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We remain focused around our faith, our family and our friends, and always will. To say that we are ProUd of mason, Whitney & catelyn is an understatement! as we teach our children, through their cattle projects, how to become successful in the ring and in life we truly admire their bond with one another. We are proud they hold the faith, family and friends ahead of the banners earned. We are proud of their hard work, their team efforts and their love for one another.

Eric & Linsay Walker

reS. grand Champion lim-flex heifer, 2015 nalf 3rd overall Champion intermediate ShoWman, 2015 maine Junior nationalS 2nd overall maine-anJou team fitting top 10 limouSin intermediate ShoWman

grand Champion mainetainer heifer, 2015 Junior nationalS national Champion intermediate ShoWman, 2015 maine Junior nationalS 6th overall maine-anJou team fitting 3rd overall Champion intermediate ShoWman, 2015 Simmetal Junior nationalS top 10 limouSin intermediate ShoWman

3rd overall Champion Chianina heifer, 2015 Junior nationalS 4th overall national Jr ShoWman, 2015 maine Junior nationalS

We are proud of all arkanSaS JuniorS

congratulations to all junior exhibitors, especially those from the state of arkansas. our state has been represented remarkably this summer at the junior national shows. Way to go kids!

WilloW SpringS Cattle Company

eriC, linSay, maSon, Whitney & Catelyn Walker 14844 Walker road • Prairie Grove, arkansas 72753 eriC: 479-601-3567 • eric@Walkermasonryinc.com Cody green, ShoW & Sale Cattle manager: 479-979-5223

August/September 2015

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7/13/15 6:02 PM



BAILEY BUCK ... 2015 Junior National Hereford Expo Grand Champion Polled Hereford Female. Bred by Happ COLE MOORE ... 2015 National Junior Maine-Anjou Show Reserve Grand Champion Female. Bred by Buck.

TRISTAN MONROE ... 2015 Fort Worth Stock Show Open Show Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female. Bred by Moore TAYLOR DORSEY ... 2014 Colorado State Fair Grand Champion MaineAnjou Female. Bred by Buck

CHARLEY JOHNSON ... 2014 Tulsa State Fair Supreme Champion Female. Bred by Jeffery

VICTORIA CHAPMAN ... 2015 Oklahoma Youth Expo Reserve Supreme Champion Female. Bred by Dupree

All Buck cattle are fed MFM Feeds & Sure Champ. Talk to us about their advantages.


August/September 2015


CHRIS BARTON ... 2015 Fort Worth Stock Show Reserve Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female. Bred by Buck & Moore

JIRL, BRENDA & BAILEY BUCK 580.795.4865 mobile • jirl@buckcattle.com Matt Scasta, 580.220.7288 Madill, OK 73446 • www.buckcattle.com

Because we know these moments last a


how uck.

Start with the Right base


rve ale. ore

daddy’’s $


www.griswoldcattle.com powerful testiment to profit in the industry lies within your cow base. We focus on genetics that not only have the “look” but the cow making kind, the ones you keep for

years, that make good calves, that make your bottom line look better. Griswold bulls are bringing home the POWER! Griswold Cattle 405-780-3300

be proud to put your brand on it !

riswold Cattle

w w w . g r i s w o l d c a t t l e . c o m August/September 2015


August/september • VOLume 25/Number 6 The official publication of the American Maine-Anjou Association. COVer phOtO by FOCus mArketiNg grOup AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2015

Features 14 2015 Junior National Coverage 41 Wise beyond her years by Stephanie Sindel

44 board of Director profiles 62 she’s A Lady Coverage Other Departments 6 headquarters by John Boddicker

8 Commercial Connection by Dave Steen

49 Junior update

by Hunter Randall

50 New Junior members 52 New Adult members 58 Announcements produced by maine-Anjou Voice, platte City, mO • 816-858-9954


August/September 2015

The American Maine-Anjou Association publishes the Maine-Anjou Voice. Copyright ©2007 by American Maine-Anjou Association. All rights reserved. None of the contents of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the publisher. Subscriptions *U.S. rates are $20 per year *U.S. first class rates are $45 per year *Canadian rates are $35 U.S. Funds; International money orders, Visa and Mastercard encouraged. $35 U.S. Funds when paying with a Canadian personal check. *Foreign rates are $35 per year plus postage. Advertising Space Rates (For Space Only) Size 1 Time PrePaid Full Page (1FC, 1BC, BC) by contract only Full Page (inside) ……… $555 … $455 3/4 Page ………………… $505 … $425 2/3 Page ………………… $455 … $390 1/2 Page ………………… $325 … $260 1/3 Page ………………… $260 … $205 1/4 Page ………………… $195 … $150 Card Ads ………………… $75 … $300 Other options available. Call for rates or terms. Color Rates Single Color ………………………… $100 Four Color ………………………… $200 Extra Charges • Original Color Photo Scan ……… $20 • Retrieve Color Photo Scan ……… $10 • Black & White Photo ……………… $7 • Special Artwork/Spot Color Per Project Advertising Deadlines January/February .................. December 1 March/April ............................. February 1 May/June/July................................ April 1 August/September ........................... July 1 October .................................. September 1 November/December ................. October 1 Past Due Accounts Payment is expected in 30 days. Accounts past due will be charged a 1.5% interest penalty per month. Copy Changes Changes to advertising copy, if made after deadline, will be made only if time permits and will incur the appropriate charges for time and materials involved in the change. Advertising Content The Maine-Anjou Voice reserves the right to refuse any advertising copy at its sole discretion. The Voice assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the advertising content as submitted or approved, including pedigrees, statements regarding performance or photos from outside parties. Advertisers shall indemnify and hold harmless the Voice for any claims concerning advertising content as submitted or approved. Content received after deadline will be sent to the advertiser for review as time allows. The Voice is not responsible for errors in advertisements where content is received past deadline. Digital File Conversion Disclaimer Many of our advertisers are choosing to supply digital photos rather than glossy prints for use in their Maine-Anjou Voice advertising. The Voice magazine will not be responsible for quality of photo reproduction or printing as a result of any digital photos supplied. The Voice magazine will not be held liable for any financial compensation or discounted advertising as a result of poor reproduction quality of digital photos. All digital photos supplied for use in the Voice magazine will be used at the advertiser’s risk.



Building a Better Product

One Generation at a Time 20 years of Selection TLM Bouncer 152L

TLM Total 515R

HAA Bold Move 284T

TLM Synergy 825U

TLM Basic 962W ET TLM Super Stout 021X

TLM Milkman 028X

TLM Passion 141Y

TLM Preview 164Y

TLM Power UP 231Z

RBT Sport Illustrated 33

RRRC Allstar 612A The Foundation

Come check out a NuLook this fall!

Stop by Thanksgiving weekend for our open house and to view the cattle. We are excited to offer another STOUT set of cattle and an exciting new bull prospect - NuLooK!! We will have bred heifers, open heifers and bull calves available!

Committed to a PROGRAM based on these selection goals: • Integrity • Whole Herd Testing • Performance EPDs • Linebred Genetic Consistency • Phenotypic Uniformity • Future Genomic Evaluation

Everett - Steve - Mike Forkner

9282 E. Indian Line Rd.• Richards, MO 64778 • (417) 484-3306 • (877) 489-0570 • (417) 549-0666 www.trulinemaines.com • eforktlg@gmail.com August/September 2015


headquarters Current EPD Profile (Active) MaineTainer Sires MaineTainer Dams Maine-Anjou Sires Maine-Anjou Dams

CE 6.5 6.8 7.2 7.2

BW 2.1 2.1 2.5 2.4

WW 35.8 37.6 39.5 39.8

YW 72.4 75.7 78.4 78.6

MCE 0.9 1.8 2.8 2.9

MM 19.3 19.7 19.4 19.4

MWW 37.1 38.5 39.2 39.3

CW -3 -1.1 1 1

FT 0.01 0.01 0 0

REA 0.13 0.14 0.18 0.17

MARB 0.18 0.2 0.19 0.2

%RT 0.26 0.26 0.32 0.31

by John Boddicker, executive vice president

Years and Years of Watching Young Kids Become Young Adults American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) Mission Statement The AMAA will promote Maine-Anjou genetics that provide superior, value added performance, docility and carcass excellence for the beef industry while also providing expanded membership services for adult and junior members. What a gratifying experience it has been to be able to walk side by side with some of the greatest youth in America. It almost seems like yesterday that I first attended an AMAA National Junior Show and witnessed a young group of junior attendees enjoying the competition. For those that I have been able to keep track of, many now have moved on to successful lives with families of their own, some in the agriculture industry but most in varied walks of life. We are not naive enough to feel that the participation in competitive contests are the sole reason kids turn into responsible young adults. It’s the way of life that is provided them as they are growing up. They have learned that winning a big purple ribbon really isn’t the prize, but instead what’s learned along the way. To paraphrase on a common statement, those that learn valuable lessons along the way know that in later life when opportunity doesn’t knock, they build a door they can go through. They create opportunity!! I am not so old that I don’t remember all of the immature things I did growing up. Watching the youth of the AMAA junior association grow up before one’s own eyes has truly been an educational and fun experience. All at different degrees some have exhibited maturity and leadership at varying times, but I have to believe that through the guidance of their parents, time and patience, all of our juniors


August/September 2015

have benefited from an agricultural way of life that values “effort” as a means to success. A real truthful saying that I read in a book once went like this, “Raising teenagers is like trying to nail Jello to a tree.” I get a chuckle out of that one every time I read it, but as we all know sooner or later those teenage kids become vibrant young adults ready to take on the world. That my friends is success! I really don’t think the kind of degree one holds or the type of job one has defines success. I have always believed that if one is happy with living within his means, has the right core values to raise a family and respects all of those around him, success is at hand. The following story says something about respect of others and values we should all carry with us. A Sense of Values During my second year of nursing school our professor gave us a pop quiz. I breezed through the questions until I read the last one. “What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?” Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times, but how would I know her name? I handed in the paper, leaving the last question blank. Before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our grade.

“Absolutely,” the professor said. “In your careers you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say hello” I’ve never forgotten that lesson! I also learned her name was Dorothy. Joann Jones, Guideposts

for and for that we are forever grateful! Again, I do not know the author, but to each one of you, “May your troubles be less, And your blessings be more, And nothing but happiness, Come through your door.”

To end this column I want to thank all of the parents and young adults that have blessed my life with your presence! My family and I have been associated with some of the best people one can hope


ited ) is exc io, A A M (A ton ciation t of San An an o s s A ith d ou njou aine-A ef Inc., base stry system w system M n a c e i i er try reg al B The Am e that Digit new AMAA ber. The regis dly to our c a o n e t c ri n ng s ou to ann ill be installi ive in early O remely user f ck of animal l t a w r x o , t e g s Texa te to ill be better Ds, whole ated da needed and w able to keep P p i ef c i t n a ords, E w Digital Be ch be c u e r w m o h n t n l l e has be hip. You wil ns, herd hea illing. The ne d will be rs b tio an are membe pasture loca history and ily accounts o softw r r , P e y m f e n s a l f e t n t g pro d Ca g, tra o link portin eders t eper an herd re ill allow bre nse, Cow Ke AA w Se the AM f you , m w l e i o t a C s y m h s it ate. I via etible w posted our launch d e sure to p i compa s. h s r mak er to m embe progra l keep the m s we get clos tober, please ion system c a l at We wi d Facebook ws in O s our registr m. During o h s g n n a r di ea syste websit ing on atten ior to Octobe he new t d n r a n p o a l l s imal are p to up any an several days be available. r e t s i g re or ot down f s will n will be online acces e this tim

August/September 2015


CommerCial ConneCtion

by Dave Steen, commercial development director

The Results Are In

In 2011 the Iowa Cattlemen’s association designed and implemented the Iowa Carcass Challenge. This carcass challenge is open to all Iowa producers to enter their steers of any breed to be fed and harvested for the carcass results to compete in a statewide competition. At the end of the feeding phase, complete carcass data is collected on all steers and is used in calculating the carcass challenge awards. Donors of the top five steers for retail value per day on feed category and the top five quality grade category leaders are recognized at the annual awards program in June. The money from the harvested steers is donated to Iowa State University where the proceeds are used for promoting educational leadership programs, to assist in gaining access to cattlemen at the 2013 HOLDEN legislature and for Steer Data & GREEN COUNTY promoting beef. Percentage Maine-Anjou 3/8 The AMAA has been very fortunate Sire 3/4 Sooner son to have two firms Date of Birth 3/11/2012 graciously consign Test Weight 750 lbs. steers to this unique Estimated Final Wt. 1,502 lbs. feeding trial. Thank Overall ADG 4.61 you to Holden’s Maines & More On Test ADG 5.10 and the Green Fat Cover .75 inch County Cattlemen’s REA 14.5 square inch Association, who Yield Gade 3 have consigned a Percent Retail Product 59.69 steer three out of the four years. Your Marbling Score Sm 80 support is very Grade Choice much appreciated! Retail Value Days on Feed $6.456 In 2014 the $1,939.30 Audubon-Manning Total Value Final Placing 3/47 Veterinary Clinic donated a MaineTop 6% 8

August/September 2015

Anjou steer that was raised by fellow Maine-Anjou breeder Kenny Grimm of Koo’s Kattle Kompany. Thank you to the Audubon-Manning Veterinary Clinic for your consignment to this carcass challenge. Comparative Stats for 2013-2015 These results are amazing! For those of you that harvest and market your cattle on a grid, you know the added value that Maine-Anjou genetics can provide. In three years at the Iowa Carcass Challenge Maine-Anjou genetics have stood third out of 47, eighth and 11th out of 68 and 12th out of 57. In every trial to date, our Maine-Anjou steers have all been in the top 3% to 21% of the cattle groups. Outstanding statistics to say the least! 2014 HOLDEN & GREEN COUNTY 2/18/2013 790 lbs. 1,460 lbs. 3.82 3.99 .50 inch 15.6 square inch 2 64.30 Sm 0 Choice $7.199 $2,198 11/68 Top 16%

2014 AMVC Purebred Maine Break 3/29/2013 720 lbs. 1,460 lbs. 4.26 4.40 .40 inch 15.2 inch 2 65.36 Sm 0 Choice $7.266 $2,123.52 8/68 Top 12%

2015 HOLDEN & GREEN COUNTY 50% Iceman son 2/15/2014 740 lbs. 1,575 lbs. 4.25 4.43 .50 inch 14.2 inch 3 62.11 Sm 30 Choice $8.068 $2,502.90 12/57 Top 21%

Tests October Delivery November Delivery December Delivery

Sex Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers Steers & Heifers

Health Completed Mid September Mid October Mid November

Please come to appreciate these remarkable results. Until you have personally fed cattle, I know you cannot really appreciate the added value that the Maine-Anjou breed can present. The ongoing collection of data within the Maine-Anjou breed continues to prove that our breed is value based and can compete on the rail! The sky is the limit! Optimism has a solid base and it’s Maine-Anjou! If any Iowan is interested in consigning a steer to this Iowa Carcass Challenge, please feel free to contact Dave Steen at (515) 201-3281 or Kellie Carolan, seedstock manager, who manages the Iowa Carcass Challenge. Contact Kellie at the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (515) 296-2266 or Kellie@iabeef.org. 2016 AMAA/Tri-County Steer and Heifer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF) The AMAA, in conjunction with the TCSCF, is offering producers the opportunity to retain ownership and feed your Maine-Anjou cattle to obtain the harvest data that will assist you in your continued efforts to improve your genetics. The delivery dates are posted, but we will accept cattle whenever it works for you! If this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact me at (515) 201-3281 or Tri-County at (712) 769-2600. The TCSCF is based out of Lewis, Iowa and is contracted to feed cattle with 10 different feedyards in southwest Iowa. Our cattle will again be fed at Gregory Feedyards, Tabor, Iowa. Their phone number is (712) 625-2311 and manager, David Trowbridge’s cell number is (712) 370-2205.

Entries Due Mid September Mid October Mid November

Delivery Date Oct. 15, 2015 Nov. 12, 2015 Dec. 10, 2015

Iowa Sites for Steer & Heifer Tests Additional information: Gregory Feedyards Jim Gregory, Owner David Trowbridge, Feedlot Manager 1164 305th Ave. Tabor, IA 51653 Phone: (712) 625-2311 Fax: (712) 625-2321 gregoryfeedlots.com e-mail: gregfeed@heartland.net Directions to Gregory Feedlots: From Tabor, Iowa go south on Highway 275 for 2 miles to junction 184 (County Hwy J18) and 275. Head east on Highway 184 (J18) for 3 ½ miles to 305th avenue. Go north ¼ miles to top of a hill and look for a sign on the east side of the road. For those of you who are traveling on Interstate 29, take Exit 24 and go east 10 miles to Tabor, Iowa. No one will be billed for feed, it will be deducted from the proceeds of the cattle! Congratulations to all of the exhibitors at the National Junior Heifer Show. An Outstanding set of females was exhibited!!! Please feel free to call (515) 201-3281 if I can be of help. Maines on the Move, Dave Steen AMAA Commercial Development Director

For More Information:

Dave Steen, 515-201-3281

August/September 2015


AI Schools & Supplies Available! NEW AI SCHOOL DATES - Oct. 3-4 & Dec. 5-6

double shot

MINN Hard Whiskey X Collins Nealy Ray THF/PHAF • 450547

BPF Common Ground

DCC Hard Drive X TJSC Lucky Lady 2X THF/PHAF • 449299

BNWZ jose 703y

HAA Target X BNWZ Miss 703S THF/PHAF • 421509

lfcc march madness

GOET I-80 X LFCC Lady K 727T THF/PHAF • 441834

daddy’s money

GOET I-80 X JSC Velvet 112W THF/PHAF • 427013

Services/In House Lab


GOET I-80 X CLS Miss Hot Cookie THC/PHAF • 443142


Irish Whiskey X Dejavu/Heatseeker THF/PHAC

rumor mill

BBBN X 483X X WCC Erica 36R THF/PHAF • 415977


Cowan’s Ali 4M X BPF Miley 80T THF/PHAF • 400082

Ready to Rumble LFCC Unstoppable 727X X NAGE Ms Wide Track 106P

THC/PHAF • 433732

9525 70th Rd. - Galesburg, Kan. p: (800) 443-6389 − f: (620) 763-2231 sekgenetics.com Find us on Facebook!

Walking Bear

GOET I-80 X Indian Princess THF/PHAF • 451951

RGCC 429B Overdrive

BPF Classic 914U X BPF Princess 192T THF/PHAF • 450458

Frisky whiskey

ADW Kruel Whiskey X ADW Xtra Special

THF/PHAC • 440529

no worries

GOET I-80 X RAPP Natural Woman 138U

THF/PHAF • 435803

turning point

LFCC Unstoppable 727X X Dream Works THF/PHAF • 446448

Royal Blend MINN Hard Whiskey 591Y X HETN Miss Sasha

THF/PHAF • 441088

maternal perfection

Irish Whiskey X Pays to Dream THF/PHAC • 441628

rebel soul

BPF Classic 914U X Miss Carney 88U THF/PHAC • 434868

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r u o y r o f g n i Look xt Champion? ne BODACIOUS





o N k Loo r! e h t r u F

WAC Show Cattle

│ Will & Shelbie Alexander 22903 Genoa Rd. • Linneus, MO 64653 (660) 734-1427 • (660) 734-8568

Alexander Land & Cattle

│ Myron & Carol Alexander

23231 Hwy. FF • Linneus, MO 64653 (660) 375-7263 • (660) 895-5346 August/September 2015 11

12 August/September 2015



August/September 2015 13

2015 NATIONAL JUNIOR MAINE-ANJOU FEMALE SHOW June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. • Judge: Brent Murphy, Missouri



BTLR Radiant 12B3

Champion Junior Yearling Jan. 27, 2014 Sire: DCC Premium Blend 47S Dam: MHH Radiant 12R Exhibited by Cade Austin, Milton, Wis.


Grand Champion

BK Ain’t High 3015

Champion Senior Yearling Sept. 6, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: BK Utoo 872 Exhibited by Cole Moore, Madill, Okla.

Third overall

Maci Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind. 14 August/September 2015

Fourth overall

Kagney Collins, Flanagan, Ill.

Fifth overall

Dalton Line, Seaton, Ill.

Champion Junior Heifer Calf

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf

Champion Senior Heifer Calf

Feb. 22, 2015 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: K&A Daiquiri 176Y Exhibited by Jordan Crall, Albia, Iowa

Jan. 11, 2015 Sire: Comfort Zone Dam: TLCC Isabella S6392 Exhibited by Larahmy Blakley, Oologah, Okla.

Oct. 8, 2014 Sire: BK Unlimited Power 472 Dam: GF Jenna 65L Exhibited by Hunter Morton, Stratford, Okla.

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf

Champion Summer Yearling

Reserve Champion Summer Yearling

Sept. 15, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: BK Utoo 872 Exhibited by Victoria Chapman, Mannsville, Okla.

May 7, 2014 Sire: LFCC Unstoppable 727X Dam: PWSC Miss Genna 025X Exhibited by Lauren Robertson, Roca, Neb.

May 30, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: CPC Emma’s Glory Exhibited by Emma Vickland, Longmont, Colo.

Champion Spring Yearling

Reserve Champion Spring Yearling

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling

March 16, 2014 Sire: BBBN X 483X Dam: Miss Rihanna Exhibited by Maci Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

March 4, 2014 Sire: LFCC Unstoppable 727X Dam: KS Erica 36T Exhibited by Kagney Collins, Flanagan, Ill.

Feb. 2, 2014 Sire: DCC Premium Blend 47S Dam: MHH Radiant 12R Exhibited by Dalton Line, Seaton, Ill.

Reserve Champion Senior Yearling

Champion Cow/Calf

Reserve Champion Cow/Calf

Oct. 22, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: BK Time Machine 7110 Exhibited by Victoria Chapman, Mannsville, Okla.

March 19, 2012 Sire: Predator 19U Dam: JSC Katie 5S Exhibited by Luke Prill, Wichita, Kan.

Jan. 2, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: JSC Lucky Lady 116W Exhibited by Stephanie Kersten, Gretna, Neb.

CRLL Miss Chanel 22C

DRCC Miss China Doll

BOAK Breathless 4004


BK Back Talkin 4009

CHAM Miss Win Dixie

KMAE Elsa 917B

JSUL Erica’s Flower

JPV Emma’s I-Girl



BTLR Radiant 12B2


CMCC Always On Time 3018

MINN Lilly 8Z

JSC Lucky Lady 2A

August/September 2015 15

2015 NATIONAL JUNIOR MAINETAINER FEMALE SHOW June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. • Judge: Mark Hoge, Illinois



STECK Chelsie C 411B ET Champion Spring Yearling April 17, 2014 Sire: MAV Charisma 906W Dam: SCSP Chelsie 269M Exhibited by Whitney Walker, Prairie Grove, Ark.


Grand Champion

Miss Zoey 52B

Champion Summer Yearling May 29, 2014 Sire: Monopoly Dam: Miss Rockfalls Ali 138W Exhibited by Chancee Clark, Romance, Ark.

Third overall

Ali Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio 16 August/September 2015

Fourth overall

Gracie Danner, West Liberty, Iowa

Fifth overall

Becca Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf

Jan. 5, 2015 Sire: 3C RSVP N541 BZ Dam: DRCC Miss Laughter Exhibited by Larahmy Blakley, Oologah, Okla.

April 3, 2015 Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: BSCT American Dream Exhibited by Ali Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio

Sept. 28, 2014 Sire: RCC Big Jake 504Y Dam: R & R Landmark 812 Exhibited by Carlee Clark, Romance, Ark.

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf

Reserve Champion Summer Yearling

Reserve Champion Spring Yearling

Sept. 2, 2014 Sire: BK Top Secret Dam: CMCC 6966S Exhibited by Austin Breeding, Miami, Texas

May 10, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: TJSC Knockout Exhibited by Ali Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio

April 22, 2014 Sire: Monopoly Dam: HLB Business 47P Exhibited by Gracie Danner, West Liberty, Iowa

Champion Junior Yearling

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling

Champion Senior Yearling

Feb. 23, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: Hippy 904 Exhibited by Becca Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

Feb. 16, 2014 Sire: MINN Hard Whiskey 591Y Dam: Crystal Creek Aerial 680 Exhibited by Janel Gilbert, Greenville, Ohio

Sept. 19, 2013 Sire: CRLL Tracker X105 Dam: NM-68R Exhibited by Chyann Smith, Storm Lake, Iowa

Champion Cow/Calf Pair

Reserve Champion Cow/Calf

Jan. 27, 2013 Sire: Monopoly Dam: BPF Mercedes 129U Exhibited by Stran Wagner, Berryville, Ark.

March 2, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: TR Ms Chica 9818 Exhibited by Isabella Graff, Middletown, Ill.

MCCF American Dream 12C

Champion Senior Heifer Calf

CLA Pretty Picture 153B


CMCC By The Book 4025

Miss Izzy Mae 1B

JSC Knockout 191B

JCCF Aerial 804B

DANR Presley Clone 11B


Champion Junior Heifer Calf

DRCC Miss Crazy Laughter

CRLL Miss Angelina 55A


Reserve Champion Senior Yearling

TGSC Amaretto 022A

Oct. 1, 2013 Sire: LFCC Unstoppable 727X Dam: A891 Angus Exhibited by Abagail Wood, Leavenworth, Kan.

WLK I’m A Ten

GLL Blackberry 47A

August/September 2015 17

2015 NATIONAL JUNIOR B&O MAINE-ANJOU FEMALE SHOW June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. • Judge: Mark Hoge, Illinois



WOOD Fancy Bee 433B Champion Summer Yearling June 10, 2014 Sire: GOET The Maine Man Dam: BK Yardlee 133 Exhibited by Abagail Wood, Leavenworth, Kan.


Grand Champion

JPV Emma’s I-Girl

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling May 30, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: CPC Emma’s Glory Exhibited by Emma Vickland, Longmont, Colo.

18 August/September 2015

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf

Champion Senior Heifer Calf

Feb. 26, 2015 Sire: Predator Dam: Twizzler Exhibited by Austin Garner, Hamilton, Ohio

Jan. 3, 2015 Sire: Cowan’s Ali 4M Dam: TLCC Isabella S6392 Exhibited by Reighly Blakley, Oologah, Okla.

Nov. 15, 2015 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: CLM Heiress 644S Exhibited by Tyler Loudon, Creston, Iowa

Champion Spring Yearling

Reserve Champion Spring Yearling

Nov. 22, 2014 Sire: SWB A lot 8A Dam: DCC Playmate 236L Exhibited by Randon Schwab, Seguin, Texas

March 16, 2014 Sire: BBBN X 483X Dam: Miss Rihanna Exhibited by Maci Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

April 15, 2014 Sire: DEEP Breath 307Z Dam: BBR Suzie 1181Y Exhibited by Ladd Landgraf, Madill, Okla.

Champion Junior Yearling

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling

Champion Senior Yearling

Feb. 28, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: Riley Ms Sweetheart X522 Exhibited by Cassidy Barker, Kearney, Mo.

Feb. 25, 2015 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: MINN Lily 8Z Exhibited by Luke Prill, Wichita, Kan.

Oct. 25, 2013 Sire: GCC ECC Dubai 56S Dam: WAC Mystic 160S Exhibited by Trace Alexander, Linneus, Mo.

GNR PRE Terri 11C

DRCC Miss Casa Blanca

TLLC Midnight 514B


Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf

SWB Pick 3B

Barkers Miss Scarlet

CHAM Miss Win Dixie

SJP LKP 8Z I80 Anne 14B

LADD Blue Memphis 105B


Champion Junior Heifer Calf

WAC Mystic 150A

August/September 2015 19

2015 NATIONAL JUNIOR B&O MAINETAINER FEMALE SHOW June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. • Judge: Brent Murphy, Missouri



CLA Pretty Picture

Champion Senior Heifer Calf Sept. 28, 2014 Sire: RCC Big Jake 504Y Dam: R & R Landmark 812 Exhibited by Carlee Clark, Romance, Ark.


Grand Champion

JCCF Aerial 804B

Champion Junior Yearling Feb. 16, 2014 Sire: MINN Hard Whiskey 591Y Dam: Crystal Creek Aerial 680 Exhibited by Janel Gilbert, Greenville, Ohio

20 August/September 2015

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf

Jan. 5, 2015 Sire: 3C RSVP N541 Dam: DRCC Miss Laughter Exhibited by Larahmy Blakley, Oologah, Okla.

April 3, 2015 Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: BSCT American Dream Exhibited by Ali Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio

Sept. 1, 2014 Sire: Smokin Bob Dam: PKC DJHC Rockin X 21Z Exhibited by Chance Sweeten, Gene Autry, Okla.

Champion Summer Yearling

Reserve Champion Summer Yearling

Champion Spring Yearling

May 3, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: EGSC Elvira Exhibited by Cassidy Barker, Kearney, Mo.

June 14, 2014 Sire: Monopoly Dam: HGS Miss Noani Exhibited by Alec Myers, Taylorville, Ill.

March 25, 2014 Sire: Power N Balance Dam: PM Queen 222M Exhibited by Skyler Miller, Torrington, Wyo.

Reserve Champion Spring Yearling

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling

April 6, 2014 Sire: Silveiras Style 9303 Dam: MINN Eleanor 1X Exhibited by Elizabeth Heaton, Toulon, Ill.

Jan. 15, 2014 Sire: S A V Brilliance 8077 Dam: BBN Beauty 621X Exhibited by Morgan Moore, Jerseyville, Ill.

Champion Cow/Calf Pair

Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Pair

March 2, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: DRFS Ophelia 118Y Exhibited by Isabella Graff, Middletown, Ill.

Jan. 14, 2013 Sire: BNWZ 436U Dam: KD Rita K612 Exhibited by Bevan Holmgren, S. Bend, Ind.

Barkers Miss Divergent

HETN Elaine

GLL Blackberry 47A

MCCF American Dream 12C

MSC Annie

MOORE Dixie 4B

CRSW Smokin Bella 421B

PDM Jocelyn 403B


Champion Junior Heifer Calf

DRCC Miss Crazy Laughter

Champion Senior Yearling

PRC Whizzers Princess A2

Nov. 15, 2013 Sire: Whizzer Dam: BPF Princess 844Y Exhibited by Charlea Edwards, Jonesville, La.

EBH Miss Elosie

August/September 2015 21




June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. • Judge: Gary Stayley, Ohio




Mr. Big Show

Sept. 4, 2014 Sire: Heat Wave • Dam: CLA Ms Izzy 8101 Exhibited by Victoria Chapman, Mannsville, Okla.




Mr. Me

Oct. 5, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 • Dam: BPF Miss Me 910Y Exhibited by Austin McCann, Bokchito, Okla.





Sept. 5, 2014 Sire: Man Among Boys • Dam: BK Jayme 911J Exhibited by Hatlei Dixon, Wynnewood, Okla.


SWB Harry 1B

Oct. 8, 2014 Sire: Solid Gold • Dam: Daines Miss Sizzler 8L Exhibited by Randon Schwab, Seguin, Texas

22 August/September 2015


June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. • Judge: Gary Stayley, Ohio





California Chrome


Jan. 11, 2014 Sire: GOET I-80 • Dam: CAMP W1211Z Exhibited by Jenna Phelps, Milford Center, Ohio

LKP Eye Me


Feb. 22, 2014 Sire: Eye Candy • Dam: SJP W6 Daisy 308 Exhibited by Luke Prill, Wichita, Kansas






KMAE Fireball

March 20, 2014 Sire: LFCC Unstoppable 727X • Dam: Miss 061X Exhibited by Allee Maronde, York, Neb.

b&O progress STEER

SWB Charger 2B

Nov. 12, 2014 Sire: Heat Wave • Dam: RPMD Little Miss Dixie 4 Exhibited by Randon Schwab, Seguin, Texas

August/September 2015 23



BBBC Critter

Jan. 7, 2015 Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: 3B Zola 2612Z Exhibited by Blayze Bierschwale, Copperas Cove, Texas


Grand Champion

MCCF Aldrich March 6, 2015 Sire: Comfort Zone Dam: MCCF Zakiya Exhibited by Ali Muir, Waynesfield, Ohio


WAC Redhead Redneck

May 2, 2014 Sire: Bojo Dam: WAC Mystic 160S Exhibited by Trace Alexander, Linneus, Mo.

24 August/September 2015

June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. Judge: Gary Stayley, Ohio



DRCC Big Ranchero

May 25, 2015 Sire: DELL Pillow Talk 124Y Dam: DRCC Miss Za’Kyia Exhibited by Reighly Blakley, Oologah, Okla.


Grand Champion

SC Take A Chance

Feb. 7, 2013 Sire: GOET I-80y Dam: Miss Patty 32A Exhibited by Emma Ericson, Bedford, Ind.

2015 NATIONAL JUNIOR B&O MAINETAINER BULLS June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. Judge: Gary Stayley, Ohio

Champion Junior Bull Calf

Champion Spring Yearling

Jan. 7, 2015 Sire: DRCC Yuma Dam: DRCC Miss Zafina Exhibited by Larahmy Blakley, Oologah, Okla.

April 7, 2014 Sire: Monopoly Dam: SDD Wynona Exhibited by Cory Sampson, Iowa

DRCC Caliente Toro

SDD Boardwalk

August/September 2015 25


June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. • Judge: Gary Stayley, Ohio



JJN Miss 1B

Jan. 7, 2014 Sire: DSMA Quigley Dam: We-Glow Nevada N8 Exhibited by Grady Carter, Stratford, Okla.


Grand Champion ECC Whitley 991B Jan. 7, 2014 Sire: MVH Revival Dam: Stevens Miss 991 Whitley Exhibited by Jolene Ebersole, Kellerton, Iowa

26 August/September 2015

2015 Class Winners

2015 Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Reighly Blakley, Oklahoma B&O MaineTainer Females

Class 1: Ali Muir, Ohio Class 2: Devan Eckert, Ohio Class 3: Tucker Inman, Indiana Class 4: Larahmy Blakley, Oklahoma Class 5: Cole Lehnert, Tennessee Class 6: Carlee Clark, Arkansas Class 7: Alec Myers, Illinois Class 8: Cassidy Barker, Missouri Class 9: Elizabeth Heaton, Illinois Class 10: Skyler Miller, Wyoming Class 11: Janel Gilbert, Ohio Class 12: Morgan Moore, Illinois Class 13: Charlea Edwards, Louisiana Class 14: Isabella Graff, Illinois

B&O Maine-Anjou Females

Class 15: Jennifer Holliday, Iowa Class 16: Austin Garner, Ohio Class 17: Reighly Blakley, Oklahoma Class 18: Tyler Loudon, Iowa Class 19: Megan Stammann, Texas Class 20: Renee Grimm, Iowa Class 21: Abagail Wood, Kansas Class 22: Emma Vickland, Colorado Class 23: Ladd Landgraf, Oklahoma Class 24: Maci Chamberlin, Indiana Class 25: Cassidy Barker, Missouri Class 26: Charlea Edwards, Louisiana Class 27: Trace Alexander, Missouri

Fullblood Females

Class 28: Jolene Ebersole, Iowa Class 29: Grady Carter, Oklahoma

B&O Maine-Anjou Bulls

Class 30: Ali Muir, Ohio Class 31: Blayze Bierschwale, Texas Class 32: Trace Alexander, Missouri

B&O MaineTainer Bulls

Class 33: Savannah Garrett, Indiana Class 34: Emma Ericson, Indiana Class 35: Larahmy Blakley, Oklahoma Class 36: Reighly Blakley, Oklahoma Class 37: Cory Sampson, Iowa

Prospect Steers

Class 38: Savannah Garrett, Indiana Class 39: Victoria Chapman, Oklahoma Class 40: Hatlei Dixon, Oklahoma Class 41: Randon Schwab, Texas

B&O Prospect Steers

Class 38: Stran Wagner, Arkansas Class 39: Chance Sweeten, Oklahoma Class 40: Austin McCann, Oklahoma Class 41: Randon Schwab, Texas

Progress Steers

Class 42: Randon Schwab, Texas Class 43: Jessie Rudolph, Nebraska Class 44: Jacob Gall, Nebraska Class 45: Allee Maronde, Nebraska Class 46: Jenna Phelps, Ohio

B&O Progress Steers

Class 42: Randon Schwab, Texas Class 44: Luke Prill, Kansas

Maine-Anjou Females

Class 1: Jennifer Holliday, Iowa Class 2: Jordan Crall, Iowa Class 3: Larahmy Blakley, Oklahoma Class 4: Tyler Loudon, Iowa Class 5: Hunter Morton, Oklahoma Class 6: Victoria Chapman, Oklahoma Class 7: Abagail Wood, Kansas Class 8: Emma Vickland, Colorado Class 9: Lauren Robertson, Nebraska Class 10: Pacey Hawkins, Iowa Class 11: Ladd Landgraf, Oklahoma Class 12: Maci Chamberlin, Indiana Class 13: Kagney Collins, Illinois Class 14: Victoria Chapman, Oklahoma Class 15: Dalton Line, Illinois Class 16: Cade Austin, Wisconsin Class 17: Victoria Chapman, Oklahoma Class 18: Cole Moore, Oklahoma Class 19: Megan Nash, Texas Class 19A: Luke Prill, Kansas

June 20-25, Springfield, Ill. MaineTainer Females

Class 20: Ali Muir, Ohio Class 21: Jorja Holliday, Iowa Class 22: Caleb Sager, Ohio Class 23: Larahmy Blakley, Oklahoma Class 24: Justin Calhoun, Arkansas Class 25: Murdock Wynn, Georgia Class 26: Connor Moore, Alabama Class 27: Carlee Clark, Arkansas Class 28: Austin Breeding, Texas Class 29: Shelby Manning, Ohio Class 30: Callie McClure, Oklahoma Class 31: Chancee Clark, Arkansas Class 32: Logan Johnson, Illinois Class 33: Mason Walker, Arkansas Class 34: Gracie Danner, Iowa Class 35: Whitney Walker, Arkansas Class 36: Braelyn Berlowitz, Oklahoma Class 37: Demi Powers, Ohio Class 38: Skyler Miller, Wyoming Class 39: Lillie Skiles, Texas Class 40: Kennedy Core, Iowa Class 41: Kiley Elder, Iowa Class 42: Becca Chamberlin, Indiana Class 43: Lucas Wisnefski, Illinois Class 44: Danielle Fleming, Michigan Class 45: Krista Svendsen, Oklahoma Class 46: Abagail Wood, Kansas Class 47: Chyann Smith, Iowa Class 48: Stran Wagner, Arkansas

August/September 2015 27

28 August/September 2015

August/September 2015 29

A special thanks goes to... the Illinois Junior Maine-Anjou Association for all of their hard work and dedication put into making the 2015 National Junior Maine-Anjou Show a success!

30 August/September 2015



2014 maine-anjou royalty Kourtney Grimm, Iowa, will be

representing the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) as the 2015-2016 National Maine-Anjou Queen. Congratulations, Kourtney! Renee Grimm, Iowa and Bailey Tomson, Indiana, will be representing the AMAA as the 2015-2016 Princesses. Congratulations, Renee and Bailey! The Queen and Princesses represent the Maine-Anjou breed throughout the year at major shows and events.


Back row, from left, Hannah Topmiller, Ohio, Kaylee Miller, Iowa, Kennedy Core, Iowa, Tayler Gall, Nebraska. Front row, from left, Hunter Randall, Louisiana, Reighly Blakley, Oklahoma, Ladd Landgraf, Oklahoma and Bevan Holmgren, Indiana.

P.D. Miller, Wyoming and Elizabeth Heaton, Illinois, both received $1,000 scholarships from the AJMAA. Congratulations, P.D. and Elizabeth! herdsman scholarship

Cole Moore, Oklahoma and Jordan Crall, Iowa received $2,000 scholarships from the Maine-Anjou Herdsman group.

bOARD MINUTES President, Reighly Blakley called the 2015 annual meeting, held in Springfield, Ill., to order at 3:10 p.m. on Monday, June 22. Each delegate was asked to sign in on the roll call sheet. Secretary, Kennedy Core read the secretary’s report and Cade Van Vliet, Iowa, made a motion to approve it and was seconded by Emma Ericson, Indiana. Alexandria Harold made a motion to approve the written treasure’s report that was handed to each delegate and Elizabeth Heaton, Illinois, seconded the motion. Each board candidate gave a short speech to the delegates. Nominations were opened for the 2015-2016 junior board. Hannah Topmiller was elected to a Region 1 position, Kennedy Core was elected to a one year term and Kaylee Miller was elected to a two year term in Region 2. In Region 3, Reighly Blakley was elected. The At-Large position was awarded to Hunter Randall, Louisiana.

August/September 2015 31



2015 NATIONAL JUNIOR MAINE-ANJOU SHOW June 20-25, 2015 • Springfield, Ill.






Tyler Loudon, Iowa, 1st; Bailey Tomson, Indiana, 2nd; Abagail Wood, Kansas, 3rd

Kourtney Grimm, Iowa,1st; Kassidy Bremer, Nebraska, 2nd; Kassi Rice, Iowa, 3rd

Ali Muir, Ohio & Colton Geiger, Indiana, 1st; Taylor Dorsey, Colorado & Kodi Gehl, Nebraska, 2nd; Alexis Franzen, Nebraska, 3rd

32 August/September 2015






Fajita Steak Burrito Wrap

Flank steak or top sirloin beef soaked in our steak marinade, grill medium to medium rare. Served in a flour tortilla with grilled onions, peppers and cheese. 12 - 16 oz. Flank steak or top sirloin beef 2 large white onions 1 red pepper 1 orange pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 tsp. dry mustard Directions: Marinade the steak, onions and peppers in the following marinade.


1/2 cup vinegar 3/4 cup Italian dressing 1/2 cup Worsheshire sauce 1/2 tsp. garlic salt 1/2 cup brown sugar 2/3 cup soy sauce 5-10 drops Tabasco Lime juice Marinate 4-5 hours up to 24 hours before serving. Serve with: Chipolte sour cream and mexican crumble cheese.

Mexican Quinoa - Best Side - Colorado

Ingredients 3 tbsp. butter 4 cups fresh corn kernels (approx 6 large ears) (I used 4 cups of frozen corn) 1 garlic clove, minced 1 tbsp. lime juice 1 tsp. cumin 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper 1/ cup grated Parmesan cheese 1/3 cup heavy cream


1st – Colorado 2nd – Iowa 3rd – Oklahoma Best Skit - Iowa 1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. black pepper 1/2 cup chopped cilantro Instructions 1. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, melt butter. 2. When butter is foamy add the garlic and corn, stirring to coat with the butter. 3. Cook stirring frequently for two minutes. 4. Add lime juice, cumin and cayenne pepper and cook for two minutes more. 5. Stir in cheese and then add heavy cream. 6. Continue to stir so corn won’t stick to pan. 7. Add salt and pepper. 8. Cook corn until most all of the cream has absorbed, about 5 minutes more. 9. Remove from heat, stir in cilantro and serve hot.

Lime Zest Red Cabbage Slaw - Best Side - Colorado

1 medium head red cabbage (sliced and or chopped) 1 small Jimica (grated) 2 cups shredded carrots 4-5 scallions Dressing Zest of I large lime Juice of 1 large lime Salt & pepper to taste 3 tbsp. Olive oil Slice and or chop red cabbage, jimica and scallions and add carrots to a mixing bowl. Mix well. In a separate bowl combine the lime zest, lime juice, s & p and olive oil until well mixed. Add to slaw mixture and let sit for 20-30 mins, serve cold!

August/September 2015 33






Danielle Flemig, Michigan, 1st; Madison McCullough, Iowa, 2nd; Bailey Tomson, Indiana, 3rd; Caitlyn Skiles, Texas, 4th; Maci Chamberlin, Indiana, 5th; Taylor Talbert, Illinois, 6th; Trace Alexander, Missouri, 7th; Lane Rigdon, Iowa, 8th; Tyler Loudon, Iowa, 9th; Jolene Ebersole, Iowa, 10th

Abby Wood, Kansas, 1st; Tyler Loudon, Iowa, 2nd; Bailey Tomson, Indiana, 3rd; Taylor Pinkerton, Indiana, 4th; Olivia McGurk, Indiana, 5th; Christopher Tooms, Ohio, 6th; Jenna Tlach, Iowa, 7th; Jennifer Holliday, Iowa, 8th; Madison McCullough, Iowa, 9th; Maddox Small, Kansas, 10th


Bailey Tomson, Indiana, 1st; Chancee Clark, Arkansas, 2nd; Brooke Hayden, Indiana, 3rd; Caitlyn Walker, Arkansas, 4th; Carlee Clark, Arkansas, 5th; Jenna Tlach, Iowa, 6th; Taylor Pinkerton, Indiana 7th; Abagail Wood, Kansas, 8th; Stran Wagner, Arkansas, 9th; Maci Chamberlin, Indiana, 10th

Livestock judging

Savannah Garrett, Indiana, 1st; Jenna Tlach, Iowa, 2nd; Christopher Tooms, Ohio, 3rd; Olivia McGurk, Indiana, 4th; Morgan Gall, Nebraska, 5th; Chance Lawson, 6th; Hunter Morton, Oklahoma, 7th; Danielle Fleming, Michigan, 8th; Tyler Loudon, Iowa, 9th


Abby Wood, Kansas, 1st; Olivia McGurk, Indiana, 2nd; Jenna Tlach, 3rd; Nevaeh Powers, Ohio, 4th; Emma Yochum, Ohio, 5th; Maci Chamberlin, Indiana, 6th; Jennifer Holliday, Iowa, 7th; Jaxon Carlson, Colorado, 8th; Jorja Holliday, Iowa, 9th; Trinity Kuehn, Kansas, 10th

Stockman’s challenge

Stran Wagner, Arkansas, 1st; Olivia McGurk, Indiana, 2nd; Bailey Tomson, Indiana, 3rd; Danielle Fleming, Michigan, 4th; Taylor Pinkerton, Indiana, 5th; Dexter Small, Kansas, 6th; Jolene Ebersole, Iowa, 7th; Chris Tooms, Ohio, 8th; Tyler Louden, Iowa, 9th; Cade Austin, Wisconsin, 10th

**NAMES ARE NOT IN PICTURE ORDER** 34 August/September 2015

JUNIOR First Place



Carlee Clark Chloe Clark Chancee Clark Arkansas

Second Place Madison McCullough Jenna Tlach Tyler Loudon Iowa

Third Place Ansley Maronde Klayton Bremer Macy Schroeder Nebraska Iowa

Fourth Place Chris Tooms Emma Yochum Colby Manning Ohio

Fifth Place Cade Austin Chance Austin Danielle Fleming Wisconsin Michigan

coverage Sixth Place Max Alexander Trace Alexander Jayden Riley Missouri

Seventh Place Morgan Gall Abby Tlach Tom Welch Nebraska Iowa

Eighth Place Korie Kersten Drew McCullough Wyatt Ebersole Nebraska Iowa

Ninth Place Larahmy Blakley Kya Rhodes Hatlei Dixon Oklahoma

Tenth Place Randon Schwab Reese Schwab Texas

**NAMES ARE NOT IN PICTURE ORDER** August/September 2015 35




Maci McCollum, Texas, 1st; Adelyda Ebersole, Iowa, 2nd; Shaylee Senkel, Oklahoma, 3rd; Blakley Hayes, Oklahoma, 4th; Kassidy Bremer, Nebraska, 5th; Skye Schumaker, Illinois, 6th; Jessie Rudolph, Nebraska, 7th; Jodi Opperman, Iowa, 8th; Kassi Rice, Iowa, 9th; Kathy Lehman, Ohio, 10th


Tyler Pinkerton, Indiana, 1st; Luke Prill, Kansas, 2nd; Sydney Wisnefski, Illinois, 3rd; Neleigh Gehl, Nebraska, 4th; Kourtney Grimm, Iowa, 5th; Kiley Pickard, Michigan, 6th; Stephanie Kersten, Nebraska, 7th; Kassi Rice, Iowa, 8th; Lauren Terrel, Iowa, 9th; Jessie Rudolph, Nebraska, 10th



Whitney Walker, Arkansas, 1st; Kinley Kreis, Ohio, 2nd; Mason Walker, Arkansas, 3rd; Morgan Lehnert, Tennessee, 4th; Becca Chamberlin, Indiana, 5th; Korbin Collins, Illinois, 6th; Kyle Piscione, Ohio, 7th; Kaden Wilson, Iowa, 8th; Derek Humphrey, Illinois, 9th; Allee Maronde, Nebraska, 10th

Kassi Rice, Iowa, 1st; Kourtney Grimm, Iowa, 2nd; Jessica Calhoun, Arkansas, 3rd; Kathy Lehman, Ohio, 4th; Dalton Carlson, Colorado, 5th; Kylie Pickard, Michigan, 6th; Renee Grimm, Iowa, 7th; Kassidy Bremer, Nebraska, 8th; Jodi Opperman, Iowa, 9th; Whitney Walker, Arkansas, 10th

Livestock judging

Stockman’s challenge

Luke Prill, Kansas, 1st; Jessika Calhoun, Arkansas, 2nd; Maddie Fugate, Indiana , 3rd; Skyler Miller, Wyoming, 4th; Blaklee Hayes, Oklahoma, 5th; Skye Schumaker, 6th; Paige Miller, Wyoming, 7th; Hannah Topmiller, Ohio, 8th; Kaleb Miller, Iowa, 9th; Whitney Walker, Arkansas, 10th

**NAMES ARE NOT IN PICTURE ORDER** 36 August/September 2015

Austin Garner, Ohio, 1st; Lauren Robertson, Nebraska, 2nd; Neleigh Gehl, Nebraska, 3rd; Sydney Wisnefski, Illinois, 4th; Hannah Topmiller, Ohio, 5th; Jessie Rudolph, Nebraska, 6th; Renee Grimm, Iowa, 7th; Branson Heidenrich, Indiana, 8th; Kourtney Grimm, Iowa, 9th; Allee Maronde, Nebraska, 10th




Jacob Gall Kassidy Bremer Gracie Danner Nebraska Iowa

Sixth Place Becca Chamberlin Chloe Van Vliet Whitney Walker Indiana Iowa Arkansas

Second Place

Seventh Place

Dalton Carlson Paige Miller Jerret Wagner

Chance Sweeten Colton Barton Austin Breeding

Colorado Wyoming

Third Place Morgan Johnson Tate Johnson Mason Flack Illinois



Cade Van Vliet Mason Walker Derek Humphrey Iowa Arkansas Illinois

Fifth Place Shelby Manning Kyle Piscione Kathy Lehman Ohio

Oklahoma Texas

Eighth Place Kassi Rice Kaleb Miller Brett Lange Iowa

Ninth Place Lauren Terrell Adelyda Ebersole Megan Ahrendsen Iowa

Tenth Place Kourtney Grimm Renee Grimm Jodi Opperman Iowa

**NAMES ARE NOT IN PICTURE ORDER** August/September 2015 37





Carson Goff, Illinois, 1st; Taylor Dorsey, Colorado, 2nd; Jessica Harsh, Ohio, 3rd; Curtis Harsh, Ohio, 4th; Megan Stammann, Texas, 5th; Kaylee Miller, Iowa, 6th; Cory Sampson, Iowa, 7th; Rachel Rigdon, Iowa, 8th; Ali Muir, Ohio, 9th; Alexis Franzen, Nebraska, 10th


Tayler Gall, Nebraska, 1st; Kiley Elder, Iowa, 2nd; Reighly Blakley, Oklahoma, 3rd; Amber Pickard, Michigan, 4th; Alec Myers, Illinois, 5th; Sydney Williams, Nebraska, 6th; Isabella Graff, Illinois, 7th


Curtis Harsh, Ohio, 1st; Lucas Wisnefski, Illinois, 2nd; Jordan Crall, Iowa, 3rd; Kagney Collins, Illinois, 4th; Kennedy Core, Iowa, 5th; Kiley Elder, Iowa, 6th; Ali Muir, Ohio, 7th; Cody Fausch, Iowa, 8th; Chyann Smith, Iowa, 9th; Sara Pieper, Illinois, 10th

Livestock judging

Elizabeth Heaton, Illinois, 1st; Alec Myers, Illinois, 2nd; Lane Miller, , 3rd; Taylor Dorsey, Colorado, 4th; Mason Flack, Illinois, 5th; Lucas Wisnefski, Illinois, 6th; Jenna Phelps, Ohio, 7th; Colton Geiger, Indiana, 8th; Logan Johnson, Illinois, 9th; Cody Fausch, Iowa, 10th


Ali Muir, Ohio, 1st; Colton Geiger, Indiana, 2nd; Ladd Landgraf, Oklahoma, 3rd; Kaylee Miller, Iowa, 4th; Taylor Dorsey, Colorado, 5th; Tayler Gall, Nebraska, 6th; Becca Moore, Oklahoma, 7th; Kennedy Core, Iowa, 8th; Megan Stammann, Texas, 9th; Kiley Elder, Iowa, 10th

Stockman’s challenge

Colton Geiger, Indiana, 1st; Jordan Nelson, Nebraska, 2nd; Logan Criswell, Nebraska, 3rd; P.D. Miller, Wyoming, 4th; Kodi Gehl, Nebraska, 5th; Jessica Harsh, Ohio, 6th; Carson Goff, Illinois, 7th; Isabella Graff, Illinois, 8th; Payton Sweeten, Oklahoma, 9th; Kiley Elder, Iowa, 10th

**NAMES ARE NOT IN PICTURE ORDER** 38 August/September 2015

SENIOR First Place



Chyann Smith Jordan Crall Luke Streit Iowa

Second Place Skyler Miller Taylor Dorsey P.D. Miller Wyoming Colorado

Third Place Erin McCullough Allee Maronde Sydney Williams Nebraska

coverage Sixth Place Ladd Landgraf Reighley Blakley Payton Sweeten Oklahoma

Seventh Place Cody Fausch Kaden Wilson Truman Chamness Iowa

Eighth Place Colton Schaardt Josh Peterson Alexis Franzen Nebraska

Fourth Place

Ninth Place

Kiley Elder Kennedy Core Kaylee Miller

Chris Barton Blayze Bierschwale



Fifth Place

Tenth Place

Kagney Collins Lucas Wisnefski Korbin Collins

Macy Morris Stran Wagner Sara Caldwell



**NAMES ARE NOT IN PICTURE ORDER** August/September 2015 39




MISSION: To provide documented, superior performance genetics to the Commercial Cattle Industry. COMMERCIAL CONNECTION:

- Requred data submission: calving ease, birth weight, weaning, yearling weight. - Commitment to MAPP herd involvement - Core traits essential for commercial acceptance of Maine-Anjou genetics.


- Tier 1 requirement PLUS: ultrasound data and/or actual carcass data, scrotal and docility (BIF chute scores) - Added traits that enhance the marketability of Maine-Anjou genetics.



Dave Steen (515) 201-3281 or steen@metc.net or visit: maine-anjou.org 40 August/September 2015

- Meet Commercial Connection Plus (Tier 2) criteria. - Cow herds that maintain high across the breed EPD levels. - Herds to be so recognized at AMAA Annual Meeting







Wi s e Beyond

HerYears by Stephanie Sindel August/September 2015 41

Feature ... continued


n any given day, circumstances provide each of us the opportunity to create a positive….or negative environment to anyone that surrounds us. Ultimately, our voice is based on our opinion. Being involved in the livestock industry, you may have heard the term, ‘one man’s opinion’. On any given day, an opinion on livestock is just that, an opinion, but our viewpoints that we offer to others on non-livestock terms make a lasting impact. During an interview with Taylor Dorsey, Colorado, her positivity and willingness to learn more and share the knowledge that she has acquired through the industry shined through the conversation. Taylor is the 18 year old daughter of Dustin and Kim Dorsey from Weld County. She’s an only child, and although many of you see her at several shows, she stays busy at school, maintaining a 4.1 GPA and participated on the swim team, qualifying for the state swim meet her freshman through junior years. Taylor opted out of swimming her senior year to focus more on her cattle. Additionally, she is involved with 4-H and FFA and serves as the treasurer for her 4-H club. This fall, Taylor will be heading to Stillwater, Okla., to major in Animal Science at Oklahoma State University. Staying true to her family’s roots, Taylor ranks the Maine-Anjou breed at the top of her list. Taylor’s late grandfather, Larry Lynn, was a progressive MaineAnjou breeder and was the one of the first people to import semen on black hided Maine-Anjou cattle. The bull’s name was Gold Stream 5T. Although Taylor is winding down her junior career, her goals remain constant with her involvement in the breed. She would like to continue to grow her herd and to raise and sell quality Maine-Anjou cattle. One of her favorite parts about the Maine-Anjou breed is the diversified crowd of cattle and people that gather at the breed’s events. “You can always learn something from someone in the industry,” comments Taylor. Her favorite shows are the National Junior Heifer

42 August/September 2015

Show and the National Western Stock Show. Some of the contests that she looks forward to each year are team fitting and the photography competition. Taylor shows in the bred and owned division with cattle that she has raised. When asked what her favorite part about the industry is, she simply stated, “That’s a tough one because there is so much that inspires me.” Many families travel to shows, and several consider junior nationals their family vacation each summer. Taylor and her parents truly make it a family event. It’s just the three of them handling everything from calving the cows to getting them ready to go into the ring. Taylor says that her dad is her role model. She has learned so much from him and her mom is her biggest fan, supporting her every step of the way. The Dorsey cow herd consists of about 20 head of retired show heifers. Several have won shows, and one was named the Grand Champion at the 2009 Colorado State Fair as a cow-calf pair in the commercial division. “When I won the division, I was so thankful!” said Taylor. “When we went back in, I remember the judge making his comments on the mic before picking his Champions and he said that my pair would make the ‘perfect picture’.” In 2014, she recalls a heifer they called Adalynn that went on to win the Colorado State Fair. Although Taylor is always competitive at the state fair, these were a few of her most memorable banners. Unique scenarios have provided Taylor with the ability to use what she has learned through the cattle industry. Each year Taylor and her family select cattle through her county’s calf lottery. This year, each Weld County youth that participates in the calf lottery was given a $1,500 budget to pick a calf out of a feedlot. Taylor brought her heifer calf that she selected out of the feedlot to junior nationals this year. Her hard work have helped make the heifer reach her full potential and they finished respectfully in a competitive class. As Taylor tries to consistently better herself, she understands that not every trip

home will be filled with congratulatory calls on a weekend win, but encourages people to never get discouraged and never give up. On the way back through the barn to the Colorado stalls, each person that Taylor passed in the aisle greeted her with a smile and you could tell that her positive vibes caught on to those around her. Her demeanor with everyone and the way that she works so hard, even though she doesn’t always win makes her parents very proud. Kim recalled a time at junior nationals where Taylor had the opportunity to be a part of a team in the fitting contest that would have dominated their division, and she chose to invite two younger Colorado kids to be a part of her team. Even though the contest is only a short amount of time, Taylor was still embracing the opportunity to teach her other teammates during the contest. “They still ended up second, which was a great confidence booster for the younger kids, and Taylor took it all in stride,” recalls Kim. Kim said, “She may be covered in paint today, but she likes to get dressed up and make jewelry, and then she’ll be out breaking calves.” Being well-rounded makes Taylor adaptable to any environment and able to relate to anyone that she strikes up a conversation with. Every person looks for motivation for different reasons, and each person has a different type of initiative that gives them their drive….that inner desire to achieve and accomplish goals set for themselves. For Taylor, her drive is to always improve. Her advice to anyone is to work hard to achieve, and enjoy what you’re doing while you’re doing it. August/September 2015 43

Board Profiles REGION 1 - ERIC WALKER




AMAA Board of Director’s Voting Ballot DUE Sept. 15, 2015

Any ballot that is postmarked on or before Sept. 15, 2015, but not received on or before Sept. 27, 2015 will be void. Vote ONLY in your region for regional directors and ALL members may cast an at-large vote. Only current AMAA members are allowed to vote. Mail-in, faxed, hand delivered or ballots sent via federal air courier are accepted. Facsimile votes must be dated on or before Sept. 15, 2015. Fax to (913) 432-0287. The individual member must sign ballots. Forged entries will be subject to legal action.

Please cut and mail form to:

Walsh & Stverak, LLC - Suite 244 - 7301 Mission Rd. - Prairie Village, KS 66208-3014 NAME ________________________________________ AMAA # ________________ SIGNAtuRE ___________________________________________________________ REGION I REGION II REGION III

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin California, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah

REGION I (vote for one, one position open) Eric Walker REGION II (vote for one, one position open) Alicia Rigdon 44 August/September 2015

REGION III (vote for one, one position open) Brett Carter AT LARGE (vote for one, one position open) Cody Tebbenkamp



My name is Eric Walker, and my wife Linsay, children Mason, Whitney and Catelyn reside in Prairie Grove, Ark. We live on my parents 900+ acre cow/calf operation where we run a 500+ head cow/calf operation. Linsay and I own 32 head of Maine-influenced cows and focus on the use of IVF, embryo transfer and AI to produce elite Maine-Anjou prodigy. My experience with the Maine-Anjou breed began with a show steer project in 1983. I showed market steers as a young man and found that if that steer did not have Maine-Anjou bloodlines running through him, I did not stand a chance. After seeing the impacts of the Maine-Anjou breed in my show steers, we decided there was a need to introduce the breed into our commercial operation. We made a trip to Pella, Iowa to the Flying Dutchman to purchase some Midas sons. As I phased out of the show world and into college my dad drifted away from the Maineinfluced bulls that we were using. After eight years, we noticed the performance of our herd to be declining. After evaluating the situation, we noticed that our cow herd that was Maine-influenced was aging and slowly being replaced with purebred Angus cows. We recognized the value of the Maine-Anjou bloodlines being infused into our commercial herd. I made a trip to Mitchell, S.D., to purchase four bulls from Fred Derouchey, to begin the introduction of the Maine breed back into our herd. Since then we make sure to keep a close eye on our matings to make sure we are utilizing the value of Maine-Anjou genetics. We have seen the growth and vigor return to our commercial herds. Most people in the Maine-Anjou world probably know me better as Mason or Whitney’s dad. I have had a blast the last 10 years traveling the country showing cattle with my children just as my parents did years ago with me. We have been building our donor herd based off of some of the elite show heifers my children have exhibited and continue to market their offspring in our sale in early October. As I spoke of above, we are living proof of the benefits of utilizing the Maine-Anjou breed in commercial cattle herds. We have seen increased weaning and yearling weights with great feed conversions. In the past, we did have some birthweight issues, but now we would put our Maines up against any breed! How many breeds this size can have such a broad influence from the showring to the

slaughter house? I feel through more education we can be one of the most sought after breeds to add the needed vigor and carcass improvement of the commercial cattleman. I do feel the cattlemen that have come before us have done a fine job. However, my personal desire is to continue to fight for more market share in the commercial world. Even though I am trying to raise elite show heifers and bulls, not all offspring will make it to the ring. We need to be paid for the quality of cattle we are raising and I feel without utilizing more of the commercial market we are selling ourselves short. We have finally been making some break through in our local market with our Maine-Anjou bulls. We have always set the scale at market when our cattle go and finally some of the other cattlemen around have been inquiring and purchasing bulls or replacement heifers and reaping the benefits. Now, more and more people from our area are asking about this Maine-Anjou breed. We also have a goal to get the junior association back to a strong and vibrant group.


My family has been involved in beef cattle operations for over 40 years. I purchased my first Maine-Anjou steer in 1990 and shortly after we converted our herd to a purebred Maine-Anjou operation. Many of you would know me from shows where I participated with my father, Larry Nielsen. Growing up, my sisters and I were very active in state and national junior associations. I continue that tradition with my children today. I am the general counsel and director of contracts for a company while still very active in our cattle operation, Bar R Cattle Co. We currently have a purebred Maine Anjou cow/ calf operation and raise primarily purebred and fullblood Maine-Anjou calves for show and commercial breeding stock. We focus on raising replacement females, herd bulls and Maine steers. Milk, maternal instinct, docility and longevity make Maine-Anjou cattle desirable within today’s beef industry. The fact that Maine-Anjou are a feed efficient breed that provides high cutability and marbling qualities make this breed ideal for the beef cattle industry today. Maine bulls add dollars to commercial herds by providing vigorous calves that rapidly gain weight, thereby providing profit for the producer. August/September 2015 45

Board Profiles

The breed has achieved top recognition in the showring, but has yet to gain the same acceptance with the commercial cattleman. My desire would be for the breed to achieve the same acceptance with commercial cattleman as we have within the show world. We, as a breed, need to fully embrace the steps that could increase our market share of the commercial herd if we want to remain viable outside of the showring. I also believe we need to maintain a strong focus on our youth program. I am a product of that program. It helped me to want to stay a part of this breed and to have my own kids grow up and take part in these activities. Maintaining a strong focus on the youth will also ensure a strong future for the breed. Currently we sponsor all the high and low percentage Maine-Anjou classes at our county fair. We have consistently supported the state and national association’s junior programs monetarily as well as volunteering help as needed. I have also created the all-around scholarship for the senior division participants at the national junior show which is a $500 scholarship to encourage senior level participation presently and long-term. We have exhibited Maine-Anjou cattle at the Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma and Arkansas State Fairs. We also go to the World Beef Expo, American Royal, NAILE and National Western stock shows. We are active on Facebook, Twitter and through our web page. With all the problems currently facing our industry, it is more important than ever to raise economically productive cattle that meet the quality demands of an increasingly sophisticated market. That is why we strive for calving ease, performance, soundness, quality and docility. I believe it is important to promote the breed through active participation in board meetings on both state and national levels.

46 August/September 2015


I started my involvement with the Maine-Anjou breed in the mid-90s when my family decided to make the switch from a primarily club calf/steer operation to producing high quality Maine-Anjou females. The switch was an easy one because most of our cow base were already Maine-Anjou influenced and my family saw an opportunity with Maine-Anjou genetics for an increase in value. I believe one of our strengths is our cattle can perform. Maine-Anjou cattle have the ability to offer premiums to all sectors of the livestock industry. Whether it be pounds added, showring appeal or their mothering ability, Maine-Anjou cattle have it all. I also believe it is vital to continue to grow our junior programs and increase our market share for the breed as a whole. The Maine-Anjou breed has done a great job of gathering data on the added performance our cattle offer and continuing the effort to incorporate valid EPDs, but I think it’s time we take this information to the producers. Collecting the necessary data has been the direction as of late, but now is the time to USE the data. Delivering the message to producers outside of the breed who are looking to increase their bottom line will only help to promote and establish a firm place in the commercial sector. Although I think EPDs are not for everyone, they are important. Some people focus a majority of their selection process on phenotype, but some of those commercial producers have never been to the showring. We need to make the data available for those producers. A bright spot in production agriculture is the youth. I feel the junior program is one of our breed’s highlights. Continuing the effort to promote active leaders within our breed, not only as future breeders, but as breed leaders, is vital to the long term growth of the organization. The kids, the national junior show and getting to see the involvement of the junior board of directors has given me a great appreciation for the junior programs. Presently, I am the manager of Morton Farms, located in Stratford, Okla. Our focus is to raise elite females that can be both successful in the showring as well as the pasture and bulls to fit the progressive

purebred breeders and the commercial cow/calf sector as well. We strive to provide fresh genetics to a new market by offering a balanced product. With all markets on the rise, it is important to produce a product that not only looks good on paper but maintains performance and eye appeal. I am excited for the future of the Maine-Anjou breed. With new leadership on the horizon and an active membership, the future looks bright for all breeders involved.


Growing up on a diversified grain and livestock operation, I acquired my first Maine-Anjou heifers at age 11 with the purchase of two females; a half-blood female from Tom Klingner and a high percentage female from K & A Farms. I have since been an active member of the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) and have shown throughout my youth. Today my herd consists of 40 head, mostly registered cow/calf pairs which I run with my father outside of Corder, Mo. The goal for our operation is to produce quality show and replacement females and bulls. We sell the calves on a private treaty basis. A graduate of the University of Missouri, I was a member of the 2003 livestock judging team. While attending college, I had the opportunity to work for Governor Matt Blunt, giving me the opportunity to see agriculture and business from a completely new perspective. I currently work for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as a district coordinator with the soil and water conservation program. With this program, I help agriculture land owners utilize soil conserving practices to increase production of their land. I feel the Maine-Anjou breed has many strengths, with marketability being number one. The traits that go into that marketability are what make this breed great. Maine-Anjou cattle appeal to the cow/calf man and seedstock producer with their docility and great mothering and milking abilities. We need to market this strength to seedstock producers while cowherd numbers are at a low so when producers increase their herd sizes they will utilize Maine-Anjou genetics. Maine-Anjou genetics appeal to the commercial

cattleman’s operation because calves grow, wean and perform efficiently across the board with any other breed. This strength needs to be promoted and pushed constantly. Once there is performance acceptance, cattlemen will come to realize that the showring is not the only sector Maine-Anjou genetics excel. Performance and cutability appeal to the feedlot/ packer/consumer portion of the industry. Known specifically for these traits, it will bring repeat packer and customer business because of the quality product. With their style and eye appeal, Maine-Anjou cattle appeal to those seeking recognition in the showring. The marketability and diversity of this breed are what makes it great. The future is bright for the Maine-Anjou breed. Whether it is a purebred seedstock operation, a MaineTainer operation, commercial calf producer or those who just want a junior livestock project, the Maine-Anjou breed has something to offer everyone. I believe by continuing to collect the pertinent data showing value in the commercial industry, we will continue to be one step closer to obtaining our goals as a breed. We need to promote the advantages MaineAnjou genetics have with our replacement females and bulls and the positive impact they can have in the commercial cowman’s operation. Different things I have done to promote our operation over the years are attending cattle sales, promoting our new AI sire, BBR Burn Notice on the national level and exhibiting or judging at numerous shows and events. I have played a large role in getting a MaineTainer show established at the Missouri State Fair and the Missouri State Fair is now one of the largest shows in the country for Maine-Anjou and MaineTainer genetics. With over 20 years of involvement in the MaineAnjou breed and seeing the changes and progression the breed has made, I believe my diverse agricultural background can bring new and fresh ideas that will help move the breed forward in the future. I would be honored to be re-elected as one of your directors. I am excited to work with new Executive Vice President, Blake Nelson and the other board members in taking this breed forward.

August/September 2015 47

Board Minutes AMAA Board or Director’s Meeting Monday, June 22, 2015 Springfield, Ill.

Board members present: Marty Van Vliet, Jim Opperman, Cliff Randall, Leon Matlock, John Griswold, Alicia Rigdon, Cody Tebbenkamp, Cory Thomsen, Jason Minnaert, Brett Carter, Eric Walker and Dennis Moore. Board members absent: Jim Hett, Barry Nowatzke and Hardy O’Hara. Others present: John Boddicker, Dave Steen, Blake Nelson and Carol Willoughby. Meeting called to order by president Van Vliet at 3:25 p.m. A report was presented by Carol Willoughby regarding her work with the Reaching Beyond Foundation. Presentations have been received favorably with a more concrete estimate of commitments to be presented at the scheduled 2015 October meeting. Motion made and seconded to accept minutes from the previous AMAA Board of Directors meeting. Motion carried. Motion made and seconded to accept treasurer’s report as presented. Motion carried.

Association Reports A report was given regarding AMAA staff realignments. The registration report showed a 24% increase in registrations over the same period last year. Genetic testing of the new bulls listed as top 25 progeny bulls for both Maine-Anjou and MaineTainer 48 August/September 2015

divisions are in process. This program includes the testing for known fatal Angus genetic abnormalities. To date none of the breed’s top 25 bulls in either category have been tested as carriers. AMAA’s 50K research project has been running behind schedule. Last report is that the AMAA should be able to produce genetically enhanced EPDs in the spring of 2016 run. The AMAA and American Chianina’s (ACA) working relationship with regard to the sharing of present executive vice presidents time will be on the ACA’s agenda to conclude the working relationship as of July 1, 2015. Commercial Marketing Development Director Dave Steen gave a report regarding Iowa sale barns and their reluctance to accept Maine calves. The breed suffers from a labeling issue with regard to leftover crossbred calves from club calf breeding programs. The AMAA, along with state organizations will need to work together to educate sale facilities with the true feeding and carcass qualities of Maine-Anjou sired calves raised by Maine-Anjou breeding programs. New Business: None brought before the board. Old Business: None brought before the board. Motion made and seconded to go into closed session at 4:12. Motion carried. Motion made and seconded to come out of closed session at 5:09 p.m. Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion carried.


junior update

AmericAn Junior mAine-AnJou AssociAtion executive committee Hunter randall, President - At-Large 686 Hwy. 907 Monterey, LA 71354 (318) 386-5358 hunter.randall@cathedralgreenwave.com reighly Blakley, Vice President - region 3 P.O. Box 465 Oologah, OK 74053 reighlylou10@gmail.com Ladd Landgraf, secretary/treasurer - region 2 17093 Coleman Rd. Madill, OK 73446 Ladd.Landgraf33@gmail.com region i Bevan Holmgren 23595 Osborne Rd. South Bend, IN 46614 (574) 291-8159 bholmgren@sbcsc.K12.IN.US Hannah topmiller 9111 S.R. 28 Pleasant Plain, Ohio (513) 877-3603 region ii Kaylee miller 18451 G76 Hwy. Lacona, IA 50139 (641) 534-3002 kayleemiller95@gmail.com Kennedy core 859 92nd Ave. Pleasantville, IA 50225 (641) 842-6098 kennedyjcore@gmail.com At-Large tayler Gall 1009 Rd. T Clarkson, NE 68629 (402) 892-3237 Gallfarm.gall@gmail.com


Kiley elder 20792 Hoover St. Ackworth, IA 50001 (641) 628-2297

mAine-AnJou roYALtY Queen Kourtney Grimm, Iowa Junior Princess Bailey Tomson, Indiana Renee Grimm, Iowa

by Hunter Randall Junior Nationals… Every year we load up all of our stuff and travel hours and hours for a week of contests, friendships and showing. This year marks the 10th junior national I have shown at and I can honestly say it has gotten better and better every year. I cannot believe how much our breed has grown in the last 10 years! This year we had 325 exhibitors from 21 states exhibiting around 325 head of cattle. Now, what did everyone think of the new format for senior showmanship? I thought it went well and will work to draw more participation. This year was also chock full of extra activities such as the band and the “cow” basketball tournament. I thought the band was really outstanding and the basketball tournament was a blast that helped break up the down time between the contests. I have gotten to know new people every year and that’s what it is all about. As an association I would like to extend a huge thank you to Mr. John Boddicker for everything he has done for all of us during his tenure with the breed. He has been a blessing to us and he will surely be missed. I would also like to thank our Director of Youth Activities, Ms. Lindsey Broek and this year’s intern Taylor Gazda. Without these two ladies our junior national would not have been possible. They put in countless hours behind the scenes to make everything flow. The junior board, past and present, deserves a huge thanks for making all the shows and contests run as smoothly as they did. Also, thank you Stock Show U for putting on the Wounded Warrior Boot Camp. It was a lot of fun and works to help those who have put their lives on the line for us to be able to go to a junior national show. Last but not least, I would like to thank the state of Illinios and all of the sponsors. Without people willing to put on the show and donate money this show truly would be impossible. With that said, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our incoming Executive Vice President, Mr. Blake Nelson. Now, with junior nationals behind us it’s time for NYLC in Estes Park, Colo. I am extremely disappointed that I am not going to be able to make it this year. Last year in Arkansas was a blast! I think I heard Lindsey say something about white water rafting so I know that I will be missing out. I hope everyone going has an awesome time and for those not going you should really consider going next time! Once that’s all over with it will be time to start getting ready for school to start, county fairs and state fairs. I hope that everyone has a safe and successful fall and I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the fall. Remember, junior nationals is back in Grand Island, Neb., next year and it was a blast last time. Be there or be square!!!!! August/September 2015 49

new junior


Aniston Bolding Maplesville, AL (205) 601-3249

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CALFORNIA Brian Dreyer Exeter, CA (559) 592-4893

Samantha Points Frazier Park, CA (661) 245-3884

50 August/September 2015

Tanner Francis Brooklyn, CT (860) 833-8143


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Branson Heidenreich Columbia City, IN (260) 691-2565 Tucker Inman Bedford, IN (812) 797-2911 Wyatt Johnson Churubusco, IN (260) 692-8233 Michael Keirn Warsaw, IN (574) 491-2323 Kyle Mathena Whiteland, IN (317) 535-7457 Kyndal Miller Pennville, IN (260) 5251-3789 Ashley Peterson Remington, IN (219) 297-3245 T.J. Rice Pargon, IN (645) 479-6005 Reagan Rowland Warsaw, IN (574) 265-6696 Claire Trennepohl Middletown, IN Dray Watts Kentland, IN (219) 863-6322 Alexis Weaver Logansport, IN (765) 437-9786 Evan White Wilkenson, IN (317) 498-3276


Bryson Ball Lacona, IA (515) 402-8438 Kaylin Burr Lone Tree, IA (319) 629-4698 Shelby Deaton Baxter, IA (641) 521-4802 Payge Edwards Monroe, IA (641) 259-2642 Cody Fausch Cambridge, IA (515) 383-2245 Ty Gropper Belle Plaine, IA (641) 485-4008 Macy Halverson West Union, IA (563) 380-8483 Mary Irons Northwood, IA (641) 324-1596 Kyle Kolbe Sac City, IA (712) 662-7788 Josie Lagle Bonaparte, IA (319) 572-3037 Violet Lapke Logan, IA Sophia Lindstrom Bryant, IA Elly Louwagie Algona, IA (515) 295-3256

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Garrett Walden Tonganoxie, KS (913) 708-2210

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Joslyn Ketzner Bird City, KS (785) 772-5164 Jade Ketzner Bird City, KS (785) 772-5164 Jaylinn Pfeifer Ellis, KS (785) 650-1052 Tyler Sale Cherryvale, KS (620) 336-3554

Cody Moore Fountain Run, KY (270) 670-7814 Julia Weaber Harrodsburgs, KY (203) 687-3697


Sara Arbuckle Logansport, LA (318) 422-0317 Shelby Brown Keithville, LA (318) 402-7876 Gracie Brown Keithville, LA (318) 402-7876 Dustin Burns Logansport, LA (318) 422-0317 Titus Clark Fierson, LA (318) 925-2689 Anslee Cowthorn Shreveport, LA (678) 613-2372 Christian Cowthorn Shreveport, LA (678) 613-2372 August/September 2015 51

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Brian Sadler Aledo, TX (817) 808-1269

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54 August/September 2015



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HERD PREFIX: CNAC Chad Gross 601 N. Joyce Ulysses, KS 67880 (620) 453-1766

HERD PREFIX: GRIP Gripshover Family Livestock Ellie Gripshover 641 Woodward Rd. Auburn, KY 42206 (859) 586-4576 HERD PREFIX: KTCF Taylor Cattle Farm Kevin Perkins 7980 Hanna Rd. Crestwood, KY 40014 (502) 269-7189


HERD PREFIX: REAC Ricky & Erma Cowthorn 304 Magazine Court Bossier City, LA 71111 (318) 464-6890


HERD PREFIX: KINA Michael Kinna 6322 Old Middletown Rd. Middletown, MD 21769 (240) 674-5191

HERD PREFIX: TBL Tyler Berens Livestock 3643 140th Ave. Hamilton, MI 49419 (616) 836-4092

HERD PREFIX: LDJ Lowell Jauert 1189 141 St. Luverne, MN 56156 (507) 283-9743


HERD PREFIX: MIKS Mike Stewart 970 Vinyard Rd. Marshfield, MO 65706 (417) 859-0591


HERD PREFIX: MKEF Michael Fleischman 3460 C.R. V Decatur, NE 68020 (402) 870-0837 HERD PREFIX: JSN Taylor Johnson 14658 N.W. 70th Raymond, NE 68428 (402) 432-7636


HERD PREFIX: JSAF Acheson Farm John & Joyce Acheson 18733 TWP Rd. 47 Belle Center, OH 43310 (937) 464-2916 HERD PREFIX: TCOX Taelor Cox 7130 Game Farm Rd. West Liberty, OH 43357 (937) 844-9980 HERD PREFIX: JGF Grover Farms John Grover 5271 Slate Hill Rd. Hillsboro, OH 45133 (937) 466-2882 HERD PREFIX: SSS Jordan Strong 8624 Dixon Rd. Eaton, OH 45320 (308) 991-7233 HERD PREFIX: RWC Rockin W Cattle Troy, Lisa & Matthew Warner 8448 C.R. 29 N. Bellevue, OH 44811 (419) 483-5534 HERD PREFIX: GBC Scott Baldosser 5120 N. TWP Rd. 78 Republic, OH 44867 (419) 618-4098


HERD PREFIX: SAED Eric Dodson P.O. Box 846 Lindsay, OK 73052 (405) 756-4455

HERD PREFIX: RMKK Harris Farms Richard & Melissa Harris 40097 S. HWY. 26 Keota, OK 74941 (918) 966-2376 HERD PREFIX: JBLV Johnston Cattle Mark, Bo, Shane & Cole Johnston 444364 E. 290 Rd. Vinita, OK 74301 (918) 256-5221 HERD PREFIX: MLAN Lane & Sons Mike Lane 18315 C.R. 1580 Ada, OK 74820 (580) 421-2229 HERD PREFIX: DLSC D. Lee Stobaugh P.O. Box 206 Jennings, OK 74038 (918) 640-0637


HERD PREFIX: KHAM Daron Klinkhammer 202 E. Farmer Ave. Howard, SD 57349 (605) 772-5641


HERD PREFIX: BMF Bray Farms 8097 FM 195 Paris, TX 75462 (903) 517-6268

Cold Water Creek Ranch Andy & Phillip Parker 500 S. Center St. Forney, TX 75126 (972) 564-0247

HERD PREFIX: ABCL Collin Buerger P.O. Box 1287 Archer City, TX 76351 (940) 574-4475

HERD PREFIX: PRW Phillip Wells Patricia Kneblic P.O. Box 818 Burleson, TX 76097 (817) 992-9358

HERD PREFIX: VDFF Dusty & Valerie Follis 12403 N. C.R. 3300 Idalou, TX 79329 (806) 892-3078 HERD PREFIX: MHAV Matthew Havelka 3746 C.R. 61 Robstown, TX 78380 (361) 877-6414 HERD PREFIX: BARJ Bar J Club Calves Richard Jefferson 5807 Stallion Ridge College Station, TX 77845 (979) 229-5041 HERD PREFIX: MPLID Mollie Lastovica 110 Eckhardt Lane Fredericksburg, TX 78624 (830) 997-4267

HERD PREFIX: SGMC Spenser Maloney 690 Phebus RD. Union City, TN 38261 (731) 796-1343

HERD PREFIX: TMCG Todd McGraw 12022 N.W. C.R. 1350 Blooming Grove, TX 76626 (903) 467-8131


HERD PREFIX: TJM Jerod & Tyler Meurer 106 Sunset Way College Station, TX 77845 (254) 709-7090 HERD PREFIX: CWCR

HERD PREFIX: RBCC Black Cattle Co. Brandy & Rex Black 1961 U.S. HWY. 70 Muleshoe, TX 79347 (806) 535-6103

HERD PREFIX: Kendra Romie 1013 C.R. 2445 Decatur, TX 76234 HERD PREFIX: CTOM Tomascik Farms Carl Tomascik 2508 C.R. 218 Cameron, TX 76520 (254) 541-1118 HERD PREFIX: WELL Aaron Wellborn P.O. Box 421 Paradise, TX 76073 HERD PREFIX: TYC Trey Young P.O. Box 418 Boerne, TX 78006 (409) 682-0439 HERD PREFIX: ESP Espinoza Land & Cattle Richard & Gilbert Espinoza P.O. Box 1521 Denver City, TX 79323 (806) 592-8463


HERD PREFIX: FULL Rena Fuller 2750 House Rd. Kettle Falls, WA 99141 (509) 207-0770 August/September 2015 55

card ads




LAND & CATTLE Mark, Lisa, Nick & Megan Beauprez

Kahl Cattle Co.

Quality Maines in Southwest Missouri

NEW HERD SIRE! BPF Common Ground 504B Hard Drive X Lucky Lady - Purebred Maine-Anjou Semen available thru SEK and owners! Bulls & Females for sale!

Mark (303) 378-0718 Nick (303) 880-7827

Ron & Amy Kahl - 2651 Lincold Rd. • Reeds, MO 64859 h (417) 246-5329 • c (417) 850-0705 OR e-mail: kahl4hay@yahoo.com



since 1971

TLM Synergy 825U

South Dakota

A building block to the future! Proven Performance, Production & Power! TH/PHA Free


Ken, Audrey and Kendall Bremer 23384 Ridge Rd., Blakesburg, IA 52536 (641) 938-2163 kafarm@iowatelecom.net • www.kafarm.net


Foundational • Commercial • Show Quality Cattle Everett - Mike - Steve Forkner 9282 E. Indian Line Rd. • Richards, MO 64778 www.trulinemaines.com • (877) 489-0570 • eforktlg@gmail.com


Denison Acres Breeders of Quality Registered Maine-Anjou & MaineTainers

Fred & Joan DeRouchey

Breeding Cattle and Show Cattle Private Treaty

Home of KBSC Watergate 1W Contact:

Denny and Donna Denison

SEK (800) 443.6389

P.O. Box 86 Keatchie, LA 71046 o: (318) 747-1400 c: (318) 453-6093

Lakeside Farms The Randalls

c: 318-719-0560

Cliff Randall 318-386-5358

128 Rockin LV LN Fort Benton, MT 59442 Mike O’Hara — (406) 734-5434 Heath O’Hara — (406) 734-5443 Hardy O’Hara — (406) 734-5252 www.oharalandandcattle.com

Blane & Cindy Landon, Shayna, Chesney, Cheylee & Shalayne 31164 E. R.S. Rd. - Springfield, SD 57062 Blane 605.464.1187 (c) 605.369.2628 (h) nagelcattle@excite.com - www.nagelcattle.com

Alta., Canada

Private Treaty Sales


Clay Knoll Farms The Simpkins Family Duane Simpkins Home: 989-426-3244 Cell: 989-329-6141 clayknollfarms@yahoo.com clayknollfarms.com

North Dakota

Black, Polled, Purebred & Percentage Maine-Anjou

Gene & Danette Loder 13408 90th St. S.W. • Scranton, ND 58653 (701) 275-6227 — home • (701) 206-0721 — cell lodercc@ndsupernet.com

56 August/September 2015

1001 Hurst Ave. • Mitchell, SD 57301 Phone: (605) 990-6488 Fax: (605) 990-6489 Mobile: (605) 530-6488 or (605) 530-6489 derouchey@mitchelltelecom.net www.deroucheycattle.com


Garlen, Jamie & Hunter 318-386-2919

Gary & Janette Simpkins Home: 989-426-8185 Cell: 989-329-4668

Miles & Kim DeJong 31842 DeJong Rd. Kennebec, SD 57544 (605) 869-2329 (605) 222-1292 - Miles cell www.dejongranch.com Visitors welcome! Please no Sunday business

Auctioneers Al Conover

Ron Kreis


P.O. Box 9 Baxter, IA 50028 (641) 227-3537 Office (641) 227-3686 Home (641) 227-3792 Fax (515) 491-8078 Cell


Cell | 405.823.2972 Res. | 405.387.3236 Fax | 405.387.2965 1748 South Portland Newcastle, OK 73065

conover@conoverauction.com www.conoverauction.com

“Your sale is my main concern”

(740) 683-3235 • RTKREIS93@GMAIL.COM 2005 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer Specializing in purebred and general livestock auctions

Jame Secondino-Krieger Bill Sheridan Auctioneer (517) 676-9800

P.O. Box 145 Universal, IN 47884 812.208.0956 Cell www.livestockins.com

740 S. Cedar St. Mason, MI 48854


Worthy of Your Confidence

Representing American Live stock A Division of Market Service, Inc.


BUY - SELL - TRADE maineanjouclassifieds.com August/September 2015 57



Go to maine-anjou.org and click on the green login tab to the left of the screen. Click on “Create Account.” Here are the steps: 1. Type in your breeder number. 2. You will be prompted to enter a valid e-mail address. 3. Enter a password of your choice. Passwords are case sensitive. This information will be updated to your account and you may login with your breeder number and password from that point on. Once your online account is set up you will be able to register, transfer registrations, view inventory, complete your MAPP enrollment or enter performance data. Note: Online registrations are not automatically registered. They’re completed in the order that they’re received.

hElpful Tips WhEn REgisTERing

To avoid delays in your registration work during our busy season, please follow the tips below: Double check that all blanks and information are correct and complete before mailing or submitting online. Things most commonly missed are: o Missing herd prefix and herd ID o Birthdates o Date of sale o Name of animal o Payment Make sure the person that is registering owns the dam with exception of ET calves. If ET, make sure the donor dam has been DNA, PHA & TH typed and that we have the results on file. If you are checking on work please e-mail us at maine@kc.rr.com. When calling or e-mailing please have the name and breeder number of the person submitting the work. When registering annual active dams for performance only animals please submit them online if you have the capabilities. This will help the registrar processing tremendously. Rush work is processed ahead of regular work that is received in our office and mailed by regular mail so please do not procrastinate to avoid extra charges and to assure buyers that they are purchasing from a reputable business person. As always, we appreciate you and your business and want to make sure that the registration process runs as smooth as possible. Thank you in advance for

58 August/September 2015

AmericAN mAiNe-ANjOu AssOciATiON P.O. Box 1100 - 204 Marshall Rd. Platte City, MO 64079-1100 AMAA (816) 431-9950 Fax (816) 431-9951 Voice (816) 858-9954 - Fax (816) 858-9953 maine-anjou.org maine@kc.rr.com

sTAff John Boddicker, executive vice president Dave Steen, commercial development director Marcena Fulton, registrar Lindsey Broek, Voice editor/director of communications Rhonda Boddicker, administrative assistant Robin Marston, office assistant Tammy Seevers, office assistant Donna Grame, office assistant execuTive cOmmiTTee: marty van vliet, president Alicia rigdon, 1st vice president Dennis moore, 2nd vice president cody Tebbenkamp, secretary/treasurer Brett carter, director at-large region i jason minnaert - (309) 489-6024 400 Westview Dr. - Atkinson, IL 61235 Dennis moore - (618) 410-3325 30992 State Hwy. 16 - Jerseyville, IL 62052 cliff randall - (318) 719-0560 2043 Robert Gray - Vidalia, LA 71373 eric Walker - (479) 601-3567 14844 Walker Rd. - Prairie Grove, AR 72753 region ii Hardy O’Hara - (406) 899-6903 Box 991 - Fort Benton, MT 59442 Alicia rigdon - (417) 540-3986 19591 187th Ave. - New London, IA 52645 cory Thomsen - (605) 730-2397 40460 254th St. - Mitchell, SD 57301 marty van vliet - (641) 780-0631 372 90th Ave. - Otley, IA 50214 region iii Leon matlock - (641) 628-9639 25118 C.R. 1380 - Anadarko, OK 73005 Brett carter - (918) 914-3085 12594 N. C.R. 3340 - Stratford, OK 74872 john Griswold - (405) 780-3300 5922 S. Brush Creek Rd. - Stillwater, OK 74074 jim Hett - (303) 435-1271 P.O. Box 175 - Roggen, CO 80652 At-Large cody Tebbenkamp - (660) 641-2671 3705 Forum Blvd., Apt. 818 - Columbia, MO 65203 mike Holden - (712) 652-3200 559 240th St. - Scranton, IA 51462 Barry Nowatzke - (219) 872-6218 9335 W. 200 N. - Michigan City, IN 46360

your extra time in making sure all work is correct, complete and received in a timely manner.

RegistRations foR upcoming shows

It is now time to register show animals for winter and spring shows. Please keep in mind during the winter show season you will need to allow at least two to three weeks for turn-around on registrations and transfers sent in to our office. If a paper is needed within that time, a rush fee ($50 per eight head) will be required before the work will be completed.

Rush oRDeRs

If you are selling an animal, we ask that you register and transfer the animal in a timely manner to avoid extra charges and to assure buyers they are purchasing from a reputable business person. Rushes will be done in the order received; a rush fee is currently $50 (covers eight head). If rush work is faxed, it will be considered a rush unless otherwise specified. It is the breeder’s responsibility to give us a follow-up phone call to make sure the work is legible and to cover all fees. It is not our office staff ’s responsibility to call breeders that fax in registration work. No work will be released until payment is complete. Rush work is processed ahead of the regular work that is received in our office and mailed by regular mail within one to two business days. We will do our best to complete rush work that is received in our office by 2 p.m. (Monday – Friday). There is no sameday turnaround. If requiring a registration number only, it will still be considered a rush as we still have to process the work to obtain the number. If you need to have registrations sent out by overnight delivery, there is an additional fee (in addition to the rush fee) for sending overnight. We normally use Federal Express (Fed Ex) and the charges are based on Fed Ex fees at that given time. Again, let us emphasize, it is your responsibility to contact our office to make arrangements for overnight delivery so that we have the correct shipping address and payment before sending. Fed Ex WILL NOT deliver to a post office box. A rush will be picked up by Fed Ex the next business day for delivery the following day. For big weekend events, such as state expos, we reserve the right to require work to be in our office no later than 2 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to that weekend’s show. Please plan ahead. If a paper is needed within two weeks, a rush will be required at this time of year.

tattoo YeaR LetteRs tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2012: Z tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2013: a tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2014: B tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2015: c tattoo YeaR LetteR foR 2016: D Questions on RegisteRing

Please read through the information found on our homepage at maine-anjou.org under “Member Information.”

RegistRation numBeRs

Once an animal is registered, it is backed up that same night to our Web site, maine-anjou.org. It can be viewed by clicking on “Search the Maine-Anjou Breed” or by logging into your account.

Dna, th anD pha ReQuiRements

Prior to registering any ET calves, all donor dams (including commercial or non-registered dams) must have DNA, TH and PHA on file in our office. Also, all AI sires are required to have the same on file. Therefore, our office will hold any ET registrations submitted out of dams without testing on file as well as all registrations out of AI sires that do not have complete testing on file. If the donor dam is deceased and not tested, we do require that the ET(s) have the tests done, in the absence of the donor’s records. The DNA, TH and PHA testing can be done at GeneSeek. A submission form is found on our Web site, maine-anjou.org. Maine-Anjou samples are put into testing at GeneSeek on Wednesdays, please plan accordingly when submitting. DNA results will be back in the AMAA office late the next week after the testing begins; TH and PHA results will be in our office two weeks later, usually on a Thursday. We would like to start sending the test results by e-mail only, please make sure we have an up-to-date e-mail address for you, if applicable.

new seLf BiLLing woRksheet

Please dispose of any old self-billing worksheets and registration forms you may have to avoid work being held for price differences.

new memBeRs

All new members must choose a program when August/September 2015 59


submitting a new membership. The two programs that are offered are MAPP and Breeders Choice. You may read about these two programs by visiting maineanjou.org and clicking on “Member Information” and then choose the “MAPP or Breeders Choice” option. If a membership is submitted without choosing a program, the new member will be placed in the Breeders Choice program.

Foundation animals

Non-registered bulls and females must be entered as a foundation animal prior to MaineTainer progeny being registered. All current “P” (performance only) cattle will be grand-fathered into the program. If the sire is an AI sire and registered at another breed association, the pedigree and testing must be on file with the AMAA. The charge to add a sire pedigree will be a one-time charge of $40. If the AMAA finds that the pedigree has already been paid for by another breeder, the $40 charge will not be applied. Dams registered at another breed association may also be added for a one-time charge of $25. See the new selfbilling sheet for foundation fees.

bull calF registration

If registering a bull calf born after Jan. 1, 2014, it must be TH/PHA free by parentage or have testing completed prior to registering and on file with the AMAA. Carriers will no longer be registered, but may be entered as a foundation animal. If registrations are submitted before testing has been completed, the animal will not be registered. Instead, the animal will be given a performance number at a non-refundable penalty charge of $10. Once the animal has been tested the registration may be completed at the regular rate. Please plan accordingly as testing can take up to three weeks.

online transFers

Registered animals with certificates are now able to be transferred online but must be completed by the current owner by logging into his/her online account to complete the transfer. If the buyer is responsible for the transfer fees, the seller must indicate this in the comment line, otherwise the seller will be charged the transfer fees. Remember, anytime you transfer an animal your dues must be paid unless the animal being transferred is the last animal in your inventory. You will be able to see your current inventory when logging in to your account online.

online registration discounts

A 10 percent discount on registration fees will be given to all active members registering online (discount does not apply to annual dues, new memberships, MAPP fees or foundation animals). If you have not created an online account, you may do so by visiting maine-anjou.org, select the green tab that says “Login”, select “Create Account”, enter your current breeder number, enter your e-mail address, verify your e-mail address and enter a password of your choice. You will then be automatically logged in to your account. You may view your current inventory, cancelled animals you no longer have, register and transfer animals and enroll your MAPP online if you are a current MAPP member.

Purchase registration blocks

You may purchase registration blocks of 15, 25, 50, 75 and 100 at a discounted rate. These blocks are prepaid registrations and may only be used for animals under 13 months of age. Any unused blocks expire December 31 of each year. See the new selfbilling worksheet for pricing. Multiple discounts will not be allowed. If you register online, the block discount (the greater discount) will be applied at checkout.


Registering Bulls Born After Jan. 1, 2014 If registering a bull calf born after Jan. 1, 2014, it must be TH/PHA free by parentage or have testing on file with the AMAA. Any registration submitted without testing will NOT be registered, instead entered as a performance animal at a non-refundable $10 fee until testing is completed. Once testing is on file, the bull calf will then be registered at the regular registration rate in addition to the $10 fee previously charged. If you are unsure if your animal or AI sire has been tested, please contact the AMAA prior to registering to ensure registration is not delayed. You may also see if testing is complete by viewing the animals online. Testing is listed at the bottom of each animal screen. Please print the GeneSeek submission forms from our Web site. Testing prices are listed on the submission form.

60 August/September 2015

Keystone International Livestock Expo September 26 – October 4, 2015 PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center Harrisburg, PA

Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Open Show Junior Show Thursday, October 1 Sunday, October 4 Judge: Jake Scott



Judge: Cash Langford


Premium List, Entry Forms and Online Registration available at:

Entry Deadline: August 31, 2015




Download our mobile app: PAAgShows

2300 N. Cameron St Harrisburg, PA 17110 717-787-2905


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The X-Block Ultimate Competition blade is a topline cattle blocking blade that cuts through glue with no drag. Its super feeding and patented clean out design prevents hair and residue buildup.

The Ultimate Competition Blades fit Wahl ® KM2, KM5, KM10, Stable Pro Plus TM , SS-Pro TM , and Storm styles as well as all Oster ® and Andis ® detachable style clippers.

1- 800 - PROWAHL w w w.wahlanimal.com

August/September 2015 61

Shoot Out Royalty At Its Finest ≈ Sign up for Blocks of She’s A Lady Breeder Nominations. ≈ Block nominations can only be made by the breeder! Absolute deadline for January through April born females (no exceptions) for block sign up will be Oct. 15, 2015. You can use this Block deadline for both your spring and fall born females if you wish. If you are only planning on nominating May through November females, that Absolute deadline will be FEB. 1, 2016. Feel free to combine January through november in one block nomination. ≈ Identification to the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) office of block nominated January through April females needs to be turned in by Dec. 15, 2015. Block Nomination Fee Breakdown (Declare your blocks for January through April born females by Oct. 1, 2015 - identify females by Dec. 15, 2015) • 3-5 head $150 per • 6-10 head $100 per • 11-25 head $80 per • 26 plus head $60 per Individual Nomination Fee Breakdown (Non-Block nominations) $200 per head (January - April by Oct. 15, 2015 and May - November by feb. 1, 2016) $250 per head late fee (no exceptions) Forms for the She’s A Lady Shoot-Out Breeder Nominations can be found on the AMAA Web-site at maine-anjou.org after Aug. 1, 2015 or feel free to call the AMAA for a hard copy to be sent to your address.


$150,000 in premiums have been awarded in the last five years!

Promote your breeding program, commit to a block of breeder nominations today! 62 August/September 2015

BPF Miss Wisdom 700B GRAND CHAMPION HIGH MAINE-ANJOU FEMALE Sire - GOET I-80 Dam - GRIMMS Miss Wisdom 33 9/14/2014 Breeder: Bushy Park Farm, Highland, Md. Exhibitor: Gracie Danner, West Liberty, Iowa

2015 She's A Lady Futurity Shoot Out June 23, 2015 • Springfield, Ill.

Judges: Kendall Bremer, Iowa; Dave Guyer, Illinois; Jon Heaton, Illinois; Mark Mueller, Kansas & Cody Tebbenkamp, Mo.

Miss Izzy Mae 1B GRAND CHAMPION MAINETAINER FEMALE Sire - GOET I-80 Dam - Hippy 904 2/23/2014 Breeder: Ben Streitmatter, Rensselaer, Ind. Exhibitor: Becca Chamberlin, Winchester, Ind.

August/September 2015 63





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866.839.3353 64 August/September 2015

BPF CHIMAKER 560A • ACA# 368095




KERSTEN CATTLE CO. 14901 South 204th St. Gretna, NE Kevin: 402-306-6131 Larry: 402-306-6133 info@kerstencattleco.com www.kerstencattleco.com Be sure to look us up!

CONGRATULATIONS EXHIBITORS - MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY MINUTE. Vermeer, the Vermeer logo and Equipped to Do More are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries. © 2015 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

15_Vermeer_0051_MaineSponsorshipAds.indd 2


August/September 2015 65

6/5/15 1:36 PM

66 August/September 2015

August/September 2015 67

ns o ti a l u t a r ng o C

The Rocky Mountain Maine-Anjou Association would like to congratulate each one of this year’s junior national exhibitors on a job well done! Participating in the 2015 junior national were: Emma, Hannah & Grant Vickland, P.D., Skyler & Paige Miller, Dalton & Jaxon Carlson, Taylor Dorsey, Logan Criswell & Jake Wagner

68 August/September 2015

..............................................│Index of Advertisers│............................................... Alexander, Will & Myron Beauprez Land & Cattle Bessler, James Blind Badger Ranch Bonham, Steve Buck Cattle Co. Bushy Park Farm Cattle Visions Conover Auction Services DeJong Ranch Denison Acres DeRouchey, Fred EDJE Technologies Griswold, John Kahl, Ron & Amy Kersten, Kevin & Stacy Keystone International Livestock Expo Kreis, Ron

72 56 57 IBC 57 2 BC 70 56 56 56 56 64 3 56 65 61 57

Loder Cattle Co. Mid-Continent Farms Moore Land & Cattle Nagel Cattle Co. O’Hara Land & Cattle Randall, Cliff Redgate Cattle Co. Rocky Mountain Maine-Anjou Association Secondino, Jami SEK Sheridan, Bill Truline Maines Vermeer Wahl Clipper Wendt, Kevin Willow Springs Cattle Co. Wilson Stock Farm


Let your Voice be

56 1 71 56 56 56 56 68 57 10 57 5,55 65 61 57 IFC 56



August/September 2015 69

WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN VITRO FERTILIZATION • EMBRYO TRANSFER • SEXED SEMEN RECIPIENT OPTIONS • VIAGEN CLONING TECHNOLOGY FRESH SHIP PROGRAM • LIVE CALF PROGRAM When you equip yourself with tools from Trans Ova Genetics’ industryleading reproductive toolbox, the possibilities to multiply your success are endless. Tailor our services to your needs and you’ll understand why multiplying the success of your herd only requires the right tools. HEADQUARTERS Sioux Center, Iowa 800.999.3586

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SATELLITE CENTERS Arkansas • California • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kentucky • Minnesota • Nebraska • New York N. Carolina • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • S. Dakota • Texas • Utah • Washington • Wisconsin

T I P LY C E S S C E S S C E S S C E S S multiply success



70 August/September 2015


Stay TUNED This year’s offering includes calves out of these top donors FBFS Unique 009U

SWAIN Velvet 607S

SULL Miss Myrtle Beau ET

Lazy H Bar Forever Lady 8143

Selling Maines, MaineTainers, Simmentals, % Simmentals, Shorthorns and Steers Dennis, Sara, Taylor, Hannah & Morgan Moore

4522 Alton Commerce Parkway • Alton, IL 62002 618-410-3325 or Manager, Brian Bates 309-525-1517 moorelandandcattle@frontier.com moorelandandcattle.com August/September 2015



(866) 356-4565 call for a free directory or view online at www.cattlevisions.com

Calving ease outcross to I80/Ali lines!

2012 National Champion Bull

The shiroetstesatre here!


MINN Hard Whiskey

DCC Hard Drive 138R


All That Matters

No Worries

GOET I-80 − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Poker Face

Triple D Brooks − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

BPF Comfort Zone


Live Action

GEF Open Bar



GVC Twitter

BPF Beast


Daddy’s Money


NAGE Ante Up

HAA Target − Purebred TH/PHA Free

MINN Hard Whiskey − PB Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

GVC Statesman − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Monopoly − 50% Maine-Anjou THC/PHA Free

I-80 − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

72 August/September 2015

DCC Hard Drive 138R − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Predator − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Special Delivery − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Irish Whiskey − MaineTainer TH/PHA Free

CMAC Hard Core − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Ice Chest − 3/4 Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Irish Whiskey − MaineTainer PHAC

GVC Suh − Purebred TH/PHA Free

GVC Statesman 4R ET − Purebred TH/PHA Free

Mercedes Benz − Purebred TH/PHA Free

DMCC Limited Edition − Purebred TH/PHA Free

I-80 − 50% Maine-Anjou TH/PHA Free

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female, 2015 NWSS, Open & Jr Show

Champion Commercial Heifer, 2015 Oklahoma Youth Expo

Grand Champion Foundation Simmental Female, 2015 Ft Worth

Res. Grand Champion Lim-Flex Heifer, 2015 AALF

Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer, 2015 She’s A Lady Futurity

Res. Div. Champion Maine.Tainer Heifer, 2015 NWSS, Jr Show

09.22.2015 - BPF annual Pasture sale - Online with CW Cattle Sale • www.cwcattlesales.com - Cattle Located in Mitchell, South Dakota - Elite offering of top steers and heifers that will compete at all levels 10.24.2015 - BPF Tradition of Excellence sale

- At the Farm • Mitchell, South Dakota - Offering cattle that will take your program to the next level! Don’t miss this sale.

Bushy Park Farm

40281 260th Street • Mitchell, SD 57301 Steve Robinson, Owner • Cory Thomsen, General Manager, 605-730-2397 Samantha Messmer, Assistant Manager, 317-979-3348 • Fax: 605-996-0721 On-line at: www.bpfcc.com. Visitors always welcome! 2015 Tradition of Excellence Sale - 10.24.15

Profile for EDJE

Maine-Anjou Voice - August/September Issue  

Maine-Anjou Voice - August/September Issue  

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