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Saturday, Sle Facility, Union Grove, North Caro Shuffler Sa

Saturday, September 1, 2012

12 Noon

Shuffler Sale Facility, Union Grove, NC

69 Simmental Lots Embryos • Open Heifers • Bred Heifers & Cows Three-in-One Packages & Herd Sire Prospects

A function of North Carolina Simmental Association

North Carolina Simmental Association Annual Meeting

Friday, August 31, 2012 • 6:00 pm at the Shuffler Sale Facility (casual attire) Traeger Lil Tex BBQ Grill 070 with cover ($700 value) or second prize of $200 Walmart gift card. Tickets are only $2 or 3 for $5. Do not have to be present to win!

Raffle Items:

Short business meeting followed by fun auction of donated items for NCSA and NCJSA. Also the Back Cover Advertisement for the next Directory will be auctioned off. Beef Dinner – $10 per plate Children 10 & under $5 per plate

Jonathan Massey, President Charlie Thomas, Vice President Jennie Rucker, Executive Secretary (336) 468-1679 Dr. Jeff Broadaway, Treasurer Miriam Bell & Lynn Bridges, Junior Advisors Daniel Brown, NCJSA President Directors... Wayne Taylor, Myra Neal Morrison, John Langdon, Dr. Eugene Shuffler, Greg Wyant and Marvin Hutchison.

Ear Tags The ear tags for this sale have been donated by Allflex USA. Call Steve Blackburn for all your tagging needs and call him to get ahead of your animal identification and verification program.

Steve Blackburn

PO Box 179 • Waynesboro, GA 30830 • (706) 554-1993 or

Catalog Produced By:

Parke 06-8844 bie & Holli Doug, Deb Hatmaker • (423)5 1 li 36 ol H 40 & KY w Dre Paris, fax on Hills • 153 Bourb 58 • (859) 987-0709 ao 57 (859) 987- 00 mobile • pleent@ 61 (859) 421-

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Fall Harvest Sale Consignors. . . 4K Ranch

Hailee Bissett • Raleigh NC (919) 272-6124

Black Ridge Simmentals Alan Belcher • Ararat, NC (336) 374-3259

Jeff Broadaway, DVM

Monroe, NC • (704) 221-0997

Buena Vista Simmentals

Jim & Betty Bosley • Old Fields, WV (304) 530-6636

C&C Farms

Dwight Cooper• Jefferson, GA (706) 215-1251

Chase Cole Livestock

Scott Matthis Rural Retreat, VA • (910) 590-8414

Heishman Cattle Company

Allen Heishman Edinburg, VA • (540) 335-1174

Jess A Marr Farms

Mike Walters • Wytheville, VA (276) 228-4251

Hunt-Hawley Simmentals

Lucama, NC • (252) 243-2378


Richard Woolwine • Seminary, MS (601) 765-4461

Katie’s Simmental

Katherine Freeman Walters • Wytheville, VA (276) 620-6762

McElroy Simmentals, Lundy, Silverstone Simmentals



DP Sales M

Shade Tree Simmentals

Mountain View Farm

Timothy Tucker Hamptonville, NC • (336) 468-1564

Lucama, NC (252) 239-5026

Shuffler Farm Union Grove, NC (704) 539-4161

M&W Farms

Sam Mabe Wytheville, VA • (276) 620-3617

Twin Oaks Simmental

Smith Reasor

Spartanburg, SC • (276) 620-3123

Greg Wyant Newton, NC • (828) 381-1478

TX Enterprises

Ridgewood Simmentals

Charlie and Amy Thomas Winston Salem, NC • (336) 575-5461

Boone, NC (828) 265-3450

Whelan Farms

Rocky Hollow Simmental

Tommy Cline Wytheville, VA • (276) 620-8448

Rick Whelan Wadley, AL • (404) 473-6797

Woodlawn Farms

Rolling Rock Farm

Clarkesville, GA (706)776-3862

Ferrell Jones • Chilhowie, VA (276) 759-5581

Rucker Family Farm

Hamptonville, NC • (336) 468-1675

(937) 618-9377


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Sale Day Phone •

(704) 539-4161

Doug Parke, mobile • (859) 421-6100

Sale Location

Herd Health

Hotels off I-77 at Exit #82 in Jonesville:

All cattle will have proper health charts for immediate interstate shipment. An updated breeding/calving sheet will be available sale day which also will indicate cattle that are OCV and/or from certified and accredited herds. Each animal will be at the purchaser’s risk after it is sold.

Best Western, Jonesville • (336) 835-6000 ask for “NC Fall Simmental Sale” rate - $89.99 + tax. Includes a HOT breakfast.


The sale will be held at Shuffler Farms 444 Union Grove Rd. • Union Grove, NC 28689

Motel Headquarters

Hampton Inn, Jonesville, NC • (336) 835-1994 Days Inn, Jonesville, NC • (336) 526-6777 Comfort Inn, Jonesville, NC • (336) 835-9400

Air Transportation

1 hour away from Union Grove, NC. – Charlotte – Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC

Food Service

Lunch will be served sale day by the North Carolina Junior Simmental Association.

Sale Manager Doug & Debbie Parke Drew & Holli Hatmaker • (423) 506-8844 153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361 (859) 987-5758 • (859) 987-0709 fax (859) 421-6100 mobile •

Sale Staff

John Spiker, Auctioneer • (304) 884-7915 Steve Sellers, EDJE Technologies • (770) 546-1307 Jeremie Ruble, ASA Field Representative • (406) 581-7940

Sale Consultants

DP Sales Management Doug Parke • (859) 421-6100 Drew Hatmaker • (423) 506-8844 Smith Reasor • (276) 620-3123

Sale Guests

Former Governor Jim Hunt & Carolyn Hunt Bryan Blinson, NCAA Executive Director


Insurance for your purchases will be available at the clerk’s desk through Harding and Harding.

Terms of Sale

All cattle will sell under the Suggested Terms and Conditions of the American Simmental Association. All purchases are to be paid for by the purchaser during or immediately after the sale and will not be released until after settlement has been made.

Sale Registration and Payment

All buyer numbers will only be issued with a valid ID and payment is due day of sale. DP Sales Management would appreciate timely settlement of receivables within 20 days of date of sale. Cattle will not be transferred until paid for in full.

Registration Certificates

Cattle will be transferred to the buyer at the seller’s expense. All calves born before the sale are to be registered by the seller; calves born after the sale are to be registered by the purchaser. Buyers must be sure to furnish the sale clerk complete information for transferring of registration certificates.


The EPDs reported in this catalog are the Fall 2012 numbers, as reported by the American Simmental Association. Please reference page 23 for an explanation of the EPD changes.


All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk. Neither the owners, the sale manger nor the NCSA consignors assume liability, legal or otherwise, for accidents or loss of property. As the sale manager, DP Sales Management is only an agent for the seller and has no responsibilities other than those involved in conducting the sale.

Brent Williams (812) 453-7548 Charlie Thomas (336) 575-5461 2


JBB Stylin Lady Y14

BD: 10-12-11 • ASA# Consignor: Jeff Broadaway


BCC Bushwacker 41-93 DR J Analyst M250 GAR Precision 706


Jokers Lady Family . . .

Tattoo: Y14

CE 8 BW 0.6 WW 67 YW 105 MCE 6 MM 32 MWW 65 Marb 0.29 REA 0.70 API 106

PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker SS Jokers Lady L6L NLC D101 Deirdre • BW: 67 • WW: 560 • Stylin Lady Y14 is a homozygous black open heifer from the heart of my replacement pen. Not only is this young lady very stylish, she is deep bodied and thick made too. As if that’s not good enough, she is also a direct daughter of my Joker’s Lady L6L donor that produces the right kind every time, and a flush sister to JBB Analytical Lady W4 that is serving as a donor for Allen Heishman of VA. Quality and genetics run deep in this young lady. Don’t let her slip by.


JBB Stylin Lady Y14

Analytical Lady x Sharper Image 3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy Consignor: Heishman Cattle Company Dikemans Sure Bet TJ Sharper Image JC Miss BAndo S27


CE 5 BW 0.9 WW 84 YW 129 MCE 4 MM 23 MWW 65 Marb 0.46 REA 0.62 API 111

Dr J Analyst M250 JBB Analytical Lady W4 SS Jokers Lad L6L • Selling 3 Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy if work is done by a certified embryologist. • We are proud to be able to offer a set of embryos out of this outstanding young donor. This Analyst daughter is one that has a very bright future. She was one of the high selling bred heifers at the 2011 North Carolina Fall Harvest. She offers both a stacked set of EPDs and the phenotype to back it up. This exciting set of embryos are sired by Sharper Image, who has had several top selling sons for the last two years at Triangle J. Sharper Image has a superb set of EPDs and should produce very desirable sons and daughters from this mating. Progeny will be homozygous black.


JBB Analytical Lady - reference dam TJ Sharper Image - reference Sire

JBB Hummin Lady T1

BD: 9-10-07 • ASA# 2429359 Consignor: Jeff Broadaway, DVM

WLE Power Stroke HC Hummer 12M LBR Destiny’s Dream


Tattoo: T1

CE 8 BW 2.5 WW 67 YW 100 MCE 12 MM 29 MWW 63 Marb -0.03 REA 0.75 API 112

PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker SS Joker’s Lady L6L NLC P101 Deidre • BW: 78 • WW: 649 • Here is a mature cow that I really should be keeping! JBB Hummin Lady T1 is a homozygous black ET daughter of my Joker’s Lady L6L donor that has a stellar performance record. Not only was Hummin Lady a standout herself as a calf but she passes that on to her progeny. Her first heifer sold last year in this sale to Myra Morrison as a high selling bred. Her second calf, a bull scanned a whopping 17.6 inch ribeye measurement and was a high selling bull at the 2011 Union County Performance Tested Bull sale. Very few HC Hummer 12M daughters come up for sale these days and even fewer with the track record of this proven Lady. She is heavy bred to LMF Movin Forward for another head turner this fall. • AI’d to LMF Movin Forward, ASA# 2429130 on 12-23-11.

JBB Hummin Lady T1 3

4A&B DS-SS Sweet Kisses Embryos

Embryos . . .

Choice of 3 or 5 Embryos Consignor: C&C Farms

by Final Answer or Top Grade

WLE Power Stroke HC Hummer 12M LBR Destinys Dream K830


HC Power Drive 88H LF Kandy Kisses NJC TJF Hollye Hunter

• 4A Proj EPDs SAV Final Answer 0035 CE 16 BW -1.4 WW 65 YW 102 Marb 0.40 REA 0.56 API 149


• 4B Proj EPDs MCM Top Grade 018X CE 12 BW 0.8 WW 66 YW 103 Marb 0.33 REA 0.85 API 137

MCM Top Grade - reference Sire

14 MM 25 MWW 58

• Selling 3 Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy or 5 Embryos Guaranteeing 2 Pregnancies if work is done by a certified embryologist. • Sweet Kisses is one of the mainstay donors in the C and C Farms donor lineup. For many years her progeny have been in big demand because of the high quality and their consistent track record in the pasture and the show ring. In the 2010 Cattleman’s Choice sale a daughter commanded $9,750. Several sons and daughter sold well in this years event. In the Fall Harvest sale you have the opportunity to purchase 3 or 5 embryos out Sweet Kisses and the choice of sires of SAV Final Answer or Top Grade. Final Answer is a proven cow maker and the Genex bull, Top Grade seems to be doing everything right with good reports on the early progeny. Study the epds and the cow family here in this genetic package. Just buy them all and it is a proven line. The embryos sell with the proper guarantees and can be shipped any where.

DS-SS Sweet Kisses - reference dam

SAV Final Answer - reference Sire


13 MM 25 MWW 60

5A&B S

ilverstone Marie N Time Embryos

2 sets of 3 or 5 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy McElroy/Lundy/Silverstone


CNS Dream On L186 HTP SVF In Dew Time HTP SVF Honeydew


JDJ Infinite Justice 137 Silverstone Chyna Marie Double D Blk Chyna •


Proj EPDs JF Shock and Awe 6207S

11 BW 2.2 WW 66 YW 87 MCE 11 MM 18 MWW 50 Marb 0.16 REA 0.33 API 116 CE


Proj EPDs CLRWTR Shock Force W94C

10 BW 1.2 WW 57 YW 81 MCE 10 MM 16 MWW 45 Marb 0.21 REA 0.44 API 117 CE

• Selling 3 Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy or 5 Embryos Guaranteeing 2 Pregnancies if work is done by a certified embryologist. • This is the second year to offer special genetics out of the Marie In Time donor in the North Carolina Fall Harvest sale. The success story of Chyna, Chyna Marie and Marie in Time keeps adding to the family lineage. A history of champions with descendant in the pedigree of Virginia origin. Marie In Time has been a champion may times herself however is even more impressive today as a brood cow and donor. You have the opportunity to purchase embryos sired by the herd sires of Shock Force and JF Shock and Awe. The Shock and Awe bull resides at Black Ridge and Katies Simmental plus has daughters selling in the Fall Harvest sale. The Shock Force is a son of the $52,000 Sazerac donor. At the recent Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes the champion purebred was sired by Shock Force and the reserve heifer was a descendant of the embryos offered here at the Fall Harvest. Anyone interested in advancing or adding elite genetics this is a mating to add today. Call and get on board with these frozen genetics. Selling choice of three embryos guarantee one pregnancy.

Silverstone Marie N Time - reference dam

JF Shock and Awe - reference Sire

CLRWTR Shock Force - reference Sire 4



Dew the Stroke x Top Grade 3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy Consignor: C&C Farms

Proj EPDs

CE 11 Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 BW 0.9 MCM Top Grade WW 69 MCM 513R YW 106 Embryos MCE 12 WLE Power Stroke HTP SVF Dew The Stroke MM 22 HTP SVF Honeydew MWW 57 • Selling 3 Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy if work is done by Marb 0.33 a certified embryologist. REA 0.78 • Dew The Stroke genetics seem to be some of the API 134 most sought after genetics at C&C Farms. Progeny have done well for C&C, Horseshoe Hollow, Forest Brook, Hartman Cattle Co., Lacoda Farms, HTP Simmentals, Sunset View and many more. This Power Stroke donor makes progeny sound, complete and attractive. Study the new fall 2012 EPDs on the mating of Top Grade, it is hard to getting all the pieces in one package however we feel that this mating will excel in all areas of Simmental seed stock production. Remember that the Reserve bull at the North American was a son of Dew The Stroke. Selling 3 embryos guarantee 1 pregnancy. Get involved it will lead to profit and herd improvement.

HTP SVF Dew The Stroke - reference dam MCM Top Grade - reference sire

Miss CCF X302 x Tanker 3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy Consignor: JRW, LLC

Proj EPDs

CE 9 Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 BW 1.9 TNT Tanker WW 71 TNT Miss S17 YW 109 Embryos MCE 11 SVF NJC Built Right Miss CCF X302 MM 22 HTP SVF Dew the Stroke MWW 57 • Selling 3 Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy if work is done by Marb 0.01 a certified embryologist. REA 1.00 • We at JRW selected X302 out of this years Cattleman’s API 112


Choice sale. She was a impressive first calf heifer pair raising a stout bull calf. After getting to Mississippi, she has continued to do well and work successful in embryo production. After viewing a few calves by Tanker and visiting with John Christensen about his progeny we felt X302 would click well. This daughter of Dew the Stroke is perfect uddered, long, deep sided and complete. Whether you receive bulls or heifers or both you will be pleased with the outcome of this sure fire predictable mating. Selling three embryos guarantee one pregnancy. Buy and get in your cows this fall.

Miss CCF X302 - reference dam TNT Tanker - reference sire

JM Dice H25 P13 x Trademark 3 or 5 Embryos Consignor: Buena Vista Simmentals WLE Power Stroke GWS Ebonys Trademark NJC Ebony Antoinette


Proj EPDs CE 7 BW 2.6 WW 65 YW 90 MCE 7 MM 18 MWW 50 Marb 0.02 REA 0.79 API 101

GW Lucky Dice JM Dice H25 P13 JM BF H25 • Selling 3 Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy or 5 Embryos Guaranteeing 2 Pregnancies if work is done by a certified embryologist. • We bought P13 in the Prime Time Sale from Mike Walters a few years ago as a flush mate sister to JM Olivia. These homo-black Lucky Dice daughters of H25 are some of the best proven donors across the nation and are responsible for young cows like Miley Cottontail and look what her calves have done recently. Hillbrands sold half of a Duracell/Cottontail for $17,500 at the North American. These embryos will be full sibs in blood to Miley Cottontail. Help yourself to genetics that are some of the hottest in the breed right now. Selling your choice of 3 or 5 embryos. Guaranteeing 1 pregnancy on 3 embryos if work is done by a certified embryologist.

Kenco Miley Cottontail - Full Sib to Embryos GWS Ebonys Trademark - reference Sire 5

Partisover Barbie Family . . .


Partisover Barbie 928 Embryos Choice of 3 Embryos or Bull of Choice Katie’s Simmentals and Black Ridge Simmentals


CNS Dream On L186 SVF Steel Force S701 SVF Sheza Beauty L901


Circle G Right Time 0138 Star Barbie 3243 Star Venture Barbie 9122 • Proj EPDs Flying B Final Cut

8 BW 1.5 WW 58 YW 84 MCE 6 MM 22 MWW 51 Marb 0.17 REA 0.27 API 103 CE

• Choice of 3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy if work is done by a AETA certified embryologist or 3 embryos to the bull of the buyers choice. • Katie’s and Black Ridge have partnered on several cattle purchases over the last few years but none that we feel has more potential than this outstanding Steel Force daughter from Partisover Ranch. It is very early in Barbie 928U’s career. Her first natural calf sells as a feature consignment from us through this sale and we debated the wisdom of letting embryo’s go at this stage. At last we decided to allow someone the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with these genetics. Consider for a moment that at 9 years of age Barbie’s dam commanded $15,000 to be the top selling female at the Southern Style sale at Partisover. Not to mention a full sister brought $6,000 and maternal sisters sold for $9,000; $7,750 and $4,000. All told 9 lots of genetics from this awesome cow family averaged over $5,300. We are pretty excited to have a female of this caliber to work with the invite you to join us in the excitement.

Partisover Barbie 928- reference dam

Flying B Final Cut - reference Sire


Kats/BRS My Fair Lady

BD: 10-09-10 • ASA# 2591533 • Tattoo: 928X Consignor: Black Ridge Simmentals & Katie’s Simmentals

HC Hummer 12M MCLF RP Real McCoy S91 NJC SVF Love Me Dont U

3/4 Blood

CE 8 BW 3.0 WW 63 YW 94 MCE 11 MM 27 MWW 59 Marb 0.08 REA 0.47 API 102

SVF Steel Force S701 Partisover Barbie 928U Star Barbie 3243 • BW: 87 • My Fair Lady got her name by making a high profile entrance at the Dixie Classic Fair in 2010. She was a hit on Facebook and people poured through the show barn to get a look at the newborn calf. Less than 24 hours later her dam, Barb ie with her baby in tow, won her division in the Junior show. Fair Lady, now an impressive bred heifer is one you will want to look up on show day. This mating clicked so well it makes us wonder if her sire, Real McCoy, wasn’t a bull deserving of a larger sampling by the industry. Her dam is a feature donor for the Black Ridge and Katie’s Simmental herds and we are excited to offer this outstanding daughter for your appraisal. Balanced EPDs and safe in calf to Shear Pleasure. • AI’d to Long’s Shear Pleasure, ASA# 2496326 on 12-13-11.

Kats/Brs My Fair Lady

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Headliners Black Fancy Family . . .

10 H

eadliners Blk Fancy x Dream On

3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy Consignor: Buena Vista Simmentals

Proj EPDs

CE 10 Nichols Legacy G151 BW 2.5 CNS Dream On L186 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W WW 65 YW 91 Embryos MCE 8 RCC Headliner M6051 EBS Headliner’s Blk Fancy MM 16 EBS Darkstar 41G MWW 49 • Selling 3 Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy if work is done by Marb 0.14 a certified embryologist. REA 0.72 • The EBS cattle have been making a name for API 112

themselves all across the country. EBS Mavis sold in the Pine Ridge Dispersal Sale for $14,000 to Sloup Simmentals. At Sloups she has made her way as a top donor in their program. EBS cattle have been sale toppers at the Legends of the Blue Ridge sale and the Stars and Stripes sale in the past two years. EBS Headliner’s Blk Fancy is no exception to this rule. As a calf she was Reserve Champion at the Virginia Expo Junior Show. She was Senior Champion at both the West Virginia and Ohio State Fair Open Shows as a yearling. Her calves are proven winners at the WV State Fair and have topped sales in Pennsylvania as well as here at North Carolina. This match up to Dream On has produced some excellent cattle. Check out her fall yearling heifer featured in this sale.


EBS Headliner’s Blk Fancy - reference dam CNS Dream On L186 - reference Sire

BV Mountain Mamma

BD: 9-12-11 Consignor: Buena

• ASA# 2624116 Vista Simmentals

Tattoo: 5Y1

CE 10 BW 2.4 WW 65 YW 91 Purebred MCE 8 RCC Headliner M6051 EBS Headliner’s Blk Fancy MM 16 EBS Darkstar 41G MWW 49 • BW: 80 Marb 0.14 • Mountain Mamma is a fall ET heifer out of our EBS REA 0.71 Headliner’s Fancy donor cow.....and fancy she is indeed. API 111

Nichols Legacy G151 CNS Dream On L186 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W

We are showing her this summer and you can show her next year. She maybe one of the best we have ever raised. This deep sided, up headed calf is well balanced and a pleasure to work with at the halter. Her dam was Sr. Champion at the Ohio and WV State Fair open shows. Her maternal half sister was Jr. Breed Champion at the WV State Fair and topped this sale a few years back. She will make an impact as a future donor in your herd.


BV Mountain Momma Full Sib to Lot 11

Twin Oaks Sheza Treat

BD: 10-31-11 • Consignor: Twin Oaks

ASA# 2638562 Simmental

Tattoo: Y8W

NLC Fortunate Son 100N Mr CCF Heza Fortune U48 SVF Sheza Fantasy N906


Sand Ranch Hand Twin Oaks Precious BR Mountain Mama 8T • BW: 76 • WW: 641 • Nice young heifer out of Heza Fortune, Granddam of this heifer was past high seller in 2009 Fall Harvest sale we purchased from Buena Vista. Power packed pedigree with top of line EPDs.

CE 8 BW 1.9 WW 64 YW 92 MCE 7 MM 22 MWW 54 Marb 0.09 REA 0.64 API 113

Twin Oaks Sheza Treat 7

13 JF Shock and Awe 6207S

Bulls . . .

BD: 5-03-06 Consignor: Katie’s

• ASA# 2359483 • Tattoo: 6207S Simmentals/Black Ridge/Janssen

CE 9 TNT Shocker J46 BW 3.6 Lazy S Red Shocker 226L MS Lazy S Black P 217J WW 74 YW 97 Purebred Bull MCE 9 HC Power Drive 88H 3LL/JF Crystal M03 MM 20 Miss Christie ET MWW 57 • BW: 62 Marb 0.07 • Sometime back, I read a sale catalog footnote on REA 0.32 a really fancy Shock and Awe daughter written by API 108 someone at Gonsior Simmental in Nebraska. The footnote said the industry had missed this bull and I agree whole heartedly. He is the right stuff! Shock and Awe is a member of the ABS lineup and deserves a more serious look by serious breeders. He has excellent eye appeal is moderate in his frame and is an out cross to Dream On and many others of the most popular Simmental Bulls bulls today. His disposition is excellent and he sires both black and red cattle. Josh Bray recently captured grand champion female honors at the NWNC Junior Livestock show Winston-Salem with a Shock and Awe daughter. No semen revenue rights are available; however we are selling 100% possession and all pasture rights of this outstanding AI stud bull.

JF Shock and Awe 6207S Shock and Awe daughter

14 15 Twin Oaks Bandit

Twin Oaks Bandit

BD: 2-09-11 Consignor: Twin

• ASA# 2590517 Oaks Simmental • BW: 79 • WW: 710

Tattoo: Y801

Twin Oaks Outlaw

BD: 2-15-11 Consignor: Twin

• ASA# 2590518 Oaks Simmental • BW: 81 • WW: 798

CNS Dream On L186 SVF NJC Built Right N48 NJC Ebony Antoinette


Tattoo: Y802

CE 11 BW 1.8 WW 65 YW 96 MCE 4 MM 21 MWW 53 Marb 0.01 REA 0.51 API 109

DS Six Shooter 3H MMF Sheza Sweetie U80 SVF Sheza Unforgettable • Look closely at the EPDs on these Built Right flush mates out of our Sweetie donor who goes back to Misty Meadows lead donor Unforgettable. Y801 has the blaze face so many people are looking for, while Y802 has added length and height in a solid black package. Our commitment to the Fall Harvest runs deep or these bulls would already have new homes. Take one or take both they are ready for some cows.

Twin Oaks Outlaw


RLWF Tuition Rookie Y133 BD: 8-29-11 • ASA# Consignor: Rick Whelan


SAV Final Answer 0035 TNT Tuition U238 TNT Miss S68


RLWF Tuition Rookie Y133

Tattoo: Y133

CE 10 BW 0.6 WW 72 YW 113 MCE 8 MM 28 MWW 64 Marb 0.36 REA 0.82 API 121

PVF-J 4P14 HYB Rookie RLWF Rookie Lady Gambler U70 Gibbs S397 Hy GMB K715 • BW: 72 • WW: 662 • Tuition Rookie Y133 combines the performance and muscle of Rookie and TNT Tuition into a genetic powerhouse. He stands out in the pasture. He is a very attractive, heavy muscle and deep ribbed. Traveling on very sound feet and legs, most definitely a herd sire prospect to add performance and structure. Homozygous polled and homozygous black.



RLWF Tuition Paid Y134 BD: 8-29-11 • ASA# Consignor: Rick Whelan


Tattoo: Y134

CE 9 BW 1.7 WW 79 YW 127 MCE 5 MM 22 MWW 61 Marb 0.30 REA 0.58 API 111

SAV Final Answer 0035 TNT Tuition U238 TNT Miss S68


Twin Valley Fix It 6469 Gibbs S527 Freyja F72 HH Darcie Freja • BW: 79 • WW: 675 • This Tuition son is a true Eye Catcher. He is very stout, very long and very wide from end to end. In addition to his top 2% WW and YW EPDs. His half brother to RLWF Rookie Fix It, sire of RLWF Charlie’s Angel Y147, and RLWF Rookie Blk Capt Y145, in this sale. Take notice his 14.6 DOC EPD, top 5%, which is completely accurate. He is as good-natured as they come. Homozygous polled and homozygous black.


RLWF Tuition Paid Y134

TX Cold Steel

BD: 9-18-11 • ASA# Consignor: TX Enterprises


CNS Dream On L186 SVF Steel Force S701 SVF Sheza Beauty L901

3/4 Blood

Tattoo: Y98

CE 12 BW 0.5 WW 60 YW 89 MCE 8 MM 19 MWW 49 Marb 0.19 REA 0.74 API 120

DCC New Look 101 DLS Good Timing U806 Circle T Antoinettes Edge • Cold Steel is a very attractive bull, thick from end to end. Dam is the Good Timing 1/2 blood female purchased out of the previous Fall Harvest. He is sired by the great phenotype maker Steel Force semen is hard come by use this bull to produce those well made, moderate framed calves. Homozygous polled.

TX Cold Steel DLS Good Timing U806 - reference dam

Open Heifers . . .


Y17 BD: 9-19-11 • ASA# Consignor: Scott Matthis


Tattoo: Y17

CE 6 BW 0.3 WW 34 YW 64 Purebred MCE 15 Nichols Power Surge P22 Nichols S5028 MM 3 Nichols M524 MWW 20 • BW: 79 Marb 0.26 • Here is a open that many breeders should find on sale REA 0.13 day. A great young future brood cow in the making. A API 116

Nichols Legacy G151 Nichols Legacy M72 Nichols Gal G42

sharp female with eye appeal that puts together good data. Take her home and breed her right and she will do the rest. One of the of the top falls.


BD: 9-27-11 Consignor: Shade

St Lucy Y04

• ASA# Pending Tree Simmentals

Tattoo: Y04

Lchmn black Asphalt 7068 PPSR Nophalt 20H Miss Prickly Pear 615F

3/4 Blood

BFCK Cherokee Cnyn 4912 ST Cherokee Lali St Lali • BW: 81 • WW: 623 • This percentage female is bred to be a good one out of a tremendous BFCK Cherokee Cnyn 912 1/2 blood cow that has not missed. Our Nophalt cows have been good producers.


CE 6 BW 3.2 WW 71 YW 108 MCE 8 MM 21 MWW 57 Marb 0.16 REA 0.58 API 101



BD: 9-27-11 • Consignor: Sam Mabe

ASA# 2640639

Tattoo: Y103

Nichols Legacy G151 CNS Dream On L186 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W




PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker B&B Jokers Queen B&B Black Lady • BW: 85 • WW: 605 • If you been to a past North Carolina sale you probably heard of Jokers Queen. Jokers Queens progeny have been among the sale toppers and went on to work and be profitable for many breeders. This fall born is from the same family that produced Chyna and Chyna Marie and many others. A heifer on a wide base with internal dimension and has the parts to be a superb breeding piece for the future. Also, you cant deny the production ability of a Dream On daughter out a great family. She will benefit any program.

RLWF Rookie Blk Cap Y145 BD: 10-11-11 Consignor: Whelan

• ASA#



PVF-4P14 Hyb Rookie RLWF Rookie Fixit W78 Gibbs S527 Freyja F72

5/8 Blood

RLWF Rookie Blk Cap Y145


CE 9 BW 1.4 WW 67 YW 109 MCE 8 MM 27 MWW 61 Marb 0.17 REA 0.61 API 103

TLT Y36 of Built Right

BD: 10-13-11 • Consignor: Tim Tucker

ASA# 2596502 • Mountian View Farm



Tattoo: Y145

Sand Ranch Hand Circle B Ranch Hand Gibbs R025 QH Bcap 2T12 • BW: 76 • WW: 577 • This female is sired by our herd sire, Rookie son RLWF Rookies Fix It W78, ASA# 2530991, who is now owned by Kyle Robertson of Sylvania, AL. The bull power in this heifer is powerful: High Line Right Time 338, GW Lucky Dice, PVF Rookie, Ranch Hand, Mr Beef E141, and SS Traveler 6807, and the cow power is equally as powerful. Excellent growth, milk, REA, API and TI EPDs. A daughter was purchased by Rick Wood, former President of the Georgia Simmental Association. Homozygous black and homozygous polled

CNS Dream On L186 SVF NJC Built Right N48 NJC Ebony Antoinette

TLT Y36 of Built Right

CE 8 BW 0.3 WW 30 YW 54 MCE 11 MM -4 MWW 11 Marb 0.18 REA 0.26 API 114

HTP SVF In Dew Time TLT Dew Time W43 TPT N001 R57 • BW: 71 • This fine heifer has a packed pedigree and a great disposition. She comes from one of our best cow families reaching back to Gambler.

Tattoo: Y36

CE 11 BW 2.2 WW 62 YW 90 MCE 9 MM 19 MWW 50 Marb 0.18 REA 0.40 API 102

MCC Lil Margie Y8

BD: 10-19-11 Consignor: Whelan

• ASA#



GAR Predestined DRG Predestined 45W DRG Martina L09

5/8 Blood

Tattoo: Y8

CE 5 BW 2.4 WW 67 YW 102 MCE 9 MM 24 MWW 58 Marb 0.50 REA 0.59 API 111

Dreams Star S61 MCC Hazel U4 MCC Hazel S4 • BW: 71 • Lil Margie Y8 was purchased along with her dam from Georgia Simmental Association secretary Bily Moss. Her sire is a GAR Predestined son, bred by Jesse Driggers This moderate farmed tank of a heifer has a very impressive set of EPDs across the board. Homozygous black and homozygous polled.

MCC Lil Margie Y8 10


Twin Oaks Hollie

BD: 10-17-11 • ASA# 2638556 Consignor: Twin Oaks Simmental

Tattoo: Y11WS

CE 13 Nichols legacy G151 BW -0.3 Ellingson Legacy M229 Ellingson Ms Pstock K58 WW 56 YW 83 Purebred MCE 10 SS Goldmine L42 Twin Oaks Goldie MM 21 XS11 MWW 49 • BW: 67 • WW: 597 Marb 0.18 • Ollie daughters rarely go through sale ring, they REA 0.83 usually stay at home, but our commitment to the Fall API 125 Harvest sale is strong so use this opportunity to put some Ollie blood in your cow herd. API of 125.


Twin Oaks Eye Candy

BD: 11-13-11 • ASA# 2638567 Consignor: Twin Oaks Simmental

HTP SVF In Dew Time Welshs Dew It Right 067T SVF NJC Senerita N29


Circle S Leachman 600U Kats Miss Mary Kate JM But E25 J30 • BW: 78 • WW: 648 • This one we had planned on keeping because of her name says it all. Welshs Dew It Right on top of 600U is a brood cow in the making or possibly a junior project. Great EPDs with a 114 API.


Twin Oaks Hollie

Tattoo: Y18P

CE 9 BW 3.1 WW 74 YW 105 MCE 13 MM 19 MWW 56 Marb 0.12 REA 0.48 API 114

Twin Oaks Eye Candy

RLWF Charlies Angel Y147 BD: 11-03-11 Consignor: Whelan

• ASA#



Tattoo: Y147

CE 5 PVF-J 4P14 Hyb Rookie BW 4.2 RLWF Rookie Fixit W78 Gibbs S527 Freyja F72 WW 76 YW 118 SimAngus MCE 7 TJ 57J The Gambler Gibbs S397 Hy GMB K715 MM 26 K715 MWW 63 • BW: 79 • WW: 576 Marb 0.13 • Charlie’s Angel Y147 is representing these Angus REA 0.72 greats: N-Bar Emulation EXT, Leachman Right Time, API 86 Hyline Right Time 338, Simmental power house Circle S Leachman 600U, Harts Black Casino and The Gambler. She has top 2% WW, 4% YW, 10% REA. This heifer’s potential is just waiting to be bred to the bull of your choice this fall. Homozygous black and homozygous polled.


RLWF Charlies Angel Y147

JM Miss War U21-Y14

BD: 12-10-11 • ASA# Consignor: Jess A Mar Farms


JS Sure Bet 4T FBFS Warsaw D68W FBFS Slow Melt 089S


HTP SVF In Dew Time Big Ridge Dew Destinys YU21 Destinys Power P53 • BW: 82 • WW: 570 • Super nice Warsaw daughter that can turn some heads in the show ring. Take her home with you today have fun showing her and then take her and make a front pasture cow out of her.

Tattoo: Y14

CE 11 BW 0.7 WW 56 YW 78 MCE 12 MM 24 MWW 52 Marb -0.01 REA 0.59 API 113

FBFS Warsaw D68W - reference sire 11


TNC Ms Black Star Z1

BD: 1-07-12 Consignor: Rocky

• ASA# Pending Hollow Simmentals

CNS Dream On L186 Circle T Antoinettes Star NJC SVF Antoinette K205


TNC Ms Black Star Z1

Cow-calf Pairs


. . .

Tattoo: Z1

CE 6 BW 1.9 WW 59 YW 89 MCE 7 MM 19 MWW 49 Marb 0.12 REA 0.78 API 116

PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker BV Jokers Lady P06 BV Hopes Pride • BW: 76 • Black Star is a super made show heifer. She is halter broke and ready to go. We will be showing her this summer before she comes to the Fall Harvest sale for your appraisal. Black Star’s dam was the highest selling heifer that we purchased from Jim & Betty Bosly, Buena Vista Simmental,in the 2006 Fall Harvest sale.

BRS Ms Better W25R

BD: 4-02-09 Consignor: Black

• ASA# 2641792 Ridge Simmentals

STF Mr Momentum H508 SVF NJC Mo Better M217 NJC SVF Antoinette K205

3/4 Blood

Tattoo: W25R

CE 8 BW 1.8 WW 58 YW 98 MCE 8 MM 19 MWW 48 Marb 0.28 REA 0.38 API 112

Bon View New Design 878 BRS Rachy BRS Jackpot Jean N25 • BW: 70 • This is a pair of solid black females you will want to consider sale day. The heifer calf is sired by a full brother to the sensational Select Sires bull, Grandmaster. The dam is a Mo Better daughter. We’ve had the luxury of having several Mo daughters born into our herd and this young female is the right kind. Arguably ¾ blood Simmental are the finest mother cows in the beef business and this one will not disappoint. Sells exposed to JF Shock and Awe. Additional breeding information available sale day • PE to SS Ebony’s Masterwork, ASA# 2281132 from 6-01-12 to 7-10-12 • PE to JF Shock and Awe, ASA# 2359483 from 7-12-12 to 8-25-12


BRS Ms Better W25R


BD: Sire:

6-01-12 Sex: Heifer SS Ebony’s Masterwork

Little Miss Tinkerbell

BD: 10-27-07 Consignor: Katie’s

• ASA#



WLE Powerstroke CNS Power Source 070K CNS Valentina J95A


Tattoo: T8

CE 13 BW -1.6 WW 41 YW 55 MCE 10 MM 24 MWW 44 Marb 0.12 REA 0.57 API 119

Nichols Blk Destiny 012 Blackies Last Promise 2 Katie B&B Miss Burtner U80 • BW: 52 • Doug has linked Tinkerbell since the first time he saw her as a heifer and has been after me ever since to consign her, well four years later I finally agreed and it hasn’t been an easy decision. Tinkerbell is a power house in a small package! She is moderate, thick and milks like a milking machine. Her pedigree is an out cross that will work with any bull. She is a sweet heart with a good disposition and the decision to finally part with her has not been easy. Like always she is doing al excellent job raising her calf – a TNT Dual Focus T249 son. She is a young cow with a lot of years and calves still ahead of her. Be sure to check this 3 in 1 out sale day. AI Bred to Hooks Shear Force. • AI’d to Hooks Shear Force, ASA# 2081939 on 6-13-10.


Little Miss Tinkerbell

BD: Sire:


5-07-12 Sex: Bull TNT Dual Focus






BRS Shakira S71

BD: 4-10-06 Consignor: Black

2374461 Ridge Simmentals • ASA#

Tattoo: S71P

CE 6 BW 2.3 WW 47 YW 61 MCE 9 MM 27 MWW 50 Marb 0.06 REA 0.59 API 115

WLE Power Stroke Ebonys Acclaim DBLR P33 NJC Ebony Antoinette


WLE CSA Black Galvanizer BRS Priscila P71 BRS Jesse J07 • BW: 76 • WW: 439 • S71P traces back through the generations in our herd to a Black Polled Dakota cow we purchased in 1996. This is a testimony to the quality of her cow family and their usefulness. She is solid black and has by her side a white faced calf sired by Mo Better. S71P Sells exposed to a Steel Force son we had a lot of fun showing in 2011. He was named grand champion at the West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina state fairs and he topped the day off in Raleigh by claiming Supreme Champion honors overall breeds. Updated breeding status available sale day. • PE to AE/HS/MBCC Steel Hope, ASA# 2546590 from 7-12-11 to 8-25-12



BD: Sire:

6-15-12 Sex: Heifer BW: 89 SVF/NJC Mo Better M216

BRS Sabrina X10S

BD: 3-25-10 Consignor: Black

• ASA# 2611089 Ridge Simmentals


WCM Marcel 76P LMF Total Performance S16 Loup River Blackcap 17J4

3/4 Blood









• ASA# 2590629 Bisett 4K Ranch



CNS Dream On L186 SVF NJC Built Right N48 NJC Ebony Antoinette


CE 8 BW 2.7 WW 55 YW 74 MCE 8 MM 24 MWW 52 Marb 0.03 REA 0.54 API 105

BD: Sire:

7-26-12 Sex: Bull BW: 87 SVF/NJC Mo Better M216

BRS Rachy R25N

BD: 3-02-05 Consignor: Black

• ASA# 2335340 Ridge Simmentals

Tattoo: R25N

CE 13 BW 0.1 WW 48 YW 79 SimAngus MCE 11 Hart Jackpot J310 BRS Jackpot Jean N25 MM 26 BRS Jean J63 MWW 50 • Consider this nice SimAngus cow and her Mo Better Marb 0.40 heifer if you’re looking to add quality females to your herd. REA 0.21 R25N’s sire packs some serious maternal punch as you can API 127

B/R New Design 036 Bon View New Design 878 Bon View Gamer 85

CE 7 BW 2.7 WW 64 YW 93 MCE 7 MM 19 MWW 51 Marb 0.43 REA 0.43 API 115

see from the milk and maternal weaning weight numbers this female boasts. On the dam’s side she is backed by two generations of homozygous black and homozygous polled sires. She sells pasture exposed to ABS bull Shock and Awe. Additional breeding details sale day. • PE to JF Shock and Awe, ASA# 2359483 from 6-10-12 to 7-10-12 • PE to SS Ebony’s Masterwork, ASA# 2281132 from 7-12-12 to 8-25-12



4-25-12 Sex: Heifer BW: 83 SVF/NJC Mo Better M216


BRS Shrek U10

Tattoo: S10P

SS Goldmine L42 K&P Goldmine’s Babe K&P Miss Prefered Stock • S10P has a stout young Mo Better son by her side. She is in the prime of her life with many productive years ahead of her. S10P is solid black and backed by multiple generations of homozygous ancestors. Acclaim sired female are excellent mama cows and this package is sure to make you money. S10P’s daughter from 2010 is also being offered through this sale. • PE to AJE/HS/MBCC Steel Hope, ASA# 2546590 from 7-2612 to 8-25-12.

Bred Heifers . . .

4KR Ms Doll Baby 6038 107 BD: 1-05-11 Consignor: Hailee


Ebonys Acclaim DBLR P33 BRS Sabrina S10 K&P Goldmines Babe • BW: 70 • This pair of young females was on Doug’s list for us to consider as a consigning to this sale we want to maintain a tradition of selling the good ones. View this pair through the lenses, a 2 year old in her 5th month of lactation, and we fell you will see a high quality pair worthy of your consideration. The calf is a 5/8 blood, sired by the In Focus son we consigned to this sale last year. X10S is a solid black 3/4 blood that wells pasture exposed to the 2011 NC State Fair Supreme Champion bull. Additional breeding details available sale day. • PE to AJE/HS/MBCC Steel Hope, ASA# 2546590 from 7-12-12 to 8-25-12


• ASA# 2374440 Ridge Simmentals

WLE Power Stroke Ebonys Acclaim DBLR P33 NJC Ebony Antoinette

Tattoo: X10S

BRS Sabrina S10

BD: 3-10-06 Consignor: Black

Tattoo: 107Y

CE 13 BW 0.7 WW 58 YW 94 MCE 9 MM 23 MWW 52 Marb 0.34 REA 0.40 API 123

GAR Expectation 4915 Ann 6E8Emulass Of 4J42 Exp PB Angus • BW: 79 • WW: 532 • This heifer was Rick’s favorite from day one. The consistency of her sire,and the maternal ability of her mother should make her a must have. Checked safe to chopper due 1/17/13 PE: Low BWT PB Angus 101x till 5/20/12 She is also halter broke. • AI’d to ZKCC Chopper 844U, ASA# 2453413 on 4-10-12. • PE to PB Angus 101X from 4-20-12 to 5-20-12

ZKCC Chopper 844u - ai reference sire 13


AK/NDS Georgia Adventure BD: 1-05-11 Consignor: Kate’s

• ASA#



Tattoo: YW31

CE 10 BW -1.2 WW 51 WW Miss My Dream 429R YW 64 Purebred MCE 12 Nicholas Legacy G151 Woodlawn Scarlet MM 28 YC Miss Blk B80 MWW 53 • BW: 69 Marb 0.04 • Georgia is a really nice spring bred heifer with a really REA 0.43 good pedigree to boot! Her dam is out of the legendary API 106

BMR Explorer

Westfall Voyager 721P

B80 cow and a maternal sib to another legendary cow – H25. I’ve been extremely pleased with the Explorer heifers I have and the mating to Final Cut should produce an awesome calf. Georgia has a good laid back disposition and she’s not one I part with easily, but Dean like to remind me – I can’t keep them all. Be sure to check Georgia sale day – she is front pasture material. • AI’d to Flying B Final Cut ASA# 2402817 on 6-25-12.

AK/NDS Georgia Adventure


TX Marmalade

BD: 1-20-11 • ASA# Consignor: TX Enterprises


Tattoo: Y310

CE 9 Hooks Shear Force 38K BW 1.8 WS Beef Maker R13 WW 67 DCR Ms Ribeye N72 YW 92 Purebred MCE 7 TX Sharp Shooter TX Stacy MM 23 TX Cow 31 MWW 57 • BW: 77 Marb 0.30 • Y310 stems from one of our very productive cow REA 0.70 families. The Beefmaker progeny are some of our best API 117 calves and this bred female is no exception. She comes bred to the hot red out cross bull of ABS, Red Iron. • AI’d to RFS Red Iron T20, ASA# 2409687 on 3-30-12. • PE to Cedar Springs TopGun, ASA# 2587879


RBSS Grand Mistress Y323

BD: 3-23-11 • Consignor: Ridgewood

ASA# 2628961 Simmentals

PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker SS Ebonys Grandmaster SOSF Ebony’s Joy


Tattoo: Y323

CE 10 BW -0.2 WW 31 YW 51 MCE 7 MM 28 MWW 53 Marb 0.27 REA 0.70 API 132

HTP SVF In Dew Time RBSS Honey Dew U925 RBSS Clementine K418 • BW: 70 • A moderate heifer with outstanding EPDs and from excellent cow family. Bred 6-12 (AI) to OLF Odin U6 a calving ease sire with both good performance and maternal traits. Later exposed to our new herd sire JW Real Steel Atom (Steel Force & Olivia L-24).Whatever the sire this mating will be exciting with a good momma to raise it. • AI’d to OLF Odin U6, ASA# 2471211 on 6-12-12. • PE to JW Real Steel Atom, ASA# 2614626

RBSS Grand Mistress Y323 14


TNC Love Me Tender

BD: 5-01-11 Consignor: Rocky

• ASA# 2589540 Hollow Simmentals

Tattoo: Y24

CE 9 BW 3.3 WW 67 YW 94 MCE 11 MM 21 MWW 54 Marb 0.08 REA 0.65 API 113

Hooks Shear Force 38K Triple C Bettis S72J Lucas Josie 19K



JDJ Charisma 20P SCSF Love Me R01W NJC SVF Love Me Dont U • BW: 80 • If you are looking for a foundation heifer her she is! Love Me Tender is a granddaughter of the donor Love Me Don’t U. She is made right. Don’t discount her for her age. She is going to be a nice breeding piece in the future. So take Love Me Tender home with you! • AI’d to M2C Conan, ASA# 2566028 on 7-10-12.

BD: 8-26-10 Consignor: Smith

TNC Love Me Tender M2C Conan - reference ai sire

SR Ms XU70 • ASA#



Tattoo: XU70

CE 15 BW -0.5 WW 68 YW 102 SimAngus MCE 13 CNS Dream On L186 SR Ms UR70 MM 22 SR Magkelle RC70 MWW 56 • BW: 77 • WW: 648 Marb 0.38 • Solid black and homozygous black bred heifer due early this REA 0.51 fall. AId to Dual Focus and then exposed to an excellent calving API 142

Sitz Traveler 8180 SAV Final Answer 0035 SAV Emulous 8145


ease Angus bull sired by Pendleton. This 1/2 blood heifer has good frame, length, and depth of rib and comes from a great cow family. • AI’d to TNT Dual Focus T249, ASA# 2421851 on 12-02-11. • PE to MAF 11P8, ASA# 2639471 from 1-07-12 to 2-19-12

SR Ms XU70

SFS Sandi X39

BD: 9-11-10 • ASA# Consignor: Shuffler Farm


Tattoo: X39

CE 4 BW 2.9 WW 65 YW 97 Purebred MCE 3 Hart Jackpot J310 SFS Sandi N16 MM 22 SFS Sandi J41 MWW 55 • BW: 85 • WW: 577 Marb 0.25 • SFS Sandi X39 is an attractive black Simmental heifer with REA 0.80 a white face. She posted a weaning weight ratio of 100 and a API 128

TJ 57J The Gambler Dikemans Sure Bet Megan 9M

yearling weight ratio of 103. She is bred to the popular Angus bull SAV Final Answer 0035 and is due to calve close to sale time. • AI’d to SAV Final Answer ASA# 2320695 on 11-25-11.


SFS Sandi X39

HH Red Top X021

BD: 9-12-10 Consignor: Hunt

• ASA# 2635978 Hawley Simmentals

TNT Gunner N208 TNT Top Gun R244 TNT Miss Sadie M68


Tattoo: X021

CE 8 BW 3.5 WW 74 YW 111 MCE 74 MM 16 MWW 53 Marb -0.09 REA 0.54 API 91

Remington Red Label HR HH Red Grace HH Miss Grace • BW: 84 • WW: 723 • We’re torn about selling Red Top. Her bloodlines go back as long as we’ve raised, Simmentals over 25 years. And her dam, HH Red Grace is the best milker in our herd. Red Top is a smooth, deep bodied, easy fleshing heifer with an excellent disposition. She is safe to the deep red Cow Camp bull Red Line. • AI’d to CCR Red Line ASA# 2476124 on 2-10-12.

HH Red Top X021 15


BD: 9-15-10 Consignor: Buena

BV Mo Molly • ASA# 2570908 Vista Simmentals

Tattoo: 2X

Nichols Legacy G151 CNS Dream On L186 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W


BV Mo Molly


CE 10 BW 1.7 WW 64 YW 93 MCE 11 MM 15 MWW 47 Marb 0.26 REA 0.69 API 119

SVF/NJC Mo Better M217 Ritchey’s Molly Mo Anvil Acres Molly • BW: 78 • Mo Molly is a calving ease specialist who also boasts impressive growth numbers. This high growth female with a moderate frame is thick when viewed from behind. If you like blaze faced cattle Mo Molly is for you. AI bred to the calving ease bull Ebony’s Grandmaster for an October calf. • AI’d to SS Ebonys Grandmaster, ASA# 2281133 on 1-13-12.

RFF Minnie Pearl X6

BD: 9-17-10 Consignor: Rucker

• ASA# 2578945 Family Farm

Tattoo: X6

CE 4 BW 3.0 WW 64 YW 96 Purebred MCE 11 PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker RFF Black Pearl T004 MM 25 RFF Miss Marcella MWW 57 • BW: 59 • WW: 543 Marb 0.09 • This moderate framed, deep, wide and yet feminine REA 0.98 heifer is the most complete heifer we have ever raised. We API 118

Harts Black Casino B408 TJ 57J The Gambler TJ Nellie 56C

RFF Minnie Pearl X6


BD: 9-30-10 Consignor: Smith


SR Ms XT70 • ASA#



Tattoo: XT70

CE 14 BW -0.7 WW 60 YW 89 SimAngus MCE 12 SS Goldmine L42 SR Ms TR70 MM 30 SR Magkelle RC70 MWW 60 • BW: 74 • WW: 644 Marb 0.15 • Solid black and homozygous black bred heifer due this REA 0.63 fall. Moderate frame, deep bodied, 1/2 blood heifer with API 124

ST Zing Worth X04

BD: 10-03-10 Consignor: Shade

• ASA# 2592779 Tree Simmentals

Tattoo: X04

CE 7 BW 2.6 WW 70 YW 115 SimAngus MCE 7 DS Black Zinger 141B DS Ms Zinger 817G MM 30 DS Ms JPR Dance 389B MWW 65 • BW: 85 • WW: 467 Marb 0.35 • This powerfully breed 1/2 blood sells safe to the REA 0.52 tremendous 1/2 blood Limestone Rimrock. Half Blood API 106

GAR Grid Maker SAV Bismarck 5682 SAV Abigale 0451

nice EPD profile. These SimAngus females give you a lot of options when making you mating choices. • PE to MAF 11P8, ASA# 2639471 from 1-07-12 to 2-19-12

had no intention of selling her but 2 college tuitions are forcing us to offer our very best for this sale. We waited to breed her so she would be heavy in calf at the NC State Fair this fall. She is safe to ES Black Ice, the calving ease, high growth sire. She was Reserve Grand Champion at the NC State Fair Junior Show last year. Don’t miss this good heifer! • AI’d to ES Black Ice SK31, ASA# 2354602 on 1-25-12.

SAV 8180 Traveler 004 SAV Net Worth 4200 SAV May 2410



powerhouse in the making. • AI’d to Limestone Rimrock, ASA# 2501666.


BD: 10-08-10 • ASA# Consignor: Smith Reasor


OCC Emblazon 854E BC Matrix 4132 GAF Pure Pride EX 99


BC Maxtrix 4132 - reference sire 16

Tattoo: XS70

CE 12 BW 1.4 WW 69 YW 109 MCE 8 MM 20 MWW 54 Marb 0.25 REA 0.62 API 118

CNS Dream On L186 SR Samantha SM70 SR Merideth ME70 • BW: 80 • WW: 599 • Solid black and homozygous black bred heifer due this fall. This feminine heifer has the eye appeal along with loads of rib and capacity. She should be easy to find come sale day. Take note of the EPDs and Indexes. • AI’d to TNT Tuition U238, ASA# 2470582 on 12-26-11. • PE to MAF 11P8, ASA# 2639471 from 1-07-12 to 2-19-12


HH Black Dawn

BD: 10-10-10 • ASA# 2635979 Consignor: Hunt Hawley Simmentals

Tattoo: X02

CE 9 BW 3.6 WW 68 YW 98 MCE 11 MM 21 MWW 55 Marb -0.12 REA 0.69 API 92

RW Bomber 8H TNT Dynamite Black L137 Opps Wis GM2


CNS Dream On L186 ST Cindy ST Ceryl • BW: 84 • WW: 658 • Black Dawn is the daughter of Dream On heifer we bought at a recent sale from Shade Tree. Her sire Dynamite Black a featured will in the Bouchard Livestock Semen catalog from Canada. His YW was 1,490 lbs. She is bred to SS Ebonys Grandmaster the most sought bull in America in 2011 with API of 137. De to calve Oct. 22nd. • AI’d to SS Ebonys Grandmaster, ASA# 2281133 on 1-13-12.


HH Black Dawn

BV Mo Famous Girl

BD: 11-02-10 Consignor: Buena

• ASA# 2570377 Vista Simmentals

STF Mr Momentum H508 SVF NJC Mo Better M217 NJC SVF Antoinette K205


Tattoo: 15X

CE 6 BW 1.8 WW 63 YW 96 MCE 5 MM 14 MWW 46 Marb 0.11 REA 0.59 API 116

JBS Renown P552 Triple C Famous Girl Triple C Go Girl K34G • BW: 71 • Here is an attractive baldy heifer that is feminine, moderate, and thick made. Her dam, Triple C Famous girl, was a member of the Champion pen of 3 Heifers in Denver. Mo Famous Girl’s maternal 1/2 sister was Grand Champion at the Dixie Classic Jr. show for the Belcher Family. This homo-black heifer is bred to the calving ease bull Sand Ranch Hand. • AI’d to Sand Ranch Hand, ASA# 2290140 on 3-16-12.

BV Mo Famous Girl

51 Kats/BRS Dream Girl Jolt BD: 12-07-10 • ASA# 2640208 Consignor: Katies Simmental/Black Ridge

• Tattoo: 1X17 Simmental CE 11 Lazy S Red Shocker 226L BW 1.8 JF Shock and Awe 6207S WW 67 3LL/JF Crystal M03 YW 88 Purebred MCE 10 CNS Dream On L186 BV Dream Gril FG U17 MM 18 Triple C Famous Girl MWW 51 • BW: 90 Marb 0.14 • Here is why Shock and Awe has been a popular herd REA 0.50 sire. Both Black Ridge and Katie’s Simmental have used API 116 in their respective breeding programs with success. We have many calls about Shock and Awe and have leased him out to several breeders. This daughter is moderate in her frame with good structure, thickness and body. We hate to sell this one however are always committed to the “ Fall Harvest”. A female with good stats, study the paperwork and another plus bred to Longs’s Shear Pleasure. • AI’d to Long Shear Pleasure, ASA# 2496326 on 6-27-12. Due 4-05-13.

Kats/BRS Dream Girl Jolt 17

Bred Cows

. . .


Woodlawn Cameron

BD: 1-03-10 • Consignor: Woodlawn

ASA# 2585985


BVR New Frontier 095 GLS Combination R2 GLS Hostess H16

5/8 Blood

Tattoo: 60Y

CE 8 BW 2.0 WW 62 YW 97 MCE 4 MM 18 MWW 49 Marb 0.26 REA 0.23 API 97

Ellingson Black Perfector RRR Ms Perfector 12R RRR Ms Full Load 10H • BW: 76 • WW: 674 • 60Y is a long spined easy moving bred heifer. Her dam RRR Ms Perfector 12R is one of the best cows we ever owned. Milk is no issue in this cow family. We have retained several sisters to 60Y and they are all easy keepers and milk extremely well. 60Y sells bred to SVF Starbucks. We bred her to Starbucks after seeing several of his calves at Sewell farms where he was the Senior herdsire. Those heifers were super fancy, moderate framed,deep and broody. We know this mating will be exciting with a calf coming along about January 1, 2013. • AI’d to SVF Starbucks, ASA# 2340270 on 3-30-12.

Woodlawn Cameron


Woodlawn Barrymore

BD: 1-03-10 • Consignor: Woodlawn

ASA# 2543932


Tattoo: X129W

CE 4 BW 3.3 WW 65 YW 88 MCE 5 MM 17 MWW 49 Marb -0.18 REA 0.49 API 81

WAR Nitro Westfall Crossfire Drake Summer Sister


WHF Desperado 212G Swain Mackenzie 006K SSS SCF Cinamon CEZ 003G • BW: 65 • WW: 519 • The Swain Mackenzie cow produced many good females for us. Barrymore carries on that legacy as she shows many of the attributes her Dam possessed. Deep and broody with plenty of muscle yet has that pretty look about her. Purchase this female with confidence as she will calve in January to Welsh Dew It Right. • AI’d to Welsh Dew It Right, ASA# 2403649 on 4-12-12.

Woodlawn Barrymore


JBB Miss Focus X2

BD: 2-27-10 • ASA# 2541479 Consignor: Jeff Broadway, DVM

SAF Focus of ER Mytty In Focus Mytty Countess 906


Tattoo: X2

CE 15 BW 0.3 WW 68 YW 106 MCE 12 MM 20 MWW 54 Marb 0.31 REA 0.34 API 135

TNT Knock Out R206 TNT Miss U191 TNT Miss Honey 19 • BW: 83 • WW: 675 • Look out SimAngus enthusiasts! Miss Focus X2 is the type of female that proves why SimAngus cattle are so popular with commercial producers. This heavy bred spring born female is as deep and thick as you could ask for in any easy keeping, eye appealing package. This young lady isn’t just looks though, she also has an incredible pedigree to back her up. She is sired by the infamous Angus sire In Focus and from a dam that is a homozygous black maternal sister to the great TNT Gunner of Genex. Miss Focus is homozygous black and homozygous polled and is carrying an October calf by the exciting TNT Tuition U238 • AI’d to TNT Tuition U238, ASA# 2470582 on 1-14-12.

JBB Miss Focus X2 18


JBB Miss Bo X3

BD: 3-10-10 • ASA# Consignor: Jeff Broadway



Tattoo: X3

CE 13 BW 0.1 WW 51 YW 76 MCE 13 MM 31 MWW 57 Marb 0.08 REA 0.76 API 121

GW Lucky Dice 187H MMF Charity N23


Lchman Lucky Buck 7049C GW Miss Lucky Buck 370N GW Miss Maternal 636F • BW: 78 • WW: 625 • Miss Bo X3 is homozygous black, homozygous polled bred heifer that is built to be a brood cow. She is thick made and long bodied with plenty of capacity. This heifer is a little older but she was a spring born heifer that I intended to roll into my fall calving program. Another big bonus is that she originates from a long line of calving ease bred cattle from Gateway Simmentals, of Montana. Her dam is a maternal sister to ABS’s GW Bright Light 019H by the great Leachman Lucky Buck 7049C. Miss Bo X3 sells heavy bred to the standout LMF Movin Forward for a quick return on your investment • AI’d to LMF Movin Forward, ASA# 2429130 on 12-16-11.


Twin Oaks Glitter W1

BD: 1-08-09 Consignor: Twin

• ASA# 2496288 Oaks Simmentals

Tattoo: W1

WLE Power Stroke SS Goldmine L42 GW Miss Lucky Buck 858G


Triple C Hidden Power BV Belle BV Black Belle • BW: 82 • WW: 584 • A good looking Goldmine daughter with her second calf at side, a baldie heifer calf. The heifer is sired by the Fortune Son out of the C and C donor, Fantasy, Heza Fortune.


BD: Sire:


JBB Miss Bo X3

8-01-12 Sex: Heifer Heza Fortune




CE 7 BW 1.5 WW 54 YW 63 MCE 7 MM 17 MWW 44 Marb -0.06 REA 0.50 API 107


Twin Oaks Glitter W1

BRS Mo Close W89

BD: 5-05-09 Consignor: Black

• ASA# 2621694 Ridge Simmentals

STF Mr Momentum H508 SVF NJC Mo Better M217 NJC SVF Antoinette K205


Tattoo: W89P

CE 4 BW 2.2 WW 64 YW 99 MCE 9 MM 18 MWW 50 Marb 0.13 REA 0.69 API 111

WLE CSA Black Galvanizer BRS Close Proximity P89 BH Close Up 891H • BW: 72 • Besides being sound made and correctly structured this female has a snazzy look about her. If you like a recognizable white face this Mo Better daughter is going to be just your style. Mo Close descends from a line of females tracking back to the Queen of Denial cow that has had their day in the sun for Black Ridge. A full sister to this female’s dam was a former high seller in the Cattlemen’s Choice sale down in Georgia. We were not really contemplating selling this cow when we bred to Black Mick. We just decide to reach in the tank for a blast from the past and you could be beneficiary. Sells safe to calf to a Simmental legend. • AI’d to Black Mick, ASA# 1309365 on 2-14-12.

BRS Mo Close W89 19


BRS Ms Mo Beef W25

BD: 5-20-09 Consignor: Black

• ASA# 2621697 Ridge Simmentals

STF Mr Momentum H508 SVF NJC Mo Better M217 NJC SVF Antoinette K205


MCC Princess W2

BD: 1-21-09 Consignor: Scott

• ASA#



Circle T Antoinettes Star Dreams Star S61 Ms THC Keniata P61


Tattoo: W2


CE 9 BW -2.0 WW 28 YW 61 MCE 9 MM 9 MWW 23 Marb 0.46 REA 0.13 API 118

Nichols Legacy U7001

BD: 9-01-08 Consignor: Scott

• ASA#



Tattoo: U7001

Nichols Venom W5002

BD: 8-28-09 Consignor: Scott

• ASA#



KSU Venom 101M Nichols Venom T32 Nichols Lady M137


GAR Expectation 4915 JLG Blackcap Princess 6008 JLG Blk Princess 2001-878 • BW: 73 • WW: 619 • We are proud of all the cows we have in the Fall Harvest however this one we should be keeping. A cow that was bred by Moss Cattle and is a great uddered cow that is high maternal and does a super job. She has excellent EPDs and has good marbling and ribeye. You never good wrong adding cows like Princess. • AI’d to GLS Combination, ASA# 2306323 on 12-13-11. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12


CE 2 BW 5.2 WW 71 YW 110 MCE 5 MM 19 MWW 54 Marb 0.05 REA 0.47 API 98

Mr Beef E141 SAK Miss Lena PVF-BF BF46 Tarheel BD25 • BW: 81 • Ms Mo Beef is a young cow that has some great days ahead of her. Jeremy Ruble fell in love with this cow’s dam and thought we’d flipped our lid because she wasn’t in the donor pen. In retrospect he may have been right to question our sanity as her contribution is now sorely missed at weaning time. Ms Mo Beef was one of her last calves and a really good one to boot. She is performance oriented female, just the right kind to produce bulls for your customers. She sports an attractive white face and sells bred to the maternal legend, Black Mick. The possibilities for this mating are exciting! • AI’d to Black Mick, ASA# 1309365 on 2-14-12.

BRS Ms Mo Beef W25


Tattoo: W25K

Tattoo: W5002

CE 6 BW 1.0 WW 31 YW 55 MCE 13 MM -6 MWW 10 Marb 0.11 REA -0.02 API 95

Nichols Legacy M72 Nichols S5006 S&J Black Angel F01 • BW: 82 • WW: 572 • W5002 is a grand daughter of the past champion KSU Venom. Here is a sleek made, smooth shoulder cow this is well balanced. She is a good milker and will raise a top calf. A good individual that will produce at a high level. • AI’d to Mr NLC Upgrade, ASA# 2474338 on 12-13-11. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12


CE 4 BW 4.7 WW 75 YW 107 Purebred MCE 13 Nichols Landrover J38 Nichols L514 MM 17 S&J Black Princess B3 MWW 55 • BW: 99 • WW: 656 Marb 0.16 • Here is a productive Legacy daughter that is young REA 0.52 and productive. U7001 is sharp made and well balanced. API 112

Nichols Legacy G151 Nichols Legacy M72 Nichols Gal G42

SFA Mistress RU23

BD: 8-28-08 Consignor: Scott

• AAA#



• Tattoo: RU23

Leachman Right Time Hyline Right Time 338 Hyline Pride 265

Purebred Angus

CED 8 BW 1.1 WW 40 YW 75 CEM 10 MM 17 MWW 68

Rockn D Ambush 1531 DCF 5809 Rockn D 7761 Exar Mistress 7761 • Here is a great cow that we purchased from Dr. Shuffler and she has done a good job each year. We feel this cow will click being bred to the high growth bull Upgrade. By the way this cow is a Right TIme x Rockin D Ambush. You will want to keep her SimAngus calf. • AI’d to Mr NLC Upgrade, ASA# 2474338 on 12-13-11. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12

A female with above average growth and will raise a calf. These type cows will continue to make money for many years to come. We selected WHF Pacesetter out of the Bulls of the Bluegrass and he is more than a clean up bull. He is a impressive baldie bull. • AI’d to Rito Revenue (Angus) on 11-14-11. • PE to WHF Pacesetter, ASA# 2550626 from 11-26-11 to 2-20-12



HPF Glamour U189

BD: 9-04-08 • Consignor: Zac Jones

ASA# 2476830

SRS J914 Preferred Beef Triple C Inavsion R47K Hooks Karrie 47K


Tattoo: U189

CE 6 BW 3.1 WW 56 YW 78 MCE 6 MM 24 MWW 51 Marb 0.14 REA 0.84 API 105

SAC Mr MT 73G SAFN Glamour 11J SAC Miss Jet Top 29G • BW: 72 • WW: 635 • Glamour is a moderate framed cow with an excellent udder. She has an outstanding pedigree to go with her great disposition. Due to calve in October to Rolling Rock Mr Awesome. Don’t miss out on this cow on sale day! • PE to Rolling Rock Mr Awesome, ASA# 2562072 from 12-20-11 to 2-27-12


HPF Glamour U189

BRS Slow Dander S07

BD: 5-10-06 Consignor: Black

• ASA# 2374438 Ridge Simmentals

WLE Power Stroke Ebonys Acclaim DBLR P33 NJC Ebony Antoinette


Tattoo: S07

CE 6 BW 2.1 WW 50 YW 69 MCE 10 MM 25 MWW 50 Marb 0.08 REA 0.61 API 100

WLE CSA Black Galvanizer BRS Permeanet Press P07 BRS Preferred Helga H07 • BW: 85 • WW: 441 • Slow Dancer is a homozygous black female in the prime of her life and ready to become one of your favorite cows. She is sired by, Acclaim, who is a full brother to Trademark. Doug Parke helped us acquire Acclaim a few years back and his daughters are the right kind being very maternal, moderate in frame with excellent udder structure. Unfortunately, we had a miscommunication when setting up some recipients and inadvertently aborted this female, knocking her from our spring calving program or she would not be selling. Slow Dancer is safe in calf for this fall to Shear Pleasure. Bid with confidence this little cow is the real deal. • AI’d to Long’s Shear Pleasure, ASA# 2496326 on 2-14-12.


SCAF Oklahoma Gal 757

BD: 11-02-07 • AAA# Consignor: Scott Mathis


B/R New Design 036 Bon View New Design 878 Bon View Gammer 85

Purebred Angus

• Tattoo: 757

BRS Slow Dander S07


CE 7 BW 1.1 WW 38 YW 73 CEM 10 MM 22 MWW 10 Marb 0.36 REA 0.06

Nichols R581

BD: 10-16-05 • ASA# Consignor: Scott Mathis


Tattoo: R581

GW Lucky Break 047G Nichols N540 Nichols K505


BAR EXT Traveler 205 SCAF Oklahoma Gal 443 SCAF Oklahoma Gal 235 • Here is beast of a Angus cow bred to have a Sim Angus calf. This brood cow is deep and wide with extreme volume and capacity. This 878 cow always in good shape and is a model of efficiency. She will pass on her genetics and have a exceptional calf by our Ranchand x Legacy junior herd sire. 757 will be easy to find on sale day. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12

CE 6 BW 2.8 WW 47 YW 65 MCE 11 MM 14 MWW 37 Marb 0.18 REA 0.29 API 101

Nichols Legacy G151 Nichols M503 S&J Black Majic • BW: 82 • WW: 571 • R581 has always been a standout as a individual and on her production records as well. This individual is backed by Lucky Break and Legacy. A female that is well designed and complete plus after calving you will be pleased with her udder as well. Sound genetics in this top notch cow. • AI’d to GLS Combination, ASA# 2306323 on 12-12-11. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12



BD: 9-22-04 Consignor: Scott

Nichols L504


Nichols P522 • ASA#



Nichols Shannigan J23 Nichols H504

Tattoo: P522


CE 3 BW 5.7 WW 55 YW 78 MCE 10 MM 5 MWW 32 Marb 0.02 REA 0.34 API 94

BD: 9-10-04 Consignor: Scott

Nichols L504


Nichols Blk Advantage H3 Nichols M513 Nichols H504 • BW: 76 • Here is a cow backed by Shannigan and Black Advantage that each year does a good job with her calf. A smooth made cow. We AId this cow to the high growth bull, Upgrade. • AI’d to Mr NLC Upgrade, ASA# 2474338 on 12-13-11. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12

Nichols P512 • ASA#



Tattoo: P512

CE 8 BW 2.7 WW 59 YW 93 MCE 11 MM 14 MWW 43 Marb 0.04 REA 0.80 API 113

Nichols Shannigan J23 Nichols H504

Nichols Shannigan J23 Nichols L513 Nichols H501 • BW: 76 • Here is a Shannigan grand daughter and a individual that offers calving ease with good growth plus breed leading ribeye. We AId this cow to the Genex growth bull, Upgrade. You should like the results. • AI’d to Mr NLC Upgrade, ASA# 2474338 on 12-13-11. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12


BD: 9-29-03 Consignor: Scott

Nichols N507 • ASA#



Tattoo: N507

CE 5 Nichols Blk Destiny D12 BW 2.7 Nichols Legacy G151 WW 59 Nichols Debra D81 YW 79 3/4 Blood MCE 8 Black Sport of S&J S&J Black Angel F02 MM 17 284 MWW 46 • BW: 82 • WW: 509 Marb 0.14 • Here is cow that always has been a favorite because REA 0.43 of her ability to raise a good one. A wide hipped, deep API 94 flanked cow with tons of middle and rib. Performance oriented here. • PE to Nichols Ranchand X6005, ASA# 2560094 from 12-2411 to 3-15-12

North Carolina Simmental Association Annual Meeting

Friday, August 31, 2012 • 6:00 pm

at the Shuffler Sale Facility (casual attire)

Donation . . .

D1 SVF/NJC Fully Loaded Semen 10 Units of Semen • ASA# 2550794 Consignor: Twin Oaks Simmentals/Sunset View Farms

CE 12 Nichols Legacy G151 BW 0.0 Ellingosn Legacy M229 Ellingson Ms Pstock K58 WW 60 YW 85 Semen MCE 11 ER Black Cisco 532C NJC Black Jewell MM 24 NJC Ebony Antoinette MWW 54 • Selling 10 units of Semen Marb -0.02 • X113 was the high seller in the 2011 Sunset View REA 0.62 Farms bull sale. Calves on the ground and they look API 112 good. High selling pair at the SVF female sale had a Fully Loaded calf at side. Homozygous black and homozygous polled. • Proceeds to go to the North Carolina Simmental Assocation.

SVF/NJC Fully Loaded - reference 22

Simmental Cattle in North Carolina

By Jennie Rucker

The preliminary organizational meeting of the North Carolina Simmental Association was held on April 30, 1973 at the College Inn Motel in Raleigh, NC. Richard “Dick” Hayes of Sand Lea Cattle Company in Saratoga presided over the meeting. This group of breeders was assisted by Mr. Don Vaniman, Executive Secretary of the American Simmental Association. He was able to give advice and encouragement in forming the state organization. Pete Patterson, livestock specialist with NC State University was also instrumental in helping organize this meeting. The first officers of the North Carolina Simmental Association were Dick Hayes as President, Jimmie McDonnal of Monroe as Vice President, Ben Glover of Stantonsburg as Secretary-Treasurer. Other directors were Carl Hicks of Mocksville, Paul Parks of Asheboro, Avon Privette of Zebulon, Preston Cornelius of Mooresville, Ernest Marshbanks of Weaverville, Marvin Carver of Rougemont, and Robert Keziah of Monroe. The advisor was J. S. Buchanan of NC State University. The Association held its first sale in November of 1974 in Raleigh. This is where some of the first purebred Simmental bulls were brought into North Carolina. Sand Lea Sandman was the first purebred Simmental bull purchased in North Carolina and a bull named Tarheel was the second Simmental bull purchased in the state. Past presidents include Dick Hayes, Billy Elliot, Fred Smith of Clayton, Benji Glover, Jimmy Shelton, Preston Cornelius, Eugene Shuffler of Hamptonville, Frank Bell of Burlington, John Brewer, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Hawley of Lucama, Doug Peterson, Marvin Hutchison of Waco, Wayne Taylor of Hendersonville, Alan Belcher of Ararat, Jeff Brinkley of Pilot Mountain, and Josh Bridges of Shelby. The Simmental breed is still a very popular breed in North Carolina. The North Carolina Simmental Association currently has about 70 members and holds a successful consignment sale every year on the first Saturday in September.

Presenting Fall 2012 EPDs on a NEW Base The Fall 2012 ASA Genetic Evaluation marks the first time major breeds have expressed their EPDs on a common base (i.e., the same scale). The common base was a natural evolution for the RAAA/ASA genetic evaluation partnership. Though forming a common base will initially lead to some confusion, the boards of both organizations unanimously agreed that it was a positive step for the beef industry — a step that allows producers to directly compare genetic predictions from the largest multi-breed database in the world. As with any progress, there is change. Breeders and commercial producers will need to adjust to the new base. Much like converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius, it may be a struggle at first; however, over time we will all grow accustomed to the new scale. For example look at the average EPDs of purebreds shown in this table. The changes to the base does not change the evaluation of animals;it just changes the magnitude of the EPD. It has the same impact on all animals. Be sure to use the new percentile tables to develop a “feel” for the new EPD base.

PB EPD Average Fall 2012 CE 7.5 BW 2.6 WW 63.9 YW 91.0 MCE 9.8 MLK 22.3 MWW 54.3 STAY 18.0 DOC 10.2 CWT 27.6 YG -0.26 MRB 0.07 BF -0.058 REA 0.59 WBSF -0.32 API 106 TI 62


PB EPD Average Spring 2012 CE 7.5 BW 0.7 WW 30.8 YW 56.3 MCE 10.3 MLK 3.4 MWW 18.8 STAY 18.0 DOC 9.6 CWT -2.9 YG -0.04 MRB 0.17 BF 0.012 REA 0.19 WBSF -0.31 API 105 TI 62

Purebred Simmental Averages CE 7.5 BW 2.6 WW 63.9 YW 91 MCE 9.8 MLK 22.3 MWW 54.3 STAY 18.0 DOC 10.2 CWT 27.6 YG -0.26 MRB 0.07 BF -0.058 REA 0.59 WBSF -0.32 API 106 TI 62

Hybrid Simmental Averages CE 9.1 BW 1.2 WW 58.3 YW 87 MCE 7.6 MLK 22.4 MWW 51.5 STAY 11.1 DOC 23.6 CWT -0.18 YG 0.25 MRB -0.035 BF 0.47 REA -0.27 WBSF API 107 TI 62

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Doug & Debbie Parke Holli & Drew Hatmaker • (423) 506-8844 153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361 (859) 987-5758 • (859) 987-0709 fax (859) 421-6100 mobile •

ss First Cla erial t a M d e e Dat


Saturday, September 1, 2012 • 12 Noon Shuffler Sale Facility, Union Grove, North Carolina

Pre-Sorted First Class US Postage


Permit No. 580 Manhattan, KS

North Carolina Fall Harvest  

Cattle Sale in Union Grove, NC