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   LIFE

10 A Moment with Krishna Das

08 In Memoriam: Susan Stone

12 Transformation and Reconnection: An interview with Author & Healer Penny Kelly, by Insiah Beckman

14 A Hugging Meditation, by Rev. Lisa Severson

16 The Angels & Deep Healing: An interview with Bonny Kraus on Integrated Energy Therapy® by Tim Miejan

   THE ARTS 22 May Film, Arts unite Us All, by Pamela Nice, Ph.D. 22 Event: Peace through Filmmaking 22 Holy Molé cartoon, by Rick Hotton 26 Poetry, by Mayr Boros, Michael Shorb and Patricia Youker

   FOOD 24 Recipe: Peanut Butter Power Balls, by Maggie Christopher

   HEALTH 10 Author Event: Mary Stoffel offers Workshop on Shamanism 14  Nepalese Shamanic Weekend with Bhola Banstola 23 Springtime Danger: Beware the Deer Tick, by Lynne Olson 23 First Pranic Healing Center in Minnesota Opens 27 Chiropractic: Why is it Different? by Justin Nye, D.C.

18  Not Mellow: Three Eclipses in June, Star Wisdom | June 2011 by DK Brainard 24 How to…Obtain Self Love, by Jaentra Green Gardener 28 Happiness: It’s Sitting Right in Front of You, by Patrick Dougherty

   NATURE 19  Featured Topic: Rainbow Bridge: Gifts from our Pets who have Passed – Gratitude in a Broken Heart, by Lyndra Hearn Antonson 20  Featured Topic: Rainbow Bridge: Gifts from our Pets who have Passed – In Remembrance…Crazy Bonds and Lazy Bones, by Sage Lewis

   OPINION 06  Let Kindness guide Your Daily Life, from the editor, by Tim Miejan

   SPIRITUALITY 08 Fort Snelling site of 2011 World Peace & Prayer Day 14 The Diety Among Us, by Bettylou Ahlman 28 Author, Cryptographer: ‘We’ve been Dead Wrong’ about the Book of Romans




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Let kindness guide your daily life


“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” — William Arthur Ward

July — Travel: Share soulful

places you would love to visit again (send a photo!) due June 7

August — Volunteering:

from the editor | by Tim Miejan

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friend — Giselle Massi, author of We are Here for a Purpose: How to Find Yours — last month emailed me about an encounter she had with her grandfather. What she wrote has stuck in my mind ever since, and I want to share it with you: “I had a stunning vision yesterday. My dad’s dad, Victor showed up. He’s been dead nearly 30 years and this was the first time. The message Victor spoke is essentially this: It’s all about kindness. The whole earth journey. Kindness. That’s it. Kindness. “It was tremendously emotionally rich for me to see and hear him give me his wisdom and to know he is one of my spirit guides working with me. “So I’m passing on his beautiful wisdom today to you too.” Can you imagine a society, even a world, based on kindness? What would happen if politicians and lawmakers were no longer beholden to

corporate donors, but to kindness itself? If corporate leaders were no longer beholden to shareholders, but to kindness itself? What would happen if people began to listen to each other with respect, and they began to respond with compassion, and from a sense of compromise? Perhaps longstanding disputes over land and between religions would be resolved. Perhaps fewer wars would be waged, and less blood would be shed. Perhaps the growing stress carried in our bodies would lessen. And perhaps more people would be happy and well. Those in control — financially — undoubtedly would respond that the cost of living from kindness would be prohibitive. Kindness would eliminate the need for so many companies competing over the same products. Kindness would reduce executive salaries. But in this dollars-and-sense mentality we find ourselves in now, I urge you to add it up. And then tell me kindness is not the solution we seek. a Tim Miejan is editor & co-publisher of Edge magazine. Contact him at or call 651.578.8969. Visit Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

EDGE TALK RADIO SCHEDULE Expanding the Holistic Conversation

Listen LIVE : call 1.714.364.4750 •  LISTEN ONLINE : edgemagazine archives : edge-talk-radio Wednesday, June 1 | first wednesday 6pm “Edge Astrology” with D.K. Brainard — Discover the larger patterns behind life’s ups and downs. Bring the wisdom of the stars into your life. thursday, june 2 | first thursday 6pm “Edge Intuitive Living” with Echo Bodine — One hour with Echo on living by our intuition. The show is a mix of everything that Echo does and teaches, and every show ends with a meditation. monday, june 6 | first monday 6pm “Edge Empowered Living” with Lenni Garin — Learn to retrieve your own Divine Wisdom by unlocking your Divine DNA; your link to Universal Wisdom. Discover empowering spiritual principles that will change your life. Wednesday, JUNE 8 | second wednesday 6pm “Edge Innerviews” with Cathryn Taylor — An inspiring interview with SchaOn Blodgett, who will speak about the upcoming Natural Wellness & Psychic Faire at The Nicollet on Sunday, June 12.

Wednesday, JUNE 15 | third wednesday 6pm “Edge Wisdom” with special guest host Carolyn Vinup — The Edge welcomes Carolyn Vinup to Edge Talk Radio to share insights on Normandale Community College’s courses and certificate training in the field of health & wellness. monday, JUNE 20 | third monday 5:30pm “Edge EFT Happy Hour” with Cathryn Taylor — Stop by The Healing Loft after work (2112 Broadway, Suite 230250, Minneapolis) or listen live on the air! Take the edge off your day! Treat yourself to an hour of relaxation and relief with the new, innovative stress-reducing technique of Energy Tapping. tuesday, JUNE 21 | third Tuesday 6pm “Edge Sage Pages” with Harmony Green — Brief readings concerning Divine Life Purpose and a guest will discuss his or her unique path and how they came to it. Wednesday, JUNE 22 | fourth wednesday 6pm “Edge Happenings” with Cathy Jacobsen — Listen to a live conversation with those who are bringing special events to the community in the next month. Learn

how these events support your daily life.



THURsday, JUNE 23 | fourth thursday 6pm “Edge Insights” with Deborah Lynn11 — Twin Cities Psychic Medium and Author Deborah Lynn11 helps you discover why and what it is you are working on in your life on earth. Learn how to manifest your life on earth as it is in your heaven. tuesday, JUNE 28 | fourth tuesday 6pm “Edge Live at the Healing Loft” — Featuring the staff of this Northeast Minneapolis integrative healing clinic: Intuitive Medium/Energetic Empathy Healer Duncan Metzger, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner/ Animal Communicator Kristen Scanlon, and Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor Katie Fahnel, D.C. For timely notices about Edge Talk   Radio programs: Join our email list   at Inquire about hosting an Edge Talk Radio program by calling Cathryn at 612.710.7720 or Cathy at 763.433.9291.

June 2011  edge magazine  


‘All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer’

Fort Snelling site of 2011 World Peace & Prayer Day

In MemoriAm

Healer, psychic and friend Susan Stone


Honoring her essence.. Susan Stone, Twin Cites Psychic, Teacher, Reiki Master and Tarot reader, has moved closer to our Creator, to our next plane of existence at 9:30 a.m. Friday, May 20, 2011. Well known at the holistic expos and shops around the area, Susan cherished moments with friends, enjoying the touch of their Soul, a smile, a hug, and a joke now and then. We celebrate her life and her healing work as our memories hold her essence in our hearts. Enjoy your journey Susan. — John Peterson, friend

My own little eulogy... When I finally got “out there” providing readings publicly, I found myself at a little metaphysical shop in the beautiful town of Stillwater, MN. Several psychics were “on deck” providing readings, and here comes the new girl. Immediately I was drawn to Sue for her warmth and ahhh-mazing hair (she, too, come to find out, was a Leo).  Susan took me under her wing. She explained to me the ebb and flow of the store...mentoring me...being my booth buddy at events...teaching me even more on Tarot...letting me know about certain clients...and sharing what she, herself, had learned about being a professional psychic. Many of those lessons I still think about every day. Not only did she share professionally, but personally we engaged, as well. We’d drive to the shop together (living about five miles from each other, we carpooled), we went to concerts together, hung out at each others homes... laughing together sharing wine, stories and silliness. I can’t tell you how many times I called Sue with the first line of the conversation being (from me):  “Oh My God. You won’t even believe what happened today.” She always had the right words or a giggle or just an ear. She had this amazing gift of knowing exactly what was needed at any given time. Something that I strive to provide, for all, every day. But she just had it. A true gift.  Suzie...I love you.  I love you for eating hard boiled eggs and stinking up the back room at the shop. I love you for your amazing hair and how you loved the sun as much as me. I loved that you drug me to the Senior Expo to do readings for the blue hairs. I love you for being my Reiki instructor. You will always have a special place in my heart.  — Tiffany Johnson, friend a



he public is invited this summer solstice to the 2011 International World Peace and Prayer Day (WPPD), hosted by the Dakota / Lakota / Nakota communities, on June 21 at Fort Snelling State Park — known traditonally as Bdote, the spot believed by the Dakota to be the Center of the World and the equivalent of the Garden of Eden for their people. The event’s intention is to promote a mass awareness of “All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer.” Spiritual leaders from around the world will be joined by Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Jewish spiritual leaders for the first time at Bdote, “The Gathering Place.” “For the past 15 years,” organizers say, “we have been humbled beyond words by those who have chosen to help make this multilevel event possible. Could the 2011 World Peace and Prayer Day be the fulfillment of Dakota prophecy that after the White Buffalo is born, the four colors of people from the Four Directions will come together at Bdote to mend the Sacred Hoop of All Nations?” The birth of the Sacred White Buffalo, “Miracle,” in Wisconsin in 1994 served as a signal to the Dakota / Lakota / Nakota communities as they remembered prophecies that were spoken generations ago about a time when the earth would be changing and the hope of mending the Hoop of All Nations. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader and Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, was directed to begin a spiritual journey and he committed to organize World Peace and Prayer Day in the Four Directions that would be held annually on the summer solstice. The event has taken place at Devils Tower, WY, Costa Rica, Black Hills of South Dakota, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Alaska, Mexico City, New Zealand, Oakland, CA, and Palmer, MA. The meeting of the Mississippi River and Minnesota River is called Bdote or Mdote (pronounced Bdoh-tay) in the Dakota language.

Current maps acknowledge the name of the area with a French mispronunciation of the name Bdote (Mendota, Mendota Heights, Mendota Bridge). Bdote is a place where many important events in the past 200 years of Dakota written and oral history have occurred.   This year’s event begins June 5-6 with a Sacred Horse Peace Ride from Pickerel Lake, SD, to Bdote. Events at Fort Snelling State Park begin Saturday, June 18, through Tuesday, June 21. Among the key speakers are: Chief Arvol Looking Horse, a spiritual leader among the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people; Isaac James Bishra of the Maori Nation, New Zealand; Claudette Commanda, executive director for the First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centers in Canada; Swami Nityamuktananga Saraswati, who has worked with several great Zen masters, siddhas and Tibetan lamas; Shri Natha Devi Premananda, known as Mataji, of Los Angeles, a spiritual Mother dedicated to the upliftment of World Peace; Yoshie Ebihara of Japan; and Dawid Hermanus Kruiper of South Africa, a traditional and spiritual leader known as “Mandela of the Kalahari.” For the schedule of events and other information, please visit a

June 2011  edge magazine  


Author Event

Mary Stoffel offers workshop on Shamanism Minnesota author Mary Stoffel will present a workshop to help you find the solutions you need through shamanism. Stoffel has chosen June to host her workshop to harness all the energies available for change at this time: a partial solar eclipse on the new moon, June 1; a full lunar eclipse on the full moon, June 15; a cardinal grand cross on the solstice, June 21; and another partial solar eclipse, July 1. Eclipses can present opportunities for major transformation, solstices often open new chapters. In particular, the window of time between the full moon and the solstice is very ripe for each individual to make the changes they desire in their life.   Stoffel is the author of The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses, which recently won the Silver Medal Award from the Living Now Book Awards in the Enlightenment and Spirituality category.  The workshop, entitled “The Journey for Answers,” will help you improve your ability to find the answers you need and access your spiritual guidance. It will be from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, June 18, at the Center for Harmonious Living, 12201 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN. The cost is $15.   “When you tap into the realm of non-ordinary reality,” Stoffel says, “all answers are available to you. Whatever it is you seek, the practice of shamanism gives you the power to fulfill that need for yourself. …Anyone can use shamanic journeying for day-to-day problem solving, decision-making, getting to know and working with your helping spirits, and self-development and healing. You can regain control of your life and chart your own course.” Mary Stoffel is a shamanic teacher and practitioner with years of experience. She also is an Avatar® Master, and her holistic healing practice also includes animal communication, energy healing, and essential oils therapy. For event information, call 952.938.1929 or visit SpiritUnlimited/. Contact Mary at 763.444.8146 or visit her site at www. a



A moment with

Krishna das by staff reports


ayering traditional Hindu kirtan with instantly accessible melodies and modern instrumentation, Krishna Das has a remarkably soulful voice that touches the deepest chord in even the most casual listener. Known to friends, family and fans as simply KD, he has taken the call-andresponse chanting out of yoga centers and into concert halls, becoming a worldwide icon and the best-selling chant artist of all time. His new tour, “Samsara by Bus,” begins June 6 in Seattle and proceeds south to Portland, San Francisco and southern California, over to Arizona and New Mexico, up to Denver and then to St. Paul. But before the tour begins, Krishna Das returns for spiritual upliftment to India. Imagine yoga’s “rock star,” chant master Krishna Das, sitting in silence in the mountains of northern India, trying to relax and just be. And then, suddenly he receives an email on his nearby laptop computer. The message is from The Edge magazine based in the Twin Cities, and the request is a few moments of his time in anticipation of his June 22 concert at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. And so he responds.

Krishna Das, your Samsara By Bus tour begins on June 6. Why the bus tour across America now and how will this tour differ from others you have undertaken? Krishna Das: We’ve been waiting at the bus station for 20,000 years. The bus just

got here, so it’s time to go.

For those unfamiliar with Kirtan, what exactly is being chanted and how can the participant take part during a concert? KD: In India, they call what we chant the “Names of God” or the Divine Name. It

is call and response, kinda sing-a-long with Krish. I sing a line and the audience repeats it. As the evening goes on, we all get deeper and quieter inside.

Please describe how you prepare for a performance such as you’ll have on this tour and what you personally experience during a concert? KD: I try to get up in the morning every day! If not, it’s difficult to sing. Really

there is no special preparation. This is what my life is about…trying to always be in the Loving Presence…Chanting with a group deepens that space.

What can those who attend your Samsara By Bus tour expect in terms of chants that will likely be performed? Any new material? KD: No new work, just the same old mantras for the last million years. Don’t

have much of a plan….

When you return to India, where you are now, does it offer renewed inspiration? KD: Having the opportunity to come and live in the temple where lived with

my guru in 1972 is always an intense experience. Deepening the awareness of His presence and the connection to the Real love is always life-changing. I also get to sleep a lot more than in U.S. and no phone!!!! Yipeee! What has your personal musical journey from blues to rock ‘n’ roll to kirtan informed you about the role of sound in the human experience? KD: Music is a powerful way to turn within. It can soothe or excite, but is

there any lasting deeper love from just music? I think that music is like a syrup that medicine is hidden within. The syrup is sweet, but it is the medicine of the Name that heals us. Why do you sing? And what does singing bring to you in your life? KD: I sing to save my miserable ass! Without the practice of Chanting,

I would have drowned a long time ago in the ocean of samsara (this world). a

WIN KRISHNA DAS TICKETS! Win a pair of tickets to the June 22 Krishna Das concert at the Fitzgerald   Theater in St. Paul. To be included in the drawing for two tickets, call between JUNE 1-14. EIGHT winners.

Call 763.433.9291.

become a

Samsara by Bus Tour Krishna Das, one of the best-selling chant artists of all time, returns to the road following his hugely successful, sold-out 2010 tour with Deva Premal. Krishna Das will be appearing live at the Fitzgerald Theater at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22. Reserved Seating: $35, plus applicable fees. Tickets are available at the Fitzgerald Theater Box Office and all Ticketmaster locations. Charge by phone at 1.800.745.3000 and online at Krishna Das has been called the “Chant Master of American Yoga” by The New York Times and “Pavarotti of Kirtan” by Yoga Journal and is notable for making yoga and chant music more accessible to Western listeners. His music layers traditional kirtan – chanting of the divine names – over popular arrangements and songs. In 2010, Krishna Das released his latest album Heart As Wide As The World to critical acclaim. His first studio album in more than 10 years, the album is collaboration with David Nichtern, who produced and played guitar. It also features musicians Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates) on drums/percussion, world musicians Steve Gorn on bansuri flute and Benjy Wertheimer on esraj. For more information, please visit or

yoga instructor

It will change your life Enroll In Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center’s

Certified School. Registered Yoga school

Our Yoga Alliance-certified Yoga Teacher Training Offers: • Starts September 16, 2011 • One-weekend-per-month – this MODULAR program will flex to meet your personal goals • Register for one, two, or three modules • Available to new students and experienced practitioners

FREE inFoRmational sEssions bEing hEld noW! tuesdays, June 7th or 14th at 7 p.m. Meet the instructors and learn about the life-friendly MAYS teacher training program.

Register online or call the Center

• Personal attention in small-group setting

Registered Yoga Alliance School Licensed by State of Minnesota Minnesota Offices of Higher Education

18480 Kenyon Ave. Lakeville, MN

For complete details, schedule and application visit or call 952.373.0055 June 2011  edge magazine  


Transformation and Reconnection An interview with Author & Healer Penny Kelly “There is no journey as exciting as the journey that leads to your own awakening and the blossoming of your intuitive abilities, for these lead to wisdom and personal power.”

– Penny Kelly

by Insiah Beckman


ver a two-year period in the early 1980s, a group of little men in brown robes appeared to Penny Kelly, asking if she would be willing to “look at some pictures.” At first reluctant, she eventually agreed, and during a series of visits she was shown a number of living scenes of the future encompassing the years from 2000 to 2413. The scenes of the future were accompanied by a number of explanations and commentaries by the “Robes” themselves. In 1991, they returned and asked her to write down what they had shown her, and the book Robes — A Book of Coming Changes was the result. Penny Kelly is a writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, publisher, and Naturopathic physician. She is the owner of Lily Hill Farm and Learning Center in southwest Michigan where she teaches courses in Developing the Gift of Intuition, Getting Well Again Naturally, and Organic Gardening. Penny has been researching and exploring consciousness, cognition, perception and intelligence for more than 30 years, and works with Dr.



William Levengood of Pinelandia Laboratory near Ann Arbor, MI. She is deeply involved in Community Gardening efforts and the development of a regional food system in southwest Michigan, and she is working with the Kellogg Foundation in this regard. She has a small publishing company, Kelly Networks LLC, that publishes books on the subjects of spirituality and health, and she is one of the founding members of the Tipping Point Network, which is currently working to move sustainability from 2 to 10 percent of global market share. This mother of four children has co-written and edited 23 books with others, and five books of her own: The Evolving Human, The Elves of Lily Hill Farm, Robes — A Book of Coming Changes, Getting Well Again, Naturally — From The Soil To The Stomach, and Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 — Multidimensionality

and A Theory of Consciousness. She is now writing Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2 — New Worlds of Energy. Penny Kelly will present an evening lecture and weekend workshop in the Twin Cities on July 22-24. On Friday evening she will present the lecture “The New Earth — Living in Harmony,” an overview of what she learned while with the Robes. On Saturday and Sunday, she will present “Developing the Gift of Consciousness,” a guide about the reality we live in and a deeper understanding of awareness and intuition. [For complete details, visit] The author and healer spoke with me about her experience with the Robes and about what she will present in July during her first visit to Minnesota. Penny, I was introduced to your book Robes — A Book of Coming Changes and every aspect of the book resonated with me. When did your journey begin with these little men in brown robes? Penny Kelly: The journey began in 1980 when the “Robes,”

as I called them, began appearing in my kitchen or my living room, asking if I would be willing to “look at their pictures.” I was not very receptive the first couple of times they appeared, but then I had the thought, “Okay, I guess I can look at their pictures for a minute.” I didn’t realize it was going to end up being a whole series of visits and pictures that would occur on and off for almost two years.

What did you feel when you were taken into the future by the “Robes.” PK: I think the overriding feeling at that time was “over-

whelm.” The pictures and scenes they showed me introduced a whole range of thoughts, ideas, perspectives and possibilities that I had never even considered. They took me into times and places that revealed the major events and coming changes happening between 2000 and 2025, then in 2080, and in 2413. Through it all, they talked about the rise of what they called the “global network” and how important this was to our ongoing development as humans. Back then, the internet did not really exist in society, and I often wondered what they were talking about, but now it’s obvious they were talking about the web!

When they took you into the future, what did you see? Tell us about the visions they showed you. PK: There were about 16 or 18 visits altogether, and each

visit focused on a different aspect of our life in this world. The first one dealt with the need to reconnect with the Earth and to reconsider things like building high dams and nuclear reactors in earthquake zones. The next few visits focused on our legal and political structures, as well as our misunderstanding of leadership. They pointed out why governmental institutions weren’t working, and said that our government would eventually go bankrupt. In another visit, they went into deep and powerful explanations about sexuality, birth and educating children. We went on a tour of how people were living, their communities, homes, even their bathrooms and bedrooms. We spent one visit on food, how famine would develop in our first world countries, and looking at the frequencies food offers us. In still others, they examined technologies, trade, the Reconnection continued on page 15  June 2011  edge magazine  


a hugging meditation by Rev. Lisa Severson


fter the events this week in the Middle East, I have been feeling a deep sense of sorrow. I had many discussions both with people who were celebrating and with people, like me, who just felt sad at the state of the world. I keep thinking we all need to do better than this. Today I realized that I was on the verge of tears for no apparent reason. It had been coming and going for quite some time, but today on the drive home I found them welling up in me. I had the radio on in the car and a Depeche Mode song came on. “People are people so why can it be, that you and I should get along so awfully” and “I can’t understand, how can a man, hate another man. Help me understand.” The dam broke. I was crying and driving and thinking that I just don’t understand people. I felt like an alien in this world, looking on in horror at what we do to each other. I was on my way to walk around a lake and I drove there with a certain sense of desperation. I needed something to help me either understand or find peace with the world. It was very windy and it was even more so next to the lake, which further agitated me. I was looking at the people passing me on my walk — hoping, I think, to see something to pull me out of the state I was in. It occurred to me that I really needed a hug. And as I passed the people around the lake I thought, “I bet they could use one, too.” Then it came to me to picture myself giving each of them a hug. One by one, as they passed me, I imagined what it would be like to hug them. I looked at each person and tried to feel myself hugging them and what kind of hugger they might be or what kind of reac-

Nepalese Shamanic Weekend with Bhola Banstola Bhola Banstola, a world renowned indigenous Nepalese shaman and teacher, will return to the Twin Cities in June. He will present a Nepalese Shamanic Weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., June 11-12, at The Healing Loft, 2112 Broadway St. NE, Minneapolis.  The focus of this transformative workshop is on traditional Himalayan shamanic ceremonies and initiations. This healing experience — a weekend of profound shifting and change — is intended for everyone, not only practitioners. Banstola also is offering individual healing sessions.  Banstola was born in the Bhojpur district of east Nepal. He was called by the spirits at a very young age to become a shaman, and he is the 30th generation within his family to be chosen by the spirits to be a healer. He has conducted extensive research on shamanism within different ethnic groups and traditions in his native country, as well as in India. For more information or to register, please visit www. or call 651.206.0644. a



tion they might have. I imagined some would be rather jolly about it and perhaps chuckle good naturedly. Some would maybe only give a shoulders-touching-tapping-on-the-back kind of hug, while others would give full body hugs. Some would be happy, some would be embarrassed and some would be standoffish. I passed one young man standing on the shore, looking at the lake and I nearly burst into tears again, because he seemed so sad. Some people looked like they rarely got hugged and others looked like they were surrounded with people to hug. When I passed two people who were together, I imagined a group hug. In my mind I hugged the elderly, the children, the men, women, dogs, the runners, walkers and bikers. I even pictured giving the ducks a happy scratch under the feathers.  After a while I noticed that I felt better, lighter. Some of my sadness had dissipated. Then I not only pictured me hugging everyone, but I sent a burst of loving energy to them as I passed. That is when some people actually noticed me noticing them. A few brave souls met eyes with me and kind of smiled. Not full smiles, those tight-lipped-half-smiles we reserve for strangers or when we are putting on a brave face. But they smiled. The energy in me started to return and the sadness lifted. I began to feel unity and kinship with my fellow humans again. I remembered that we are all, every one of us, capable of love, even the people with vastly different world views than my own. We all have the same basic needs — food, shelter and affection. And we all sometimes just need a hug. a Rev. Lisa Severson of Living Love Ministries is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Interfaith Minister. She uses a unique blend of energetic healing techniques and a diverse spiritual background in her sessions with clients to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing and the emergence of the true self. Located in Minneapolis, she is available for healing sessions and sacred ceremonies. She can be reached at or by calling 612.825.9061. Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

The Diety Among Us by Bettylou Ahlman


o me, the very thought of the Deity is as bright, effulgent day beams. But we know it can take quite a dark night of the soul to jolt us out of habitual treadmills enough to grok: “What does it matter if we gain the whole world, but lose our own souls?” So, the value of heroes and great persons might be that there may be greater persons. They inspire us by their example of what it can look like today, not 2,000 years ago, to squarely face and embody uplifting truth, meaning every word you say, every move you make, with your whole heart, even for one hour. So, why must we continue to stone the prophets and crucify saints? When that which we’ve wished for, longed for – wise and beautiful (inside) fellow human beings, faulty enough so that we can relate to them, come before us as living proof that it can be done – when at last they appear in our midst, what is so ignorant as not to realize it? What is so crude as to hurl insults at them? All I know is that when such a one consents to shine there in my presence, I – though I stand alone – will hold Sabbath welcome, hushed and still, with reverence for the Deity in us all, for angels among us. a Bettylou Ahlman is a native Minnesotan. Contact her at Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

 Reconnection continued from page 13 abilities we could develop as humans, and the fact that we were approaching what they called “the great fork in the road,” which was whether to align ourselves with creation or destruction. What do we have to do to prepare ourselves to be in balance with the present shift in consciousness? PK: There were two things the

Robes emphasized. One was the need to reconnect with the Earth. They said, “You must reconnect to the Earth or you will not survive… and we very definitely want you to survive.” The other thing was the need to begin developing ourselves and our built-in potentials. They insisted we were responsible for what we created, and that it was time to begin creating deliberately and wisely.

You have an organic farm In Michigan, you’re involved with community gardening, and you’re also a great proponent of sustainability. Did the “Robes” have a major effect on your present interests and your life purpose?

PK: I did not think they had much

effect on me at the time they were present in my life, and when they stopped coming around, I was relieved. It was only later that I began to see that everything they showed me was happening and my whole life had been affected by them. Unconsciously, I had worried about getting caught with nothing — no skills, no equipment, no knowledge, no relationships, no connection to the earth or the capacity to sustain a decent way of life. I think this unacknowledged worry drove me to make many of the choices that I made.

Briefly, tell us what we need to do to become better citizens of the world? PK: Mmmm, that’s a big subject. I

think we need to move away from thinking that the government should be responsible for our lives. I think we need to recover our inner authority and make decisions about how we will live instead of waiting to see what is handed to us. I think we need to stop searching for heroes and take on the challenge of being heroic in our own lives. I think we should stop idolizing

politicians or media stars and start stepping into roles that call us to become servant leaders. I would like to see each city and town take responsibility for feeding itself. From all indications, your Friday lecture and weekend workshop will prepare us to transform not only ourselves, but also the world. Can you expand on this? PK: On Friday, I will be talking about

developing our built-in abilities as humans, about what it means to reconnect to the Earth in today’s world, and the process of reaching enlightenment. The weekend workshop focuses on where we are going as a civilization, what living in balance means — in terms of people, plants and animals, and I will present a number of experiential exercises that deepen and expand consciousness.a Insiah Beckman is South African born and has been living in the United States since 1995. She is a healer, teacher, minister, intuitive, Reiki Master and public speaker. Insiah and her husband, Gary, produce The Edge Life Expos and Events and have been bringing together the community of like-minded in the upper Midwest for the past 19 years. Contact Insiah at 763.427.1312 or email Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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An interview: Bonny Kraus on Integrated Energy Therapy® by Tim Miejan


ntegrated Energy Therapy® — as its founder Stevan J. Thayer explains — is a next generation, hands-on-power energy therapy system that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good. IET, developed by Thayer at the Center of Being in Woodstock, NY, uses the violet angelic energy ray to work directly with an individual’s 12-strand Bonny Kraus Spiritual DNA. IET gently releases limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future. Thayer says that the term “Integrated” was chosen to convey the healing vision of “integrating the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future.” Since it was first taught in New York in 1994, IET now is being taught worldwide by more than 3,250 master instructors. More than 36,000 people have taken certified classes in IET. Bonny Kraus — a Usui Reiki Master, a Spiritual Counselor and a Channel of the Angels — is a master instructor of IET who teaches in Arizona, Minnesota and Wisconsin. She was inducted in the IET Hall of Fame in January 2011. Bonny returns to the Upper Midwest from June to September to offer IET training. She recently took the time to share information on this energy therapy system with The Edge. Bonny, briefly explain why Integrated Energy Therapy was created? For whom is it intended and what conditions or situations does it help heal? Bonny Kraus: Integrated Energy Therapy was created by

Stevan Thayer in the late 1980s. He is the founder of The Center of Being, Inc., which is dedicated to the support of IET education. Angel Ariel is the overseer of IET. In the beginning stages of IET, Stevan discovered some of the IET integration points through repeat healing experiences, which came about when he touched certain acupressure points on the bodies of his clients. He later began channeling Angel Ariel, who brought in the remainder of the integration points, the cellular memory areas, the energies of the imprints and the attuning



process. Angel Ariel also channeled the Advanced Level IET through Stevan, which includes many techniques for discovering and enacting your soul’s mission, as well as the Master-Instructor Level IET, which includes techniques to optimize the 12-Strand DNA. IET was created to help those clients and students drawn to complementary alternative therapy modalities for the purpose of releasing the energy of suppressed trauma stored within all layers and levels of the four bodies — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — which includes karmic, genetic and past life. IET uses the violet angelic energy ray, as brought through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field to transmute these suppressed energies and release them through what in IET is called the Heartlink. I feel that Integrated Energy Therapy is most effective at transmuting negative emotions and thought constructs from our cellular memory, which are contained within the physical body as well as the mental/emotional body. This modality is most effective at getting the “issues out of the tissues” permanently. IET has been described as “Healing with the Energy of Angels®.” What angels are involved and what role do they serve during the healing process? BK: There are nine healing angels of the energy field:

Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, Michael and Ariel. Each angel provides a gift of healing that works with a different area of the cellular memory map, along with the nine integration points. For example, Raphael is associated with the first IET Cellular Memory area, which is the crown chakra. This is where we release guilt and imprint innocence. This effective transfer of energy is created through the Heartlink, which is established between the practitioner’s heart and the heart of Angel Raphael. As we proceed through all nine cellular memory areas, we work with these healing angels to release guilt, distrust, shame, threat, shoulds, heartache and betrayal, anger, resentment, stress and disempowerment, and lastly fear. In it’s place, we put an empowerment imprint. Each of the nine angels specializes in a release and imprint of energies. I like to describe this exchange of energies as “letting go of that which we are not and reclaiming the truth of who we really are” — our pure divine childlike innocence and our unconditional love nature. What do those who receive IET healing experience? Briefly describe a typical healing session. BK: An IET healing session begins with the client lying

on his or her back on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner moves around the body to systematically work with the nine IET cellular memory areas, and the client remains stationary. I inform my clients before a session that there is nothing they need do other than relax, let go and allow the angels to do all the work. I also remind the client that the soul is in charge and that they do not need to remember, relive or feel anything during an IET session to benefit from it. It is best for a client to merely surrender and trust in the process. It is while we are in the parasympathetic state that the body most effectively heals itself. All that is required to get into this state is to shut down the mind and our doingness nature and relax into our inner beingness. In this state the body heals itself. I also let my clients know that there will be light touch throughout the session and that he or she may experience some emotions, visions, memories, colors or sensations. During my session I offer words of encouragement to assist maximum release, which is facilitated through the sound of my voice and the trigger words which are spoken during a session. I find every session to be unique. Remember that what is released in a session is released permanently and transmuted through the angels. No negative energy is released into the atmosphere to be picked up by another, as it is all transmuted by the angels into the truth of who we really are. Please share an experience, without naming names, of how IET has made a positive difference in someone’s life. BK: One powerful example, which was

shared with me by Stevan, was a man who was on disability leave from his work due to his severe depression. During IET sessions with this individual, it was found that he harbored a great deal of suppressed rage, of which he was completely unaware. During a series of IET sessions, layer after layer of his suppressed rage was released and replaced with an empowerment imprint of forgiveness. Gradually his depression began to lessen, and in time he was able to return to his work duties once again.

Why were you drawn to Integrated Energy Therapy? BK: That story starts about 20 years

number of hands-on healing groups in the Twin Cities. At that time, I was also participating as a healer at the monthly Lake Harriet healing services. I just knew I had the abilities and the energies coming through my hands, and at the time believed that I did not need formal training. After moving to Sedona in 2002, I began working with many gifted and well-trained healers in many different modalities. It seemed, however, that most of the friends I gravitated towards were IET practitioners. In the Fall 2006, I decided to attend a Basic Level Class here in Sedona. My intention was to test the waters, as well as to learn to heal myself. At the time, my self-confidence and self-worth were suffering a bit and my physical health was not as stable as I would have liked it to be, so I ventured in and ended up staying for the second day which was the intermediate level. I returned two months later for the advanced level. I intuited that this would one day lead to helping clients, but I did not have an inkling that the angels had much more in mind for me until April 2008 when I began my IET teaching career in Avon, MN, at a friend’s retreat center. I had taken the Master Instructor course twice prior to that — the first time to receive my 6th pair Spiritual DNA attunement and the second time with the inner knowingness that the angels were calling me to teach. Any final thoughts? BK: Last year, I became one of the top

30 Master Instructors of IET. I share that with you now as a testimony to the power of following your heart’s desires, your inner knowingness and your passion — without the doubts and fears of the mind holding you back. The places you may find yourself — inwardly as well as outwardly— are certainly beyond your wildest dreams. I advise you not to stop dreaming, as it is all contained within you and it is all part of what makes your heart sing. a Contact Bonny Kraus at bonny1111@ and view her web page at www. Learn more about Integrated Energy Therapy at Tim Miejan is editor & co-publisher of Edge magazine. Contact him at or call 651.578.8969. Visit Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

ago, when I was a participant in a

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not mellow: Three eclipses in june by DK Brainard


asten your seat belts. After a comparatively mellow May, June starts off with a solar eclipse in Gemini on the 1st. We get a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Sagittarius on the 15th, and then another solar eclipse in Cancer overnight on the 30th. Three eclipses in one month makes for some intense transformational astrology. Can you say “grounding and centering”?

Star Wisdom JUNE 2011

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…You’re probably going to need to spend more this month with Mars in your 2nd House of money and possessions. Fortunately, though, Jupiter moves into your money house on June 4 to stay for an entire year. Jupiter will not only help you pay those bills, but it will also help you expand beyond your current financial state. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…What a change a few weeks can bring. Lucky Jupiter moves into your sign on June 4, bringing a wave of good fortune into your life. Jupiter will expand your sense of self, generosity and vision, making you an abundance magnet. June’s eclipses push you to let go of a bad money situation and tune into something better. Gemini (May 21-June 20)…Redefining who you are at this stage in your life is the key message of the June eclipses. Surprising news or insight into a key relationship might come as a shock, but it helps you get clearer about your own role. With Jupiter now in your 12th House, you have a guardian angel looking out for you.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)… You could get major money news this month, thanks to two eclipses on your financial axis. The June 1 eclipse shows you why it’s so important to stop holding yourself back: Get serious and clean out all that psychic junk that keeps you trapped in the past. Jupiter in Taurus brings you the best relationship energy you’ve had in a long time, so enjoy it! Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)…You might have to give someone his or her walking papers this month; at the very least you clarify your relationship roles. You’re coming to a new vision of who you are and you’re not going to be held down in chains any longer — it’s time to walk your talk in a big way. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)…It’s a good month to get real serious about managing your energy. If you need help with an addiction or with just feeling overwhelmed, reach out and ask for it. The other great place for you to go is art. Any creative project that gets your energy flowing will magically attract joy and romance this month. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…The June eclipses are basically friendly to you — you may wonder why others are running around as if the sky is falling while you start a major new creative project (or romance) and commune with your Higher Self. Nature continues to be very healing and grounding.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)…June has the potential to be extremely weird at times. Fortunately, Jupiter’s shift into your 11th House gives you access to important and helpful connections, both social and professional. Friends are also there when you need them. Use the eclipse energy to learn where you’ve been sabotaging your own progress.

Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…You may suddenly decide to move or you could get news about a parent at the June 1 eclipse. It looks like you have support for whatever comes up — just ask for what you need. The lunar eclipse mid-month brings major career news, possibly including media attention or the chance to teach or speak.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…Your career prospects get a huge boost at the start of the month when Jupiter, bringer of good fortune and expansion, moves into your 10th House for a one-year visit. You may quite suddenly realize that you’re not in the right field or that you’ve been chasing success in the wrong ways. Shifting your focus brings positive outcomes.

Listen to “Edge Astrology with D.K. Brainard” at 6 p.m. Central on the first Wednesday of each month, June 1 and July 6, by calling 1.714.364.4750 or go to Listen to all archives at Edgemagazine. net/edge-talk-radio.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…Eclipses in your 4th and 10th Houses bring a major reevaluation of your career strategy and a revelation about your home, family or emotional state. You roll with this data, though, because you’re flowing much more freely in June than in previous months. Jupiter in Taurus heightens your intuition, so listen up.

D.K. Brainard, M.A., C.H., is a writer, musician, astrologer and certified hypnotherapist who specializes in helping clients identify where they are on their own Hero’s Journey and take appropriate steps to reconnect with their soul/Higher Self/creative unconscious. To carry out this work, D.K. uses the tools of astrology, energy work, compassion and hypnotic shared exploration of limiting identity states and desired goal states. Get in-depth weekly horoscopes for each sign of the zodiac, plus monthly video forecasts and weekly astrology podcasts at DK’s website:

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…You get a blast of insight from the June 1 eclipse that shows you how to change your self-presentation in order


to get more of the results you want in the world. Even though this feels big, it’s remarkably easy to digest and assimilate, once you perceive how this shift fits in with the big picture of your life.

Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Gratitude in a broken heart by Lyndra Hearn Antonson


he only reoccurring childhood nightmare I ever had was about cats taking over the world. I would wake up, get out of bed and act out a new ending where I befriended the enemy cats by feeding them milk and saved the day. For most of my life, being around cats caused me to sneeze, itch and made my eyes water. I really liked Dale. He had two cats, so I decided it was time to make my peace with them. Binx was easy. He was shy and hid whenever I arrived at Dale’s house. Buzz was another entity entirely. A black-and-white tortoise shell, he would coax me in, acting as if he was ready to be my closest Featured buddy for all time. The next moment, in The Rainbow Bridge the midst of my innoGifts from our pets cent petting, he would who have passed suddenly hiss. I’d jump back, heart racing and commit to never trying to be his friend again. This cycle repeated until a life-death crisis occurred. Dale and I returned to his house to discover Buzz lying half-dead in a pool of blood. We rushed him to the vet who told us Buzz was in rough shape and would likely not make it. While in the veterinary hospital, we learned that Buzz had a cell mast tumor that was inoperable. The tumor would swell and create histamines that caused his stomach to bleed and resulted in his vomiting blood. Even when he improved and was able to return home, his condition was precarious. Having been so close to losing Buzz made me realize how much I’d grown to love the little crabby bugger! I don’t know what it was that caused him to see me differently, but from that time onward Buzz loved me, too. Over the next two years, Buzz miraculously survived two more of these near-death episodes. Dale and I knew that Buzz’s tumor would eventually lead to his death, but we hoped to have many more good years with him. It was Sunday, October 3, one week before our greatly anticipated wedding. As we were preparing for bed that evening, Buzz suddenly began to howl in that familiar way that signaled he was in pain and big trouble. I assumed we’d bring him to the emergency vet like we’d done three times before. They’d treat him, and we’d bring him home. But Dale knew otherwise. Dale and Buzz were dear buddies. The love bond between them was palpable. Dale understood it was Buzz’s time to go. This was completely unacceptable to me. As far as I was concerned, there was no way that God would allow Buzz to die the week of our wedding. We would take Buzz to the vet, and he would rally as he had before. Dale’s certainty finally broke through to me. There was calmness in his knowing that this was simply Buzz’s time to go. Gratitude continued on page 21 


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In remembrance… Crazy Bones and Lazy Bones both of my dogs and my father would pass s a kid, I found myself surrounded unexpectedly. Life was teaching me about by horses, cows, chickens, cats, death at a fast pace.   Clio was a saint — rabbits and dogs. Animals have never doing anything out the amazing gift of sharing their of line her entire life. wisdom, and if we pay close attention, they When Gabby tore up the can be our greatest teachers. garbage, it was Clio who Although their bodies have long been let walked upstairs slowly — go of, their spirits remain. Their nicknames with a sideways glance on engraved on the stepping stones that grace her eyeballs, and a look my garden is a reminder of the connection on her face that said, we still have, and the sweet memory of “Um…you might want to go check on spreading their ashes while their doggie playmates ran through their dust seems Gabby.” Clio didn’t expend any energy unless she really needed to, and when she like yesterday. Gabby and Clio were two greyhound needed to, she was really fast. Clio was bookends. Gabby, with her black and white nicknamed Lazy Bones at a young age, yet mask, black polka dot spots on her body, her pace was more “the speed of life.” With and that unforgettable needle nose. She her jet black fur, that same distinguishable was the clown — Crazy Bones. With a “go greyhound nose, and a super long tail that after whatever you want” attitude, Gabby circled like a helicopter, Clio was a lady. was often finding herself in some sort She was dainty, precise, careful, quiet of passion-induced predicament. Like the natured, and the opposite of Gabby.   Take an icy winter day in time she ran so fast she the Midwest for example. Featured wiped out and ended up The door opens, and Gabby with grass stains all over The Rainbow Bridge darts off at high speed — her body. Or the other time Gifts from our pets within moments sprawled she ran around the house who have passed all over the driveway, but at full greyhound speed sporting a grin on her face — forgetting there was a as if to say, “Wow! That was 12-foot drop off around the slippery! Fun!” And then there was Clio — bend. I’ve never seen a dog fly through the air for such a long time, and actually land calculating every step, tip-toeing onto the okay. Well, except for the time she ran into ice or completely avoiding it altogether. a soccer goal net while running at full speed Between these two, I learned to live life — her body bouncing up into the net… from a place of fearlessness and fun, as pausing in mid-air…and then catapulting well as paying attention, slowing down and itself back onto the field. She was fine, but being gentle. I couldn’t close my jaw from what I had Clio lived to be 11 years old — long enough to help me raise my current canine witnessed.   Gabby was hilarious. companion, Java. There were moments She lived each moment to when Java was young that Clio would its fullest, went after what remind me that Java was on the dining she wanted, spoke up room table, or that there was a red marker when she needed some- in Java’s mouth that probably shouldn’t be thing, and entertained there. Clio continued to be a saint until her herself and others with last exhale became my next inhale. her antics. She knew how The days leading up to Clio’s passing to have fun, to live from were one of my greatest life lessons. Don’t her heart, and she knew how to be a true wait to tell someone you love them. A week companion. When Gabby passed, there to the day before Clio passed, I received a was a huge void in my heart. She was my late night call that my father had passed first, and I thought I’d never be able to go unexpectedly. After the shock wore off, I perused my mind to remember our last through the death of a pet again. Two months after Gabby passed on, her phone call. Pulling our words from the sidekick Clio ended up with a large tumor memory of my heart was easy. on her torso. Within two years time, I would “I love you, Dad.” experience transition in my marriage, and “I love you, too, baby.” I’m immersed in the lessons from the

by Sage Lewis

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animals I have lived and worked with over the years, and yet, the dog who graces my house now is my wisest teacher. She’s still very much alive, but someday I’ll be writing a story about Java’s passing. For now, let’s just say that this 10-1/2-year-old exuberant Plott Hound who once climbed on top of dining room tables and ran through the house with butcher knives and screwdrivers in her mouth has taught me one of my most important lessons of all time. Love fully and allow yourself to be loved. Oh yeah, and wag your tail until it hits you in the face! a Sage Lewis is the Creature Teacher™ with Dancing Porcupine and is a Level 3 Tellington TTouch® Training Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Shamanic Practitioner and Certified Life Coach. She is the author of JAVA: The True Story of the Shelter Dog Who Rescued a Woman, hosted The Pet Playground radio show, and is included in Dogs and the Women Who Love Them. As a 17 year teaching veteran of animals, children and adults, Sage’s passion is supporting the excellence in all beings. Contact her at 612.817.4473 and visit Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

 Gratitude continued from page 19   After a sleepless night of crying and comforting Buzz and each other, Dale went into work to let his employer know he had to return home as quickly as possible. Five minutes after Dale returned home, Buzz left his physical body. We were both devastated. At that moment, I was so overcome with grief and anger that I didn’t even care about our wedding. I imagined walking down the aisle with a red-blotched face as the photographer and videographer captured the event. I didn’t even care what I looked like. Nothing else mattered. After the initial shock wore off, I accepted that the timing of Buzz’s death was somehow necessary. But why? Why did Buzz have to die six days before our wedding? I continued to pose the question inwardly until I received the answer: Jack (who had been my beloved dog for 12 years and had passed four months earlier) and Buzz had fulfilled their missions with us. They had come into our lives to offer love and companionship until Dale and I found each other. Our wedding was the beginning of a new cycle. Jack and Buzz needed to begin their own new cycles and adventures elsewhere. They had finished what they came here to do. Buzz stayed as long as he possibly could while giving us time to recover before our wedding. The day after he died, my sister arrived from out-of-town and our focus re-shifted to looking forward to our wedding and the celebration of our love and commitment. Although my heart still ached, I was overwhelmed with gratitude: for this incredible man I’d finally found and was going to marry; for our many friends and family arriving to help us celebrate; and for these amazing souls in animal bodies who touched our lives in ways words can’t express. They were leaving us in great hands! a


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Lyndra Hearn Antonson is a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach, as well as a Certified Professional Life Coach, and a former psychotherapist for 25 years. After “calling in” her own great love and marrying for the first time at the age of 48, she now successfully coaches others on how to find true and lasting love. For more information, visit or call 952.212.1682. Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Event: Peace through Filmmaking Minnesota filmmaker and theater director Pamela Nice will host a summer peace event entitled “Peace through Filmmaking.” Dr. Nice will speak to some of the revolutions occurring in the Arab world. Participants will examine their understandings of their our own culture, see excerpts from some of Dr. Nice’s documentaries, learn about her process of making films, take part in a group discussion and close with a peace meditation. The event is from 1:303:30 p.m. Saturday June 18, at the Center for Harmonious Living, 12201 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN. The cost is $15. Dr. Nice, recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships, has lived in Morocco and Egypt, and traveled to Turkey and Syria. She has made three documentaries that focus on increasing understanding between Americans and Arabs. Her most recent documentary, Desert in the Coffeehouse, aired on channel TPT this year. For more information visit or call 612.270.3312. Contact the Center for Harmonious Living at 952.938.1929.

May film, arts unite us all “We are infants before each other, are we not, so vulnerable to each other’s words and movements. A school I sat in cured me of hurting others.” — Rabia, the female Sufi poet who inspired Rumi by Pamela Nice, Ph.D.


y interest in Arab cultures started about 15 years ago. It led to my living and teaching in Egypt and Morocco, making two documentaries there, and to my current teaching of Arab film and literature at the University of St. Thomas.   Making cross-cultural documentaries is a way of searching, and it is daunting in its challenges. But I have always learned many important things about the other culture, my own, and myself through this process. My films are an attempt to listen in order to understand. I hope that my films can be used to better understand Arab cultures, to see their diversity so we are less able to stereotype them. It is most challenging when we hear something we don’t want to hear. That’s when our peacemaking skills come into play, as we reflect on the perspective of the “Other.” My Egyptian and Moroccan friends have taught me other ways of thinking and feeling about daily life, religion and politics. I have met so many Arab women who defy our stereotypes of Arab and Muslim women, by being leaders in their communities, working for economic development or practicing their arts (filmmaking, singing, painting) with originality and gusto. I was proud to see Egyptian women — Muslim and Christian, from all walks of life — participating freely in the Egyptian revolution.

Holy Molé

  Political repression and instability have been part of the Arab World since colonization, and I learned that developing trust was key in being able to delve into the cultural understanding I was seeking. As someone who has lived in the Arab world, I find the revolutions occurring in the Arab world fascinating. For the first time in recent history, Arab populations are transforming their societies by challenging the political oppression and corruption which has subdued them. They are demanding a voice in their governments and transparency in its processes. Those of us who want peaceful interactions between the U.S. and Arab countries will welcome these indigenous movements and seek to connect with them. We will be seeing many films coming out of these uprisings, just as we have seen the creative use of social media to promote and organize them. Media can both separate us and unite us. I hope my films will contribute in a small way to a deeper understanding between our cultures. a Pamela Nice, Ph.D., is an independent filmmaker and theater director from St. Paul, MN. Her documentaries have won awards and have been shown at film festivals, educational conferences, and on television — in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia, Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco. Her work has also been funded by Jerome Fellowships, Minnesota State Arts and Metropolitan Regional grants, and the National Endowment for the Arts. She is a film critic for Al Jadid Magazine — a review of Arab arts and literature — and has taught theater, Arab film and Arab literature at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Visit Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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SpringTime Danger

Beware the Deer Tick by Lynne Olson


pring is blooming, memories of Old Man winter have faded and Mother Earth entices us to enjoy her fresh beauty…with caution. Danger lurks in the woods, fields, grassy trails and suburban lawns that reach across large swaths of Minnesota and Wisconsin. In its nymph stage, the miniscule deer tick is also enjoying the cool, damp days of spring (and autumn, too). It’s looking for food in the form of human or animal blood. If an infected deer tick — a carrier of the bacteria that causes infectious Lyme Disease (LD) — bites you, you could contract LD or a multitude of tick-borne co-infections. Discovered in Lyme, CT, in 1977, LD has long baffled medical personnel. Frequently misdiagnosed and challenging to treat when diagnosed late, this debilitating illness has disrupted millions of lives across the U.S. Most people have no idea they’ve been bitten; the ticks are small, easily overlooked. Paula Quinlan — a certified natural health professional who looks to Mother Nature for healing — lives one of those disrupted lives. This once-successful asphalt construction consultant is experiencing first-hand the pain, confusion and mystery surrounding LD. Diagnosed with LD in 2006, Paula may have had it since 1993, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic disease with similar symptoms. There was a time when Paula was so emotionally exhausted from the constant LD pain that she considered suicide. Instead, she recalls, “I received a message from my Higher Spirit telling me that I still had work to do.” Her work? An inspirational journey of educating herself and others about LD, of turning to Mother Earth as a Deer Tick continued on page 25 

First pranic healing center in Minnesota opens PranaPath Center for Pranic Healing recently opened its doors in Golden Valley, making it the first pranic healing center in Minnesota. Pranic Healing is a “no-touch” modality that focuses on cleansing the aura (bio-electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body) by removing the negative energy that otherwise affects the organs and their related chakras, which would then lead to illness or disease. It uses “chi,” or life force energy, to heal the physical body. Pranic Healing was founded by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and made popular in America by his student, Master Pranic Healer Stephen Co. PranaPath Center for Pranic Healing demonstrates how Pranic Healing can transform, balance, and complement your life. The center offers personal healing sessions, Pranic Healing workshops, meditation groups, spiritual grounding, free healing clinics and study groups. Stephen Co returns to Minnesota in July for Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy workshops. Pre-requisite to these courses: Level One Workshop with Jason Calva on June 25 and 26 at PranaPath. PranaPath Center of Pranic Healing is at 701 Decatur Ave. N., Suite 205A, in Golden Valley. Visit or call 651.300. HEAL for more information. a

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A Gluten-free, Dairy-free Whole Food Recipe

Peanut Butter Power Balls by Maggie Christopher


our body doesn’t need any refined white sugar or unnatural sweeteners, so eat these as a treat. They are packed with protein and a whole grain. You can use agave nectar or choose your favorite natural sweetener. These are best stored and eaten from the freezer. Ingredients: 16 oz. natural unsweetened peanut butter Agave nectar* (to your desired sweetness) 3/4 blender full of oldfashioned rolled oats (not the instant kind) Bowl full of brown crispy rice cereal, shredded coconut or sesame seeds (optional) Directions: 1. Mix peanut butter and agave nectar together in a bowl. 2. Put oats in a blender and blend until they assume a powder-like texture. 3. Add oats to mixture and mix well. Adjust consistency if necessary. 4. Roll batter into small balls. Optional: Roll balls in your choice of crispy rice, coconut or sesame seeds or leave them plain. Yields 35-40 powerballs. a *The goal is to make these as mildly sweet as possible and still enjoy the flavor. Maggie Christopher, CHNC, is a certified holistic nutrition counselor in St. Paul. She specializes in digestive issues, sugar cravings and weight loss. She teaches people how to eat whole, natural foods in a way that is delicious and satisfying. Call 651.231.1360 for a 60-minute, complimentary consultation to learn more or visit www. Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.


how to…

Obtain Self Love by Jaentra Green Gardener


he most powerful generator of self-love is your soul. Your soul is eternal. Your soul is vast, unknowable, intelligent, comprehensive and visionary in its grasp of your life. Intuition is the voice of your soul, that small voice within that tells you what is true. Sometimes that voice is experienced as a feeling or gut reaction. At times we simply know what is right. When we ignore that voice, we regret and shake our heads saying, “I knew better.” Connecting with your soul is easy. As you take a deep breath, through your intention, go into the doorway of your heart to communicate with your soul. We can access our soul through our heart center. Bring yourself to an inner place of calm and quiet by taking a few deep breaths. Focus upon your physical heart and be aware of your heartbeat. As you pay attention to your heartbeat, you receive your soul connection. Focus. Think about what you want to know about your soul purpose or your physical health. What do you need from your all-knowing soul? Simply ask for what you need and wait for the answer. If you feel you receive no answer, then your lifelearning process is still unfolding. You can increase your self-love by asking your soul to love you. Ask to experience the warm, radiant blush of the sweetness known as self-love. Bask in it, just as you would bask in the warmth of the sun. Offer up any doubts of your worthiness to your soul and feel those doubts melt away. Ask your soul anything. When you receive an answer from your soul’s voice, you know truth. Your body, right now, is the perfectly imperfect creation of your soul. Your soul loves your body and loves you. Ask your soul to increase your experience of selflove. Ask your soul for any physical healing you need. Once I asked my soul to lengthen my left tibia, the bone connecting my knee to my ankle, to be the same as my right tibia. My left tibia and fibula grew about an inch in three weeks. I know change can seem instantaneous. I also know we only hold on to patterns that we still need. When you feel down and your selfesteem is low, embrace the feeling and tell yourself these feelings are a memory and do not belong to the Here and Now reality. Take a couple of deep breaths and feel your heart again. Ask your soul to vibrate those


feelings out of your energy field. You do not have to know the story about where or how the difficult feelings came. You can simply release them. Put one hand, either one, on your navel and the other on your heart, relax, release, and surrender the past into the present moment. From our mother’s womb, we know that the navel is the doorway to receive nurturing and love. We also release toxins and energies we don’t need through our navel. The navel connects us to a safe miracle tube that is suspended in the gravitational field between earth and moon. By placing your hands on your heart and your navel, you bask yourself in gravitational love you receive just because you are alive. Self-love comes from being comfortable with your place in the whole of life. Selflove is consciousness that through gravity you are joined in a universal tapestry to every other soul on the planet. This tapestry knits us together to experience an evolutionary Now of transformation. Your soul takes her or his place and belongs to the inescapable embrace of Divine abiding love. You are never alone. We always belong with, but not to others. Self-love is heart felt and living a heartfelt life. Through your beating heart, you find your way to live without mistakes and without judgment. By realizing whatever happens is a result of love, you can follow what feels right to you and know that you are going in the right direction. Your heart beats within the heart of God. You receive divine assistance simply by asking. a Jaentra Green Gardener, M.A., developed the healing modality of Three Heart Balancing, is the author of “A Healer’s Voice,” hosts a weekly radio program on titled “Healing Journeys,” and she co-founded the Healing Hands Network, a non-profit organization. Her email is and phone 651.222.4940. Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

 Deer Tick continued from page 23 source for healing and harmony, and feeling varying degrees of “totally awesome” every day. LD Symptoms The list of LD symptoms is long, so Paula recommends knowing four primary symptoms: rash; extreme fatigue with pain; recurrent fever, chills or night sweats; and headaches of all kinds. Note that not all symptoms are always present, yet paying attention and getting help early (after being in the woods or countryside), provide the best chances for beating the tick. “The Lyme bacteria is often referred to as the great impostor, and the disease can lay dormant for years,” Paula says. “It’s why LD is hard to treat — it’s difficult for the immune system and antibiotics to recognize.” LD can affect multiple body systems — central nervous system, cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory. If not caught early and treated, it can cause neuralgic, psychiatric, cardiac and arthritic problems. It’s often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or multiple sclerosis, just several of the hundreds of diseases that could possibly be LD. Suspect you have LD? “All doctors are not equal, so it’s important to connect with a Lyme literate allopathic doctor or naturopath” Paula says. She recommends contacting the Minnesota Lyme Association for assistance, Blood tests for antibodies are helpful for confirming LD in its early stages. When caught early, 4-6 weeks of oral antibiotics usually eradicates the disease. In later stages of LD, however, antibiotics may not be effective and treatment will vary according to each case. Paula took an active role in determining her 2006 LD diagnosis and her ongoing treatment. A naturopath has helped guide her healing process; Paula uses a variety of holistic modalities, including pure essential oils, rainforest nutrition and energy healing. Protect to Prevent Enjoy time with Mother Nature, however, take precautions. Paula recommends wearing light-colored clothing, including a tucked-in shirt with long sleeves and long pants with a band around the ankles (ticks like to travel up the body) and hat. There are also chemical applications (like DEET and permethrin) that can be sprayed on exposed skin or clothing. Essential oils are great insect repellents, too. On the trail, walk in the middle of the pathway and carry tweezers for tick removal (be sure to get the head out). Check for ticks throughout the day and take a shower at day’s end to wash away any ticks that haven’t attached. LD has not prevented Paula from enjoying her time with nature. She protects to prevent so she can continue enjoying her improving health. “I am still a work-in-progress for creating a totally awesome life in harmony,” she says. a Contact Paula Quinlan at Lynne Olson is a writer and editor who helps small businesses effectively communicate their purpose to the world. Reach her at Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Aside   (Old Eskimo Woman in the Sea)

She wraps the teapot carefully And places it in a box It was all she had left of the dishes, Now smashed and broken on the stone floor.

Dancing residue of starHewn light, Veins of a rock Cradling the slow wheels of Breathing leaves in rain.

She sweeps the pieces into the dust bin Remembering twilight dinners Where dreams took stardust And left orchids in the night.

Slave markets, drum chants, the bartering for Pelts and shells does not Reach us here, in tales Told in the nerves of a breaking wave. Far to the north, under the ice, the old Woman in the sea pouts, turning aside Her radiant face matted over By the red lie of our silences. Jealously, she hides the seals and red berries Of spring. Quietly, in gentle desperation We swim down to her, Stroke her hair. Again and again we discover ourselves By this act of tenderness And she releases. And we live again, in the boats of our songs. Michael Shorb

She pours the shards into the trash Then hears the falling glass Hoping her little girls would never know Broken wedding china. God’s Eyes In Deep Space

Mayr Boros

We only call it by this lofty appellation to assuage our sense of being utterly, terminally alone so it seems this utter distance of gas and elements slashed white across deep space accentuated by flares and splashes of pulsing color looks back at us, returns our fervent gaze, provides a reservoir of hope however shallow, at least, we can say, these bodies of bright water exist vast distances away, unreachable until some future time. Michael Shorb

Transition Running in laughter with my inner child along a sloping hillside of lush green lawn. Sensitive to the eagerness within to begin the new growth of experience and inherent healing, as I continue to move along this path. To the edge of a cliff we halt among the rocks and watch in awe at the birth of a new star, knowing that a radical change is required to gain personal power and the truth of my own being. Through the opening of a new beginning and uplifting of spiritual insight and vision, the perception of experiences and how I see myself and others, emerges. Stretching out toward the grayish blue swans as they fly through and into the clouds of the birthing dust, a peacefulness of soul washes over me and into me as a divine protection engulfs my spirit. Truth and purity is what drives me toward a greater goal, the unity of life. Patricia Youker

Mayr Boros is a textile artist, poet and cancer survivor. Previous to working as an artist/writer, she had a career as a Registered Dietitian. She is the founder of the “Bear and a Prayer,” program, now a part of United Way (the Teddy Bear Program). Her most recent work focuses on two international projects, “Hope through the Labyrinth” and “PAINT.” Mayr’s focus on transformation through art includes the development of workshops related to Art, Faith and Healing. The “Art, Healing and the Labyrinth: Meditation in Motion” class, which she teaches at Mayo Clinic, as part of their Breast Cancer Healing Program, is now being offered in the metro area.



Michael Shorb’s work reflects an abiding interest in environmental issues, history and the lyrical form, as well as a strong focus on satire. His poems have appeared in over 100 magazines and anthologies, including The Nation, The Sun, Michigan Quarterly Review, Queen’s Quarterly, Poetry Salzburg Review, Commonweal, Rattle, Urthona, and European Judaism. Patricia Youker is a photographer and coffee connoisseur exploring the connection of dreams to the natural world. She can be reached at http://www.plrphotosalon. com/ or


Why is it different? by Justin Nye, D.C.


hiropractic has made its name known by treating back and neck pain. In fact, many clinical studies have shown chiropractic to be more than 85 percent effective in treating conditions causing low back pain. Today people are wanting more out of their health care than just the traditional model. They are looking for alternative ways to treat all kinds of diseases, such as ear infections, colic, heartburn, constipation and other ailments. As the world moves forward with questions on health care, it is turning to chiropractic for more. A few years ago, an article was published by WebMD that proved chiropractic can lower blood pressure naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. Research leader George Bakris, M.D., observed that 50 hypertensive patients were divided into two groups, one receiving highly precise adjustments of the atlas vertebra, as practiced by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. “When the statistician brought me the data,” he said, “I actually didn’t believe it. It was way too good to be true. But we checked everything, and there it was. The procedure has the effect of not one, but two blood pressure medications given in combination, and it seems to be adverse-effect free. We saw no side effects and no problems.” This is one of many reasons people are looking to chiropractic for natural health. Chiropractors have been claiming these kinds of results anecdotally for more than 100 years, with none of the risks or dangers of drugs and other medical procedures. It is refreshing to see that scientists who are willing to look at the real feedback and data are beginning to realize the power of the adjustment, and the possibilities that come along with chiropractic care. Chiropractic care allows the body to function correctly. It is a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord and the spinal nerves control every aspect of your body. Any imbalance in your spine can cause an adverse effect to the overall health of your body. This imbalance in your spine is called a subluxation. A subluxation involves misaligned bones interfering with nerves. It also involves muscles becoming too tight or weak, discs, ligaments or other connective tissue that can become inflamed and the formation of bone spurs and arthritic degeneration. Chiropractic is based on the philosophy of “above down inside out,” meaning the body heals from the inside and portrays that health outward. What controls this “above down inside out” healing power? The nervous system — and that is what chiropractic care helps. This is how chiropractic is different. It is a proactive health care that not only improves your state of health, but it also allows your body to adapt to lifestyle stress every day. a

J Reiki by Miejan reiki is universal life force energy

Reiki is “intelligent” energy working in concert with your Higher Self to flow to and through you for balance on every level: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.  Reiki promotes a peaceful, comforting feeling and naturally relieves stress!  Reiki is an indispensible first-aid tool. Email or Call for Absentee Work

for more info :


now in madison Contact Rachel to Register for Reiki I or II on July 2 & 3, her first quarterly return to the Twin Cities.

Rachel has been a Reiki healer since 1985. Call for Reiki sessions and Reiki I and II classes, and Master apprenticeships.

RACHEL MIEJAN 651.735.2863 R A C H E L.M I E J A N@ gM A I L.C oM

Dr. Justin Nye, D.C., is the owner of Woodbury Spine and Injury Center in Woodbury, MN. He is a licensed chiropractor in Minnesota and is a contributor to numerous local and community outreach projects. He has had chiropractic as a part of his life since the day he was born. He is one of nine chiropractors in his family. Call him at 651.731.0505 or visit Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Author, cryptographer:

‘We’ve been dead wrong’ about the Book of Romans


reaking the Romans Code, a provocative new book from leading cryptographer and author Michael Wood, scientifically disproves 1,500 years of deeply held religious beliefs. A newly deciphered Dead Sea Scroll discredits beliefs about the biblical book of Romans. “For centuries, Christians have believed the book of Romans rejects the liberal notion that the only thing that matters is making the needs of others equal to your own,” Wood said.  “My Dead Sea Scroll discovery shows we’ve been dead wrong.  The newly decoded scroll shows Romans was the most liberal book in the Bible.  Talk about a game changer.” Wood, an internationally recognized cryptographer, holder of three cryptanalytic patents and designer of REDOC-II (one of the only unbreakable codes in existence today) achieved commercial success providing the opportunity for early retirement.  This allowed Wood to focus on personal areas of interest, including decoding the now famous Dead Sea Scrolls. Using cryptanalysis, a code-breaking process made famous in the fictional Di Vinci Code, Wood used information found in a Dead Sea Scroll to crack the book of Romans from the Bible’s New Testament and discovered that it originally taught that the Golden Rule, “love thy neighbor as thy self,” is all that matters. While poring through the Dead Sea scrolls in historic cave four for nearly a decade, Wood became increasingly enthralled by a particular scroll titled “Some Works of the Law.” This scroll was the first time archaeologists had seen this phrase outside the Biblical writings of the apostle Paul.  Wood set out to use this scroll as a basis for his decipherment. The solution revealed that the first century Jewish nation used the term “Works of the Law” to refer to all the commandments between man and God in their Law. Romans used the term to explain that, because of Jesus’ Golden Rule, none of the religious commandments between man and God matter at all. The only thing that counts is “love thy neighbor as yourself.”  Due to the empirical, provable nature of Breaking the Romans Code, the book is destined to stir up a lot of controversy between the scientific and religious communities. For more information, visit a




It’s sitting right in front of you by Patrick Dougherty


am: a psychologist with more than 30 years of clinical experience; a qigong teacher with nearly 15 years of study, practice and teaching; and a man who is nearly 60 and has spent most of his life searching for happiness. And I really didn’t understand that a central element to that happiness was sitting in front of me all the time. As a psychotherapist, I was looking for the right theoretical school, the right technique, the right approach to help my clients not only heal, but also find happiness. I spent years in therapy myself looking to become more lighthearted and happy. But I never found that. What finally became clear to me was that psychotherapy was able to remove some of the obstacles to happiness. So even if it couldn’t give it to you, therapy could make happiness more likely. Continuing my search, I found myself delighted to be practicing qigong, an ancient Chinese energy system of simple movements and deep meditations, wonderfully opening my heart energy. I thought this would surely give me the key to happiness. The missing key I felt calm and energized, and I began not just to practice but to teach this qigong. I even translated what I was learning about qigong into my work as a psychotherapist. I taught people how to breathe, drop their consciousness into their energetic body and even into their hearts. I thought I had found the missing key in my search for happiness. I felt blessed — filled with vitality and almost addicted to the wonderful energy I could produce — and yet, I must admit, not very happy. I had moments — great moments that I could expound on at length to make others and myself think I had found happiness. But I was fooling them and myself. I was a senior teacher with a qigong master who seemed to embody happiness and love. So, given my rich history and all I had done and was doing, I must have been embodying happiness and love, too. But what I learned was that even mystical experiences and moments of happiness and love don’t necessarily translate into a transformed and happy life. Then I stumbled upon what I was

missing in the unlikeliest of places — in the epilogue of my own book, and it wasn’t even close to what the epilogue was meant to convey. The book told the story of my healing journey through trauma to profound mystical experiences in the Christian faith, on the Native American path, and then on the Taoist road through meditation. It was about how love pierced me in all those traditions and brought itself forward in ways I didn’t imagine possible. profound spiritual love In the epilogue, I am having an incredibly romantic dinner in a little restaurant at a resort on the beach in Mexico reflecting on the experiences of love I had written about in the book and what they taught me. But what I realized as I was reading those pages was that it wasn’t the experiences of profound spiritual love that made me happy. I had had them for the previous 35 years, and they never led to much more than moments of happiness. What made me happy, I realized, was my new ability to be in intimate relationships — ones that opened up my heart energy in a manner I had never been able to sustain. I could see that my therapy and spiritual healings helped give me tools and inspiration to lean, again and again, into these relationships — to lean into the heart-opening and gentle unfolding of a deepening in me and a deepening in them. It was being in relationships, this one with my partner and others, that was making me feel happy. I was now able to be more transparent and vulnerable, was able to be more humble, was able to stay in relationship and not emotionally withdraw as much. I was now able to take in love and be loving with a depth I didn’t know previously was possible. I had found, through all my wanderings, how to better stay in my heart and in my body, which allowed me to stay in relationships.  And  that is what is making me happy. a Patrick Dougherty, M.A., L.P., is a licensed psychologist, a qigong teacher and a writer. He has written Qigong in Psychotherapy: You can do so much by doing so little, and his most recent book, a spiritual memoir, A Whole-Hearted Embrace: Finding Love at the Center of it All. Contact him at 612.354.3138, or visit Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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HYPNOSIS & TRAINING: Hypnotherapy, Past Lives, Healing, Susan Just, CH & CPHI, Dynamic Minds, Inc., Hypnotherapy Center & Training, 612.827.8094,

GENEALOGY, MEDIUM, INTUITIVE READER: Ancestor Whisperer - Genealogy with a Twist, readings by phone, email or in person. Genealogy & contact with your ancestors. Taera McKenna 612.532.1651, ancestorwhisperer@yahoo. com,

HYPNOSIS & TRAINING: Past Life, Life-Between-Lives Regression, Madonna Kettler, Ph,D(c), L.B.L, Center for Inner Peace, 612.709.5578,

HEALING & SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Magnified Healing® heals on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Easy to learn and to use, it allows us to clear our karma, activates all 12 strands of DNA, and transforms us into our Light Bodies. Sheryl and Dale Fisher 763.420.9017, HEALING / ENERGY WORK / COACHING: Align to your highest potential; Specializing in entrepreneurs, health & wellness practitioners, and those seeking to integrate their indigo energy, Cheryl Hiltibran, CMH Healing Arts, 952.486.1298, HERBS: 600+ herbs, tinctures, capsules & oils, books, Natural healing practitioners available. Bob Gallagher, Andrew Lucking ND, Duane Givens, Present Moment Herbs & Books, 3546 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,, HOLISTIC HEALING: Discover the benefits of your own healing capabilities! Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Readings, Energy Reading and Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Chakra/Aura Cleansing and Balancing, Classes and More! Bonnie Flores, Holistic Healthy Healing, 952.217.6105, HOLISTIC / INTEGRATIVE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Counseling and therapy for adults. Specialties include ADD, anxiety and mind/body concerns. Creative treatment options, including in-home. Kim Carter 612.750.2918,, HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY: Counseling, Stress Management, Hypnosis, Sheryl Fisher, MSW, LICSW, 763.420.9782 HOMEOPATHY: 2000 Homeopathic Remedies, Individual Potencies, Books, Practitioners Available. Bob Gallagher, Andrew Lucking ND, Martin Bulgerin, Present Moment Herbs & Books, 3546 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,, Homeopathy: Skilled, experienced, compassionate, effective homeopathy for your ailments. Marybeth Buchele, HMC, Health Naturally Homeopathy, 952.933.6068,, HYPNOSIS: Dedicated to help you heal from within. New Moon Hypnosis, Gail Mason, for appointments, call 612.280.6408, email, visit

HYPNOSIS, FLOWER ESSENCES & NUTRITION: Counseling & Classes to Eliminate Addictions, Fears, Habits, Pain & Stress, Amy Zilka, M.A., M.F.T., CH. 952.938.9085,, Hypnotherapy: Build your own skills for relationships across the veil, interactive prayer, an inner source of joy, and do-it-yourself therapy. Get help with smoking cessation, pastlives, between lives, and healing trauma, sexual abuse and other issues. Jerry Buchmeier, Ph.D., psychotherapist, channel for Mother Mary. 763.546.4133,, HYPNOTHERAPY: Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? 10 Years Experience. Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT, St. Paul, 651.649.1952, Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression Therapy, Dolores Cannon Method. Brainerd Lakes Area, Vicki Hanson, 218.692.HEAL,, HYPNOTHERAPY & CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™: Change your mind. Change your life. Transform limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, anxiety, relationships, habits. Release your past. Mind-Body-Spirit stress reduction, breath work, self-hypnosis, meditation, InterPlay™. Judith Froemming, BA, CH, CTC, HNLP, Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching, 651.216.0085, INNER CHILD WORK & EFT: Author of the best-selling Inner Child Workbook & EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, Cathryn Taylor 612.710.7720, INTUITIVE CLASSES & READINGS: Eye of Horus Metaphysical 612.872.1292. Intutive Tarot, Psychic & Palm readers available for in-store private readings or events. Classes in Psychic Development, Tarot & Runes. Schedule online at MATRIX ENERGETICS: Powerful transformations using quantum physics shifts in consciousness, Dr. Kim Eisen, HHCP, EFT-ADV 612.802.HEAL (4325),, NUTRITION: Do you have a gluten or dairy allergy? I teach women how to eat to reduce sugar cravings, increase energy and have better moods by eating wholesome, nutritious foods that taste great. Free, 60-minute consultation. Maggie Christopher, Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor, St. Paul, 651.231.1360,




PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM™ / ANIMAL SOULS READINGS: Alison James, DM, CSC — Guest speaker, mini-home workshops & galleries, Psychic Mastery Citcle & classes, weekend workshops, phone & in office, schedule online or voicemail 612.424.1411, PSYCHIC / INTUITIVE READER: Soul Readings and Psychic Development Classes, Cindy Lehman 612.669.1861,,


SERVICES listings

…provide name, address, phone, website, service times + brief description. $75 total for 3 mos., $120 total for 6 mos., $180 total for one year. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Major credit cards accepted. Order online at Edgemagazine. net. Call 763.433.9291 or e-mail

PSYCHIC & MEDIUMSHIP READINGS: Psychic, Tarot & Mediumship readings provided via phone, email & in person, Tiffany Johnson, author of Picture Yourself Developing Your Psychic Abilities. 612.272.2561,

Dances of Universal Peace: 651.307.3849, An interfaith spiritual practice in motion, blending sacred phrases, chant, music and movement into a living experience of Unity and sacred community, 7pm. Every third Sunday at Friends Meeting House, St. Paul. First Friday at Pathways, Minneapolis.

PSYCHIC MEDIUM: Well-known Psychic Medium Deborah Lynn11 is proud to announce that her long-awaited book is now available. Visit or call 651.439.5337.

ECKANKAR / TEMPLE OF ECK: Religion of the Light and Sound of God, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, MN, 952.380.2200, Keys to spiritual experiences: Explore past lives, dreams and Soul Travel. Worship Service: first Sunday of each month, 10-11am Youth programs. Community HU Song: third Sunday of each month, 10-10:30am. Free workshops: Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm Tours available.

REIKI HEALING: Feel Empowered on Every Level! Reiki Training and Sessions, schedule quarterly classes, next: July 2 & 3, Rachel Miejan, Reiki by Miejan, 651.735.2863,, SOUL BREATHING: Heal the body, clear old emotions & deepen your connection with Spirit. “Change your breath & transform your life!” Group sessions & workshops ongoing, private sessions by appointment. Terri Peterson, SBF, RPh, 651.442.4623,,

KEY TO LIFE CENTER: 14800 34th Ave., Plymouth, 763.477.6577, www., Empowering Topics, Empowering Meditations, Empowering Music! Minister: Lenni Garin; Music Director: Debbie Duncan. Key’s core philosophy is “Keyology;” the study of diverse spiritual principles to unlock inner wisdom.”  Every Sunday: 10:30am. Listen to “Edge Empowered Living” with Lenni Garin on the first Monday of every month at 6pm at www.blogtalkradio. com/edgemagazine. Spiritual Recovery Support Meetings (Soul of an Addict)  Tuesdays 6:30-8pm. Free Event. Donations accepted.

Soul Coaching: Energetic Empathy Chakra Healing, soul coaching, intuitive readings with or without Tarot and Astrological Counseling, Duncan Metzger 612.208.1408,,

LAKE HARRIET SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY: Welcoming All Sacred Paths, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272,, Sunday Services, Community Led 9 a.m., Celebration 10:30 a.m. There is always something happening here: Classes, Discussion Groups, Yoga, Movies, Game Nights, Concerts, Solstice, Equinox and Cross Quarters Ceremonies. Rental Space available for Weddings, Classes, Workshops, etc.

SPIRITWISE SERVICES: Touching Lives, Healing Bodies, Freeing Souls by drawing out your inner wisdom to bring practical solutions to light. Combining energy work, intuitive readings, wellness consults, spiritual guidance. Reiki and Wellness Certified, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Holistic Practitioner, Pamela Bezotte, M.S.Ed., 218.444.4810

PranaPath Center for Pranic Healing: 701 Decatur Ave. N, Golden Valley, MN, 651.300.HEAL, Embark on a path of spiritual development through healing, meditation and study. Discover how Pranic Healing can transform, balance and complement your life. Private healings, classes, workshops, spiritual counseling (individual and group), meditation nights, esoteric study groups and spiritual supplies. See our calendar of events online or call for more information.

SUFI: Four Layers of the Heart, Jess Fauchier 763.360.9259,,

SAINT FRANCIS LIBERAL CATHOLIC CHURCH: 3201 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.823.4276, Communion available to everyone. Freedom of Conscience and belief. Holy Orders for Women. Seven Sacraments. Holy Eucharist 10am Sundays; Rosary 9:30am First Saturdays. Find us on Facebook.

TANTRA HEALING & SOUL-ESSENCE MASSAGE: The Path of Love For couples and individuals. Kimala Kai – Ordained Priestess of Madonna Ministries, Tantra Teacher, Reiki Healer, and Massage Therapist for 22 years., 612.236.9294 THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY / HYPNOTHERAPY / TRUE HEALING WORKSHOPS: Gary Dallek 612.202.6738, Writing Circles for Healing: Writing workshops to access your authentic voice and inner healer led by Wendy Brown-Baez. Registration:, 612.437.3355, Yoga Therapy & Ayurvedic Medicine: Coaching and consultation for learning how to overcome chronic health challenges. Lose weight while gaining energy & vitality. Freedom from stress, anxiety, depression. Nerve-muscle meridian integration, Mind-Body Medicine. Surajit Sengupta, M.D. (A.M.) 612.644.6258,

SPIRIT UNITED CHURCH: 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis, 612.378.3602,, Worshiping the Wonder, birthing the Emerging Spirituality. Welcoming ~ Supportive ~ Healing ~ Transformational. Discover your spiritual home. On Sundays: 10:30am Main service, 10:30am Kids With Spirit Class. UNITY CHRIST CHURCH: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, 763.521.4793, Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Sunday 9 & 11am, nursery and Sunday School at both services; Monday Meditation & Lecture 7pm; Healing Service 6:30pm on 1st and 3rd Tuesday. Adult education classes throughout the year. Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center: 4011 W. Hwy 13, Savage, MN, 952.895.0745, Celebrate the Light of Spirit within you. Sunday service, Rainbow and Uniteens at 10am. Our Many Paths Metaphysical Bookstore and Namaste Nook Gift Shop is open Mon, Tues, and Thur 11-3pm, and Wednesdays 11-8:30pm. Join us for chanting with lights and meditation on the 3rd Friday of the month at 7pm. Bookstore open that evening until 9pm. Classes, Yoga, Workshops. Rental space available.

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Green Products & Services  i n o u r C o m m u n ity


hat is more holistic than products and services that not only support our needs, but do so in harmony with the planet? A growing array of Greem Products & Services support all aspect of our lives, including these in the Upper Midwest:

Aladdin Solar, Charlie and Donna Pickard, Excelsior, MN, 952.401.7073, email info@, — Aladdin Solar specializes in design and installation of solar electric (PV), solar hot water (thermal) and solar air heating systems for owners of homes and small businesses in the Twin Cities and south central Minnesota. We pride ourselves in careful workmanship and attention to detail. LynMarie Aubin, Theta Healing,™ 651.210.1989 – Theta Healing™ is used in connection with healing physical conditions, and it works with many other areas in your life. Emotional Healing, Relationship Healing, Contact Family or Friends who passed on, Spiritual Counseling, DNA Programming & Reprogramming, DNA Activations, Detoxification of the Mind, Body, Spirit, House Clearing, Long Distance Healing. Come Experience the Magic of Theta Healing™. Daisy Blue Naturals, Independent Consultant Amy Hunt, 952.215.5192, email, — Some companies hide a few natural sounding ingredients in their products and call it natural. If you are putting it on your body, it ends up in your body. Shouldn’t you be using ingredients that are safe enough to eat? When we say natural, we mean Natural! EMC Organics, 612.729.7953, — EMC Organics offers certified organic and natural health and beauty products that are created using wind-sourced energy with sustainable and renewable ingredients. Products are certified to food-grade standards and are beneficial in many ways. Please go to our website for more information or call us today. Get Green Today Expo, 561.844.3882,, visit www. – Second Annual Natural Health & Green Expo returns to Maplewood Mall October 15-16 in Maplewood, MN. Natural Health & Green Products & Services. Exhibits, Lectures, Samples. Call for Exhibitors & Speaker/Sponsors. Visit our website today for more details. Greenbody Greenplanet Organic Hair Care, 8251 Main St. NE, Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN 55432, 1.888.201.8608,, visit www. – Our products are made with 100% Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Fair Trade Sourced and Sustainable ingredients. We are PETA approved, Vegan and EarthFriendly with our manufacturing process. Our bottles are non-PVC recyclable plastic, our labels are FSC certified, made from Wind Power, and all of our ingredients are 100% Biodegradable. Kangen Water, Joy Dupont 6A2 Global Independent Distributor, 561.844.3882,, — New to Minnesota. Local Distributors. Sample Free Kangen Water. Experience the benefits of Alkalizing, Anti-Oxidizing, Detoxifying, Super Hydrating water from your tap. Never buy bottled water again. Enagic specializes in creating quality, long-lasting water ionizers for the health-conscious consumer. Call for your Free Sampling. Lakewinds Natural Foods – Minnetonka, 17501 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345, 952.473.0292 – Chanhassen, 435 Pond Promenade, Chanhassen, MN 55317, 952.697.3366, – We are a full-service natural foods co-op with two



community Please visit all of our Community Business Listings online at Next month: If you offer Pet Health & Services, be listed here for only $25. Contact info + 50-word description of what you offer the community. Order your listing conveniently at For more info: 763.433.9291 or cathy@ Deadline June 17. Add your business to any existing community online. convenient locations in the western suburbs. We specialize in local, organic and natural products, and we offer online shopping and healthy living classes. Everyone is welcome to shop the co-op! Visit our website for more information. MB’s Cleaning Service, 651.225.1960 office, 651.329.4741 cell, — Toxic free cleaning products used to clean and shine your home or office. 17+ years of service in the St. Paul area. Not only do we clean…but can organize and “shift” the energy with Feng Shui. Call or email Mary Beth for an estimate. Mississippi Market, two convenient St. Paul locations: 622 Selby Ave. (651.310.9499) and 1500 W. 7th St. (651.690.0507), — Carrying a wide selection of green cleaning products, reusable bags & food containers, and canning & food preserving supplies. A certified organic retailer offering local & organic produce, local cheeses & dairy products, sustainably raised meats, homemade deli salads, entrees & smoothies, and fair trade coffee. Natural Pest Products Store LLC, 738 County Road B East, Maplewood, MN 55117, 651.793.6341,, www.NaturalPestProductsStore.  com — Natural Pest Products Store started in 2003, and strives for great customer service. We offer some of the best natural solutions to most pest issues, along with a full line of natural cleaning products and some lawn care products. We welcome any questions. Check out our website today. Psinergy, 612.234.7237, — Affordable, onsite Computer (Mac or PC) Repair Services. Techs available 10am to Midnight, 7 days/week. We offer flat, reasonable fees for your home or business that fit into your budget. For example, $99 flat-fee Onsite Virus Removal. Highly reviewed and we guaranty all of our services! Visit our website or call for more information. Sassafras Health Foods, owner Paula Comstock, 2186 3rd St., #110, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, — Sassafras Health Foods carries a variety of Health products. From various types of vitamins and minerals, to high-grade essential oils, herbs, cold and flu season remedies, body care products, protein powders, High-grade fish oils, gluten free foods and much more. Store hours online. As they say in White Bear Lake, ask Sassafras! USagainGREEN, John Munkholm, 651.387.4473,, www. – Business Owners, Organizations, Schools and Communities: Looking for a new way to offer a free service to your customers that they will actually like and use without any cost or work involved for you? And, We Pay You! Help save the planet by going green. It’s easy. Get started now creating additional revenue. Wintermoon Summersun Adventures for Women, 3388 Petrell Road, Brimson, MN 55602, 218.848.2442,, – A adventure retreat lodge in Northeast Minnesota teaching the basics of kayaking and dogsledding in small, supportive groups. Vacation green: We’re 100% solar power, wood heat, Finnish sauna, hand pump for delicious well water, organic gardens, Lodging and great meals included. Feel rejuvenated by connecting with nature.

HAPPENINGS Calendar listings

…provide date, title and text. $29: up to 35 words. $45: 36-70 words each month. Listings over 70 words will be edited. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Listings must include specific event dates. Major credit cards accepted. Order online at Call 763.433.9291 or e-mail June 1 – Easy Steps to Soul Travel: Learn how to explore your inner worlds to solve problems, expand your consciousness, and move closer to the heart of God. Free workshop. June 1, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar. TempleofECK. org, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Preregister, free booklet! June 2 – Ladies Spring Expo: Free Event 5-8pm! Expo of 15+ unique products and interesting services! Spa Mini Demos! Wellness and Healthy Planet Exhibitors! And More! Twin Cities Chiropractic & Nutrition, 3357 36th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.240.7133, visit www.metrominiexpos. info/tcc.html. June 4 – Demystifying Crystal Healing: 1-4pm. Discover how to work intuitively and intelligently with crystal and stone energy! $45.  ZRS Fossils and Gifts, 3018 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis.  612.824.1068. ZRS Class Schedule: fs008/1102789714446/archive/1105615352562. html. June 7, 14, 21 – Spiritual Evolution – Beyond Science: Instructors Barbara Everett and Elizabeth St. Angelo. June 7: Introduction to Spiritual Evolution, 5:30-7:30pm. June 14: The Seven Great Cosmic Planes: How the Universe is Organized, 5:30-7:30pm. June 21: Seven Rays, 5:307:30pm. Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN. To register 952.358.8343. Visit June 8 – What is Spiritual Dreaming? Dreams can be a report card on our spiritual growth. Learn to understand the sacred messages in your dreams. Free workshop. June 8, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Preregister, free booklet! June 9 – EFT – Me & Money: Not enough? Find out why, release those blocks and bring it in. World renowned experienced and intuitive EFT Advanced Practitioner Dr. Kim Eisen from, 612.802.HEAL (4325), 6:30pm. Only $20, RSVP: June 10 – Summer Spectacular Expo: Free Event 5-8pm! Expo of 12+ exhibitors! Unique Gifts Boutique! Spa Mini Demos! Plus fabulous prizes, food and fun! Kickin Nutrition, 1005 Crossings Drive, Delano, MN, 763.355.9041, June 10-12 – Spring Forest Qigong – Level 1 and Level 2: June 10: Level 1, 8:30am-4:30pm. June 11: Level 2, 8:30am-5pm. June 12: Level 2, 8:30am-12:30pm. Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN. To register, call 952.358.8343. Visit June 10-13 — 5th Annual Celebrate Your Life in Chicago: Join the country’s top bestselling authors for a powerful life-changing event with workshops that will inspire, motivate and help you create the life you desire! Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lisa Williams, Neale Donald Walsch are just a few of the presenters at this amazing four-day event. Take time for you! 1.877.300.7352 or www.CelebrateYourLife. org. June 10-12 – Compassionate Acceptance: A Mindful Path to Healing Life’s Wounds: Deepening the spiritual path by Thomas Roberts, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Christine Center, Willard, WI. Email christinecenter@ or call 715.267.7507. June 10-12 – Women’s Soul Spa with Rabbi Sigal Brier: Nourish your soul. Nurture your body, and rediscover your joy. Christine Center, Willard, WI. Email or call 715.267.7507.

JUNE 2011 sun







1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Bookmark the Happenings Calendar online. Buy an extended listing with photos & press release at or call 763.433.9291. June 11 – Magical Housekeeping Workshop with Author Tess Whitehurst: Discover the essentials of improving the vibration of your home environment and accessing your home’s full potential as an all-purpose tonic for successful and harmonious living. 7-9pm at Eye of Horus, Minneapolis. Pre-registration required. $25. 612.872.1292, June 11 – Rosicrucian Open Meeting: “Introduction to the Rosicrucian Order,” 11am-1pm, Essene Chapter, 4718 42nd Ave. N., Robbinsdale. Free parking and entrance in back. June 11-12 – PhotoReading: With Instructor Cheryl Hiltibran, 8:30am-4:30pm, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN. To register 952.358.8343. Visit June 12 – Natural Wellness & Psychic Faire: Come meet and experience 12 of the best Natural Wellness Practitioners and Psychic/Readers from the Twin Cities! We’ve made a special arrangement with all of the vendors to offer their services at an extremely affordable price, $1 per minute for any service! Admission is Free! Noon to 6pm at The Nicollet, 1931 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. Info: June 12 – Crystal Children: Noon-1pm. For Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow Children (5 to 8) interested in developing their natural gifts. $25. ZRS Fossils and Gifts, 3018 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis. 612.824.1068. ZRS Class Schedule: 1102789714446/archive/1105615352562.html. June 12 – Crystal Empowerment:  1:30-3:30pm. Explore specific crystals for healing layouts, wands, cleansing, meditation, protection, grounding and more. $35.  ZRS Fossils and Gifts, 3018 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis. 612.824.1068. ZRS Class Schedule: http:// archive/1105615352562.html. June 12 – Special Guest Performer – Michael Monroe! Key to Life Center hosts brilliant songwriter and performer Michael Monroe. Key’s empowering spiritual topics, coupled with Michael’s inspiring original music, is an unexplainable inspiring experience. On Sunday, June 12, Lenni Garin, Key’s lead minister, will be discussing the empowering practical principles of karma during one of her most popular topics, “The School of Life.” www.keytolifecenter. com,, 763.477.6577. Free Event. Donations accepted.

June 14 – Summer Getaway Expo: Free Event 5-8pm! Enjoy a fun summer evening of exploring 15+ exhibitors with interesting products and services! Lots of free demos! Fabulous prizes! Olson Brothers Chiropractic, 4200 County Rd. D West, Roseville, MN, 651.633.0155, June 15 – Past Lives/Present Opportunities: Learn techniques and spiritual exercises to understand your past-life connections for more freedom and love today! Free workshop. June 15, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet! June 17-19 – Inner Peace with Yoga — Yoga Without Postures: Including Yoga Nidra: with Roberta Hodges. For all ages and conditions. Christine Center, Willard, WI. or call 715.267.7507. June 18 – Two Special Summer Events: “The Journey for Answers” Shamanism Workshop with Mary Stoffel, 10:30am-12:30pm. “Peace through Filmmaking” with filmmaker Pamela Nice, 1:30-3:30pm. Center for Harmonious Living, 12201 Mtka Blvd, Minnetonka. Visit 612.270.3312. $15 each. June 18 – Crystal Intuition For Women:  1-3pm. Explore the use of crystals to enhance your awareness and sharpen your senses. $35. ZRS Fossils and Gifts, 3018 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis. 612.824.1068. ZRS Class Schedule: fs008/1102789714446/archive/1105615352562. html. June 18 – Crystal Dreams:  3:30-5:30pm. Learn to incorporate crystals with your dream experiences and enhance your healing course. $35. ZRS Fossils and Gifts, 3018 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis. 612.824.1068. ZRS Class Schedule: fs008/1102789714446/archive/1105615352562. html. June 19 – Dances of Universal Peace: An interfaith gathering, blending sacred phrases, chant, music and movement into a living experience of Unity and sacred community. No experience necessary, free will donation. 7pm Sunday, Friends Meeting House, 1725 Grand Ave., St. Paul,, 651.307.3849. June 19 – Find Inner Peace – Chant HU! In our fastpaced world, are you looking to find more inner peace? Experience the divine love and inner peace of chanting HU, a sacred name for God. All are welcome to this half-hour HU Song at the Temple of ECK. Free! Sunday, June 19, 10-10:30am, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. June 21 – MN Health Information Technology Training Information Sessions: 6-7pm, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN. To register 952.358.8343. Visit June 21– Women’s Summer Expo: Free Event 4-7pm! An evening of unique gifts for your loved ones and pampering for yourself! 17+ Exhibitors! New Membership Expo Special $0 Joining Fee! Curves, 11656 Winnetka Ave. N., Champlin, MN, 763.427.7878, visit www. June 22 – Krishna Das concert: Krishna Das, one of the best-selling chant artists of all time, brings his “Samara By Bus” Tour to the Fitzgerald Theater at 7:30pm, Wednesday, June 22. Reserved Seating is $35 plus applicable fees. Tickets are available at the Fitzgerald Theater Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations, charge by phone at 1.800.745.3000 and online at His music layers traditional kirtan – chanting of the divine names – over popular arrangements and songs. Info: June 22 – Tuning In to Waking Dreams: Could God be speaking to you through events in your daily life? Find out how to recognize these everyday messages from Spirit. Free workshop. June 16, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar. www., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet!

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…provide category and text. $1 per word, 20-word minimum. Ads are due by the 15th of the month prior to publish date. Major credit cards accepted. Call 763.433.9291 or e-mail

CHANNELING EVENT ORION (SIMILAR TO ABRAHAM AND SETH) translated thru Leslie Stewart, Group session 9am-noon on July 9th @ the Healing Loft. Individual sessions: 1pm-5pm at the Healing Loft. July 10: individual sessions Country Inn Suites (Roseville). For info: call Ken 513.942.3009 or Lisa 763.503.4797, email

PUBLICATION CHRISTIAN GNOSIS – A bi-monthly journal dedicated to spreading the message of Esoteric Christianity. Email to receive this publication as a PDF Document. EDGE CLASSIFIEDS – Rent space, buy, trade or sell. Call 763.433.9291. June 23-30 – Nordic Walking: With Instructor Linda Lemke, 5:30-7:30pm, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN. To register 952.358.8343. Please visit June 24-25 & July 19-23 – What happens before birth, after death, between our life experience? Who am I, really? Why am I here? Madonna Kettler returns to facilitate a life changing experience: “Birth Death & the Afterlife: Remembering Who We Really Are,” a 2-part experiential workshop. Friday 6/24, 7-9pm, and Saturday 6/25, 10am-4pm at Pilgrim’s United Church, Maple Grove. Also: 5-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training, 7/19-23, 10am6pm, Brooklyn Park. To register: 612.709.5578, 763.537.5591, June 24-26 – Cosmos, Soul and the Super, Natural! An Earth Dweller’s Guide to the Holy: with Gabriele Uhlein, OSF. Earth-care as soul-care. Christine Center, Willard, WI. Email or call 715.267.7507. June 24-26 – IET Practitioner Certification Intensive — To Heal with the Angels: Join Bonny, Top 30 Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy®, for this 2 day class in Avon, MN, just north of St. Cloud. Learn how to remove “issues from the tissues” permanently with self, distant and client healing. Includes three comprehensive manuals, three Spiritual DNA attunements and three certificates covering Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Pre-register at 928.300.0359, visit asp. June 24-26 – The Gentle Path of Self-Care and Unconditional Love: Gary Egeberg shows us how to come home to Unconditional Love within. Christine Center, Willard, WI. Email or call 715.267.7507. June 25-26 – Tai Chi Workshop with Fong Ha: Join the Director of the Integral Chuan Institute in Berkeley, CA, in learning this standing meditation to help you develop internal energy for enhancing your health, reducing stress, improving concentration and increasing vitality. 9am-4pm both days at Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, MN. To register 952.358.8343. Visit June 29 – Out-of-Body Adventures: Find out more about what these experiences mean. Discover how to transcend astral travel and experience profound spiritual realms. Free workshop. June 29, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen.


 SALES OPENING WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A PART OF THE EDGE TEAM? Part-time Commissioned Sales Person needed for the Fargo, ND, Area. Must have sales experience and great organization skills. Work at home position. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person to start a new territory. Contact Cathy 763.433.9291. Email your resume today to

WORK FROM HOME GENERATE INCOME EASILY! A system that can generate an income without you ever having to deal with customers or suppliers! Best of all, it’s a system that is EASY! Here is your chance to work from home. For more information, call 1.800.805.8254, ext. #S705,  or you can check out are website July 20 – Discover Keys to Secret Worlds: Learn spiritual exercises to access and explore past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel. Find keys to your inner worlds. Free! Wednesday, July 20, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. July 22-24 – Evening Lecture & Weekend Workshop with Penny Kelly: Bestselling author and foremost authority on 2012, Sustainability & the Great Awakening. Friday: 7-9pm lecture on “The New Earth – Living in Harmony.” Saturday-Sunday, 10am-5pm workshop “Developing The Gift of Consciousness: Harnessing Your Intuitive Skills.” Crowne Plaza, Minneapolis North, 2200 Freeway Blvd. Registration and Info: visit www., 763.427.1312 or 1.877.776.5244. July 27 – What Happens When I Dream? Dreams can be a report card on our spiritual growth. Learn to understand the sacred messages in your dreams. Free workshop. July 27, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet! August 12-14 – Third Annual Interfaith Retreat — A Longing in Our Hearts: In dynamic conversation: Jamal Rahman, Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, and Jean Feraca, M.A. Christine Center, Willard, WI. or call 715.267.7507. August 15-26 – Hypnotherapy Certification Training: Want to have a new career or expand your wellness practice? Become a Certified Hypnotherapist! Help people develop confidence, dissolve phobias, find love or investigate past lives. M-F, 8-6pm, Dynamic Minds, Hypnosis Center & Training, 4749 Chicago Ave. S., Mpls. Facebook: dynamicminds,, 612.827.8094. August 20-26 & August 27-September 2 – Your Life, Your Light: The Enlightenment Retreat with Theresa O’Connor. Discover the depth and richness of the total self. Christine Center, Willard, WI. or call 715.267.7507. September - November – Hypnotherapy Certification Training: Want to have a new career or expand your wellness practice? Become a Certified Hypnotherapist! Help people develop confidence, dissolve phobias, find love or investigate past lives. Tuesday evenings, Saturday day, Dynamic Minds, Hypnosis Center & Training, 4749 Chicago Ave. S., Mpls. Facebook: dynamicminds,, 612.827.8094.

July 6 – Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel: Is it time to remember why you came to earth? Discover your spiritual reasons for coming into this lifetime. Free workshop. July 6, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet!

September 29-October 3 – AIA International Aromatherapy Conference & Wellness Expo: Learn how aromatherapy is currently being utilized in hospitals, hospice and in many integrative health care settings. Plus, network with integrative health care practitioners from around the world. Great workshops! Shop the Expo! Minneapolis area. Vendors wanted. Visit for registration, schedule and speaker list.

July 13 – Have I Lived Before: Awaken past-life memories through spiritual exercises, dreams, and Soul Travel. Understand and resolve karmic relationships for more love today. Free workshop. July 13, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet!

October 15-16 – Get Green Today Expo: At Maplewood Mall. Exhibits, Demonstrations, Sampling and more. We are currently looking for Sponsors, Exhibitors and Speakers. Contact Joy 561.844.3882 or, visit www.GetGreenTodayExpo. com.


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The Edge is a monthly magazine on holistic living. It supports an authentic way of life. It features an online digital magazine, as well as...

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