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The New Human

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To Be Water by Caitlin Rowley

Held by the earth, light scampering in ripples on a conveyer wave line; little traveling hills across the surface. To be water, life abundant inside me; weeds writhing wriggling against my insides tentacles tickling. Making no decisions, I ebb and flow with the wind. My skin of currents and tides serendipitously devouring the elements, animals thriving on the liquids of my pores. Giving endlessly without loss, I am never alone. I grow in storms expanding gently into the earth. I feel nothing, am ferocious without intent nimbly, helplessly crushing, conquering a slave to the seasons.


by Timothy G. Cameron me, i don’t know what plant I am, but perhaps I like the idea of being a Lily of the Field. or maybe not a plant at all, but a kind, bright cloud that slowly empties itself to luminously moisten flowers upon their beds. or maybe I want to be a lake surface that kisses the sky with deep margins of Aurora & moonlit cottons.

Yet I am your existence. Giving continuously unconsciously. I am your life and your death. I fill you, embody you. I ask for nothing need nothing want nothing. When you die you will return to me. I want to feel this surrender, this peace. a Caitlin Rowley has been writing since the age of 12. She teaches Pilates, Yoga and meditation. Her poetry is rooted in a strong spiritual connection to life and movement. She can be reached at Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

or maybe something impossible to forget, like one petite wave tickling your toes on a sun-soaked, secluded shore. but whatever i am, ~ i hope ~ i am that and this of you; the deeper part of a warm grin, forever caught in a moment. or maybe, i just want to be your friend. a Timothy G. Cameron is a public speaker, writer and poet. Timothy said, “Poetry saved my life,” and he desires to help readers “touch their own souls” through his work. Visit and contact him by email at Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

J u n e 2017

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The Dial to Nowhere From the Heart

by Alan Cohen While Dee and I were waiting to be served in a restaurant, I picked up an Etch-a-Sketchlike toy on a rack near our table, a plaything designed to keep little kids entertained while waiting for food. Curious, I began to write on the screen and tinker with the dials. I discovered a large knob that turned like a dial and moved in a slot horizontally back and forth across the entire bottom of the device. “What does that dial do?” Dee asked. “Nothing,” I replied. “It is not connected to anything and does not get anything done. It just gives kids the illusion that they are getting something done.” Dee laughed. “Sounds like a lot of the office work I’ve done.” She was kidding, but serious. A certain amount of business work is productive and meaningful. A lot just feels like busywork. Filling out forms; fixing website issues; jumping through multi-layered security hoops; getting stuck in voicemail loops; fending off hackers; dealing with people who don’t pay attention to instructions. While on some level these activities may be necessary in an increasingly complex world, a lot of them feel boring and a waste of time. At the end of the day, you lay in bed and wonder, “What did I do today, anyway?” Perhaps you, like me, would rather do what is meaningful than busywork. I heard that some doctors spend one-third of their time healing people and two-thirds of their time doing paperwork and administrative tasks. Where are our priorities? Soon afterward, we watched one of my favorite films, Lost Horizon. The movie contains a poignant scene in which high-ranking statesman Robert Conway finds himself in the remote paradise of Shangri-La, where he falls in love with a delightful woman who invites him to stay there with her forever. He explains that he has important work to do back in society. She tells him, “Come now, you know you are

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going nowhere — admit it!” Conway thinks for a moment, smiles, and replies, “You are exactly right.” In that moment he realizes that most of the work he is doing is not leading to anything of true value. He is rolling the dial to nowhere. If you are tired of running on a hamster wheel, be honest about what you would rather be doing. How much of your work and daily activities is life-giving, and how much is boring and deadening? How much tolerance do you have for the meaningless? Any tolerance at all is too much. If you are bored, either find a way to make what you are doing interesting, or choose something more stimulating. There are no other options, really. French author Jules Renard said, “I am never bored anywhere. Being bored is an affront to oneself.” Everything you do is either taking you somewhere or it is taking you nowhere. If there is any value in going nowhere, it is to bring you to the realization of the somewhere you would rather be. Our challenge is that nowhere is so highly populated that it seems like somewhere. When billions of people agree that illusions are solid, it is tempting to pitch your tent in a swamp. But reality is not a democracy, and truth does not depend on the number of people who subscribe to it. Mass agreement does not make emptiness full. It takes an innocent mind to see the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Such people are branded mavericks and heretics, but eventually, when the masses finally catch up with reality, the heretics are lauded, knighted, or sainted. Paul McCartney, who flipped the bird at the monarchy by smoking pot in Buckingham Palace, was eventually knighted. One day I stood at the ferry dock in Tiburon, California, and watched commuters exit from their workday in San Francisco. They did not look like happy campers. I thought, “If that is what livelihood is all about, count me out.” Zen philosopher Alan Watts said, “The secret to success is to find a way to get paid for having fun.” Passion is the strongest money magnet   see NOWHERE on p. 8

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Transforming negative emotions into positive feelings, actions by Carole Cravath First of a four-part series We spend a lot of time in pain from negative emotions, such as anger, fear, hurt, worry, sadness, disappointment and jealousy. No one enjoys this, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can learn many ways to overcome and transform negative feelings and experiences. One of the greatest achievements and most important accomplishments we can have in life is to take control of our inner space — our emotions, thoughts, perceptions and attitudes. All are in the realm of personal choice if we know how to heal them. We’re immersed in our own emotional energy every day, whether it’s positive or negative. We can learn to choose how we will feel and free ourselves from the unpleasant state of being taken over by emotions and acting in ways that don’t help us while we’re in their grip. Emotions are a form of energy, and each one produces a particular frequency, either high or low. For example, feelings of peace, generosity and good will are high; feelings of judgment, self- doubt and rage are low. These frequencies sit within our energy field, and our habitual moods and feelings magnetically attract more of the same to us. They also go out into the world and negatively or positively affect others through our inter-penetrating energy fields.

We are all connected energetically in the quantum field of energy that underlies all of life. Our emotions affect others, as well as ourselves. They also produce harmful or beneficial chemical reactions and physical changes in the body affecting our health, which was researched and documented by Dr. Candace Pert in her book Molecules of Emotion. Negative emotions are so powerful that they must be countered by an equally powerful intention and decision to transform them and be peaceful. With a strong intention to change and lots of practice, we will feel so much better! These are the benefits of taking control of our emotions: • We stop lashing out at others, which can ruin relationships and destroy trust. • We attract more positive events and experiences into our lives magnetically. • It is much smoother for us to accomplish our goals when we carry positive energy. • Our health improves. • Our relationships improve. • Our self-esteem improves and we feel good about ourselves. • We become much more successful personally and professionally. People back away from a negative energy field because it feels unpleasant, even unsafe to them. • We stop wasting time going over and over the hurts, slights, disappointments, resentments,   see EMOTIONS on p. 10 J u n e 2017

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continued from p. 6

I know. When you love what you do, consumers are happy to pay you to do it for them. When you find a good reason to wake up in the morning, you are truly turning the dial to somewhere. If you are doing something devoid of joy, either find a way to bring greater meaning to it, or stop doing it. This is your life we are talking about. You get just so many trips around the sun before you get returned to inventory. None of us can afford to waste time in irrelevance. There are three ways you can immediately add meaning and value to your life: Follow your joy voice rather than the fear voice; Connect by focusing on the human element in your work and communication; and Serve. When you take care of people, you remember why we are here. Our deepest purpose is to make each other’s lives easier. Everything else is either a means toward that end, or a detail. Each day we are presented with numerous dials we can turn. Some of them simply provide the illusion of action, and others actually have an effect. May you sleep well tonight, knowing that your day on Earth was well spent. a Alan Cohen is the author the inspirational book, Enough Already: The Power of Radical Contentment. Join Alan in Hawaii this June 19-23 for a life-transforming retreat, Power, Passion, and Purpose: a Training to Live Your Vision. For more information about this program, Alan’s books and videos, free daily inspirational quotes, online courses, and weekly radio show, visit Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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New Markers of Light assist in our transformation A Pleiadian Message

by Christine Day Beloved ones, we greet you. We continue to hold the energetic settings for the ongoing anchoring of these new awakening frequencies that are flowing and activating on your Earth plane. Through the movement of a direct alignment between our star systems, the Pleiades and planet Earth, we are able to play this role in a more complete way than ever before. We create the form and become the powerful catalyst in the transformation of this frequency light as it enters your planet. We are able to do this through the action of being able to transmute these awakening frequencies of light and bring them into a multidimensional form that breaks down and transforms an aspect of the illusion that is held within your planet. This change in the form supports the further shifting and loosening of the density of old structures, which create a further lifting of veils that has held your planet in this place of continual separation. This process opens up an illumination that is transmitted throughout the planet by the pure rays of light reflected from the sun. This process of transmutation through the lifting of the veils will be building in momentum throughout this year. This action is recreating a completion cycle energy on the planet. Every moment these light flows enter your Earth’s atmosphere, they carry another aspect of the illumination frequency supporting mankind. This energetic action is designed as ongoing support, enabling each one of you to begin to glimpse and align to another level of Truth within yourself. This is a designed plan to realign you into this other level of reality that you co-exist within simultaneously. The energetic plan is to bring you to the place beyond the illusion that is currently accelerating on your planet: repositioning you to where you exist, to your place beyond the veil. This is an essential time for you simply to witness drama, not to participate in the drama, which is part of the illusion. Remember, the illusion on your planet can be likened to a dream. The fear, the struggle and the lack is all illusion. The play out of the drama throughout your planet is all illusion. You get to choose to be drawn into the drama or simply witness the drama. The misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the human ego mind is fully linked into the illusion. Now, you get to choose to move away from this alignment with the illusion and move into the reconnection of your Heart, the doorway to your Higher Self. This is an important moment for you to consciously choose the path of the Heart.

Parts of your self In reality, there are two distinct parts of your Self

that exist. You have your human aspect and your sacred aspect. For the most part, you have spent lifetimes on your planet living out your direct experience within the illusion with your human aspect. Your ego mind consciousness or your human aspect is fully aligned and operates only within the illusion, and understands nothing else. You also have your Heart, which is a doorway to Home, to your Higher Self. Through the Heart you move beyond the experience of illusion. This doorway realigns you to your multidimensional aspect of Self, this is your natural state of sacredness, where you exist beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion on Earth. Now it is possible for you to open up through your Heart, and prepare your Heart cells to align to these energetic “Markers” that are entering the planet for your transformation. Through the use of a sacred sound, zahm, you can create a deepening of a bridge into your own Heart. Your own unique frequency that is created as you make this sacred sound is like no other in the Universe. Your own Heart cells recognize your unique sound and they begin to respond by expanding and anchoring a multidimensional energetic form of your Higher Self. Like a flower that responds to the sun, your Heart cells begin to respond and embody this higher frequency with this sound. As you change the vibrational energy of your cells with this sound, zahm, you are automatically aligned to the vibrational light flow of your Higher Self. Through this sound you are able to first realign, utilizing your Heart as a tool to gain a deeper access to the higher dimensional aspect of you. This is an empowering process of you birthing you. This process does not involve any other individual or factor, so you can begin a self-liberation process through your own conscious choice action. Know that your human aspect and sacred aspect are designed in this lifetime to work in unison. As you evolve through your Heart connection the sacred aspect of you will support and hold the most vulnerable aspects of your human elements.

Markers of Light Another essential part of your transmutation process is being supported through a series of energetic Markers of Light that are appearing in the sky. The appearance of these markers began mid April and they will continue to appear through the rest of this timeframe of 2017. These markers appear as unique forms of brilliant light colors that will be appearing in the night sky and during the daylight hours. These markers hold unique light patterns and will sometimes be held within the clouds in the sky. Watch for cloud forms that are carrying brilliant light forms within them; they will have a unique appearance and energy. They will be most prevalent at the time of

sunrise and sunset. These markers are appearing in many different forms to individuals at this juncture. These markers herald in this second phase of the “new dawning” on the planet and are designed for your specific awakening. The markers carry unique frequency activations of the Holy Vine that transmit clarity and understanding to those of you who open into them consciously. These energies actually realign you beyond the illusion and bring you into multidimensional moments of reconnection to Truth. These markers carry what we call the Holy Vine essence. The Holy Vine holds the fully mirrored energy of the “new dawning” transition of planet Earth and your own unique path within this transition. The presence of the Holy Vine on Earth signals the acceleration of awakening for those of you on the path. Its essence is designed to support you in a realignment to deepen your conscious connection within your Self. To realign you to the path of your Heart, aligning to your Higher Self. A powerful action of love is held within the Holy Vine essence, and this love creates a deepening of a multidimensional doorway being made accessible to you within your Heart. This reopening of your Heart sets in motion the natural element of what we call “effortless receivership,” allowing you to open into the full flow of receivership for your self. The love is a base element to who you naturally are within your sacred Self. The vastness of this love calls to you, nourishes you, enabling you to consciously choose and to move into this reconnection to Self. This sets in motion an alignment for you to reach your own multidimensional framework of your heart. You each hold a unique component of the Holy Vine essence within you. This is a part of your sacred makeup that is held within your receivership center of your Heart. So the Holy Vine essence is an awakener for each one of you, calling you back through the multi-

dimensional alignment within your own Heart/Home space. As you align deeper within the Holy Vine essence through each location of the markers you naturally anchor and stabilize beyond the veils of illusion.

YOU ARE WHO YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR There are simple steps to working with these Markers of Light as they are revealed to you. Utilize this process each time the marker reveals itself to you: 1. When you perceive a marker, it is important to immediately connect into your Heart space by simply bringing your hand and place it on your chest. Bring your awareness into your hand on your chest and bring your Conscious breath (breathing in and then out of the mouth) and direct it into where you are holding your chest. 2. Once connected to your Heart, move your conscious awareness towards the marker. You want to then align deeper into the essence of the marker. To do this, you keep your awareness on the marker and take a Conscious breath, and “let go” into the marker. As you let go, you naturally align deeper wherever your conscious awareness is anchored, (which is the marker). Continue this process of letting go within the marker with the Conscious breath until you are deeply connected into the experience of the marker. You may see, sense or feel this connection. 3. Now bring in the sacred sound, zahm, just once. You will bring the sound directly within the energy of the marker. As you bring the one sound into the marker, feel, sense or see how there is a transmission of an essence from the marker. Open up to receive that energy, and allow it to move within your Heart. 4. You can keep using the sound, zahm, until it feels complete. Note: Know how important it is to fully integrate the essence from the marker within you before bringing the sound into the Marker again. The essence from the marker highlights and aligns you to your Higher Self aspect through your Heart.   see MARKERS OF LIGHT on p. 11 J u n e 2017

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continued from p. 7

pain and fears we have. • We let go of burdens and feel much more optimistic about life. • We feel we are much more in control of our destiny and stop being victims. By releasing and transforming our painful emotions, we keep our energy system clean and feel fresh to start each new day. Systematically, we can also release pain from the past that has accumulated over years and weighed us down. In the next three parts of this article, I will show you many ways to release and transform your emotions and your life. It is in your hands. The law of cause and effect states that what you send out comes back to you. Choose to send peace, harmony, good will, confidence, strength, kindness, respect and generosity. Emotions, thoughts, attitudes and the way we choose to perceive situations matter. Elevating self is highly rewarding in multiple ways! a Next month: Ways to observe, stop, release, transform and replace painful emotions. Carole Cravath, B.A., has over 30 years of experience in the fields of counseling, teaching adults and children, cultural diversity, creating programs for compassion and empathy, as well as peace-making skills for kids. She currently teaches The Perceptive Awareness Technique, which brings rapid unfoldment of Intuition, our Higher Awareness, for excellent decision making in any situation. She also teaches Soma Pi Healing workshops. Soma Pi is a powerful healing for emotional and physical concerns and its success is well documented. Visit www. Contact Carole at carolecravath@ Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

June horoscope: birdsong Mercurial Messages through the Zodiac

by Heather Roan Robbins June begins with song; we network through sound and word, weaving our communities together. Birds serenade and cajole one another, politicians twitter news bites, and our feelings are processed in quick conversations over garden fences and through social media. Information flows; we can enjoy the song and explore possibilities but may find no true conclusions in sight. A pleasant and flirtatious sextile between Venus and Mars runs through the first three weeks of June and encourages summer romance, creative process, and a chance to strengthen the resilience of ongoing relationships through shared experience. The first week of June sparkles with nervous energy and extraverted flirtation. The mood grows more intimate and calls us home as Mars enters sensitive Cancer on June 4 and Venus enters earthy Taurus on June 6. Families and politics grow more self-protective. On June 9 Jupiter turns direct after a long retrograde and new opportunities begin to unfold. Mid-June brings a confusing time as Mercury squares Neptune, while Neptune retrogrades, but follows with action and decisions around June 18 as Mercury opposes Saturn. The month ends with athletic or contentious and bittersweet moments as Mars squares Jupiter. Let’s use our energy wisely to step out of contention into compassionate action. Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…Action, reaction; the month begins full tilt. Networking is your key, take every opportunity. Your energy turns inward mid-month; redefine your home but exercise patience, not protection, with family. Look for help in surprising places, spirit speaks to you through the supporting hands of community. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…Early June engages you on stage, pulls you out of your shell and into socialization. Mid-month, tend to your material resources with perceptive generosity, but monitor the honesty of those

1 0   w w w. e d g e m a g a z i n e . n e t

you deal with. Have patience through confusion. Lend your strength, not stubbornness, through any domestic kerfuffle as June fades. Gemini (May 21-June 20)… Scintillate, but perceptively notice when the people around you are ready to talk, ready to listen, or when they need time alone. Life speeds up after June 6; be ready to multitask, cross pollinate, and make necessary adjustments. Friends may be less available timewise, but more emotionally present. Don’t break up dogfights, but do be ready to mediate during the last week of June. Cancer (June 21-July 22)…So much is going on inside of you, your inner world runs epic novels, but few people know what’s going on with you unless you tell your story. Mid-month, every drop of objectivity helps you stay present and in the moment, connected to your resources. After the solstice, you feel more at home. Your leadership can help others choose healthy calm. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…Friendships and social warmth enliven early June, but your nervous system may need distressing. Be kind; unusual shyness comes mid-month. Keep a steady hand on the tiller. Notice what is lovable about yourself, and nurture it. Make difficult adjustments with grace as the month ends; people respond to your goodwill. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…Converse rather than debate. Work and multitasking demands keep you moving as the month begins, but don’t forget to stop and connect in true soul contact. Mid-month, remember spirit works with you, as you’re not doing this alone. During the last week of June, convert temper spikes into productive action and creative solutions. Stay heart-connected. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…Peace be with you. Relationships can feel rough-and-tumble, but offer an opportunity to break habits — dysfunctional interpersonal habits — and find a new, more authentic way forward. Listen deeply mid-month before jumping to conclusions. Feed collaboration, not collision, at work and in relationship to authorities as the month ends.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)…Tend to health and digestion issues as the month begins, take responsibility for your moods and all the sound, experience and food you take in. Soothe rather than stress. Curiosity is peaked mid-month, but there’s more to the story. Make considered decisions in a feisty time as the month ends. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)… Loving, if chaotic, changes on the home front need your patience and flexibility as the month begins; tend to your nervous system and commune with nature often. Significant others, co-workers and advisers need to talk, change their minds often, and call for your goodwill. Find a healthy balance between your needs and theirs. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)… Responsibilities can be sweet as the month begins, if you can find peoples’ discombobulation charming. Don’t do their work for them; do encourage them supportively. Stand firm around June 18; when in doubt, organize rather than act. Practice impulse control, and work towards the good of all, one issue at a time, in late June. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…So many words fly this month. Work your network; metaphysically work with guides, guardians and visualizations to bring in all non-corporeal allies, and back that with practicality, connect with old friends and business contacts, new leads for work, and in a mental way, with websites and tweets. Weave possibilities. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…Social life and creative exploration simmer on the front burner as the month begins. Look for opportunities to create new connections, or understand the old ones more deeply. Mid-month, look for hidden stories. Don’t absorb others’ tension towards the end of the month; instead, bring our minds back to connection and to beauty. a Heather Roan Robbins is a heart-centered and choice-oriented astrologer, palmist and ceremonialist with 30+ years’ experience. Her book, Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life using the Moon Signs and Cycles, brings real astrology into an accessible format. She’s trained in astro-locality, mythic, multi-generational and traditional astrology and uses it at the core of her spiritual counseling. For a daily view, read Starcodes at Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.


continued from p. 9

  Know that you can flourish on Earth and live beyond the illusion within this multidimensional setting of Self. This has always been part of the divine plan. This is your next step. You are, in Truth, naturally a multidimensional sacred being. You are being handed the keys to reaccess the doorway within your Heart, which will reestablish you to a natural state of Being, to your Higher Self. Through this changing element on the planet there is the constant action of the veils being lifted, revealing an easier access to this expanded consciousness level of you, reopening your higher aspect of Being. There is a sacred timing, a destiny for this new design of awakening for you personally and for the entire planet. This time has already begun, and it is opening up for you. There is going to come a time, in a certain moment, when the veils of illusion will lift completely on your planet. All humanity will awaken from “the dream,” the illusion at that moment. As they awaken from the dream, they will simply remember and reconnect to who they are. There will be that natural reconnection to their Sacred that already exists beyond the veil right

now. When this event takes place, this shift within them will be as natural as breathing. Those of you who are already awake and on the path need to take this step consciously and move through the veils now, enabling you to hold a steady platform for the rest of humanity to take their next step at the right moment. This is part your pre-agreement. We continue to witness you in your evolution. We invite you to call us forward to individually support you in your needs. This request by you must come from your own Heart space. The sacred sound we have presented to you will accelerate your Heart reconnections and this opening within your Heart will allow us to communicate with you. This is your time to thrive within yourself. Through your own Heart you come home. Blessings,The Pleiadians. a Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

J u n e 2017

the edge 


Lee Carroll & Kryon return to the Cities Internationally renowned author and speaker Lee Carroll will present two seminars featuring live channelings from the loving, angelic entity known as Kryon during the weekend of July 22-23 at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, 2020 East American Blvd., Bloomington, MN, hosted by Anita Collodoro. “The Best of Kryon,” from noon to 5:30 p.m. Saturday, July 22, will provide profound, updated information from the past, present and future as Lee Caroll provides two live channelings of Kryon and a first-time summary on such topics as human DNA, the nature of reality, the secrets to creating good synchronicity and new paradigms for the old soul. The lecture and workshop from noon to 5:30 p.m. Sunday, July 23, is entitled “New Energy — New Human,” and it will explore the new energy currently experienced on Earth that is considered the beginning of the long-predicted “Great Shift.” Providing an InnerActive workshop and live Kryon channelings, Sunday’s event will focus on the shift from separation and greed to love, compassion and unification. Tickets are $99 for each of the Saturday or Sunday events, or $180 for both, available at minneapolis2017/ The weekend also will feature a Saturday evening gathering, the Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle led by transformational healer Dr. Amber Wolf, that empowers the Sacred Feminine in women and reawakens Gaia’s feminine Akash. Sunday evening will feature an Ayni Despacho Prayer Ceremony with Michelle Karen, a Peruvian Shaman and Quantum Astrologer. Visit events/minneapolis2017/ for complete details. Local host Anita Collodoro is available for questions at 952.221.6372 or a 1 2   w w w. e d g e m a g a z i n e . n e t

The New Human

An Interview with Lee Carroll, channel of Kryon by Tim Miejan Lee Carroll, channeler of the loving, angelic entity known as Kryon, has shared messages about our collective transformation for 25 years. His channelings have lit up the hearts of metaphysicians for several decades, but they aren’t the only ones who are hearing what is being said. Carroll says there’s now a new breed of Kryon follower, old souls in young bodies who live without any of the baggage that comes with New Age belief systems. The Kryon channel says old patterns can inhibit the growth of new agers, just as they can anyone else. Sometimes it takes a new generation to breathe life into a new way of being. “Let me give you an example,” he said in a phone interview from his office in California. “One of the things that we know about in history is that while the Israelites were marching 40 years in the desert, they could not go to the Promised Land until after 40 years went by. Kryon always said it’s because you cannot take the consciousness of slaves into a new energy, and a whole generation had to die and be reborn before they actually could go to the Promised Land and understand what they were seeing. “We’re seeing a little of that today, because old souls are still in what I call the residuals of the old ways and the old energies. Many people are still expecting bad things and doom. And the experiences of the past are not the experiences of today. What do you feel when you meditate? What does a healer feel when they heal? These things are starting to shift. “People are saying, ‘Well, what’s happening to me? What did I do wrong?’ instead of realizing that a new energy is flowing in and around us, almost like a new broadcast we’re expected to tune in to, just a little higher frequency. This is all positive and benevolent stuff, but we still wallow in the ‘poor me’ thing. I’m included. It’s just habit — the habit of being who we are for as long as we have been and having to fight old energies that are now starting to be released.” Lee Carroll is returning July 22-23 to the Twin Cities to present two seminars featuring live Kryon channelings at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, 2020 East American Blvd., Bloomington, MN. He spoke about old souls, quantum healing and much more in his interview with The Edge. I listened to a recent channeling at in which Kryon addressed the bias of those who have been involved with metaphysics for a long time. That’s what you’re talking about, right? It really is. It is a bias — an overlay of what we’re used to. It keeps us in old patterns when we don’t need to be. The new patterns are there and ready for us to learn new things, and yet, if we’ve done a certain thing a certain way forever and it has worked, you would be the last one to go there and try this new thing.   The fun thing is when you see some of the young

people come along who are just awakening and getting into this — they’re just on fire. They don’t have any of the old stuff. They look at us hungry for information. And they truly get it. Did Kryon recommend anything to overcome that bias, or just to let it go and just do things differently and more spontaneously? Lee Carroll We were in Canada when Kryon talked about that, and it was about greeting your body’s cells and starting to talk to your Higher Self and your Innate, through affirmations and connecting in ways you just have not done before. Kryon says it’s a more informal process, visualizing a giant hand ready to take yours and walk you through it. It’s not about climbing stairs or reading books or going through a new learning process. It’s about relaxing with this and truly letting it work to its best ability. You mentioned talking to our body’s cells. For those who have not followed Kryon, tell us about that smart part of the body known as the Innate and how we can communicate with it to assist us in our lives. We have a system that we have known about for hundreds of years, where the body is ready to be “signaled to be healed.” An example is homeopathy, a tincture or a remedy that is absolutely too small to have any kind of a chemical reaction at all in the body, according to Western medicine, and yet it signals healing. Kryon says, “Your body is self-healing, and it really waits for signals. It doesn’t wait for drugs. It doesn’t wait for medicine or Band-Aids. It waits for signals.” Everything is in our body, according to Kryon, ready to respond to these signals. He even says we have what is called the Youth Template, which means that we can control how fast we age. But nobody ever talks to the body in that way — very few people do that. In fact, we’re in so much fear and full of self-worth issues that we never even get to first base, hardly. That’s what we’re talking about here. So, let’s start with this: what are we talking to? The smart body is known as the Innate, and it’s the body that homeopathy talks to, and it’s also the one we muscle test, for those who know about kinesiology. People have been doing that for a very long time. The body answers questions for you that you can’t know. A doctor could find out with tests, but it’s almost like a wall exists between your consciousness and your cells’ consciousness. So we go through these things in order to signal the body and ask the body questions. That wall, by the way, is

going to start becoming thinner and thinner as we evolve, I’m told by Kryon, but right now it’s quite thick. According to the channeling, the Innate is connected in some way to the pineal gland and your Higher Self, so you really are talking to what I would call the Divine Body. In other words, it’s not only smart, but it’s more connected than we are intuitively to the other side of the veil. It knows what we need. This is the whole premise of so many healers today who are teaching this very thing. Everyone has seemingly unique processes, and they are all doing pretty much the same thing in different ways, because we have different strokes for different folks, and people respond to things differently. I believe in the channeling Kryon also talked about how the Innate is contributing to world peace through compassion. That is a subject that will encompass our Yellowstone conference coming up June 2-4. We will have the full team from Heart Math on site. Heart Math is the group that for two decades or so has been able to correlate the coherence issue. Coherence is what happens when compassion happens on the planet. They’ve actually measured our collective response during changes that have taken place on the planet, such as the 9/11 attack. Princeton University has placed sensors — random number generators — all over the planet that are watching for coherence — and during some events they will actually synchronize.

In our conference we have some software that can measure the coherence of a person. Someone sits in a chair and the software will determine when they start becoming compassionate and start breathing a certain way, when all of their systems start to settle down. It’s good for health, it’s good for groups of people, and it’s good for the planet — and if you have enough coherence on the planet, you have a lot greater chance for peace because people are together in thought. This is happening more and more, and that’s why Heart Math is so riveting to me. I just love what they have discovered. Kryon is described as being of magnetic service. How does Kryon’s work with the magnetic grid relate to the shift that is taking place now? When you go to Heart Math, you discover that the Earth’s magnetic field is related to life. This has been their work, noting that processes in the grid are processes of consciousness. Satellites have actually proven it by picking up coherences of consciousness that affect the magnetic grid. In fact, the magnetic grid actually gets stronger, there’s more amplitudes, when there is coherence with people. So, we’ve got a relationship of physics to consciousness that has been proven. When Kryon came in, the first thing he said in Book 1 was, “You need the magnetic grid to live. You can’t be without it.” And then he said it was going to move more in 10 years than it had in 100 — in other words,   see new human on p. 14

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new human

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he said our compass was going to point differently — and it did! It stopped moving so greatly in about 2002 or so. The answer to your question is that in order to move into a higher consciousness, which is the prophecy of the ancients, we need to have higher tools to do that — and part of the tool is that the magnetic grid was going to shift and change, and it did. I have a new book coming out soon called The New Human, and it takes us apart so people can see who we truly are and how we are evolving. The magnetics of the planet are being altered so we can have a higher consciousness. Kryon is a magnetic master. It took me a long time to find out what that meant. In the old days, before I really got straight with all of this, I thought I had an angel I could paste on the refrigerator. I really thought this was a magnetic master. That was funny to me. Now I realize that Kryon is here to move the grid and make all kinds of other adjustments. The whole reason for his existence with us is to help us across this bridge into this great shift of consciousness. A little bit like the shifting from one president to the next, right? Yes, sir, and we talk about that. In fact, what we do is we try to get everybody neutral if it’s possible, because we have lots of people on both sides. I mean, this president was elected by us and our system. Many people are very positive about the president, and many people are not, and there’s a big chasm in between. One of the recent channelings was entitled, “When the butterfly flaps its wings.” This is what happens when our president is what Kryon calls “a wild card.” Looking at this situation, you know that’s correct. Nobody really expected what happened, on either side. The president is a wild card, and this wild card is meant to put a stick in everything and stir it vigorously, to be a catalyst for change, to make things happen — it’s not good or bad, it’s just different. So when the wild card moves on, we have things exposed. We have things that we know are right and wrong, so we are further ahead than if we had simply stayed the same. That’s what’s going on at the moment. You mentioned the new book, The New Human. Kryon has been talking about changes in the human DNA for quite a while. What is the most important thing we need to know about the new human from your perspective? It’s more complicated and different than you think. People think that the DNA is going to change, and is it? Kryon says, “Of course,” and you say, “Oh, yeah, well that means that we’re going to have new chemicals.” No, we’re not. Think of DNA as a Ferrari and 1 4   w w w. e d g e m a g a z i n e . n e t

right now it’s only activated as a Ford. We’re meant to last 900 years. There’s all manner of things we’re starting to see. We’re only operating at about 33 percent or so of our capabilities. This is what Kryon said. The future of DNA is what happens when the rest of us starts to be energized. This is when things that you don’t expect start happening. There is a phrase that Kryon has used, “A fool does not know they’re a fool.” That means we are not aware of what we’re not aware of. You can’t look up into something when you think you’re on top. There is nothing to look up at. So, we don’t know what a higher consciousness even looks like. People say, “Well, a higher consciousness is a guy who contemplates his navel all the time and can throw colors across the room.” It’s nothing like that. First of all, it has to be a consciousness that allows us to live longer, be wiser, get along with each other, not create war, see better ways to do things. Let me give you some of the chapter names in the new book. One is called, “The Triad,” which talks for the first time about how certain parts of the body work together — the brain, the heart, the pineal. Another is called, “The Future of DNA,” and one is called, “The Hidden Youth Template.” Then there is something called, “Conceptual DNA.” And then another one is called, “The Energy of the Future.” This is Kryon trying to explain in metaphors where we’re going from here and what an evolved human being looks like. It’s more than just DNA, but the model I love is the Ferrari disguised. Right now we’re only using it as a Ford. Another metaphor he uses is a Boeing 747, but all we do now is taxi it up and down the runway. It’s being energized, engaged. That’s part of the grid system, that’s part of this new energy. What does Kryon say that each of us can do daily to contribute to our conscious evolution? Stop verbalizing your doubts. Stop watching the news. Don’t feed yourself with bad stuff and drama on purpose. It’s just a habit. Right now, and for some time probably, broadcast television is still going to feed us what they think we need and what we want. That is starting to change dramatically. If you’ve ever bought a new smart TV, you don’t need cable ever at all. In fact, gone are going to be the commercials — they are leaving, too. Right now, our news is being handed to us and we’re watching it, and it is designed to be dramatic and sell things, period. And, when you start having choice on the news, there will be new channels that will give you a much more balanced approach, good things, they will talk about great things that are happening on the planet, as well as some of the immediate bad things, and you will have something that gives you hope. It’s much more of what’s happening on the planet instead of just dredging up the bad

stuff so you’ll sell more soap. One of the things I tell people is to be careful what you watch on TV. The news is not a good thing to watch daily. You can catch up with it on the internet by just reading what you want to, if you choose. The other thing I tell people is to start talking to your body on a regular basis, with affirmations. If you’re sick and you get a homeopathic remedy, that remedy is a wellness remedy. It’s not a sick remedy. It does not reflect your sickness; it reflects wellness. You put it inside you and you instruct your body for wellness. This is what you do with affirmations. You start telling yourself and giving yourself good information about who you are, even if you may not feel that way now. The more instructions that you give like this, the more the body is going to take hold. I found that it makes me more peaceful — there is no anger in my life anymore. It’s true that I get disappointed, but I don’t get angry. It does not push my buttons, because my affirmations are really working. You don’t wish for something, or want something. It’s not praying, and it’s not asking your body to give you anything. It’s a declaration of your power. That’s what we tell people. On a daily basis, wake up in the morning, put your feet on the floor, and say, “This is a great day. This is a wonderful day and it’s made for me. I’m going to do great things.” And then you get up and move on. Brush your teeth. What closing message would you like to leave with our readers? I would like to tell them that light is winning, no matter what you see on television. We are in a time that was predicted. If it was predicted, then it’s not something that is a surprise to God. I’ve heard over and over that what we’re going through is awful, that it’s a surprise, and nobody expected it, that even God didn’t expect it, even though we were told there would be good things. The answer is that we are in a time of change, and in this change we need old souls to be positive, be circumspect, pay attention, talk to your cells, and don’t get overwhelmed with what you’re told, especially on the news. Become overwhelmed with your magnificence instead. Go inside and feel what’s going on. You know? Instead of getting it from somebody else who is just always going to tell you we’re going to a bad place in a handbasket. This is what I like to tell people, that there is hope here, a lot, and it goes slower than you want, period. Slower than we want, but expect benevolent change. a Visit to listen to the archive of free audio channelings. Tim Miejan is editor & co-publisher of The Edge magazine. Contact him at 651.578.8969 or Visit The Edge online at Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Eating lighter with simple summer meals Food First

by Nutrition Julie I love quick, simple and delicious meals in the spring and summer months! It’s a great time to eat lighter and enjoy all the fresh produce from you garden or from the Farmer’s Market. This recipe takes about 10 minutes to make and is a good makeahead salad that you can have in your fridge for snacks and quick lunches. Bonus, the kids love it, too! Double bonus, you are adding in a great source of protein and fiber, as well! Serve with carrot sticks, cucumber slices, avocado or some fresh sliced tomatoes from the garden! Yummy!


1-15 oz can chick peas (garbanzo beans), drained and rinsed

3 T vegan mayonnaise 1/2 lemon, juiced 1-1/2 tsp curry powder 3 green onions, diced 1 stalk celery, diced 1/4 cup cilantro, minced 1/4 cup cashews, chopped Himalayan Salt to taste In a medium-sized bowl, smash the chick peas with a fork and add the rest of the ingredients. Stir until well blended. Place filling in washed large leaf lettuce like Boston or Romaine Lettuce. Four servings. a Nutrition Julie is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Nutrition Educator who is passionate about nutrition, health and wellness. Julie believes that real, whole, nutritious foods are a powerful tool in living a healthy, conscious, disease-free life and works to educate, inspire and empower the people she works with through her stepby-step Food First System. For more information, visit Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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featuring this month: ABUNDANCE

Spiritual horn of plenty Spirit Leaves

by Janet Michele Red Feather We don’t have to look too far for abundance: it is all around us. We reside in an abundant Universe that proffers a super-numerous amount of everything — love, beauty, truth, harmony, kindness and peace. We are all travelers in this Universe, so we ought to be able to mimic this state of plenitude in our human existence. Still, we are drawn like tiny fish on a current to a vast array of books, workshops and DVDs about acquiring more than we have. The big “secret” is that, with a bit of attunement, we can embrace the abundance that is already ours. Lao Tzu says, “When you realize that nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” How could this be? How could the world “belong” to us? At first blush, this made no sense. I would listen to the great master’s words on my way to work and squint, trying to grasp his wisdom. Initially, the truths of the Great Tao seemed like deliberate contradictions, designed to confound and frustrate me. My innate tendency is to perceive lack everywhere I turn. I am not thin enough; I am not pretty enough; I have more bills than paycheck; I’m running out of groceries. These ideas come from the ego’s false sense of vanity and scarcity. We love to hoard. We love to shop. When we run out of shelf space in our homes, we go into storage where we harbor yet more unused possessions. Were we to transcend our material longings, we would find abundant stores that are inexhaustible. Native people have been telling us for centuries, “You can’t take it with you.” Actually, some try. I watched a series on DVD where a main character’s uncle tried to fit his burgeoning stash of earthly stuff into his coffin — until the lid would not close with him inside. The nephew then had to supersize the coffin. “Abundance,” Cedric Red Feather clarifies, “is different for crop growers and those born rich. Farmers live in harmony with Nature and cycles. They may suffer devastation through hail, tornadoes or pestilence, but they know that one good year makes up for three lean years.” Traditional people, Cedric teaches, kept only what they needed; excess items were used as trade goods. They did not hoard or keep “extra.” Chief Four Bears, Cedric says, was beloved because, with all that was bestowed upon him, he gave everything away to the people, even horses; yet he always had more horses than he needed. Abundance, Cedric teaches, is not always a material matter. “Four Bears,” he adds, “was abundant in courage; he was wounded in battle 14 times.” “In the spiritual,” he added, “you are one with all Creation; you are never alone. You’re one with your Guides, Angels and Spirit Helpers. That, too, is abundance.” Having learned from Cedric, and from other compassionate spiritual teachers of several tradi1 6   w w w. e d g e m a g a z i n e . n e t

tions, I have looked inward and made some changes. Every morning, I thank the Great Spirit for my working vehicle, my teaching job, my secure apartment. I give thanks for my work colleagues, my family, my Edge editor, and my spiritual friendship with The Red Feather Man. I express gratitude for my spiritual way of life, the Sacred Songs, my drum, rattle, pipe, and staff. Most of all, I offer thanks for the Wanagi Oyate (Ghost Nation), Spirit Helpers, Angels, Archangels and Guides who direct and protect me; and for realizations, dreams and visions. By the time I am finished, the energy around me shifts noticeably. The simple act of taking inventory shows me that I “have” whatever I name as part of me. I appreciate all of it, without attachment. Lao Tzu was right: the whole world belongs to me. I love how The Red Feather Man says it: “I have never, ever asked the Spirits for a single thing, and yet, they have blessed me with many things.” a Janet Michele Red Feather, J.D., M.A., is a ceremonial singer who has learned over 60 traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota and sings in nine different languages. Janet was a full-time defense litigator in California for nearly eight years.  Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. A regular columnist for The Edge, she has also appeared in Psychic Guidepost, FATE Magazine and Species Link.  Her book, Song of the Wind (2014, Galde Press), dealt with her experiences as an empath, and her journey through Mandan spiritual culture. She is currently a full-time, tenured English faculty member at Normandale Community College, having taught Composition and Literature for a span of 20 years. Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

My path of abundance by Astrid Bergie I am in free-fall, but I have my parachute of Spirit and great Grace, along with my listening. Indeed, I am landed, not stranded, my feet on the ground and arms outstretched to life’s infinite abundance and possibilities. Think of me like a willow tree, the way it is flexible and flowing. That’s me. No paying job in the offing. Yet, I have my devotion to my writing and publishing, which may not provide income, but brings me a true abundance: great joy and fulfilling my higher purpose for this lifetime. The other day Spirit said to me, “Oh yes, you are making money for your work (my writing). You just don’t see it yet.” Each day we are showered with heavenly gifts. So let’s welcome this abundance, for it already welcomes us and wants us to notice. That we are greeted every day with so much beauty — the trees, the birds, the sun, the changing clouds, the blooming flowers — that is abundance, dependent solely on our seeing, hearing, touching, smelling. Each day we open our hearts and minds, we are filled to the brim with peace, joy and love. When we open our eyes, we are in paradise. We are born abundant. So, perceive with the heart. Receive with the heart. And then with the heart give thanks. One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life, is that Source (God, Creator, Spirit, the Divine) is my supply and I need never be or feel dependent on anyone or

anything to get my needs met. Indeed, I am the Source of my supply as I identify or am at one with God/the Divine inside me. I will never forget what the Master Muktananda said to his then young disciple — who became Master Charles — when he found him sitting alone in a temple corner in an intoxicatingly blissful experience of Source: “Always remember this, if you just sit in the corner and keep your mind on God, all that you ever need will come to the corner,” from The Bliss of Freedom, by Master Charles. A New Testament passage expresses beautifully this spiritual notion of how abundance happens: “Consider the lilies of the field. They do not labor or spin, yet I tell you not even Solomon in all his splendor was arrayed like one of these. Behold infinity every day and all that you seek shall be given you.” I have many miracle manifestation stories to tell of my own. Here’s one. Years ago, I was a doctorate student and a teaching associate who received a highly coveted position, assisting and teaching abroad in London and Stratfordon-Avon. I was honored and thrilled. The only problem was that it did not give me enough money to travel in my free time outside of London and England. So I joined forces with Source within and Great Source without. In the solitude of my

home, I stood with my arms outstretched and my head uplifted up to the sky, and I fervently prayed and gave thanks with all my heart and soul for additional money for travel. In my mind’s eye I instantly saw hundreds of dollar bills pouring down from the heavens. I felt such bliss and fullness in my body; and I knew beyond a shadow of doubt this bountiful blessing was already on its way to me. The following day, the head of the university’s English Department called me into his office. He said, “We’ve just decided you deserve more than what we’re giving you.” With that, he raised my salary over $1,000, and I signed a new contract of “more than enough!” a Astrid Bergie is a mystic, poet, metaphysician and writer. She can be contacted at Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Living in alignment creates abundance by Theresa Nutt In my quest to gain spiritual wisdom and live a more authentic life, I have explored several topics over the years. One of the topics I keep coming back to is abundance. I have read a ton of books, listened to experts, and done a lot of mindset work to try and create abundance in my life. And at a certain point, I realized that all the activities I tried weren’t working. And in fact, they often actually made things worse for me. How many of us have sought something so fervently that we spend every waking hour trying to figure out how to have it in our lives? We are willing to do anything to create it and we don’t actually know how it feels — so we are wandering around lost (I can’t be the only one!). Then we seek out masters and wisdom while we hand our power over to someone we imagine must know something we don’t. And every step we take pulls us out of alignment with our deepest inner wisdom and knowing. I see this phenomenon all too often in coaching. Broken promises based on someone else having something you don’t.

It’s just another version of separation and fear. Let me be clear though: I am not throwing out the idea of abundance. Instead, I am throwing out the idea of constantly seeking abundance through spiritual gymnastics. Seeking anything takes us out of alignment with our deepest selves, and that separation creates difficulties of every kind in our lives. Lately, I have realized that the single answer to anything I am seeking is my relationship to my soul’s journey. And when I am living in alignment with myself and the journey my soul brought me to have on this planet, abundance is a natural state. I want to interrupt and get to the definition of abundance before circling back to this discussion. I start with definitions because my Dad has always been an absolute stickler for knowing the definition of words. I always thought abundance was the search for more money and things. Here are a few definitions on that intrigued me as I learned more about what abundance actually means. “An extremely plentiful oversufficient quantity or supply, overflowing

fullness, and affluence or wealth.” When I look at all of the definitions together, I am struck by the phrases plentiful supply and overflowing fullness. Both of those definitions are about a feeling. And the feeling of plentiful supply and overflowing fullness can come without a physical dollar or thing. I know I am not the only one who has become lost for hours doing something that brings me joy. And in those hours, all worry and overthinking is lost. A deeper wisdom and order emerges. I am in alignment. Breathe and relax, and remember that we are already more than enough. Learn to notice and be grateful for all of the examples of abundance every single day: physical things, money, free time, people we love, work that is meaningful, nature’s many gifts, a smile from a stranger, our natural gifts and talents, a song we love on the radio, a quote or interview that touches our heart, the call of our soul — we can stop seeking. We are in alignment. I am in alignment when I realize that all of my heart’s desires are an extension of me. I am in alignment when I realize that the unique energy I came here already programmed to broadcast is my superpower. I am in alignment when I remember that I am always more than enough, simply because I exist. I am in alignment when I seek council with my highest inner wisdom and insight, and only then seek masters who will help me build that inner wisdom and insight instead of replacing mine with theirs. In the past few months, I have stopped seeking a lot of things, including abundance. My goal is to find personal alignment. It requires daily practice and diligence to stay grounded in my soul’s purpose. And I completely trust the process. a Theresa Nutt is a transformational coach, author and speaker. She empowers disenchanted women to become Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable. Her business is Closeted Creatives Coaching. You can reach her at, visit, or call 949.728.8640. Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Sacred Gatherings are $90 total for 3 mos., $150 total for 6 mos., $240 total for one year. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Name, address, phone, email, website, gathering times & brief description. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or ECKANKAR / TEMPLE OF ECK: The Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, — Keys to spiritual experiences: Explore past lives, dreams and Soul Travel. ECK Light and Sound Service: first Sunday of each month, 10-11am Youth programs. Community HU Song: third Sunday of each month, 10-10:30am.  Free workshops: Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm. Temple hours: Noon-9pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from noon to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Tours available. LAKE HARRIET SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY: A Center for Conscious Living, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272, — Raise your consciousness by attending our classes, workshops and Sunday Services led by amazing speakers! Raise your vibration in our beautiful, historic building (now on the National Historic Register). Give us a try as part of your spiritual journey and feel the love of our heartbased community. Visit our community for: great meditations, yoga classes, speakers and programs that include mindfulness, developing your intuition, releasing negative beliefs, allowing greater abundance, and breaking the barriers to deep self-healing. Make use of Edge Classifieds to promote your product, announce your garage sale, sell your stuff or seek something to buy. Call 763.433.9291 today!

SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY MEDITATION CENTER: 4054 Van Buren St. NE, Columbia Heights, MN, 612.216.4444,, — The Meditation Center strives to help seekers achieve stronger sense of purpose and leading a spiritual life based on meditation and universal spiritual values. We are a global, nonprofit, spiritual organization having over 2,500 centers around the world. Under the guidance of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, these centers organize regular Meditation sessions, workshops/classes, talks & retreats, all Free. Visit for information. SPIRIT UNITED CHURCH: Services only at 701 N. Lexington Parkway, St. Paul, 612.378.3602,, — We are an adventurous, creative and supportive Spiritual Community connecting with Universal Essence through Presence, Practice and Play. We serve those aware individuals who seek a personal spirituality in addition to that offered by traditional religions. We welcome your life experience, your imagination, and your participation. Explore with us! Service on Sundays: 10:30am. UNITY IN THE HEART: St. Paul Location, 1898 Iglehart Ave., at the Triune Masonic Temple, — Unity in the Heart of the Twin Cities — Grow your Life! Unity emphasizes the practical, everyday application of spiritual principles to help you live a more abundant,

meaningful life. In our vibrant community, we warmly embrace all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural origin or religious affiliation. It’s our purpose to support you on your path to discovering your own understanding and experience of God and the divinity that you are. Expect inspiring ideas and terrific music by talented professionals at our 10:30am Sunday services. UNITY MINNEAPOLIS: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, 763.521.4793, — We are an all-inclusive community that offers a positive, practical, everyday spiritual message. No matter which of our Sunday services you attend (9:45 or 11:30am), you will experience a dynamic message and music program. We have an engaging youth program, as well as adult education classes, throughout the year. Our monthly healing service is at 7pm on the 1st Tuesday. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. UNITY NORTH SPIRITUAL CENTER: 11499 Martin St. NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433, 763.754.6489,, — Unity North Spiritual Center is committed to offering a space to support community members and youth in fulfilling their potential. Services and events include healing, prayer, men’s and women’s groups, meditation, sacred text and shamanic studies. UNSC serves the wider community through programs such as Family Promise and Family Table. UNITY OF THE VALLEY SPIRITUAL CENTER: 4011 W. Hwy 13, Savage, MN 55378, 952.895.0745, — Discover Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center, a positive path for spiritual living. Practical teachings to help you live a healthy, meaningful life. As we grow in consciousness, we create a loving, peaceful world. Sunday Service 10am. J u nJune e 2017 e eedge d g e    1 9 2017t h the 19


business net work resources for b o dy, m in d & soul

The Business Network is arranged by Category. $90 total for 3 mos., $150 total for 6 mos., $240 total for one year. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Category, brief description (25 words or less), name, phone, email, website, photo/logo. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or ACUPUNCTURE: Providing affordable, effective, personalized acupuncture by an RN and licensed acupuncturist in a group setting for over 10 years. $15-$50, you pay what works for you. Help for pain, headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, stress and more. Mongeau Acupuncture LLC , Ann Mongeau L.Ac, RN, 763.300.9811,

DISEASE PREVENTION Disease Prevention – For A Life Of Wellness. “Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline body.” Alkaline-rich cells provide the immune system with the natural ability to prevent disease from taking root at a cellular level. Rick Roach / Enagic Distributor, 612.377.8008,

BODYWORK & BREATHWORK Gently transform limiting patterns at their core. Restore wellbeing of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Experience your life’s flow/ fulfillment. Lee Timm Beaty, Light Heart Unlimited, 612.721.7108,

EFT Guaranteed Fast & Easy relief. Change your life NOW. Dr. Kim Eisen is Experienced and Intuitive, Master of EFT. Dr. Kim Eisen, 612.802.HEAL (4325),,

Breathwork Guided Breathing Sessions & Reiki combined to release trauma, decrease pain and transform your life. Private sessions, live workshops and certifications available. Deanna Reiter & Troy Stende, 651.238.7248,,

FENG SHUI SERVICES Residential/Business consultations, mentoring, energy clearing, workshops Barbara Bobrowitz, Energetic Alignments, 763.571.9437,

BREATH WORK / ENERGY HEALING / SOUL COACHING: Heal your Body, Clear your Blocks, Enhance your Soul Connection, Transform your Life. Soul Breathing™ workshops and group sessions, ongoing. Individual Breath Sessions, Pranic Healing® / NPMDT® / Reiki by appointment. Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh., 651.442.4623,,

FLOWER ESSENCES: Numerous Flower Essences for spiritual and emotional healing. Books, Practitioners Available. In business 37 years. Located at 3546 Grand Ave. S. Minneapolis. Contact Martin Bulgerin. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,

Chakra Healing & Therapeutic Massage Relax with a meditation, intuitive healing touch and chakra balance, then enjoy a 60-minute therapeutic massage, all for $50 for first-time clients (2 hours). Edgar Massage & Chakra Balance, 5215 28th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.384.4572,

HERBS: 600+ medicinal & cooking herbs, tinctures, capsules & oils, new and used books, Natural healing practitioners available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking, ND, Duane Givens. In business 37 years at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,

CHRIST HEALING Working with the highest available Light on Earth at this time, Susan facilitates healing by working with multiple levels of consciousness. Sessions available for all ages. Susan Broadwell, MA, PsyD., 952.220.5225,

Holistic Health Coaching Manifest balance in your life — health, nutrition, spiritual, career, energy. Create your healing journey. Customized programs. Heal Organically, 952.200.4804,,

CRYSTALS, STONES, STONE ENERGY Ki Stones features mineral specimens, crystals, tumbled stones (over 150 types), decorator pieces, jewelry. In-home store open. Call for an appointment. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Maple Grove, 763.420.9017,,

HOMEOPATHY: 2000 Homeopathic Remedies, Individual Potencies, Books, Practitioners Available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking ND, Martin Bulgerin, We buy and sell new and used books. At 3546 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,

Have you explored advertising options at The Edge? We invite you to explore the wide variety of advertising opportunities available in The Edge magazine each and every month and online at From Display ads ranging from business-card size to full page, to six types of listings to promote you and your holistic

services, The Edge can help you promote you! In addition, we offer banner and tile ads online, as well as email blasts to promote you to your community. All display ads appear online. Monthly articles, and flipbooks for each edition of The Edge, are read online by people around the world.

Call today at 763.433.9291 to get THE NEW ADVERTISER discount 26  2 0 w w w. e d g e m a g a z i n e . n e t

HYPNOTHERAPY: Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? 15 Years Experience. Located in St. Paul, MN. Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT, 651.649.1952,

Mother & Daughter Team: Angelologist + Mystikologist + Monthly Podcasts, Healing + Education, Messages + Readings, Publications, Angels, and more. Always in Spirit, Working with Spirit, Guided by Spirit. Dagney works with ArchAngel Metatron 24/7, Tracy has many guides, removes negative energies and crosses over lost loved ones. The Source in Spirit, Dagney & Tracy Kvamme, 612 501 0858,,

HYPNOTHERAPY: Release the inner resources you’ve been hiding from yourself. Move more fully into your potential. With ten years of experience, the practitioners at ChangeWorks will help you release weight, stop smoking, put an end to fears and anxiety, sleep better, be more confident, and more. ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center, 952.356.0010,

Palm Reading, Reiki, Drumming & Meditation We carry various products such as Crystals, Rocks, Cards, Jewelry, Dream Catchers & many gift items. Open Fridays 11-5, Saturdays 10-3 & Mondays 4-9. At 26789 Forest Blvd., Wyoming, MN Crescent Moon Metaphysical Shop, Nancy, 612.328.0891

HYPNOTHERAPY: Start a new career, add to your skills or learn for selfimprovement at our state-licensed school of Hypnotherapy and NLP. Earn internationally recognized certifications in hypnotherapy and NLP. Teachers have over 10 years experience and Board Certification. Classes form throughout the year. Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy, Cindy Locher, 763.218.3231,

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT / SOUL READINGS Soul Readings for clarity and guidance. Psychic Development classes to heal, reclaim your gifts, and consciously create with your own unique body/soul partnership. Cindy Lehman 612.669.1861,,

HYPNOTHERAPY 5-PATH® Are you on the right path? Now is the time to strive for better wellness - physically, mentally & emotionally. You owe it to yourself to Change the Path of Your Life. Christa Sack, CH, Restore Your Path Hypnosis & Healing, 612.810.6158,,

Psychic Medium, Educator & Animal Intuitive Award winning, ethical and one of the top Psychic Mediums in the world. Psychic Galleries monthly, Psychic Development Groups weekly, Workshops. Alison James, 612.424.1411 returned via text,,

HYPNOTHERAPY & CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™: Change your mind. Change your life. Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy.™ Transform limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, habits, 5 Pillars of Balance, Spiritual Direction, Conflict Resolution Skills. Judith Froemming, BA, CH, CTC, HNLP, Infinite Mind Hypnosis & Coaching, 651.216.0085,

REIKI HEALING Experience the divine energy of Reiki for balance, relaxation, wellness. Treatment sessions. Student-oriented training for all levels. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Reiki Master-Teachers, 763.420.9017,

HYPNOTHERAPY/PSYCHOTHERAPY: Help with emotional overwhelm, healing trauma, sexual abuse & other issues. Access past-lives & between lives. Build skills for relationships across the veil, interactive prayer, Synergy Meditation. Channel for Mother Mary. Jerry Buchmeier, Ph.D., psychotherapist, 763.546.4133,,

REIKI HEALING: Feel Empowered on Every Level! Usui Reiki Training and Sessions, schedule a Reiki I or II class, inquire about Reiki Master apprenticeships and Absentee (Distance) Healing. Learn Reiki yourself, or bring your friends! Rachel Miejan, Reiki by Miejan, 651.735.2863,,

HYPNOTHERAPY & TRAINING Past Life, Between-Lives Regression. Spiritual Coach 20 years experience. Madonna Kettler, Ph.D., LBL, 612.709.5578,

SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS Do you transform people’s lives, but are struggling to get more clients, money, or grow your business? Check out the “Shortcut to Success – Quick Start Program.” Kim Eisen, Success Coach, Master of EFT, 612.802.4325,,

INNER CHILD WORK & EFT Author of the best-selling Inner Child Workbook & EFT (Tapping) Practitioner. Cathryn Taylor, 612.710.7720,

Soul and Purpose Activation, Intuitive Coaching and more: Gabriel has devoted his life to the sacred path of the ecstatic, radical, and awakened heart embodying a deep wisdom from his spiritual journey. Come and be blessed by the beauty of the Divine Grace that flows through him. Gardeners of the Heart, Gabriel Curell, 612.594.4714,,

INTUITIVE CLASSES & READINGS Intuitive Tarot, Psychic & Palm readers available for in-store private readings or events. Classes in Psychic Development, Tarot & Runes. Schedule online. Eye of Horus Metaphysical 612.872.1292,

SUFI Four Layers of the Heart. Jess Fauchier, 763.360.9259,,

KUNDALINI: Individuals living their Kundalini journeys within Kundalini Awakening Systems and the direction of its founder, and seminar leader, Chrism. Encouraged, inspired, supported by monthly meetings with the teacher. MN Kundalini Community, 651.329.9615,,

Website Design Captivate clients with a website - Appointment Setting + Classes + Emails + Blog + Social Media + Sell Products, tools for success. FREE consultation. Design My Site 17, Tracy Kvamme Krouse, 612.501.0858,,

Life Coaching Dr. Nakita Savant provides Life Coaching and Hypnosis to address problems and unlock your highest potential. Free 15-minute consultation. Dr. Nakita Savant, 612.812.4310,,

FIND THE EDGE BUSINESS NETWORK ONLINE Explore the variety of holistic businesses in the Business Network online — including listings that appear here in print as well as The Edge Directory and monthly Featured Businesses. J u nJune e 2017 2017t h the e eedge d g e    2 27 1


intuitivE net work

connecting you to intuitive services

The Edge Intuitive Network is $40 monthly (1-3 mos.), $35 monthly (4-7 mos.), $30 monthly (8-12 mos.) Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: headline (10 words or less); description (80 words or less); name; phone; email; website; photo(s) or logo (2 inches wide x .75 inches high). To be included: 763.433.9291 or

MULTIDIMENSIONAL MASTER SHAMAN PaLiChi AND TEACHER OF ENLIGHTENMENT Chee Vue (PaLiChi) uses a variation of Shamanic readings, soul diagnosis and spirit medicine to

accelerated meditation and trauma releases. She instructs FaLiThi Chi (Qi) energy healing and meditation for revitalization and DNA activation. Her ancient spirit guides and numerous angels bring gifts to you through personalized experience to boost you to levels of highest and best. This is “Where manifestation comes to life.” Call for a free 10-minute phone consultation now! FaLiThi Healing LLC, Chee Vue (PaLiChi), 763.742.8690,,

MEDIUM, CLAIRVOYANT, INTUITIVE COACHING, CARD READER, REIKI WITH INNER INTUITION LLC I offer a private session and give you the the answers I receive from Spirit.

My answers come from dowsing and messages I receive from your “loved Ones” and Spirit. I have a particular interest in crime investigations, as well. I book Family Memorials in your home and will travel up to one hour from St. Cloud, MN. Phone sessions are available. Inner Intuition LLC, Valerie Landy, 320.267.4218,

SOUL HEALING, SPIRITUAL COUNSELING, CHANNELED MESSAGES, SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CLASSES Maggie Chula is a Spiritual Teacher and Healer for the Soul. She is a Certified Psychic Professional, Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist and Medical Intuitive. Maggie’s mission is to help you connect to the wisdom of your soul and understand how to communicate with your divine guidance. Her teachings help you become inspired, ignite your imagination, engage your mind, and construct well balanced goals. She is committed to helping you create divine health and well-being for every level of your life today. Maggie Chula, 651.214.7635,,

763.742.8690 services@


651.214.7635 Maggie@


Deborah is unlike any others, she will give you Names and Descriptions of people alive and or deceased from your past, present and future. Are you feeling lost, like you don’t have a clue which way to go? Be assured that Deborah Lynn11, with over 30 years experience, will Guide you to where YOU need to be.  Deborah Lynn 11, 651.439.5337,

PATRICE CONNELLY, DIRECTOR OF QUESTFIELDS: INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT TEACHER, HEALER, STUDENT For 35 years I have taught and continue to teach Intuitive Development classes,

worked with numerous clients in one-on-one sessions in person or by phone bringing Spirituality, creativity and humor together. I offer practical hands on tools for students and clients to explore and to develop their own unique gifts working with their Spirit through soul, mind and body. It is a never-ending source of delight and pleasure to see students and clients become empowered in their ownership. Patrice Connelly, Questfields,



Allie Maurer is an International Psychic Medium, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive Life Coach. She is passionate about her life’s purpose: utilizing her natural gifts to provide guidance, clarity, and healing to those looking for support. Her clients love her accuracy, honesty, authenticity, compassion, and that she always treats them as an equal. Whether it is connecting to a pet, deceased loved one, seek deeper knowledge to the events unfolding in your life or healing: she is here to help. Allie Maurer, 952.334.6496,,


TAROT BY KATRINA: UNFOLDING YOUR STORY WITH SAGE INSIGHT, GUIDANCE & WISDOM Let us take a step together. Healing begins with a clear and settled mind. When questions are answered,

stress is lifted and a path to follow is found. Then healing energies can enter. Our journeys are constantly beginning, and here we start again.  Let me walk you through life’s path ahead and reveal the unknown.  Choose from the variety of Tarot decks I work with for a more positively attuned reading.  Readings in person, via Skype, phone or email., 320.260.2138,

First-time advertisers

GET 20% OFF the cost of a display advertisment for the first month if you commit to 3 months or more of advertising in The Edge! Call today: 763.433.9291 28  2 2 w w w. e d g e m a g a z i n e . n e t


I offer private, respectful Soul Readings to connect with your soul’s wisdom for guidance, clarity and healing. All questions are welcome. Relationships can be looked at from a soul perspective including connecting with those who have passed on. I also offer beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. My passion is teaching others to more fully access their own intuitive/psychic/soul gifts, while living and creating from heart in a healthy partnership honoring both body and soul.  Cindy Lehman, 612.669.1861,,

Soul and Purpose Activation • Intuitive Coaching • Twin Flame/Sacred Relationship • Kundalini Awakening Coaching • Divine Transmission

Gabriel has devoted his life to the sacred path of the ecstatic, radical, and awakened heart embodying a deep wisdom from his spiritual journey with gifts as a profound channel, visionary leader/teacher, alchemist and healer. Come and be blessed by the beauty of the Divine Grace that flows through him. Gabriel Curell, 612.594.4714,,

WAND MAKING, CRYSTAL GRIDS, TAROT & SHAMANIC REIKI CLASSES IN A SPIRITUALLY ACTIVE LOCATION Enhance your spiritual toolkit by making your own Wand, Crystal Grid,

Spirit Feather, and Pendulum, Chakra, Space Clearing, and Reiki classes available to help improve overall wellness. Develop your Intuition through a protected channel in a series of enhanced study to help connect you with your spirit guides. My Spirit Experience is located in St Louis Park, MN. Private sessions available in person or by phone with Master Instructor and Shamanic High Priestess, Heidi Steffens. Heidi Steffens,


612.594.4714 shrigabrielcurell@



If you ever wished your child came with an instruction book, this product is for you! The Star Chart Report will help you to understand your baby’s inborn characteristics and temperaments, giving guidance on how to nurture and best support your child’s natural potential and emotional needs. Great gift idea! Cathi Curen, 424.262.4115,,

LYNMARIE8 — MOVES & HEALS YOU INTO 5D AND BEYOND – BEYOND QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS® / THETA HEALING® This resolves all mental, physical, spiritual conditions in all aspects

of one’s self, of the past, present, future simultaneously & permanently. Creating a permanent shift on all levels of Mind, body, Soul & your cellular structures. Receiving 100% truth and accurate info from your records on and off planet, while creating a permanent shift in all areas of your life. LynMarie8 is an Intuitive, Medical Intuitive. LynMarie8,,


Jurema is an internationally known psychic, medium and healer. She grew up in Brazil experiencing an amazing variety of ancient healing practices. Nearly 30 years ago, she brought to the U.S. her spiritual knowledge with an original approach to healing and psychic readings. Channeling her spirit guides, Jurema looks into your energy field (soul) and becomes aware of your past/past lives, present and future. Schedule your appointment today. “She is the REAL DEAL!” — Leslee P. from New Hampshire Jurema Silva, 320.260.7305,,


edge talk radio podcastS expan d ing the holistic conversation

Listen to Free Edge Podcasts in June June 1 at 3 p.m. – “Jumpstart Counseling Studio at the Edge” with Julie Schmit, M.A. — Each month we will dive into a topic in the realm of relationships, sexuality, the human energy field, self-esteem, depression or anxiety. Julie combines her decades of experience with the mind-body connection to help guide you toward creating an environment of vitality and well-being. June 3 at 6 p.m. – “The Edge of Divinity” with Dr. Julie Buckman — Learn the language of the Divine. Learn to trust what you hear, to be guided by what you say, as we explore the multitude of differences we each uniquely possess. June 6 at 6 p.m. – “Edge Learning Well” with Elise Marquam Jahns — Learning Well: Your partner in integrative health education. You’ll hear from fascinating experts who will share rich information designed to enhance your health, career and relationships. Learning Well…bringing growth, joy and inspiration to your life! This show is sponsored by the Integrative Health

320.260.7305 juremashealinggarden@

Listen anytime for free at or call at show time at 714.364.4750. Show archives: Explore every show at Host your own show: call 612.710.7720 or 763.433.9291 for details

Education Center of Normandale Community College. June 7 at 7 p.m. – “The Edge presents Angels – Messengers of Light” with Dagney Kvamme (Walters) — Archangel Metatron’s Messages: Hear His messages concerning today. Call in for a Free brief reading or conversation with Metatron through Dagney a collaborative podcast with ArchAngel Metatron and Dagney, offering messages from the Divine each month. June 8 at 2 p.m. – “Spiritual Diagnostics on the Edge” with Carol & Rabecca — Join Carol Dorian & Rabecca Raffi as they discuss  a wide range of spiritual readings. Learn about your chakras and chakra balancing, your spiritual DNA, positive energy vs. unwanted energy.  Hear how to filter your energy and how to access your own gifts and abilities to heal. June 9 at 10 a.m. – “Edge Happenings” with Cathy Jacobsen — Live conversations with those who are bringing special events to the community. Gather

more insight into what to expect at these coming events and why they will be meaningful to you in your everyday life. June 13 at 6 p.m. – “Edge Insights” with Deborah Lynn11— Discover why and what it is you are working on in your current incarnation. Learn how to manifest your life on earth as it is in your heaven, revealing your true purpose for being on the planet at this time.  June 15 at 7 p.m. – “The Edge’s Mystikologist” with Tracy Kvamme (Krouse) — What are the signs of the awakening? Are you experiencing any of these? Each month, explore the paranormal, healing, gifted children, and divinely guided messages for today’s current events. June 22 at 6 p.m. – “Edge Wise Woman Wellness” with Terese Guettler, R.N. — Empowering Women through Life Transitions. Whether you are experiencing a divorce, empty nest syndrome, a health challenge, job loss or searching for your life purpose, receive assistance and support in that transition. J u nJune e 2017 2017t h the e eedge d g e    2 29 3


june 1


june 9

Happenings events your calen d ar of what ’s going on

Happenings Events are $29 for up to 35 words, $45 for 36-70 words. Listings over 70 words will be edited. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Date, title and text. Listing must include specific event dates and time, or it will be placed under Ongoing and not be included online. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or June 1 – Oneness Phenomenon – Neurobiological Transformation: Spiritual technology of the Oneness Blessing quiets the mind and raises consciousness through a neuro-biological shift, allowing for one to be in an open place to connect and receive insights directly from your Higher Self. 6:30-7:30pm at GT Artistry Studio, 2433 Grand St. NE, Minneapolis. Reservations at For more information, contact Jeremiah Rangel at, 612.930.2662, June 2-4 – NLP 101 Certificate Course: Be immersed in the transformational energies of healing consciousness through our NLP 101 Certificate Course covering the basic fundamentals of NLP techniques and how to begin applying them immediately to your life. Improve and develop communication skills with your personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients and peers. 9:30am-6:30pm, reservations at http://bit. ly/2fpTz5M. For more information, contact Amanda Rangel at, 612.930.2662, June 3 – “Bark in the Park”: Come join Healing Hands MN at the Plymouth “Bark in the Park” event from 10am-2pm Saturday, June 3, at Hilde Performance Center, 3500 Plymouth Blvd., Plymouth, MN. The event features: Doggie massage demonstrations; a Smooch Your Pooch booth (purchase picture to share with friends); Drawings every 30 minutes with awesome prizes & treats; Custom Healing Hands MN t-shirts available; Dog treats, and so much more. June 3 – “Psychic Pot Luck” Psychic Development Workshop: This is a question/answer, free-flowing potluck workshop about anything and everything psychic. Holly and the All Knowing Elders discuss anything you want about your abilities and things about which you are currently seeking more information. 6-8:45pm, Maple Grove Community Center, Maple Grove, MN. $50 in advance and $60 at the door. Registration and details at  www.hollyburnspsychic. com, 612.834.6850,  June 4 – As Soul I Am Free: Join people from all walks of life for the monthly ECK Light and Sound Service at the Temple of ECK. Dynamic speakers, 2 4   w w w. e d g e m a g a z i n e . n e t

original creative arts, and singing HU, a sacred name for God, celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. 10am, Sunday, June 4, and the first Sunday of every month, Temple of ECK/Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. 952.380.2200,

June 6-22 – EFT “Tapping” Free 15-minute “Life Breakthrough” Chat: Do you feel stuck? Need to get over something or move forward? Schedule your private 15-minute phone “Life Breakthrough Chat” to see if Kim can help you.  Register at www. Kim Eisen, Experienced & Intuitive Master of EFT “Tapping,” Life Breakthrough Coach and Energy Healer. Call 612.802-HEAL (4325) or visit June 7- July 26 – Rock Your Chakras With Kundalini Yoga! If you’re ready to be your happiest and healthiest self, please join me for an eight-week series on the chakras! Wednesdays, June 7 - July 26 from 7-8:15pm at 711 W. Lake St., Suite 304, Minneapolis. Each week, we’ll do a yoga set and meditation specific to each chakra. Suggested donation $15 per class or $100 for the series. For more information, email jane@ or visit June 7, 14, 21, 28 – ECK Wisdom on Conquering Fear: Would you like to face challenges in your life with greater spiritual self-confidence? Learn simple exercises, and gain insight to loosen fear’s grip and lead a happier life. Free! Come any or all Wednesdays; June 7, 14, 21, and 28; 7-8:30pm, Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, www. Pre-register; free book, ECK Wisdom on Conquering Fear. June 10 – Spiritual Awakening & Psychic Festival: Door prizes throughout the day! There will be 25+ product vendors, readers, healers! Free talks will be offered throughout the day. Admission $5. 10am5pm Saturday, June 10, Earthway Farm, 15832 County Rd. 7, South Haven, MN. For more info, email, call 320.236.7852, or visit, or earthwayfarm

june 17

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June 10 – Intro to Massage Therapy & Aromatherapy for Pets: Come join Healing Hands MN at the “Brookside Neighborhood Event” from Noon-2pm at Jackley Park, 4215 Brookside Ave., St. Louis Park, MN. Featured is an Introduction to Healing Hands MN – Animal Communications & Holistic Restorative Healing – and two 20-minute classes: Intro to Massage Therapy for Pets & Intro to Aromatherapy for Pets. Visit June 16-18 – Women’s Summer Solstice Chakra Retreat: Celebrate the start of summer with a women’s intensive healing weekend. Beautiful location on 12 acres of Kettle Moraine Forrest! Retreat includes Chakra healing, meditation, psychic medium, reflexology, massage, acupuncture,  crystal healing, yoga, fire ceremony. 1pm, 1872 Shalom Dr., West Bend, Wisc. Contact: Christina Wilke-Burbach, 608.393.7353 or Visit June 18 – Find Inner Peace—Chant HU! In our fast-paced world, are you looking to find more inner peace? Experience the divine love and inner peace of chanting HU, a sacred name for God. All are welcome to this half-hour HU Song at the Temple of ECK. Free! Sunday, June 18, 10-10:30a., Eckankar,  www., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. June 23 – NLP Practitioner Certification: Explore how Neuro-Linguistic Psychology changes your unconscious inner dialogue to bring about a better life and is the natural progression after receiving the prerequisite NLP 101 Certificate Course. Recode your mind to drop behaviors that limit your full potential. NLP often incorporates hypnosis and self-hypnosis to effectively release limiting beliefs and patterns. 6-7:30pm, reservations at http://bit. ly/2gsjLlj. For more information, contact Jeremiah Rangel at, 612.930.2662, June 24 – “You Have To Be It To Become It” Consciousness Tuning Workshop: Align with all that you are. Learn what the title of the workshop means, and much more! Be one of the very few who are fully “aware.” You’ll get there through here. Potluck|interactive format. Noon-4:30pm,  Maple Grove Community Center, Maple Grove, MN. $125 in advance, $135 at the door. Registration and details at,  612.834.6850,  July 5 – The Miraculous Power of Your Imagination: Achieve your goals, solve problems, and unfold spiritually through the gift of your imagination! Unlock your full potential with creative techniques and thrive in the world today. Free workshop. Wednesday, July

5, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, Pre-register; gift book, “ECK Wisdom on Solving Problems.”

9am - 5pm, Dakota Ridge, Best Western Hotel, 3450 Washington Dr., Eagan MN. Admission $5 — preregister $25 for 25 minutes in the Mobile Salt Truck. Info: call Kellie at 612.804.4463 or email Kellie@

July 7-8 – Activate the Light Body Free Intro & Workshop with Satya: Activating your light body merges you with a larger field of light and love. This infuses all your life. Everything flows. Joy becomes your new set-point. Explore breath techniques that awaken every cell of your body. Explore sacred geometries of light. Explore micro-movements to know your body deeply. Explore free-form movement in water to flow with the Universe. Events at Tai Chi Center, 2561 Burnham Road, Minneapolis. Free Intro: 7-9pm July 7. Workshop: Noon-8pm, $95 ($110 after July 1). Info: Kat Luther, 612.408.0412, iamastar888@,

July 26 – Spiritual Problem Solving: Are you looking for a key to unlock the puzzle box of your life? This workshop will give you tools to overcome obstacles, release fears, and open the heart center for more happiness and spiritual growth. Free! Wednesday, July 26, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, Eckankar. Pre-register; gift book, “ECK Wisdom on Solving Problems.”

July 11 – Shamanic Studies – Introduction to Journeying Series: During this 6-week course participants will learn about Shamanic journeying and how it can be used as a spiritual technology for growth, healing, and connecting with their spirit animals, guides and ancestors. Drop in’s are welcome at any time throughout the series. 6:30-7:30pm, reservations at https://shamanicstudies.eventbrite. com. For more information, contact Leah Somerville at, 612.930.2662, www. July 12 – Easy Steps to Soul Travel: Soul Travel can help you master your spiritual destiny. Learn dynamic exercises for Soul Travel, expand your consciousness, solve problems, and move closer to the heart of God. Free workshop. Wednesday, July 12, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, Pre-register; gift booklet, “Eckankar’s Spiritual Experiences Guidebook.” July 19 – Discover Keys to Secret Worlds: Is there more to life than meets the eye? Yes! Come share your experiences. Discover truth for yourself, explore your inner worlds, and gain more spiritual freedom today. Free! Wednesday, July 19, 7-8:30pm, Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, www. Pre-register; gift booklet, “Eckankar’s Spiritual Experiences Guidebook.” July 21-23 – NLP 101 Certificate Course: Be immersed in the transformational energies of healing consciousness through our NLP 101 Certificate Course covering the basic fundamentals of NLP techniques and how to begin applying them immediately to your life. Improve and develop communication skills with your personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients and peers. 9:30am-6:30pm in St. Charles (Campton Hills Area), Illlinois, reservations at https:// For more information, contact Jeremiah Rangel at Info@IntraAwareness. com, 612.930.2662, July 22 – The Spirit Wellness Center 7th Annual Holistic Fair: Over 25 Psychics, Healers, and Vendors plus free lectures! Saturday, July 22, from

July 29 – Maple Grove Holistic Expo: Edge Life Expos & Events presents a summer expo for the community, from 10am-7pm at the Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Road, Maple Grove, MN. The day will feature provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for visitors to learn about the world of spiritual and psychic phenomena. The spotlight of the event will be the exhibitors. There will be intuitive readers, wellness products, healing resources, animal communicators, aura photos, jewelry, crystals and other unique gift items. Visit for complete details. August 5 – Oneness Phenomenon – Sacred Chambers Meditation Process: The Sacred Chambers Process offers a very powerful, unique and beautiful experience. This 4-hour process will take you deep within during a guided meditation and other healing Eastern rituals brought to Minnesota from Southern India. 9:30am-1:30pm in Northeast Minneapolis. For reservations, go to For more information, contact Jeremiah Rangel at Info@ or 612.930.2662. Visit www. October 13-15 – OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course: Be immersed in the transformational energies of healing consciousness through our NLP 101 Certificate Course covering the basic fundamentals of NLP techniques and how to begin applying them immediately to your life. Improve and develop communication skills with your personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients and peers. 9:30am-6:30pm, reservations at https://nlp101oct2017.eventbrite. com. For more information, contact Jeremiah Rangel at or 612.930.2662. Visit November 4-5 – Healthy Life Expo™: Nutrition, Fitness and Longevity — It’s all here! Explore up to 200 exhibitors offering everything for maintaining health and success in all areas of life! Featuring 3 Stages of ongoing speaker presentations, demonstrations and live entertainment. Free product sampling, hourly drawings and health information, tips, and ideas. 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday, Minneapolis Convention Center – Hall D, 1301 2nd St., Minneapolis. Admission $6 or Free with a donation for the Golden Valley Family Center Food Shelf. See all the attractions at www.MediaMaxEvents. com or call 952.238.1700.


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The Edge is a monthly magazine on holistic living. It supports an authentic way of life. It features an online digital magazine, as well as...

The Edge 0617  

The Edge is a monthly magazine on holistic living. It supports an authentic way of life. It features an online digital magazine, as well as...