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LPGA’s ̒Party on Tour’ Returns W W W . G O L F C E N T R A L M A G . C O M

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2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year 6

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

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Golf will be forever be changed after you play Big Canoe's 27-hole championship Mountain course designed by Joe Lee with striking mountain peaks, rushing streams, and lush valleys. And these 3 Choctaw, Cherokee, and Creek 9-hole courses offer a wide range of difficulties to test players of all levels. Take advantage of our fully stocked pro shop, and work on your game at our practice greens and driving range.


Story and Photos by Greg Wise

special events

Love Conquers All! “I Love this game…

I always will,” commented Tyler Duncan from Columbus, Ohio after his win at the RSM Classic at Sea Island, Georgia. You have to “Love” these playoff finishes. Tyler had finished about 45 minutes ahead of the leaders after the 3rd day, posting a solid 65 to the day, 19-under-par, 263 for the tournament. Now it was time to wait and see if it held up. “I knew if I got to 19-under… I would either tie or lose by no more Webb Simpson Congratulates Tyler Duncan


than 1 stroke… I just felt it,” Tyler commented. “I noticed that Webb Simpson had made a bogey on 14 that gave me hope that my number would stand,” commented Duncan. Simpson came to the final hole needing the birdie for the win. When his putt rolled just across the lip and came to rest 2 feet past the hole for the par to clinch the tie. On the 2nd Playoff hole. Simpson pulled his drive to the left and was faced with a side-hill lie out of some very sticky rough. Simpson’s 2nd shot found the right greenside bunker with a very lip, for a chance at a par. Duncan in the middle of the fairway… 160 yards to the pin… seeming that the pressure was off… calmed his heart rate and stuck his second shot about 4 feet from the hole for the potential win. Simpson came out of the

bunker within 3 feet to save his par. Putting first, Duncan drained the putt for the RSM Classic Championship. Watching Tyler’s face as the ball rolled at the hole was remarkable. First time winner on the PGA Tour… What a finish! Davis and Mark Love of Love Design Group had been on a mission to completely renovate the Plantation course at Sea Island and ready that course for the RSM Classic. In early October the Plantation course opened for play. What a major design difference. Taking out what wasn’t working for the course in the original design and adding in some unique features of the Love Design Group. All I can say after playing these greens… be careful where you pull the ball in relationship to making your first putt at the cup. Enough Said. Congratulations to Tyler Duncan – RSM Classic Champion.

Tyler Duncan - Robin Love - Davis Love III

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

By Tony Leodora

georgia golf central

Nicklaus Returns to Put Finishing Touches On Great Waters Course at Reynolds Lake Oconee

The Coliseum in Rome

underwent some restructuring. The Leaning Tower of Pisa got some straightening. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel had some touch-up work. Even Raquel Welch got a facelift. The great works of art need some restoration over the years. The same applies for the Great Waters course at Reynolds Lake Oconee in Georgia. The course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, debuted to rave reviews in 1992. Since that time it has been a must-play among the 99 holes of public golf – plus the private 18 hole Creek Club – at Reynolds Lake Oconee, the massive resort situated about halfway between Atlanta and Augusta. 12

Jack Nicklaus at the re-opening of Great Waters Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

To the credit of ownership at Reynolds, a proactive path was taken to make Great Waters even greater. The course was closed for 18 months. Nicklaus and his team returned to do a major renovation, and on October 25, 2019 – with a large crowd of staff, members and media on hand – Great Waters re-opened. The commitment from ownership for this project was extensive. In addition to the considerable cost of renovation, there was the loss of revenue for 18 months. But nobody is thinking about those items now. They are too dazzled by the result. The renovation covered a number of tasks: • Extensive tree clearing was done to reduce shade areas and improve overall turf quality. • Grasses were changed on the entire course – zoysia on tees and fairways, TifTuf Bermuda in the rough, a smooth-rolling TifEagle Bermuda on the greens. • New back tees were added to lengthen the course to 7,400 yards, without having to move many fairway bunkers. • A new set of forward tees was added at 4,500 yards for family and junior play.

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

• In general, visibility of features was improved – most notably, views of Lake Oconee. • Drainage was improved. • Greens were re-contoured to improve visibility and add strategic interest. • The overall bunker area was reduced. • Slopes were softened, where possible, to create a more natural look of the course. • Major green designs were made at holes 6, 8, 9, 13, 15 and 18. “This was a wonderful opportunity, 27 years ago, to do a pretty spectacular golf course on a pretty spectacular piece of property,” Nicklaus reminisced during re-opening day. “The Reynolds people had the foresight to use some of the shoreline for the golf course. The last eight holes are on water.” Fast-forwarding to the present, Nicklaus provided a wonderful explanation of why renovation – even of the greatest golf courses – is necessary. “As golf courses get older, they need some attention,” Nicklaus explained. “The irrigation wears out. Your grass gets contaminated. Your greens mix deteriorates. The drainage needs

improvement. Your bunkers need reworking. It was just time. To have the opportunity to come back and address all of that was terrific.” Nicklaus handed out major credit to MetLife, the corporation that purchased Reynolds Lake Oconee a few years ago and undertook new projects on the property. “We enjoy being able to be part of this, part of what’s going on here,” concluded Nicklaus. “The MetLife people have been terrific, as it relates to everything we have done here. We appreciate that because if you didn’t have a committed owner, they wouldn’t let you do it. I couldn’t be happier to be here and re-open the golf course.” From the comments of those who got to play the recently re-opened course, they couldn’t be happier either. There was a genuine excitement about the changes and, especially, how the course seems to fit in harmony with Lake Oconee and the adjacent topography. The project is proof that the great works of art can get greater. Thanks to the efforts of Jack Nicklaus, Great Waters is now Greater Waters.


bionic gloves golf bachelorette

people I am around each day, and knowing I did everything I could from a work ethic standpoint to accomplish all my goals and dreams. Given the choice; would you select love, success, or money to keep yourself happy? Love; this world would be nothing without the people you meet and the relationships you build with them. be grabbing brunch or having a wine night with them. What golf apparel do you like to wear? I like everything from golf dresses to the sportier look. A few companies I have really enjoyed are Foray Golf, Gfore, and J Lindeberg Sport.

Hailey Hunter Where were you born? Did you grow up there? I was born in Muskegon, Michigan. Most all of my family is from Ontario, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden though. My family of four are the odd ones out who live in the states. Is “acting your age” overrated? Definitely...I think age is just a number and people act the way they do based off of their experiences and the people they choose to be around. What do you do for a living? I am a content producer and host for the LPGA. I work as an overall multimedia journalist where I write, shoot, edit, produce, and host my own content for digital and social. What would you like to do for a living? I would like to be a renowned and respected golf broadcaster for a leading television network. Aside from golf; what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? I like to play hockey when I have the chance. I grew up around the game my entire life as my dad played professional for the penguins and twin brother played Triple A growing up. I also really appreciate the time I have with my girlfriends whether it 14

Steak, chicken, or seafood? Seafood all the way! I used to be very picky and only eat chicken tenders and burgers...just ask my college golf teammates who went to team dinners with me on the road 24/7. Now I am obsessed with sushi though and will choose seafood every time it’s my choice.

What are some of your great accomplishments? Holding all the records for lowest 1,2, and 3-day totals at Ohio University as well as holding the record for scoring the lowest ever score (67) in MAC Championship history are a couple. I am also really proud of being named Michigan Golfer of the year in 2015 as well as qualifying for the U.S. Women’s Amateur in 2015. What else would you like for us to know about you? If there were a female version of the movie Happy Gilmore, I’m your girl.

Tell us something about yourself that only your closest friends know. I am a very genuine person. Sometimes it’s tough with social media to really know who people are behind all the posts and I think sometimes because I am so bubbly and nice it can even be assumed as fake, but I am always true to myself and my intentions and I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and learning about their story. What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Complaining and making excuses for their bad shots....Like no Mike, that squirrel making noise 100 yards away did not cause you to slice the ball. Please calm down and work on dropping your hands inside toward your body more. Name the three most important things to you in this world. Building lasting relationships and friendships with the people around me, making a difference whether it be mentoring other people or bringing positive energy to the Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

golf bachelor

o t r e Umb i n i d r a n r e B

Where were you born and where did you grow up? Born- Caracas, Venezu-

ela, but grew up in Miami, FL.

What do you do for a living? Assistant Professional at Tuscawilla Country Club

What is your dream job? F1 Driver...

Speed is my drug

Aside from golf, what do you like to do for fun? If I’m not on the links, I’m on

the lanes! I Love bowling!

High School Group: Jocks, nerds, stoners, or preps? I was friends with

everyone. I just have a very inclusive personality!

Steak, Seafood, or both? Steak Biggest Fear? That Taco Bell would stop serving after midnight!

Dream Foursome? Clay Kitchen, Matt Bloomingdale, and Steve Dobson... what a time! Favorite Movie? Toy Story Most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Untucked

shirts and outfits that do not match.

How old were you when you had your first kiss? 4 years old, stole a girl’s

heart in the sandbox.

Something only my closest friends know about me? I can drink anyone

under the table with White Claws


Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

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#12503 - 11/19

stay & play

Redesigned Plantation Course Opens at ing classical architectural features and

nual RSM Classic, an official PGA TOUR

historical hardscape and landscape elements. The result includes new and interesting strategic elements that retain the course’s character and routing, passed on by previous architects, beginning with Walter Travis’ original 1928 design of the golf club’s first nine holes. Along with the Seaside Course, Plantation serves as the site of the an-

event at Sea Island Golf Club. “We’ve been the ‘house architect,’ part of a team at Sea Island that knew the vision and knew what it wanted. We want everyone to enjoy it and have fun,” said Davis Love III. “This project was a little pre-ordained, because Davis and Mark have been part of the Sea Island family for a long time,” said Scott Steilen, President and CEO of Sea Island Company. “That kind of synergy created the great opportunity for them to put their passion into the redesign and renovation of Plantation golf course. And I think those who have already played it can see all that passion come to fruition. Those who haven’t played it will see that this is a fun, fabulous course and a great addition to what we’re doing here at Sea Island.” Over the past year, Sea Island has invested $30+ million to enhance the golf experience, including the addition of the all-new 17,000 square foot Golf Performance Center, six “golf in, golf out” cottages, an 18-hole putting course, a pool and pool house, extended practice facility and short game area, all overlooking the Atlantic. Next month, the resort is adding a new King Cottage ideal for golf groups, with four bedrooms and its own private hitting bays. To book your next stay and play:

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Sea Island, a five-star resort on the coast of Georgia that has been synonymous with golf since its opening in 1928, officially re-opened the redesigned Plantation Course following an extensive nearly year-long renovation by Love Golf Design. Sea Island’s own Davis Love III and his brother Mark drew on the history of the course, us-


Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8



54 Holes of Championship Golf

Private Clubhouse

5 Acre Water Park


SPM4488_Golf Magazinge.indd 1

11/18/19 12:38 PM

By Greg Wise Photos: On Top of the World Communities

Operation Helping Heroes On Top of the World,

Ocala’s premier active-adult community, and SOF Missions, a not-for-profit organization, presented Operation Helping Heroes. A special twoday charity event during the Veterans Day weekend at On Top of the World. Two hundred twenty guests attended the Sunday evening Celebration Gala held at the Circle Square Cultural Center which featured an elegant dinner and several notable guest speakers, including a keynote by Dr. Damon Friedman. A golf tournament was held at Candler Hills Golf Course on Veterans Day. Twenty two foursomes participated and many players were able to share their golfing experience with a warrior. Captain Joe Russell, Master Sergeant Carlos Garcia, Chief Shane Linton and Staff Sergeant Ben Goettler were the winners of the charity tournament with an impressive score of 55. The fundraiser benefits the SOF Missions, whose sole purpose is creating awareness for the problems facing this nation’s military veterans. “The goal of the fundraiser was to provide financial support for SOF Missions “Resiliency Project”, a four-component program that helps combat post-traumatic stress and guides our nation’s heroes on a path to wellness,” stated Linda Masserella, Director of Marketing and Social Strategies. “With the monies raised during Operation Helping Heroes, 12 veterans will be able to receive this life-saving care,” Linda added. Dr. Damon Friedman, who served in special operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, founded SOF Missions in 2011. As a warrior, Dr. Friedman knows the struggles facing combat veterans and decided to make a difference by sharing his inspiring and powerful story with the world. Dr. Friedman was the guest speaker at the Operation Helping Heroes gala where he delivered a moving keynote presentation. “I am so proud of our team’s effort in this event,” mentioned Masserella, 20

the winning team

Bo Stepp

Brian Schmoltz Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

“With the community support and the support of our corporate sponsors, we have successfully raised over $92,000, and thanks to an anonymous donor pledging a 100% match for all proceeds raised, the total fundraising amount was over $180,000,” she added. On Top of the World and SOF Mis-

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

sions would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their support: Medal of Honor sponsor First Federal Bank; Silver Star sponsor Health Axis Group and Bronze Star sponsors Ocala Star Banner, Earthscapes Unlimited and 97.3 WSKY. Without you, the success of Operation Helping Heroes would not have been possible.


golf business

XUDE Hospitality Announces New Business Ventures

After officially launching in April, XUDE Hospitality a new golf and hospitality management company, announced three business ventures. XUDE Hospitality has partnered with Spring Lake Partners, LLC, a subsidiary of Signature H Property Group, in the acquisition of Spring Lake Golf Resort in Sebring, Florida. XUDE and Signature H have formed a strategic partnership to transform two existing 18-hole golf courses into one 27-hole Steve Smyers designed championship course. The property will also feature a new 9-hole short course and the addition of new commercial, residential and resort amenities. XUDE will play a key role in the design, construction and management of all golf and hospitality amenities. Both the resort and golf course will

Mike Miraglia 22

Jerry Moore – photo courtesy of Alexis Muellner, Editor-Tampa Bay Business Journal remain open during the renovation. River Refuge, LLC contracted with XUDE to consult and manage the hospitality development of Paradise Isle, a planned mixed-use resort destination along the scenic Caloosahatchee River in North Fort Myers. This riverfront project featuring a tidal lagoon will include luxury residences, an 18-hole Ron Garl designed golf course, a hotel, marina, restaurants, shops and office space.

XUDE Hospitality has also been retained to consult and provide due diligence expertise in the potential acquisition of Fort Lauderdale’s premier private Lago Mar Country Club by an anonymous buyer. Leading the XUDE team is seasoned golf veteran and Managing Principal Michael Miraglia, with over 30 years of experience in golf and resort management/ownership. Ranked 17 in the “Most Powerful People in Golf” by Golf Inc. Magazine in 2012, Mike is the former President/COO of Fore Golf and was the Director of Golf & Spa Operations for Doral Golf Resort & Spa. Joining Mr. Miraglia are Jerry Moore, who served as President of Pope Golf and Regional VP for ClubCorp, bringing over 30 years of successful leadership to the team; and Jeff Neal, an international award-winning hospitality and real estate executive with over 25 years of experience, who served as the Corporate Director of the prestigious Puntacana Resort & Club in the Dominican Republic. The team has a proven track record in revenue generation, membership growth, operating efficiency, construction and renovation in properties of all sizes – including golf courses, country clubs, resorts, hotels, and real estate developments. XUDE Hospitality is headquartered in Miami with offices in Naples and Sarasota. XUDE is actively pursuing new business opportunities. For information visit: Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Orlando’s Biggest

Golf Party Returns

LPGA Champions and world-class celebrities compete in one unforgettable week of golf. Larry the Cable Guy

January 16-19, 2020


d to Ap

le Schedu Players




F Bobby

Hend Brooke

Get your tickets today at



Lexi Th



Larry F

g Ben Hig

Live on

By David Theoret

mississippi golf central

Golf the Way Mother Nature Intended It Nature’s Golf -

A truly memorable, world-class experience designed to bring golfers closer to nature. The Mossy Oak Golf Club in West Point, MS is the result of a golf course working in harmony with its natural surroundings. Not only is this incredible layout a work that is quite beholding to the eyes, it’s a delight to all of those who accept the challenge to play it. Mossy Oak sits on what once was an old dairy farm for about 100 years; complete with two cow ponds and a number of hills, which explains the elevation changes. Those two cow ponds are now stocked with Tiger bass; something else to do if the golf thing isn’t working out for you! Mossy Oak Golf Club sits across the street from its sister course, Old Waverly, one of the classiest clubs in the South you can play. Old Waverly is a private club but allows outside play for Lodge Guests. Accommodations at the clubs create what is arguably the best golf experience in Mississippi. Located on the Mossy Oak property is the official practice facility of the Mississippi State University men’s and women’s golf teams. The facility is separate from Mossy Oak Golf Club and includes five target greens on the range, short-game training areas with bunkers and a 16,000 square foot putting green cut in the shape of the State of Mississippi. Inside the 6,400-square foot MSU team clubhouse, you’ll find men’s and women’s locker rooms, players’ loung-


es, coaches’ offices, an indoor putting center complete with a SAM PuttLab training system, as well as exercise and conference rooms. There’s also 2,400-square feet of indoor hitting bays equipped with two Trackman swing and ball flight analysis systems. The Bryan family partnered with Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of the outdoor lifestyle brand Mossy Oak to create the golf club. To design the course, the two hired Gil Hanse, the world’s leading minimalist golf course architect and mastermind behind the 2016 Olympic Course in Rio de Janeiro. In true minimalist fashion, Hanse didn’t move much dirt in creating Mossy Oak; the truth is, he didn’t need to. In fact the majority of the dirt that was moved was done so to create a 7.5acre irrigation lake. All of the bunkers you encounter as you make your way around the layout use sand that was taken from local riverbeds. One look at the bunker that fronts the 4th green, and you’ll realize that filling these bunkers took a lot of work! Hanse has done a phenomenal job of creating a world-class golf experience at Mossy Oak. He has created a course that showcases the local Mississippi Black Prairie surroundings and follows the natural contours of the rolling terrain, all the while preserving the local habitat. A lot of the water used in irrigating Mossy Oak is reclaimed through gravity. Native areas are outside the scope of maintenance and are

not irrigated and the fertilizers used are all organic, slow-release. The club is committed to not overwatering. Depending on your game, Mossy Oak can play anywhere between 7,212 and 5,530 yards; ladies will have an enjoyable round from the Red Tees at 5,089 yards. Choose the yardage that best fists you game, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

Memorable Holes Hanse’s bunkers take center stage on the par 3, 4th hole. From the Blue Tees the hole plays 173 yards; slightly longer when you factor in the fact that it’s uphill. The green is large and features a lot of slope and undulation. The front left bunker sits about 8 ft. below the putting surface making up and down that much tougher. As you look around from the 4th tee box, you get a great panoramic few of the course. Many players will find favor with the par 4, 10th hole. Although the scorecards states 282 yards from the Blue Tees, it plays closer to 250 yards, making it a true risk/reward opportunity for many golfers. Carry the trees on the right if you want to have a chance

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

of making the green off the tee. You’ll find after playing the hole a few times that the necessary line off the tee is a lot further left than you think. And don’t be fooled by the false front on the green. Better yet, hit something less than driver off the tee, leave a makeable chip shot and walk away with birdie. Water is a lot more prevalent on the back nine and comes into play on no less than five holes. Two water holes immediately come to mind; the monster par 3, 11th and the demanding 18th. From the Blue tees, Number 11 plays 224 yards, most of which is carry over a lake. However there is a bailout area short and left. There’s a lot of undulation in the green, and the three bunkers left of the green see a lot of play. Walk away with a par (or better) and consider it a success. Of the two lakes on Number 18, the first one really shouldn’t come into play; it’s less than a 150-yard carry from the Blue Tees. If possible, play down the right side of the fairway to have the best look into the green. Should you leave yourself a shot at the green, you’ll have about 160 yards to a long, angled green protected on the left by a lake and a bunker. The putting surface slopes back to front, so leave yourself below the hole if possible. Last Word: Mossy Oak is a course you will never get tired of playing. The Mossy Oak experience is best done walking the course with a caddie; forecaddies are required if you choose to take a cart. Trust me, caddies are well worth the investment at Mossy Oak. Although many of the tee shots at Mossy Oak are played to wide open fairGolf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

ways, don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security. You still need to be in the proper position in the fairway in order to hit and hold the green. You’ll face a number of blind shots both off the tee and on your approach and several false fronted greens can leave you scratching your head. But what sets Mossy Oak apart from other Mississippi golf courses are the green complexes. The majority of greens are elevated; several require knowledge of where to hit it on the green in order to not have it roll off and past you. All greens putt true and fast with subtle undulations. Mossy Oak is not exactly a course that you are going to stumble across by accident. The best way to attract golfers to a destination that is off the beaten path is to offer the best golf opportunities money can buy. Old Waverly and Mossy Oak do just that, and although the golf courses are completely opposite in style and feel, they complement each other to no end. This could very well be the answer to putting West Point, MS on the map as a golf destination.

Lodging is now available on property at Mossy Oak. These brand new, luxurious cottages are located on the tenth fairway and offer spectacular panoramic views of the golf course. Each cottage has a spacious common area with a giant flat screen TV, mini fridge, microwave, wet bar area, coffee station and complimentary wireless Internet. Off of the common area are four separately keyed bedrooms, each with two queen beds. Guests have the option of renting either the entire cottage or individual bedrooms. Lodging is also available at Old Waverly. More cottages and a permanent clubhouse are part of the long-range plan at Mossy Oak, in fact construction of the clubhouse has already begun. Old Waverly and Mossy Oak Golf Club are set in the tranquil Mississippi Black Prairie and are staffed with some of the nicest people you will ever meet, anywhere! For more information on Mossy Oak Golf Club and Old Waverly Golf Club, visit their websites: & 25

19th hole

Cap Off Your “Course Work” at Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen Lake Nona’s Most Elegant Dining Room Has Your Table Ready There’s no better place to top off your day on the greens than at Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen. Located at the Lake Nona Town Center, Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen is centrally located to Lake Nona’s most prestigious courses, including Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, Eagle Creek and North Shore Golf Club. With a chic bar, stylish dining room, sun-filled solarium and comfortable patio, the restaurant offers upscale, from-scratch food and thoughtful cocktails and craft beer perfect for relaxing together after you’ve hit your last putt. Under the direction of executive chef Jason Bergeron, Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen’s menu features a bevy of small plates for sharing as well as large-format dishes to delight the whole table. Start with one of the three Five-Bite Salads or a little bit of This & That. Chroma’s Deviled Eggs topped with fresh crab are a must to whet the palate, and the Foie Gras PB&J, featuring seared foie gras, pickled grapes and almond butter on ciabatta is an refined starter. Order several for the table and

Chef Jason Bergeron 26

experience the innovative flavors Chef Bergeron’s team has developed. Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen also offers a selection of mains meant to satisfy varied tastes. The Baked House Meatballs come topped with micro basil and surrounded by a pool of fresh San Marzano tomato sauce. The Sous Vide Wagyu Beef Cheek will send beef lovers swooning, alongside fluffy whipped potatoes and roasted vegetables. Devotees of the restaurant love the Lamb Ribs, which are fall-off-the bone tender and glazed with sweet-spicy Korean BBQ glaze. The beverage list at Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen has a tipple for every taste, including seasonal cocktails, draft and bottled beer, a curated wine list and craft sodas. Park Pizza & Brewing Co, Chroma’s sister restaurant next door, brews beer featured on three of the restaurant’s taps, including a rotatGolf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

ing handle of seasonal beer. Each handcrafted cocktail is concocted from fresh ingredients and top-shelf liquors and mixers. The Cascado Margarita features fresh peach and avocado puree, lemon, Cointreau and Casamigos Blanco tequila for a refreshing sipper. As part of the Tavistock Restaurant Collection portfolio, Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen is committed to offering a memorable dining experience in a beautifully designed atmosphere and attentive service. Cap off your “course work” with lunch, dinner or postgame drinks at Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen and raise a glass to golf.

Cheese Board

Address: 6967 Lake Nona Blvd., Orlando, FL 32827 Hours: Monday – Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday, 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. Friday – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Weekday Happy Hour 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Menu Link:

Chroma Burger with Fries

Lamb Ribs

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8


Where did you grow up?

cart girl

Apopka, Florida

Which group of people did you associate most with in high school? All of them, I didn’t discriminate! It was a small school too.

What do you feel makes this club special? The

members are awesome! They always make me feel good about myself and they are fun people to work for. We also have a beautiful layout. It’s out in the country a little bit, but well worth the drive from Orlando or anywhere.

What is your favorite part of being a cart girl?

What is your least favorite part? Hmmmm..... best part is being outside enjoying each beautiful day and making everyone happy when I come around. Everyone loves seeing the cart girl. I think it’s the beer really!! Least favorite part would be not being able to play golf with them.

Miranda O'Brien

If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be doing? Well, I have a couple other jobs working for the

family business growing plants at our greenhouse in Apopka. And I also started a pool cleaning business. My most important job though is being a mom to my awesome 2 year old daughter!

What is your memorable moment working as a cart girl? I got to meet someone awesome that was

playing golf one day. Alex Morgan from the women’s US soccer team. She’s an awesome soccer player and pretty well known. It was cool being able to meet her in person.

Favorite charity to support? Make a Wish Foundation and anything for our veterans. What else would you like for us to know about you? I keep it pretty simple these days. I have a hus-

band and an awesome 2 year old daughter that is my world. Anything I can do with my family makes me happy. I live by this “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. But don’t poke the mamma bear because I won’t just poke back.

What advice would you give a future new beverage cart girl? Don’t be shy and only be quiet when

they’re swinging a club. After that it’s time to be sweet funny and personable. Being personable is very important! Golfers need your good vibes because sometimes they’re not always having a great round on the course. I like to joke around with them and give them a hard time as long as they’re not in a bad mood.

What are you known for? Is there anything that people say or like about you? Well I have to say that a lot of people compliment me on my outfits. I’m always matching my hat shoes and belt etc. I love a bright matching ensembles! They call me “festive”.


Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Legendary Lifestyle

There’s a reason Gary Player chose Boca Grove to be his first American home and it’s not just because he made history here.

Legends don’t make tee times and neither will you Located in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida | Limited Number of Non-Resident Memberships Available Contact Jennifer M. Jolly at (561) 717-6733 | |

Story and Photos by Greg Wise

alabama golf central header

FarmLinks at Pursell Farms Deeply rooted in Sylacauga, Alabama, the Pursell Family has been in business and growing for more than 100 years. The story begins in 1904 with the founding of the Sylacauga Fertilizer Company. By the end of the 20th century, the company, Pursell Technologies, had developed innovative technology that revolutionized the agronomy industry. In 1975, the family acquired 3,200 acres of scenic rolling terrain and created Pursell Farms. David Pursell, a third-generation family leader, had a visionary idea: to invite the companies product’s end users (golf superintendents) to see and experience their company’s product firsthand. To achieve this, FarmLinks was built in 2002 as “the world’s only research and demonstration golf course.” Today, Pursell Farms has evolved into a premier regional family farm resort

available for Corporate Retreats, leisure getaways, Orvis sporting clays and weddings. Our corporate and family mission is to give, grow and honor. But who takes care of this pristine 18-hole, 7,444-yard championship FarmLinks course? I had the pleasure of meeting with Robert Mitchell, Golf Course Superintendent at FarmLinks on the 1st green at 6:45 AM on a brisk Monday morning. One of the main concerns of that morning was aerification of the greens at a

GCM – What got you into this business? Robert - My first summer job was working on a golf course, I had two uncles that were superintendents and I fell in love with the

near frost temperature.

turf… and never looked back.

GCM – Does it concern you that the area is

GCM – How long have you been a Superin-

expecting frost tomorrow morning?


Robert – Yes… This isn’t my first choice to

Robert – I’ve been in the industry since the

start this today, but I have already delayed

age 15. I was the Assistant Superintendent

this punch one-week, so I have to go with

at FarmLinks from 2010-2015 and became

this one. We have the greens prepared to go

the Superintendent in 2016.


Robert Mitchell working


Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

David Pursell GCM – What do you enjoy most about the turfgrass industry? Robert – The brotherhood amongst other superintendents and how everyone does whatever it takes to help a college. Just that type of friendship goes a long way. If you need something, you put out the word… and you get the support that you need. GCM – Besides cutting grass, what are some other things that are important in maintaining fine turf? Robert – Mowing grass is the easy part, I think it’s all about listening to what the plant is telling you. If it needs water, fertility, or just a break from being so aggressive when trying to drive high speeds and make things happen. Key thing is listening and understanding. GCM – Is there anything that golfers do that drive you nuts? Robert – Driving carts close to greens or not fully understanding cart path only rulings and frost delays. That type of thing causes so Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Fall Color Farm Links 31

much damage. Maybe not the day they are

angles, soil temps, etc., it all controls how we

playing. But certainly, for the next period of

can perform.

time for others.

Robert – That’s an easy one… Mississippi State “Hail State”

And just for some fun: GCM – Is there anything about your job that

GCM – Where are you from originally? What

you wish golfers understood more?

GCM – What do you do after work, for fun?

brought you here?

Robert – That most times the superintendent

Robert – I seldom get time away from Farm-

Robert – Louisville Mississippi. I did a sum-

is harder on himself than players realize.

Links, but when I do, I enjoy going on hunting

mer internship here under Mark Langner

We strive for perfection daily, but at the end

trips with friends.

when I was in college, upon graduation,

of the day, we can only do what is dictated by mother nature. Rain, temperature, sun

Mark offered me a job and I’ve been here GCM – What is your favorite sports team?

ever since.

David Pursell - Farm Links 5th Hole


Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Nicklaus. Palmer. Watson. Feel free to name drop all you want.


Reunion Resort is the only place in the world where you can play Signature courses designed by three of golf’s greatest legends. And with our Classic Golf Package, you’ll have your chance with a daily round of golf, as well as spacious Villa accommodations. Just wait until your golf buddies hear about this.

Tee up a legendary golf getaway at or call 844.728.0961. Rates starting at $148*. *Rates are per person, per night based on quad occupancy in a 3 bedroom deluxe villa. Rates are subject to availability and may fluctuate based on occupancy and season. Rates exclusive of taxes and resort fee. Blackout dates and restrictions may apply.

georgia golf trail

By Mike May

Signature Selections of The Georgia Golf Trail Presented by 15th hole at Arrowhead Pointe

Of the 20+ golf courses that are part of

said Doug Hollandsworth, Founder,

the Georgia Golf Trail, five of them are

Georgia Golf Trail. “In Georgia, we are

tucked away in state parks. While they

fortunate to have such high caliber

may be in rural parts of Georgia, they

golf courses for the general public

are worth making the effort to go play.

throughout the year. These courses are

“Our state park golf courses in Geor-

consistent with this theme: No Crowds,

gia are terrific golf destinations. They are incredible designs which are very well maintained and affordably priced,”

No Houses, No Noise.” To get a good vibe on each of these fabulous five state park golfing get-

aways, check out their signature holes:

HIGHLAND WALK GOLF COURSE There are many scenic selfie ‘hot spots’ at Highland Walk Golf Course (706-2456770) at Victoria Bryant State Park in Royston. The best photo ‘opp’ locale is the signature hole -- the 17th. Here, your tee shot, which is struck from a raised and terraced tee box, will travel over a ravine to a somewhat narrow fairway. From there, you can go pin seeking to a flag perched on a raised, sloping green. At 17, pars are precious and birdies are worth a fist pump.

ARROWHEAD POINTE GOLF COURSE At the Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course (706-283-6000) in Elberton, visiting golfers will discover a 6,800-yard course situated on a peninsula within the Richard B. Russell State Park. Arrowhead Pointe deserves to be called the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the Georgia Golf Trail. Here, 10 of the 18 holes skirt Lake Rich18th hole at The Lakes course 34

ard B. Russell. Truthfully, Arrowhead Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Pointe has four signature holes -- 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th holes. Those four holes are perched on a strip of land that is surrounded by Lake Russell on three sides. The degree of difficulty of those four holes is superseded by their joint magnitude of beauty. 15th hole at The Creek at Hard Labor the southern-most golf course on the Georgia Golf Trail. The signature hole of this Steve Burnes design is the 18th hole – a right-to-left dogleg par four. From the tee, you must carry a small lake and avoid the three fairway bunkers that guard both sides of the fairway. Don’t get greedy on the tee shot and try to bite off more than you should from the dogleg, so to speak. From the fairway, 17th hole -–the signature hole– at Highland Walk

THE CREEK GOLF COURSE Golf Digest Frugal Golfer has listed The Creek Golf Course (706-557-3006 at Hard Labor Creek State Park in Social Circle as the “4th sweetest deal in the USA.” The signature hole is the 5th hole which is a par three. On the 5th, a water wheel and bridge are located on this hole which form a backdrop that makes it one of the most peaceful and picturesque backdrops in the region.

BRAZELL’S CREEK GOLF COURSE The Brazell’s Creek Golf Course (912577-7745) at Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park in Reidsville is a well-designed par71 layout. Georgia’s own Denis Griffiths designed this stern, competitive and fun test of golf. The signature hole is the 15th hole -- a 207-yard par 3, which plays

15th hole at Brazell's Creek over scenic wetlands to a large, undulating island green. At Brazell’s Creek,

you must also avoid the bunker com-

a 1,500-yard winding bridge through a

plex left of the green. At the 18th, liquid

canopy of trees connects the front nine

disaster looms on every shot, until you

with the back nine.

start putting. For complete details on travel packag-

LAKES GOLF COURSE The Lakes Golf Course (912-285-6154) at Laura S. Walker Park in Waycross is

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

es to all the destinations on the Georgia Golf Trail, please call 1-833-877-6988 or access 35


Orlando’s Biggest

Golf Party Returns this January.

The Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions is bringing LPGA winners and celebrities back to Orlando 36

Returning in January, the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions Presented by Insurance Office of America is back – and better than ever.

The tournament kicks off the LPGA Tour season, but this isn’t your average golf tournament.

Nowhere else will you see top LPGA players compete alongside entertainment and sports stars, including Larry Fitzgerald, Bobby Flay, and Tim Wakefield. Fans will have unparalleled access to players along the course, and plenty of opportunities to grab selfies with their sports idols. The tournament is a true winners-only event, with only LPGA winners from the 2018 and 2019 seasons qualifying to compete. To date, more than two dozen LPGA players have qualified, including standouts Brittany Lincicome, Brooke Henderson, Lexi Thompson, Michelle Wie, Lydia Ko, Nelly Korda and Eun-Hee Ji, who won the tournament last year. Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz will return to defend his 2019 title against fellow sports stars, including football Hall of Famers Marcus Allen and Brian Urlacher, basketball champion Ray Allen, and hockey All-Star Jeremy Roenick. Competitors from the entertainment world include comedian Larry the Cable Guy, and TV personality Ben Higgins, who starred in season 20 of ABC’s The Bachelor.

TOP LEFT: LPGA Tour winner Brooke Henderson and NBA Champion Ray Allen encourage each other with a fist-bump on the course. Henderson has qualified to compete and Allen is scheduled to compete in the 2020 tournament. TOP RIGHT: Diamond Celebrity ambassador and country music superstar Lee Brice performs during a private evening event. Brice is scheduled to compete in the 2020 tournament. MIDDLE LEFT: Actor and comedian Alfonso Ribeiro poses for a selfie with fans. Ribeiro is scheduled to compete in the 2020 tournament. MIDDLE RIGHT: LPGA Tour champion Lexi Thompson signs autographs for fans on the sidelines. Thompson has qualified to compete in the 2020 tournament. BOTTOM RIGHT: Stand-up comedian Larry the Cable Guy poses for photos with fans as he makes his way around the course. Larry is schedule to compete in the 2020 tournament.

The tournament will be held January 16-19, 2020, at Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club Orlando. The LPGA competitors will play 72 holes with no cut for $1.2 million in official prize money, while the celebrities will play for their own $500,000 purse using a modified Stableford format. A group of 10 amateur golfers, who play in the event’s pro-am, will also qualify to play alongside the stars during official tournament rounds. Threesomes may include a combination of LPGA champions and sports or entertainment celebrities, and some with all LPGA players or all celebrities. All four days of play are nationally televised, with Thursday and Friday on Golf Channel, and Saturday and Sunday on NBC. But nothing beats catching the competition live.

Several ticket packages are currently available for purchase, ranging from $30 for a single day grounds pass to $60 for a 4-day pass.

Diamond Resorts is also offering a limited number of Club 18 packages that include seats in a skybox on Hole 18, a fully catered lunch, premium open bar and tickets to two private evening events that were previously only open to LPGA players, celebrities and tournament sponsors. Club 18 packages are priced at $3,000. There is also a new ticket add-on option this year for the Taste & Travel Pass, which can be purchased in five or 10-tab options – priced at $40 and $80 respectively – so fans can eat and drink their way around the course while catching all the action. For more information and to buy your tickets, visit

Follow Diamond Resorts on Twitter

@DiamondResorts #DiamondLPGA

Live on


“We call this the ‘Party on Tour’ because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced,” said Mike Flaskey, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts. “With the incredible level of professionalism the LPGA champions bring, plus the entertainment factor from the world-class sports and entertainment celebrities, this tournament is one of a kind. We are counting down the days to tournament week and can’t wait to see everyone there.” Follow Flaskey on Instagram @TheVacationDr for a behind-the-scenes look at the tournament.

international golf travel

By Dove Jones

Highland Fling There is a certain magic in the light that bathes Scotland, and at no time is it more spectacular than on a sunny autumn day in the Highlands. Known for its meaningful tartans that identify clans, each season there also presents a unique pattern of colors. In the fall the hills are covered by tartan blankets of warm browns, muted golds, interwoven with strands of brilliant scarlet, orange and yellow, surrounded by verdant greens and interspersed with lines of various shades of blues for the sea, rivers and sky and sparkling white for the sheep, birch bark and snow on the mountain peaks. Although the days are shorter, if you’re lucky enough to be on the links in autumn it is a riot of colors that warms the experience even on a frosty 38

The area is rich with history including the Pict Trail including The Hilton Stone with some artifacts dating back to the 3rd Century AD

morning. It is the perfect time to plan a visit to bonnie Scotland when prices are reduced and the competition for tee times comes mainly from the Scots themselves. You can change planes and fly into Inverness but then you’d miss one of the world’s most scenic drives only three hours up from either Edinburgh or Glasgow airports. Driving through the idyllic, innocent landscape of Scotland past castles, sheep, distilleries and welcoming pubs is as much a part of the experience as playing on the links. Once you arrive in the Highlands you are spoilt for some of the best links in Great Britain and Ireland – not just Scotland. Starting with the new kid on the block – Castle Stuart – only 10 years on from its official opening the course by Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

The Ness Walk Hotel sits on the River Ness a short scenic walk down the Ness River from Inverness and her famous Castle. Gil Hanse has risen to one of the world’s premier “must plays.” Just down the coast is Nairn, where Colin Montgomerie won the 1987 Scottish Amateur Championship and was so taken with the course he named his home Nairn in its honor. Neighboring Nairn GC is Nairn Dunbar, which will play host to The Amateur Championship in 2021 and has been a local and visitors favorite since 1899. Across the Moray Firth, where you can often see dolphins frolicking in the chilly waters, lies Dornoch the birthplace of Donald Ross. The Championship Course

at Royal Dornoch gets all the accolades and fanfare but the second course – Struie – has a charm all its own and makes a perfect companion for those wanting to play 36 holes in a day. Further north you find two cracking gems, Brora and Golspie. Harkening back to the origins of golf in Scotland Brora still shares its linksland with local sheep and cows. The electric fences serve to keep errant hoofs and hungry mouths off the magnificent greens. Golspie has three distinct playing experiences as it exhibits characteristics of links, parkland and heathland courses across its layout.

At Brora the fencing serves to keep the sheep and cattle that share the linksland off the pristine greens. Just a generation after the famous nearby Battle of Culloden (1745) Fortrose and Rosemarkie GC opened in 1793 on the intriguingly named Black Isle across the firth from Castle Stuart and is recognized as the 15th oldest golf club in the world. Whisky fans will enjoy a visit to the Glenmorangie distillery after their round at Tain, an Old Tom Morris classic dating to 1890. It’s signature hole, The Alps, requires a brave blind second shot over the mounds to a long narrow green. While there are very few and expensive restricted tee times for non-members available at The Carnegie Club at Sk-

Castle Stuart features six stunning holes literally on the Moray Firth.

Links House in Dornoch is the perfect destination to curl up with a whisky in front of a fire. Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8


ibo Castle, it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list destination to experience the excellent perfectly manicured course, its gorgeous setting and unrivalled Highland hospitality in the clubhouse on Andrew Carnegie’s former estate. The accommodations are as varied as the courses in the highlands. Cozy and intimate lodgings at The Royal Marine Hotel in Brora, The Royal Golf Hotel in Dornoch, The Golf View in Nairn and Glenmoriston in Inverness. Experience Country House opulence at Links House in Dornoch, Glenmorangie House in Tain, Skibo Castle in Clashmore and Culloden House Hotel in Inverness. More on the modern luxury side is Kingsmills and the new Ness Walk boutique hotel in Inverness. Off the course you can experience all the romance of Scotland with Castles – Inverness, Dunrobin, Eilean Donan, Cawdor for a start; historic sites – Culloden Battlefield, The Pict Stone Trail and Glencoe Valley; Distilleries – Glenmorgangie, Tomatin and Dalwhinnie to name a few; Inverness is the gateway to natural wonders – Loch Ness and The Cairngorms; and there are multiple museums, art galleries and heritage shopping to suit every taste and budget. - is Scotland’s oldest inbound tour operator since the 1920s and is dedicated to providing affordable golf experiences in Scotland and beyond.

Guests dine together at Glenmorangie House just like at a country house estate weekend.

The incredible scenery makes the journey to the Highlands fly by. 40

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

The opening hole at Nairn looks benign but the course with its immaculate greens is a worthy test of links golf.

Stunning Culloden House is a perfect base to play golf and experience Scottish history.

Golf Central is teaming with D, P & L Golf of Scotland and our own International Correspondent and resident Scotland expert, Dove Jones to bring the Highlands to our readers next fall. Details of our reader trip will be announced shortly.

Golspie has elements of Links, Heathland and Parkland all rolled into its charming layout.

The iconic Castle Stuart Clubhouse features spectacular views over the Moray Firth.

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

The 18th at The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle offers one of the most stunning views in all of golf.


grip it & sip it

2017 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley The winter of 2016-2017 broke the drought for most of California. Napa Valley received much-needed rainfall throughout the season, totaling almost 60 inches of rain. The vines responded with full, healthy canopies for the long growing season. The weather was warm and sunny all season, which allowed the fruit to ripen at a slow and steady pace. The base for our Reserve Cabernet is from the world-renowned Rutherford appellation, which is home to our Abela and Franklin estate vineyards. Perfect climatic conditions and the region’s deep, loamy, well-drained soils produce dark, intensely flavored Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Our rich soil sets the foundation for an exquisite, cellar-ready wine that will evolve in character and quality for years to come. This Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful complement to a steak au poivre, pappardelle pasta or portobello mushrooms.

WINE DESCRIPTION AROMAS: Dark chocolate, dark cherry, cassis and chocolate aromas intermingled with sweet herbs, and subtle vanilla. FLAVORS: Rich and round with vibrant fruit character of dark cherry and sweet herbs. The tannic structure of this wine exemplifies the classic Rutherford style. Hints of dark cherry mingle with sweet oak, sweet sage and dried cherries that linger on the palate. BLEND: 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Merlot, 4% Petite Sirah, 2% Malbec AGING: 18 months in French and American oak barrels AGING POTENTIAL: Drink now and through 2030 TA/pH: 0.59 (g/100mL)/3.73 ALCOHOL: 14.5%

Grip it and Sip it. 42

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

golf history header

By Mike May

FEC Train Traveling through the Daytona Beach Golf Club – Courtesy of the Arkon Railroad Club

Florida’s Historic Golf Trail: Trains Run through It Over the last 100+ years, Florida’s development can largely be attributed to the ambition of the late Henry Flagler and Henry Plant. One of the keys to both Flagler’s and Plant’s successes was their strategic use of the railroad. Not only did the railroad bring people to Florida, it was the key to the growth of many of its golf courses, as is explained

in the book The Two Henrys – Railroads Carry Golf Across Florida. When you look at the current list of 53 golf courses which are part of the Florida Historic Golf Trail, there are interesting tales to tell about each course. For instance, Riviera Country Club in Ormond Beach has Sissy’s Ridge, Miami Shores Country Club in Miami

Shores has “the hole,” and Lake Worth Municipal Golf Club in Lake Worth has a monument to honor “The Dogfighters.” But, many of these golf courses in the state were built because of the railroad. When you play the Clearwater Country Club (727-461-4188), your round will be interrupted by a passing train. Twice a day, a train rolls through the middle of

Henry Plant Playing Golf at the Tampa Bay Golf Links in 1899 – Courtesy of the Henry B. Plant Museum


Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

the golf course, traveling along the CSX Railroad. The railroad track theme continues at the South Course at the Daytona Beach Golf Club (386-671-3500), which was designed by Donald Ross and opened for play in 1921. A passing train is a common sight on this golf course, since the 4th, 5th, and 6th holes are separated from the main golf course by railroad tracks. And, the 12th, 13th, and 14th holes are bordered on their right by those same railroad tracks. The railroad tracks are clearly marked as being out of bounds. “It is one of the few courses in America that still has a train running through the middle of the course,” said Brian Jaquet, director of golf, Daytona Beach Golf Club. At the Bartow Golf Course (863533-9183), a CSX train borders the 8th fairway. According to the pro shop at Bartow GC, a CSX train rolls by “several times a day,” but the presence of the train does not impact play. It’s just part of the atmosphere of playing golf in

Bartow. While playing the Winter Park Nine (407-599-3339), when you are near the area of the 5th tee, 6th green, and 7th tee, you may well see a train from either Sun Rail or AMTRAK roll past. The train will not impact play, but the sight of the passing train is part of the Winter Park Nine experience. It’s worth noting that inside the Winter Park Nine’s clubhouse, the ceiling beams feature a timeline of the club’s historical moments. The timeline describes significant events during this club’s first 100+ years and features a list of people who have helped shape this golf course’s first century of play. There’s also a large clock next to the first tee that reminds all golfers to be on time for their tee time. So, while golf course architects like Donald Ross, Seth Raynor, and Tom Bendelow designed and oversaw the construction of these golf courses, it was the development of the railroad, under the leadership of Flagler and Plant, that made it all possible.

Henry Flagler Disembarking Train at Key West 1912 - Courtesy of State Archives of Florida

Highlights of the World Handicap System These are some of the key features of the new system, supporting enjoyment of the game for golfers everywhere.

Player Submits Score – Immediately allowing for real-time updates Under the new system, golfers can simply play and enjoy their round – just the same as always

Playing Handicap – Calculate handicap to play chosen format

Abnormal Course and Weather Conditions Adjustment – Measurement of performance in all conditions

Course Rating and Slope Rating – Worldwide consistency and portability

Minimal Number of Scores to Obtain a Handicap – Inclusive and accessible

Acceptable Scores for Handicap Purposes – Modern and adaptable, providing plenty of evidence of a player's potential ability

Maximum Hole Score of Net Double Bogey – Handicap controls aimed at fairness and equity for all golfers

Basis of Handicap Calculation – More responsive to good scores that better represent a player’s potential ability

© 2018 R&A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association. All rights reserved

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8


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Christmas Comes Early with BIG MAX! Europe’s leading push cart and golf bag brand BIG MAX are celebrating Christmas early this year with the introduction of holiday deals on three of their award winning push carts and bags, starting on Black Friday! The award winning BLADE Quattro push cart from BIG MAX combines 4-wheel stability and Fold Flat technology to deliver unrivalled levels of practicality on the course, in the car and stored away at home. And when purchased in White/Red this holiday season, BIG MAX will gift a Rainsafe full bag waterproof cover and Quick Lok Towel accessory worth $64.49 absolutely free. A host of features such as footbrake, organizer panel, storage compartment and height adjustable handle complete this stylish practical package, making it the perfect gift for the golfer in your life or yourself! The lightweight AQUA golf bag line from BIG MAX is 100% waterproof, featuring sealed seams and waterproof zippers that keep golfer’s gear dry, whatever the weather. And this holiday season BIG MAX are offering another layer of protection with a free AQUA Umbrella worth $39.99 with every Aqua Sport 2 cart bag and Aqua Wave stand bag. The AQUA Sport 2 cart bag features a 9.5-inch organizer top with 14 full length dividers, 7 spacious pockets, oversize putter well for large grips and an ultra-light


weight of just over 5 lbs. The AQUA Wave stand bag has an 8 ½” top that extends into 4 full length dividers and features 6 waterproof pockets, air channel straps and an ultra-light weight of just over 4lbs. Both bags are packed with features and come in a range of colors suited to every type of golfer. With added protection from matching umbrella, BIG MAX Aqua really has you covered this Christmas! To purchase visit BLADE Quattro: $299.99 Aqua Sport 2: $299.99 available in Black/silver, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/ Black/Cobalt, Red/Black/Silver, Navy/Black/Silver Aqua Wave: $249.99 available in Black, Red, Yellow, White/Orange, Petrol For more information about BIG MAX visit Twitter: @BIGMAXGOLF Insta@ @BIGMAX.GOLF Media Enquiries: +44 (0)7740 684568

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growing the game

Golf Saved My Life! In October 2015, proud Welshman Mike Jones, an electrical engineer and single digit golfer, climbed astride his Yamaha MT09 Sports Tourer motorbike for the trip across the Severn Bridge from Cwmbran into England for a shift in Bristol. With a toot of his horn he said goodbye to wife Beth without a care in the world. Four days later he would wake up in hospital in Swansea in severe pain and confusion. Mike has been told he nearly died at the scene of the accident and lost a lot of blood. A leg was badly crushed, his thighbone was rammed through his pelvis by the crash. These bones could be rebuilt in complicated operations but his lower left leg had to be amputated three days after the accident; the start of a long road that would include 22 hours on the surgeon’s table, six months of regular out-patient visits and a hip replacement as recently as last November. And even then it could have been far worse. His biker’s protective clothing may have saved his life as such was the injury, more exposure of


the wound could easily have led to a fatal infection. The super-keen sportsman, former footballer, a golfer who had been close to scratch (a 2 handicap), would later learn that he was still very much “just Mike” but right then, in a room on his own and desperate for sleep, all he could consider was his new identity as “Mike with a lost leg”. He explains: “It was so traumatic. Your mind is whizzing at 100mph. I’m feeling my leg but it’s not there, a phantom sensation. I struggled with this so badly. They tried all different drugs with it. Nothing helped. I came very close in hospital to a breakdown. I remember one evening banging my fists on a tray, holding the buzzer and the nurse came in and said, ‘What’s going on Mike?’ I don’t like asking anyone for anything and I was trying, but I lost it. I was screaming at the top of my voice, you either have to get me out of this room or give me something to put me to sleep… I thought I was going mad.” Somehow Mike soldiered on. A move to a ward with other guys in a similar condition helped, as they could talk and support each other with a bit of banter. The second telling element of his initial recovery came because Mike was holding on to his love of golf as a focus in this most difficult time. Could he ever play again? He watched golf videos in his hospital bed and found clips from one golfer in particular, Manuel De Los Santos. De Los Santos hails from the Dominican Republic and lost his left leg in a traffic accident to destroy his dream of playing professional baseball in the US. He would not only later discover a new sport in golf but he would excel in it, as a fine striker of the ball which has seen him win trophies on the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) Tournament Series and become something of an emblem for EDGA and its players as to just what can be achieved. “I watched videos of Manuel and heard him speak with such enthusiasm. You don’t often get the chance Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

to reset your life but that was my opportunity there. That’s the attitude I want, I thought – I want the can-do attitude. Saying it and doing it is another thing, so when I am feeling a bit low or sorry for myself or ‘woe is me I’ve lost my leg’, I watch the video and it’s ‘right, just get on with it Mike, stop moaning about it’.” Fast forward less than 18 months to February 2017 and Mike Jones is a long way from that hospital bed. He is actually teeing it up in an EDGA tournament in the sunshine in the Spanish Open, playing so well he won the Stableford trophy with two solid rounds off a new 19 handicap; while also meeting Manuel De Los Santos in the flesh and making a new friend. “To actually meet Manuel in Spain and for him to speak to me like a real friend and give me advice and shake

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

my hand, that’s the beauty of EDGA. And also, Juan Postigo Arce [another top EDGA player] – you just get it, you just feel that positivity coming out of them towards you and that’s what I want to deliver to the people I play golf with. Manuel has been a big role model of mine in the way he approached his disability, and he told me, ‘don’t let your disability define you’. So, I’m not Mike with a lost leg, I’m just Mike, and that is what’s really important.” After his trauma and the surgery in 2015, Mike showed plenty of bravery as he learned to walk again as an outpatient with the help of physiotherapist Jo and staff at Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff’s Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre, before later continuing his improvement under the expert care of staff at the nearby Morrello Clinic in Newport. “I was obsessed with playing again. It saved my life. I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had golf as a focus, God knows what, I would have ended up in not a very nice place I think, so it literally saved my life.


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JW Marriot members donate $20,000 to PGA HOPE

The JW Marriott at Marco Island, in conjunction with members of its two courses The Rookery at Marco Island and Hammock Bay Golf and Country Club, hosted 12 PGA HOPE graduates for the first-ever Skins and Fins event. Skins and Fins was designed to celebrate local veterans for graduating PGA HOPE which provides free golf lessons to veterans as a form of therapy and socialization. “The purpose of this event was to provide a unique and new experience for PGA HOPE participants and to get our membership involved and celebrate our veterans,” said Chris Major, PGA, General Manager of Golf at the JW Marco Island. “This is an easy way for us to recognize what our veterans have done for us and it’s great that we are able to use the game of golf to do so.” A dozen PGA HOPE graduates were divided into teams and joined by two members of the facility and a PGA Professional for a fishing excursion and an 18-hole scramble. Teams were based on the four program sites of PGA HOPE: Miami, West Palm Beach, Cape Coral and Fort Meyers and the competition was decided upon by the total fish caught and lowest golf score. Members hosted the veterans on their personal boats and the golf scramble was played on the Hammock Bay course. All guests and their families were housed at the JW Marriott Marco Island Resort. Team Miami came out on top after the twoday competition. The golf outing was followed by a luncheon where members were invited to learn more about PGA HOPE and how it has positively impacted its participants. “If you are a veteran and you have the opportunity to be a part of the PGA HOPE program, you need to do it,” said Al Hunter who served in the U.S. Army and graduated from PGA HOPE Miami. “It has enhanced my life because it has gotten me out of the house, socializing with other veterans and PGA Professionals. I am so thankful 50

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

for the PGA.” In addition to the outing, members of the JW Marriot’s Rookery and Hammock Bay courses pulled together to fundraise for the PGA HOPE program and through generous donations granted $20,000 to the South Florida PGA Founda-

tion’s PGA HOPE program. “It was such a great experience to share our home and boat with our nation’s veterans,” said Marco Island resident and JW Marriot members Matt and Jeannie Mauchline. “The whole community of Marco Island came together to help honor these people that serve us.”

PGA HOPE introduces golf to veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Golf sessions are offered at no cost to veterans by South Florida PGA Professionals. Learning and playing the game of golf is a proven activity that has helped thousands of military Veterans assimilate back into their community through the social interaction the game of golf provides.

Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman have made Transitions® lenses part of their game. Come see us at the PGA Show booth #3516

On the PGA TOUR®, vision is a golfer’s most important equipment. Transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help golfers see more comfortably in all light conditions and help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Visit your local Vision Source doctor, Dr. James Podschun, located at 2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 400 in Winter Park, FL 32792, to ask which Transitions lenses are right for you. 407-671-0960


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Adaptive Lenses is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2012 Transitions Optical, Inc.

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orth florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north

By Steve Morris

The Challenge Cup Resides In North Florida The annual battle between the North Florida and South Florida Sections was contested at The Concession Golf Club. Now that’s fitting for these match play contests! The twelve best from each Section compete over two days for bragging rights and The Challenge Cup. This year North Florida came out on top and The Cup is in our house! The North finished with 13 ½ points vs 10 ½ for the South. It was close until the final singles matches! The South got off to a hot start in singles winning three of the first four matches. The North then got down to business and finished strong with Rod Perry clinching The Cup for the North. It was only fitting that the final hole in the final match was conceded as a half by Matt Borchert. It’s great to see the best playing for their Section and with pride. Thank you to The Concession Golf Club for hosting. There

Jan Stephenson

The North Florida PGA, Florida State Golf Association, and the Tampa Sports Authority hosted its FIRST EVER annual Women’s Golf Summit and Social at Rogers Park Golf Course on Friday, October 25th and it was a major success! This special event focused on empowering and motivating women while growing the game of golf on a local and social level! With 61 attendees, The Summit began with opening remarks by Steve McMillen, PGA and Susan Bond, PGA followed by powerful and uplifting speeches from LPGA 52

Challenge Cup Team aren’t many venues in the world as good as that! Congratulations to Matt Borchert, Rod Perry, Greg Koch, Jon Mansfield, David Hronek, Christian Bartolacci, David Damesworth, Bob Wallace, Nick Frontero, Jason Hrynkiw, Chris Souchak and Barry Cheesman for bringing the Challenge Cup back on our turf. We’ll head to South Florida next year and try to hang on

and PGA Professionals, Jan Stephenson, Sally Dee, and Linnet Carty. Three of the most prominent women in the golf industry! Following our celebrity guest speakers, attendees enjoyed a tasty lunch paired with a specialty white wine provided by the LPGA Superstar and Winemaker herself, Jan Stephenson. After lunch, a demonstrational and motivational golf clinic was conducted by LPGA and PGA Professionals, Cheryl Anderson and Dawn Mercer. The summit ended with dessert paired with a specialty red wine along with closing remarks by FSGA Director of Women’s Golf, Jenna Walkiewicz, who shared amateur golf opportunities and ways to get involved with the FSGA. On behalf of the North Florida PGA, Florida State Golf Association, and the Tampa Sports Authority, Thank You to everyone who made the first ever annual Women’s Golf Summit & Social a major success!

to it! The Senior Challenge Cup was hosted by South Florida at the beautiful Harbour Ridge Yacht & CC. The South Florida Section finished strong in the singles matches and retained The Cup. It’s always a fun couple days to listen to the seniors share stories and memories. These gentlemen have a wealth of tournament experience and yes they can still flat play!

Joe Sabatino and Eric Harrison along with their amateurs and club influencers enjoyed a day of fun in the sun. The team of Joe Sabatino and Eric Harrison from Hidden Lakes Golf & CC

Our tournament season is almost over! As always, the season flies by! Our EZ Go Pro Official was hosted by the Coun-

in New Smyrna Beach won the event. Thank you EZ Go for presenting a great day of golf and camaraderie!

try Club of Winter Haven. Members Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Our Senior Series wrapped up their year

Bill Shriver

Steve Lotz

with our Senior Stableford Championship hosted by Lakewood National in Bradenton. Bill Shriver, Cove Cay Golf Club finished strong in round two to overtake the leader and won by just two points in the Modified Stableford format. Jeff Leonard took second place. In the Legends division it was Steve Lotz, Mt. Dora Golf Club edging out Frank Griffin, Hyde Park Golf Club by only a single point! Kevin Paschall, Legacy Golf Club hosted a wonderful dinner after Round 1. Again, stories were shared and there was plenty of laughs. The seniors enjoy the camaraderie almost as much as the competition is seems! Thank you to the entire Lakewood National team for a great couple days of golf and competition.



For only $99.

Order Exclusively at Cardholder entilted to one 18-hole round with card at each participating course. Card valid September 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020 Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8


international golf travel

Trump International Dubai – 15th hole

Trump International Golf Club in Dubai Confirms its Luxury Golf Status Again When creating a luxurious 18-hole

with, he envisioned a world-class 18-hole golf course with a links-style

championship style golf course, you

class of its own. With undulating

must forget about limitations. This is

fairways, which require careful consid-

the only way to turn 500 acres of barren

eration of each shot in order to score.

and flat desert into one of the finest

The one-of-a-kind course is a perfect

golf courses in UAE and an ideal place

golfing experience, both for beginners

for spending time with family or busi-

and for top golfers alike. With other

ness partners. Trump International


Golf Club, Dubai was opened in 2017,

Trump International Golf Club,

and this year it proves itself again to

Dubai has everything to be the first

be one of the best in the UAE golfing

in design, comfort and service qual-

industry by winning the Luxury Life-

ity. The Club`s main point of pride is

style Awards in the category for The

the fabulous course sculpted by the

Best Luxury Golf Club in Dubai, for the

world-renowned golf course architect

second year in a row.

Gil Hanse. With a blank canvas to start

fantastic facilities such as their PAR 3-night golf and 2 state-of-the-art indoor swing studios, now coupled with a TrackMan Range coming soon with their double sided floodlit driving range, the Trump Golf Performance Academy lessons help beginners and regular players enhance their skills usGolf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Trump International Dubai – 17th hole

ing the latest in golf technologies. The level of unique luxury golf is unsurpassable in 2020. The experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards also commended the luxury experience provided by the exquisite 30,000 square foot Clubhouse. The expansive Golf Pro Shop offers the top golfing brands and Trump Golf accessories. Each aspect of the Club proves that the Trump Golf brand is a world-class provider of luxury golf and hospitality services. Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Trump International Dubai – 17th hole 55

Trump International Dubai – 16th hole “Our club was recognized by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the second time in a row, and we are honored to receive this award again for 2019. The luxury segment in Dubai is a very competitive environment, and we are happy that the respected committee of LLA and our clients appreciate the high quality of our services,” – says Casper Schonfeldt, General Manager. Trump International Golf Club in Dubai also offers perfect relaxation and leisure. With a casual dining restaurant offering an international cuisine and a sports lounge showcasing great events on the big screen, it is a great place to unwind for groups and families too; with a well-equipped fitness center and an infinity pool with breathtaking views of the golf course, Trump International Golf Club, Dubai is Trump International Dubai – 9th hole 56

home to luxury in every way. Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

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By Mike May

Indian River GC view of downhill 9th green

The 2020 Pledge: Let’s Go Golfing in Gaylord Golfers who haven’t made the trek to northern Michigan to play golf in Gaylord should do so. Golfers who have made the trek to play golf in Gaylord are always eager to return. And, golfers who have visited Gaylord always regret not visiting this area sooner. Should I say more? Golf in Gaylord is so appealing that 15 area golf courses have formed the Gaylord Golf Mecca (www.; 800-345-8621). Gaylord is now officially a first-class golf destination -- worthy of ‘bucketlist’ status. In fact, the variety of firstclass accommodation and restaurant options make Gaylord an ideal destination for every golf outing. From the late spring until well into the fall, you will be challenged to find a better destination that is as appealing, affordable and somewhat addictive, in a good way, as the Gaylord Golf Mecca. And, when you consider the long hours of sunshine in the summer, Gaylord becomes even more attractive to every linkster looking for a dawn-to-dusk golf getaway. Located an hour’s drive east of Traverse City, the setting in Gaylord is perfect for golf. And, when you consider other to-do options such as walking, running, or biking along the 62-milelong North Central State Trail; fishing in one of the many area lakes and rivers; and visiting one of 17 establishments along the Craft Beer & Tap Trail, the Gaylord Golf Mecca becomes even more alluring. Should I say more? 58

WHERE GOLFERS GATHER While the Gaylord Golf Mecca boasts 15 courses, descriptions on five of them will suffice -- whetting your Gaylord golf appetite. Start your journey at the Gaylord Golf Club (; 231546-3376). Here, the entrance to nearly every green is open and not obstructed by a hazard or a hill. This allows golfers to save par with a chip-and-run or a pitch-and-putt. P.S. Gaylord GC’s greens are great. The Black Lake Golf Club (www.; 989-733-4653) in nearby Onaway is utopia for golfers -serene and secluded. Black Lake, arguably one of Michigan’s best golf courses,

may well be one of architect Rees Jones’ best creations. Playing golf at Black Lake GC is euphoric fun. P.S. Odd as it may seem, but this course is owned by the United Auto Workers (UAW). The Tribute at the Otsego Resort (; 800-752-5510) is a splendid 18-hole journey through the Sturgeon River Valley. The views of the surrounding countryside from many locations on The Tribute are ones more associated with the courses in the hilly portions of Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. P.S. From the 3rd tee, you can see 30 miles in the distance. The most unique course in the area is the nine-hole par three course – Threetops at Treetops (www.treetops. com; 888-780-1211). This golf course is best described as nine holes of drama -- and every hole is ‘just’ a par three. Threetops is aptly named because you will literally hit a few tee shots at or above the top of the tree line. P.S. The downhill tee shots on the 3rd and 7th holes are unbelievable. The Michaywe Pines Golf Course (; 989-9398911) is such a popular layout that it has hosted the Golf Association of Michigan’s Amateur Championship. When you play this golf course, you will navigate your way through pine trees and hardwood forests. Any visit to Gaylord is incomplete without a trip to Michaywe Pines. P.S. Michaywe Pines is kind to visitors with its forgiving rough. Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Gaylord GC

DINING DESTINATIONS After every round of golf, golfers immediately focus on quenching their thirst and quelling hunger pains. There are a plentiful supply of dining options in Gaylord. Three of the best are The Big Buck Brewery, Alpine Tavern and Bennethum’s Northern Inn. At each location, the hospitality is genuine, the quality of the food is what you expect, and the environment encourages you to relax and leave room for dessert. P.S.:

The craft beers at many of the restaurants are superb.

YOUR PILLOW PAL Two of the best overnight choices in Gaylord are The Treetops Resort and the Otsego Resort. Treetops (; 855420-0557) has 238 newly renovated guest rooms plus outdoor/indoor pools, hot tubs, a spa and a salon. Here, you have easy access to four 18-hole championship golf courses (Masterpiece, Signature,

Premier, and Tradition) plus the Threetops par-three course. The Otsego Resort (www.otsegoresort. com; 800-752-5510) offers guest rooms, suites, condominiums, and cabins. This property features two 18-hole championship golf courses (The Tribute and The Classic). All your wants and needs are taken care of when you check into the Otsego Resort. Are you ready to book your trip to Gaylord? Should I say more?

The Loon 18th hole view from the club balcony Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8


By Fred Seely

freddy's fairway thoughts

Our club just hired a pro from Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase., Md., which have several things of note: a) Founded 121 years ago, it has only had three head professionals: Fred McLeod, Bill Strasbaugh and Bob Dolan. b) It's Barack Obama's home club. c) It's where Brett Kavanaugh many years ago allegedly groped Christine Ford, which led to the Senate circus when he was nominated for the Supreme Court.

Television changes • No tears here for Gary McCord. He stayed long past his expiration date as CBS continued to try and inject humor into a humorless game with a notvery-funny announcer. NASCAR is making the same error with not-very-funny Marty Smith and Rutledge Wood, who only serve to reinforce the widespread belief that stock car racing is just a redneck sport. • Peter Kostis got the same axe as McCord but he could have been reconstituted, though it may have been a money issue. He was way too longwinded but his instruction came

• Yes, there are still golf writers out there (you'll find most of us on a blog) and in January they'll have their annual commiseration weekend at Innisbrook, near Tampa, for the annual GWAA golf tournament. Ex-Sports Illustrated ace Gary Van Sickle chairs it. • A follow-up on the recent flap between the PGA Tour and a nearby private school over the location of a cell tower: The school became concerned about the closeness of a new cell tower at the Tour's new headquarters — their properties are adjacent — and went public, and the Tour backed down, saying they would take a year to study the problem. A predictable solution: they moved the tower to the other side of their property. • The digital world includes


Tour golf and many tourna-

• Not sure that Davis Love

ments no longer will have print-

III will light up the airwaves.

ed tickets. Just like baseball

Studious fellow. Might be

and other sports, everything is

boring, too.

online and through your phone, and that has created a problem

Across the Atlantic

for the local charities who benefit by getting a share of

• Ian Poulter doesn't cut

tickets they sell. Solutions are

anyone any slack over here

on the way.

and he's just as mouthy back

• Our golf community puts on

home in England. His latest

an annual banquet early each

target is the Labour Party

year and there's a continuing

leader Jeremy Corbin, who

(and happy) problem: finding

is as far left as they get. Corbin's latest scheme is a massive tax on those he calls “billionaires” but which everyone knows are anyone who has a lot of money. Poulter got on twitter and accused Corbyn of waging a “class war” and his actions say that “n one is allowed to be successful.” Then he laid the wood on: “What a complete buffoon you really are. You can't for one minute be serious. Deluded.” • One of England's great courses is Sunningdale, site of numerous big tournaments and home of a very upscale membership. Nasty fight going now as an out-of-town member was disciplined for playing too much golf. There's a limit on non-locals — your club probably has one — and the man in question was from Australia when he joined, paying something like $1,500 (current resident dues are about $77,000.) He since moved to England. Members complained and they tripled his dues, but the complaints continued and they revoked his membership. He wants back in and he wants the courts to let him back in.

Here and there • The World Handicap System will cure all our ills, they say, but it's still rooted in GHIN, which means the average guy (including me) still won't be able to figure it out. Maybe that's what they want. 60

space. Last year it was held at San Jose CC with a banquet capacity of 225, which went by the wayside when 254 reservations came in (everybody squeezed a bit.) This year it's at the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse, a 77,000 square foot edifice with a ballroom that can easily handle 350. A sellout is expected as the program features the two men responsible for the PGA Tour coming to Northeast Florida: then-Commissioner Deane Beman and community leader John Tucker. It's Feb. 5. If you're interested, go to • The folks who run the PGA Merchandise Show each January stay on top of trends and this year they'll have a section devoted to “racquet and paddle sports.” Next year? Probably you'll see croquet.

Humorless? • The Yucutan Masters? Rey Rey's Creek? The temporary green for the temporary green? Am I the last person to discover @clubproguy? And did someone say earlier that golf is a humorless game?

Comments? Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8






SunnilandSUPERSpotlight: Auggie Lucio

Currently I’m the

corporate director of agronomy for Coral Hospitality. I am mostly recognized in the industry for bringing my home course Arrowhead Golf Club in Naples, FL back to its former glory. I have been here as the Golf Course superintendent since 2011. My responsibilities include overseeing the seasonal turf care and maintenance practices for all Coral Hospitality facilities in both Florida and Georgia, ensuring the courses meet the exacting standards of the company. As Coral Hospitality has transitioned from golf course management to golf course ownership, my unique position has afforded me the opportunity to be part of the purchasing decision and assist the investors in the design and planning of each golf course, working with architects, engineers and regulatory agencies. I have been given the opportunity to oversee construction projects for Coral Hospitality and its investors to guarantee timely, high quality and cost-conscious construction practices. With the ongoing management side of Coral Hospitality’s portfolio, there is the distinguished privilege of managing private clubs, several state parks, lodges, resorts and golf course facilities. Originally from small-town Rosedale, Mississippi, I never once thought that there was anything more to life than baseball, football and farming. I grew up with strong Christian values and a love for the outdoors. Being a 62

3rd generation farmer made it easy to make the transition to become an agronomist in the golf industry. As a golf course superintendent, I apply plant science and producing a crop while maintaining exceptional turf quality. And the hands-on experiences I got on the farm comes in handy when dealing with a mechanical or irrigation issues on the golf course. “If I’m not on an irrigation break or on a mower I am in the shop with the mechanic doing equipment rebuilds or grinding reels,” “I tell everyone it’s my place of Zen. This is my therapy that keeps me dialed in. I love it!” I spent most of my career in Naples during the golf course construction boom of the 1980’s to the early 2000’s. I attended the Edison Community College for an Associate’s in Business. Being a single dad I continued to pursued being in the golf industry, where there was a lot of overtime. I was groomed

and mentored in specializing in both the pre- and post-construction grow-in of new courses working with some of the best professionals of that era. I had the pleasure in being mentored by Roger Whitford, and Gary Griggs just to name a few. Turf care ranges from Winter Rye Wall-to-Wall to the latest Ultra Dwarf greens plus Tif-way, Celebration, GN1 and Paspalum turf grasses. Prior to joining Coral Hospitality, he led such distinctive clubs as Naples National, Naples, FL, Shadow Wood Country Club, Bonita Springs, FL, The Club at The Strand, Naples, FL, Audubon Country Club, Naples, FL and most recently, Club Corp golf operations in Ocala, FL. While at Naples National, the Club hosted the LPGA for two consecutive tours. In 2004, Coral Hospitality hired me as golf course superintendent for Georgia Veterans Memorial Golf Course at Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club in Cordele, GA. It was there that I would meet and marry my wife and would earn the reputation that would eventually lead to more advancement within Coral Hospitality. Today I share the resources that he has accumulated over the past 35 years with each club’s superintendent and recommends purchasing bulk materials, equipment and applying cultural practices. I was recently featured as one of “Coral’s Special People” in their quarterly newsletter. When asked about the advice I would give to those looking to become leaders in the golf industry, I responded: “You will be working with all types of personalities so your people skills will be tested. Learn early on that you must treat your team with respect and you will get more of your team’s support. Lead by example and you will be building the leaders of tomorrow.” In closing I was asked to share a little more about my experience working in the golf course industry. “I live by my determination in completing what I start,” “If you want to be in the golf course industry you can’t be worried about how much mud is on your boots or how to get the dirt out from under your nails. Hard work does payoff, don’t sweat the little stuff. It all washes off.” “I can honestly say after all of these years I still march out the door every morning eagerly and can’t wait till I get to the course; I am still in love with the business!” Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Sunn 28-0-0

Minors Blend

Sunn 6-0-0 Blend

Total Nitrogen ..........................28% 20.2% .......... Slow release Nitrogen 7.8% ......................... Urea Nitrogen

Total Magnesium (Mg) ..........0.50% Soluble Magnesium (Mg) ....0.050% Soluble Iron (Fe) ...................3.40% Chelated Iron (Fe) .................1.60% Total Manganese (Mn) ..........0.25% Soluble Manganese (Mn) ......0.25% Soluble Zinc (Zn) ..................0.10% Sulfur (S) combined ..............3.50%

Total Magnesium (Mg) ..........0.50% Soluble Magnesium (Mg) ......0.50% Soluble Iron (Fe) ...................3.40% Chelated Iron (Fe) .................1.60% Total Manganese (Mn) ..........0.25% Soluble Manganese (Mn) ......0.25% Soluble Zinc (Zn) ..................0.10% Sulfur (S) combined ..............3.50%

Derived from: Manganese Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, Iron Glucoheptonate, Iron Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate.

Derived from: Manganese Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, Iron Glucoheptonate, Iron Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate.


Sunn KTS


Soluble Potash (K2O) ..............25% Total Sulfur (S) .........................17% 17% combined sulfur 0% free sulfur Derived from: potassium thiosulfate




Total Nitrogen ..........................12% 12% Urea Nitrogen Chlorine not more than ..............2%

SECONDARY PLANT FOODS Iron as Fe ...................................6% Manganese as Mn .....................2% Derived from: Urea, Iron Glucoheptonate, Manganese Glucoheptonate

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Audubon International and Diamond Resorts Partner on Green Lodging Program Diamond Resorts®, a global leader in the hospitality, vacation ownership and entertainment industries, is partnering with Audubon International to increase awareness of green initiatives within the industry. Diamond Resorts has joined Audubon International’s Green Lodging Program to ensure all of the company’s North American resorts are implementing environmental best practice standards. The Green Lodging Program provides third-party verification that each member resort actively demonstrates a strong commitment to maintaining high water quality standards, conserving water, minimizing waste, conserving resources, and increasing energy efficiency. Through a comprehensive and credible method for assessing the extent of the environmental measures taken, participating facili-

national. “As a leader in both the hospitality and tourism industries, their commitment to put environmentally sustainable management practices at the forefront of their operations will have an immediate and positive

reviewed periodically to ensure that leading practices and technologies define environmental leadership in the program. Diamond has already made strides to implement environmentally friendly practices at its resorts around the globe. Many of the company’s properties are switching to paper or biodegradable straws to reduce the use of single-use plastics, and numerous resorts have planted sustainability gardens to encourage guests to use fresh grocery products. The company also regularly holds interactive, informative campaigns to encourage guests to recycle and educate them on how to properly dispose of their waste.

Diamond Resorts property photo (Ocean Beach Club Resort; Virginia Beach, VA)

Diamond Resorts property photo (Polynesian Isles Resort; Orlando, FL)

ties can reduce environment-related costs and gain a marketing advantage. “It is an honor for us to join Diamond Resorts to form this strategic alliance,” said Christine Kane, Chief Executive Officer of Audubon Inter64

impact on sustainability efforts.” The Green Lodging Program was launched after stakeholders from industry, government, and the environmental community helped to identify “best practices” across the core areas of hospitality management. These best practices are

“Being environmentally conscious means more than just reducing our footprint; it means forming new partnerships to identify ways to further our commitment to our members, owners and guests, and to our great planet,” said Mike Flaskey, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts. “The health of our communities is a priority for us at Diamond Resorts, and this collaboration reaffirms our focus on reducing our footprint for a better tomorrow.” Diamond Resorts aims for all of their North American properties to be certified in Audubon International’s Green Lodging Program by the end of 2020. To learn more about Diamond Resorts, please visit: To learn more about Audubon International’s Green Lodging program, please visit: Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8

Cocoa the Turf Pup! My name is

Casey Cunningham, I am the Golf Course Superintendent at The Club at Old Hawthorne in Columbia, Missouri. I have been in the golf industry for 19 ½ years now and have been at Old Hawthorne for the last 13 years. In October of 2006 my wife (Katie) and I got married and together we have 4 beautiful daughters. Payton Jo (10), Kampbell Reese (7,) Avery Kate (5), and Maddie Elizabeth (2). We love traveling, fishing, treasure hunting for old relics on the family farm, and spending time together. We try to make everything we do with the kids an adventure so that they enjoy their childhoods and know that we love them more than anything else in the world! In the spring of 2008 Cocoa joined our family. She is a Lab mix and has been a faithful companion on and off the golf course since day one. Cocoa will be 12 years old this December and still loves playing with the kids and running on the golf course after geese. Cocoa is not only a family and golf course dog, but she is also my hunting buddy. Her particular favorites being waterfowl and dove hunting. Cocoa may be getting older and unable enjoy the activities of her youth to the same ability like hunting, but I know the drive is still there. The Club at Old Hawthorne is a private 18 hole course located in Columbia Missouri. The club is family friendly and has accomodations for all age groups. 66

Golf Central • Volume 20, Issue 8



The pH of this.

The growth of that.

Too much moisture.

Not enough moisture.

Looking out for the environment.

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Looking out for the health of the course. And that’s just over coffee.

So say thanks to your golf course superintendent. Or make that, thanks a million.


Patriot Golf Day® has become the largest grass-roots golf fundraiser in America – a joint initiative of The PGA of America and the USGA, Patriot Golf Day enlists the support of public and private golf facilities across the country. Funds support Folds of Honor, providing educational scholarships to the children and spouses of service members killed or disabled while serving in America’s Armed Forces.

GET INVOLVED Although the national promotion of Patriot Golf Day is over Labor Day weekend, you can play golf any time of the year to support the families of our fallen and disabled service members. Here are a few ways to get involved.







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