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Third Eye Socialize Riverboat Cruise set for August 14 The 5th annual Third Eye Socialize Riverboat Cruise on the scenic St. Croix River — a gathering of all those touched by angels, to relax, socialize and enjoy just being in the moment — will take place from 6-9 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 14, departing from St. Croix Boat & Packet Co., 525 Main St. S., in Stillwater, MN. This event is hosted by Annette Bruchu, a nationally-known visionary, intuitive healer, psychic, medium, author of the award-winning Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven, and owner of the Helping You Heal Center in Stillwater. While aboard this private charter, passengers can take part in a variety of activities, from socializing and sharing food and drinks with friends, receiving an enlightening reading or angel message or enjoying lively music and entertainment performed by American Pie, to just hanging out on deck taking in the scenic river views. The crew of gifted angel and tarot card readers, intuitive readers, psychics, and mediums will be offering brief readings for a minimal fee throughout the evening. “This is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the end of summer, so I encourage you to bring your friends or just yourself and enjoy the ride!” Bruchu says. Prepaid reservations are required. The cost is $65 per passenger. All tickets for this private charter must be purchased in advance through the Helping You Heal Center or online at www.AngelForHigher. net.a THE EDGE MAGAZINE 763.433.9291 P.O. Box 664, Anoka, MN 55303 PUBLISHERS TIM MIEJAN & CATHY JACOBSEN

Mas Sajady, Vital Force & Your High Performance Consciousness Mas Sajady, founder of Exponential Intelligence®, MediMorphosis™ and Medihealing®, is returning to Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC) in July to provide a lecture, healings and a free youth event. A survivor of two-near experiences, Sajady was gifted with the extraordinary ability to help individuals reprogram at the level of vital force, the most core level of their being — existing even before energy, mind, emotions or the subconscious. He is able to engage your vital force to assist the expansion of your consciousness; ultimately helping you to return to a natural state of health and abundance in all areas of life — leading to the unblocked expression of your highest potential. Sajady has helped tens of thousands around the world break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives so they may achieve not only success, but also significance in their lives. He also has assisted individuals with the opening, purifi-

cation and amplification of their own, innate intuitive abilities — leading to mastery of their unique gifts and talents.   This series of new events with Mas Sajady at LHSC is coming in July:   • Friday, July 26, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. — Appointments, Industrial-Strength Group Healings® • Friday, July 26, 7-10 p.m. — Talk  on “Confirming Deletions”and Medihealings®. This is a fundraiser with all proceeds benefitting Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.  • Saturday, July 27, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. — Appointments, Industrial-Strength Group Healings® • Sunday, July 28, 1-5 p.m. — Free Youth Event — Youth MediMorphosis™ Lake Harriet Spiritual Community is at 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. For more details, visit a

sound bowls BY


in each corner of my sacred office sleep two sound bowls— tunes to warm a wounded heart bring solace to cells damaged from youth. around those I’ve become to recognize with my Quan Yin love.

These vibrations warm, as if sounds of mother’s blood swooshing about, the same blood which didn’t want me.

I want them to remind me how we need to bury that which no longer serves us, including people who burn fires in our souls, but like a helicopter which drowns flames, I shall drown them too. a

Thank you bowls for my peace, thank you friends who understand this pain which lives in that embryo once me. Thank you everyone who sees me for whom I am appreciates my greatness and the love I have to offer. I want these bowls to embrace me I want them to form a protective shield

DIANA RAAB, Ph.D., is an award-winning author, poet and speaker. She’s the author of nine books and has been widely published in national journals and anthologies. Her two latest books are Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life and Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal. Visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Feeling Your Intuition BY


Second of a 4-part series WHETHER YOU ARE JUST starting to develop your intuition or are a professional, it is essential to practice your intuition consistently to keep it clear, sharp and most accurate. Practicing on things you have no emotional attachment to helps you trust the information you receive. It’s important to remember we are not “thinking” information, we are feeling energy and accessing the information in it. I practice my intuition using feeling every day when I play my favorite video game (Cookie Jam). This is a match 3 game and often there are several options of symbols to match. I “feel” which is the match to make by scanning the screen with my eyes unfocused, not intently staring, and see where they are drawn. I’m often surprised at how many matches cascade as the result of the one I select! There are several things to consider when “feeling” our intuition. How is intuition different from thought? Intuition and thought, for me, arrive from different places in my body. A thought rises up from within me and floats to the surface of my awareness. An intuition always drops into my head from above me, specifically between my right temple and crown. I learned this by setting the intention to follow the energy of the information back to its place of origin and paying attention time after time after time. Thought and intuition also have very

different textures to them. Thought has a dense texture and intuition has a light texture. If they were fabric, thought would be plaid wool and intuition would be pastel chiffon. How can you distinguish intuition from fear? Fear (ego masquerading as intuition) will often present as a phobia, a strong aversion to a place or person or thing; fear is full of personal blame (If you don’t do this you will be a bad person); fear is often “charged” with energy and very pushy in its directives; fear tenses the body. Intuition rarely yells, is a small whisper; intuition does not judge, just presents information; intuition may start out with a small sign, then increase and vary the delivery (signs on billboards, license plates, TV, etc.); intuition can be persistent, but is not pushy, it is matter-of-fact; intuition leaves your body relaxed.

EXERCISES The following are exercises on developing your clairvoyance (ability to “see”). You may think you cannot “see,” but I know you can. Right now think of an orange. See, you could remember it and “see” it in your mind. You can “see.” 1. Start simple: Go to a quiet place. Select a simple object, a piece of paper, a pen, a fruit, etc. Place the object in front of you. Examine it intensely, noticing all the little details and lighting. Then close your eyes and envision it as you saw it. Be intense and see it clearly. Open your

eyes and do it again. Repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually choose more complicated objects with more color or detail, your keys, a fabric, etc. Move on to even more visualizations involving perspective: What does this room look like from the above right corner looking down on it, etc.? 2. Play Seek and Find games, either in books or videos. These games either have two pictures between which to notice the differences, or have hidden objects within many objects for you to find. This visual practice actually enhances the brain’s performance with internal vision. You can also play the old card game “Go Fish.” 3. Building a Rainbow exercise. Internally picture a wet field of grass. Rather than seeing the rainbow complete, you will build it one color at a time. First see the red start from the clouds and down to the grassy field. See the color getting brighter. Now do the same with the rest of the colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Place them all in that order. You can add variations to this: see your rainbow dance, move or change direction. View it over an ocean or under water. Let it circle the globe into outer space! Have some fun with it. a JEAN WALLIS is a psychic in Minneapolis who currently teaches courses on Emotional Empowerment, Universal Energy and Psychic Development, Exploring our Body, Mind, and Spirit, Eternal Love Meditation, and Kwan Yin Healing. Contact her at 612.874.1453 or jeanwallis@ COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

A Love Letter from the In Between MAUREEN ADDINGTON BY

THIS IS DEDICATED to you. This you is someone who has had one or more in-depth spiritual practices, teachers or paths — experiences that, for one reason or another, ended. On this day, 5/31/19 at 8:34 a.m., my browser shows 140,000,000 hits for spiritual teachers. No other time in human history has provided this glut of influences exploring the 8  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

truth of who we are, leaving us open to untold numbers of spiritual leaders, religions and practices, with varying levels of congruence, in one lifetime. And depending on our degree of longing, the potential heartbreak of their dissolution. Unless you’re in the shattered and disillusioned phases of separation, this spiritual big box store of gurus has got to bring a smile. I mean, I’m just sayin’, wouldn’t we have a bit more

game as a species if even a very small percentage of those 140 million spiritual teachers were what they advertise themselves to be? Or conversely, there is always the spiritual take — that nothing here is as it appears. We live in a time where this is more apparent than ever before. My history includes participating in two long-term spiritual communities with teachers who had special abilities. What I notice from this is that we are, each of us, easily fooled regardless of our level of being and wisdom. Truly, the mystery of how the world works increases for me by the day. It has never  see IN BETWEEN on p. 10




continued from p. 8

felt more surreal. I’m also easily fooled. And I’m writing you from the in between to say if you feel the same, it’s more than okay. It’s a fulcrum, a lifeline to noticing the places we keep hidden from ourselves. I remember a time I was walking in the woods and this young brave girl was running at top speed ahead of her family on the trail in my direction. She fell flat a few feet in front of me. As I kneeled down to comfort and check on her, she popped up super fast, embarrassed and nervous, saying over and over, “I’m okay, I’m not hurt, I’m okay, I’m not hurt.” As I watched and listened to her, I had such a sense that this was learned behavior. She was taught never to fall, and if she did fall to pretend it didn’t happen. If you’ve been spit out of one or more spiritual whale bellies, let yourself lie dazed, alone on the shore. Let the not knowing, torn open confusion, sink in, regardless of what your mind is saying. If you do linger in the in between, without hustling to fill that space, it can be a gateway to a truer way of living, a reduced, concentrated version of what you are — the part that, rather than seeking perfection, is simply not afraid to fall. The mix up, innocently enough, of having 140 million spiritual teachers at our fingertips is two-fold. The first is that no one can give us what we already have. The second is losing touch with our own inherent wisdom and the courage it takes to connect with that vast resource inside ourselves. Set aside your longing for the bestowed “Enlightenment Winner’s Circle.” It’s nonsense. Nothing true builds up identity in the first place, certainly not through comparison or accomplishment. Rather, it lives, and cooperates, with reality — however it shows up. a MAUREEN ADDINGTON is living the dream in Portland, Oregon. Contact her at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Affirm: ‘I am Open’ A Monthly Affirmation BY


EVERY PART OF A SYSTEM informs the whole, and the whole informs every part. As a part of humanity, Earth, the cosmos and the patterns that extend even further, we are each a part of something larger than our individuality. Use this affirmation, “I am open,” to remember that we have the ability to choose to include any amount of the information that comes from “beyond us” in our daily lives. Some call it channeling, some call it mediumship, some call it psychic, but today we are going to call it open. We are going to call it human. The practice of becoming open involves two key pieces. The first is awareness. It is awareness that brings us closer to our goals and reminds us to stay on our path when we are tempted to stray. Becoming aware of who we are, and why we work the way we do as an individual, allows us to better work with our patterns and break out of cycles that keep us feeling repressed rather than free. Awareness of our own inner-workings is also what gives us the insight we need to see how we fit into the bigger picture and thus how we can collaborate with those around us to bring our gifts to larger systems. Working in groups is what frees us the most quickly and efficiently. When we connect with others who are sharing themselves authentically, our true power is mirrored back to us. As we have discussed in months past, our true power is our power to choose. To stay centered in that power we must sustain our awareness. As we practice becoming and remaining aware of what is going on within us, or, our “inner-experience,” we also become aware of how we are connected to everything that is beyond us and how to include that information in our lives by opening up channels by which information is able to travel.

SAFETY FOR OURSELVES The second key to becoming open is safety. It is through the practice of cultivating safety for ourselves that we are able to choose openness, or vulnerability, without our physiological and psychological mechanisms fighting to protect us from danger. This is crucial. We are all designed to stay alive by all means necessary and our systems will reorganize in any moment to ensure our survival. Awareness of our thoughts, feelings and bodies frees us from the memories of the times when we were unsafe so that in the present moment we do not recreate the need for protection when we are triggered by a similar stimulus, but no real threat is present. Through this practice of creating safety we come to find that fear itself is often what sends us into the “fight or flight” mode. The fear might come from an

internal stimulus such as a thought, or from an external stimulus such as a sight, sound or smell. Here we can see the bridge between our internal senses and external senses and how our sensory experience is not limited to one or the other; bridges exist between the two. The bridge between our external world and our internal world is emotion. It is awareness of emotion, or “feeling,” that brings us into the position where we are able to access all information available to us in any given moment. It is feeling that allows us to be open. So, we talked about awareness, which is recognizing the emotional bridges between our internal experience and external experience. We talked about the importance of cultivating safety for ourselves so that we can begin to make choices that break cycles and patterns of protection and move us gently into a state of freedom. Now we need to talk about the “how.” How do we cultivate the safety necessary for openness to become our new normal? Lastly, we will touch on the “why.” Why do we want to be open? We create safety for ourselves in two ways. One is to notice our triggers, be they external or internal, and introduce an alternative response. This is a practice, as all things are. Be easy with yourself. The first step to moving from a “reaction” or “protective response” into openness or a “heart-centered response” is to validate any emotion that comes up by allowing ourselves to feel it. As we do this we will notice that the roots of the emotion come into our awareness. We might have memories come back to us that show us the cause of the trigger or the initial experience where that emotion was not allowed to be fully felt and integrated. This lack of integration or feeling, in the moment that an emotion arises, is what causes a pattern to begin in which the emotion will come up again and again and again in response to a trigger. We free ourselves when we allow ourselves to feel and we feel when we are safe enough. Choosing to feel is synonymous with both openness and self-love. As we create the safe space for emotions to be felt, we are validating them. We allow them to inform our system and then transform into something else. They do their job and then they go off the clock.

PRACTICE OF FEELING This practice of feeling is what brings us out of patterns of thought and behavior that keep us continually choosing protection rather than freedom. Choosing freedom is where we will see movement in our lives that looks like synchronicity, support, opportunities, self-development and healing. Remember, your story is yours to keep but how you tell it is your  see I AM OPEN on p. 14



Let Go, Just Be as We Transform A Pleiadian Message BY


BELOVED ONES, WE GREET YOU. We, the Pleiadians, are currently living out our own incarnation within this Universe. As part of our mission, in this lifetime we are to bring the teachings held within the Universe and transmit the light initiations to all of you who are ready. We provide support to those of you on planet Earth who are on a conscious path of awakening now. We bring you information and understanding about energetic transitional phases taking place now on your Earth plane. Through this clarity and comprehension, you gain the self-empowerment to engage consciously within the multidimensional shifts that are happening and fully utilize the new energetic dynamics that are here for you. You will be able to regain your tools as we realign you to your multidimensional nature so you can begin to tap into a series of states of expansion as they are revealed on Earth. Through the full utilization of these unveiled opportunities, your own self-realization process of awakening can be accelerated.

ENERGETIC MANTLE We hold an energetic mantle for the Earth during these powerful phases of expansion to stabilize the planet’s growing grid systems. This mantle allows for a more stabilized atmosphere within the planet for transformation and transmutation and does not interfere with your individual process. We liken this mantle to an energetic womb that supports the Earth’s changing core to allow a full transition of the light to take place. This womb also holds doorways open to provide access to multidimensional energetic states for your reconnection to the Higher Realms. We also are here to serve humanity by providing support within energetic openings that can accelerate you in a reconnection to your full potential. Another role we are to play is to make adjustments within your electrical systems as they go through upgrading cycles during each transition. As your physical systems go through a crystalline transformation, we can assist you with adjustments within your brain and nervous systems. We can always be accessed for energetic support during your multidimensional energetic transitions. As you move deeper within these changing times, we bring teachings, wisdoms that hold Truth, that support you in gaining deeper insights of your mission and the roles you are to play within the collective energy of the Universe. Throughout your individual transitional stages, we can assist you in the 1 2  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

navigation and orientation to your individual paths of reconnection to the Higher Realms.

ENERGETIC FLOW We can hold what we call an energetic flow that will surround your energetic field, supporting you in being able to realign to your higher frequency settings. These flows are designed to assist you in your ability to integrate these higher light forms much more quickly as you travel through the changing energetic landscape within yourself. We can work with you remotely to adjust your systems and don’t need to enter your energetic field or body. Only with your permission do we work through a telepathic communication system by aligning directly within your heart cells. We have a desire to serve you at this juncture during these series of transitional phases that you are undergoing. Know that we cannot and do not desire to work within your energetic space without your permission. In this incarnation you have “free will,” and it is essential that we honor your process and do not interfere without an expressed desire from you. We are present to witness you in your unfolding, and we bring support only when invited consciously by you. Through an energetic flow that we construct around you, we can offer support so you can reconnect more efficiently with your multidimensional tools. We can adjust your systems assisting you in integrating the higher frequency elements of your light. Through our support your telepathic systems can be activated to enable you to play a more complete role within the Universe to engage and interact within a telepathic communion that exists within the full Universal community. You can be enabled through our guidance to receive a deeper understanding of how to engage in a more authentic communion, and appreciate the energetic protocols held within the various communities. This will accelerate you forward towards a successful fulfillment of your mission within the Universal collective.

LIFE FORCE GROUPS Many of you are predestined to align to different life force groups that exist within this resident Universe. Many of you are destined to work within Universal teams in setting up different energetic systems within the Earth plane to support these transitional phases. This is the time to step forward and claim your power by beginning to draw from your unique set of multidimensional tools that are now fully accessible to you. For some of you, it is essential as part of your next step to reconnect to your “Family of Origin.” A reconnection to your heritage

plays a significant role at this stage of your awakening. This reunion will bring you essential sustenance within your heart. You will be re-aligned to elements of your higher frequency heritage energy, which will integrate naturally through your heart for this current lifetime. Your Family of Origin can reunite you to a high frequency of authentic love through reconnection. And you will receive an ongoing nutritional love, which is designed to nourish and nurture you in your daily life. This high frequency of love does not exist here on Earth between human beings, and this deep alignment within your heart to your family off planet will propel you into a completion phase of your own self-realization process. As you evolve within these expanded connections off planet, you will hold a new element of love within your heart, which can move outwards to support humanity. You will naturally carry a higher knowledge that exists from your heritage reconnections. This consciousness energy can transmit as a frequency through your heart outwards.

PLAYING YOUR ROLE Another phase of the “New Dawning” is just about to commence on Earth, which has placed a call for you to align to another aspect of your multidimensional path. We are present and available to support you in aligning to fully engage with these openings. Our presence on Earth is fully supported by the entire Universal community. We are all linked as we work in sacred alliance within the God Consciousness state. There are many life force groups that are part of a Universal team that are working within Earth. The spiritual realms are also working alongside, playing an essential role. We, the Pleiadians, play our role and we are a part of this team. You are not alone in your process. This is the time to understand that you are also playing your role and are part of this Universal team. Without you, this process could not proceed and, ultimately, it will be humanity that plays the greatest part in the transition of Earth. You may be unaware of your importance within the Universe as an individual and as a planet. Each one of you holds within you a unique divine aspect of God light that directly reflects throughout our Universe. This is where we all meet collectively within the divine God light consciousness. This is why we are here to assist you now because you need to fully utilize these shifts as they become available, to take your place and to play your full role at this juncture. You are to play a pivotal and significant role  see LET GO on p. 14

My Not So Peaceful Awakening BY

Human Kindness BY


EXPLORING OUR OWN HAPPINESS and the happiness we experience when we connect with others helps us discover our human “kindness.” What if caring for our own spirit and being mindful of everyone else’s are the two things that would make all the difference in our levels of joy in life? Discovering our own spirit is simply a way of thinking, a shifting into higher consciousness and becoming more aware and awake. It’s a knowing that our spirit is alive, as it has been all along. It’s about becoming quite enough to hear what our spirit is telling us, what’s right for us or what’s not. When we do what’s right for our spirit, we have the key to move forward in a different way. To put it simply, we’re free to drive the “car” wherever we want to go because when we put the key in the ignition and our foot on the gas, we move in that direction. I have spent many years caring for our aging population. When talking with them about their lives and memories, they often have regret over the choices they have made. The processing they do about their lives and how they have lived makes me wonder why we can’t see during our younger years how critical it is to be kind, loving and caring to ourselves, those we love and all those with whom we interact. Wouldn’t we all experience greater levels of happiness if we paid attention to our level of human kindness? Aren’t we all seeking the same things? Peace, love, and joy? We are called human “kind” and we’re all in this together! I believe we all wish to feel and express kindness; it’s our core, our natural sense of being. To find what we’re all searching for takes a collective village, but we must be in touch with our own spirit first, because that helps us feel connected to everyone’s spirit. On the outside, people appear different. People are rich, poor, dark, light, short, tall, big or small, however, our spirit shares the same desires, wishes, hopes and dreams of a happier, healthier, better life. Being mindful and account-

able about how we live and how we interact with everyone is the key. By unlocking the door, we make a commitment to ourselves, to one another and to this beautiful world to be happy and kind. This matters more than anything. We make a decision that respect for ourselves and all of humanity is the single most important thing to attain. We can achieve this by becoming more mindful of the internal dialogue that criticizes others and ourselves. We can live our lives differently by finding acceptance and applying our human kindness in all that we do! If we want to feel happiness flow from us and to us, we all need to become mindful of the thinker, for the thinker just thinks. We all have the power inside of us to speak to the thinker. Our spirit — the spirit of our life, the one who knows we are all connected to every living thing — is the one who has the keys to what we know to be true, that we deserve happiness and to live our lives with joy and peace for no other reason than that we are all part of human “kind.” When we make this our primary way of living and being, we will find what we are all looking for. We will replace sorrow and regret with joy and kindness as it resides in our spirit of life, our humankind. Here are some steps you can implement; • Make a list of what it means to you to be kind. • Be aware of the thinker and what it is saying. • If your thinker is judging something, you can say: “That’s not working for me anymore” or “There’s another way to look at this.” • Look at your list and choose one kind thing from it. • Take a breath, close your eyes and visually see this kindness in action. a ELIZABETH L. LUKACS has been the owner of Deeply Well since 1986, offering Alternative Wellness Events, Intuitive Consulting, Healing & Energy Work, Coaching, and Nature & Wellness Destination Retreats. Contact Liz at Deeply Well at 651.269.9060, email and visit www. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


LET’S GET REAL. Spiritual awakenings are not always what we imagine they are going to be. They knock us out of our comfort zone and force us to face ourselves on a deeper level than we ever imagined. For me it started when my mom died from cancer. I remember sitting in the hospital when the nurse explained that she had less than a week to live. My chest tightened, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. All I could do is look over at my mom and her wrinkled chestnut eyes gently smiling at me. She whispered, “Don’t worry, honey. Everything will be okay.” Over the next few days I stayed with her in the hospital, sleeping on a green hospital chair with patched-up holes and a squeaky footrest. Even though I never got more than a few hours of sleep, I found deep comfort in being with her. A day came when she asked to go home, which is where she always wanted to be when she died. The hospital arranged for an ambulance to take her to her house and the paramedics helped her into her bedroom. Over the next few days family and friends came over to visit, play music and sing to her. It was beautiful. When she took her last breath, I was sitting on her bed, holding her hand. What started out feeling like a paralyzing emotional numbness slowly became a crippling grief I had never experienced before. I spent hours screaming into my pillow, crying my eyes out and wondering why this had to happen to her. I was forced to take a good look at what my life was like without my mom, and I didn’t like it. I had become robotic and  see AWAKENING on p. 22 JULY 2019 THE EDGE  



continued from p. 12

within this resident Universe. Earth is to play a critical role as our entire Universe goes through a metamorphic shift. Each one of you on Earth has said “Yes” to playing your unique role within the collective energy at this time. This is a destiny call that we, as a collective consciousness, will unfold into a higher place within “the God seat of power” as a Universe. Your Earth plane is about to undergo another powerful shift within its axis and magnetic core this month. There will be a steady streaming of light that will come onto the planet, creating energetic layers of pure consciousness. Every layer will hold a state of consciousness that will build in intensity. Ultimately it will flow within your heart. These layers will flow and flood your heart cells, opening the cells like a flower opens to the sun. This is the time for an accelerated awakening of your sacred heart. This process will allow the heart to actively birth a pathway within you, reconnecting you to the higher realm state of your God light. This flowing, engaging light is designed to saturate your heart cells, transforming your own ability to engage and understand, to deepen the opening of your pathway to Home. This will realign you to “remembering” and open you into a vast potential of your own multidimensionality. Change is going to be part of this constant flow of light that is about to open up on another level through your shifting experience in your life. As you realign, you can begin to naturally, consciously shine forth your brilliance within Earth and outwards into our resident Universe. We welcome you with love and great appreciation for all that you are within your vastness. You are received back into the universal community as you consciously choose to take your place that is uniquely yours. You complete the whole as you return to your Self. Remember: this process is about reunion, reconnection. Your sacred nature is already completely intact just beyond the veil and can begin to actively operate within your life. This reset light flow current is about to commence on Earth, and the layers of this flow will not cease until the mission has completed itself on your Earth plane. Through the light flow, the 3rd dimensional drama will accelerate 1 4  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

around you in your day-to-day living. You must let go and move away from your ego mind and align to your heart space. This is your time to actively choose to witness the illusion of the drama and be still within your heart. The stillness aligns you to the heart’s clarity, to knowingness, to Truth.

ENERGETIC PATHWAY As an individual you will be taken, absorbed, through a specific energetic pathway for realignment and refinement to your sacred Higher being aspect. This is your time to live differently, engaging consciously to create that which can be activated consciously within your heart by you for your life now. There is actually little you have to do. Simply let go and be, allowing yourself to be taken by the flow. Being within your heart accelerates your fusion to your unique divine flow of light, which is growing brighter and brighter within the Universal consciousness. This flow is relentless. Try not to resist this pulsing rhythm that exists within the current. Just breathe, and let everything fall away that is illusion. Illusion is everything that does not exist within your heart. Know that we stand by you, waiting for the summons. You need to feel within your authentic heart your desire for us to work with you. We liken it to you planting a seed in the Earth by opening up your conscious heart’s desire to work in unity with us. This is you planting the seed, allowing it to become embedded in your heart. Then your thoughts and actions nourish and support the growth of this seed by sending a conscious communion outwards to us. Call us forward through your desire. Hold your heart and allow the desire to build. As you do this, begin to feel the love flowing into you from us. We witness you in this sacred juncture, which was set in motion from the “Awakening of the Dove.” This is your blessed journey. Claim your place within it! Blessings, The Pleiadians. a CHRISTINE DAY is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete selfhealing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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choice. It is always safe to release an experience to your past so that you can be free in the present. I liken this to walking around with a filter. If we are holding onto parts of our past that we did not feel safe enough to feel, or integrate, in the moment, then we introduce that old filter to all new experiences and we make each new choice from that place of not feeling safe. When we release our past we come into each new moment fresh and clean with only our true authentic desire, our heart, as our compass. It is always more beneficial to make choices from that space. The second way that we create safety for ourselves is to take inspired action. When we notice something in our external environment that is not supportive, that does not give us the space to feel and listen to our authentic desire, then we need to change our environment. This is internal work but it is also external. Do not sit around and try to master your internal experience without taking action to change the things that you notice are not creating a safe space for you. This could be leaving a relationship, moving, rearranging your space, changing your job, joining a group, taking a new way to work each morning, eating different foods, quitting alcohol or caffeine, finding new friends, trying new activities or getting outside more often. Any number of large or small changes to our external environment can provide the safety we need to include more information from the vast “whole” that we are a part of, in every moment. This is a process, and as our awareness increases inside, we also become aware of what action we can take to support ourselves. We want to be open because to be open is to give and receive love. Love is the most powerful force that exists; it creates space, it bridges seemingly impassible gaps, it joins and unites. Love is balance. Love is the force of collaboration. It is the force that brings solutions to problems with ease and minimal effort. It is support. Love heals. Invite openness as your new way of being with the affirmation, “I am open,” and watch to see how the pieces of your life rearrange. You will find new understanding as to how you relate to what is around you and how you relate to your own past. Openness will free you so you are able to move into your most authentic self and find the means of expression that allow you to share your gifts with the world and recognize your support every step of the way. As always, check back on my columns from December 2018 through now to find even more depth and support for the concepts we’ve discussed here today and reach out to me personally with any questions. Continue this conversation within all of the circles you are a part of and we will, indeed, change the world. a CHARLOTTE “MAMA” ROSE is an artist, psychic and mother of two based in St. Paul, MN. With a constantly evolving worldview, she is passionate about both listening to and expressing herself to others through music, writing, poetry, visual art and healing arts. Charlotte offers one-to-one creative work, psychic development and healing sessions. Find more on and on Instagram @ dearmamarose. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Constructive Nostalgia Mercurial Messages through the Zodiac BY


THIS MONTH THE PAST is with us in the best and worst of ways. Mercury retrogrades from July 7 until July 31, which brings our minds back to old friends and familiar haunts. We’ll appreciate nostalgic comforts, fireworks and picnics, welcome whiffs of yesterday. Since there’s not much point in pushing new work while Mercury retrogrades, let’s let the warmer memories feed us and feed our roots. Finish up old projects, tend a side agenda, and repair broken things. But this retrograde cycle, along with a solar eclipse July 2 and a lunar eclipse on July 16, also brings us back to old scars, ancient political fights and all too-familiar family dynamics. Emotional defenses can be unusually prickly, but we don’t have to get caught there. Break out of the trance of the past to find fresh options for the future. All month Mars in Leo energizes summer performance arts and stirs ego issues. Keep an even keel July 7-9; important decisions need to be made and sabers rattle as Mercury conjuncts Mars. July 11- 21 our heart stirs as Venus opposes Pluto. Celebrate full summer after the sun enters Leo July 22 and Venus follows on July 27.

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…Unfinished work follows you into the summer. Hold healthy boundaries, but know that you’re working on longer-term growth in personal authority and need to make reasonable sacrifices. Use a temper spike around July 11 wisely. Reconnect or repair relationships with children and old creative partners June 17 on. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…Tend the neighborhood, tend siblings and sibling-like friendships. Positive changes and new creativity bubbles around July 8. Responsibilities solidify mid-July as Venus opposes Saturn. Look for important connections from the past, which bring a chance to rewrite the story July 19-31. Gemini (May 21-June 20)…Tend your resources; investigate where they’re going, where you are leaking valuables, where you carry old debts. Avoid arguments about it mid-month; just shift your habits. Pay off old debts, patch the leaks, and move forward cleanly in the year ahead. Cancer (June 21-July 22)…Reclaim some old parts of your identity that had been left behind, for it helps you expand your sense of self. Watch those eclipses July 2 and 16, and notice what you need to release and what now has room to grow in your life. Plan to rest after July 22. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…Release stress as the month begins and Mars enters Leo. A lot may be asked of you, so enjoy it the best you can. July 14- 21, don’t try to force events into logic or get thrown by other’s personal storms; keep it steady. The world appreciates you more after July 22.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…This month may be busier than you like — your soul may call for retreat but people buzz in and out. You are unusually sensitive to Mercury retrograde, so watch for misunderstandings and technical snafus; finish old work. The poetry returns as Mercury conjuncts Venus July 24. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…Professional work buzzes, and family issues need attention. Don’t let the ball drop; follow through on professional leads and work, but don’t push new work forward until Mercury turns direct. Underneath, long-term family karmic issues simmer; they don’t need you to get sucked into old patterns. Just do your part to complete cycles. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)…You may long to retreat. Enjoy moments of solitude, but check in regularly with your beloveds and coworkers who may experience some disorienting changes this month. You have a chance to learn so much, but do it vicariously, by supporting others rather than diving into the turbulence yourself. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)…You may be upbeat when everybody else’s growly; some recent confusion clarifies for you even as others cross signals. Enjoy the wide outdoors as the month begins. Don’t try to tease others out of their discomfort mid-month; go gently with the truth. Your enthusiasm and energy are appreciated more after June 22. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)…You are in metamorphosis and may feel your age as the month begins. The eclipses on July 2 and 16 help you sort out your life and take more concrete steps towards the future. Some important emotional communication deepens July 19, starting with a fresh level of self-honesty. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…Work through old stuff in the back of your psyche and liberate energy for the future. Consider avoiding family mid-month, or walk carefully around old issues and don’t get caught in familiar energetic loops. You enjoy the debate more after July 21; look for intriguing new connections. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…Strange arguments and misunderstandings could erupt; instead of trying to work it out now, just witness that you see it a different way and talk about it later. Engage time with young people, and look for new creative and emotional sparks as the month begins. Tend to health habits after July 23. a HEATHER ROAN ROBBINS is a heart-centered and choice-oriented astrologer, palmist and ceremonialist with 30+ years’ experience. Her book, Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life using the Moon Signs and Cycles, brings real astrology into an accessible format. She’s trained in astro-locality, mythic, multi-generational and traditional astrology and uses them at the core of her spiritual counseling. For a daily view, read Starcodes at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




Presence “The present moment never leaves you. It is you who leaves the present moment.” BY


IF YOU ARE NOT PRESENT, then you must be in your mind. When you are in the mind, you are somewhere in the remembered past or imagined future. You are not here now. You are in a world full of all your thoughts, concepts, ideas, opinions and beliefs, including all those limiting beliefs which formed in early childhood and which negatively affect every aspect of your life. I am referring to limiting beliefs like: I am all alone, there is no one here for me, I am not loved, I am not accepted, I am not worthy, I am not good enough, I can’t do it.



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When you are in the mind, you live with fear, judgment and desire. You also live with all the emotions from the past repressed within you and which are often being triggered. When you are present, you open into an entirely different dimension of yourself and of life. You experience the truth and reality of the present moment. In Presence, you open into silence, peace, love, acceptance, compassion and true power. At the deeper levels of Presence, you open into Oneness, God and Heaven on Earth. To be present is remarkably simple. Just bring yourself present with something that is here in the moment with you. If you can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, touch it, or smell it in this moment, then you can be present with it. The moment you are truly present with something that is here in the moment with you, you are an awakened Being. Even though being present is simple, it is not so easy to remain present as you live your life, go to work and participate in your relationships. We are constantly being pulled back into the world of the mind. If you are to integrate Presence into your day-to-day life, there are a number of steps you will have to take and guidelines that you will have to follow. First, being present has to be your first priority. Many times each day, gently adjust your focus to be present with something that is here in the moment with you. We are habituated to living within the mind and we are addicted to thinking. It requires a very deep commitment to make that shift from the past and future to the present. Even if you are very busy at work, stop every now and then and for a minute or two, and bring yourself very present with the pen on your

desk or the plant in the corner of the room. This way, you will maintain your connection with Presence. If you go for a walk, there is no need to be thinking. Just be present with what you see or hear or feel. If you are washing the dishes or having a shower, there is no need to be thinking. Just be present. But to be present is not enough. You will also have to become a master of your mind and ego. You will have to go through a process of recognizing all the ways that you are involuntarily pulled out of the present moment. In the course of my own awakening, I have identified four main ways that we are pulled out of Presence: • Resistance of the ego. You will have to come into right relationship with the ego in a way that is acknowledging, loving and accepting, so that eventually it will surrender its need to be in control and it will no longer pull you out of Presence. • Denial of your humanness. Who have you become living in a world where no one is present? Have you become angry, blaming, judgmental, guilty, resentful, needy, a victim? You will have to go through a process of owning, acknowledging and confessing who you have become if you are to awaken into the truth of who you are. • Repressed emotions. These are continually being activated or triggered, which brings the past flooding in, making it impossible for us to remain in the truth and reality of the present moment. You will have to allow all those feelings repressed within you to gently surface into conscious and responsible expression for healing, completion and release. • Entanglement in others. There are a number of powerful hooks that pull us out of the present moment and cause us to get lost in others. Looking to others for love, approval or acceptance is an example of such a hook. Fearing rejection or judgment is another way we lose ourselves. Finally, you will have to free yourself

Past, Future in the Present Moment BY

from judgment, whether it is judgment of yourself, others, or some event that occurs in your life. As you deepen into Presence, your life and relationships will be transformed. You will feel more peaceful and more loving. You will no longer look to others for love and acceptance. You will no longer judge yourself or others, nor will you fear the judgment or opinion of others. You will feel more empowered to be yourself and express yourself fully and freely. You will think more clearly, and you will no longer be afflicted with that constant stream of unconscious and unintended thoughts. Your mind will be much quieter, and at the deeper levels of Presence, you will begin to experience what the great mystics and masters have been speaking about for centuries. a LEONARD JACOBSON is an author, teacher and mystic who is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. He has been sharing his Way of Awakening for over 35 years. He lives in Wayzata and offers regular meetings there. Find more of Leonard’s work at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


IN AUSTRALIA a number of years ago, a young boy was looking forward to seeing his first movie. An uncle and aunt had come into town, and they said they would take the children to a comedy. The boy was so excited. He’d never been to a movie before. But he was so excited that he got sick right before they were going to leave for the movie. “If you’re sick, you can’t go,” his mother said. At this, the boy threw a classic temper tantrum; he screamed and he shouted in his room until he fell on his bed in total exhaustion. Then he had a dream. In the dream, he found himself walking in front of their house. Four houses down the street was an old Federal-style building. On one side of this old house was a door that should have led to the basement. In the dream, the boy walked to the building and opened the door, but instead of a basement, he saw a huge auditorium with blue and orange seats. The room was filled with people, and the people seemed to know him. They waved to him and invited him to come in. There was someone on the stage, but the little boy didn’t understand what the man was saying. He was too young to understand. But a feeling of love came over him, and it was a good feeling. He stayed for the entire talk, and when it was over he went back out through the door, walked back to his house, and woke up in bed. The boy kept having this dream over and over, until one day in the physical he went out of the front door and walked over to the Federal-style building. He opened the front door and saw a dirty, dark old basement. After that he never had the dream again. He never again dreamed of this wonderful auditorium where all the people were full of joy and this person onstage was giving a talk. He forgot all about this until  see PRESENT MOMENT on p. 18 JULY 2019 THE EDGE  



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1992. At the end of November there was an ECK seminar in Sydney, Australia. By now this man had married, had two children, and was a member of Eckankar. He was sitting in the audience at the seminar, just enjoying everything that was going on, when suddenly this scene from his childhood opened up. The man remembered the auditorium. It was the same one as in his childhood dream. He realized that as a child, long before he knew about Eckankar, he had been at an ECK seminar. In fact, he had seen the future: the 1992 ECK South Pacific Regional Seminar. People wonder, How can this be? How can the future happen in this way? Although it seems to be a startling concept, it isn’t. There really is no separate past, no separate present, and no separate future. We talk about them as such: we look at past lives that we have spent in some other time, and we speak of different things we’ve experienced. We speak of all that as in the past. But past, present, and future are really one. We just see things sequentially because the mind is constructed to see things in a linear fashion, along a straight line. But people who have a particular talent in dreaming or prophecy can get off this linear time track. They can get above it in the soul body. And they can see the past, the present, and the future all in the present moment, because they are above time and space. This is one reason why we put so much emphasis on dreams in Eckankar. a SRI HAROLD KLEMP is an award-winning author, teacher, and spiritual guide who helps seekers reach their full potential. He is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and spiritual leader of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. His body of work includes more than one hundred books, which have been translated into eighteen languages and won multiple awards. Find your own path to true happiness, wisdom, and love in Sri Harold Klemp’s inspired writings. Visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Observe Your Way to the Present Moment BY


HAVE YOU EVER BEEN lost in thought and missed your turn? Or tripped because you weren’t paying attention? Where was your attention? Just the other day, I almost walked right into someone because I was so preoccupied. She said something that startled me so much I just about jumped right out of my shoes. I had no idea she was there. It was a not-so-subtle reminder that I needed to get out of my head and come back to the present moment. There’s only one thing that stops you from being in the present moment. It’s your thoughts. Thinking takes you out of the now, as Eckhart Tolle calls it. You can think or you can be present. It’s impossible to do both. Thinking and being are incompatible. Our challenge — as people are seeking to be present and aware — is that we live in a world that is based on endless thinking. The alarm sounds and we’re immediately thinking about all the things we need to do that day. We drink coffee to stimulate our brains and we’re off to the thinking races. There’s always plenty to think about. And, if you happen to have a thought-free moment, your brain will immediately fill that perceived void with something – anything — to keep the endless chatter going. For your brain, not thinking is death. One of the things I’ve heard time and again from people who’ve tried meditation is that they can’t make their brain be quiet. There’s a common misperception that you’re supposed to quiet the mind. That if you’re doing it right, you won’t have any thoughts. You can just enter a thought-free state of bliss. Well, it’s a nice idea, but it isn’t going to happen — at

least not for most of us. My brain never shuts up. How about yours? Have you ever discovered that your brain was silent? There are two keys to living in the present moment: • Accept that your brain is never going to stop thinking. Thinking is its job. And it’s very good at it. The more you try to make it stop, the louder it’s going to get. When you try to make your thoughts stop, your brain sees that as a threat and goes on the attack, creating even more thinking. So, forget trying to make your brain be quiet. A far more productive and successful approach is to accept that it is never going to be quiet. Stop trying to make it do something it won’t do. Trying to quiet your mind just leads to more noise. • Realize that the voice in your head is

not the voice of your true Self. It is the voice of your ego, your thinking mind. In other words, you’re not your thoughts. The beauty in this is that since you are not your thoughts, you don’t have to listen or believe them. You can just be you. Being puts you in the present moment. Your voice is the voice of your inner spirit. Some people call it intuition or inner knowing. You’ll find it down below your neck. But, don’t expect words. It doesn’t use words. Words are a creation of the ego. Your voice, the voice of your true Self, is a wordless presence. Your brain is all about thinking things up and making things happen. You are all about experiencing what’s happening, which is the essence of the present moment. In other words, find your inner voice and you find the present moment. To be in the present moment is to be an observer. Practice observing as often as possible. Observe your

thoughts, knowing they’re not you. Observe the world around you, paying attention to how you respond in your chest and belly. Allow the smells, sights and sounds of nature to speak to your inner spirit. If you find your brain thinking about what you’re experiencing, stop and return your attention to your inner awareness. The more you practice observing, the better you’ll get. Your presence will grow and you will gradually spend more and more time in the present moment. a STEVEN HIEBERT, author of the award winning book “Be Your Self and Be Well: Connecting with Your Soul’s Power to Heal” (Wise Ink), is a gifted healer, doctor of chiropractic, teacher and author who lives and works in St. Paul. Steven’s life’s work and passion is helping people heal. He has been in private practice since 1990, touching countless lives. Steven is available for appointments, speaking engagements, signings and events. He can be reached at, and at 651.777.9156. For more information, visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I N TI NY HAN DS Spirit Leaves


THE PATH TO PEACE lies in our ability to stay present. With our either/or thinking, we humans bristle at that suggestion. “What if the present involves a crappy situation?” we protest. In our complaint lies the answer. We can only control our thoughts, so we may need to change how we look at each situation that arises. Two ideas I’ve found particularly helpful in this regard are that of impermanence and the eternal now. The former is stressed in ancient Buddhist writings; the latter appears in various New Age transmissions. Impermanence is the notion that everything in this human life is temporary, transient. All is fleeting, illusory, dissolving like smoke into nothingness. The key to staying present, therefore, is to avoid forming attachments. Attachment is the source of all misery; once we understand that, everything changes: we can let go, breathe deeply and live happily within each moment. The eternal now involves a compelling recognition that past and future are gathered in the present, and that the present exists moment by moment. Often, the mind wanders into nostalgia, looking back over a past that is gone. At other times, the mind becomes mired in expectation, squinting to see a future that is not yet here. Soon, we become dissatisfied, feeling either regret for what has been lost or longing for what we cannot yet have. It is helpful to entertain the awareness that the past is gone and the future has yet to arrive. As Cedric Red Feather reminds me regarding the past, “You must be willing to let go.” Of the future,  see TINY HANDS on p. 22



Mindfulness & the Present Moment BY


YOU MAY WONDER WHAT it is like to be in the present moment. When we are in the present moment, we feel whole, confident, powerful and secure. We are firmly planted in our bodies. Our subtle life force energy (chi) readily flows into the top of our heads, via our seventh chakra, through our physical body and out through our grounding cord by way of the first chakra. In this state we feel calm and relaxed. Our anxiety is low or absent and life’s little difficulties have a hard time sticking to us. When something upsetting happens to us, our inner wounding can get triggered, which causes a number of things to happen. First and foremost, the quantity or quality of subtle energy that moves through our energy channels becomes impaired. Our ability to ground becomes diminished. This dynamic causes us to hold on to the negative thoughts and emotions that may have been activated. These discordant vibrations become trapped within us, making it difficult to be in the present moment. When we are not in the present moment, we miss out on life as it unfolds before us. We are not experiencing what is happening right here and right now. Instead, our thoughts are either in the past or in the


future. We may not realize we have mentally digressed while in this state and may believe that we are utilizing our mental energy in a helpful, productive way. Triggering often brings on a cascade of thoughts that can keep us in a negative thought pattern, out of the present moment and missing out on life. One symptom is the formation of intrusive thoughts.

INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS It is normal to react emotionally to things that happen to us. If we are in good working order, a thought can come into our mind, our body may react to it, but after a short period of time we are able to let it go and move on with our life. If, however, we have a high emotional response to what just occurred, our mind might want to keep the situation alive. This is the realm of intrusive thoughts. Unwanted and intrusive thoughts are a thought pattern that is stuck in your head. It is like hearing the lyrics to a song over and over again without being able to make them stop. These thoughts may revolve around work, our decisions or our relationships. We can have intrusive thoughts on just about any topic, if there is a powerful, emotional charge tied to it. Worry and rumination are

the most common forms of persistent negative thinking.

RUMINATION Rumination is when we over-think or obsess over a situation or event that is upsetting to us. People will often ruminate when something frustrating, threatening or insulting happens. If you are not sure what rumination is, it is when we relive the details of an argument with a friend repetitively in our mind and just cannot let it go. Many times we do not even realize we are ruminating. Regardless of what we do to shake it off, our minds keep coming back to the situation trying to make sense of what happened.

WORRY Worrying is similar to rumination, where our minds can become trapped in an endless cycle of attempting to figure things out. The key difference between the two is that people who ruminate focus their mental energy on resolving past events, while worriers focus on the future. Worry is a cycle of living with the question “what if” in the forefront. When we worry, we imagine potential outcomes to an unknown event. We worry in an attempt to solve suspected

problems in our lives. We all have moments when we worry. It is when our thoughts become persistent and uncontrollable that they become a cause for concern. Worry can be the first stage in a much larger negative thinking process. It often underscores the manifestation of its much more insidious forms: anxiety and panic, with worry on the mild side of the spectrum and a full-blown panic attack on the other.

WHAT TO DO Being and living in the present moment is easy to say, but a bit more challenging to achieve. It requires us to raise our awareness and become mindful of our thoughts. Are we at work reliving an encounter with our boss or are we feverishly anticipating the results of a test we just took? In both cases, we are not in the present moment. The practice of mindfulness is just that, a practice. It is something that needs to be repeated over and over again until we change our internal habitual patterns from unhealthy ones to ones filled with increased joy and wonder. In my work, I have found that a combination of two different techniques blend beautifully together to support our ability to come back into the present moment. It might not work well the first time, but with a little persistence you will see dramatic results. One mindfulness technique is called

the ho’oponopono. The ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It consists of four simple statements: I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you. The ho’oponopono can be used similar to an affirmation where it is repeated multiple times. This chant projects the energy of acceptance, grounding and neutrality. If you find yourself plagued by intrusive thoughts, consider repeating the ho’oponopono. Use it to shift your mind’s focus away from your problems to one of healing. Tied to this is breathing! Breathing is a great tool for calming both the nervous system and your overtaxed mind. It naturally puts your body into a calm state. Breathe deeply as you repeat the ho’oponopono. Feel your body and mind shift with each breath that you take, moving you from wherever you have been back into the present moment. a DR. RITA LOUISE, a bestselling author, is a Naturopathic Physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics. It is her unique gift as a medical intuitive and professional clairvoyant psychic that enlivens her work. Let Dr. Rita assist you bringing health, healing and wholeness back into your life. Visit her website at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Conscious Breathing WHAT IT IS HOW TO EMBRACE IT

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empty. Something had to change. In that moment I felt a shift come from deep inside myself. I began to see everything differently and had a new perspective about what was really important. I left my job, got a new apartment and decided to start over. Little did I know what was about to happen next. There I was, in my new job, chatting with my co-worker, when she said. “Sara, I think you might be an empath.” My heart was pounding. “How did she know?” I thought to myself. I never told anyone about my sensitivity to energy, and yet, someone knew. While the entire scenario caught me off guard, it also brought me an incredible sense of relief. Finally, I had someone I could talk to about it. Finally, I knew I was not alone. The months that followed were unforgettable. I became so interested in metaphysics that it began to consume all my free time. I would spend hours searching YouTube for videos about spirituality, the meaning of life and higher consciousness. I bought countless books, signed up for classes and became passionately dedicated to practicing mindfulness. For me, studying metaphysics was never something that I had to do. I had fallen in love with it. And the co-worker who opened the door to all this amazing transformation? She has become my most trusted confidant. Her like-minded views and spiritual journey inspired me to keep going and to keep learning. Her friendship made all the difference to me, because it provided space to collaborate and discuss our true calling. It made it safe to be vulnerable. We all have a connection with something greater. It is when we begin to play with the universe that we begin to realize how powerful we are. The only limitations we have are how far we let our imaginations go. I believe that we are here to be the source of support for each other. Life is about more than our own personal goals and achievements. What makes us successful is our ability to give back, to lift each other up. Much like my co-worker who opened the doorway to spirituality for me, it is my intention to help other people in a similar way. What are your dreams? a

he says, “Wishing for things all the time only makes you miserable.” My college philosophy professor, Ellery B. Haskell, used to say with a wry grin, “If wishes were fishes we’d all have a swim.” Both are wise admonitions. It’s time we swam away from our watery schools and left our own footprints in the sand. I began this past week in despair. I recall having written this electronic note on my cell phone: “I haven’t yet faced my demons, just changed their names and dressed them in nicer clothes.” Living in the moment sometimes means allowing ourselves to be momentarily scared and vulnerable. Spending time alone in a quiet place helped me focus on the point where past and future converge, and to wipe my mental slate clean. By working to emanate a more loving vibration, I brought myself more in alignment with the new energies encircling the Earth. In being honest with myself, I was able to see clearly and without judgment the drama I had helped create. As our spirit grows, we are able to navigate difficulties more skillfully. We become present with our authentic selves. We can release all trappings acquired along the way, recognizing that they are, as Cedric calls them, “mere props.” Rituals, tools — even religions — seem to belong to older energies that no longer serve us. They are, at first, beautiful devices —sheltering, protecting and nurturing us as we start out on the spiritual road. Eventually, we learn to access Source directly, trusting this loving energy to guide and teach us all we need to know. By trusting what Cedric calls “our own intuitive heart,” we open ourselves to the grace of present moments filled with sparkling encounters and coincidences. Just the other day, Cedric and I headed north on a drizzly Highway

SARA ASTRAYA is a spiritual teacher and healer with experience in Reiki, astrology, intuitive counseling and mindfulness meditation. Whether you want to discover your life purpose, learn how to take the next steps in your spiritual development or simply enjoy some relaxation and “me time,” Sara can help. Her passion is helping people restore harmony in their lives so they may experience more love, happiness and success. Contact her at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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35W in “Old Blue,” his Ford F-150 pickup. We spoke of some recent Kryon channelings by Lee Carroll (on YouTube), when suddenly, a synchronous sign appeared. Slightly ahead and to the right of us, we noticed a very small hand extended out the rear window on the driver’s side of the car. A small child in a yellow Mac was giving us the proverbial Queen’s wave, cutting tiny arcs in the air with her little hand. There was something compelling about the timing of this angelic little wave — like being high-fived by a cherub. Heaven itself was sending a little metaphoric message. The message was that the best time is here and now. a JANET MICHELE RED FEATHER, J.D., M.A., is a ceremonial singer who has learned over 60 traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota and sings in nine different languages. Janet was a full-time defense litigator in California for nearly eight years. Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. A regular columnist for The Edge, she has also appeared in Psychic Guidepost, FATE Magazine and Species Link. Her book, Song of the Wind (2014, Galde Press), dealt with her experiences as an empath, and her journey through Mandan spiritual culture. She is currently a full-time, tenured English faculty member at Normandale Community College, having taught Composition and Literature for a span of 20 years. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




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Chinese Medicine Acupuncture & Herbal Care The following offer Chinese Medicine health care in the Upper Midwest: MN Community Acupuncture, 4455 Highway 169 N., Suite 201, Plymouth, MN 55442, 952.746.3478, reception@minnca. com, — We have provided over 100,000 acupuncture treatments since 2007 in our Edina clinic and moved to the Plymouth location in 2018. Our licensed acupuncturists are very experienced in all conditions. The first visit is $25 and follow-up visits are on a sliding scale of $20-$40 a treatment. Check out our website for more information and online scheduling.   NE Wellness, 1224 2nd St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, 612.399.6322, — NE Wellness is a community acupuncture and wellness clinic that offers affordable and accessible health care to all. Chinese Medicine is both a reactive and preventative medicine and can treat a variety of ailments, including chronic

pain, injuries, stress and anxiety, insomnia, depression, respiratory issues, digestive issues and more. Please visit our website or give us a call for more information or to book your appointment. Northwestern Health Sciences University, — Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are among the fastest-growing natural healthcare professions, as more people realize the benefit of noninvasive and drug-free treatments. We offer Master of Acupuncture and Doctor of Chinese Medicine programs. Graduates will be p repared to start their own acupuncture clinic, join a multidisciplinary practice, or become part of a hospital or care center.

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FLOWER ESSENCES: Numerous Flower Essences for spiritual and emotional healing. Books, Practitioners Available. In business 37 years. Contact Martin Bulgerin. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

BOOK PUBLICIST Sara Sgarlat works with authors — established as well as unknown — to create innovative and highly effective campaigns.  Sgarlat Publicity, Sara Sgarlat, 434.245.2272,,

HEALING TOUCH & THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Relax with a meditation, intuitive healing touch and chakra balance, then enjoy a 60-minute therapeutic massage, all for $75 for first-time clients (2 hours). Edgar Massage & Chakra Balance, 5215 28th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.384.4572,

BREATH WORK / ENERGY HEALING / SOUL COACHING: Heal your Body, Clear your Blocks, Enhance your Soul Connection, Transform your Life. Soul Breathing™ workshops and group sessions ongoing. Individual Breath Sessions / Pranic Healing® / NPMDT® / Bemer®  by appointment.  Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh., 651.442.4623,,

HERBS: 600+ medicinal & cooking herbs, tinctures, capsules & oils, new and used books, Natural healing practitioners available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking, ND, Duane Givens. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

CRYSTALS, STONES, STONE ENERGY Ki Stones features mineral specimens, crystals, tumbled stones (over 150 types), decorator pieces, jewelry. In-home store open. Call for an appointment. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Maple Grove, 763.420.9017,,

HOMEOPATHY: 2,000 Homeopathic Remedies, Individual Potencies, Books, Practitioners Available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking ND, Martin Bulgerin, We buy and sell new and used books. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

EMOTION CODE/ ENERGY HEALING: An energy healing technique that releases trapped emotions, which are harmful energies from negative past events. Clearing trapped emotions helps the body to heal. All sessions are done remotely, meaning you don’t have to leave home or work. Tree of Life Healing, Colleen Picha, ECCP, CMT, 507.649.0580,, 

HYPNOSIS: Karie’s mission is to help people find peace within themselves. Offering Healthy, Happy Healing Options for All. Karie is working on her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling and has multiple certifications. Inner Healing Hypnosis, 1001 Kingwood Street, #127, Brainerd, MN, 208.55.RELAX,,

ENERGY HEALING: Accredited and Certified, Mary Jo has been working in the Energy Healing field since 2003. She uses Healing Touch, Reiki, Light Language, Hara and crystal healing, channeling, past life healing and essential oils. Usui Reiki, Crystal and Energy Healing classes. All ages welcome! 4th Dimension Healing, Mary Jo Feely, RN, HTCP, RMT, CCH, 651.439.9001, Stillwater, MN,

HYPNOTHERAPY: Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? Over 15 Years Experience. Located in St. Paul. Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT, 651.649.1952,

FENG SHUI SERVICES Residential/Business consultations, mentoring, energy clearing, workshops Barbara Bobrowitz, Energetic Alignments, 763.571.9437,

HYPNOTHERAPY Client-centered hypnotherapy. Why not start today? The rest of your life is waiting for you! Located at 311 4th St. SW, Suite 211, Willmar MN. Jessica L Hanson, CHt, LLC, Willmar Hypnosis, 320.979.6875,,

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HYPNOTHERAPY & CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™: Change your mind. Change your life. Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy.™ Transform limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, habits, 5 Pillars of Balance, Spiritual Direction, Conflict Resolution Skills. Judith Froemming, BA, CH, CTC, HNLP, Infinite Mind Hypnosis & Coaching, 651.216.0085,

PSYCHIC MEDIUM INTUITIVE ENERGY WORK & GUIDANCE: Kimberly is a local Psychic, Spiritual Medium and Energy Intuitive who offers Energy Work and Guidance. HopeHealing By Kimberly,, HopeHealing.Me

HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING - CERTIFIED ALL LEVELS: Past Life, Between-Lives Regression. Private & Group Sessions, Healing, Spiritual Mentoring. 20+ years experience. Madonna Kettler, Ph.D., LBLt, CHt, 612.709.5578,,

REIKI HEALING Experience the divine energy of Reiki for balance, relaxation, wellness. Treatment sessions. Studentoriented training for all levels. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Reiki Master-Teachers, 763.420.9017,

INTUITIVE COACHING & LIFE MENTORING Heart-based, intuitive coaching and life mentoring. Deep, soulful guidance and support using nature and forest therapy. Heron Diana, 612.205.6080,,

SOUND HEALING, SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS & FENG SHUI: Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Expand Your Inner Light. Services: Sound Healing, Spiritual Blessings, Feng Shui and Sound Healing on the Go: Home, Hospital or Hospice. Carolyn Vinup, 612.325.5162,,

JOURNEY COACHING: Clear Mental Clutter thru radical self awareness generating energy for empowered living to authentically Step into YOUR Happy Mind, Body & Soul. Complimentary Hour Clarity Conversation.  Smiling Wellness, 612.554.9163,,   METAPHYSICAL SHOP: Palm Reading, Astrology and Psychic Readings Drumming & Meditation, Biomat Sessions available. We carry various products such as Crystals, Rocks, Cards, Jewelry, Dream Catchers & many gift items. Open Thursdays 3-8 Fridays 11-5, Saturdays 10-3 . At 26789 Forest Blvd., Wyoming, MN. Crescent Moon Metaphysical Shop, Nancy, 612.328.0891 PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT / SOUL READINGS Soul Readings for clarity and guidance. Psychic Development classes to heal, reclaim your gifts, and consciously create with your own unique body/soul partnership. Cindy Lehman 612.669.1861,,

SUFI Four Layers of the Heart. Jess Fauchier, 763.360.9259,,

TOTAL WELL BEING: Intuitive Readings, Healing & Energy Work, Nature & Wellness Retreats. Experience “Adventures with Liz” - Healing & Wellness Programs in Nature for Couples, Groups or Solo! Deeply Well, 651.269.9060,, EXPLORE THE EDGE DIRECTORY ONLINE Discover Holistic Resources at the new subscription-based online Directory. Maps, photos, descriptions, and more. Join the Online Edge Directory for 3, 6 or 12 months. 763.433.9291,

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Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journeys, in this lifetime and past lifetimes. You are connected to this energy whether you are in soul form or human form. Akashic Readings allow you to learn your soul’s purpose and desired intents in this lifetime. This includes information regarding career choices, relationships, lifestyle choices and best possibilities for your future. An Akashic Reading can assist you in understanding your purpose and current life circumstances. Don Snyder, 763.300.7521,,


I offer private, respectful Soul Readings to connect with your soul’s wisdom for guidance, clarity and healing. All questions are welcome. Relationships can be looked at from a soul perspective including connecting with those who have passed on. I also offer beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. My passion is teaching others to more fully access their own intuitive/psychic/soul gifts, while living and creating from heart in a healthy partnership honoring both body and soul.  Cindy Lehman, 612.669.1861,,




I am a Psychic, Medium, Ghostbuster, Life Coach. I have happily traveled the world doing energy work, readings and ghostbusting. Readings/coaching gives you an opportunity to look within and access your wisdom, receiving knowledge that can assist when dealing with today’s challenges. Energy work and ghostbusting bring healing to you, your space, trapped souls, and the Earth.   Kathleen Kalil,



I have been an intuitive tarot reader for 11 years. I am very honest and up front not only with what I am seeing in the cards, but what I am feeling as well. I do though express this information with complete tact and tender loving care. I have done my readings in a boutique and at expos with great success and my clients have left very happy. I also do private readings by appointments and by phone. 651.492.9917,,

PATRICE CONNELLY, DIRECTOR OF QUESTFIELDS: INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT TEACHER, HEALER, STUDENT For 35 years I have taught and continue to teach Intuitive Development classes,

worked with numerous clients in one-on-one sessions in person or by phone bringing Spirituality, creativity and humor together. I offer practical hands on tools for students and clients to explore and to develop their own unique gifts working with their Spirit through soul, mind and body. It is a never-ending source of delight and pleasure to see students and clients become empowered in their ownership. Patrice Connelly, Questfields,


Jurema is much more than a psychic or a medium. She is a true soul healer, who is been transforming the lives of countless people in the U.S. and worldwide. Thirty years ago, she brought to the U.S. a rich and diverse spiritual knowledge, resulting in an original approach to healing and counseling. Jurema is one of the most celebrated and popular professional psychics in the Upper Midwest. Her sessions by phone-video-in person are breathtaking and transformative. Appointments:,, 320.260.7305. Visit

651. 492.9917

www. jurema@ 320.260.7305

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Born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. And one of the finest professionals and most referred name by those in the know. Five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career and stays on point with fine-tuned focused readings, utilizing her efficient modern question direct© methodology. Alison has a strong affinity with animals of all kinds and is a successful Healer. She is the genuine real deal! Alison James, 612.424.1411,,


Allie Maurer is an International Psychic Medium, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive Life Coach. She is passionate about her life’s purpose: utilizing her natural gifts to provide guidance, clarity, and healing to those looking for support. Her clients love her accuracy, honesty, authenticity, compassion, and that she always treats them as an equal. Whether it is connecting to a pet, deceased loved one, seek deeper knowledge to the events unfolding in your life or healing: she is here to help. Allie Maurer, 952.334.6496,,



Deborah is unlike any others, she will give you Names and Descriptions of people alive and or deceased from your past, present and future. Are you feeling lost, like you don’t have a clue which way to go? Be assured that Deborah Lynn11, with over 30 years experience, will Guide you to where YOU need to be.  Deborah Lynn 11, 651.439.5337,

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Sacred Gatherings are $90 total for 3 mos., $150 total for 6 mos., $240 total for one year. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Name, address, phone, email, website, gathering times & brief description. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis: Brookview Golf Course, 316 Brookview Parkway S., Golden Valley, 612.759.0870, — Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis is a spiritual community that honors all paths to God. Whether we call it God, Spirit, Energy or Universal Intelligence, we are ever conscious that all people, places and things emanate from this Universal Intelligence that is within us and all around us. Using the principles of Science of Mind and the philosophies of our founder Ernest Holmes, the Center provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and make the world a better place. If you are ready to be home and in the flow of Good, come see us every Sunday for Meditation at 9:30am and our Sacred Service at 10am. Visit our website for upcoming life changing classes and motivating workshops. Eckankar / Temple of ECK: The Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, — Keys to spiritual experiences: Explore past lives, dreams and Soul Travel.  ECK Light and Sound Service: first Sunday of each month, 10-11am. Experience the Sound of Soul: third Sunday of each month, 10-11am.  Free Spiritual Exploration Classes: Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm. Temple hours: Noon-9pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from noon to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Tours available.


Lake Harriet Spiritual Community: A Center for Conscious Living, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272, — Raise your consciousness by attending our classes, workshops and Sunday Services led by amazing speakers! Raise your vibration in our beautiful, historic building (now on the National Historic Register). Give us a try as part of your spiritual journey and feel the love of our heartbased community. Visit our community for: great meditations, yoga classes, speakers and programs that include mindfulness, developing your intuition, releasing negative beliefs, allowing greater abundance, and breaking the barriers to deep self-healing. Spirit United Church, 612.378.3602,, — Spirit United is a spiritually diverse community that has been undergoing transformation. We honor personal and planetary awakening through education, weekly wisdom teachings and playfulness. We welcome you to join us at our beautiful shared location: Harriet Alexander Nature Center, 2520 Dale St. N., Roseville, MN, for our Sunday morning gatherings at 10:30am to be inspired and uplifted by our diverse Ministerial Council. Our children are a vital part of our community and have a youth program at 10:30am too! Check out our website for additional educational opportunities and updates.


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Classifieds are $1 per word, 20-word minimum. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Category & text To be included: 763.433.9291 or

Unity Minneapolis: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis. 763.521.4793, — We are an allinclusive community that offers a positive, practical, everyday spiritual message. No matter which of our Sunday services you attend (8:30am Meditation only, 9:30 & 11:30am), you will experience a dynamic message and music program. We have an engaging youth program, as well as adult education classes, throughout the year. Our monthly healing service is at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Unity North Spiritual Center, 11499 Martin St. NW, Coon Rapids, MN, 763.754.6489, unity@, — Unity North Spiritual Center is committed to offering a space to support community members and youth in fulfilling their potential. Services and events include healing, prayer, men’s and women’s groups, meditation, sacred text and shamanic studies. UNSC serves the wider community through programs such as Family Promise and Family Table. Unity South Twin Cities: 7950 1st Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.884.6656, — Whatever your religious background — or if participation in a spiritual community is new for you — you are welcome here. We invite you to join us for Sunday Services (9am and 10:30am), classes of self-discovery, social events and charitable team projects we do in our Minneapolis metro. Our youth program builds self-esteem through discovery classes and fun activities. For a 30-minute refresh we invite you to our inspiring and peaceful Prayer Services (M-Th, 11am). At Unity South, we honor the God-created beauty and worth in each person. Our spiritual community is part of Unity Worldwide Ministries and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as practiced in daily living. Let’s celebrate one another!



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July 1 – The Implications of Enlightenment: Creating Our World | Online: Most people don’t believe that they’re making a difference in this world that matters. Do you understand that your individual development and expansion is the pre-requisite to the transformation of this planet? If you embraced that teaching to your core, what would be possible in your own life, let alone in the collective experience we’re all having? Learn how to fine-tune your frequency to affect deliberate change in your life. Online. Register at workshop-the-implications-of-enlightenment/ July 6 – “Calm at the Edge –Subtle Activism for a World in Crisis and Change” Workshop with Timothy Hass: How to handle the crisis situations such as wildfire, floods, hurricanes, shootings, and terrorist attacks that we are challenged with daily in our news. We will learn the rules and steps of Subtle Activism to create appropriate responses to these situations. $90, 9:30am-4pm at Carondelet Center in St Paul. For more info: Spirit United Church, 612.378.3602 or Visit July 6 – Meditation With Oneness Blessings | Divine Parents: Discover or deepen your relationship with your Divine Parents through the flow of unconditional love from them during this unique guided meditation with blessings.  11am-Noon, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot at Info: 612.930.2662,, July 6 – Ancient Builders | Shamanic Journeying Monthly Series: During this journey you will be guided within to connect with an Ancient lineage of builders who laid much of the foundation upon which you now

walk. These special guides will share their gifts and insights with you in a deeply personal way. Tap into your strength and endurance during this journey. 12:30-1:30pm, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot at Ancientbuilders. Info: 612.930.2662, info@, July 7  – Spiritual Freedom — Creating a Life That Works: Join people from all walks of life for ECK Light and Sound Service at the Temple of ECK.  Dynamic speakers, original creative arts, and singing HU, a sacred name for God, celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. 10am, Sunday, July 7, and the first Sunday of every month, Temple of ECK/ Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,  7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, July 9 - August 27 – The Art of Loving Self | Online: Learning to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion is predicated on understanding who and what we are.  If we loved ourselves, would we condemn and judge?  Subject ourselves to relationships that are more give than take? Allow others to dominate our energy, time, and resources?  Wouldn’t we evaluate our entire lives by a different standard that is based on an appropriate measure of love for self?  Of course we would. Online Course, Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. Register at course-the-art-of-loving-self/. July 12 – Crystal Grid Experience Minneapolis™: During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience will be unique




and customized. 6:30-7:30pm, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot at Julycrystalgrid.eventbrite. com. Info: 612.930.2662, info@intraawareness. com, July 17 – Light Being Tribe Gathering | Online: You are invited to join our monthly Light Being Tribe Gatherings online occurring every Third Wednesday! These events are Live and Interactive. Come with your questions and curiosity, and continue your journey of expansion in a like-hearted worldwide community. All answers are channeled and custom for the group that has gathered online. 6-7pm. Register In Advance at LightBeingTribeGathering2019. Info: Info@, www.IntraAwareness. com July 20 – Discovery Day at Northwestern Health Sciences University: Head, Hands, Heart. This is Healthcare. Begin your career in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine or Massage Therapy to heal others. Classes start in September. Learn more at Discovery Day, 8:30am-1:30pm Saturday, July 20, Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2501 W. 84th St., Bloomington, MN. Learn more and register at Call 952.885.5409. July 20 – The Miracle of Love | Live: The Collective teaches that “love is a frequency that is the absence of fear.” They also teach that love is the frequency that Source used to create us.Source is love, which means…so are we. In a world that seems so devoid of love, how is it possible that every being on the planet is love incarnate? The answer is choice. Love is a choice.  Live, Saturday, July 20, 9am – Noon, DoubleTree by Hilton, 1500 Park Place Blvd., Minneapolis. Register at July 20 – Spirit Wellness Center 9th Annual Holistic Fair: Over 25 Psychics, Healers and Vendors plus free lectures! 9am-5pm Saturday, July 20, Dakota Ridge Best Western Hotel, 3450 Washington Dr., Eagan MN. $5 admission. Info: call Kellie at 612.804.4463 or email Kellie@  see HAPPENINGS on p. 30 JULY 2019 THE EDGE  



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July 21 – Experience the Sound of Soul: Discover your inner guidance, healing for body, mind, and spirit, and a higher form of creativity by chanting the sacred sound of HU. Spiritual discussion and light refreshments. Free. 10am, Sunday, July 21, Temple of ECK/Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, July 26 – Crystal Grid Experience St. Paul™: During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience will be unique and customized. 6-7pm, Healing Elements 2290 Como Ave., St. Paul. Reserve your spot at Info: 612.930.2662,, July 26-28, August 23-25, September 27-29 – Level 3 Hypnotherapy Training (81-Hours): Hypnosis Is The Doorway to Your Unconscious Mind. Are you ready to open your mind and release the inner potential of yourself and your clients? Become a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and experience powerful new skills that allow you to permanently connect your conscious mind with your own inner wisdom. During this 3-month course, you will unlock the inner doorways of your unconscious mind and discover how to help others make permanent changes in their lives. 9:30am-6:30pm daily. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662,, July 26-29 – Talk, Medihealing and Free Youth MediMorphosis™ with Mas Sajady: The founder of Medihealing® will present July events at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. Friday: Talk + Medihealing, Saturday: 1-on-1 Appointments, Sunday: Free Youth MediMorphosis™. Reach high performance potential achieving physical health, mental and emotional well-being, abundance, confidence and more. Details and Registration at July 27 – Maple Grove Psychic & Holistic Expo: Featuring a wide variety of: well-known psychics, mediums and other readers; alternative health therapies; rocks, crystals and gemstones; metaphysical/spiritual supplies; essential oils, jewelry, and chiropractic evaluations. 10am-5pm at Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Road, Maple 3 0  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET



Free Podcasts in July July 2 – “Edge Learning Well” with Elise Marquam Jahns: Learning Well — Your partner in integrative health education. You’ll hear from fascinating experts who will share rich information designed to enhance your health, career and relationships. Learning Well…bringing growth, joy and inspiration to your life! This show is sponsored by the Integrative Health Education Center of Normandale Community College. 6pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at July 6 – “The Edge at Aurapalooza” with Cathryn Taylor: Featuring interviews

Listen anytime for free at or call at show time at 714.364.4750. Show archives: Explore every show at Host your own show: call 612.710.7720 or 763.433.9291 for details. with vendors coming to the July 20 event in Minneapolis. 10am, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at Blogtalkradio. com/edgemagazine. July 10 – “Edge Inner View” with Cathryn Taylor: Join host Cathryn Taylor as she speaks with a member of the Holistic Community in the Twin Cities. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at edgemagazine.

Grove, MN. $5, kids 10 & under free with paid adult. For more information, visit www. August 3 – Meditation With Oneness Blessing | Cultivating Stillness: Experience an ocean of stillness within your being as you are guided through a special mediation for creating space for more Stillness in your life. Investing time in pausing to feel and experience life beyond the chatter of the mind is an incredibly valuable resource for gaining insights and clarity in all areas of life. 11am-Noon, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot at Info: 612.930.2662,, August 3 – A Life of Love | Shamanic Journeying Monthly Series: Journey with the sacred drum to explore and honor all the abundance of love within and around you, while gaining personal insights as to how you can manifest an ever deeper flow of divine gifts & love in your life. 12:30-1:30pm, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spotat Info: 612.930.2662,, August 14 – Third Eye Socialize Riverboat Cruise: Gathering together all those touched by Angels! Share an evening of fun on the river with like-minded individuals and a crew of Card Readers, Intuitives, Psychics, Mediums, live music and more as we cruise the scenic St.

July 15 – “Ride the Leading Edge with EFT and TRE®” with Cathryn Taylor: Host Cathryn Taylor inspires and empowers you to ride the leading edge of evolution with the integration of two of the most effective energy therapies, EFT and TRE®. Learn how to expand into your personal vibration of success. Hear how you can ride the leading edge of your own transformation and create the life you desire and deserve. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at Blogtalkradio. com/edgemagazine.

Croix! $65 per passenger (prepaid reservation required). 6-9pm Wednesday, August 14. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit: August 29 - September 1 – Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training: Discover the extraordinary benefits of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and how to apply these tools and techniques in your life at this not-to-be-missed event. Hands-on training, demonstrations, tools and techniques, and an action plan to put into practice as a certified NLP practitioner following the sessions. Hyatt Place Chicago O’Hare. Only $144 to attend with promo code Natural. More details: training-schedule/ September 8-15 – Ageless Wisdom/ Esoteric Philosophy with William Meader: Teacher William Meader will be in the Twin Cities for three public talks and a two-day workshop in the week of September 8-15. The workshop on Saturday and Sunday is “Forerunner of the Light – Transforming the Echoes of Atlantis.” Meader will be available for esoteric astrology consultations throughout the week. William is a world teacher of the esoteric philosophy/ ageless wisdom in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. For more information: contact Amy Stuke,, 651.338.5988, September 12-14 – Being Human Life Retreat: You are invited to join the Being Human Tribe,

a new paradigm for community in the New Era. Discover who you truly are and authentically flourish. What happens when you take 3 days to step out of the hustle, drop into Presence and return to the essence of You? At Charlson Meadows on Lake Zumbra in Minnetrista, MN. For more information and to register: September 17 – Psychic Development Beginning/ Foundation Class: Learn to consciously access your soul’s guidance, clarity and wisdom. Discover your abilities and  purpose working with your  body/ soul partnership in this lifetime. Tuesday evenings, September through June.  Contact Cindy Lehman,  612.669.1861,  cindy@,  or online at  September 26-28 – Conscious Dying Coach Certificate: What if your life purpose and calling is your spiritual path? The Conscious Dying Institute invites you to become an End of Life Doula or Conscious Dying Coach with training in Minneapolis. Conscious Dying Coach Certificate: September 26-28. Sacred Passage End of Life Doula Certificate: March and June 2020. Info: call 303.440.8018 or email info@ November 23-24 – Healthy Life Expo™: Nutrition, Fitness, and Longevity — It’s all here! Explore up to 200 exhibitors on maintaining health and success in all areas of life! Featuring 3 Stages of ongoing speaker presentations, demonstrations and live entertainment. Free product sampling, hourly drawings and health information, tips, and ideas. Hourly prize drawings. New this year is the Yoga Stage with seminars and demonstrations. 10am-5pm daily, Saturday and Sunday, at Minneapolis Convention Center Ballroom, 1301 2nd St., Minneapolis.  $6 at the door or Free with food shelf donation. See all the attractions at or call 952.238.1700.


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The Edge | July 2019  

This month: The Present Moment: Maintaining this State of Being. Also: A Love Letter from the In Between, and Human Kindness. Edge columns:...

The Edge | July 2019  

This month: The Present Moment: Maintaining this State of Being. Also: A Love Letter from the In Between, and Human Kindness. Edge columns:...