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October 2013

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Atkinson, Nebraska

er by Pioneer! Selling a daught

ughters ever!

Selling his best da

Maternal sisters



Selling two full sis

Our 30 Best Spring Heifer Calves - 50 Outstanding Bred Heifers - 45 Proven Green Valley Cows Featuring our most exciting ET calf crop yet including several mates to past high-sellers!

DENNIS GARWOOD FAMILY 46974 866 Road • Atkinson, NE 68713 (402) 925-2970 - (402) 340-4788 Marketing Agent: Craig Reiter (419) 862-0117

To request your FREE copy of our sale reference catalog log on to or contact the marketing agent at 419/862-0117.

P E R F O R M A N C E - Q U A L I T Y - VA L U E - S U C C E S S - G E T M O R E AT G R E E N VA L L E Y !

1. 2. These 3 Champions in Louisville 2012 sired by MCF Genetics Champion Charolais Female Sired by Time Bandit Champion AOB Sired by Interstate Champion Angus Sired by Hot Rod Congratulations to those exhibitors and breeders! PROGENY OUT OF THESE POWERFUL SIRES SELL THIS FALL

The road to success runs through




Full Sister Sells


Sibs Sell

7. Full Sibs Sell


Sibs and Progeny Sell




Sibs and Progeny Sell Full Sibs Sell MCF & Partners Online Sale

Sibs Sell Top Cut Female Sale

Bids Open September 28th •

November 30th • Washington, KS

28th Annual Club Calf Sale

JSAR Angus Sale

October 19th • Washington, KS

March 2014

1. 2013 3rd Overall Steer and Champion Chi - Kansas State Fair. Congrats Werth and Furrow Families. 2. 2011 Reserve Simmental - Houston Livestock Show and Undefeated Champion Simmental as a Prospect. Congrats Brandon Bird and Pechacek Family. 3. 2012 Champion AOB - Louisville. Champion Composite Heifer - Charolais Junior Nationals and Iowa State Fair. Congrats Elder, Wiedel, and Eckloff Families. 4. 2013 Champion Charolias Steer - Missouri State Fair. Reserve Grand Champion Progress Steer - Charolais Junior Nationals. Congrats to the Romine Family. 5. 2011 Supreme Champion Heifer - Kansas State Fair. Congrats Ratliff Family. 6. 2012 Champion Charolais Steer - KJLS. Congrats Voboril Family. 7. 2011 Champion Charolais Steer - Missouri State Fair. Congratulations Parker Henley. 8. Panda Express, Sire of many prospects selling! 9. 2013 Champion Market Steer - Clayton Bud Calkins Memorial Show and Many Time Champion or Reserve. Congrats to the Werth Family. 10. 2010 Class Winner American Royal. Congrats Voboril Family. 11. 2013 Champion Chianina Steer - Missouri State Fair. Congrats to Brittany Buswell.



october 2013 • VoLUMe 24 / NUMber 1

The official publication of the American Maine-Anjou Association.


17 24 44 47

Departments 8 9 20 28 29 32 33 36 61 2


Tim Larrick

A look into FFA teacher and MaineAnjou breeder, Tim Larrick.

Meet Your AJMAA Junior Board Meet the new AJMAA junior board members and queen.


This year’s NYLC/PRIDE convention recap.

Do You Have Something Other People Need?

Fred DeRouchey, Dr. Don Coover & Darrell Anderson offer tips for successful marketing plans.


by John Boddicker

Commercial Connection by Dave Steen


Junior Update by Kennedy Core

New Junior Members

New Adult Members

Junior Show Reports

Open Show Reports


The American Maine-Anjou Association publishes the Maine-Anjou Voice. Copyright ©2007 by American Maine-Anjou Association. All rights reserved. None of the contents of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the publisher. Subscriptions *U.S. rates are $20 per year *U.S. first class rates are $45 per year *Canadian rates are $35 U.S. Funds; International money orders, Visa and Mastercard encouraged. $35 U.S. Funds when paying with a Canadian personal check. *Foreign rates are $35 per year plus postage. Advertising Space Rates (For Space Only) Size 1 Time PrePaid Full Page (1FC, 1BC, BC) by contract only Full Page (inside) …$555 … $455 3/4 Page ……………$505 … $425 2/3 Page ……………$455 … $390 1/2 Page ……………$325 … $260 1/3 Page ……………$260 … $205 1/4 Page ……………$195 … $150 Card Ads …………… $75 $300 Other options available. Call for rates or terms. Color Rates Single Color ………………… $100 Four Color ………………… $200 Extra Charges • Original Color Photo Scan $20 • Retrieve Color Photo Scan $10 • Black & White Photo ……… $7 • Special Artwork/Spot ColorPer Project Advertising Deadlines January/February ......December 1 March/April .................February 1 May/June/July....................April 1 August/September ...............July 1 October ......................September 1 November/December ..... October 1 Past Due Accounts Payment is expected in 30 days. Accounts past due will be charged a 1.5% interest penalty per month. Copy Changes Changes to advertising copy, if made after deadline, will be made only if time permits and will incur the appropriate charges for time and materials involved in the change. Advertising Content The Maine-Anjou Voice reserves the right to refuse any advertising copy at its sole discretion. The Voice assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the advertising content as submitted or approved, including pedigrees, statements regarding performance or photos from outside parties. Advertisers shall indemnify and hold harmless the Voice for any claims concerning advertising content as submitted or approved. Content received after deadline will be sent to the advertiser for review as time allows. The Voice is not responsible for errors in advertisements where content is received past deadline. Digital File Conversion Disclaimer Many of our advertisers are choosing to supply digital photos rather than glossy prints for use in their Maine-Anjou Voice advertising. The Voice magazine will not be responsible for quality of photo reproduction or printing as a result of any digital photos supplied. The Voice magazine will not be held liable for any financial compensation or discounted advertising as a result of poor reproduction quality of digital photos. All digital photos supplied for use in the Voice magazine will be used at the advertiser’s risk. Produced by Staff Maine-anjou voice Lindsey Broek PLATTE CITY, MO • (816) 858-9954 Devon Stewart Maine-Anjou Voice, P.O. Box 1100, 204 Marshall Rd., Platte City, MO 64079 (816) 858-9954; Fax (816) 858-9953;;

y a l C KNOLL s m r a F c

Reference Sires


GVC iBull

GVC Maverick X Miss Green Valley 535R

Registered Maine-Anjou & Angus Open & Bred Heifers Available!

HAA Wisdom

SLC Sooner 101M X FJH Countess 400K


NBH Polled Energizer X FJH Countess 115H

• The cowman’s kind of cattle • Phenotypically acceptable in the showring, but still real world compatible • Seedstock capitilizing on the top-end of the Maine-Anjou breed • Reference sires include Wisdom, CKF Ali 275W (Ali son) • Heifer’s AI’d to Hawkeye and pasture exposed to iBull • Top selling female 2013 Michigan Beef Expo • Champion pen and individual American Maine-Anjou Association feed trial • Grand Champion steer at this year’s county fair.

Heifers like these sell!

GVC Hawkeye X05

GVC Special Delivery X Miss Green Valley 83U

CKF Ali 275W

Cowan’s Ali X Daines Icon

Clay Knoll Farms The Simpkins Family

Call us today!

Gary & Janette Simpkins - Gladwin, Mich. Home: 989-426-8185 - Cell: 989-329-4668 Duane Simpkins & Sons Home: 989-426-3244 - Cell: 989-329-6141 -





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Sullivan Farms

Sunday, October 20, 2013

12:00 pm, at the farm, Dunlap, IA

High Maine, Unstoppable - Out of the Louisville Champion Female, Beauty 104M, THC & PHA Free

High Maine-Anjou, Unstoppable - Dam is KC, Louisville & Denver Champion Female, KS Erica 36T. TH & PHA Free

Polled Hereford, About Time - Her dam is 438 Harley, the dam of multiple National champion females.

MaineTainer, Irish Whiskey - Three phenomenal full sisters sell.

MaineTainer/ShorthornPlus, Unstoppable - A dual registered show stopper from the Augusta Pride cow family. TH & PHA Free

Catalog on-line at

Chianina, Who Da Man - A full sister to Louisville Supreme Champion Heifer and I Da Man bull.

Angus, Dameron First Class

Maternal Legends

- Highlights an extremely deep set of well bred Angus females.

farms John, Dede, Sara & Sage • James • Nick John Elder, 402.650.1385 • Josh Elder, 402.650.1380 Dunlap, Iowa 51529 • 712.263.0263

SELLING ::: 130 Open Heifers (many dual registered) ...

• 50 Shorthorn • 30 ShorthornPlus • 20 Chianina • 1 ChiAngus • 12 Hereford • 11 Angus • 6 Maine • 9 MaineTainer • 6 Simmental • 3 Foundation Simmental • 1 Charolais • 3 Charolais Commposite • 2 Red Angus • 50 Shorthorn & ShorthornPlus Bred Heifers • Semen & Embryos



o i h O , d o r r a Nov. H

Bred to I-80

Bred to Optimus Prime

Bred to I-80

Bred to I-80

Bred to I-80

Bred to I-80

Bred to Smilin Bob

Bred to High Standards

Sires Represented: High Regard, Optimus Prime, Driver, I-80, Heat Wave, Hard Whiskey, Make It Rain, Whizard, Sooner, Predator and Steel Force! OCTOBER

5:30 p.m. EST │ At the farm

Bred to I Da Man

Bred to I-80



Troy & Randy Jones P.O. Box 127 - Harrod, OH (h) 419-648-9196 (o) 419-648-9967 (c) 419-230-8675 Sale managed by: Bob - 309.337.1404 Nick - 309.337.6404

Miss Green Valley 766T

Selling daughters by Heat Wave. This elite donor sells bred to Daddy’s Money!

PCC Queens Valentine R9

Selling daughters by High Regard & Optimus Prime


KLS Diamond W516

Selling daughters by I-80 & Optimus Prime

Loves to Smile 029U

KS She’s So Sweet 98R

Selling daughters by Steel Force & Driver

TJSC Cinderella 595Z

Selling daughters by I-80

Selling a full sib bred to Optimus Prime

TJSC So Sweet 104X

JSC Blue Rose 26S

Selling a full sib bred to I-80 and a flush out of this champion

JSC Katie 5S

Selling daughters by High Regard

This donor sells!

Selling full sisters!

TJSC Lucky Lady 2X

Selling full & maternal sibs by I-80 and Irish Whiskey

GCC Neally Ray

Selling daughters by I-80. This great PHAF donor sells!




Reaching Beyond

How can your involvement help? by John Boddicker, executive vice president American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) Mission Statement The AMAA will promote Maine-Anjou genetics that provide superior, value added performance, docility and carcass excellence for the beef industry while also providing expanded membership services for adult and junior members. The Reaching Beyond campaign needs each and every Maine-Anjou member to become involved in a cause that will help cement the future of the breed for generations to come. In review, the Reaching Beyond purposes for existence are to: • Provide added scholarship opportunities for AMAA youth. • Provide continuing education opportunities for both youth and adult members. • Provide enhancement to AMAA research projects. You as the membership have been previously made aware of two very important Reaching Beyond projects that will culminate this November in Louisville, Ky., at our national show and convention. On Sunday, November 17 an original portrait commissioned by C.J. Brown depicting 25 legendary Maine-Anjou bulls and a few numbered artists proofs will be auctioned off at the annual membership meeting. This historic painting and its proceeds will be one of two initial projects to benefit Reaching Beyond. The second project will be the drawing of two winners (four heifers per winner) out of all those who purchased a Crazy 8 ticket. This huge undertaking has a goal of selling 888 tickets at $100 per ticket. What a boost to the Reaching Beyond financial goals if this goal is accomplished! The AMAA has approximately 1,800 active adult members and 1,400 active junior members;

surely we can meet our goal of 888 tickets sold! DON’T WAIT, CONTACT THE AMAA OFFICE AND ORDER YOUR CRAZY 8 TICKETS NOW! Be proactive in helping guide the Maine-Anjou breed to a better future for generations to come. Advertisements on both of these important projects can be found on later pages within this issue of the Voice magazine. As we look to meeting the worthwhile goal of $1,000,000 to be a part of the foundation by the end of 2017, anyone can contribute to Reaching Beyond with a gift of any size. A gift to can come in many different ways. The list below highlights the most common variations. • Cash • Outright gift of stock and/or real estate. • Bequest in will. • Life income gifts. • Gifts of life insurance. • Gifts of retirement assets. When thinking of making charitable gifts or bequests to Reaching Beyond, we encourage you to seek advice of a financial planning/tax advisor before making any decisions about the type and scope of that charitable gift.

Current EPD Profile

(Active) MaineTainer Sires MaineTainer Dams Maine-Anjou Sires Maine-Anjou Dams

CE 6.2 6.8 6.8 6.8

BW 2 1.7 2.5 2.4

WW 34.6 36.2 39.6 39.9

YW 72.1 75.6 78.3 78.7

MCE 1.3 2.5 2.9 3.1

MM 19.1 19.4 19.5 19.5

MWW 36.4 37.4 39.2 39.4

CW -3.2 -1.5 1.1 1.1

FT -0.01 -0.01 0 0

REA 0.25 0.29 0.15 0.16

MARB 0.17 0.19 0.2 0.2


%RT 0.46 0.48 0.28 0.29

MAPP enrollment needs to be completed no later than Dec. 1, 2013. If you have not logged into your online account to submit your active dams and pay your 2014 dues, please do so immediately. Any enrollments not completed by the deadline will be billed for all active dams shown in your inventory. If you are unable to enroll online, please call the AMAA immediately to receive a paper copy at (816) 431-9950. 8


Commercial Connection

2013 AMAA National Feed Trial and More by David Steen, commercial development director This last month has provided me with a lot of windshield time to meet and talk to many producers and breeders, and to attend the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course in College Station, Texas. I want to express my gratitude and thanks to Brad Barrett, his wife, Jana and their two sons for all of their great help in setting up our booth at the short course and helping man it. The Barrett’s are always willing to help and it is very much appreciated. Also, thanks to Ken Persyn, KNP Land & Cattle Co., Castroville, Texas, for assisting me at our Maine-Anjou booth. Persyn has a great insight into the cattle business and did a great job promoting the Maine-Anjou breed to interested producers. Thanks again Ken, for making the trip to Texas A&M! It was an enjoyable few days having the opportunity to visit with many producers including American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) members, Bill Barrett, Tatum, Texas and Robbie Swierc, Hobson, Texas. There was a lot of activity at our booth as numerous producers stopped by with their great comments concerning their experiences using MaineAnjou genetics in their programs and the added value that the Maine-Anjou breed has helped to create for their operation. I encourage our breeders to take some time and attend these types of symposiums. The information that is offered is priceless, plus it gives you the opportunity to work at the AMAA booth and meet with producers one-on-one to tell them about your program. If you’ve had a chance to read through the August/September issue of the Voice, or if you haven’t, I want you to be informed that the AMAA is going to hold a Maine-Anjou Influenced Bred Cow and Female sale at the Dunlap Livestock Auction, Dunlap, Iowa, on Feb. 5, 2014. This sale is open to all registered and commercial producers of TH and PHA free Maine-Anjou females. Please review the ad in this issue for the female sale. If you have any questions regarding this sale, please feel free to call me at (515) 201-3281. The last of our cattle were shipped during the third week of July. The final results will be published and sent to each consignor when that becomes available. This year’s cattle were met with the worst challenge of market price and feed cost in the history of the Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF) since its inception in 1982. This has been a trying year for all cattle feeders. Thanks again to everyone for your support of the AMAA feeding trial, it is very much appreciated! Plans have been made for this fall to hold our second feed trial at the TCSCF located in Lewis, Iowa about an hour east of

Omaha, Neb. The TCSCF began with 35 Iowa producers consigning 105 steers for feedlot and carcass evaluation, ultimately tracking feedlot profitability animal-by-animal. The futurity is associated with nine feedyards located in southwest Iowa. These feedyards have been associated with the futurity for years and all do an outstanding job of feeding and caring for the cattle. The TCSCF board of directors directs the program with oversight by the Iowa State University staff. Darrell Busby, Iowa State University Beef Specialist for southwest Iowa, has managed this very successful futurity since 1982. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Busby and have him oversee our trial. This year Busby will also assist in the data collection, genetic evaluation, marketing and sorting. In the last eight years, the TCSCF has evaluated more than 40,000 cattle from 13 states, their reputation is impeccable. The feeding site for the 2013 AMAA feeding trial will again be at Gregory’s Feedlot, Tabor, Iowa. Gregory’s is a 7,000 head feedlot located about 40 miles southeast of Omaha, Neb. Keep in mind that the TCSCF works with producers of all sizes and the producers of Maine-Anjou influenced cattle are welcome to feed from one head to hundreds. Additional Information: • Gregory Feedlots Jim Gregory, Owner David Trowbridge, Feedlot Manager 1164 305th Ave. Tabor, IA 51653 Phone: (712) 625-2311 Fax: (712) 625-2321 E-mail: Directions to Gregory Feedlots: From Tabor, Iowa, go south on Highway 275 for two miles to junction 184 (county Highway J18) and 275. Head east on Highway 184 (J18) for three and a half miles to 305th avenue. Go north a quarter mile to the top of a hill and look for a sign on the east side of the road. For those of you who are traveling on Interstate 29, take exit 24 and go east 10 miles to Tabor, Iowa.



Commercial Connection Trial Delivery Dates Iowa Tests


October Delivery Steers & Heifers November Delivery Steers & Heifers December Delivery Steers & Heifers

Health Completed Entries Due Mid September Mid October Mid November

Delivery Date

Mid September Oct. 17, 2013 Mid October Nov. 14, 2013 Mid November Dec. 19, 2013

If these dates do not work for you, additional arrangements can be made for your cattle to be delivered. We will accept cattle at anytime. Please call Dave Steen with your delivery intentions at (515) 201-3281 or feedlot manager, David Trowbridge at (712) 625-2311 or cell (712) 370-2205. We appreciate having your cattle and will work to accommodate you any way that we can. Please keep in mind that the calves need to be weaned for at least 30-45 days with vaccinations completed. It will be a benefit to the health of your cattle as well as the pen of cattle. Computerized records keep the data moving through the system. Information will be collected on each animal throughout its time in the feedlot; prior to going on feed, re-implant and harvest. The TCSCF evaluation team will use the records and visual appraisal to sort the cattle into different harvest groups to ensure calves are sold at an optimum endpoint. The TCSCF team has been collecting performance and carcass data for nearly 25 years. The time-tested system helps identify when the cattle are ready to be shipped and follows them through harvest. The financing options can allow producers who consign a minimum of 10 head, the opportunity to receive $300 per head payment upon delivery to the feedyard if that is desired. Please contact the TCSCF office at (712) 769-2600 before delivery to receive your payment. No one will be billed for feed, it will be deducted from the proceeds of the cattle! Health Requirements: Health requirements are strictly enforced. Health of the cattle is very important and has a major effect on gain, feed conversions, stress on the cattle and the overall level of performance. Entries shall meet the following standards at least four weeks prior to delivery: • Bulls castrated • Treated for internal and external parasites • All horns removed • Immunized for: - Modified Live Virus: IBR, BVD, PI3 and BRSV - Pasteurella multocida bacterin toxoid - Mannheimia hemolytica bacterin toxoid - Clostridium Chauvoei, Septicum (Backleg and malignant edema) - Clostridium Perfringes (Type C & D) • Steers and heifers must be weaned and started on a light ration 28 days prior to delivery. • Steers and heifers must be free of warts, ringworm and mange. A veterinary statement on vaccinations must accompany cattle. Health rules will be strictly enforced. Analysis of TCSCF data indicates calves vaccinated with modified live vaccines result in significantly reduced respiratory pulls in the feedlot as compared to calves vaccine with killed vaccines. We suggest testing replacement heifers for BVD. Contact TSCSF manager, Darrell Busby at (712) 769-2600. TCSCF Rules and Regulations: • Open to all producers and feedlot operators that have Maine-Anjou influenced cattle. 10


• Sire or sire breed groups will be identified. Individual steer/heifer entries will be accepted, which may be either homeraised or purchased. A farm may make as many entries as they would like. • A pen reservation fee of $20 per steer must accompany entry. This entry fee will be credited back to each producer’s account. • A $300 per head advance is available for a 10 head minimum. Interest incurred will be the responsibility of the consignor. The TCSCF administrative office will need to be notified if an advance is requested by a consignor. • Entries are due three weeks prior to beginning of test for cattle. If you have a problem call Dave at (515) 201-3281. • At delivery, all steers and heifers will be double tagged. The original owner’s eartag will be removed. • No bulls or stags allowed. No horns allowed. • Ownership will be transferred to TCSCF for $5 per steer or heifer. All ownership rights are thus conveyed to and steers and heifers become the property of TCSCF. This eliminates the need for a feed deposit. Death will be a loss to TCSCF and the former owner. • Steers and heifers will be fed a warm-up ration for 28 days and will be weighed on test at the end of warm-up. Steers and heifers will be placed on approximately 80% concentrate ration as soon as possible. • Steers and heifers will be weighed individually at least four times: upon delivery, start of test period, time of re-implant and prior to harvest. • Steers and heifers will be harvested on at least two different dates five weeks apart, determined by the TCSCF board. • An annual meeting will be held in July. • The TCSCF board reserves the right to disqualify any animal at any time if a problem arises with a steer or heifer entered in the program. Animals may be sold or returned to original owner upon reimbursement for expenses. Tri-County Carcass Futurity Reports to Producer Through the course of the cattle entered into the TCSCF program, information is shared with the consignor in three different reports. Report #1 - On-Test Report This report will give the weight upon delivery to Iowa, home weight and shrink (if the home weights are provided). It will also give the on-test weight, which is the weight taken after the cattle have been in Iowa for 28 to 35 days. A disposition score will be taken when the cattle are weighed on-test and will be included with the report. If the producer has reported the birthdates, a weight-per-day of age and weight-per-day of age ratio will be included. The warm-up average daily gain is also reported. Report #2 - Re-Implant Report This report will include weights taken when the cattle are reimplanted 70 days before the first harvest date or approximately 60 days after the on-test weights are taken. It will also include the average disposition score, overall average daily gain, on-test average daily gain, average daily gain ratio, weight-per-day of age and weight-per-day of age ratio (if birthdates are reported to the TCSCF office). Report #3 - Final Report The financial report is confidential to the individual consignor. There will also be a check included in the packet. Please feel free to call (712) 769-2600 with questions or comments. You may also reach them via e-mail at



RIGD Atomic

GOF Heidi X RLN Moneyline bw: 2.0 ww: 52.5 yw: 96.4 m: 22.5 m&g: 48.7 Champion AOB FFA Res. Supreme Champion FFA Bull Champion Senior Bull Calf 2013 Iowa State Fair



WCC Octane

HAA Countess X DCC The Man bw: 1.8 ww: 44.3 yw: 84.8 m: 16.0 m&g: 38.0

All American Bull 2013 Champion Summer Yearling 2013 Iowa State Fair

These bulls and other mature bulls available now. Stop by and see us at the Royal and NAILE!

BarR Cattle Company

WWW.BARRCATTLE.COM, or check out the Web site at This feed trial will allow all cattle producers with Maine-Anjou influenced cattle the unique opportunity to feed and showcase their genetics. Trials of this magnitude and depth will provide producers with the results to assist them in selecting for the genetic traits that need improved upon. The Maine-Anjou breed is such a unique breed, it presents cattlemen with the genetic reach to compete in all phases of beef production and does it well. We have proven this! Let’s make the rest of the beef industry aware of our attributes. With the increased prevalence of value added programs, more and more cattle are being harvested on grids today than ever before. Feedlot managers are demanding more feeding and carcass information daily and they are encouraging cattlemen to produce high quality cattle that have the opportunity to meet or exceed the grid specs to earn additional premiums. From our years of data collection, we have documented the earning power and true value that Maine-Anjou genetics can provide the commercial cattleman.

For more information: Bar R Cattle Co. - Ben and Alicia Rigdon Cliff Randall New London, IA 52645 Vidalia, LA 71373 (319) 394-9733 (318) 386-5358

Commercial Connection

Please consider joining us this fall by consigning some of your cattle to this TCSCF as we continue to collect data for our consignors and the Maine-Anjou breed. Data collection is vital to the future growth of the Maine-Anjou breed. This year all of the cattle will be ultrasounded to help identify the optimal time to harvest. If you need a ride, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to make it happen. For those of you that are interested in consigning some cattle, contact Dave at (515) 201-3281 or the TCSCF at (712) 769-2600 for a complete set of guidelines for the trial. Please remember that whatever the situation might be, we will work with delivery dates and times to accommodate you and your cattle. The AMAA would greatly appreciate your support. Thanks for your consideration! Maines on the Move, Dave Steen AMAA Commercial Development Director

ELKE Maine-Anjou Herd Reduction Selling 25 purebred to 1/2 blood Maine-Anjou bred heifers to older cows. Solid blacks and reds. Bred to grandsons of SLC Sooner and TLM Bouncer. Start calving late February for a 60 day breeding season. Available Nov. 1, 2013. Reasonably priced! Richard or Jean Elke 701-265-8132 - Cavalier, ND 58220




Nov. 22

7N Arena - Springfield, SD

Females like this will sell!

Nagel Cattle Co. Bred Female Sale

│Selling 150 commercial Angus, Maine & Simmental Influenced bred heifers │ Ultrasound due dates and calf sex. A.I. Sires include: Deal Me In, Comfort Zone, Patton, Schiefelbein Effective, I-80, Upward 13X and Pillow Talk

│Selling 70 high % Maine-Anjou and Simmental bred heifers│ │Selling 30 replacement and show heifer calves│ Maine, Simmental, Angus and Club Calves 31164 E.R.S. Rd. - Springfield, SD Blane - (605) 464-1187 cell (605) 369-2628 home Landon - (605) 464-1197 cell e-mail: Sale Consultant: Kent Jaecke, Focus Marketing Group (405) 408-2440



Guest Consignors John & Susan Goeken Family Utica, SD John - (605) 364-7432 Patyk Farms & Livestock Lostant, IL/Stuart, NE Terry - (815) 488-1372

Opportunity Awaits NOVEMBER 29! Mark Your Calendars!

Beginning Friday, November 29 we will be hosting our annual private treaty bid-off sale. Cattle will be prepriced and available for viewing all weekend long. Check out our website for pictures and more details! Offering open fall heifers ready to breed, bred heifers and a select number of open spring heifers and bulls! Located just 90 miles south of Kansas City!


• The Maine Growth Explosion • Docile character • Easy fleshing

• Superior feedlot & carcass traits • Generations of selection for calving ease • Commercial show quality cattle DOB: 3/1/2008 BW: 92 REG. # 388733 PUREBRED POLLED HOMO. BLACK ADJ. WW: 778 ADJ YW: 1,469 PHA/TH FREE



2.9 68.1 122.4 12.6 46.6


bw ww yw m m&g

SLC Sooner 101M │ TLM Amy 451P

Heifers like these will sell! Flushmates to Synergy TLM Sweet Sue 221Z - ET

Sooner X TLM Amy 451P 2/16/2012 // bw: 90 bw: 1.4 ww: 44.4 yw: 88.9 m: 16.4 m&g: 38.5

TLM Sweet Sue 226Z - ET

Sooner X TLM Amy 451P 2/22/2012 // bw: 84 bw: 1.4 ww: 44.4 yw: 88.9 m: 16.4 m&g: 38.5

Everett - Mike - Steve Forkner 9282 E. Indian Line Rd. ● Richards, MO 64778 (417) 484-3306 (877) 489-0570 (417) 549-0666 or

Contact Dave Steen about the cattle! (515) 201-3281

Visitors welcome anytime! OCTOBER





Grand Champion Percentage Female 2013 Simmental Jr. National

Reg. #2388625 CNS Dream On


BLL ZEIS Miss Bream R335

Stop by and see Shelby’s exciting set of calves in this year’s sale!


Thank You

Congratulations to Lauren and the Prill family on their continued success with this female!

It All Starts Here


Second Annual Online Sale Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013

Calves sold in last year’s sale!

Sale hosted by CW Cattle Sales Offering high quality show heifer and steer prospects from our growing donor battery and popular AI sires! Dennis, Sara, Taylor, Hannah & Morgan Moore 4522 Alton Commerce Pkwy. // Alton, IL 62002 - 618-410-3325 Brian Bates, Manager 309-525-1517 Maines - Simmentals - Club Calves

Stop by and see this year’s exciting set of calves!



Services/In House Lab

Mercedes Benz

HFM Duracell

3/4 Maine-Anjou │ Reg.# 386737 THF/PHAF

3/4 Maine-Anjou │ Reg.# 414649 THF/PHAF

- BioPRYN Blood Pregnancy Testing - BVD Testing for P.I.’s - Neospora, BLV, Johne’s Testing - Complete Embryo Facility - Embryos Available - Semen Volume Discounts (starting at $300 - some bulls may not apply) - No Minimum Straw Orders - No Packing & Handling Fees - A.I. Schools & Supplies

- A.I. School Dates **Nov. 2-3 & Dec. 7-8**

Predator 19U

GVC Twitter Y18

3/4 Maine-Anjou │ Reg.# 394569 THF/PHAF

PB Maine-Anjou │ Reg.# 422376 THF/PHAF

GVC iBull Y22


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Originally published September 2013, Today’s Farmer magazine.

Tim Larrick takes top honors in Missouri by Nancy Jorgensen Photos by Austin Black Tim Larrick has a hard time saying no. That trait may be his secret to success as an agriculture teacher at South Shelby School District, a rural school that draws students from Shelbina and Clarence in northeastern Missouri. When a loyal FFA supporter asked him to recruit students to conduct games for kids at a July 4 celebration, “I couldn’t say no to her,” Tim said. When a master garden-club member asked for help creating a garden for hospital patients, Tim’s volunteers hauled in soil by wheelbarrow. We talked to Tim as he was overseeing a petting zoo for local children—his students brought goats, rabbits, chicken, a donkey, a dog and a duck. These are just a few examples of Tim’s work during summer vacation—usually a slow time for teachers. During the school year, he teaches agricultural classes for middle and high school students. As advisor to the FFA program, he often works three

nights a week and many weekends. He spends an estimated 50 to 60 hours a week on the job. “You need three things to make this work,” Tim explained. “A student who wants to do it, a teacher who wants to do it, and a community that stands behind you.” Tim’s get-er-done attitude helps explain why his peers in the Missouri chapter of the National Association for Agriculture Educators gave him the Outstanding Middle/Secondary School Program Award for Missouri in 2012, from a field of 331 schools. Following that award, NAAE recognized Tim’s program as the best in his region, one of just six regions in the nation. Because Tim is willing to step up, students and community members find it easy to say yes to him. “The kids want to volunteer,” Tim said. “If I can’t handle an event myself, I am able to get a parent or school staffer to help out. And the OCTOBER



community donates generously to FFA.”

Growing the program

Tim grew up on a local farm and attended South Shelby High School. After graduating from the University of Missouri, he spent the first four years of his career teaching at nearby Monroe City. He jumped at the chance to return home when offered his position at South Shelby in 1997. The number enrolled in South Shelby ag classes has more than tripled since Tim started teaching here— from 45 in 1997, to 140 out of a total of 232 eligible high school students last year. Tim participated in FFA in high school, and today this student organization helps attract kids to his ag classes. FFA develops leaders, encourages personal growth and, as Tim says, “Everybody knows it’s fun.” Tim teaches 10 courses including ag science, horticulture, small engines, ag structures and construction. He summarizes his philosophy in a sign at the front of his classroom: “Have fun, meet people and do your best.” Despite being small, South Shelby is mighty when it comes to FFA, ranking 28th out of 331 Missouri FFA chapters in membership. Teaching agriculture isn’t like English, where instructors generally rely on standard textbooks. Tim uses FFA’s intracurricular program in the classroom. “I let students decide what they want to learn,” Tim said. “I find various sources and put together a lot of field trips. It’s always different, and that’s why I like teaching agriculture.” Tim motivates through competition. “In my middle school class, every student makes a bird house, and at the end of the day we give a little prize for the best,” he said. “When we’re welding, the student who makes the best weld of the day earns a soda.” Tim sets high expectations, but students start with a blank slate. “I make it clear from the beginning, there are no bad students, but there are students who make bad decisions,” Tim said. “I don’t dwell on mistakes. I let every kid succeed at something.” That includes those with special needs.

One advisor who follows the FFA Creed, Tim Larrick, helps students find their skills and excel. Drawing in kids students for their accomplishments,” Tim said. Before Tim’s daughter Larissa reached Under Tim’s direction, the school purchased a livestock trailer kindergarten, she memorized the five-paragraph FFA creed, and other equipment to make sure every student has a chance which begins, “I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds.” He relishes telling that story to to show livestock. Tim escorts students to 10 to 15 shows a year, including State Fair. His kids also cure and sell hams and learn to FFA students who complain when he insists they memorize the butcher meat. creed. Students made about $700 from raising and selling sweet corn Beyond daily classwork, Tim supervises monthly evening FFA on the school grounds last year. But that pales in comparison to gatherings where members have a quick meeting, followed by funds raised from the sale of student-made chocolate-covered refreshments and volleyball. FFA members also take part in strawberries for Valentine’s Day—a lesson in the benefits of Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects where they adding value to ag products. raise animals or crops, or work at part-time jobs. Not all of Tim’s ag students are FFA members, but as Tim The FFA SAE program offers awards so students can see says, “You never know what’s going to attract them.” Tim where they stand compared to their peers. Last year, Tim’s has expanded FFA offerings to include trap shooting and coon students took eight first-places in area competitions. An annual hunting. “One student joined FFA to take part in a trash pickup community banquet also honors students. “We recognize 18


day that was followed by a fishing expedition. He wanted to go fishing!” With competing activities such as sports and band, it’s not always easy for students to find time for FFA. “But I’m a pusher,” Tim admitted. “As one of my students says, ‘Mr. Larrick doesn’t take no for an answer.’” Tim looks for ways to encourage kids to find time. During FFA contest season in March, he holds a Lock-In Night at the school. Last year, 44 kids volunteered to study all night. Perhaps the biggest draw comes with the opportunity to travel to shows, contests, camps and the National FFA Convention. Last year, FFA members sold more than $79,000 in meat and fruit products to raise funds to attend the national convention. Anyone who sells 100 products is eligible to go, as long as they’re passing every class. For the past 10 years, Mike Dodd, a parent volunteer, has driven Tim and an average of 40 students to the convention. Like most ag teachers, Tim also earned a commercial driver’s license so he can transport students to events.


States to limit animal confinement. The event proved to be the largest gathering at the Capitol in history, and the turnout helped convince legislators to curb the proposal. “We raise a lot of pigs in our area, and HSUS wants to get rid of animal agriculture,” Tim explained. When a fast food giant responded to the HSUS campaign by announcing it would no longer serve pork made from confined animals, Tim boycotted the chain. Now he takes his students to mom-and-pop cafes when they’re on field trips.

Building a better future

It takes a lot of time and energy for one person to handle all these classes and activities. For years, Tim encouraged his school to fund a second ag teacher. “All the schools around us have more than one,” Tim said. “I hate telling the kids no, but I can’t be there for every activity.” He was thrilled this summer when South Shelby Schools hired Elizebeth Utterback. With her help, Tim hopes to build an exchange program, inviting St. Louis students to visit a farm and allowing South Shelby kids to experience the city. Leon Busdieker, director of agriculture, food and natural resources for the Missouri Department of Secondary Education, says that Missouri demonstrates a strong commitment to programs like Tim’s. “The state of Missouri continues to provide a high level of support for ag education in order to make sure that all students have access to programs and services necessary to prepare for careers in agriculture.” Leon recommended Tim for this article. As Leon said, “A great ag teacher not only provides the programs and services for all students to succeed, but also instills a passion for agriculture.” Certainly Tim fits the bill. “I couldn’t do all this without support from my family,” Tim said. He and his wife, Michelle and their children, Larissa, 7 and Peyson, 4, wear matching shirts so people can pick them out from crowds at events. No matter how many hours Tim puts into a day, he’s home at least an hour each evening for family time. Tim maintains ties to farming by investing in cattle with his dad, mom and brothers. When he looks down the road to retirement, he hopes to devote more time to the family business. He’ll also volunteer with FFA and the community. “Mostly, I just want to leave this place and this program better than I found it,” he concluded.

“Have fun, meet people and do your best.”

Spreading the word Clarence and Shelbina have a combined population of about 3,000, and their economies are founded on agriculture—livestock, corn and soybeans. Yet Tim estimates that only about 25 percent of his students go on to ag-related careers. His goal is to reach the largest audience possible with an appreciation for agriculture— even if they don’t plan an ag career. Through a Food for America program, high school students teach younger classes where their food comes from, bringing along treats like corn-flake cookies. The program builds interest in kids who might take ag classes when they’re older. A few years ago, some college-bound kids wanted to take Tim’s classes but couldn’t fit them into their schedules of precollege requirements like science, math and language. About the same time, South Shelby set aside 24 minutes a day to help students with problems, and for top students, those 24 minutes often meant study hall. Tim looked at school surveys of former students to see what curriculum gaps he could fill while attracting high achievers to his program. “Students wished they had more speech training,” Tim found, “But because we’re small, South Shelby doesn’t offer a speech class.” He created an ag leadership course focusing on communication, including public speaking, interviewing and sales techniques. Students from the class recently took high honors in an ag sales career development event at the National FFA Convention. Last year, a highlight for Tim involved driving a busload of volunteer students to the state Capitol in Jefferson City to protest a plan promoted by the Humane Society of the United




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Junior d r a Bo pate and get very involved. I would like to get to know the youth in our association better, especially those from a similar situation as I and be able to encourage them to get involved and participate in the great activities our association provides.

Andrew Weaver Region 1 Director

Name: Andrew Weaver Age: 20 College/High School: Michigan State Univeristy Extra Curricular Activities: Block and Bridle, judging teams and Campus Crusade for Christ. Future Plans: Attend graduate school for ruminant nutrition/meat science. Favorite Food: BBQ pulled pork, am I allowed to say that? Favorite Quote: “For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.” 2 Corinthians 5:1 Favorite Pastime: Spending time with cattle and going flying. Favorite Movie: Anything Disney Favorite Restaurant: Leo’s Lodge in Lansing, Mich. What inspired you to the run for the AJMAA junior board: The cattle industry has done so much for me growing up and I wanted to be able to have the opportunity to give back and help other youth be able to have the same great experiences I have had. Who are your mentors: The Simpkins family, the Geuns family and Sarah Wells. If you could pick anyone to help you fit/get your project ready for the biggest show of your career, who would it be: Kendra Van Order Favorite show to attend: National Junior Maine-Anjou Show Favorite memory of being involved in the AJMAA: NYLC 2012 If you had a choice, would you rather wash or dry your animals: Wash While on the junior board, what are some things you would like to accomplish: Compared to many others, I have been in this industry a very short time but have been fortunate to be able to partici24


Kennedy Core Region 2 Director

Name: Kennedy Core Age: 17 College/High School: Pleasantville High School Extra Curricular Activities: FFA, speech, drama, basketball, volleyball and track. Future Plans: Attend a large university with an agriculture emphasis. Favorite Food: Steak Favorite Quote: “Don’t be afraid of competition, be prepared for it.” Favorite Pastime: My favorite past time would probably be playing basketball. Aside from showing cattle, playing basketball is one of my biggest passions. Favorite Movie: “Courageous” Favorite Restaurant: That’s a tough one, but my favorite restaurant is probably Texas Roadhouse. What inspired you to the run for the AJMAA junior board: My older cousins and my sister have all been a part of the Maine-Anjou board and I have always looked up to them. I want to be able to give back to an association that has given so much to me. Who are your mentors: I would say my biggest mentor would be my Mom. If it wasn’t for her knowledge of the livestock industry and countless hours she spends helping us, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She has been the one that has taught me and my sister everything we know about showing and raising cattle. If you could pick anyone to help you fit/get your project ready for the biggest show of your career, who would it be: I think it would

Junior Board be impossible for me to select one person. It is more fun for me to think about putting together a “dream team”. This business is about the relationships you build and my family has been very blessed to have developed friendships with many talented fitters and clippers. How do you pick between Jon Gevelinger, Jared Boyert, Mike Deniz, Shane Lindsey, Ty Webster and Dustin Smith? They have all been an important part of our success at different times over the years. I will forever be thankful for their friendship and encouragement. Favorite show to attend: It is hard to pick one, but my two favorite shows are probably the Iowa State Fair because the competition level is unbeatable and Maine-Anjou junior national. Favorite memory of being involved in the AJMAA: My favorite memory of being involved in the AJMAA would be the time I won intermediate showmanship at the junior national in Kansas City. My sister and I take huge pride in showmanship and to accomplish winning that three times was definitely a memory that I will remember forever. If you had a choice, would you rather wash or dry your animals: I would definitely rather wash! While on the junior board, what are some things you would like to accomplish: As a junior board member one of my biggest goals would be to implement a top five heifer selection in each of the high percentage and Mainetainer shows. With the quality of heifers that are shown at our junior show, I believe a top five would be an excellent way to acknowledge more exhibitors for their hard work and high quality cattle.

Who are your mentors: My father is my biggest mentor. He has taught me everything I know about cattle. Without him, I would not be involved in the industry. Josh Elder has also been a mentor of mine, he has been there helping me since I started showing and I look up to him greatly. If you could pick anyone to help you fit/get your project ready for the biggest show of your career, who would it be: Josh Elder, he is not only one of the most talented fitters I know, he is also family. Favorite show to attend: My favorite show to attend would have to be a tie between junior nationals and NAILE. I love spending a week doing all the contests and seeing everyone from the breed, but there is something about showing on the green shavings that is hard to beat. Favorite memory of being involved in the AJMAA: One of my favorite memories of being involved in the AJMAA was winning my first salesmanship contest, which is my favorite contest. My mom had promised me that if I won a contest I could get a puppy, to a 12 year old that is the ultimate prize. Once my name was announced I completely forgot about the puppy, until Kennedy Core reminded me. I got the puppy, it just happened to be two years later. If you had a choice, would you rather wash or dry your animals: Dry, being 4’11 my jeans are always too long and I end up walking around with the bottom of my jeans wet for the rest of the day if I wash. While on the junior board, what are some things you would like to accomplish: First and foremost, I would like to be someone that the juniors can look up to. I want anyone to feel like they can come talk to me at any time, about anything. I would also like to see a top five added at junior national. I think it is very important for the juniors to be further recognized in the show.

Kiley Elder

Region 2 Director Name: Kiley Elder Age: 17 College/High School: Pella High School Extra Curricular Activities: Cheerleading, secretary of FFA chapter and student council. Future Plans: I plan to attend a junior college where I would like to be on the livestock judging team. After completing junior college, I plan on attending senior college to achieve either a communications or marketing degree. Favorite Food: Either pizza or Chinese food Favorite Quote: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” Favorite Pastime: I love to spend time with my family and friends. Favorite Movie: “Sweet Home Alabama” Favorite Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse What inspired you to the run for the AJMAA junior board: When I was younger, I always looked up to the junior board and thought of them as role models. It has been a dream come true of mine since my first Maine junior national to be on the board to help out the younger juniors and give back.

Reighly Blakley Region 3

Name: Reighly Blakley Age: 17 College/High School: Oologah High School Extra Curricular Activities: FFA and Business Professionals of America. Future Plans: Graduate from Oklahoma State University with a double major in agriculture communications and agriculture leadership. Favorite Food: Any type of pasta! Favorite Quote: “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of a man.” George Washington Favorite Pastime: Barn time with my livestock. Favorite Movie: “P.S. I Love You” Favorite Restaurant: Bucca De Beppo, an Italian restaurant in Indianapolis. OCTOBER


Junior Board What inspired you to the run for the AJMAA junior board: Ever since I was seven years old and showing at junior national, I looked up to the board members. I was amazed at what they did, how they always wanted to help everyone out and how they always had a huge smile on their face. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be on the board. As I got older, I made it a goal to be able to be someone that could help out and give back to an association that I love being involved in. Who are your mentors: My BIGGEST mentor is my older sister Rashele Blakley, I try my hardest to be the leader that she is. She is always there when I need help with anything or just when I need someone to talk to. If you could pick anyone to help you fit/get your project ready for the biggest show of your career, who would it be: I would pick my family, uncle Lyndsey, Rashele and even my little brother, Larahmy. Favorite show to attend: My favorite show to attend has to be junior national. I get to spend a week with my friends from all over the country that I only see a few times a year. Favorite memory of being involved in the AJMAA: My favorite memory is winning the speech contest at junior national for the first time in Ohio. If you had a choice, would you rather wash or dry your animals: I love drying my animals, so I would have to choose drying them. While on the junior board, what are some things you would like to accomplish: I would like to offer more activities for the juniors throughout the year, work closer with the adult board and have the junior board get more information about beef products to the general public.

Being raised in the Maine-Anjou association, I knew many of the junior board members on a personal level and they have helped me throughout my show career. I knew I wanted the opportunity to be able to give that back. Thankfully, I was able to get that opportunity and hopefully I will be able to influence the younger generation as much as some of the previous board members influenced me. Who are your mentors: My mentors are my dad and my uncle. If you could pick anyone to help you fit/get your project ready for the biggest show of your career, who would it be: Out of all the professional fitters out there, I would choose my family, my family would be who got me in that situation and there is no one else I trust more. Favorite show to attend: NAILE Favorite memory of being involved in the AJMAA: Last year at junior national, being elected to be on the junior board. If you had a choice, would you rather wash or dry your animals: Wash While on the junior board, what are some things you would like to accomplish: In my home state, less and less new show families are coming around, new people need to become involved in the show industry. Tending to your animals everyday provides irreplaceable life experiences that teach you so much about life.

Tayler Gall Queen

Hunter Randall At-Large Director

Name: Hunter Randall Age: 16 College/High School: Cathedral High School Extra Curricular Activities: Baseball, hunting and fishing. Future Plans: I plan on attending the University of Louisiana-Monroe when I graduate high school for my undergraduate, then moving to Louisiana State University (LSU) to attend the school of veterinary medicine. Favorite Food: Easy, that would be steak. Favorite Quote: “Friends, family and where you come from make you the person you are today.” Frank Foster Favorite Pastime: The traveling baseball team I was playing with at the time qualified for the World Series, even though we did not win it all, I made memories that will last me a lifetime. Favorite Movie: “Lawless” Favorite Restaurant: A small restaurant right off of LSU’s campus called Walk-On’s. What inspired you to the run for the AJMAA junior board: 26


Name: Tayler Gall Age: 17 College/High School: Clarkson Public Schools Extra Curricular Activities: Dance, volleyball, basketball, track, FFA, 4-H and showing cattle. Future Plans: Attend a junior college to study animal science and later transfer to a university, preferably Kansas State, and get into their veterinary program. I’m also very interested in genetics and embryology and hope to specialize in that field. Favorite Food: Oreos Favorite Quote: “The only thing that stands between you and what you want out of life is the will to try and faith to believe it’s possible.” Favorite Pastime: Just being out in the barn with the family, whether it’s breaking calves, rinsing, clipping or doing chores. Favorite Movie: “Pitch Perfect” Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden What inspired you to the run for the AJMAA junior board: For me, running for queen was inspired by wanting to be a role model. When I was younger I was always the shy girl, as I got involved with the Maine-Anjou association I became more confident in myself and found out that I could do anything I set my mind to. Becoming queen has given me the chance to be a role model and to make a difference in someone’s life by showing every person in our association

Junior Board that they are important and have a purpose. Who are your mentors: My mom and dad have guided me throughout my whole life. They have pushed me to be my best and are always there to give me strength in my weakest moments. My biggest role model would be Jara Settles. Jara has taught me everything, including how to fit a calf, care for one and show one. To me, she is the older sister I never had. Most importantly, she has taught me how to be confident in myself, without her I would not be who I am today.If you could pick anyone to help you fit/get your project ready for the biggest show of your career, who would it be: Jara Settles, my dad, my brother and Barrett Carlisle. Together we make a pretty great team. Jara taught us all most of our fitting technique, so our fitting has a lot of similarities. We all have our own areas we’re good at, no doubt this would be my fitting crew. Favorite show to attend: The American Royal. We have attended the American Royal for the past two years and I have had the best experience possible. Last year winning reserve champion Charolais in the junior show was an amazing honor for my family.

Favorite memory of being involved in the AJMAA: My favorite memory being involved in the AJMAA was running for the National Maine-Anjou Queen title. The experience was one I will never forget. I got to meet a ton of great people, as well as the opportunity to interview with great people. I am honored to be voted as this year’s queen and I am very excited to represent the American Maine-Anjou Association. If you had a choice, would you rather wash or dry your animals: I would choose both! I am a bit of a control freak so if I had to choose I would do both to make sure the job is done right! While on the junior board, what are some things you would like to accomplish: I want to be the one person to be a role model. I want to make everyone feel like they mean something to the AJMAA.

2014 National Junior Heifer Show June 21-27 - Louisville, Ky. OCTOBER


2013-2014 Jr. Board Members

Executive Committee: Elizabeth Heaton, President – At-Large 2139 Township Rd. 500 N. Toulon, IL 61483 (309) 238-3340 Cameron Alexander, Vice President – Region 1 830 Spencer Rd. Sabina, OH 45169 (937) 302-0078 • Becca Moore, Sec./Treas. – Region III P.O. Box 26 Madill, OK 73446 (580) 795-5665 Region I Andrew Weaver 5107 Sturgeon Creek Pkwy. Midland, MI 48640 (989) 708-2557 Region II Kennedy Core 859 92nd Ave. Pleasantville, IA 50225 (641) 842-6098 Kiley Elder 2005 Hwy. 163 Pella, IA 50219 (641) 628-2297 Region III Reighly Blakley P.O. Box 465 Oologah, OK 74053 At-Large Hunter Randall 686 Hwy. 907 Monterey, LA 71354 (318) 386-5358 Advisors Bailey Core 859 92nd Ave. Pleasantville, IA 50225 (641) 780-7765 • Bailey Buck R.R. 1 Box 344A - Madill, OK 73446 (580) 677-2648 •

2013-2014 AMAA Royalty


Tayler Gall, Nebraska

Junior Princesses 28

Macie McCollum, Texas Shelby Seymour, Texas


Junior Update

Kennedy Core Region 2 Hello everyone! My name is Kennedy Core and I was recently voted one of your Region 2 directors! I am very excited to have the opportunity to represent such a wonderful breed! Even though junior national has passed, the junior board is still very busy working and fundraising on different projects for our upcoming fall and winter shows. We are all very busy writing our thank you notes and making sure we gave our appreciation to the wonderful people that made the junior national possible for us! Just a few short weeks after being in Grand Island, many Maine junior members traveled to Brookings, S.D., for our National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC). Unfortunately, I was not able to make it out there, but I heard many great things about it. They had the opportunity to tour many great companies and farms. We would like to thank Rausch Herefords, Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch, Bushy Park Farm, Trans Ova Genetics and South Dakota State University for their great hospitality! After returning home from NYLC, we as board members have been very busy selling calendar advertisements and Crazy 8 tickets! If you or someone you know is interested in buying a calendar advertisement or a Crazy 8 ticket, feel free to contact any of our junior board members and we would be glad to help you. Once again, I am so excited to represent the Maine-Anjou breed this next year and I know the whole junior board feels the same! We will be excited to see you at the fall and winter shows!

Don’t Miss Out!! Month’s and day’s are still available for purchase in the 2014 calendar. Contact a junior board member today for more details! All proceeds benefit the 2014 junior national in Louisville, Ky!

New Junior Members Arkansas

Megan Lawerence Cove, AR (479) 243-3292 Garrett Love Charleston, AR (479) 275-9814 Brandon Mangrum Paragould, AR (870) 565-8878 Stephanie Pierce Cove, AR (479) 243-3292


Matthew Baxby Slocomb, AL (334) 886-9886 Lucas Jones Jemison, AL (205) 668-2415


Kateland Lahti Mesa, AZ (480) 254-0407 Joshua Lahti Mesa, AZ (480) 254-0407 Gabriella Lahti Mesa, AZ (480) 254-0407


Lindsey Bridgman Creston, CA (805) 238-4331 Ashleigh Cavey Frazier Park, CA (661) 245-3884 Joseph Porter Livermore, CA (209) 815-2477 Haley Rocha Los Banos, CA (209) 617-1667 Amanda Sowa Lancaster, CA (661) 492-5713


Lainee Bernhardt Greeley, CO (970) 539-3432


Gage Nichols Enigma, GA (229) 533-6724 Cal Pope Hogansville, GA (770) 833-4142 Yuri Dunlap Colquitt, GA` (229) 416-7239


Baylee Tracy Declo, ID (208) 654-2853


Tyler Gasper North Vernon, IN (812) 592-2277 Matthew Holderbaum Wakarusa, IN (574) 291-8159 Kayla Lefever Berne, IN (260) 589-3283 Ashton Licht Muncie, IN (765) 717-6254 Trace Sporleder North Vernon, IN (812) 592-2277


Trevor Bormann Algona, IA (515) 320-5544


Lisa Geis Durham, KS (620) 732-3375 Andrew Hodges Lebo, KS (940) 995-2677


Mason Sibley Pine Grove, LA (225) 572-1840


Todd Birchmeier Corunna, MI (810) 638-6009


Jayden Bailey Benson, MN (320) 842-6975

Dylan Craig Chrisman, IL (217) 269-2678

Jabish Burton Mount Ayr, IA (641) 464-2079

Zachary Dahlke Arlington, MN (320) 282-7235

Tate Johnson Shabbona, IL (815) 757-2025

Christian Danker Avoca, IA (712) 307-2478

Cal Swedzinski Taunton, MN

Kaydee Rennecker Barry, IL (217) 653-3673

Aaron Folk Earling, IA (712) 301-5413

Kayla Richey Galatia, IL (618) 841-4189

Alexia Harder Holy Cross, IA (563) 590-5934

Avery Waner Loraine, IL (217) 842-5531

Dakota Herrold Atalissa, IA (319) 631-4282


Jared Johnson New Providence, IA (641) 487-7737

Wade Burris Loogootee, IN (812) 295-2305 Isaac Duckworth Paragon, IN (765) 342-9588 Brittany Fisher La Porte, IN (219) 324-9390

Macy Johnson Winterset, IA (515) 468-4162 Nick Miller Soldier, IA (712) 884-2305 Amie Stalzer Haverhill, IA (641) 750-6096


Haley Fitzpatrick Wheeling, MO (660) 639-3200 Nicholas Rhodes Brookfield, MO (660) 258-2519 Kylie Selway Williamstown, MO (660) 341-9723 Randi Sharp Sturgeon, MO (573) 687-2449 Raysha Tate Purdin, MO (660) 244-5525


Nathan Lashley Curtis, NE (308) 367-4302 OCTOBER


New Junior Members Kasey Miller Oxford, NE (308) 991-2267

Gunner Shepherd West Chester, OH (513) 874-2221

Brent Sanders Jr. Mannford, OK (918) 639-5503

Garrett Dawson Kirbyville, TX (409) 420-0501

Tommy Thompson Blair, NE (402) 426-8668

Ian Van Kirk Alexandria, OH (740) 973-5629

Erick Svendsen Okmulgee, OK (918) 758-1084

Caitlin Easterling Mexia, TX



Sadie Taylor Sharon, OK (580) 866-3299

Montgomery Alexander Tontogany, OH (419) 680-0634

Wren Baker McCurtain, OK (918) 655-3279

Trinity Ward Tahlequah, OK (918) 504-3380

Eric Culler Edgerton, OH (419) 658-2775

Cody Bentley Cleveland, OK (918) 504-3380

Ethan Daniels Russellville, OH (937) 373-1706

Adyson Blakey Stillwater, OK (405) 532-2480

Ethan Douglass Alvordton, OH (419) 737-2174

Kodee Bowen Loco, OK (580) 537-2277

Sarah Carl Liverpool, PA (717) 554-9401

Megan Drake Salem, OH (330) 222-2461

Colton Castor Vici, OK (580) 747-5605

Molly Franc Lake Ariel, PA (570) 698-8218

Alexis Guilford Sherwood, OH (419) 769-1206

Colten Covington Fletcher, OK (580) 695-4117

Charlie Giambrone Harborcreek, PA (814) 860-1930

Emily Paden Salesville, OH (740) 679-3102

Kaycee Denny Cleveland, OK (918) 504-3380


Mallory Peter Hicksville, OH (419) 487-0703

Levi Dill McCurtain, OK (918) 655-3279

Layne Schwab Hamilton, OH (513) 233-5469

Tyler Grigg Ada, OK

A.J. Schwab, Jr. Hamilton, OH (513) 233-5469 Michael Schwab, Jr. Hamilton, OH (513) 233-5469 Reagan Shepherd West Chester, OH (513) 874-2221 Sterling Shepherd West Chester, OH (513) 874-6054 30


Kendra Jackson Prague, OK Sydney Melton Mutual, OK (580) 254-0512 Katelynn Newman Poteau, OK (918) 655-3279 Kaleb Nowakowski McCloud, OK (405) 760-6515

Pennsylvania Justin Awckland Quakertown, PA (215) 538-1297

Chloe Dill Readyville, TN (615) 653-2370


Anarenee Beyer Weatherford, TX (817) 597-8797 Shaina Burgess Southlake, TX (817) 431-0943 Ty Burgess Southlake, TX (817) 431-0943 April Cerda Mission, TX (956) 862-7576 Syndee Craven Crockett, TX (936) 546-2012

Lindsey Ellsworth Henrietta, TX (940) 453-7811 Kade Goodwin Liberty, TX (936) 334-2867 Sydney Harris Houston, TX (832) 602-7016 Garrett Haynes Wichita Falls, TX Allie Hibbitts Woodson, TX (940) 345-6575 Bodie Hughes Rosanky, TX (512) 237-3210 Tyler Kocurek Caldwell, TX (979) 567-7583 Karissa Lipinsky Houston, TX (281) 744-0754 Kameron Matejka Bryan, TX (979) 450-9421 Michael McKelvey Tyler, TX (903) 916-1906 Kolt Meeks Harper, TX (830) 739-9235 Austin Nauman Anahuac, TX (832) 514-9065 Keeli Nehring Lorena, TX (254) 709-5640 Kolton Smith Dumas, TX (806) 922-2901

New Junior Members Brooke Welch Plano, TX Jeremy Whitby Gary, TX (903) 692-2037 Julius Wilkens Tomball, TX (832) 347-0425


Lexi Henderson Berryville, VA (540) 771-0603

Maine-Anjou Practical - Profitable - predictable

Austin Lam Mount Solon, VA (540) 350-4588 Carley Thomas Meadowview, VA (276) 429-5172

West Virginia Bailey Sayre Evans, WV (304) 372-5233

Nov/Dec Voice Deadline Oct. 1 OCTOBER


New Adult Members California

Herd Prefix: KOFF Don Seigalkoff P.O. Box 397 Herald, CA 95638 (916) 997-7107


Herd Prefix: BEB Bernhardt Bros. Land & Cattle Eric, Mark, David & Ron Bernhardt 23909 W. C.R. 52 Creeley, CO 80631 (970) 539-3428


Herd Prefix: SCLC Jason & Stephanie Conrad 9702 Gallagher Rd. Dover, FL 33527 (813) 986-4282 Herd Prefix: DRIS Jillian Deriso 3356 S.W. C.R. 769 Arcadia, FL 34269 (863) 993-9122


Herd Prefix: TFNF Frost Farms Tony & Nathan Frost 13733 Gum Ave. Tallula, IL 62688 (309) 912-1050 Herd Prefix: JEN Jeff Jensen 1057 50th St. Roseville, IL 61473 (309) 337-8185 Herd Prefix: RYR Ryan Robb P.O. Box 6192 Champaign, IL 61826 (217) 778-3509


Herd Prefix: HRNS Mark Harness 5908 E. State Rd. 16 Twelve Mile, IN 46988 (574) 721-7694 32



Herd Prefix: ASC Nick Anderson 116 Lime St. Kiron, IA 51448 (712) 660-0789 Herd Prefix: CFSH Todd Clark 495 Erbe Clark Pleasantville, IA 50225 (515) 681-6297 Herd Prefix: CYT Cyclone Trace Cattle Co. John Hagie 1001 8th Ave. N.W. Clarion, IA 50525 (515) 851-1007


Herd Prefix: WRTH Rock Crop Farm, LLC Elizabeth & John Wadsworth 35 Rock Crop Way Hiram, ME 4041 (207) 939-8043

North Carolina Herd Prefix: REJ Ricky Joyce 1611 Moorefield Rd. Danbury, NC 27016 (336) 407-9293


Herd Prefix: HUW Kimberly Huwaldt 54749 Hwy. 20 Osmond, NE 68765 (402) 748-3904


Herd Prefix: MSFM McElroy Simmental Farm James, James, II., & Tim McElroy 3780 S.R. 125 Georgetown, OH 45121 (937) 378-3786

Herd Prefix: SCAT Saunders Cattle J. Patrick & J. Mathew Saunders 184 Ann Dr. Gallipolis, OH 45631 (740) 446-7013 Herd Prefix: SCCK Keven Stager 3488 Piqua Troy Rd. Troy, OH 45393 (937) 216-3551


Herd Prefix: JMA JM Angus Michelle Berg 21923 Industrial Rd. Wellston, OK 74881 (405) 742-7026 Herd Prefix: JIMB Jimmy Burton 5144 Ranch Rd. Ratliff City, OK 73481 (580) 856-3245 Herd Prefix: CDT Cody Townsend 19958 Bryant Ave. Purcell, OK 73080 (405) 207-8162


Herd Prefix: KISR Jake Kaiser 66 Orchard Rd. New Park, PA 17352 (717) 382-1105 Herd Prefix: TCCC Frank Telesz 1421 State Rt. 956 Volant, PA 16156 (724) 654-8452


Herd Prefix: BEJ 2J Show Cattle Blake Jackson 123 Lacey Court Decatur, TX 76234 (940) 389-2765

Herd Prefix: WMW Wesley Watson P.O. Box 471 Brady, TX 76825 (325) 286-4388 Herd Prefix: WDSN Glenn Woodson 30234 Johnson Alley Magnolia, TX 77355 (281) 961-7016


Herd Prefix: KIN Kind Angus Farms Jeff & Deb Kind W6690 Kiesling Rd. Jefferson, WI 53549 (920) 674-9234 Herd Prefix: STZR Mathew, Kaitlyn & Ryan Stetzer N2775 State Hwy. 54 Melrose, WI 54642 (715) 299-0943


Herd Prefix: JBH Jerry Huntington P.O. Box 0006 Fort Bridger, WY 82933 (307) 786-2322

Junior Show Reports

Ohio State Fair

July 27, 2013 - Columbus, Ohio Judges: Matt Claeys, Indiana (heifers) Scott Schaake, Kansas (steers)

Grand Champion Steer Exhibited by: Curtis Harsh, Radnor, Ohio

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Austen Irvin, Mooreland, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion Steer Exhibited by: Tyler Clark, Covington, Ohio

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Loren Matlock, Greenfield, Ind.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Hadley Levan, Woodstock, Ohio

Indiana State Fair Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Janel Gilbert, Greenville, Ohio

August 6-7, 2013 - Indianapolis, Ind. Judges: Kyle Gillooly, Georgia (heifers) Chris Mullinix, Kansas (steers)

Grand Champion Steer Exhibited by: Rachael Rogers, Kendallville, Ind. Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Tyler Clark, Covington, Ohio

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Ellie Sennett, Waynetown, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion Steer Exhibited by: Daniel Scales, Rochester, Ind. Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Janel Gilbert, Greenville, Ohio

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Cole Reiboldt, W. College Center, Ind.



Junior Show Reports Illinois State Fair

Iowa State Fair

August 8-9, 2013 - Springfield, Ill. August 13-14, 2013 - Des Moines, Iowa Judges: Kevin & Sheila Jensen, Kansas (heifers) Judges: Bob Adcock, Illinois (heifers) Dr. John Edwards, Colorado (steers) Jim Williams, Texas (steers)

Grand Champion Steer Exhibited by: Alex Alliger, Gowrie, Iowa

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Lucas Wisnefski, Wyoming, Ill.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Ben Weis, McIntire, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Steer Exhibited by: Justin Donohoe, Parnell, Iowa

Missouri State Fair Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Elizabeth Heaton, Toulon, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Kenton Lain, Corydon, Iowa

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Elizabeth Heaton, Toulon, Ill.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Noah Snedden, Grand Junction, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Haley Haverback, Atkinson, Ill.



Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Madison Conrad, Bennett, Iowa

August 12, 2013 - Sedalia, Mo. Judge: Jeff Rhode, Missouri

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Jaden Riley, Marshall, Mo.

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Trace Alexander, Brookfield, Mo.

Junior Show Reports

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Carter Ward, Plattsburg, Mo.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Dustin Daehn, Cuba, Mo.

Grand Champion Steer Exhibited by: Jaden Riley, Marshall, Mo.



Open Show Reports Ohio State Fair

Indiana State Fair

July 27, 2013 - Columbus, Ohio Judge: Kyle Gillooly, Georgia

Aug. 7, 2013 - Indianapolis, Ind. Judge: Jerry McPeak, Oklahoma

Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Chris Tooms, New Concord, Ohio Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Hannah Topmiller, Pleasant Plain, Ohio

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Morgan Ferrel, Frankfort, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Candace Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Trevor Reiboldt, W. College Corner, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Candace Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Campbell Cattle Co., Cedarville, Ohio Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Fulton Kennedy, Seaman, Ohio

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Samantha Brooke, Corunna, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Candace Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Kathy Lehman, Shelby, Ohio



Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Emma Messmer, Martinsville, Ind.

Open Show Reports Illinois State Fair

Aug. 9, 2013 - Springfield, Ill. Judge: Jim Bloomberg, Illinois

Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Kyle & Gayle Marshall, Churubusco, Ind.

Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Elizabeth Nessler, Sherman, Ill. Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Derek Humphrey, Dixon, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Jonathon Pettigrew, Columbia City, Ind.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Kyle & Gayle Marshall, Churubusco, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Huffman Maine-Anjou, Warren, Ind.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Elizabeth Nessler, Sherman, Ill. Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Beau Bennett, Windsor, Ill.

Iowa State Fair

Aug. 10, 2013 - Des Moines, Iowa Judge: Chris Mullinix, Kansas

Grand Champion MaineTainerFemale Exhibited by: Isaac Taber, Cameron, Ill.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Breanna Gradert, Sibley, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Derek Richie, Buckingham, Ill.

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Blueprint Cattle Co., Otley, Iowa



Open Show Reports

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Bailey Core, Pleasantville, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Blueprint Cattle Co., Otley, Iowa

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Bormann Show Cattle, Algona, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Blueprint Cattle Co., Otley, Iowa

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Carter Ward, Plattsburg, Mo.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Chris Bastian, Mexico, Mo.

Missouri State Fair

Aug. 11, 2013 - Sedalia, Mo. Judge: Wes Hudson, Arkansas

Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Braun Show Cattle, Northwood, Iowa

Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Trace Alexander, Brookfield, Mo.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Jaden Riley, Marshall, Mo. No Photo Available

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Larry James, Paris, Mo.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Bremer Show Cattle, Blakesburg, Iowa Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Rachael Carlson, Plattsburg, Mo.



Open Show Reports

Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Trace Alexander, Brookfield, Mo.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: RB Angus, Albion, Neb.

Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Sarah Carter, George, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Braden Benes, Albion, Neb.

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Female Exhibited by: Grady Ruble, Albert Lea, Minn.

No Photo Available

Reserve Grand Champion MaineTainer Bull Exhibited by: Rick Larrick, Shelbina, Mo.

Nebraska State Fair

Aug. 28, 2013 - Grand Island, Neb. Judge: Doug Satree, Texas

South Dakota State Fair

Aug. 30, 2013 - Huron, S.D. Judge: Chris Cassidy, Illinois

Grand Champion Bull Exhibited by: Stout’s Maines, De Smet, S.D. Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Blind Badger Ranch, Ft. Morgan, Colo.

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: MalinA Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.

Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Brooke Skoglund, Hecla, S.D.

Reserve Grand Champion Female Exhibited by: Kylee Geppert, Mitchell, S.D.






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Our top donors, purebred Maine-Anjou, MaineTainer, Club Calf, Registered Angus and Angus II


Our best show heifer prospects out of our 2013 calf crop. Fall pairs, spring calving cows, bred heifers and commercial replacement heifers.

Brothers Advantage Focus on the Female Sale Sires Represented Saturday, November 9 Washington, KS - Washington Sale Facility Josh Ohlde - 785/747/6900 Dwight Ohlde - 785/541/1088

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Jared Shipmen, Cattle in Demand - 806/983/7226

A majority of the cattle are influenced with Ohlde Cattle and Griswold genetics!








Louisville, Ky.

2013 National Maine-Anjou Show 42


More details coming soon on the 2013 National Maine-Anjou Sale!


Friday, November 15

AMAA Committee Meetings

Saturday, November 16

Junior Heifer Show AMAA Committee Meetings National Sale

Sunday, November 17

AMAA Committee Meetings Annual Membership Meeting AMAA Board of Director’s Meeting

Monday, November 18

National Maine-Anjou Show P.O. Box 1100 │204 Marshall Rd. Platte City, MO 64079 (p) 816-858-9950 • (f) 816-858-9951 e-mail:

For more information on consigning, or to request a catalog: John Boddicker, 816.431.9950 or Lindsey Broek, 816.858.9954

P.O. Box 1100 - 204 Marshall Rd. Platte City, MO 64079 p: (816) 858-9954 f: (816) 858-9953 -


SATURDAY, NOV. 16 - 5:30 p.m. Southwing, Louisville, Ky. AMAA #402633 :: Polled :: 50% Maine Anjou GVC Incredabull x Brusett Mayor 59

Embryo’s by I-80 sell on November 16!



AJMAA members at Bushy Park Farm

FACESOF 2013 PRIDE & NYLC Convention

by Devon Stewart I had the opportunity to spend my first week “on the job” with the youth of our association at the “Faces of Leadership”, American Junior Maine-Anjou Association (AJMAA) National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC). This year NYLC was hosted in conjunction with the National Junior Hereford Association’s similar conference, PRIDE, July 28 - July 30, 2013 in Brookings, S.D.. Ten Maine-Anjou participants and 67 Hereford participants gathered at the hotel for registration. After all of the participants were settled into the hotel, we gathered in a conference room for two speakers. The kids were privileged Game night! AJMAA members, Leighton Robbins and Laney Syprett. enough to hear from a past AJMAA board member and National FFA Officer, Wyatt DeJong. DeJong grew up on a ranch in Kennebec, S.D., where his family raises cattle and quarter horses. He currently attends South Dakota State University where he studies agricultural education. DeJong encouraged NYLC participants to test the “impossible” and to step out of their comfort zone. Following DeJong was well-known speaker and author V.J. Smith. Smith is known for his talks on his book “The Richest Man in Town”. He encouraged listeners to always smile, look into people’s eyes, think before you speak, always say thank you and that some words are diamonds, some are stone. Participants were excited to hear that they would be seeing Smith later on in the conference. After Smith’s speech, a meal was served and Past AJMAA junior board member, Wyatt DeJong welcomed everyone to the Faces of Leadership NYLC/PRIDE convention. 44


both Hereford and Maine-Anjou kids participated in a game night where they were able to meet kids from across the country involved in both the Hereford and Maine-Anjou associations. Monday morning came early for both the staff and kids as we loaded the buses at 5:45 a.m. and headed out to Rausch Herefords in Hoven, S.D. After a bus tour of a few of the pastures at the ranch, the Rausch family took us to the “Cathedral on the Prairie”, a historical catholic church located in Hoven. We were then bused to their sale barn where we learned how the Rausch family Hereford operation is ran. The kids won prizes by answering questions dealing with the industry and the family’s ranch. The family was kind enough to serve all NYLC/PRIDE participants a hot meal before sending us on our next adventure. The next stop of the day was to Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch located in a beautiful valley outside of Ree Heights, S.D. The kids enjoyed walking around and looking at their top sires and donors while visiting with the family about their operation. The last trip of the day was to Bushy Park Farm in Mitchell, S.D. Past AJMAA vice president, Trae Simmons, set up a few judging classes for the kids while talking about the calves being featured in their upcoming sales. Bushy Park served an outstanding meal, which was followed by games such as corn hole and lawn football. It is safe to say that the kids and staff were ready for bed when we arrived back at the hotel. Tuesday morning was another early morning for everyone. Buses were in route by 6:45 a.m. after a warm breakfast served by the hotel. Trans Ova was a much anticipated tour by most. After breaking into four groups, the kids were able to take a tour of Trans Ova’s Live Calf Program and learn about all of the services Trans Ova offers and how they are conducted. After a lunch at Trans Ova we loaded back on the bus and made our way back to Brookings. The last stop of the day was at South Dakota State where we were greeted by animal science professor, Kelly Bruns. The kids were captivated by the first demonstration on tilled versus non-tilled soil. We then broke into two groups, one group which began in the meat lab and one working on the interviewing process. While visiting the meat lab, participants learned how to pick out a good cut of meat and then got the hands on experience of correctly cooking the meat. In the media workshop, the kids were taught how to properly handle questions Thank you to Trans Ova Genetics for having us!

AJMAA and AJHA members enjoying their time at Trans Ova Genetics. asked by the media concerning our industry. Each participant was given a question, from animal rights to the processes we go through to get the animals showring ready. They were given five minutes to come up with a proper answer and say it in front of the camera. This got the kids out of their comfort zones and gave them a real life experience on dealing with the media. The kids were excited to arrive back at the animal science arena where they were served barbecue and South Dakota State University’s famous ice cream. They were also excited to be hearing V.J. Smith speak again, this time on his famous message about his friend Marty, you could have heard a pin drop in the arena. The kids were excited to find out that the Hereford Youth Foundation had donated copies of V.J. Smith’s book “The Richest Man in Town” to everyone in attendance. Once we arrived back at the hotel the kids rushed up to their rooms to prepare themselves for the dance which was held in the hotel. Both the staff and kids seemed to have a great time on their last night in Brookings. We hope that next year we can provide another great leadership conference experience. Although next year’s destination is still unknown, we hope to get more interest in NYLC. It is a great opportunity for the youth of our association to visit areas they may not see otherwise. Participants have the opportunity to visit prestigious cattle operations and gain more knowledge about the industry as a whole. Thank you to all that made the 2013 NYLC a huge success!



k n a Th u! Yo The American Junior Maine-Anjou Association (AJMAA) would like to thank the following for their support in donating and/ or purchasing items in the silent auction during the 2013 National Junior Show. We appreciate your support toward the 2013 National Youth Leadership Conference that was hosted in Brookings, S.D., July 28-30, 2013.



Hailie Simpson Humphrey Show Cattle Unique Personalities Billie Carlson Sullivan Supply Nolan Carlson Aksarben Stacy Kersten Hackbert Land & Cattle Jonas Bank Nebraska Gifts Muir Family Amanda Liffiton Kasey Herman Lindsey Broek Amy Cowan Ohio Junior Maine-Anjou Association Ohio Junior Chi Association Anna Loftin Reid Family Alicia Rigdon AMAA Kash Long Maci Chamberlin Jason Spotanski Kourtney & Renee Grimm David Steen Trans Ova Genetics Troy Jones John & Rhonda Boddicker Mike Holden Katie Marston Necy Long Showgirl Style Carol Olson Flextran Inc- Barry Ward Goering Family Champion Show Stock- Zach Gray Lacey Carter The McCollum Family Syke Schoemaker Kim Herman & Tabatha Scasta Candace Muir & Rashele Blakley Buck Family Cindy Smith Trina Holaway Lisa Kuehn


Have Something

Do Other People


by: John Boddicker Fred DeRouchey Dr. Don Coover Darrell Anderson

For all practical purposes I think we can all agree that the Maine-Anjou breed is a relatively small sampling of the entire beef industry. Like many breed associations, the membership base is made up of a large group of small breeding operations. In more cases than not, smaller breeding operations question themselves on, not only, the quality of cattle they raise but the actual marketing of the product produced. A very real dynamic that always comes to the forefront in a smaller breed is “Where can I find the different genetic package I am looking for – I just don’t know where to look?” A true reality of that dilemma is we need more Maine-Anjou operations delivering the message to the buying public that they actually have a very marketable product that can help make the next generation better! Below is a series of comments by respected livestock industry individuals regarding the steps that may help one’s breeding program become more market oriented. (Individuals asked were Fred DeRouchey, South Dakota, Dr. Don Coover, Kansas, Darrell Anderson, Indiana)

What is the first step to a successful marketing plan? DeRouchey – The first step to a successful marketing plan is to admit that you need one and make it a priority! One can exert so much energy into the physical work of raising cattle that when it comes time to sell them, you haven’t taken the time to have an effective marketing plan in place. Ask yourself, “What is it you are trying to sell... bulls, heifers,

steers, groups of genetically similar bred females?” Customer research is a key element. You have to know where your potential market customers are and target those areas with your advertising campaigns. Cattle producers not only need to know what your genetic breeding program offers them, but also the extra mile that you are willing to go for them. This includes establishing your trust worthiness, your breeder guarantee, genetic consulting, assisting them with show and sale day preparations and with their marketing options. An example of this is to offer the use of a customer sale page on your Web site. Sharing the success of your customers is one of your best marketing tools. Coover – I think the first step in a successful marketing OCTOBER



program is to determine you want to establish one. Then you need to determine who your audience is and try to find a way to communicate to that audience. Decide what you can spend, where you need to spend it and when/how best to spend that budget. Direct mail can be very effective, but may be expensive. Advertising in breed publications can be effective, especially to advertise sales or specific opportunities. You must try to evaluate your marketing efforts in terms of effectiveness and cost and adjust accordingly. Anderson – The easy answer to this question is focus on the customer as the most important part of the process. That is easy to write down, but not always as easy to live out in the real world. The beef cattle industry provides many different scenarios for success.You must decide if your focus is the commercial bull trade, elite bulls for A.I. production, sale of semen and/or embryos, sale of show industry progeny or the production of percentage Maine-Anjou females. Your marketing plan must be developed with a focus on quality, as quality will outsell quantity. There is a buyer for every calf born, it is your task to identify the best method of marketing your breeding program to maximize the profit potential for both you and your customer. At the risk of sounding like a strategist, I would suggest that it might be advantageous to conduct a brief SWOT analysis of your operation. SWOT identifies the S – strengths and W – weaknesses of your current program. Then allows you to develop goals and objectives based on the O – opportunities and T – threats facing you, both now and in the future. This process can be very effective in identifying how you should best market and promote your product to the industry.

Fred DeRouchey

Former owner/manager of DeRouchey Cattle Company, Mitchell, S.D.

How important is it for the program to be visible, whether that is at a trade show, expo, state fair or national event? DeRouchey – It is very important to attend as many national and state breeding functions as possible, as well as local trade shows, expos or any place where potential customers gather. They provide an arena for exchanging ideas with other breeders and it gives you the opportunity to share with others what your program has to offer. Involvement with 4-H, FFA and junior breed association youth is vital to be successful in the livestock industry. You need to be very visible and approachable. Let people know who you are by developing a logo to display on caps, clothing and in your ads so the public can identify you and your program. Customers are more likely to be interested in visiting with you about your breeding program and what you have to offer if both you and your cattle are presented in a professional manner. It is important to portray a very positive image to help develop customer confidence. Coover – Visibility, or awareness, of a program is key. Trade shows, expos, state fairs or national events are (can be) great venues for establishing that program visibility or awareness. Again, look at your target audience and ask yourself “Will they be at, or involved in that event and can I make contact with them there?” Anderson – Nothing can compare with meeting your potential clientele and visiting with them on a one-on-one basis. If your primary market is selling performance tested Maine-Anjou bulls, then you need to be sure to have a presence at events where your customers normally attend. On the other hand, if you are marketing show industry progeny, then you need to be seen at the state fair, as well as regional and national cattle expositions. You will have to make some choices, as you cannot possibly attend every event available to promote your product. One of my favorite quotes from the greatest basketball coach of all time, John Wooden, 48


Dr. Don Coover, DVM President, SEK Genetics Galesburg, Kan.

Darrell Anderson

Pedigreed Livestock Specialist, Lafayette, Ind.

is “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Select those events where you can get the most bang for your buck.

With the social media boom, venues to sell one’s product have drastically changed. How does one sort out what is best for their operation? DeRouchey – This is an ever changing avenue to keep in tune with. Things have come a long way since my first “bag” cell phone! DeRouchey Cattle Company was among the first Maine-Anjou breeders to have a Web site and video feed from a live auction. When we first started in the cattle business, I never dreamt how much the advancements in social media would impact our business. The Internet, Web sites and online sales with videos has changed how everyone sells to and communicates with livestock customers. It is imperative to keep this information current for potential customers so they know what cattle you have for sale and when they are available. Professional photos and videos are a must in the presentation of your cattle to give you an edge in your marketing plans. Coover – Social media is constantly evolving and I find it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of different programs like Twitter, Facebook and so on. Part of the problem is the sheer noise of it, lots of participants does not necessarily equate to lots of buyers. It may be that the effectiveness of social media is overstated in terms of bringing buyer and seller together. I sense much of the social media is more social activity, as opposed to business activity, though one frequently leads to the other. If the cost and effort is minimal to engage social media outlets, I can’t imagine it can do much harm. I do think the Internet is an extremely valuable and useful venue. I am confident we at SEK Genetics don’t take full advantage of opportunities the Internet offers, but we are trying. Anderson – Call me old school, but I still believe that the breed publication needs to be an essential component of every successful marketing program. With the availability of “up to the minute” changes that are an integral part of web applications, the focus of your advertising in the breed publication might change, but the need to be seen as a part of the association and its activities is essential. It is very difficult for any individual breeder to be successful unless his/her breed association is successful as well. Supporting your breed association through regular advertising in its publication is one important way to accomplish this goal. In addition, even though we all enjoy the ability to visit someone’s Web site for current show and sale information, there is still the need for the paper version archive which highlights your breeding program and goals.

From a budget standpoint, what percentage of a program’s gross income should be set aside for advertising? DeRouchey – The answer to this question is one of trial and error. You have to honestly evaluate the quality of your cattle, the market demand, production costs and what you realistically project for cash flow from your cattle sales. There is no dollar or percentage number for an advertising budget that I feel fits all programs. You have to research your current and potential customer purchasing base and their spending history. You will


also have to reevaluate the effectiveness of your ads and where to possibly expand coverage for future sales. For physical sales, publications that provide a ringman with their advertisement is always a good solid investment. Advertising is a long term project. It not only affects what you have for sale now, but it also helps promote your breeding program for years to come. Coover – I struggle with this all the time and I don’t really have a good answer. No more than you can afford, and I think it varies year-to-year depending on economic condition and the cattle market. Anderson – This will vary considerably depending on the scope and focus of your efforts. However, as a ballpark figure, I would suggest somewhere between 10-15% of your budget needs to be set aside for promotion. Remember, there is a difference between marketing and promotion. Promotion (which includes the word motion) is the active encouragement of sales by means of advertising; whereas marketing is basically the aggregate of all functions involved in delivering your product to the customer. This needs to include some form of branding your product – the development of a farm logo and the use of it throughout all the various marketing efforts you use.

What major pitfalls would you suggest breeders watch out for? DeRouchey – Don’t try and sell Fords at Cadillac prices or you may become discouraged. It takes time and patience to build a solid, predictable breeding program. One needs to be able to honestly evaluate the kind and quality of cattle that you are offering for sale. With that in mind, understand who your target audience of potential buyers may be. Building a solid reputation and treating people respectfully and fairly no matter their budget is the most important aspect of the seedstock business. By getting good cattle in the hands of good people, your reward will be loyal and lifetime customers, as well as friends. Coover – Major pitfalls to avoid when trying to make your breeding program more market oriented would include, when you sell animals make sure you follow up with the buyer. Find out what they liked and didn’t like about the animals they bought. Remember, a lot of us like to raise good cattle, but only a few of us like to market good cattle. Be smart enough to find someone who likes to market and can do it well, use them to help you do a better job of marketing. Anderson – One major element of a successful breeding and marketing program that I have not addressed previously is the need for uncompromised integrity! One of the quickest ways to destroy your marketing opportunities is to exercise questionable ethics in dealing with your clientele or with your breed association. The pedigreed livestock business is built on high integrity and any deviation from that in your business dealings can quickly erode your opportunities for success. Building a good reputation takes some time, but destroying a good reputation can be done in a matter of minutes. Be careful to treat your customers as you would like to be treated and success will come your way.



Maine-Anjou Sale

Bright Lights Entry Deadline: Nov. 6, 2013 Saturday, Jan. 18, 2013 • 3 p.m. In the “Yards” • Livestock Sale Center NWSS, Denver, Colo.

• Individual bull and female lots as well as pen-of-three bull and female lots are eligible. • As a pen show/sale feature, grand and reserve sale pen champions will be designated in all the divisions. Take advantage of the extra marketing avenue, the NWSS pen show always has a great crowd on hand. • Steve Bonham, Newcastle, Okla., will auctioneer the 2013 Bright Lights Sale.


• Dustin Layton, Edmond, Okla., will be assisting with the Bright Lights Sale • (405) 464-2455


P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, MO 64079 (p) 816.431.9950 (f) 816.858.9951 -



2014 Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Bull & Female Sale 3 p.m. Saturday, January 18 Entry Deadline: November 6 Rules, Regulations and PRoceduRes • Eligibility: Active AMAA adult and junior members are eligible to consign to this sale. • Fees: An official entry form, original registration certificates or applications for registration and proper fees must be submitted by Nov. 6, 2013. The sale expense will be 12% ($100 of the $250 entry fee will be applied to 12% commission). For consignments that go through the sale, another $60 charge will come from the NWSS yard release office. The 12% commission will apply to any total “No Sale” prices. Entry fees are non-refundable. • Health Certificate: An individual health certificate must accompany every consignment, made in quadruplicate and leaving blank the consignee and destination spaces. Each animal must meet the health regulations set by the state of Colorado for interstate shipment. • Substitutions: $50 per head. • Payment: All AMAA past due accounts will be deducted from consignor prior to payment. • Data: Scrotal circumference, WDA and ultrasound data will be made available on every sale bull. • Entries: All consignments must be sired by a registered Maine-Anjou bull. • Hair Samples: For purposes of parent verification. (At the discretion of AMAA) • Veterinary Service: Will aid at check-in. Consignments suspected of unethical practices will be disqualified. • Semen Test: Every bull 14 months or older at the time of the sale must have a satisfactory semen evaluation. A semen evaluation certificate must accompany the health certificate.

Noteworthy Items & Procedures A. Sale order and screening process. a. A three man committee will screen all bulls. b. EPDs will be provided to the screening committee to be used at their discretion. c. Each committee member will be evaluating structural and phenotypic design. d. Sale order will be determined by the points each bull accumulates. e. The following minimums must be met to be eligible for sale order: 1. WDA at a minimum of 2.5 lbs. 2. Scrotal minimum of 28 c.m. on bulls under a year of age and 30 c.m. over a year of age. f. The number of bulls sold will not be set at a certain number. g. Bulls that accumulate a low point total may be screened from the sale. Entry fees of screened bulls are non-refundable. h. Screened bulls will be charged a $60 yard fee to be paid by consignor to the NWSS. B. Sale order for consigned females will be determined by the AMAA sale committee. C. ONly PHA and TH FREE consignments will be sold.

oFFicial entRY FoRM │ entRY deadline: nov. 6, 2013 Owner: ___________________________________________________________

AMAA Number: ________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________________________________________ Telephone: ________________________________________________________ Animal Name



Birth Wt.

If you wish to submit a short footnote for your entries, please do so on a separate page. Also, if you have a good photo, please submit. Usability will be at the discretion of the AMAA staff. NON-REFUNDABlE I am a member of the AMAA and I certify that these consignments are in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the Bright lights Maine-Anjou Bull and Female Sale. I will not hold the AMAA responsible for any loss or injury to any animals, persons or articles and realize that the AMAA and the National Western are acting only as sponsors for this sale and assume no liability for any accidents, which may occur. I further stipulate that I will make my cattle available for veterinary examinations to check compliance with the sale rules and will not hold the sponsors liable in any case for enforcement of the rules. Consignments consigned to the National Western AMAA Bright lights Sale are free of liens and/or mortgages. Signature:_________________________________

State: _____________ Zip Code: _________________________________ Social Security: ____________________________________________ Weaning Wt.

Date Weighed

Lab# Status


Lab Used

Total entry fee ($250 per head) _____x $250 =__________________ Send forms, fees and original certificates or applications to: American Maine-Anjou Association 204 Marshall Rd. P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, MO 64079-1100



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TLM Bouncer 152L A Building Block to the Future!

Proven calving ease Homozygous Solid Black TH & PHA FREE

Foundational • Commercial • Show Quality Cattle Everett - Mike - Steve Forkner Rt. 1 Box 19 • Richards, MO 64778 • (877) 489-0570 •




since 1971

P.O. Box 1475 Fort Benton, MT 59442 Mike O’Hara — (406) 734-5434 Heath O’Hara — (406) 734-5443 Hardy O’Hara — (406) 734-5252

The RIGHT BEGINNING for a GOOD ENDING Ken, Audrey and Kendall Bremer 23384 Ridge Rd., Blakesburg, IA 52536 (641) 938-2163 •


Fred & Joan DeRouchey

Breeders of Quality registered Maine-anjou & Mainetainers

Breeding Cattle and Show Cattle Private treaty

Home of KBSC Watergate 1W Denny and Donna Denison

Contact: SEK or Genex for semen

P.O. Box 86 Keatchie, LA 71046 h: (318) 697-4617 o: (318) 747-1400

800.443.6389 or 222.333.1783 (318) 453-6093 - Cell

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Gene & Danette Loder 13408 90th St. S.W. • Scranton, ND 58653 (701) 275-6227 — home • (701) 206-0721 — cell

Michigan Gary & Janette Simpkins Home: 989-426-8185 Cell: 989-329-4668

Blane & Cindy Landon, Shayna, Chesney, Cheylee & Shalayne Bob Fields, D.V.M. • Maine-Anjou • Show Cattle • Bulls • Seedstock 36578 Morgan Hill Rd. • Wister, OK 74966 (918) 655-7750 • (918) 655-3105

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John H. Schuessler & Sons Box 115, Castell, TX 76831 (325) 247-4048 ○ (325) 247-3446 Maine-Anjou Cattle • Club Calves

Sires represented: TLM Basic, HAA Sherriff, GVC Controller, HAA Advantage, JJ Okie Boy 78U, Chairman

Maine-Anjou and mainetainers

31164 E. R.S. Rd. - Springfield, SD 57062 Blane 605.464.1187 (c) 605.369.2628 (h) -

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Donor female at Kahl Cattle Co.

Miles & Kim DeJong 31842 DeJong Rd. Kennebec, SD 57544 (605) 869-2329 (605) 222-1292 - Miles cell Visitors welcome! Please no Sunday business

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Steer raised by Kahl Cattle Co.

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2005 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer Specializing in purebred and general livestock auctions

Box 198 - Pine Lake, Alberta - T0M 1S0

Bill Sheridan auctioneer (517) 676-9800 740 S. Cedar St. Mason, MI 48854

Worthy of Your Confidence Auctioneers Al Conover Auctioneer

P.O. Box 9 Baxter, IA 50028 (641) 227-3537 Office (641) 227-3686 Home (641) 227-3792 Fax (515) 491-8078 Cell





7 New French Bloodlines in Our Herd! OCTOBER





- The American Maine-Anjou Association Reaching Beyond Foundation has put together this one of a kind “Legends of the Maine-Anjou Breed” print. This unique piece of artwork, along with one remarked artist proof and nine additional artist proofs will be auctioned off at this year’s National Show & Convention to be held in Louisville, Ky. All proceeds from the sale of this print and its proofs will go towards the goal of raising $1,000,000,000 for the Reaching Beyond Foundation. A sincere Thank You to C.J. Brown for commissioning this legendary piece!

Legends of the Maine-Anjou Breed



Maine-Anjou Influenced Female Sale

The American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) will hold a Maine-Anjou Influenced Female sale Feb. 5, 2014 at the Dunlap Livestock Auction, Dunlap, Iowa. This sale is open to all registered and commercial producers of TH and PHA free Maine-Anjou influenced females. This sale will be at the front end of the Dunlap Livestock Auction’s weekly bred heifer and cow sale. Please review the following information concerning the sale. Help make this first time Maine-Anjou female consignment sale a huge success by consigning your highest quality females. For additional questions or concerns, please contact John at (816) 431-9950 or Dave at (515) 201-3281.

Sale Information

• Sale Date: Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014 • Sale Site: Dunlap Livestock Auction, Dunlap, Iowa • Time: 10-11 a.m. • Auctioneer: Jon Schaben • Delivery: No later than noon on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014. Pens will be provided with bedding.

Sale Consignments

• Registered and commercial Maine-Anjou and MaineTainer bred heifers, cows, heifer calves and groups of at least (3) three head minimum of commercial Maine-Anjou influenced heifer calves. • Required health papers due on arrival at sale site. • All females, registered and commercial, must be TH & PHA free by test or parentage. • All consignments will be preg-checked at the sale barn and receive a Scourguard vaccination. • All consignments are to be vaccinated for virals, wormed and poured by Jan. 1, 2014

Sale Order

• Established by Jon Schaben and the AMAA

Sale Commission

• Full commission rate of four percent is due to the sale barn, that includes their online bidding service, weekly newspaper advertising and webpage. Other costs will be shared on a per head basis and will include catalog printing, additional advertising and other incidentals.

Cattle Appearance

• Fit as you wish. Cattle must be clean!

Sale Management

• American Maine-Anjou Association: John Boddicker, (816) 431-9950 and Dave Steen, (515) 201-3281

Catalog Consignment Information • Must be received by Dec. 1, 2013. • Mail or e-mail to John Boddicker: AMAA, P.O. Box 1100, Platte City, MO 64079 or Dave Steen: 1203 Sharon Rd., Elk Horn, IA 51531 or 204 Marshall Rd. • P.O. Box 1100 Platte City, MO 64079 p: (816) 431-9950 f: (816) 431-9951 or





WAC Show Cattle

Will & Shelbie Alexander 20546 Hwy. M Brookfield, MO 64628 (660) 734-1427 │ (660) 734-8568

Alexander Land & Cattle

Myron & Carol Alexander 23231 Hwy. FF Linneus, MO 64653 (660) 375-7263 │ (660) 895-5346

Reserve Champion

Missouri State Fair Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou 4-H Show Division champion Open Show - Sired by MCF Chaos

Division Champion

Division Champion

Grand Champion

TLM Honor Reserve Maine-Anjou Show Bull of the Year

Missouri State Fair Open MaineTainer Show Sired by Monopoly

Pen-of-Three MaineTainer Females NWSS

Missouri State Fair 4-H & Open Show Sired by Dubai

Division Champion

All calves raised by us! Stop by and see us at the American Royal! 60


Banner Year!

Grand Champion

Missouri State Fair 4-H & Open Maine-Anjou Show Sired by MCF Chaos

Grand Champion

Missouri State Fair 4-H & Open MaineTainer Show Sired by MCF Chaos

Index of Advertisers

Alexander, Will .....................60 Bar R Cattle .........................11 Beauprez Land & Cattle .......52 Bessler, James .......................53 Blind Badger Ranch .............11 Bonham, Steve......................53 Bright Lights ........................50 Bushy Park Farm ............... BC Blind Badger Ranch .............. 4 Cattle Visions ........................62 Clay Knoll Farms ...............3,52 Conover Auction Services ......53 Continental Livestock Services .................................52 County Line Ranches............52 DeJong Ranch ......................52 Denison Acres .......................52 DeRouchey, Fred ..................52 EDJE Technologies ..............54 Elke, Richard........................11 Fort Worth Stock Show ........40 Graham, Gary..................53,55 Green Valley Cattle Co. ...... IFC Greer Farms ..........................52 Jones Show Cattle ................6,7

K&A Farm............................52 Kahl Cattle Co. .....................52 Kreis, Ron.............................53 Loder Cattle Co. ....................52 Maine Focus ..........................43 Martin Livestock ..................64 Mid-Continent Farms..............1 Moore Land & Cattle .......14,15 Nagel Cattle Co ................12,52 National Western ..................40 Nowatzke Cattle ................IBC NuHaven Cattle Co. ..............53 O’Hara Land & Cattle ..........52 Okie Blue Sky Farms........... .52 Ohlde, Dwight & Josh...........41 Redgate Cattle Co. ................52 Secondino, Jami ....................53 SEK ......................................16 Sheridan, Bill ........................53 Sullivan Farms ....................... 5 Truline Maines .................13,52 Vickland Show Cattle............63 Wendt, Kevin ........................53 Wilson Stock Farm ...............52 Winegardner, Brad................59

November/December Voice Deadline Oct. 1 Call today! 816-858-9954



1 - Entry Deadline: North American International Livestock Exposition (N.A.I.L.E.), Louisville, Ky. 3 - Open Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Shows, Keystone International Livestock Exposition (K.I.L.E.), Harrisburg, Pa. 6 - Northeastern Regional Junior Manie-Anjou Show, held in conjunction with the K.I.L.E., Harrisburg, Pa. 19 - Buck Cattle Co. Fall Premier XVIII, Madill, Okla. 20 - Nowatzke Cattle Annual Female Sale, Michigan City, Ind. 20 - Sullivan Farms Maternal Legends Sale, Dunlap, Iowa 21 - Willow Springs Club Calves Annual Online Sale, Prairie Grove, Ark. 26 - Bushy Park Farm Tradition of Excellence Elite Female Sale, Mitchell, S.D. November 1 - American Royal Junior & Open Maine-Anjou Shows, Kansas City, Mo. 3 - Jones Show Cattle High Standards Female Sale, Harrod, Ohio 3 - Winegardener Harvest of Excellence, Lima, Ohio 7 - Vickland Show Cattle Princess Cut Online Heifer Sale, Longmont, Colo. 9 - Ohlde Advantage Focus on the Female Sale, Washington, Kan. 10 - Blind Badger Ranch Back to the Basics VIII, Fort Morgan, Colo. 15 - American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) Committee Meetings, Louisville, Ky. 16 - N.A.I.L.E. Junior Maine-Anjou Show, Louisville, Ky. 16 - AMAA Committee Meetings, Louisville, Ky. 16 - Maine Focus National Maine-Anjou Sale, Louisville, Ky. 17 - AMAA Committee Meetings, Louisville, Ky. 17 - AMAA Annual Membership Meeting, Louisville, Ky. 17 - AMAA Board of Director’s Meeting, Louisville, Ky. 18 - National Maine-Anjou Show, held in conjunction with the 2013 N.A.I.L.E., Louisville, Ky. 22 - Nagel Cattle Co. Bred Female Sale, Springfield, S.D. 23 - Green Valley Cattle The Big Picture Female Sale, Atkinson, Neb. 29 - Truline Maines Private Treaty Sale, Richards, Mo. 30 - Mid Continent Farms Top Cut Female Sale, Washington, Kan. 30 - Moore Land & Cattle Second Annual Online Sale, Alton, Ill. December 1 - Martin Cattle Co., Dream Girls Sale, Bargersville, Ind. January 15 - National Western Stock Show yard cattle check-in, Denver, Colo. 16 - Bright Lights Maine-Anjou bull sale evaluation, Pepsi Arena, Denver, Colo. 17 - National Western Stock Show Pen & Heifer Show, Pepsi Arena, Denver, Colo. 18 - Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Sale, Denver, Colo. 19 - National Western Stock Show Junior & Open Maine-Anjou Shows, Denver, Colo. February 2 - Fort Worth Stock Show Open Maine-Anjou Show, Fort Worth, Texas



BK Unlimited Power

GEF Open Bar Ice Chest 3/4 Maine

DCC Hard Drive 138R CMAC Hard Core Purebred

GVC Maverick SLC Sooner 101M Purebred

GVC Noble Man 11N Purebred

GVC Special Delivery

Majors Money Man 673J Majors Waldo Purebred

GVC Fortune and Glory SLC Sooner 101M Purebred

BPF Comfort Zone Mercedes Benz Purebred

GVC Suh GVC Statesman Purebred

Live Action Predator 3/4 Maine

TCTC Patton Irish Whiskey MaineTainer

Boomer DMCC Limited Edition Purebred

Unstoppable Monopoly 50% Maine-Anjou

GVC Twitter Special Delivery 50% Maine

Swag Monopoly MaineTainer

I-67 I-80 MaineTainer

DMCC Limited Edition 4F Purebred

The Hottest Sires Are Here!!!

(866) 356-4565 call for a free directory or view online at 62


We are excited to offer you an outstanding set of show heifer prospects, and hope that you will find them as exceptional as we do. These females are out of our donor herd that has raised numerous show ring champions and this set will be no different. Join us, November 7th, online through Premier Online Sales - as we offer you, our cream of the crop heifer prospects. Be sure to watch our website for updated pictures and videos.


Patty Vickland, 303-502-4819 • Emma Vickland, 303-803-7021 Sarah Vickland, 303-803-7216 • John Ramsey, 208-761-3944 Colby Taber, 309-335-1939 •




OCTOBER To request your FREE reference catalog visit or contact anytime in the oďŹƒce of PrimeTIME, Inc. at 419.862.0117

PO Box 164 - Bargersville, IN 46106 317/431-0618 CB Boland: 217/808-0683 Bugar Lehnert: 931/224-3565

The Jimmy & Mandy Martin Family

Just south of Indianapolis - Minutes from I-70 and I-65

Sunday, December 1 On the farm near Bargersville, IN

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Stop by anytime and plan to attend the sale to see what you’ve been missing!

Lot 32 in 2012 Thanks to Swanson Farms, IA

Lot 49 in 2012 Thanks to Ferris Family, OH

Lot 22 in 2012 Thanks to Rolling Acres, WV

Lot 29 in 2012 Thanks to Unger Family, IL

SimAngus - Maine-Anjou - Crosses

Only the Best from Our Large Inventory of Jan-March Calvers

Selling 100 Females

2013 Ohio State Jr Fair Champion MaineTainer & 3rd Overall Female Shown by Tyler Clark and Family Covington, Ohio Sold as Lot 1A in Dream Girls 2012

T121 - Meyer 734 DaughTer - Sells Bred to Silvera’s Style offering several top donor quality females like this on october 26th!

43W - PolaroiD DaughTer

- Sells Bred to Ready 2 Rumble. offering our best & deepest set of bred cattle.

Monopoly X 701p Just a sample of the poWER in our offering!

MainlinE X WhiSkEy

one of the deepest set of heifers ever offered!

StEEl foRcE X SiMMEntal

our Simmental offering is outstanding.

i-80 X haRd dRivE outstanding set of Maine-anjou cattle!

Multi-BREEd ShoW hEifER hEadquaRtERS!

octoBER 26th • MitchEll, South dakota

BuShy paRk faRM

40281 260th Street • Mitchell, SD 57301 Fax: 605-996-0721 • Toll Free: 888-502-7322 Steve Robinson, owner cory thomsen, General Manager, 605-730-2397 trae Simmons, director of Sales, 765-438-2312 Brent Meister, herdsman, 402.380.4876 On-line at: • Visitors always welcome!

Offering 60 Donor Females, Bred Cows & Bred Heifers sell! Direct from the heart of our herd. Offering 50 Elite Show Heifers! Hereford, Maine, MaineTainer, Simmental, SimAngus & Chi’s Sell! Offering 1 Stout Promotional Bull Prospect! pictures & video of the offering online at:

The Voice - October 2013 - Maine Anjou  

October 2013 Volume 24 / Number 1 The official publication of the American Maine-Anjou Association.