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September 10, 2013

A Message from the President It’s hard to believe that this is my 10th year at Edgewood College and my 19th year serving as a college president. In many ways, the last few years have been the happiest and most productive of my career. After much deliberation, Terri and I made the decision that this academic year will be my last in serving Edgewood College on a full-time basis as president. I made that announcement on September 10th at a College Assembly. I was educated for 12 years by Benedictine sisters and four additional years by the Benedictine monks for college. What a blessing to find the Sinsinawa Dominican community as the sponsors for Edgewood College. I described the Dominican sisters as “value driven, highly educated and mission focused.” Our relationship with the Dominican sisters as the founders and sponsors of Edgewood College could not have been better! We have been blessed with a strong Board of Trustees. They are absolutely dedicated to helping make Edgewood College a better place for students to receive a high quality educational experience. I am grateful for the leadership, commitment, and support of the Trustees during my time here. Terri and I found an outstanding faculty and staff at Edgewood College. They demonstrate their commitment to providing our students a first-rate education every day. That includes challenging the students as well as supporting the students - both in and out of the classroom. We are privileged to serve a socio-economically diverse student body that reflects our broader community. I was the oldest of five raised on a farm in Iowa from a family with extremely limited financial means. I had little aspiration of being able to attend college until my senior year of high school. It makes me proud that Edgewood College serves a student body where 35% of our full-time undergraduate students are eligible for the Pell grant. Most years, between one fourth and one third of our freshman class are the first in their family to go to college. Perhaps some of you are aware that I served as an infantry officer in Vietnam. Today, Edgewood College serves more than 140 veterans and their dependents. Many of these young people had it a lot harder than I did in Vietnam as they served multiple deployments and time away from their families and communities. I’ve gotten to know a number of the veterans and they tell me they have found a home at Edgewood College. In the coming year, we have much remaining to accomplish as we continue to lay the groundwork for a vibrant future for this College. I pledge to continue to work with our Trustees and our campus community in pursuing the goals of our Strategic Plan. I will make every effort to assure that there is a seamless transition to a new president. Please allow me this opportunity to thank the entire Edgewood College community for the many significant achievements of the past decade. The successes of Edgewood College belong to YOU who support this wonderful institution. Our achievements belong to the entire Edgewood College community. For that I am very grateful! Thank you.

Board of Trustees Chair Jim Barr, Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P. and Trustee Jan Eddy congratulate Dr. Carey, moments after he announced his intention to retire.

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Henry Predolin School of Nursing


Two Brothers, Two Paths


Scholarship Support Key to Success


Edgewood College Today

An Increasing Commitment to Recycled Paper A commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability resonates deeply at the College, a legacy begun by the native people who first cared for this very special 55-acre campus on the shore of Lake Wingra. The College is honored to be part of the legacy of sustainability that we inherit. With the publication of this edition, we’re taking additional steps to try to be good stewards of the environment. The symbol above corresponds to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international, nonprofit, membership-based organization that brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by poor forestry practices and to reward good forest management.



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Eagle Athletics


Stay Connected With Fellow Alumni

On the Cover (left to right)

Shay Van Zeeland Neenah, Wis. | Junior

“I chose Nursing because I am passionate about taking care of people.”

Katie Pampuch Oconomowoc, Wis. | Senior

The second of three in her family to attend Edgewood College. Member of the Edgewood College women’s soccer team for four years. NAC Scholar Athlete. Stay Connected

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Amadou Fofana Madison | Senior

“I chose Nursing because it’s a profession that allows you to make an impact and changes lives in the community and the world.”

Mac Vesperman Monona, Wis. | Junior

“I’m a retired carpenter, a husband, and a father of two. Nursing has allowed me to build upon my professional experiences while combining them with a first-rate education, and the compassion for making a difference in the quality of people’s lives.”

Janell Bertera Cottage Grove, Wis. | Junior

“For myself, a career in Nursing is a way of paying it forward. It’s about the passion, the purpose, and the possibilities of making a difference in the lives of others.”

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine Feature




Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

at Edgewood College

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine



On July 15, 2013, President Dan Carey announced the formal creation of the Henry Predolin School of Nursing – the first named school of Edgewood College. The school is named in honor of Henry Predolin, former trustee of the College and founder of the Henry J. Predolin Foundation. Both through his work as a member of the Board and through the on-going support of the College by his foundation, Henry Predolin continues to have a transformative impact on the College and on the educational experiences of our students. The foundation provided the lead gift for the renovation and expansion of the School of Nursing.



A Board Member’s Vision

The Henry J. Predolin Foundation At the time of his death, Henry established the Henry J. Predolin Foundation in honor of his only son, who died of leukemia as a child. The mission of the foundation is to benefit children, higher education, and the research of leukemia and its cure. Since its inception, the foundation has supported Edgewood College by funding educational opportunities in the School of Business, the

• awards of $1.4 million in undergraduate student scholarships in Business, Nursing, and the Sciences • purchase of simulation mannequins for use in Nursing labs • creation of the Information Commons within the Oscar Rennebohm Library • enhancement of technology in the Business, Nursing, and Science programs • purchase of technology, equipment and passenger vans to enrich programming in the Sciences Above: Henry Predolin meets with students at Edgewood College, September 2005.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Henry Predolin was born on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. He came to the United States in his twenties to start a new life after World War II. Starting from the bottom, he ultimately built a substantial business empire. In addition to leading his own enterprises, he provided leadership and guidance to several local organizations in the Madison area, including Edgewood College. Henry served as a Trustee from 1988-1991. In this role, he helped develop the vision for the Campus Master Plan and was integral to many of the transformations that took place in the late 1980’s and 1990’s – including the redesign of the primary entrance to the College from Woodrow Street to Edgewood College Drive. As President Carey said, “Henry clearly loved the Edgewood College students he met, especially the ‘underdogs.’ Henry was a true leader and visionary, and his legacy will be felt by generations of students in the future.”

Since 2008, the College has received over $3.5 million from the Foundation for…



Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

“Mostly, I’m excited for the students who come next. And, of course I know I’ll be back.” Meghan O’Connor, shown here at work at Sylvan Crossings Assisted Living in Fitchburg, Wis.

School of Nursing, the Department of Biological Sciences, and the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics. It is in recognition of this long-standing (and continuing) support and the generous gift to the renovation and expansion of the nursing facilities that President Carey and the Board of Trustees have named the school in honor of Henry Predolin. Foundation officials shared this statement: “Mr. Predolin would have been very pleased to see his foundation’s resources used to fund construction of the new nursing school facilities and to provide scholarships to students. These nursing school graduates will make a real difference in the health care profession for many years to come, which is what Mr. Predolin envisioned when he named Edgewood College as a beneficiary of the Henry J. Predolin Foundation.”

What it Means for Our Programs and Students The Henry Predolin School of Nursing creates an entirely new environment and space for our nursing program and students on the third floor of DeRicci Hall. The renovation more than doubles the space dedicated to Nursing, and for the first time centralizes nursing classroom, office, conference and meeting spaces. In



addition to individual faculty offices, the renovated space includes several office suites dedicated to specific specialty areas, to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among faculty and students. “One thing all of the students are excited about is that we can walk down the hall and stop by any of our professors’ offices and pop our heads in to talk,” senior Meghan O’Connor said. “It’s so helpful that all of our professors are near us and near one another. It makes for a great sense of community and a great learning environment.” The new space includes: • Faculty and staff offices and workstations • Classrooms and lecture halls • A  high-tech simulation laboratory that includes two hospital rooms for high fidelity mannequins and a control room • A  n open, clinical skills laboratory with an assessment laboratory classroom (for use with low-fidelity mannequins and other materials used to develop specific nursing skills) • A  conference and laboratory debriefing room

O’Connor, who plans to graduate in December 2013, said while she regrets not being able to spend more time on the new third floor, “I’m happy to have the chance to have one semester in the new space. Mostly, I’m excited for the students who come next. And, of course I know I’ll be back – whether as an alum or as a student again!”

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

The new Henry Predolin School of Nursing not only offers new ways of teaching and learning, but also increases the number of students the College can serve – by 2020, we expect to award approximately 200 BSN and graduate nursing degrees each year.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine Feature




Through Very Different Careers, Scott and Chris Harpin are Shaping a New World for Nursing In some ways, Chris Harpin ’03, CRNA, may have had it easier.

Chris followed his older brother Scott Harpin ’98, PhD, to Edgewood College, to launch his career in Nursing. Originally, Chris thought of seeking a two-year degree from a technical college. Then Scott suggested that Chris go speak with someone at Edgewood College. “The College really gave me a chance, where other institutions didn’t, or wouldn’t,” Scott remembers. “They said ‘we want you,

Scott and Chris Harpin reconnect with Dean Margaret Noreuil, Ph.D. in the new Henry Predolin School of Nursing, September 2013.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

“It is nice to have a big brother to help guide some decisions,” he said recently. “He did it a few years before I did, so it’s nice to have someone who’s been through it to talk to. So, I’ll give him a little bit of credit for it!”

“The professors were always telling us we need to be thinking about what we want to do for graduate school.”



Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Chris Harpin (far right), on inviting current students to ‘shadow’ him as part of their education:

“It’s nice to be able to give back to the College, even just a little. Nice to see the students come through, to try to show them what we do, and to know they can aspire to advance in their own careers in nursing.”

because you’re the type of student that succeeds in our program.’” Both continue to make strides in their own way. Today, Scott is an Assistant Professor on the research tenure track at the Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of ColoradoDenver. His work there involves teaching and research. But it’s research on the ‘front lines’ of healthcare, and all the challenges that come with it. “My research and my teaching and my clinical practice is bringing students to tough neighborhoods in Denver, and working with the most vulnerable families who are facing countless crises,” Scott says. “We’re working to try to understand how they access health care. We’re learning how we can improve the system so we can improve how we get care to those people who in some cases need it most. That’s what my work now is all about. We’re seeing really important research that’s going to really turn heads, and hopefully get us to do things differently to better serve those kids.” That systems approach had its start at Edgewood College. “I was working in Intensive Care at Meriter Hospital (in Madison) for three and a half years, and was pretty much all set to be a critical care nurse, but then I had the Public Health clinical at the College, and that blew my mind – how it was taught, with the broader scope of social justice, it was a really broad array of what community



health is all about. That really piqued my interest.” After graduation, Scott moved to Minneapolis, and earned two advanced degrees related to public health at the University of Minnesota. “All during my graduate programs I continued to work as a ‘front-line’ nurse, so that really informed my work and our projects in graduate school,” he says.

Today, as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, his days are fast and full. But despite the pace, and the questions about the future of healthcare delivery, he insists the important things don’t change. “I think Edgewood College gave us a great, well-rounded education,” Chris says. “It was a very patient-centered approach. You learned to interview patients and talk to people, as people – not a number. I use my experience

This fall, the brothers were back where they started, on a campus that continues to change, for a tour of the new Henry Predolin School of Nursing. For Scott, the signs of progress, and the bright future, are no surprise. “My memories of that time? I could tell that Edgewood College was really revvin’ up for something good,” he says. “There was a lot of energy, a lot of really inspiring faculty. The people, the brainpower, the students I was with – you just knew we were going to be great. It was really inspiring. And now as alumni, it’s still really inspiring for us.”

Left: Chris and Scott drop in on a class of current nursing students, Henry Predolin School of Nursing, September 2013. Middle: “We’re learning what we need as far as interventions that are required today, and that work can’t be done in a lab.” A teenager receives a vaccination from Alison Pilsner, a University of Colorado public health student, as Scott Harpin ’98, looks on. Harpin was part of a group of faculty and alumni at a ‘Back to School Healthy Kids Fair’ at Stout Street Clinic in Denver in August. (Photo courtesy of University of Colorado Communications.)

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Scott also recalls his Nursing professors at the College encouraging students to ‘aim high,’ and pursue advanced degrees, advice his brother has heeded as well. Chris followed his brother again, this time to the University of Minnesota, for a Master of Science degree in Nurse Anesthesia.

from Edgewood College daily, in how to assess patients and build that rapport quickly with patients, because there’s lots of times I may only have five, ten or twenty minutes with a patient to try to build that rapport.”

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine



Tee Up for Nursing, Others, Make Edgewood College Possible for Students There is little doubt that scholarships and gift aid make the difference for nearly every Edgewood College student. Last year, 99% of all full-time undergraduate students received financial aid, including scholarships and grants. Those funds are critical to the life of the College. Having recently celebrated its tenth year, the Tee Up for Nursing golf outing supports a scholarship endowment fund for undergraduate nursing students.

“I am proud to support the Henry Predolin School of Nursing at Edgewood College through sponsorship of the Tee Up for Nursing event and through the practical intern program and hiring of Edgewood College graduates,” said Scott Frank MBA ’86, President of Oak Park Place, a network of senior living communities. “Nursing professionals are such a valuable part of our community at Oak Park Place. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that quality standards are met and



demonstrate compassion and caring every day. We need well educated, trained, professional nurses in our senior care communities. Edgewood College helps us and others like us to fill those vital roles.” Thirty-four annual and endowed scholarships were awarded this year to 64 deserving nursing students. Dedicated alumnae Betty Jo (Dueppen) Dahlman ‘65 and Madeline (Pelletter) Laufenberg ‘57 have established their own funds as a way to continue the strong connections they made as students. And friends of the College like the Henry J. Predolin Foundation and Meg and Richard LaBrie have made their mark, inspired by the way our graduates serve our communities. In 2004, Meg and Richard established the ‘LaBrie Merit Nursing Scholarship’ to support one undergraduate Nursing major each year. Before her retirement, Meg was a nurse at Meriter Hospital in Madison for forty years, so when they first met their scholarship recipient, Celeste Wilkinson ’13, they were especially pleased that Celeste was already working toward her goal of a career in healthcare. In a letter of gratitude she wrote to the couple Celeste said, “I am currently completing my junior year of college, and my 3rd semester in Nursing. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a nurse and I love every minute of the program, stress and all! I am continuing to enjoy my studies and am thankful for the small class sizes and many professors that are teaching me so much. I have also taken a CNA position at Meriter Hospital and hope to stay with Meriter upon my graduation.”

To learn more about creating endowed and annual scholarship funds at Edgewood College, contact Katie (Hargraves) Vesperman ‘99 at 608-663-3224 or

Left: Celeste Wilkinson ’13 meets Richard and Meg LaBrie on campus, November 2012. Right Top: Today, Wilkinson serves the Madison community as a Nurse at Meriter Hospital. (Photo curtesy of Meriter Hospital) Right Bottom: Tee Up for Nursing, Summer 2013 (l. to r.) Bill Antonie, Byron Chase, LPGA legend Kathy Whitworth, Roger Patrickus, Scott Frank, MBA ‘86.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

The LaBrie Merit Nursing Scholarship seeks to support high-achieving Nursing students, students who demonstrate the capacity to graduate and succeed in the world of healthcare. In supporting Celeste, that is exactly what this scholarship did. Celeste graduated in May of 2013 and found her nursing journey continuing at the very place that Meg retired from – Meriter Hospital.



Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

In August 2013, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) announced a one million dollar gift given to Edgewood College to create the Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Center for Primary Care Innovation. The new Center will engage and enlist Edgewood College nursing students and graduates in innovative, progressive models of primary care delivery. “How the patient is seen, how the patient is heard, and how the patient’s needs are met remain the primary tenets of healthcare,” said Dr. Margaret Noreuil, RN, Ph.D., Dean of the Henry Predolin School of Nursing. “We’ll collaborate with GHC-SCW on how those three pillars can be improved through innovation and integration in the patient experience. This is a remarkable opportunity for our students in both our undergraduate and graduate level programs.”

Officials with GHC-SCW, on campus for the announcement, said the new partnership is critical to address challenges that lie ahead. “As the nursing profession continues to evolve into perhaps the most crucial role in day-to-day healthcare, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) is committed to active and enthusiastic participation in advancing the future of clinical nursing practice,” GHC-SCW CEO Kevin R. Hayden said. “We believe that one important way to accomplish this is to create a sustaining relationship with the Henry Predolin School of Nursing at Edgewood College. With this gift, we will create relationships that bring progressive educational opportunities to students, our organization and to the communities we serve.” Above: Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin CEO Kevin R. Hayden (standing to Dr. Carey’s left) at the announcement in the newly-opened Henry Predolin School of Nursing.


Nursing Numbers by the

The year the nursing program was developed

in response to a request among area hospitals for a BSN program


The year the College established the Center for Nursing Excellence in partnership with Meriter Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital

2,000 Approximate number of health professionals and students who use the Center


60 + 380

Number of partnerships the Henry Predolin School of Nursing has with health care organizations in the Madison area alone

Number of cities, towns, and communities in Wisconsin where our Nursing alumni live and work

Number of students annually who declare a major or interest in majoring in Nursing.

Nursing is the largest undergraduate major at the College


Undergraduate students in 2013-2014

who were awarded scholarships from funds established by donors

Dollars raised at the College’s 10th Annual Tee Up for Nursing

golf outing in July 2013. Money raised supports a scholarship endowment fund for undergraduate nursing students



Scholarship dollars awarded to undergraduate nursing students

in 2013-2014 from named annual and endowed scholarship funds established by donors


Percent of Nursing graduates who stay in Wisconsin and contribute to the state’s healthcare workforce


Number of students who graduated with BSN and MSN degrees in 2012-13

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

for Nursing Excellence’s high tech simulation labs each year to further their education

including an accelerated postbaccalaureate BSN degree program (the only one in the region and one of only 4 in Wisconsin), a dual degree MBA and MSN program, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (Leadership emphasis) launched Fall 2013


1978 8

Number of nursing degree and certificate programs offered,


edgewood college today


BY THE NUMBERS THE IMPACT OF GIVING 2012–2013 $997,808 Scholarships $941,895 Capital $283,241 Program Support $140,588 Unrestricted

Number of Students

Student to Faculty Ratio

Approximately 3,000 students on Monroe Street Campus, Deming Way Campus, and Online


$120,606 Other Athletics, Students Orgs, Agency



Number of Programs

1,120 Alumni 397 Friends 148 Parents 124 Businesses, Organizations, Foundations 61 Faculty/Staff, Students, Board


30 25% 58% 99% 120

our full-time undergraduate % ofstudents are from families with

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine


annual incomes of $50k or less of full-time freshmen are first in their families to attend college

More than 75% of our classes have fewer than 20 students, and our average class size is 15

More than

More than



60 40



Over 50 student-led social, educational, professional, and service organizations including, Student Government, Campus Activities Board, newspaper and literary magazine, College Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, Black Student Union, and more.


increase in institutional funding for students since 2008 of full-time undergraduate students received financial aid in 2012–2013

unique annual and endowed scholarship funds from private donors support

195 students

Average Scholarship Award is $3,241

Edgewood College students have recently studied in Argentina, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Opportunities to study, volunteer, and intern are available in more than 42 countries.


Associate Professor of English Lauren Lacey’s book, The Past That Might Have Been, the Future That May Come: Women Writing Fantastic Fiction, 1960s to the Present, will be published in the Spring of 2014. The work is part of a scholarly series called Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy and it discusses how contemporary fiction by women writers responds to the past and imagines the future.

edgewood college today

Lacey Work Highlights Women Writers

“The book explores how even the most fantastic contemporary fiction is engaged with pressing issues of ethics and identity,” said Lacey, who adds that those topics frequently come up in discussions in her classes. “The release of this work is a significant accomplishment for Professor Lacey,” said John Fields, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. “By demonstrating the importance of lifelong learning in her own professional life, Lauren has once again set a great example for all of our students.”

College Again Named to President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

This year’s award specifically recognizes three areas of the life of the College: COR2, the Bonner Leader Program, and LEAP 2 College. Launched in 2006, the Community Service Honor Roll is the highest federal recognition a school can achieve for its commitment to service-learning and civic engagement. Honorees for the award are chosen based on a series of selection factors including scope and innovation of service projects, percentage of student participation in service activities, incentives for service, and the extent to which the school offers academic service-learning courses.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

The Corporation for National and Community Service has honored Edgewood College with a place on the 2012 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary service efforts and service to America’s communities. This marks the sixth consecutive year the College has been so recognized.


Cathy Andrews, PhD, RN, Retires edgewood college today

Dr. Cathy Andrews retired at the end of the 2013 Spring Semester after 17 and a half years at Edgewood College. In January of 1996 Cathy began teaching clinical courses part time and in 1998 when she completed her PhD in Continuing and Vocational Education she joined the tenure track as full time faculty. Cathy has taught multiple courses over the years and served as coordinator of two programs. During her time at the College the Department of Nursing became the School of Nursing, and today, the Henry Predolin School of Nursing. She thanks every student, faculty and staff colleague for the insights and understandings each of them has given her professionally and personally. Congratulations, and thank you Cathy Andrews!

College Receives Two College Ready Grants from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Edgewood College is honored to have received two College Ready grants in the total amount of $39,094 from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation. These grants will benefit 27 students by helping to prepare them for academic success when they begin their college career. Edgewood College was one of 34 recipients to receive some of the more than $4 million in College Ready grant funds awarded by Great Lakes. The College will use the grant funding during the 2013-2014 academic year to support students through two programs: The LEAP 2 College program (featured in the Summer 2012 Edgewood College Magazine) , conducted in conjunction with the Lussier Community Education Center, and the Committed to College program (C2C), which is conducted in conjunction with Cherokee Middle School and West High School. Both programs offer weekly academic

enrichment for students, as well as mentoring initiatives and activities on campus throughout the school year. “With the College Ready grants, the College and our community partners will continue to support Madison’s young people as they become better prepared for success in college,” said Dr. Kris Mickelson, Dean of the School of Integrative Studies. “We are honored to share this commitment to our community with Great Lakes, and with the organizations in Greater Madison that also strive toward equal access and excellence in teaching and learning.”


edgewood college today

Holub is Visiting Scholar at Holocaust Museum

Professor Tom Holub was appointed as visiting scholar to The Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Professor Holub spent the summer working with Lead Historian Dr. Patricia Heberer in the archives of the museum, doing research and preparing a manuscript relating to the atrocities of the Holocaust committed against individuals with disabilities from 1939-1945. Professor Holub plans to make presentations on his research both on campus, and in the Midwest, during the next academic year. Right: Professor Tom Holub and Dr. Patricia Heberer, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, Washington, D.C.

Report, Donor Lists to be Available at Give.Edgewood.Edu

Edgewood College

ANNUAL REPORT 2012 – 2013

Edgewood College will now publish the College’s annual report and annual lists of supporters of the College online at The 2012-13 report and donor lists will be available for viewing as of November 15, 2013. For those who prefer to receive a paper copy of the annual report, please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 608-663-3328. Thank you for your support!

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Annual Report Published Online

edgewood college today


Professor Vince Kavaloski Receives United Nations Award Professor of Philosophy Vince Kavaloski has been named Global Citizen of the Year by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, Dane County Chapter.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

The award is given each year to citizens who either live or work in Dane County and who have promoted the goals of the United Nations. In the citation, the association wrote “Professor Kavaloski’s work introducing students to the philosophies of peace and social justice admirably qualify him for this award.” Mr. Kavaloski regularly travels with students to New York and Washington, D.C. as part of his course offerings.

Professor Kavaloski is one of the founding members of the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, a consortium of private and public colleges and universities dedicated to enriching academic and public discourse on issues of peace and conflict. The Institute is non-partisan and encourages debate and discussion of multiple perspectives, not only of foreign policy issues and global areas of conflict, but also of intercultural communication, gender relations, and environmental sustainability. Above: Prof. Kavaloski in his Philosophy of the Person course, Fall 2013.

Professor Bruce J. Roberts Retires Congratulations to Bruce Roberts, CPA/MBA, professor for auditing and accounting classes in the MBA program. Professor Roberts taught at the College for 16 years. He was previously an audit partner with McGladrey & Pullen, CPAs, and taught at UW-Madison and UW-Whitewater. He has served as President of the Southern Wisconsin Chapter of CPAs, President of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Insurance Accounting and Systems Association, and Treasurer of United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Dane County. He currently serves as Treasurer of the Tamarack Trails Condominium Association. He is a member of the Nature Conservancy and Bethel Lutheran Church. He and his wife have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. We wish him all the best in his retirement!


College to Host Woodrow Wilson Fellow

Florence Reed, President and Founder of Sustainable Harvest International, will be on campus in April 2014. By hosting a Fellow, Edgewood College joins an impressive list of independent colleges from across the country that have participated in this program, which helps students and faculty explore how the classroom and campus relate to the broader society. By their own example, Fellows demonstrate that there are challenging opportunities for those who want to build a better world through professional activities and as informed citizens. Prior to founding Sustainable Harvest International, Ms. Reed served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama from 1991–1993, focusing on agro-forestry and environmental

edgewood college today

For the first time in its history, Edgewood College will host a Council of Independent Colleges Woodrow Wilson Fellow during the 2013-2014 academic year.

conservation. She has received honorary degrees recognizing her work from the University of New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire University. The Woodrow Wilson Fellows program has operated for more than 35 years as a way to bring prominent artists, diplomats, journalists, and

business leaders to college campuses for substantive dialogue on timely topics. Wilson Fellows spend a full week in residence on a college campus engaging with classes, conducting seminars, and consulting. Above: Florence Reed, President and Founder of Sustainable Harvest International, will be on campus in April 2014.

New Dean for the School of Education The College is pleased to introduce Dr. Timothy D. Slekar, the new Dean of the School of Education at Edgewood College. Slekar began his service at the College this fall.

He began his career in education as a 2nd grade teacher in Williamsburg, Virginia. Welcome, Dean Slekar!

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Previously, Dean Slekar was at Penn StateAltoona for ten years, where he was responsible for building an elementary education program and leading the Division of Education, Human Development and Social Sciences. He attended the University of Maryland at College Park where he earned his Ph.D. in Social Studies Education.

edgewood college today


Alumni, Employers Support Career Week Fall 2013

Career Week offered more than 300 students the opportunity to explore different majors and careers, practice interviewing, network with alumni and employers, and attend panels to discuss different career paths. In this fall’s edition, workshops covered internships, money management, graduate school and establishing and protecting one’s ‘personal brand.’

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Representatives from major employers in Dane County – many of them alumni – served on panels to share knowledge, offer insights, and explore international career opportunities. Area employers who attended this September’s event included CUNA, Group Health Cooperative, St. Mary’s Hospital, Spectrum Brands, Smith & Gesteland, and many others. Career Week is presented by the Career Services Office, the Alumni Office, The School of Business, and other areas of the College. Thank you to the many alum who attended! Our next Career Week will be in February 2014.

Top: (l. to r.) Connie North, MS ’13, Fatou Ceesay ’09, and Matthew Andrezjewski share insights at one of the Career Week panels. Middle: (l. to r.) Paige (Polzer) Knipfer ’12, CUNA; Shawn Johnson, Dir. of Career Education, Edgewood College; Laura Green ’11, Catholic Multicultural Center. Bottom: (l. to r.) Trustee Diane Ballweg ’75, MA ’07, Katie Olson, Olivia Bernitt, Michael Guns, Edgewood College V.P. Business & Finance.


The community arts project Windows of Worlds, now in its third year, shows no signs of slowing. In fact, this year featured a first: this large frame was designed in Beijing by Abby Qin. Ms. Qin is a student at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. The design was emailed and the frame built in Madison. ‘Windows’ is designed to expose the power of collaborative creativity when exercised in the community. Students from the College, and from area highs schools, are given the curious chance to define themselves through the creative viewpoint of a picture frame. The ‘Windows’ are displayed for a few short weeks on campus.

edgewood college today

Windows of Worlds Goes Global

The Stream wins Multiple Awards On Tuesday, May 7th, InBusiness Magazine held an event to honor the 2013 Commercial Design Award winners. While it was known to those who attended that The Stream was being recognized as the “Best Medium Project” in the Madison area, there were surprises in store. Not only is The Stream recognized as “The Best Green Built Project,” our newest College building was also recognized with the final award of the evening: “Project of the Year.” The Stream graced the cover of the May issue of the magazine, and was the subject of an extensive profile inside.

Presidential Search Committee Announced

Jan Eddy, who will serve as the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee, retired in 2005 after twenty-two years as a software entrepreneur. In addition to serving on the Executive

Committee of the Board of Trustees for Edgewood College, she chairs the Student Life Committee. When not attending to College business, Ms. Eddy is actively involved in two angel investment funds and contributes to the community through other director positions. Other members include Dr. Mary Elizabeth Bathum, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Henry Predolin School of Nursing; Dawn B. Crim, Associate Dean for External Relations at the School of Education at UW-Madison,

and College Trustee; Maggie Hopkins, O.P., Vice President for Mission at Edgewood College; Mary Howard Johnstone, O.P., Vicaress of the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation; Dr. Steven Post, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics; Susan Serrault, Director of Facilities Operations; Gary Schaefer, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees; and Ariana Silva, a senior, double-majoring in Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

The Edgewood College Board of Trustees has announced the members of the Presidential Search Committee. The committee has been tasked with steering the search for the College’s next president. In September, President Dan Carey announced his retirement, and will leave his position at the College in September 2014.

edgewood college today


David Wells Named Director of the Edgewood College Gallery David Wells has been named the Director of the Edgewood College Gallery. Mr. Wells began his service with the College at the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester. As Director, Mr. Wells will steward the permanent collection of the College, and curate exhibitions in the Edgewood College Gallery, located in The Stream on campus. “David brings a wealth of experience and deep knowledge of contemporary art and artists to his role as Gallery Director,” Professor Melanie Herzog, Chair of the Art Department, said. “His connections within the Madison arts community and beyond, and his commitment to bringing diverse artists and audiences to the College will continue to make the Edgewood College Gallery a compelling arts venue for our students, the College community, and our guests. I am delighted that he has joined us.” A native of Wisconsin, Mr. Wells holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California.

Welcome to the Board!

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Four accomplished individuals have joined the Board of Trustees for the 2013-2014 academic year: Jay Burnette, President of Waukesha Bearings Corporation, Londa Dewey, President of The QTI Group, James Imhoff, Jr., Chariman and CEO of First Weber Group, and Nicole Kime, Associate Professor in the Biological Sciences department at Edgewood College.


edgewood college today

Fr. Steinkerchner, O.P. Brings Global Perspective to Campus

Associate Professor of Religious Studies Fr. Scott Steinkerchner, O.P., recently presented his work “Eckhart and the Lotus Sutra: Skillful Means in Speaking What Cannot Be Spoken” at the 26th Annual Conference of the Eckhart Society in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England. Fr. Steinkerchner was one of only four international Eckhart scholars invited to address the theme of Eckhart and Eastern Religions. Meister Eckhart, O.P. was a medieval Christian theologian, philosopher and mystic.

Steinkerchner makes quite an impression with his presence on campus, and in Greater Madison. He is most often in his traditional Dominican habit, which is accented with cowboy hat and sandals. He twice appeared as a guest commentator on local television news during the selection of the new Pope in 2013. Above: Fr. Steinkerchner addresses the Eckhart Society Conference, Hertfordshire, England, Fall 2013.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

“One of the things we do for our students is give them a broader perspective, introducing them to ideas from afar and of old,” Steinkerchner said. “I know Dominicans on six continents - no one in Antarctica, sorry - and through keeping up a relationship and visiting them, I can share their insights with our students.”

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine edgewood college today


Newest Students Welcomed to

Edgewood College


On a beautiful Saturday in August we welcomed the Class of 2017. Over 300 new freshmen, and their parents, attended Freshman Convocation in the Edgedome after a very smooth morning of unloading and moving into their residence hall. edgewood college today

In this Year of Compassion, we heard from current Student Government Association president Zach Madden, who said “starting today you are not limited by what you have done be it good or bad, nor are you limited by what you haven’t done. You are only limited by what you are willing to do: the opportunities that you explore and the risks that you take are what will shape you, your future, and this institution.” Quoting Mark Twain, Zach concluded “‘It is time to throw off the bowlines, to sail from the safe harbor and catch the trade winds in your sail. Now is the time to explore, dream and discover.’ Welcome to Edgewood College.”

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

eagle athletics


Coach Alexander Earns Membership in Elite Group

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Edgewood College men’s and women’s head soccer coach Tim Alexander entered the 2013 season with a combined 495 wins. In the ninth game of the season, the Eagles’ long-time coach collected his 500th career victory, becoming just the 17th NCAA coach in history to reach that plateau. Since starting the Edgewood College men’s soccer program in 1990, Alexander has led the Eagles to 14 winning seasons, five conference tournament championships, and three NCAA Division III Tournament appearances. Three years later, Coach Alexander formed the Edgewood College women’s soccer program and has amassed 17 winning seasons. Alexander’s squad has never failed to reach the post season and has earned nine conference championships and four NCAA Tournament berths.

Over his 23 year tenure at the helm, Alexander has been named the league’s Coach of the Year a combined 13 times. As one of the winningest and most respected college coaches in the country, Alexander has coached six Academic All-Americans, 14 conference Player of the Year recipients, and an incredible 139 first team all-conference performers. In March 2012, Alexander joined another select group of individuals as he was recognized for his outstanding coaching career upon being inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame.


In mid-August 2013, the Edgewood College athletics program launched a newly-redesigned website. The new website design, still found at, places greater emphasis on visuals to connect alumni, fans, families, and community members to Eagle student-athletes and their tradition of excellence. “After five years with the previous design, we were anxious to make a change,” said Director of Athletic Communications David Petroff. “We wanted to move past being simply an informational website and build a visually attractive location for our fans to visit. The larger visuals make a more dramatic impact, and we can fully integrate all of our social media channels into our new site. We hope this will make connecting themselves to Eagles Athletics easier for fans, alumni and the Madison community.”

eagle athletics Gets New Look, Function

Eagle fans’ favorite features such as photo galleries, a social media directory, and EagleTV, the program’s live game videocasting platform are all within easy reach from the home page. The header features a picture of the Wisconsin State Capitol dome, reasserting Edgewood College as Madison’s own NCAA Division III athletic program. The redesign also marks the renewal of Edgewood College’s relationship with Sidearm Sports, who has provided’s content management system for the last five years. Sidearm Sports has nearly 700 athletic websites in all levels of college and high school athletic programs. Eagle fans are encouraged to visit for more information about Edgewood College athletics.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine


Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

S tay



Stay Connected by sharing your photos and updates at or on the Alumni page at We love to share and highlight your stories. Kathy O’Connor | Alumni Director | 608.663.6715 | Top Left: Alumnae gather for lunch at The Laurel Tavern. A bit later they enjoyed a tour of the new Henry Predolin School of Nursing. Top Right: Welcoming alumni to the Eagle Golf outing at The Meadows of Sixmile Creek. The Eagle Golf outing supports student-athletes at the College. Middle Left: An alumni networking event at Capital Brewery in Middleton included Eddy the Eagle and President Dan Carey. Middle Right: Celebrating their 50th Reunion is the Class of 1963 at the Emerald Club Luncheon. Bottom Left: Nursing alumni return to class to offer advice and insight into the job market and board exams.


alumni connections Alumni Connections


1960’s Carole (Snodgrass) Pins ’63 recently completed a class to become a Senior’s Real Estate Specialist. Her career has taken her from the accounting department at John Deere, to special needs health care, and to the office of Congressman Tom Tauke. Carole earned her degree majoring in business, but she writes that her greatest accomplishment has been her marriage and raising her children and grandchildren.

Marian (Haas) Stumpf ’64 was recognized by the Denver Housing Authority and was added to their Wall of Fame for her service to senior and disabled populations. Marian recently retired from her work as a nurse care manager at HealthSET in Denver, Colo.

1970’s Eileen (Donahue) Brittain ’70 retired from her post

Alice (Koopman) Paul ’74, MA ’02, Carol (Daly) Williams ’74, Julie (Koopman) Brandt ’76, Janette (Depies) Vanevenhoven ’74 (L-R) Friends since their Edgewood College days, they all gathered for a mini reunion over Memorial Day weekend in Madison. µ1

Felisha McNeal ’79 won Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Jeff Awards in Chicago on June 3. Felisha received the honor for her portrayal of Lola in ETA Creative Arts Foundation’s production of “Jar the Floor.” Felisha earned her undergraduate degree with a major in Communication Arts.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

as Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at Jamestown Community College in Olean, New York. Eileen has spent over 42 years working with young children and their families, and now plans to spend more time with her family. Eileen earned her degree majoring in Religious Studies.

Alumni Connections



1980’s Margaret (Wyman) Adams ’84 is the Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Medical Center at the Iowa City VA Health Care System. In her role, she is responsible for education and care of patients and their loved ones. She received her Master’s in Nursing from the University of Iowa in 1990. She views her role as “teacher” of diabetes self-management; she works to help patients understand the disease and learn lifestyle changes. µ2 Gina (Reid) Tinio ’88, PhD, MS MPH, RN-BC received her PhD in nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago in December 2012. Gina’s dissertation examined the impact of both one-on-one and group mentoring on new graduate nurses’ intent to stay. She continues to work at Cadence Health in Winfield, Ill. as the Director of Professional Development and Nursing Research. µ3

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine



1990’s Dr. Denise Starkey BS ’95, MA ’97 is the Associate Professor and Chair of Theology and Religious Studies at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minn. Denise recently won the Benedictine Professor of General Education Award and the 2013 Excellence in Scholarship Award, which was presented at the United Nations 57th Commission on the Status of Women.

Dr. Sam Anantadjaya, MBA ‘97 is married to Irma Nawangwulan, with 2 children – 13 and 7 years old. Sam has been Chief Editor for several international journals based in Indonesia and India since 2011. He specializes in performance management and control systems, as well as cross-fields/subjects research activities.

Lori Haack ’98 recently received her graduate degree in Public Health at Des Moines University. Lori earned her undergraduate degree majoring in Art and Biology. Scott Harpin ’98, PhD, MPH, PHCNS-BC, was selected in 2012 as one of 15 U.S. fellows for Building Careers for Research in Child Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence, an interdisciplinary training program for early career scholars funded by the National Institute for Child and Human Development. Harpin is also a Clinical Faculty Scholars Program Fellow through the Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI). He and his brother Chris are profiled on page 10 of this Magazine.

2000’s Linda Trent ’00 is a certified yoga teacher and was recently hired by Daybreak, Inc., a residential home for people with mental illness. Linda teaches yoga and its philosophy to the residents while helping them to develop coping action plans. Linda earned her undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology. µ4

Jill (Kooiman) Anderson ’02 and husband Brian welcomed their 4th child, Jonas Quinn, on June 6th, 2013. Jill earned her undergraduate degree in Nursing and works as a Nurse Practitioner at Gundersen Lutheran in La Crosse, Wis. µ5

June Paul MA ’04 has recently published a book through Westbow Press titled Praying Our Way Through Stress: Drawing Wisdom from the Lord’s Life and Prayer. June earned her Master of Arts in Religious Studies.


Alumni Connections



Joshua Biller ’05 and his wife Megan welcomed Conrad Wayne Biller to their family on September 10, 2013. Joshua earned his undergraduate degree with a major in Chemistry. The family lives in Denver, Colo.


Katie Boelter ’04 and Brandon Blackwell welcomed Aubrey Michelle to their family on December 29, 2012. Katie also began a new

Richard Borre ’05, MA ’12 and Stacey Lynn Hackbart

role as a Chargemaster & Reimbursement

were married on August 3, 2013. Richard’s wedding was attended by fellow alumni Kristin (Borre) Weller ’07, Nic Weller ’09 and Tony Fuger ’05. The newlyweds went to Jamaica for their honeymoon. Richard earned his Bachelor’s majoring in Mathematics Teaching, and his Master of Arts in Educational Administration.

Analyst at Beaver Dam Community Hospitals in June of 2013. Katie earned her undergraduate degree with a major in Business. She also completed her MBA from the University of Iowa in June of 2013.

Leslie Chartier ’05 received her Master of Divinity degree from Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon in June 2013. Leslie earned her undergraduate degree with a major in Psychology. Gretchen (Milisch) Clements ’05 and husband, Doug Clements, welcomed Deegan Paul Clements to their family on March 5, 2013. Deegan joins his big sister, Lola, who is three. Gretchen earned her degree with a major in Psychology. µ6

Erika Kielstrup ’05 began a new role as a Pastor at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on June 1, 2013. Erika earned her undergraduate degree with a major in History. She graduated from Wartburg Theological Seminary with a Master’s in Divinity degree in 2012.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Rebecca Crass ’05 and Joshua Kay were married on September 14, 2012. The wedding was held overlooking Lake Monona at the East Side Club in Madison. Rebecca, who majored in Elementary Education, is a substitute teacher, and Josh works for Maple Leaf Landscaping. µ7

alumni connections




Eric Arnold ’06 and Brianne (Chapman) Arnold ’09 welcomed Parker Rae Arnold to their family on

of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He moved to this new position in July, 2013.

January 10, 2013. Brianne works in Human Resources for The Vollrath Company. The family resides in Madison. µ8

Andrew Handorf ’07 is pursuing his Ph.D. in

Jeff Dorschner ’06 and wife Crystal welcomed Kaden Patrick to their family on February 6, 2013. Jeff also began a new role as Athletic Director in the Crivitz School District in Wisconsin. Jeff earned his Master’s degree in Athletic Administration and coaching education from Ohio University in May 2013. His undergrad degree was in Broad Field Social Sciences.

Sarah (Gardipee) Sanfelippo ’06 welcomed triplets Bella, Giovanni, and Sophia to her family on April 23, 2013. Sarah is a pediatric nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee. µ9

Anthony Dix, MBA ’07 begins a new role as Associate Director of Human Resources at the University

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine


Brian Gile ’05 and Ashley Patten were married on May 4, 2013 in Stoughton, Wis. Fellow alumni Nate Wolfe ‘05, Mike

Moskopf ‘04, and David Michalkiewicz ’06 joined the couple in the wedding party. Brian earned his undergraduate degree with a major in Business and is an accountant at The Employer Group in Verona, Wis.

Biomedical Engineering at UW-Madison. Andrew earned his degree with a double major in Biology and Chemistry.

Trista (Kuhl) Richard ’07 and husband, Ben, welcomed Cy Robert to their family on May 25, 2013. Trista earned her undergraduate degree with a major in Elementary Education. µ10 Jenny (Boysen) Dahl ’08 and husband Matthew Dahl welcomed a baby boy, Zachary, to their family on August 19, 2012. Jenny earned her degree with a major in Graphic Design. The family resides in Verona, Wis.

Pernille Ripp ’08 was recently nominated by the Bammy! Awards which honors teachers and others in education. Pernille’s nomination was submitted under


alumni connections



the elementary school teacher of the year category for her dedication to students and the creation of the Global Read Aloud project. The premise of the project is simple: pick a book to read aloud to students during a set 6-week period and try to make as many global connections via Twitter, Skype, etc., as possible during that time, engaging all students and teachers globally. Pernille is a passionate 5th grade teacher in Middleton, Wis. and also the co-founder of EdCamp MadWI. µ11


Kelley (Dixon) Schwersinske ’09 married Tim Schwersinske on September 22, 2012. Kelley earned her degree with a major in Communication Studies and works as Marketing & Events Coordinator for First Business in Madison.

Jordon Berndt ’09 was recently engaged to Kyle Olson. The couple set a wedding date of August 9, 2014. Jordon, an accountant at Berndt CPA, earned her undergraduate degree in Accounting. µ12

Terrance Paape ’09 is a Transfer Admissions Counselor at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He began the new position in June 2013. Terrance earned his undergraduate degree with a major in Political Science.

2010’s Richard Martinez ’10 began a new role as a Professional Coatings sales Rep at Sherwin-Williams Paints, Stains, Supplies and Coating Solutions.

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Fatou Ceesay ’09 was featured in InBusiness magazine’s August issue. Fatou is originally from The Gambia, West Africa. She moved to the U.S. in 2001 to join other family memebers who came to attend college in Wisconsin. Fatou earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Services, then went on to earn a certificate in consumer health advocacy from UWMadison. Fatou is now an owner of Cairasu Care, LLC, providing care for seniors and the emotionally disabled. Ceesay named her business “Cairasu” which means “peaceful home” in the Mandingo language. µ13

alumni connections




Celia F. Pierquet Flores ’10, MBA ’13 and Mitchell A. Braker were married on September 14, 2013. She earned her undergrad degree in Marketing and then went on to pursue her MBA. Celia works at the Department of Administration with the State of Wisconsin and teaches dance at Monona Academy of Dance and for Dance Wisconsin. Celia’s mother, Themis Flores Ramos, is also an alumna as she earned her MBA in 1992. µ14

Amanda Sordahl ’10 is teaching second grade in

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Antofagasta, Chile. After a year of teaching in the United States, she decided to follow her dreams of teaching in Chile. Now in her second year with a new group of students, she writes “I just adore them and I love what I get to do every day. I never ever pictured or imagined myself here and through my study abroad experience a whole new passion emerged within me and brought me all the way to Chile. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed!” µ15

Lindsay Crow ’11 was recently awarded the “Rising Star” Nursing Excellence award at UW Hospital and Clinics for showing nursing excellence beginning early on in her nursing career. Lindsay currently works on the Inpatient Rehab Unit at UWHC and was nominated for this award by Terry Gion, the Rehab Clinical Nurse Specialist. At the same time, she also received the “Rising Star” award from the Wisconsin Association of Rehab Nurses. µ16 Khadija El Dachach ’11 was featured in Brava magazine’s July issue. Khadija is originaly from Aleppo, Syria. She came to the U.S. to further her education. She is now an MBA student at UW-Madison. With everything that’s happening now in Syria, Khadija truly appreciates the safety she feels living here. She is keeping herself busy in Madison working fulltime as a business

µ16 operations manager at Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association and going to school.

Viet Hoang ’11 took his Profession of First Vows in the Society of the Divine Word at the Holy Spirit Chapel in Techny, Ill. The Society of the Divine Word is one of the world’s largest Roman Catholic orders for men. He joined over 200 priests and brothers during the ceremony on August 10, 2013. Viet earned his undergraduate degree majoring in Religious Studies. µ17

Beth McGowan ’11 began a new role as Account Implementation Consultant at CUNA Mutual Group in July. She lives in Madison. Ryan Wolfe ’11 and Sara Christianson have set a date for a fall 2013 wedding. Ryan is now working as a business analyst for Hewlett Packard. µ18

Nicole Woodward ’11 on August 1st, 2013 began a new role as a Primary Care Float Nurse, covering Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics at Dean Health System. Michael Bechtel, Ed.D ’12 began his new role as Assistant Professor of Science Education at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He moved into this position in August. Dan MacLeod ’12 is an Independent Agent for Colonial Insurance Agency, Inc., located in Germantown, Wis. The organization is dedicated to maintaining the professionalism and integrity of the independent agent and the independent agency system. He started his agency upon graduation in May of 2012. Katie Wendt ’12 is a volunteer for Neustros Pequenos Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters) in a small town


alumni connections



outside Antigua, Guatemala. Katie and her colleagues work to find a permanent family and home for orphaned or abandoned children. She states, “From my education and experiences at Edgewood College, I have learned that I am most passionate about advocacy for persons who are unable to advocate for themselves.” She earned her degree with a major in Criminal Justice. µ19


Ashley Campbell ’13 recently began a new role as a Registered Nurse at Agrace Hospice in Fitchburg, Wis.

Kelly E. Doll ’13 and Jarek Benjamin Jermier were married on April 6th, 2013. The reception was held at Turner Hall in Madison. Fellow alumni and students Kayla Hamilton,

couple in the wedding party. Kelly earned her undergraduate degree with a major in Psychology and is now a nanny for three children of two naval doctors. Jarek is a flight officer for the U.S. Navy.

Please send us your news and photos. Email jpgs (1 MB or higher, please) to

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Hailey Meier ‘13, Kristi Doll, Nina DeVault and Brad DeVault ’10 joined the


Alumni In Memoriam alumni connections

BreAnn Moddes ’97 on March 3, 2013 Genevieve Forrestal, O.P. ’45 on March 18, 2013 Mary Beck ’62 on March 21, 2013 Marguerite Donahue ’63 on March 28, 2013 Janvier Williams, O.P. ’59 on April 3, 2013 Helen Niesen ’92 on April 15, 2013 Mary (Dudley) Hayden ’34 on May 10, 2013 Margaret (O’Connell) Fauerbach ’39 on May 26, 2013 JoAnn Sheehan ’73 on May 29, 2013 Patricia (Manzer) Davidson ’96 on June 3, 2013 Patricia (Pierick) Rock ’41 on June 14, 2013 Henrice Billion, O.P. ’46 on June 15, 2013 Mary Kiley, O.P. ’62 on June 17, 2013 Jennifer Verhoeven ’07 on June 20, 2013 Victoire Beausoleil, O.P. ’46 on June 28, 2013 Danielle Griffin, O.P. ’58 on July 4, 2013 Marie Morell, O.P. ’59 on July 4, 2013 Mary (Gunderson) Ayars ’42 on July 17, 2013 Barbara (Klocke) Luther ’72 on August 8, 2013 Helen O’Neill, O.P. ’49 on August 25, 2013

Fall.13//Edgewood College magazine

Ruth Dixon ’58 on August 30, 2013

College Continues to Make Headlines Edgewood College has once again been named one of the best colleges in the Midwest according to the nationally known education services company, The Princeton Review. It is one of 155 institutions The Princeton Review recommends in its “Best in the Midwest” section of its website feature, “2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region.” Just two weeks before that announcement was made, the College was named to Forbes Magazine’s Best Colleges List for 2013, marking the third consecutive year the College has been recognized by Forbes for excellence in teaching and learning. Most recently, the College was named to the ‘Best National Universities’ list by U.S. News & World Report for the second consecutive year.

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