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Why advertise with Edible San Diego?

Our readers are your target audience. • E dible readers are concerned, connected, savvy and community minded. Exactly the sort of customers you want.

• Our readers save, savour and share every copy. Edible San Diego is seen as a valuable reference and is not discarded like general interest magazines or local weeklies.

•Y  our ad gets read. We have more content than ads so you won’t be lost in a sea of ads. Readers look for lifestyle resources in our pages.

An Edible ad is more than just an ad. • Edible San Diego is San Diego’s most cost effective target advertising for food-related, lifestyle and associated companies. No other magazine devotes editorial exclusively to local foods and food culture. And that makes our advertisers more attractive to readers.

• With your ad, you receive: ~a  complimentary listing online at, ~ a listing in the magazine, ~ promotion on our Facebook pages and Twitter (11,000 followers) through reposting, estimated monthly reach 90,000 ~ magazines to give your clients and customers if you wish,

• Supporting Edible San Diego aligns you with the local sustainable food community and exposes your business to readers who value health, sustainability and supporting local businesses. Contact us today: Riley Davenport 619-222-8267

We inspire readers to support and celebrate the growers, producers, food artisans, chefs, other food professionals and locally owned businesses within our community.



conservative estimate


copies distributed each quarter currently and growing

3.5 400 1,000+

readers per copy  istribution sites throughout d San Diego county, and growing!

mailing list

Demographics Of Edible San Diego readers who responded to our 2013 survey

79% were women 21% were men

86% are between 25 and 60 years old 82% have a college degree $115,000 average household income 58% are educators, professionals or entrepreneurs Our readers are active! 93% cook for pleasure 84% enjoy dining out 70% garden 55% entertain at home 89% enjoy wine, beer, and spirit tasting and touring 40% go camping, hunting and fishing 82% get out to bicycle, run and hike 68% travel 44% enjoy art museums and galleries

41% have children 96% shop at farmers’ markets 95% shop at natural foods grocery stores 95% are willing to pay more for food that is local, organic, humanely raised or family farmed.

72% eat out at least once a week 99% think it is important that local restaurants serve local

“Edible Communities Publications. . .founders . . . have empowered local cooks, farmers, and restaurateurs to build sustainable culinary communities.� Bon appetit awards 2009: the hot 10

or California-grown food

92% are intermediate ro advanced cooks 91% drink beer, wine or spirits at least once a week 45% purchase beer, wine or spitits at least once a week 90% are intersted in sustainable technologies

83% in solar 71% in electric or hybrid vehicles 90% in water saving devices & technologies

93% read the advertisements in Edible San Diego 88% are more likely to shop Edible San Diego advertisers 78% have contacted, visited or purchased from Edible San Diego advertisers

“Unlike the typical giveaway glossies [out there] Edible Communities publications take a serious and celebratory look at what the fields and waters have to offer.” Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

Our readers trust us. Because we don’t review restaurants, trade editorial content for advertising dollars, or lean on gossipy stories, our readers trust the businesses we write about and the businesses that advertise with us. That means they are more likely to become new customers for you.

Our readers are special. Edible readers look for value but don’t mind paying more for something if its quality is exceptional and there is a good story behind it. Our readers are champions of local, independent businesses, and not just when it comes to food. They shop neighborhood markets, they are regular restaurant diners and terrific home cooks. Their children know that beef comes from cows and not form shrink-wrapped packages at the supermarket. They want an experience and a relationship, not just a product.

Our advertisers and readers speak for us. “We advertise in Edible San Diego because it’s a brand that is considered highly credible by our target demographic and that offers substantial backup to the print platform by engaging in ongoing social network marketing and event participation. We don’t usually purchase print ads, but we do invest in the kind of marketing partnership that we have built with Edible San Diego.”

“Riley has done an impressive job of developing Edible San Diego into a highly sought-after local resource. Not to mention the beautiful and constantly evolving website that reinforces for the on-line community just how important and exciting it is to support local purveyors and savor the many wonderful foods that can be grown and harvested in the region.”

Catt Fields White, SD Weekly Markets

Elena L. Rivellino, Sea Rocket Bistro

“At first I placed an ad in Edible San Diego because I believe in what they are doing and I think this community needs what they have to offer. But I have been very impressed with the number of calls I get from the ad. I get at least a call a week from the ad, which is very good for a gardening and landscaping business.”

“Edible San Diego is the artisan food magazine of our city!

Karen Contreras, Urban Plantations “Your magazine flies off the counter and brings in more local foot traffic than any other ad we run. Our COLLABORATION KITCHEN program is a huge hit due in part to working with you.” Tommy Gomes, Catalina Offshore Products “Edible San Diego is the journal of good food in San Diego County and our neighboring areas. It is the go-to guide for finding what is local, fresh and delicious to eat and drink.” Gary Spoto, Slow Food San Diego

Pete Balistreri, Executive Chef, Tender Greens

“Edible San Diego supports and encompasses the same vision as Caxao Chocolates. It was important to us to select a publication that fully represents our philosophy of using local and seasonal products and promoting artisan products. Edible San Diego has given us great exposure. We are happy with the positive outcome.” Caxao Chocolates “Funny story: I read a story to my kid every night, we discuss plot etc. and she gives it a thumbs up or down as part of her homework. She’s 6 and in the first grade. I couldn’t find any books last night and it was late so I pulled out Edible SD we read “Growing Tomorrow’s Dinner” along with a list of what we should be planting right now. Great article. Two thumbs up! “ Stephanie Goebel, Resource Development Coordinator, Center for Community Solutions

Edible SD Media Kit 2013  
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