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Edgewood College a n n ua l r e p o r t 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2


Edgewood College, rooted in the Dominican tradition, engages students within a community of learners committed to building a just and compassionate world. The College educates students for meaningful personal and professional lives of ethical leadership, ser vice, and a lifelong search for truth.

A Message from the President

As we prepare

Edgewood College’s annual report, I am delighted and impressed by the large number of people who so generously support the Mission of Edgewood College. Thank you alumni, friends, Board members, community leaders and partners … we couldn’t do what we do without your help! It is through your support that we are empowered to do good things. One vivid example would be the construction of a state-ofthe-art visual and theatre arts center called “The Stream.” This is the realization of a dream more than fifty years in the making – a dream that traces back to Sr. Mary Nona McGreal, the president at that time. This new center is indeed a “game-changer” for our students and faculty in the art and theatre programs. On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, thanks so much to everyone who helped support it. This past Fall, we set a record for our freshman class with 340 entering students! Our retention for our returning students once again is very strong. The College continues to grow and improve, both in terms of recognition from the outside, and in the quality of the young people who choose us to pursue their goals. We continue to explore new initiatives as we look to diversify our revenue streams. Our goal is to achieve modest growth in credit hours and revenue each year. Our highest priority in asking for your support must center on enabling students and families to choose Edgewood College. We’re all aware that most family incomes have remained flat during these challenging economic times. Your support of scholarships is the key for students to be able to attend, be successful, and graduate from Edgewood College. This coming year we will focus our attention on our School of Nursing. As you may know, we’ve experienced incredible growth in this major. We have a vision to bring the School of Nursing under one roof, in a twenty-first century setting located on a completely renovated third floor of DeRicci Hall. We began this work at the end of December and plan for completion by summer of 2013. Edgewood College is today providing the same number of undergraduate-degreed nurses as the UW-Madison. We are an important provider of nursing graduates to meet the growing demand for the state of Wisconsin and beyond. Please remember that 90% of our nursing graduates stay right here in Wisconsin. We are educating a workforce that’s critical to the future of this state.


When we have your support – through gifts to scholarships or to capital projects – we realize the dreams of our visionaries like Sr. Nona. Our College will continue to be recognized by Forbes, U.S. News, and the Princeton Review who again have affirmed the quality of this learning community, further enhancing the value of an Edgewood College degree. I know I speak for our entire community of learners when I say “Thank You” for your support! Your referral of quality students and your annual gifts to the College says you believe in the transformation that takes place in our students as they connect learning, beliefs and actions. Thank you for that faith in Edgewood College. We remain grateful for your confidence and for your generosity. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and yours.

Daniel J. Carey


Board of Trustees

6 2



4 7










10 3


2 . Ph i l Bl a ke, Pa st C h ai r Vice President, Publishing- Lee Enterprises 3.

Ki m Sp on em , M BA ‘ 9 8 CEO/President, Summit Credit Union


G ar y S ch a efer, Vi c e C h ai r Regional CEO, Associated Bank


Jan E d d y, B o ard S e c re t ar y Community Member

6 . D aw n C r i m Associate Dean for External Relations, UW-Madison School of Education D eb or a h S chw ar t z President, Caritas Foundation


D an C are y President, Edgewood College


Mar y L aws on Potter Lawson, Inc.

17 20


D en i s C ol l i ns Faculty, Edgewood College



1 1 . Ji m B ar r, B o ard C h ai r Fmr. President and CEO, TDS Telecom

2 0 . B ar b ar a D an n h au s en , O. P. Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa

1 2 . Mar y E l l y n S ens enbren n er Attorney

2 1 . Nei l Fau er b a ch M BA ‘ 0 5 Partner, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Smith & Gesteland

1 3 . An n Mc Cu l l ou g h , O. P. Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa 1 4 . Mar y E l l en G e vel i nger, O. P. Prioress, Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa 1 5 . Ki m S ch a efer ‘ 9 1 CEO, Great Wolf Resorts 1 6 . Kr i st i n e Mi ckel s on Faculty, Edgewood College 1 7 . Lu c y Ke an e ‘ 8 4 Partner, Rippe Keane Marketing, Inc. 1 8 . Ste ven Mi x t a ck i CFO/COO, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation 1 9 . E n r i qu e G an d ar a Honorary Consul, Republic of Guatemala

N ot pictured : D i an e B a l l we g ’ 7 5 , M A ‘ 0 7 President, Endres Foundation Aviation Instructor, Edgewood High School Rob er t Bi r k h au s er President, Aegis Tools International, Inc. Rob er t a G a ssm an Deputy Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training, U.S. Dept. of Labor Mar k L ow r y ‘ 7 7 Senior Director – The First Tee Kat h l e en Woit President, Madison Community Foundation

1 0 . Tere s a ( Te ss ) Wel ch Attorney, Michael Best & Friedrich


Financial Statements

Y ears E nded J une 3 0 , 2 0 1 2 and 2 0 1 1

St atem ent s of Fi n an c i a l Po sit i on

A ssets Cash and cash equivalents Student accounts receivable, (less allowance for doubtful accounts of $175,000 for 2012 and $145,000 for 2011) Government grants receivable Other receivables Inventories Prepaid expenses Investments Investment in joint venture Beneficial interest in private foundation Student notes receivable (less allowance for doubtful notes of $86,250 for 2012 and $75,000 for 2011) Contributions receivable Note receivable Property, plant, equipment, and library books, net Unamortized bond costs

Tot a l Ass e t s

L i abi l it i e s an d Ne t Ass e t s

L iabilities Accounts payable - operating Accounts payable - construction Accrued expenses Deposits held in custody for others Deferred tuition revenue Capital lease obligations Bonds payable Refundable U.S. government student loans Tot a l L i abi l it i e s N et A ssets Unrestricted Undesignated Board designated Tot a l Un re st r i c te d Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Tot a l Ne t Ass e t s

Tot a l L i abi l it i e s an d Ne t Ass e t s

2012 2011 23,872,816 21,791,443 2,066,751 79,597 243,246 215,831 530,436 21,077,855 190,550 13,375,000

1,774,951 71,087 188,522 253,718 515,329 27,865,740 264,599 14,570,462

900,234 553,468 431,933 53,001,410 107,092

961,046 1,216,005 470,851 47,599,892 119,051



2012 2011 687,868 700,584 681,614 935,577 3,594,836 2,909,986 427,085 216,470 2,844,076 2,812,455 235,690 70,421 12,705,000 14,355,000 893,599 893,599 22,069,768 22,894,092 2012


54,432,790 10,561,242 64,994,032 10,812,715 18,769,704 94,576,451

53,622,176 11,153,530 64,775,706 10,147,300 19,845,598 94,768,604




St atem ent s of Ac t i v it i e s

UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS Re venu e, G ai ns an d O t h er Supp or t Tuition and fees Less federal grants Less institutional aid Ne t Tu it i on an d Fe e s


48,114,181 (407,516) (11,033,604) 36,673,061

45,612,234 (412,262) (9,733,582) 35,466,390

Sales and services of auxiliary enterprises Gifts and private grants Government grants and contracts Investment income (loss) Other Tot a l Re venu e an d G ai ns

5,771,057 524,007 773,829 (732,634) 314,002 43,323,322

5,575,330 152,011 733,690 2,193,441 139,667 44,260,529

Net assets released from restrictions Tot a l Re venu e s , G ai ns an d O t h er Supp or t

1,414,221 44,737,543

1,309,172 45,569,701

16,008,600 5,830,569 4,490,875 613,792 3,665,099

15,060,509 5,355,735 4,254,036 420,663 3,673,305

12,287,837 822,605

10,882,763 721,354

3,922,091 2,329,814 559,113 (6,811,018) 43,719,377

3,805,675 2,200,500 574,982 (6,581,157) 40,368,365

(799,840) 218,326


2012 2,072,512 2,099 (1,414,221) 5,025 665,415

2011 2,413,413 989,053 (1,309,172) 3,500 2,096,794

2012 124,593 (1,195,462) (5,025) (1,075,894) (192,153)

2011 57,005 1,012,234 (3,500) 1,065,739 8,363,869





E x p ens e s Program Instruction Academic support Student services Public service Auxiliary enterprises Support Institutional support Fundraising Allocable Operation and maintenance Depreciation Interest Less allocated expenses Tot a l E x p ens e s Fi xe d a ss e t s d i sp o s a l C h ange In Un re st r i c te d Ne t Ass e t s T emporarily R estricted N et A ssets Gifts and private grants Investment Income Net assets released from restrictions Reclassifications C h ange i n Temp or ar i l y Re st r i c te d Ne t Ass e t s P ermanently R estricted N et A ssets Gifts and private grants Beneficial interest in private foundation Reclassifications C h ange i n Per m an ent l y Re st r i c te d Ne t Ass e t s C h ange i n Tot a l Ne t Ass e t s Net Assets – Beginning of Year

Ne t Ass e t s – E n d of Ye ar



St atem ent of C a sh F l ows

C A S H F L O WS F R O M O P E R AT I N G AC T I V I T I E S Change in net assets Adjustments to reconcile change in net assets to net cash flows from operating activities Depreciation Bond cost amortization Realized and unrealized (gains) loss on investments (Gain) loss on investment in joint venture Fixes assets disposal Unrealized (gain) loss on interest rate exchange agreements Changes in assets and liabilities Prepaid expenses Receivables Inventories Accounts payable Accrued expenses Deposits held in custody for others Deferred revenue Contributions receivable Beneficial interest in private foundation Contributions received restricted for long-term investment and plant Ne t C a sh F l ows f rom O p er at i ng Ac t i v it i e s CASH FLOWS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES Purchase of property, plant, equipment, and library books Proceeds from investments sold Purchases of investments Note receivable payments received Loans advanced to students Principal collections on loans to students Ne t C a sh F l ows f rom Inve st i ng Ac t i v it i e s

CASH FLOWS FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES Contributions received restricted for long-term investment and plant Principal payments on bonds Principal payments on capital leases Ne t C a sh F l ows f rom Fi n an c i ng Ac t i v it i e s Ne t C h ange i n C a sh an d C a sh E qu i v a l ent s Cash and Cash Equivalents – Beginning of Year

C a sh an d C a sh E qu i v a l ent s – E n d of Ye ar

2012 (192,153)

2011 8,363,869

2,329,814 11,959 540,967 74,049 799,840 467,900

2,200,500 12,654 (2,662,850) (2,745) (117,988)

(15,107) (355,034) 37,887 (12,716) 216,950 210,615 31,621 662,537 1,195,462 (1,141,256) 4,863,335

65,574 349,084 422 18,767 192,499 29,290 (2,285) 172,599 (1,012,234) (1,320,691) 6,286,465

2012 (8,540,877) 23,659,871 (17,412,953) 38,918 (88,250) 149,062 (2,194,229)

2011 (2,710,048) 54,606,226 (56,954,776) 38,455 (127,250) 183,452 (4,963,941)

2012 1,141,256 (1,650,000) (78,989) (587,733) 2,081,373 21,791,443

2011 1,320,691 (1,015,000) (141,732) 163,959 1,486,483 20,304,960



S U P P L E M E N TA L D I S C L O S U R E O F C A S H F L O W I N F O R M AT I O N Interest Paid

2012 553,174

2011 564,242

NONCASH INVESTING AND FINANCING ACTIVITIES Construction Payables Increase in capital leases

2012 681,614 250,330

2011 935,577 -




L ifetime D onors Over the years, many individuals, foundations and companies have partnered with Edgewood College to educate students for personal and professional lives of ethical leadership, ser vice and a lifelong search for truth. We gratefully recognize those who have gifted more than $100,000 in support of our Mission.

Anonymous (7) Peter† & Margo Ahrens Alliant Energy Foundation American Family Insurance Group Ameritech Donald & Marilyn† Anderson Roland G. Balg Trust Diane Ballweg ’75, MA ‘07 Ken Ballweg Eugenie Bolz Family Foundation Frank Brotz Family Foundation Herbert F. Bruning Foundation Adeline Brunke Trust James & Cathie Burgess Caritas Foundation Virginia Cassidy Estate F & H Chase Charitable Trust Pat & Catherine Coyle Mary Florence Crowley Estate CUNA Mutual Group Evjue Foundation Inc Margaret Fauerbach ‘39 J.H. Findorff and Son Inc. Rockne & JoAnne Flowers John J. Frautschi Family Foundation David F. Garno Estate Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation William Randolph Hearst Foundation Herrick Foundation Edward Hunold Estate John A. Johnson Foundation Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Kraft Foods Kresge Foundation Robert & Alyce Loomer Trust Madison Community Foundation Madison Gas & Electric Virginia Malmquist


Oscar G. Mayer† Ruth Mayer† Meriter Hospital Inc. National Endowment for the Humanities B. Ann Neviaser ‘80 Catherine O’Brien ‘44 Elizabeth O’Brien ’44 Trust Henry Predolin† Henry J. Predolin Foundation Bernard & Ruth Reese Family Trust Oscar Rennebohm Foundation Inc. John Saeman Harry Sage Estate Mary Ellyn & Joe Sensenbrenner Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Leona Sonderegger Arthur Strelow Trust Teagle Foundation Inc. Jeanne Topham ’66† US Bank Todd Wehr Foundation Wisconsin Advanced Telephone Foundation Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges William H. Young† Lenor Zeeh†

Denotes deceased

S r . M ary N ona M c G real S ociety M embers The Sr. Mar y Nona McGreal Society recognizes alumni, friends, and visionar y leaders who make an annual investment in Edgewood College and share a common commitment to educational excellence in teaching and learning. The Society not only honors one of the College’s most dynamic leaders, but also honors our donors who bring distinction to Edgewood College through their dedication to providing our students with a meaningful education focused on both personal and professional growth.

Pl at i nu m

$10,000+ Anonymous (9) Margo Ahrens B Ann Investments Roland G. Balg Trust Diane Ballweg ‘75, MA ‘07 Kenneth Ballweg Joan & Jim Barr Robert & Caryn Birkhauser Phil & Kit Blake Frank G. & Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation Bruning Foundation Jim & Cathie Burgess Caritas Foundation CBM Credit Education Foundation, Inc. Mark Courchane Jan Eddy & Gerry Bastien Evjue Foundation Inc Neil ‘05 & Marianne Fauerbach Rockne & JoAnne Flowers Chris & Sara Fortune Fortune Family Foundation, Inc. John J. Frautschi Charitable Fund David F. Garno Estate Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation Elizabeth B. & Philip J. Hendrickson Foundation Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Jeanne Joseph ‘89 Lucy Keane ‘84 Patty Kuehn ‘74 Kuehn Family Foundation, Inc. Patrick & Peggy Luby Madison Community Foundation Madison Gas & Electric Foundation Carl G & Ruth R Mayer

Family Foundation B. Ann Neviaser ‘80 Henry J. Predolin Foundation RDK Foundation Fred & Deborah Schwartz Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Smith & Gesteland Leona Sonderegger Kim Sponem ‘98 Summit Credit Union Telephone and Data Systems Harry E. & Lois Trovillo Trust Matt Uselman Wahlin Foundation, Inc. Wall Family Enterprise, Inc. WI Department of Public Instruction Wind River Financial David Wittwer James & Mary Yeager

G ol d

$5,000-$9,999 Anonymous Donald W. Anderson AT & T Foundation Jane Coleman Patrick & Catherine Coyle Econoprint-PKI Peter & Phyllis Eichman Elizabeth A. Erbe ‘35 Estate Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Flowers Family Foundation Scott ‘86 & Sharon Frank James Goll Group Health Cooperative David Hanson & Linda Bochert John A. Johnson Foundation Pat Kaminski ‘58 Fran Klos ‘68

Kohler Foundation, Inc. Catherine Lenz ‘68 Luedtke Storm Mackey Chiropractic Clinic Plumb Trust Company Rippe Keane Marketing Claude Rochon, RN John & Brenda Sonderegger Stackner Family Foundation University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation Teresa Welch Westerman Foundation

Si l ver

$2,500-$4,999 Alternative Continuum of Care, LLC American Family Insurance Group Associated Bank David S. Bourne Foundation, Inc. Dan & Terri Carey Nancy Chellevold Dean & St. Mary’s Hathaway Dilba ‘99 Ruth Domack ‘71 Epic Systems Corp. Megan Fox Gordon Flesch Co., Inc. Heartland Credit Union Carroll Heideman Hooper Foundation Johnson Controls Foundaton The Kids Fund, Inc. Midwest Patrol & Investigative, LLC John & Rosemary Monroe ‘52 Michael & Joan Morey Meg Pekarske ‘97 & Eli Woyke Physicians Plus Insurance Corp. Skip & Ildiko Poliner ‘69 Mike Shult


TDS Telecom Jan Terry Tom Terry The Terry Family Foundation US Bank UW Health Steve & Betsy Wallman Willy Street Co-op

Bron z e

$1,000-$2,499 Anonymous (2) Grant Abert Adesys Consulting, LLC Bank of Sun Prairie Martin Battcock DeEtte Beilfuss-Eager & Prentice Eager BMO Harris Bank Thomas & Shaila Bolger Anna Brunner ‘54 Lawrence Burnett Virginia E. Butler Estate Michael Cavill ‘90 Mark Cobb Leah Cox ‘68 D & S Dental Laboratory, Inc. Maggie Davitt ‘65 Mary Dodd ‘64 Eileen Donahue Brittain ‘70 Double ‘D’ Tours LLC Thelma Duggin ‘71 James & Marilyn Ebben Peter Fabian & Aurelia Hale John J. Frautschi Family Foundation Bonnie Friedrich ‘04 Roberta Gassman & Lester Pines Jorge & Mary Anne Guerrero ‘68 Don & Jan Haasl ‘95 Thomas & Ruth Harp Patrick ‘96 & Michele Hartley David Hilgers ‘89 Robert & Dorothy Kastenmeier Don Katz & Rebecca Krantz Paul & Pat King ‘88 Larry Larmer & Joan Schilling Madeline Laufenberg ‘57 David & Mary Lawson Phyllis Lorman Kenneth & Joanne Lubich M & I Bank The City of Madison The Madison Club, Inc. Susan Mattoon ‘65 Merck Partnership for Giving Henry & Elizabeth Meyer ‘44 Steve & Meryl Mixtacki James & Jane Morgan Elizabeth Neff ‘62 14

Nicholson Manufacturing, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation Oak Park Place Thomas J. Peneski & Roberta Filicky Peneski ‘67 PharmaSeek, LLC Richard ‘85 & Sally Pilsner Mary Ann Pohl ‘68 Potter Lawson Inc Redamtè Coffee House Greg & Ann Santaga David & Kimberly Schaefer ‘91 Gary & Janie Schaefer Fr. Tony Schumacher Mary Ellyn & Joe Sensenbrenner Tracy Soans Shea ‘49† Albert Staehling & Janet Chiodini-Staehling ‘62 Daniel ‘88 & Mary Strizek Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges & Universities Kae Walker, MD & Richard DeWitt, MD Howard & Rhonda Westerman WI Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc. William Wilcox Kathleen Woit, PhD

Memb er

$500-$999 Anonymous (2) 40 ET 8 Mark & Kathryn Alexander Alliant Energy Foundation American Legion Post 481 Barb & Joe Baemmert David & Barbara Berger Jo Anne Berschet LaMarr† & Sheryl Billups Patrick ‘81 & Jean Buckley ‘82 Elizabeth Buerger ‘83 Marsha Callahan ‘75 Culver’s Frozen Custard Barbara Dannhausen, O.P. ‘62 Paul & Florence De Luca Tal & Judy Diekvoss Rich & Gayla Divelbiss Holly Duck Dugout Club, Inc. Patricia Egan Nancy Ehmann ‘54 Hal Elliott & Margaret Bacon-Elliott Brenda Erickson ‘86 Margaret Fauerbach ‘39 Scott & Krista Flanagan John & Jeanne Flesch Gretchen Geist ‘12 & Brad Meyers Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P. JoAnne Granquist

Jim Hansen ‘97 Constance Healy Steve & Sue Hird Illinois Tool Works Foundation InkSlingers J & K Security Solutions, Inc. Pat & Ruth Joyce Fred Kauffeld Mary Kelly-Powell Patrick & Pamela Klingert George Kroncke Jessica Leclair Spencer & Kelly Lee ‘92 Rick ‘92 & Amia Lonigro ‘96 Madison Women’s Health, LLP Ann McCullough, O.P. Ann McNeary ‘88 Joseph & Margo Melli Meriter Health Services Karen Morris-Cetin ‘73 Dr. Hubert & Mary Moss Eileen Murphy ‘69 Laura Olsen Nancy Olson ‘64 Kay Parish ‘10 William ‘97 & Tonya Patten ‘99 Carolyn Polowy Beatrice Pronley ‘60 Robert Zip Raasch ‘75 Brad & Kelly Richardson Patrick Riopelle ‘99 Rae Carol Rocca ‘61 Matt ‘03 & Suann Saltzberry ‘05 Orange & Dean Schroeder Bernice Seaman ‘56 Susan Serrault ‘11 Guy Somers ‘90 SSM Health Care of Wisconsin Kathleen Starostka ‘51 Walter Stewart & Pamela Hanson Stewart ‘75 Kerry & Donna Storbakken Dale Suchomel ‘93 Eugene Suchomel Donald & Joanna Thompson Elizabeth Topa ‘68 United Way of Dane County John Uselman & Elizabeth Crummy Velcor Leasing Corporation Barbara Vella ‘66 Washburn House John Wall David Witzeling ‘86 John & Linda Wright Catherine Zdeblick Thomas Zdeblick Denotes deceased


alumni donors Since its establishment in 1927, Edgewood College has been sustained by the enduring mission and vision of its founders, the hard work and ingenuity of its students, and the generosity of its benefactors. These elements have created a tradition of excellence that is now the heritage of ever y new generation of students.


Norene (Blecha) DiNardo


Kathleen (O’Connell) Cerutti Kathleen (Snell) Choren Margaret (O’Connell) Fauerbach*


Lucille (Diedrich) Gurtz

Anne (Slavin) Desmond Therese McCarragher


Dorothy (Yaeger) Curran Kathryn (Ford) Marchant Tracy Soans Shea*†



Annabelle (Scherer) Miller

Margaret (Lillis) Haza Helen Barger Matthews Rita (Rigney) Morrison



Elizabeth (Campbell) Meyer* Catherine O’Brien


Margaret (Wacholtz) McCoy Marielle Schmitt, O.P. Veronica (O’Connell) Weber

Joan (Mosuch) Kelly Betty (Genin) Merkel Kathleen (Kennedy) Starostka*



Rose (Ford) Cummins Marjorie (Derr) Hughes Henriksen Jeanne (Conley) Stephens

Judith (Beyer) Anderson Paula (Chen) Chow Dorothy (Palzkill) Dodds Patricia (Gale) Dudley Mary Ellen (Burkhard) Maurer Rosemary (Dieckelman) Monroe* Kathryne Sather



Esther (Ripp) Botting Rita (Cavanaugh) Coyle Joan (McCann) Emmerich Edith (Durzo) Fickel Josephine (Wolf) Heyden Dorothy (Steppler) Konkol Helen (Wiley) Whalen



Dorothy (Detig) Brennan Marcia (Pilon) Corcoran Mary (Coughlin) Ronayne Margaret (Clark) Shurr MaryAnn (Derr) Severson Jo El Suda Florence Wright-Gately


Ann (Holmes) Boberschmidt Anna Brunner* Ruth (Leuthner) Demers Nancy (Gallagher) Ehmann* Susan (Hunt) Esser Mary Reynolds Margaret (Swed) Solberg Peg (Schaub) Trotalli Margaret (Fahey) Zimmerman


Julia (O’Boyle) Child Elizabeth (Sullivan) Corrigan Patricia Micucci Mary (Edelman) Murphy Mona (Burns) Scott


Angela (Gould) Bergin Vivian (Long) Clarke Rita (Smith) Dietrich Rose Marie (Harrison) Gilligan Mary (Killian) King Marjorie (Mackaben) Logan Virginia (Fahey) Nielsen Theresa (Nhan) Phung Pearl E. (Kolb) Quast Bernice (Link) Seaman* Judith (Hagen) Splitt Marilyn (Mackesey) Tiller


Marijo (Calhoun) Butler Idain Carter Marian (Crombie) Devincenzi Ruth (Fairman) Gunderson Elaine (Anthony) Karls

Betty Jo (Engel) Kruska Madeline (Pelletter) Laufenberg* Norma Lehman Mary (O’Boyle) Mette Mary Alice (Clark) Moore Jo Ann (Harty) O’Flahrity Patricia Powers, OP


Edwina (Farrell) Campnell Carole (Scullion) Chambers Irene (Dempsey) Dixon Mary Anne (Cormack) Fitzpatrick Pat (Heiss) Kaminski* Nancy (Sweeney) Rasmussen Marion Vavreck, O.P.


Marise Barry, O.P. Mary (Wartner) Crase Antoinette Drabeck, O.P. Josephine Guilbert Mary Jane (Cavanaugh) Hanson Dorothy Lennon Anna (Mayer) Lobonc Colleen (Coyle) Maier Margaret Marrin, O.P. Helen Martin, O.P. Carol (Broeren) McCarl Mary (Engel) Neuman Lois (Jackson) Pfister Virginia Pfluger, O.P. Barbara Skolaski Marie Sullivan, O.P. Kay (Eager) Wiedholz


Mary (Lacy) Faber Nora Ferm Louise (Colsant) Frawley Alfonso Glancey, O.P. Delores (Hill) Jakubek Margaret (McComish) McClory Marie Patrice O’Donnell, O.P. Sharon (Scherrman) Osterhaus Beatrice (Belda) Pronley* Marisue (Brezinski) Quigley Joan (Bussan) Smith Kathryn Stapleton Marcia (Gorman) VanHulle


Marilyn Aiello, O.P. Diane Boutet, O.P. Patricia Butler Joan Chickvary-Cavanaugh

Barbara Chryst Anne (Scherrer) Darr Mary Therese Dolan, O.P. Rita (Hirscher) Esch Armella Geier Patricia Karin Gill Lois (Traver) Lehmann Mary Therese Mahony, O.P. Mary Elwyn McHale, O.P. Mary Kay (Schuster) Monahan Jeannie (Weisensee) Reiser Mary Ann (Faust) Ricker Rae Carol Rocca*

Patricia (Knepel) Jeschke Carol (Maxey) Karls Virginia (Traver) Koberstein Noreen (Sampson) Kraig Janell (Wagner) Morehead Mary (Paisley) Nielsen Sharon (Nee) Ohlis Darlene Olson Joan Pardell O.P. Lenora (Fiorenza) Rhyner Patricia (Conlin) Thiesenhusen Arlene (Entringer) VonDerVellen Joan (Kauffman) Wanninger



Pat Ball Ann (Goggin) Baxter Joris Binder, O.P. Margaret Brennan, O.P. Patricia (Keegan) Breunig Janet Chiodini-Staehling* Helen Dailey, O.P. Barbara Dannhausen, O.P.* Margaret Davis Patricia Dillon, O.P. Loretta Dornisch, O.P. Ann (Taborsky) Egan Elizabeth Fiorite, OP Carol (Smith) Galbus Anita (Ripp) Garcia Mary Joan Gibson, O.P. Rosanna Gleason, O.P. June (Laverty) Hasz Jeanne (Schuster) Hubl Monice Kavanaugh, O.P. Barbara (Bruni) Kloppel Mercedes Kucera, OP Madeline (Poster) McCormick Mary (Hughes) Milestone Marie (Fox) Morganthaler Elizabeth (Morrow) Neff* Mary Phillips, O.P. Marilyn Schlosser, O.P. Mary Ellen (Callahan) Schlough Joyce (Barr) Seul Elizabeth Sully, O.P. Rae Ann (Oehrlein) Weiss Estelle Wiltz, O.P.


Frances (Shedleski) Braund Rose Marie Brown Rose Marie Conway, O.P.* Christa Cunningham, O.P. Sheila Fitzgerald, O.P. Theresia Horrum

Rosemarie Biel Mary (Thoma) Boysen Susan Chute Lucille (Cloutier) Contorno Mary (Brodish) Dodd* Mary Doran Catherine Dwyer, OP Mary Fox, O.P. Anne Friedrich, OP Patricia (Ramer) Gray Marie Malachy Griffin, O.P. Rosemary (Daggett) Hansen Marlene (Schmidley) Jaskaniec Julie (Sawyer) Krier Edith (Pavlovics) Love Mary Maselter Margaret (O’Boyle) McGranahan Joan Murray Geraldine Newton Nancy (Galles) Olson* Carol (Noel) Paul Joyce Poeschl, O.P. Helen Marie Raycraft, OP Jean (Pfeifer) Robertson Patricia (Gardner) Rolwing Mary Helen Schmitz, O.P.* Elizabeth (Zastrow) Schuster Janet (Luther) Shafer Jean (DeMuth) Stearns Marian (Haas) Stumpf Gail (Ripp) Thoreson Rosemary (Costigan) Torgesen Jeanne (Brick) Trumpy Mareta (Schmidley) Van Rens Dorothy Victor, O.P. Joyce (Nowodzelski) Walsh Patricia Welch Mary Jo Wilhelm


M. Denisia Ahern, O.P.



Mary (Miller) Baker Susan (Walsh) Cocoma Betty Jo (Dueppen) Dahlman Maggie Davitt* Yvonne Feeney, O.P. Dona Garcia Wcislo Joan (Coughlin) Genske Mary Kelly Marlene (Johanning) Kelsey Carolyn (Engle) Lamia Judith Ludlow Genevieve (Buechner) Lynch Judy (Wall) Marik Susan (Carney) Mattoon* Ellen (Ryan) McNally Mary Ann Miller, O.P. Agnes (McComiskey) Quinn Sandy Sandona Catherine (Maxwell) Wuttke


Christiane Althaus, O.P. Susan (Terry) Bautsch Rosemary (Karnel) Cicero Maggie (Hurley) Cords Jane (Kalton) Di Cristina Diane Faust, O.P. Donna (Bergs) Fehrenbach Kathryn (Gorychka) Ferguson Mary (Roesler) Frantz Joan (Carmody) Gergits Eleanor Rae Hoffmann, OP Janet (Schrom) Kloweit Alice Kole, O.P. Susan (Lang) Kowalski Margaret (Dickinson) Lewis Mary (Ramsden) McGuire Marie McKersie Bonnie (Kazik) Miller Sharon Miller Lynn (O’Hara) Moriarty Sharon (Thompson) Munnecke Mary Gail Phillips Carolyn Polowy* Susan (Kulp) Putz Jeanne (Powers) Quann Kathleen Raab Margery Race, O.P. Elaine Robbins, O.P. Barbara (Giorgi) Vella* Kathryn Voelker


Vicki Bachmann Fran (Shomler) Brandon Jane (Stevenson) Cohn

Mavourneen (Manley) Daspit Patricia (Calderala) Faragia Roberta Filicky Peneski* Patricia (Tobin) Fox Mary (Fitzgerald) Gerken Mary Ann Gilbertson Ann Grice Knoebel Johanna (Webb) Hargreaves Joan (Lagois) Hicks Barbara (Karls) Justl Francie (Heenan) Krick Donna (Knazur) Lewandowski Maryann (Shanahan) McCullough Maureen McDonnell O.P. Bonnie (Mackesey) Moschkau Sue (Brickley) Nelson Suzanne (Brodzeller) Okas Mary Elizabeth Premo, O.P. Joan (Berendes) Rowe Karen (Hunsader) Schweizer Susan (Hanley) Schwerdtfeger Eileen (O’Neill) Van DeWalle Linda (Michelotti) Walsh Vera (Karls) Zander


Fadia Abul-Hajj Gearin (Gee) Enright Ballweg Anne (Conway) Breed Geraldine Conrad Leah Cox* Dr. Mary Jean Etten Judith Ford Karen (Sheahan) Forman Clare (Breitbach) Gaston Kathleen (Joyce) Gibbons Charlotte Gould, O.P. Mary Anne (Everson) Guerrero* Margaret (Burton) Hempel Lucy (Kuepper) Kile Fran (Daspit) Klos* Kathleen (Agnew) Kugelmas Mary (McNamara) Kuzdas Kathleen (Burke) Layo Catherine Lenz* Mary McBride Margaret (Berigan) McKinley Mary Ann (Holbrook) Pohl* Mary (Hayden) Quamme Ann (Cody) Roush Mary (Eppel) Seeman Susannah (Journeay) Smith Peggy (Cieplak) Spiegel Elizabeth (Sheridan) Topa* Patricia Tyson, O.P.


Lois Bennin Linda (Martinelli) Brokish Eileen Brynda, O.P. Margaret Conley Ginni (Dickie) Engelbrecht Paula Eytalis Linda (Provasi) Fraundorf Mary (Kleifgen) Gillham Gloria Glynn, OP Constance Hofeldt Rowe Amelia (Onesto) Kaye Laverne Madsen Maureen McCue Margaret (Cerutti) McGarrity Patricia Miller Eileen Murphy* Lynne (Dawson) O’Brien Catherine (Malone) Oldenburg Catherine (Weiss) Pedersen Kathleen Phelan, OP Ildiko (Thallmayer) Poliner* Genny (Murphy) Powers Sarah Schnell Leahey Ellen Shanahan Susan (Bigane) Sheehy Susan Sieber Sharon (Wedel) Sonnleitner Mary (Oppriecht) Steiner Myrna Tashner Patricia Vinaja Margaret (Bruns) Wood


Mary (Dunbar) Anderson Judith Aubry, O.P. Judith (Scanlan) Barthel Kathleen (Jordan) Boyea Patricia (Theisen) Cornell Eileen Donahue Brittain* Christine Feagan, OP Peg Kilroy Mary Jo (Zangl) Kroes Lora (Berendes) Lyons Denise (Dalton) Megall Claire (Supple) Metro Kathryn (Rutili) Montalbano Paulette Norvel Lewis Margaret O’Brien, O.P. Carol (Giovingo) Taphorn Christine (Dresen) Thomas Diana (Page) Thomas Loretta (Tortorice) Thompson Diana (Jones) Tschache Cathy (Berberet) Wilson



Jean Becker Donna (Willenbring) Beresford Judy (Camp) Cardinale Mary Ann Casey, O.P. Anne Crowley Marilyn Derr, O.P. Ruth (Phillips) Domack* Thelma Duggin* Mary (Butler) Erpenbach Joan Fitzgerald Kathleen (Lueders) Fortney Janet Gilmore Mary (Lang) Griffin Marcia (Manning) Griskavich Mary Therese Johnson, O.P. Dorothy (McCauley) Kijek Joan Klein Marie (Schmitz) Kuckkahn Patricia (Van Tuyle) LaBella Carol (Voss) Michalski Margaret (Swenson) Nowicki Patricia (Scanlon) Quinn Evelyn (Myers) Reddin Colleen Settles, O.P. Carol Sparre Marilyn (Skizas) Strobel Roberta (Licht) Thieding Noreen (McNamara) Welte Terrie Wepner Christine (Madsen) Wilbur Agnes (Schuster) Zepezauer Kristen Anne Zwettler


Msgr. Tom Baxter Marlene (Stuessy) Buechel Diane (Herbold) Bukovsky Nancy Dyke Ann (Wittwer) Firlus Dan Gifford Denise (Aderhold) Gifford Margaret (Bessette) Knapp Virginia (Kuehn) Kopp Theresa (Haiar) Lark Maureen (Harmon) Manwaring Nancy McCabe Catherine Monckton Mary Mulcrone Sharon (Brokish) Nason Randall Papp Joan (Small) Papp Sandra Stremlow Lyman Woodman


Mary (Watson) Burke Christina (White) Donahue Richard Eberhardt Anne (Kirschner) Flood Beverly Fowler, O.P. Ruth (Perkins) Gibson Patricia Jestel Carol (Lang) Lauritsen Ann (Dunbar) Martinelli Karen Morris-Cetin* Mary (Lavelle) Mulcrone Mary Ellen O’Grady O.P. JoAnn Sheehan Patricia Sikhart Jill (Pelton) Streekstra


Becky (Duncanson) Blakeslee Anna Engstrom Mary Ellen (Hickey) Fahey Elizabeth Finegan Katherine Hart John Ingala Luetta (Lukes) Joyce Patty (Pandl) Kuehn* Rev. Richard Leffler Bridget (Fitzgerald) Lewellyn Rita Manion Marilyn Murphy Patricia (O’Neil) Rademacher Elaine (Kennedy) Rattunde Janette (Depies) Vanevenhoven


Mary Ellen (Fauerbach) Aspenson Diane (Endres) Ballweg* Maria (Jaramillo) Bayer Susan Berendes Wood Marsha Callahan* Ellen (Borsdorf) Gage Geraldine (Lortie) Graves Pamela Hanson Stewart* Edwina (Chiu) Law Lori (Uselmann) Lonergan Patricia (Loehmer) Melis Kathleen Piech Robert Zip Raasch* Fr. Michael Resop Sr. Callista Robinson, OSF Margaret Sadoski Stephanie (Reynolds) Traynoff Kathryn (Glastetter) Wagner


Diane (Meier) Anderson


Laura (Hash) Babe Margie (Mahnke) Bosio Anne (Dwyer) Breitenbach Elizabeth (Mathieu) Bremer Linda Candlin Betsy (Knight) Damon Ruth (Daly) Elderbrook Gregory Hitchins Thomas Hughes Chris Laughlin Rosemarie Marraccini Marie (Duren) Meissner Ann (Eisele) Meyer Pamela (Voight) Nash Mary (Odegard) Nikolic Richard Rego Sue Schroeder Debra (Zibolski) Schyvinck Michele (Giangrasso) Skinner Chuck Soper Jill Wickham Michele Wilson-Skarr


Clare (Pandl) Bauer Karen (O’Keefe) Bentall Kathleen (VanderHeiden) Bessert Marta Haza Agnes (Novinski) Hughes Michael Janik Mary Kaufman Alice Kligora Mark Lins Mark Lowry Thomas O’Shea Chris Ruppelt Kevin Schram Deborah (Olson) Williams


Lin Aanonsen Gregory Bergenske Yvonne (Hawley) Bergenske Charlotte Blum Michael Hammer Judith Hayden Peggy (Stralkowski) Kent Eileen (Dhooghe) McIltrot Joseph Moschkau Corinne (Weak) Powell Linda Ripp


Martha Barry Melvin Brandl Daniel Carroll

Sarah (Bonpenser) Davis Jeanne (Hause) Dicka Kevin Domack Dorothea (Wilke) Flory Therese (Kline) Hagen Denise (King) Joyce Thomas McGuire Felisha McNeal Luann (Fahey) Pauli Kathleen (Barden) Rindt Mary (Berberet) Schunk Frances (Castagna) Stasson

Lana (Iverson) Christoffel Carolyn Doerfer Keith French Art Hansen Cathy (Stoddard) Hubbard Nancy (Hoffman) Kaczmarek Beth (Limmex) Lamsam Mary Pat (Keegan) Peters Gregory Robinson Corinne (Davies) Stoddard Susan (Thelaner) Welch Marianne (Mercer) Welsh



Susan (Renner) Anderson Louise Boettcher Murphey Melissa (Zembrycki) Boyd James Daniels Jacalyn Eveland-Psyck Julie (Horst) Fridly Gail Gregory Kim (Spielman) Halton Clausen Kathleen (Nelson) Melhuse Sharon (Eckel) Moschkau B. Ann Neviaser* Rick & Mary (Berberet) Schunk Yolanda Squires-Kropp Mary (McCormick) Wixson


Patrick Buckley* Tom Capelle Anna (Ewaskowitz) Friesen Beverly (Stavnaw) Horn William Housley Cynthia (Schultz) Martinelli Betty (Balshynski) Meeusen Jo Ann Morkert Louise R. Ouellette


Leroy Arnold Jean (Howe) Buckley* Laurie (Saunders) Fritsche Geraldine A. Gehrke Marilyn Graves Debra (Carline) Jay Karen Johnson Theresa (Hollenbeck) McGrattan Shari Ottenstein Susiene (Sundberg) Royson Mary (Nugent) Ryan-Joyce Thomas Sorfleet


Elizabeth Buerger*

Kathleen Callahan Mary (Torok) Curran Kathleen Gerner Jill Guzzetta Marlin Jung Thomas Kammerude Lucy Keane* Maureen (Rose) LaBreche Cheryl (Platz) McDonald Kathleen (O’Flahrity) Meuer Julius Morgan Verona Morgan Jeri Nelson Lori Severson Terri Skildum Rita (Heyroth) Zehr


Anonymous Kathleen (Calhan) Adams Tamara (Currie) Dasbach Kathy (Orcutt) Dorscheid Fran (Sherer) Herron Teri (Keller) Johnson Nadalie (Vogt) Kratcha James Lewis Tess Mulrooney Lynn Peterson Maher Laura Petranek-Arneson Karen (Currier) Pfeil Richard Pilsner*


Carlene Bechen Lori Bindl Zahorik Kay Bradley Brenda (Bowman) Erickson* Scott Frank* Karen (Barrett) Froelich Julie (Rotar) Hudziak Cindy (Anstett) Kaufman Jesse Lamsam

Joseph McGavin Dawn (Bomkamp) Morris John Otterson Angela Prestil Ruth Schiller Lynn (Handel) Schoenborn David Witzeling*


Joan Brennan Lori (Almendinger) Donahue Laura (Vick) Fieldhouse Bruce Frey Carolyn Green William Jolicoeur, III Marilyn Knipfer Mary (Powers) Kreps Ann Kroncke Kristina (French) Lenoch Mary Quartuccio


Ann (Affeldt) Bormett Amy (Dooley) Hainstock Kevin Hefty Dana (Mantor) Henke Nancy (Horstmeier) Hixon George Jankovich Pat (McDonald) King* Roger Leclaire Elisabeth Maier Ann McNeary* Dolores O’Laughlin Jennifer (Rademacher) Popp Julie (Werta) Ryan Sally Schaefer Daniel Strizek*


Denise (Dos Remedios) Baylis Elizabeth Briese Ludwig Mary (Doyle) Curtin Janice Dreischmeier Frederick Geisler Mary (Mueller) Hamilton David Hilgers* Jeanne (Bruning) Joseph* Cynthia (Rouse) May Paula Murphy Lisa Rademacher Jill Riley Cheryl (Voigt) Schutte Terri (Dyson) Soppe Karen Sturdevant Laura Weitzman Samuel White


Barbara (Pulvermacher) Wolfe


Renae (Fjeld) Accardo Karen (Jennings) Arnold Kim (Antonson) Dion Janice Bradley Michael Cavill* Susan Jankovich Ronda (Chapman) Kopfhamer John Lenoch Sandra Martinson Rick McGlynn Danielle (Meredith) Meyer Eric Nelson Diane Peltin Crystal (Sanders) Ritzenthaler Kay (Woodman) Roherty Kara (Kruska) Roisum Guy Somers* Mary (Stauffacher) Steiger Tamara Testin Shannon (Hendrikson) Wahl Jane Wilhelm


Lisa (Volk) Bruce Lynn (Hanson) Catron Lana Esch Paul Hacker Kathryn (Knerzer) Ivanova Catherine Karlshoej Pamela (Bitton) Miller Marianne Moss Susan (Edl) Peterson Kimberly (Stivers) Schaefer* Linda Seaquist Phillip Vorlander Stanley Winarski Dora (Parcels) Yelk Marylu (Lauper) Zellers


Lauri Binius-Droster Robbi (Mosz) Busacker Barbara Ebert Barbara (David) Erlenborn Alyssa (Tesar) Henry Kelly (Adler) Lee* Rick Lonigro* Joyce Maby O’Sullivan Mary Muraski Thomas O’Connell Eric Olson Kathy Regenauer



Ann (Aeschlimann) Brink Linda Budnar Joel Caulum Jerald Collins Colleen Hasler Elsa Leverington Suanne (Hallock) Lewis Barbara Olson Catherine Palzkill Linda Pauls Fleming Jane Peckham Donna (Simenson) Peterson Lexy Rotzoll Sherri (Reese) Slack Susan (Abraham) Spinelli Dale Suchomel* Gina (Rouse) Swenson Cynthia Weber Patricia Wilson Pat Wolff


Cecelia Banks Robert Berry Leane (Burkes) Bintrim Janet Canty Shannon Charbarneau Byron Chase Paul Ederer Theresa Engel Michael Evans Judy (Randall) Frisch Clare (Feierstein) Gilmore Janice Hansen James Henning Velvet (Pence) Holmes Marian Jasurda Paula McKenzie Margaret (Wilde) McShane Marie Powers James Raskob JoAnn (Kamps) Steuri Joniann (Holler) Terry Courtney (Cannon) Toso Sheila (Geitz) Zenk


Kenneth Anderson Jennifer (Thomas) Batz Pamela Bradford Tracy (Nechvatal) Crowley Beth (Nelson) Curley Judith (Gato) Dillon Karrie Frantz Anne Giffey

Julia (Brown) Gruetzmacher Janet (Harter) Haasl* Todd May Christine McGill Dahlk Charlene Meier Cathy Mulcahy Jelaine Olsen Jeff Reinke Kelly Roberts Hanson Cathleen (Donohue) Sloane Sheila Van Lankvelt Tara Zuhlsdorf-Ball


Julie (Schulenburg) Adelman Nancy Beschta Amy (Wille) Grosenick Patrick Hartley* Susan Loertscher Amia (Schaaf) Lonigro* Dena (Knapp) Martin Cheryl McCarthy Lisa (Thelen) Nieskes Heather Pearson David Sieloff Robert Swenson James Wilhelm Jane (Griffing) Wilson Mee Yang Daniel Zadra


Jennifer (Gilbertson) Arvidson Kevin Attaway Roger Boeker Lynn (Cerny) Brockmeyer Joseph Butcher Josephine Cowen Bryan Dan Shawna (Dietzel) Hallenbeck Todd Franke Peggy (Henshaw) Glynn Martine (Moran) Hammonds Jim Hansen* Stephanie (Brink) Hoeper Kristine (Leahy) Gross Harold Marzolf Michael Olmsted Brad Opsahl William Patten* Meg Pekarske* Jennifer (Benson) Rake Nathan Selk Christine Shaben Chuck Simon Carolyn (Helgesen) Sperry


Jeffrey Stadtmueller Andrew Stiefel Kathryn Teasdale


Robert Budach Jacinda (Wisniewski) Burdon Kari (Campbell) Fisher David Gilbertson Scott Harpin Nicole Jacobson Timothy Keal Nancy (Makovec) Kraemer Lucinda (Chestnut) Kujawa Laura (LeMoine) Magstadt Daniel Manke Julie (Leclaire) McMullin Nathaniel McMullin Candace (Hall) Meese Renee (Horkan) Mikonowicz James Montgomery Joe Morrocco Floyd Needham John Nicol Sandra Phillips Jodi (Walsh) Quam Michael Romano Molly (Naughton) Romano Cheryl Sandner Renee Schultz Elizabeth Seaquist Kathleen (Murphy) Sherry Kim Sponem* Marihelen Denning Stoltz Diane (Betzle) Sutton Sara (Conzemius) Van de Grift Timothy Vande Hey


Teresa Barry Cynthia Biser M. Katherine Cahill Otto Hathaway Dilba* Joe Ford Joseph Gothard Kevin Kouba John Lee LaShelle (Boullion) Lentz Amy Ohlsen Tonya (Best) Patten* Tom Quinn Patrick Riopelle* Jessica Rogers-Heintz Teresa Schemecker Hayley (Williamson) Tessier Anne Tigan


Katie (Hargraves) Vesperman John Wells Diana (Forrest) Wenger Jessica (Heiple) Wiederholt


Kadie (Proksch) Brueggen Marcia Dull Kristin (Leffler) Hildebrandt Angela (Bjorgo) Jameson Michael Kowalske Sara (Bollig) O’Loughlin Chad Otto Kenneth Stencil Roy Thompson Linda Trent Erin (Hoffman) Vesperman Amy (Heilmann) Zirk Dawn Zuehlke


Christopher Alexander Tamela (Henry) Comber Audrey (Junkeris) Drake Maureen (Leonard) Engelberger Thomas Gulley Renee (Gauthier) Haugen Leslie Heaslett Carrie (Stamm) Jones Robert Koskela Ruth Koskela Frank Prestigiacomo Elizabeth Ragsdale Walter See Jill Starz Nate Verhage Ben Wealti Ben Wiederholt John Williams


Emily (Petersen) Acheson Dennis Collier Angie Crawford Beth (Klevins) Cutler Jessica Esser Joshua Gauwitz Matt Hill Pauline Hrobsky Shelly Johnson Andrea (Fairman) Naef Elyane Steeves Scott Tolzman Stephanie (Lowe) Watrud


Eric Ballweg Nancy Blum Jeffrey Boyum Derek Carter Julie (Kramer) Crull Kayla (Simon) Gauwitz Ryan Hamachek Margaret Hrncirik Anne (Elvekrog) Jarmuz Amber (Fortney) Mlynczak Jeanne (Zwettler) Mraz Betty Rygiewicz Matt Saltzberry* Henry Sanchez Casey (Fellows) Schlacher Scott Schueman Cheryl (McKenzie) Schueman Elizabeth Snortum Ann (Schreiber) Van Dyn Hoven Angela (Adler) Wealti Rachel Wolfson-Kahn


Terri Alexander Carl Berge Sylvia Cantu Smith Kristin Davidson Scott Ducke Bonnie (Babler) Friedrich* Karen Rose Gredler Kelley Kiorpes Daniel Knickmeier Maria Maldonado Cheryl Metcalf Brian Powers Adrienne (Johnson) Rouse Jonathan Rouse Jenna (Cheramy) Shinstine Fay Waldo


Joshua Biller Melva Bishop Leslie Chartier Abbey Daniels Priska Duddleston-Koch Krissanne (Bylsma) Ellingson Neil Fauerbach* Jeremy Fuller Gavin Greenlee Cara (O’Malley) Hinrichs Erika Kielstrup Heather Kretschmer Nicholas LeNoble Rachael Mead

Judy (Ackerman) Pederson Ana (Ramire) Rumm Suann (Adler) Saltzberry* Donald Settergren Heather (Casey) Sullivan May Choua Thao Audrey Wax Kevin Winter


Scott Althaus Drew Brzezinski Nancy Burton Jenifer Dankyi Colleen Filtz Eva (Wong) Fok Kari Iwanski Corrine (Pope) Lang Lisa (Rice) Lang-Shackett Paula O’Malley Martha Parsons Paul Prindle Rachel Ruhland Barbara Samuel Lynne Sheets Ken Spuda Sarah Stolte Mara (Jones) Williams Kristin (Schmidt) Wisnefske


Mary (Miller) Bielefeldt Shawn Burcum Erin Bykowski Emily Ciha Leanne Cordisco Tyler Dahmen Laura Eggers John Ehlke James Greer III Samantha Hayes Cherrie Johnson Julie (Kaiser) Jones Sara Marshall Barbara Mezera Stacey (Stanek) Orville Regina Pagel Cynthia (Walker) Palzkill Dan Rix Sara Schuler Jolene (Goldsmith) Settergren Annie (Boucher) Stroud Scott Von Rueden Sherry Wichser


Alan Beckham Carrie (Cochran) Buri Sarah Coens Scott De Ruyter William Dictus, Jr. Mark Eisenmann Carolina Fernandez Elaine Glowacki Scott Holt Brian Jeremiason Leslie (Ladwig) Koch Mary (Flottmeyer) Malnor Colleen McCabe Erikke Nystrom-Grothaus DeEtte (Vroman) Shanklin Erika Taylor Lisa Van Lieshout Jody Weiler Phillip Yang


Julie Astrella Jeffrey Breen Nathan Bubenzer Florentino Cordova Keith Cornille Joshua Culver Charlene (Freeze) Durtschi Jessica Heimark Penny Hubbard Courtney James Steven Kleiss Julie Kramer Alexander LaMontagne Marie (Longacre) Langeteig Edward Marking, Jr. Thomas C. Mueller Elizabeth O’Brien Matt Olson Terrance Paape Betsy Reich Karl Reynolds Timothy Richardson Erika Ryerson Terrence Schaaf Mike Schubert Jonathon Wagner Matthew Werner


Catherine Amery Sarah Annen Michael Behrends Alex Berta Steven Binder

Kathryn Brink Sarah Courtney Mariah Flanagan Ryan Gebler Christine Heintz Tamara Knickmeier Erin Koepsel Katie Kohal Stephanie Leahan Iris Leske Stacy Ley Gregory Lind Maiwa Lor Curt Mader William McCoy Cory McCullick Michelle Ortmeier Kay Parish* Dian Phelan Kathryn Plane Daniela Porro Bridget Prendergast Carly Riepe Sari Shovers Jake Trachsel Cari Wild


Julie Carlson William Chambers Liz Denter David Dyb Diane Enright Kent Faurote Holley (Bond) Gilbertson Tari Hecker Amber Hemp Susan Kennedy Janet (Kamenick) Klosinski Jodi McDermott Elizabeth McGowan Hannah Pincsak Emma Rickelman Susan Serrault* Monica Simpson Katie Sodemann Brittany Storhoff Michele Watson Robert Williams


Anonymous (2) Murfet Alnemr Kellie Ashmore Jennifer Benish Megan Dove



Cricket Fausek Gretchen Geist* Michael Green Sharon Hitt Beth John Catherine Jones Sara Kettleson Derek Kraemer Rachael Kramer Allison LaGuardia Lynn Maki Nile McKibben Jooyeon (Angela) Oh Emily Olsen Christina Opheim Farhan Parekh Megan Peterson Katherine Pilkuhn Paige Polzer Kayla Rackow Sarah Reid Thor Ringler Jennifer Riyeff Amber Salmon Kacy Sporle Erica Svojse Megan Thornburgh Zhihong Xu

Futu re A lu m n i

Paityn Albers William DeVault Tal Diekvoss Chandler Gloudeman Jessica Gobel Dana Hagerman Elizabeth Hartung Bonnie Klassy Trevor Koehn Miles Mayer Mark Nepper Laura Olsen* Marc Ostrowski Aubrey Potter Jamie Rindy David Sharp Brady Storhoff Cody Strebig

Denotes deceased



B oard M embers , F oundations , B usinesses , F riends , P arents , F aculty & S taff

Anonymous(12) 40 ET 8* Abbott Laboratories Fund Grant Abert* Seymour & Shirley Abrahamson* Adesys Consulting, LLC Gary Adler Cheryl Adrian Adtec Margo Ahrens* Michael & Susan Ales Mark & Kathryn Alexander* Tim Alexander Greg & Rozanna Alexandrian Alliant Energy Foundation* Alternative Continuum of Care, LLC* American Family Insurance Group* American Legion Post 481* B Ann Investments* Donald W. Anderson* Matthew Anderson Irmgard Andrew Cathy Andrews Richard & Lois Andrews Conrad & Phyllis Andringa Matthew & Samantha Apter Associated Bank* Jon & Kim Astroth AT & T Foundation* Chris & Becky Aurit Chad & Jill Austin Barb & Joe Baemmert* Marshall Baldwridge Roland G. Balg Trust* Maggie Balistreri-Clarke Kenneth Ballweg* Bank of Sun Prairie* James Barr III*


Kenneth Barr Corine Bastien Martin Battcock* Terry & Dixie Beadle Elaine Beaubien Bechtel Group Foundation Steven & Cynthia Bechtolt Barbara Beetem DeEtte Beilfuss-Eager* Carolyn Benforado Patricia Benoit Benton State Bank David & Barbara Berger* Stephen & Trudy Bernsten Jo Anne Berschet* Michael & Debra Bertakis Glen Bever & Jana Gyurina-Bever Wayne Bichanich LaMarr†& Sheryl Billups* Robert Birkhauser* James Bizjak Phil & Kit Blake* BMO Harris Bank Thomas & Shaila Bolger* Jeff & Cheryl Bollig Kathryn Borowski Maggie Botham Joseph Boucher David S. Bourne Foundation, Inc.* Michael & Laurie Boyle Patricia (Mulrooney) Brader ‘53 Estate* Mary & James Brennan Jim Brennan Lois Brick Janet Brodhead Joyce Bromley Erin Broome Frank G. & Frieda K. Brotz Family

Foundation* Aimee Bruederle Bruning Foundation* Joe & Mary Jo Brzezinski Kevin & Mary Burdick Jim & Cathie Burgess* Peter & Lynn Burke Jerald Burkin Lawrence Burnett* Anne Butkus Virginia E. Butler Estate* Larry & Doreen Bylsma Frank & Cynthia Byrne Mary Kate Cahill Dan & Terri Carey* Denis & Carol Carey Caritas Foundation* Ignacio & Rosa Carreno Jose & Rosalinda Carreno Robert & Linda Cates CBM Credit Education Foundation, Inc.* CFQ, LLC Kevin Charlwood Nancy Chellevold* James Chitwood Sharon Cihlar Brandon Claycomb Mark Cobb* Kristin Coenen Scott & Janice Coenen Jane Coleman* Magdalena Coll Peter & Katie Jo Colwell Sylvia Contreras Shirley Cook David Corcoran Mark Courchane* L. Douglas & Carol Cowgill

Sheila Coyle Patrick & Catherine Coyle* James Crandall Pamela Crary Mary Crave Terry & Marcia Creekmore Dawn Crim Culver’s Frozen Custard* D & S Dental Laboratory, Inc.* Deborah Daniel Jeanette & Trygve Danielson Donald & Susan Daugherty Paul & Florence De Luca Dean & St. Mary’s* Diane & David Deci Pat Delmore Richard DeWitt, MD & Kae Walker, MD* Tal & Judy Diekvoss* Rich & Gayla Divelbiss* Robert Dixon & Bridgette McBride Dixon Brian Donley Tom & Mary Donovan Double ‘D’ Tours LLC* Jessica Doyle Jim & Donna Drewiske Holly Duck* William Duddleston Dugout Club, Inc.* Kenneth & Doreen Dybevik Sarah Dunn Carpenter Pat & Lloyd Eagan Prentice Eager* Paul Eastwood* James & Marilyn Ebben* Econoprint-PKI* Jan Eddy & Gerry Bastien* Patricia Egan* Peter & Phyllis Eichman* Hal Elliott & Margaret Bacon-Elliott* Epic Systems Corp.* Elizabeth A. Erbe ‘35 Estate* Evjue Foundation Inc* Thomas & Jackie Ewing Peter Fabian & Aurelia Hale* Bud & Jill Faurote Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Edward & Janet Fiedler Maribel Figueroa Fit Club, LLC James Fitzpatrick & Annette Gendron-Fitzpatrick Scott & Krista Flanagan* Michael & Lisa Flanagan Janice Fleenor John & Jeanne Flesch* Ann Flick

Rockne & JoAnne Flowers* Flowers Family Foundation* Nancy Forest Sandra Fortney Chris & Sara Fortune* Fortune Family Foundation, Inc.* Megan Fox* The Franchino Family John J. Frautschi Charitable Fund* John J. Frautschi Family Foundation* Jeannette Frechette Loretta Freiling Charles M. Friedrichs, Sr. Duane Frisch John & Sharon Gallagher John & Karen Gander Joseph Garbarski David F. Garno Estate* Roberta Gassman & Lester Pines* Peter Gavinski Rita Gavinski Randolph & Diane Gehring Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P.* James Goll* Jesus Gonzalez-Lealva Gordon Flesch Co., Inc.* JoAnne Granquist* Tom & Ruth Ann Grantham Deena Grass Dolores Grasse, O.P. Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation* Family of Ellen Fahey Green Peggy Griese Group Health Cooperative* Kristine Grutzner Michael Guns Don & Jan Haasl ‘95* Julie Haebig Steven & Dawn Hagens Pat Hallinan James Haney Phillip Hansen David Hanson & Linda Bochert* Lewis Harned Thomas & Ruth Harp* Marjorie Harris Fazel & Vicki Hayati Ann Marie Haynes Constance Healy* Shawn Healy Heartland Credit Union* Hedge Plus LLC Angela Hefty Carroll Heideman* Elizabeth Heiner

Gregory Heintz Bengt & Teresa Hellekant Elizabeth B. & Philip J. Hendrickson Foundation* Christine Herz Carolyn Hickman Doloris Higgins & Richard Braddee George & Audrey Hinger Steve & Sue Hird* Mary Hong Hooper Foundation* Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Robert & Desra Huss Bradley Hutter Illinois Tool Works Foundation* InkSlingers* J & K Security Solutions, Inc.* Robert & Cristie Jacobs Fernando & Maria Jaimes Jo Jean Janus Manucher Javid Brian & Laurie Jennings Margaret Jensen Joan Collins Publicity, Inc David & Jean Johnsen Gordon Johnson Trust Johnson Controls Foundation* John A. Johnson Foundation* Robert Wood Johnson Foundation* Pat & Ruth Joyce* Jerome Kadell Matthew & Rebekah Kaiser Joan Kampa Margaret Karl Robert & Dorothy Kastenmeier* Don Katz & Rebecca Krantz* Fred Kauffeld* Mary Kelly-Powell* Kathleen Kelm Nancy Kendall Robert & Barbara Kennedy Susan Kiernan Paul King* Thomas & Diana Kirchdoerfer Marcia Kirschbaum Robert & Annette Klingaman Patrick & Pamela Klingert* Mary Klink Dave & Nancy Klocek Kurt & Karen Klockow Milka Knezevic Bob & Jill Knight James & Renee Knight Kevin & Kathleen Knudson Wendy Koch


Ruth DeYoung Kohler* Kohler Foundation, Inc.* Christopher Kopmeier John & Tracey Koslowski, Jr. Jennifer Kraemer Kraft Foods Kraft Foods Foundation Matching Gifts Program Liz Kretschmar James & Patricia Krol George Kroncke* Terrence Krzyston Kuehn Family Foundation, Inc.* John LaBella Jack Ladinsky Mike & Sue Lake Annrita Lardy Charles Larkin, M.D. Larry Larmer & Joan Schilling* Eric & Jane Larsen David & Mary Lawson* Jessica Leclair* Jeanne Leep Legacy Exteriors LLC Hilda Leguizamo Rosemary J. Leonard Pearl Leonard Rock Thomas & Lisa Linfield Jane Loiselle Jeff & Sandra Loomis Jim Lorman & Anne Forbes Phyllis Lorman* Kenneth & Joanne Lubich* Patrick & Peggy Luby* Luedtke Storm Mackey Chiropractic Clinic* Lutheran Community Foundation Krista Lyons M & I Bank* José Madera & Kim Santiago City of Madison* The Madison Club, Inc.* Madison Community Foundation* Madison Gas & Electric Madison Gas & Electric Foundation* Madison Women’s Health, LLP* Gail Maier Georgia Manning Michael Manning Ellen Markham Dennis & Carol Markos Tom & Ann Martinelli John Mason Kristin Matthews Allan & Pauline Mau James & Debra Mayer


Carl G & Ruth R Mayer Family Foundation* Nate McConnell Ann McCullough, O.P.* Kimberly McDowell Sean McGaw Eileen McNamara Stacey Meanwell Melius, Schurr & Cardwell LLP Joseph & Margo Melli* Jose & Arminda Mendoza Elisabeth Mensink Ronald Mensink Merck Partnership for Giving* Meriter Health Services* Charlotte Meyer Justin Meyer Mike & Nancy Meyer Midwest Patrol & Investigative, LLC* Miller & Sons, Inc. Thomas & Patricia Mineau Steve & Meryl Mixtacki* Courtney Moffat & Fred Brightbill Thomas & Nancy Mohs Michele Monroe Michael & Joan Morey* James & Jane Morgan* Morgan Stanley Mortenson Investment Group Dr. Hubert & Mary Moss* Carol Mucha Donald & Cheryl Mueller Mike Muranyi James Myers Margot Myers Ragnhild Myklebust Nationwide Insurance Foundation Patricia Nechkash Nancy Nelson Edward & Linda Nelson Mark & Colleen Nelson Paul & Carol† Neuman Nicholson Manufacturing, Inc.* Michael & Susan Nicks Bradley Niebuhr Janet Niewold Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation* Patrick & Susan Norton Linda Novinger Joel & Barb Novitske Oak Park Place* Monica Oboagwina, O.P. Dan & Beth O’Brien Pamela O’Brien Sean O’Brien Agnes O’Brien Memorial Fund

John & Kathleen O’Connor Gary Oftedahl Elizabeth Olig Marilu Oliver Dan Olson Linda Olson Orange Tree Imports Erik Osterberg William & Kelly Palmer Stacy Parenteau Jeongmee Park Karen Parks Susan Pastor Eleanor Paulmann Christopher Pellerin Kay Peltier Personnel Staffing Services, Inc. Norma Peters Roger Pettersen Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program PharmaSeek, LLC* Physicians Plus Insurance Corp.* Bradley Pierce Plumb Trust Company* Karen Plummer Dorothy Podboy Donald Pond Potter Lawson Inc* Amanda Pratt Henry J. Predolin Foundation* Dustin & Brandy Preece Martin & Lynn Preizler John Primm & Patricia Hallinan Thomas & Margaret Pyle David & Marian Quade Quality Control Services, Inc. Gloria Ramirez Emily Randall Charles Ratigan & Jennifer Hogan Douglas & Rachel Raupp RDK Foundation* Redamtè Coffee House* Dwight & Julie Redders Barbara Regan Robert & Rita Reif Oscar Rennebohm Foundation, Inc. Gordon & Janet Renschler Elizabeth Reuschlein Alan & Joanne Richards Marc Richards Tiffany Richards Brad & Kelly Richardson* Maureen Rickman Melissa Riley Gerald Ring


Pat Riordan & Karen Van Gemert Virginia Ripp, O.P. Rippe Keane Marketing* Laila Robbins Jeffrey & Gail Roberts Roger & Sandy Robinson Claude Rochon, RN* George & Patience Roggensack Mark Rosandich Al & Bernie Rouse Glenn & Ann Rusch & Family Rosemary Ryan Ed Ryder Greg & Ann Santaga* Peggy Scallon Gary & Janie Schaefer* Tim & Karen Schaefer John & Susan Schauf David & Pamela Schecklman Stephen & Marianne Schlecht Frederick & Frances Schlimgen Orange & Dean Schroeder* Stephen Schuelke & Audrey Tluczek Robert Schuette John & Lori Schulting Fr. Tony Schumacher* Marvin Schumacher Schwab Charitable Fund Fred & Deborah Schwartz* Gail Selk Roger Sell Michael & Debra Selvaggi Mary Ellyn & Joe Sensenbrenner* Geoff Seufert Glenna Shannahan Mike Shaw Mike Shult* Maria Sierra Randall Simon Rita Simon Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa* Gale Sisney Neil & Margaret Skinner Jim Slattery Daniel & Wendy Smith Dean B. Smith Fred Smith Jay & Patricia Smith Smith & Gesteland* J.M. Smuckers Company Dorothea Snaer, OP Karen Solheim John & Brenda Sonderegger* Leona Sonderegger* Gerry Spinella & Bridget Cahill SSM Health Care of Wisconsin*


Stackner Family Foundation* Helen Stanek Edward & Lora Stanke State Farm Companies Foundation Kathryn Statz Wm. O Steinberg George Steinmetz, Jr Patricia Stevens Walter Stewart* Mary Stivers Kerry & Donna Storbakken* Donald & Lois Storhoff John Stransky Tim Strebig Eugene Suchomel* Summit Credit Union* Brian & Rebecca Swenson Ed & Susie Taylor TDS Telecom* Betsy Teigland Telephone and Data Systems* Jan Terry* Tom Terry* The Terry Family Foundation* The Kids Fund, Inc.* Elizabeth Theisen Donald & Joanna Thompson* James & Elizabeth Thompson Sue Ann Thompson Perry Thuli Tim Andrews Horticulturist, LLC Tom & Pat Tobin Joanne Topham John & Lisa Towns Anne Traynor Harry E. & Lois Trovillo Trust* United Way of Dane County* University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation* Urban League of Greater Madison US Bank* John Uselman & Elizabeth Crummy* Matt Uselman* UW Health* Adam & Laura Vannoord Velcor Leasing Corporation* Steve & Brenda Vogt Donna Vukelich-Selva Clare Wagner, OP* Donald & Carol Wahlin Wahlin Foundation, Inc.* Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges & Universities* John Wall* Wall Family Enterprise, Inc.* Steve & Betsy Wallman*

Andrew & Carol Wanta Bernard & Roxann Wanta Benjamin & Patricia Wanta Joshua & Charity Wanta Terry & Mary Warfield Heather Warlan George & Julianna Warren James & Cheryl Watkins Mary Wegner Warren & Marie Weinstein Teresa Welch* Wells Fargo Foundation Shad Wenzlaff Thomas Wermuth Howard & Rhonda Westerman* Westerman Foundation* Julie Whitaker WI Department of Public Instruction* WI Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc.* Donald Wichert John & Julie Wilcox William Wilcox* James & Beverly Wilde Timothy Wilde Todd & Karol Williams Willy Street Co-op Jay & Cheryl Wilson Jonathan & Rebekah Wilson Wind River Financial* Melvin & Betty Wirth Vinnie & Sue Wisniewski David Wittwer* Eugene Woehler Kathleen Woit, PhD* John & Linda Wright* James & Mary Yeager* Brien & Julie Yost Steve & Lisa Zabel Richard Zachman Rebecca Zambrano Rita Zander Ann Zanzig Janice Zawacki Catherine Zdeblick* Thomas Zdeblick* John & Pat Zimbrick

*Member of the Sr. Mary Nona McGreal Society †Deceased

I n M emory / H onor of

Gi f t s were re c ei ve d i n m em or y of t h e fol l ow i ng : Mary K. Becker ‘68 LaMarr Billups Audrey Capelle Joseph L. Chickvary Daniel Leo Fuentes Charles Fuhrman Mary Alice Fults Josefina Garibay Shirley Geisler Victoria Graham ‘01 Jean Haan Jane Frances Hayden ‘73 Kathy Henry Orville Meeker William G. Meyer John F. Noel Maurice & Agnes O’Brien David Raagas Dr. Joseph Schmiedicke Julie Conlin Seagrist ‘86 Vernon Sell Betty Smith Henry T. Stibb Christopher Thiel Jeanne Topham ‘66 Zachary Uher AJ Zdeblick

Gi f t s were re c ei ve d i n h on or of t h e fol l ow i ng :

Maggie Balistreri-Clarke James Barr, III Shae Beckwith Barb Dannhausen, OP Betty Fuhrman Mary Ellen Gevelinger, OP James & Judy Goll Patrick & Michele Hartley Ann McCullough, OP Sr. Mary Nona McGreal John & Rosemary Monroe Eileen Murphy & Bruce Matthews Fr. Pat Norris, O.P. Jessica Rogers-Heintz MBA ‘99 Dr. Melissa Smith 2010 Ann Snaer Dave Wittwer



2 0 1 2 T ee U p F or N ursing S ponsors

Tit l e S ch ol ar sh ip Sp ons or s Group Health Cooperative Wind River Financial

Pre s ent i ng S ch ol ar sh ip Sp ons or s

Meriter Health Services & Physicians Plus Insurance Corp. Rippe Keane Marketing

Fou n d at i on & Supp or t i ng S ch ol ar sh ip Sp ons or s Adesys Associated Bank BMO Harris Bank Bank of Sun Prairie Chamberlain Research Consultants Clear Channel Epic Systems J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc. General Heating & Air Conditioning Gordon Flesch Co., Inc. Holiday Inn West J & K Security Solutions, Inc. M3 Insurance Nakoma Golf Club Oak Park Place Potter Lawson Inc. TDS Telecom US Bank UW Health Velcor Leasing WKOW-TV 27


Id e n t i t y

Sponsored by the Sinsinawa Dominicans, Edgewood College is a community of learners that affirms both its Catholic heritage and its respect for other religious traditions. The liberal arts are the foundation of all our curricular offerings in the humanities, arts, sciences, and professional programs. Committed to excellence in teaching and learning, we seek to develop intellect, spirit, imagination, and heart. We welcome women and men who reflect the rich diversity of the world’s cultures and perspectives. We foster open, caring, thoughtful engagement with one another and an enduring commitment to ser vice, all in an educational community that seeks truth, compassion, justice and partnership.

1000 Edgewood College Drive Madison, WI 608.663.4861



w w w. e d g e w o o d . e d u

Edgewood College Annual Report 2011-2012  
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