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Monday 10 March 2014

The Courier

PART-TIME OFFICER: R.A.G. OFFICERS Ever been confused about what RAG really is? At our university we feel RAG is not high profile enough – therefore we aim to change this, making RAG 2014/15 bigger than ever before! We hope to have a small involvement for RAG in Freshers week to create a buzz for RAG right from the off. Being members of the RAG committee this year we feel we have gained invaluable experience into how RAG works, which has provided us with the skills needed to make sure RAG is run in a way that is best for YOU.



To raise more than ever we plan to hold more events which include a Swishing evening, treasure hunt, and speed dating. Finally we aim to establish links with other university RAG teams to organise more raids and share ideas. We strongly believe that we are just right for the job and hope you do too! Vote for Newcastle’s very own RAG Dolls, Jess and Emily!

If selected as RAG officers we aim to: -> Maintain and develop the links with SCAN -> Increase fundraising for YOUR chosen charities -> Create more of an active RAG calendar -> Establish links with hall reps

PART-TIME OFFICER: International Officer differences has acquired me with multi-perspectives in understanding issues and making judgements.

program management. I think the most important thing of international office work is to grasp abundant information which is useful to international student and international events . Fluent communication in English is essential as well and I can handle this!

Being a member of AIESEC NEWCASTLE, which is a student-led organisation that promotes leadership, I have acquired good communication, IT, design and time- management skills from various marketing campaigns.

Want wellbeing of studying abroad? Vote me please!

What I will do:



Provide the most considerate service for international students!

Hello! I am Jo from Hong Kong. Currently in stage 1 of media, communication and cultural studies, I am running for International student officer!

To me , the purpose of a International officer is to provide the most considerate service for international students , especially in liaison with international recruitment , information relating to courses and students social

I am passionate about meeting new friends and listening to their experiences. Going through the cultural shock myself, the realization of cultural

• Assist international students to integrate into University setting; Break the barrier between us and home- country students - Newcastle pen-pal/ text-pal scheme (Write to a new friend of different cultural background but shared interest in cultures) - Active promotion of SU activities or societies to encourage engagement of international students • Expand the online platform for international students to express their opinions, acknowledge their rights and opportunities (bridge the information gap) The belief of “always do what you are afraid to do” carried me through the transition; so vote #1 for me to SPREAD THE COURAGE!

PART-TIME OFFICER: Gender Equality Hello! I’m Becky, I’m running to be your Gender Equality Officer and I think you should vote for me because: • I feel very strongly that it is important to represent both sexes equally, and that no student at our university should feel at risk of discrimination because of their sex. • I’ve been a Course Rep since first year, and therefore have experience representing student views and the confidence to get these views across. • My experience as a Rep has shown me the importance of taking all students’ views into account, and I believe this has given me the grounding to be a fair and representative union officer.


As Gender Equality Officer, I would aim to build a strong relationship with not only students but the other officers, in particular the Welfare and Equality and LGBT Officers, to ensure I could give the best representation to anyone affected by gender discrimination.

I would aim to engage as many students as possible across the university, by holding a regular open drop in, and I would particularly push for us to sign the Government’s Sports Charter, against Transphobia and Homophobia in Sport. So whatever your sex, vote for Bex!


The Courier


Monday 10 March 2014

SABBATICAL OFFICER: PRESIDENT • Associations with cultural sites – From performances to festivals, I want you to experience Newcastle’s cultural buzz! • Cultural promotion to heighten post-graduate and international student inclusion.

I aim to commit to SCAN, the union’s very own charity, and find ways to make student volunteerships more accessible, fulfilling and lasting. With next year general elections, there is no better time to interface with council members and involve students in local politics.

COMMUNITY CAMPUS • Promoting RAG from Day 1 – Boosting awareness by frequent charity events throughout the year. • Connections with schools and local organisations - to enhance facilities and our student voice in the community. • Termly food and clothing collections from University Halls and student areas.

2) STUDENT EVENTS I aim to make the students union a place for students; easier for societies to host events and use. I wish for a greater variety of activities surrounding the union on a regular basis. 3) CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT

CLAIRE BOOTHMAN Hi, I’m Claire Boothman and I am campaigning to be your PRESIDENT.

I want the campus to be an enjoyable place to work and relax by using inspiration from the students themselves. I am passionate to fulfil every student experience at Newcastle, from the campus in the heart of the city, to the city itself!


LAURA GREEN Hi, I’m Laura Green and I want to be your President!

With a large student body of 21,000 students, there is a challenging necessity for our union to reach EVERYONE in a variety of ways.

I want to deliver an energetic campus and vibrant Students’ Union so you can take advantage of the city that is No. 1 for student experience!



- I am a member of a sports team and sat on both RAG and society committees.


CONVENIENT CAMPUS • ‘Gumtree’ network - so students can exchange items at reasonable prices. • Roomie Advertising page – to support students who take ERASMUS/ placement year. • Employers on campus and CV boosting- so a Newcastle University graduate can BE UNIQUE.



- Through these commitments I have a great understanding of the operations within the union.

• RAG Supervisor – demonstrated my ability to participate at all levels through co-ordination of volunteers and fundraising. • Freshers’ Supervisor – highlighted my sociability, leadership skills and approachability. • As a member of the History and Swing Dance Societies, I want to be a President that is accessible and responsive to you! VOTE TEAM GREEN!

SABBATICAL OFFICER: ACTIVITIES • Helping to ensure the week ran smoothly


SUB-EDITOR of THE COURIER for two years running • Demonstrating leadership and organisational skills

Set up an emergency loan fund for invoices that need paying immediately, committee shouldn’t have to use their own money under such circumstances.

PEER MENTOR for first year students • Showing care and concern for students at all stages


What could I do for you?

Hosting a night of glitz and glamour to celebrate our societies hard work! Through various awards, ‘Outstanding Society Fundraising’, ‘Best Event’, we can give societies the recognition that they deserve!

MORE ROOMS for societies to meet in across campus


CLOSE INVOLVEMENT with SCAN • Establishing links with the wider community

AMY MACAULEY I’m AMY MACAULEY and I want to be your ACTIVITIES OFFICER. Due to my already high level of involvement in the union I would make an extremely positive impact if I were voted #1 for Activities. Why vote for Amy? MACSoc FOUNDING MEMBER and SOCIAL SECRETARY • Demonstrating excellent organisational and event planning skills RAG WEEK 2014 COMMITTEE and SUPERVISOR • Organising high-profile events whilst leading a crew FRESHERS WEEK 2013 SUPERVISOR

MORE CREDIT for students who take part in extracurricular activities within the Students’ Union INCREASED FUNDS for societies through events in order to self-fund MORE SUPPORT AND INTERACTION for society committees through online forums in conjunction with the IT project INCREASE RAG AWARENESS throughout the entire university MAKE THE YEAR UNFORGETTABLE for final year students So don’t forget to VOTE MACTIVITIES #1 to make AMY MACAULEY YOUR ACTIVITIES OFFICER

YASMIN SMITH Hi, I’m Yasmin and I’m a third year Mathematics student. I’m very passionate about running for Activities Officer as I believe that societies are crucial to a balanced university life. As ‘Kit rep’/‘Treasurer’ of NUPD and ‘Arts and Culture rep’/‘Secretary’ of the Society Executive committee I have firsthand knowledge of how societies are run and how funding is managed. My aims: • PRIDE IN OUR SOCIETIES! Encourage relationships between societies to trade knowledge, experiences and most importantly to have fun learning/rehearsing together! Give societies more opportunities to showcase their talents! Live At The Union, Newcastle’s Got Talent!

Make sure that our niche societies, which may only attract a select number of students are not forgotten about but treated equally! Let me help you improve the societies that we LOVE! VOTE YASMIN #1


Monday 10 March 2014

The Courier


• Abolishing Saturday exams and implementing more sensible exam timetables • Keeping the protection of Wednesday afternoons for extracurricular activities • Increasing online feedback for assessments • Increasing efficiency of library and computer cluster space • Expanding & furthering the Re-Cap facility as quickly as achievable

I want to address things that are tangible to our students: • Feedback within each Course and School • The Growth Agenda and lack of campus space and computers

I believe I’m more than capable for this position, as I have a plethora of experience in similar roles:

• Common rooms and work spaces for students • Issues with timetabling and exams • Student representation and having your voice heard

SARAH DAVEY I want to represent you. I want to listen to your problems, resolve your issues and nurture your academic relationships to ensure that you get the best experience at University and the most out of your degrees and courses. I believe I am the best candidate for Education Officer as I am passionate about making changes for the better and giving everyone the opportunity to

• Wider issues such as the Attendance Monitoring Debate, Widening Participations, Fees and Bursaries. Graduating from university comes with a lot of things to be proud about, but what we gain through our courses, lecturers, schools and the university itself is number one and something I care about greatly. I know I can make changes for you, be your voice and represent you, so that you can get the best education and experience Newcastle University can offer. I believe strongly that it’s your experience and you’re the expert!

TOM GORDON Hi, my name’s Tom Gordon. I’m a second year Biochemist and you may be wondering what I could offer you if elected your Education Officer. A vote for Tom means a vote for policies designed to support you at university, such as: • Reducing assessment feedback time to 15 working days

• work with the Careers Service to provide more school specific careers help

- Recap, for every lecture and every student. - Monthly Poll on important issues affecting you.

I will aim to:

- Better Representation.

• make sure all PGs have Personal Tutors

- Increase course-rep awareness.

• get Training4Tutors, to ensure appropriate support for personal issues

- Increase communication from course-reps upwards.

• enforce protocols which ensure Personal Tutors know you enough to provide you with a reference which stands out

- Greater promotion of financial assistance available to help students with their degrees.

FEEDBACK is crucial to improve performance, we must ensure you have what you need to succeed. I will aim to:

I am currently a Student Ambassador, Student Mentor, Street Scientist, Secretary of the Career Development Module Staff Student Committee and Publicity Officer for MathSoc.

• enforce a University wide increase of qualitative feedback

Your education is not just about your degree programme, we must provide you with OPPORTUNITY to succeed.

Pick ROSIE MELLORS as #1 for Education Officer! I am keen to make sure students can get the most from their education through getting their voices heard!

I will aim to:

Remember: Don’t vote for any Tom, Dick or Harry. Vote Tom Gordon #1 for Education Officer!

This is what I propose:

It is important you have the appropriate SUPPORT to protect your education and your future.

I am ROSIE MELLORS, pick me for EDUCATION OFFICER in the upcoming elections.

The above roles have given me many skills in working with and leading teams, chairing meetings, heading campaigns and representing students’ views.

for Education #1

• expand the Staff Student Shadowing Scheme


• I am currently part of the NUSU Education Executive • I sit on the NUSU Steering Committee • I’m currently the Co-President of Newcastle University’s LGBT Society • I was elected President of my College’s Students’ Union with over 5000 members and was on the Board of Governors

• make feedback accessible



Hi, I’m David Morris and I want to be your Education Officer! I have completed both Course and School representational roles so have vast experience in representing peers on educational issues to the University. I now want to use my passion and wealth of experience to make greater changes for the whole of Newcastle University. A vote for me is for a better educational experience and value for your fees. Vote David Morris

- Better assessment advise and feedback for exams and essays. - Rising amount of printer credits as you progress with your degree. - Lecture office hours to be included on timetable and app so students are precisely aware when each lecturer is available. - Greater transparency with where your fees are going. - Library opening hours you want (& not just for Robbo!) - More computers and individual work space in Robbo!


to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans*.

Hey there! I’m Luke, a second year Biomedicine student and I’m running for LGBT officer.

Whether you are already passionate about LGBT issues or you’re just interested in broadening your understanding there will be something for you.

Over the 2014/15 academic year, if I am elected, I intend on making LGBT issues more relevant at this university by providing opportunities for all students to learn and get involved in LGBT issues. I’ll be organising public lectures, discussion groups, campaigns and question sessions on various LGBT subjects varying from human rights campaigns to simply understanding what it means

As well as raising awareness of LGBT issues among students, I want Newcastle to provide an even higher standard support system for LGBT students. I’ll work closely with the student wellbeing centre to work towards providing explicit welfare support and information to our LGBT students and

help to reach out to those who feel isolated and alone. I will carry on and expand the local community involvement through organising anti-homophobic talks at schools and providing the opportunity for students to get involved with local LGBT welfare organisations. If you want to see progress, vote for Luke.

The Courier

Monday 10 March 2014


cluding Education Executive and Student Council, so I’m in touch with the latest student issues.

I aim to ensure that no student experiences barriers between a problem and its solution, while also maintaining and improving the Course Rep system already in place.

- Exceptionally organised, ready to deal with the demands of an officer role. - I’m proper canny, pet!

My goal is to build upon an education structure representing students, ensuring that every student will have the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Goals Awareness - Everyone should have a say in their education, with the right to voice their opinion on the quality of learning and teaching at University. I will take representation to the next level, expanding student-rep interactions, making the student voice louder and pushing forward the issues that really matter to YOU.

CAITLIN-JADE OLIVER Reasons I should be YOUR Education Officer; - Course Rep for the last two years, also currently a School Rep. - Extensive knowledge and experience of the representation system.

Fairness - We all learn differently and we should be offered varied methods of assessment to get an accurate measure of our abilities. Exams shouldn’t count for 100% of a module’s mark. I will create more fairness in assessment. Equality - The University is currently able to increase tuition fees for international students by as much as they want. This isn’t fair and may impact on educational experience; I will endeavour to improve experience for international students.

- I attend loads of committees and meetings in-


I believe that my extensive experience in Student Engagement at NUSU and my passion for the role makes me the most eligible candidate for the job. If elected as Education Officer I will aim to: • Encourage the Union to take a more active stance against the projected £160m cuts in teaching budgets, and to be more proactive in the fight against rising fees. • Extend the current curriculum of general training courses available to Post-Graduate students to all students, thereby ensuring that all graduates from the University benefit from having wider skills and knowledge to enhance their employability. • Challenge the discriminatory practice of mark-


Key experiences and ideas: • Aims to further encourage international students to become Course and School Reps increasing the diversity of representation and experience within the university.

PETER STYLE Since starting at Newcastle University, I have been intimately involved with the Students’ Union and the education structure pivotal to the university’s success. During my first week as a fresher, I immediately put myself forward for the role of Course Rep, then in my second year I was selected to be the School Representative for Biology.

ing across the University and pursue uniformity and standardisation across modules, courses and schools. • Maximize participation of international students in decision making and representation processes. In order to do so, I will run frequent focus groups to give international students a stronger voice.

I enjoy taking on the responsibility to ensure meetings run the way they should do. For instance, making the most appropriate decisions and considering as many different opinions as possible in all the discussions we have. I believe we can increase the significance of student council meetings by ensuring that all of your views are heard and responded to in the most efficient manner.


I feel I have the right aptitude and ambition for this position and am eager to start discussing arising issues with a large committee board. I am really keen to be part of this Student Union and want to bring more success and fulfilment to all of you studying here at Newcastle University.

• Elected as a Part-time Officer of the Union – the Convenor of Debates. • Been an active student councillor regularly attending student council since first year. • A Science Editor of the Courier providing knowledge into how the newspaper can be used as a vital tool for effective communication with students.

cedures to ensure that the value of a degree from Newcastle University remains high and competitive. As a consequence of this I will maintain and enhance the profile of Newcastle University graduates in international jobs markets.

• Monitor qualification award quality control pro-


ing the website updated throughout the week - Create a UNITED STUDENT MEDIA by pushing for greater inclusion and promotion of NSR and TCTV within the paper


I am extremely passionate about this University and keen to see it become even more successful in the future. I am currently a student representative for Architecture and Urban Planning. This is a new degree programme which means I have had a significant role in the general organisation and structure of the course.

• Has years of experience attending SSC meetings as a School Rep and Course Rep.

- Produce a more VISUALLY EXCITING paper with greater use of graphics and illustrations to GIVE YOU NEWS AND FACTS QUICKLY alongside in-depth analysis - Maintain our DIVERSE BUCS AND INTRA MURAL SPORTS COVERAGE, from football and rugby to fencing and archery - Push for more WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT features rich in irreverent, dry humour

TOM NICHOLSON Hi, I’m Tom, MA Media & Journalism student and the Courier’s current Deputy Editor. Last year, when we won the Guardian Student Media award for Best Publication, I was Features Editor, and over the last three years I’ve been a writer for the music, film, lifestyle, TV, science and sports sections of the paper. If elected, I would endeavour to: - Keep NEWCASTLE STUDENTS at the centre of our news agenda - REINVIGORATE ONLINE CONTENT, keep-

- Reflect and stimulate Newcastle’s diverse ARTS AND CULTURE across all sections - Give SOCIETIES AND CLUBS support and exposure across all student media - DEFEND AND SAFEGUARD THE UNION and its members as a Trustee and Sabbatical officer - Both the licence and the responsibility to cover parts of Newcastle student life other media outlets don’t bother to.


Monday 10 March 2014

The Courier

SABBATICAL OFFICER: ATHLETIC UNION Rugby committee 2012/13 as a fresher’s rep

Through taking the Career Development Module I have regular meetings with the current AU officer.

• I have been a NUSU student trustee 2013/14 which allows me to help in decision making at the highest level within NUSU

Learning from her, I have every confidence that I can follow in her footsteps to build a bigger and better AU…for you!

My vision: • I aim to continue the good work that the current AU Officer has done with mainstream sports by keeping the grant system in place

I want to maintain Newcastle’s high BUCS performance as well as making sport more inclusive for all.

• I want to continue working with the AU exec to keep the AU working well and effectively represent the students within the AU

What do you want from sport at Newcastle? I’m here to listen to YOU! As AU Officer I Will Aim To:

ALICE CROSS VOTE CROSS FOR AU BOSS Hey guys I’m Alice and I’m running to be YOUR Athletic Union officer for the next academic year. As president of Newcastle University riding club, I have first-hand experience of what it takes to run a club.

• Cement the new grant system, making clubs more aware of the total sum they will receive through the year and maintaining the participation grant, to keep up the clubs social member commitment. • Set aside money for non-BUCS teams to ensure they don’t miss out on funding. • Achieve a better relationship between Go Play and clubs to widen participation and increase club membership.

• I aim to distribute some money to less well represented sports, such as women only clubs and more peripheral sports

EMILY HORSWILL Experience: • I have sat on the AU exec this year as finance officer and helped bring in and finalise the new grant system

experience. This year as President of the club and last year as Secretary, it has given me leadership and organisational skills and a great understanding of the AU.

• Representation: Ensure ALL students, whether competitive sportsman or those looking to ‘give it a go’, are represented by the Athletic Union by supporting both BUCS and non-BUCS clubs.

I have played and enjoyed two Stan Calvert winning teams, as well as playing Intra Mural football and hockey.

• Maintaining Diversity: Help maintain the diversity of the Athletic Union by supporting all varieties of Sports Club, therefore attracting students to the AU who would be excluded by a solely competitive, BUCS setup. • Rewards System: Provide consistently high-performing and improving clubs with more rewards.

CALEB JONES These are the policies I believe make me the best choice for your new Athletic Union Officer: • Sports Strategy Plan: Implement a Sports Strategy Plan which will bring the Athletic Union more funding from the University.

• New Adidas Payment System: Create a lesscomplicated payment system for Adidas kit, allowing clubs to directly pay kit money into their club account replacing the current cash in hand system.

• To work hard to get more AU clubs involved in Stan Calvert than ever – and of course to bring the cup home again!

• I have been on the Parachute club’s treasurer from 2012-2014 as well as being on Women’s

• Develop Grant System: Solidify and develop the successful new Grant System that the majority of clubs have benefited from this academic year.

• Adidas Partnership: Continue to develop the partnership between the Athletic Union and Adidas in its crucial final year, one which has provided the clubs that have used it with crucial extra funding and top of the range sportswear.

• I aim to make the link between taster sessions and joining clubs more easy by helping clubs with the costs of putting on taster sessions

SIMON MILES Hi, I’m Simon Miles and I’m hoping to be your next Athletic Union Officer.

I AIM TO: • Make sure I am readily available to all sports teams committee members as well as anybody looking to get into sport at university • Encourage participation at all levels from BUCS to Intra Mural and ‘Go Play’ • Make sure clubs are supported in terms of ‘selling themselves’ to ensure they attract members from across the University • Focus on all AU sports to ensure they are performing to the best of their abilities, with the aim of a top 10 BUCS position • Ensure the end of season AU ball remains the highlight of a successful sporting year

I have played in the Men’s Hockey club throughout my three years at Newcastle and it has been the highlight of my time here, playing sport is something I want everyone to have the chance to


Vote Scott Thomas No.1 for Scrutiny Officer Hi, I’m Scott, I’m a first year History and Politics student, and I’m running to be your Scrutiny Officer for the next academic year Why I’m running The Scrutiny Officer chairs both the Scrutiny and Disciplinary committees, which seek to hold the Union and its officers to account, and to ensure that it acts fairly and with respect to its members. Having served on both committees this academic year, I’d like to build on the work we’ve done this year to make the Union’s activities more transparent and fair, as well as making your voices heard. What I hope to achieve:

• To continue the trend of promoting fairness and accountability. • To involve students in a more active role scrutinising the Union. • To raise the profile of the complaints procedure and Scrutiny Committee. • To cut down on paperwork and red tape, so it’s simpler to make a complaint. • To increase efficiency, allowing issues to be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. Experience • Member of the Scrutiny and Disciplinary Committees • Students Union Councillor

• Politics and History Course Rep So vote Scott Thomas No.1 for Scrutiny Officer! Vote at from Monday 10th March, 4pm.

Found your favourite?

The Courier


Monday 10 March 2014

SABBATICAL OFFICER: WELFARE & EQ. - Freshers’ Week Crew member 2012-13

My aims:


- Promote the Living Wage for working students. - Campaign for a collective energy switching scheme for Newcastle, which could cut average student bills by £131.

MAKE IT HAPPY - Create a drop in service for freshers for them to chat about worries relating to adapting to life at university.

OLIVIA JEFFERY Hello! I’m Olivia Jeffery (FRESH PRINCE of WELFARE!) and I want to be your next Welfare and Equality Officer! EXPERIENCE - President & Social Secretary of 20 Minute Society- 2012-2014 - Newly appointed Welfare & Campaigns Committee member - RAG Committee & Crew member 2013-14 - Rise Up Intern & Student Communications Team, Careers Service 2012-14

- Fight for better insulated student homes, offering savings of up to £140 a year.

- Refresh the ‘Stressed Out Students’ campaign: Create a chill out area with bean bags, magazines, & tea/coffee, a “puppy room” & onsite massage.

- Make sure no-one, including international students, is forced to accept sub-standard accommodation due to absent landlords.


- Promote the benefits of students as customers to local businesses, and encourage them to offer deals and promotions.

- Hold ‘health days’, focusing on different aspects of looking after yourself: physical fitness, mental health, good nutrition. - Bring back S.H.A.G. week!




Times have never been tougher for students’ budgets.

- Organise Student Union led public debates to encourage discussions on current topics.

The real value of the maintenance loan has fallen by 1% in the last year alone.


Student debt is at an all-time high.

- Create more awareness of the Part Time Officers & liberation societies.

Studies show that we are worrying about money more than ever before.

- Initiate campaigns aimed at eliminating the stigma associated with feminism to work towards gender equality.

Our union can’t afford to do nothing to help.



- Champion diversity and equal representation with regards to gender, race, class, sexuality and disability. - Work with students to ensure that NUSU’s zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and discrimination is upheld at all times. Student welfare, diversity and equality are huge concerns for Universities across the country.

Here’s what I’d do...

My aims: - Say NO! to racism, sexism and homophobia. - Carry on the great work done this year on mental health and disability awareness. As campaigns officer, this year I’ve been committed to tackling the issues that matter most to students. As your Welfare and Equality officer, I can go further in making a real difference to the Newcastle student experience. So if you’re FEELING POOR, VOTE RICH!



Let’s take the lead in tackling the issues facing student welfare and equality fast, fairly and firmly.

Should your Students’ Union re-affiliate to the National Union of Students (NUS)?

Whatever the students vote will decide if we are affiliated to NUS for the next 3 years.

Vote Catherine Symonds for Equality and Welfare. It’s all about you.

NUSU are currently running a referendum alongside the officer elections to decide just that.

Make sure you get your voice heard and vote yes or no at from Monday 10th March at 4pm to Thursday 13th March at 1pm. Background


Newcastle University Students’ Union (NUSU) is an affiliate member of the National Union of Student (NUS) and pays an annual affiliation fee, which for 2013-14 was £51,359.

You should vote for me, Catherine Symonds, for Equality and Welfare Officer.

It is NUSU policy to conduct a referendum on membership to NUS every 3 years and this will be taking place 10th – 14th March.

Throughout my term, I will work to ensure that you see significant improvements NUSU’s support of you at this major step in your life. I promise. Here’s why:

This policy ensures that affiliate organisations are reviewed to reaffirm their ongoing value to our organisation.

A good Equality and Welfare officer has the potential to vastly improve student life on- and offcampus.

NUS provides NUSU with the opportunity to be involved with the student representation on a national scale.

In my five years at Newcastle, I’ve seen how NUSU works from inside and out: as a member of Societies Executive Committee, as a committee member for multiple societies but most importantly, as a student.

In running our organisation NUS provides a range of support, including staff and officer training, benchmarking and research. These resources are of value to both permanent staff and officers.

I pledge to:

Commercially NUSU receives benefit payments due to its role in the NUS Services Limited buying consortium.

- Continue the work that our current Equality and Welfare Officer has been undertaking to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. - Improve access to free, confidential, non-judgemental and all-inclusive sexual health services.

Illustration: Daisy Billowes

NUS place a monetary value on these benefits and they are detailed in an annual benefits statement which is available on the Students’ Union website.

The Courier 1288 - Elections Pull-Out  
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