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Paal Tonne ‘12

S u mmer 2012

‘It’s Bittersweet’

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It’s Bigger Than a Game In a display that speaks volumes about the values of each institution, the Eagles gather with Wheaton College (Ill.) after the Eagles’ NCAA Tournament second-round loss. Please see the story on page 26. Photo: Kathy M. Helgeson/UWRF Communications

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An Increasing Commitment to Recycled Paper A commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability resonates deeply at the College, a legacy begun by the native people who first cared for this very special 55-acre campus on the shore of Lake Wingra. The College is honored to be part of the legacy of sustainability that we inherit. With the publication of this edition, we’re taking additional steps to try to be good stewards of the environment. The symbol above corresponds to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international, nonprofit, membership-based organization that brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by poor forestry practices and to reward good forest management.


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Where the Search Takes You… We’ve been talking a lot about the Search for Truth on campus this year, and it can be pretty interesting to see where that search can lead. In our remarkable cover story, a very recent grad shares his insight, and inspiration, on an international incident that was marked by extreme violence. Importantly, that incident (which is still playing out in the courtroom as we print this edition) gave rise to a response that is both humane and human.

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You’ll also read about students whose search led them to Mexico to deeply examine some of the human impact and human cost of the immigration questions we face in the United States. While the experience, one student says, has been especially powerful and life-changing, it’s “also a burden because there is no way I can pretend to be naive about the suffering of others.” And you’ll see how a new program on campus is shaping the future of some Madison-area students just beginning their search for truth. LEAP 2 College gets young learners thinking ahead to the day when they’ll continue their educations – either here or elsewhere. So please, let us hear from you, and share the story of where the search has led you. When you do, you’re telling future generations how much you love this place where the Dominican Tradition of study, reflection, and action moves from words on a page to lives of leadership and service. Send us your news at, or give us a call at 608.663.2245. It’s great to stay connected to the community of Edgewood College.

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Paa l Tonne, ’ 1 2 g radu ate d Mag na Cum L aude i n May w it h a B S i n Graphi c D es i g n . He’s a ls o a publishe d photog rapher, but he c a l ls t hat “ bitters we et.” C ont i nue re ad i ng and you’ l l k now w hy.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

By Gabr i el l e Bur ns, photo g raphy by Paa l Tonne ‘1 2



summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

he native of Oslo, Norway has spent the past several breaks between semesters working at Oslo University Hospital as a security guard. He describes the work as pretty routine, locking up doors, checking to be sure buildings are as they should be, and meeting “med-flight” helicopters on the roof of the hospital when they land. On Friday July 22, 2011, Tonne arrived to work at 3:00 pm for his shift. Twenty minutes into his shift, he and a colleague went outside to check out some minor damage to a hospital vehicle. While outdoors, they heard a loud booming noise. “We thought ‘thunder’ and we looked up. It was gray clouds, not raining, so we thought it couldn’t have been thunder,” he says. “We didn’t think about it too much, though. We looked at the car, then went back inside.” That wasn’t the end of it – it was just the start. “While we’re sitting there we noticed all these ambulances leaving the hospital. Again, we didn’t really think of it because it’s pretty common to hear a lot of sirens when you work at a hospital, but it was more than usual. So we checked an online news site, and it said, ‘Explosion Downtown Oslo.’ Everything else on the website was cleaned out - it was just that one line and then it just said it would be updated.”

More sirens, and more emergency vehicles passed the hospital. Tonne then headed for the emergency room – part of his role in the pre-planned Catastrophic Contingency for the hospital. “It was our job to call in more personnel and alert the other units. After that it was my job to stand outside and make sure the press didn’t go into the ER, and to make sure they didn’t take pictures of injured people that came in. We started getting more and more guards from other hospitals and that’s when we actually heard that it was a bomb that had gone off.” While driving a security vehicle, checking to be sure hospital staff stayed in communication with one another, he was told to report to the Security Office - immediately. The bomb blasts downtown were apparently a diversion for something even worse. “I pulled in and one of my superiors took me aside and said, ‘This is off the record but the guy shooting is killing our people and is dressed as a police officer. We need to distribute whatever we have of flak jackets, bullet-proof vests and so on.’” Police had informed hospital security that they should anticipate more victims, and that the hospital itself was now considered a possible target of attack.



“The first report of the shooting on the island (Utøya) came at about 5:50 pm, about two hours after the bomb went off,” Tonne remembers. “It took police a long time to go there (to the island) because as the bomb went off, every police department in the surrounding area came into Oslo while the shooter drove in the opposite direction.” It was the experience of receiving victims on the roof of the hospital that has stayed with him most.

“I’ve taken in hundreds of choppers so I’ve seen my fair share of traffic accidents, gunshot wounds, and stuff like that but this was just so much at once. And they were all kids too.” He wasn’t the only professional shaken by the enormity of the crime. “The first chopper came in, landed, then the pilot came out and just shook his head. I had never seen that before and these pilots have seen the worst. We helped take a little

As a photographer, Tonne carries his camera with him everywhere he goes – in case an opportunity comes up. So the night of the terror attacks, his camera was with him, and he was able to capture some of what it was like to be there that night. “When I was on the helipad waiting for the last chopper, we had a bit of a wait, we had been sitting there and while sitting there, there was this one image I couldn’t get out of my head. So finally I told one of the guys I work with, who was bringing up food, to bring my camera up as well. I asked if the orderlies minded if I took the picture and they said I could. So I took the image along with the Prime Minister arriving to get an assessment from the medical personnel at the hospital. The one of the orderly’s took me a long time to put up because it was so special to me because it was the one image that wasn’t blurry throughout the whole night since I sat there for so long.”

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

“Around 7:00 pm, they said that we were getting the first chopper from the island and I went to the helipad since we have to be there when the choppers come in. The first chopper arrives and the pilot tells me that there’s going to be more coming but he’s not sure when they’ll start arriving,” Tonne said.

girl, about thirteen years old, and she was not only young, but pretty short as well. The stretcher that they had her on was too big, which was the first thing I noticed, and she had been shot in the head. I had never seen the chopper pilots come out and shake their heads. Usually they come out and wave their hands. I told one of the pilots I had been receiving text messages that there were about twenty to twenty-five people shot. He replied right off the bat that ‘you could at least triple that.’”



summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Tonne went home the next morning to rest for a few hours, then returned to the hospital. On Sunday, he attended the memorial service downtown, and again received a call to come back to work. Shortly after leaving work he packed his bags to return to Edgewood College, going from the high-intensity of a terror attack that captured the world’s attention, to the relative calm of the Madison area.

“I finally posted it on Flickr® and about two days later, the editor of the book titled 22.07.11. From Hatred To Love. The Events That Changed Norway contacted me and said that they wanted pictures that hadn’t been seen in the media for the book. They asked if they could use my pictures. It’s my first publication in hardcopy, and it’s bittersweet to say the least.” In the wake of the violence, the response from the people of Norway has been one of both community, and compassion.

“After that night the first time I sat down and thought about it was when I had a layover in London for a few hours,” he remembers. “That’s when the images and events started coming back. I ended up sitting down at a restaurant with a notebook I just bought, and just wrote down everything I could remember from when I walked in the door till I came back here.”

“One of the survivors from the island, Stine Renate Haheim, made a statement to CNN the following day. She said that ‘if one man can show so much hatred, imagine how much love the rest of us can show together.’ And that kind of became the way

“T he y wante d pic tures t hat ha d n’t b e en s e en i n t he me d i a for t he b o ok. T he y aske d if t he y cou l d us e my pi c tures . It’s my f i rst publi c at i on i n hard copy, and

it’s bittersweet to say the least


Page 4: Waiting Page 6: (L to R) During Service, Blood Donors, Medivac, Flowers Outside the Cathedral Page 8: ( L to R) Today’s News, Flowers and Gun, Police Gathering Evidence Downtown II, Paal and fiancé Ashley Lienhardt, a student at UW-Madison, at this year’s ADDY Awards. Paal was honored with three silver ADDYs and one gold for his photography.



that we were to handle this situation,” Tonne said. And as the trial of the accused got underway, not quite a year after a terrible Friday in July, there was another reminder about the strength of shared humanity.

“It was not about ‘pay-back,’” Tonne said. “It was about how are we going to show this person that he’s wrong in a peaceful and humane way?”

Gabrielle Burns is a senior at the College, and is majoring in art.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

“The trial started early May, this year, he had three days to make his statement,” Toone said. “One of the things he said was the song ‘Children of the Rainbow’ (a song from the 1970’s) was the epitome of Marxist indoctrination. And what happened, the day after he said this, forty-thousand people gathered in a square, close to where the bomb went off, which is also near the courthouse, forty-thousand people gathered in the rain and sang this song so loud, they could hear it in the courtroom.”

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atravesando fronteras By Va l e r ie Wasza k


tudents taking the College’s “Bridging Borders” class have a chance not many young adults get – a first-hand opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the lives of Mexican immigrants. The goal of the course is to explore relationships between Wisconsin and Mexico in order to better understand Mexican immigrant experiences, according to instructor Dr. Julie Whitaker, associate professor of sociology. Students study the root causes of immigration to the U.S. and to Mexico, as well as the rhetoric, cultural practices and public policies that have built physical and symbolic walls between the two countries. They also explore how individuals and groups have sought to bridge cultures, improve living conditions in Mexico and advocate for the human rights of Mexican immigrants in the U.S.

During the course students meet with Mexican immigrants and learn about their lives in their native country. As a result, “Students are less likely to see immigrants as ‘others,’ thus promoting their concern for hostility toward immigrants, promoting empathy for the plight of immigrants and hopefully leading them to make more ethical decisions in their professional and personal lives,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker said the Mexican farm laborers traveled to the U.S. in search of jobs because policy changes enacted in the 1990s (the North American Free Trade Agreement in particular) impoverished many small communities in Mexico. The larger dairy farmers choose to hire Mexican workers because they found it difficult to recruit and retain U.S. citizens for the lowpaying jobs with difficult working conditions. During a trip to central Mexico during winter break, students visited two small communities that were home to many of the immigrant workers they met during the classroom phase of the course. “The purpose of the visit was to give students a better understanding of what the immigrants’ lives were like in Mexico,” she said. “Students could actually see that there are no stores, restaurants or hotels, and visit a community of indigenous people who live from hand to mouth without indoor plumbing and many who speak an indigenous language, not Spanish.” While vising these communities students showed a film they created about residents who are now working on Wisconsin dairy farms. Sarah Hawkins-Podboy was able to observe the audience as they watched the film. “Their faces lit up with joy when their

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

“Bridging Borders” is a sociology course in the Social Science Department. The class is part of the COR General Education curriculum at Edgewood College, a set of three experiences in which students explore how their own interests, commitments, and gifts intersect with the needs and opportunities of the world.

This year, students focused on an enterprise that some may think is an unlikely source of a strong relationship between Wisconsin and Mexico - dairy farms. According to Whitaker, forty percent of the workers on Wisconsin dairy farms are immigrant workers and most of the immigrant workers are from Mexico.



loved one came on the screen and my eyes filled with tears,” she said. “It just shocked me how easily I had come to visit them when they had no possibility of visiting their husbands or sons in Wisconsin. It is one of those things I just could not hold in. The utter absurdity of it hit me like a wall in that instant.”

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Students also spent time at a home for girls aged five to 14, called “La Casa de Buen Pastor” or “The House of the Good Shepherd.” According to Whitaker, it provides a stable, safe environment for about 60 girls whose families can’t afford to feed them every day of the week. Edgewood College students helped them with their homework and played games and just spent time with them. The group attended an outdoor mass with about 600 residents who Whitaker believes had never seen people who look so different than they do. The mass was delivered in Nahuatl, the area’s indigenous language, by a Dominican priest. Whitaker was overcome with emotion by how welcoming the previously surprised and apprehensive parishioners were following what she surmises were the priest’s introduction and words of welcome. Bailey Kaiser (who graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2012, a double-major in Spanish and Sociology) was also moved by the reception the group received. “We had the incredible privilege to be welcomed in by the community. I felt completely undeserving of their kindness. They didn’t know us and had every right to dislike us. We as U.S. citizens represent a country who has contributed to the poverty

and joblessness that tears these small communities and families apart,” she reflected. Also while on the trip students learned about area organic farming cooperatives and the work of a human rights organization called “Los Centros de Los Libres” or “The Center for Women’s Freedom.” They also spent time getting to know a group of students attending the University of Guanajuato. The course was particularly meaningful for Fatima Segura Ibarra, a sophomore who lived in Mexico until she was eight years old. “It was very exciting for me to learn more about the country where I once lived,” she said. “I love helping people because I believe in change. I would love to go back to Mexico, especially to the indigenous communities to offer my services and help them out.” She added, “I really enjoyed being a translator during the trip because I felt helpful and it reminded me of when I first arrived in the U.S. Not being able to understand or speak the language is a horrible feeling. I was glad to help and let my peers know what was going on so they could feel part of the conversation and not feel left out.” For Kaiser, her roots too gave special meaning to the course. Raised in a small dairy farming community in Wisconsin, Kaiser said the course related to her community’s experiences after an increase in the immigrant population. “There was tension, a

“To me, ‘bridging borders’ is when someone makes a


purposeful effort to understand another culture or worldview and another’s you are able to take down the borders that have kept your two cultures separate.”


group of people. By bridging the gap between your own

- S  arah Hawkins-Podboy, a junior majoring in psychology with a human services concentration and minoring in Latin American and religious studies.

language gap and general cultural misunderstandings,” she said. “Many people fail to look at the larger picture of immigration and why people are forced to leave their home country to find work. This class focused on gaining an understanding of the circumstances people are under based largely on trade agreements that bind our countries together. This has had an enormous effect on immigrant populations, which has affected small communities much like the one I grew up in.”

A recent graduate with a degree in Sociology and Spanish, Kaiser envisions herself working for immigrant advocacy organizations. Likewise, Hawkins-Podboy, a junior majoring in psychology with a human services concentration and minoring in Latin American and religious studies, would like to return to Mexico and work with the girls’ home and human rights organization the students visited during the trip. Page 10: Alma Mantes, University of Guanajuato (left), Julie Whitaker Page 13: ( T to B) Sarah Hawkins-Podboy in a quiet moment at lunch, Fatima Seguna Ibarra and a new friend, Bailey Kaiser ‘12

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Kaiser said that as a result of the course she feels empowered to make educated decisions about how she votes, given how our nation’s politics affect other countries. She also believes she can combat racial prejudice. However, she added that the knowledge she gained “is also a burden because there is no way I can pretend to be naive about the suffering of others and I have a better understanding of the privileges I did not earn, but were simply born with by being a U.S. citizen.”

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine





c o lle B y A l is on O’ Br i en, LEAP 2 C ol lege

Pro g ram C o ordi nator & Mara James, Ame r i C or ps*VISTA


uring the 2011-2012 academic year, Edgewood College embarked on a new partnership with the Lussier Community Education Center (LCEC) in Madison. Over the last two years, the College and the LCEC have worked together to promote college access in the Madison community through the support of a Wisconsin Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA grant. In order to better provide the youth at the LCEC with the opportunity to jump-start their journey toward college, the LEAP 2 College program was created.


lle g e


LEAP 2 College is a college prep program for elementary and middle school students, grades 2-8. Participants in the program develop skills in leadership, education, arts, and play through exploration – the four components that make up the “LEAP” in LEAP 2 College. The program is based on UW-Madison’s PEOPLE Prep Program, which includes after-school tutoring and mentoring components. The program is supported by funding from the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation and made possible through the Wisconsin College Access Challenge Grant. Stephanie Smith, an AmeriCorps volunteer at the LCEC, says “LEAP gives the neighborhood youth a safe space to come together to get help on homework, discuss goals, and make plans for the future. Since the majority of youth in the program are ‘at-risk’ youth, LEAP 2 College provides consistent and positive academic support and mentorship benefitting the youth by increasing their networks of support.” The Edgewood College community has embraced this opportunity to spread its commitment to community and justice through education. Ross Matters is a sophomore, majoring in Political Science and Economics. He volunteers with the program both as a tutor and a mentor. The Peshtigo, Wisconsin native says, “If you’re lucky enough to be here (at Edgewood College), you should be willing to give something back and help others to have the same opportunity. I think it’s important. Education opens up a lot of doors, so if you can teach kids from a young age that this is important, to get good grades, you want to be here later – that’s a big deal.”

In addition to more traditional tutoring, Edgewood College students volunteer to serve as mentors for the 21 young students enrolled in the program. These mentors act as pen pals over the year, and help introduce the young people to college life during Edgewood College Campus visits. One of those volunteer

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Edgewood College students volunteer to work with students at the LCEC twice a week, offering homework help and academic enrichment activities. These tutors come from a variety of academic interest areas. As future teachers, nurses, and leaders, LEAP 2 College offers Edgewood College students the opportunity to develop skills for working with youth, developing professional skills, and building partnerships. LEAP 2 College offers volunteers a “dynamic environment where they get to try a bunch of different things out,” says Middle School Lead Tutor Autumn Slosser, a sophomore. She’s from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and is majoring in Spanish Education. “It’s really hard for students to see more of the community than just Edgewood College – really seeing all the diversity we have in Madison, culturally, socioeconomically,” she says. “It’s really important for educators to be pushed outside of their comfort zones and really meet students that have come from different places and have different life stories.”



summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

mentors is Mindy Risseeuw, a junior from Clinton, Wisconsin. She’s studying Math Education, and says it’s rewarding to see these younger kids get “so excited about being on campus and getting so excited about coming to school one day.” She hopes that this enthusiasm will keep the students moving forward on their path toward college. In December, the students and their mentors explored the campus through a scavenger hunt. This spring, participants explored the world of engineering through several hands-on activities with their mentors. To celebrate the end of the academic year, students got a first-hand look at some of the exciting environmental initiatives happening on campus, including the Hoop House and Edgewood College gardens. Visiting campus and developing relationships with college students has made a difference for the young people participating in the program. “It’s really broadened their knowledge about what it means to be a college student,” observed Slosser. Through exploring college life now, the youth in the program are developing their own goals and ideas about their futures. Tim Webendorfer is a grad student from Madison, studying English and Bilingual Education. He views LEAP 2 College as a

way to connect academic and informal learning. “I think a lot of these kids view outside of school as fun and inside school as not fun, and LEAP is kind of an intermediary between those things,” he says. “We’re there to help them with homework, do reading, and academic activities, but we’re also there to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We provide a mix that allows them to bridge those two otherwise compartmentalized things.” This mix allows everyone who participates to learn something during each session. Emma Meinholz is a freshman from Middleton, Wisconsin. “It’s so fun to learn things from them because they teach you things, and you teach them things,” she says. The community of learning created through LEAP 2 College certainly allows college students and LCEC students to take the next leap on their educational path, whether that’s preparing to enter the workforce after graduation from Edgewood College, or getting ready for high school and higher education. Autumn Slosser says it best: “Each of these kids has surprised me in so many ways by unveiling these beautiful talents they have, showing me that each student really has a gem that they need to show everyone.”



Page 14: Megan Gocht (r.) building catapults with students at a LEAP 2 College campus visit. Page 16: Suzie Chang (r.) with a new friend. Page 17: (T to B) Ross Matters (l.) with a father and son. Autumn Slosser (l.) with a young student. Olivia Doucas and a young scientist.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Education opens up a lot of doors, so if you can teach kids from a young age that this is important, to get good grades, you want to be here later – that’s a big deal.

edgewood college today


Dr. Dean Pribbenow Appointed Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Dean Pribbenow, Ph.D. will become the next Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Pribbenow currently serves as Dean of the School of Integrative Studies at the College, a position he has held for more than five years. “Dean Pribbenow emerged as the consensus choice during the search process,” President Dan Carey said. “He brings a wealth of expertise in enhancing student learning, supporting faculty excellence, and strengthening communities—central aspects of our academic and strategic plans. As a proven strategic leader, Dean will play a critical role in Academic Affairs and across the College as we pursue our vision.” Dr. Pribbenow has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Luther College, a Master of Science degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Most recently he completed the highly-competitive Senior Leadership Academy of the Council of Independent Colleges/American Academic Leadership Institute. Dr. Pribbenow’s official start date is July 1, 2012. His service follows that of Dr. Mary Kelly-Powell, RN, Ph.D. who is retiring after serving as Vice President for Academic Affairs for seven years. Dr. Kelly-Powell joined the Edgewood College faculty in 1996, became chair of the Nursing Department in 1999, and served in that role until 2005 when she became Academic Dean.

Wisconsin Business Icon Speaks With Students As a part of Capital Entrepreneurship Week, the Edgewood College Entrepreneurship Club and the School of Business hosted Craig Culver, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Culver’s Franchise, for an evening of stories and a question and answer session. Students heard about Mr. Culver’s journey building a successful business.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Capital Entrepreneurship Week was a Madison-wide series of workshop and events showcasing the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Supporting organizations and partners for the week included Accelerate Madison, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Edgewood College, Madison College, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and others.

Photo by Bob Wydra, DiditDirect


Edgewood College is honored to have received a grant in the amount of $1,000,000 from the Henry J. Predolin Foundation in 2011-2012. The grant is providing capital support for our School of Nursing renovation and expansion, as well as scholarship support for undergraduate students who are majoring in Business, Nursing and Science. With the new Visual & Theatre Arts Center complete, the third floor of DeRicci Hall will become the new home for our growing School of Nursing. This represents an exciting opportunity for the Nursing program -- the renovated and expanded space will make it possible for all Nursing offices and labs to be located within the same space for the first time and will accommodate the continued growth of a vital academic program. Renovation is scheduled to begin in January 2013. We expect it to be completed by late spring, so that the School of Nursing can relocate in time to welcome students into their new home at the start of the 2013-2014 academic year. The Foundation is having an enormous impact on our ability to provide student scholarships, an impact that is critical as student needs increase and the level of public support for higher education decreases. Scholarship support provides a key means to ensuring that students continue to be able to access higher education and complete their undergraduate

edgewood college today

Henry J. Predolin Foundation Grant of $1,000,000

Taylor Stofflet ’12 graduated Magna Cum Laude in May, and served as the commencement speaker representing the undergraduate candidates. Mr. Stofflet received a Henry J. Predolin Foundation Scholarship in each of his four years.

degrees. We are exceptionally fortunate to benefit from the philanthropy of the Henry J. Predolin Foundation and other private supporters of the College. As a result of both direct support from the Foundation and funds raised through two Predolin Matching Scholarship Gift Programs, we have awarded 250 student scholarships over the past four years.

Nursing Professor Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

Dr. Rodriguez is no stranger to the developing African nation. She has traveled there on four occasions over the past several years, and is actively engaged in the creation of a women’s center, one of the components of the Malawi Women’s Health program. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.” With this goal as a starting point, the Fulbright Program has provided almost 310,000 participants—chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential — with the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Dr. Rachel Rodriguez has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for 2013. Rodriguez, an associate professor in the School of Nursing, will serve as a visiting professor at the Kamuzu College of Nursing in the African nation of Malawi. There, she’ll mentor new Ph.D. faculty in research, teach in the graduate program in the newly-developed Community Health Nursing specialty program, and continue to develop the Malawi Women’s Health program, a project she’s been leading for the past year.

edgewood college today


AT&T Gift, Nursing Students, Make a Difference in Madison You’re reading this in a magazine, but more and more, our information comes to us via a computer – or a smartphone. That kind of connection is so prevalent we can easily take it for granted. But for many of us, simply tapping the wealth of information that’s accessed through the web remains out of reach. Thanks to a gift from AT&T, Nursing students from Edgewood College are helping to change that, and they’re helping in Dane County. Using ‘netbooks’ secured through a $5000 grant from AT&T, the students used the machines at clinical sites throughout the Spring 2012 semester, using tele-medicine/tele-health to reach underserved populations. Like the people who visit the ‘Meriter Health Hut,’ on Madison’s south side.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Graduating seniors Cailyn Abrahamson of Waukesha and Kristen Schmidt of Sun Prairie worked with Clinic Administrator Barb Simon, RN as part of their Nursing 461 class in public health. The clinic functions to provide health education and outreach for the homeless population of Dane County. It’s operated by Meriter Hospital. “What we did varied by week,” Cailyn said. “But we primarily used the computer to create a database of all the supplies that she has.” A simple enough task, but it’s critically important for the clinic, which operates using volunteers, relying on donations and other community support. “They’re free clinics, so they bring these huge duffle bags of all of these supplies, and (Barb) was finding that it was somewhat of an inefficient system,” Cailyn said. “So we created a huge spreadsheet with a master list, and there are bags of supplies within bags, and now everything is alphabetized and they can find what they need. She said it’s really helped her.”

Cailyn Abrahamson ‘12 (l.) and Kristen Schmidt ’12 used netbook computers purchased through a grant from AT&T to help deliver healthcare to Madison’s underserved residents.

Kristen recalls a time when the simple act of getting onto the internet in the netbook made a real difference for one of the clients at the clinic. “By having wireless access, we were able to look up different things Barb needed,” she said. “There was a patient that came in one day, and he needed to know about the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings around the community. So I looked that up for him. For me it’s just like we’re doing something for the greater good.” Getting this view of public health for these young people as they prepare to enter their career is eye-opening, and not always what they expect. “I helped someone apply for a job, online,” Cailyn said. “He didn’t even have an email address, so I helped him create an email address so he was able to apply. Haven’t heard what happened, but he sent a really nice thank-you card, so he was grateful, either way.” For these two students, the simple acts of increasing efficiency in order to improve

service for those who need it most, and touching those lives in a very meaningful way, has been profound. And these two are ready for more. Cailyn has accepted a position at Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare in LaCrosse on a medical-surgical unit. Kristen has been accepted into the Nurse Residency Program at the UW Hospital & Clinics/ American Family Children’s Hospital and will begin her career in nursing on the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, ENT, Plastics, Neurosurgery, and Neurology unit. “We like to do things to help people,” Kristen said. “As a nurse, in our profession, that’s what we do.”


Students’ Work Honored at 2012 ADDY® Awards edgewood college today

Carrying On the Tradition of Success (l. to r.) Michael Ellis, Emily Roznowski, Thor Rothering, Victoria Ortiz Sayago, Jackie Emmerich, Associate Professor Agnieszka Ligendza, Cassandra Edler, Paal Tonne, Lindsay Tratz, Kassie Myers, Instructor Toni Garcia-Breitweiser, Assistant Professor Isabel Rafferty, O.P.

Building on a trend of recent success, our Graphic Design and Art students received a record 32 ADDY Awards from the Madison Chapter of the American Advertising Federation. In all, sixteen students from the College received recognition for their work in the classroom. The annual awards program, held this year on February 25 at UW-Madison’s new Union South, attracts industry professionals from advertising, marketing, and communications from both the Madison and Milwaukee markets.

The Graphic Design students honored at the 2012 ADDYs are Ben Johnson, Kassie Myers, Emily Roznowski, Paal Tonne, Victoria Ortiz Sayago, Hannah Kazmarek, Thor Rothering, Lindsay Tratz, Jamie LaVelle, Shae Beckwith, Kristi Frisch, Michael Ellis, Jackie Emmerich, Cassandra Edler, Kimberly Deitrich, and Ruthie Rolfsmeyer. Ms. Rolfsmeyer and Mr. Johnson are repeat winners, having been recognized at the 2011 event last year.

Our students impressive showing was noted by emcee and Madison radio personality Mitch Henck when he remarked, “they’ve got a lot of smart people at Edgewood College.”

The Corporation for National and Community Service has honored Edgewood College with a place on the 2011 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary service efforts and service to America’s communities. This marks the fourth consecutive year the College has been so recognized. This year’s award specifically recognizes three areas of the life of the College: the Bonner Leader Program, College Access Programming, and the Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate Program.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

College Again Named to Presidential Honor Roll for Community Service

edgewood college today


New Partnership Creates Center for Wisconsin Veterans

The Veterans Welcome Resource Center will serve vets and their families As more and more Wisconsin families reunite with returning servicemen and women, there remains an urgent need to better serve these veterans who have served their country so well. That need lies at the heart of a new community partnership that supports and enhances our service to Wisconsin veterans, a partnership that’s unique in our state. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, DryHootch, The Gialamas Company, and Edgewood College have come together to create the Veterans Welcome Resource Center. The Center provides a community-based resource with a blend of programs and services to support Wisconsin’s veterans and their families. By housing these agencies in one space, we’ve created seamless access to services that can help veterans through a range of transitional periods, including returning home from

President Dan Carey addresses the media at a news conference announcing the Veterans Welcome Resource Center.

deployment, starting or returning to college, and finding employment.

Family Insurance for supporting our efforts on behalf of all our veterans.

The College owes a special thanks to the Wal-Mart Foundation, and to American

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Dr. Fred Kauffeld Retires After a remarkable thirty-six years of service to Edgewood College students both in and out of the classroom, Professor Fred Kauffeld of the Communication Studies department officially retired at the close of the Spring 2012 semester. Professor Kauffeld was honored at a celebration of his excellence in teaching at a reception in May 2012. Congratulations, Dr. Kauffeld, and best wishes for the next chapters in your “lifelong search!” Left: Professor Kauffeld and Associate Professor Kathleen Kelm share a moment at the reception honoring Dr. Kauffeld’s thirty-six years of service to students at the College.


This summer, Dr. Mary Kelly-Powell celebrates the start of the next chapter in her personal and professional life. She announced her retirement from the post of Vice President for Academic Affairs / Academic Dean in September of 2011. She has served in that role since 2005. Mary Kelly-Powell joined the Edgewood College nursing department in 1996. She was appointed interim chair of the department in 1999 and was elected chair in 2000. Prior to her service at the College she taught at Alverno College in Milwaukee and at UW-Oshkosh. Before her teaching, she spent 18 years in nursing practice. She received her Ph.D. in nursing from the UW-Milwaukee, her M.S. in nursing from the University of Colorado and her B.S. in nursing from the College of St. Teresa, in Winona, Minnesota.

edgewood college today

Dr. Kelly-Powell to Begin ‘Next Chapter’

Among her many accomplishments as Chief Academic Office, Dr. Kelly-Powell led the implementation of the College’s new general education curriculum, the COR program. Under her leadership, Edgewood College has added new programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, and in 2012 began offering some graduate level programs in an online format. Congratulations, Mary!

Welcome to the Board! Three graduates of the College will be joining the Board of Trustees for the 2012-2013 academic year: Kim Sponem, MBA ’98, CEO of Summit Credit Union, Kim Schaefer ‘91, CEO of Great Wolf Resorts, and Mark Lowry ‘77, Senior Director of The First Tee. In addition, Kris Mickelson, Associate Professor, Director of COR and Interim Dean of the School of Integrative Studies, joins the Board as faculty representative.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine



edgewood college today

class of 2012

“Keep learning, keep growing, keep searching for truth. The answer to what motivates you may stay the same, but how you play that out could change dramatically. Your gifts will grow…and your heart will take you down different

Follow your heart in your search for your truth! ” paths.

-M  ary Kelly-Powell, addressing the graduates in her

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

final Commencement as Academic Dean.


edgewood college today

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

eagle athletics


Men’s basketball makes history in NCAA Tournament The 2011-12 Edgewood College men’s basketball team made it their mission to accomplish things no Eagle team has ever accomplished. By the end of the season their resume included a number of new milestones. The Eagles became the first team from the Northern Athletics Conference to win an NCAA Tournament game with a stunning win over 17th-ranked UW-River Falls. The Eagles season ended at 23-7 the following night, losing to 24th-ranked Wheaton College (Ill.). A week prior, Edgewood College won their first NAC title with a championship game victory over Lakeland College. Edgewood College had a chance to win a share of the NAC North Division title, but fell to Concordia University Wisconsin in their conference finale. After a NAC Challenge Game victory over Concordia University Chicago, the Eagles began their magical run with a 94-84 NAC Tournament quarterfinal victory over Rockford College. In the semifinal match, the Eagles exacted a measure of revenge, defeating Benedictine University on the road in a rematch of last year’s NAC title game. On February 25, Edgewood College hosted Lakeland College for the NAC championships in front of a noisy full house in the Todd Wehr Edgedome. Behind a 25-point, 13-rebound performance from senior Kent Faurote, the Eagles downed the Muskies 80-72 to secure their third NCAA Tournament berth in history and first since 2005. In front of a large UW-River Falls student section in the NCAA Tournament, head coach Todd Adrian’s team never blinked. After gaining a seven-point halftime lead, the Eagles exploded for an 18-5 run sparked by a Justin Williams slam dunk. The Eagles opened up a 61-37 lead and hung on for a 75-67 victory. It was the first NCAA Tournament victory by Edgewood College or any other Northern Athletics Conference school. Edgewood College claimed a boatload of postseason awards. Seniors Faurote and Ben Wisniewski were both named to the All-NAC first team, with Wisniewski securing a second team spot on the All-Midwest Region team. Fellow senior Derek Nkemnji was named the NAC Defensive Player of the Year and Adrian was voted NAC Coach of the Year.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Right: The Edgewood College men’s basketball team poses with the Northern Athletics Conference Championship trophy. Bottom, left to right: Justin Williams, Cashton Craig, Derek Nkemnji, Kent Faurote


eagle athletics

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine


eagle athletics

Men’s golf breaks new ground When the Edgewood College men’s golf team took their spring trip to Florida all the Eagles talked about was earning a return trip to the Sunshine State. Having already taken the lead in the Northern Athletics Conference championship in the fall season, the Eagles needed to clinch the title in the spring to punch a ticket to their first NCAA Division III Men’s Golf Championship. The Eagles ended up winning their third NAC title by a record margin and secured their return trip to Florida. At the NAC Championships at Stonebridge County Club, Brent Quade (pictured at left) shot a third round 72 as the Eagles extended their lead with a third round score of 308. In the fourth round, Edgewood College shot 317, the lowest round of the day to win the title with a four-day total of 1,251. Their 54-stroke victory margin over runner-up MSOE set a new NAC record. Quade won the individual championship with a score of 307, while teammate Andrew Cobb placed third. The Eagles flew to Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida for their first appearance in the NCAA Championship. Against the nation’s best on two challenging courses, Edgewood College shot 330 on the first day and 312 on the second day. Their two-day total of 642 placed them 32nd overall, but that performance wasn’t enough to make the cut for the third and fourth rounds. Kenny Rucker shot rounds of 81 and 77 to lead the Eagles with a score of 158. Quade earned NAC Player of the Year honors, while Andrew Cobb and his brother Tyler Cobb both made the all-NAC first team. Head coach Gary Oftedahl was awarded the third conference men’s golf coach of the year honor of his long career.

winter.10//Edgewood College summer.12//Edgewood Collegemagazine magazine

Williams makes Edgewood College history All Josh Williams had to do to make it a historic night was step on the track at Burns Stadium for the NCAA Division III Track and Field Championships, held this year in Claremont, Calif. However, just showing up wasn’t enough for him, so Williams wrapped up the season with one more elite performance. The first Edgewood College track and field athlete to qualify for nationals, Williams finished for 15th in the nation with a time of 14:48.06 in his first national championship experience on the track. It only took two laps for a lead group of runners to take shape. Tim Nelson of UWStout, who won the 10,000 meter title on Thursday, Jordan Schilit of Haverford, Lee Berube of Geneseo State and Ben Sathre of St. Thomas pulled ahead of the field quickly. Williams stayed in the front of the chase pack for the next several laps. About nine minutes into the race, the chase pack started to separate, with Williams holding his own in ninth place. However, by the time Nelson began to open up his lead with two laps to go on his way to another national title, Williams had slipped into the second half of the field. Williams time of 14:48.06 was the second fastest 5,000 meter race in Edgewood College history, falling short only of his own 14:28.49 time from 15 days ago which qualified him for nationals. All 14 of the runners who finished ahead of Williams were juniors and seniors, while Williams, who sat out all of the 2011 season with an injury, is only a sophomore. Josh Williams


The Edgewood College women’s volleyball team has been knocking on the door of greatness for a couple of years, but hadn’t quite broken through. It finally came together for the 2011 Eagle squad on an afternoon in November. The Eagles defeated top-seeded nemesis Dominican University to earn their first ever NCAA Tournament berth. The Eagles advanced to regional play in St. Louis, where they dropped a first round match to ninth-ranked Carthage College.

eagle athletics

Volleyball team breaks through to NCAA Tournament

The Eagles finished third in the regular season and scored a pair of victories in the first two rounds of the Northern Athletics Conference Tournament, defeating Concordia University Chicago and Benedictine University by identical scores of 3-1. In the championship match at regular season champion Dominican University, the Eagles took a 2-0 lead winning the first two sets 25-21 and 25-21. The Stars rallied to win the next two sets, setting up a winner-take-all fifth set to 15 points. The Eagles failed on two match points, before Jessi Martin and Kristin Manske put down the last point with an assisted block for a 16-14 victory. The Eagles were sent to a loaded eightteam sectional hosted by Washington University in St. Louis. Edgewood College battled to the end but couldn’t match Carthage College in a 3-0 setback.

Edgewood College volleyball seniors (left to right) Aryn Wellnitz, Dacy Swansby and Kristen Manske hold the Northern Athletics Conference Tournament Championship trophy.

Junior Mallory Palmer and sophomore Lindsey Swansby were named to the All-NAC first team. Senior Kristin Manske earned honorable mention, while Rachel Thomsen was voted to the all-freshman team.

summer.12//Edgewood winter.10//Edgewood College magazine

Josh Williams and head coach Bethany Brewster at the entrance to the NCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Claremont, Calif.


Edgewood College Today

New Visual

& Theatre Arts Center Ready For Fall 2012

Construction on the College’s new Visual & Theatre Arts Center is complete, and the new Center will be ready for students at the start of Fall 2012 semester. For Art students, the new building features studio space dedicated to graphic design, drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, advanced web design, animation and multi-media. The new “Edgewood College Gallery” is a professional, well-lit, climate- controlled gallery. For Theatre students, there are dedicated areas for costuming, set construction, storage, dressing rooms, and “The Black Box” theatre.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Dedication of the new Visual & Theatre Arts Center is scheduled for Saturday, September 22, 2012.

April 2011 The beginnings. The Rosewood House was removed to make way for the new Center. September 2011 Drilling for geo-thermal system. A total of forty-three wells, four hundred feet deep, are the core of the new HVAC system, which uses the earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool the building. The system is crucial for LEED certification. December 2011 The dramatic entrance to the new Center begins to take shape.

Professor Emerita Jewell Fitzgerald and Associate Professor Jeanne Leep Ms. Fitzgerald has certainly seen many changes in the Theatre Arts realm at the College. Now retired, she began her service to the College in 1963. January 2012 Interior work continues, as the building is now enclosed from the elements. June 2012 Art Professor Bob Tarrell begins moving materials into the new Center. June 2012 Ready for students in the Fall!


Alumni Connections

The VIP Lo unge at Ja m the Gym great place is a for alumni connections Middle: A lumni lunche on held at Agrace HospiceCar e, Inc. in F itchburg, W I in Decembe r Top:

Bottom le ft:

Nursing alu mni return to class to talk to st udents in M ay Bottom right :

Alumni get together f or a luncheon at TDS Corpo rate Headq uarters in the WI Trade Cent er in Nove mber

SAVE THE DATE! Alumni Reunion Weekend | Friday, September 21 – Saturday, September 22, 2012 Visual & Theatre Arts Center Dedication | Saturday, September 22, 2012 Jam the Gym | Saturday, December 1, 2012 Always watch for more event details on the Alumni Page of and on the Edgewood College Alumni Facebook page.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

stay connected


Alumni Connections

alumni connections





Pearl (Kolb) Quast ’56 and her husband, Arthur, were

Felisha McNeal ’79 was very recently in a performance of “Tangled” in Chicago. She is shown here as the comic centerpiece of Contribution, another play performed in Chicago. She “dazzled as the foul-mouthed beer-swilling granny” who finds a way to contribute to the Civil Rights Movement. Felicia performs with eta Creative Arts Foundation, Inc. which you can learn about when you visit their website She graduated with a BS in Communication Arts. µ2

recently recognized as Stewardship Honorees of the Week at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Sun City West, AZ. Pearl is Minister of Care and brings Holy Communion to homebound parishioners weekly. Since being a parish member in 1992 she has served on various committees and has been involved with their music program. Pearl and Arthur have been married 51 years, and have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren.


summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Rose Marie (Wnek) Bertrand ’64 is being honored for her role as one of the founders in 1996 of Small Miracles Volunteer Doula Program, a free doula program. She has served as the director of this program for more than a decade. Rose Marie has attended more than 100 labor and births as a volunteer. A conservative estimate is that she has given more than 2,000 hours of volunteer perinatal care to women in the Madison area. This service award presentation was given to her on Saturday, May 5th, at the 20- year celebration of doulas serving mothers and babies in South Central Wisconsin.

Mary Ann Abate ‘69, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for mental health services for Rosecrance Health Network, was named “Woman of the Year” for 2012 by Rockford Woman magazine for her outstanding work in the mental health field. In selecting Abate from among 40 nominees and five finalists for the award, the judges noted several programs Abate led or influenced that changed the lives of people with mental illness. Mary Ann graduated with her BS in Sociology. Congratulations Mary Ann! µ1

1980’s Leroy Arnold ’82 had a humorous article published in Living Well Magazine last summer. His article, “Is Your Cat Sociopathic or Just Territorial?” is very amusing and can be read on the website Lee is a librarian, archivist and travel writer living in Philadelphia. Carol Aspinwall ’83 is the Coordinator of Doctoral Student Academic Services at the UW-Madison School of Nursing. Her career has taken her through many areas of student services with different majors, from business, engineering, to nursing. Her two children graduated from college in May 2012. Carol earned her degree in psychology. John Otterson ’86 is an instructor at the Medical Assistant Program at Madison College. John earned his BA in Nursing, and resides in Cottage Grove, WI.


Alumni Connections



1990’s Jane Wilhelm ’90 was excited to share a photo of her family enjoying a trip to the Grand Canyon with her daughter proudly wearing Edgewood College gear. Jane’s daughter will begin her studies at Edgewood College this fall. µ3

µ5 English and then went on to earn an MBA.Bridget received her BS in Computer Information Systems. The catalog can be viewed at µ4


Kelly Roberts Hanson ‘95, MBA ‘03 and Bridget (Votl) Schroeder ‘02 provided a tour of the offices

Ben Wiederholt ‘01 and Jessica (Heiple) Wiederholt ‘99, announced the adoption of a son, AbitiSolomon, on

and warehouse for nationally successful retailer, Shopbop, to Alumni Director, Kathy O’Connor and the Career Services staff from the College. The women’s fashion retailer sells contemporary designer clothes that appeal to both undergrads and business women and boasts a new 165,000-square foot warehouse and administrative space on East Washington Ave. Kelly and Bridget work in the IT department developing programs to assist with inventory coordination, stocking and purchasing. Both bring strong IT backgrounds to their jobs. Kelly graduated with her BS in

October 8th, 2011. Abiti was born in Awassa, Ethiopia and is 5 years old. He was welcomed home by his brothers Samuel, age 7, Luke, age 5, and two-year old Abe. The family resides in Coxs Creek, Kentucky. µ5

that in November 2011 her son, Michael Lawson Knapp, received notification that he had passed the California Bar Exam on his first attempt. In December he was sworn- in to the bar by the Honorable Bradford I. DeMeo, who had been Michael’s instructor and mentor during law school.

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Margaret (Bessette) Knapp ’72 shared the news

Kelly (Kempfer) Borchert ’02 is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rico Industries Inc./Tag Express located in Niles, IL. She earned her BS in Finance, and resides in Skokie, IL.

alumni connections




Stephanie (Lowe) Watrud ‘02 and her husband Katie Krause-Flores ’03 and Ruthie Krause ’09 performed on “A Prairie Home Companion,” live from Milwaukee on Saturday, March 31st as the Krause Family Band, a local bluegrass ensemble. Both Katie and Ruthie were student leaders in the Edgewood College choral ensembles during their undergraduate years. The Krause family has performed on campus several times. Katie earned her degree in Elementary Education and Ruthie is an Art Therapy alum. For more information on their family band check out their website, and find their

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

performance schedule, photos and music links.

welcomed a baby girl, Maya Michelle Watrud, on January 21, 2011. Maya weighed 6lbs., 8oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. She joins big sister Natalie and big brother Adam. µ6

Jill (Kooiman) Anderson ‘02 and husband Brian Anderson would like to share the excitement of the newest addition to their family. Kokeb Anderson was born on August 22, 2010 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Brian and Jill were able to bring her home on December 16, 2011 to her big brothers, Elijah and Mekebo. Jill graduated with a BS in Nursing and is currently working at Gundersen Lutheran Health Systems in LaCrosse, WI as a nurse practitioner. µ7 Craig Machut ’03 coached the Milwaukee King Girls basketball team in the WIAA state tournament held in Madison this spring. He’s just completed his fourth season at King and has made the State Tournament twice, the other time in 2009. At the tournament this year, King came up just a bit short, losing in the state championship game. It was their second


alumni connections



runner-up trophy in the past four years. Craig is a men’s basketball alum playing as an Eagle from 2000 – 2003. He graduated with a degree in Biology and has been a Biology/ Environmental Science teacher at King for the past 7 years. µ8

Jessica Ramirez-Torres ‘03 was promoted to Student Services Coordinator for the University of Wisconsin Independent Learning Program in October 2011. Jessica majored in English and has a minor in Women’s Studies. She received her Master’s in Education Curriculum and Instruction in 2009. Jessica has been with UW Extension since February of 2010 and is looking forward to her next goal of home ownership.

Rae (Campbell) Hauge ’03 is a Universal Grants & Contract Specialist at the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Population Health Science department. Rae lives in Cottage Grove, WI and earned her degree in economics and business. Ben Goth MBA ’04 is now Director of Network Performance and Systems Engineering at TDS Telecom Corp. in Madison.

Abbey (Selle) Daniels ’04 and her husband Joseph are proud to announce the birth of Zooey Katherine Daniels. Their little girl was born February 13, 2012. Abbey graduated with a BS in Art and is a Wedding Coordinator at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Madison. The family resides in Fitchburg, WI.

Kristin Davidson ’04 married Kevin Pellerin on October 14, 2011 in Madison. Shown in the photo with Kristin is Dr. James Goll, Chemistry Professor at Edgewood College. Dr. Goll married Kevin’s aunt, Judy Pellerin, on August 5, 2011. Can you say “small world?”

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Beth (Haedt) Porcaro ’03 and her husband, Dominic, welcomed a baby boy on October 23, 2011. James Porcaro was born at St. Mary’s Hospital and weighed 8 lbs., 8 oz. and was 19 in. long. He was welcomed home by an older brother, Lucas Anthony, who is almost 2 years old. Beth received her Bachelors in Psychology and went on to earn a Master of Social Work degree from UW-Madison in ’07. She currently works at Agrace HospiceCare in Madison as a Grief Counselor. µ9


alumni connections




Claire Johnson ’04 went back to school at MATC’s

Ken Spuda ‘05, MBA ‘10 began a new role in January as

veterinary technician program in 2008. She graduated in May of 2011 and since then has been working at Richland Veterinary Service, LLC. In December of 2011, she became a fully Certified Veterinary Technician and loves her career.

Mechanical Engineering Manager for Busse/SJI in Randolph, WI.

Sara Myers ‘05, MBA ‘09 is the owner of The Sewcial Lounge, a modern fabric shop established in 2011 on Monroe Street in Madison. Check out the website, to learn about sewing classes, new fabrics, community projects and more. µ10

Stacy (Jimieson) Wieme MBA ’05 and her husband, Ryan, welcomed a baby boy on July 26, 2011. Oliver Ryan Wieme weighed 7lbs., 10oz., and was 19 ½ inches long. He joins big sister Maren. Stacy currently works at Target Commercial Interiors as a designer. µ11

Ryan Collins ’05 and his wife, Rachel, welcomed a baby boy on August 22, 2011. Tanner James Collins was born at Seton Hospital in Austin, Texas. Ryan was recently

Susie Ross ’04 is currently a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Last year she took a

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

leave of absence to go on a mission with Doctors Without Borders/ Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). She has been to Haiti twice to respond to the devastating cholera epidemic that hit the country in 2010. As nursing supervisor of the MSF cholera treatment center, she managed more than 100 nurses and nursing assistants serving up to 350 patients. She says the experience has made her realize how fortunate we are in western countries for medical and educational opportunities.


alumni connections



promoted to Chief Technology Officer at Open Lending. He is responsible for corporate technology direction as well as managing a team that creates automated financial tools, insurance, and services for banks and credit unions. Ryan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business/Computer Information Systems. µ12

Suzanne (Trocinski) Cowan MBA ’05 recently started her own business, Cowan Business Services. Her new venture offers back-office support to small business with services like bookkeeping, account reconciliation, audit preparation, as well as policy and procedure analysis.


Dominik Singh ’06 and Kathryn Wunnicke ’06 recently relocated to Seattle, WA to build their careers. Dominik graduated with a BS in Business and works for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Kathryn graduated with a BA in International Relations and works for the IT consulting firm Explore Consulting.

Vance Dalzin EdD ‘05 recently started a new job as the Superintendent of the Williams Bay School District. He previously served as the Principal of Whitewater High School for twelve years. He was a member of the first cohort in the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Edgewood College. That first group graduated in 2005. µ13

Michael Allen ’05, MBA ’08 and Katie (Hensgen) Allen ’06 welcomed their second son, Bryce Robert, on April

Aaron Wirth ’05 is a doctoral candidate in Brandeis University’s Comparative History program. He also teaches at Brandeis, and created two of his own classes: Medicine in Literature and Madness & Medicine in the Modern Age. David C. Couper MA ’05, has a new book out that deals with his experiences in Madison as a police officer. The book is titled Arrested Development: One Man’s Lifelong Mission to

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

29, 2011, one day after their 4th wedding anniversary. He joins big brother, Michael James, who is 2 years old. Michael completed his second Ironman Wisconsin competition this past September, where the photo was taken. He is employed at Nord Gear Corporation in Waunakee where he manages the motors department. Katie just completed her first year teaching fifth grade at Waunakee Intermediate School after teaching fifth grade in Lodi for the last 5 years. µ14

alumni connections




Megan Siegenthaler ’07 was married on October 22, 2011 to Jonathan Fechner in Darlington, WI. Megan works at Lands’ End as a Resource Specialist and they reside in Dodgeville, WI. Megan received her BS in Communication Studies.

µ18 improve our Nation’s Police. David received his Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies. µ15

Cara (O’Malley) Hinrichs ’05 and her husband, Scott, are pleased to announce the birth of their baby girl, Harper Rose Hinrichs. Harper was born on February 10, 2012, weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz. and was 20 inches. The Hinrichs live in the Madison area. µ16

Darrin O’Brien ‘07 was named a “Topnotch Teacher” for April 2012 by WISC-TV Channel 3 in Madison. This award is given to outstanding educators who have been nominated by their students and by parents of students. A fourth-grade teacher at Glacier Edge Elementary School in Verona, he “has made learning sweet and very entertaining for his students.”

Erin O’Brien ’07 just finished her first semester of the

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

Doctoral Nursing Program at Arizona State University and lives in Phoenix, AZ. In May of 2010 Erin received the “Nurse of the Year” award from the hospital where she works. Erin is in the outpatient infusion center giving chemo and other medications for various diseases.

Aimee (Schmidt) Swanson ’08 was named the 20112012 “Middle School Teacher of the Year” by Lake Geneva (WI) Middle School, where she is employed. Aimee teaches general music classes, and conducts 4 choirs. Michael Wilks ’08 recently started a job with Trissential in Minneapolis as a Project Management Consultant. He earned a BS in Management & Marketing.

Kelly Thorngate ’08 received her BS with a double major in Communication Studies and Political Science. She is a J.D. Candidate (2012, University of WI Law School); and M.I.P.A. Candidate (2012, La Follette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin).


Jennifer Bong ’09 married Steven in Roselle, IL. Jennifer graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Graphic Design and a minor in Business. The couple now live in South Elgin, IL where Jennifer is a marketing analyst. Joining Jennifer and Steven on their special day were alumnae Julie Majewski ’10 and

alumni connections

Schwertfeger on August 13, 2011

Mary Fuller ’10.

Elizabeth Spellman ’08 was recently featured in the WI State Journal “What I Do” section of the newspaper. She graduated with her BS in Nursing and works at St. Mary’s Hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Pernille (Schmidt) Ripp ’08 was recently selected among hundreds of kindergarten through sixth-grade teachers as one of 10 finalists to compete in the Great American Teach-Off, an online contest in which the voting was done online from classroom video entries. She was the only Wisconsin teacher chosen as a finalist. Pernille teaches fifth grade at West Middleton Elementary and “believes in letting students be ‘hands-on’ learners.”

Matthew Werner ’09 wrote to update on exciting things

Jessica Heimark ’09, MS ’11 is now a Clinical Therapist at Trinity Services, IL Prevention Network. Jessica earned her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, and says she “learned the importance of observing group dynamics, and how the system an individual is living in can give perspective to the problems they face.” Jessica said utilizing that background of her education allowed her to jump in and be a unique asset to the Crisis Team.

2010’s Justin Laxton ’10 joined Klaetsch Public Affairs Strategies, LLC, in September 2009 and in August of 2011 was promoted to Client Services Specialist. Justin currently provides writing, research, policy analysis, grassroots

Sam Jorgenson ’10 is “Swiped in” for savings and you can be too! Together with UW alumnus Jordan Wolf, Sam developed a new mobile app for iPhone and Android that offers deals on food and drinks at local Madison hotspots to anyone who “swipes in.” They began working on their idea back in fall 2011 and launched SwipedIn on January 23, 2012. Sam graduated with his degree in Communication Studies. Amy Christianson EdD ’10 was recently hired as the new Office of English Language Acquisition Grant Program Coordinator for Edgewood College. She also is co-teaching a course for the Doctoral program.

Joel Schneider ’10 was recently appointed the head baseball coach at Madison East High School. He shared the team photo with us recently. Look for tough competition from them in the seasons to follow. Congratulations Joel!

Amber Moen ’10 married her high school sweetheart, Josh Newkirk, on October 15, 2011 in Racine, WI. They are now living in Stevens Point, WI where Amber works in Human Resources for Del Monte Foods. Amber received her BS in Psychology.µ17

Jim O’Brien MBA ’10, and his wife, Kristin, are excited to announce the adoption of their son, William, who has brought tremendous joy to their lives. While in the MBA

summer.12//Edgewood College magazine

happening; he plans to go back to school to work toward a Physician Assistant graduate degree, He currently lives and works in Denver, where he serve in the health care field. Matt graduated with a double-major in Sociology and Spanish.

outreach, and legislation monitoring for multiple corporate clients. He also provides administrative support for client conduits and provides support for several trade associations and advocacy organizations. Prior to joining KPAS, Justin worked for numerous gubernatorial, congressional, and legislative campaigns in Illinois and Wisconsin. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science.


alumni connections

Amanda Conrad ‘10 accepted a position with Hallmark Cards in Kansas City as an artist in the humor department. She began working

an Outstanding Faculty Award at the School of Business Distinguished Alumni Awards.

Ryan Voelkli MBA ‘11 is a Customer Service Specialist at RightNow, an Oracle company in San Mateo, CA.

for Hallmark on January 23, 2012. As a graphic

Hillary Reichling ’11 will soon be opening an agribusiness

design student, Amanda entered Hallmark’s

dealership named R-Equipment located in DeKalb, IL. The new business will sell farm equipment and provide used equipment, maintenance services and parts and was recently approved by the DeKalb County Board. Hillary graduated with a BS in Communication Studies and Business.

online card design competitions. Many of her award-winning cards still appear on the Hallmark website.

Beth McGowan ’11 has accepted a position as an Underwriter Tech IV for the NSI division of West Bend Mutual Insurance. While a student, Beth worked on database projects in the Office of Institutional Advancement. She graduated with her degree in Business. Congratulations Beth! Bonnie Williams ’11 started her teaching career in September 2011 at Lincoln Elementary School in Hartford, WI. She teaches kindergarten. Bonnie graduated with her degree in Elementary Education.

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Alumni In Memoriam

program, Jim served as the MBA Student Association President and was the graduate speaker at the December ’10 commencement ceremony. Jim is a Production Manager at Weather Central in Madison. William was born August 18, 2011 and we hope he is a future Edgewood College Alum, just like his dad. µ18

Celia Pierquet Flores ’11 has started a job in communications and marketing with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. She has been a multi-year recipient of the Henry J. Predolin scholarship award given to students excelling in academics and received her BS in Business. Her mother, Themis Flores Ramos MBA ’92, is also an alumna. Lynea Lavoy EdD ’11 was recently named one of In Business Magazine “40 under 40” recipients. This award recognizes top level executives and emerging leaders in the Madison area. Lynea is an adjunct professor in the School of Business and the Manager of Training & Development at TDS Telecom in Madison. In the fall, she was presented

Betsy (Moore) Schumann ’71 on September 21, 2011 Charlene (Fischer) Pollow ’39 on October 5, 2011 Joanice Hogan, O.P. ’45 on October 21, 2011 Marcia (Brienen) Darden ’53 on October 27, 2011 Margaret Meicher, O.P. ’62 on November 11, 2011 Lois (Obright) Niebuhr ’66 on November 13, 2011 Chiara Pauloni, O.P. ’51 on November 13, 2011 Margaret (Bittner) Lyons ’82 on November 19, 2011 Julia Reardon, O.P. ’64 on November 20, 2011 Eustelle Affelt, O.P. ’61 on November 28, 2011 Lorraine (Behnisch) Sachs ’48 on November 28, 2011 David Neilson ’85 on January 13, 2012 Frances (Murphy) Meicher ’46 on January 26, 2012 Rose (Kuharich) Meier ’72 on February 3, 2012 Jane (Brookins) Osterhaus ’61 on February 8, 2012 Linda Hill ’93 on March 12, 2012 Michael Witter ’04 on March 24, 2012 Rosemary (Motelet) Ecker ’78 on April 10, 2012 Nadine (Sloser) Brunner ’63 on April 16, 2012 Verda (Schweiss) McDermott ’37 on April 16, 2012 Mary Baadte, O.P. ’47 on April 17, 2012

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we are

Grateful N am e

Casey Knight ‘12 Ho m etown

Benton, Wisconsin Interests

Elementary Education, College Ministries, History Club, College Ambassadors, Intramural Sports N otabl e

Graduated Magna Cum Laude, May 2012. Named the 2012 Dr. Joseph E. Schmiedicke Future Educator Award honoree. N ext Step s

Mr. Knight continues his education career fulltime this fall at Glacier Edge Elementary School in Verona, Wisconsin, teaching third grade.

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Toward a Just and Compassionate World In March, the College was pleased to host the 2012 Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) Student Diversity Conference. More than 150 students attended two full days of sessions and workshops designed to strengthen relationships, build cross-cultural communities, and inspire diversity- related programs at their schools.

Edgewood College Magazine - Summer 2012  

Edgewood College Alumni Magazine Summer 2012

Edgewood College Magazine - Summer 2012  

Edgewood College Alumni Magazine Summer 2012