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ERASMUS+ KA2 THINK AND CREATE YOUR OWN HOBBIES 2021-2022 FIRST TERM SINGING, MUSIC, DANCE AND DRAMA CLUB NTRA. SRA. DE LA VICTORIA - SPAIN Hello Friends! We are back in the school for this 2021-2022 year! The same as last course, we will be face-to-face teaching and we hope our students can travel to carry on with our Erasmus+ project. Students left the school in June, but they didn’t stop thinking about our project and the goals we had to fulfil during the summer. Also, they were informed about the different clubs we were going to work on during this school year and they were so excited about working on them because as I told you last year, the teachers are renewing some zones in the school transforming them into new learning areas. Also, the teachers are learning about how to use these new areas. These areas are closely linked with the new clubs we have as part of our Erasmus KA2 project Let me show you our new learning areas the teachers are working on, so that, you will have an idea on how we are contributing to the project too:

SCHOOL RADIO: Radio, in the digital or information age, has become a medium to consider due to its interesting characteristics, the digital revolution has revealed the need for this medium to become an important resource within the educational system. It will be a very motivating experience for everyone, as we will be able to orally transmit not only knowledge, but interesting data about our educational center and those that make up its educational community, as well as giving visibility to a large number of students who may not stand out in academic aspects, but they do they have much to contribute in many other situations.

EMOTIONAL CLASSROOM: We know that students who develop adequate emotional intelligence have confidence in their abilities, are motivated to learn and have a greater number of resources to resolve conflicts. This is a space that will be used in our educational center to carry out all those activities that serve to identify and work on emotions and everything related to emotional intelligence.


CLASSROOM: In this room

different activities will be carried out to promote creativity in our students. It is a space where different visual and scenic arts are combined from painting and sculpture to photography, cinema, and theater. Given the breadth of the space and the fact that it is the only room with ideal luminosity, height and acoustic insulation, this room is ideal for the artistic competences that will be carried out.

PLAY CENTRE: The playroom is a meeting space where students can live passionate adventures, where anything can happen, where they can open the door of imagination, where educational and recreational issues converge, and is a place that complements and consolidates aspects of our curriculum. A collection of games is available to students to be used in this learning space. These games are classified by spaces and colored labels that indicate the age of the players, as well as their characteristics and estimated time that the games last, in order to favor the choice of games and that in this way the experiences, apart from being fruitful, are the most efficient possible in terms of time.



The main objective of the active

playgrounds is to energize the playground to favor the physical and motor activity of the students, as well as the full integration of the entire students and the improvement of coexistence. Schoolchildren will be able to participate in the games and areas they want, as it is their leisure and rest time. During this school year we have had to make an adaptation since the students cannot move freely around the playground, due to the pandemic. For this reason, they rotate weekly through each of the areas: sports, traditional games, music and tranquility.

As I told you, the teachers are doing some workshops in which they are learning some tips on how to use these new learning areas as well as some activities that we can apply them in our sessions. We count on the experience of several experts on the topic. For example, Nerea Moreno, an actress who also teaches Spanish language in Secondary school gave us some techniques with did not only helped us to have an idea on how to use the cine-theatre-creativity on our teaching practice, but also, the session helped us to socialise with the rest of teachers and de-stress.

Also, we have new appliances in the room which are a bit complicated to use for us, such as the Chroma. In this sense Gustavo Trenado, who is an expert working with audiovisuals for more than 20 years, came to teach us how to use it and the wide variety of activities we can do with them.

In order to have a better idea on how to introduce games as well as the benefits of their use in the classroom, we had the visit of Roberto Alhambra, a Primary Education teacher in a public school in the Community of Madrid, who is also an expert in this field.

In the same line, we had the help of another teacher, who was our former Physical Education teacher of our school some years, Diego Parra, who now is the director of a nearby school. He came to teach us how he and the rest of teachers in his school uses the school radio.

Moving on from the new learning areas we have and which are connected with the KA2 Erasmus project, let us continue with some of the activities our students have done during this term with the aim of achieving the objectives established for the next clubs, starting with the one related to the collections that our students were preparing during the summer holidays. Our 5th grade students have shown us the collections they have. To do this they have used different techniques such as videos, canva presentations or posters. They have enjoyed this activity very much since they have been able to get to know their classmates a little more and what they do outside the school. Our students collect things such as stones, shells, PEZ candies, superthings toys, vinyl records, minerals or insects. Some of them started their collection 3 or 4 years ago, but others are continuing the collection that their parents started when they were kids.

Our students from the TEA classroom also shared with us their collections.

Also, some of the teachers shared with us the collections they have at home as well as their own children:

This is also a video presentation one of our fifth graders prepared, Martina: Here, also you have a video of all our collections: Let us focus now on the next club. In order to celebrate Halloween and to start with our new Singing, music, dance and drama club, the Primary Education Stage of our school went to San Pol Theatre, in Madrid, on the 28th of October, to see a musical HALLOWEEN. We really enjoy it because some of our students became singers, dancers and actors!

Now, let me show you some pictures and videos of my students preparing some plays to share with you. Infants are preparing the Christmas festival every year takes place in the school. We do not prepare a big festival for all the families to come, but every group prepares a mini festival to share just with their families. Here we have infants 3 year-old students dancing “If you are happy” Four-year


students also prepared their part, a Spanish

Christmas Carol called “Regala una sonrisa” and an English one.

This is the link for the rehearsal of the “Dancing Christmas Tree” Christmas carol: This group of four year-old students also is working on the “Months of the year” practicing the following song on youtube:

Let us move on now with the five-year old students. They danced “Hello Reindeer” and “Navidad Twist” Here you can appreciate our little artists:

First graders are rehearsing songs related to the body with the help of our assistant Lauren.

These two groups of first graders also prepared three poems about the body parts and the senses. Here you have the links to admire them: It is also a traditional that our gypsy students prepare a show doing some of the dances they usually enjoy during the Christmas break. Here you have the link to enjoy their performance:

Students from our TEA classroom (austistic students), enjoy playing the Christmas carol: El burrito Sabanero. Here you have some pictures.

Here you can see the Christmas Carol these special students prepared:

Fifth graders also are preparing a theatre play titled “It is an adventure” about a fisherman who has an adventure on the ocean. They are preparing it in the Spanish language area because the teacher is also participating in the project this year too. As part of our Christmas celebration, the families association of our school (AMPA) prepares different Christmas plays for the different levels of infants and primary stage. The families are very participative in the school activities and we are very happy about it. This is the play for infants: El muñeco de nieve feliz (The happy snowman)

They had to prepare a different one for the Primary stage, and this is the one for them. It is called: Un trato con Santa Claus (An agreement with Santa Claus)

Also the MISECAM (Mancomunidad de servicios sociales de la comarca: The Community of Services for the Region) offered the first graders the opportunity to have a storytelling about different mini tales in which the students were reinforced the respect towards the nature, towards others and towards themselves.

One of our music teachers, Vanessa, prepared a special activity with the fifth graders about music, working on aspects such as theory of the music, its history and many other aspects. Students were working with the whiteboard playing some interactive games.

Here, specialist teachers (integration team) for students with special education needs and other teachers prepared this inclusive Christmas Carol using sing language: Campana sobre campana.

As I told you, we do not prepare a big Christmas festival, it is just Infants groups who do it. However, we prepare an inside festival, led by the teachers for the students. First, we perform our New Years Eve traditional 12 bell rings. We do this activity at 12:00 and instead of eating 12 grapes, we eat 12 “gusanitos” (snacks).

We also prepare some performances in which the teachers get dressed and dance. Every year we have a course topic and we work all the time around it (cultural week, carnival, Christmas show, etc), we had “Eurovision”, Christmas carols, etc., but this year, our topic is related to the nature, so it was difficult to prepare this Christmas show using songs around it, so we chose just funny songs for our students. Here you can have fun with the show the Management team prepared for all the teachers and students:

Here you can enjoy the video clip the bilingual team prepared in case it was rainy, but fortunately we were able to perform it in the playground.

Finally, the Primary Spanish team with other specialists prepared also a song which almost all the students know from Ctangana “Los tontos”.

We are also working on a KA1 Erasmus+ project, and seven of our teachers travelled to Chipre last summer to do some courses related to drama, music and art. Ley learned good strategies and activities that can be applied in our daily lessons and also, to be applied in the clubs we have been worked on during this first term.

This is all we have worked since last time I informed you. I hope my students can start doing the mobilities next term so that, they could really enjoy and learn better from the project. Bye from now! See you soon! Vitorita