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AN INCREASING COMMITMENT TO RECYCLED PAPER A commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability resonates deeply at the College, a legacy begun by the native people who first cared for this very special 55-acre campus on the shore of Lake Wingra. The College is honored to be part of the legacy of sustainability that we inherit. With the publication of this edition, we’re taking additional steps to try to be good stewards of the environment. The symbol above corresponds to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international, nonprofit, membership-based organization that brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by poor forestry practices and to reward good forest management.




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Kathy O’Connor, Alumni Director

We’re Listening… It’s not surprising that this year’s Common Reading Selection Listening is an Act of Love has had such an impact during our Year of Community. How well we relate to each other – in our families, our workplaces and where we live – very much depends on how we listen to each other, and how committed we are to taking what we hear to heart. As a member of the Edgewood College community, you’re often asked to share information with us, through surveys, Phonathon callers, and other means. It’s important that you know that we’re listening. Our Communication Studies department is adding a new course in Social Media because of feedback from our Advisory Board, which is comprised of professionals in various communicationrelated fields around Madison, including alumni.


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In our School of Nursing, we’ve added Nursing Administration and Nursing Education Certificate programs, added an MBA/ MS dual degree program, and added a finance course to our Nursing Administration graduate degree. All of these changes started as alumni feedback and suggestions. Those are just two examples – there are many more. And maybe most important of all, when you, our alumni, tell us about what you’ve accomplished in your professional (or personal) life, and we can share that news, great things happen. We see record freshman classes like the one we have on campus now. We see a more a diverse campus community with a higher academic profile. Communicating your accomplishments adds a deeper meaning to your degree, and to the degrees earned by all Edgewood College students. So let us hear from you! We are all members of lots of communities. Help us share with your fellow alumni, and with future graduates, a story from one of your communities. When you do, you’re telling future generations how much the you love this place where the tradition of study, reflection, and action moves from words on a page to lives of leadership and service. And remember, we’re listening. Send us your news at, or give us a call at 608.663.2245. It’s great to stay connected in the community of Edgewood College.



This We Believe: RE F L E C T I O N S








hat exactly does Community mean to us?

As part of the preparation for this academic year–the “Year of Community”–the Deans’ Council and the President’s Leadership Team proposed common language surrounding this particular value as a way to stimulate


study, reflection, and action on campus. During August Seminar Days, faculty and staff across multiple areas of the College engaged in dialogue around this common language and the ways in which community informs our teaching, learning, and work. The result of that shared endeavor appears here. Examining our values and making explicit the roles they play on our campus brings our Mission alive in important ways.



A Sinsinawa Dominican education celebrates a diverse and collaborative community. Students are taught to share their talents and insights, to collaborate with others, to recognize diversity and differences in our world with respect. Students thrive in an atmosphere in which they experience God’s love in others, inspiring them to make a difference beyond campus and classroom – in their families, their community, their places of worship, and the world.


1. Community is one of Edgewood’s five Sinsinawa Dominican values and serves as one of four pillars of a Dominican Education.

2. Community calls us to… • Recognize the interdependence of all nature; • Nurture relationships that enhance the well-being of persons, earth, and all beings; • Communicate honestly and openly; and • Value cooperation and collaboration. 3. We “do community” when we focus on relationships and relatedness. For us, relationships are at the heart of ministry and mission, and community is at the core of good teaching and learning.

BELIEFS: WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MEAN TO US… 4. Communities, like individuals, are diverse and dynamic entities that necessarily evolve. As members come and go, as events from within and outside have an influence, communities adapt to ensure their sustainability. 5. Real communities are complex. While they can be uplifting and inclusive, validating the importance of all of their members, they also can be messy, challenging, and exclusive. We believe the cycle of study, reflection, and action is the best model we have to honor the complex nature of community and avoid complacency in our responsibility to embrace the inherent tensions and contradictions that will exist.

ACTION: WHAT IS THIS CALLING US TO DO… 6. All of us have responsibility in our community of teaching, learning, and living to cultivate and model the community to which our Sinsinawa Dominican heritage calls us. 7. Every time we gather together or connect with another is an opportunity to enact community.

9. Just as the Edgewood College community is comprised of several “neighborhoods,” so, too, is our college one neighborhood among many in the Greater Madison area and beyond. We believe that we are not just in the community but also of the community. This belief calls us to authentic engagement with our communities in ways that reflect our interdependence. 10. Despite our best efforts to create and sustain the community we desire, we will fall short. Thus, community requires that we hold each other accountable but also practice compassion and forgiveness.


8. Telling our stories—as reflected in the lived experiences of our students, faculty, and staff—is essential to celebrating our community, to enhancing our community, and gaining insight into how our community is experienced.



On Practicing COMMUNITY B Y D E A N P R I B B E N O W, D E A N O F T H E S C H O O L O F I N T E G R AT I V E S T U D I E S


dgewood College is a special place. For our students, it is home for four and sometimes five years (but hopefully not six years); for others who work here, it is where we spend a significant part of our time. So it is reasonable to think that – given the time that we’ll spend here – this place will have an effect on us.


But I believe it’s not only what effect this place has on us, it’s also what impact we can have on this place. In fact, I believe that we have not fulfilled our purpose as an institution if we don’t cultivate in all of us the practices and habits of mind that lead us to do community. Now, as we know, community means many things to many people. Recently, I was near the Wingra Commons when I noticed a young mother scurrying down the hallway with her five-year old son in tow. I overheard her saying, “Well, I told you. Lots of students actually go to school here and live here.” I could tell the boy was puzzling over this, when I heard him reply, “If they live here, where is the Laundromat?” Of course, belonging to community means more than just living there, and it certainly means more than having quick and easy access to a Laundromat – important as that is. In fact, I would like to offer three observations that reflect some of my most recent thinking on belonging and community, and which I hope encourage—and perhaps challenge—each of you to consider deeper dimensions of your experience of community at Edgewood.

First, belonging to a community means seeking knowledge of that community. Wendell Berry, a favorite poet of mine, writes this in one of his poems in a recent collection entitled Leavings: Hope then to belong to your place by your own knowledge of what it is that no other place is, and by your caring for it as you care for no other place, this place that you belong to though it is not yours….Belong to your place by knowledge of the others who are your neighbors in it (Sabbaths 2007, p. 91). This place—this community—was here before we arrived and will be here after we go. While we’re here, while we belong, we must seek knowledge of it and those in it, and care for it and for them. A second observation is this: belonging to a community means being willing to challenge that community. During August, a one-page document (see page 6 of this Magazine) was circulated among our colleagues on campus that offers some reflections on what we mean by community at Edgewood. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to study and reflect upon whether it is consonant with your understanding of community. One section of it states: Real communities are complex. While they can be uplifting and inclusive, validating the importance


this community, be willing to challenge our community, and commit to doing community.

The challenge of community is being willing to hold it accountable, to confront it when it’s not living up to values, to its promises. Keeping our community at its best may require making it known when we are not at our best. I challenge each of you to speak up, to act, when you see an incongruence between our professed values and our actions.

In the end, it may come down to what Peter Block reminds us of in his recent book, Community: The Structure of Belonging: “For at the most [basic] level, after all the thinking about policy, strategy, mission, and milestones, it gets down to this: How are we going to be when we gather together?...Weaving and strengthening the fabric of community is a collective effort and starts from a shift in our mindset about our connectedness.”

Finally, belonging to community means “doing” community. It’s true that community is lived out in smaller neighborhoods and in personal relationships— something truly Dominican. To do community we must be active in those neighborhoods, we must join them: I challenge you to become involved in and engaged with our community—whether your chosen neighborhood is your courses, a student organization, service projects, athletics, in the residence halls, a committee, planning events, or some other group of interest.


of all of their members, they also can be messy, challenging, and exclusive.

May you all experience the best of this connectedness that we call Edgewood College.

Because when we join, a few things happen: • We get to know others, and others get to know us; • We are able to tell our stories and listen to others’ stories; and • This telling and listening allows us, in meaningful ways, to do community—to build it, to sustain it, and to celebrate it.

So, in this year of community, I wish for all of us that we will experience community in its truest and best sense, and I believe that will happen if we seek knowledge of


I believe the College not only represents community, but also teaches us how to be good community-builders and good stewards of community. Someone recently shared with me a conversation that she had with an important Madison employer. That employer said, essentially, that she is thrilled every time she is able to hire an Edgewood graduate because our students are much better equipped to work in the community than other colleges’ graduates. This certainly is a testament to our students, and to our faculty and staff, who place such emphasis on helping students connect their learning to community and leadership.



y t i n u m m o C IN


(Editor’s Note: Ms. Hartshorn is a senior, and is a doublemajor in Spanish and French.)



uring Freshman Orientation incoming students attended Civic Action Projects (CAP) to become more aware of social issues, and to get involved. This year, with the beginning of the new COR program, several professors chose to incorporate these projects into the theme of their COR classes. The projects covered a variety of topics; from learning about issues faced by students with disabilities and participating in a scavenger hunt with the “Cutting Edge” students, to getting a tour of State Street and learning about its role in the Madison community. For Susan Nanning-Sorenson’s “Perspectives in Puppetry” class students created puppets from junk materials, performed with them to various children’s songs, recorded the performances onto a DVD and will be sending both the puppets and a copy of the DVD to a community center in Guatemala. The students also added personal notes to each puppet, giving the puppet’s name and telling something about the puppet’s personality. In the CAP “Stairway to Heaven” led by Tim Andrews in connection with his COR class “Spirituality and the Environment,” students built a stairway from the Edgewood boardwalk to Park and Pleasure drive on campus. They also removed invasive plant species around the boardwalk. Andrews says, “students got to know each other as they worked hard as a team to get the job done in a matter of a few hours. They also were introduced to


some of the history of this place, adjacent to a series of ancient Indian burial mounds. The weather cooperated beautifully and a good time was had by all in creating the lasting legacy, the final stairway to heaven, by this Class of Community.” Hannah Hocevar, a student in professor John Leonard’s “Spirituality and the Environment” COR course, felt she had her eyes opened on the topic of death when she visited the Gene & Linda Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability during her CAP project “Ecospirituality and Sustainable Agriculture.” “I came to realize that we don’t need to spend so much money on preserving the body before we bury it. Instead, a natural burial is not only better for the earth but for our spirit, too. The man who owned the property buried his wife three feet underground with no chemical preservation and wrapped in a Navaho blanket. This event brought his family together as they dug their own hole. Together they cried and shared emotions, but when it was done they planted a tree above their passed family member. To this day the man’s 3-year-old niece is left with the wonderful idea that grandma is feeding the tree. In burying someone naturally, we are giving back what the earth gave us.” These experiences are only the beginning for the new students at Edgewood College. Throughout their three COR experiences, they will have opportunities to explore the ideas and issues around them, from the Edgewood College campus, to the Madison area, and around the world. Welcome class of community!




Left: Students at the Gene & Linda Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability enjoy homemade pizza made with ingredients fresh from the field during the “Eco-spirituality and sustainable Agriculture” CAP project led by John Leonard. Below: Student performance of hand-made ‘junk’ puppets during the “Perspectives in Puppetry” CAP project, led by Susan Nanning-Sorenson




A Reflection (Editor’s note: Ms. Gandara is a senior, and is a doublemajor in French and Communication Studies. She’s originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala.)


irst, a quote that is very meaningful to me by Anthony Burgess: “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”


Being involved in a community provides a sense of belonging, where you can give without expecting anything in return, where you can share your talents and learn from others and most importantly where you can provide unconditional support to those who need it and be supported as well. Edgewood College is such a special community to be a part of. There are so many different opportunities that are presented to students where everyone can succeed. It is a place where students, faculty, and staff are very supportive and help others reach their goals and make their dreams come true. A short story, which has made a significant impact on my life: In the beginning of my junior year, I had just returned from a trip to my home country, Guatemala. While I was there, I visited an elementary school in a very poor, rural village near my father’s farm. The children at this school whose families live on less than a dollar a day and do not have very much, still radiate with joy, which inspired me very much. Upon returning to Edgewood, I felt a need to help these children in some way, so I started talking with different people in different departments. I had heard about the Alternative Break program through College Ministries, but had never participated in one. I

decided to take it upon myself to organize an alternative break trip to Guatemala. This trip meant giving the opportunity to my fellow students to see what I saw, and hopefully inspire them. Along with the help of many people around campus and after many hours of hard work, this trip was possible! There were thirteen other students, one faculty and one staff member that came with my father and me to Guatemala in May. I felt privileged to participate with my peers in renovating the school, taking donations of clothing and school supplies, and making a difference in so many children’s lives by improving their facilities, and by simply spending time with them. The last day at the school, we were each given drawings made by the children. There were many expressions of gratitude along with many tears - tears of joy and appreciation. This opportunity made a change in the community we served, in the communities we visited, and provided a life-changing experience to those who participated in the trip. As I was reflecting on this experience, I realized I had no idea that while creating this opportunity for the children in Guatemala, I would also have the power to build community among my fellow students. I ask all of us to get involved in different communities while at Edgewood College, whether it is in your residence hall, in a student organization, or in the Greater Madison community. Getting involved is a great way to create a sense of caring, build a community among your peers, and live-out Edgewood’s core values through different experiences. I would also like to challenge you to think



on Community


of ways in which you could build a community. Each and every one of us is able to join in a community, but we should also realize that we have the power to take the initiative, and create community.


Creating Community: The Alternative Break ‘community’ in Guatemala. May 2010.



WHERE IN THE WORLD? Education Professor Peter Burke shared this from his recent travels: “Thought you might like to know that when I go on hunting or fishing trips I usually take along Edgewood College shirts for guide gifts. The guide in this photo is a social studies teacher in Rigby, Idaho, and guides out of a fly shop in Montana. I gave him the shirt last year, and when he guided us this year he made sure he wore it!”

DUNBAR PUBLISHES TEXTBOOK: WOMEN, MUSIC, CULTURE – AN INTRODUCTION An important book project – thanks to the work of several members of the College community – is nearing completion. An undergraduate music textbook written by Professor Julie Dunbar will be published this winter. Women, Music, Culture – An Introduction (Routledge) will be available in January 2011.


The publisher says “clear writing, compelling narrative, and more than fifty guided listening examples bring the world of women in music to life.” Professor Dunbar says “another really great thing is that three of our students had key roles in creating the final textbook product. Ryan Dolan (current music major) did the music notation work, Jessica Kellogg (art major, class of 2010) did graphic design, and Lisa Kaminski (editor of On The Edge) did photo research and proofreading.” The book is being marketed in the United Kingdom, Latin America, Canada and the U. S.



HISTORY PROFESSOR SPEAKS AT MARQUETTE History Professor Andrew Witt delivered a lecture at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University in Milwaukee on September 15, part of a special photographic exhibit by Stephen Shames. Mr. Shames chronicled the Black Panther Party through his photography during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Witt’s lecture, Picking Up the Hammer: Re-thinking the Black Panther Party, explored some of the misconceptions about the controversial group. In February 2007, Professor Witt published The Black Panthers in the Midwest: The Community Programs and Services of the Black Panther Party in Milwaukee, 1966-1977.

‘LISTENING’ ON CAMPUS This year’s Common Reading selection, Listening is an Act of Love, is proving to be an inspired choice for the College. In October, the College hosted ‘Listening is an Act of Love – An Evening with Dave Isay.’ The editor of the New York Times bestseller delivered both laughter and tears at the annual Siena/Common Reading Lecture in Anderson Auditorium.

“The Edgewood Stories Project is a great opportunity for our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends,” says Associate Director of Student Activities, John Mleziva. “Sharing our life stories with a loved one, friend or acquaintance has a special sort of power – a power that can remain through generations.” Participants in the Edgewood Stories Project will be given a CD of their conversation, and will have the option to have their story archived as part of an oral history of the Edgewood College community. For information about participating in the Edgewood Stories Project, please contact the Alumni Office at alumni@, or at 608.663.2245.


The College has launched the Edgewood Stories Project. This year-long initiative is modeled after the StoryCorps Project, created by Mr. Isay. “The heart of StoryCorps is the conversation between two people who are important to each other: a son asking his mother about her childhood, an immigrant telling his friend about coming to America, or a couple reminiscing on their 50th wedding anniversary,” Isay said.




EXCURSIONS By Amy Schiebel, Associate Professor of Natural Science Seeing is believing. Seeing is also learning. This is the philosophy of the new suite of science courses called “Excursions.” It is difficult to understand what a mountain is, or an anticline, a coastal wetland, a butte or an alpine glacier, if you have never seen one; and pictures are a poor substitute. Our science students are striving to understand the natural world and one way to help them is to take them out to see that world. The idea for excursions was born in 2005, in an Environmental Geology class. After doing some activities focused on volcanoes and volcanism, the students decided that they needed to go see one. The students set out to plan a trip to Mount St. Helens. The trip included a research project and comprised not only a trip to the volcano but also a trip around the Olympic Peninsula looking at old growth forests, coastal processes and coastal ecology. Even being stranded by a delayed flight in Salt Lake City turned into an exploration of Mormonism. Since then our students have experienced canyons, buttes and mesas of the desert southwest, hydrologic processes on the Mississippi River, the Everglades and the Florida Keys, and Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. Students meet as a class in the weeks before the trip portion of the course to study the natural history of the area being visited. We pay particular attention to environmental issues and how the tenants of sustainability are applied, or not, in the region. We also study the history of human habitation in the area. Each student takes one aspect and is charged with becoming the resident expert. They are called upon to give impromptu lectures while on the trip and are the

“go-to” person for questions related to their chosen topic. In addition to the academic portion of the class students learn about community at the very local level (tent and van buddies) and at the national level as they see that, despite geographic distance, our actions can have a profound effect on the quality of our environment (think gulf oil spill). The long-term goal of the course is to continue to offer one section that travels domestically over Spring Break, a section that travels in the summer for a more extended period of time to the mountains in the western U.S. and Canada, and an international trip that would run during Winterim. The science department has experience leading student trips domestically and internationally and the breadth of our faculty experience and expertise ensures that this course goal will be met in the near future. In the Spring of 2011, “Excursions” students will return to the Gulf Coast to revisit some of the areas we saw on our last Louisiana trip. The focus then was on environmental issues related to Hurricane Katrina. This trip, we’ll spend most of our time in areas affected by the Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill. Right now some of the exact destinations include Port Fourchon (which services Gulf of Mexico oil platforms), Grand Isle (a barrier island heavily affected by hurricanes), Dauphin Island (affected by hurricanes and the oil spill), and Mobile Bay. (Editor’s note: Thanks to a grant from the Henry J. Predolin Foundation, the College has secured two new vans for “Excursions” trips, and other field work for our students.)



HENRY J. PREDOLIN FOUNDATION GRANT Edgewood College is pleased to announce the receipt of a $575,000 grant from the Henry J. Predolin Foundation. The award includes funding for undergraduate scholarships for students majoring in Business, Nursing, and Science; equipment for the College’s science programs; and $100,000 toward a scholarship matching gift program. Under the program, the Foundation will match gifts to undergraduate scholarships in Business, Nursing, and Science dollar for dollar, up to $5,000. The scholarships will be distributed in the 2011-2012 academic year. A similar matching gift campaign was undertaken in 2008-2009, which resulted in more than 360 gifts toward scholarship support. Henry Predolin served on the Edgewood College Board of Trustees from 1988 to 1991, and was instrumental in developing the vision for the campus master plan. At the time of his death, Henry established the Henry J. Predolin Foundation to honor the memory of his son, Henry J. Predolin. The foundation generously supports Edgewood College by funding educational opportunities in the Schools of Business and Nursing, and in the Science Departments.

This fall, the College conferred the Doctor of Humane Letters degree upon Pleasant Rowland. Students, faculty, staff and Board members welcomed Ms. Rowland in an informal, but meaningful ceremony. Entrepreneur, businesswoman, and patron of the arts, she is first and foremost an educator. Our students and guests enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to spend time in an informal ‘conversation’ with Dr. Rowland. The large crowd in Anderson Auditorium listened - and laughed - through the stories of the ups and downs of her remarkable career, and her current work with the Rowland Reading Foundation. Jane Belmore, Dean of the School of Education (on the left), served as moderator for “A Conversation With Pleasant Rowland.”





LUFT PRESENTS WORK IN BERLIN Art professor Alan Luft enjoyed a busier-than-usual fall semester. In addition to his classroom duties, he presented a collection of his black and white photography at the Photoplatz Gallery, in Berlin, Germany. The one-man exhibit was part of the European Month of Photography, with exhibits in Berlin, Bratislava, Moscow, Paris, Rome, and Vienna. “Since 1985 I have made nearly eleven thousand negatives in Berlin, Germany,” Luft said. “These black and white photographs examine the diverse communities of the city. My German ethnicity and social class origin are two motivating factors in my desire to understand other people’s identities.” Luft says he hopes his latest accomplishment will serve as an inspiration to students both today, and in the future. “As an educator I feel strongly that we must inspire students to ‘make things happen’ both professionally and personally,” Luft said. “My own individual accomplishments have been included in my classes here at the College, as an example of this process. I have used my Berlin Portfolio as a model for intellectual and technical inquiry in all of my courses.” Posters publicizing the event went up in one hundred kiosks in the Berlin public transportation system.


Photos by Joachim Rissmann



A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT, DANIEL J. CAREY This year’s freshmen—the “Class of Community”—number 327 students, the most the College has ever welcomed to begin a new academic year. While Wisconsin students continue to comprise the majority of freshmen, the class of 2014 also includes students from Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Georgia, and Colorado. Our graduate programs collectively and our returning adult programs also saw significant increases in enrollment. We set a new record for our freshman-sophomore retention rate. We achieved a 78% rate of return, breaking the record of the past two years. This is a clear indication of student satisfaction with their educational experience. Continuing the trend of recent years, fully 95 percent of these new students are receiving scholarships and grants.




In all, we’ll administer more than $4.4 million in scholarships and grants to the freshman class, which is another all-time high for the College. We’ll continue to work to be sure that an Edgewood College education is available for those who want to be a part of our learning community. These young people recognize the opportunity we offer to link what happens in the classroom with what’s happening in the world around us. This year’s incoming class will be the first to study under our new General Education curriculum. The COR curriculum (cor is taken from the College motto) encourages our students to examine the connections between their learning, beliefs and actions to examine some essential questions: “Who am I and who can I become? What are the needs and opportunities of the world? What is my role in building a just and compassionate world?”

Rest assured that we continue to work to put our students first in everything we do. And we stay focused on our Mission, our Values, and our Strategic Plan. Our new General Education curriculum drives a challenging, engaging learning experience for our full-time undergraduates. Our financial health remains very strong as we continue to take a sound, planned approach to budgets. And a new Visual & Theatre Arts facility—on track to be ready for Fall 2012—will enhance our ability to serve all our students, strengthen the quality of the learning experience, and ultimately increase our enrollment capacity. We will continue to work in partnership with you, as part of our Community of Learners, to realize our vision, and to affirm and embrace the commitment to our Mission. I know

I speak for our faculty, staff, and Trustees when I say “Thank You” for your support for the College. Your referral of quality students and your annual gifts to the College are a major reason for our success. During this season of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for your confidence in Edgewood College and for your generosity. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and yours.

Daniel J. Carey




EDGEWOOD COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1. M  ary Ellyn Sensenbrenner Attorney

6. Cindy Rolling Faculty, Edgewood College

11. A  nn McCullough, O.P. Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa

2. C  hristopher Fortune President and CEO, Saris Inc.

7. Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P. Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa

3. L ucy Keane ‘84 Partner, Rippe Keane Marketing, Inc.

8. Mike Morey President, Oakbrook Corporation

12. R  ock Flowers, Treasurer President, The Edwin F. & Janet L. Bryant Foundation, Inc.

4. P  hil Blake, Vice Chair Retired President, Madison Newspapers, Inc. Vice President - Publishing, Lee Enterprises

9. Catherine (Cathy) Coyle Community member

5. B  arbara Dannhausen, O.P. ‘62 Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa

13. M  ary Lawson Potter Lawson, Inc. 14. L aMarr Q. Billups Assistant Vice President for Business Policy Georgetown University

10. J im Barr Former President and CEO, TDS Telecom

15. D  eborah Schwartz President, Caritas Foundation








3 5

7 9





16. R  obert R. Birkhauser President, Aegis Tools International, Inc. 17. R  ita Claire Dorner, O.P. Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa 18. E  nrique Gandara Honorary Consul, Republic of Guatamala

21. K  athleen Woit President, Madison Community Foundation

25. P  hillip R. Certain, Chair Dean Emeritus, UW College of Letters and Science

22. S  teve Mixtacki Senior Vice President American TV & Appliance

26. D  aniel J. Carey President, Edgewood College

19. J ane Coleman, Secretary President Emeritus, Madison Community Foundation

23. D  iane Kay Ballweg ‘75, MA ‘07 President, Endres Foundation Aviation Instructor, Edgewood High School

20. C  olleen Gullickson Faculty, Edgewood College

24. J an Eddy Community Member

27. G  ary Schaefer Regional CEO, Associated Bank Not Pictured Teresa (Tess) Welch Attorney, Michael Best and Friedrich

16 22




17 13




27 18

26 21







2010 2009

Cash and cash equivalents 20,304,960 18,144,786 Student accounts receivable (less allowance for doubtful accounts of $128,000 for 2010 and $122,000 for 2009) 2,064,144 1,669,460 Related party receivables 90,128 104,325 Government grants receivable 58,068 31,571 Other receivables 171,304 154,618 Inventories 254,140 248,037 Prepaid expenses 580,903 419,607 Investments 22,854,340 19,471,275 Investment in joint venture 261,854 Beneficial interest in private foundation 13,558,228 6,151,973 Student notes receivable (less allowance for doubtful notes of $30,500 for 2010 and $33,500 for 2009) 1,017,248 996,476 Contributions receivable 1,388,604 1,401,933 Note receivable-related party 509,306 547,781 Property, plant, equipment, and library books, net 46,320,871 47,383,354 Unamortized bond costs 131,705 145,034




681,817 166,104 2,835,475 187,180 2,814,740 212,153 15,370,000 893,599

556,314 398,515 2,080,054 163,597 2,375,600 344,001 16,325,000 893,599



Undesignated Board designated and donor restricted

48,563,038 11,011,332

46,630,731 8,471,426

Total Unrestricted



Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

8,050,506 18,779,859

7,442,583 11,188,810

Total Net Assets






Accounts payable - operating Accounts payable - construction Accrued expenses Deposits held in custody for others Deferred revenue Capital lease obligations Bonds payable Refundable U.S. government student loans

Total Liabilities

NET ASSETS Unrestricted







Revenue, gains and other support Tuition and fees 41,968,015 Less Federal grants (2,487,464) Less Institutional aid (8,326,668) Net tuition and fees 31,153,883 Sales and services of auxiliary enterprises 5,394,984 Gifts and private grants 196,442 Government grants and contracts 2,793,713 Investment income (loss) 1,371,861 Other 176,889 Total Revenue and Gains 41,087,772 Net assets released from restrictions 913,210 Reclassifications (88,920) Total Revenues, Gains, and Other Support


2009 40,517,205 (1,793,663) (7,601,117) 31,122,425 5,333,912 193,874 2,043,273 (1,747,092) 308,436 37,254,828 964,086 38,218,914

Expenses Program Instruction 14,261,403 13,322,806 Academic support 4,862,083 5,276,341 Student services 4,219,822 4,292,009 Public service 346,005 266,942 Auxiliary enterprises 3,085,172 3,307,806 Support Institutional Support 9,946,874 10,433,910 Fundraising 718,490 697,269 Allocable Operation and maintenance 3,500,042 3,801,651 Depreciation 2,144,751 2,100,012 Interest 592,233 546,552 Less Allocated expenses (6,237,026) (6,448,215) Total Expenses 37,439,849 37,597,083 Change In Unrestricted Net Assets



1,061,408 351,283 (913,210) 108,442

1,540,206 (308,270) (964,086) -



204,316 7,406,255 (19,522) 7,591,049

457,831 (1,913,027) (1,455,196)

Change in Total Net Assets



Net Assets, Beginning of Year






TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS Gifts and private grants Investment income (loss) Net assets released from restrictions Reclassifications

Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets


Beneficial interest in private foundation Reclassifications Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets






N et Cash Flows from Operating Activities



12,671,185 (565,515) Adjustments to reconcile change in net assets to net cash flows from operating activities Depreciation 2,144,751 2,100,012 Bond cost amortization 13,329 13,971 Realized and unrealized (gains) losses on investments (1,373,613) 2,812,047 Gain on investment in joint venture (261,854) Lease purchase for non-capitalized assets - 177,588 Changes in assets and liabilities Prepaid expenses (161,296) 106,220 Receivables (423,670) (313,993) Inventories (6,103) 21,299 Accounts payable 125,503 (75,301) Accrued expenses 755,421 67,582 Deposits held in custody of others 23,583 24,751 Deferred revenue 439,140 99,722 Contributions restricted for long-term investment and plant (467,009) (923,293) Beneficial interest in private foundation (7,406,255) 1,913,027

CASH FLOWS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES Purchase of property, plant, equipment, and library books (1,303,679)

Proceeds from investments sold Purchases of investments Note receivable related party Loans advanced to students Principal collections on loans to students

N et Cash Flows from Investing Activities

CASH FLOWS FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES Proceeds from contributions restricted for long-term investment

20,389,217 (22,398,669) 38,475 (162,125) 141,353

(797,860) 12,169,090 (14,902,403) 36,095 (216,374) 123,807



Principal payments on bonds Principal payments on capital leases

480,338 (955,000) (142,848)

636,174 (890,000) (264,711)

N et Cash Flows From Financing Activities



Net Change in Cash and Cash Equivalents 2,160,174


Cash and Cash Equivalents, Beginning of Year








NONCASH INVESTING AND FINANCING ACTIVITIES Construction Payables Increase in capital leases





166,104 11,000

398,515 296,238

SISTER MARY NONA MCGREAL SOCIETY MEMBERS JULY 1, 2009–JUNE 30, 2010 The Sr. Mary Nona McGreal Society recognizes alumni, friends, and visionary leaders who make an annual investment in Edgewood College and share a common commitment to educational excellence in teaching and learning. The Society not only honors one of the College’s most dynamic leaders, but also honors our donors who bring distinction to Edgewood College through their dedication to providing our students with a meaningful education focused on both personal and professional growth. For membership information, please contact Katie Vesperman at or 608.663.3224.

PLATINUM $10,000+ Anonymous Peter† & Margo Ahrens Roland G. Balg Trust Diane Ballweg ‘75 James Barr, III Frank G. & Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation Caritas Foundation CBM Credit Education Foundation Inc Mark Courchane Patrick & Catherine Coyle Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Econoprint, Inc. Evjue Foundation Inc Peter Fabian & Aurelia Hale Neil Fauerbach ‘05 J.H. Findorff & Son Inc Johnsonville Sausage, LLC Madison Community Foundation Madison Gas & Electric Henry J. Predolin Foundation Robert Zip Raasch ‘75 Oscar Rennebohm Foundation, Inc Fred & Deborah Schwartz Smith & Gesteland Ralph & Shelly Stayer Telephone and Data Systems Matt Uselman Westerman Foundation Wind River Financial

GOLD $5,000–$9,999 Donald W. Anderson Phil & Kit Blake Herbert F. Bruning Foundation Rockne & JoAnne Flowers Flowers Family Foundation William Fox ’83 & Margaret Coyne Fox ‘83 James Goll Group Health Cooperative David Hanson & Linda Bochert Johnson & Johnson John A. Johnson Foundation Jeanne Joseph ‘89 Luedtke Storm Mackey Chiropractic Clinic David W. & Martha C. Merry Roger G. Merry Steven L. & Jann G. Merry Timothy J. Merry & Paula Loftus-Merry Michael & Joan Morey Plumb Trust Company RDK Foundation Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C.

John & Brenda Sonderegger US Bank University of Wisconsin System Administration Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges

SILVER $2,500–$4,999 Anonymous Alternative Continuum of Care, LLC Roby & Linda Blust Daniel & Terri Carey Scott ’86 & Sharon Frank Heartland Credit Union Carroll Heideman David Hilgers ‘89 J & K Security Solutions, Inc. Lucy Keane ‘84 Paul & Pat King ‘88 Friends of Meriter Hospital Midwest Patrol & Investigative, LLC John & Rosemary Monroe ‘52 Meg Pekarske ‘97 & Eli Woyke Physicians Plus Insurance Corp. Joe & Mary Ellyn Sensenbrenner Kim Sponem ‘98 Summit Credit Union TDS Telecom UW Medical Foundation

BRONZE $1,000–$2,499 Anonymous Abbott Laboratories Fund Mark Alexander American Family Mutual Insurance Company Amphion Medical Solutions AT&T Matching Gifts Program Martin Battcock Ann Boberschmidt ‘54 Thomas & Shaila Bolger Nadine Brunner ‘63 Phil Certain Nancy Chellevold Jane Coleman Leah Cox ‘68 D&S Dental Laboratory Inc. Dugout Club, Inc. Paul Eastwood & Tess Mulrooney ‘85 James & Marilyn Ebben Epic Systems Corp Roberta Filicky Peneski ‘67 John J. Frautschi Family Foundation Jorge & Mary Anne Guerrero ‘68 Don & Janet Haasl ‘95

Thomas & Ruth Harp James Huhta Johnson Controls Foundation Marilyn Kapter ‘55 Robert & Dorothy Kastenmeier Mary Kelly-Powell Fran Klos ‘68 Kohler Foundation Inc Peter Kubicki ‘09 Larry Larmer & Joan Schilling David & Mary Lawson Catherine Lenz ‘68 Ken & Joanne Lubich Henry & Elizabeth Meyer ‘44 Colleen Muldowney Eileen Murphy ‘69 Margaret Noreuil Northland College John & Kathleen O’Connor Sandra Phillips ‘98 Richard ’85 & Sally Pilsner Gary & Ildiko Poliner ‘69 RSM McGladrey, Inc Gary Schaefer David & Kimberly Schaefer ‘91 Fr. Tony Schumacher Tracy Soans Shea ‘49 Mike Shult St. Mary’s Foundation, Inc. St. Mary’s School of Nursing Alumni Association Kathleen Starostka ‘51 Daniel ’88 & Mary Strizek WI Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc. William Wilcox WIPFLi

MEMBER $500–$999 Anonymous 40 ET 8 Associated Bank Badger Meter, Inc. Jo Anne Berschet Thomas Bouffiou ‘82 Eileen Donahue Brittain ‘70 Anna Brunner ‘54 Liz Buerger ‘83 Marsha Callahan ‘75 Karen Morris Cetin ‘73 Janet Chiodini-Staehling ‘62 Maggie Davitt ‘65 Mary Dodd ’64 Shannon Doherty ‘10 Ruth Domack ‘71 Dave & Joy Drummond




Holly Duck Nancy Ehmann ‘54 Margaret Fauerbach ‘39 Kathleen Fitzpatrick ‘09 Eva Fok ‘06 Bonita Friedrich ‘04 Betty Fuhrman Gordon Flesch Co Inc JoAnne Granquist Ellen Fahey Green ‘38 Memorial James Hansen ‘97 Pat Hartley ‘96 Susan Hosty ‘68 Marjorie Hughes Henriksen ‘46 Frances Johnson Patricia Kaminski ‘58 Fred Kauffeld Carolyn Krause Lake Geneva Joint School District



Joseph & Joan Larscheid ‘52 Madeline Laufenberg ‘57 Kelly Lee ‘92 Brian & Kathy Lode Rick ‘92 & Amia ‘96 Lonigro Patrick & Peggy Luby Theresa McGrattan ‘82 Joseph & Margo Melli Merck Partnership for Giving Betty Merkel ‘51 Steve Mixtacki Andrea Naef ‘02 Nancy Nelson Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation Nancy Olson ‘64 Robert & Sammy O’Malley Jonathan Overby ‘03 Dave Petroff Beatrice Pronley ‘60

Patrick Riopelle ‘99 Rae Carol Rocca ‘61 Bernice Seaman ‘56 Rich & Amy Steffen Donna Stelzer Eugene Suchomel Donald & Joanna Thompson Mary Traille ‘71 John Uselman & Elizabeth Crummy UW-Milwaukee Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies Velcor Leasing Corporation Barbara Vella ‘66 Rae Ann Weiss ‘62 Robert Weiss Kathleen Woit † Denotes deceased

LIFETIME DONORS Over the years, many individuals, foundations and companies have partnered with Edgewood College to educate students for personal and professional lives of ethical leadership, service and a lifelong search for truth. We gratefully recognize those individuals who have gifted more than $100,000 in support of our mission. Anonymous (5) Peter† & Margo Ahrens Alliant Energy Ameritech Donald & Marilyn† Anderson Roland G. Balg Trust Diane ’75 & Ken Ballweg Eugenie Bolz Family Foundation Frank Brotz Family Foundation Herbert F. Bruning Foundation Adeline Brunke Trust James & Cathie Burgess Caritas Foundation Virginia Cassidy Estate F & H Chase Charitable Trust Pat & Catherine Coyle Mary Florence Crowley Estate CUNA Mutual Group Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Evjue Foundation Inc

Margaret Fauerbach ‘39 J.H. Findorff and Son Inc. Rockne & JoAnne Flowers John J. Frautschi Family Foundation Great Lakes Higher Education William Randolph Hearst Foundation Herrick Foundation John A. Johnson Foundation Kraft Foods Kresge Foundation Robert & Alyce Loomer Trust Madison Community Foundation Madison Gas & Electric Virginia Malmquist Ruth Mayer† Oscar G. Mayer† Meriter Hospital Inc. National Endowment for the Humanities Catherine O’Brien ‘44 Elizabeth O’Brien ’44 Trust

Henry Predolin† Henry J. Predolin Foundation Bernard & Ruth Reese Family Trust Oscar Rennebohm Foundation Inc. John Saeman Harry Sage Estate Leona Sonderegger Arthur Strelow Trust Teagle Foundation Inc. Todd Wehr Foundation Jeanne Topham ’66† US Bank Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges Wisconsin Advanced Telephone Foundation William H. Young† Lenor Zeeh† † Denotes deceased




EDGEWOOD COLLEGE ALUMNI DONORS Since its establishment in 1927, Edgewood College has been sustained by the enduring mission and vision of its founders, the hard work and ingenuity of its students, and the generosity of its benefactors. These elements have created a tradition of excellence that is now the heritage of every new generation of students. 1937 Marguerite (Crowley) Rideout 1939 Kathleen (O’Connell) Cerutti Kathleen (Snell) Choren Margaret (O’Connell) Fauerbach* 1940 Lucille (Diedrich) Gurtz 1941 Annabelle (Scherer) Miller 1944 Elizabeth (Campbell) Meyer* Catherine O’Brien 1945 Margaret (Wacholtz) McCoy Marielle Schmitt, O.P. Veronica (O’Connell) Weber 1946 Rose (Ford) Cummins Marjorie (Derr) Hughes Henriksen* 1947 Esther (Ripp) Botting Joan (McCann) Emmerich Edith (Durzo) Fickel Josephine (Wolf) Heyden Dorothy (Steppler) Konkol Jean Scheuer Helen (Wiley) Whalen 1948 Anne (Slavin) Desmond Therese McCarragher Elaine (Leonard) Rohowetz 1949 Dorothy (Yaeger) Curran Tracy (Soans) Shea*

Dorothy (Palzkill) Dodds Patricia (Gale) Dudley Joan (Hughes) Larscheid* Mary Ellen (Burkhard) Maurer Rosemary (Dieckelman) Monroe* Kathryne Sather 1953 Patricia (Mulrooney) Brader Dorothy (Detig) Brennan Mary Ellen (McComish) Brennan Marcia (Pilon) Corcoran Marcia (Brienen) Darden Margaret (Moehrle) Hoyt Mary (Coughlin) Ronayne Margaret (Clark) Shurr Jo El Suda Florence Wright-Gately 1954 Ann (Holmes) Boberschmidt* Anna Brunner* Ruth (Leuthner) Demers Marie Dineen, O.P. Nancy (Gallagher) Ehmann* Susan (Hunt) Esser Rita (McGarty) Goepel Mary Reynolds Margaret (Swed) Solberg Peg (Schaub) Trotalli Barbara Walter Margaret (Fahey) Zimmerman 1955 Julia (O’Boyle) Child Elizabeth (Sullivan) Corrigan Marilyn (Warner) Kapter* Geraldine Malak Patricia Micucci Mary (Edelman) Murphy Mona (Burns) Scott

1951 Catherine (Chou) Chen Joan (Mosuch) Kelly Patricia (Dean) Landry Betty (Genin) Merkel* Kathleen (Kennedy) Starostka*

1956 Angela (Gould) Bergin Vivian (Long) Clarke Rita (Smith) Dietrich Rose Marie (Harrison) Gilligan Mary (Killian) King Marjorie (Mackaben) Logan Frances (Kelly) Moritz Virginia (Fahey) Nielsen Pearl E. (Kolb) Quast Bernice (Link) Seaman* Judith (Hagen) Splitt Marilyn (Mackesey) Tiller

1952 Judith (Beyer) Anderson

1957 Idain Carter

1950 Margaret (Lillis) Haza Leda (Anderson) Kulawinski



Marian (Crombie) Devincenzi Ruth (Fairman) Gunderson Margaret (Sauer) Haack Elaine (Anthony) Karls Madeline (Pelletter) Laufenberg* Norma Lehman Mary (O’Boyle) Mette Mary Alice (Clark) Moore Jo Ann (Harty) O’Flahrity Barbara (Bordeleau) Schmidt 1958 Edwina (Farrell) Campnell Carole (Scullion) Chambers Irene (Dempsey) Dixon Mary Anne (Cormack) Fitzpatrick Pat (Heiss) Kaminski* Marianne (Kenny) Olson Nancy (Sweeney) Rasmussen Marion Vavreck, O.P. 1959 Marise Barry, O.P. Marie Cagnoni, O.P. Sylvia (Fitzgerald) Chicoine Janice (Kappell) Clark Kathleen Conlin, O.P. Antoinette Drabeck, O.P. Janel Halverson, O.P. Mary Jane (Cavanaugh) Hanson Dorothy Lennon Anna (Mayer) Lobonc Colleen (Coyle) Maier Margaret Marrin, O.P. Mary (Engel) Neuman Kathleen O’Donnell, O.P. Lois (Jackson) Pfister Virginia Pfluger, O.P. Claire (Hunold) Stewart Marie Sullivan, O.P. Colleen Terry Sr. Consuela Wall Rosemarie (O’Donnell) Wetterman 1960 Joanne (Gillen) Cortese Janice (Zanocco) Erickson Mary (Lacy) Faber Nora Ferm Delores (Hill) Jakubek Margaret (McComish) McClory Marie Patrice O’Donnell, O.P. Sharon (Scherrman) Osterhaus Beatrice (Belda) Pronley* Marisue (Brezinski) Quigley Joan (Bussan) Smith Mary Ann (Moore) Tubb Madonna (Joynt) Vachon

Marcia (Gorman) VanHulle 1961 Marilyn Aiello, O.P. Diane Boutet, O.P. Patricia Butler Barbara Chryst Anne (Scherrer) Darr Mary Therese Dolan, O.P. Rita (Hirscher) Esch Armella Geier Patricia Karin Gill Susan (Verthein) Huber Joyce Jungles Suzanne (Murphy) Klug Catherine Lyons, O.P. Mary Therese Mahony, O.P. Mary Elwyn McHale, O.P. Mary Kay (Schuster) Monahan Judy Nowicki Mary Ann (Faust) Ricker Rae Carol Rocca* 1962 Pat Ball Mary Lou Beck Joris Binder, O.P. Rita Burger, O.P. Janet Chiodini-Staehling* Helen Dailey, O.P. Barbara Dannhausen, O.P.* Margaret Davis Patricia Dillon, O.P. Loretta Dornisch, O.P. Ann (Taborsky) Egan Carol (Smith) Galbus Anita (Ripp) Garcia Mary Joan Gibson, O.P. Rosanna Gleason, O.P. June (Laverty) Hasz Jeanne (Schuster) Hubl Monice Kavanaugh, O.P. Susanne Klein, O.P. Madeline (Poster) McCormick Mary (Hughes) Milestone Elizabeth (Morrow) Neff Barbara (Hauptmann) Schackleton Marilyn Schlosser, O.P. Joyce (Barr) Seul Betty (Musur) Trusky Rae Ann (Oehrlein) Weiss* 1963 Frances (Shedleski) Braund Rose Marie Brown Nadine (Sloser) Brunner* Christa Cunningham, O.P. Sheila (Golden) Garot

Theresia Horrum Patricia (Knepel) Jeschke Carol (Maxey) Karls Virginia (Traver) Koberstein Noreen (Sampson) Kraig Janell (Wagner) Morehead Mary (Paisley) Nielsen Sharon (Nee) Ohlis Darlene Olson Lenora (Fiorenza) Rhyner Virginia Schmitt Mary (Heffernan) Straub Catherine Taylor Arlene (Entringer) VonDerVellen Joan (Kauffman) Wanninger Martha Wiegand, O.P. 1964 Rosemarie Biel Mary (Thoma) Boysen Susan Chute Lucille (Cloutier) Contorno Carol (Hoepker) Dawsey Mary (Brodish) Dodd* Mary Doran Jill Eastman Patricia (Ramer) Gray Marie Malachy Griffin, O.P. Rosemary (Daggett) Hansen Marlene (Schmidley) Jaskaniec Mary (Limmex) Johnson Julie (Sawyer) Krier Sheila (Hannon) Long Edith (Pavlovics) Love Mary Maselter Margaret (O’Boyle) McGranahan Colleen McNally Nancy (Galles) Olson* Mary (Blotcky) Paliganoff Carol (Noel) Paul Jean (Pfeifer) Robertson Patricia (Gardner) Rolwing Mary Helen Schmitz, O.P. Elizabeth (Zastrow) Schuster Janet (Luther) Shafer Jean (DeMuth) Stearns Marian (Haas) Stumpf Mary (Burns) Sullivan Gail (Ripp) Thoreson Rosemary (Costigan) Torgesen Jeanne (Brick) Trumpy Mareta (Schmidley) Van Rens Joyce (Nowodzelski) Walsh Mary Jo Wilhelm 1965 Susan (Walsh) Cocoma Betty Jo (Dueppen) Dahlman Maggie Davitt* Yvonne Feeney, O.P. Lauretana Gorman, O.P. Bernadine Karge, O.P. Mary Kelly

Marlene (Johanning) Kelsey Carolyn (Engle) Lamia Mary (Schleck) Laski Judith Ludlow Genevieve (Buechner) Lynch Maureen (Haugh) Marsh Susan (Carney) Mattoon Nancy (Farmer) Peschon Agnes (McComiskey) Quinn Sandy Sandona Marie Louise Seckar, O.P. Joyce (Jaegle) Talty Lynn Welsh, O.P. Catherine (Maxwell) Wuttke 1966 Alice (Blohowiak) Baldini Rosemary (Karnel) Cicero Mary (Lynaugh) Curtin Jane (Kalton) Di Cristina Beverly DiStefano, O.P. Diane Faust, O.P. Kathryn (Gorychka) Ferguson Mary (Roesler) Frantz Dee (Splitt) Freehauf Joan (Carmody) Gergits Marie Hoffmann, O.P. Janet (Schrom) Kloweit Alice Kole, O.P. Judith (Little) Link Mary (Ramsden) McGuire Marie McKersie Carol (Hevey) Melo Bonnie (Kazik) Miller Sharon Miller Susan (Doyle) Millin Kathryn (Lison) O’Neill Carolyn Polowy Susan (Kulp) Putz Jeanne (Powers) Quann Kathleen Raab Margery Race, O.P. Viola Rengstorff Bonnie (Dvoracek) Sevrean Martha (Mosher) Sturtevant Barbara (Giorgi) Vella* Kathryn Voelker 1967 Fran (Shomler) Brandon Mavourneen (Manley) Daspit Patricia (Calderala) Faragia Roberta Filicky Peneski* Judith Fleming Patricia (Tobin) Fox Mary (Fitzgerald) Gerken Mary Ann Gilbertson Mary James Griffin, O.P. Joan (Lagois) Hicks Barbara (Karls) Justl Francie (Heenan) Krick Donna (Knazur) Lewandowski Marie (Gasparini) Lynch

Maryann (Shanahan) McCullough Bonnie (Mackesey) Moschkau Sue (Brickley) Nelson Suzanne (Brodzeller) Okas Edna (Ripp) Resari Joan (Berendes) Rowe Suzanne (Galko) Schinkel Susan (Hanley) Schwerdtfeger Janet (McNally) Sessler Mary (McCarthy) Siebert Eileen (O’Neill) Van DeWalle Linda (Michelotti) Walsh Vera (Karls) Zander 1968 Fadia Abul-Hajj Patricia Ann Bauch, O.P. Carol (Liddicoat) Beilke Constance (Ullrich) Browne Virginia (Meis) Connor Leah Cox* Cathleen (Henning) Egan Julie (Berschens) Endres Dr. Mary Jean Etten Diana (DeMers) Fourney Rosemary (Selzer) Frost Clare (Breitbach) Gaston Kathleen (Joyce) Gibbons Charlotte Gould, O.P. Mary Anne (Everson) Guerrero* Margaret (Burton) Hempel Susan (Cox) Hosty* Lucy (Kuepper) Kile Fran (Daspit) Klos* Kathleen (Agnew) Kugelmas Kathleen (Burke) Layo Catherine Lenz* Rita (McDonald) Linehan Kathleen Loughrin, O.P. Mary McBride Margaret (Berigan) McKinley Delores (Foley) Moyer Kathleen O’Connell Mary Ann (Holbrook) Pohl Mary (Hayden) Quamme Jean (Hemmingsen) Rosheim Bernadette (Richgels) Schaefer Susannah (Journeay) Smith Maureen (Cieplak) Spiegel Elizabeth (Sheridan) Topa Patricia Tyson, O.P. 1969 Mary Ann (Ullrich) Abate Barbara Amato Lois Bennin Linda (Martinelli) Brokish Eileen Brynda, O.P. Margaret Conley Elizabeth (Denu) Cowen Ginni (Dickie) Engelbrecht Paula Eytalis Linda (Provasi) Fraundorf

Michelle Germanson, O.P. Mary (Kliefgen) Gillham Monica (Weber) Grayless Ann (Deneen) Grice Connie Hofeldt Rowe Mary Ellen Johansson Evans Mary (Gage) Koch Audrey (Gennrich) Krahn Margaret (Jasek) Kronzer Laverne Madsen Mary (Grimm) McCauley Maureen McCue Margaret (Cerutti) McGarrity Patricia Miller Eileen Murphy* Lynne (Dawson) O’Brien Catherine (Malone) Oldenburg Cathy (Weiss) Pedersen Ildiko (Thallmayer) Poliner* Genny (Murphy) Powers Vivian Reks Cathy (Myers) Schleich Sandra Schmitz, O.P. Ellen Shanahan Susan (Bigane) Sheehy Susan Sieber Sharon (Wedel) Sonnleitner Patricia Vinaja Janet (Miller) Williams Margaret (Bruns) Wood 1970 Mary (Dunbar) Anderson Judith Aubry, O.P. Judith (Scanlan) Barthel Kathleen (Jordan) Boyea Patricia (Theisen) Cornell Eileen (Donahue) Brittain* Veronica Fox Sue Ellen Green Peg Kilroy Nancy (Huseth) Kress Mary Jo (Zangl) Kroes Denise (Dalton) Megall Claire (Supple) Metro Paulette Norvel Lewis Margaret O’Brien, O.P. Pat Roth Maggie (Shepard) Schmitz Carol (Giovinga) Taphorn Jane (Ryan) Templeton Diana (Page) Thomas Loretta (Tortorice) Thompson Diana (Jones) Tschache Pat (Engle) Welty Cathy (Berberet) Wilson 1971 Jean Becker Donna Beresford Kathleen Boyum Mary Ann Casey, O.P. Marilyn Derr, O.P.




Ruth (Phillips) Domack* Liz (Butler) Erpenbach Joan Fitzgerald Kathleen (Lueders) Fortney Mary (Lang) Griffin Marcia (Manning) Griskavich Dorothy (McCauley) Kijek Joan Klein Marie (Schmitz) Kuckkahn Patricia (Van Tuyle) LaBella Carol (Voss) Michalski Maureen O’Rourke-Pischke Kathryn (Sherfinski) Petricca Mary (McNulty) Premo Patricia (Scanlon) Quinn Evelyn (Myers) Reddin Mary Rice, O.P. Colleen Settles, O.P. Carol Sparre Mary (Donisch) Traille* Janet Welsh, O.P. Noreen (McNamara) Welte Agnes (Schuster) Zepezauer Kristen Zwettler 1972 Lorna (Milazzo) Angell Msgr. Tom Baxter Marlene (Stuessy) Buechel M. Paulette Courtade Nancy Dyke Ann (Wittwer) Firlus Dan Gifford Denise (Aderhold) Gifford Margaret (Bessette) Knapp Virginia (Kuehn) Kopp Theresa (Haiar) Lark Nancy McCabe Catherine Monckton Rev. Michael Moon Mary Mulcrone Donna (Meseberg) Saunders Anne (Hitchins) Schmied Sandra Stremlow Woody Woodman 1973 Anonymous Linda (Ellestad) Bollig Richard Eberhardt Anne (Kirschner) Flood Ruth (Perkins) Gibson James Gunn Barbara Hempel Patricia Jestel Margaret (Van Domelan) Jost Carol (Lang) Lauritsen Lynn (Adams) Linton Ann (Dunbar) Martinelli Mary (Meany) McKenna Karen (Morris) Cetin* Mary (Lavelle) Mulcrone Mary (Watson) Peterson



Patricia Sikhart Jill (Pelton) Streekstra Mary (Miller) Wrzesinski 1974 Mary (Duncanson) Blakeslee Anna Engstrom Catherine (Susee) Evenson Judity Feaster Luetta (Lukes) Joyce Patty (Pandl) Kuehn Rev. Richard Leffler Bridget (Fitzgerald) Lewellyn Rita Manion Patricia (O’Neil) Rademacher Elaine (Kennedy) Rattunde Allen Rickey Janette (Depies) Vanevenhoven 1975 Mary Ellen (Fauerbach) Aspenson Diane (Endres) Ballweg* Maria (Jaramillo) Bayer Susan Berendes Wood Marsha Callahan* Ellen (Borsdorf) Gage Elizabeth (Amond) Gedvick Joanne Gilbert Gerry (Lortie) Graves Edwina (Chiu) Law Patricia (Loehmer) Melis Kathleen Piech Robert Zip Raasch* Fr. Michael Resop Callista Robinson, OSF Margaret Sadoski Stephanie (Reynolds) Traynoff Catherine (Morell) Vavricka 1976 Diane (Meier) Anderson Laura (Hash) Babe Margie (Mahnke) Bosio Anne (Dwyer) Breitenbach Elizabeth (Mathieu) Bremer Kathy Callahan Linda Candlin Betsy (Knight) Damon Ruth (Daly) Elderbrook Mary (Spring) Ellett Bonnie (Sonn) Frisch Caryl (Kunz) Getchell Louisa (Harren) Havlik Gregory Hitchins Thomas Hughes Karen Humbert Chris Laughlin Carolyn (Mahlum) Jenkins William McBride Marie (Duren) Meissner Ann (Eisele) Meyer Jim Murphy Mary (Odegard) Nikolic

Marveen Phelps Kristin (Ravn) Preboske Richard Rego Michele (Giangrasso) Skinner Nancy Smith Chuck Soper Jill Wickham 1977 Clare (Pandl) Bauer Karen (O’Keefe) Bentall Kathleen (VanderHeiden) Bessert Tom Burke Meryl Carmel Colleen (Flynn) Dedrich Gregg Gernetzke Marta Haza Agnes (Novinski) Hughes Michael Janik Mary Kaufman Alice Kligora Mark Lins Mark Lowry Verna (Schneider) Maiers Gary L. Pagel Chris Ruppelt KaLynn (Singerman) Vernick Janice (Weichmann) Werlein Betsy (Ciesla) Winske 1978 Lin Aanonsen Gregory Bergenske Yvonne (Hawley) Bergenske David Brockert Ann Byrne Judy Hayden Marianne (Dickson) Jaehnke Peggy (Stralkowski) Kent Marianne Kopp Eileen (Dhooghe) McIltrot Peter Melcher Tony Patterson, Sr. Corinne (Weak) Powell Carmelleta Pronold Perine (Perozzi) Rudy Mary Jo (Myers) Treadaway Sharon (Brainerd) Whitney 1979 Martha Barry Connie (Mason) Burke Daniel Carroll Mayre Lee (Harris) Clifton Sarah (Bonpenser) Davis Jeanne (Hause) Dicka Catherine (Howe) Doyle Therese (Kline) Hagen Nancy (Harvey) Herrmann Denise (King) Joyce Laurie Neubauer Kathleen (Barden) Rindt Frances (Castagna) Stasson

Mary Pat (Riha) Williams 1980 Susan (Renner) Anderson Melissa (Zembrycki) Boyd James Daniels Dan DeYoung Julie (Horst) Fridly Gail Gregory Kim (Spielman) Halton Clausen Greg Markon Maureen (Armstrong) Markon Kathie Melhuse Louise (Boettcher) Murphey B. Ann Neviaser Kathleen Pandl Mark Peters Lisa (Trotalli) Tank Beth Winkel 1981 Patrick Buckley Tom Capelle Kathy (Wilson) Davenport Jo (Fellows) Hummerick Beverly (Stavnaw) Horn William Housley Barbara Kozlowski Kristi (Pitt) Porter Lori Malicki Cynthia (Schultz) Martinelli Betty (Balshynski) Meeusen Jo Ann Morkert Louise R. Ouellette Mary Jean Roberts Mary (Gavin) Schreiber Karen Walsh 1982 Leroy Arnold Richard Belling Shirley Binius Thomas Bouffiou* Jean (Howe) Buckley Jane (Pennau) Carroll Laurie (Saunders) Fritsche Geraldine A. Gehrke Marilyn Graves Mary (Ruland) Hankes Michael Hegge Diane Helm Diana Kirschbaum Theresa McGrattan* Shari Ottenstein Mary (Nugent) Ryan-Joyce Laurie Thomas 1983 Liz Buerger* Lana (Iverson) Christoffel William Fox* Margaret (Coyne) Fox* Carolyn Doerfer

Barbara Farley Keith French Art Hansen Cathy (Stoddard) Hubbard Nancy (Hoffman) Kaczmarek Mark Koch Beth (Limmex) Lamsam Susan Lloyd Mary Pat (Keegan) Peters Mary Ann (Crase) Raynoha Gregory Robinson Judith Ruffener Jeanne (Dowe) Smith Corinne (Davies) Stoddard Kathryn (LaRoux) Sufka Susan (Thelaner) Welch Marianne (Mercer) Welsh 1984 Jean (Rosenow) Affeldt Ann (Swedlund) Brennan Vicki (Goodhue) Coffey Mary (Torok) Curran Jeanell Dailey Barbara Duerst Timothy Franz Kathleen Gerner Holly (Koss) Halberslaben Julia (O’Conner) Hegge Mary Jo Horswill Pitts John Huebscher Melissa (Maly) Jacobs Marlin Jung Thomas Kammerude Lucy Keane* Jane (Kruchten) George Cheryl (Platz) McDonald Suzanne (Jensen) Memler Kathleen (O’Flahrity) Meuer Julius Morgan Verona Morgan Jeri Nelson Isabel Rafferty, O.P. Becky (Ranum) Rennhack Lori Severson Jovey Stewart Rita (Heyroth) Zehr 1985 Anonymous Kathleen (Calhan) Adams Laura (Petranek) Arneson Kathleen (Esch) Blonde Dean Boes Peggy Curtin Tamara Dasbach Kathy (Orcutt) Dorscheid Erik Gyr Karla (DeGarmo) Haakenson Fran (Sherer) Herron Teri (Keller) Johnson Judy Kramer Nadalie (Vogt) Kratcha

James Lewis Tess Mulrooney* Barbara Musser Lynn Peterson Maher Karen (Currier) Pfeil Richard Pilsner* Jean (Braun) Schwartz 1986 Kay Bradley Scott Frank* Karen (Barrett) Froelich Ernest Gebhardt Julie (Rotar) Hudziak Cheryl Jensen Cindy (Anstett) Kaufman Jesse Lamsam Joseph McGavin Angela Prestil Ruth Schiller Netta (Katze) Sheeks David Witzeling Lori (Bindl) Zahorik 1987 Ann (Borner) Baggot Shu-Chien Chang Nelson Clark Beth (Verwiebe) Davidson Lori (Almendinger) Donahue Michele Heinrichs Dale Holthusen Sara (Stiemke) Kerwin Mary (Powers) Kreps Ann Kroncke Kristina (French) Lenoch Susan Teller Michael Van Den Heuvel 1988 Ann (Affeldt) Bormett Jane (Monson) Franz Amy (Dooley) Hainstock Steve Haroldson Kevin Hefty Dana (Mantor) Henke Karen Herrara Nancy (Horstmeier) Hixon Marisue (Paulus) Horton George Jankovich Pat (McDonald) King* Kenneth Kvammen Elisabeth Maier Ann McNeary Robert Nichols, Jr. Dolly O’Laughlin Winifred O’Rourke Jim Rouse Julie (Werta) Ryan Sally Schaefer David Scott Nancy Senst Daniel Strizek*

1989 Denise (Dos Remedios) Baylis Janice Dreischmeier David Hilgers* Jeanne (Bruning) Joseph* Karen (Driscoll) Lindner Elizabeth (Briese) Ludwig Cindy (Rouse) May Victor Melo Teresa Mueller Tom Sawyer Cheryl (Voigt) Schutte Terri (Dyson) Soppe Laura Weitzman Steve Wienkers Barbara (Pulvermacher) Wolfe Luis Yudice 1990 Renae (Fjeld) Accardo Karen (Jennings) Arnold Sandra Brown Bill Dvorak Shannon (Hendrikson) Wahl Susan Jankovich Kristine Jeschke Maria (Grauvogl) Knickmeier John Lenoch Sandra Martinson Rick McGlynn Eric Nelson Judy Ring Kara (Kruska) Roisum Guy Somers Mary (Stauffacher) Steiger Tamara Testin Mary Lou Tyne John Walton Jane Wilhelm Julie Woodward 1991 Steven Boeder Lisa (Volk) Bruce Lana Esch Catherine Karlshoej Jill (Harris) Kuehn Jane (Lavik) Longfield Pamela (Bitton) Miller Susan (Edl) Peterson Karen (Droessler) Rouse Kimberly (Stivers) Schaefer* Diane (Fisher) Schuler Linda Seaquist Phillip Vorlander Stanley Winarski Dora (Parcels) Yelk 1992 Irene (McCarthy) Bomkamp Robbi (Mosz) Busacker Chris Carey Lauri (Binius) Droster

Barbara (David) Erlenborn Amy Gallagher Matthew Hadley Alyssa (Tesar) Henry Kelly (Adler) Lee* Rick Lonigro* Jennifer McKenzie Monica (Ivkovich) Metcalf Kay (Martin) Moore Mary Muraski Thomas O’Connell Joyce (Maby) O’Sullivan Mary Lee Rossmaessler Mary Ruedinger Kerry Sommers James Taylor Shari (Bilsky) Telvick Kent Thede Michelle Vaillancourt 1993 Patrick Boutelle Ann (Aeschlimann) Brink Jerald Collins Josephine (Greibe) Collins Linda (Pauls) Fleming Joyce (Miedema) Halvorsen Colleen Hasler Sr. Rosemary Herriges Linda Hill Valerie Hon Elsa Leverington Suanne (Hallock) Lewis Barbara Olson Patricia (Franta) Payas Donna (Simenson) Peterson Lexy Rotzoll Sherri (Reese) Slack Susan (Abraham) Spinelli Dale Suchomel Gina (Rouse) Swenson Pat Wolff Angela (Drinkwine) Zitzelsberger 1994 Patricia (Hughes) Chase Atwater Cecelia Banks Shannon Charbarneau Byron Chase Dory (Gole) Christensen Paul Ederer Terri Engel Karen Evenson Janice (Wood) Hansen James Henning M Joyce (Flanagan) Hirsch Marian Jasurda Shannon Kahl Judy (Buehrer) Leurquin Paula McKenzie Margaret (Wilde) McShane Marie Powers Dave Schlimgen




Thomas Schuler Briana (Herman) Spors Linda (McGrath) Szalkucki Joniann (Holler) Terry Cindy Thiesenhusen Sarah (Gaynon) Thomson Michele Wolff Kathie Zwettler 1995 Kenneth Anderson Tara Zuhlsdorf-Ball Jennifer (Thomas) Batz Susan (Ring) Benson Donald Bindl Patricia Bostad Pamela Bradford Tina (Gross) Brooks Richard Burson Laurie Cale Beth (Nelson) Curley Tracy Fabian Karrie Frantz Donna Freund Dan Gibson Anne Giffey Janet (Harter) Haasl* Deborah (Pugh) Hankes Robert Herbst Marcy Keehn Kerry Kravik Dan Leary Todd May Nicholas Meier Steve Melde Matt Nelson Jane (Schumann) Qualle Amy (Maslako) Russell Jennifer Schwab Cathy (Donohue) Sloane Sheila Van Lankvelt Gail (Hermann) Vick 1996 Julie (Schulenburg) Adelman Nancy Beschta Clara (Schirmer) Christianson Amy (Wille) Grosenick Pat Hartley* Gordon Hoberg Lynnette Jordan Janis (Prien) King Pamela (Cox) Krebs Susan Loertscher Amia (Schaaf) Lonigro* Cheryl McCarthy Lisa (Thelen) Nieskes Esther Olson Heather Pearson Christy Rosenberger Jeanine Sargent Tina (Kenitz) Schoebel Laura (Thorson) Schurman



Carrie (Eischens) Shurhay David Sieloff Rob Swenson James Wilhelm Jane (Griffing) Wilson Daniel Zadra 1997 Jennifer (Gilbertson) Arvidson Thomas Blau Roger Boeker Enzo Ciarletta Cathy Couture Gregory Garton, Jr. Peggy (Henshaw) Glynn Kristine (Leahy) Gross Shawna (Dietzel) Hallenbeck Jim Hansen* Stephanie (Brink) Hoeper Thomas Jury Ray Karnes Jason Kessenich Harold Marzolf Gary Neis Brad Opsahl Meg Pekarske* Jennifer (Benson) Rake Criss Shaben Chuck Simon Jeffrey Stadtmueller Judith (Ott) Weidman Marjorie (Schwahn) Ziegler 1998 Robert Budach Jacinda (Wisniewski) Burdon Dan Butz, Jr. Brandon Casto David Clack Kari (Campbell) Fisher Dennis Henks Nicole Jacobson Timothy Keal Frank Kick Rex Koderl Nancy (Makovec) Kraemer Cindy (Chestnut) Kujawa Laura (LeMoine) Magstadt Daniel Manke Julie (Leclaire) McMullin Nathaniel McMullin Bryan Meddings Renee (Horkan) Mikonowicz Joe Morrocco Julie (Weber) Murphy John Nicol Sara Pfantz Sandra Phillips* Jodi (Walsh) Quam Michael Romano Molly (Naughton) Romano Julia Seaquist Craig Sherman

Kathleen (Murphy) Sherry Kim Sponem* Diane (Betzle) Sutton Leonard Swart Sara (Conzemius) Van de Grift James Vig Ryan Walter 1999 Douglas Adler Robyn (Swatland) Baehler Christine Biser Dawn Blau Judy (Warren) Cresson Lynne (Dykstra) Davidson Joe Ford Jon Goodyear Julie (Veloff) Helmer Carolyn (Hughes) Jahnke Donald Kenney Rachel Klos Kathleen Knapp Linda Langel LaShelle (Boullion) Lentz Amy Ohlsen Laurie Pirtle Tom Quinn Elizabeth Reyes Patrick Riopelle* Karri Roh-Wasley AnnaMarie Shanahan JoAnn Shipley Kim (Bochinski) Sloey Sarah (Donovan) Stangland Jennifer Tollefson Katie (Hargraves) Vesperman John Wells Diana (Forrest) Wenger Jessica (Heiple) Wiederholt Imelda (Hyland) Wirka 2000 Kim Amidon Kadie (Proksch) Brueggen Marcia Dull Kristin (Leffler) Hildebrandt Jean (Gronstal) Koester Michael Kowalske Kathy (Halloran) Liska Nikki (Bishell) Naidyhorski Sara (Bollig) O’Loughlin Renee (Schutz) Reardon Roy Thompson Linda Trent Erin (Hoffman) Vesperman Kari (Winkler) Westphal Amy (Heilmann) Zirk 2001 Christopher Alexander Jill (Homann) Bohn Tammy (Henry) Comber Audrey (Junkeris) Drake

Maureen (Leonard) Engelberger Penny (Gorecki) Grande Renee (Gauthier) Haugen Jeffery Herbers Robert Koskela Ruth Koskela Teri Kuntzsch Elizabeth (Duncan) Lynch Kathy Magli Joni (Mau) Marty Marianne Matt Mary McKenna Frank Prestigiacomo Sandra (Conery) Ryan Linda Sanner Diane Schneider Walter See Nate Verhage Ben Wealti Ben Wiederholt John Williams Joan (Mulderink) Zomer 2002 Anonymous Bradley D’Orazio Jessica Esser Matt Hill Pauline Hrobsky Shelly Johnson Deanna (Hasse) Klumb Andrea (Fairman) Naef* Emily (Petersen) Acheson Elyane Steeves Sarah Thering Scott Tolzman Stephanie (Lowe) Watrud 2003 Nancy Blum Jeffrey Boyum Bette Jo Bradley Tonya (Mundth) Brandt Mike Carr Derek Carter Julie (Kramer) Crull Adrianne (Kamp) Earley Julene (Blumer) Elmer Anne Elvekrog Ryan Hamachek Derek Helmer Margaret Hrncirik Phillip Meagher Michelle (Bosetski) Nooyen Martha Olsen Jonathan Overby* Thomas Ploessl Kari (Cochran) Rosenbury Betty Rygiewicz Matt Saltzberry Luella Schmidt Cheryl (McKenzie) Schueman Scott Schueman

Elizabeth Snortum Daniel Syse Ann (Schreiber) VanDynHoven Angela (Adler) Wealti Theresia Whittemore 2004 Terri Alexander Katie (Graves) Boelter Maria Carvalho Doria (Rockweiler) Dahl Russell Decker Scott Ducke Elena Ehlert Steve Exner Maureen (Ganser) Fiene Bonnie (Babler) Friedrich* Karen Rose (Gamble) Gredler Daniel Knickmeier Belinda (Long) Lalor Choua Lee Keri (Wells) Meverden Mike Moskopf Brian Powers Amanda (Washa) Ramer Sylvia (Cantu) Smith Lori (Brown) Spatola Carol Strysick Erin Swift Sarah (Leiser) Van Lanen Kimberly Vrubley 2005 Monica (Lochner) Bischoff Melva Bishop Leslie Chartier Alex Correll Suzanne (Trocinski) Cowan Vance Dalzin Priska Duddleston-Koch Tere (Zimmerman) Dunlap Neil Fauerbach* Kathryn Fritz Jeremy Fuller Sarah Hackett Maureen Hebl John Hylkema Jenna Jacobson Ann Kox Nicholas LeNoble Mati Palm-Leis Tammy (Rogahn) Linares Carol (Thornsen) Reynolds Ana (Ramire) Rumm Suann (Adler) Saltzberry Donald Settergren Karla Sparks Heather (Casey) Sullivan Rich Trace Kevin Winter 2006 Scott Althaus

Nancy Burton Valerie Cappozzo Tom Coyle Merija Eisen Colleen Filtz Eva (Wong) Fok* Christin (Likwarz) Gibbons James Hoese Rebecca (Hebert) Kahl Lisa (Rice) Lang-Shackett Philip Lu Teresa (Brandt) Midthun Jo-Ann Moore Andrea (Wittenmyer) Mueller Nichole (Johnson) Nachreiner Jessie Nelson Paula O’Malley Abby Plucker Darin Ruck Barbara Samuel Deb (Schloemer) Segersten Ken Spuda Brian Uelmen Rian (Bauerkemper) Uelmen Stacy (Jimieson) Wieme Mara (Jones) Williams Kristin (Schmidt) Wisnefske Vina (Hsu) Yang Lindsay Zawlocki 2007 Emily Ciha Sara (Grill) Cirilli Duane Dickson Anthony Dix Paul Gallimore Alissa Gauger Mischelle (Manz) Grabner James Greer III Kathryn Houseman Cherrie Johnson James Kattner Eva Kitzman William Loss Sara Marshall Barbara Mezera Erin O’Brien Paul Risley Dan Rix Nicole (Schmit) Roberts Jolene (Goldsmith) Settergren Annie (Boucher) Stroud Daniela (Andrews) Stuckey Chelsea Van Hefty Sherry Wichser Rachel Witt 2008 Odette (Ramos) Ahn Alan Beckham Carrie (Cochran) Buri Cory Chancellor Sarah Coens

Scott De Ruyter Kyle Edge Christine Einerson Mark Eisenmann Cheryl Gandolph Jessi Garfoot Elaine Glowacki Dedra Hafner Scott Holt Leslie (Ladwig) Koch Roxanne Koranda Virginia Kreuziger Paulina (Konca) Linskens Mary (Flottmeyer) Malnor Chelsea (Baus) Marenes Cody Marenes Leah May Sherrie (Knapp) Nichols Susan Potter Randall Refsland Derek Rosenstiel DeEtte (Vroman) Shanklin Alicia Siebers Jodie Sorenson Elizabeth Spellman Erika Taylor Beth Tryon Jody Weiler Phillip Yang Suzanne Ziehr 2009 Michelle Acker Ana Alexander Tracey (Hughes) Amacher Julie Astrella Timothy Bergen Jeffrey Breen Brett Brodbeck Nathan Bubenzer Tino Cordova Keith Cornille Brittney Crubaugh Myranda Culver Vickie Dansbury Rachel Debruin Samantha Doherty Charlene (Freeze) Durtschi Kathleen (Simmons) Fitzpatrick* Carly Garfield Nancy Giles Andrea (Gillitzer) Hareid Andy Hosking Rebecca Kirchman Julie Kramer Peter Kubicki* Marie (Longacre) Langeteig Mike Laube Marley (Steiner) Lindsey Lauren (Klemp) Mancheski Brittany Marsala Heidi (Buenzli) Meixner Amanda Mohr

Bridget Nesbitt Theresa (Hess) Ojala Matt Olson Lauren Pigott Courtney Quinette Ian Quinn Mollie Reiss Timothy Richardson Stephanie Riese John Sample Melissa (Seeberger) Saxe Mike Schubert Denise Scott Diane (Sewell) Sing Sara Tripalin Joseph Weber Kyle Zimmer 2010 Andrea Alston Andrew Anderson Andrea Belanger Katie Berberet Heather Bingham Steven Blue Jennifer Bong Katie Bower Kristina Brereton Janice Burt Danny Carey Scott Cayo Fatou Ceesay Jonathan Ciche Lisa Demrow Christina Denruiter Brad DeVault Shannon Doherty* Jerrid Dokey Jennifer Dunn Allison Dvorak Christy Fenley Erin Fenley Claire Fenner Taylor Fishleigh Janelle Francois Sarah Frey Mary Fuller Ashley Gehrke Elizabeth Gonstead Michelle Goodhue Ryan Grandgenett Ashley Griepentrog Michelle Haas Brad Hagen Myssi Haglund Kelly Henry Tiffany Hodges Melody (Blakey) Holcomb Benchaporn Kittipadakul Tamara Knickmeier Erin Koepsel Katie Kohal Matt Krueger




Elizabeth Leadley Stephanie Leahan Bernard Lease Iris Leske Erin Lewerenz Stacy Ley Megan Logterman Nick Lombardino Jeremy Lopez Curt Mader Krissy (Siegenthaler) Markgraf Austin McGinley Katelyn Meissen Callie Miller Breah Minor Michelle Ortmeier Dan Oryall Michelle Owen Briana Pickel Katy Plane Bridget Prendergast Jennifer Quinn Carly Riepe

Meghan Roberts Tylor Robinson Kristen Salvatore Kyle Schaaf Amanda Schmidt Ann (Adams) Schoenberger Zach Scovell Laurie Seiler Jennifer Smith Lisa Smith Melissa (Richard) Smith Daniel Smylie Aimee Stefonek Kelsey Steinhorst Valarie Stepaniak Jon Stinemetz Morgan Thomas Jake Trachsel Brad Varvil-Weld Christopher Wirth Elizabeth Woodford John Wroten

Future Alumni Tim Barry Brandon Bartels Robert Berger James Bertakis Steven Binder Jimena Campos Caleb S. Dean Melvin Dennison, III William DeVault Lukas Duddleston Tim Ehlers Rosalia Gittens Kenna Hartshorn Andrew King Bonnie Klassy Jimy Landwehr Youngsoo Lee Mitch Mogensen Paisley Anne Morgan Scott Ortega Stefanie (Heimbach) Rehbein Mackenzie Roach

Brett R. Sanson Winifred Severson Sawitree Tuntra-ampai Brittni Vande Walle Teresa Vetter Scott Winters Katrina Wollet *Denotes Member of the Sr. Mary Nona McGreal Society

A CULTURE OF PHILANTHROPY Our alumni and friends reflect the importance of an Edgewood College education in many meaningful ways. Support of the Edgewood College Fund—which enables so many students to attend the College—is perhaps the most visible demonstration of what this special place means for so many.



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GIFTS FROM FAMILY, FRIENDS, PARENTS, FACULTY, STAFF, BUSINESSES & FOUNDATIONS Anonymous 40 ET 8* Abbott Laboratories Fund* Seymour & Shirley Abrahamson Gary Adler Byron Adrian Cheryl Adrian Peter† & Margo Ahrens* Michael & Susan Ales Mark Alexander* Tim & Terri Alexander James & Kathleen Allen Alliant Energy Foundation Alternative Continuum of Care, LLC* American Family Mutual Insurance Company* Ameriprise Financial Matching Gift Program Amphion Medical Solutions* AnchorBank Donald W. Anderson* Dr. A.D. and Phyllis Anderson Fund Cathy Andrews Clifford & Wanda Andrews Richard & Lois Andrews Jeremiah Angell Animal Crackers, Inc. Associated Bank* Associated Physicians Assurant Health Foundation Deborah & Jeffrey Astroth Kim Astroth Robert Astroth AT&T Matching Gifts Program* Jackie Austin Charles & Sharon Averkamp John & Kathleen Avery

Timothy Babler Badger Meter, Inc.* Roland G. Balg Trust* Maggie Balistreri-Clarke John & Gwen Barczak Andrew & Elizabeth Bare James Barr III* Richard & Linda Barrows Martin Battcock* John Bauman Elaine Beaubien Cheryl Bechtolt Tom & Patty Beck Barbara Beetem Richard & Margaret Bellettini Amy Bender Jo Anne Berschet* Ray & Karen Berta Catherine Bertakis John Bertakis Art Besse Laurie Bibo Binder Realty Consultants, Inc. Robert Birkhauser Clifford Blake Phil & Kit Blake* Brian Blanchard Jeffery & Margaret Blaska Roby & Linda Blust* Tim Boldt Thomas & Shaila Bolger* Daniel Boyarski Howard & Caryl Bremer Mary & James Brennan Al & Michele Brisack John & Marcia Brockman Frank G. & Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation*

Christopher & Gretchen Brown Herbert F. Bruning Foundation* Joe & Mary Jo Brzezinski Betty Buckmaster Carol Buckmaster James Burgess Andrew Burish Byce & Worman Family Dentistry Larry & Doreen Bylsma Steve & Marlene Bysted John & Catherine Calabrese Dan & Terri Carey* Caritas Foundation* Shawn & Nancy Carney Jill Carpenter Charles & Debra Casson Robert & Linda Cates Phil Certain* James Chadek Nancy Chellevold* Nicholas Chiarkas Chippewa Surveying, Inc. Iris Christenson James & Loretta Cizek Jane Coleman* Owen & Harold Sundberg Connolly Mary Lou Conway Stephanie Cooley Mark Courchane* Patrick & Catherine Coyle* Thomas & Sally Coyle Susanne Craddock David & Catherine Cramer Kathleen Culbertson Culver’s Frozen Custard D&S Dental Laboratory Inc.* Alan & Joanne Daly Chris & Kathy Davis

Tim & Sarah Decorah James Dee, Jr. Ada Deer Janine Deitte Raul & Carolyn DeLuna Christopher & Ellen Deubler Daniel & Sandra DeVault Dennis & Jean Dewane Thomas & Ann Dezell William Dictus Gerald & Norma Ditzler Rodney & Debra Ditzler Robert Dixon & Bridgette McBride Dixon Don’s Towing & Auto Michael & Sandra Dornak Rita Claire Dorner, O.P.* Jim & Donna Drewiske Dave & Joy Drummond* Holly Duck* William & Priska Duddleston Tom & Laurie Duellman Dugout Club, Inc.* David & Kelly Dunse Paul Eastwood & Tess Mulrooney ‘85* James & Marilyn Ebben* Econoprint, Inc.* Patricia Egan Shirley Elliott Kathleen Ende Entourage Ink LLC* Epic Systems Corp* Joseph Everly Evjue Foundation Inc* Peter Fabian & Aurelia Hale* Bud & Jill Faurote Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund




Mark Fields J.H. Findorff & Son Inc* James Fitzgerald Tom & Alice Flaherty Scott & Krista Flanagan Christian & Kristin Fleming Beverly Flint Rockne & JoAnne Flowers* Flowers Family Foundation* Michael & Jayne Foti Foundations Counseling Center Debra Fox Fred Frank & Holly Frishman-Frank John Franz John J. Frautschi Family Foundation* Loretta Freiling Sharon & John Gallagher Paul & Lori Ganser Harold Gates Steven Gavin GE Foundation Jan Gerber Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P. Nancy Giles Brian & Jeanne Glynn James Goll* Gordon Flesch Co., Inc.* Gary Goyke Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program JoAnne Granquist* Ellen Fahey Green Memorial* Carrie Griffin Stuart Grossen Construction Inc. Group Health Cooperative* Bruce Govier & Marilyn Gruebling-Govier Thomas & Kathy Gugel Colleen Gullickson Don & Jan Haasl ‘95* William Hachten Julie Haebig Peter Fabian & Aurelia Hale* Pat Hallinan David Hanson & Linda Bochert* John & Nancy Harazin Thomas & Ruth Harp* Leslie & Helen Harrell



Michael & Penny Harrell Jay Hatheway Heartland Credit Union* Esther Heffernan, O.P. Carroll Heideman* Christine Henker Leroy & Kathryn Herschell Christine Herz Doloris Higgins Kit Hildebrand Ray & Mina Hill George & Audrey Hinger Patricia (Sauch) Hino Linda Holmes Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Houghton Mifflin Company William Hubbard Helen P. Huhta James Huhta* Geoff & Shanda Hunt Illinois Tool Works Foundation Internet Consulting Services, Inc. J & K Security Solutions, Inc.* James & Beverly Jaroch Tracy Jennings Beth John David & Jean Johnsen Frances Johnson* John A. Johnson Foundation* Reed Johnson Johnson Controls Foundation* Johnson & Johnson* Johnsonville Sausage, LLC* Mary Howard Johnstone, O.P. Mary Joyce Pat & Ruth Joyce Richard & Donna Kalata Rachel Kane Al Kanner Robert & Dorothy Kastenmeier* Fred Kauffeld* Kathleen Kelm Kerry Inc. Dan & Jody Ketter John & Domine King Paul & Pat King ‘88* Rosemary King

Thomas & Diana Kirchdoerfer Jeff & Mary Klees John & Audrey Klement Robert & Katie Klinker Jeff & Michelle Knatz Knodle’s Appliance Service Company, Inc. Harry & Carol Kohal Kohler Foundation Inc* John Koslowski Jason Kozelek Jennifer Kraemer Kraft Foods Foundation Matching Gifts Program Carolyn Krause* Liz Kretschmar Moria Krueger Terrence Krzyston Randy & Nancy Kuhnau John LaBella Jack Ladinsky Lake Geneva Joint School District* Roger & Patricia LaMasney David Lambert Rich Landwehr Charles Larkin, M.D. & Mary Conners-Larkin Lawn Rangers Mary Lawson* Patricia Leahy John Leonard Sandra Lewis Shelley Liegel Brian & Kathy Lode* Janet Lombardino Keith & Judith Lorenz John & Ann Lowry Elizabeth Lowry Ken & Joanne Lubich* Patrick & Peggy Luby* Dwayne & Cheryl Lueck Luedtke Storm Mackey Chiropractic Clinic* Madison Community Foundation* Madison Gas & Electric* Mark & Jodi Majewski Jeffrey Malkow Emily Maloney

Marriage & Family Solutions, LLC Thomas Matt James & Debra Mayer Robin McCarthy Kirk & Teresa McCullick Ann McCullough, O.P. Rich & Deb McDonnell Richard & Elizabeth McDonnell Diane Meka Joseph & Margo Melli* John & Sharon Melotte Kevin & Sheri Melotte Merck Partnership for Giving* Friends of Meriter Hospital* David W. & Martha C. Merry* Roger G. Merry* Steven L. & Jann G. Merry* Timothy J. Merry & Paula Loftus-Merry* Mike Metcalf Mike & Nancy Meyer Midwest Patrol & Investigative, LLC* Tim & Julie Miller Todd & Bonnie Miller Pamela Minden Steve Mixtacki* Jim Moeser Michael & Debora Mogensen Steven & Yvonne Monson Linda & George Moran Michael & Joan Morey* Winifred Morgan, O.P. Mukwonago Family Dentristry Jody Muller Raymond Nashold Nationwide Insurance Foundation Sarah Naughton, O.P. David & Catherine Nelson Nancy Nelson* Carol & Paul Neuman Kathie Nichols Phyllis Nicolette Margaret Noreuil* Northland College* Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation* Not Your Average Joe Inc. Sean O’Brien

John & Kathleen O’Connor* Vickie O’Connor Cindy O’Donnell Gary Oftedahl David & Laurie Ogletree Janice Oimoen Elizabeth Olig John Lemke & Pamela Oliver Michelle Olthoff Robert & Sammy O’Malley* Chad Paquette Amy Paskey Elgin & Ruth Paskey Susan Pauls Mary Pazdan, O.P. Personnel Staffing Services, Inc. Robert & Karen Petersen Gary & Pam Peterson Dave Petroff* Physicians Plus Insurance Corp.* Royce & Janet Piefer Richard Pire Plumb Trust Company* Steven Post Kevin & Barbara Powers John Powless Henry J. Predolin Foundation* Dean Pribbenow Scott Prochaska Valencia N. Prock Estate David & Shirley Qualle Francine Raub & Epiphany Raagas Rawson Realty RBC Foundation RDK Foundation* Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C.* Oscar Rennebohm Foundation, Inc* Patrick & Deanna Rice Brad & Kelly Richardson Jean Richter, O.P. Gerald & Armella Ring Virginia Ripp, O.P. Dan & Brenda Ritschard Bernard & Louise Rivers Bruce Roberts Roger & Sandy Robinson Rockwell Collins Matching Gift Program

Stephen & Pamela Rogers Cynthia Rolling Mary Rondou Max Rosenbaum Rotary Club of Madison South Barbara Rowe RSM McGladrey, Inc* Jack & Lorraine Rutledge Kent & Susan Rychcik Sakowski Consulting LLC Barbara Salvatore Daniel & Kimberly Scanlon Gary & Janie Schaefer* Sylvia Schlieckau Catherine & Daniel Schmidt Jerome & Laura Schmidt Francis & Elizabeth Schmitz Robert Schuette Emily Schultz Judy Schulz Andy & Jeanne Schumacher Fr. Tony Schumacher* Elaine Schuman Fred & Deborah Schwartz* Lisa & Brian Schwarz Gail Selk Katie Selle Joe & Mary Ellyn Sensenbrenner* Susan Serrault Mike Shult* Mark & Kathryn Siebenaller Jon & Sandra Siebert Marie Simmer Rita Simon Shalini Singh Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa* Danielle Skupas Dean B. Smith Kenneth & Kathryn Smith Stanley & Loretta Smith Smith & Gesteland* John & Brenda Sonderegger* Robert & Laura Spitzer Sport & Spine Clinic St. Mary’s Foundation, Inc.* St. Marys School of Nursing Alumni Association* Denny Stapleton

Kevin Stapleton Ralph & Shelly Stayer* Rich & Amy Steffen* Tom & Linda Steinhorst Donna Stelzer* Richard & Deborah Stephens John Stephenson, Jr. Doug Stevens John & Beth Stofflet Douglas Storhoff Adrian Stransky John Stransky Georgiana Struble Eugene Suchomel* Dennis & Barbara Sulik Summit Credit Union* Barbara & David Swain Joe & Arline Sweeney Joseph Syty Jane Tanis Joel & Linda Tassin Ed & Susie Taylor TDS Telecom* Telephone and Data Systems* Pat & Sue Norton Elizabeth Theisen Donald & Joanna Thompson* Jerry & Jean Thousand Thomas & Patricia Tobin Joanne Topham Benjamin Towns Randy & Bonnie Tylke Steven & Mary Tylke University of Wisconsin S & G Urethane Corp. US Bank* John Uselman & Elizabeth Crummy* Matt Uselman* UW Medical Foundation* UW-Milwaukee Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies* University of Wisconsin System Administration* Jeffery & Cheryl Vaher Nancy Van Dyke James Van Hefty James & Barbara Vander Pas Velcor Leasing Corporation*

Leon & Cathy Veldhuizen Steve & Brenda Vogt Vogt Family Chiropractic Ken & Joyce Von Rueden Rick & Linda Walker Patrick & Kristin Walsh Barbara Waters Mary Weber Wegner CPAs, LLP Gerald & Christine Weiler Bob Weiss* Stephen Werner Westerman Foundation* Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges* WI Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc.* William Wilcox* Kenneth & Lorraine Wilhelms Eleanor Williams Kelly Williams Wind River Financial* Tom & Laura Winters Roberta Winters WIPFLi* Wisconsin Swing LLC Vinnie & Sue Wisniewski Dennis & Sandra Witek Kathleen Woit* Brien & Julie Yost Tim F. Young Agency, LLC John Yrios Bruce & Pam Zander Rita Zander Ann Zanzig Terry Zeimet Michael & Debra Zmudzinski *Denotes Member of the Sr. Mary Nona McGreal Society † Denotes deceased





Susan Armstrong Edward & Frances Chase Ali Dammeir Eva (Wong) Fok Jerry & Kathy Folk Margit Gundlach Mary Pat Hank John & Deborah Herrem Lee & Diane Jones Vincent & Jane Kavaloski Jessica Lerner and Michael Polewski Barbara Miller Kathleen Mitrovich Colleen Muldowney Shelley Okey Winifred Severson James & Betsy Starling Sandra Tiedt Teresa Vetter Rochelle Wawrzonek Julie Zuidema In Memory of Thelma Trulson Dimmitt

Mary Reynolds In Memory of Beth Fangmeyer ‘99

Kendall & Mary Rouse In Honor of Margaret Fauerbach ‘39

The Ravn Family In Memory of Walter Fauerbach

Kathleen Cerutti In Memory of Sr. Jeannette Feldballe ‘43

Colleen Settles, O.P. In Memory of Vicky Graham ‘01

Sheldon & Freda Goth Douglas & Marcia Gourley Dan & Cathy Gronemus Diane Gunkel Mike & Julia (O’Conner) Hegge Michael & Julia Hegge Lucy Keane Mary Klink Jeanne Leep Greg & Maureen Markon Nettie Melby Eric Nelson & Cathy Gilmore-Nelson Ed & Kristie O’Brien Margaret O’Brien, O.P. Larry Ringgenberg & Ingrid Peterson Resurrection Cemetery Staff Kay Risberg Al & Bernie Rouse Jim & Karen (Droessler) Rouse Harry & Netta (Katze) Sheeks Daniel Syse & Paula Sequeira Beth Winkel Rita (Heyroth) Zehr Connie & Ann Zwettler Kathie Zwettler & John Erb In Memory of William Hansen

Dan & Cathy Gronemus Judy Hayden Anthony & Ann Markon Nettie Melby Margaret O’Brien, O.P. Mary Pat (Keegan) Peters John & Lisa Towns In Memory of Daria & Laurence Hunold

Claire (Hunold) Stewart In Memory of Theodore Jackson

Don & Linda Kaump In Memory of Jim Jakubek

Delores (Hill) Jakubek In Memory of Christine Kelly

Mary Kelly-Powell

Lori Bindl Zahorik

In Memory of William G. Meyer

In Memory of Phyllis Hansen

Christine Herz

Jim & Ann Allen Ira Altshuler James & Susan (Renner) Anderson Daniel & Terri Carey Lola Fortney Maxine Franz Timothy & Jane (Monson) Franz

In Honor of Pam Minden

Kathleen (Simmons) Fitzpatrick In Memory of Catherine (Kate) Monson

Gayle Monson In Honor of Eileen Murphy ‘69



Jessica Matthews In Memory of Nancy Feeley Nelson ‘54

Peg (Schaub) Trotalli In Memory of Ronald Rudy

Marian (Haas) Stumpf In Memory of Dr. Joseph Schmiedicke

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We take great care in compiling our list of donor names. Names are included for gifts made during our 2009–2010 Fiscal year (July 1, 2009– June 30, 2010). If we have omitted your name, or if your name is incorrect in the listing, please call the Office for Institutional Advancement at 608.663.3328, so we can correct our records and acknowledge you properly in any subsequent recognition. Thank you. EDGEWOOD COLLEGE



Edgewood College, rooted in the Dominican tradition, engages students within a community of learners committed to building a just and compassionate world. The College educates students for meaningful personal and professional lives of ethical leadership, service, and a lifelong search for truth.

1 0 0 0 E D G E W O O D C O L L E G E D R I V E | M A D I S O N , W I 5 3 7 1 1 | 6 0 8 . 6 6 3 . 4 8 6 1 | W W W. E D G E W O O D . E D U





The School of Business has recognized two outstanding women for their service and leadership. Lauri Binius-Droster, MBA ‘92, and Kim Schaefer ’91 each received the 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award. Ms. Droster (on the left) is a Financial Consultant with RBC Wealth Management. In 2006, she was recognized by Barron’s magazine as one of the Top 100 Women Financial Advisors in the U.S. Ms. Schaefer is CEO of Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. In 2005, she created the Schaefer Family Scholarship fund for undergraduate accounting students at Edgewood College. Both women serve on the School of Business Advisory Board.

TWO AWARDED MAZZUCHELLI MEDALLION Two alumna have been named recipients of the Samuel Mazzuchelli Medallion for 2010. Romilia Schlueter ’96, MA ‘09 of Madison, and Mary Anne (Everson) Guerrero ’68, of Pennington, New Jersey, are being honored for their work in cultivating intellectual and spiritual resources to empower others.

Ms. Guerrero served as a teacher at Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, in Princeton, New Jersey, for twenty-eight years. During that time, she founded “Link With Lima,” an initiative that connects her school with the impoverished El Augustino School in Lima, Peru. The




Romilia Schlueter ’96, MA ‘09 left, with husband John, and Mary Anne (Everson) Guerrero ’68, with husband Jorge.

commemorates the vision of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa in the 1927 establishment of Edgewood College. This celebration and the

awarding of the Samuel Mazzuchelli medallion honors those who cultivate intellectual and spiritual resources to empower others.


Ms. Schlueter is a recognized figure in Madison, especially in the Latino community. She currently serves as a leader for the Family Resource Center, a program of Children Services Society of Wisconsin.



MEN’S GOLF: CONSISTENT EAGLES CLAIM NAC CHAMPIONSHIP The men’s golf team has been fighting a pattern of great first rounds, followed by less than stellar second rounds all season. Fortunately, the Eagles figured out the right moment to correct their second-day struggles. The Eagles claimed their third conference title in school history at the Northern Athletics Conference Fall Championship. Head coach Gary Oftedahl’s squad claimed the title by 11 strokes over MSOE and 20 strokes over Benedictine. On the first day, it was Logan Kranz who nearly single-handedly kept the Eagles in contention by shooting a 71 while none of his teammates broke 80. On the second day, Kranz struggled to an 86, but Andrew Cobb, Mike Schilling and Mike Battista all shot in the 70’s. Cobb finished the tournament with a score of 155, which was good enough for a fourth place finish. Kranz hung on for a topfive finish of his own scoring 157.

(L to R) Head Coach Gary Oftedahl, Assistant Coach Aaron Gavin, Brent Quade, Logan Kranz, Andrew Cobb, Mike Battista, Mike Schilling, Assistant Coach Tom Kubel.

Schilling ended up tied for eighth with a score of 160. Battista and Brent Quade completed the team with scores of 165 and 168, respectively. All five Edgewood College golfers placed in the top 20 in the 50 player event.

Cobb, Quade, Kranz and Schilling all earned all-conference honors by virtue of their performances this season. For Quade, the honor marked his second consecutive all-NAC award. In addition, Schilling earned the league’s Freshman of the Year award.


WOMEN’S SOCCER: SVJOSE TALLIES FIRST GOAL IN NINE YEARS Talk about a lengthy scoring drought. Women’s soccer player Erica Sjvose scored her first goal for the Eagles in nine years, when she tallied a first half goal against Concordia University Chicago on September 25. She had last scored as a freshman during the 2001 season. Svjose, a Madison native and 2001 graduate of LaFollette High School, played for Edgewood College in 2001, scoring eight goals as the Eagles advanced to the NCAA Tournament for the third consecutive season. She left school after that season and spent the next seven years working on a career, but the soccer bug never completely left her. In 2009, Svjose (pronounced sa-VOICE) contacted head coach Tim Alexander and said she wanted to return to school. She told him she would come to Edgewood College if she could have the chance to play soccer again. Coach Alexander agreed and Svjose was back on the team in 2009 after eight years away . Sjvose, now 27 years old, played in 15 games in 2009 and three more in 2010, before scoring a goal. Svjose finished the 2010 season as the fourth leading scorer on the team with three goals and five assists.


The Edgewood College men’s soccer team defeated Illinois College 3-1 on September 5, 2010, to clinch head coach Tim Alexander’s 200th men’s soccer victory. Alexander became just the fifth coach in the history of the NCAA (all divisions) to record both 200 men’s soccer and 200 women’s soccer victories. Alexander, who completed his 21st season with the men’s team and 18th season with the women’s team, joins Findlay (Ohio) coach Andy Smyth, Maryville College (Tenn.) coach Pepe Fernandez and Hendrix College (Tenn.) men’s coach Doug Mello as active coaches in the 200-200 club. University of Portland’s legendary coach, the late Clive Charles, is also a member.



The Edgewood College men’s soccer team finished the 2010 season with a record of 7-11, while the women’s team ended the season 15-5-1, bringing Alexander’s career win total to 206 men’s wins and 244 women’s victories.

WOMEN’S TENNIS: EAGLES CLAIM THIRD STRAIGHT NAC TITLE The women’s tennis team earned a third consecutive conference championship this fall. Shae Beckwith and Amber Hemp both finished their NAC dual match season undefeated in singles play. Beckwith went 11-0 playing at both No. 3 and No. 4 singles, while Hemp posted a 10-0 record primarily at No. 2 singles. Hemp and Jessi Ditzler also concluded an undefeated NAC doubles season, going 10-0 in the No. 2 position. The title marks the 11th women’s tennis championship in College history and the third time that the Eagle women’s tennis program has won three straight conference crowns. The team turned the triple from 1990-92 and then won four straight from 1994-97. The only other Edgewood College teams to win at least three straight conference titles were women’s soccer (eight straight titles, 1994-2001) and men’s basketball (four straight titles, 1992-95).


(L to R) Shae Beckwith, Jessi Ditzler, Kristen Boone, Amber Hemp, Brittany Storhoff, Ali Diamond-Tumbush, Hannah Pincsak




MORE THAN 100 EAGLES NAMED NAC SCHOLAR-ATHLETES More than 100 student-athletes achieved a grade point average of 3.25 or greater during the 2009-10 academic year. For their efforts in the classroom, the Northern Athletics Conference has declared them NAC Scholar-Athletes. Tony Ales............................................................. Baseball Katie Amelse.............................................Women’s Track Andriy Apetrey.............................................Men’s Soccer Ilana Bar-av..............................................Women’s Soccer Jeff Barczak............................................ Men’s Basketball Mike Battista................................................... Men’s Golf Tyler Bauer....................................................Men’s Soccer Kelsey Beck..............................................Women’s Soccer Shae Beckwith.........Women’s Basketball, Women’s Tennis Darren Besch....................................................... Baseball Steven Binder...................................................... Baseball Nick Bixler............................................... Men’s Basketball Connor Boushon..................Men’s Cross Country & Track Nina Brown......................................... Women’s Volleyball Zach Buechel.................................................... Men’s Golf Brittany Bylsma..Women’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball Kelsey Bysted..........................................Women’s Soccer Taylor Case...............................................Women’s Soccer Tony Cates.............................................. Men’s Basketball Greg Chase............................................. Men’s Basketball Anthony Colletti...........................................Men’s Soccer Emily Daniels...........................................Women’s Soccer Emily Decorah................................... Women’s Basketball Billy DeVault........................................................ Baseball Bradley DeVault.................................................. Baseball Danielle Dixon.......... Women’s Basketball, Women’s Track Morgan Dodson..............Women’s Cross Country & Track Jerrid Dokey.................................................Men’s Soccer

Paul Domann................................................Men’s Soccer Karmen Dorshorst................................................ Softball Brittany Drewiske...................................Women’s Soccer Brianna Droessler.............................. Women’s Basketball Tyler Duellman.............................................Men’s Soccer Rachel Elliott......................................................... Softball Kent Faurote........................................... Men’s Basketball Amber Fiene...................................... Women’s Basketball Elisabeth Foti...........................................Women’s Soccer Marissa Freber...........................................Women’s Track Chris Frey.......................................... Men’s Cross Country Kristi Frisch..............................................Women’s Soccer Andrew Garvey....................Men’s Cross Country & Track Aaron Gavin.................................................... Men’s Golf Michael Gehring..................................... Men’s Basketball Kyle Glynn....................................................Men’s Soccer Emilee Guderyon........................................ Women’s Golf Zachary Gura....................................................... Baseball Andrew Gutzman............................................ Men’s Golf Brad Hagen...................................................... Men’s Golf Tammi Hagensick....................................Women’s Soccer Christopher Handrick...................................Men’s Soccer Christy Heintz..............................Women’s Cross Country Amber Hemp...........Women’s Basketball, Women’s Tennis Monica Humphrey............................................... Softball Blake Hunt........................................................... Baseball Katie Hunt...............................................Women’s Soccer Brandon Jerstad...........................................Men’s Soccer


Carrie Radel.....................Women’s Cross Country & Track Debi Rhyner...............................................Women’s Track Christina Senn.........................................Women’s Soccer Pam Sommer........................................................ Softball Kat Sporie..................................................Women’s Track Kelsey Steinhorst.................................... Women’s Tennis Taylor Stofflet........................... Men’s Soccer, Men’s Track Brittany Storhoff..................................... Women’s Tennis Erica Svojse..............................................Women’s Soccer Dacy Swansby.................................... Women’s Volleyball Laura Sweeney................................... Women’s Volleyball Brad Swenson..............................................Men’s Soccer Jessica Thompson....................................Women’s Soccer Alison Tobin....................................... Women’s Basketball Jason Towns........................................................ Baseball Alice Udelhofen.......................................Women’s Soccer Taylor Viegut...................................... Women’s Volleyball Chantelle Vogt................................... Women’s Basketball Kaylin Wayne..................................... Women’s Volleyball Katie Wendt....................Women’s Cross Country & Track Josh Williams........................Men’s Cross Country & Track Scott Winters....................................................... Baseball Ben Wisniewski...................................... Men’s Basketball Andy Witek...................................................Men’s Soccer Jake Zadra............................................................ Baseball


Erica Johnson...............................Women’s Cross Country Mya Kass..........................Women’s Cross Country & Track Adam Kirkenmeier.......................................... Men’s Golf Kyle Koenig..................................................Men’s Soccer Corrin Koslowski.............Women’s Cross Country & Track Keith Kubiesa.................................................. Men’s Golf Jimy Landwehr.................................................... Baseball Nick Lombardino..........................................Men’s Soccer Kimberly Lueck................................... Women’s Volleyball Kristin Manske................................... Women’s Volleyball Matt Melotte................................................Men’s Soccer Patrick Meuer.................................................Men’s Track Grant Mickesh.......................... Men’s Soccer, Men’s Track Zach Miller....................................................Men’s Soccer Rachel Mixtacki....................................... Women’s Tennis Emily Monson....................................................... Softball Mary Moore................................................ Women’s Golf Kristin Nelson..........................................Women’s Soccer Tommy Norton....................................... Men’s Basketball Tammy Oilschlager..................................Women’s Soccer Dan Oryall......................................... Men’s Cross Country Mallory Palmer................................... Women’s Volleyball Susan Paskey..................................... Women’s Basketball Ellie Peckham...................................... Women’s Volleyball Bridget Prendergast................................ Women’s Tennis Annie Propson.................Women’s Cross Country & Track Brent Quade.................................................... Men’s Golf Kayla Rackow....................................................... Softball





ALUMNI REUNION WEEKEND Alumni gathered at Lucky’s on Friday night, October 1st to kick off activities for the alumni reunion weekend held October 1-3. Some of the best rivalries at Edgewood College are between alumni and current Eagles. During Alumni Reunion weekend, volleyball, softball and baseball alumni returned to campus to challenge current student-Athletes. We won’t divulge the scores - but the contests were very competitive and lots of fun for everyone!




FEBRUARY 5, 2011




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1960’s Joan Cavanaugh ’61 has recently started a new venture. After ten years of teaching and 20 years at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she founded a publishing company, sold it 14 years later and is now pursuing another dream. She is an avid golfer with a passion for introducing executive women to the game of business golf. Her business, Boardroom Golf, offers lessons, speaking engagements, and seminars. For more details visit

Maureen McDonnell, O.P. ’67 began a new ministry


in August 2010, as a workplace chaplain at D&S Dental Lab in Waunakee. She has been hired through Capital Chaplains to provide non-denominational pastoral service to those employees who wish to take advantage of it. She also continues to do spiritual guidance with individuals and adult interfaith spiritual growth programs through Wisdom’s


Well ( This summer she attended the weddings of alumna Anne Marie Elverkrog ’03 to Tim Jarmuz and Amy Froiland ’07 to Carlos Parada.

Mary (Grimm) McCauley ’69, Sue (Murphy) Hereley ’65, and Eileen Murphy ’69 enjoyed a visit back to campus and Regina Hall this fall. After a student-led tour of campus they were able to spend time with Sr. Esther Heffernan for a great visit to catch-up and reconnect. µ1

Margaret (Bruns) Wood ’69, Mary Anne (Everson) Guerrero ’68 and Carol (Sokolovske) Flesch ’68 spent time together on campus at the Heritage Celebration Dinner in November where Mary Anne was awarded the Mazzuchelli Medallion. Over 100 people were in attendance for the ceremony honoring those “who cultivate their intellectual and spiritual resources to empower others.” µ2

Alumnae from the class of 1960 gather for their 50th reunion luncheon held this summer. Each year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary Alumnae at a luncheon hosted at the College. We include all alumni who have reached this milestone. Up next, the Class of 1961! Mark your calendars for June 8, 2011.




1970’s Nicolette (Kokonas) O’Connor ’76, Clare (Pandl) Bauer ’77 and Patty (Rohen) Ferrantino ’78 reconnected on campus this fall for lunch and a quick tour. Of major interest was Regina Hall where they all lived while students here and the remodel of Phil’s Cafeteria. They were in town for an award ceremony honoring another Edgewood College Alumna. µ3


Deborah Gaughan ’92 was received as a novice into the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate, in August. After the novitiate ceremony, Ms. Gaughan will now continue as Sister Deborah and travel to the Common Franciscan Novitiate in St. Louis, Missouri. She will begin her first canonical year as a novice with a group of


women from other Franciscan Congregations.

Gina Reid Tinio ’88, recently helped lead the core Magnet

1990’s Mark Zurfluh ’98 and Keelyn (Williams) Zurfluh ’04 welcomed a baby girl on July 22, 2010. Raya Sue weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 18 inches long. The family resides in McFarland, WI. µ5

Kim Sponem, MBA ’98 began her appointment as CEO/ President of Summit Credit Union, effective October 1, 2010. Prior to serving as Summit’s president, Sponem served as Great Wisconsin’s CEO/President for more than six years. She is the 2008 recipient of the Edgewood College MBA Alumni Award for Ethical Leadership and Outstanding Community Service.


committee team at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, Ill., in the hospital’s successful effort to achieve Magnet® recognition for excellence in nursing services. Shown in the photo are the committee members (Gina is far right) along with the application paperwork they filed. The hospital’s Magnet status is valid for four years. Gina is just one example of the many School of Nursing alumni who have played significant roles in their institution’s ability to earn Magnet status. It is a rigorous process - let us share your story! µ4





Kim Schaefer ’91, CEO of Great Wolf was featured on “Undercover Boss,” a CBS reality program that shows top executives of companies doing jobs of ordinary employees


Romilia Schlueter ’96, MA ’09 was recently awarded the Mazzuchelli Medallion at the Heritage Celebration Dinner on campus in November. This celebration and the awarding of the Samuel Mazzuchelli Medallion honors those “who cultivate their intellectual and spiritual resources to empower others. µ6

to get a taste of what goes on behind the scenes. She is the first female CEO to be featured on the show. In late October, Kim was the recipient of the School of Business Alumni Award for Ethical Leadership and Outstanding Community Service.

Kevin Revolinski ’96 just published another book, Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide which can be purchased from his website, Other books available from Kevin are Best Easy Day Hikes Milwaukee and the recent Insider’s Guide to Madison. Kevin recently returned to Madison to promote his books after spending 8 months in Southeast Asia.

Paula F. Schmelzer ’94 married Kurt Woodward on August 27, 2010. Paula’s degree is in marketing and management. The couple lives in the Poynette area.


Lauri Binius-Droster, MBA ’92 was presented with the Distinguished Alumni Award for MBA Alumni from the School of Business for her Ethical Leadership and Outstanding Community Service. Lauri is a Senior Vice President and Financial Consultant for RBC Wealth Management in Madison. There were more than 60 people in attendance for the on-campus event, held in late October.

Peggy Weber ’90, MS ‘07 has been nominated as one of Madison’s Favorite Nurses. The 2010 award winner will be announced at the Award Recognition Dinner held on December 9th and will be featured in Madison Magazine. Peggy has kept nursing in the family, her daughter, Amy Weber ’99, also graduated from the Nursing program. Peggy works as St. Mary’s Parish Nurse & Parish Nurse Program Coordinator.






Tyler Dahmen ‘07 and Justin Dahmen ‘10 recently

Adam Driscoll ’09 recently received national recognition by

opened their new business, Dahmen’s Pizza Place, in Clock Tower Court on the west side of Madison. We wish them huge success with their business! µ9

developing an extension feature for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Brianne Chapman ‘09 and Eric Arnold ‘05 were married on July 10, 2010 in Poynette, Wisconsin. The ceremony took place at a family garden in Poynette and the reception was held at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison.  The couple met at Edgewood College, where both served as RAs. Eric teaches Math at East High School in Madison, and Brianne works for Libbey Glass in Human Resources. µ7

Kayla Arves ’08 married Eric Wallinger on September 26,

Leah Meyer ’06 has accepted an associate attorney position at Remington Law Offices in New Richmond, WI. She earned her BA at Edgewood College in English and Spanish and went on to receive her Law Degree from Hamline University School of Law in ’09. She recently became engaged to Mike Boeve. They are planning a September 2011 wedding in the Minneapolis St. Paul area where they reside.

Spencer Zimmerman ’06 recently ran as the republican candidate for the Wisconsin 48th Assembly District Seat. He is the author of the novel “The Epoch Point,” and also volunteers at Learning and Beyond Preschool. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, he also stays active as an American Legion member.

Jennifer Vodak ’08 announces her engagement to

Corie (Hunter) Aschliman ’06 is working as a Realtor for

Brandon Ciebell. Jennifer received her BS in Business Administration. The couple is planning an April 12, 2011 wedding.

Bunbury and Associates Realtors in Madison.

Jeremy McGilligan-Bentin ‘07 and Ana Dvorak ‘07 were married on February 13, 2010 in Lake Geneva. Included in their wedding party were alumnae Cortney Joosten ‘07, Lauren Georgia

‘07, Monica Kane ‘08, and Jessica Stephens ‘08. Ana and Jeremy met while they were students here, and Jeremy proposed to Ana on campus. They now live and teach in Lake Geneva, WI.


2009 in Green Bay. As a wonderful testament to college friendship, the bridal party included five fellow alumni: Callie Hausmann ‘08, Michelle Herwick ‘09, Mary Fuller ‘10, Christopher Hundt ‘08 and Cesar Aleman ‘08. µ8





Lindsay J. Berndt ‘05 married Dan Schiller on April 17, Ryan Collins ’05 married Anna Rachel Dobbs on April 3, 2010 at the Shoreline Grill in Austin, Texas. Ryan is a senior software engineer at Open Lending, a vehicle loan

2010. Lindsay graduated with a double major in Business and Graphic Design from Edgewood College. In attendance at the wedding were Julie VonDerVellen ’04, Crystal Redfield ’06, and Ellen (Reed) Huizar ’05. The couple lives in Wauwatosa, WI.

software/insurance company. They recently

Dana Kelly Durland ’05 lives in New York and works

bought a house in Austin after returning from

at Columbia University. She writes “Edgewood truly gave me the inspiration and trust to love what my education could mean to me. There was such a togetherness and trust between faculty and students.” She was married in September 2009. Dana and her husband are animal lovers and currently have two dogs. She is shown in this photo with her husband Lee. µ10

their honeymoon.

Julie (Voelker) McKay ’05 has recently published The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguing. More information on the book is available on or through Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


Melva Bishop ’05 graduated from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in May of 2010 with a Master of Divinity degree. She was ordained at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Madison on August 29, 2010. µ11

Ryan Miller ’04 and Glaselyn (Melendez) Miller, MBA ’99 are proud to announce the birth of their son, Luke Michael, on July 15th, 2010. Luke weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 18 inches long. He was welcomed home by his big sister Sophia. µ12

Tamara Markgraf ’04 is the Research Program Manager of the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (Wisconsin ADRC). She was recently featured on the College’s website.






Todd Paradis ’04 is starting his first year as principal at

Sarah Pressman ’02 received her M.A. in Foreign

Parkside Elementary School in the Monroe school district. Todd taught 4th grade in the DeForest school district for five years before taking the position at Parkside.

Language, Literature and Translation with an emphasis on Spanish linguistics from UW-Milwaukee in May 2010. She is a full-time Associate Lecturer teaching Spanish at UWWashington County in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Tim Allen, MBA ’03 has accepted a position with Wipfli LLP as a firm wide marketing account manager. Tim will be overseeing the strategic marketing for the Financial Institutions practice. Earlier this year Tim was chosen from MBAs who are either running their own company or are president/VP of a company, to be a participant for a cover story that ran in the Capital Region Business Journal. µ13

Anne Marie Elvekrog ’03 was married to Tim Jarmuz on July 11, 2010 in Waunakee. The couple lives in Fitchburg. µ14

Kari (Cochran) Rosenbury ’03 and her husband, Brad, welcomed a baby girl on July 23, 2010. Lilly Barbara Marie Rosenbury weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 19 ½” long. She is their first child. The family resides in Iowa. µ15

of Business Development & Marketing at Smith & Gesteland in Middleton, was inducted into the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Hall of Fame. Fauerbach was selected by the Board of Directors for his dedication to, and promotion of, the accounting marketing profession and the accounting industry as a whole. Fauerbach was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 21st Annual AAM Summit in Washington, D.C. on June 24, 2010.

welcomed a baby boy, Adam Matthew Watrud, on 4/4/09 at 7:00am in Madison.  Adam weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. and was 19 inches long. He joins his big sister Natalie. µ16

Nick Venturella ’02 has written and published his first book about the business and marketing aspects of life as an independent musician. The book, The Local Music Journey: Thoughts, Advice and Inspiration for Your Independent Music Career is available on As Nick shared with us “this book makes a great stocking stuffer for those aspiring musicians in your life.” µ17


Neil Fauerbach, MBA ’05 Partner and Director

Stephanie (Lowe) Watrud ‘02 and her husband





Matt Krueger ’10 has signed a professional baseball contract with the Wanneroo Giants of the Western Australia State Baseball League. Krueger’s new team opened their season in early November. The league will play a 40-game schedule from November through late January. Some players in the league have been assigned to teams for the purposes of Major League Baseball development. Congratulations Matt!


Mary (Beal) Trzebiatowski ’01 and her husband Bert welcomed their second child, Carter Evan, into their family on March 12, 2010 at 3:09 pm. Carter came 9 weeks early and spent 5 weeks in the NICU at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, IL.  He weighed 3 lbs. 15 oz. and was 16 ¾” long.  Carter joins his big brother, Bert, at home in Wauconda, IL.  Carter is 3 months old in this picture and doing very well. µ18 Linda Trent ’00 is working as a community organizer through Americorps, and is employed by the Drug Free Communities Task Force of Fond du lac County and the Volunteer Center. In this role, Linda brings awareness to community organizations about prescription drug safety, educates middle school and high school students on the costs of underage drinking, and connects those students to community service projects.


Tim Onsager, EDD ’10 was welcomed as the new superintendent for the Stoughton Area School District in August. Most recently he served for eight years as principal of DeForest High School.

Amanda Conrad ’10 has accepted a position as a Graphic Artist at T-Galaxy Threads in Ames, Iowa designing and screen printing t-shirts. Congratulations Amanda.

Claire Fenner ’10 has been hired by the Portage Community School District as a Kindergarten Teacher. She greeted her new students in August at the start of the school year. Great News Claire.

Cate Amery ‘10 quickly found a job as the full time web and print designer at Weather Central in Madison. Her degree in Art and Graphic Design was conferred in January 2010. Congratulations Cate!





Christy Fenley ’10 accepted a job at Gordon Flesch

Amanda Schmidt ’10 has been a major part of jump-

Company in Madison as a Contract Coordinator. While a student at Edgewood College, Christy worked with us in the Alumni/Advancement Office. Congratulations Christy.

starting a new company in Madison. Green Cab of Madison is the first all Hybrid cab company in the state capital. Using business tools learned at Edgewood College, Amanda helped to write the business plan, promoted the company, and helped to get the cabs prepped and ready. She is currently employed as the marketing manager. Green Cab of Madison was featured in a September 17, 2010 article in the Wisconsin State Journal. Great job Amanda! µ19

Bridget Prendergast ’10 joined the UW-Madison School of Business as a graphic design artist for Marketing Services. She previously worked as a graphic designer for Edgewood College’s Marketing and Communications Office. Great job Bridget!

Chesney Snow attended Edgewood College in the late 90’s. While he didn’t graduate from here, he wrote to tell us his time here in the theatre arts program has been instrumental in his journey so far. He’s currently in a major would drop a line to Edgewood to let them know I loved my time at Edgewood and oft wished I could have stayed and finished but life’s journey is unpredictable at times.” He credits the environment, small classes, and the in-depth work in classic plays for creating a strong foundation and confidence to work professionally in the theater. The photo shows him in character in his current production. Photo by James Leynse

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Off-Broadway musical titled “In Transit.” “I just thought I



What better way to gather alumni in one place? We’re all busy, so connecting over the lunch hour makes sense. Let us bring lunch to your school or office to celebrate Edgewood College! To date we have been to Epic, CUNA Mutual, Blessed Sacrament Grade School in Madison, LaFollette High School in Madison, and American Family Insurance. Contact Alumni Director Kathy O’Connor at 608.663.2245, or at alumni@, and let’s do lunch at your place!


ALUMNI IN MEMORIAM Diane (Pulvermacher) Vesely ’96 on February 16, 2010

Marie Sarah Dineen, O.P. ’54 on August 9, 2010

Mary Helen Neenan, O.P. ’43 on May 17, 2010

Margaret McHale, O.P. ’60 on August 13, 2010

Shirley (Williamson) Wallace ’61 on May 28, 2010

Alice (Nadolney) Maguire ’71 on August 22, 2010

Robert Simler ’06 on June 6, 2010

Jean Lister ’85 on August 23, 2010

Paul Leverentz ’90 on June 7, 2010

Bonnie (Sonn) Frisch ’76 on August 30, 2010

Elizabeth Erbe ’35 on June 28, 2010

Louise (Rogers) Fisher ’74 on September 7, 2010

Katherine (Grapsas) Hogan ’64 on June 29, 2010

Susan Taborsky ’71 on September 7, 2010

Danieline Conroy, O.P. ’45 on July 7, 2010

Marilyn Hessling ’65 on September 22, 2010

Beda Cleary, O.P. ’56 on July 10, 2010

Margaret Henn, O.P. ’61 on October 5, 2010

Lois (Atkins) Madson ’63 on July 10, 2010

Teresita Kelly, O.P. ’44 on October 7, 2010

Maribeth (Zehren) Shelendich ’47 on July 11, 2010

Mary (Blotcky) Paliganoff ’64 on October 8, 2010

Dorothy (Pavelski) Tiedt ’67 on July 16, 2010

Mary (Sullivan) Merwin ’71 on October 11, 2010

Kathleen (Santini) Richie ’66 on July 17, 2010

Joan Mary Baldridge, O.P. ’66 on October 24, 2010

FACULTY AND COLLEAGUES IN MEMORIAM Marie Sarah Dineen, O.P. ’54 on August 9, 2010 Morton Perlmutter on August 23, 2010 Marian Harty, O.P. on September 20, 2010 Teresita Kelly, O.P. ’44 on October 7, 2010





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Edgewood College Magazine - Winter 2010  

Edgewood College's semi-annual magazine for students, parents, alumni and supporters of Edgewood College.

Edgewood College Magazine - Winter 2010  

Edgewood College's semi-annual magazine for students, parents, alumni and supporters of Edgewood College.