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The Carcass Cattle Co. The Eaton Family weaned over 650 Bulls calves, the Top 500 For Sale Private Treaty.

Eatons M726505

6164 Polled

CE BW WW YW M MCE TM SC CW REA FAT MB EPDs: 3.1 -0.1 19 48 16 7.3 25 0.9 8 0.23 0.025 -0.04

Charolais in the Rockies, National Western • Denver Sunday, January 15, 2012 • Offering ½ interest and full possession in the buyers choice of any fully owned Eaton Lot 9 Charolais bred proven herd sire, or any 2011 herd sire prospect. • Eaton herd sires are Trait Leaders for 7 traits - BW, WW, Milk, MCE, HCW, REA, MB - in the Fall 2011 Sire Summary. • In the fall evaluation, 18 of the top 50 sires for Marbling - 5 of the top 10 - are Eaton herd sires.

Considering the strong interest in Louisville’s National Sale, We’re again offering Lot 16 •Choice of 263 Bred Heifers, selection to be made by April 1, after calving.

• 90 are bred to the $105,000 LT Ledger 0332 P and 60 bred to Eatons Royal Dynasty 6164.

Have you made your spring breeding decisions?

Visit our webstie - for available SEMEN and HERD SIRE PROSPECTS.

103 ETN Loop • Lindsay, MT 59339 Office (406) 584-7520 • Lee (406) 584-7546 • Elner (406) 485-3572

Join us for our 37th Annual…

Charolais Bull Sale

Charolais Female Sale

Bulls that will sire calves that will make you money!

Half a Century of Performance Testing  Average Age—24 months  EPD Information  All Fertility Tested   Herd Sire Prospects   Will Not Fall Apart / Good Condition 

• • • • • •

110 Bred and 40 Open  • • • • •

Pelvic Measurements   Reproductive Tract Examined  Offering Selected Out of a Large Group  Heifers Adapted to Southeastern Environment Bred to Black Easy Calving Wagyu Bulls  Dorotheann Rogers P.O. Box 1718—Collins, MS 39428 Managing Partner: Doug Rogers Cell: 601-765-7751 1-800-343-5051

• • •

4 Polled Potential Herd Sires  50 Cow‐Calf Pairs (Many 3‐in‐1)  10 Bred & Open Heifers 

• • • •

97 Females in the Breed’s Top 1% Milk EPD  185 Females in Top 1% TM EPD  Our Cattle’s Pedigrees are Stacked with Trait Leaders  Our Cow Herd is Run in the Real World on Grass 

“Cream of the Crop” Sale Manger:

Greg Hubert P.O. Box 100 Oakley, KS 67748 (785) 672–3195 (785) 672-7449 cell greghubert@st-tel,net J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   1

Generations of performance - Put him to work in your herd

Balanced 4Numbers 4 Real


Proven 4Pedigree

BJR Copperhead 895 Pld M769794 DOB: 8-12-08 BW: 88 lbs. Adj. WW/R: 847 lbs./132 Adj. YW/R: 1,324 lbs./134 Adj. Yrlg. Ultrasound: REA/R: 15.82 sq. in./135; %IMF R:130 CE BW WW YW M MCE TM SC CW REA F MB EPDs: -0.6 2.2 29 42 3 2.4 17 0.5 7 0.37 -0.016 0.06

Sire: M6 Beef Doctor 5180 P ET Cigar x Duke 914 Dam: M6 MS 268 Tanya 4212 PET Big Top x Duke 761

n Stacks

generations of proven cows and Trait Leading Sires n Extremely long and deep bodied n Easy fleshing – explosive post weaning gain on grass and high roughage supplement n His first bull calf crop recorded an avg. WWR of 102.4

Semen Available on BJR Herd Sires

BJR Easy Edge 968 ET P Western Edge x Easy Pro

EPDs/Rank: CE: 8.7/9 BW: -2.0/9 WW: 40/3 YW: 80/1 M: 15/6 MCE: 4.9/40 TM: 35/1 REA: 0.54/ 5

We’re offering full possession and half semen interest in this proven Herd Sire at private treaty.

“Quality and Performance Cattle in North Alabama”

BJR Summerford Charolais Robert A. Summerford II Alan Summerford • (256) 758-0652 4087 Hwy. 31 SW • Falkville, AL 35622 Located 12 miles north of Cullman

(256) 784-5275 Bus. • (256) 784-5831 Res. • E-Mail:

Visit our web site:

Contact: Bovine Elite 1 (800) 786-4066

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J A N U A R Y 2012

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   3

Official Publication of the American-International Charolais Association V o l . 35, N o . 10


ON The Cover–

49 43rd National Show Results

Complete coverage of the events at Louisville.

Photo by David Hobbs Cover by Molly Schoen

59 Lifetime of Dedication Merits Continued Success M&M Charolais 43rd National Show Dedicatee.

Journal Staff J. Neil Orth

Columns 17

CPI President

David Hobbs


Molly Mader-Schoen


Manager Editor

Field Representatives

Charolais Viewpoint by J. Neil Orth

No Shortage of Signals

Genetic Viewpoint by Robert Williams

Improving Pounds of Calves Weaned

Junior Viewpoint by Katelyn Snider

Life Goes Fast

Refer to page 18

Activities & Reference

Charolais journal 11700 NW Plaza Circle • Kansas City, MO 64153

phone (816) 464-5977 • fax (816) 464-5759

18 18 26 28

Association Updates New Members AICA News Notes Sales Review

66 66 78 80

AIJCA News Notes Non Point Show Results Calendar Advertisers’ Index

CHAROLAIS JOURNAL ADVERTISING POLICY: Advertising material for any month’s issue must be received in the offices of the Charolais Journal, 11700 NW Plaza Circle, Kansas City, MO 64153, by the 25th of the second month preceding the month of publication, i.e., Dec. 25 for the February issue. Full camera-ready advertising copy or full-screened negatives will be accepted until the 1st of the month prior to publication provided notification of copy size, shape, color and other specifications are received by the 25th of the second month prior to the month of publication. If a proof is required, copy must be received by the 20th of the second month prior to publication, i.e., June 20 for the August issue. No copy can be altered or changed, except for typographical error, after the 1st of the month of publication. Any ad copy changes that must be made after the lst of the month will be assessed a 10% additional space charge. All dates and times are herein applicable at the office of the CHAROLAIS JOURNAL, 11700 NW Plaza Circle, Kansas City, MO 64153. Charolais Journal (ISSN 0191-5444) is published monthly, except June and July which are combined issues, by CHAROLAIS PUBLICATIONS INC., 11700 NW Plaza Circle, Kansas City, MO 64153. Subscriptions: U.S. - $75; U.S. First Class - $100; Canada - $125; Foreign - $125. Single Copies - $7, including postage. For AICA members, $20 of annual dues to AICA are applicable to subscriptions for Charolais Journal. Periodicals postage paid at Kansas City, MO 64153, and additional mailing offices. Standard postage paid at Jefferson City, Mo. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: CHAROLAIS JOURNAL, 11700 NW Plaza Circle, Kansas City, MO 64153.

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Thanks for the Memories

With the passing of Mary, the Malzahn family and the M&M crew, appreciate the many kind thoughts and prayers extended. The Charolais herd and it’s people were an important part of her life.

She made a difference in all she touched.

805 N. 25th • Perry, OK 73077 Kevin Wiley, Ranch Manager (580) 572-2555 Barn or Office (580) 336-9241 Home (580) 370-1483 Cell J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   5

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New! LT Ledger 0332 P

Herd Changing - Bluegrass x Rio Bravo

Winn Mans Lanza

Outcross Proven Genetics from LT

New! BJR Easy Edge 968 ET Pld

CE, YW, CW, Easy Pro x Western Edge

ssss ss


AI Consulting AI/Palpation Clinics Professional Exporting Semen & Embryo Sales AI & ET Equipment Sales Semen & Embryo Warehouse

AI/Palpation Clinic Dates Feb. 7-10, April 10-13 May 8-11

New! EC Reliable 5043 Pld

Exciting Raile son with Power, Milk

Hamm Mogo U23

Wonderful calves from this FB bull

ACC ORR Efficient 972

Power, Fertility, CW and REA

Cooley Royce 1107T39

Performance, Milk, SC and CW

New! Double-H Mahalo 749T ET Powerful Maternal Value

Raile 2250 T077

EC Reliable’s sire from Eggleston

3300 Longmire Drive College Station, Texas 77845 (979) 693-0388 • (800) 786-4066 (979) 693-7994 (FAX) see our website for a complete listing.

lt rio blanco 1234 pld LT Thundering wind 5200 pld lt unlimited ease 9108 pld lt western edge 4057 pld m6 fresh air 8165 pld et m6 full course 1359 pld et M6 Full throttle 2138 Pld et m6 function 169 pld et m6 gain & grade 927 pld m6 grid maker 104 pld et M6 new Standard 842 pld Et mt-hls lead on 197/0 Oakdale duke 9003 pld obg stan 4502 pld/s ra big cat 9017 pld raile 2250 to77 pld rc budsmydad 225 pld rc denver 6026 pld riverdale top end h114 et pld schurrtop hcr rancher pld SKYMONT EASE 2078 PLD sparrows madrid 7m pld sr/nc field rep 2158 pld et SVY Silversmith pld 903W thomas oahe wind o772 et pld thomas redneck 2609m pld three trees wind 2638 et pld tr mr fire water 5792r et pld TR PZC Holywater 9777 ET Pld TR PZC Rapid Fire 9775 ET Pld tr red smoke pld ttr-ohf beyond the grid pld vcr sir duke 914 pld wc big ben 9036 pld wcr prime cut 764 pld wcr sir duke 17j et pld wcr sir impressive 8191 pld lc mr southpaw 7090 pld et(Sexed) WF impressive 636 pld lc suspect 0109 p et Winn Mans Lanza 610S PLD lcoc polled value p063S pld WM Ali Star 250 pld et LHD Flawless r1538 pld link mr 650 gunner wind 317 p Full French Genetics lt bluegrass 4017 pld hamm charboneau 2n lt blue value 7903 pld HAMM MOGO U23 LT BRIDGER 9191 PLD Infant lt easy blend 5125 pld paladin pld LT Easy Pro 1158 Pld twj offenbach 558 pld LT LEDGER 0332 PLD twj rocky top 240 lt long distance 9001 pld lt polled value 9089 LT Predictable Mac 2059 Pld 4l unlimited yl06 pld ace-orr efficient 972 pld baldridge fasttrack 82f pld BHD Reality t3136 Pld BIG CREEK INDIAN OUTLAW 932 PLD BJR Copperhead 895 Pld BJR EASY EDGE 968 ET PLD BJR Super Silver 719 ET Pld br duke 261 pld CJC Illusion N111 Pld/S cjc mr president t122 pld CJC Trademark h45 pld/s cmf 241 rio blanco 378r pld cooley royce 1107t39 pld da cash 132 pld et double-h mahalo 749t et pld DR STEALTH 574 eatons leader 2233 pld eatons royal dynasty 6164 pld EC No Doubt 2022 pld ec reliable 5043 pld fc turbo 756 pld Gerrard Montezuma 6T pld hbr equalizer 940 pld et hbr magnum 93 pld HBR magnum 542 pld hbr program 218 pld hbr program 297 pld JDJ Royal Trade N134 Pld jdj smokester j1377 pld et jdj ssr smokin Joe j1382 et pld jds he’s my king 2038 et pld JWK IMPRESSIVE D040 ET PLD kass kojack s45 pld keys mchenry 24m pld Keys Stinger 261 Pld lc mr southpaw 7090 pld et

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   7

JDS He’s My King 2038 P ET

Fall 2011


Multiple Trait Leader



Semen: $30/Straw; $25 Signing Fee Contact:


Bovine Elite 800-786-4066

Elkton, KY

EPD % Rank

8  


































HE’S MY KING, is the Fall 2011 #1 Multiple Trait Leader. He also ranks as the #15 WW and #14 YW Trait Leader. Used in 5 herds with 219 Progeny and 20 daughters in production. Progeny Performance 107 Bull Calves 112 Heifer Calves

Bull Sale March 24, 2012 at the farm


Avg. BW 81 lbs. 74 lbs.

Adj.WW/R 662 lbs./101.4 629 lbs./102.2

David & Barbara Sullivan 123 Sullivan Dr. • Manchester, TN 37355


Look up our Pens — Both



 Bulls and heifers in “the Yards” in

Denver. You’ll be intrigued!

30th Annual Bull Sale

April 7, 2012 .

Wells Mr Bobby 1001 ET Pld

Wells Ultimate Comeback 1163 Pld BW: 86 lbs. AWW: 913 lbs. Platinum x Latitude x Windrider The name says it all!

Wells Mr Aurora 1509 Pld Wells Locked & Loaded 1002 Pld

BW: 92 lbs. AWW: 907 lbs. Red Smoke x Smokester x Marion

BW: 90 lbs. AWW: 817 lbs. Tried and True x Oahe Wind

Wells Mr Samford 163 Pld

Wells Stampede 1450 Pld

BW: 94 lbs. AWW: 800 lbs. Red Smoke x Lookout x Platinum

BW: 88 lbs. AWW: 746 lbs. Fargo x Latitude x Fasttrack

BW: 90 lbs. AWW: 727 lbs. Red Smoke x Platinum

Wells Line


Fire 1900 Pld

BW: 85 lbs. AWW: 759 lbs. Fire Water x Cutter Bill

Visit our website for updates! 15446 419th Ave. • Conde, SD 57434 Richard & Heather Wells (605) 784-3409 Jason and Nina Jo Wells (605) 784-7824 (605) 881-7824 • (605) 881-5324

Mark Your Calendar!



J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   9

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J A N U A R Y 2012

VCR Seedstock stack generations of Balance Multiple Trait selection - EPDS, Performance, Structure, Milk - to provide our customers with predictable results - Profit and Satisfaction.

VCR Gemstone 040 P

VCR Gemstone 035 P

Rhinestone x Duke 914 x Gossip

Rhinestone x Duke 914 x Mac 2244

2011 Sioux Empire Reserve Grand

2011 BHSS 3rd High-Selling Yearling

VCR Sir Duke 914 Pld

WCR Sir Fa Mac 2244

Time proven VCR Herd Sires - Mac 2244 and Duke 914 provide our foundation. Our next step - with stacked pedigrees includes HC Rhinestone 8355 Pld.

19-Time Multiple Trait Leader

The Benchmark Sire

Look for these VCR Seedstock consignments at these winter sales – Sioux Empire Farm Show

Black Hills Stock Show

South Dakota Showplace

Thursday, January 26

Tuesday, January 31

Wednesday, February 8

Herd Sire Prospects – • VCR Gemstone 168 P

Herd Sire Prospects – • VCR Silverman 130 P

Herd Sire Prospects – • VCR Gemstone 1010 P

M803156 AWW/R: 732/111

M803129 WWR: 103.2

M798528 AWW/R: 734/104

• VCR Mr Dynasty 132 TW P

• VCR Silverman 157 P

• VCR Silverman 138 P

M803130 EPDs - BW: -3.5 M: 13

M803148 AWW/R: 747/113

M803133 BW EPD: -2.3

Brood Cow Prospect – • VCR Miss Silverman 106 P

Show Heifer Prospect – • VCR Miss Ruby 150 P

Brood Cow Prospect – • VCR Miss Dynasty 149 P

F1137514 Balanced Numbers

F1137582 Milk EPD: 14

F1137581 Great Pedigree

Herd Sire Prospects Available Private Treaty Sons of Rhinestone, Dakota Syle, Real Deal and other VCR Proven Sires

Stop by the ranch or give us a call!

Vedvei Charolais

Alan & Deb Vedvei 44213 204th St. • Lake Preston, South Dakota 57249 (605) 847-4529 • Fax (605) 847-4810 • 2000 AICA Seedstock Producer of the Year

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   11

Thanks for a Great Fall! Summit Ms Cigar Y17

Selected by Suttles Charolais, IL, from the 33rd National Sale

Summit Ms IA Wind Y13

Selected by Missouri breeders Ridder Farms, Creek Cut Ranch and 5J Charolais from the Ten Grand Sale. Kansas City Class Winner and Reserve Spring Calf!

He Sells! Denver, January 15

Summit HDF Supreme X01 Fire Water x HooDoo Z0116 BW: 84 AWW: 801 AYW: 1,360 43rd National Reserve Senior Calf

Summit Farms Ms Cigar Y110

Selected by Dybdal Charolais, NE, from the Northern Exposure

12  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Bruce Rastetter, Owner 10640 Cty Hwy D20 • Alden, IA 50006 Farm Office: (515) 854-9820 Mike Schwarck, Cattle Operations Manager • (641) 373-0672 Roy Miller, Charolais Herdsman • (641) 373-6031

2nd Annual Bull Sale • At the farm Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summit Farms Ms Kitty Y139

Selected by Dybdal Charolais, NE, from the Northern Exposure

It Was Incredible!

TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET Pld EM 790987 43rd National Grand Champion • Semen: $25/Straw; $35 Signing Fee

Building Cow Families with Pedigrees, Performance and Style.

TR PZC NC Fire Fly 1746 ET

Fire Water x Impressive 0641 Full sib to Turton!

TR PZC RJB Hoohot 1745 ET

Fire Water x Hoodoo Z0116 Powerful Maternal Outcross


Jed Watje 281 Front Street PO Box 83 Clements, MN 56224 C: 612-720-1341 O: 507-692-2267 F: 507-692-3333 Email: • J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   13

JASR Wing Man 46X Pld M791710

43rd National Intermediate Champion 4-time Undefeated Division Champion Sire: PF Paratrooper 8235 P (Wind 3001 x Cascade) Dam: Integrity x ACE Ms Megan Elko PERFORMANCE: Top 10% WW EPD • Top 15% YW EPD 14-month-old Ultrasound REA: 20.3 sq. in. • %IMF: 3.78 Semen: $25/straw; No Signing

His first service sells in the WH Gateway-Getaway, March 9th!

CHAROLAIS FARMS Check Out Our Website! 14  

J A N U A R Y 2012

David & Annette Bonacker Cedar Hill, Missouri (314) 974-5230 cell • (636) 285-1656

Selling Herd Sire Prospects out of our Classic Donors February 22, Creston, Iowa

Everett & Julie Shepherd (515) 321-4270 • Stuart, Iowa

Annual Bull Sale Feb. 22, 2012


Her dam, SCR Miss Barney 1082, is the granddam of Sonderup’s Bronco!

Rick, Blaine, Nathan & Zack Hale Louisburg, Missouri

417-752-3703 • 417-838-7251 cell Select Embryos Available

Power of Classic Donors

CF Ms Duke 935 Pld F1067031 Duke 261 x Cigar x Budsmydad EPDs: 1.7 30 55 12 27


Billy, Billy C., Barry & Brent

Hale’s Smoking Lady 1146 F997162

Chatham, Virginia (434) 656-2361 (434) 656-3771

Three Trees Verna 1986ET F952316 Due this spring to Reality. Flushes available by Royce.

HF HUDSPETH FARMS Greg, Kelley, Tracy & Lindsey Hudspeth St. Joe, Arkansas Home: (870) 439-2285 • Greg Cell: (870) 365-8969 Lindsey Cell: (870) 391-6071

Select Embryos Available

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   15

WCR Sir Duke 7340 P An heir to the Duke Dynasty Duke 7340 commanded $11,000 for ½ interest and full possession on Wienks’ 50th Anniversary Sale in 2008. Currently sitting 10th on the 2011 Multiple Trait Leader rankings, this outstanding bull carries on the Duke legacy. He stacks phenomenal growth with low birth, high maternal traits, high fertility, and excellent carcass numbers all into one package. Study his numbers, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more balanced bull in the breed today.


79 710 1217

EPD % Rank


-0.8 25

Ratio: 104 Ratio: 106

WW 42 5

YW 63 15

Milk 12 25

MTNL 33 5

Semen $20 Unit / $40 Signing Fee through:


1.5 1

Lake Preston, SD Arnold Wienk (605) 860-1111 • (605)847-4350 Jeff Eschenbaum (605) 860-0505 • (605)847-4880 Sterling Eschenbaum (605) 203-0137

(800) 786-4066 16  

J A N U A R Y 2012

J. Neil Orth, Executive Vice President


CHAROLAIS No shortage of signals. Charolais beef producers are on track.

We may have a shortage of a lot of things. However, industry information signals are not among them! Many of us feel knowing how to sort the overwhelming volume of information is the biggest problem. Long-term weather forecasts indicate another year of historic drought throughout a huge part of cow country. The largest beef producing state, Texas, has experienced equally historic cowherd reductions and liquidations. The corn futures have moderated slightly with no real indication of any permanence or long-term leveling out. The price of hay is only slightly less than gold and for many, even more precious! Yet, for the first time since the BSE outbreak in 2003, and the death spiral of our markets that followed, the beef industry appears to be positioned for several years of “good times”. Beef industry press recently reported that for the first time in more than 40 years, the U.S. would be a net beef exporter in 2011. In fact, exports are predicted to continue to increase, particularly in Asia and the Far East where the middle class is emerging. The U.S. marketing efforts are definitely making a difference. Many foreign consumers actually know the difference

• 9% less fossil fuel — than beef produced in 1977. Ranch management and feeding improvements made between 1977 and 2007 resulted in a 13% increase in yield from 30% fewer animals. It’s easier to simply acknowledge the study proves what we already thought to be fact. However, there is a growing faction of misinformed, misguided activists (i.e.: consumers) that believe the opposite. They believe the answer is to dismantle efficient production and are hell-bent on using their financial resources to politically influence the already oppressive regulatory process. “As the number of mouths to feed increases and the quality of diets in many areas around the world improves, the demand for nutrient-rich protein like beef will increase,” says Capper. “At the same time, resources like land, water and fossil fuels will become increasingly scarce. These realities are like two trains speeding toward each other on the same track. If we listen to alarmists shouting at us to slow down, we could face a head-

“Our ability to manage supply and meet the demand for beef here and around the world is clearly the result of increased efficiency.” between U.S. beef and other suppliers such as South America and Australia, and request our beef at the retail level. We all know the nation’s cowherd has been in decline for the past 20 years. Our ability to manage supply and meet the demand for beef here and around the world is clearly the result of increased efficiency. The beef industry’s ability to produce more pounds on less feed and land resources is really miraculous and a much overlooked testament to scientific progress. In fact, a researcher that’s been in the news lately is Jude Capper, Ph.D., Washington State University. Dr. Capper’s research, “The Environmental Impact of Beef Production in the United States: 1977 compared with 2007”, was recently published in the Journal of Animal Science. The study examines 30 years of production and addresses the hot-button topic of the beef industry’s carbon footprint. Carbon footprint may not be a hot-button topic among the average beef producer. But, like it or not, it will be! Capper’s research is important and validates our efforts to use science and technology to improve efficiency. Her research proves our industry is engaged in best practice methods and production systems. Here are just a few interesting points from the research: Each pound of beef raised in 2007 used— • 33% less land • 12% less water • 19% less feed

on collision of epic proportions. The only way to avoid this disaster is to accelerate the pace of progress.” Understanding one’s most vocal critic is important, regardless of the issue. Relevant to the carbon footprint debate, it’s important to understand the faction of consumers wanting to turn the industry clock back 50 years has no attachment to the beef business. They do not understand where their food comes from or what it costs to produce. This consumer has had the lifetime luxury of making food selections from abundant meat cases and store shelves and has the financial resources to pay for it. This industry critic is not among the millions of people in our own country uncertain about their next meal. Dr. Capper’s research is rigorous, peer reviewed and timely. Her foretelling of an impending food catastrophe is unimaginable to most of us. Yet, if we listen to the industry signals here and around the world, there isn’t a single indication we will need less food in the future. In fact, analysts predict that by 2050 world population will increase by 50% and we will need to produce 70% more food than we produce today. Charolais beef producers are on track. The beginning point in food chain efficiency is your genetics. Charolais-influence genetics are and always have been efficient. The perpetual process of using the newest and best selection tools available insure your ability to produce a value-added product positioned for the future.


J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   17




Ward Farm Raymond Ward 540 Fate Brooks Rd Frisco City, AL 36445


J W Hendrix 681 Old Jasper Road Marshall, AR 72650

Colorado Austin J Reitzenstein  22848 Cr 51 Kersey, CO 80644 Kyndal L Reitzenstien  22848 County Rd 51 Kersey, CO 80644


Pilot Grove Farm Inc Rick W Frye 2217 155th St Independence, IA 50644

James Gradert  5265 Hwy 9 Sibley, IA 51249 Ainsley J Lovrien  29116 130th St Clarksville, IA 50619


Greg Myers Charolais Greg C Myers 5568 W Jeff Davis Hwy Elkton, KY 42220 Lana R Shirel  264 State Route Sturgis, KY 42459

Michigan Brady T Risinger  4570 W Dewey Road Owosso, MI 48867

New Mexico Jordan C Spindle  Po Box 112 Stanley, NM 87056 Abby L Spindle  Po Box 112 Stanley, NM 87056



Ken Johns 180 Glendale Road Loretto, TN 38469

Texas Stetson H Baldwin  48 Cr 2306 Texarkana, TX 75503

Matthew J Hiser  19 Greeneview Drive Jamestown, OH 45335

Kody King  1220 N Velasco Angleton, TX 77515


Maclane May  1700 Meamder Road Granbury, TX 76049

James Wyatt Fisher  15971 N Cr 3210 Pauls Valley, OK 73075 Reece A Garcia  Rte 4 Box 435 Coalgate, OK 74538

Nutt Charolais Ranch Jerry L Nutt 169 Cr 4323 Tenaha, TX 75974 Bella R Parker  9224 Cr 915 Godley, TX 76044

Ansen R Pond 5507 101st St Lubbock, TX 79424 Addie Alyse Rankin  115 Terra Drive Elgin, TX 78621


Kevin Gibb 2101 Badger Pocket Rd Ellensburg, WA 98926


Jose Santiago Camou Healy Blvd Kino S/n Y 7 De Noviembre _Colonia San Luis _Hermosillo, Sonora 83160

 indicates AIJCA membership


AmericanInternational Charolais Association The AICA is the official registry for Charolais and Charbray cattle in the United States. Charolais cattle were first brought to the U.S. in 1936. In 1957, the American Charolais Breeders Association and the International Charolais Breeders Association merged forming the present AICA. Membership in the AICA is obtainable when the applicant has ownership in at least one animal, and has paid the initial membership fee of $125. AICA annual dues are $100.

18  

J A N U A R Y 2012

AICA no longer gets mail at the post office box. Please make sure all correspondence for AICA or the Charolais Journal is addressed to: 11700 NW Plaza Circle Drive Kansas City, Mo 64153 Dues reminder

2012 dues are now due - $100 active member $25 juniors. On-line passwords will not work until 2012 dues are paid. Advertising Deadline The deadline to place advertising in the March 2012 Charolais Journal is 22. Contact your area field representative about advertising opportunities in this issue as well as other available options. Record your 2011 born calves Record your 2011 born calves using AICA’s on-line system. Add the data as the calves are born; continue to update the records as you add weaning and yearling data. Register the calves at any time by just adding the name. Female Inventories in the Mail All active and junior members will receive their 2012 female inventory in the mail in the month of January. As in years past, there are 2 different performance programs to enroll females in. The WHR program is $14 per female and includes a free registration and transfer on the calf born in 2012. EPDs are available on unregistered calves. In the PPR program, females are enrolled at no charge, fees are paid on the calves as they are registered and transferred depending on their age. EPDs are not available on unregistered calves. CHAROLAIS JOURNAL

AICA Billing Statements

AICA statements are sent at the beginning of each month. Any activity from the previous month will be listed on your statement. Enrollment Available Online

Quick and easy enrollment is available online by logging in with your breeder number and password. Click into “my inventory” to get started. Members using the online program to enroll females do not need to return the paper forms. To receive the lowest enrollment fee, have all enrollments done by April 1st. Online Users!

Online users: use the disposal codes at the bottom of the “quick look” screen to dispose of animals no longer in your herd. DNA Parentage Tip

AICA requires DNA testing for donor cows and AI sires. When DNA testing a calf to verify the parentage of that calf, make sure all possible parents already have a DNA record on file at the lab. The lab will check your calf’s DNA with all the possible parents listed. Parents that don’t have a DNA record at the lab, can’t be used as possible parents.

AMERICAN-INTERNATIONAL CHAROLAIS ASSOCIATION 11700 N.W. Plaza Circle  Kansas City, MO 64153  Phone: (816) 464-5977 Fax: (816) 464-5759  E-Mail:  Website:


Executive Vice President J. Neil Orth  ext. 101

Recording Secretary Marilou Wegner  ext. 400

Director of Activities David Hobbs  ext. 200

Transferring papers after the sale

Including complete names and addresses will help transfer paperwork go through the office without a problem. Whole Herd Rewards members receive one free transfer on each calf born to an enrolled female. Make sure the back of the certificate is complete with transfer date, buyer’s name and address, plus the seller’s signature. All AI information must be included on bred females. Complete dates (month/day/year) are required. Lost papers can be duplicated and transferred at the same time. The duplication fee is $4 per certificate. Duplicate requests must be in writing, e-mail or fax. Be sure to include the complete seller information and transfer date with the duplicate request.

Harlin Hecht 16732 283rd Ave Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 243-4386

Vice President Larry Lehman P.O. Box 700 Tioga, TX 76271 (940) 437-5900

Director of Breed Improvement & Foreign Marketing Robert Williams  ext. 103


Youth Activities Coordinator Molly Mader-Schoen  ext. 104


Administrative Assistant Affiliates Coordinator Judy Clements  ext. 102


Lewis Meyer  ext. 300 To use the extension numbers listed for the above staff, phone (816) 464-2474.

Is your contact information current?

To ensure that information from the AICA office is received by all of its members, we need your help. There is a growing number of cellular and fax numbers being issued. This has prompted many area code regions to change. When you make any address or phone adjustments, remember to provide us with all applicable breeder numbers—remember junior members, too. We encourage everyone to check their listing and make the necessary corrections immediately. AICA is also inputting e-mail addresses for members into our database as another source of communication.



Bill Nottke 11027 Chateau Chura Sunset Hills, MO 63128 (314) 843-2930 John Chism 1442 Lillie’s Ferry Road Winchester, KY 40391 (859) 744-8909


James Hayden 4430 Bloomfield Road Bardstown, KY 40004 (502) 349-0128

CPI BOARD President J. Neil Orth

Board of Directors Harlin Hecht Larry Lehman Bill Nottke John Chism

FIELD STAFF Southeast Representative

Floyd Wampler 207 Sparger Rd. Bristol, TN 37620-8846 cell - (423) 612-2144

Southwest Representative Wes Chism P.O. Box 150883 Arlington, Texas 76015 cell - (281) 761-5952

North Central Representative Colt Keffer Cell - (765) 376-8784

Western Region Associate Advertising Sales & Commercial Marketing Dennis Metzger (816) 519-8208

Other Regions

Call the AICA office. (816) 464-5977


Chairman & Trustee Larry Lehman


Alan Vedvei J. Neil Orth Pete Stamer Molly Mader - Schoen

AICA DIRECTORS BY AREA Area 1 Bill Romans 2200 6th Ave West Vale, OR 97918 (541) 473-3365

Area 9 Nathan Reinhart 70 Songbird Road Pleasant Plains, AR 72568 (870) 613-3057

Area 2 Randy Perry 15194 Oak Creek Rd. Prather, CA 93651 (559) 278-4793

Area 10 Ron Nord 2104 Charolais Lane Bloomington, IL 61704 (309) 828-1448

Area 3 Troy Thomas 18441 Capri Place Harrold, SD 57536 (605) 973-2448

Area 11 John Chism 1442 Lillie’s Ferry Road Winchester, KY 40391 (859) 744-8909

Area 4 Dean Churchill HC 37, Box 54 Valentine, NE 69201 (402) 376-2314

Area 12 Doug Rogers P.O. Box 1718 Collins, MS 39428 (601) 765-2983

Area 5 Mitchell Thomas P.O. Box 717 Raymondville, TX 78580 (956) 689-6379

Area 13 Richard Clark P.O. Box 9 Tazewell, TN 37879 (423) 626-5892

Area 6 Larry Lehman P.O. Box 700 Tioga, TX 76271 (940) 437-5900

Area 14 J. Robert Tibbs 3535 Old Level Road Havre de Grace, MD 21078 (410) 734-6873

Area 7 Everett Shepherd 1308 Quebec Ave. Stuart, IA 50250 (515) 523-2102

Area 15 Georgeanne Webb 317 Old Vineland SCH Easley, SC 29640 (864) 246-6203

term expires 2012

term expires 2012

term expires 2011

term expires 2011

term expires 2012

term expires 2012

term expires 2011

term expires 2011

term expires 2012

term expires 2012

term expires 2011

term expires 2011

term expires 2012

term expires 2012

Area 8 Bill Nottke 11027 Chateau Chura Sunset Hills, MO 63128 (314) 843-2930 term expires 2011

Foundation Fundraising Chairman Larry Lehman


CHAIRMAN Troy Thomas 18441 Capri Place Harrold, SD 57536 (605) 973-2448 VICE CHAIRMAN Mitch Thomas Area 5 Director

Breed Improvement CHAIRMAN Randy Perry Area 2 Director VICE CHAIRMAN John Chism Area 11 Director


Junior Council

CHAIRMAN Larry Lehman Area 6 Director VICE CHAIRMAN Jeff Smith 927 E 156th St N Grinnell, Iowa 50112

Long Range Planning

CHAIRMAN Bill Nottke Area 8 Director VICE CHAIRMAN J. Robert Tibbs Area 14 Director

CHAIRMAN Bill Pendergrass P.O. Box 348 Gause, TX 77857 (979) 280-5572 office VICE CHAIRMAN Doug Rogers Area 12 Director



CHAIRMAN Richard Clark Area 13 Director


CHAIRMAN Nathan Reinhart Area 9 Director VICE CHAIRMAN Don Olsen 17050 Tuttle Creek Blvd. Randolph, KS 66554 (785) 363-2519


CHAIRMAN Pete Stamer 47 Snover Rd. Lafayette, NJ 07848 (973) 729-9751 VICE CHAIRMAN John Chism Area 11 Director

CHAIRMAN Larry Lehman Area 6 Director VICE CHAIRMAN Lee Eaton Past President

Rules & Ethics

VICE CHAIRMAN Bill Romans Area 1 Director

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   19

20  

J A N U A R Y 2012

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   21

Great Faces – Great Places For Charolais Genetics

In South Dakota There Are Three Great Places To Buy Great Charolais Genetics From Some Of The Greatest Charolais Breeders In The Country!

Sioux Empire Farm Show Charolais Show & Sale January 26, 2012 • W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls, S.D. Charolais Show: 9:30 am; Sale: 12:30 pm

2011 Champions

A Midwest tradition of high quality bulls, bred females and show heifer prospects. Don’t miss this exciting Charolais event featuring some of the Midwest’s finest. For Further Information & Sale Booklets, contact— Dean Odden—Ree Heights, SD • 605-943-5601 Brian Driscoll—DeSmet, SD • 605-203-1289 Colt Keffer—Charolais Journal Rep • 765-376-8784

Champion Female

Champion Bull

Black Hills Stock Show Charolais Show & Sale January 31, 2012 • Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, S.D. Charolais Show: 9:00 am; Sale: 1:00 pm Without a doubt, the breed’s top multi-consignor bull sale! Multiple national champion bulls have come out of this sale along with numerous herd sires. Top quality females can be your claim at this sale as well, Including elite show heifers and bred females. For Further Information & Sale Booklets, contact— Donny Leddy—Stockholm, SD • 605-695-0113 Jim Scheel—Belvediere, SD • 605-545-1521 Black Hills Stock Show Office • 605-355-3861 Colt Keffer—Charolais Journal Rep • 765-376-8784

2011 Champions

Champion Female

Champion Bull

South Dakota Showplace Charolais Show & Sale February 8, 2012 • Watertown Winter Farm Show, Watertown, S.D. Show: 9:00 am; Sale: 12:30 pm Sponsored by the South Dakota Charolais Breeders Association, this sale will feature lots from many of the elite programs in South Dakota that have sculpted the Charolais breed nationwide. Selling bulls and females for the most discriminating breeder.

2011 Champions

For Further Information & Sale Booklets, contact— Alan Vedvei—Lake Preston, SD • 605-860-1135 Scott Jensen—Lake Preston, SD • 605-860-1226 Colt Keffer—Charolais Journal Rep • 765-376-8784

Champion Female

22  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Champion Bull

ruAry B e F


, 20 1 2

Lunch - 11 a.m. • Sale at Noon

eltopia,Wash. Offering 120 Bulls

Angus Charolais and

LT Wyoming Prime 2019 A large selection of sons sell!

Featured Charolais sires: lt Wyoming Prime 2019, lt easy Blend 5125, lt Cheyenne Blend 7142.

live online bidding via

Our Angus Co-sponsors:

PiOneer Angus Hay, WA

Hang’n a Cattle Company Alan & Leslie Alexander 5412 Birch Road • Pasco, WA 99301

rOCking r CAttle COmPAny

(509) 545-8816 •

Hayden Lake, ID

sHB Angus Reardan, WA

“Your Northwest Source for Quality Charolais Cattle” J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   23

The Most Powerful Tool

This yearling Meillard daughter has excelled on forage. She’s long bodied and sound.

TWJ Charolais Farm

Breeding Charolais Since 1963 Tom Jernigan 4415 Lindenwood Rd. • Union City, TN 38261 (731) 885-1586 • Fax (731) 884-2570 24  

J A N U A R Y 2012

to target commercial Charolais markets. Contact your area field representative for details. Advertising Deadline January 10, 2012 Publication Date February 15, 2012

AN NU UA AR R YY 22 00 11 22   25 JJ A



Mary Elizabeth Malzahn, 90, of Perry was the daughter of `David and Lottie (Cooper) Corneil. She was born on February 6, 1921 in Nardin, Oklahoma and died Monday November 7, 2011 in Perry Memorial Hospital. She attended a one-room school in Nardin but moved to Blackwell to complete high school, attended Oklahoma College for Women, and then Oklahoma A&M. There she met her life mate, Ed Malzahn in a machining course that he was teaching. They wed May 22, 1943. She was a member of the First Presbyterian church and served as choir director for over 20 years. Her love of the Lord was most clearly declared in her music. She sang the truth, she knew it, and loved to share it. All knew where she stood on about any issue because she lived her faith and beliefs openly, a class act. She made a difference in all she touched. Animals of all sorts and sizes from a household pet Gambel’s quail, to llamas, to emu, to turkeys, to Bobwhite quail, to jungle fowl, to her M&M Charolais were an important part of her life. The incubators in the garage never cooled. Mary “Granny” was a farm girl at heart that enjoyed fishing and gardening on a grand scale. Even when it became difficult for her to get around, she rode shotgun in a truck to feed her cattle every morning and worked as “gate girl” between pastures. Her voice was raised for many, many funerals in Perry and thus served as “gate girl” to heaven for many of her friends and others in the community. Mary is survived by her husband Ed; three children, Don Malzahn and his wife Phyllis of Wichita, Kansas, Pam Sewell and her husband David of Perry, Oklahoma, and Leasa Malzahn of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. She has nine grandchildren; Courtney Darrah and her husband Will of Wichita, Kansas, Sarah Malzahn of Englewood, Colorado, Perry Malzahn of Wichita, Kansas, Tiffany Sewell-Howard and her husband Dan of Edmond, Oklahoma, Jason Sewell of Perry, Cody Sewell and his wife April of Perry, Oklahoma, Zahn Wilkerson and his wife Kelly of Chandler, Arizona, Matthew Wilkerson of Tempe, Arizona and Whitney Wilkerson of Chandler, Arizona. She 26  

J A N U A R Y 2012

also has nine great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents; one sister, Catherine and four brothers, Stanley, Ward, Eugene, and Marion. Memorials may be made to the Mary Malzahn Music Memorial in care of Brown-Dugger Funeral Home, 1010 N 7th Street, Perry, Oklahoma 73077. Obituary

Gilbert Link, 75, of Center, passed away on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011 at his residence. He was born in Tennessee Colony, Texas on May 25, 1936 to Otha Link and Lydia Fischer Link. Mr. Link was employed by Ralston Purina for many years. He was the founder of Shelby LP Gas and was later employed by Gas Tex. Mr. Link worked as a poultry grower and cattle rancher. He owned and operated Link Charolaisin Center. Mr. Link was a member of Christian Church of Tennessee Colony. Pallbearers will be Danny Link, Rick Link, Steve Kirby, Greg Rampy, Jerry Nutt and Mike Wilburn. Honorary pallbearers will be Boo Kline, Clyde Adams, P.O. Samples, James Campbell, Murray Matthews and G.W. Strong. He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Odessa Hightower Link of Center; son, Keith Link of Center; daughter, Jolene Link Burns of Katy; four grandchildren, Chris Link and Haley of Center, Kevin Link and Reagan of Center, Heather Burns of Katy and John Burns of Katy; great-grandson, Sutton Link of Center; two sisters: Mary Nell Kirby of Jacksonville and Sandra Ham and husband, Mark of Tennessee Colony; sister-in-law, Gina Link Gingrich and husband, Bob of Palestine; five nephews and one niece. He was preceded in death by his parents, Otha and Lydia Link; and brother, Daniel Link. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Gilbert Link Memorial Scholarship Fund at Shelby Savings Bank, 111 Selma Street, Center, Texas 75935


AICA Registry has Gone Digital

The AICA continues to build a stronger web presence and so does the online registry. AICA is now offering photo postings onto the registry system at a discounted rate. This offer will allow all Charolais breeders to view a photo of your bull, while viewing the pedigree. The offer is not limited to only bulls, all females are included. If you have not posted your photos on the registry, do so today! For a limited time, the AICA is offering a price of $25 for each picture or 5 pictures for $100. Contact David Hobbs for more information. Join your State or Regional Affiliate! Affiliates across the country will be planning spring and summer activities including field days and state shows. Build Charolais momentum by becoming active in your state or regional affiliate. Visit the AICA website, click on Links, and view the websites of several affiliates for more information. If you need assistance finding an affiliate in your area, contact your field representative. AICA Offers Online Advertising and Marketing Opportunities The AICA website ( offers banner ads on the website to advertise your Charolais operation or upcoming sale. The banner ads can be linked directly to your website or sale catalog. The ads are $250 per month or $200 for two weeks. Normally, the ads will be put on the website within 5 days after submission. Want to reach your customers directly? Email blasts are now offered to drop your advertisement straight into the inbox of thousands! Email blasts work great for upcoming sales or any ad that runs in the Charolais Journal. In order to be eligible for an email blast, you must run no less than a full page ad in the Journal. Blasts are $400 in addition to the cost of the ad in the Charolais Journal. Let the Journal staff know when placing your Journal ads if you wish to do an email blast. The Charolais Journal is now offering more services to sale booklet advertisers. Not only is the Charolais Journal an excellent spot to promote your sale, but booklets are now online! Easily accessible on the AICA website, check out the sales coming near you.

es Charolais ReAavQuality Program


QUALITY plus PERFORMANCE Richard Clark Box 9 • Tazewell, TN 37879 (423) 626-5892 • Randell Meyers Jr. • (423) 626-6257 Your Source for Seedstock Since 1971

“Mid Tenn Charolais where Tenn is quality and not quantity for perfection.” JDS He’s My King 2038 PET

Bulls, Semen, Embryos For Sale Ms Jackie Sue 4065 CCR Jackpot 1410K5PET x JWK Chloe E225ET

• A proven donor at M&R Cattle • 2005 Tennessee State Show Grand Champion Female • Dam of the Grand Champion Female – 2007 Tennessee State Charolais Show



1131 Nance Road New Market, TN 37820 Rodney King (865) 850-7016 Max King (865) 850-4411

Orr’s Maureen 312 P ET (F989627) CE 4.8

BW 1.5

WW 28

YW 44

M 13

TM 27

REA 0.40

Cigar x JWK Maureen E197 ET (914)

Fall 2011 #1 Multiple Trait Leader

Mark Your Calendar Bull Sale Mar. 24, 2012 David & Barbara Sullivan 123 Sullivan Dr. • Manchester, TN 37355 (931) 728-5878 • (931) 728-5879 • Fax: (931) 728-5881 Mobile: (931) 607-1580 • e-mail:

Little W Farm

March 9-11, 2012 Tennessee Beef Agribition Lebanon, Tennessee Performance  •  Pedigree  •  Polled


LWF Cookie Cutter Pld M6 Function 169P x Cigar x D040 EPDs: 3.0 0.8 20 40 14 3.7 24 0.5

EPDs: 2.6 1.7 31 53 9 4.5 25 0.6 Mike & Connie Watkins Kellie & Scott Porter and Kristie & Jarrod Buhler

Lebanon, TN 37087 (615) 444-3114 or (615) 642-0976 Come check out our bulls, females and ET Program!

MCF Lady GI Duke 5003 PET (F1022001) CE 3.1

BW .6

WW 33

YW 58

M 26

TM 43

914 x HBR Lady GI 207 P ET

Welcome Grove Bell 630 Pld

Bloodlines from 2244, 914, Cigar, Wyoming Wind and D040

Cigar x Eatons Royal EPDs: -2.7 3.3 34 59 13 0.7 30 1.1

Ms Cooley Cigar 520P8 ET

Silas Maxwell

1120 Welcome Grove Rd. • Mosheim, TN 37818 • (423) 422-7234

Cooley Royce 1107T39 Pld M745957 2-19-07 BW: 86 lbs. Adj. WW/R: 749 lbs./115 Adj. YW/R: 1,395 lbs./120 Adj Yrlg. REA/R: 16.25 sq. in./119.3

CE 0.9

BW WW YW 2.1 29 67

M 17

MCE TM 0.8 32

SC 1.2

CW REA F MB 26 0.37 0.004 0.20

Semen: $20/Straw; $30 Signing Contact: Bovine Elite, LLC.

Roy May & Son

2760 Renfro Rd. • Jefferson City, TN 37760 (865) 475-8266

C&R Farms Registered Charolais

Ricky Smith, Owner

1608 Western Shore Dr. Nashville, TN 37214 Ricky (615) 207-7569 Clair (931) 273-0167 co-owner evening (615) 885-7004

M6 Led Weight 609 (M732626) CE 9.6

BW 0.7

WW 40

YW 80

M 9

TM 29

REA Marb 0.52 0.19

M6 Trademark 344 P x M6 Ms Mark 9485 Semen$20/ no signing

h a C r s o la i s e v a e R Kyle Reaves

5840 West Allens Bridge Greenville, TN 37743 (423) 237-3042 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   27


SALES Charolais Sale Results Sales are listed in sale date order. A list of sales in this issue is provided below. Minnesota Beef Expo Sale Meadows Creek Farm Arcadia Black & White Bull Sale Schurrtop Ranch Angus and Charolais Bull Sale 2011 Hudspeth Farms and Guests The Gathering Sale Autumn Harvest Charolais Roundup South Dakota Charolais Classic Meadows Creek Charolais Bull Sale 20th Annual Rancher’s Choice Charolais Bull Sale Charolais Source Bull Sale Wright Charolais Female Sale Stauffer Land & Livestock Lock, Stock & Barrel Complete Charolais Dispersal Calhoun Bull Evaluation Center 42nd Annual Sale Ridder Farms & Guests The Showgirls Sale Shockey Charolais & Guests Profit Maker Sale

Minnesota Beef Expo Sale Minneapolis, Minn.  October 23, 2011 Auctioneer: Tracy Harl, Hastings, Neb. Averages: 10 Females.................................... $2,140 Total Sale Gross:............................... $21,400 By: Colt Keffer High-selling lots: $2,600 – Heifer Calf: White Rose Bridgette 110, 3-12-11, by LT Bridger 9191 Pld. From White Rose Farms, Clearwater, Minn. To Adam and Cassie Scapanski, Sauk Rapids, Minn. $2,600 – Heifer Calf: WDZ-Macy Ms Duke 418-114 P, 3-12-11, by WDZ Northern Wind 8022 Pld ET. From Zehnder Cattle, Stanchfield, Minn., and Macy Meadows, Street, Md. To John Umbaugh, Adair, Iowa

Meadows Creek Farm Arcadia Black & White Bull Sale Arcadia, Fla.  November 11, 2011 Auctioneer: Kenny Raney Sale Manager: Carl McKettrick Average: 31 Two Year-Old Bulls......................... $3,013 31 Lots.......................................... $3,013 Total Sale Gross................................ $93,400 By: Floyd Wampler High-selling lots: $3,700 – 2 Year-Old Bull. MC Easy Duke 9116, 12-5-09, by VCR Sir Duke 199. To J7 Ranch, Clewiston, Fla. Fieldman’s Notes: 27 Angus averaged $2,441; 26 Brangus averaged $2,620.

Schurrtop Ranch Angus and Charolais Bull Sale McCook, Neb.  November 18, 2011 Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell, Fletcher, Okla. Averages: 35 Bulls........................................ $6,071 Total Sale Gross.............................. $212,485 By: Colt Keffer High-selling lots: $9,000 – Bull. Schurrtop JK C039 4677 P, 4-2010, by Schurrtop Carcassizer. To Walker Ranches, Springdale, Ark. $9,000 – Bull. Schurrtop M 4116 6871 P, 3-3110, by Schurrtop Movin On. To Stromberger Ranches, Imperial, Neb. $9,000 – Bull. Schurrtop 6400 K522 P, 5-25-10, by Schurrtop M 5951 6400 P. To Sellars Cattle Co, Wellfleet, Neb. $8,500 – Bull. Schurrtop 5951 K253 P, 3-5-10, by Schurrtop Twenty One P. To Vartack Cattle Co, Myrna, Neb. 28  

J A N U A R Y 2012

$8,000 – Bull. Schurrtop 5951 K400 P, 3-28-10, by Schurrtop Twenty One. To Sutphin Charolais, Lamar, Colo.

2011 Hudspeth Farms and Guests The Gathering Sale Harrison, Ark.  November 19, 2011 Auctioneer: Rob Nord, Clinton, Ill. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service, College Station, Texas Averages: 1 Bull................................................. $2,000 2 Cow-Heifer Splits............................. $5,000 2 Open Cows...................................... $4,350 5 Bred Cows....................................... $2,280 8 Pairs................................................ $2,625 12 Open Heifers................................. $1,669 16 Bred Heifers.................................. $1,872 46 Lots.......................................... $2,241 Not included in above averages: 2 Open Percentage Heifers.................. $1,250 4 Embryos............................................. $225 54 Units of Semen................................... $32 Total Sale Gross......................... $108,192.50 By: Wes Chism High-selling lots: $7,200 – Cow-Heifer Calf Split: SCR Ms Legend T12, 1-16-07, by LT Bluegrass 4017 P. Rebred to DA Cash 732 P ET. Heifer calf 2-21-11, by Cooley Royce 1107T39. From Hale Farms, Louisburg, Mo. Cow to Hudspeth Farms, St Joe, Ark., for $3,600. Calf to Hudspeth Farms for $3,600. $6,200 – Open Cow: RE Classie 892, 11-2208, by JDJ Smokester J1377 P ET. From Rick & Cindy Evans, Brownwood, Texas. To Bill & Raye Arlitt, Poteet, Texas. $4,250 – Cow-Calf Pair: ITC N111 Lissa 39D P, 1-28-09, by CJC Illusion N111. Rebred to BARA Mr Cigar 54R ET. Heifer calf, 10-28-11, by BARA Mr Cigar 54R ET. From Idle Time Charolais, Cleveland, Texas. To Doug Shockey, Malvern, Ark. $3,200 – Open Heifer: RE Ms Real Cigar 098 ET, 12-8-10, by BHD Reality T3136 P. From Lindsey Hudspeth, St Joe, Ark, to Bill and Raye Arlitt. $3,100 – Bred Cow: Three Trees Verna 1986ET, 12-24-01, by LHD Cigar E46. Bred to BHD Reality T3136.From Doub Charolais, Danville, Ind., to Hudspeth Farms. $3,000 – Cow-Calf Pair: JDJ Ms Cigar N214, 2-16-03, by LHD Cigar E46. Bull calf, 9-23-11, by BHD Reality T3136. From Bill & Raye Arlitt. To Darrel Newton, Benton, Ky.

Autumn Har vest Charolais Roundup Cross Plains, Tenn.  November 19, 2011 Auctioneer: Justin Ochs Sale Manager: Bob Morton, Beechgrove, Tenn. Sale Sponsor: Tennessee Charolais Association and Kentucky


Charolais Association Averages: 12 Bulls.............................................. $1,896 27 Cow-Calf Pairs............................... $1,803 23 Bred Cows..................................... $1,080 5 Bred Heifers.................................... $1,320 19 Open Heifers................................. $1,062 86 Lots.......................................... $1,431 Total Sale Gross.............................. $123,075 By: Floyd Wampler High-selling lots: $4,100 – Cow-Calf Split. M6 Ms 5180 Nancy 8155 ET, 11-08-08, by M6 Beef Doctor 5180 P ET. Heifer calf, 11-1-10, by M6 New Standard 842. Cow rebred to RC Rancher. From Welcome Grove Charolais, Mosheim, Tenn. Cow to Bridges Charolais, Manchester, Tenn., for $2,200. Heifer calf to Mac Coleman, Morgantown, Ky., for $1,900. $3,100 – Bull. CMF 411U Sagebrush 443W, 11-2-09, by LT Bluegrass 4017 P. From Tucks Charolais, Newbern, Tenn. To Butch Freeman, Athens, Ala. $2,800 – Bull. LVB Ezy 203 Pld, 2-21-11, by EJS Perfect Ease 9033 PET. From Ezy-B Charolais, Walling, Tenn. To Kendall Foust, Hanceville, Ala. $2,750 – Bull. Welcome Grove Royal 137, 10-8-10, by Eatons Royal Dynasty 6164. From Welcome Grove Charolais. To Krista Murphree, Blountsville, Ala.

South Dakota Charolais Classic Mitchell, S.D.

 November 19, 2011

Auctioneer: Seth Weisharr, Belle Fourche, S.D. Averages: 8 Fall Calving Pairs............................. $2,956 9 Bred Heifers.................................... $3,616 9 Open Heifers................................... $3,983 26 Purebred Lots.......................... $3,540 Not included in above averages: 4 Percentage Heifers........................... $2,762 2 Steers.............................................. $1,875 12 Embryos........................................... $310 Total Sale Gross.............................. $110,575 By: Colt Keffer High-selling lots: $13,000 – Bred Heifer. WCR Ms Firewater 022 P, 2-9-10, by TR Mr Firewater 5792RET. Bred to WR Wrangler W601. From Cally Thomas, Harrold, S.D. and Weink Charolais Ranch, Lake Preston, S.D. To C&S Cattle, Orient, S.D. $10,500 – Spring Heifer Calf. TR Ms All Fired Up 1537Y, 3-23-11, by TR Mr Firewater 5792RET. From Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D. To Kassidy Bremer, Redfield, Iowa. $7,000 – Fall Calving Pair. WCR Ms Duke 530 P, 2-10-05, by BR Duke 261. Heifer calf, 9-30-11, by TR Mr Firewater 831 Pld. From Weink Charolais Ranch to Link Charolais, Center, Texas. $4,000 – Spring Heifer Calf. Wells Ms

1004ET, 2-2-11, by TR Red Smoke. From Wells Charolais, Conde, S.D. to Gib Zahren, Lake Park, Iowa. $4,000 – Spring Heifer Calf. Wells Ms. Lollipop 1191, 2-18-11, by TR Red Smoke. From Wells Charolais to Gib Zahren.

Meadows Creek Charolais Bull Sale Montgomery, Ala.  December 2, 2011 Auctioneer: Chad “Cracker” Johnson, Chiefland, Fla. Averages: 21 Two Year Old Bulls......................... $3,700 5 Yearling Bulls.................................. $3,520 26 Lots.......................................... $3,665 Total Sale Gross................................ $95,300 By: Floyd Wampler High-selling lots: $4,800 – Bull. MC Montana 015, 2-12-10, by M6 Schurrtop 5226. To Donnell Farms, Bellwood, Ala. $4,500 – Bull. GDM Kitty Hawk 009, 1-19-10, by OW Sandcreek S179. To George Reid, Fort Deposit, Ala. $4,200 – Bull. RHM Alamo 9129, 12-2109, by M6 Schurrtop 5226. To Jason Greene, Louisville, Ala. Fieldman’s Notes: 46 Angus averaged $2,416; 20 Chi-Angus averaged $3,705; 10 Simmentals averaged $2,350; 1 Char x Angus averaged $3,400.

20th Annual Rancher’s Choice Charolais Bull Sale Nixon, Texas  December 3, 2011 Auctioneer: Greg Clifton, North Richland Hills, Texas Sales Manager: Outfront Cattle Service, College Station, Texas Average: 79 Lots.......................................... $2,468 Total Sale Gross: .............................. 196,350 By: Wes Chism High-selling lots: $5,000 – Bull. RE Mystery 829 ET, 1-5-10, by CJC Illusion N111. From Rick Evans, Brownwood, Texas. To Charles Smith, Jenks, Okla. $3,800 – Bull. Endsley’s Cigar Smoke 0102, 4-7-10, by Endsley’s Duke Stone 257. From Endsley’s Charolais Farm, Hastings, Mich. To O’Connor’s Ranch, Victoria, Texas. $3,800 – Bull. Endsley’s Quest 065, 3-17-10, by Endsley’s Stone Image 748. From Endsley’s Charolais Farm. To Brian Zwahr, Needville, Texas. $3,700 – Bull. Endsley’s Cigar Duke 089, 3-29-10, by Endsley’s Stone Image 748. From Endsley’s Charolais Farm. To Brian Zwahr. $3,600 – Bull. BC 066 Mac X02 PET, 1-3-10, by WCR Sir Tradition 066. From Gary Biggs, Godley, Texas. To Roehl Family, Yorktown, Texas. $3,600 – Bull. Endsley’s Vance 076, 3-21-10, by Endsley’s Duke Stone 257. From Endsley’s Charolais Farm. To Tom Lewis, Seguin, Texas.

Charolais Source Bull Sale Chester, S.C.  December 3, 2011 Auctioneer: Andy Elmore, Fallston, N.C. Sale Sponsors: Clayford Ranch, Patrick S.C.; Mazeppa Charolais, Mt. Ulla, N.C.; American Polled


Charolais, Lancaster, S.C. Averages: 11 Two-Year-Old Bulls.......................... 2,409 10 Yearling Bulls................................ $1,735 12 Open Heifers................................. $1,094 33 Lots.......................................... $1,727 Total Sale Gross................................ $56,975 By: Floyd Wampler High-selling lots: $3,000 – Two Year Old Bull. Mazeppa King 160, 3-11-10, by Mazeppa Track 472. From Mazeppa Charolais. To Thad Reames, Charlotte, N.C. $2,950 – Two Year Old Bull. CFR Supreme 022 P, 4-26-10, by HCR Supreme 6021 Pld. From Clayford Ranch. To Dickey Harper, York, S.C. $2,700 – Two Year Old Bull. KC Dealer K2, 3-19-10, by MT Real Deal 83P. From Mazeppa Charolais. To Dickey Harper. $2,100 – Yearling Bull. HHP Mr. Rambo 056, 9-12-10, by HHP Rambo Dyno 952. From American Polled Charolais. To Mike Reades, Roland, N.C.

Wright Charolais Female Sale Chillicothe, Mo.  December 3, 2011 Auctioneer: Rob Nord, Clinton, Ill. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales, Oakley, Kan. Averages: 12 Open Heifers................................. $3,179 13 Bred Heifers.................................. $3,327 11 Bred Cows..................................... $3,264 1 Donor.............................................. $4,000 2 Pregnant Recipients......................... $7,050 39 Lots.......................................... $3,472 Not included in above averages: 1 Flush............................................... $2,500 3 Percentage Open Heifers.................. $1,717 1 Steer................................................ $1,275 Total Sale Gross.............................. $144,325 High-selling lots: $7,600 – Pregnant Recipient. Heifer calf pregnancy, TR PZC Rapid Fire 9775 ET x JWK Clarice J139 ET. To Suttles Farm, Morton, Ill. $7,000 – Bred Heifer. WC Miss Duchess 0077 P, 2-26-10, by LT Rushmore 8060 Pld. Bred to LT Long Distance 9001. To Glenn Sellhorst, Fremont, Neb. $6,500 – Pregnant Recipient. Heifer calf pregnancy, LT Ledger 0332 P x JWK Clarice J139 ET. To Beavers Charolais, Collins, Iowa. $5,900 – Bred Cow. Faraway Zsa Zsa 458S P ET, 5-25-08, by LT Wyoming Wind 4020 Pld. Bred to TR PZC Rapid Fire 9775 ET. To Dybdal Charolais, Newcastle, Neb. $5,750 – Bred Heifer. WC Shirlel 0059 P, 2-1710, by LT Cheyenne Blend 7142 P. Bred to LT Long Distance 9001. To Glenn Sellhorst. $4,750 – Open Heifer. WC Kali 1003, 1-1011, by LT Blue Value 7903 ET. To Larry Vititow, Sulphur Springs, Texas. $4,500 – Open Heifer. WC CCC Clarice 1114, 1-13-11, by Mead-RF X-Factor G584 P. From Wright Charolais, Richmond, Mo., and Cody Cattle Co., Richmond, Mo. To Brian Ingram, Port Hope, Mich. $4,500 – Bred Cow. Miss RCB Rita R129, 4-905, by WCR Sir Paul 191 P. To Kelly Schannuth, Hardin, Mo. Note: Many breeders in attendance viewed historical Charolais material in the Litton

Stauffer Land & Livestock Lock, Stock & Barrel Complete Charolais Dispersal Ponoka, Alberta  December 7, 2011 Auctioneer: Dan Skeels, Rimbey, AB Averages (Canadian Funds): 76 Cow-Calf Pairs............................... $5,057 25 Bred Cows..................................... $2,296 16 Bred Heifers.................................. $2,868 2 Heifer Calves................................... $3,000 2 Bull Calves....................................... $3,200 2 Yearling Bulls.................................. $5,000 2 Mature Bulls.................................... $4,950 125 Lots........................................ $4,159 Total Sale Gross.............................. $519,950 High-selling lots: $9,200 – Cow-Calf Split. Stauffers Miss Carlo 110T, 2-10-07, by Stauffers Brown Noser 11R. Rebred to Shelco Made Easy 512R. Bull calf, 1-19-11, by HTA Durmax 642S. Cow to Rainalta Farms, Lamond, AB, for $4,700. Calf to Be-Rich Farms, Kitscoty, AB, for $4,500. $8,900 – Cow-Calf Split. SFL 016 Miss Delta 3K, 1-10-00, by KC Stolichnaya H016 ET. Rebred to HTA Durmax 642S. Bull calf, 1-23-11, by HTA Durmax 642S. Cow for $3,000. Calf to White Lake Colony, Barrons, AB, for $5,900.

Calhoun Bull Evaluation Center 42nd Annual Sale Calhoun, Ga.  December 9, 2011 Auctioneer: Carroll Cannon Sale Manager: Ted Dyer, Georgia Extension and Travis Turnquist, Agriculture Specialist, UGA Average: 8 Yearling Bulls................................. $2,688 8 Lots............................................ $2,688 Total Sale Gross................................ $21,500 By: Floyd Wampler High-selling lots: $5,000 – Yearling Bull. Bamboo Sir Duke 7340 0330, 10-15-10, by WCR Sir Duke 7340 P. From Bambo Road Farms, Marshallville, Ga. To Oak Hill Farm, Dawsonville, Ga. Fieldman’s Notes: Charolais bulls had the second highest average.

Ridder Farms & Guests The Showgirls Sale Hermann, Mo.  December 10, 2011 Auctioneer: Dennis Metzger, Whitman, Neb. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales, Oakley, Kan. Averages: 31 Open Heifers................................. $2,536 3 Cow-Calf Pairs................................. $3,333 2 Bred Cows....................................... $3,300 6 Bred Heifers.................................... $2,642 2 2/3 Bulls......................................... $3,290 44 2/3 Lots.................................... $2,683 Not included in above averages: 5 Steers.............................................. $1,640 5 Percentage Open Heifers.................. $2,710 1 Flush............................................... $5,000 Total Sale Gross.............................. $146,600 By: David Hobbs High-selling lots: $10,000 – Open Heifer. CCR CiCi 53 P, 3-2611, by OBGCE Beam 8213. From Creek Cut


Ranch, Carthage, Mo. To Umbaugh Charolais, Adair, Iowa. $5,000 – Flush. RLL Foundation Lil Sis F245 ET, 9-2-05, by LHDCigar E46. From Creek Cut Ranch. To Ridder Farms, Hermann, Mo. $5,000 – Open Heifer. WIA Ms Mogo’s Preview 522, 5-22-11, by HAMM Mogo U23. From Wild Indian Acres, House Springs, Mo. To Bar J Charolais, Liverpool, Texas, and MOGO Charolais, Florence, Ala. $4,900 – Open Heifer. CCR Angel 55 P, 4-8-11, by OBGCE Beam 8213. From Creek Cut Ranch. To Chance Bauman, Cheyenne, Wyo. $4,800 – Open Heifer. RF Ms Bud 123 P, 3-2511, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET. From Ridder Farms. To Matt Loggains, Violet Hill, Ark. $4,500 – Percentage Open Heifer. RF Ms Dakota Y20 P, 4-12-11, out of BOW Dak Wind 008K Polled. From Ridder Farms. To Rebecca Mallett, Baring, Mo. $4,500 – Bull. RF X-Rated 073, 9-25-10, by Mead-RF X-Factor G584 P. From Ridder Farms. To Rebecca Mallett (2/3rds interest, full possession.)

Shockey Charolais & Guests Profit Maker Sale Hope, Ark.  December 10, 2011 Auctioneer: Greg Clifton, North Richland Hills, Texas Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service, College Station, Texas. Averages: 25.5 Bulls........................................... $1,950 39 Females......................................... $1,990 64.5 Lots....................................... $1,973 Total Sale Gross.............................. $127,225 By: Wes Chism High-selling lots: $5,100 – Bull. DS Mr Big Cigar W20, 11-2309, by LHD Cigar E46. From Doug Shockey, Malvern, Ark. 1/2 interest to Mark DeBruycker, Bynum, Mont. $2,500 – Bull. DS Mr 160 Curlin X21 P, 2-13-10, by JDJ Curlin S3012 P. From Doug Shockey. To Bill Kendrick, Searcy, Ark. $2,500 – Bull. KCC Tradesmoke 928 P, 11-1309, by DS Tradin Cigars 655. From Kenneth Crow, Dardanelle, Ark. To Charles Jackson, Clarkesville, Texas. $4,200 – Female. Ms CC Schurshot 8017M4, 9-18-02, by CCR Schurshot 1107F7 PET. From La Chapolera Ranch, Wellborn, Texas. To Mark Vitanza, Centerville, Texas. $4,100 – Female. MD Ms Tradeline S3017, 8-20-06, by LHD Tradeline N1145. From Doug Shockey. To Bill Arlitt, Poteet, Texas, and Rick Evans, Brownwood, Texas. $2,900 – Female. BHD Ms Illusion R1469, 2-305, by CJC Illusion N111. From Doug Shockey. To Bill Butler, Nacogdoches, Texas.

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   29

TESTED•PROVEN•GUARANTEED Stewart & Steffensen ChArolAiS Bull SAle 5th AnnuAl

FeBruAry 11, 2012 • Saturday Madison Sale Barn, Madison, SD Stout, high SOnS performance Sell! bulls packed with muscle!

SOnS Sell! JS Sir Beyond 5218 Pld

Selling 50 Bulls Yearling & Fall Yearlings

One Penny Blanco Flash 6324 Pld

This Eatons Beyond son ranks in the Top 5% WW, 15% YW, 7% Flash x Rio Blanco - Ranks in the Top 9% YW, 2% MB, Avg. WW of MCE. Avg. WW of sons: 762 lbs. sons: 725 lbs.; YW: 1,334 lbs. Call for sale books.

Steffensen Charolais TRAVIS & DEB STEFFENSEN 21269 US Highway 81 · Arlington, SD 57212 605-983-5497 · (605) 203-0551 cell

JEFF & LINDA STEWART 44399 207th St. · Lake Preston, S.D. 57249 Phone or Fax: (605) 847-4836

Need to promote your Herd Sire? The spring issues of the Charolais Journal represent the perfect time to reach breeders as they make sire selection decisions for the breeding season. Contact a Field Representative today! Wes Chism Floyd Wampler 281-761-5952 423-612-2144 Colt Keffer 765-376-8784

30  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Journal Office 816-464-2474 Molly Schoen ext. 104 • David Hobbs ext. 200 •


GENETIC Robert Williams,

Director of Breed Improvement Director of Foreign Marketing

Improving Pounds of Calves Weaned

Matching Genetics is Key

Few things impact profitability as much as pounds of calves weaned per cow exposed, and no single trait can be singled out that will ensure you maximise profit. Several traits are responsible; genetics for growth, calving ease, maternal ability and reproduction as well as managing the environment which allows animals to express their genetics. As seedstock producers it is your responsibility to produce genetics to aid commercial producers to meet the goal of maximising production. This requires an understanding of genetic selection for various traits and how those traits relate to more calves weaned per cow exposed. Many commercial producers work with a setbreeding season, wean and market their calves at about the same time each year. Therefore, commercial producers are more concerned with actual market weight than the genetics a calf may have for growth even though he understands the genetics for growth are a primary component of market weight. The age of the calf, maternal ability of the dam, and calving ease in addition to genetics for growth all contribute to the number of calves and the weight of the calves at market time. The sooner in the calving season a calf is born the more days he has to market. Cows that calve earlier return more revenue. Clearly fertility of the cowherd is a primary component to profit. Furthermore, cows that have less difficulty calving breed back sooner and have higher conception rates. Therefore, a sire can have a major impact on the reproductive efficiency of the beef herd. There is no easy method to improve total pounds of calves marketed. There are selection tools and managing tips when implemented will have a direct and immediate impact on marketable weight. Genetics for adequate milk production, reproductive efficiency and genetics for growth come to mind. Notice I mentioned adequate milk production and not maximising milk production, research has shown maximising milk production may in fact have a negative influence on beef herd profitability. Paying close attention to calving ease and genetics for growth can have a positive impact on profitability. Matching the genetics of sires to maternal genetics will pay big dividends at market time. Those producers that provide quality management through good herd health and nutrition will allow superior genetics to be expressed. Producers who balance genetic selection with herd management skills will be rewarded with superior market weights and fewer calves being docked at market.

Create Excitement With Your Next Calf Crop

Call for a free sire Directory or view online

TR PZC Turton 0794 ET

43rd National Grand Champion Sound and Complete

TR Mr Firewater 5792

2011 AICA Show Sire of the Year Awesome Daughters!

SCR Bronco 9026 The Outcross! Proven Cow Families

Mead-RF X-Factor G584 P 2010 AICA Show Bull of the Year Calving Ease + Look • CHAROLAIS JOURNAL

1(866) 356-4565 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   31


Katelyn Snider, Vice President


JUNIOR Life Goes Fast

Take advantages of today.

Officers President Kaitlyn Lewis Monroe, IA (515) 205-9704

Treasurer Nick Hansen Laurel, NE (402) 518-0522

Vice President Katelyn Snider Neches, TX (903) 391-7222

Ex-Officio Nathan Glassman Keystone, CO

Secretary Tara Fountain Thompson, MO (573) 682-7339

Howdy! I am Katelyn Snider and I currently have the honor

today. Make the most of everything. If you go to Junior Nationals every year and you want to start competing in and privilege of serving as your AIJCA Vice President. As I different contests, do it! The time is now! Your only barrier is sit down to write this column this morning, I tried to think about all the wonderful advice and words of wisdom I could yourself, and please don’t let that stop you. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone at different shows throughout give you as younger AIJCA members and then a thought the year and introduce yourself to other exhibitors. Who crossed my mind; I am growing up way too fast. I have one more semester of college to go and I will be kicked out in the knows, you might just make a friend! At the very least, being able to talk to others will help you develop your personal “real world”. I have one more summer of junior nationals and I will be kicked out of the AIJCA and forced to become an skills and help you out in the long run. No matter what job you end up in, you will have to deal with people in some adult member. Guys, life goes by way too fast!! When I was little, I thought I would never get old. Now that form or fashion so take the first step today and get out of the “safe” zone. As for other possibilities that might present I am a little older, life just won’t slow down. As the years go

Directors By Area Area 1 Chelsea Woodcock Clovis, CA (559) 765-1092

At Large Matt Loggains Violet Hill, AR (870) 368-4857

Area 2 Abbey Thiel Isabel, SD (605) 848-0712

At Large Nick Hansen Laurel, NE (402) 256-3549

Area 3 Megan Fink Randolph, KS (785) 410-5559

At Large Dusty Pendergrass Bryan, TX (979) 571-2216

“...take the first step today and get out of the “safe” zone. All I can say is “just do it. ”

Area 4 Macie Wagstaff Price, TX (903) 646-5220

At Large Katelyn Snider Neches, TX (903) 391-7222

Area 5 Mason Lewis Monroe, IA (515) 205-9161

by I always think to myself, “Have I done everything I wanted to do?” Unfortunately, sometimes the answer is no. Do you want to know why? Well, it is either because I am “too busy” or it’s a little out of my comfort zone or I just thought I would have time later. Let me tell you guys, the time is now! If you have opportunities that present themselves, take it and run with it! If you’ve always wanted to go to Junior Nationals and had other things come up, go! Life will still be there when you get back. Do everything possible while you are still young enough to do them. I would hate for you to look back and think “Man, I wish I had done that”. Tomorrow is not promised to us so take advantage of

themselves, all I can say is “just do it”. The AIJCA is an organization in existence not only to help you make connections with other breeders and exhibitors but it is also here to guide and develop your leadership skills. As a leader, it is important for you to be able to take advantage of every opportunity. So, I write to you today to simply let you know that life is too short not to do what you want. It will pass you by in a blink of an eye, so live life to the fullest and make the most of everything. As we bring in the New Year, let us also bring in new commitments to start living life now. Happy New Year, everyone! I wish the best for you all and can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures.

Area 6 Tara Fountain Thompson, MO (573) 682-7339

Area 7 Haley Stalcup Prescott, IA (641) 344-6692

Area 8 Nicholas Chism Winchester, KY (859) 771-2452

Committee Chairmen Fundraising Nick Hansen Programs & Activities Katelyn Snider

2012 Junior National 32  

J A N U A R Y 2012

• Grand Island, Neb. • June 17-22


Membership Tara Fountain Junior National Kaitlyn Lewis

Aijca Membership Membership in the nationwide AmericanInternational Junior Charolais Association (AIJCA) is open to anyone 21 years of age and under as of January 1 of the present year. The initial membership fee is $30 and $25 annual dues thereafter.

2 1 20 / a t o s e n n i Min s n o c s i W


y r o t c ire


Check out these consignments to these upcoming Charolais sales...


Black Hills Stock Show Rapid City, SD

January 31st, 2012

JAB Blended Moonshine 045 Pld LT Easy Blend 5125 Pld x JAB Top Keisha 870 Pld Date of Birth: December 1, 2010 BW: 86 lbs. Adj 205: 872 lbs.

Also Selling: JAB Bullet In The Gun 102 Pld LT Wyoming Wind 4020 Pld x SCC Ms Bud 418-1128 ET Date of Birth: January 3, 2011 BW: 90 lbs. Adj 205: 775 lbs.

Iowa Beef Expo Des Moines, IA, February 13th, 2012


JAB Splendors Mogo 103 Pld Date of Birth: January 3, 2011 Hamm Mogo U23 x JAB Ms Splendor 502 P ET

J A Charolais &

Give us a call on these exciting lots!

Jeff, Angela, Shade & Breeze Bunker 13080 Janus Ave. • Sparta, WI 54656 (608) 269-0008 • (608) 633-5334 cell

JAB Candy Apple Red Date of Birth: April 15, 2011 Heat Wave x HTA Whitehot

Also Selling: JAB Top Secret 107 Pld Date of Birth: February 15th, 2011 JAB Top Shelf 690 Pld x C-B Ms Hotline 841

Special Thanks CC Nobody’s Girl 607 Pld

Tr CC NoT FiNished yeT 1754 P eT

American Royal Calf Champion Female Haley Stalcup

Tr CC KaTee 0765X eT Pld

Reserve Champion Charolais Belt Buckle Bonanza Champion Female North Texas State Fair Kaylee Smith

CC Tr Kara 007 Pld

National Calf Champion Female Kaylee Smith

CC Ms FireWaTer 0508 Pld

Reserve Champion Charolais Female BHSS Albrecht Family

To all those who exhibited and purchased (including those pictured above) Coudron Genetics the past year:

Bertsche Family Creasey Charolais Mandy Marthaler Bill Garrett Hhenslin Farms Mike Barron

2011 Junior National Class Winner Remi Wentjes

CC alejaNdro 0961 Pld

2010 National Calf Champion Bull, BHSS Champion Bull & People’s Choice winner Semen Available through Cattle Visions Owned with John Umbaugh

Andrew Van Lith Glenn Sellhorst Kent Johnk Issac Romero Will Blankers Charlie Eklund

Roger Hinrichs M&M Charolais Farway Farms Nate Suttles Watje Livestock Tom Cannon

Minnesota / Wisconsin Charolais Association Officers President............................. Clint Kathrein 11865 195th Street Little Falls, MN 56345 (320) 632-4132 Vice President..................... Chris Polzin 26450 665th Ave. Darwin, MN 55324 (320) 693-2846 Secretary............................. Roger Hinrichs 15766 Evans Ave NW Clearwater, MN 55320 (320) 558-2371 Treasurer.............................. Jeff Bunker 13080 Janus Ave Sparta, WI 54656 (608) 269-0008

Junior Advisor............... Rodney Balvitsch Junior Advisor............... Kari Fischer AICA/Charolais Journal North Central Representative: Colt Keffer (765) 376-8784 - cell American-International Charolais Association 11700 NW Plaza Circle Kansas City, MO 64153 (816) 464-5759

When you are a Member of the MN/WI Junior Charolais Association The Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program awarded heifer calves to seven FFA and 4-H youth at the Minnesota Beef Expo. Each winner is responsible for raising, breeding and maintaining complete records on care of the animal while providing monthly progress reports to the original owner and the Minnesota Beef Expo. Congratulations to Beth Moller from Princeton, MN, she received the Charolais heifer donated by Nelson Charolais, Rice, MN on behalf of the MN/WI Charolais Association. Thanks To Our Charolais Sponsors Who Make This Possible: Stony Brook Livestock Laumann Charolais Nelson Charolais 2H Cattle Company Liebelt Charolais White Ember Charolais One Penny Ranch RJB Cattle Kathrein Charolais HB Farms

Schoenfeld Stock Farm LLC North Grove Charolais Eklund Charolais J&A Charolais Double-H Charolais Redalen Cattle Company Mike and Amy Brass Polzin Cattle Zehnder Cattle Pat McGunegill

The MWJCA is a fun group of junior Charolais breeders who build friendships, compete in many events and learn valuable life lessons in a positive environment. It’s something great for the whole family—Join today! Look for us at all of these events: MWJCA 2012 Events: MN/WI Junior Field Day AIJCA Junior National Minnesota State Fair Minnesota Beef Expo World Beef Expo

Contact Junior Advisor Rodney and Jolene Balvitsch 507-649-1446 for more information about getting involved!

Minnesota / Wisconsin Charolais Association Members

Larry & Kathy Balvitsch Stony Brook Livestock 539 110th Ave SE Foley, MN 56329 (320) 968-7735 (320) 249-9271 Rodney & Jolene Balvitsch RJB Cattle 7324 SW 74th Ave Ellendale, MN 56026 (507) 451-0992 (507) 649-1446 Jeff & Angela Bunker J & A Charolais 13080 Janus Ave Sparta, WI 54656 (608) 269-0008 CCS Charolais Craig, Carla, & Sam Krone 18676 Cable Ave Lester Prairie, MN 55354 (612) 229-5577 Walter, Alice & Kim Coudron Coudron Charolais 2417 143rd Street NW Monticello, MN 55362 (763) 286-1998 Christopher Eklund Eklund Charolais 30025 Hupp St. NW Cambridge, MN 55008 (763) 691-8074 Ronald & Mary Enger Enger Charolais 1837 211th Ave. Madison, MN 56256 (612) 598-7832 Wayne & Amy Enger Enger Charolais 2090 180th Street Madison, MN 56256 (612) 598-7796 Feuchtenberger, Carter, Doug & Mike Highview Charolais 46703 255th Street Morris, MN 56267 (320) 589-2028 Brandon Fischer 52917 295th Street Grove City, MN 56243 (320) 857-2855 (320) 693-5933 Dennis & Kari Fischer North Grove Charolais 52917 295th Street Grove City, MN 56243 (320) 857-2855 (320) 693-5933 Ryan & Jamie Gerlach Flying JRL 11972 Alder St. Finlayson, MN 55735 (320) 233-7268 Greg & Karen Gosen Silvercrest Charolais 68831 150th Street Albert Lea, MN 56007 (507) 852-2920

Dale & Jill Hecht 2H Cattle Company 33695 CSAH 30 Grove City, MN 56243 (320) 693-9568 Harlin & Sue Hecht Double H Charolais 16732 283rd Street Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 243-4386 Howard & Laura Hecht Double H Charolais 15589 Cherry Path Rosemount, MN 55068 (651) 322-5286 (654) 687-8023 Mark & Becky Hecht Double H Charolais 639 Washburne Ave Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 243-7899 Louis Hinrichs Hinrichs Charolais Farm 9075 40th Street NE Clara City, MN 56222 Roger Hinrichs White Rose Charolais 15766 Evans Ave NW Clearwater, MN 55320 (320) 558-2371 Gregory & Gail Holtz HB Farms 11581 130th Street Little Falls, MN 56345 (320) 632-4696 Clint & Roxanne Kathrein 11865 195th Street Little Falls, MN 56345 (320) 632-4132 Duane & Susan Kuester White Ember Charolais N5709 330th Street Menomonie, WI 54751 (715) 235-3047 Larry & Vicki Kuester No Barn Charolais 720 Elm Ave E Menomonie, WI 54751 (715) 235-6442 Dan & Shauna Laufenberg N11471 Section One Rd. Hixton, WI 54635 608-386-3593 Laumann Charolais 16375 County Rd. 122 Mayer, MN 55360 (952) 955-1700 (612) 490-2254 cell Oscar & Connie Liebelt Liebelt Charolais W 486 County Road A Mindoro, WI 54644 (608) 486-4097 Randy & Joyce Lipinski South View Farm 59083 CSAH 36

Eden Valley, MN 55329 (320) 453-2074 Pat & Marlys McCullough McCullough Charolais Ranch Mgr.: Terry & Jonilla Kellogg 15810 Square Lake Trail N Stillwater, MN 55082 (651) 351-1285 Pat McGunegill 278 20th Ave Jasper, MN 56144 Mill Iron Lazy 5 Cattle Co. Michael & Amy Brass 4340 30th Ave. SE Rochester, MN 55094 (507) 536-4030 Dwain, Barb, Katie & Rachel Nelson Nelson Charolais 42146 115th Ave, Rice, MN 56367 320-253-7482 Chris & Leslie Polzin Polzin Cattle 26450 665th Ave Darwin, MN 55324 (320) 693-2846 Judd & Abbie Redalan Rt 1 Box 120 Fountain, MN 55935 (507) 421-0123 Steve & Carol Reinhardt 4 R Charolais 34996 480th Street Palisade, MN 56469 (218) 847-6818 Keith & Jennifer Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Stock Farm LLC 73412 420th Ave Lakefield, MN 56150 (507) 839-3212 Jim Volz 711 E Willis Street, Box 162 Hwy 169 S Elmore, MN 56027 (507) 943-3865 Kyle & Dan Wakefield Wakefield Farms 20701 150th Street New Richland, MN 56072 (507) 465-3756 Larry & Joyce Wakefield Wakefield Farms 20701 150th Street New Richland, MN 56072 (507) 465-3756 Jed Watje Watje Livestock 21943 62nd St NW Sunburg, MN 56289 (612) 720-1341 Val & Bev Watje Val Watje & Family Charolais 31273 810th Street Brewster, MN 56119 (507) 842-5694

Vincent & Suzanne Watje JDJ Charolais 7233 NW Hwy 12 Willmar, MN 56201 (320) 599-4457 Richard & Joann Wright Wright Charolais Farm 205 29th Street New Auburn, WI 54757 (715) 237-2280 Fax (715) 237-2887 Chad & Cameo Zehnder Zehnder Cattle 982 397th Ave. NW Stanchfield, MN 55080 (320) 396-3834 Dick & Linda Zehnder WDZ Herds 3748 Town Hall Road NE Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 (320) 253-0680 Bill & Penny Zimmerman One Penny Ranch 17358 165th Ave. NE Foley, MN 56329 (800) 395-4942

Annual Bull Sale

Kendra & Olivia Undefeated in Class 2011

At the Farm April 21, 2012

Kaylee & Krystil Res. Charolais MN State Fair

HB Farms

Greg, John & Bennie Holtz 11848 92nd Ave. Little Falls, MN 56345 Home: 320-632-4696 Cell: 320-630-3908

Kathrein Charolais Clint, Roxane, Kaylee & Kendra Kathrein 11865 195th St Little Falls, MN 56345 Home: 320-632-4132 Cell: 320-232-7336

PZC Brooklyn 939P ET

PZC Firefly 837 P ET

WDZ RJB Shenanigan 6005 P ET

WDZ Tiffany 7001 P ET

Fire Water x Thomas 0641 EPDS: 2.9 1.0 30 56 -2 4.0 13 1.2

Precision x Wind EPDS: 2.2 1.4 24 32 -4 1.5 8 0.7

NC Jackpot

He Sells at IOWA BEEF EXPO Feb. 13, 2012

Firemaker x Wind EPDS: -1.9 4.0 33 61 12 2.5 28 1.1

Budsmydad x Wind EPDS: 4.0 0.8 25 45 9 0.5 21 16


Firefly x Easy Blend EPDS: 0.2 2.8 39 67 3 2.3 23 1.0 Pictured at 7 months Also selling 2 show heifer prospects at Iowa Beef Expo

INQUIRIES Welcome on ALL Donors Embryos, Show Heifers, Bulls AVAILABLE PRIVATE TREATY

Thank you for investing in Nelson Charolais Genetics: Zehnder Cattle Wild Indian Acres Dybdal Charolais CR Farms Cheryl Scapanski Jason Hobson

NC Snickers 1101 P ET

Owned by Dybdal Charolais

Nelson Charolais

Dwain, Barb, Katie & Rachel Nelson 42146 115th Ave • Rice, MN 56367 (320) 253-7482 • (320) 290-5136

Double-H Charolais

Charolais Genetics Built On Excellence! We will be highlighting breed leading genetics with a “Donor Of The Month.” Embryos will be offered from some of the top genetic pieces in the Charolais breed.

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44 Years of Genetic Excellence Harlin & Sue Hecht & Family 16732 283rd Ave. • Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 243-4386 (320) 760-0359 Harlin cell •

M6 MS E46’S DUKE 248 PET 02/26/2002



EPDs: 1.8 Carc. EPDs:






63 0.27

-5 4.8 -0.017 -0.20



One of the most famous and prolific cows in the Charolais breed. She has produced $170,000 and $50,000 sons. DNA tested homozygous polled. Nautral bull calves average 89 lbs. BW; 722 lbs. WW; Natural Heifer calves averaged 75 lbs. BW; 703 lbs WW.

Embryos for sale by Cooley Royce 1107T39 Pld and JDJ Smokester J1377 P ET.

M6IMS SUPREME 0236ET 11/19/2000


EPDs: 1.2 Carc. EPDs:








35 -0.02

8 2.6 -0.010 -0.4



Dam of the 2007 Reserve Champion Female at Kansas City and 39th National Reserve Senior Champion at Louisville. Exceptional depth, fleshing ease and milking ability with champion show type.

Embryos for sale by Keys Ten-Acious 166S.







EPDs: -0.4 1.1 35 49 19 1.2 37 0.8 Carc. EPDs: 17 0.51 -0.023 -0.26 At the 39th National Show, Marion Progeny were: Junior Calf Champion Bull Calf, Res. Champion Jr. Get of Sire, Res. Champion Produce of Dam. She also produced the Reserve Champion at the Royal Breeders Classic. Her natural bull calves average BW: 98 lbs. and WW: 803 lbs. The natural heifer calves averaged BW: 85 lbs. and WW: 737 lbs.

Embryos for sale by Cooley Royce 1107T39 Pld, TR Mr Fire Water 5792R, TR PZC Rapid Fire 9775 ET and Keys Ten-Acious166S.

WAT-CHA KEEP UP 44K 02/20/2000




EPDs: 5.5 -0.2 14 26 1 3.3 8 Dam of the Canadian National Champion Bull, WAT-CHA Nth Degree. Igentity Tenderness Score 9 with a Marbling Score of 8. She is DNA tested homozygous polled. She was the Champion Two-Year-Old Cow-Calf Pair at Canadian Western Agribition. Her average WW ratio on first 6 calves is 116.

Embryos for sale by Keys Ten-Acious 166S.


EPDs: 3.0 Carc. EPDs:


40 20






64 0.22


3.9 29 -0.025 0.05


As much volume with very correct conformation as any cow in the breed. High selling lot in two sales. Natural heifer calves avg. 86 lbs. BW; 678 lbs. WW.

Embyros for sale by CJC Mr President T122, Keys Ten-Acious 166S and Cooley Royce 1107T39 Pld.


EPDs: 8.7









Carc. EPDs: 7 0.09 -0.024 0.01 One of the most highly proven matrons in the breed. Dam of OBG Elvira 4303, AIJCA Junior National Grand Champion. Dam of Double-H Elvira 639S, donor for Brad Rostad of Jamaica and Double-H. Granddam of OBG Elvira 8115 the AIJCA Junior National Grand Champion Female. Owned by Rathmourne Charolais, Port Austin, Mich.

Embryos for sale by Keys Ten-Acious 166S.


27 22




EPDs: 8.5 Carc. EPDs:



DOUBLE-H ELVIRA 639S ET 09/22/2006



50 0.00


5.1 22 0.011 0.06


Full sister to the AIJCA National Champion OBG Elvira 4303. High-selling female at 2009 Genetic Excellence Sale. Her daughter was high-selling open heifer at 2010 Genetic Excellence Sale. Natural heifer calves averaged 85 lbs BW; 713 lbs. WW. Owned by Brad Rostad of Jamaica.

Embryos for sale by LHD Cigar E46.

BC I’M A ZSA ZSA II ET 03/16/2007

EPDs: -2.6 Carc. EPDs:


26 16


51 0.28

10 1.5 23 -0.012 -0.15


One of the deepest, thickest females you will find anywhere. Full sister to the National Champion Zsa Zsa. Great udder structure. Owned with 2H Cattle Company.



EPDs: -10.5 3.2 32 Carc. EPDs: 24


59 0.45

14 -0.6 30 -0.020 -0.11


Dam of the $11,250 high-selling lot at the Sale of Excellence. Dam of RCR Ms Smokin Joe 15N, new donor for Double-H. Owned by Buddy’s Charolais and Heath Hyde Cattle.

Embryos for sale by CJC Mr President T122.

Embryos for sale by Cooley Royce 1107T39 Pld and Keys Ten-Acious 166S.

CJC MS LEGEND H124 02/08/1998



Look for embryos and calves out of these donors! They are available...just ask!

PZC TR Fight Like A Girl 008P OUR Firewater x 0641!! We can’t wait to share her progeny...

TR Ms Mary 7706T

WDZ Tygress 7060 P ET

RJB Cattle

Rodney, Jolene, Cassy & Cole Balvitsch

PZC Cruel Girl 816P

7623 SW 74th Ave. • Ellendale, MN 56026 (507) 649-1446 cell

Our Thanks to... Kaylee Kathrein Little Falls, Minn.

Adam & Casse Scapanski Sauk Rapids, Minn.

White Rose Liza Jane

White Rose Bridgette 110

Montezuma x Avalanche Northern Exposure 2011

LT Bridger x Tornado 2011 Minesota Beef Expo Champion Sale Heifer

B.J. Hansen Turton, S.D.

The Future Our 2012 Calves - Plus More -


Keys Ten-Acious 166S

CC Katelyn 8107 Pld

Tornado x Oahe Wind Northern Exposure 2011

x DJ Ms Unlimited 901

Fire Water x Fasttrack

Equalizer x Fasttrack

x Thomas Ms Trademark 4755 P ET Trademark x Verylimit 6033

White Rose Pandora

CML Diablo 2X

Roger Hinrichs 15766 Evans Ave NW • Clearwater, MN 55320 Home: 320-558-2371 • Cell: 763-286-2145

Building a Powerful Foundation 43rd TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET Pld National Grand Champion

M6 Ms 104’s Zsa Zsa 687 Grid Maker x Zsa Zsa

WDZ KF Twizzler 937P

Fasttrack x Precision x 0641

Thomas Ms Trademark 4753 P ET Trademark x Verylimit 6033

DA Marion 728 P ET Smokester x Marion 0025

Winning Where It Counts — To improve your bottom line with calving ease genetics in an attractive package that will perform.

Watje Livestock

281 Front Street PO Box 83 • Clements, MN 56224 (507)692-2267 •

Bull Sale • March 2012

Wakefield Farms –

A name you can trust for Performance Tested Charolais Bulls Since 1962

RC Distance 3154 Pld

LT Council 0150 Pld

LT Distance x Whitehot BW: 90 lbs. AWW/R: 826 lbs./121 AYW:/R: 1,432 lbs./115

Silver Distance x Cigar x YL06 EPDs: BW: -0.5 WW: 32 YW: 44 M: 8 TM: 24 SC: 1.3 REA: 0.17

EPDs: BW: 2.3 WW: 23 YW: 48 M: 12 TM: 24 SC: 0.6 REA: 0.42 MB: 0.04

Our 50th year raising Charolais.

Wakefield Farms Original Charter Member Minnesota Charolais Association Larry & Dan Wakefield 20701 150th St. • New Richland, MN 56072 (507) 317-3086 • (507) 475-1749 Kyle & Emily Wakefield • (507) 402-4640

Thanks to our bull customers! WF bulls are bred to calve easily; have powerful growth and carcass traits; quiet dispostions and are backed by a highly maternal cowherd. Selling Bulls by Private Treaty

Iowa Cattlemen Performance Tested Bull Sales Iowa Beef Expo Black Hills Stock Show

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Chad, Cameo, Sydney & Natalia Zehnder (320) 396-3834 home • (612) 554-2154 cell 982 397th Ave NW • Stanchfield, MN 55080

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hanks to all our friends and customers for a great 2011!

Thank You ivory angel

43rd National Champion female Congratualtions to Chesney Effling on her show ring success with Ivory Angel. Thank you to John and James Sullivan, Dunlap, IA, for selecting Ivory Angel from the 33rd National Sale for $76,000. They will be selling 5 embryos out of Ivory Angel from the Bull of Buyer’s Choice in the Charolais in the Rockies Sale, Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012. Selling 1/3 embryo interest in Ivory Angel’s mother, the FAMOUS Charolais Cow, Thomas Ms Impressive 0641, in Denver. Check out our website for more information.


43rd National Champion Bull Congratulations to Hansen Farms, Watje Livestock, Cavender Ranches and Nate Suttles on your show success with Turton.

Watch for our cattle in the 2012 Northern Exposure Sale. Embryos available at our Spring and Fall Embryo Sales. Check out Leslie Polzin (320) 282-2497 Cell Herdsman - Derek Vergin (651) 303-8021 for more information.

Chris, Leslie, Brooke and Desirae Polzin 26450 665th Ave • Darwin, MN 55324 (320) 693-2846 home • (612) 916-0105 cell



rd Charolais National Show and Sale North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, Ky.

n impressive exhibition of Charolais cattle from exhibitors representing 23 states and Canada welcomed breeders and cattlemen from across the country to Louisville, November 12th through the 14th. A record entry Junior Charolais Heifer Show kicked off the National activities with heifers from 16 states and Canada. The 33rd National Sale followed with 26 buyers from 16 states making selections in a record breaking event. One of the largest crowds of spectators during the week of twenty breed shows in Louisville, was on hand for the National Charolais Show judged by Brian Barragree, Absarokee, Montana, and the associate judge, Bruce Stertzbach, Louisville, Ohio.


J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2 î şâ€ƒ 49

43rd National Show Champions

Grand Champion Female TR PZC Ms Ivory Angel 0711 ET Junior Champion First Late Spring Yearling Female – Class 15B Chesney Effling, Highmore, S.D.; Sullivan Farms, Dunlap, Iowa and Sullivan Cattle Co., Dunlap, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Female B3 Miss Maura 17X ET Senior Champion First Junior Yearling Female – Class 19 Gregory Connell, Eugene, Mo.

Grand Champion Bull TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET Junior Champion First Spring Yearling Bull – Class 40 Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D.; Cavender Ranches, Jacksonville, Texas; Nathan Suttles, Morton, Ill. Hansen Farms, Turton, S.D. and Watje Livestock, Clements, Minn.

50  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Reserve Grand Champion Bull CCC Bud Heavy 903 Pld ET Senior Champion First Two-Year-Old Bull – Class 46 Cody Cattle Co., Richmond, Mo.; and Wright Charolais, Richmond, Mo.


43rd National Show Division Champions

TR CC Not Finished Yet 1754 ET Spring Calf Champion Female First Spring Heifer Calf – Class 1B Kaylee Madison Smith, Angleton, Texas

NS TR PZC Firedancer 1502P Reserve Spring Calf Champion Female First Spring Heifer Calf – Class 1D Nathan Suttles, Morton, Ill.

Big Creek CCC Mable 301Y Junior Calf Champion Female First Junior Heifer Calf – Class 4B Jeht Stateler, Hoskins, Neb.

M6 Ms Clean Sweep 176 P Reserve Junior Calf Champion Female First Junior Heifer Calf – Class 4A Emily Moore, Alvarado, Texas

OBG Elvira 030 Senior Calf Champion Female First Senior Heifer Calf – Class 7 Lauren Greeson, Coatesville, Ind.

Hayden ET23 Reserve Senior Calf Champion Female First Senior Heifer Calf – Class 8B Hayden Farms, Bardstown, Ky.; M.A.C. Cattle Co., Horse Cave, Ky.; Joseph Miller, Bardstown, Ky.

SHF Ms Perfect Mac 0059 Intermediate Champion Female First Summer Yearling Female – Class 12 William Shaffer, Carthage, Mo.

Hamm Mogo X24 Reserve Intermediate Champion Female First Late Summer Yearling Female – Class 11 Mogo Charolais, Florence, Ala.

TR PZC White Liar 0789ET Reserve Junior Champion Female First Early Spring Yearling Female – Class 16A Cally Thomas, Harrold, S.D.

WCR Ms Firewater 022 P Reserve Senior Champion Female Second Junior Yearling Female – Class 19 Cally Thomas, Harrold, S.D.

SHF ACE Ms Perfect Mac 8102 SHF Ms Calamity Jane Champion Cow-Calf Pair – Class 23 Kate Shaffer, Carthage, Mo.


CF Miss Chermin 109 RBC CF Charmin DBT RBC Reserve Champion Cow-Calf Pair – Class 23 Richard Compton, Ovid, N.Y. J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   51

43rd National Show Division Champions

52  

WDZ KF Cyclone 127 P ET Spring Calf Champion Bull First Spring Bull Calf – Class 26 Sydney Zehnder, Stanchfield, Minn.

MF Tuttle 104 Pld Reserve Spring Calf Champion Bull Second Spring Bull Calf – Class 26 Evan McClure, Gibson City, Ill.

WC CCC Full Metaljacket 1127PET Junior Calf Champion Bull First Junior Bull Calf – Class 29B Wright Charolais, Richmond, Mo.; and Cody Cattle Co., Richmond, Mo.

WC Up The Limit 1128 P ET Reserve Junior Calf Champion Bull Second Junior Bull Calf – Class 29B Wright Charolais, Richmond, Mo.

SHF Fire Power 0080 Senior Calf Champion Bull First Senior Bull Calf – Class 33 Katelyn Shaffer, Carthage, Mo.

Summit HDF Supreme X01 Reserve Senior Calf Champion Bull First Winter Bull Calf – Class 32 Summit Farms, Alden, Iowa

JASR Wing Man 46X Intermediate Champion Bull First Summer Yearling Bull – Class 37 Teanna Simpson, Thayer, Mo.; and Windy Hill Charolais Farm, Cedar Hill, Mo.

SCF Midway 0100 Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull First Late Summer Yearling Bull – Class 36 Nathan Suttles, Morton, Ill.; and Ronnie Despino, Colfax, La.

Keys All State 149X Reserve Junior Champion Bull Second Spring Yearling Bull – Class 40 Effertz Key Ranch, Velva, N.D.; and Nathan Suttles, Morton, Ill.

J A N U A R Y 2012


TR PZC Holywater 977 ET Reserve Senior Champion Bull Second Two-Year-Old Bull – Class 46 Holywater Syndicate, Saint Jo, Texas; Sublette Cattle Co., Lindsay, Okla.; and Thomas Ranch , Harrold, S.D.

43rd National Show Female Classes Spring Heifer Calves – Class 01A

Senior Heifer Calves – Class 08A

Calved April 15 to May 8, 2011 • 4 Shown

Calved September 24 to October 9, 2010 • 4 Shown

1. TR Ms Montella 1572Y, 5-4-11, by Gerrard Montezuma 6T, 630, 3.24. Cally Thomas, Harrold, S.D. 2. TR PZC NC Fire Fly 1746 ET, 4-15-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 650, 3.05. Thomas Ranch, Harrold, SD. 3. NS Ms Jail Bait 1415, 4-15-11, by KASS Kojack S45, 595, 2.79. Nathan Suttles, Morton, Ill.

1. TR Ms Sweetwater 0703X, 10-9-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,070, 2.67. Nathan Suttles. 2. OBG Elvira 004, 10-1-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,220, 2.98. Lauren Greeson. 3. CWC Sami 05329, 9-25-10, by WDZ Firemaker 6062 P ET, 1,155, 2.78. Christian Good, Macon, Miss.

Spring Heifer Calves – Class 01B

Senior Heifer Calves – Class 08B Calved September 1 to September 7, 2010 • 6 Shown

Calved April 1 to April 10, 2011 • 7 Shown 1. TR CC Not Finished Yet 1754 ET, 4-10-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 645, 2.96. Kaylee Smith, Angleton, Texas. 2. TR PZC RJB Hoohot 1745ET, 4-411, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 690, 3.08. Cally Thomas 3. TR CC Steal You Away 1753ET, 4-9-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 675, 3.08. Will Blankers, London Mills, Ill.

Spring Heifer Calves – Class 01C

1. Hayden ET23, 9-3-10, by SR/NC Field Rep 2158 P ET, 1,300, 2.97. Hayden Farms, Bardstown, Ky.; M.A.C. Cattle Co., Horse Cave, Ky.; Joseph Miller, Bardstown, Ky. 2. BLB Ms Southpaw 020 P, 9-1-10, by LC Mr Southpaw 7090 P ET, 1,175, 2.68. Caroline Davis, Iva, S.C. 3. TR Ms Sweetwater 0676X, 9-3-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,110, 2.54. Will Blankers.

Late Summer Yearling Females – Class 11 Calved July 2 to August 31, 2010 • 3 Shown

Calved March 10 to March 26, 2011 • 7 Shown 1. CCR Cici 53 P, 3-26-11, by OBGCE Beam 8213, 735, 3.15. Creek Cut Ranch, Carthage, Mo. 2. NWMSU Ms Successful 194, 3-10-11, by HCR Success 6073 Pld, 790, 3.17. Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Mo. 3. TR Ms Montea 1531Y, 3-20-11, by Gerrard Montezuma 6T, 695, 2.91. Thomas Ranch.

Spring Heifer Calves – Class 01D Calved March 3 to March 9, 2011• 4 Shown 1. NS TR PZC Firedancer 1502P, 3-5-11, by WR Wrangler W601, 835, 3.29. Nathan Suttles. 2. WC Passion 1215 P, 3-3-11, by DA Passport 502 P ET, 795, 3.11. Wright Charolais, Richmond, Mo., and Nick Williams, Breman, Ala. 3. Summit Ms IA Windy Y13, 3-6-11, by LT Easy Blend 5125 Pld, 805, 3.18. 5J Charolais, Syracuse, Mo.; Ridder Farms, Hermann, Mo.; Creek Cut Ranch.

Junior Heifer Calves – Class 04A Calved February 2 to February 18, 2011• 7 Shown 1. M6 Ms Clean Sweep 176 P, 2-18-11, by M6 Easy 3851 Pld, 890, 3.31. Emily Moore, Alvarado, Texas. 2. EOTT Ms Pearly Momma 4Y, 2-2-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 865, 3.04. Kallie Knott, Garrett, Ind. 3. WIA Ms Heartbreaker Pld, 2-3-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 835, 2.94. Wild Indian Acres, House Springs, Mo., and Macy Meadows, Street, Md.

Junior Heifer Calves – Class 04B Calved January 12 to January 25, 2011 • 3 Shown 1. Big Creek CCC Mable 301Y, 1-24-11, by TR Mr Firewater 5792RET, 850, 2.89. Jeht Stateler, Hoskins, Neb. 2. SVY HVA Flirtin 139Y, 1-25-11, by D R Revelation 467, 880, 3.00. Collin Langston, Huntington, Ind. 3. Big Creek Pistol Annie 111 P, 1-12-11, by Big Creek Indian Outlaw 932 P, 970, 3.17. Big Creek Charolais, Harrisonville, Mo. and Umbaugh Charolais, Adair, Iowa.

Winter Heifer Calves – Class 07 Calved November 17 to December 8, 2010 • 3 Shown 1. OBG Elvira 030, 12-8-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 945, 2.77. Lauren Greeson, Coatesville, Ind. 2. LG Delinda 81X, 12-5-10, by OBG Assertion 4906 P ET, 985, 2.86. Lauren Greeson. 3. HF Kyra 1036 P, 11-17-10 by Hoodoo Slasher 1144, 1,125, 3.11. Reed Hester, Finley, Tenn.

1. HAMM Mogo X24, 7-2-10, by HAMM Mogo U1, 1,360. MOGO Charolais, Florence, Ala. 2. LF Hannah 1012, 7-2-10, by LCOC Top Grade P043R, 1,310. Elliott McClure, Gibson, Ill. 3. CC TR Kara 007 Pld, 8-31-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,175. Thomas Ranch.

Summer Yearling Females – Class 12 Calved May 3 to June 4, 2010 • 5 Shown 1. SHF Ms Perfect Mac 0059, 5-7-10, by EJS Perfect Wind 3010 ET, 1,370. William Shaffer, Carthage, Mo. 2. 3G Cowgirl Xquisite, 6-4-10, by, LT Rio Bravo 3181 P, 1,425. Mariah Kinkade, Liberty, Mo. 3. Big Creek Snow Angel 051 P, 5-9-10, by HCR Success 6073 Pld, 1,345. Lane Duncan, Dyersburg, Tenn.

Late Spring Yearling Females – Class 15A Calved April 11 to April 20, 2010 • 3 Shown 1. BG Nancy 8025, 4-20-10, by Cooley Royce 1107T39, 1,475. Kip Wallace, Emerald,Wisc.; Garrett Charolais, Crossville,Tenn.; Jonathan Presley, Crossville, Tenn. 2. DSUL Katy 071 ET, 4-11-10, by Hoodoo Slasher 1144, 1,340. Hannah Winegardner, Lima, Ohio. 3. TR Ms Wylie Fire 0761X ET, 4-12-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,370. Cally Thomas.

Late Spring Yearling Females – Class 15B Calved April 1 to April 6, 2010 • 4 Shown 1. TR PZC Ms Ivory Angel 0711 ET, 4-5-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,580. Chesney Effling, Highmore, S.D.; Sullivan Farms, Dunlap, Iowa; Sullivan Cattle Co., Dunlap, Iowa. 2. 2TM Ms Impresive 08, 4-6-10, by OW Impressive U515 Pld ET, 1,405. Matthew Blankenship, Nolensville, Tenn. 3. BJCF 12R’s Fannie X52, 4-3-10, by HAMM Bramard 12R, 1,430. Bar J Charolais, Liverpool, Texas.

Early Spring Yearling Females – Class 16A Calved March 13 to March 23, 2010 • 5 Shown 1. TR PZC White Liar 0789ET, 3-16-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,610. Cally Thomas. 2. JM Ms Jwow ET, 3-23-2010, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,430. Stephanie Mack, Watertown, S.D. 3. EOTT Ms Sexy Momma 3X ET, 3-13-10, by LT Wyoming Wind 4020 Pld, 1,505. Kallie Knott.


J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   53

43rd National Show Female Classes Early Spring Yearling Females – Class 16B

Additional Female Class Winners

Calved March 2 to March 11, 2010 • 5 Shown 1. Faraway Magic Doll 39X Pld, 3-6-10, by D R Revelation 467, 1,365. Faraway Cattle Co. LLC, Alexandria, Va. 2. Miss Cedardale 44X, 3-2-10, by Sparrows Alcatraz 18N, 1,460. Oattes Charolais, Cobden, Ontario. 3. WGB-JAB Write This Down 011, 3-6-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,370. Will Blankers.

Junior Yearling Females – Class 19 Calved January 10 to February 25, 2010 • 7 Shown 1. B3 Miss Maura 17X ET, 1-10-10, by B3 Wyoming Cowboy T752, 1,590. Gregory Connell, Eugene, Mo. 2. WCR Ms Firewater 022 P, 2-9-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,480. Cally Thomas. 3. WC Coolbreeze, 2-9-10, by SVY AD Invincible P 748T, 1,520. Mason Winner, Ridgeville, Ind.

TR Ms Montella 1572Y First Spring Heifer Calf – Class 01A

CCR CiCi 53P First Spring Heifer Calf – Class 01C

Cally Thomas, Harrold, S.D.

Creek Cut Ranch, Carthage, Mo.

TR Ms Sweetwater 0703X First Senior Heifer Calf – Class 08A

BG Nancy 8025 First Late Spring Yearling – Class 15A

Nathan Suttles, Morton, Ill.

Kip Wallace, Emerald, Wisc.; Garrett Charolais, Crossville, Tenn. and Jonathon Presley, Crossville, Tenn.

Faraway Magic Doll 39X Pld First Early Spring Yearling – Class 16B

CCC Amelia 907 First Senior Yearling – Class 20

Faraway Cattle Co., Alexandria, Va.

Matt Loggains, Violet Hill, Ark.

Senior Yearling Females – Class 20 Calved December 18, 2009 • 1 Shown 1. CCC Amelia 907, 12-18-09, by LT Bluegrass 4017 P, 1,270. Matt Loggains, Violet Hill, Ark.

Cow-Calf – Class 23 2 Shown 1. SHF ACE Ms Perfect Mac 8102, 3-25-08, by EJS Perfect Wind 3010 ET, 1,800. Heifer calf, SHF Ms Calamity Jane, 4-15-11, by HAMM Mogo U23, 710. Katelyn Shaffer, Carthage,Mo. 2. CF Miss Chermin 109 RBC, 3-28-09, by 2UP Peugeot ET, 1,480. Heifer calf, CF Charmin DBT RBC, 5-23-11, by EC No Doubt 2022 P, 560. Richard Compton, Ovid, NY.

Herdsman of the year Alan Leifeste,Cameron, Texas

From left: Kevin Johansen, 2010 Herdsman of the Year; Alan Leifeste, 2011 Herdsman of the Year and Evelyn Nord, Miss Charolais USA. 54  

J A N U A R Y 2012

43rd National Charolais Show Judges From left: Brian Barragree and Bruce Stertzbach


43rd National Show Bull Classes Spring Bull Calves – Class 26

10, by Keys Specialist 18U, 1,935, 49.2. Effertz Key Ranch, Velva, N.D.; Nathan Suttles. 3. BJCF Powerball X51, 4-2-10, by HAMM Bramard 12R, 1,925, 40.0. Bar J Charolais.

Calved March 12 to March 29, 2011 • 3 Shown 1. WDZ KF Cyclone 127 P ET, 3-19-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 920, 3.83, 29.8. Sydney Zehnder, Stanchfield, Minn. 2. MF Tuttle 104 Pld, 3-12-11, by SVY Freedom Pld 307N, 970, 3.93, 37.5. Evan McClure, Gibson City, Ill. 3. Barrons Little Rosco, 3-29-11, by Cox Mr Tradition 1636, 835, 3.61, 29.2. Michaela Barron, Brodhead, Ky.

Junior Yearling Bulls – Class 41 Calved January 3 to January 28, 2010 • 2 Shown

Junior Bull Calves – Class 29A

1. MF Upgrade 1001 Pld, 1-3-10, by LCOC Top Grade P043R, 2,205, 40.2. Evan McClure. 2. MS Forward Progress, 1-28-10, by Freds Progress 7308, 2,115, 42.4. Millstone Charolais, Shelbyville, Ky.

Calved January 24 to February 17, 2011 • 3 Shown

Two-Year Old Bulls – Class 46

1. HPF CM Firebreak 104, 1-24-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,045, 3.55, 36.0. MDL Farms, Joy, Ill. 2. SVY Avalanche Pld 140Y, 1-26-11, by D R Revelation 467, 990, 3.39, 36.8. Winner Charolais, Farmland, Ind.; McGunegill Charolais, Jasper, Minn.; Voegeli Bros., Maymont, SK. 3. NWMSU Big Time, 2-17-11, by WC Big Ben 9036 P, 970, 3.59, 31.8. Northwest Missouri State University.

Calved January 5 to April 8, 2009 • 3 Shown

Junior Bull Calves – Class 29B Calved January 2 to January 20, 2011 • 5 Shown 1. WC CCC Full Metaljacket1127PET, 1-20-11, by WC-WCCC Rocketfuel 7109, 1,205, 4.04, 36.8. Wright Charolais; Cody Cattle Co., Richmond, Mo. 2. WC Up The Limit 1128 P ET, 1-20-11, by LT Royal Blend 7216 P, 1,140, 3.83, 35.2.Wright Charolais. 3. HF PZC Bazinga 108, 1-9-11, by Gerrard Montezuma 6T, 1,065, 3.45, 36.2. Hansen Farms, Turton, S.D.

1. CCC Bud Heavy 903 Pld ET, 1-21-09, by WDZ Bud 434 Pld ET, 2,460, 43.1. Cody Cattle Co.; Wright Charolais. 2. TR PZC Holywater 9777 ET, 4-8-09, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 2,620, 46.7. Holywater Syndicate, Saint Jo, Texas; Sublette Cattle Company, Lindsay, Okla.; Thomas Ranch. 3. Sharodon Wyatt 3W, 1-5-09, by LT Bluegrass 4017 P, 2,385, 42.2. Sharodon Farms, Peterborough, Ontario.

Additional Bull Class Winners

Winter Bull Calves – Class 32 Calved November 6 to November 15, 2010 • 2 Shown 1. Summit HDF Supreme X01, 11-6-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,360, 3.65, 40.5. Summit Farms, Alden, Iowa. 2. CCC Absolute Precision 11X, 11-15-10, by WDZLPC Precision 4032PldET, 1,340, 3.68, 34.4. Triple C Farm, Bremen, Ala.

HPF CM Firebreak 104 First Junior Bull Calf – Class 29A MDL Farms, Joy, Ill.

MF Upgrade 1001 Pld First Junior Yearling Bull – Class 41 Evan McClure, Gibson City, Ill.

43rd national Show Dedicatee

Senior Bull Calves – Class 33 Calved September 2 to October 29, 2010 • 6 Shown

M & M Charolais, Perry, Okla.

1. SHF Fire Power 0080, 9-2-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,400, 3.20, 39.9. Katelyn Shaffer. 2. RF X-Rated 073 P, 9-25-10, by Mead-RF X-Factor G584 P, 1,410, 3.40, 38.4. Ridder Farms. 3. Hayden ET22, 9-6-10, by SR/NC Field Rep 2158 P ET, 1,385, 3.19, 39.2. Hayden Farms.

Late Summer Yearling Bulls – Class 36 Calved July 6, 2010 • 1 Shown 1. SCF Midway 0100, 7-6-10, by GCR Fasttrack 25, 1,605, 36.7. Nathan Suttles; Ronnie Despino, Colfax, La.

Summer Yearling Bulls – Class 37 Calved May 5, 2010 • 1 Shown 1. JASR Wing Man 46X, 5-10-10, by PF Paratrooper 8235 P, 1,905, 43.2. Teanna Simpson, Thayer, Mo.; Windy Hill Charolais Farms, Cedar Hill, Mo.

Spring Yearling Bulls – Class 40 Calved March 11 to April 9, 2010 • 4 Shown 1. TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET, 3-11-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, 1,825, 44.6. Thomas Ranch; Cavender Ranches, Jacksonville, Texas; Nathan Suttles; Hansen Farms; Watje Livestock, Clements, Minn. 2. Keys All State 149X, 4-2-

Kevin Wiley accepting the 43rd National Show Dedicatee Award for M&M Charolais. ( l to r) Neil Orth, AICA Executive Vice President, Kevin Wiley and Harlin Hecht, AICA President


J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   55

43rd National Group Classes Group Class Winners Produce of Dam • 3 Shown 1.Thomas Ms Impressive 0641, Thomas Ranch. 2.Thomas Ms Impressive 0641, Thomas Ranch. 3. Hoodoo Ms George Z0116, Summit Farms.

Junior Get-Of-Sire • 2 Shown 1. TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, Thomas Ranch. 2. Gerrard Montezuma 6T, Thomas Ranch.

Get-Of-Sire • 2 Shown 1.TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, Thomas Ranch. 2.TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET, Thomas Ranch.

First Produce of Dam

First Junior Get-of-Sire

Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D.

Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D.

Breeders Herd • 1 Shown 1. Thomas Ranch

Group of Five Head • 1 Shown 1. Thomas Ranch First Get-of-Sire

First Breeder’s Herd

Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D.

Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D.

First Group of Five Head

Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D.

ROE Award Winners

Challenge Trophy Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D.

56  

Claiming the AICA Challenge Trophy at the 43rd National Charolais Show was Thomas Charolais, Harrold, S.D. The Challenge Trophy is presented to the breeder whose cattle compile the largest point total for individual class, champion and breeder’s herd group placings. This represents the tenth time that the operation has claimed the trophy dating back to the 26th National Show in 1994.

J A N U A R Y 2012


33rd National Sale


he 33rd National Sale was held November 13, 2011, in Louisville, Kentucky. An overflow crowd attended the pre-sale social sponsored by Bamboo Road Farms, Stephen Cummings, Marshallville, Ga., Kentucky Charolais Association and Kentucky Department of Agriculture. The sale witnessed active bidding realizing a $3,356 increase in the average over the previous National Sale. Twenty six buyers from 16 states made selections. Rob Nord, Clinton, Ill., served as auctioneer for the sale and Hubert Cattle Sales,Greg Hubert, Oakley, Kan., was the sale coordinator. The sale was sponsored by the American-International Charolais Association and hosted by the Kentucky Charolais Association. The 33rd National Sale Committee members were as follows: Chairman-John Chism, Winchester, Ky.; Larry Lehman, Tioga, Texas; Bob Tibbs, Havre de Grace, Md.; and Derry Wright, Richmond, Mo.

33rd National Charolais Sale Averages 4 Bred Heifers....................................................................$25,875 6 Bred Cows......................................................................... $7,917 7 Open Heifers.................................................................... $5,257 5 Flushes............................................................................... $6,800 28 Embryos.......................................................................... $1,129 21 Lots grossed $253,400 to average $12,067

High-Selling Lots: (Refer to 33rd National Sale Booklet, October Charolais Journal) Lot 1 - $76,000 – Bred Heifer. TR PZC Ms Ivory Angel 0711 ET, 4-5-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET. Bred to WR Wrangler W601. From Chesney Effling, Highmore, S.D., Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D., and Polzin Cattle, Darwin, Minn. To Sullivan Farms and Sullivan Cattle Co., Dunlap, Iowa.

Road Farms, Marshallville, Ga. To Cavender Ranches, Jacksonville, Texas. Lot 7 - $8,000 – Bred Cow. Three Trees Ruby 2964 ET, 11-1702, by 2UP Peugeot ET. Bred to D&D Dominator 2762 ET. From Clear Water Cattle LLC, Aberdeen, Miss. To Southern Cattle Co., Marianna, Fla. Lot 9 - $8,000 – Cow. Hales Ms Duke 765, 9-7-07, by VCR Sir Duke 914 Pld. From Hale Farms, Louisburg, Mo. To Andrew Foglesong, Ipava, Ill. Lot 20 - $7,500 – Open Heifer. WC Passion 1215 P, 3-3-11, by DA Passport 502 P ET. From Wright Charolais, Richmond, Mo. To Nick Williams, Breman, Ala. Lot 8 - $7,000 – Bred Cow. SR Coquette D049 4200 ET, 1012-04, by LT Wyoming Wind 4020 Pld. Bred to OHF White Oak 907 Pld. From Oak Hill Farm, Dawsonville, Ga. To Hayden Farm, Bardstown, Ky.

Lot 4 - $18,000 – Flush. LT Brenda 1014 Pld, 2-25-01, by WCR Prime Cut 764 Pld. From Lindskov-Thiel Ranch, Isabel, S.D., and Ibach Quarter Circle Ranch, Ansley, Neb. To Jon Proehl, Parkston, S.D.

Lot 15 - $7,000 – Open Heifer. Hayden ET23, 9-3-10, by SR/NC Field Rep 2158 P ET. From Bethany Cruse, Richmond, Ky., and Hayden Farm. To M.A.C. Cattle Co., Horse Cave, Ky., and Joseph Miller, Bardstown, Ky.

Lot 1A - $15,000 – Embryos. 5 embryos from the mating of TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET X Thomas Ms Impressive 0641, From Chesney Effling, Thomas Ranch and Polzin Cattle. To Blankers Cattle Co., Maquon, Ill.

Lot 17 - $7,000 – Open Heifer. WIA Ms Heartbreaker Pld, 2-311, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET. From Wild Indian Acres, House Springs, Mo. To Macy Meadows, Street, Md.

Lot 14 - $14,000 – Bred Heifer. BG Nancy 8025, 4-20-10, by Cooley Royce 1107T39. Bred to BOW Dakota Wind 2074M Pol. From Kip Wallace, Atwood, Tenn. To Garrett Charolais, Crossville, Tenn., and Jonathon Presley, Crossville, Tenn. Lot 12 - $13,500 – Bred Heifer. Choice of two bred heifers. From Eaton Charolais, Lindsay, Mont. To Wienk Charolais Ranch, Lake Preston, S.D. Lot 11 - $10,000 – Bred Cow. Choice of female herd. From Rogers Bar HR, Collins, Miss. To Wesley Ranch, Tupelo, Miss. Lot 6 - $8,000 – Bred Cow. OHF Vanessa 488 ET, 9-22-04, by VCR Sir Duke 914 Pld. Bred to DA Passport 502 ET. From Bamboo

Lot 10 - $6,500 – Bred Cow. Choice of VCR Miss Duchess 433 daughters. From M&M Charolais, Perry, Okla. To Southern Cattle Co. Lot 22 - $5,000 – Open Heifer. RF Nancy 125 P, 3-26-11, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET. From Ridder Farms, Hermann, Mo. To Garrett Charolais and Jonathon Presley. Note: Charolais breeders from across the country stepped forward with a cutting edge offering of semen and embryos to benefit the Jordan Mack Memorial. Breeders from 10 states and Canada made selections benefitting the memorial netting $12,575.


J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   57

43rd National Show Sponosors Bar J Charolais, Liverpool, TX

Macy Meadows , Street, MD

Bethany & Graci Cruse, Richmond, KY

Millstone Charolais , Shelbyville, KY

Big Creek, Crutcher and Hankins ,

MOGO Charolais , Florence, AL

Harrisonville, MO

Nathan Reinhart , Paragould, AR

Blue Grass Seed , Bardstown, KY

Nord Farms , Bloomington, IL

Bovine Elite LLC , College Station TX

OakHill Farm , Dawsonville, GA

Broken Box Ranch , Williams, CA

Outfront Cattle Service , College Station, TX

Bruce Mitchell , San Antonio, TX

Red River Valley Farm , Winchester, KY

Courtney & Mathew Gilliam , Lancaster, KY

Ridder Farms , Hermann, MO

Cox Charolais , Campbellsville, KY

Riverdale Land & Cattle , Sunset Hills, MO

Cross Mountain Charolais , Catlett, VA

Rob Nord, Auctioneer , Clinton, IL

Deb Norton, Graphic Arts , Topeka, KS

Satterfield Charolais , Norfork, AR

Doub Charolais , Danville, IN

Scott Carey , Madison, GA

Double- H Charolais , Paynesville, MN

Summit Farms , Alden, IA

Franz Ranch , Sidney, MT

Suttles Charolais , Murrayville, IL

Genetics Unlimited , Winchester, KY

Thomas Ranch , Harrod, SD

Greg and Brenda Hubert,

Utopia Genetics , Grovespring, MO

Hubert Cattle Sales , Oakley, KS

Volunteer Charolais , Tazwell, TN

Hayden Farm , Bardstown, KY

WGB Charolais , London Mills, IL

J&S Ranch , Koshkonong, MO

Windy Hill Charolais Farms , Cedar Hill, MO

John Mitchell , Koshkonong, MO

Wright Charolais , Richmond, MO

Lehman Charolais , Tioga, TX 58  

J A N U A R Y 2012


Lifetime of Dedication Merits

Continued Success for M & M Charolais by Linda Eck


hat started as an adventure between brother and sister more than 40 years ago has turned into a purebred cattle operation of major proportions for Mary Malzahn, grand lady of M & M Charolais, to which the 43rd National Charolais Show was dedicated. Mary Malzahn, owner of the M & M operation is a grand lady by all definitions, recognizing value in the people she’s

entrusted with her cattle and lending a dedicated hand to the environment as a strong steward of land on which M & M Charolais calls home. Raised in Blackwell, Okla., Mary joined forces with her brother when she first got the notion to get in the cattle business; and together they purchased some heifers, looking to Charolais because of the amount of meat they were able to produce. Now, in what may seem to Mary as a short passing


J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   59

of time, the M & M name stands synonymous with quality bloodlines backed by a solid reputation built on integrity. Married to an entrepreneur just getting started with a new venture, it wasn’t long before Mary moved her Charolais herd to its permanent home in Noble County, Okla., where she and her husband, Ed, procured some land that would help them both to follow their dreams. Now, at the age of 90 and after 43 years of membership in the American-International Charolais Association, Mary’s impressive herd of 250 momma cows graze over 4,000 acres of native grasses, Bluestem and Bermuda, just northwest of Perry, Okla. Conveniently located just a few short minutes from town, the only thing between M & M and Perry is Ed’s Ditch Witch headquarters. Ed, who began Ditch Witch by putting his mechanical engineering degree to work in his father’s machine shop, focused on growing his business by striving for customer satisfaction through quality products, while Mary kept moving her herd forward much in the same manner. A quick glance at the Ditch Witch website and it’s easy to pick up on the shared values of these two progressive entrepreneurs. As they journeyed forward over the years both succeeded by placing value on bloodlines. Ditch Witch proclaims its success to the strong bloodlines of dedicated employees from hometown families, much the same as Mary values the bloodlines of her cattle, but more importantly the dedication of Kevin Wiley, with whom she’s held in confidence for ranch operations for nearly 30 years. “She’s been very trusting,” Wiley said noting that when it came to the cattle, Mary left all the decision making to him. “She never really has tried to force an opinion on what I do.” “Mary is a very good steward of the land,” Wiley added. “We have improved pastures and do a lot of spraying for weed control.” Being sure not to overstock and taking care of the weed population, has helped the ranch maintain a strong nutritional base for the herd. Stockpiling for the winter is standard and cottonseed cubes are used for protein supplementation when needed. Up until about two years ago Mary was at headquarters every morning ready to go as Wiley headed out to look at the cows.

“‘Must be doing something right, everything looks good.’ Those are always her comments when it comes to the herd,” said Wiley, who relies on an intensive artificial insemination and embryo transplant program to keep the herd on top of the game. Rod Lighty works with Wiley as assistant manager for the program and an OSU student works part time. While Wiley does all of the A.I. work, Dr. Kirk Gray of Cross Country Genetics North, near Manhattan, KS has been responsible for the embryo transplant program at M & M from the beginning. Utilizing an ET program since the mid 1980s, Wiley said they first focused their breeding on show ring competition and developing a bull market in an effort to gain notoriety for their young, yet progressive program. While the M & M cattle captured many successes over the years, receiving the honor of “Show Female of the Year” for two show seasons, 1990-91 and 1994-95, bears the most significance for Wiley. Another milestone for the M & M herd came in 1999 when Wiley purchased VCR Miss Duchess 433 in a Four-State Sale at Carthage, Mo. “She was tan colored, had been dehorned, but the genetics were something I was looking for – moderate frame, really thick with a lot of volume,” said Wiley as he remembered the purchase. Wiley put the cow to work in the M & M donor program and over the years Duchess has produced 157 progeny registered at AICA. “We’ve used popular sires like Wyoming Wind and they were always good,” he said of the Duchess progeny. Although deceased, daughters of Duchess by LT Wyoming Wind, 4020, M6 Grid Maker 104, B/T Smart Choice, ASC Eliminator 032 and LT Wind Storm 8223 dot the pastures at M & M. Wiley couldn’t pick just one stand out from the descendants of this prolific cow. He only noted that many have been shown and many entered the donor program to continue the Duchess legacy.

“Mary is a very good steward of the land. We have improved pastures and do a lot of spraying for weed control.” – Kevin Wiley In 2009 Wiley put M & M back on the show road, taking progeny of the recently purchased bull, DR Stealth 574 to compete at the National Western in Denver. “The first calves were unbelievable,” said Wiley. “You can advertise all you want, but until you see ‘em...we took out a pen of five bulls and pen of three heifers and some other cattle to compete on The Hill.”

60  

J A N U A R Y 2012


Revisiting the show ring was a good decision as M & M entries claimed honors for the Champion Pen of Five Bulls and Champion Pen of Three Heifers at The Yards and also made a good showing on The Hill with three class winners and two division champions. Now, the M & M program “is producing cattle that can compete in the pasture with a focus on raising bulls with lower birth weights and higher performance that commercial cattlemen like,” noted Wiley. “We still sell show heifers, many to juniors. But we also sell seed stock females and the majority of our bulls go to commercial producers.” As far as production sales are concerned, “We found out that 250 cows is just not enough if you do your job correctly, culling like you should and putting into a production sale what you need to,” said Wiley of M & M’s history. “Too many production sales dilute the number of quality cows in a small herd. If I’m putting something in a sale, it’s something I want to buy. You don’t put culls in a sale…they go to the sale barn.” M & M proudly hosted the World Charolais Congress in 2010, as the first stop of the tour which took 160 guests representing 15 countries on an eight-day jaunt from Oklahoma City to San Antonio. Wiley said preparations were similar to hosting a production sale and guests were welcomed to the ranch’s fine facilities with pens trimmed out in the traditional ‘Ditch Witch orange and tan’ that has become iconic for the herd. “We had several head on display…Wyoming Wind x Duchess daughters, Stealth…it was a fun event,” he said. “We served a big breakfast to folks from all over the world and we had a good time.” The continued dedication of Mary’s M & M Charolais to producing quality individuals, has done exactly what’s it supposed to as customers keep returning for private treaty bull and female sales. “There’s just not a lot of Charolais breeders that have been in the business as long as she has,” praised Wiley of Mary’s dedication to the success of M & M and its longtime reputation for top seed stock offerings.

Kevin Wiley accepting the 43rd National Show Dedicatee Award for M&M Charolais. L to R: Neil Orth, AICA Executive Vice President, Kevin Wiley and Harlin Hecht, AICA President

“There’s just not a lot of Charolais breeders that have been in the business as long as she has,” praised Wiley of Mary’s dedication to the success of M & M and its longtime reputation for top seed stock offerings. CHAROLAIS JOURNAL

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   61

2012 Junior National Deadlines


May 10

Early Registration/ Entry Deadline

May 1

NEW THIS YEAR Final Registration/ Entry Deadline

May 10

When Mother Nature needs a hand... ...get your calves off to a healthy start ®


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DeBruycker Charolais GENETICS continue to lead the way!!

Participant ages for all contests are based on Junior member’s age as of May 10, 2012.

62  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Carcass Data on 267 Purebred DeBruycker Charolais Heifers

82% Prime or Choice • 90% Yield Grade 1’s and 2’s Average Ribeye Area 14.77 inches • Average Back Fat .37 inches

Just what the Industry DEMANDS!

Look us up online — For more information:

DeBruycker Charolais

28th Annual Bull Sale Western Livestock Auction,Great Falls, Mont.

APRIL 7, 2012 —

1690 6th Lane N.E. • Dutton, MT 59433 Lloyd & Jane (406) 476-3427 Joe & Cathy (406) 466-5821 Mark & Belva (406) 469-2371 Brett & Kay (406) 476-3214

“Creating Greater Rancher Returns”

SeveranCe DiamonD CharolaiS

Performance and Quality Bull Sale Saturday • 1:30 PM

JanuarY 21St

Kist livestock auction, mandan nD

Selling 58

Yearling Charolais Bulls

Most AI sired by some of the Top Bulls in the Breed 5 Coming 2 Year Old Bulls, Calving ease with growth and Power!


Come take a look at grandma and grandpa’s cattle.

Purebred Charolais Bred Heifers, many AI bred and most AI sired, Due to calf Feb. thru April

Bulls Selling Sired by

Gerrard Montezuma 6T, 10 sons sell EC No Doubt 2022, 13 sons sell LT Easy Blend 5125, 4 sons sell Eaton’s Royal Dynasty, 2 sons sell LT Stagecoach 8068, 10 sons sell ACE Prime Up 981, 7 sons sell LT Silver Distance 5342, 2 sons sell LT Cheyenne Blend 7142, 3 sons sell Sons of LT Blue Grass, Blue Value, Marshall and Fargo also sell

Bred Heifers sired by

SVY Kaboom • LT Silver Distance LT Easy Blend • SCH-RC Pioneer Sparrows Fargo • Finks 2250 ACE Prime Up 981 • EC Iron Man 2027



Lot 44 Sired by LT Stagecoach

Lot 36 Sired by Prime Up 981

46 Lot 46 Sired by LT Stagecoach

157 Lot 36 Sired by EC No Doubt

Bred Heifers bred to

LT-HC Blue Rock 0368P • LT Long Distance 9001 LT Easy Blend 5125 • Raile 2250 U044


Watch our web site for pictures and updated performance information. 37 years of performance and quality.

Jan L. & Sally Severance 28200 254th ST SW Ryder, ND 58779 701-758-2478 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   63

2012 Junior National Donation Lots Yearling Bull Donated by Karen Ibach

Silencer Chute Donated by Dubas Cattle Co

Bull Y58 • AICA#-M805111 • DOB: 3-6-2011

* Use of a silencer chute for one year. * This chute is valued at $10,000. * Contact Tom Sonderup at 308-550-0254 or email at if you would like to use a chute for a year.

Sire: LT Bluegrass 4017P Dam : IQCR Miss Valuation 325P AICA#-F1008783 * Karen has graciously donated a yearling bull calf with all proceeds going to the 2012 Junior National in Grand Island, Nebraska. * The bull will be auctioned April 12, 2012, at the Sonderup Charolais Ranch, Inc. Bull Sale. *Contact Tom Sonderup at 308-550-0254 for further information.

In Vitro Fertilization Donated by Trans Ova Genetics *2 Certificates for one In Vitro Fertilization Cycle with conventional or previously-sexed semen *These certificates will be auctioned off at the Charolais in the Rockies Sale, National Western Stock Show, Denver, on January 15, 2012. *Contact Jamie Keep at 308-750-3398.

Gro-Rite Mineral Donated by Gro-Rite

* A ton of Gro-Rite Summer Mineral *This will be auctioned off at the Charolais Bull and Heifer Sale at the Nebraska Cattleman’s Classic, February 23, 2012. *Contact Larry Dybdal at 402-841-9784.

AIJCA Raffle

*The AIJCA National Board will be selling a maximum of 150 Tickets at $50 each. Items available: 1st- Tru-Test Scale, 2nd- Flush from Utopia Genetics

*Tickets will be drawn at Junior National, June 17-22, 2012. *Contact an AIJCA Board Member or AIJCA Treasurer Nick Hansen at 402-518-0522.

An online auction will begin February 1, 2012 at

Semen from the Breed’s Top Bulls including... Baldridge Fasttrack 82F Baldridge Kojack 29K DS Ali Showcup Pld 825 ET Gerrard Montezuma 6T HCR Institute 5054 Keys All State 149X Keys Ten-Acious 166S LHD Mr Perfect Y416 LT Easy Pro 1158 Pld LT Ledger 0332 P

Semen Tank —

LT Long Distance 9001 Pld LT Rio Bravo 3181 P Pro-Char Clyde 79T Schurrtop 5627 SCR Bronco 9026 SCR Tuffy 0119 TCC Lightning Strikes U2 TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET WDZ Northern Wind 8022 Pld ET WR Wrangler W601

Donated by Genex and Oakwater Ranch Planning for the 2012 AIJCA Junior National, June 17-22, 2012, in Grand Island, is well underway! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2012 Charolais Calendar and to everyone who has already graciously sent in donations. If you are interested in making a donation they can be sent to: Andrea Benes - Treasurer, PO Box 424, Valparaiso, NE 68065. If you need further information please contact: Krista Dybdal - 402-692-3704 or 402-841-8091 Jamie Keep - 308-245-3146 or 308-750-3398 64  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Intriguing Embryo Matings including... DA Ms Marion 328 P ET x TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET Oakwater Ranch Foundation Matings PZC Cruel Girl 816P x Gerrard Montezuma 6T Go to for a complete listing. All items will be sold to the highest bidder on April 1, 2012. Contact Kristian Rennert at 308-440-9463 or Kate Kraenow at 402-649-8048 for further information.

Sponsored by DV Auction Lots Donated by Generous Charolais Breeders

Stay connected with the Charolais community at the comfort of your inbox! Contact Marilou to get signed up –– (816) 464-2474 ext. 400 Or visit and sign up on the homepage!

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   65

Minneapolis, Minn.  October 22, 2011 Judge: Jerome Settles Hoskins, Neb. Champion Sale Heifer: White Rose Bridgette 110, 3-12-11, by LT Bridger 9191 Pld. White Rose Farms, Clearwater, Minn. Reserve Sale Heifer: Double-H Gold Money 033X, 10-5-10 by Double-H Goldmine 609S. Double-H Charolais, Paynesville, Minn.

Canadian National Charolais Show Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto, Ontario  November 4, 2011 Judge: Lane Evans, Kenaston, SK Grand Champion Bull: Rollin Acres Oh Yeah 8X, 1-3-10, by PCFL Ultimate 14R. Rollin Acres Charolais, Shellburne, ON, Whiskey Hollow Cattle Co., Norwood, ON, and Loval Farms, Warkworth, ON.

7W, 1-11-09, by Sparrows Coach 467S. Bull calf, Cornerview Yancy 8Y, 3-1-11, by Cornerview Wallstreet 3W. Cornerview Charolais, Cobden, ON. Reserve Grand Champion Female: Cedardale Shadow 69S, 4-3-06, by Sharp Hills 26K. Heifer calf, 3-3-11, Cedardale 95Y, by WDZ Firemaker 6062 P ET. Cedardale Farms.


Minnesota Beef Expo Sale Show



AIJCA MEMBERSHIP North American International Livestock Exposition Junior Charolais Heifer Show Louisville, Ky.  November 12, 2011 Judge: Johnny Johnson, Craig, Neb.

Canadian Western Agribition

Grand Champion Heifer: TR PZC Ms Ivory Angel 0711 ET, 4-5-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET. Chesney Effling, Highmore, S.D.

Regina, Saskatchewan  November 25, 2011

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer: TR PZC White Liar 0789ET, 3-16-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET. Cally Thomas, Harrold, S.D.

Judge: Darren Pagent, Donalda, AB. Grand Champion and RBC Beef Supreme Challenge Champion Bull: CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W, 1-1-09, by KAYR Grid Iron 400S. Cedarlea Farms, Hodgeville, SK, CSS Charolais, Paynton, SK, and Char-Mo Charolais, Leduc, AB.


Champion Heifer

Champion Bred & Owned Heifer: SHF Ms Gypsy Soul, 9-1-10, by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET. Kate Shaffer, Carthage, Mo.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull: SVY Liberty 128Y, 1-20-11, by Sparrows Landmark 963W. Serhienko/Voegeli Cattle Co., Maymont, SK, and Kay R Charolais, Waskatanean, AB.

Reserve Champion Heifer

Grand Champion Female: JSR Juniper 32X, Reserve Grand Champion Bull: Cornerview 1-12-10, by SVY Freedom Pld 307N. Rollin Xcalibre 27X, 1-29-10, by Sparrows Coach Acres Charolais, Shellburne, ON. 467S. Cedardale Farms, Nestleton, ON. Reserve Grand Champion Female: Gerrard Grand Champion Female: Cornerview Willow Evetta 2Y, 1-2-11, by Gerrard Montezuma 6T. Gerrard Cattle Co., Innisfail, AB.

Minnesota Beef Expo Champion Bred & Owned Heifer

AIJCA Donation Lot - Bronze Sculpture Donated by: Hebbert Charolais Ranch, Hyannis, Neb. Champion Sale Heifer

Canadian National Charolais Show Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Sells in the Charolais in the Rockies Sale Sunday, January 15, 2012 • 2:30 p.m. (MST) National Western Stock Show, Denver, Colorado

About the artist -

Champion Female

Champion Bull

Canadian Western Agribition

Champion Female

66  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Champion Bull

Jake Hebbert was raised on his family’s ranch in western Nebraska. He was given the opportunity to learn bronze craftsmanship by working for naturalist wildlife sculptor, William Davis. This sculpture is a combination of Jake’s longtime interest in art and his respect for the beauty of horses.

Mark Your Calendar!

September 13 - 17, 2012 Oklahoma City – Fort Worth


Oklahoma City


Ft. Worth

Watch for Details! J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   67

Visit the web site –

Your Source for Performance Charolais Genetics

Contact these seedstock breeders for herd sire prospects and herd building females.

Mark Your Calendar! January 26 January 31 February 7 February 8 February 11 February 22 March 2 March 27

Sioux Empire Farm Show, Sioux Falls Black Hills Stock Show, Rapid City Cheyenne Charolais Bull Sale, Philip Watertown Winter Farm Show, Watertown Stewart/Steffensen Bull Sale, Madison Larson Ranch Bull Sale, Presho Sandmeier Bull Sale, Bowdle Hansen Farms Bull Sale, Aberdeen

Selling Bulls & Females Private Treaty

Steffensen Charolais

Bull Sale • April 19, 2012

JAMIE EGGLESTON 21130 379th Ave. • Wessington, SD 57381 (605) 883-4602 • Fax: (605) 883-4924 •

Platte, South Dakota DAVID MASON Phone & Fax: (605) 337-2521 Cell: (605) 680-0780

Impressed 620 x Duchess 351

Harry & Troy Thomas

Bull Sale April 10, 2012

Space Available Contact Colt Keffer 765-376-8784

Odden Charolais Ranch Colome, SD 57528

(200 miles Southwest of Lake Preston)

Brian & Janna Adam, Ethanie & Andrew (605) 842-1185 - Home (605) 203-1228 - Brian cell (605) 203-1229 - Adam cell

Steve - Myrna - Greg - BJ 405 Samara Ave. • Volga, SD 57071 • (605) 627-5229 •

Reich Ranch Charolais Bull Sale • April 12, 2012 Range-Raised Performance Tested Since 1957 Quality Females For Sale Private Treaty

Wells Charolais Ranch

Bull Sale April 7, 2012

15446 419th Ave • Conde, SD 57434 Richard & Heather Wells (605) 784-3409 Jason & Nina Jo Wells (605) 784-7824 www.

68  

J A N U A R Y 2012


Featuring– M6 Grid Plus 713 Pld

BW WW YW TM REA MB EPDs 1.0 28 55 27 0.58 0.05

1007 Kingsbury Belle Fourche, SD 57717  (605) 892-4366

39120 192nd Street Wagner, South Dakota 57380 (605) 384-3300, (605) 491-0986

Space Available

Space Available

Contact Colt Keffer

Contact Colt Keffer



Vedvei Charolais

Herd Sire Prospects & Embryos for Sale Private Treaty

“2000 AICA Seedstock Producer of the Year”

44213 204th St. Lake Preston, SD 57249 Alan & Deb Vedvei (605) 847-4529 E-mail: Fax (605)847-4810

30th Annual Bull Sale • Mar. 2, 2012

Calvin Sandmeier (605) 285-6179

Gary Sandmeier (605) 285-6766

13123 322nd Ave. • Bowdle, SD 57428



Contact Colt Keffer

SVY Rush 715 T Pld


Space Available

S.D. Charolais Breeders Association 2008 Outstanding Seedstock Producer


Scott & Kim Jensen 20379 441st Avenue • Lake Preston, SD 57249 (605) 847-4755 E-Mail:

If you are looking

Bull Sale • Feb. 11, 2012

EPDs: 7.3 -1.4 24 29 4 -1.1 16 0.5

Tim and Ree Reich

performance Whoa, for polled cattle, call:

JS Sir Platinum 6204

PF El Duke 9021 P ET

THOMAS RANCH Harry & Troy Thomas Families 18439 Capri Place Harrold, SD 57536 Harry: (605) 973-2417 Troy (605) 973-2448

CLARENCE E. MASON Phone: (605) 337-3545

Travis & Deb Steffensen & Family 21269 US Hwy. 81 Arlington, S.D. 57212 Home: (605) 983-5497


Bull Sale Mar. 27, 2012

HANSEN 39804 163rdBJSt.Hansen • Turton, SD 57477 FARMS (605) 635-6346 • (605) 228-6199

Bull Sale • Feb. 11, 2012






Akin Charolais

MV2070Trifecta259 M787933 Scott Tipton Phone: (706) 754-8462 1001 Preacher Campbell Rd. Cell: (706) 200-6655 Clarksville, GA 30523

Mountain View Charolais

Jim Akin 6700 County Road 71, Lexington, AL 35648 (256) 229-5395 Res. (256) 710-4897 Cell Home of the Super Grazer 168


BJR Summerford Charolais

15493 Co. Rd. 57 Hillrose, CO 80733 Bred For

Robert A. Summerford II 4087 Hwy. 31 SW Falkville, AL 35622 Located 12 miles north of Cullman (256) 784-5275 Bus. (256) 784-5831 Res. Alan Summerford • (256) 758-0652 E-Mail:

Performance~Carcass Quality~Disposition Bull Sale • April 13, 2012

Pat Gebauer & Luan August (970) 847-3345



Home of “Easy Edge” “Unlimited Edge”, “WCR Duke 054”, “Roundup”, “WCR Design 075” and “Copperhead” Quality and Performance Charolais in North Alabama

Your Herd Bull Source

WCR Sir Duke 7340 P


Bamboo Road Farms LLC

A.W. “Buck” Compton Box 160 Nanafalia, AL 36764

Stephen Cummings

2509 Old Perry Road Marshallville, GA 31057

home: (334) 736-4349 office: (334) 736-4221

(478) 396-5832

CF Frontline 124I ET Pld JEFF CAGWIN (309) 692-2472


Curfman Farms Rt. 2, Griggsville, IL 62340

54 years of quality seedstock production Rick Curfman (217) 285-5213

McCary & Son Charolais Farm Levi & Brian McCary 334-872-9060 334-505-6338 334-419-0538

Home of JWK Vanessa D029 ET Donor: 2244 x 934

Daniel Hammond 15300 Co. Rd. 2 • Florence, AL 35633 (256) 766-6354 •

Roger Curfman (217) 236-5761 Ryan Curfman (217) 248-7711


635 Valleyview Drive Valley Grande, AL 36701


FARMS 8816 N. Voorhees Rd. Edward, IL 61528

OFakHill arm “Focus on the Family”

OakHill Farm Home of Bennett Charolais Wayne & Lois Bennett Barn: (770) 893-3446 Home: (770) 893-2674 Cell: (770) 826-9551

1779 Holcomb Road Dawsonville, Ga 30534

Cattle For Sale Private Treaty


“Charolais Since 1960”

Producing quality breeding stock for 52 years. Paul Bertsche & Sons 4540 E. 1700 N. Rd. • Flanagan, IL 61740 Dale (815) 796-2950 cell (815) 674-4419 Paul (815) 796-2662 cell (815) 674-7994 Steve (815) 796-4440 cell (815) 674-2395 Larry (815) 842-1849 cell (815) 674-2397

“We don’t keep our cows, they keep us.” J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   69

Keith Farms

Marion Keith 6719 State Rt. 154, Tamaroa, IL 62888 (618) 967-0291 • (618) 201-6261







BAR S Ranch

Innovative Beef Production

Since 1945 Bull Sale March 9, 2012 Paradise, Kansas 67658 David Dickerson Ken Stielow (785) 998-4386 (785) 998-4335

Fancy Creek Charolais Purebred Charolais Since 1968

Don & Charlotte Olsen and family 17050 Tuttle Creek Blvd. • Randolph, KS 66554 Home: 785-363-2519 • Cell: 785-313-2099

Oakdale Duke 9003 Pld

Duke 135 x Mac 2244 x Tradition 066

Breeding Charolais since 1956 1460 Penn Road Belleville, KS 66935 Home (785) 527-5047 Cell (785) 527-1269

Raile Charolais Farm Rt. 1, Box 389 St. Francis, KS 67756 Cliff (785) 332-2794 William (785) 332-2498

Females for Sale Private Treaty

EPDs: 5.1 -3.8 28 62 26 2.7 40 0.8 Ron & Diane Nord & Family 2104 Charolais Lane Bloomington, IL 61704 (309) 828-1448 or (309) 827-0457 (309) 275-0409 Ron cell

Raising Charolais Since 1962



Megan, Lori & Galen Fink

Beef Genetics

15523 Tuttle Creek Blvd. Randolph, Ks 66554 Phone/Fax: (785) 293-5106




Charolais • SimAngus • Composites

Three Trees Wind 0383 ET Pld

Hubert Charolais Ranch 33rd Annual

EPDs: 13.9 -2.7 27 54 8 6.7 21 0.9 Semen: $20/straw; $35 signing



Polled Bull Sale 510 Maple Ave. Oakley, KS 67748 April 3, 2012 David Hubert (785) 672-3528

Joe, Marlene & Andrew Doub 8614 W. 100 N. • Danville, IN 46122 (317) 539-6718 home • (317) 440-0525 cell




Vaughn Family Ranch

Purebred herd sire prospects and commercial bulls available

...building a program around proven genetics


Private treaty bull sale middle of march

Brett, Tina and Madison Beavers

Featuring Service Of:

Jerry, Sarah, Corey, Jared, Aaron & Briana Vaughan 14630 E. 44th St. S. Derby, KS 67037 ( 316) 733-4436

WOODEN CROSS CATTLE CO. 557 190th Road Hillsboro, KS 67063 (620) 381-1712 K E N T U C K Y Meet Your Kentucky Charolais Association Members Member ads • Classifieds • News

Lester Laue (785) 337-2600 Brant Laue (913) 541-8982

Stalcup Farms Charolais “Quality Polled Charolais”

Craig Stalcup Thomas Redneck 2609M Jim Stalcup (641) 322-4946 1407 Poplar Avenue 36th National Champion Prescott, Iowa 50859 (641) 340-1128 cell (641) 335-2351

70  

Derek Schrader (785) 499-6809

Females and bulls for sale private treaty

28378 710th Ave • Collins, IA 50055 515-460-3074

Everett & Julie Shepherd (515) 321-4270 • Stuart, Iowa

HCR Director 5012 Pld 0.6 28 52 19 33 0.8 Baldridge Fasttrack 82F -2.9 26 39 15 28 -0.1

Hanover, Kansas 66945

Annual Bull Sale Feb. 22, 2012

Spencer & Laci Schrader Weston & Josi 2118 Oxbow Rd., Wells, KS 67467 (785) 488-2135 home (785) 488-7204 Spencer cell (785) 488-7227 Laci cell

J A N U A R Y 2012

1194 Smith Ridge Rd. Campbellsville, KY 42718 Mitchel Cox - Owner/Gen. Mgr. (270) 465-7584

Harris Charolais Farm


“Ivory Angel” Full sibs at the farm 4 full sibs to to 0641 on the ground!

The Complete Bull FC Turbo 756P

EPDs:1.4 56 73 -5 23 0.8 Semen: $25/straw; $30 signing fee Bull Sale • April 11 88361 575th Ave • Newcastle, NE 68757 Home: 402-692-3704 • Cell: 402-841-9784 Larry & Krista Dybdal

Excellent Genetics in the Bluegrass

Adrian & Conda Harris

557 Sims Pike • Georgetown, KY 40324 (502) 867-9966 off. • (859) 983-1804 cell



Dybdal Charolais

McCullough Charolais Ranch Home of Miss Adalida 30th National Grand Champion

Hayden ET23 43rd National Reserve Senior Calf Champion Heifer

Owner: Pat and Marlys McCullough Visitors Welcome

Hayden Farm

James, Cathy, & Brooke Hayden 4430 Bloomfield Road Bardstown, KY 40004 (502) 349-0005

Stillwater, MN 55082 (651) 351-1285 fax: (651) 351-2927 • Bulls, Heifers, and Embryos Available Private Treaty at all times

Breeding Quality Charolais Seedstock Since 1962 1/2 Owner of Baldridge Fasttrack

Wakefield Farms

M A R Y L A N D Tradition of Quality

MCF Ms Dandy P01 Pld

F993948 Production EPDs: 2.7 -0.9 11 24 7 5.3 12 0.2 Carcass EPDs: 13 0.009 0.001 0.11

Myers Charolais Farm

Leroy E. Myers, Sr.

14633 National Pike Clear Spring, MD 21722 (301) 582-1554

Larry, Kyle & Dan Wakefield 20701 150th St. • New Richland, MN 56072 (507) 317-3086 • (507) 475-1749

3545 Old Level Road Havre de Grace, MD 21078 Visitors always welcome



Quarter Circle Ranch Karen Ibach 46060 Rd. 793 • Ansley, NE 68814 (308) 732-3370

Franz Ranch 39 Years in the Purebred Charolais Business

Ray, Jon, & David Franz 13221 CR 339 • Sidney, Montana 59270 Ray (406) 798-3675 Jon (406) 798-7740

Dean Churchill Bull Sale HC 37, Box 54 April 10 Valentine, NE 69201 (402) 376-2314 Headquarters Ranch

Mansfield, Missouri Butch Alsup • (417) 926-8416

Clark & Gail Brevig

Home of White Squall Bob & Judy Tibbs (410) 734-6873

30th Annual Bull Sale • April 14 Dave Hebbert (308) 458-2540 Mose Hebbert (308) 458-2329

Schurrtop Angus & Charolais

676 Quarry View Lane • Lewistown, MT 59457 (406) 538-5579 phone • (406) 538-6479 fax •


Sure Performance Cattle

Rambur Charolais

Howard Rambur d 406-489-3255 (cell) Production Sale 2nd Saturday in April

40842 Farnam Road Farnam, NE 69029 John (308) 569-2520 Ryan (308) 320-4067 Marty (308) 362-4941

RC Denver

RC Feedlot d RC Cattle Phone: 406-482-3255 • Fax: 406-482-3802 34790 CR 118 • Sidney, MT 59270 Email: website:

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   71

Wagonhammer Ranches Box 548 Albion, NE 68620 (402) 395-2178 or 395-6962



Rick & Lisa Wilson Hart Box 865 Chickasha, OK 73023 Office (405) 224-0645 Home (405) 224-0694

The Total Performance Brand

Wagon Wheel Charolais Ray D. Winz & Sons


Rt. 2 • Holdrege, NE 68949 Ray (308) 995-5515, Doug (308) 567-2288 Steve (308) 567-2286 Contact us for Semen on our Trait Leading Sires.

Hilltop C Polled Charolais Pasture Proven Charolais Since 1962 Kirk & Peggy Castleberry

Rt. 2, Box 8 Ninnekah, OK 73067

West Fork Ranch Roseann Wilson (308) 745-0378 RR 1, Box 19 • Loup City, NE 68853


Zeisler Charolais

(405) 224-1116 Cell (405) 574-2685

FOX HOLLOW Quality Charolais Stephen & Michal Mellott


PO Box 56 Catoosa, OK 74015

Richard L. Zeisler

90445 476th Ave. • Butte, NE 68722 (402) 775-2569


Breeding Registered Charolais Since 1959 34th Annual Bull Sale • Feb. 18, 2012

Gerald and Loretta Effertz and Family PO Box 640 • Velva, ND 58790-0640

(701) 720-1156Roger (701) 720-1363 Kevin (701) 338-2980 Office

Neil (701) 223-5202 Bryan (701) 624-5104

Introducing –

Eatons Trail Boss 9099 Pld EPDs: 2.4 0.8 15 52 9 8.3 18 0.5



4Calving Ease 4Performance 4Proven Cow Family

Charolais Cattle Since 1971



LT Easy Ride 1153 Pld

Bill B. King • Box 5, Stanley, NM 87056 Day (505)220-9909 • Home (505)832-4330 72  

J A N U A R Y 2012



“44 years of Breeding Charolais”

Peter Stamer, owner (973) 729-9751 47 Snover Road, Lafayette, NJ 07848


Bruce Smith - General Mgr. 31522 Twp. Rd. 312 Coshocton, OH 43812 (740) 502-1967 (C) (740) 824-4009 (H)

DR Stealth 574

Kevin Wiley Ranch Manager (580) 336-9241 (580) 572-2555

NIPP CHAROLAIS Curtiss & Brenda Nipp HC 66, Box 76 Bull Sale Overbrook, OK 73453 012 April 7, 2 (580) 668-3332



Clay Boscamp 303 County Road 459 Waelder, TX 78959 (830) 857-5130


Black Mingo Ranch


RR RR Imprint H66 Polled

EPDs: 1.1 14 29 8 15 0.4 1999-2000 AICA Show Bull of the Year

“Registered Polled Charolais Since 1969”

M.E. & Sandra Clemons

15211 Browns Ferry Road • Georgetown, SC 29440 (843) 448-3031 • (843) 527-4336

DOUBLE R DEES CHAROLAIS Roy R. & Sammye L. Dees Route 1, Box 5335, Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Farm (936) 560-0794 Houston (281) 443-3074

Nubbin Ridge Farm

Mike King, Farm Manager Home of: TLD Mr Cigar 628P M719706 - Cigar x 8121 JWC $20 Cigar ET M631706 - Full Brother to Cigar JWC 2 Hot 118 ET F940873 - Full Sister to Cigar JWC Rich Lady 117 ET F940872 - Full Sister 914 155 Nubbin Ridge Circle (864) 972-9203 home Westminster, SC 29693 (864) 958-1343 cell

Fluharty Farms Bruner Polled Charolais Focused on Genetics

E.E. “Gene” & Glenda Bruner 4 miles east of Grandview 12320 FM 916 Grandview, TX 76050 Home: (817) 866-2839 Cell: (817) 202-7680

Brian Bruner Austin, Texas Cell: (512) 797-3711

F1085264 EPDs: 2.7 27 42 11 25 1.1

Herd Sires HCR Supreme 6021 P CFR Power House 304 P ET HBR Auto Pilot 685 P Tommy & Sherrille Wilks P.O. Box 118 Patrick, SC 29584






Bill Pendergrass • (979) 203-6800 Gause, TX •

Roy Hann 1300 Walton Dr. College Station, TX 77840

David & Georgeanne Webb David Webb Jr. 317 Old Vinland School Road Easley, SC 29640 H: (864) 246-6203 C: (864) 640-7756 Email:

Performance Charolais Genetics


HF Miley UM65 Pld –

Visitors Welcome

Charolais & Angus


Office: (979) 696-7414 Ranch: (979) 279-2587 Fax: (979) 696-9245

K&K Charolais Ranch Quality Charolais Raised in the Rocks at Cherokee, San Saba County, Texas

Kenneth Kuykendall (325) 622-4227 • FAX (325) 622-4673

Dennis Charolais

...easy calving...     ...explosive growth... DCF Pure Gold 802 P EPDs: 1.3 32 54 13 29 0.9 Eric Dennis 170 Rock Bluff Road Saint Jo, TX 76265 • (940) 995-2161

40th National Reserve Grand Champion Female

Double O Charolais Spring Sale March 24 525 Daniels Road • Marshall, TX 75670 Alton & Wilma Oney & Family • (903) 935-3554


Kevin & Jessica Moore Bull Sale • March 23 “When You Depend On Beef For Your Bottom Line...”

2929 Oak Hill Road • Alvarado, TX 76009 Kevin cell (817) 822-7109 Jessica cell (817) 822-7402 •

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   73

arti Charolais



Wes Marti 1701 CR 310 Cleburne, Texas 76031 Ranch (817) 645-0239 Fax (817) 556-0110 •


atman harolais Steve Patman

453 FM 55 Waxahachie, TX 75165 (972) 937-5628 PC Mr Stonecold P862


C a n a d a

Dean Barton Manti, Utah

(435) 835-7263 (435) 340-1396 Don Barton AICA Hall of Fame

65 Years of Selective Breeding Full French Charolais George Marti 3601 South Highway 171 Cleburne, Texas 76031 Office (817) 558-0079


W a s h i n g t o n

Bull Sale • February 25, 2012 “The Brand You Can Count On”

Registered Breeder Since 1969

Alan & Leslie Alexander 5412 Birch Road • Pasco, Wash. 99301 • (509) 545-8816 •

TC Cattle Company A Complete Source for Quality

Myles and Lisa Tellefson 20427 Rd 1 SE Warden, WA 98857 (509) 349-0611 • (509) 750-4384 e-mail:

W i s c o n s i n Don & Mary Jane Schill 465 FCR 781 Donie, TX 75838 (254) 359-4387

Kyle & Shay Schill (254) 230-5527 Steve & Debby Smith (281) 351-1500

W R I G H T C HAR O LAI S FAR M Quality   Polled    Performance Since 1973

TriniTy Valley CommuniTy College

R A N C H regisTered Charolais CaTTle 100 Cardinal Drive . Athens, TX 75751 Marc Robinson 903.675.6285


Spring Bull Sale • Feb. 8, 2012 P.O. Box 595 • Raymondville, TX 78580 (956) 689-5162 • Fax (956) 689-3693 E-mail: Web: Billy & Claudette...................(956) 689-5162 Billy Mobile............................(956) 535-0938 Mitch & Linda........................(956) 689-6379 Mitch Mobile..........................(956) 535-0936

74  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Stop by and visit.

Richard & Jo Ann Wright 205 29th Street New Auburn, WI 54757 (715) 237-2880 Fax: (715) 237-2887

J&A Charolais

Jeff, Angela, Shade & Breeze Bunker 13080 Janus Ave. • Sparta, WI 54656 (608) 269-0008 • (608) 633-5334 cell

W y o m i n g HLB Charolais

Reach Potential Customers Advertise your breeding program in the Charolais Breeders section each month!

Harold L. Brethour Shirley A. Brethour

1 inch- 11x rate: $30/issue Prepaid 1 year (11 issues): $330

111 West 22nd Ave. • P.O. Box Y Torrington, Wyoming 82240 Home (307) 532-3604 Office (307) 532-2110 Fax (307) 532-2106 E-mail:

2 inch - 11x rate: $60/issue Prepaid 1 year (11 issues): $627

• Each additional inch: $30/issue • 5% discount for 1 year (11 issues) prepaid ads Stan & Mary Bonacker & Family Cedar Hill, MO Stan: (314) 550-2554 David: (314) 974-5230 Production Sale March 9




Upcoming Events

Get your             at the

Mar. 3 Mead Bull Sale, Versailles Mar. 9 Windy Hill Sale, Cedar Hill Mar. 10 Wright Bull Sale, Chillicothe Mar. 17 Peterson Bull Sale, Mtn. Grove Mar. 17 MBS Bull Sale, Bowling Green Mar. 24 Aschermann Bull Sale, Carthage

Jeannine & Martin Doughty P.O. Box 523 (816) 616-8838 Harrisonville, MO 64701

WWW.WCCHAROLAIS.COM Spring Sale • March 24

Larry & Peggy Our Goals Are ... • Easy Calving Aschermann • Fast Growing 13467 Dogwood Rd. • Premium Grading Carthage, MO 64836 ... Breeding Stock (417) 358-7879 • e-mail:

Dr. Larry R. Baney Mtn. Grove, MO (417) 926-3471


Big Creek Charolais Progeny of Fire Water, Budsmydad, Grid Maker, Slasher, No Doubt, Bluegrass, Indian Outlaw and Wyoming Wind

Cow Power

Now Available – • 40 Breeding Bulls • Open & Bred Heifers

WDZ Firemaker 6062

Home of the 34th National Champion Female


The Heart-Beat of the Farm

2009-2010 AICA

Willard L. Abbott


2147 Sunset Dr. • Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Home WLA (573) 785-2789

Office (573) 785-2121 WLA

Value & Performance

Riverdale Land and Livestock

Cooley Royce 1107T39 Pld Semen: $20/Straw; $30/Signing

Corman Charolais Dan Corman Pomona, Missouri (417)469-3936

“Breeding Charolais Since 1958"

DA Cash 732 P ET +18 Milk Full brother to Passport Show Heifers Available

Mike, Sara & Connor Kisner 6382 Dulin Creek Road • House Springs, MO 63051 (636) 274-9515 • (636) 236-0306 cell

The Dale Ridder Family 2289 Brown Shanty Road Hermann, MO 65041 Home (573) 943-6462 Dale (573) 680-4691 Cell Derek (573) 680-4692 Cell

Semen: $40/straw; No Signing Fee

#3 Milk Trait Leader JDJ

Rick, Blaine, Nathan & Zack Hale 54 Hosier Lane • Louisburg, MO 65685 (417) 752-3703 • (417) 838-7251 cell

Bull of the Year

Bull Sale • March 10, 2012


By Cattlemen, For Cattlemen

Show Heifers!

5J Charolais

J1377 Pld ET

Bill & Lora Nottke Office Ranch 11027 Chateau Chura 3287 Lick Creek Road Sunset Hills, MO 63128 Leasburg, MO 65535 (314) 298-8980 (573) 885-3534 Evenings (314) 843-2930 Fax (314) 298-2492

Peterson Farms Charolais

The Johansen Family 11218 County Line Road Syracuse, MO 65354 (660) 473-2945

5J Cigarro 924 Pld


Bull Sale • March 17, 2012

Steve & Sandy Peterson • Jeremiah, Andrew & Joey, 8767 Outer Road, Mtn. Grove, MO 65711 (417) 926-5336 • (417) 746-4410

MEAD FARMS ANGUS & CHAROLAIS Barnett, MO Bull Sale • March 3

Brand of Quality Owner: Alan Mead (573) 216-0210 Manager: Bub Raithel (573) 253-1664


CHAROLAIS Bull Sale • Mar. 17 OHF

Wind Tour J304P

Mike & Brian Schumacher 14809 Pike 139 Bowling Green, MO 63334

(573) 324-2528 home (573) 324-5411 work

Barnard Charolais

Steve, Kathy, Michael & Emily Curtis

HC Miss Jewel 20S

39th National Reserve Champion

15101 Hwy. D • Mexico, MO 65265 (573) 581-8964 • (573) 721-2122 cell

Herd Sires: Rancher, HCR Wind, Hams Ranger Progeny for sale at all times. Bred for carcass values and maternal traits. — Bob Barnard —

7470 SE Riverside Terrace, St. Joseph, MO 64507 (816) 253-9360,

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   75

120 Shadylane Coppell, Texas 75019 (972) 471-1233 • Mobile (972) 839-6485



9051 Amundson Drive 76182

Robert T. Nord Auctioneer 

Nord Livestock Sales

Sullivan Supply

R.R. 2, Clinton, IL 61727 (217) 935-3245 or (217) 519-0375

Livestock Grooming Products

Sullivan Supply South Sullivan Supply Inc. Hillsboro, TX 76645 Dunlap, IA 51529 Phone: (800) 588-7096 Phone: (800) 475-5902 FAX: (254) 582-7114 FAX: (712) 643-5154

Tommy Barnes Auctioneer

11882 Hwy. 80 Gallion, AL 36742 (334) 289-7001 Mobile (334) 462-4004 Fax (334) 289-7000

“Bringing more to your sale”

Auctioneer Auctioneer Rick Curfman

RR. 2, Pittsfield, IL 62363 (217) 285-5213

Ben Meriwether

Livestock Photography


“Your sale matters” DENNIS

205 E. Hill • Whitman, NE 69366


Auctioneer 76  

J A N U A R Y 2012

WVM Rep.


will give you insight into the total cattle industry - all the breeds, issues, ideas and innovations. The Cattleman will tell you where the industry has been and where it is going so you won’t be left behind!

Greg & Brenda Hubert

P.O. Box 100 • Oakley, Kansas 67748 • (785) 672-3195 FAX: (785) 672-4902 • Professional Charolais Sales Management

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! $25 per year ($40 foreign)

1301 W. Seventh St. Fort Worth, TX 76102-2660 (817) 332-7155 Ask for Circulation Dept.

Home: (931) 394-2892

CATTLE SALES – Registered and Commercial Auctions, consultations and semen sales FARM SALES – Land and equipment ORDER BUYING –“If you need it, I’ll find it”

704 Walker Road Beech Grove, TN 37018

Cell: (931) 842-1234

Have you planned your advertising? March 2012 Deadline: January 25 “Over 40 years of proven, practical experience”

April 2012

P.O. Box 308 Koshkonong, MO 65692 John: (417) 867-5526 Cell: (870) 897-5037

Deadline: February 25 Contact Your Area Field Representative Wes Chism (281) 761-5952 Floyd Wampler (423) 612-2144 Colt Keffer (765) 376-8784 Western Region Associate Advertising Sales Dennis Metzger (816) 519-8208 Charolais Journal office (816) 464-2474 ext. 104



PO Box 10590 College Station, Texas 77842 (979) 693-1301 and Fax Cell (979) 229-4472 E-Mail:

Call or Write for Sale Catalogs or Information on these Sales: Jan. 27 C.A.T. Cowtown Cattle Drive Sale...............Ft. Worth, Texas Feb. 11 Charolais For Profit Bull Sale ...................Columbus, Texas Mar. 9 Windy Hill Gateway-Getaway Sale........Cedar Hill, Mo. Mar. 24 Mid Tenn 1st Annual Bull Sale...................Manchester, Tenn. April 17 DeBruycker Charolais 28th Annual Bull Sale.......Great Falls, Mont. Ask how we can help with your breeding program and sales. J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   77

AICA Events



January 2012 January 8 — Iowa Charolais Breeders Association Meeting, 1 p.m., Iowa Cattlemens Association, Ames, Iowa.

February 13 — 48th Annual Iowa Beef Expo Charolais Sale, Parade: 10 a.m.; Sale: 1:30 p.m., Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, Iowa. Auctioneer: Tracy Harl. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

January 14–– National Western Stock Show National ROE Pens of Bulls & Females Show Denver, Colo.

January 14 — National Western Stock Show National ROE Pens of Bulls & Females Show, 9 a.m., Denver, Colo.

February 18 — Effertz Key Ranch 34th Annual Bull Sale, Farmers Livestock, Bismarck, N.D. Auctioneer: Neil Effertz. Contact: Kevin, Roger or Neil Effertz or Bryan Dean. February 21 — Bina Charolais Powerhouse Bull Sale, Jamestown Livestock, Jamestown, N.D. Contact: Lane Bina.

January 16–– National Western Stock Show National ROE Show Denver, Colo.

January 15 — Charolais In The Rockies Sale, 2:30 p.m., National Western Stock Show, Denver, Colo. Auctioneer: Dennis Metzger. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. January 16 — National Western Stock Show National ROE Show, Denver, Colo.

January 28–– Fort Worth Stock Show National ROE Show Fort Worth, Texas March 25-26–– AICA 2012 Annual Meeting, Committee Meetings & Spring Board of Directors Meeting Kansas City, Mo. April 1–– AICA Herd Enrollments Due

January 21 — Severance Diamond Charolais Ranch Annual Performance & Quality Bull & Bred Heifer Sale, 1:30 p.m., Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, N.D. Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs. Contact: Jan or Sally Severance. January 26 — Sioux Empire Farm Show Charolais Show & Sale, W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls, S.D. January 27 — Charolais Association of Texas Cowtown Cattle Drive Sale, 6 p.m. Forth Worth Stock Show Cattle Sale Arena, Fort Worth, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service. January 27 — Soreide Charolais 29th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Bowman, N.D. Contact: Jay Soreide. January 28 — Fort Worth Stock Show National ROE Show, Fort Worth, Texas. January 28 — Dennis Charolais Farm Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Contact: Eric Dennis. January 31 — Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo Charolais Show & Sale, Show: 9 a.m.; Sale: 1 p.m., Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, S.D. Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar. Contact: Jim Scheel or Donnie Leddy.

February 2012 February 2-4 — Youth Beef Industry Congress. Nashville, Tenn.

Affiliate Events January 8–– Iowa Charolais Breeders Association Meeting Ames, Iowa Contact David Hobbs (816) 464-2474, ext 200, with affiliate event dates.

February 6 — R Lazy B Ranch Annual Bull Sale, 2 p.m., Valley Center Winter Show Complex, Valley City, N.D. Contact: Robert Birklid. February 7 — Deering’s Cheyenne Charolais Annual Bull Sale, Philip Livestock Auction, Philip, S.D. Contact: Joel Deering. February 8 — South Dakota Showplace Charolais Show & Sale, Watertown Winter Farm Show, Watertown, S.D. February 8 — Thomas Charolais, Inc. 6th Annual Spring Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Raymondville, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Contact: Mitch Thomas. February 10 — Honeyman Charolais 33rd Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m, Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, N.D. Contact: Ryan Honeyman.

M o r e o n t h e W e b:

February 11 — Charolais For Profit Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Columbus Livestock Market, Columbus, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.


February 11 — Stewart & Steffensen Charolais Bull Sale, Madison Sale Barn, Madison, S.D. Contact: Jeff Stewart or Travis Steffensen.

78  

J A N U A R Y 2012

February 22 —Carstens-Shepherd Bull Bash Sale, Creston Livestock Auction, Creston, Iowa. Contact: Dean Carstens or Everett Shepherd. February 22 — Larson Family Ranch 43rd Annual Production Sale, 12:30 p.m., Presho Livestock, Presho, S.D. Contact: Darrell, Audie, or Monty Larson. February 23 — Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Charolais Show & Sale, Show: 11 a.m.; Sale: 3:30 p.m., Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, Neb. February 25 — Hang’n A Cattle Co. Rancher’s Choice Sale, Noon, Eltopia, Wash. Contact: Alan Alexander. February 29 — Bear Mountain Angus & Charolais Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Palisade, Neb. Contact: Brian or Tiffany Stoller. February 29 — Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Class A ROE Show, Houston, Texas.

March 2012 March 1 — Double-H Charolais Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Stockmen’s Livestock, Yankton, S.D. Contact: Harlin Hecht. March 2 — Sandmeier Charolais 30th Annual Production Sale, 1p.m., at the ranch, Bowdle, S.D. Contact: Calvin or Gary Sandmeier. March 3 — Kentucky Beef Expo Charolais Show & Sale, Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, Louisville, Ky. Auctioneer: Eddie Burks. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. March 3 — Mead Farms Bull Sale, at the farm, Versailles, MO. Contact: Alan Mead or Bub Raithel. March 6 — Doll Charolais Ranch 32nd Annual Production Sale, Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, N.D. Contact: David, Charles or Joe Doll. March 7 — Tifton Bull Evaluation Sale, Tifton, Ga. March 9 — 15th Annual Windy Hill Charolais Farms & Guests Gateway-Getaway Prodution Sale, 6 p.m. Arrowhead Sale Facility, Cedar Hills, Mo. Auctioneer: Rob Nord. Sale Consultant: Outfront Cattle Service. March 9 — Bar S Ranch 22nd Annual Charolais & Angus Bull Sale, at the ranch, Paradise, Kan. Contact: Ken Stielow or David Dickerson. March 10 — Tennessee Beef Agribition Charolais Show & Sale, Wilson County Fairgrounds, Lebanon, Tenn. Sale Manager: Bob Morton. March 10 — Wright Charolais 5th Annual Bull Sale, 6 p.m. Jenkins Expo Center, Livingston County Fairgrounds, Chillicothe, Mo. Auctioneer: Marty Couch. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. March 13 —Romans Ranches Charolais Production Sale, Vale, Ore. Contact: Bill Romans March 17 — MBS Charolais Open House Bull Sale, at the farm, Bowling Green, Mo. Contact: Mike or Brian Schumacher. March 17 — Peterson Farms Charolais 19th Annual Top Pick Bull Sale, 1 p.m. Wright County Livestock Auction, Mtn. Grove, Mo. Auctioneer: Rob Nord. Sale Manager: Mitchell Management.


March 17 — Rogers Bar HR Turn-Out Charolais Bull & Commercial Brangus Heifer Sale, 12:30 p.m., at the ranch, Collins, Miss. Contact: Doug Rogers. March 20 — Wagner Charolais 1st Annual Bull Sale, Centennial Livestock Auction, Ft. Collins, Colo. Auctioneer: Wayne Kruse. Contact: Bob Wagner. March 23 — M6 Ranch Charolais & Hereford Spring Bull & Heifer Sale, at the ranch, Alvarado, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Contact: Kevin Moore. March 23-24 — Leachman Cattle of Colorado Annual Bull Sale, Wellington, Colo. March 24 —Aschermann Charolais Annual Spring Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Carthage, Mo. Contact: Larry Aschermann. March 24 — Double O Charolais 26th Annual Spring Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Marshall, Texas. Contact: Alton or David Oney. March 24 — MidTenn Charolais 1st Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the farm, Manchester, Tenn. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service. March 25-26 — AICA 2012 Annual Meeting, Committee Meetings & Spring Board of Directors Meeting, Argosy Casino-Hotel & Spa, Kansas City, Mo. March 26 — Myron Runft Charolais Annual Bull Sale, 12:30 p.m., Belleville 81 Livestock Auction, Belleville, Kan. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Contact: Myron Runft. March 27 —Hansen Farms Charolais First Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Aberdeen Livestock, Aberdeen, S.D. Contact: B.J. Hansen. March 27 — C-B Charolais Annual Production Sale, 5:30 p.m., Napoleon Livestock, Napoleon, N.D. Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar. Contact: Curtis Brown. March 28 — Summit Farms 2nd Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the farm, Hubbard, Iowa. Auctioneer: Al Conover. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. March 31 — Satterfield Charolais 1st Annual Bull & Female Sale, 1p.m., at the farm, Evening Shade, Ark. Auctioneer: Rob Nord. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. March 31 —South Central Indiana Spring Charolais Female & Bull Sale, 1 p.m SCILMC Feeder Auction Barn, Milltown, Ind. Contact Jim Kaiser, Clair Sullivan or Richard Harmon. March 31 — Valley View Charolais 44th Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Polson, Mont. Auctioneer: Rick Machado. Contact: Buddy Westphal.

April 2012 April 1 — AICA WHR and PPR Herd Enrollments Due. Contact: AICA, Marilou Wegner. April 3 — Hubert Charolais Ranch 33rd Annual Polled Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Monument, Kan. Auctioneer: James Birdwell. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. April 7 — Nipp Charolais & Guests 3rd Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m. Red River Livestock, Ardmore, Okla. Sale Manger: Sayre Cattle Service. April 7 — DeBruycker Charolais 28th Annual Bull Sale, Noon. Western Livestock Auction Great Falls, Mont. Sale Consultant: Outfront Cattle Service. April 7 — Wells Charolais 30th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Hub City Livestock, Aberdeen, S.D. Contact: Jason or Richard Wells. April 7 —Little W Farm 2nd Annual Production Sale, 1 p.m. at the farm, Lebanon, Tenn. Sale Manager: Bob Morton.

Advertising Rates EFFECTIVE WITH THE JAN. 2006 ISSUE

The following terms and conditions govern all advertising in the Charolais Journal, which is used without separate or additional contract terms.

April 7 — Thomas Charolais, Inc. & Friends 3rd Annual Club Calf Sale at the ranch, Raymondville, Texas. Contact: Mitch Thomas. April 9 — Eggleston’s Charolais 27th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Bales Co. C.C., Huron, S.D. Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar. Contact: Jamie Eggleston. April 10 — Oakwater Ranch 29th Annual Charolais Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Valentine Livestock Auction, Valentine, Neb. Contact: Dean Churchill. April 10 — Thomas Ranch 40th Annual Bull Sale at the ranch, Harrold, S.D. Contact: Troy Thomas. April 11 — Dybdal Charolais Bull Sale, Laurel Sale Barn, Laurel, Neb. Contact: Larry Dybdal. April 12 — Sonderup Charolais Ranch 30th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Fullerton, Neb. Auctioneer: Tracy Harl. Contact: Tom Sonderup. April 13 — Cardinal Charolais Annual Bull & Heifer Sale, at the ranch, Hillrose, Colo. Auctioneer: Dennis Metzger. Contact: Pat Gebauer or Luan August. April 14 — Hebbert Charolais 30th Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Hyannis, Neb. Contact: Dave or Mose Hebbert. April 14 — The Rennaissance XX Sale, 1 p.m. Chappell’s Sales Arena, Strafford, Mo. Auctioneer: Rob Nord. Sale Manager: Mitchell Management. April 14 — Carolina Sensations Sale, 1 p.m., Upstate Livestock Exchange, Williamston, S.C. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service. April 21 — 7th Annual South Central Kentucky Charolais Classic Sale, 1 p.m., Barren River Regional Livestock Center, Bowling Green, Ky. Sale Manager: Bob Morton. April 21 — Kathrein Charolais/HB Farms Annual Bull Sale, at the farm, Little Falls, Minn. Contact: Clint Kathrein or Greg Holtz. April 21 — Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 31st Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Isabel, S.D. Contact: Brent Thiel. April 28 — Appalachian Classic Sale, 1 p.m., Knoxville Livestock Market Knoxville, Tenn. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service. April 28 — Missouri Charolais Breeders Association 47th Annual Spring Sale, 1 p.m., at Show-Me Shorthorns, Columbia, Mo. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. April 28 — Wienk Charolais Ranch 43rd Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Lake Preston, S.D. Contact: Arnold Wienk, Jeff or Sterling Eschenbaum.

May 2012

May 7 — Effertz Key Ranch Turn-Out Bull Sale, Faith Livestock, Faith, S.D. Contact: Kevin, Roger or Neil Effertz or Bryan Dean. May 12 — Rogers Bar HR 37th Annual Cream of the Crop Charolais Female Sale, 12:30 p.m., at the ranch, Collins, Miss. Contact: Doug Rogers. May 19 — Charolais Association of Texas Spring Spectacular Sale, 1 p.m. at Tommy McDaniel Expo Center, Henderson, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.

June 10 - 22 — World Charolais Congress, United Kingdom. June 17 - 22 — AIJCA Junior National Shows & Leadership Conference, Nebraska State Fairgrounds, Grand Island, Neb.

September 2012 September 13- 17 — 2012 AICA Charolais Seedstock Tour, Oklahoma City, Okla. and Ft. Worth, Texas. Contact: AICA, Robert Williams.

October 2012 October 6 — Northern Exposure 2012, 1 p.m., at Summit Farms, Hubbard, Iowa. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. October 27 — Missouri Charolais Breeders Association Fall Female & Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Owens Brothers Cattle Co. Sale Facility, Bois D’Arc, Mo. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. October 31-November 1 — AICA Fall Board of Directors & Committee Meetings, Argosy Casino-Hotel & Spa, Kansas City, Mo.

November 2012 November 2 — 2012 Missouri Charolais Breeders Association Royal Breeders Bull Classic, American Royal Livestock Show, Kansas City, Mo. November 2 — Missouri Charolais Breeders Association Ten Grand Heifer Sale, American Royal Livestock Show Wagstaff Sale Cente, Kansas City, Mo. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. November 3 — American Royal Livestock Show National ROE Show, Noon, Kansas City, Mo.

December 2012 December 1 — Wright Charolais 2nd Annual Female Sale, 1 p.m., Jenkins Expo Center, Livingston County Fairgrounds, Chillicothe, Mo. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. December 8 — Ridder Farms 2nd Annual The Showgirls Sale, at the farm, Hermann, Mo. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales. December 15 — Sonderup Charolais Ranch & Friends Select Female Sale, 1 p.m., Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, Neb. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

July 2013 July 14-20 — AIJCA Junior National Shows & Leadership Conference, Four States Fairgrounds, Texarkana, Ark.


May 5 — 13th Annual The Sale of Excellence, 1 p.m. O.D. Butler Texas A&M Beef Research Center, College Station, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.

BREEDER ADVERTISING SPACE Black & White  1x    11x April 2011 1 page $700 $600 Aprilpage 1 — AICA WHR and 510 PPR Herd Enrollments 2/3 450 Contact Wegner. 340 1/2 (h)AICA, Marilou395 Aprilpage 2 — DeBruycker Charolais 1/2 (v) 450 27th Annual 370 Bull Sale,page Western Livestock Auction, Great Falls,220 Mont. Sale 1/3 270 Consultant: Service. Contact: 1/4 page Outfront Cattle 215 180 Lloyd, Brettpage or Mark DeBruycker or155 Joe Campbell. 1/6 130 1April inch2 — Nipp Charolais 35 30Annual & Guests 2nd Position (1-7) Productionpgs Sale, 1.p.m., Red River1,150 Livestock, Inside Covers 1,200 Ardmore, Okla. Sale Manager: Sayre Cattle Service. Back April 2Cover — Wells Charolais 29th Annual1,300 Bull Sale, Hub City Livestock, Aberdeen, S.D. Contact: Richard CLASSIFIEDS or Jason Wells. Prepaid. Rate: per W word, $25Annual min.,Production paid in Sale, April 2$1 — Little Farm First advance. Deadline 25th Tenn. of the 1 p.m., at the farm, Lebanon, Sale2nd Manager: month preceding publication Bob Morton. COLOR 5 — Hubert Charolaiscolor Ranch 32nd Annual 1April standard additional $175 Polled Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Monument, -Kan. red Auctioneer: or blue (availability basis) James Birdwell. Sale Manager: 1Hubert non-standard 275 Cattle Sales. color - (availability basis) April 5 — Cardinal Charolais Bull Sale, at the 4-color 475ranch, Hillrose, Colo. Contact: Special colorAuctioneer: Dennis Metzger.475 Pat Gebauer or Luan August. Metallic color 600 April 6 — Ibach Quarter Circle Ranch 14th Annual ADDITIONAL CHARGES Purebred Charolais Central B/W photo (each)Bull Sale, 1 p.m.,$15 Nebraska Commission Co., Broken Bow, Neb.50 Contact: Color photo (each) Karen Ibach. 4-Color page correction April 6approval — Kansas (per Bull Test #70 Annual 150 Bull Sale, after page) 11:30 a.m. Beloit, Kan. Contact: Harley Edge. B/W or 2-Color page corrections after page) 100 April 8approval — Brevig(per Charolais Annual Cattlemen’s After deadline charge Mont. Contact: 100Clark Value Bull Sale. Lewistown,


SELLING fall calving cows and a few winter calvers. Here is an opportunity to buy some high quality young cows. I decided to sell these cows last minute so they were all in my keeper pen. (605) 203-0551

June 2012 June 2 — 2nd Annual MidTenn Classic Chaorlais Sale, 1 p.m. at the ranch, Manchester, Tenn. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.

Contact David Hobbs (816) 464-2474, ext. 200, or with your Classified Advertising. CHAROLAIS JOURNAL

Difficult ads requiring substantional extra proor Gail Brevig. duction time will be charged a minimum $50/ Aprilrate. 9 —If you Carolina noon, Upstate hour preferSensation no extra Sale, charges, request Livestock Exchange, Williamston, S.C. Auctioneer: that the Journal staff simplify the ad if necessary Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service. at their discretion. April 9 — Hebbert Charolais 29th Annual Bull CANCELLATION POLICY Sale, at the ranch, Hyannis, Neb. Contact: David or Charges dependent upon stage of production Mose will beHebbert. invoiced to advertisers who cancel previously advertising. April 9 —submitted Prairie Valley Farms Annual Bull Sale, Platte Livestock, Platte, S.D. Contact: Clarence or DISCOUNTS David Mason. A 5% discount for all advertising will be given for one year. 33rd No agency April 9if prepaid — Rambur Charolais Annual Bull commissions allowed on breeder rates. Sale,1 p.m. at the ranch, Sidney, Mont. Contact: CLOSING DATES Howard Rambur. All advertising (including April 9 — Thecopy Renaissance XVIXphotos) Sale, 1 p.m., must be inSales the Arena, Charolais Journal office by Chappell’s Strafford, Mo. Sale Manager: the 25th of the second month preceding Mitchell, Managment. publication, i.e. Jan. 25 for the March issue or the9first working day thereafter. A $100 April — Thomas Charolais & Friends 2nd Annual late beatapplied to all late advertiseClubfee Calfwill Sale, the ranch, Raymondville, Texas. th ments. Proof deadline: 20 of the second Contact: Mitch Thomas or Tonnyre Thomas Joe. month preceding publication, i.e. Jan. 20 April 11 —issue. Eggleston’s Charolais 26th Annual Bull for March Sale, 1 p.m., Bales Co. C.C., Huron, S.D. Auctioneer: ADVERTISING CONTENT Seth Weishaar. Contact: jamie Eggleston. The Charolais Journal reserves the right to April 12 — Thomas Ranch Bull Sale, refuse any advertising or 39th copyAnnual at its sole 1 p.m. at the Harrold, S.D. assumes Contact: Troy discretion. Theranch, Charolais Journal no responsibility for the accuracy and Thomas. truthfulness of submitted advertising conApril 12 pedigrees — OakwaterorRanch 28th Annual Bull Sale, taining statements regarding 1 p.m., Valentine Livestock, Valentine, Neb. Contact: performance. The Charolais Journal accepts Dean Churchill or Butch Alsup. no responsibility for the accuracy of any photographs supplied by other than April 14 — Sonderup Charolais Ranch 29thitsAnnual own staff.1 Advertisers shall imdemnify and Bull Sale, p.m., at the ranch, Fullerton, Neb. Contact: hold harmless the Charolais Journal for any Tom Sonderup. claims concerning advertising content as submitted. April 14 — Reich Charolais Ranch Annual Bull Sale, Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange, Belle Fourche, REPRINTS, CATALOGS AND BROCHURES S.D. Contact Tim Reich Advertising and editorial reprints available. Sale catalogs and brochures are produced 15 —rates. SouthContact Central Kentucky Meeting atApril special office forGroup prices. & Dinner. 6 p.m. at Barren River Regional Livestock Center, Bowling Green, Ky. Notice to advertisers: Advertising for sales April 15 — Virginia scheduled prior toCharolais the 20thAssociation/Colonial of the month Charolais Association Superior Charolais Genetics of publication accepted at the advertiser’s Sale, 1 p.m., Virginia Beef Expo, Rockingham County risk. The Charolais Journal assumes no Fairgrounds, Harrisburg, Contact: Gerry Scott responsibility forVa. distribution.

J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2   79


ADVERTISERS’ 21 Ranch............................................. 72 5J Charolais......................................... 75 Abbott Charolais . ................................ 75 AgriLabs............................................... 62 Akin Charolais...................................... 69 Arlitt Ranch . ......................................... 3 Aschermann Charolais . ...................... 75 Bamboo Run Farms LLC................ 16, 69 Baney Charolais................................... 75 Barnard Charolais................................ 75 Barnes, Tommy.................................... 76 Bar S Ranch......................................... 70 Barton Charolais Ranch . .................... 74 Beavers Charolais................................ 70 Ben Meriwether Livestock Photography...... 76 Big Creek Charolais.............................. 75 Black Hills Stock Show......................... 22 Black Mingo Ranch.............................. 73 Boscamp’s Arrowhead Ranch.............. 73 Bovine Elite, LLC............7, 15, 16, 76, BC Bracewell Cattle Co.............................. 73 Brevig Charolais................................... 71 Browarny Photographics, Inc............... 76 Bruner Polled Charolais....................... 73 Buddy’s Charolais.................................. 3 C&R Farms........................................... 27 Caddo Hills Ranch............................... 73 Cagwin Farms...................................... 69 Cardinal Charolais............................... 69 Castleberry’s Hilltop C Charolais......... 72 Cattleman, The.................................... 77 CattleMax............................................. 76 Cattle Visions........................................ 31 Charolais Association of Texas ........ 10, 73 Charolais Banner ................................ 77 Clayford Ranch Charolais..................... 73 Clifton Management Co....................... 76 Compton Charolais.............................. 69 Conover, Al........................................... 76 Corman Charolais . ............................. 75 Cowtown Cattle Drive Sale.................... 10 Cox Charolais....................................... 70 Crews Farms........................................ 15 Curfman Farms................................... 69 Curfman, Rick .................................... 76 DeBruycker Charolais............................ 62 Dennis Charolais Farm........................ 73 Doub Charolais.................................... 70 80  

J A N U A R Y 2012

Double D Ranch.................................. 72 Double O Charolais.............................. 73 Double R Dees .................................... 73 Dybdal Charolais.................................. 71 Eaton Charolais..................... Inside Front Effertz Key Ranch . .......................... 6, 72 Eggleston’s Charolais........................... 68 Evans Charolais..................................... 3 Fancy Creek Charolais.......................... 70 Fink Beef Genetics............................... 70 Fluharty Farms.................................... 73 Fox Hollow........................................... 72 Franz Ranch ....................................... 71 Gay Livestock Insurance, Jerry ........... 77 HLB Charolais...................................... 74 Hale Farms.................................... 15, 75 Hang’n A Cattle Co......................... 23, 74 Hann Family Spring Valley Ranches . ..... 73 Hansen Farms...................................... 68 Harl, Tracy........................................... 76 Harris Charolais Farm......................... 71 Hart Charolais...................................... 71 Hayden Farm....................................... 71 Heath Hyde Cattle Co............................. 3 Hebbert Charolais................................ 71 Honeyman Charolais........................... 24 Hubert Cattle Sales............................... 77 Hubert Charolais Ranch ..................... 70 Hudspeth Farms.................................. 15 Ibach Quarter Circle Ranch ................ 71 Iowa Beef Expo.............................. 20, 21 Iowa Charolais Breeders Assn........ 20, 21 J & A Charolais..................................... 74 James F. Bessler Inc............................. 77 Jensen Charolais Ranch....................... 68 Jorgensen Charolais............................. 69 K & K Charolais Ranch......................... 73 Keith Farms......................................... 70 Kentucky Charolais Association.............. 70 Keppen Charolais................................. 68 King Charolais...................................... 72 LaFraise Farms ................................... 69 Lambert, Doak . .................................. 76 Laue Charolais Ranch.......................... 70 Lehman Charolais................................. 73 Lindskov-Thiel Ranch.............Back Cover Little W Farm....................................... 27 M6 Charolais........................................ 73

MBS Charolais..................................... 75 M & M Charolais.............................. 5, 72 M & R Cattle......................................... 27 Marti Charolais ................................... 74 May, Roy & Son.................................... 27 McCary & Son Charolais Farm............. 69 McCullough Charolais Ranch............... 71 McNickle Charolais Ranch................... 70 Mead Farms......................................... 75 Metzger Marketing............................... 76 MidTenn Charolais . ........................ 8, 27 Minnesota/Wisconsin Directory...... 33-48 Missouri Charolais Breeders . ................. 75 Mitchell Management ......................... 77 Mogo Charolais.................................... 69 Morton, Bob......................................... 77 Mountain View Charolais..................... 69 Myers Charolais Farm ......................... 71 National CUP Lab................................. 76 Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic.............. 25 Nebraska Charolais Association........... 64 New Hope Farm................................... 72 Nipp Charolais..................................... 72 Nord Farms.......................................... 70 Nord, Robert ....................................... 76 Nubbin Ridge Farm.............................. 73 Oak Hill Farm...................................... 69 Oakwater Ranch................................... 71 Odden Charolais Ranch ...................... 68 Outfront Cattle Service . ...................... 77 OvaGenix.............................................. 76 Patman Charolais................................. 74 Pearls Pics............................................ 76 Peterson Farms Charolais.................... 75 Prairie Valley Farms, lnc...................... 68 R Lazy B Ranch.................................... 14 Raile Charolais Farm........................... 70 Rambur Charolais, Ltd........................ 71 Reaves Charolais.................................. 27 Reich Charolais Ranch ....................... 68 Ridder Farms....................................... 75 Riverdale Land & Livestock.................. 75 Rogers Bar HR ...................................... 1 Runft Charolais Ranch, Myron............. 70 SW&S Cattle Co.................................... 74 Sandmeier Charolais............................ 68 Sayre Cattle Service.............................. 77 Schrader Ranch................................... 70


Schurrtop Angus & Charolais............... 71 Severance Diamond Charolais Ranch..... 63 Shadow Springs Farm.......................... 71 Shepherd Charolais........................ 15, 70 Sioux Empire Farm Show.................... 22 Sleepy Valley Farm Charolais .............. 72 Soreide Charolais Ranch...................... 65 South Dakota Charolais Breeders..... 22, 68 South Dakota Showplace...................... 22 Sparrow Farms..................74, Back Cover Stalcup Farms Charolais...................... 70 Steffensen Charolais...................... 30, 68 Stewart’s Charolais......................... 30, 68 Sublette Cattle Co................................. 72 Sullivan Supply.................................... 76 Summerford Charolais, BJR............ 2, 69 Summit Farms..................................... 12 TC Cattle Co.......................................... 74 Tennessee Charolais Breeders ............ 27 Thomas Charolais, Inc. (TX)................ 74 Thomas Ranch (SD)............................ 68 Tiger Country Charolais....................... 75 Trinity Valley Community College Rch......74 TWJ Charolais Farm............................. 24 Vaughan Family Ranch........................ 70 Vedvei Charolais Ranch.................. 11, 68 Volunteer Charolais . ........................... 27 Wagonhammer Ranches...................... 72 Wagon Wheel Charolais Ranch ........... 72 Wakefield Farms................................... 71 Watje Livestock..................................... 13 Webb Charolais Farm........................... 73 Weber Charolais Farm . ....................... 68 Welcome Grove Charolais ................... 27 Wells Charolais Ranch .................... 9, 68 West Fork Ranch ................................. 72 Wienk Charolais Ranch........................ 16 Wild Indian Acres................................. 75 Windy Hill Charolais Farms............ 14, 75 Winn Mann Farms..................Back Cover Wooden Cross Cattle Co....................... 70 Wright Charolais...........................75, IBC Wright Charolais Farm (WI)................. 74 Zeisler Charolais.................................. 72 ZOE Charolais...................................... 75

Charolais Journal 2012  
Charolais Journal 2012  

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