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Hall-Coyote Hills Ranch Limousin & Lim-Flex All Black ~ All


Saturday, Mar

ch 12, 2011

At The Ranc h Chattanooga, Oklahoma

5th y urda ctober 2 t a O S


T), pm (CS s



th, 2008 r 27 ,

Septembeburg, , Louis


cility Sale Fa Ranch

11th Annual


ra 6085

Bell Sa






• 0.6 • 28 • 54 • 2 • 7 • 21 HC Power WLE Power Drive 88H Stroke





CCR Black Star

• BD: 2-09-

BH Miss MT

Irish F88

07 •

Schick Cattle

ASA# Pend

ing •



Kappes Lady

Tattoo: T702

& 6


B&J Ms 401

CCR Black Star

• BD: 1-03-

07 •

Schick Cattle

n • Noo , 2006 nd, MS ber 2 o Decem ge • Raym e y Coll munit

ASA# Pend

ing •


Tattoo: T02K

There’s no doubt about it, this time I checke one d beauty pagean isn’t going to win the and easy fleshin beauty pagean ts don’t pay ts, but last the g. miss cow prospe Throw in a strong matern bills. T02K is moder ate, deep, ct. It is obviou al cow donor cows. s that the Power family, and she’s a can’t Schick Haefne Drive daught transferable r Cattle Co. ers are workin is retaining embryos at g as 1 flush with the seller’s expense and a buyer’s conven minimum of 6 ience.

s Hind B


lackbird Flush

• 0.7 • 21 • 48 •

Meyer Ranc h

• -5 • 6

Mr Black GX


OCC Blackbird

Star T702

Kappes Lady Irish F88 SAC Mr MT

MT 02K



CNS Black



aks Far m Golden O r Angus JA Pa28rkCeane Ridge LETE



• 0.6 • 28 • 54 • 2 • 7 • 21 WLE Power Drive 88H Stroke

HC Power


CNS Black

Star T02K


OCC Ancho

r 771A


D • BD: 3-0203

Rollin Rock • ASA# 2197

Wesner Livesto

ck Enterp


e Boo 212T

Blackbird 14

969 •

Tattoo: 3201

rises Here is anoth er buying oppor tunity! We program utilizin have strived to build a percen When we saw g only the best of both Simmental 3201N at Legend and Angus genetitage short list and now she contin s of the Fall 03, she quickl cs. at WLE. She ues to make y made the is an the short list Her OCC Ancho unusual combination of donors here of femininity, r dam is one power, and following in elegance. her dams footst of Mac’s favorites. This gem appears flush and we eps. 3201N to be produced 26 sold a flush in 05 which eggs in her he received was purcha first 18 sed by Mac Terms of Flush: transferable embryos. Smith and • Buyer is pu rchasing the right to flus and is respon h 3201N to t • Buyer is gu sible for furnishing the he sire of the semen. ir choice aranteed 6 tr • Flush will b ansferable em bryos with a n open top. • Buyer pays e done at WLE soon after all flush cos the sale. ts.

• -3.5 • 3 • 12 •

CRCC Shan ghai


n 653S

• -5 • -3

Meyer Ranch


r 302E

1/4 BLOO BW:


D • BD: 7-1506


• ASA# 2339

768 •

B&J Cattle Comp



Silverstone Boo


• 0.3 • 33 • 53 • 4 • 3 • 19 Nichols Legac m On L186 y G151

CNS Drea

Silverstone PUREBRED



CNS Sheeza

3C Picasso


Dream K107W

Silverstone Miss

• BD: 1-01-

07 •


ASA# Pend

ing •

Silverstone Simm

ental Farms

Tattoo: 212T

Silverstone Boo is very good. Her massiv smooth muscle e rub and expres is what I feel On heifers. sive I have not seen sets her apart from all Dream much volum any Dream On daughters e of muscle and then still with this front so well. blends her She is stacke femini d that we still flush. Peekab with donors on the female ne oo, 445G, and stood the test side 448E. These of cows have we have mated time and have made us money them to. Boo in with any bulls If you are lookin g for a power my mind will be no except then may I ful show heifer ion. suggest Silvers and future tone Boo, she the purebred donor is heifers this year. I feel she the best we have in as past show heifers which is Marie, Chyna we have shown in the same league ’s and Peekab oo. We reserv , like Chyna, Chyna of two flushe e s within the next 2 years. the right to split half flush expen ses and half We will pay of semen expen for half of be mutually se. agreed upon by both partie The bulls to use will s.

in 702T

• 1.5 • 28 • 54 •

CRCC Shan ghai e Blackbird


FC U Gott

Friday, September


a Be Jokin

3/4 BLOO



7, 2007

Design In Mind

B&J Ms FC 14

Jokin 702T

Tattoo: 653S

This heifer will be massive, deep-r a great cow. Her dam is an awesome, ibbed, big toppe an excellent d Angus foundation dam, 653 will female. If you want be your choice .

31 B&J Ms F C Jok Cane Ridg


OCC Miss Ancho


An 653S

Miss GX 728R

1/2 BLOO

29 B&J Ms 401 A

T702 is pretty complete when the one that jumps out andit comes time to give her top of the list a description, grabs your out and make at the end of the day. An attention, but she’s right maybe not 4 around excellent show originated froma great cow. T702 is backed T 70the prospe that the Hagem by the BlackGARctEX will bull. Schick Star cow family go Haefner Cattle an program, and also a that full transferable embryos at Co. is retaining 1 flush with sister to our Headliner the seller’s expens a e and buyer’s minimum of 6 convenience.

27 CNS Blac k Star

Open Heifers

5:00 PM

BH Miss MT

2008 Friday, September 12,

26 CNS Blac k Star

Wagner Sale Facility

Wolcott, Indiana

an more th Selling5 Angus 12 Fairview

Just wanted to let you know that Dr. Tucker, President of the West Tennessee Angus Association called and was very impressed with the catalog. We appreciate the great job you do for us. -- Jarvene & Pat Shackelford, American Livestock Brokers

ort, Misso

ity, Jamesp

Sale Facil

Design In Mind

le R • Doub

at 1:00 pm

Sale starts

~ 1 p.m.


D • BD: 1-0207

• 1 • 15

Meyer Ranch


OCC Miss Ancho r 302E PVF BF BF26 Black Joker FC Joy Y26 • ASA# 2378

B&J Cattle Comp


615 •

Very fancy Shang hai extremely sound January, long spined, sweet fronte female. Her d, Sweepstakes Champion Gotta dam is a full sib to the prospect and B Jokin, excelle Blue Ribbon nt show genetics.

Tattoo: 702T

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1st Annual



er 11, 2006 Time • Novemb C tral T 00 am Cen 11:00 bama Ranburne, Ala

Heifers 150 Replacement Selling 125 Bulls &Over 220 Head of


Fall Yearlings Pastures Developed in Large ance Data Complete Perform Scans Ultrasound Carcass Semen Checked Black Most are Homozygous Polled Many are Homozygous

red HyB GRID ROLL LOT 59: GIBBS R829everyone with his high gain and impress

Grid Roll will He is genetic and and a -4.6 BW EPD. carcass scan ratio’s n. phenotype perfectio

14th aNNUaL

Sale at Sethewafarm

red HyB THE DEALER LOT 1: GIBBS 115R out of our tremendous 6807 embryo son

ning gain bull A Gambler our 2nd high post-wea Angus donor. He is a -1.2 BW EPD. at 4.32 lbs./day and

rd, Ne

We invite you to join us

tal Bulls

Simmen Selling 25 Purebred



R531 DREAMPOT going LOT 113: GIBBS and attractive bull

R924 BY THE POUND he’s LOT 122: GIBBS ratios, performance and scan

sound Dreampot is a really donor, ASR wide well known back to the industry Dream Catcher.

Take a look at his sister to BF26 dam is a maternal a meat wagon. His Black Joker.


256-568-9141 23 2118 County Road 36273 Ranburne, Alabama

U311 3C Macho x Love Me Don't U January Purebred

Wendell & Nan Gibbs Home: 256-568-7552 Cell: 404-535-8663 m Email:

U370 OCC Legend x All Beef (Ebony’s Antoinette Grand daughter) January 1/2 Blood

U133 In Dew Time x Glamour January Purebred

PB SM the legendary Maxx Out is from . Recording sound, and powerful He is deep, thick, YW EPD. 1368 lbs. and a +89 our 3rd high YW of

Doug Gibbs Home: 256-568-7265 Cell: 404-717-2264 Email: gibbsfar ms8@ao

ting Manager Genetic & Marke U16

Antoinette’s Star x Angus 1/2 Blood

Gordon Hodges January Home: 336-468-6363 Cell: 336-469-0489 Email: pvfghodges@yad

U147 In Dew Time x Bandwagon January Purebred

U120 In Dew Time x Angus February 1/2 Blood

Selling 100 Lots 40 Open Females • 40 Bred Females • 20 Special Lots including flushes, preg nancies and embryo lots

t gprleaa ins

On-Far Angel

m Sale May 27 Date , 2006 Call toda y to book semen!

Eyes $50/d ose

1- 866 -824


Dam was 00 Supreme Champion Gilt at the 2005 OK Youth Expo




$35/d Barnburner ose x Stress Carr New Age Outlaw ier



ose Goldenboy x Stress Carr Alias, Bred by Straka, ier Bech

tal & Otte

nwalter, OK


Dow n $ Mr. NBS x 50/dose Jailhouse Rock, Bred


es SirShow pigs

by Nation


50/dose Redman x Bold Stroke, Stress Neg Bred by Nels ative $

on Brosther



75/dose TaeBo Clon e Stress Neg x Touchdown, Bred ative and

s, SD


Kevin Brew er

Gam e O n

netics Plains Ge at Great

Spring 2006

Lost Op po

rtunity Fireman x $50/d Top Gun, Bred ose Stress Neg by Terry Kinn ative aman, OK

rra als by Stock-Te roducing anim d for ber-p manufacture

The Stock-Terra Company can eres erial that adh assist you in yourBed ding mat search te a for r can crea

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designed to it is “Big dogs, beef cattle, dairy ks because ly cattle, It wor laim is high Clean.” Acc own pets, or operateand an event environmentally absorbent, palatable. non is center or county fair.sound, and

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rra by Stock-Te for horses d specically manufacture

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or Not $ Killer B x Kid 75/dose Stress Neg Rock, Bred by John ative File, OK


Owned by

manufactures a complete line

engineered to exceed the rigorous demands of bedding materials.


Stress Carr

kt er ra .c om

highly absorbent, corrugated

New Be gin

Barrow Ultimate

ww w. st oc

The Stock-Terra Company

bedding solution has been extensively field-tested and is

Big A x Nike Stress Carr ier

ning $200 Innity x Anim /dose al, Bred by Stress Neg Tom Harris ative Family, IN

Agriculture of corrugated animal bedding material. Each minimal dust,



SOLUTIONS for the future of

Nick, Andrea, Shane, Shelbi, Brevin, Natalie & Haylie Sloup 303 Northern Height s Dr, Seward, NE 68434 (402) 643.4429 E-mail: a.sloup@juno .com www.sloupsimmenta


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R538 MAXX OUT LOT 120: GIBBS Mabelle cow family.

er Operations Manag




Homozyg Homozygous Black, BW. high gain, and -1.7 Excellent carcass scan,

Homozyg Homozygous Black, a great cow family. A tank of a bull from

with 5th high gaining bull and REA ratio of 110. IMF ratio of 120,

the cattle we are offerin

FULL HOUSE LOT 3: GIBBS 385R ous Polled

HIGH STEAKS LOT 4: GIBBS 475R ous Polled


er 18. Here are a few examples of

red HyB

red HyB

red HyB

Saturday, October 18, 2008 on Saturday, Octob

bone Po w

Dam was Champion Hampshire at 2005 Southeas t District in LA

er $75/dose Gatorman x Stress Carr High Voltage, Bred by ier Larry Byer s, OK

Perfect ! ! ! Brochure proof approved, it looks great. Send it on to the printer. This brochure really is a great job. It’s going to turn a lot of heads here in the southeast. -- Gordon Hodges, Gibbs Farms


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I think the ad is great. We are very pleased and have gotten an excellent response already. Thank you! -- Julie Maxwell, Max Boer Goats


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directories Vicky Wilking



FiRSt ClaSS Mail

Thesing Sincerely, Eric and Jennifer Eric, Darcy,

DateD MateRial

l Meeting

2009 Annua- 31st

Mesa East South, 100 Alta January 30th Hotel Fort Worth ters hotel for the 2009 Annual The Radisson as the headquar on Auction. The Blvd., will serve n’s Reception and Foundati make your $99 Meeting, ChairmaPlease call 817-293-3088 to at www.sim schedule follows. reservation. Register sleeping room May 15, 2008 : Entry Deadline Schedule: Meeting and Show Annual Fort Worth 2009 25 Sunday, January Heifer Show 8:00 am • Junior 30 Friday, January Simmental Show 12 noon • Purebred Sale 6:00 pm • National

Sincerely, Sara Thissen t MJSA Presiden

from the MSA President

they keep Between them and about 15 about 100 cows Neither of year. heifers each was involved The family has the Thesing’s cattle until their and fourth grade. they appreciate 4-H in third with showing and open shows, Jennifer joined in both the kids, Eric and road trips to the AJSA and participating e acquired by nt to continu enjoyed all their and friendships they’ve feel it is importa kids ge knowled tions. They the all by getting other for National Associa involvement continue their donating a heifer this Minnesota and breed, and to thought about the e often a part of it have promot to They honored to be agriculture. and were very, involved with Beef Expo. ment Program the 2009 MN at Develop breed Youth the tal is the featured year; as Simmen

Indianapo for their chapter. be a delegate back to Minnesota President came eurship MJSA Vice -Entrepren Our very own Beef Production with the National Award! Proficiency FFA had to from the National the news release This is what say about Matt. Simmental cattle from to turn his small obtained a grant by his parents “Motivated , Matthew Pearson Pearson’s enterprise herd into an his beef operation.consists of 38 FFA to grow program the National l experience cattle. To increase supervised agricultural and Crossbred beef Cosmos the Atwater registered Simmenta s all his cows, of his cattle, genetic soundnessmember artificially inseminate top-of-the-line Grove City FFA that they are purchasing l operation assuring customers to make his Simmenta as a large hopes career cattle. Pearson while also pursuing a nationally known n.” animal veterinaria awards at the who received to all the juniors Congratulations Convention! National FFA

Well, harvest time is done. Hope the bushels were high; the costs were low, the work bearable and the fun aplenty. I can not believe that the Minnesota State Sale is only a few month away! I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Hello Simme

with their Thesing Family Donation Heifer.

to my As I head back I wish studies at college, luck good our breeders the shows at the rest of If I don’t for the season. to see any get a chance see you I’ll of you soon, weekend in at State Sale care! February! Take

ts coming even upSiMMental Minnesota

FIRST CLASS U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 580 Manhattan, KS

21th Show- SA Wednesday, January Simmental Female 8:00 AM National

31 Saturday, January e Simmental 9:00 am • PercentagMeeting n 3:00 pm • Annual Chairman’s Receptio 6:30 pm • ASA on Auction 7:15 pm • Foundati

MSA State Sale 2009

Published by Vicky

n Stock Show National Wester 39500 311th Ave. 18th

Sunday, January al Pen of Bulls Show -SYA LeSeur, MN 56058 8:00 AM Simment 19th Monday, January al Pen of Heifers Show -SYA 9:00 AM Simmental Sale - LCAA 4:00 PM Simment 20th by Show followed Tuesday, January al Junior Breeding Heifer 9:00 AM Simment al Bull Show - SA National Simment

February 28th, Fairgrounds • Rochester, Olmstead Countyat: Rooms available Wilking Holiday Inn South 507-261-4280 code “SIM”. $69.99 plus tax. held under the Block of rooms early!! Boook your rooms


DateD MateRial

FiRSt ClaSS Mail






olidays! H y p p a H

2008 Nationa

.3 30 NO

l Grand Champi on Bull

Volume 19 No. 4 Winter - December 2008

Eric and Darcy Thesing live on Thesing’s Riverside Ranch near Carlos, MN with their children Eric and Jennifer.

We also own Central Marine and Sports, in Carlos, and Darcy works in the lab department at the Douglas County Hospital in Alexandria. Eric and Jenn both attend North Dakota State, majoring in General Ag and Animal Science. Both Eric and Darcy are from a rural background. Eric’s family had a small commercial shorthorn herd, and Darcy’s family finished feeder cattle. They purchased their first registered Simmental cows in 1986, and shortly after, a registered bull. They’ve built their herd, and crossbred most of Eric’s dad, Roy’s herd to purebred stock, and have incorporated some half blood breeding stock. The newest addition to Thesing’s Riverside Ranch is Titus, a half blood bull from Hook Farms. Between them they keep Thesing Family with their about 100 cows and about 15 Donation Heifer. heifers each year. Neither of the Thesing’s was involved with showing cattle until their kids, Eric and Jennifer joined 4-H in third and fourth grade. The family has enjoyed all their road trips to the AJSA and open shows, and they appreciate by participating in both the acquired they’ve friendships and knowledge all the Minnesota and National Associations. They feel it is important to continue to promote the breed, and to continue their involvement by getting other kids involved with agriculture. They have often thought about donating a heifer for the Youth Development Program and were very, honored to be a part of it this year; as Simmental is the featured breed at the 2009 MN Beef Expo.

January 30th - 31st The Radisson Hotel Fort Worth South, 100 Alta Mesa East Blvd., will serve as the headquarters hotel for the 2009 Annual Meeting, Chairman’s Reception and Foundation Auction. The schedule follows. Please call 817-293-3088 to make your $99 sleeping room reservation. Register at Entry Deadline: May 15, 2008



The Pinzgauer Journal P.O. Box 703 Indianola, IA 50125

2008 Nationa



9 - De ce

mb er

/Ja Nu

As I head back to my studies at college, I wish our breeders good luck at the rest of the shows for the season. If I don’t get a chance to see any of you soon, I’ll see you at State Sale weekend in February! Take care! Sincerely, Sara Thissen MJSA President

Many of our juniors attended the National FFA convention in Indianapolis, IN on October 22-25 to participate in contest or be a delegate for their chapter. Our very own MJSA Vice President came back to Minnesota with the National Beef Production-Entrepreneurship Proficiency Award! This is what the news release from the National FFA had to say about Matt.

“Motivated by his parents to turn his small Simmental cattle herd into an enterprise, Matthew Pearson obtained a grant from the National FFA to grow his beef operation. Pearson’s supervised agricultural experience program consists of 38 registered Simmental and Crossbred beef cattle. To increase genetic soundness of his cattle, the Atwater Cosmos Grove City FFA member artificially inseminates all his cows, assuring customers that they are purchasing top-of-the-line cattle. Pearson hopes to make his Simmental operation nationally known while also pursuing a career as a large animal veterinarian.” Congratulations to all the juniors who received awards at the National FFA Convention!

Saturday, January 31 9:00 am • Percentage Simmental 3:00 pm • Annual Meeting 6:30 pm • ASA Chairman’s Reception 7:15 pm • Foundation Auction

National Western Stock Show

Sunday, January 18th 8:00 AM Simmental Pen of Bulls Show -SYA Monday, January 19th 9:00 AM Simmental Pen of Heifers Show -SYA 4:00 PM Simmental Sale - LCAA Tuesday, January 20th 9:00 AM Simmental Junior Breeding Heifer Show followed by National Simmental Bull Show - SA

ar y 200 9

ta e North Dakoen

Simmental Association of the North Dakota Official Publication

Service Change Requested

- Nu mb er

Speaking of excellence, the Minnesota Simmental Association had a wonderful turnout at the Minnesota Beef Expo. The junior and senior board had awesome team work putting on the meal Saturday night. I heard many great comments Juniors Rock It At National FFA on the meal and the Convention work our association put on.


Simmental Sc

P.O Box 76249 Krum, TX

xx i x

The time of weaning calves and attending sales will soon be filling up on the calendar for most of our breeders. We are fortunate that most of our cattle breeders and producer have sales of their own. I encourage the rest of the members to go out and support our own breeders and take in the performances of their cattle. We should be proud of the excellence of cattle that the Minnesota Simmental Association has to offer.

Texas Club Pu Calf Asso blicaTio Texas Club N of Th Lamb Asso ciation Texa s e Georgia ciation Texas ClubClub Pig Associati Club Calf on Producer Meat Goat Asso ciation s Associati on

December Vol. 9, No. 3 November/

ousin Texas Lim tion Associa880

b ox Vo lu me

Greeting Minnesota Simmental Breeders!

upcoming events

Sincerely, Eric, Darcy, Eric and Jennifer Thesing

2009 Annual Meeting

Th e sh ow

Fall 2008 Issue

Speaking of excellence Meet Thesing Riverside Ranch!! from the Junior President

Fort Worth 2009 Annual Meeting and Show Schedule: Sunday, January 25 8:00 am • Junior Heifer Show Friday, January 30 12 noon • Purebred Simmental Show 6:00 pm • National Sale





on be filling up sales will soon our and attending that most of are fortunate weaning calves the rest The time of breeders. We I encourage for most of our the of their own. the calendar er have sales s and take in own breeder s and produc cattle support our cattle breeder excellence of proud of the rs to go out and of the membe their cattle. We should be has to offer. of Association performances ota Simmental had a tion that the Minnes ntal Associa Minnesota Simme The junior and senior excellence, the ota Beef Expo. y night. I heard Speaking of t at the Minnes the meal Saturda wonderful turnou e team work putting on FFA al board had awesom nts It At Nation Juniors Rock many great comme Convention and the on the meal tion n in FFA conventio or work our associa the National juniors attended22-25 to participate in contest Many of our put on. lis, IN on October

Hello Simmental Fanatics!

MSA fromntalthe Fanatics!


Vicky Published by Ave. 39500 311th 56058 LeSeur, MN

sota Greeting Minne

Vicky Wilking

Jenn and Sports, in ria. Eric and l in Alexand Central Marine Science. Both We also own s County Hospita and Animal rat the Dougla General Ag had a small comme department majoring in ed Eric’s family Dakota State, They purchas background. attend North are from a rural family finished feeder cattle. Eric and Darcy herd, and Darcy’s cial shorthorn ed Simmental their first register shortly and cows in 1986, ed bull. They’ve d after, a register crossbre and built their herd, Roy’s herd dad, most of Eric’s stock, and have to purebred some half blood incorporated The newest breeding stock. ’s Riverside addition to Thesing a half blood Ranch is Titus, Farms. bull from Hook

PAID Permit No. 580 KS Manhattan,



ide Ranch near Thesing’s Rivers er. Thesing live on Eric and Darcy their children Eric and Jennif in the lab Carlos, MN with Darcy works both Carlos, and




As many of you already know the Simmental Breed was the featured breed for the Beef Expo. I have received a number of calls, and confronted personally, stating that it was well done. The comments were that the food was great, service was excellent and the hospitality was second to none. Those who assisted in this process, take a bow. Lastly, safe travels for everyone. Good luck to all who attend Louisville and Denver. I hope to see as many of you at the Annual Banquet in February. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other board members with questions comments or concerns. Heck you can even call to talk about cattle!

Meet Thesing

Fall 2008 Issu

llence Speaking of exce President ! m the Junior Breeders! erside Ranch! fro ental

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays, Vick y Wilking MSA President

Happy Best Wishes and Vick y Wilking t MSA Presiden

eople orking P le forW tt a C g in

the Simmental I already know As many of you for the Beef Expo. featured breed and confronted Breed was the a number of calls, The done. have received that it was well was personally, stating the food was great, service that none. comments were was second to the hospitality take a bow. excellent and in this process, all Those who assisted for everyone. Good luck to see as Lastly, safe travels le and Denver. I hope to y. who attend LouisvilAnnual Banquet in Februar at the me or any other many of you hesitate to contact Please do not s comments or s with question board member call to talk about you can even concerns. Heck


SiMMental cattle!

Bovine Elite, LLC



Dire ctor y

were Hope the bushels the time is done. and Well, harvest work bearable ta were low, the high; the costs that the Minneso I can not believe fun aplenty. away! I am looking a few month State Sale is only everyone there. forward to seeing for the Aggen family like to thank Day. I would First, I would Summer Field a personally for hosing the Annual late the juniors ta like to congratu state of Minneso the representing the Please keep up job well done respective breed. Bruce and Beth as well as our thank For would like to Fair luncheon. good work! I hosting the State check in process Andersland for helped with the making it a smooth those of you who Thank you for at the state fair. process.


First, I would like to thank the Aggen family for hosing the Annual Summer Field Day. I would like to congratulate the juniors personally for a job well done representing the state of Minnesota as well as our respective breed. Please keep up the good work! I would like to thank Bruce and Beth Andersland for hosting the State Fair luncheon. For those of you who helped with the check in process at the state fair. Thank you for making it a smooth process.

F amily T raditions

2008 – 2009


& newsletters

Donor RF


Grand Ch am

pion Stee

l Grand Champi on Female


Mark yo

PAID Permit No. 580 Manhattan, KS 66502

From complete design to outsourcing your publication layout.


ur cale


A new so


n of No


r, Austin


Wh y

Improvem ndars Club Calf ent for Share th Auction 2009 these 2009 - Fe e Future ev V - April bruary 28 - He ents: 25 - He reford, TXreford, TX

should I join the


tal Associa North Dakota Simmen 2 6050 Old Highway Berthold, ND 58718

PRESORTED FIRST CLASS U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 580 Manhattan, KS

By Cherie Carrabba

of them traveled with what to do. Many knowledgeable about d their animal. They call this year. I suddenly they had purchase have had a wake up the person from whom or one leader – the seller of my audience has These camps had realized that the majority traveled in “camps.” there was the leader, and generations of junior he three be, may out-lived case changed. I have fitter – whatever the in his n, the charter members s and moms and dads generatio exhibitor ed first The were some experienc exhibitors in this job. for the most ,” people who had also some “newbies first few years were, the were joined there but that and the ones families group, instruction on what were members of and needed a lot of ed exhibitors who just started showing part, savvy, experienc a family really admit this, but during that wave. If exhibitors. I hate to to do. My kids exhibited that were veteran livestock they sometimes hired did about livestock be very successful, knew more than I wanted to exhibit and at the time, they probably she helped train am a quick study. I to help them. He or you to know that I a knowledgeable person shows. (But I also want at the same time come feeding time should the exhibitors that learn rapidly.) ship skills that in with traveled showman them usually also taught I will call them every day. He or she These “veterans” as l. They usually taught as a group. I can still successfu came be to They county agent. to possess in order their ag teacher or s, but the He was they had were cattle exhibitor from Colorado City. they if crew his hair and pull the exhibitors to remember Bob Benson before (I can talk about been down the road the calf for the show. had them clipped of usually most employee their leader, but exhibitors. They my children were cattle to do. the cattle part because and they knew what fair, or a little different and goats at their county TJLA members was in sheep and swine dabbled The second wave of that was very was still a large nucleus from the first, but there


Wednesday, January 21th 8:00 AM National Simmental Female Show- SA

MSA State Sale

February 28th, 2009 Olmstead County Fairgrounds • Rochester, MN Rooms available at: Holiday Inn South 507-261-4280 $69.99 plus tax. Block of rooms held under the code “SIM”. Boook your rooms early!!

wide format • Vinyl Indoor & Outdoor Banners • Posters • Stall Cards


Front Row (L to R): Smith, Zach Smit Justin Lathrum, Jason Krus e, Adam Hort h, Myles Easter, on, Grant Thom Back Row (L Cody Brown, as, Cale to R): and Robert Endr JD Cambron,Tyler Jesse Sinclair, Mike Huyser, iss Blake Wikoff, RJ Priebe, Kolb Coached by: Case Strub, Justin Perr y, Jeff Kink y Moore, le-Schuster, and y Aldridge and Aaron Hendren Assistant Coa ch Kent Lyon

a Chattanoog2 A 011




Mountains Classic 8-9 Wichita PI Sheep Show Interscholastic 15 Lawton Oklahoma College 19 Northern PI Pig Show 22 Lawton Auction County Trophy 24 Tillman


Auction Ag Boosters 8 Chattanooga Check PI Scrapbook 10 Lawton ting Committee Officer Nomina Show 12-13 State District Swine 14 Chattanooga District Goat Show 14 Chattanooga District Beef Show 15 Chattanooga District Lamb Show 15 Chattanooga Show District Goat Show 16 Southwest District Lamb est Southw 16 Show District Beef 17 Southwest District Gilt Show Show 18 Southwest District Barrow 19 Southwest at the Capital 21 FFA Day


Show County Swine 1 Comanche Show County Goat 2 Comanche Show County Lamb ck Judging Contest 2 Comanche County Livesto 3 Comanche Show County Beef 3 Comanche Lamb Show 3 Tillman County m Sale County Premiu he Comanc 4 Beef Show 4 Tillman County Swine Show County 5 Tillman Goat Show 5 Tillman County Expo Goat Show ma Youth Heifer Show 12-14 Oklaho ma Youth Expo 13-15 Oklaho Expo Gilt Show Youth ma Sheep Show 13-15 Oklaho ma Youth Expo Barrow Show 16-20 Oklaho ma Youth Expo Steer Show 17-20 Oklaho ma Youth Expo of Champions 18-20 Oklaho Youth Expo Sale 21 Oklahoma holastics 26 Altus Intersc Speech Contest holastics 29 Kingfisher Institute Intersc 31 OSU Tech Contest 31 Bethel Speech

TFR Baton Rouge ET Sire: BR Moler ET Dam: CRR D03 Cotton 356 Birth Date: March 24, 2008

holastics ma A&M Intersc Contest stern Oklaho Speech 1-2 Northea Community College Contest 4 Redlands Custer Speech 5 Thomas Fay s Interscholastic 6 Cameron Bowl District Quiz holastics 6 Southwest College Intersc State s 7 Connor Contest 7 Cashion Speech Contest holastics PI Speech 14 Lawton College Intersc s Community 21 Redland Speech Contest 26 District Contest s 29 State Speech University Interscholastic State 30 Oklahoma


Convention 3-4 State FFA Banquet 9 Annual FFA


hip Conference gton Leaders 5-13 Washin y Ag Ed Academ 20-24 Future


1 Camp Session 3-6 Alumni 2 Camp Session 6-9 Alumni 3 Camp Session 4 10-13 Alumni Days Camp Session ity Big 3 Field 13-16 Alumni ma State Univers 19-21 Oklaho


Roast 20 Hot Dog Fair Goat Show 26 Cache District Fair Lamb Show 26 Cache District Fair Swine Show 26 Cache District Fair Beef Show 27 Cache District

es semen shbalre availa

Owners: Luke Schroder, IA Trausch Farm s, IA

Another media to showcase your business or event!


Fair Goat Show 1 Fletcher Free Fair Lamb Show 1 Fletcher Free Fair Beef Show 2 Fletcher Free Contest Fair Swine Show 3 Fletcher Free Fair Tractor Driving County Free Olympics 6 Comanche Fair Farmhand County Free Show 6 Comanche Free Fair Swine County Driving Contest 8 Comanche Free Fair Tractor Show 8 Tillman County Free Fair Goat County 9 Comanche Fair Lamb Show County Free 9 Comanche Fair Beef Show Free County nd Olympics 9 Comanche Free Fair Farmha 9 Tillman County Free Fair Beef Show County 10 Tillman Fair Lamb Show County Free 10 Tillman Fair Goat Show County Free 10 Tillman ma Fair of Oklaho Conference 15-25 State COLT District 20 Southwest


Driving Contest 1 State Tractor Prospect Steer Show Fair 4-5 Tulsa State Fair Goat Show 4-6 Tulsa State Fair Lamb Show 4-6 Tulsa State Fair Steer Show 5-6 Tulsa State Fair Premium Sale 7 Tulsa State Fair Heifer Show 8-9 Tulsa State Fair Doe Show 8-9 Tulsa State Night 11 Greenhand Quiz Contest PI Greenhand nies Contest 27 Lawton PI Opening Ceremo 27 Lawton PI Creed Contest 27 Lawton


Contest g Ceremonies 7 State Openin Contest 7 State Jr. CDE and Quiz Contest Contest 7 State Greenh Speech District AFR 21 Southwest


Conference For Excellence Conference 3-4 Tulsa Made d Leadership Development 3-4 Tulsa Advance Speech Contest 3 State AFR nce Conference nce Made For Excelle hip Development Confere 10-11 OKC ed Leaders 10-11 OKC Advanc

Photo Provided Poster Desig


ned by:

Date Time Opponent H/A 5/23 5:30 DM East Home 5/26 5:30 ADM Home 5/30 5:30 DM Hoover Home 5/31 5:30 Carlisle Home 6/3 Noon CB Lewis Central Away 6/5 5:30 Ankeny Home 6/6 3:30 DM Lincoln Away 6/8 5:30 Dowling Catho lic Away 6/12 5:30 Urbandale Home 6/15 5:30 Southeast Polk Away 6/17 Indianola Invita tional Home 6/19 5:30 Johnston Away 6/22 5:30 Ankeny Away 6/26 5:30 Dowling Catho lic Home 6/27 4:00 Fort Dodge Away 6/29 5:30 Urbandale Away 7/1 Saydel Invitationa l Away 7/3 5:30 Ames Home 7/6 5:30 Southeast Polk Home 7/10 5:30 Johnston Home 7/11 5:30 Marshalltown Away 7/14 - 7/19 Substate TBA 7/27 - 7/29 State Tournamen t Away

stationery & logos Office: 515-961-8081 Fax: 515-961-8082 1301 South K. Street Indianola, IA 50125 Email:


C H AN GIN G LI VES FO R CH RIS T Dan Wood Builder

Office: (515) 961-8081 Fax: (515) 961-8082 Cell: (515) 208-9273 1301 South K. Street Indianola, IA 50125 Email:

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Dave & Julie Max Goa well •Lykens ts www.maxboergo PA • (717) 365-3574



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