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Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen From the Danish Seasons 50 improvisational pieces for ensemble ad lib. or solo



CONTENTS: Introduction 3 Twelve Months


New Year 16 Intonations 1-3


Sforzandopiano 1-3


Beyond the Edge 1-3


Music States 1-11


Balancing 1-3


Clean and Dirty 1-4


Graphic Journeys 1-3


From a Centre 1-7


INTRODUCTION These are selected pieces from “Improvisation Calendar” which fellow composer Jørgen Plaetner and I completed in 1996 with Danish texts. Each of us contributed with 183 pieces, one for each day of the year. They were more or less loosely arranged according to the seasons of the year - naturally, viewed from the part of the globe where we live. The selection focuses on same of those pieces belonging to series. The pieces are meant as frameworks: if something is fixed, do it exactly as it must be done. In questions of doubt,however, take responsibility to decide yourself and use your creative freedom. Strive to let the playing process determine as much as possible and avoid excessive additional arranging. Often,a common discussion after the first attempt will in itself stimulate the attention of the players when trying next time. Durations of the pieces are free. - Some passages in the texts referring to ensemble situations have been marked by means of parenthesis and are to be omitted when playing solo.

The pieces are both for teaching and concert use. Don’t forget also to make free improvisations without arranging anything in advance sometimes. And players are encouraged to create their own pieces. Music is supposed to be an eminent team-working art - let’s elaborate on that in the millennium to come! Comments and enquiries are welcome - contact Edition·S. Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, March 1999

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From the Danish Seasons  
From the Danish Seasons  

Score of composer Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen From the Danish Seasons (1999).