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ALINE…what’s inside counts

ALINE, creators of a new class of golf equipment that replaces your shoes insoles was founded in 2005 by a team dedicated to improving performance and health from the ground up. The ALINE Golf is the premier foot interface equipment worn by PGA Pros and amateurs alike. The #1 internal golf shoe technology on the PGA tour today, ALINE creates a stable base for the golfer to maximize their swing speed and control. ALINE has combined the best materials with modern technology and biomechanics to bring a premier functional and biomechanically beneficial product to the market. The ALINE Golf includes a suspension system for the structures of the golfer’s foot and allow the golfer to maximize their performance. By suspending the foot structures and arches, ALINE increases your balance and control, it also reduces the major causes of back, muscle, and joint pain as well as foot pain such as plantar fasciitis. Proven by 10 PGA Tour wins, Olympic Gold Medals, over 100 X Games medals and doctors across the country, ALINEs are designed for performance in sports and life. PGA Tour players Ken Duke, Kevin Kisner, Adam Hadwin, Kevin Na, DA Points and over 100 Tour players, caddies and industry professionals have discovered the advantages of wearing ALINE on and off the course.  For more information on ALINE visit their website at www.ALINE.com  

MLA Golf – This Alignment Technology is Redefining Putting

MLA Golf has developed a patented alignment technology that will revolutionize your putting. This is how it works…we all have internal guides to compare and analyze sensory information that control pace and direction of putts. MLA Putters worked with Dr. Lennart Högman, Ph.D. Dr. Högman has studied the perceptual process for more than 20 years and has performed studies that have revised the science between the human’s perceptions and the human being’s motor skills. He says: “An alignment system that acts upon multiple line detectors is a key to obtain veridical motion perception and a perfect in-line stroke surface.” The brain consists of 100,000 line detectors that are divided into a number of groups that help us decide what is straight. A simple line, for example, activates a group of detectors. When several groups of detectors are activated, these help the brain to make correct judgments. The MLA putters are designed to take advantage of these guides. MLA’s patented alignment technology activates the maximum number of coordinated detectors for optimal aiming judgment.   The TOUR XDREAM putter from MLA Golf pushes everything to its limits. A putter performing at this level will make an impact not only on your game but on your putting as a whole. Perfect weight distribution with all benefits of greater roll and higher MOI including an interchangeable weight system along with the world leading U.S. patented alignment system will make this putter the most important club in your bag. The Tour Xdream is a 100% CNC MILLED and is available at www.MLA.golf.


Golf Central • Volume 18, Issue 2

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Golf Central Magazine V18 issue 2 ezine  

Citrus Golf Trail

Golf Central Magazine V18 issue 2 ezine  

Citrus Golf Trail