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5. Editor’s Letter

6. The Era of Samantha Win - Action Star with Utmost Glamour

26. Ravishing Lifestyle Queen Lives More for The Cause

32. Folk Sounds of Kyiv sugarcoat the winds of The Arabian Desert

44. Robert Rathbone & His Divine Food Affairs 48. Constructing a new Classification of Crowning with Sophistication 52. Long Hair Vs Short Hair! A Never-Ending Fashion War


12. Carl Runefelt’s Insights of Becoming a Multimillionaire from a Cashier at a Grocery Store in just two years!


56. Salil Acharya Dominant At The Entire Dexterities

32 36. Moments Allocated For The Family Are The Principal Conquest 40. When Glamour Wears The Crown Of A Private Jet Empire

60. Gyratory of the Spinning Sphere 64. Striking Hannah Carlson is Gratified of Her Virtues


40 20. The Fervor To Stimulate With A Countenance Of Charm

68. Carrying an ABAYA with Class is not Everybody’s Cup of Tea

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ife is anticipated to be joyful. A craving with a belief about something, especially something good, to happen. Overall, an expectation is an optimistic wish for things to improve for the better, and to have a constructive expectation for that improved forthcome. At Edgy, we bring you “Hope” through stories of the people who turned their visions into reality.Stories of tolerant cultures where everyone is loved. All these storiesareofthecurrentepoch,proofofahealthierwayofexistence.

In this edition, We continue our journey of diversity by bringing stories of people from various societies. Each of them has a different lifestyle and background in comparison to the others. We speak about women who were always forsaken by societies,governments,and people but eventually, they have risen to the top. We talk about modern online business trends, lifestyle, cultural preferences. We are bringing messages of love from Artists, Chefs, and Travelers. We spoke about how to blend into new cultures. How not to let languages be a barrier. Inside this edition, Some beautiful souls share their tales of contentment to inspire you. Take note of their tales and let us try to live together, let us ignore the problems we cannot solve. Give each other time to stay connected. Believe me, being in connection with something or someone does eventually create care. Provide “Care” to your fellow human beings, it is the best “Cure” for any virus, conflict, or problem.

Rizwan Zulfiqar Bhutta Editor In Chief



The ERA of



apart. Women are now setting up standards for everyone to follow.

ovies or visual stories of all types of genres are the greatest experiences people can have. We learn a lot from a certain type of content and gain various perceptions of moments in time. There is entertainment and then there is imagination as well that has been for the most part turning to reality. It is a tool that helps humanity to stay conscious of their past, manage society, and evolve into the future.

Welcome to the era of “Samantha Win”. The celebrity actress, who has fashioned a new path for female action stars to follow. Her appealing on-screen advent suggests there can be more than strength and skills for a female action character. The Kindhearted, genuine individual is a great human being who believes hope is imperative to endure but our actions can only make the real difference. Team Edgy got lucky to reach out to Samantha for an exclusive Interview.

Though It has always been a men’s world, But now we have entered the epoch where things have changed and the stereotypes barriers are falling

Firstly, we discussed with her about her upcoming movie “Army of the Dead”. Talking to Edgy Samantha Said “Being a fan of Zack’s, I knew that Army of the


Dead was on the slate at some point, but when I started hearing whispers that pre-production had begun my mind ran wild. My manager had forwarded me the casting breakdown and I just fell in love with the concept and the characters and knew that Zack would make it a truly special movie. My path was a little unconventional, I did end up reaching out to Zack directly to ask if I’d be able to audition (as the role was a little above my current auditioning level). It was a big experience for me because, as many of us I think do, I had a fear of asking for an opportunity. I was so scared that he would think I was entitled... or even ungrateful for the amazing opportunities he and Debbie had already given me up until that point.

Photo by Patrik Giardino (Photographer) and Devin D. Alexis (Makeup)

“ARMY OF THE DEAD” actress is crafting the novel dimensions of action superstardom




I’ve grown. For now, I would like to get some more experience at this new level and size of roles. I’ve just stepped into a whole new world and I’m not quite ready to leave it yet. However, I do foresee myself wanting to get more involved with the behind-the-camera creatives once I get that experience. At the end of the day, I love storytelling and would love to do that from as many angles as I can. My short film “Unwelcome” is my first public attempt at writing and producing and I may have caught that bug. But we’ll see!”

zombie killing that will make her shine. Of course, that wasn’t the case at all, I try not to have expectations, but my haha. He was happy to help and all of those fears suddenly became small. So, hopes are that everyone can watch and connect with at least one of the John Papsidera, the casting director, many relationships and generously forwarded odds to different genres. my tape to Zack and My character There is so much to love they gave me “the call” represents a breed of about our movie, I just a few weeks later!” want everyone to have women who always About her character in existed but are just now a fantastic time!” the film she said “A special aspect of my charac- started to be seen. I’M Talking about expectater is that at least to me, HONORED TO BE A tions from the movie she said “Absolutely! she breaks the barriers of PART OF IT! I tend to feel like that any former stereotypes. about every project I work on as I’m a I felt very excited that Chambers could be a strong, capable woman... While pretty excitable person haha, but there still embracing her feminine side and was never any doubt in my mind that style. She could have emotions and Army of the Dead was an opportunity deep connections... without anything for me to grow and a movie in which I needing to be romantic. She represents knew I needed to “give my all”. It is my a breed of women who always existed biggest role on this scale of the film and but are just now started to be seen. I’m it’s not lost on me the gift that this is.” honored to be a part of it! So that’s pretty About the future, Samantha said, “It’s alspecial to me, but the action scenes can’t ways hard to say for sure as I’ve seen that be disregarded here either. Chambers my goals and ambitions have evolved as get to partake in some pretty extensive


For the women interested to make a career in action films, she said “I would say “100% go for it!” I’ve felt myself grow as a woman and adopt certain qualities of these characters into my everyday life, and for those reasons, it’s a truly valuable experience. I think by studying and analyzing certain behaviors, we can’t help but draw parallels to our own lives and values. I’ve found that the things I’ve been weak at finding in my characters, were often things I was weak in finding in my own life. By learning about different people and perspectives, I’ve become a more well-rounded person myself. Between that and having to stay in shape as a part of the job, you can’t lose!” Romance seems to be also a genre of interest to Samantha. when asked would you like to be in a romantic film concerning your glamorous looks, She said, “Firstly, thank you for making my day, I am incredibly flattered! Thank you! I would LOVE to be a part of a romantic movie, I love love! Moreover, it would be a new on-screen experience for me and if there’s anything I like, it’s a challenge. I would welcome the opportunity to show a different side of myself, apart from the warrior and independent woman I’ve had the pleasure

Army of the Dead Chamber Photos by Netflix / Samantha Win Glam Photos by Patrik Giardino (Photographer) and Devin D. Alexis (Makeup)


magazine of portraying these last couple of years. I do get my fill of romantic parts in my training and theater work, but I do think it would be a new side that the public would see and one I’d like to share with everyone. It’s surprisingly much more true to my everyday personality than the “badasses” moviegoers have been seeing. I’m a softy at heart. Elaborating the most salient and defining the three chapters of her professional life. Samantha Said “The first would be the athletic career. This was paramount in developing my character as a human being, learning work ethic, testing my own limits and stepping into myself. Second was the stunt career. This was where I grew my passion for storytelling and

I WOULD LOVE TO BE A PART OF A ROMANTIC MOVIE. Moreover, it would be a new on-screen experience for me and if there’s anything i like, it’s a challenge. I would welcome the opportunity to show a different side of myself, really immersed myself into Los Angeles and the filmmaking communities here. It’s also where I learned the ropes and found the support and courage to take a swing at my third and most terrifying chapter, acting. This one has been very transformative so far and I can only speak for where I’m at right now, but it’s been the most internally fulfilling. I’ve been pursuing this as a childhood dream for so long, my heart is so full with gratitude for these iconic films I’ve gotten to be a part of! Kryptonian, Amazonia, Edenian... I can die happy,” Samantha believes that “Hope is absolutely imperative to continue in the right direction”. She said,“Hope is important, but even more so, we need to act. This could be a matter of “the chicken or the egg”/ “what comes first”, but we are a people of law and without the support of our legislature, hope just isn’t enough. So yes, we need to keep spreading hope and love and acceptance, but we need to follow through and take the steps to actually effect this change. Let’s turn our hope into action.”




Photoss by Patrik Giardino (Photographer), Willow Snyder (Makeup) and Alvin Stillwell (Stylist).



When asked what she likes most about her native culture Samantha said, “Well, I think the list goes on and on! I really do love Canada. I think that the thing I love most about Canada, especially because I am of mixed ethnicity and culture, is the country-wide acceptance and love of each other’s cultures. There will always be exceptions to the rule, but I do feel that the vast majority of Canada, and it starts from the top, down... Makes public support and acknowledgment of all of the different holidays and our differences are celebrated. That... and poutines. Obviously.” She added on multiculturalism,“Seeing as my household is a bit of a blended society in and of itself, I’m definitely a fan! Not only am I a fan, but a proponent. It’s no secret that the world has been a little disconnected lately and so I think we could all use a little more empathy and understanding of where we’re all coming from. The world is full of rich

skirts and jewelry. A classy, feminine, culture from different, structured ensemble is my ideal style. beautiful countries and continents and that’s Samantha shared the answer about not going to change. It’s what kind of a person she is off-screen, unrealistic to think we She responded this way, “A silly ol’ Cacan maintain our small nadian goose! Haha. I’m a person of bubbles of singular culture, so let’s contradictions. I’m serious but silly, choose to evolve with the ever-blending strong but sensitive, an world! entertainer though shy. I I did more inner work think my parents played Talking about her fashwith my acting, my a big role in invalidating ion and way of living offscreen Samantha Said fashion transitioned any preconceived molds “That’s an interesting along with my career. that the world may have for me and my brothers. question! I think I find myself in the middle of It turns out that I DO My Mom, though the woman of the house, was a personal fashion makeENJOY FEELING over! In my earlier years GLAMOROUS AND the strong athlete and black belt. Whereas my and through my stunt FEMININE Dad was the imaginative, career, it’d be hard to artistic drummer. Their find me in anything but relationship was also the first marriage athletic clothes, and I opted for darker and more neutral colors. It seems that as outside of their own cultures in both I did more inner work with my acting, of their families at the time. They’ve my fashion transitioned along with my had a lovely disregard for any of our career. It turns out that I do enjoy feelsocietal “rules” and so I’ve become a bit ing glamorous and feminine just now, of a mish-mash of the things that just... at the ripe age of 30, do I finally wear make me happy.”



Carl Runefelt s ’






ife is an unanswered question, but let’s still believe in the dignity and importance of the question. You might have heard this quote before, but the story we are about to narrate is an exception and is exclusive to all of us. Someone out there might be living a difficult life. Money issues, family issues, emotional unbalance and there could be a lot more trouble in people’s lives. What can such people do? Shall they give up or continue to live the same way? Well, life might be a question unanswered, but there are ways to end a miserable or tough life.

We are writing about someone who also had his problems, but he decided to take charge and change his life. His belief was his first step that led to the second, where his visions came into focus, which finally enabled him to be the happy and rich man he wanted to be. We are not narrating a guide to earn money. Instead, we are telling you a story to help you believe and focus on what you want to acquire. Team Edgy reached out to this outstanding individual, 26-year-old Carl Runefelt, who shared his journey of becoming a cryptocurrency expert from being a grocery store cashier in Sweden. But the important milestones were how he transformed himself as a person.



Carl dropped out of school early as he had a hard time focusing because of attention deficit disorder (ADD). He started working at a department store for a living. On weekdays, he would just work at the grocery store or sit at home watching YouTube videos. He spent his days engaging in unproductive activities. Within two years, he realized that he could never be successful and make his parents proud if he continued to lead that life. THE UNIQUE IDEA Carl researched about cryptocurrency or crypto, which is digital money in the form of tokens or coins, on the web and is booked extensively. He concluded that Bitcoin had the potential to become the new world reserve currency and transform the current monetary system


entirely, and educating people (mostly traders and investors) would be necessary. Eventually, it became the purpose of his life. Being a millennial, Carl also knew the power of the digital world. In no time, he started a YouTube channel (The Moon: www.youtube.com/c/ TheMoonCarl )to disseminate adequate and correct information about the power and value of cryptocurrencies, making people understand its nuances and that it is competing against a broken system. His social media channels are growing rapidly. People are fond of his extensive knowledge of crypto trends and his ability to visualize what’s coming. His predictions are often accurate and help people gain a lot. But Carl is happier for his followers as they too begin to visualize and believe in themselves. His

MY LIFE CHANGED IN JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS more than I think or most people would think can be possible. THERE IS NO SIMILARITY BETWEEN THEN AND NOW. YouTube channel now has more than 427K subscribers, his Twitter handle has more than 285.5K followers and 31.5K followers on Instagram. He is one of the top 30 influencers in the blockchain industry according to WeBitCoin author Elen Genuncio. HackerNoon recognized Carl Martin as the fifth most influential person in the industry.

magazine IT’S EASY FOR ME BECAUSE I HAVE A PASSION FOR WHAT I DO. This is a sign that the law of attraction is working for you. WHEN WHAT YOU DO IS FUN AND YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM IT, you’re on the right track

GAME-CHANGER As Carl started looking for ways to become successful, he came across several theories and interviews with successful people. What struck him most was the law of attraction. He says, “I started to visualize myself as a rich, happy and successful person. I even pretended that I was successful even though I was still working at the grocery store. I always took the train down to my job, but I imagined driving

a Ferrari in my head. I also started to look for yachts for sale online, pretending that I was ready to purchase one. I feel that my life started to change with the mindset switch. It didn’t take even two years until I was already a millionaire and I quit my grocery store job in November 2018.” He believes becoming successful is not luck, it’s a decision.“I thank myself every day as I decided to become the person I





THE DRIVING FORCE On being asked what gets the ball rolling, Carl says,“It’s easy for me because I have passion for what I do. This is a sign that the law of attraction is working for you. When what you do is fun and you can make money from it, you’re on the right track. I love making my videos, trading, and investing. I’ve attracted the path of least resistance to my big goals.”

am today because I wasn’t happy with who I was before. The strategy to become whoever you want is to believe in your mind that you are already that person. Act as if it’s already your reality, and you’ll attract it,” the digital trader says.


CROSS-CULTURAL EXISTENCE The digital investor has his roots in Sweden and is proud of that, but he also loves it in Dubai. Carl says, “I love the Christmas time in Sweden. It’s cold, dark and there’s snow everywhere. I also love summertime in Sweden. So, I’ll always be back in Sweden for these occasions.” He says Dubai is something different. He says,“Here I meet interesting people and successful entrepreneurs regularly. I love the networking I get here.”

I love the fact That ALL MY FRIENDS HERE COME FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. I think DUBAI IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF HOW YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY BLEND CULTURES. On being asked about his opinion on living in a society that hosts multiple cultures, he says, “I think this depends on how the government in the country is managing it.” “In Sweden, there are problems with culture mixing. But here in Dubai, the mixing of different cultures works perfectly. I love the fact that all my friends here come from different countries. I think Dubai is a great example of how you can successfully blend cultures,” he adds.

Sharing his current daily routine, he says, that the first thing he does in the morning is creating content for his YouTube channel. The Bitcoin king believes in a healthy lifestyle and hits the gym at least three or four times a week. He also stays away from alcohol, drugs, and caffeine to preserve his healthy routine. At heart, the intelligent trader is a fun-loving young adult who loves to sing and meet new people. He is humble and patient, which is a rare trait in people who achieve overnight success. He meets and greets people all day and his day is packed with activities of his choice, but his day invariably ends with a video for his YouTube channel. Carl says,“My life changed in just a couple of years more than I think or most people would think can be possible. There is no similarity between then and now.”


magazine WEALTH IS NOT A MOTIVATING FACTOR ANYMORE AND I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY. I want people TO REMEMBER ME AS SOMEONE WHO DID GOOD THINGS for other humans. THE ULTIMATE GOAL The entrepreneur wants to be remembered as a human being with an impressive career. Wealth is not a motivating factor anymore for him and he wants to contribute to society. He says,“I want to be remembered as a great human with an impressive career and did many great things. I already know that I’ll be one of the wealthiest people in the world, so it’s not such a big motivator anymore. I want people to remember me as someone who did good things for other humans.” He has started by giving away more than $150,000 to charity as just the beginning. He also contributed $100,000 to help specially-abled children and $50,000 to build schools in Mexico. All donations were done with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

THE NEXT PLAN Moving forward, Carl wants to grow his business 100 times. He adds, “I always have big goals. I always tell people that your goals should scare you, otherwise they’re not big enough.

VISION TO HELP OTHERS SUCCEED The YouTuber guides people on investments and educates people against the corrupt banking system through social media. He says, “People write to me or tell me how they make life-changing money by watching my videos about Bitcoin and crypto all the time, many people say they became millionaires by watching my videos and listening to my thoughts about Bitcoin and crypto.”

” Believe in yourself and your ability to do extraordinary things and you’ll attract that extraordinary version of yourself,” the influencer suggests.

Carl’s predictions are helping his followers to invest well and make enormous profits. Also, he motivates the followers to follow the same path which brought success and prosperity to Carl.


“Also, ever since I made my first big donation to charity, I’ve decided to devote more time and energy towards helping others. This is one of my bigger goals for the future,” he says. CAREER CHOICES AND PERSONAL LIFE Carl says he has a supportive family. “They were a bit skeptical in the beginning because they had no clue about what Bitcoin was. I remember my dad

even called what I do, shady, at one point. But later when they saw that I was good at what I was doing and I was also able to support myself by doing so, they all supported me 100%,” he says. His father’s praises keep him going,“My dad told me many times that he’s very proud of me today, and this means a lot. My life was not always this amazing and I am happy to have my mother, who had my back when times were tough. I am very grateful to have her and everyone else in my family,” the digital trader concluded.





e catch a lot of stories of accomplishments and fascination, Individuals enfolded in a luxury lifestyle. That could be the one side we see. There is always a background story and some have a really special one. Paola Mlle is one of the most inspirational stories to convince you that it is never too late to make a start. Because she took starts, again and again, faced glitches but she never put her gear down. We decided to write this interview differently. We know a lot of entrepreneurs and their success tales, but no one is aware of catastrophes or hurdles they went through. The only thing people


see in today’s modern world is the social media feeds. We decided to pen down a note, with a view that we get a bit too less in our viewpoint about what was there, before the glory? Effective business visionaries who have figured out how to dominate the challenges of business and have developed their organizations are the real greats. Other than writing about several experienced businesspeople, We decided to write about an individual and her efforts before the triumph. There are business visionaries who quite recently started their businesses but We must speculate that by reading about the

perspectives of Paola Mlle you are in for a demonstration of intriguing understandings. Paola el Sitt is a Lebanese entrepreneur, born and raised in Lebanon in a very challenging environment. she started by developing her family business from physical stores into a digital one www. mllepaola.com (accessible evening wear and accessories platform) it was her senior year project in the university and later became the starting point of her career. Talking to Edgy Paola Said, “As I kicked off my journey, I saw the emerging opportunity in transforming active followers into buyers through social media so I




I am the brand ambassador and the partner too. We own the distribution rights in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Of course, I have always been and still am working with local and international brands on different collaborations as a digital influencer, businesses, and products.”

started venturing into different product introductions, some of the significant ones were my collaboration on a lip kit with ‘’Maybelline” New York and later my perfume brand. At the End of 2019, the Lebanese political instability and economic crisis hit us hard and the unofficial capital control imposed on us caused me a lot of financial loss so I felt as an entrepreneur I no longer can function in this toxic environment, Where I succeeded a lot but the government defrauded us. They did not just steal our money but stole


She Said “People always have a misconception about the influencers they expect them to be just another pretty face with cool content. I started as an entrepreneur turned into an influencer by sharing my journey with whoever is interested. As for their reaction, it’s a positive shock. It was easier for me in Dubai a multicultural society. I believe the blended societies are for a free-spirited person like me the best and healthiest place to be in, multiculturalism feeds my creativity and my perspective. This is where I belong, in a happy peaceful flexible place where we celebrate and explore our differences. Life is a precious journey we are here to leave a mark and a positive impact, no matter what we choose to do we should always think about how will this impact others and me. this is my ultimate value. Life is always more generous than us whatever we give, it gives back 100 times more that’s why I always say do good be positive and give I STARTED AS a lot because it will AN ENTREPRENEUR come back to you it’s as simple as that. I am TURNED INTO AN INFLUENCER by sharing a free soul, A person with a lot of energy my journey with whoever to give, and very eager is interested. As for their to learn to evolve and explore myself while reaction, it’s a positive making use of the best shock. version of myself.”

our dreams and inspirations. Still, I was not the one to give up on my visions. I took an impulsive decision to relocate to UAE and started all over again in early 2020. I came back with a lot to rebuild right before COVID hit but gratefully I landed at an investment company, which was interested in my story and adopted my perfume brand. Now our brand is into the elevation of the expansion phase. I also just launched with other partners a new product “Qwell collagen water”.

Talking about her plans, Paola Said, “Right now I am focusing on my projects as an influencer while working in parallel on my newly launched product that we started within UAE and currently penetrating both Saudi and Egyptian market. Along with my perfume brand and another confidential perfume brand too. My theory of success is the balance






matter what we choose to do we should always think about how will this impact others and me” between working hard, living my life, and reward it back. This is where I feel most accomplished because we can not neglect any of the above, Yet people always tend to lose balance and the biggest loss is losing yourself along the voyage.” On the topic of influencing, She said, “There is a major difference between an actual influencer who is influencing and affecting people positively and what I call a billboard just an ad roll. We have a mix of both but mainly lots of amazing Arab influencers who are doing very well and honestly I cannot compare because I don’t see the difference in today’s world where everyone is global via the internet. Social media is an amazing place where you can enjoy a lot and benefit from if you do it right and when I say do it right it’s when you truly be yourself because the online audience is way smarter than

“People always have

Lifestyle is the way you you think. you only A MISCONCEPTION see yourself and how touch them when you you want people to see are genuine. I also alABOUT THE you too for me my lifeways say learn how to INFLUENCERS they style is a reflection of balance between your my character simple yet private life and public expect them to be just refined I love the good life so it doesn’t affect another pretty face with fine things in life and I your energy too. I encool content” also enjoy the simplicity joy creating genuine of the little things too. content the most I It shows in my style that is very flexible love sharing my everyday details on my between simple and lavish whether in the stories and I also enjoy my glitz and places I go to or in the way I enjoy and glam and I love sharing culture because translate the experiences I choose. Now I I’m fascinated by history culture and am at peace with my family even though art and this is something I also enjoy it wasn’t a very stable one but I learned sharing I don’t have a preference as how to make peace with it and this played long as I’m sharing it from my heart. a big role in the healing process for me.” About culture and lifestyle she said, “I In her message to readers Paola Said, “I love my culture so much the Lebanese would like to say as a passionate entreprespecifically and Arab too, Lebanon is neur don’t seek money only, seek a positive rich in culture and this shaped me, my taste my preferences, and a lot of impact and money will come along. Life aspects of my life. Lebanese women is about achievements, good energy and are known for their style and their this is the true prize from everything we strength and resilience. aim to do.








e have all come across the phrase, “survival of the fittest”, from the Darwinian evolutionary theory. Unique ideas, adaptability, and consistency are a few inevitable ingredients to success. To keep up with the competition and times, it is important to embrace change. The Covid-19 pandemic has only reinforced this belief. With all of what is going on in today’s world, what people need is “Hope and Inspiration” with an element of realization about nature being harmed by us. There are very few who can carry this message. The planet earth existed before humans and it will exist after all of us will go from here. So, we need the planet more than it needs us. Probably we are the only ones dependant here. The earth has survived

all ages. It is high time for humans to realize that we cannot continue to harm the earth for our ambitions like technology, necessities, future missions, and all other damaging adventures. Few voices try to alarm us and start taking care of the planet. “Hofit Golan” is one with a similar ideology.


Hofit Golan an entrepreneur turned Television host, model and fashion influencer engaged with our team for an exclusive interview and Team Edgy asked her about her professional voyage, and her views on numerous subjects. We are about to narrate the journey of a woman who believes in herself and adapts to her surroundings. She not only attracted opportunities, but also created quite a few. Hofit Golan’s quirky career moves and go-getter attitude describe her best. Here the excerpts from the conversation of Team Edgy with her.


magazine “I travelled pretty much the entire yearround the clock around the world filming and attending events and working with major labels such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared, Sony and Ferragamo,” she says.

People across the world have struggled to protect their cultures. EVERY CULTURE has unique traditions, stories, and believes and WE MUST LEARN FROM THEM Over 15 years ago, when Golan started a media company in Miami, the word “influencer” did not even exist. Golan’s company helped people plan holidays and events. Her company organized several events in various cities, including London and New York. At the Met Gala, Golan met a talented fashion designer and soon became business partners at a fashion company in London. Her company opened several stores and worked with the higher-ups, including Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue, Paris Hilton, and Bruce Willis, and Prince Albert of Monaco. With the advent of TV programmes such as America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Project Catwalk and Make Me A Supermodel, fashion became an indispensable part of TV. And her entry in the show “Next in Fashion” popularised her work. “I eventually started working with Fashion TV. I started transitioning away from producing fashion. I got my own show on Fashion TV that was aired globally which reached almost half a billion households,” says Golan.


THE SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTION Initially, only Facebook comprised social media, but with Instagram and Twitter, Golan got an opportunity to showcase her work and interact with her fans directly. “With Twitter and Instagram, I feel more powerful because I can display my work to the target audience without involving middlemen,” she says. “Social media allow my voices to get heard. As social media took over, I made a shift too and it was a natural progression for me,” she says. For the Instagrammer with 2.7 million followers, content creation was never an issue as she was already working with Fashion TV. “I still work with all


WE ALL HAVE JUST ONE HOME. We’re not going to Mars anytime soon. So, WE BETTER TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE ROOTS AND THE GO-GETTER ATTITUDE She feels the best thing about Israeli culture is hard work, the culture of getting on with it, and the culture of taking care of each other. “It’s a culture of go get it and non-victimhood,” she says. the same brands, but we now focus on campaigns for social media more.” Owing to the Covid-19 induced lockdown, in 2020, no fashion events were organized, and Golan focused on growing followers or subscribers on her social media handles. “Of late, I have been showcasing luxury trips to Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East.”

SOCIAL MEDIA ALLOWS MY VOICES TO GET HEARD. As social media took over, I made a shift too and it was a natural progression for me

CULTURAL PREFERENCES The TV host doesn’t want to choose between cultures as she thinks all cultures are beautiful. “People across the world have struggled to protect their cultures. Every culture has unique traditions, stories, and believes and we must learn from them,” she says. Golan celebrates cultures through food. “One day I eat chicken tikka masala and mixed beacon, next day some sushi and then something else,” she says. “I don’t identify myself as Jewish or Israeli or as an American woman. I want to identify myself as a global citizen, who has the freedom to choose,” she adds.

“I have been taught to embrace my flaws and never look back. I feel very blessed to have been raised with that kind of mentality,” she says. “Israel is a tiny country that has taken lead in the war against Covid-19 pandemic and made advancements in several other spheres such as space technology,” she adds. AN ENVIRONMENTALIST AT HEART The model is a dedicated charity campaigner working for Global Angels and several other causes helping children. For the travel blogger, the Covid-19 pandemic is a wake-up call. She feels, it is high time we protect our home and don’t act like viruses ourselves. “We all have just one home. We’re not going to Mars anytime soon. So, we better take care of our home before it is too late,” the travel influencer says.



If distributed properly, we can probably resolve the issue in a day. PEOPLE CAN HELP EACH OTHER IF THEY WANT TO HELP EACH OTHER “I feel humans, in general, tend to treat animals in a despicable way. We keep forgetting that we are a part of the same ecosystem. Hence, we are all dependent on each other,” she says. Human activities have resulted in the extinction of several species and the food chain has been affected. “If we meddle with nature so much, repercussions are meant to hit us bad,” she says. Golan feels our lives are stuck in electronic gadgets and we do not care about the future of the planet. “We’re tearing down rain forests for wood we don’t even need, and global warming is going up. The number of forest fires is increasing every day. People are dying of different kinds of cancer, but no one talks about things from our surroundings that prevent cancer as medicine is now a profitable business,” Golan says.


Golan believes in equal rights for all According to the fashionista, the word ‘hunger’ should not exist at all as there’s an excess of food. She says, “If distributed properly, we can probably resolve the issue in a day. People can help each other if they want to help each other.” “Our environment has given us even, but we have looted it. We could have been doing fine if we did not destroy to the environment. In fact, the nature has restored itself during the first Covid-19 lockdown,” she says. The influencer feels people to see the bigger picture and put in joint efforts to resolve environment-related issues. FUTURE Golan loves to travel and is a workaholic. She loves it in Dubai and plans to visit the city more often. “Wherever the world is unbroken, that’s where I’m going next,” she says.


According to the wanderlust, travel is all about experiences. Also, achieving spiritual well-being is on Golan’s list. “I just want to remain healthy, active, and surrounded by interesting people,” she says. PERSONAL LIFE Golan does not like talking much about her personal life because she feels people close to her did not opt to be in the public eye like she did. “I have a lot of amazing friends and am happy in my personal life,” she says. “We sailed through the pandemic so far and thankfully no one around me is critically ill,” she adds. She feels lucky to have like-minded friends in the industry who can be good travel buddies. Golan says they love making trips memorable for each other.






FOLK SOUNDS of KYIV SUGARCOAT THE WINDS of THE ARABIAN DESERT Viktoriia Demi connects the world with Ukrainian traditional melodies By Sidra Asif

here are many types of musicians and especially pianists. Someone wants to play only classical, someone just jazz or pop. They put a lot of effort and hard work to achieve a high level of performance as the work which they are doing not including only the musical part how to press the keys – They have to think about the idea of performance, how do they look, how do they set up the stage, what will we perform. Sometimes the preparation for some projects takes us a lot of time. All these efforts we need to help us to bring happiness to the listeners and public all around the world. Because of the most important thing to make our music touches people’s hearts. Viktoriia Demi is one such great musician and Performer. She is probably the best of her genre in the United Arab Emirates. Team Edgy reached out to her and know her more. Born in Ukraine in Kyiv Viktoriia’s childhood time was full of concert time which was around her - theater, opera, ballet, etc. But the most precious element for her as a musician is to present and preserve her native music to the people – her countries folk music. This type of music is not from the book but people are preserving and transferring it to the next generation through live concerts.


magazine Musical Academy in Kyiv and at the Talking to Edgy about the multicultural same time, I started to participate in society she said, “Of course, I prefer piano competitions and festivals. I’ve people from different couture and prodone more than 50 competitions and fessions to speak and exchange their music festivals such as the Rosario Marexperience as I believe that as much more ciano competition in Vienna, Arthur we know in different subjects as much deeper we can feel what we are doing. Rubinstein competition in Marbella, Festival Academy in Budapest, Chopin And of course, for me, it will help to Piano Competition in understand what other Rome, Maria Yudina people need to listen to. MY MAIN MISSION is competition Saint Peor how they react to to bring classical music tersburg, Beshady Bez the same style of music. education across the Graniz festival Sanok As they can’t think the (Poland), The Art of XXI same way as professionUAE and of course to century Vienna-Lonigo al musicians so their create a lot of projects (AustriaItaly), Clavifocus is a bit different.” where I will demoncologne piano compestrate my interpretation tition (Hamburg GerSharing more from the of modern music. many), etc. So of course beginnings Viktoriia it’s not easy to always Said, I started my piano be a competitive player as the level of journey when I was kid 7 years old. But pianists nowadays is extremely high. to decide that I want to connect the But I believe that if you truly love what whole my life with the music I realized you’re doing you will get success. And at age of 14. And I started to work on from 2019 I’m based in Dubai where I’m a professional level and I learned from successfully performing on the different the greatest professors in my country. concerts and venues. Here I started my When I was 17 I went to the Tchaikovsky


project with piano covers for the lounge music and DJ project. At the same time, I’m working in Piano Profession at Fujairah Fine Arts Academy - the first academy in UAE which teaches music on a professional level. For me, music is not a profession and by no means a job. Music is my salvation, my philosophy. This is the Truth that does not require words, this is the Soul that breaks out of the abyss. Music is Time that freezes in my hands, And last but not the least Music is Love for me ... eternal and irresistible. Music can relieve our hearts, music can help us to have fun, music can say without words. While adding more she Said, every musician is unique on his point. My main mission is to bring classical music education across the UAE and of course to create a lot of projects where I will demonstrate my interpretation of modern music. (But we will talk about it later as it is my tiny secret ). The Ukrainian musical industry is very wide and interesting as we can find a


variety of shows - from classical shows to jazz, flamenco dance with musical ensembles, contemporary ballet with orchestra. In UAE for now there are not many musical shows for pianists as mostly the musicians are playing in hotels and restaurants, weddings, and birthday parties. But I believe that step by step we will open huge projects with classical music in UAE. Talking about her lifestyle she said, I am not a fan of any specific brand for clothes - I prefer simple and casual dresses or some new designers with nice ideas. As I’m living in UAE I love Arab designers such as Zuhair Murad, Alina Anward Buka, Mochi, Amato. For the daily wardrobe, I prefer Ted Baker, Maje,

Sandro, Disqueared, Elizabeth Franchi. She said I am both a Music Artist and a performer as well and as I said before we can’t separate our playing on the instrument only. We have to focus on and manage our musical life, especially how to promote ourselves around the world industry. I believe that anywhere and in any genre, you can become successful if you’re doing your job good and the most important is to never stop trying and improving yourself. I like to listen to different music. If it’s jazz I prefer the old generation with such an amazing artist as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, Dizzy Gillespie, etc. As a rock and pop music I love Queen, Elton John,

Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michale Jackson, Imagine Dragons. From alternative and electro music I like David Guetta, Tiesto, Carl Cox, Blasterjaxx, Billy Eilish, Two feet, Peggy Gou, Solomun, etc. As an artist believe that I have a huge mission to bring the culture to the mass. Of course, I take part in many charity projects and concerts to support people who don’t have opportunities to study or listen to music. I love to take part in open festivals to connect with other artists not only with musicians around the world. When the pandemic has been started, I decided to focus on online education and online concerts as I believe that the future will be with distance education.




ots of potentially gifted Entrepreneurs never make it through their initial couple of years. Some underestimate outlays and miscalculate revenues, a lethal mixture. But some of the greats carry it for long and do it exceptionally well. Firas Al Msaddi is one such incredible entrepreneur who did it greater than people could have anticipated. Along with lots of other hurdles, cultural adoption of a city with diverse population and language barriers was quite challenging. Firas stood up to these challenges and create his trail of triumph and glory.



Edgy Team reached out to Firas and discussed with his journey his view on some aspects of life. Talking to Edgy Firas expressed his views on various aspects including his journey, his vision, and his opinions concerning a multicultural society. Firas founded his real estate agency in 2009 at the age of 25. He wanted to create a company that serves its customers with complete integrity and upholds the highest ethical standards in the industry. Today, he takes pride in telling that fäm Properties employs more than 200 members of staff, with a

magazine 7,000 square foot Business Bay headquargoals, you will still be satisfied because ters, and operates an additional 3,500 you know where you’re heading to, you square feet of four other retail outlets. know why you’re patient, determined, His Company has been recognized as and persevering because you’re going the best top sales performing brokerage after goals that’ll make you happy. And for Dubai Property Group since 2012 that itself drives the process a joyful and were recognized in the market process. Or makes the process easier as the highest performfor you.” ing agent of Meraas for 2017 and 2018. And for CHERISH AND VALUE Concerning his vision two consecutive years and goals for the future YOUR FAMILY. That’s recognized by DLD as he said,“In terms of busione side of the coin. the highest transacting The other side is to agency in Dubai.

ness, the vision is to continue scaling and growing all my companies based on the unique tech abilities that we have and been investing in for the past 5-6 years in Dubai. And I think when it comes to life, you know business is a big part of life definitely, but my priorities have massively shifted between business and family over the past few years. And that’s why I advise every seventeen or eighteen-year-old person or

work hard, consistently grow and build a better future for them and yourself.

Speaking of success Firas Al Msaddi said, “I believe success is not measured by the size of your goals or objectives, nor is it by the size of wealth or cars or whatever you have; it’s measured by how happy you are. When you’re not complaining, and your content, and you have that self-contentment, that is the ultimate success, in my opinion. And for sure, if you wanna be happy, it’s important to have goals in life. Otherwise, life is boring and empty. But those goals need to be goals that make you happy once they’re achieved. This way, during the process or hardship of reaching those

DUBAI sets one of the most OUTSTANDING EXAMPLES FOR BLENDED CULTURES. Many people came from places and cultures that don’t feature various nationalities, relations, and backgrounds.

individual to work hard because, from twenty to thirty, that’s where you can do miracles and establish yourself and build a foundation that will allow you to shift your priorities in the future. You know, I missed many weekends; maybe I missed seventy percent of my weekends in the first ten years of doing business in Dubai or starting my career in Dubai. But today, I’m not willing to trade one weekend with my kids and family for the world because I always tell myself that I’ve worked so hard that I can afford to have a peaceful weekend & holiday with my family.

To get this, you need to make sure that you’re willing happily to share the outcome and the profit with others. I consider myself in the business of finding trustworthy people who are


magazine for this. Many people came from places and cultures that don’t feature various nationalities, relations, and backgrounds. But when they came to Dubai, it became About the business plans, he said, “Our a great school for them. We learned to 2025 vision for fäm properties is to adapt and live with each build the largest-ever other, living together real estate company in I CHERISH EVERYpeacefully once a system the region, continue THING IN THE ARAB is in place. Dubai reflects investing in technologies and systems in the CULTURE, but it would the example. company, and maintain be about family if I had In our company at fäm being an extremely clito pick one. Family ties properties, we have ent-centric organization in the Arabic culture over 50 nationalities and growing with our are far stronger than in from all around the holiday homes. I think many other cultures. world, speaking 30-32 the entire industry is fresh in Dubai. Today, languages, and we’re fäm living runs properties for probably working happily together. I believe it’s, in fact, the greatest edge that we over 1.2 billion dirhams, and I think we have as an organization. have a long way to go with our holiday home business.” Dubai has proven its long-term ability to attract foreign investors and new Firas thinks cultural diversity is supresidents because of what they created porting element for any society. He said, in terms of the multicultural lifestyle. “Yes, indeed, blended societies are a lot So the reason why people come worldmore tolerant for sure. I think Dubai sets wide to Dubai to live and do business one of the most outstanding examples ready and willing to put in the work and effort with me and get rewarded for it.

is that they know that despite what background they come from, they can still live and reside here happily. Long as it’s based on mutual respect, people have the freedom to live the way they like to live, long as they comply with the laws and regulations of the Emirate.” He Said, “I cherish everything in the Arab culture, but it would be about family if I had to pick one. Family ties in the Arabic culture are far stronger than in many other cultures. I value the respect shown among family members, such as respect among elders, respect for those who have a broader knowledge of things, and mutual respect.” Talking about his purpose of being on social media and the following he has attracted. He said, “I don’t have a huge following, and I don’t consider myself a social media influencer. I think this entire thing has started with social media becoming an essential part of the business. My role was to step up for my companies, my career and share all the professional, technical real estate knowledge with the rest of the world


magazine via my social media platforms and know that it will attract those on the same frequency. I think we do business with people and you must expose your knowledge to others or the maximum number of people out there. So those who are interested in your services will come to you. I’ve always been against hiding information. I think it’s not intelligent to hide information because if you want people to pay you respect or attention, or if you are in a position yourself as a go-to person or company for something you have to share with the world, what you know, so the world can come to you. And I believe social media made it very easy and handy. So, no. I’m an entrepreneur before being an influencer, but I don’t consider myself a social media influencer because that would include people who do ads commercial and paid ads. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m not there.” I can take myself as an example; when I came to Dubai, I did not speak English. Even when I started the company, I didn’t have the fluency in English or the other resources that many Meaning to one’s sucother big companies, cess; SHARING YOUR large players owned by competitors, other entreOUTCOME with those preneurs that came from you care about the most. all around the world had. That is the ULTIMATE The fact that I did not ACHIEVEMENT you have those resources crecan ever succeed in life. ated the biggest motive for me to work harder. And to learn the language and do whatever it takes for me to succeed. And I think the same applies to my brother, Fateh, whose been leading the technology abilities at fäm properties since day one. So again, what is the takeaway here? The difference is that, in general, Arab entrepreneurs have access to much lesser resources and experiences and maybe to a certain extent also education as compared to global entrepreneurs from the west, for example.

As an Arab without having any resources and living in an environment that doesn’t provide those needed requirements, I think the journey is far more difficult than a talented entrepreneur who started from nothing but came from a background full of experience and resources, education, and knowledge.

Firas is married for thirteen years and blessed with twin girls and two boys. He said, “my family is my top priority. I don’t get to spend as much time as I want with them, but I’m far better than before; I had to compromise a lot to spend more quality time with them at the start of my journey. But now, I’m

proud to say I’m a very committed husband and father. I’m also fortunate and well blessed to have my brother and our parents here. My sister also visits Dubai every six months, so we get to be complete. So yes, I’m a family man whose committed and close to my own small family, there being with my wife and kids as well as my brother, sister, and parents. In the end, Firas left his message and he said, “Cherish and value your family. That’s one side of the coin. The other side is to work hard, consistently grow and build a better future for them and yourself. Because that’s what brings meaning to one’s success; sharing your outcome with those you care about the most. That is the ultimate achievement you can ever succeed in life.



WHEN GLAMOUR WEARS the CROWN of a PRIVATE JET EMPIRE Founder & President of FLY BLACK Jets “SUMAN DESAI” Relishes the Challenges Offered for Being an EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR By Rizwan Zulfiqar Bhutta


magazine had a naturally persuasive personality and began learning how to combine that with sales. Being raised by my parents (mentors as well) who are both immigrants turned entrepreneurs, I grew a passion for sales by constantly watching their resilience and strength to overcome obstacles, watching them negotiate deals, and hearing them always thinking outside the box. Travel has also been a passion of mine growing up. Being only 24 years old, I feel that I have matured faster due to my exposure to different cultures, work environments, traveling internationally, and seeing how much my parents could achieve with such little resources. Living in America handed them the exact tools to be successful.


iving life with extravagance could be a lifestyle for some and some may see it as a dream only. But what better you could do if you already have a luxurious and glitzy life. Well, some people would want to make things even better. One such individual stepped into an industry that is dominated by men at 97%. The lone ranger took the initiative and decided to carry on without worrying about the odds. There has always been a woman who made breakthrough access in a novel business. This time it was the ravishing and stylish “Suman Desai”. Suman’s story is a story for every woman to read and gain inspiration. Such stories are not common and not everyone can express themselves nicely. Team Edgy took time out to ask Suman about her story and her experiences and we got some wonderful stuff for our readers.

MY DREAM COLLEGE WAS ALWAYS NYU, I was rejected after applying for two years in a row. Last year in January, I WAS CONTACTED TO SPEAK AT THE UNIVERSITY. FELT LIKE AN UNREAL 360 MOMENT.

She said “I leaped faith and began my career at another private jet firm 2 years ago. After 8 months in, Sami Belbase (My fiance) and I decided to start our firm, FlyBLACK, a private jet brokerage with over 3500 planes worldwide within our approved fleet, allowing us to fly in and out of any airport requested to any destination preferred.

Talking to Edgy about her professional journey, Suman Said, “I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. I would have never thought to find myself working in private aviation, let alone starting a company, FlyBLACK. After 5 years of working in luxury fashion/ sales, I knew I wanted more. I always


magazine At the beginning of my experience, I was told that women do not excel well in this industry as “men like to do business with men”... That didn’t infuriate me as you would think, instead, I used it as fuel. I researched the best aviation entrepreneurs, became familiar with their stories and learned from their mistakes, watched Ted Talks, and made it my goal to know every aspect of this industry inside and out; after all, knowledge is power. I have also been mentored by my Fiance/business partner, who has led two companies prior and been in the space for many years. Throughout our time working together, I found that I was bringing new perspectives that men simply may not be aware of or identify as a pain point. Now to find me among the 3% of female executives in the private aviation space inspires me to increase that statistic.” Suman added,“I have found that being confident in oneself and one’s capabilities is a powerful tool. In the beginning, I knew I had to work twice as hard to receive just half the credit, but I didn’t let that discourage me. It made me thrilled to see the projection of my work, credit received or not, I wasn’t looking for anyone’s approval which is why I find myself in this position. I enjoy hearing the word,“no”. It gives me a challenge, anything that comes easy isn’t good, and when you work towards a challenge or against a rebuttal it feels much better achieving it. She said, “I’ve often been told I’m too much, too opinionated, wear too much makeup, too dressed up, too loud, too crazy -- I guess being myself had led me in the right direction. Being in a male-dominated industry motivates me, even more, to be an example for women not only in aviation but more importantly, to motivate women to feel like they can be successful in any field they choose. It has been challenging as I had to work from the bottom up, and I was around men who were much


I KNEW I HAD TO WORK TWICE AS HARD TO RECEIVE JUST HALF THE CREDIT, but I didn’t let that discourage me. FEW WINS: • My dream college was always NYU, I was rejected after applying for two years in a row. Last year in January, I was contacted to speak at the university. Felt like an unreal 360 moment. • First Indian female to lead a major private jet company • Flying celebrities, artists, directors, high net worth individuals I have looked up to for years (Names cannot be disclosed due to privacy reasons) • Having one of the highest closing rates of the company • Hit revenue goals every month despite pandemic • Client cultivation via network • Having a perfect customer service satisfaction record • Developing the confidence to negotiate with multimillionaires • Strengthened my leadership abilities and training individuals who are older than me • Partnering with top brands and exclusive villas of the market”

magazine more experienced and knowledgeable than I was. I have never been shied to ask questions, it doesn’t make you any less intelligent by asking. The opposing person who is answering the question was once in your shoes as well. Walking the road less traveled may feel empty at times, it may be hard to have your girlfriends relate to your work dilemmas as opposed to there, or hard to relate to coworkers if all majority are males but if you stay true to your path and yourself it can lead to beautiful destinations. I was feeling “lonely” at first since I didn’t have anyone like me to relate to or work with, and then I trained my mind to see this as a good thing, It meant there wasn’t anyone necessarily like me and that was my power, strength, and what makes me stand out. I embrace it fully.”

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR WOMEN’S BUSINESSES not only in private aviation but as well as businesses in all industries Suman said, “The future is bright for women’s businesses not only in private aviation but as well as businesses in all industries. It all starts with awareness. For example, many people are aware of women working as flight attendants for airlines, but we must expand and show the opportunities that private aviation has to offer as well. Women bring a different thought process and skill set which differs from men. It’s important to remember that being different does not necessarily mean it is a weakness, yet just a strength that is applied differently.Women generally have such a large network and many are naturally persuasive. Using their skills and natural instinctual tactics can help them go very far in sales overall. I plan on using my resources and would even like to mentor women in regards to sales, negotiating, learning body language, and how to build a strong foundation.”




An exclusive interview with the multi-award winning group executive chef 44



ood has always been our first and forever love. And the one who brands good food holds heaven in his hand. Good food is for the foodie, and responsible is the chef. A chef musters up in winning hearts. Taste and talent both fit well with the traits of a great chef. Edgy magazine extracted one of the prodigious chefs, “Robert Rathbone”, and exchanged a few words with him. He shared his journey how he became a chef, and how his love for food emerged. Robert passionately told us that as an ambitious and driven individual with over thirteen years of international experience, he followed his love for food at a young age. Relocating from Nottingham to London and now to Dubai, saying yes to every opportunity, he has grown from a commis chef to the Group Executive Chef for Solutions Leisure. During my years in the F&B industry, his passion for excellence, determination to excel, and continual desire to push boundaries have seen him develop his ever-expanding knowledge and love of fine dining into all ranges of cuisine.

Edgy Team asked Robert how different it was to be a chef in comparison to other professions, is it true cooking It is more of a love affair for the chef than a job. He answered that working in a tough kitchen gives him all the adrenaline. He enjoys the challenge of putting himself across such a diverse portfolio of venues — from homegrown restaurants to internationally acclaimed, fine dining brands. He looks forward to growing with a fast-paced group that has ultimately changed the game in the F&B industry in Dubai.


magazine EACH CULTURE IS SO UNIQUE. The UK is home - it has an upmarket and inspiring dining scene, whilst DUBAI IS FAR MORE EXPERIMENTAL AND EXPLORATIVE

ALWAYS THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Find a career that you love every element of in a company that supports your growth. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN TO INSPIRATION. SAY “YES” TO EVERY OPPORTUNITY. CREATE THE MOMENTS, PEOPLE LIVE FOR.


Robert shared his likes about cultures of different countries. He says that each culture is so unique. The UK is home - it has an upmarket and inspiring dining scene, whilst Dubai is far more experimental and explorative. Kazan was an entirely new experience for him – he loved the country, the people, and the culture. It was fascinating to learn about the traditional culinary scene and bring back new skills to apply across my trade. But, at the end of the day, Dubai has my heart. He added that he met the owners of Kaz Beef at Gulf Food, and they named him “brand ambassador” last year ahead of their product launch in the UAE from Kazakstan.

Well, we are also eager to know what kind of person Robert is. He talks about himself that he is creative and tenacious in his sector. He is pretty outgoing and opinionated. He thinks that’s a key attribution to where he is today – He excels under pressure and thrives in a competitive, fast-paced environment, so working for a group as vast and dynamic as Solutions Leisure is my bread and butter. His family lives back in Nottingham, UK. He grew up in a pretty close-knit household, with his brother, sister, and Mum. His grandparents were around the corner, so he saw them often. It’s always good to get home.


Asking him about his views on multicultural lifestyle and living with people from various origins in one place. He replied that there’s no real reason to elaborate on this one. He is of the view that we are in the 21st century - everyone is equal, and there is never any place for discrimination. Dubai is as multi-cultural as it comes, and he is so grateful. for being exposed to such diverse cultures, lifestyles, and ways of living. His vision is that joining such a fantastic, driven and motivated group offers him the opportunity to grow and to push boundaries, developing his skillset to branch into a diverse portfolio of cuisines and dining styles. In his time with the group, he has learned a tremendous amount, from leadership skills across a major group to expanding on his cooking styles to bettering the brand menus at hand. Solutions Leisure has inspired his vision for the future. He wants to own his own hospitality company creating venues and concepts.

WORKING IN A TOUGH KITCHEN GIVES HIM ALL THE ADRENALINE. He enjoys the challenge of putting himself across such a diverse portfolio of venues

Telling about his future business plans and goals he said that he wants to continue his passion for developing unique, flavourful, and surprising menus, influenced through his life experience. He would love to own his own business one day – create an opportunity that showcases his flair for unique flavors while remaining uncompromised on quality and craftsmanship, and of course, brand. He is a bit of a designer snob – whilst he loves Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, etc. He’ll team it with basics from Zara and a good pair of sneakers. That is when he is not in his whites. Wrapping it here he dropped an artistic message to the readers, “Always think outside the box. Find a career that you love every element of in a company that supports your growth. Keep your eyes open to inspiration. Say “yes” to every opportunity. Create the moments, people live for.”




tyle is just one single word but it does have a million expressions. We do see a lot of people very diverse about their self-presentation, but some individuals create new editions of themself to showcase unique fashion characteristics. Girls are appealing if they are glamours but we must mention that elegance has a special set of audiences. Team Edgy came across one such elegant and classy girl “Arooba Sundas”. Sundas has a unique way of presenting herself and she is different concerning her professional aptitude, social engagement, and appearance than the other people we come across. Talking to Edgy in an interview, Arooba uttered her views and elucidated her unique characteristics. She said I do get a very inspiring reaction when they see the energy and the motivation from an individual with multitasking abilities and to be very honest I would like to be known as a fashion blogger as well as an entrepreneur because both of the fields has taught me in a way how to be a strong and ambitious woman. I begin my career in telecommunications as an


magazine ence the beauty and fashion industry with a highly engaging social media presence reaching over 150,000 ppl globally. I continued my journey from the marketing and fashion industry to the real estate market in Dubai. I like to create more fashion and beauty content as I do have my fashion brand and my major interests are in the Fashion and beauty industry. But I do a blog about lifestyle as well sometimes as I do go. Out and do campaigns with

“LIVING IN A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY may offer an individual the opportunity to enlarge cognitive thinking and one can gain knowledge of foreign languages”

operation executive a few years ago. Then I flew to AUS for my higher studies in computer sciences, while studying I got a job in the events management company, it was a renowned company in AUS and I started working there as an event manager. It was a great experience to work with different nationalities and learn about a different culture. Then I moved to Dubai a few years ago and got an opportunity in an international food chain called Dairy Queen as a marketing head. My experience includes a variety of marketing and advertising opportunities. I have been a fashion enthusiast and been observing very closely the fashion industry so I took a step further and opened up my online clothing brand named Vogue By Shimmers delivering globally in addition I am a social media influencer with over 3 years of experi-




magazine I believe that successful people can change the beliefs that longer serve them and take purposeful action daily. Advice from influencers is important. Followed by a huge audience, an influencer does have the experience and abilities to know the mood of a certain type of following. She referred to the online conversion of advice into sales. In the middle east, there are already just over 1500 mega social media influencers, the number increased in comparison to last year, because of the pandemic impact in 2020. As audience trusts the influencers more than the traditional advertising and brand. And in Arab countries, 75% of consumers buy from a brand or a service tested and mentioned by an influencer. And it’s not the same way in other markets. And in the middle east, the trend with influencer marketing is ranked as the most active and moving market. Arooba Sundas is an experienced Marketing Manager for Dairy Queen Grill and Chill. She has been actively performing in marketing and sales for over five years and coming up with innovations and ideas to boost sales and performance. Besides her marketing scores and achievements, She is a social media influencer, blogger, and vlogger, keeping 130K engaged with her content, style, ONE of fashion, and everyday life on Instagram.

DUBAI IS the most diverse and international CITIES IN THE WORLD which makes it truly a diverse place to live

She said Dubai is one of the most diverse and international cities in the world which makes it truly a diverse place to live. It can inspire creativity and drive innovation. Living in a multicultural society may offer an individual the opportunity to enlarge cognitive thinking and one can gain knowledge of foreign languages. Talking about her future vision she said “I trust my dreams and be the prisoner of nothing. I will use my private victory by trying to create values for others. The pursuit of excellence will determine the option. My mission in life to be the person that brings positive change and to inspire others to always reach for greatness. I am a very strong independent and career-oriented person and I Believe Local market knowledge and insight make a business more competitive and profitable. I am very ambitious and an excellent communicator. I like to chase my dreams and make them a reality. In my career of 7 years of practical life “Allhamdulliah”, I have achieved what I have a dream.”

As the quality of relationships rises, the quality of thinking improves, leading to an increase in the quality of relationships, creating a reinforcing engine of success. The ability to see solutions where others see only problems.








day spent is proportional to the hair you make. Good hair, good day. Bad hair, bad day. I have personally experienced my mood swings with the hairstyle I take for a day. And the vibe I have for all is the vibe I directly adapt from the hairstyle I make. The day I’m lethargic and sluggish, it seems like an everyday battle for me to break my mounted obstacle of stativity to get up and buckle myself up to get a good hairstyle done. But, I’m not here to talk about hairstyle, but hair. It’s such a crazy riddle for me to solve sometimes, whether I should keep my hair long or cut them to shoulders. I feel like being

they fall on my back and give me a SENSE OF CONFIDENCE. Feeling thelong strength daytexture while, but sadly I was the one with a pendulum between keeping hair and ofincident long hair isa another lengthy fall of hair on my back and or short. Sharing a hilarious spine. That period of year used to pass while I was sitting in the salon waiting feeling of SELF-LOVE” for my call, I received a phone call from my mother asking me to get back home without getting the cut. ASAP! Sigh! It was awkward but I felt content with my long hair later. A happy move for sure.

The dose of maintaining long hair is no less than a havoc job. Long hair is thought to require more maintenance than short hair. But it isn’t obvious of course, it varies from person to person taste. I used to face trouble while making my hairstyle in the morning for school, and then later in higher school. Summers used to spend like a “season of longing for opening my hair” at a casual

like longing for cutting my hair short.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like my hair. I love the way they fall on my back and give me a sense of confidence. Feeling the strength and texture of long hair is another feeling of self-love. You get watching the girls with those cute hairs falling on their shoulders with a catchy bounce used to intrigue me a lot to explore the beauty of yourself in the luster, fragrance, silkiness, and length of your hair. Back in 2017, I got a long wedge cut, it surprisingly turned out glamourous. I



started styling them up with front and keeping them open for most of the time. I got what I wanted. More comfy and easy to style. It made me look different among many other girls with long and average-length hair. That vibe was charmingly beautiful. Cute! But Yeah, days later I started missing making buns, long curls, in short, my long hair which I had no more.

“HAIR AND FASHION run parallel to each other. Good, healthy, and beautiful hair play an active role in KEEPING


It sounds like I’m so fond of long hair. Well, that’s true. But speaking of the public, people have their tastes, likes, and dislikes. Most prefer the girls and women with long hair over short hair. But short hair fanbase is no less. It has lifted its own distinguished, renowned, and alluring floor as well. It is all about self-love and attraction for the opposite gender at the same time. Asking men, most appreciate the girls and women with long hair. But every one out of five men thinks paradoxically, they think short hair goes better with girls as they give a symbol of extra charming, attractive, and independent women. It’s pretty easy to catch a girl’s neck and collarbone view, which adds spice to the look. They look cuter and way smarter. While four out of five men make debate in reasoning why girls should keep their hair long. We are familiar with the fact that opposite things attract each other. Men with long hair are like an illustration of pearls in the ocean. Men have always been an individual with masculine features. Short and sleek hair is one of them. In contrast to that, most men like women with longer hair. It seems like an element of good health and fertility in women. Men love the “WATCHING THE attraction, fraGIRLS with those grance, and luster cute hairs falling on of long healthy hair in women. their shoulders with a

catchy bounce used to




OPINIONS We conducted a survey and we had 78% of boys preferring shorter hair and 72% of girls prefer longer hairs. Below are some comments from the survey conducted in April 2021.

They feel attracted, rapid alarms of bodily closeness are noticeable. The women depict a more feminine vibe. Longer hairs or shorter hairs with a better finish, volume, and arrangement do attract men. Men most of the time get seduced only by a hair and a woman shall know this is her strongest tool which she does not have to reveal like her body. A woman thinks hairs are to be used smartly, for each situation you just need to adjust. It’s mandatory to keep the volume to walk along with fashion.

• Long hair, as a symbol of femininity and glamour. • Healthy and hair with volume appeals to me. Nice bouncy curls also catch my eye. • The benefits of long hair are that with a bit of creativity, you can have many different styles and you can look different from one style to the other and adapt to every occasion. • Long hair looks better on women as it gives more feminine vibe and is more attractive. Women look beautiful in long hair. • I love my Miss long hair. I don’t let her cut. I love the way they are. • Girls with short hair look different in gatherings and crowds. They can easily catch men’s attention by looking different from all other girls. They look cute. • When it comes to a choice between short or long hair, I would opt for Short hair because without a doubt it’s very attractive. • Girls must keep their hair long, while men must keep short hair. Call me old school, but simply long hair is for women, and short hair is for men. • Women with long hair look beautiful and there is no justification for it. • I like the ladies with long hair. Those girls who keep their hair long know how to seduce men and seek their attention without even a minimal effort • Hair can make or break a whole look...good hair can be an instant mood boost!

Hair and fashion run parallel to each other. Good, healthy, and beautiful hair play an active role in keeping fashion alive. Hairs have tremendously prevailed in the fashion world. To look good, and to look up to date, one must be conscious about his/her hair. The fashion world demands a group of people active and thoughtful in carrying fashion notion. Women who are more inclined and focused on their haircare, hair length. and hair cut to walk arm in arm with the fashion world. We simply can’t segregate the hair from fashion. They have covalently entangled with each other. Girls do whatever you love to. Style up yourself the way you feel more confident and beautiful. The kingdom will be all yours. Cheers!



SALIL ACHARYA DOMINANT at the ENTIRE DEXTERITIES The resultant Indian artist has celestial compassion towards the art of acting and presentation By Bushra Haider


talented and skilled person can no doubt win the hearts pretty quickly. The actor who doesn’t entrap himself within his niche pushes his boundaries and keeps himself engaged at multiple other places. It is a trait of a good artist that he keeps himself an ever-green star in the public eye.

A handsome, masculine, and sensational Indian actor, VJ, and radio jockey, and television host, ‘Salil Acharya’ is a sensation not for Indians only, but a big squad internationally also swirls by his name. Salil by his remarkable talent and tireless efforts made Bollywood debut in Mohit Suri’s 2007 film “Awarapan. He is also a radio jockey for Radio City 91.1in India, a film critic for BBC Asian Network, and a VJ at B4U.


magazine Then he went back to radio in 2010, and continued with B4U as a VJ, and became part of the blockbuster movie “Ashique2”. He said things have continued at a super pace. He has been making digital content with his production company for the last 5 years and podcasting with Spotify lately. So, work has been great despite the pandemic in recent times. Talking about modern-day challenges the actor Said, These days it’s almost impossible to stay relevant for long periods given how fast digital media is consumed and the varying ages of the audiences. Just like it was in 2004, he made his debut in a serial. He was found pretty confident to mention that when he made his debut, some of the most active listenerships of Spotify between 13-18 were not even born by that time. He is of the view that one can’t work with that perspective, that’s pretty impossible. Beautifully encouraging and emphasizing on doing something of one’s interests, he wonderfully motivated that one has to do the things that excite or ignites him, or doing things one feels

“BLENDED CULTURE always adds flavor to the artist. It compels him to see more, seeks more, experience more, and at the same time, have a variety of case studies, offers the artist a more accepting audience which is beneficial, no doubt”

Edgy magazine exchanged a few words with Acharya as the skilled artist shared his journey with us where he started by highlighting it as an already long journey of nearly 20 years. He started from the radio as a radio jockey in Mumba in 2002, went on to modeling where we won “India’s hottest man” title through AXN. He took it to the most-watched Indian television serials “Ye meri life hai”, “kasauti zindagi ki” and “kyunki saas bhe kabhi bahu thi”. He did all the popular shows for years and then made his foray into Bollywood with “Awaarapan”-his debut winning movie, continued with television side by side.





he can sustain over a while. Long story short, be self-confident and if you going to produce quality content, the audience will be seen taking interest and keeping it in good lists as for sure.

“THERE IS NO LIMIT TO CREATING ART, and region, especially now with the digital age, it’s all become one BIG WORLD”

Acharya mentioned that Indians do have great patience, which is very essential for an artist because every artist makes mistakes. Some content is great, while some are more of average. Indians store immense love for artists in their hearts. They allow them to make mistakes and grow which is the elixir for an artist. Acharya thinks that blended culture always adds flavor to the artist. It compels him to see more, seeks more, experience more, and at the same time, have a variety of case studies, offers the artist a more accepting audience which is beneficial, no doubt. Acharya claimed it as the ultimate form of expression and vulnerability, and he has always wanted to be a part of this whole process. It allows a person to be part of magical characters that come alive on screen and transport the audiences into this magical world. He powerfully presented his idea that he thinks his way of performance has always

been a little larger than life, whether on screen, on stage, behind the mike, or anywhere. He thinks what made him unique is being involved in so many things simultaneously, so he step in and out of characters all the time, and also it made him super comfortable in front of the camera no matter what time of day, location, or whoever there is. There is no limit to creating art, and region, especially now with the digital age, it’s all become one big world.

He said that showbiz is now completely global. Today, you can sit in the Arctic and watch TV shows on the Internet, and people in Ecuador can watch and enjoy it. For many Asian artists, especially during the pandemic, it has become a treasure of gold. It became the center or hub of global sporting events attended by Indian celebrities from Bollywood and sports circles. Acharya calls himself a “cut” guy. He masterfully spoke in the interview says: It all started with Zara ten years ago and then went to Gucci, the owner of Hugo. I’m fond of wearing nice shoes and I’m more like a semi-formal man. My watch remains unchanged. Time (Apple) But everything around me is

constantly changing, and as I grow more muscular in the gym, I have to sew most of the custom Acharya has always been a big fan of electronics; Skazi Asterix keeps his rhythm going and helps him when he is working out, which is his greatest stressbuster, reading, and workouts with music any time of the day. Today it is the most important part of a public figure’s work – social responsibility spreading awareness, being responsible, having a voice, and not just being fence-sitters. If you don’t agree with popular narratives, then always make informed posts on your social media or through any medium. This is how we owe the millions or thousands of followers, friends, and fans that we have. The way Acharya is found protective and loving about his family and the way he owns it is truly irreplaceable. For him his son, daughter, and wife, and dogs are everything. He accepted them as his happy space and can’t do anything without them. He doesn’t make a lot of friends to keep his circle short and precise so that he would spend most o his time with family. The great Indian media industry figure, Salil Acharya’s tireless efforts made it to the place where he stands today. He has successfully inspired his fans and followers.





Who does not love to travel the world? Traveler retains the oceans of exposure, experience, knowledge, colors, and lights of the places he visits within his entity. Where ever a person moves on the Earth he returns with a suitcase filled with pebbles, memories, breeze, and sounds of the views and locations. Just like that, a devoted and passionate traveler, Avi Goldstein, 29 years old adult is far ..about exploring and excavating places. He loves mingling with new cultures and getting to know about them. His hunger for exploring new places, and knowing new cultures keeps him on wheels and in the air. His unending rides ad adventures have given a world to his social media followers like his Instagram family. In an interview with Edgy magazine, Avi shared his journey how traveling became his passion and interest. He


told that when he began traveling the world, it all started as a hobby but later it became an addiction, and now it is his lifestyle. Since then he has traveled but now it is what I do and I am good an average of 25 days each month, 320 at it. It is what I adore the most while trips to 91 countries and unrecognized traveling. I win other people’s hearts territories and the journey continues. He by being very open-minded, humble, travels to relish and educate himself, to accepting, forgiving, and trying to express meet people from every origin, around goodness. I prefer to live in a blended the globe. Meeting all kinds of people culture. It causes people is very stimulating and to be more loving and amusing, especially when EVEN IF WE compliant. Besides, it’s you don’t speak their lanDON’T SPEAK always good to learn guage. Sharing the aims THE SAME new things.” he mentioned that his goal is to visit all counLANGUAGE, Avi has staunch affectries in the world while we can always meeting many people tion for traveling. He communicate with justifies his love for the and spreading the word the “LANGUAGE journey by adding that of peace. OF THE HEART’’ the best stories are writElaborating his views he ten on the pages of his said, he continued to like passport. Yes, he does it more with each trip, and to be honest, have many unbelievable stories to tell, but he is too busy collecting more. One this is a life he felt most happy living. day he will share them with his children He said “In the beginning, it was really and the next generation. hard to blend in and mingle with people,

magazine He says that in the middle eastern countries and the Arabs, they are not shy to be kind or loving. While in western countries, it might be a sign of weakness. Praising Israeli culture Avi said, “Our culture is beautiful, the people and nation are very caring for each other and are always united. I love it. I also want to shatter all stereotypes. I am from the Jewish ultra-orthodox community, having Seven siblings but I want to carry my way of living and inspire others. I am the kind of human being, who wants to share and spread love. A kind of a peacekeeper.”

AVI DOES HAVE MANY UNBELIEVABLE STORIES TO TELL, BUT HE IS TOO BUSY COLLECTING MORE. One day he will share them with his children and the next generation. Avi encourages people by highlighting his views, he said “Don’t believe what they say, go see it for yourself. I have sown a seed of interest and love for traveling in the hearts of people. He has set an example that one has to live to his fullest before it’s too late.”

Avi is of the view that the similarities are, we all are humans. Even if we don’t speak the same language, we can always communicate with the “language of the heart”. No matter where you come from or what language you speak, you will always know the meaning of a smile or a hug. We all have good intentions, just sometimes it might be hard to see it in others. His vision of peace is that one day our passports will be in our hearts and not paper booklets with names of countries. He hopes that one day we will be judged by our deeds and intentions and not where we come from. Avi thinks that the lack of cultural respect for each other in various societies is because we are scared of the unknown.



AVI GOLD HAS TRAVELED TO THE FOLLOWING DESTINATIONS DURING HIS 11 YEARS OF VOYAGE. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Turkey Egypt Greece Azerbaijan Iceland Germany Italy Switzerland Canada France Andorra Spain Ukraine Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina 16. Scotland


17. Poland 18. Czech Republic 19. Kazakhstan 20. United States of America 21. United Arab Emirates 22. England 23. Jordan 24. Philippines 25. Hong Kong 26. Singapore 27. Romania 28. Monaco 29. Estonia

30. Liechtenstein 31. Sint Maarten 32. Antigua and Barbuda 33. Maldives 34. Sri Lanka 35. Lithuania 36. Cyprus 37. Norway 38. Austria 39. Slovakia 40. Morocco 41. Latvia 42. Sweden 43. Denmark 44. Kyrgyzstan 45. Saint Martin

46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59.

The Vatican San Marino Gibraltar Ethiopia Portugal South Africa Croatia Georgia Montenegro Hungary Slovenia Malta Ireland Saint Kitts and Nevis 60. Belgium 61. Netherlands

62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76.

Barbados Qatar Bulgaria Thailand Northern Cyprus Saint Lucia Oman Russia Dominican Republic Mexico Malaysia Macedonia Kosovo Albania India

77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91.

Iraq Puerto Rico Luxembourg Northern Ireland Bahrain Kuwait Saudi Arabia Cayman Islands Bahamas Jamaica Wales Finland Belarus Sudan Israel





HANNAH CARLSON is Gratified of Her Virtues

FIFTH BULL founder wants her legacy to shine rather than have a greater online following By Jane Stevens


magazine Hannah Carlson 26, was hit by a bull in Pamplona Spain July 12th, 2014. She probably named her company after this incident and name it “Fifith Bull” a Creative Agency alongside its sister company which curates National Events. She started her creative agency company in 2018, she knew she had a passion for connecting people and being a creative source for those who didn’t have an eye for all things that would push their brands further. She did freelance jobs as a production assistant, event assistant, publication assistant, personal assistant, etc. and finally decided I wanted to be the source for those services.

When asked if she considers herself an influencer more or a businesswoman, she said, “I wouldn’t say my following is surprising to people, especially in the tech era we live in. Typically the surprise is if you don’t have a social media following, but provide services in the marketing world. “Practice what you preach” is a great phrase to live through. To be completely honest, I would rather let my legacy shine than my following. At the end of the day, we leave behind a memory. No one is going to remember the ‘X’ amount of followers, or what you posted 4 days ago, they will remember your impact on the world and the people served.”


nline Media is considered the mainstream reflection of your work or personal life. It is accepted that you should be strong to stand out enough to be noticed by your adherents and followers. Be that as it may, some influencers neglect to live inside the moral rules and go past the social space of their community orders. Among these, some fine people help you regularize the process to do it professionally so that you do not end up doing silly things online. More important is for business and influecers, public figures to be able to communicate and understand each other for greater benefits both ways.

“Hannah Carlson” the founder of Fifth Bull Agency and Co-founder of Experience Events is an elegant, pleasant, and progressive individual. She is working in and between America and Dubai. Solving puzzles of modern-day affiliate marketing, events and helps businesses gain more through her strategies. She is not only a businesswoman but a slick and engaging social media personality. Hannah is the genuine portrayal of present-day youthful entrepreneurs who are never shy of influencing others. Team edgy managed to get in touch with her and discuss her views on various subjects.


magazine Anwering multiculturalism she said, “I love this question. I think multiculturalism is a great way to help closed-minded people become more open and aware that the world does not revolve around them. It gives us a chance to create a unified world and at least become more considerate. We can easily find differences and pick out flaws in others, but once you come face to face with someone and you hear their soul, you can learn something new.

About the future, she said, “I have no idea what the future holds for myself or anyone else. In a general sense, the world is of course not cared after well by us. We are a pollutant species by default, our waters, our atmosphere, it’s not the best. But it’s not the worst either, it’s a beautiful world we live in and we see it on a daily basis, through the creation of life, smiles, traveling, and experiencing different cultures. What I seek from life is clarity to the overarching question, why was I brought here? I seek to find my purpose in the world and make sure I have done my duty serving those around me. Success in my eyes is the impact you have left in the world. By triumph but also a failure, how many times have you gotten back up? How many times did you question what you were doing? How many times did you have to go against others and remind yourself you are bigger and better than any person who goes against your dreams. Being faithful to what you are called to do is to become successful. Publically, we are pushing growth in the US and abroad in Dubai. The ideal plan is to monetize the company and grow to a point of preservation. We are looking for creatives in the UAE and the USA to work with monthly.”


I think New York is a good example as well. If you know New York and it’s full of blended communities of Indian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Asian, and Caucasian’s. It all started in the 19th century when immigrants came for a better life. New York is commonly known as the “melting pot” of the world for its many ethnicities that reside there. I love the fact that Americans have freedom to do what they want. They have the ability to start a passion project at will and work out of the homes with no backlash or surveillance by their government.” Talking about the influencer industry she said, “Unfortunately, influencers have more power than they know. Everyone’s an influencer, you influence your friends by saying “I don’t like this, I like that”. Once that voice is taken to a larger broader audience, it is harder to control what you say and not get pressured into doing things you as a person do not know is right or wrong. This next-generation we can see, especially in America as greatly impacted by the Kylie Jenners of the world. The makeup, the hair, the nails, every 14 years old have acrylic nails and wingtip

I have lived in a blended community before. I wouldn’t say it is easier to live with but I will say it is important to remember, if the majority of people are from a religious background or culture, you need to respect their lifestyle and choices as much as you want them to respect yours. The biggest multiculturalism I have seen in Dubai is at The Dubai Mall. You can see Muslim women wearing hijabs and Muslim men wearing thobes and ghutra’s, standard Islamic culture attire. But you also see plenty of tourists wearing low-cut tops and dresses, plenty of skin shown. This is a great example of multiculturalism where there is no pressure to abide by a culture’s rules, although it is appreciated, it is not necessarily practiced.


eyeliner in America. When I was 14, I didn’t even have a cell phone and was lucky enough to get to use clear mascara. The internet is a trend and the voices on there are moving the next generation into a leadership role where I fear they may not be as successful as they seem on their accounts. Concerning her lifestyle and how she is as a person Hannad Said, “My lifestyle is very different compared to other American women I would say. At my age, the majority of women are already married with their second baby on the

way. I chose to travel, to embrace life, to live freely and carelessly while building an empire. I work out daily, I love my partner endlessly, I express creativity through art. Brands and trends are centered around the companies I work with. CBD is a huge product trend right now in the US and Canada. It is pretty fun to follow and see how people choose to be educated in that industry especially in a world full of stress and anxiety. If luxury traveling is considered a trend then I am all for that as my favorite! I am an introvert at heart, I am not a loud person, I have a very small group of friends. I love helping people. I am a romantic, I cry at videos of dogs reunited with owners and military spouses greeted in airports. I am tough but soft, determined yet patient. I am a mixed breed!”







he Arabic attire Abaya is an ankle-length robe similar to kaftan or long tunic. It is believed that this robe has existed more than 4,000 years before. The history of abaya might be vague and unclear but it goes back to ancient civilization when women used to wear loosely fitted garments. Afterward, the religion of Islam came into existence and brought up the idea of modest clothing for women. Gradually the conventional and traditional attire turned into a fashion statement.

In the present era, the abaya is not just the heavy black robe; rather it comes

in many shapes, forms, designs, and can be a luxury item if anyone desires to have a catchy and distinct design styles. Brands from Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi for formal events. In Gulf countries, Arabia, and from all around the world have taken the abaya clothing line by mainly in GCC states abaya is no more a tradition rather you can storm. Since the beginsee a silent competition ning of 2000 couturier The arabic attire among women wearing starts playing with fashion techniques. Now the new ABAYA EXISTED the best abaya with trendy couture ideas have created cuts and ideas. Women at more than a phenomenal piece of weddings prefer to wear inspiration that has taken embroidery abaya with 4,000 YEARS this industry to a new level. up-to-the-minute styles. BEFORE The best thing about this Weddings, formal events fashion is that it varies to special gatherings to for every kind of people. Those who important meetings in the Arab Gulf can’t afford it can go for affordable region women have to walk and balance prices. Many women wish for simple their modesty and keep up the fashion designs and plain fabric. Conversely, it altogether.




linen, jersey, satin, silk, and georgette. The prices vary on the weight and quality of that fabric and the embroidery, stones that are used in. I remember while choosing abaya for the first time for myself. Apart from all embroidered looks I wanted the fabric to be light and soft. I opt for modern designs while keeping the classy appearance in mind. I knew that carrying an abaya with elegancy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people struggle and don’t want to put on two pieces of clothing at one time. But where I see I found Abaya much more comfortable. I feel Abaya gives you space where you can walk around any way you want. It sounds weird but a meter garment gives me the liberty to sit, stand or walk around without any hesitation.

Photos courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

attention. Designers have been experAbaya sometimes called “abba” doesn’t imenting with colors, fabrics, shapes, only differ among people but also varies and designs. Abaya itself a complete among countries. Every country’s designers attach tradition and culture to their outfit, you need nothing else with it. outfits. Abaya in UAE will reflect their fashion and You will find an abaya as Luxury brands styles, while in Morocco low as $16 however a luxdifferent trends will be in such as DOLCE & urious abaya was priced at the exhibition. The cost of a GABBANA have $16million. regular abaya starts from There has been still a mis- their special abaya 200 to 500 dirham while a modern gown ranges understanding regarding line from 1000 to onward. A this attire as often people branded designer as long link this with religious maxi’s, gowns, kaftans are more admired conviction. Contrarily in the Midin young girls. In every season the fabric dle East abaya is no more a religious of the abaya varies. Women living in hot garment. There is an entire industry countries prefer the cool fabric. Fabrirising for abaya and modest fashion. cation is the most indispensable part However, the abaya is not just appealwhile choosing an abaya. The essential ing to the orthodox Muslims rather abaya fabric revolves around Chiffon, it’s enchanting the whole world’s




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