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By Allan Duncan

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Golf’s Retirement Planning Lessons For many people, the idea of retirement planning and golf seem to go hand in hand. Once we stop working, spending more time on the golf course is a common goal.

Team Approach The majority of PGA Tour players have a team supporting them to help them succeed. Sometimes these team members have very specific roles. Some common positions include the caddy, swing coach, short game coach, putting coach, strength and conditioning coach, even a sports psychologist. All these team members work together to help the touring pro maximize their potential.

Your Estate Planning Team In order to create a successful legacy plan, a team approach is also needed. This team works to make sure your assets are transferred in the simplest and most tax efficient manner possible.

Estate planning attorney • Helps you create many of the legal documents that make up your estate plan and creates documents to carry out your wishes in the most efficient way possible • Helps your accountant develop a plan to minimize taxation

Financial planner - life insurance agent • Helps make sure your estate plan addresses your financial goals • Makes sure your plan includes items such as investments and insurance that protects property and minimizes financial risks • Helps you understand your beneficiary designations

Accountant • Helps ensure that your estate plan is in line with your other financial decisions • Files taxes and helps make other financial decisions • Will be familiar with your situation and be able to help your executor with tax considerations Contact us to learn how our legacy plan team can help develop your plan For more information about how to tee up a plan to fund your life’s passions, hobbies and long-term dreams, contact Allan Duncan, Independent Wealth Advisor at 800-871-1219 EXT 7 or email Allan@scarletoakfs.com. Advisory services offered through Capital Asset Advisory Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Sources: https://www.araglegal.com/individuals


Golf Central • Volume 21, Issue 3

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Golf Central Magazine - Vol 21 Issue 3  

Golf Central Magazine - Vol 21 Issue 3