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The Cattleman’s Source

Volume 13, No. 1 Fall 2013

ASSOCIATION STAFF Executive Vice President J. Neil Orth  ext. 101 Director of Activities David Hobbs  ext. 200 Director of Junior Activities Kaitlyn Lewis  ext. 201 Recording Secretary Marilou Wegner  ext. 400 Director of Breed Improvement & Foreign Marketing Robert Williams  ext. 103

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Feature Story Genetic tracking could become a major tool for commercial cattlemen in the near future. By Taylor Greenstreet.......................18

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The Cattleman’s Source

For those of us feeling somewhat geographically challenged, now is the time to review what we should have learned in middle school. Way back then, countries on the other side of the planet seemed so very far away. Their cultures and languages were different. Unless we saw other parts of the world in the military, it wasn’t likely we would have a need to know all that much about undeveloped or emerging countries. During the 1960s and 70s, the U.S. beef industry experienced extraordinary imports of European cattle and new breeds. Although Charolais had been a part of the American beef industry landscape for a couple of decades, our industry saw an expansion of beef cattle imports, including Charolais, as well as adding breeds we had never heard of, such as Chianina, Gelbvieh, Limousin, Simmental and Salers, just to name a few. These breeds, mostly from France, Germany and Italy, not only brought very different genetics to a predominantly Angus and Hereford registered seedstock business, but the breeds represented new opportunities. Cattle feeders and packers became interested in a steer that could produce more pounds of red meat with less fat. We were still many years from a true valueadded system, but the proverbial light switch came on. Until recently, largely due to geopolitical barriers and lack of global demand, the U.S. has effectively been prohibited from exporting live cattle en masse. Some registered producers had limited success in exporting embryos and semen distribution companies have exported frozen semen for many years. Our North American neighbors, both Canada and Mexico, have been consistent buyers of U.S. registered seedstock for many years. Today, however, the pins on the map are beginning to regularly exceed our continent. In the April issue of the Charolais Journal, Robert Williams reported the increased interest in U.S. genetics from many other parts of the world. Robert discussed the projected global population increase in the next 25 years. Robert reported a significant increase of breeding females exported from 2007 through 2012. Wes Ishmael, in a recent article written for BEEFVet, actually reported a 38% increase of breeding female exports from 2011 through 2012, with cattle going to at least 22 countries. The same article reported nearly 1,500 U.S. breeding bulls were exported to 17 countries last year. Any producer that has successfully executed a sale to countries outside North America will tell you the process is complicated and tedious. Most of those same producers will tell you the process is worth pursuing, but requires extraordinary patience and a great veterinarian willing to work with a country you may know little or nothing about, foreign emissaries, the federal government and monumental logistical hurdles. The global population increase reported by Robert and others is not simply an abstract number. The U.S. will undoubtedly continue to be relied upon to supply food to the world. What’s different is the fact that emerging countries are realizing that in order to sustain their cultures, economies and improve the quality of life for their citizens, governments must invest in sustainable food production systems where geographically possible. The world is relying on us to continue to educate our own rural population, and develop technology and business models that enable the next generation to return to the family farm or ranch. The world is relying on us to continue to make genetic advancements that have the potential to produce more meat protein using fewer resources. Already, many countries are relying on us to provide intellectual information and, in some cases, personnel and direction as they develop efficient, sustainable beef production systems. And finally, those countries are relying on our registered seedstock industry’s supply of genetically advanced beef cattle to populate their systems. Many years ago, as feeders and packers were realizing the value of more red meat and less fat, Charolais was the first continental breed to meet the industry’s rigid test. The beef industry has harnessed the power of incredible intellect, used science and developed technology to advance beef production beyond our wildest imagination a half-century ago. Many of us may never consider far off parts of the world as our market. But, you can bet they see our production system as a pathway to their own sustainability. Some of the countries purchasing registered U.S. seedstock didn’t exist 20 years ago. Most likely that’s why we couldn’t point to it on a map today. At least that’s my story!

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Your Link to Performance

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a u n n A d n 42

h c n a R s a Thom ale Bull rSil 8, 2014


olais Bulls r a h C g n li r a 75 Ye Angus Bulls 100 Yearling Angus Bulls ed 50 Yearling R

Tues., Ape Ranch At th

Fall h c n a R s a m Tho Bull Sale 17, 2013

cember e D ., s e u T estock v i L p i l i At Ph


lls Charolais Bu g n li r a e Y ll a 30 F lls ng Angus Bu 30 Fall Yearli d Angus Bulls ng Re 15 Fall Yearli

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Genetic tracking could become a major tool for commercial cattlemen in the near future.

by Taylor Greenstreet

The American-International Charolais Association co-hosted along with the University of Illinois and the National Program for Genetic Improvement of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle the Charolais on Feed field day on August 22, 2013 in Champaign, IL. The event was attended by cattle breeders representing multiple breeds across the United States along with visitors from Mexico in attendance. The group toured the University’s beef farm and heard presentations from the leading researchers working to improve the feed efficiency and profitability of beef cattle. “Producers need to be engaged and incorporate technology to be successful in the beef industry nowadays,” said Dr. Douglas Parrett, Extension Specialist and interim Head of the Animals Sciences Department at the University of Illinois, illustrating the ever-changing world of research and technology that cattle producers need to adapt in order to be successful. This proved to be the theme of the day. The morning began with a tour of the University of Illinois’s beef research farm, which opened in 2004. Producers were shown the Metabolism Research 18

Barn; where researchers are able to take samples directly from the rumen of fistulated cattle in order to conduct digestibility and nutrition trials. Dr. Dan Shike, Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, explained that they are then able to pair the digestibility trials with feedlot growth to answer changes in the performance of the animals. Dr. Shike also stressed the importance of good documentation, “We need good data! We must collect good information, document practices, look for profit opportunities, and be ahead of the curve.” One of the interesting features of the farm is its GrowSafe System. This system allows researchers to collect individual feed intake data on 900 head of cows or feedlot calves. Each animal has its own marker tag – allowing for individual intake data to be electronically transferred into a computer system and analyzed. Other highlights of the tour included a feedstuff discussion with University of Illinois farm manager, Tom Nash, and an overview of the working facilities. After the tour was over, producers had a chance to look at the Charolais sired calves and

examine the data being collected at the farms. The second half of the day consisted of presentations by leaders of the five million dollar, multi-institutional feed efficiency project. The goal of the project is to look at the genetic merit of cattle for feed efficiency to create genomic enhanced EPDs to give to breeds, according to Dr. Jerry Taylor, the Animal Science Wurdack Chair of Animal Genomics Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Dr. Jon Beever, Animal Sciences Professor at the University of Illinois, explained to producers the art of animal breeding as a science. Dr. Beever said the main tools for selection are phenotype, in terms of measured performance and uniformity, breeding values (EPDs) for targeted performance, and the relatively new tool, DNA genotypes. This new tool allows producers to look at the DNA of a specific animal and try to predict its genetic merit - possibly accelerating producers’ chances of creating the best offspring. Dr. Beever stated that commercial cattle producers will have to be familiar with these technologies in order to take full advantage of them as well as understand the relation between these traits and phenotype when it comes to picking sires and dams. Dr. Matt Spangler, Associate Professor and Beef Extension Specialist for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, presented the results of the Weight-Trait Project (WTP), an integrated outreach project that began in 2009. This project includes participation from 24 seedstock producers representing 7 major beef breed associations. This resource, which now includes over 30,000 DNA samples, has been used to evaluate the efficacy of this technology and to advance 19

statistical methodology for the inclusion of genomics into EPDs. Dr. Spangler emphasized that the benefit of this technology is through the incorporation of Molecular Breeding Values (MBV) into EPD in order to increase the accuracy of EPDs, particularly for young animals. Dr. Spangler also added that visualization aids in technology adoption. That is why the WTP began with weight traits, as producers can visualize them. He went on to emphasize that even in the context of genomic selection, routine phenotypes are critical to collect. The project also has educational benefits, according to Dr. Spangler, because it allows the producer to make more informed decisions. “Some of the future directions,” he said, “include feed intake/efficiency, sequence data, and marker assisted management.” Genomically enhanced EPD and Selection Indexes were the topics of the presentation by Dr. Bob Weaber, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at Kansas State University. He explained to the producers that by averaging the dam’s EPD and the sire’s EPD you get the pedigree estimate EPD. This is a good starting point, but Dr. Weaber emphasized that we want to get the estimate closer to the true progeny difference. Data collection, whether from phenotypic records or genomic information, helps to inform the EPD predictions thereby adding accuracy. DNA markers can be a helpful source of information for improving the accuracy values of EPD especially for traits that are hard or expensive to measure, such as disease, stayability, and reproduction. DNA markers are very useful for parentage ID and pedigree validation for seedstock producers, as well as when working

with qualitative traits with an economic impact, such as horned vs. polled, color, etc. “Commercial producers want accuracy!” Dr. Weaber emphasized. He explained that a DNA marker test only provides information on part of an animals genetic merit for a trait since not all genomic regions that contribute to variation in a trait are identified. On the other hand, an EPD tells the cumulative effect of all genes and their interactions on a trait. A genomic-enhanced EPD (GEEPD) uses both of these technologies together, giving producers integrated information at the same time increasing the accuracy of the EPD and subsequent selection indexes. Dr. Shike, assistant professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, talked to the attendees from a different angle, sharing the findings from feed efficiency studies at the University of Illinois. He explained how variation in feed efficiency leaves room for selection opportunities and improvement. “Producers and feeders are interested in profit, and the traditional focus has been on outputs. However, we need to look at inputs and see where there is room to improve,” said Dr. Shike. According to Dr. Shike, the best measure for feed efficiency depends on whether you are talking about a feedlot or a cowherd and whether you are focusing on selection or research. Dr. Shike agreed with the other presenters that there is a need to continue to collect phenotypes in order to understand the relationship of traits and then geneticists will determine the best tools for selection. Dr. Taylor of the University of MissouriColumbia was the final presenter of the afternoon. He explained that through 20

genomic selection, one can take a group of animals with an economically important phenotype and can then genotype them with an assay and try to estimate their genetic value/merit. So far, they have genotypes for 2,400 animals from six breeds with a high-density SNP. By the end of 2013, they hope to have a total of 9,000 animals genotyped. This information provides data for building models which will, in turn, be given to the breed associations to aid producers. In the future, the project could become an international tool by exchanging data with other countries.

The GrowSafe System is being used to collect individual feed intake data on Charolais sired calves.

Luis Lopez and Gregorio Farias, Mexico, exchange ideas with Jay Carlson, BEEF Magazine.

Dr. Doug Parrett welcomes cattlemen from 15 states and Mexico. Procedure in the metabolism Research Barn was explained.

The GrowSafe system was explained.

The Charolais Field day provided beef producers from across all breeds the opportunity to come together to network and learn more about the developing technology that could soon be an impactful tool in the beef industry. Knowledge of this up-and-coming technology could soon prove to be a game-changer in both the herd and in the pocketbook, making events like this even more helpful to producers of all ages.


Various feed ingredients and usage were presented.

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30 – Cavender Ranches


Gallagher USA 1-800-531-5908 (see page 38)

Joe Cavender, Owner 23179 CR 181 • Bullard, TX 75757 (903) 571-1209 • Justin Matejka, Neches River Ranch Manager (903) 521-1070 • (see page 25) 1-800-874-8494 (see page 34)

Western Video Market E-mail: Dennis Metzger, General Manager (530) 347-3793 (see page 12)

31 – Happy 11 Charolais

Norberto Lopez 302 Fresno St. • Zapata, TX 78076 (956) 765-5979 • (956) 286-3724 cell E-mail: (see page 26)





25 26

18 6

27 28

19 20 10


31 34


Numbers on map correspond to state listings, page 27-29.


9 8 14

16 15



2 4

33 3032 29



1 7



December 19, 2013

Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, NE

SELLING: 60 Head

Heifer calves, bred heifers, bred cows and pregnant recips


Get & service of SCR Bronco 9026, SCR Tuffy 0119, and other leading Charolais sires.

Tom Sonderup

19488 Valley Rd., Fullerton, NE 68638 (308) 536-2050  (308) 550-0254 cell 

Sale managed by: Hubert Cattle Sales (785) 672-3195

Annual Bull Sale - April 10, 2014

Annual Bull Sale Committed to Quality 50 Bulls Sell • Two-Year-Olds • Fall Yearlings •Spring Yearlings • Polled •Complete Performance

March 15, 2014 1 p.m. MST

Sterling Livestock Commission,

Sterling, Colorado

Wagner Charolais Bob & Jan Wagner 18025 WCR 128 Nunn, CO 80648 (970) 420-2336

Auctioneer Dennis Metzger (816) 519-8208

Our Bulls are Pasture Born and Raised 32




Charolais & Simmental Ranch

34th Annual Production Sale • Tuesday, March 4, 2014 1:30 p.m. • Kist Livestock, Mandan, N.D. • Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Raising top Charolais since 1959 and top Simmental since 1968

Selling the Top Genetics in Both Breeds 90 Spring Charolais Bulls • 50 Spring Simmental Bulls A Handful of Open Heifers

DCR Mr Solution W13

Tested Homozygous Pld BD:2-2-09 BW: 90 205 wt/R: 840/ 105; 365 wt/R: 1486/102 CE: 7.1 BW: 0.6 WW: 33 YW: 69 Milk: 10 MCE: 5.7 TM: 26 SC: 0.5 CWT: 26 REA: 0.36 Used on first calf heifers and cows. Top used sire in our AI program. The top-selling group in our last two sales. We calved his first daughter out and they have the most perfect udder development.


Charles & Pam Doll 701-843-8673 Harlan & Jodie Doll 701-843-8771 David & Donna Doll 701-843-7947

Charolais Ranch 3991 36th Street New Salem, ND 58563


Information You Need!

Subscribe to the Charolais Journal 11 issues $75/year U.S. $100/year U.S. First Class $110/year Foreign $135 First Class Foreign

Special Issues March Bull Issue May Female Issue June/July Directory & Membership Focus August Junior Issue October Commercial Marketing

Call or write today Charolais Journal

11700 NW Plaza Circle Kansas City, MO 64153 (816) 464-5977 •


“To have good bulls, you need good cows.” See our lots in the upcoming FOUR STATES CLASSIC CREAM OF THE CROP SALE Saturday, November 23, 2013 • Hope Livestock, Inc. • Hope, Ark.

Plyler Brothers Caleb Plyler 1748 Hempstead 7 • Hope, AR 71801 (870) 703-1394

Bulls available private treaty.





or over 40 years you’ve known us for our outstanding Hereford cattle.We have also been producing top quality Angus and Charolais cattle for 17 years. All of our breeding programs are built on the top genetics in their respective breeds. We provide proven crossbreeding components that will add pounds to your calves and work in your environment. For maternal traits, beef quality, muscle and durability, we have the options. We use these cattle in our own commercial program and finish them in the feedlot. We know what they will do for you.

LT Bluegrass

Senior Heifer Division Champion at National Western Stock Show KR MISS 3151 LT EASY PRO 1104 Selling 100 Charolais Bulls Other sires include LT Bluegrass, TR Firewater, LT Easy Pro 3151, LT Mighty Blend 6297, LT Bravo Star 5151, & Western Edge

150 Hereford, 100 Angus & 100 Charolais Bulls For Sale Private Treaty at the Ranch

C Harland Too ET

Selling 150 Hereford Bulls

Hereford • Angus • Charolais

Other sires include Harland Too, C Maui Jim, C Pure Gold 4215, C New Era ET, CL1 Domino 6136S, & Ribeye 88X

Bill King • 505/220-9909 Tom Spindle • 505/321-8808 • 505/832-0926 P.O. Box 2670, Moriarty, NM 87035 — Located 40 miles east of Albuquerque

Proven Crossbreeding Components New Mexico’s Largest 1 Iron Seedstock Producer! 37

Pasture Management Tips

Since 1938, Gallagher has brought experience and technology together to create quality animal and pasture management solutions for Charolais producers.

E L E CT R I C F E N C I N G ďż˝ M I R A C O WAT E R E R S ďż˝ W E I G H I N G & E I D

Helping Charolais producers do and achieve more with educational clinics & many quality products. Visit our web site to find your local Gallagher dealer and to see our full line of electric fencing, weighing, data collection and Miraco watering systems. While you are there, be sure to look for upcoming fencing and grazing clinics in your area.


Your Bull Source Selling 100+ Bulls Annually n n n n n

Quality performance bulls in volume Bulls available private treaty in the fall Feedlot data from our commercial herd Proven Bloodlines Customer Satisfaction

200+ Head Mature Cowherd

Herd Sires Include—

ACE-ORR Efficient 972 Pld

Top 2% WW, 1% YW, 15% M, 8% REA

M6 Makes It Easy 723 P ET

Top 5% WW, 3% YW, 7% TM, 7% MB

21st Annual Top Pick Bull Sale

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Peterson Farms Charolais

AI Sires –

M6 New Standard 842 P ET SR/NC Field Rep 2158 P ET Keys All State 149X LT Ledger 0332 P Three Trees Wind 0383 ET VCR Sir Duke 2141 ET Pld

Registered Charolais Breeders

Steve & Sandy Peterson • Jeremiah, Andrew & Joey 8767 Outer Road • Mtn. Grove, MO 65711 (417) 926-5336 • (417) 746-4410 Tad Owings, Manager (660) 998-2557 39

36th Annual

Rambur Charolais Bull Sale April 12, 2014

Selling 100 Charolais • 40 Angus

Rambur Charolais RC Howard Rambur: 406-482-3255

34790 County Road 118 • Sidney, MT 59270

Marlin Block, • Herd Mgr. • 406-489-3258 Email:


WCR Bandit 2164

WCR War Creek 206

WCR Kingsbury 116


WCR Gunslinger 2148


45th Annual Sale - April 26, 2014 46th Annual Sale - April 25, 2015 170 Bulls currently on Test Top 110 make the sale.

Generations of Multiple Traits For 27 years, we have provided cattlemen with profit producing VCR Bulls. Profit + Satisfaction Bulls Available Private Treaty • 35 Fall Yearlings • 90 Spring 2013 Born

VCR Sir Duke 914 Pld 22-Time Multiple Trait Leader

WCR Sir Fa Mac 2244 The Benchmark Sire

Performance Evaluated Cowherd AICA WHR

Stop by the Ranch or give us a call!


tandard II DVCRakota S Female Production Sale Saturday, NOVEMBER 9, 2013 1:00 PM • At the Ranch

Vedvei Charolais Ranch

Alan & Deb Vedvei • 44213 204th St. • Lake Preston, South Dakota 57249 (605) 847-4529 • Cell: (605) 860-1135 •

2000 AICA Seedstock Producer of the Year

Cattlemans Source 2013  

Catalog of Cattle Producers for 2013-2014 year.

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