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Joe Gothard BS ‘99, MA ‘04, Ed.D. ‘15

HAVE YOU EVER HAD ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS WHEN YOU ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT SOME DETAIL THAT YOU LOSE THE BIGGER PICTURE? WHEN THE NUMBER OF TREES IS SO OVERWHELMING THAT YOU START TO MISS THE FOREST? During the last strategic planning process at Edgewood College, we reached that point. We were beginning to translate the excitement of emerging opportunities and new ideas into the necessary work of implementation, when we realized that we hadn’t articulated clearly what was essential to the Edgewood College experience. We hit pause, and took some time to articulate what are now referred to on campus as the essential characteristics of an Edgewood College education. This magazine celebrates one of those four characteristics—excellence in teaching and learning. Why is it so important to lift up something that seems so obvious? • Th  e current dialogue around higher education focuses almost exclusively on prompt degree completion leading to employment. Both are important, and recent data show we are making tremendous progress on each. But education is more than job training— it is, truly, preparation for the “meaningful personal and professional lives of ethical leadership, service, and the lifelong search for truth” articulated in our Mission. The primary purpose of an Edgewood College education is not solely to acquire a degree and a job—it is, rather, to learn! When that happens, other important pieces—including not just employment but scholarship, leadership, service, and creative expression--follow. • If learning is our central purpose, excellent teaching is a necessity. Edgewood College serves a variety of learners—from traditional undergraduates whose learning style is often anything but “traditional” to returning adults and graduate students in accelerated or hybrid formats. That means that teaching takes a variety of forms inside and outside the classroom and that every one of our faculty and staff are, in fact, teachers—people who create environments ripe for learning. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident through activities like “Communities of Practice” (voluntary groups who focus on one facet of effective instruction); many faculty have also completed the training to learn how to utilize technology to enhance learning. • F  inally, the idea of excellence compels us to a dynamic approach to teaching and learning. We are learning more every day about how students learn, and we continually seek ways to apply that knowledge to creating the greatest learning environment possible. Our recent investment in the area of engaged learning, which supports practices proven to have a positive impact on undergraduate learning (practices like internships, study abroad, research with faculty, and service learning) is one example of this. We are nearing the end of the strategic plan developed a few years ago, and we are about to embark on the next articulation of our future. I don’t know exactly what form that is going to take, but I do know this—it will build on our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning in service of building a more just and compassionate world. Enjoy the magazine, and thank you for your support of Edgewood College!

Scott Flanagan, President

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edgewood college named a ‘green’ college by the princeton review Edgewood College is one of the 353 most environmentally responsible colleges according to The Princeton Review. The education services company known for its test prep and tutoring services, books, and college rankings features Edgewood College in the 2015 edition of its free book, The Princeton Review Guide to 353 Green Colleges. For more on the College’s Sustainability Leadership Program, visit


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AN INCREASING COMMITMENT TO RECYCLED PAPER A commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability resonates deeply at the College, a legacy begun by the native people who first cared for this very special 55-acre campus on the shore of Lake Wingra. The College is honored to be part of the legacy of sustainability that we inherit. With the publication of this edition, we’re taking additional steps to try to be good stewards of the environment. The symbol above corresponds to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international, nonprofit, membership-based organization that brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by poor forestry practices and to reward good forest management.


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standing more than six feet tall and donning a pair of pink bunny ears, sits down on a step in front of a dozen preschoolers and begins to read the book, “Bunny Cakes.” It’s for Read for the Record, a national initiative to promote early literacy. While not everyone feels comfortable in bunny ears, it’s not out of character for Gothard, a man willing to go to any length for his students and school district.

The Madison native has worn many other (more serious) hats throughout his career – Head Coach, Teacher, Principal, Assistant Superintendent and now Superintendent. His vast work experience, coupled with his three degrees from Edgewood College, has equipped him with the skills it takes to be a leader in the field of education. It’s his hard work and dedication to decades of learning that has allowed him to excel. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Edgewood College in 1999. Gothard says it was one Edgewood College faculty member in particular, Dr. Joe Schmiedicke, who encouraged him to strive for more during his studies. “Our first meeting was spent mapping out multiple pathways to complete my degree and earn my teacher’s license,” said Gothard. “I left our meeting confident that Edgewood College was going to be a great fit, with Dr. Joe as my advocate.” After graduating, Gothard continued to work in the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), having started his service there 1993 as a coach and educational assistant.


Five years later, Gothard received similar counsel from Bob Reif as he worked toward his master’s degree and again when President Emeritus Dan Carey encouraged him to pursue a doctorate degree. “Dr. Carey became a wonderful colleague and friend through the process,” said Gothard. He shared countless other stories of the compassion and guidance he received from Edgewood College faculty including Jane Belmore, Tom Evert, Peter Burke, Sara Jimenez Soffa, and the list goes on. “I had so many people at Edgewood College who supported and encouraged me,” said Gothard, “I still spend time reflecting on the five mission values: truth, justice, compassion, partnership and community.”



BUILDING COMMUNITY The importance of community seemed to stick with Gothard throughout his personal and professional career. For Gothard, that community of support extended beyond the gates of Edgewood College and into the Madison area. “I was born and raised on the eastside of Madison,” he said. “To this day, I consider being an eastsider as a source of great pride.” As a principal at Madison’s Toki Middle School and then at La Follette High School, Gothard worked hard to create community and build relationships that would foster learning. “In education, excellence begins with relationships. Schools are complex organizations that are intertwined by human connections,” commented Gothard. “I so much enjoyed helping students solve problems by empowering their hearts and minds.”






RISING TO THE OCCASION It came as no shock when Gothard was ready to apply his leadership to a more ambitious role – Superintendent of the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District in Minnesota. Dr. Peter Burke, Director of the Ed.D. Program at Edgewood College said, “Joe was a fixture in the Madison schools. His commitment to students, experience and aura of leadership proved that he was ready for more.” Over the last two years Gothard’s faced new obstacles and challenges as Superintendent. However, his time spent learning at Edgewood College and teaching in Madison has made him able and ready to meet those challenges with unique, innovative solutions.


Amoroso said that Gothard continues to bring this same passion, innovation and energy to the role day after day. “His strength is building relationships and trust.” Amoroso says the image of Gothard in bunny ears reading to kids embodies his ability to connect with people on all levels.



The Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District, number 191, was struggling to create a cohesive community among the schools. A colleague and friend, Cindy Amoroso, Assistant Superintendent, reflected on Gothard’s abilities to address the challenge. “Joe helped design and launch a new logo with the communications department – ONE 91,” said Amoroso. “The logo embodied the spirit of everyone coming together, it created hope and excitement for the future.”

Gothard’s ability to be a leader is evident. He also leads by example when it comes to learning. He expects students and staff to learn; a trait he applies to his own life. “Joe never presumes that there isn’t more for him to learn and sets the bar high for the rest of us,” said Amoroso. Gothard places great value in professional development for both him and his staff, because “our staff is faced with thousands of decisions every day that will impact the learning communities within our buildings.” Gothard works to ensure that he and his staff have the support and resources they need to make decisions. “I, along side our district leaders, spend a great deal of time participating in professional development. I believe it is important to model that I have many areas for growth in my own leadership.” When asked how he would advise those that share his passion for learning, education and leadership, Gothard said he would encourage the pursuit of advanced degrees. “Find a program that is close to home and offers flexible meeting times,” Gothard said. “Seeking advanced degrees takes commitment, sacrifice and support. It’s challenging, yet so rewarding.” FALL.15//EDGEWOOD COLLEGE MAGAZINE

As for Gothard’s future, he said, “My experiences in Madison and at Edgewood College will continue to shape my work where ever I am.” There’s no doubt we can expect big things from this Edgewood College alumni.



LANDMARKS IN TEACHING AND LEARNING IN 2015-2016… We celebrate ‘A Decade at Deming Way,’ the ten year anniversary of the College’s Deming Way Campus, home to several graduate and adult accelerated programs. We celebrate the 15 anniversary of the Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership, the College’s first doctoral level degree program. th


We celebrate the 35th anniversary of our commitment to providing education for returning and working adult students. The ‘Weekend Degree’ programs launched in the 1979-80 academic year.

MEIER-RAO SELECTED FOR NATIONAL INTERFAITH SEMINAR Rebecca Meier-Rao, Lecturer in the Religious Studies Department, was selected from a nationwide pool of nominees to participate in a faculty seminar on the teaching of interfaith understanding. The seminar is offered by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), with support from the Henry Luce Foundation. Twenty-six faculty members participated in the five-day Teaching Interfaith Understanding seminar in August at DePaul University in Chicago. The seminar featured two leading scholars: Eboo Patel, founder and president of IFYC, a Chicagobased organization building the interfaith movement on college campuses; and Laurie Patton, president-elect of Middlebury College and former dean of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the Robert F. Durden Professor of Religion at Duke University. The program’s aim is to broaden faculty members’ knowledge and strengthen their teaching of interfaith understanding, with the development of new courses and resources.




An art major, it was a class in Native American Art that sparked an interest. That interest has transformed into a fully-developed passion. “I never thought I’d have an opportunity this amazing,” she says. “I knew I wanted to study art, and I knew I wanted to travel and learn about more perspectives around the world. I didn’t realize this opportunity

would be available to me – until I got here.” Her undergraduate research project – conducted and presented in 2014 – impressed several faculty members. Working with Professor of Art History Melanie Herzog and former Lecturer and Gallery Director Paul Baker Prindle ’06, Keely applied for and was awarded an Ebben Fund grant to support travel to Venice, Italy in the summer. There, she had the opportunity to assist with the exhibition Air, Land, Seed held in conjunction with the 2014 Venice


Keely Elgin ‘15 had a busy and rewarding final few semesters.


12 Biennale. That exhibition featured the work of highly regarded contemporary Native American artists.

measure; fewer than 20 percent of applications to present are accepted.

“Keely’s work is the result of much critical study, interviewing several Native artists before traveling to Venice, and furthered her research through attending a symposium at which the artists exhibiting in Air, Land, Seed discussed their work,” Professor Herzog said.

Faculty who fuel the passions of their students, and opportunities for engaged, global learning have made their mark on this LaCrosse, Wis. native.

“She also collected and studied responses by an international audience to this exhibition. This sort of multifaceted research, solidly grounded in the art historical and theoretical literature of the field, is highly unusual for an undergraduate student, and would be regarded as exemplary research in the humanities at the graduate level,” Herzog said.


In April 2015, Keely, Herzog and Director of Student Research Shad Wenzlaff traveled to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, held this year in Washington State. There, she presented her scholarly work ‘Native American Voices in Contemporary Art Spaces.’ It is a remarkable accomplishment by any

“Having the resources available for me to research this made all the difference. It was really important for me to travel and see another view. I think it’s really important for all students to have that opportunity. It was great.”

At the Venice Bienale, 2014. l. to r.: Paul Baker Prindle ‘06; Ben Karl; Nancy Marie Mithlo; Ruthie Rolfsmeyer ‘12; Keely Elgin, ‘15.




“This prestigious award recognizes the work we have undertaken to make sure that every one of our students experiences a challenging, inclusive, and supportive learning environment,” President Scott Flanagan said. “We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the important national dialogue around degree completion by sharing what we’ve learned with our colleagues from around the country.”

The College was recognized specifically for a strategic retention planning approach and for focusing on strengthening the first and second-year experiences. With this approach, retention for first-year students has steadily increased from a low of 66 percent in 2005 to a high of 82 percent in 2012. Four-year graduation has increased from 27 percent in 2005 to 40 percent in 2014. Five-year graduation has increased from 48 percent in 2005 to 55 percent in 2014. In addition, students indicate higher levels of engagement and satisfaction and alumni continue to report strong employment and graduate school placement rates.

Boston, June 2015: Vice President for Student Development Maggie Ballistreri-Clarke (l.), Vice President for Enrollment Management Christine Benedict, and Kevin Crockett, President of the Enrollment Management Division, Ruffalo Noel Levitz.


Ruffalo Noel Levitz, the leading provider of technology-enabled services, software, and consulting for higher education enrollment management and fundraising, named Edgewood College as one of only three winners of the 2015 Lee Noel and Randi Levitz Retention Excellence Awards. The awards recognize innovative campus retention programs that have encouraged students to succeed and persist through graduation.




May Commencement 2015 saw nearly 300 undergraduates and 100 masters and doctoral candidates receive their degrees. V.P. for Student Development/Dean of Students Maggie Balistreri-Clarke, in one of her final official functions for the College, gave the address. “You do not yet know how smart you can be, how kind, how strong, how loving,” Balistreri-Clarke said in closing. “But you can commit to finding out. Thank you and bon courage!” One of those students receiving her degree is Karen Hall ’15. Ms. Hall began her college career twenty years ago,


but life’s twists, including her desire to be close to home during her father’s cancer fight, delayed her dream. Working fulltime as a Special Education Assistant at Aldo Leopold Elementary School in Madison, she began her degree at Edgewood College in 2011. “I love working in the Madison school district,” Hall said. “There are so many amazing teachers I’ve been able to work with over the years who have inspired me to be a teacher, and who have supported me as I’ve been working fulltime and going to school fulltime. I would love to continue to work in the Madison school district.” For Hall, the School of Education’s Dr. Joseph E. Schmiedicke Future Educator Award honoree for 2015,

that dream has come true. In September, she started a new career, as a teacher at Aldo Leopold. “It’s a gift. I am so lucky to be able to have this career and to be realizing my goal, twenty years later.” Karen Hall ’15 with Donovan, her husband, May 2015.



In what was to be one of his final public appearances, we welcomed civil rights legend Julian Bond for the 10th Annual Hatheway History Lecture. At the event on March 11, Mr. Bond spoke of his personal experiences and efforts as a civil rights leader over the past 50 years. Julian Bond passed away on August 15, 2015, at the age of 75. “This address provided a timely occasion–for the campus community and the greater Madison community– to learn and to reflect deeply on issues of inclusion, peace, and justice,” President Scott Flanagan said. The 10th Annual Hatheway History Lecture is presented with support from the Bob and Carroll Heideman Crossing Educational Boundaries fund.

History Professor Andy Witt (l.) and Julian Bond speak with students before the 10th Annual Hatheway History Lecture, March 2015.

NEW VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT has demonstrated the ability to build a culture and system of philanthropy and the ability to build rapport with faculty, staff and benefactors.

Mr. Klein previously served as Vice President for Institutional

Prior to his work at Viterbo, Mr. Klein served for five years at St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minn., where he progressed from Director of Major Gifts to Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Mr. Klein holds a BA in Elementary Education from the University of South Dakota and a Master of Arts in Philanthropy and Development from St. Mary’s University.


Mr. Gary Klein, CFRE brings nearly twenty years of experience in fundraising and development in higher education. During that time he

“From my first moments on campus I have sensed the warm, compassionate nature of the Edgewood College community,” Mr. Klein said. “I look forward to working in partnership with alumni, with faculty and staff, and with friends of the College in the Greater Madison community. Our Dominican heritage, paired with a liberal arts education, prepares our students to make a special difference in the world. I am honored to be a part of that mission.”

Advancement at Viterbo University in La Crosse since 2002. During that time, he developed and led the successful completion of a capital campaign that generated more than $40 million for Viterbo, surpassing the original campaign goal.



SO MUCH LEFT TO LEARN A 10-day summer trip to Peru yields new insights and opportunity.


Earlier this year, Pauline ChavezHemaidan, a Senior Business major from Brownsville, Texas, received an invitation she won’t forget. Amie Dragoo, Chair of the Accounting Department in the School of Business, urged Pauline to join her on a trip to Peru. Pauline was to help translate, and support efforts to develop a School of Business program in Peru. “It’s really important for our students to gain some cultural skills to be able to interact and understand how business is different in other countries,” Dragoo said. “Even if they don’t take a job outside the U.S. they’ll have subsidiaries and customers in different countries. Having more cultural awareness is going to help them be more successful in their careers.” The College has built relationships in Peru during the past several years, so some key contacts are in place. They traveled south from the capital city of Lima to the city of Arequipa. There,

they met with deans of the business school at the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, a Catholic university. They discussed student exchanges and other partnerships. They also met with local entrepreneurs and discovered numerous cultural quirks and curiosities. “What was cool for me, coming back, was understanding that there is so much I don’t know,” Pauline said. “Four years of college will teach you that there’s so much you’ll never know, and then you leave the country and you realize, well take that, and expand it to every country you’ve never been to.” Both Dr. Dragoo and Pauline discovered that, despite some cultural differences about how business operates in Peru, some things are universal. “I sat down to translate for Dr. Dragoo and for the first half hour it was questions about who we are, what are our values, what is Edgewood College, where we come from. It was relationship-building. Only then

once they established that did we eventually get around to business.” The School of Business is working to bring faculty from the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria to the College sometime in the next year. And there are already plans for a return to Peru in May of 2016, in hopes of setting up a student exchange in 2017. Pauline and Professor Dragoo, Peru, summer 2015.



Vice President for Student Development & Dean of Students Maggie Balistreri-Clarke stepped down from her post at the end of the 2014-2015 academic year. Maggie has served as the chief student affairs officer for more than twenty years, and her impact has been felt by thousands of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. During her time at the College, the resident student population grew by hundreds, a comprehensive

approach to student development was implemented, and retention rates moved from near the bottom of the College’s peer group to among the top. In 2014, she was recognized by her peers when the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators named Maggie a “Pillar of the Profession.”

have known that they can count on Maggie to be a trusted advisor, mentor, and advocate,” President Scott Flanagan said. “While her professional accomplishments are noteworthy, none represents Maggie’s greatest achievement: the countless students and alumni whose lives she has touched.”

“Whether first-semester freshmen dealing with homesickness or seniors needing advice about how to start their professional lives, our students

Maggie celebrates saying “Aloha” to students, faculty and staff at a party in her honor, April 2015.

For Megan Waltz, MBA ’15, getting a master’s degree has been a long time in the making. She says, “I talked about getting my MBA for the past fifteen years and finally took the plunge!” Waltz jumped in to the MBA in Health Systems Leadership program at Edgewood College in Spring 2012 and graduated this May, as part of the program’s first-ever graduating class. As Director of Culinary and Clinical Nutrition for the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Waltz says Edgewood College’s program stood out to her. “I really liked the focus on healthcare and I like the flexibility that Edgewood College had to offer with evening and online classes.” The College’s reputation reinforced her choice. “I wanted to pursue my MBA at an institution where I believed I would receive a great education and Edgewood College has an excellent reputation,” she says.





NEW VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Dr. Anthony Chambers has been named Vice President for Student Development. Prior to coming to the College, Dr. Chambers served as Associate Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Dr. Chambers also served as Associate Director and Associate Professor at the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, at the University of Michigan.

the classroom,” President Scott Flanagan said. “Dr. Chambers brings a deep background as both a practitioner and a scholar of student development, which qualifies him uniquely to continue building the challenging, engaging, inclusive learning environment we offer. We are thrilled to welcome Tony to the Edgewood College community.” Chambers holds two degrees from Illinois State University and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida.

“At Edgewood College, we believe learning occurs in and out of



Five outstanding leaders joined the Board of Trustees in the fall of 2015. Jeffrey B. Bartell is a retired Madison attorney, practicing in the areas of corporate and securities law, insurance regulatory and administrative law and general business. He represented clients before federal courts and Wisconsin administrative agencies. Darrell Behnke is a financial advising professional with The Private Client Reserve in Madison. He has spent much of his 20-plus years with U.S. Bank managing trusts and providing financial planning to individuals, and public and private foundations. Dr. Frank Byrne is the past President of St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison. In 2011, he was named one of Modern Healthcare’s 50 Most Influential Physician Executives. St. Mary’s Hospital nearly doubled in size under his leadership.

Mike Carr, MA ’03 is an educator and Athletic Director in the Oregon School District. He brings to the Board a wealth of higher education experience and knowledge. He has also served as a WIAA and NCAA athletics official. Liz Eversoll has spent the last 20 years in the information technology industry and has extensive experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, IT executive, technology services and reseller executive, and consultant.




On a beautiful spring afternoon, the College marked the official start of construction on a new residence hall on campus with a ceremonial groundbreaking. As you can see, no golden shovels at this ceremony; instead, a customized excavator was used to get things going. Mild weather through the summer and early autumn means the project is right on schedule.

Catherine Zdeblick, a major benefactor to the project, delivered moving remarks during the ceremony. Her gift to the project, made in honor of the memory of her son AJ, ensures that three students in the College’s Cutting Edge program will be able to live in the new hall each year. AJ Zdeblick was a student in the first cohort of the unique college access program. His sudden passing more than five years ago deeply affected many at the College. “AJ’s life changed when he came to Edgewood College,” Zdeblick said. “…He blossomed in his independence because he felt valued and respected. He had faith he could meet the challenge, and he ran with it.”

“When you change a child you change the family,” she continued. “When you change the family you change the community. When you change a community you can change the world.” President Scott Flanagan (l.), Board of Trustees Chair Gary Schaefer, Catherine Zdeblick. October 2015: Mild weather through the summer and early autumn means the New Residence Hall project is on schedule.


The $13 million building will provide additional living space for more than 100 students, and is scheduled to be completed in time for the Fall 2016 semester. The new hall will be attached to the north end of Regina Hall.



DUDDLESTON RETIRES AFTER A LIFETIME OF TEACHING AND LEARNING Associate Professor of Economics Bill Duddleston made it official at a celebration this fall. After forty-five years at Edgewood College, he is now retired.


At a celebration surrounded by colleagues, former students, friends and family, Duddleston shared that he will enjoy retirement in Switzerland, where he now lives with his wife Priska Duddleston-Koch. He began his career at the College in 1970, lecturing in Economics. Through the years Professor Duddleston was a regular guest on Wisconsin Public Television, and other media. A dedicated advocate for Economics education, he was the tireless and creative engine behind the National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL), and Economics Wisconsin through the Wisconsin Council on Economic Education. “Bill showed students how events around the world and in their hometowns are affected by economic decisions,”

longtime colleague Professor Cynthia Rolling said. “Bill has been the kind of professor students remember both for his expertise and for his ability to engage with the audience in front of him.” And they do remember. Trustee Lucy Keane ’84, herself a student of Duddleston’s, spoke about lessons learned both in and out of the classroom. “That’s Bill’s gift,” Keane said. “We want to be like him, but he wants us to be us. He wanted us to find our independence, he wanted us to form our critical thinking, challenge the status quo, but be ourselves.” Professor Duddleston (l.) with Steve Schaeffer, MBA ’97. Lucy Keane ’84: “He wants us to be us.”



For the first time since the inception of the Edgewood College soccer program in 1990, the Eagles have a change in their head coaching position. Edgewood College alumnus Derek Helmer is the new head coach of the Edgewood College men’s soccer team, replacing Tim Alexander. Alexander, who has coached the Eagle men for all 25 of their seasons, will remain as the head coach of the Edgewood College women’s soccer program and will also assume the new title of Director of Soccer Operations. Helmer is hardly a stranger to the Edgewood College soccer program. For the past four seasons, Helmer has been an assistant coach for the Edgewood College women’s soccer program. The Eagle women were 5719-4 in those four seasons and captured the 2013 NACC championship. “As an Eagle soccer alumnus, Derek’s love for the institution and our soccer programs has kept bringing him back,” said Director of Athletics Al Brisack. “Our studentathletes have been the benefactors of this commitment. Both our women’s program and men’s program will notice immediate benefits from this promotion. We certainly believe this move will be a springboard for two successful programs to become even better!”

His Edgewood College soccer roots run deep into his family life as well. Helmer is married to Julie Helmer (née Veloff), who is still the Eagles women’s soccer program’s all-time leading scorer having scored 104 goals from 1995-98. Derek and Julie live in Madison and own a small business in Sauk City, Wis. The change brings an end to the men’s soccer era of Tim Alexander’s Edgewood College coaching career. In 25 seasons, Alexander compiled a record of 243-204-37, including two conference titles (1996, 2000) and three trips to the NCAA Division III Tournament (1999, 2004,

2005). Alexander was one of the few NCAA coaches remaining who still coached both the men’s and women’s teams concurrently. He has exactly 300 wins with the women’s team, making him one of only 18 coaches in NCAA history with 500 or more combined victories. “We cannot say thank you enough to Tim and Terri Alexander for the amazing commitment to our men’s soccer program,” said Brisack. “Over the years, they have been instrumental in the growth of so many young men.” In his new role of Director of Soccer Operations, Alexander will still supervise some of the day-to-day planning and operations of the men’s soccer program, while continuing to serve as head coach of the Edgewood College women’s soccer program.


Helmer, a native of Oostburg, Wis., played for the Eagles and Coach Alexander from 1995-98, being named first team All-Lake Michigan Conference in both his junior and senior years. He is ranked third in school history with 86 career games played and competed on two LMC Tournament championship teams. After graduating from Edgewood College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, Helmer spent one season as an assistant coach at Lakeland College. He returned to Madison as an assistant coach for Alexander and the men’s soccer program from 2002-04. Helmer has coaching licenses from both the NSCAA and USSF and has spent 15 years coaching the Wisconsin Rush club team, based in Middleton.





connected by attending events,

volunteering for career week activities, and sharing your photos and updates. We love to keep alumni connected with each other! Athletic Alumni Reunite


Former athletes gather in the Edgedome for a day of Eagle Basketball at Jam the Gym. A2 The Meadows of Sixmile Creek was the site for the Eagle Golf Outing which raises funds to support student athletes. A1

American Family Insurance & WI Brewing Co. (B) Alumni connect over lunch with each other at American Family Insurance Corporate Headquarters. B2 A brewery tour, great food, and networking was the focus for a wellattended spring alumni event. FALL.15//EDGEWOOD COLLEGE MAGAZINE


Alumni Share Career Experience (C) Accounting alumni network with current students at the 7th Annual Accounting Club Dinner. C2 Alumni returned to campus to share their career experiences with current students. C1

Questions, comments or ideas? Emerald Club Luncheon


Alumnae gather to celebrate the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1965 with a mass in St. Joseph Chapel followed by a luncheon.

Call or write, Kathy (Pandl) O’Connor, Alumni Director, (608) 663-6715,















1960s Joan C. Cavanaugh ’61 was featured in SharpHeels, an online journal for the young woman professional, for her piece Golf as a Business Tool. Joan is founder and CEO of Boardroom Golf Institute.

Mary Kay (Paisley) Nielsen ’63, Anne (Nottoli) Cors ‘63 and Linda (Spielman) Schuster ’63


attended the 55th reunion of Extension Lay Volunteers held in Chicago at the end of June. The volunteers had gone to Boonville, MO in the summer of 1963 with Father Sullivan along with other college students from across the United States.

Margaret (Berigan) McKinley ‘68 retired on June 5, 2015 from Our Lady Queen of Peace Grade School. Prior to college and her career in education, Margaret also studied at Edgewood Campus School and Edgewood High School. µ1 Mary (Grimm) McCauley ‘69, of Harvard, IL, Barbara (Adams) Shields ‘69, of Horseshoe Bay, TX, and Eileen Murphy ‘69, of Madison reconnected in Texas and reminisced about their years as roommates in college. µ2

Nancy (Padley) Jones ’83 was awarded the Herb Kohl Fellowship Award, which recognizes teachers for being an inspiration and motivation to their students as well as providing service to others in and out of the classroom. Nancy currently teaches eighth grade English and reading at Crandon Middle School in Crandon, Wis.





1970s Terri Taylor ’78 was named Ambassador of the Year by the Portage County Business Council on January 27, 2015. Terri currently serves as the Associate Director of Alumni Affairs for UW-Stevens Point.

1980s Leroy Arnold ’82 was featured in a national interview on MSNBC, discussing the 2015 Amtrak Train Derailment in Philadelphia and its historical connections. Leroy is currently employed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and graduated with a degree in American Studies.

Vivian Franklin, MA ’96 was recognized as an outstanding teacher at the 15th Annual Top Notch Teacher Awards Ceremony on March 12, 2015. She works for the Madison Metropolitan School District as a first grade teacher at Frank Allis Elementary School.

Pat Kelly ‘96, RN, CLNC was recognized by Continental Who’s Who among Pinnacle Professionals in the field of Nursing as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Pat is the owner of Kelly Legal Nurse Consulting LLC where she provides assistance with medical records to attorneys.

David Monroe ’96 and his wife Jennifer welcomed a new daughter, June Adelaide Monroe, to their family on October 21, 2014. David recently became Senior AR/ Billing Specialist with Milwaukee Health Services Inc. David graduated with a BS in Business. Kim Sponem, MBA ’98 was named to the Board of Directors of WPS Health Insurance. Kim serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Summit Credit Union and is well known for her community involvement through her time spent volunteering and in leadership positions. µ3

2000s Ann McDonald, MBA ’00 was named Executive Director of the Southern Wisconsin Agricultural Group (SWAG) on April 8th, 2015. Sonia (Kahn) Turk, MBA ’01 joined United Federal Credit Union in St. Joseph, Michigan as Electronic Funds Transfer Manager. Sonia has more than 12 years of experience in the banking industry. µ4

Nick ‘02 and Lori (Walther) Venturella ’03 welcomed their second child, Cole Bellar Venturella, on June 3, 2015. Cole joins six-year-old Luke. Nick graduated with a BA in Art and works for Insperity as a Sales & Marketing Supervisor. Lori graduated with a BS in English and is currently an Instructor at the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia. µ5








Timothy Allen, MBA ’03 began a new role as Director of Practice Development at Rubino & Company, a CPA and consulting firm in Maryland.

Cristina Camacho ’03 was presented with the Heart of Gold Service Award by Babies Gone Too Soon, Inc., which helps families coping with miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Cristina graduated with a BS in Biology and Broad Fields Natural Sciences. µ6

Carrie Powers ’04 was recognized as a Top Female Executive for her experience and expertise in the health care profession. Carrie serves as Vice President of Marketing at Vascular Solutions, Inc. in Minneapolis.

Adrienne (Johnson) Rouse ’04 and Jonathan Rouse ‘04 welcomed Elijah Paul to their family on

µ8 5, and Jonah, who is 4. Jonathan serves as Assistant Principal at Sun Prairie High School and Adrienne is a fifth grade teacher for the Waunakee Community School District. µ7

Stephanie (Goke) Tervort ‘04 was named to InBusiness Magazine’s 2015 class of 40 Under 40 business professionals. Stephanie serves as Director of Marketing and Communications at WPS Health Insurance. µ8

Jonathan Adair ’05 and wife Rachel welcomed a new son, Grayson, to their family in August 2014. Grayson is the couple’s second son, joining big brother Brayden. Jonathan played baseball while a student and earned his BS majoring in History. µ9


February 4, 2015. Elijah joins brothers Aaron, who is

Kristopher Gasch ’04 was recognized as one of Printing Impressions Magazine’s 20 Under 40 printing executives in the industry. Kristopher is Director of Marketing for Fey Printing in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. He graduated in 2004 and studied business and music.





Joshua Biller ’05 started a new job as Research Associate with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in February 2015. Kate (Schneider) Melendres ’05 and husband James welcomed son Wyatt James Melendres to their family on March 21, 2015. Both trial attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., Kate and James met as federal prosecutors in San Diego, CA. µ10

Nicole Nee ’05 and her husband Eric welcomed their second child, Tucker, on June 4, 2013. Tucker joins big sister Tenley. Nicole graduated with Bachelor of Science in Sociology and is currently a Claims Manager with Sedgwick. Eric is the Athletic Director for Sun Prairie High School. µ11

the Founding Director of One City Early Learning Centers, a new preschool that focuses on eliminating the achievement gap for children from low-income families. Marlo graduated with a BS degree in Education.

Tarah (Nytes) Gerner ’06 joined Sunnyslope Dental Care in New Berlin, Wis. as a dentist. She was previously a dental assistant at Sunnyslope from 2007-2009. Tarah graduated with a BS in Biology before earning her DDS at Marquette University. Paul Baker Prindle ’06, MA, MFT, was selected as one of 40 in the Vanguard Class of 2015 by Next City, an organization dedicated to urban planning and innovation. Paul is the Director of University Galleries at the University of Nevada – Reno. Mariah (Showers) Richards ‘06 and John Richards welcomed a baby boy, Ethan John, on January 19, 2015. Mariah earned her BS in Business and is a fifth grade technology teacher for the Oregon School District. The couple resides in Oregon, Wis. µ12


Marlo Miekle ’05 was named





Kenneth Spuda ’06, MBA ’11 has been promoted

Carlee Feuling ’09 and Wesley Segebrecht celebrated

to Director of Operations at Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. in Columbus, Wis., where he previously served as Engineering Manager.

their wedding on January 22, 2015, at the El Dorado Royale Spa & Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Carlee is employed at Lands’ End as a Recruiter and Wesley is a Master Plumber with Zimmerman Plumbing.

Hannah Zimmerman ’06 and Josh Jones celebrated their wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico in April. Hannah graduated with a degree in Business and is working for Kforce Technology Staffing as an Operations Supervisor. Josh is a Safety Specialist at Alliant Energy. Also pictured are Hannah’s parents, Larry and LouAnn (Nee) Zimmerman ’76. µ13 Charlie Averkamp ’09 has been named Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Benedictine University in Illinois. An outstanding student-athlete, Averkamp played basketball for four years with the Eagles, and later served as assistant coach. Charlie graduated with a BS in Business, and went on to four successful years at Concordia University as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator. µ14




2010s Monica (Mooberry) Lindner, MBA ’10 has accepted a position working for the State of Wisconsin in the Department of Administration.

Laura (Betancourt) Pacheco ’10 and her husband Edwin welcomed Jaelon Green Pacheco Betancourt to their family on April 17, 2015 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison. Jealon is their second son. Laura currently works for the Madison Metropolitan School District and earned her degree in Elementary Education. µ15

Ashley Loeffelhoz ‘10 and Nicholas Kerchner celebrated their wedding on June 6th, 2015. Celebrating with the couple were Heidi (Wood)

Milmoe ‘09, Paityn Albers ‘15, Kate Craig ‘11, Elly (Terhaar) Schram ‘11, Allie (Jacob) Czuprynski ‘11, Kayla (Schlegel) Gehin ‘10, Justine Weibel ‘10 and Megan (Lavelle) Kutterna ‘08. Ashley graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Broad Field Social Studies and currently is the Assistant Textbook Manager in the Edgewood College bookstore.






Kayla Schlegel ’10 and Dan Gehin celebrated their wedding on April 25th, 2015. Dan is a graphic designer and Kayla is a registered nurse. µ16

Nichole Cushley ’11 and Michael Lloyd

Alissa Zimmerman ’10 began a new job with Navitus

on the Capitol Square in Madison. Nichole

Health Solutions as their Proposal Specialist in the Marketing Department. Alissa graduated with an English degree and is excited to be able to apply her skills as a writer on the marketing team.

earned her BS in Nursing and works at

celebrated their wedding on October 4, 2014

Transformations Surgery Center and Mercy Hospital.

Bud Andrews ’11 and Jessica Gebelein celebrated their wedding on March 3, 2012. Bud is a Research Assistant for Neville Public Museum of Brown County, Wis. He graduated with a BS in English and History.

Tom Johnson, Ed.D. ’11 was named superintendent of the School District of Beloit. Tom assumed the position as of May 6, after serving as interim superintendent and other leadership roles within the district.

Nichole Von Haden, MA ’12 was recognized as one of 12 outstanding teachers at the 15th Annual Top Notch Teacher Awards Ceremony on March 12, 2015. She works for the Madison Metropolitan School District as a bilingual resource teacher at Sherman Middle School. µ18

Devin Mills ’11, MA ’13 is pursuing his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


James Kamoku, MA ’11 is the Associate Principal of Glacial Drumlin School in the Monona Grove School District. Prior to Glacial Drumlin he worked in the Madison schools as a Special Education Teacher and as a Dean of Students. µ17





Alyssa Riphon ’13 started a new position as Investigator with the City of Madison Department of Civil Rights on March 1st, 2015. Alyssa graduated with a degree in English.

Cody Schara ’13 accepted a position with the University of Missouri – St. Louis as an academic advisor starting this August. Cody has also received an MS in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois University. Cory ’14 and Dana (Gempeler) Kundert ’14


celebrated their wedding June 20th, 2015. Dana graduated with a BS in Nursing and is working as an RN at the Family Birth & Women’s Center at the Monroe Clinic. Cory graduated from the School of Business and is a Learning & Development Specialist at the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation. µ19


Alexander V. Law ‘14 became an Oblate of the Order of St. Benedict at Holy Wisdom Monastery on April 19, 2015. He currently works for Summit Credit Union as Universal Banker and is pursuing an MBA at UWMadison, as well as a MA in Sustainable Leadership at Edgewood College. Stephanie Muñoz ’14 was featured in the May 2015 issue of Brava Magazine. She is part of the Latino Professionals Association (LPA) that works to engage Latinos of Madison in community and professional career development. Stephanie works as the Events Chair for LPA and is also attending UW-Madison as a graduate student in the School of Social Work.

Debi Rhyner ’14 began a new position as a Chemist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA. Debi graduated with her BS in Biology.

Kimberly Frederickson, MBA ’13 and Jeremiah DeGollon BBA ’07, MBA ’12 accepted the 2014 Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on behalf of Summit Credit Union. Kimberly is VP of Financial Education & Business Development and Jeremiah is Assistant VP of Business Development.

31 Christina Lorge-Grover Ed.D ’14 recently accepted a position with Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. as Dean of Student Support. µ20

IN MEMORIAM Edith (Durzo) Fickel ‘47 on December 6, 2014.


Ann Fillback Watt, Ed.D ’14 began a new position as Associate Director of Career Information Systems at UW-Madison. Ann previously was the Senior Outreach Specialist.

Patrice Morris ’15 began a new job at Journey Mental Health as an emergency call center operator. Patrice begins the Master of Social Work program at UW-Madison in fall 2015.

Joanne Krembs ‘48 on July 17, 2015. Margaret (Lillis) Haza ‘50 on May 9, 2015. Janet Esser ‘54 on June 1, 2015. Mary (Brehm) Harrington ‘57 on July 12, 2015. Mary Kreuser, O.P. ‘57 on April 15, 2015. Marion Vavreck, O.P. ‘58 on April 3, 2015. Patricia (Macken) Virnig ‘58 on April 12, 2015. Loretta Dornisch, O.P. ‘62 on March 14, 2015. Mary Jo Schofield, O.P. ‘63 on April 20, 2015. Rose Marie (Wnek) Bertrand ‘64 on July 9, 2015. Margaret Braun ‘64 on February 5, 2015. Judy (Bailey) Hutchens ‘64 on July 8, 2014. Geraldine Newton ‘64 on March 1, 2015. Gyneth (Wakeman) Schmale ‘64 on September 1, 2014. Carolus Scaife, O.P. ‘65 on May 15, 2015.

Sr. Loretta Dornisch, OP ’62 Sister Loretta became a Sinsinawa Dominican in 1950, and after studying at the College, joined the faculty in 1969 where she taught in the Religious Studies Department for 41 years (1969-2010). With her background in Education, Theology, and Religious

Elizabeth (Becker) Rohde ‘70 on June 21, 2015.

Studies, she established the Professional

Donald Benway ‘73 on October 22, 2014.

Program in Religious Studies in 1974 and was co-founder of the Master

Susan Zweifel ‘79 on August 1, 2015.

of Arts in Religious Studies Program

John Allen ‘94 on April 27, 2015.

in 1985. Sr. Loretta passed away on

Sandra Phillips ‘98 on March 15, 2015.

Saturday, March 14, 2015.

We love to hear from you! Please send us your news and photos. Email jpgs (1 MB or higher, please) to or online at


Kathryn Welch, O.P. ‘65 on June 4, 2015.


have touched the Greater Madison community in countless meaningful ways. They are changing the lives of deserving nursing students through the Mary Jeanne Kennedy Anderson Scholarship, named in memory of a devoted wife, mother, and healthcare professional. We thank the Anderson family, David Anderson ‘12, Dave Anderson, and Kristine (Anderson) Moses, Not pictured, Matthew Anderson, Joe Anderson, Sarah (Anderson) Caflisch.

“The Edgewood College Family is helping us honor the life and legacy of a woman who was so very special to me, my children, and this community. With this gift we’re making a positive impact on the personal and professional lives of future nurses. Nurses who for generations to come, will care for you, for me, and for families everywhere.” DAVE ANDERSON, FORMER CHAIRMAN AND CEO, AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE

To learn more, contact Vice President for Institutional Advancement Gary Klein at 608-663-6713 or


Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Madison, WI Permit #732 1000 Edgewood College Drive Madison, WI 53711-1997

RA’s for 2015-2016 are ready for another great year. “Living on campus has allowed me to get to know myself better and learn new ways of social interaction, as well as ways to perform better in school and other areas of my life. I have come to feel a part of something so much bigger than myself, and I truly didn’t expect this school to have such a powerful impact on me.”

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