing In a Burning Room by John Mayer. Really, anything that John Mayer sings is good! If I could show any other animal besides cattle it would be ... I think I could handle showing a sheep.

Reighly Blakley Age: 19 AJMAA Position: Region 3 Director/Vice President School: Oklahoma State University Extracurricular activities: Working cattle. Plans for the future: Graduate with a double major in Animal Science and Agricultural Communication and work for the livestock industry. Favorite show and why? ... The National Western, because despite the cold and the “Denver crud” it has a beautiful view and is always a fun show! Most embarrassing moment at a show? ... When my heifer got away in showmanship and when I went to catch her the chain on the halter broke! If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Spaghetti I wish I were better at ... I wish I could improve and better my time management skills for my busy schedule. If I could judge one show it would be ... Junior National. Not only because of the great cattle, but also because of the amazing youth I would get to work with. My greatest accomplishment ... Being both the champion steer and heifer showman at the Tulsa State Fair. If I could meet one person it’d be ... Will Rogers, he was born in Oologah, Okla., which is my hometown and I have always thought he would be an amazing person to set down and have a conversation with. My favorite AJMAA memory is ... I have a lot of favorites, but to sum them up it is working with the youth of our breed. My favorite sports team is ... Oklahoma State Cowboys! My favorite song is ... Any red dirt music! If I could show any other animal besides cattle it would be ... Hogs Tayler Gall Age: 19 AJMAA Position: At-Large Director School: Hutchinson Community College Extracurricular activities: I am currently a member of the HCC livestock judging team. I am also really competitive and enjoy running, lifting and working out. Plans for the future: In the future I plan on getting my Animal Science Degree at HCC. After that I would like to attend a 4-year college, preferably the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or Kansas State, and eventually graduate from vet school. Favorite show and why? ... My favorite show is the American Royal in Kansas City. This was the first national show I was able to compete in so it would be an honor to be able to be the first national show to judge at. Also, it’s just something about the green chips and atmosphere of the place that I love. Most embarrassing moment at a show? ... Was a few years ago, I took one of my Angus heifers to her first show and we spent the entire class rolling and doing somersaults around the ring.

OCTOBER 2015 21

If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Oreos! My love for oreos is almost incomparable to any other love. At shows your rarely see me without oreos. My favorite are the chocolate filled ones! I wish I were better at ... Being self confident. My favorite aspect of being on the junior board is ... The people! The AJMAA is definitely an association with great people. I love meeting new people and being able to feel like I belong! The junior board welcomed me into this family my frist year and now I have the opportunity to be a role model for our new junior members and make them meet and love the people who make up our association! My greatest accomplishment ... Winning Reserve Grand Champion Charolais at the American Royal. This was great for not only myself, but for my family. We worked really hard for this accomplishment and it truly showed that hard work pays off! If I could meet one person it’d be ... God! He is the one anyone should want to meet. Our creator of life itself! How blessed I am to have him working in my life. My favorite AJMAA memory is ... My favorite AJMAA memories have definitely been made as queen and on the junior board. This past summer at NYLC in Colorado was an absolute blast!

Hunter Randall Age: 19 AJMAA Position: At-Large Director/President School: Louisiana Tech Univeristy Extracurricular activities: Hunting and fishing. Plans for the future: Get a degree in Ag Business and then go to law school specializing in Ag Law. Favorite show and why? ... The NAILE because of showing on the green shavings and the trade show. Most embarrassing moent at a show? ... Getting a bucket of water dumped on me at junior national this year. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be ... Steak I wish I were better at ... Clipping If I could judge one show it would be ... Junior National My greatest accomplishment ... Beating cancer If I could meet one person it’d be ... Derek Jeter My favorite AJMAA memory is ... Winning the speech contest for the first time. My favorite sports team is ... LSU Tigers My favorite song is ... One Hell of an Amen by Brantley Gilbert If I could show any other animal besides cattle it would be ... Pigs

Pictured from left (bottom row): Hunter Randall, Reighly Blakley, Ladd Landgraf & Bevan Holmgren (top row): Hannah Topmiller, Kaylee Miller, Kennedy Core & Tayler Gall 22 OCTOBER 2015

2015 National Maine-Anjou Show Held in conjunction with the American Royal, Kansas City, Mo.

Schedule of Events Wednesday, October 28 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. - Cattle check-in (All cattle must be in place by 8 a.m.)

Thursday, October 29 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. AMAA Committee Meetings - American Royal Board Room 1 p.m. AJMAA Junior Board Meeting - American Royal Board Room 6 p.m. AMAA Annual Membership Meeting - Govenor’s Room Friday, October 30 12 p.m. - AMAA National Maine-Anjou Show

(Show order: Open MaineTainer Bulls, Open Maine-Anjou Bulls, Junior MaineTainer, Open MaineTainer, Junior Maine-Anjou & Open Maine-Anjou Females)

Open Show Judge: Shane Lindsey, Iowa Junior Show Judge: Tom Klingner, Missouri OCTOBER 2015 23

ᰠ吀栀攀礀 愀氀眀愀礀猀 猀愀礀 琀椀洀攀 挀栀愀渀最攀猀 琀栀椀渀最猀Ⰰ 戀甀琀 礀漀甀 愀挀琀甀愀氀氀礀 栀愀瘀攀 琀漀 挀栀愀渀最攀 琀栀攀洀 礀漀甀爀猀攀氀昀⸀ᴠ 䄀渀搀礀 圀愀爀栀漀氀

匀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀稀椀渀最 椀渀 䰀椀瘀攀猀琀漀挀欀 䴀愀爀欀攀琀椀渀最Ⰰ 倀栀漀琀漀最爀愀瀀栀礀Ⰰ 嘀椀搀攀漀最爀愀瀀栀礀Ⰰ 倀爀椀渀琀 ☀ 圀攀戀 䐀攀猀椀最渀

24 OCTOBER 2015

䴀愀爀欀攀琀椀渀最 䜀爀漀甀瀀 䤀渀挀⸀ 昀漀挀甀猀洀愀爀欀攀琀椀渀最最爀漀甀瀀⸀渀攀琀

junior update

AmericAn Junior mAine-AnJou AssociAtion executive committee Hunter randall, President - At-Large 686 Hwy. 907 Monterey, LA 71354 (318) 386-5358 reighly Blakley, Vice President - region 3 P.O. Box 465 Oologah, OK 74053 Ladd Landgraf, secretary/treasurer - region 2 17093 Coleman Rd. Madill, OK 73446 region i Bevan Holmgren 23595 Osborne Rd. South Bend, IN 46614 (574) 291-8159 bholmgren@sbcsc.K12.IN.US Hannah topmiller 9111 S.R. 28 Pleasant Plain, Ohio (513) 877-3603 region ii Kaylee miller 18451 G76 Hwy. Lacona, IA 50139 (641) 534-3002 Kennedy core 859 92nd Ave. Pleasantville, IA 50225 (641) 842-6098 At-Large tayler Gall 1009 Rd. T Clarkson, NE 68629 (402) 892-3237


Kiley elder 20792 Hoover St. Ackworth, IA 50001 (641) 628-2297

mAine-AnJou roYALtY Queen Kourtney Grimm, Iowa Junior Princess Bailey Tomson, Indiana Renee Grimm, Iowa

by Reighly Blakley Hello! I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer and the beginning of school is going well! I am Reighly Blakley and I am serving as this year’s American Junior MaineAnjou Association (AJMAA) Vice President. This summer we had a great junior national and we ended on a high note with a great turn out at NYLC in Colorado! The 2015 Maine-Anjou Junior National was a huge success. The weather and participation in the show and contests was great. The purpose of a junior national is not just to show animals, but to make new acquaintances from all over the USA. It is also a time for families to enjoy time together. Most of them consider that week their family vacation. If you know someone that has never attended a junior national, encourage them to do so next year. If they attend, they will always be grateful. NYLC was a great experience for the junior members to get to know one another and learn about leadership skills as well as other breeders in our breed. We started our adventures in Colorado by touring Blind Badger Ranch. I would like to send a HUGE thank you to them for allowing us to tour their ranch and letting us know more about their operation. Next we had a day full of learning about leadership from Rhett Laubach. We finished the week with an afternoon of cold water and big rocks, as we went white water rafting. I thought that white water rafting brought all of the members closer because it took a lot of team work to make it to the end! This year was great, but next year I would love to see more juniors attend this great conference! Now that summer is over and fall is about to begin, I cannot express how excited I am about the upcoming show season and of course the fall calving season. I cannot wait to see everyone and catch up with old friends at the shows. I would like to let everyone know that the Maine-Anjou junior board is selling calendar ads and if anyone is interested please contact myself or any of the board members! Best of luck this fall to everyone! Reighly Blakley AJMAA Vice President

OCTOBER 2015 25



Go to and click on the green login tab to the left of the screen. Click on “Create Account.” Here are the steps: 1. Type in your breeder number. 2. You will be prompted to enter a valid e-mail address. 3. Enter a password of your choice. Passwords are case sensitive. This information will be updated to your account and you may login with your breeder number and password from that point on. Once your online account is set up you will be able to register, transfer registrations, view inventory, complete your MAPP enrollment or enter performance data. Note: Online registrations are not automatically registered. They’re completed in the order that they’re received.

hElpful Tips WhEn REgisTERing

To avoid delays in your registration work during our busy season, please follow the tips below: Double check that all blanks and information are correct and complete before mailing or submitting online. Things most commonly missed are: o Missing herd prefix and herd ID o Birthdates o Date of sale o Name of animal o Payment Make sure the person that is registering owns the dam with exception of ET calves. If ET, make sure the donor dam has been DNA, PHA & TH typed and that we have the results on file. If you are checking on work please e-mail us at When calling or e-mailing please have the name and breeder number of the person submitting the work. When registering annual active dams for performance only animals please submit them online if you have the capabilities. This will help the registrar processing tremendously. Rush work is processed ahead of regular work that is received in our office and mailed by regular mail so please do not procrastinate to avoid extra charges and to assure buyers that they are purchasing from a reputable business person. As always, we appreciate you and your business and want to make sure that the registration process runs as smooth as possible. Thank you in advance for

26 OCTOBER 2015

AmericAN mAiNe-ANjOu AssOciATiON P.O. Box 1100 - 204 Marshall Rd. Platte City, MO 64079-1100 AMAA (816) 431-9950 Fax (816) 431-9951 Voice (816) 858-9954 - Fax (816) 858-9953

sTAff John Boddicker, executive vice president Blake Nelson, executive vice president Dave Steen, commercial development director Marcena Fulton, registrar Lindsey Broek, Voice editor/director of communications Rhonda Boddicker, administrative assistant Robin Marston, office assistant Tammy Seevers, office assistant Donna Grame, office assistant execuTive cOmmiTTee: marty van vliet, president Alicia rigdon, 1st vice president Dennis moore, 2nd vice president cody Tebbenkamp, secretary/treasurer Brett carter, director at-large region i jason minnaert - (309) 489-6024 400 Westview Dr. - Atkinson, IL 61235 Dennis moore - (618) 410-3325 30992 State Hwy. 16 - Jerseyville, IL 62052 cliff randall - (318) 719-0560 2043 Robert Gray - Vidalia, LA 71373 eric Walker - (479) 601-3567 14844 Walker Rd. - Prairie Grove, AR 72753 region ii Hardy O’Hara - (406) 899-6903 Box 991 - Fort Benton, MT 59442 Alicia rigdon - (417) 540-3986 19591 187th Ave. - New London, IA 52645 cory Thomsen - (605) 730-2397 40460 254th St. - Mitchell, SD 57301 marty van vliet - (641) 780-0631 372 90th Ave. - Otley, IA 50214 region iii Leon matlock - (641) 628-9639 25118 C.R. 1380 - Anadarko, OK 73005 Brett carter - (918) 914-3085 12594 N. C.R. 3340 - Stratford, OK 74872 john Griswold - (405) 780-3300 5922 S. Brush Creek Rd. - Stillwater, OK 74074 jim Hett - (303) 435-1271 P.O. Box 175 - Roggen, CO 80652 At-Large cody Tebbenkamp - (660) 641-2671 3705 Forum Blvd., Apt. 818 - Columbia, MO 65203 mike Holden - (712) 652-3200 559 240th St. - Scranton, IA 51462 Barry Nowatzke - (219) 872-6218 9335 W. 200 N. - Michigan City, IN 46360

your extra time in making sure all work is correct, complete and received in a timely manner.

tattoo YeaR LetteRs tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2013: a

RegistRations foR upcoming shows

tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2014: B

It is now time to register show animals for winter and spring shows. Please keep in mind during the winter show season you will need to allow at least two to three weeks for turn-around on registrations and transfers sent in to our office. If a paper is needed within that time, a rush fee ($50 per eight head) will be required before the work will be completed.

Rush oRDeRs

If you are selling an animal, we ask that you register and transfer the animal in a timely manner to avoid extra charges and to assure buyers they are purchasing from a reputable business person. Rushes will be done in the order received; a rush fee is currently $50 (covers eight head). If rush work is faxed, it will be considered a rush unless otherwise specified. It is the breeder’s responsibility to give us a follow-up phone call to make sure the work is legible and to cover all fees. It is not our office staff ’s responsibility to call breeders that fax in registration work. No work will be released until payment is complete. Rush work is processed ahead of the regular work that is received in our office and mailed by regular mail within one to two business days. We will do our best to complete rush work that is received in our office by 2 p.m. (Monday – Friday). There is no sameday turnaround. If requiring a registration number only, it will still be considered a rush as we still have to process the work to obtain the number. If you need to have registrations sent out by overnight delivery, there is an additional fee (in addition to the rush fee) for sending overnight. We normally use Federal Express (Fed Ex) and the charges are based on Fed Ex fees at that given time. Again, let us emphasize, it is your responsibility to contact our office to make arrangements for overnight delivery so that we have the correct shipping address and payment before sending. Fed Ex WILL NOT deliver to a post office box. A rush will be picked up by Fed Ex the next business day for delivery the following day. For big weekend events, such as state expos, we reserve the right to require work to be in our office no later than 2 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to that weekend’s show. Please plan ahead. If a paper is needed within two weeks, a rush will be required at this time of year.

tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2015: c tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2016: D Questions on RegisteRing

Please read through the information found on our homepage at under “Member Information.”

RegistRation numBeRs

Once an animal is registered, it is backed up that same night to our Web site, It can be viewed by clicking on “Search the Maine-Anjou Breed” or by logging into your account.

Dna, th anD pha ReQuiRements

Prior to registering any ET calves, all donor dams (including commercial or non-registered dams) must have DNA, TH and PHA on file in our office. Also, all AI sires are required to have the same on file. Therefore, our office will hold any ET registrations submitted out of dams without testing on file as well as all registrations out of AI sires that do not have complete testing on file. If the donor dam is deceased and not tested, we do require that the ET(s) have the tests done, in the absence of the donor’s records. The DNA, TH and PHA testing can be done at GeneSeek. A submission form is found on our Web site, Maine-Anjou samples are put into testing at GeneSeek on Wednesdays, please plan accordingly when submitting. DNA results will be back in the AMAA office late the next week after the testing begins; TH and PHA results will be in our office two weeks later, usually on a Thursday. We would like to start sending the test results by e-mail only, please make sure we have an up-to-date e-mail address for you, if applicable.

new seLf BiLLing woRksheet

Please dispose of any old self-billing worksheets and registration forms you may have to avoid work being held for price differences.

new memBeRs

All new members must choose a program when submitting a new membership. The two programs that are offered are MAPP and Breeders Choice. You OCTOBER 2015 27


may read about these two programs by visiting and clicking on “Member Information” and then choose the “MAPP or Breeders Choice” option. If a membership is submitted without choosing a program, the new member will be placed in the Breeders Choice program.

Foundation animals

Non-registered bulls and females must be entered as a foundation animal prior to MaineTainer progeny being registered. All current “P” (performance only) cattle will be grand-fathered into the program. If the sire is an AI sire and registered at another breed association, the pedigree and testing must be on file with the AMAA. The charge to add a sire pedigree will be a one-time charge of $40. If the AMAA finds that the pedigree has already been paid for by another breeder, the $40 charge will not be applied. Dams registered at another breed association may also be added for a one-time charge of $25. See the new selfbilling sheet for foundation fees.

bull calF registration

If registering a bull calf born after Jan. 1, 2014, it must be TH/PHA free by parentage or have testing completed prior to registering and on file with the AMAA. Carriers will no longer be registered, but may be entered as a foundation animal. If registrations are submitted before testing has been completed, the animal will not be registered. Instead, the animal will be given a performance number at a non-refundable penalty charge of $10. Once the animal has been tested the registration may be completed at the regular rate. Please plan accordingly as testing can take up to three weeks.

online transFers

Registered animals with certificates are now able to

be transferred online but must be completed by the current owner by logging into his/her online account to complete the transfer. If the buyer is responsible for the transfer fees, the seller must indicate this in the comment line, otherwise the seller will be charged the transfer fees. Remember, anytime you transfer an animal your dues must be paid unless the animal being transferred is the last animal in your inventory. You will be able to see your current inventory when logging in to your account online.

online registration discounts

A 10 percent discount on registration fees will be given to all active members registering online (discount does not apply to annual dues, new memberships, MAPP fees or foundation animals). If you have not created an online account, you may do so by visiting, select the green tab that says “Login”, select “Create Account”, enter your current breeder number, enter your e-mail address, verify your e-mail address and enter a password of your choice. You will then be automatically logged in to your account. You may view your current inventory, cancelled animals you no longer have, register and transfer animals and enroll your MAPP online if you are a current MAPP member.

Purchase registration blocks

You may purchase registration blocks of 15, 25, 50, 75 and 100 at a discounted rate. These blocks are prepaid registrations and may only be used for animals under 13 months of age. Any unused blocks expire December 31 of each year. See the new selfbilling worksheet for pricing. Multiple discounts will not be allowed. If you register online, the block discount (the greater discount) will be applied at checkout.


Registering Bulls Born After Jan. 1, 2014 If registering a bull calf born after Jan. 1, 2014, it must be TH/PHA free by parentage or have testing on file with the AMAA. Any registration submitted without testing will NOT be registered, instead entered as a performance animal at a non-refundable $10 fee until testing is completed. Once testing is on file, the bull calf will then be registered at the regular registration rate in addition to the $10 fee previously charged. If you are unsure if your animal or AI sire has been tested, please contact the AMAA prior to registering to ensure registration is not delayed. You may also see if testing is complete by viewing the animals online. Testing is listed at the bottom of each animal screen. Please print the GeneSeek submission forms from our Web site. Testing prices are listed on the submission form.

28 OCTOBER 2015

ed burke

Ed Burke, 78, of Genoa, passed away Monday, July 27, 2015, in Stromsburg. Ed was born in Omaha on Feb. 24, 1937, the son of Ned Burke and Eloise (Grossnicklaus) Burke. Ed grew up in Genoa where he attended school and later attended Pembroke School in Kansas City, The Taft School in Watertown, Conn., and then graduated from Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., where he was enlisted in ROTC. After his commission in the U.S. Navy, he was stationed on the island of Guam. He was in active duty from 1959-1962. Following his discharge from the Navy, he worked at the Bank of California and in 1969 moved back to Genoa and began his career as president of the Genoa National Bank. Ed retired in 2001. He married Rosella Anne (Dusterhoft) on Sept. 29, 1961. Together they have on son, Timothy, of Genoa, who manages the family ranch, Kent and Burke Company. He was proud and grateful for his sobriety of 47 years in AA and considered his AA friends as part of his family. He was also a devoted member of Christ Episcopal Church in Central City, where he was a lay reader and vestry member for many years. Ed is survived by his wife, Anne; son, Tim; grandchildren, Cody and Morgan; brother, John Burke of Montana; and two nieces, Sarah Burke and Laurie Hire. Ed was preceded in death by his parents, Ned and Eloise Burke.

cOdy mccullOugh

Cody McCullough tragically passed in his home in Kewanee, IL. Cody was Canadian born on July 9th, 1996 to parents Keith Duhaime and Karen McCullough. He began his life on a small farm near Vawn, Saskatchewan, expressing his deep love for cattle and the outdoors at a very young age. He soon established a close relationship with his older sister. Erin and Cody were always together, you could often find them playing out in the horse pasture with their miniature horses or going on long adventures in any of their make-believe forests. Cody loved spending time with his grandparents. Papa and Cody spent many hours watching cartoons and eating junk food. After moving to Iowa alongside his sister and mother he kept connected to his Canadian roots as best he could. He would take an annual hunting trip with his dad to try to bag the biggest Canadian whitetail they could. No one was immune to Cody’s love for late night fishing trips. Always dragging his mom, Madison and Drew out of bed because that is when the catfish were biting the best.


Once in Iowa, the home-schooled young man longed for an education beyond the books. He found his true passion in life… fitting and exhibiting show cattle across the country. He spent many long hours rinsing and working on his show calves down at the barn with Chuck and Erin. Cody would always claim that he had the best show mom in the industry. Always knowing if he needed anything he would only have to find where mom had it back at the stalls. He grew fond of the Sullivan and Rogers enterprises in Iowa and worked for both companies. He was swift to morph from student to teacher as he pursued the honor of being a Stock Show University Professor and clipping/fitting for some of the top names in the industry. He was also fortunate to take home several honorable national titles along the way. Following this agricultural path lead him to Blackhawk East Community College, where he was in the process of obtaining an Agricultural Production degree. Upon graduation, he intended to begin his own herd of Maine-Anjou influenced females, while keeping his role with Sullivans and proudly wearing the professor’s jacket. Cody was driven for himself, bet even more driven for others. He never met a stranger, just a friend he hadn’t met yet. His crooked cheesy smile and welcoming arms will be remembered by all of his friends. Kids clung to his charming wit and guiding hand, both in the limelight of the showring and back at the chutes. His youngest siblings, Madison Lynn McCullough and Drew William McCullough, were among the many little ones to look up to him and aspire to follow in his footsteps. They, along with Erin, would always be amazed when he placed a class within seconds while the judge would still be pondering. He inspired many younger than himself, but also left a mark on many of his peers. We can all rest assured that Cody and Reimann are searching for “the next great one” together, and they greeted with a hug and Cody’s trademark “Just Dandy!” when asked how he was. Cody’s loss has brought so many so much closer. He leaves his own legacy for those who chase his same dream. For now, it’s not a goodbye, but a “see you again.” Fly high Cody, you are greatly missed. Cody will be dearly missed by his father, Keith Duhaime of Beaumont, Alberta, Canada; mother, Karen (Chuck) McCullough of Allerton, Iowa; Erin McCullough, Mitchell, South Dakota, and Madison and Drew McCullough of Allerton, Iowa; and grandparents: Maurice and Sylvia Duhaime of Meota, Saskatchewan, Canada, Ernest and Clara Richard of Yorktown, Saskatchewan, Canada, and Ed and Mary Jo McCullough of Allerton, Iowa.

OCTOBER 2015 29

new junior


Gunnar Bolar Leachville, AR (870) 486-5801 Erin Easterling Huntsville, AR (479) 738-1554 Austin Rowland Mount Ida, AR (870) 867-3217 Joshua Watson Emerson, AR (870) 901-7975


Julie Brown Potter Valley, CA (707) 743-1536 Trevor Wright Hollister, CA (831) 902-9233


Vincent Gittlein Fort Lupton, CO (303) 857-2861


Tristen Walling Lakeland, FL (863) 698-6435


Reed Mears Monticello, IN Tucker Pearson Portland, IN (260) 726-3825


Hayley Abell Sigourney, IA (641) 622-3181 30 OCTOBER 2015

Carson Deppe DeWitt, IA (563) 689-8817



Heath Barga Greenville, OH (937) 548-9666

Dalton Flatt Liberty, KS (620) 330-7257

Samantha Boeck Cedarville, OH (937) 231-4999


Claire Montgomery Newark, OH (740) 323-3485

Lane Rosser Bush, LA (985) 886-2233


Taylor Gorr Dowling, MI (269) 758-4119 Callie Halsey Adrian, MI Jayna Kailing Reed City, MI (231) 206-0794


Trey A. Hoffman Archie, MO (816) 430-5413 Bradin Nadler Wright City, MO (636) 448-9169


Ken Keller Union Church, MS (601) 754-4283


Calliana Bagnell Missoula, MT (406) 549-5111


Ashtyn Cooper Elmwood, NE (402) 499-4813

Tyler Neill Bellevue, OH (419) 217-1161 Emma Parry Hillsboro, OH (937) 509-7482 Alyson Simpson West Union, OH (513) 310-9646


Jaycie Perrier Bartlesville, OK (918) 914-3903 Lane Smith Amber, OK (405) 224-6861


David Gladman Central Point, OR (541) 499-9568

PennSYLVAniA Joshua Archer West Finley, PA (724) 428-3314 Jared Fesler Robesonia, PA (610) 693-5009 Gavin Herman Beavertown, PA (570) 837-8916

Kade Bowen Loco, OK (580) 537-2277

Chandler Kern Cassville, PA (814) 506-4237

Jandi Hurley Alex, OK (405) 694-8145


Hannah E. Jackson Davenport, OK (405) 788-1495 Allison Lawson Blanchard, OK (405) 485-2511 Riley Mays Ardmore, OK (580) 221-8769 Hunter Perrier Bartlesville, OK (918) 914-3904

Allison Duerre Bristol, SD (605) 880-0561 Jack Kersting Volga, SD (605) 826-4173


Kalli Ellis La Ward, TX (361) 782-8431 Stockton Frisina Joshua, TX (817) 296-0512

Jenna Ann Hoffman Vidor, TX (409) 960-4958 Jared Holmes Perrin, TX (940) 798-2944 Jake Holmes Perrin, TX (940) 798-2944 Colton Little Sherman, TX (903) 821-9852 Machayla Parkinson Levelland, TX Joshua Ruemke Brenham, TX


Maddy Huschitt Browntown, WI (608) 966-2275

alBeRta, CaNada

HERD PREFIX: CJBB Carmen Biggelaar R.R. 4 Lacombe, AB T4L2N4 (403) 896-6281


HERD PREFIX: TSMM Tanner Schmidt 425 Villa Cove Court Tulare, CA 93274 (559) 309-7335


HERD PREFIX: EBRT Tim, Taylor & Kyle Ebert 945 Tower Rd. Camden, DE 19934 (302) 382-4150




HERD PREFIX: DLK Daniel King 7648 Smoke Rd. S.W. Pataskala, OH 43062 (614) 361-8279

HERD PREFIX: JPUT John Putnam R.R. 2 Box 66A Beecher City, IL 62414 (217) 240-0285

HERD PREFIX: VISS Peters Show Steers 998 W. 650 S. Vallonia, IN 47281 (812) 358-2186 HERD PREFIX: WESZ Brooks Weszely 2085 N. S.R. 63 Graysville, IN 47852 (812) 564-1942


HERD PREFIX: PSCH Patrick Schrader 6408 12th Ave. Dysart, IA 52224 (319) 488-0018 HERD PREFIX: RGSC Sievers Show Cattle Lonny Sievers 306 Walcott St. Dixon, IA 52745 (563) 843-2560


HERD PREFIX: BS BS Cattle Co. Julie Anderson 9131 County 511 22.5 Rd. Rapid River, MI 49878 (906) 280-8861


HERD PREFIX: GIES Jeff & Mary Gieseke 51680 Fort Rd. New Ulm, MN 56073 (507) 228-8674

HERD PREFIX: BREY Robert Breymier 12151 Hitz Rd. Union City, OH 45390 (937) 459-6383

NeW adult

HERD PREFIX: VERN Jay & Trevor Vernon 602 Cherokee St. Morrison, OK 73061 (580) 370-5647


HERD PREFIX: BURL Cameron Burleigh 860 Great Bend Turnpike Pleasant Mount, PA 18453 (570) 448-3177

HERD PREFIX: LONE Teri, Aaron & Tyler Lones 3356 TWP Rd. 71 Somerset, OH 43783 (614) 314-3292

HERD PREFIX: MADJ Michael Williams 16683 Blacklog Valley Rd. Orbisonia, PA 17243 (814) 542-4714

HERD PREFIX: SVFF Danna Miller 6449 Beamsville Webster Rd. Versailles, OH 45380 (937) 548-6873


HERD PREFIX: EPP Evan & Patricia Parrish 10640 Flint Ridge Rd. Newark, OH 43056 (740) 641-3217 HERD PREFIX: PRNL Pernell Saling 15585 T. Ridge Rd. Caldwell, OH 43724 (740) 732-4667


HERD PREFIX: JA Jack Anthony, Jr. 8335 15th Beggs, OK 74421 (918) 2675037 HERD PREFIX: RDCC Red Diamond Cattle Co., LLC Tiffany & Lance Schultz P.O. Box 718 Shattuck, OK 73858 (580) 938-0247

HERD PREFIX: JCBB Brandon Bird 4003 101st St. Lubbock, TX 79423 (806) 781-1894 HERD PREFIX: EPJ Ellen Jauer 7645 Hwy. 80 Karnes City, TX 78118 (830) 583-4276 HERD PREFIX: KOC Stephen Kocurek 8535 Hwy. 36 S. Caldwell, TX 77836 (979) 575-8333


HERD PREFIX: ELB Beck Cattle Co. Brent & Tara Beck S. 493 Nilsestuen Rd. Cashton, WI 54619 (608) 654-5116 HERD PREFIX: DVMS Chris Dahlke 22046 C.R. M Frederic, WI 54837 (320) 282-7237 OCTOBER 2015 31

Junior show reports




Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Columbus, Ohio Judge: Curt Rincker, Illinois

Exhibited by: Caitlin Schaub, Wapakoneta, Ohio

Indianapolis, Ind. Judge: Wes Hudson, Arkansas

Exhibited by: Warner Ott, Albion, Ind.

Springfield, Ill. Judge: Matt Claeys, Indiana

Exhibited by: Adam Gradert, Geneseo, Ill.


Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: Abbie Collins, New Paris, Ohio

Exhibited by: Austin Hunker, Bellevue, Ohio

Exhibited by: Hannah Topmiller, Pleasant Plain, Ohio

32 OCTOBER 2015

Exhibited by: Samantha Morris, Franklin, Ind.

Exhibited by: Brooke Hayden, Lowell, Ind.

Exhibited by: Ellie Sennett, Waynetown, Ind.

Exhibited by: Dalton Line, Seaton, Ill.

Exhibited by: Logan Johnson, Heyworth, Ill.

Exhibited by: Kyle Ferguson, Bushnell, Ill.




Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Sedalia, Mo. Judge: Dale Riley, St. James, Mo.

Exhibited by: Cassidy Barker, Kearney, Mo.

Des Moines, Iowa Judge: Brett Barber, Texas

Exhibited by: Pacey Hawkins, Geneseo, Ill.

Grand Island, Neb. Judge: Kyle Conley, Oklahoma

Exhibited by: Alexis Franzen, Brady, Neb.


Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: Jaden Riley, Marshall, Mo.

Exhibited by: Cassidy Barker, Kearney, Mo.

Exhibited by: Kylie Selway, Williamstown, Mo.

Exhibited by: Taylor Duckett, New Liberty, Iowa

Exhibited by: Wyatt Pryor, Woodbine, Iowa

Exhibited by: Cade Van Vliet, Otley, Iowa

Exhibited by: Sydney Williams, Wisner, Neb.

Exhibited by: Caitlyn Walbrecht, Lincoln, Neb.

Exhibited by: Abby Lora, Blue Hill, Neb.

OCTOBER 2015 33

Junior show reports

SOUTH DAKOTA STATE FAIR│ Huron, S.D. Judge: Randy Daniels, Georgia

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Exhibited by: Karlie Becking, Florence, S.D.

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female Exhibited by: Dani Jo Stoltz, Mt. Vernon, S.D.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: George Dennert, Columbia, S.D.

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: Spencer Hovde, Willow Lake, S.D.

34 OCTOBER 2015

Your breed of choice...


OPEN show reports

OHIO STATE FAIR│ Columbus, Ohio Judge: Dale Grubs, Indiana

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: Abbie Collins, New Paris, Ohio

Exhibited by: Caitlin Schaub, Wapakoneta, Ohio

Exhibited by: Ali Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio

Exhibited by: CampbellCO, Cedarville, Ohio

Exhibited by: Katie Stouffer, Wabash, Ind.

Exhibited by: Taylor Pinkerton, Liberty, Ind.

INDIANA STATE FAIR│ Indianapolis, Ind. Judge: Dr. Rob Sheets, Indiana

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: Ellie Sennett, Waynetown, Ind.

Exhibited by: Abbie Collins, New Paris, Ohio

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female Exhibited by: Lowes Farms, Greenfield, Ind.

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Demi Powers, Fayette, Ohio

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull

Exhibited by: Emma Ericson, Bedford, Ind.

OCTOBER 2015 35

OPEN show reports



Des Moines, Iowa Judge: Donnie Begalka, South Dakota

Springfield, Ill. Judge: Scott Werning, South Dakota

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Exhibited by: Dalton Line, Seaton, Ill.

Exhibited by: Morgan Moore, Alton, Ill.

Exhibited by: Jones Cattle Co., Chapin, Ill.

Exhibited by: Fancy Creek Farm, Springfield, Ill.

Exhibited by: Bremer Show Cattle, Blakesburg, Iowa

Exhibited by: Chloe Van Vliet, Otley, Iowa

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Exhibited by: Lucas Wisnefski, Wyoming, Ill.

Exhibited by: Quinton Ball, Aledo, Ill.

36 OCTOBER 2015

Exhibited by: Kenton Lain, Corydon, Iowa

Exhibited by: Cade Van Vliet, Otley, Iowa

MISSOURI STATE FAIR│ Sedalia, Mo. Judge: John Herbel, Kansas

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Bull

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Bull

Exhibited by: Bremer Show Cattle, Blakesburg, Iowa Exhibited by: Cassidy Barker, Kearney, Mo.

Exhibited by: Maine Aim Ranch, Allerton, Iowa

Exhibited by: Carli Quandahl, Waukon, Iowa

Exhibited by: Irons Farms, Northwood, Iowa

Exhibited by: Callie Meek, Cassville, Mo.

Exhibited by: Ellistin Morey, Golden City, Mo.

Exhibited by: Mackenzie Mawson, Archie, Mo.

Exhibited by: Cody Tebbenkamp, Columbia, Mo.

Exhibited by: Trace Alexander, Linneus, Mo.

Exhibited by: Rachael Carlson, Plattsburg, Mo.

Exhibited by: Kellie Asher, Harrisburg, Mo.

OCTOBER 2015 37

OPEN show reports



Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Female

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Bull

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Reserve Champion MaineTainer Female

Grand Island, Neb. Judge: Roger Allen, Illinois

Exhibited by: Alexis Franzen, Brady, Neb.

Exhibited by: Stephanie Kersten, Gretna, Neb.

Exhibited by: Rolling Acres Cattle Co., Steinauer, Neb.

Exhibited by: S/W Cattle, Libert, Neb.

38 OCTOBER 2015

Huron, S.D. Judge: Luke Lemenager, Illinois

Exhibited by: Dani Jo Stoltz, Mt. Vernon, S.D.

Exhibited by: Halley Becking, Florence, S.D.

Exhibited by: Riley Ruble, Albert Lea, Minn.

Exhibited by: Karlie Becking, Florence, S.D.

Exhibited by: DeJong Ranch, Kennebec, S.D.

Exhibited by: Edleman Ranch, Willow Lake, S.D.

JAN 15


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MAINE-ANJOU SHOW JAN. 31 open purebred, fullblodd and mainetainer divisions BEST OF THE WEST INVITATIONAL RANCH RODEO North Texas Chevy Dealers

JAN. 15 & 16 @ 7:30 p.m.

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JAN. 22 - FEB. 6 @ 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.

Entry Deadline for all Livestock:

NOVEMBER 15, 2015 OCTOBER 2015 39

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LAND & CATTLE Mark, Lisa, Nick & Megan Beauprez

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Denison Acres Breeders of Quality Registered Maine-Anjou & MaineTainers

Fred & Joan DeRouchey

Breeding Cattle and Show Cattle Private Treaty

Home of KBSC Watergate 1W Contact:

Denny and Donna Denison

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P.O. Box 86 Keatchie, LA 71046 o: (318) 747-1400 c: (318) 453-6093

Lakeside Farms The Randalls

c: 318-719-0560

Cliff Randall 318-386-5358

128 Rockin LV LN Fort Benton, MT 59442 Mike O’Hara — (406) 734-5434 Heath O’Hara — (406) 734-5443 Hardy O’Hara — (406) 734-5252

Blane & Cindy Landon, Shayna, Chesney, Cheylee & Shalayne 31164 E. R.S. Rd. - Springfield, SD 57062 Blane 605.464.1187 (c) 605.369.2628 (h) -

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Clay Knoll Farms The Simpkins Family Duane Simpkins Home: 989-426-3244 Cell: 989-329-6141

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Black, Polled, Purebred & Percentage Maine-Anjou

Gene & Danette Loder 13408 90th St. S.W. • Scranton, ND 58653 (701) 275-6227 — home • (701) 206-0721 — cell

40 OCTOBER 2015

1001 Hurst Ave. • Mitchell, SD 57301 Phone: (605) 990-6488 Fax: (605) 990-6489 Mobile: (605) 530-6488 or (605) 530-6489


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42 OCTOBER 2015

Is Beef! Full coverage of the 2015 NYLC/PRIDE Leadership Conference ... by Lindsey Broek

OCTOBER 2015 43

Faces of Leadership

Pictured from left (bottom): Paula Fox, Ean Holmgren, Blaklee Hayes, Reighly Blakley, Kennedy Core, Tayler Gall, Whitney Walker, Jessie Rudolph & Taylor Hett. (Back): Brian & Hannah Fox, Bevan Holmgren, Ladd Landgraf, Mason Walker, Jessie Johnson & Justin Trupp

Thank You to Blind Badger Ranch for allowing our group to come visit and tour your operation!

Faces of Leadership 100 juniors, two breeds… A HUGE success! Each year juniors from across the country gather together for a week full of leadership and fun. Again this year the American Junior Maine-Anjou Association (AJMAA) and National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) combined forces to have the Faces of Leadership NYLC & PRIDE convention in Estes Park, Colo. The goal of each leadership conference is to provide youth from each breed and across the nation with the opportunity to meet new people and develop leadership skills. The week was kicked off by visiting two well established Colorado ranches, Blind Badger Ranch, Ft. Morgan, Colo., and Coyote Ridge Ranch, LaSalle, Colo. The kids were able to learn about each programs goals and day to day operations, along with getting to look at and evaluate some Maine-Anjou and Hereford stock! Next up was a day filled with leadership activities led by motivational speaker, Rhett Laubach. Rhett spoke to us about his brain tumor and how it changed his life. A comedian, he took his brain tumor and gave it a name… Wilson, because it was the size of a tennis ball. The point of the story is that everyone will encounter obstacles. Some may be large, some may be small, but at the end of the day everyone has obstacles or their own “Wilson” to overcome. Rhett is cancer free and uses his obstacle to motivate and help others. 44 OCTOBER 2015

Colorado State University and Temple Grandin were next on the agenda. Grandin spoke about how we as Ag enthusiasts can help bridge the gap with those who may not have grown up on a farm. Reminding us all that just because it is normal to us, does not mean everyone else understands and just how important it is to keep the lines of communication open. Following Grandin’s presentation everyone was divided into five different groups that would travel to different animal science related sub-stations set up by faculty at Colorado State. Each station was unique and some of the topics included cattle handling, how to use EPDs, pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) testing in relationship to elevation, a taste test and much more. For the grand finale, and a trip highlight, each of this year’s conference participants got the opportunity to white water raft down the Poudre river before wrapping up with a campfire and smores back at the YMCA. The AJMAA would again like to sincerely thank the NJHA, Amy Cowan and Bailey Clanton for working with us to provide these amazing youth with another week of great learning, leadership and opportunity.

Rhett Laubach led participants through a variety of activities and leadership games.

AJMAA junior members Tayler Gall, Ladd Landgraf, Mason Walker and Reighly Blakley participating in one of Rhett’s leadership games. AJMAA board member Bevan Holmgren survived white water rafting!

Temple Grandin addressing the participants on cattle handling and the need to tell our ag story.


Participants divided into five groups that would visit different animal science related stations. OCTOBER 2015 45

Blake Nelson, (816) 431-9950 OR Lindsey Broek, (816) 858-9954

Bright Lights

Maine-Anjou Sale Entry Deadline: Nov. 15, 2015

Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016, 3 p.m. Mst P.O. Box 1100 │ Platte City, MO 64079 (p) 816.431.9950 (f) 816.858.9951

46 OCTOBER 2015

2016 Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Bull & Female Sale 3 p.m. Saturday, January 16 • Entry Deadline: November 15 Rules, Regulations and Procedures

• Eligibility: Active AMAA adult and junior members are eligible to consign to this sale. • Fees: An official entry form, original registration certificate or application for registration and proper fees due at printed deadline time. $100 of the $250 entry fee will be applied to sale commission which will be on a sliding scale with a maximum of 12%. For consignments that go through the sale, the $60 NWSS yard charges will be deducted from your sale settlement. Sales commission will apply to any total “No Sale” prices. Entry fees are non-refundable. • Health Certificate: An individual health certificate must accompany every consignment, made in quadruplicate and leaving blank the consignee and destination spaces. Each animal must meet the health regulations set by the state of Colorado for interstate shipment. • Substitutions: $50 per head. • Payment: All AMAA past due accounts will be deducted from consignor prior to payment. • Data: Scrotal circumference, WDA and ultrasound data will be made available on every sale bull. • Entries: REMINDER entries no longer have to be sired by a Maine-Anjou bull as long as they still meet all other standing requirements. • Hair Samples: For purposes of parent verification. (At the discretion of AMAA) • Veterinary Service: Will aid at check-in. Consignments suspected of unethical practices will be disqualified. • Semen Test: Every bull 14 months or older at the time of the sale must have a satisfactory semen evaluation. A semen evaluation certificate must accompany the health certificate.

Noteworthy Items & Procedures • Sale order and screening process. - A three man committee will screen all bulls. - EPDs will be provided to the screening committee to be used at their discretion. - Each committee member will be evaluating structural and phenotypic design. - Accumulated points will be used in the process to determine sale order. - The following minimums must be met to be eligible for sale order: • WDA at a minimum of 2.5 lbs. • Scrotal minimum of 28 c.m. on bulls under a year of age and 30 c.m. over a year of age. • The number of bulls sold will not be set at a certain number. • Bulls that accumulate a low point total may be screened from the sale. Entry fees of screened bulls are non-refundable. • Screened bulls will be charged a $60 yard fee to be paid by consignor to the NWSS. • Only PHA and TH FREE consignments will be sold. • Steve Bonham, Oklahoma, will be the auctioneer.

OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM │ Entry Deadline: Nov. 15, 2015

Owner: __________________________________________________________ AMAA Number: ___________________________________ Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________________________________________

State: _____________ Zip Code: ____________

Telephone: ________________________________________________________

Social Security: ____________________________

Animal Name



Birth Wt.

If you wish to submit a short footnote for your entries, please do so on a separate page. Also, if you have a good photo, please submit. Usability will be at the discretion of the AMAA staff. I am a member of the AMAA and I certify that these consignments are in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Bull and Female Sale. I will not hold the AMAA responsible for any loss or injury to any animals, persons or articles and realize that the AMAA and the National Western are acting only as sponsors for this sale and assume no liability for any accidents, which may occur. I further stipulate that I will make my cattle available for veterinary examinations to check compliance with the sale rules and will not hold the sponsors liable in any

Weaning Wt.

Date Weighed

Lab# Status


Lab Used

case for enforcement of the rules. Consignments consigned to the National Western AMAA Bright Lights Sale are free of liens and/or mortgages. Signature:______________________________________________________ Total entry fee ($250 per head) _____x $250 =__________________ Send forms, fees and original certificates or applications to: American Maine-Anjou Association 204 Marshall Rd.│ P.O. Box 1100 • Platte City, MO 64079-1100

OCTOBER 2015 47





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56 MoSSy oak Cow bred to Profit

Open House October 5th


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Fred Campbell: 574-721-0536 Brad Winegardner: 419-303-3399 Mark Johnson: 712-441-2758

Maine anjou, Chi and SiMMental CowS and heiferS bred to i-80, one in the ChaMber, firewater, believe in Me, Profit, daddy of theM all, General lee, eMbryo tranSPlant hotline x iriSh whiSkey

60Quality yr Built Herd

SteerS Sired by- uPPer ClaSS, PilGriM, walkS alone and aPaChe (ChoPPer Son) heiferS Sired by- uPPer ClaSS, Man aMonG boyS, firewater, hiGh reGard i-80 and aPaChe

07 oPtiMuS PriMe Cow bred to firewater

119 hotline Cow bred to one in the ChaMber

everett toM Show Cattle

Sale hosted on:

8542 n. harPer rd. leeSburG, in MeliSSaGerber@toMfarMS.CoM Phone: everett toM 574-315-8440 MeliSSa Gerber 574-265-3736 www.faCebook.CoM/everetttoMShowCattle

Check It Out! 2016 Grand Champion Fullblood NJHS $5,000 2016 Res. Grand Champion Fullblood NJHS $2,500

Summer’s almost over but things are heating up in the AJMAA office! We got word this week about an awesome sponsorship, designated to the Female Fullblood Show at the 2016 National Junior Show by a group of Fullblood Traditionalist breeders, led by Mr. Jerry Gibson of 4J Cattle Co. The 2016 Grand Champion Fullblood Female will be awarded $5,000 and the Reserve Grand Champion will receive $2,500. Thank you to Mr. Gibson’s leadership and unwavering support of AJMAA programs.

OCTOBER 2015 49

2016 Iowa Beef Expo Maine-Anjou Sale

Watch for more details coming soon! 50 OCTOBER 2015





February 2016, Des Moines, Iowa


Th to t e Am and he Io erica to t jun wa M n Jun i he ior Na nat aine- or Ma tio ion An ine nal al jou -A Jun . Ag As njo ior ain soci u As He this atio soc ifer ye n ia Sho ar, for t tion w. the hei wo TH IM r co uld AN AA nt lik K Y ge inu e t OU ner ed o ex IOW ousl supp ten A! y do ort d a h na of t ea ted he rtf $7, jun elt T 500 ior HA s NK

Sale Date


The Iowa Maine-Anjou Association is now accepting entries for the 2016 Iowa Beef Expo Maine-Anjou sale. This sale will be an open consignment with all states being invited to consign. Contact Brian Worden today for entry information. All entries will be due by Nov. 23, 2015.


(866) 356-4565 call for a free directory or view online at

Calving ease outcross to I80/Ali lines!

2012 National Champion Bull

The shiroetstesatre here!


MINN Hard Whiskey

DCC Hard Drive 138R


All That Matters

No Worries

GOET I-80 − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Poker Face

Triple D Brooks − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

BPF Comfort Zone



GEF Open Bar



GVC Twitter

BPF Beast


Daddy’s Money


NAGE Ante Up

HAA Target − Purebred TH/PHA Free

MINN Hard Whiskey − PB Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

GVC Statesman − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Monopoly − 50% Maine-Anjou THC/PHA Free

I-80 − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

DCC Hard Drive 138R − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Irish Whiskey − 50% Maine-Anjou TH Free/PHAC

Special Delivery − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Irish Whiskey − MaineTainer TH/PHA Free

CMAC Hard Core − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Ice Chest − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Irish Whiskey − MaineTainer PHAC

GVC Suh − Purebred TH/PHA Free

GVC Statesman 4R ET − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Mercedes Benz − Purebred TH/PHA Free

DMCC Limited Edition − Purebred TH/PHA Free

I-80 − 50% Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

OCTOBER 2015 51

52 OCTOBER 2015

AI Schools & Supplies Available! NExt AI SCHOOL DATE - Dec. 5-6

gravy train

GOET I-80 X FAIR YRU Early Girl 100Y THF/PHAF • 440508


GOET I-80 X CLS Miss Hot Cookie THC/PHAF • 443142

hard whiskey

DCC Hard Drive 138R X JSC Katie 5S THF/PHAF • 418906

GCC last stand GCC Last Stand 3000 X GCC Sioux Miss 8/19U


predator 19U

DMCC Lamborgini 58L X Miss Jewel 19N THF/PHAF • 394569

Services/In House Lab

Nun Better

9525 70th Rd. - Galesburg, Kan. p: (800) 443-6389 − f: (620) 763-2231

Man Among Boys X SWSN 5001 THC/PHAF • F452932

rumor has it

Find us on Facebook!

Rum chatta

BBR Rumor Mill X Eye Candy/Dreamgirl THC/PHAF • F443683

Irishman X 157X THF/PHAC • 441725

Drivin’ 80

shootin double 939z

GOET I-80 X BPF Destiny 110W THF/PHAF • 443334

yellow jacket

BK Lifeline 258J X Phylli THF/PHAF • 357758

hfm duracell

BK Lifeline 258J X NTC 615 Ever Ready THF/PHAF • 414649

Irish Whiskey X Angus PHAC • 449641

GVC Twitter Y18 GVC Special Delivery 42S X GVC Beverly 88W

THF/PHAF • 422376

no worries

GOET I-80 X RAPP Natural Woman 138U

THF/PHAF • 435803

sooner clone

DMCC Limited Edition X Pannel Miss 015 THF/PHAF • 431017

lfcc unstoppable 727x

Monopoly X LFCC Lady K 727T THC/PHAF • 415419

DCC Hard Drive

CMAC Hard Core X MVH Miss Pinnacle 4J

THF/PHAF • 350469

BPF Classic

DCC Hard Drive 138R X JJN Sierra 129M THF/PHAF • 393928

- Complete Embryo Facility - Embryos Available - BioPRYN Blood Pregnancy Testing (**now available for bovine, buffalo, sheep and goats**) - BVD Testing for P.I.’s - Neospora, BLV, Johne’s Testing - Semen Volume Discounts (starting at $300 - some bulls may not apply) - No Minimum Straw Orders - No Packing & Handling Fees OCTOBER 2015 53 **Call and ask about InVitro Fertilization**

..............................................│Index of Advertisers│............................................... Alexander, Will & Myron Beauprez Land & Cattle Bessler, James Blind Badger Ranch Bonham, Steve Buck Cattle Co. Bushy Park Farm Cattle Visions Conover Auction Services DeJong Ranch Denison Acres DeRouchey, Fred Diamond M Cattle Co. EDJE Technologies Focus Marketing Group Folkerts, D.J. Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Griswold, John Iowa Beef Expo Jones Show Cattle

12 40 41 IBC 41 5 BC 51 40 40 40 40 55 48 24 60 39 3 50 6

Kahl, Ron & Amy Kreis, Ron Loder Cattle Co. McElroy, H.W. Mid-Continent Farms Nagel Cattle Co. National Western Stock Show O’Hara Land & Cattle Randall, Cliff Redgate Cattle Co. Secondino, Jami SEK Sheridan, Bill Sullivan Farms Tom Farms Truline Maines Wendt, Kevin Willow Springs Cattle Co. Wilson Stock Farm Winegardner Show Cattle

40 41 40 4 1 60 39 40 40 40 41 53 41 7 49 13,40 41 IFC 40 52

The American Maine-Anjou Association and the Maine-Anjou Voice would like to offer up a very sincere apology to all of the junior speech exhibitors at the 2015 Junior National. The speech results were inadvertently left out of the results section in the last issue of the Voice. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and want to congratulate all of these speech winners.

Junior Speech

Intermediate Speech

Senior Speech

1. Tyler Loudon, Iowa 6. Maci Chamberlin, Indiana 2. Abagail Wood, Kansas 7. Jennifer Holliday, Iowa 3. Brooke Hayden, Indiana 8. Ansley Maronde, Nebraska 4. Abby Tlach, Iowa 9. Bailey Tomson, Indiana 5. Tayler Pinkerton, Indiana 10. Larahmy Blakley, Oklahoma

1. Luke Prill, Kansas 6. Sydney Wisnefski, Illinois 2. Tyler Pinkerton, Indiana 7. Kassidy Bremer, Nebraska 3. Jessie Rudolph, Nebraska 8. Kourtney Grimm, Iowa 4. Lauren Robertson, Nebraska 9. Kaleb Miller, Iowa 5. Stephanie Kersten, Nebraska 10. Adelyda Ebersole, Iowa

1. Colton Geiger, Indiana 2. Reighly Blakley, Oklahoma 3. Alexis Franzen, Nebraska 4. Alec Myer, Illinois 5. Amber Pickard, Michigan

54 OCTOBER 2015

6. Tayler Gall, Nebraska 7. Lucas Wisnefski, Illinois 8. Kodi Gehl, Nebraska 9. Kaylee Miller, Iowa

**A full sib sells!

DMCC Production Sale

Selling Bred Heifers, Open Spring Females, Herd Bull Prospects and Maine & Simmental Embryo Packages **SELLING 3 full sib brothers to W/C Loaded Up!

Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015 At the Ranch, Hiawatha, Kan.


Mark Mueller and Family 1757 300th Street • Hiawatha, KS 66434 Home 785-742-2399 • Mark Cell 785-547-6054 • Matt Cell 785-547-5505 e-mail: web site: OCTOBER 2015 55

Selling Elite, Time-Tested Maternal Genetics M A I N E - A N J O U - M A I N E TA I N E R - S I M A N G U S

120 HEAD

HEIFER CALVES, BRED HEIFERS, COWS Featuring the best of our 2015 heifer calf crops, deep and impressive cuts from our bred heifers, and the first-ever access to our ET programs Also selling a strong offering of black commercial heifers sorted for quality, calving date, and service sire

Time-Tested, Performance-Proven Breeding Programs

DEJONG RANCH Kennebec, South Dakota Miles: 605/869-2329


that Work for Ranching Families an Competitive Showmen See the cattle anytime at Nagel Cattle Company - Stop In!

EASTVIEW MAINES Jasper, Minnesota DJ: 507/215-1909 NAGEL CATTLE COMPANY Springfield, South Dakota Blane: 605/464-1187 Landon: 605/464-1197

Sign up now to receive a catalog at or call the event managers at 1.877.800.9230 56 OCTOBER 2015

21y - Boomer x smokin Joe/701P sells bred to style!

50 head of Bred Cattle Bred Heifers, Donors and Bred Cows.

s162 - northern improvement sells bred to rCl lookout!

71a - monopoly x 701P sells bred to ali 2

71a - monopoly x Black ink maineTainer heifer

528C style x 910y Chianina heifer

25C - monopoly x ali maineTainer heifer

533C - i80 x 725T high maine-anjou heifer

Bushy Park Farm

40281 260th Street • Mitchell, SD 57301 • Fax: 605-996-0721 Steve Robinson, Owner • Cory Thomsen, General Manager, 605-730-2397 Samantha Messmer, Assistant Manager, 317-979-3348 On-line at: Visitors always welcome! 2015 Tradition of Excellence Sale - 10.24.15

47C - irish Whiskey x 4138 maineTainer heifer Full sister to BPF Beast! 502C - i80 x 58r high maine-anjou heifer

OCTOBEr 24 - BPF TradiTiOn OF ExCEllEnCE salE At the Bushy Park Farm • Mitchell, South Dakota 50 show heifers - Maine-Anjou, MaineTainer, Hereford, High Simmental, Percentage Simmental, ShorthornPlus and more. Many breeds represented! 50 head of Bred Cattle - Bred Heifers, Donors and Bred Cows. 3 Outstanding Bulls - Maine-Anjou, Hereford & Chi. These cattle can take your program to the next level.

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October 2015 Maine-Anjou Voice  

October 2015 Maine-Anjou Voice  

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