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An Interview with Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

 Healing the Body —

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8  Spring Forest Qigong celebrates 20 years

SUMMER BOOK PREVIEWS 6 Consciously create experiences in your Life, From the Editor, by Tim Miejan 8  Letters to the Editor


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MY WILD SOUL STORY 20 Zorba, Yogananda and a Wild Heart Spirit Leaves, by Janet Michele Red Feather 21 Honoring My Wild Woman by Suzanne White 21 The Constancy of the Present Moment of Self, by Ricki Lee Schuster

8  Inner Traditions celebrates 40th anniversary

16 Past-life Experiences made me a Believer by Itzhak Beery

8  Beise Real Estate promotes Energy Efficient Homes

22 Waking to a New Paradigm A Pleiadian Message, by Christine Day

9  Author Lee Carroll, Kryon returning to Bloomington with 2-day event in August

24 Dan-de-lions are Roaring by Maria Lisa Polegatto

10  Getting through the Dark Days   by Kathy Parkin


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26 Becoming Aware, by Lisa Garr

10  Living vs. Thinking, by Carey Jones

27 Magical Medicine Bag: Following a Dream to Its End, by Kathleen Cotter Lloyd

12  The Veil, by Jane Frick

27 Earth Talk® by E-The Environmental Magazine

12  Poetry: When our Garments Fall Away   & We were on the Road, by Guthema Roba

28 5 Tips for Parenting with Presence by Susan Stiffelman

13 Connect with Rhubarb, Berries this Summer   Sound Bites, by Julie McMahon

35   Words of Wisdom, by Nadine Penny

14 Poetry: The Light, by Alice Ferdinand


14   Poetry: When Silence is in Your Bones by Dr. Darrel Shaffer 14   June Horoscope: Back and Again Lunar Adventures, by Kathie Anderson 15   From my Father: The Law of Invisible Consequences, by Giselle Massi

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Consciously create experiences in your life…because you can From the Editor

by Tim Miejan I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, but each morning when I check what’s happening in that realm, I make a point of sending a greeting to friends who are having birthdays. I encourage them to create a wonderful day for themselves — because each of us has that opportunity every time we wake up in the morning (or afternoon for you millennials and night owls). Whether we know it or not, each of us is a reality-creating being. What we experience in a given moment is not subject to happenstance. It’s all orchestrated by our conscious and unconscious beliefs — and each moment changes — or not — depending on us. Some of us are keenly aware of what we are creating — and why. Many of us are in the dark about who we are and what we believe, and we often chalk everything up to fate. Some of us are waking up slowly to the incredible truth of what is taking place. When we are able to grok the incredible synchronicity of reality — how the creation patterns of all of us intertwine and weave a tapestry of experience that is so complex that it absolutely blows your mind — then that’s when life truly becomes more than a drudgery, day in and day out. The film Groundhog Day is THE EDGE MAGAZINE 763.433.9291 P.O. Box 664, Anoka, MN 55303

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one of my favorites because it shows the creation process in action. In this case, a notso-nice weatherman falls into a time loop and is given the chance to re-experience the same day ad infinitum. Having a second chance, and a third and a fourth and a…he ends up choosing again when he realizes his not-so-mindful rudeness doesn’t feel so good when it is relived over and over again. Isn’t that our condition now? Many of our decisions are made by rote, and the results are highly predictable — and often unsatisfying. The oftquoted definition of insanity — doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result — is perhaps not applicable because I’m not sure we really expect a different result. Many of us just do the same things repetitively and expect the same result. The question is, what kind of life would we experience if we consciously participated in creating the reality we experience? If we knowingly understood that our entire reality can change if we alter our beliefs and our thinking,

PRODUCTION melissa may business manager Cathy Jacobsen 763.433.9291 Proofreading Rachel miejan

would we choose to be more spontaneous, childlike and fun? Would we choose to be unadulterated, as the Rev. Marshall Wright would say? Would we choose to bypass the ego’s addiction to power and opt for a more symbiotic existence with each other? This leads us to a chickenor-the-egg question: If we are not present, does the universe exist? Does something exist if it is not perceived? If we create every aspect of our reality, do our lives exist if we’re not looking at them? When we’re asleep, does the universe as we know it transform into a quantum cloud of possibility until we wake up — when we expect to be in bed next to a digital clock that gives us the expected time? Before passing away at the age of 96, theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler, a colleague of Einstein’s, publicly pondered whether the universe exists if we’re not looking. He suggested that humans may be participating co-creators of the universe, just through our observation of it. Let’s assume that is so. Let’s assume that we have the ability to create the lives we want to experience. So I say to you: Create a wonderful experience for yourself! a

Tim Miejan is editor and co-publisher of The Edge. Contact him at 651.578.8969 or email Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved. Transcription jean wallis EDGE TALK RADIO coordinator CATHRYN TAYLOR 612.710.7720 ISSN 1085-0996 Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved.

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Spring Forest Qigong celebrates 20 years of empowering healers The Tiny House of the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

Letters to the editor Your front page article on the Tiny Houses was excellent and so exciting to see in the April 2015 issue of The Edge. So many people are wanting to live more lightly on the earth, and this broad interest across the country is driving this tiny house movement into a groundswell. Your article was incredibly timely. We thought you and your readers might be interested to know that a local nonprofit organization, the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, has a Tiny House that provides a working display of the four types of solar technology. It is available to see each August at the Minnesota State Fair and at various community events around the state. People can walk into it, check out every aspect of it, visualize what it might be like to have one and just open their minds to houses with a smaller footprint. Our Tiny House is also available to rent for special events. It transportable and fully livable. It has solar electricity, solar heat, solar hot water (if a water source is provided), a bed, a toilet and a working refrigerator and is 144 square feet. Our Tiny House has been showcased at the Eco-experience site at the Minnesota State Fair since 2012. Learn more about our Tiny House at www.mnrenewables. org/node/1478. Thank you for spreading the word on this important movement! — Doug Shoemaker Minnesota Renewable Energy Society — 612.308.4757 or a


Twenty years ago, renowned Qigong Master Chunyi Lin introduced a revolutionary approach to the ancient Chinese healing art of qigong in the Twin Cities. On June 21, the public will have a special opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spring Forest Qigong at an event taking place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Earle Brown Heritage Center, 6155 Earle Brown Dr. “Connecting in the Heart — Healing in the Light” will be a day filled with meditations, Spring Forest Qigong teachings and interaction with those who have found healing and joy in the practice during the past two decades. The celebration is open to everyone, and attendees will be among the first to learn the latest energy healing techniques Master Lin has developed, which can help people heal even faster and more completely from any health challenge. The 20th Anniversary Celebration kicks off on June 19-20 with a very special two-day class. For the first time ever, Master Lin will share the

keys to unlocking our innate infinite wisdom and deepest love. These are the keys he discovered through his decades of study of the Heart Sutra, the Buddha’s perfect expression of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. “My goal is for you to leave with full confidence in how to utilize the infinite wisdom of the Heart Sutra in Chunyi Lin your daily life,” Master Lin says. Participants don’t need any qigong training to receive the full benefits of this extraordinary class, and they don’t need to be Buddhist. The cost is $97 for the June 21 Anniversary Celebration; $349 for June 19-20 Heart Sutra class. Learn more and register at www. a

Inner Traditions celebrates 40th anniversary as publisher

Inner Traditions books are available at and wherever books are sold.

This is the 40th year of independent publishing for Vermont-based Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Founded by Ehud C. Sperling in 1975, Inner Traditions has established itself as a landmark publisher of books on new age spirituality, alternative health and more. Internationally recognized, Inner Traditions moved to Rochester, VT, in 1986, nestled in the Green Mountains. With over 1,400 books in print, Inner Traditions’ mission is to rediscover, preserve and protect the spiritual traditions of the world. Books published by Inner Traditions and its imprints are distributed around the world and translated into dozens of languages. Bestsellers include The Heart of Yoga, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, and The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils. Well-known authors include Zecharia Sitchin, Dr. Julie Holland, Barbara Hand Clow, Rick Strassman and artist Alex Grey. The company prides itself on the attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship that go into each and every book it publishes. Inner Traditions is committed to social responsibility in the Vermont community and beyond. Locally, the company generates power from solar panels on the roof of its office in Rochester and its solar farm in Randolph. Ehud and his family also are actively involved in a 300-acre reforestation project in Costa Rica. The Hacienda Rio Coté project was started as a way to give back to the Earth a portion of the great bounty we have received from it. As part of the project, more than 56 different species of trees have been planted to help reforest farmland and restore the watershed. This project is both supported and administered by Inner Traditions.

Beise Real Estate promotes energy efficient homes


Thousands of houses are for sale, but only a select few have a hidden value beyond what you expect: Energy Star Certification. Kristin and John Beise, “The Right Realtors” with Re/Max Advantage Plus, promote homes to perspective buyers that undergo more inspections and testing than typical homes to be independently verified to meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Such homes save money on utility bills, provide a more comfortable living environment with better indoor air quality and help protect the environment. One home being shown now in Mound, MN, is just minutes from a biking trail and the banks of Langdon Lake and features a Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) of 58 (lower the number, the more energy efficient), which is nearly 50 percent more energy efficient than the standard new home. A typical resale home on the market scores 130 on the HERS Index, while a standard new home is rated at 100. What makes Energy Star certified homes green are water saving, dual flush toilets and low-flow showers and sinks, solar lights, recyled ceramic tile, 5 Star Energy rated appliances and a high-efficiency hot water heater and furnace. These homes also are hypo-allergenic with solid surface flooring, sealed ducts and cold air returns, a HEPA furnace filter, furnace humidifier and more. For more information, contact Kristin & John Beise at 612.889.0340 or check out upcoming open house tours at a

Author Lee Carroll, Kryon returning to Bloomington with 2-day event in August Internationally renowned author Lee Carroll will present a five-hour lecture and live channeling from the loving, angelic entity known as Kryon on August 1-2 at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, 2020 East American Blvd., Bloomington, MN, hosted by Anita Collodoro. On Saturday, Aug. 1, “The Best of Kryon” will be presented by Carroll, highlighting the myriad insights given by Kryon over the past two decades. This summary will be unlike anything Carroll has given before, featuring relevant, fascinating information Lee Carroll from the past, present and future. New information about DNA, the energy of the Akash and “Innate” will be presented. Carroll will explain how to create synchronicity, and he will outline the new paradigms Kryon has given for the Old Soul. In addition, “The Story of Easter Island” will detail Carroll’s journey with the Kryon team to Rapa Nui (what the indigenous people call the island), revealing Kryon’s explanation of the how the mammoth, ancient stones were created and moved. On Sunday, Aug. 2, Carroll will be joined by Dr. Amber Wolf to show participants how to put the Kryon teachings into daily practice. This interactive workshop will answer probing questions that are challenging humanity during this seemingly constant state of shift. Kryon says change is the new normal. Will you ever get a break from the upheaval? Are you comfortable adapting as quickly as life demands it? What are you supposed to hold on to? How do you know what to let go of? How can you feel empowered while surrendering to change? Carroll has shared the message of Kryon for 25 years with people around the globe, and he is the author of 16 books in 24 languages. Well known in the metaphysical realm, the Kryon books channeled by Carroll have made the top seller’s list of most New Age distributors within months of release. Having presented seven times at the United Nations in New York, as well as in 33 different countries overseas, Carroll attracts audiences in the thousands. His fascinating, entertaining lectures bring a message of love, empowerment and unity for Humanity. With scientific validation, humor and personal stories, Carroll’s events are favorites in the New Thought community. Learn more about Lee Carroll and Kryon at For more information or to register for the event, visit or call Anita at 952.221.6342. a

June 2015 the edge  9

Getting through the dark days by Kathy Parkin Most days I find myself in a place of peaceful joy, going with the flow of life and enjoying the adventure. But every so often, I feel the aura around me start to darken, becoming heavy, and my energy level plummets as I try to find one small speck of enjoyment and wonder whatever possessed me to come to this overly challenging earthly life.   I always seem to sense when I am about to descend into the sadness, feeling the swirl of negativity as I become so much more in tune with my emotions. For so long, I denied myself the privilege of feeling anything other than a positive emotion; I bottled up all the anger and resentment. I never allowed myself to show anger in front of anyone, or disagree with them, or allow myself to just have a bad day. If I did that, it would shatter the false façade I had built of my perfectly happy self. But now, when I feel that aura around me, just as someone can sense a migraine headache coming on, I let it work its way through me. A very wise person once told me, “When you open to fear, you are becoming fearless.” I spent most of a day just wanting to disconnect from everything; emotions ran from bitterness and cynicism to anger and sadness. And I’ve learned to just allow myself to have these emotions, to ride out the huge waves of the dark days, knowing that the fervent prayers I pray for healing will reach my heart and heal it. Now I come back to my natural state of being, that of peace and love, the place I reach for like a drowning person, hoping for someone to pull me out of the dark water. The healing that I receive as I reach out to God or Source or whatever name you choose never fails to fill me with a sense of awe. I can actually feel my heart heal, as the hurt is gently smoothed over and taken from me. It is like being a warrior sometimes, fighting a battle through these dark days that come. But I am learning of the power of my soul, and I always find that the power of love is so much greater than any fear that comes my way. I happened upon some words I wrote in a journal, three years ago, when I was in the throes of the “dark night of the soul.” I still find them relevant, even now; I am an everchanging soul. They are: I have experienced many episodes of emptiness, such a deep, dark sadness, an abyss of nothingness. But God lifts me out. I learn and grow from each occurrence. Now, I feel total love and peace in me, knowing that I am never alone. I hold onto this blissful feeling, knowing that it may be brief. But always thankful to be growing. a Kathy Parkin, after going through some big life changes in Minnesota, decided to retire and relocate to Portland, Ore, where the ever-changing journey of her life continues with much joy. Contact her at Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.


Living vs. Thinking by Carey Jones An excerpt from Time’s Illusion: Miracles, Dreams & Finding My True Reality As I read Taoist philosophy, I understood its message to be a guide on how to live. It was an excellent precursor (for lack of a better term) to what would come thousands of years later. A Course in Miracles would take part of the Taoist philosophy on living one step further. As I saw it, the Course simply expanded upon a central principle of Tao: how to live here effortlessly. The difference was that the Course was only concerned with how we think, and in that logic the living would come about from the thinking. Where Tao had it right is that this life would and could be effortless, the Course just gave me an updated guide on how to do it. I began to think about how I could literally know — and understand, without question, that the world around me was unreal — that I was really somewhere else. Was it important that I should know? … Even with what has been expressed here, it is another thing entirely to make the step to absolute knowledge. Yet, I began to see that most likely this step is required. We very probably have to know and accept that our world is absolutely unreal, then go further, before we can take the steps to leave it. Requires experience

I realized that going further in this process required more than intellectual understanding. It required something the Course calls experience. Experience is inside. Experience is seeing the outcome of doing the work the Course asks. Experience is taking the concept of an unreal world, where past, present and future are happening simultaneously, and understanding the future has already happened, same as the past, and getting out of the way of that future, therefore letting it happen. By taking away worry, doubt, fear and anxiety about the future, my day-to-day living became happier and less stressful. I felt my life was beginning to work according to a plan, a plan I learned that I’d probably put together myself before I got here (and like Lennon & McCartney wrote, hopefully with a little help from my friends!). And why wouldn’t I make a good plan? No one wants to plan failure, do they? Seeing the results of my changed thinking begin to work in my life was experience, and my first affirmation that yes, these understandings may really be true. After learning how experience applied to knowing the teachings of the Course, I had a dream I could see was experience. What was so new

about this particular experience was maybe only that I recognized it as such. This was an affirmation of what I’d learned, and it perhaps led to my first complete knowing of the truth of the dream: I am in the small office at my home. It is an unremarkable day. Out the window of my office, something catches my eye. As I look out, I see that the street where I’ve lived for many years is different. It’s not the same scene I look upon from that window on any other day I’m there. The house down the street is different; the street itself travels in a different direction. I conclude immediately that I’m in a dream, and what happens from this point is experience. After concluding that I was dreaming, I had a thought of incredulity. Looking out the window, I couldn’t believe I was in a dream, though logic was telling me it must be so. My day was absolutely normal in all other respects. I’d been going about my work and it had been a full day. I’d risen and eaten, the hours had passed. All was exactly the same: every awareness, every emotion, every tactile feeling. How can this day be a dream, I thought? “Well, if it is a dream, then wake up,” …and I did. The next moment, I was lying in my bed.

Something wondrous

I knew something wondrous had occurred, but sleep soon overtook me and I awoke to a regular busy day. That evening, I took time to reflect. Throughout that day, the significance of the dream, the experience of the dream, was at the edge of my awareness. During that reflection

I recognized the dream as experience. The recognition of experience was as wondrous as the message of the dream itself, and of course, that message is that my perceived day-to-day reality is no different than my dreams. They are identical. I was stunned. There is no other description. The implications left me awestruck. A deep understanding filled me and I felt joy and happiness and knowing. Previous to this experience I intellectually knew these things were true, but I absolutely needed the experience to know. I’d read that to learn, then to experience, and then to know just one aspect of A Course in Miracles completely, will lead to understanding every other aspect of the Course. Because there are no inconsistencies in the progression of thinking the Course requires (it even seems that each aspect of its teaching contains every other aspect of the whole within it) my experience was an event of great significance. I concluded that my dream experience was identical to my day-to-day life. I had awareness of both my waking and my dream life in this experience, and knowing dreams are not real, I now knew without question that I live a dream here. a Carey Jones found the Seth books by Jane Roberts over 25 years ago. That was the beginning of a personal course of study that eventually led him to A Course in Miracles and writing the book, Time’s Illusion. He lives in the Minneapolis area where he is at work on his next book. Contact him at or visit Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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June 2015 the edge  11

When our garments fall away by Guthema Roba Drop the obsessive thinker inside of you. move beyond the one whose worries are endless. you are not just going to be fine — you are going to be fully alive dancing inside every single cell of the earth-mud and moon-drenched sky. You will become a wine inside our cups and the warmth that pulls lovers together — and when we say your name our lips touch each other and we shiver with delight. You become a hidden treasure that makes us kind again and the glory and the glow we wear when our garments fall away.

We were on the road by Guthema Roba We were on the road for a while now, carrying deep hunger and  thirst on our back  until we came into an opening that said, I am life, Enter — We entered and dropped our weight and dissolved forever into the love that cannot be reached with logic. a   Guthema Roba, of Robbinsdale, MN, published a first book of mystical poetry, Please come Home, in 2013 and a second book, Wake Up and Roar, in 2014, both by North Star Press. Guthema gives Satsang and poetry readings in the Twin Cities area. Email Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved


The Veil by Jane Frick “Claire wants you to know how thin the veil is between you.” I listened intently to the medium as she held up a Kleenex, attempting to demonstrate the meaning of her words…or Claire’s words? My heart believes what she is telling me, but I feel the skeptical part of me resisting, looking for “scientific proof.” I ask that part to take a step back for now, because even if it’s not true, it doesn’t matter. The only way I can survive the loss of my daughter is to know that I am still very much connected to her. She is a part of me and always will be, which is both scientific and supernatural. I don’t mind if they co-exist. I have learned to hold many opposing views and emotions at the same time: devastation and happiness, emptiness and completeness, confusion and clarity. So I believe this veil is thin. I feel Claire’s presence with me on a daily basis. I already knew it when the medium said, “She sits with you in the front seat of the car when you drive.” For over two years I have felt her presence with me in the car as I drive. Every time I drive near one of her friend’s houses, I always feel a pull in that direction. Regularly driving by her high school, I’m flooded with memories of concerts, plays, dropping off, picking up, meetings with staff, and celebrating her life at her memorial service. Whenever I come to a particular intersection, I hear her anguished cries, remembering the baby bunny pulling himself along the street after obviously being injured and unable to use his back legs. I called upon my useful tool of denial and proclaimed to her, “No, he will be fine! He’s not hurt! Rainbows and Kittens!” And then there is the street where she accidentally drove up over the curb shortly after getting her driver’s permit. Again, I tried to reassure her that everything was fine, just get back onto the street, while inside I was thinking, “Wow, maybe you’re not even safe when you’re walking on the sidewalk!” With all of these things and more occurring every time I get in the car to go somewhere, it makes perfect sense to me that Claire is sitting next

to me, reminding me of our precious times together. But my only problem with this veil is that it is like the dark-tinted window on a limo. No one can see in, but the passenger can see out. Claire is the passenger. She has the ability to see me, but I can’t see her even though I know she’s there. Some days I pray for a moment of super power so I can just get one glimpse of her, like today when she was playing with Raja. This is another thing I have witnessed — and the medium confirmed to me, “Claire loves both the cats, but she is particularly close to one of them, and she plays with her.” Most every day, all of a sudden Raja goes a little crazy. She jumps up at nothing we can see, she races up and down the hallway, her eyes dart back and forth at apparently nothing. I’m convinced Claire is playing with her — and Raja has the ability to see her. Perhaps Raja wonders why I am so grief-stricken, since to her Claire never really went anywhere and is still around. It is a sacred and precious gift to be able to continue the relationship with a loved one who has passed. It can also be agonizing and rage inducing. Once again I am faced with experiencing opposing views simultaneously. With every fiber of my being, I want Claire back in her physical state so I can hear her laugh, hold her close, see her beautiful smile and disgruntled looks, smell the scent of her favorite shampoo on her golden locks. But at the same time, in her death the connection between us has deepened to a place I don’t believe it could have gone if she were still alive. I still miss her with every breath, even though I feel her presence. I want her here with me, but not in a body that has been taken over by cancer. So all I can do is trust the thinness of the veil and peer through the darkened glass. a Jane Frick is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose youngest daughter Claire was diagnosed with Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of 16 in 2010 and sadly passed away in 2012. Jane was also diagnosed with breast cancer during this time and is currently in remission. She believes her personal experiences with cancer, grief and loss have enhanced her abilities as a therapist. Jane enjoys writing and spending time with her family, friends and cats. Contact Jane at 651.494.8921 or Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Connect with rhubarb, berries this summer Sound Bites

by Julie McMahon One of my favorite things about the beginning of summer is the abundance of rhubarb and berries in my garden and at the Farmer’s Market. It marks the opportunity to get more connected to sourcing my food in a local, sustainable way. Some of my fondest memories are of making rhubarb/ raspberry, rhubarb/blueberry and rhubarb/strawberry pies with my grandma, mom and sister. We would make anywhere from 50-100 pies assembly line style, and I was always in charge of the crust. We would eat some, give some away and freeze the rest so we could enjoy the taste of summer later in the deepest of winter days. I can still taste the sweetness of the berries and the sour taste of the rhubarb, and hear my grandma and mom laughing over various kitchen mishaps. Well, times have changed a bit, and so I’ve had to make some healthier upgrades to the standard flour-shortening-water Betty Crocker crust recipe and the sugar-and-fruit mixture, to match the times. I still bake with my family and love to make this recipe with my daughter Violet. RHUBERRY TART Crust: 3 cups almond meal flour 1/2 tsp Himalayan Salt 3 T Maple Syrup 1-1/2 T Coconut Oil (plus extra to grease pan) 1-1/2 tsp almond extract 1-1/2 tsp lemon zest Put all crust ingredients into a large bowl and fold together with fork until well blended. Grease a 9” tart pan with extra coconut oil. Transfer crust mixture into pan and press firmly to form crust. Bake for 15 minutes at 350° F. Set aside to cool. Filling: 4 cups chopped rhubarb (1/2” pieces) 2 cups fresh blueberries

1 1/2 T Maple Syrup 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 1/8 tsp ground ginger Mix together all filling ingredients and pour out onto a rimmed baking sheet. Spread evenly across pan and roast in the oven at 350° F until soft. Remove from oven and use a slotted spoon to transfer roasted fruit into the tart shell. Save excess juices from roasting to make the following glaze. Glaze: Extra juices from roasting rhubarb and blueberries 1/4 cup blueberry jam Zest and juice of 1/2 lemon Finish tart by putting glaze ingredients into a small pot and heat over low-medium heat until liquid. Pour evenly over rhubarb and blueberry filling. Allow to set until ready to serve. Enjoy! a Julie McMahon, CHHC, founder/owner of Sound Nutrition, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Nutrition Educator who is passionate about Nutrition, Health and Wellness. Julie believes in the power of whole foods to create optimal health and maximum energy flow and works with her clients in a step-by-step approach to achieve their personal vision of health. For more information, or to schedule a free nutrition consultation, visit or call Julie at 612.270.9344.


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June 2015 the edge  13

The Light

June Horoscope: Back and again

by Alice Ferdinand I struggled to find the Light. The Light was hidden.

Lunar Adventures

I called out to the light There was no answer. I sought the Light in every corner It eluded me. I thought I could not have the Light And the darkness of my soul’s long night, The Light consumed me. And it was Love. a Alice Ferdinand is a Healing Touch Practitioner living in south Minneapolis. Contact her at aferdina01@ Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

When silence is in your bones by Dr. Darell Shaffer When silence is in your bones You feel alive, you feel Like you might die at any moment, Because really, of course, you might. You are aware of this flesh, this vibrating, Moving, breathing, irreplaceable flesh, Thin and delicate as a strand of baby hair That might snap, instantly. When silence is in your bones You accept this vulnerability, You embrace it, all your illusions Of security disintegrate And you are cleaved open, You cleave yourself open, So that the torrent of love that is you And the torrent of love that made you Cannot be distinguished. a Dr. Darell Shaffer, a native of California, was trained in conventional psychiatry in New Jersey. He was initiated onto the path of alternative medicine with a bout of ulcerative colitis in 1986 that failed conventional treatment but was cured by diet. He has studied with Carolyn Myss, Dr. Norm Shealey, and the spiritual teacher Gangaji. A devoted BodySound practitioner, he was the first psychiatrist in the U.S. to introduce BodySound technology into psychiatric practice. He lives in Minnesota, with his devoted wife, Susan. Contact him at Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.


by Kathie Anderson The day after the New Moon, last month, Mercury began to retrace his steps in his domain of Gemini. On June 2, he stands opposite of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which illuminates communications, connections and the mind. He really wants us to slow down, go back and take a close look at these aspects of our lives, again, to make sure that our t’s are crossed and our i’s are dotted, before he moves direct, on June 10, and we move forward, on June 16, at the New Moon Gemini. Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…You may feel the urge to express your values and beliefs, but this is more of a time to reflect on what you know. If you’re confused, gather more information. If you desire action, reconnect with a sibling or neighbor. Make sure you understand the other’s point of view. Express your Truth at the New Moon. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…What do you really want, not only in terms of material items but also in regards to how you earn money? You could be presented with an income opportunity at the New Moon. Choose what you value. In the meantime, do not make major purchases, review your finances, set aside money and pay off outstanding debts. Gemini (May 21-June 20)…If you feel like others aren’t perceiving you the way you perceive yourself, this Mercury retrograde can help you to realign your inner self with your outer self. For others to know you, you must know yourself, first. Take a personality test and/or a long look in a mirror. Get a makeover at the New Moon. Cancer (June 21-July 22)…Your daily routine may seem more mundane than ever to you, right now, and you may desire change, especially with regard to work. This is an excellent time to retreat and reconnect with spirit, in order to learn what comes next. Pay attention to your dreams. The Messenger of the Gods will deliver information to you through them. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…”Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other’s gold.” These are the lyrics to a song I sang as a child in Brownies. Let your inner child out to play, this month. It’s a great time to reconnect with your friends and to have fun! You may even bump into a childhood friend, unexpectedly. But be careful about gossiping and spreading rumors. A misunderstanding is possible. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…The beginning of the month is not a good time to accept a new job, unless it’s one you’ve reapplied for. Rather, research

a new career and redo your resume. Spend time at home recharging your batteries, too, because you’ll need energy for your career at the New Moon, when you may embark on a new career path. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…At the Full Moon, you may experience a buzz of daily activity — places to go, people to meet, things to do. Consequently, you may feel that you’ve lost the bigger picture. Take time to re-examine your beliefs and revisualize where you would like to be. Broaden your perspective at the New Moon by exploring all things foreign. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)…Are you getting and/ or giving your fair share when it comes to common resources? You may experience issues/delays around joint finances, and hidden things may come to light. Define what you do and don’t own and have power over. Focus on what makes you feel secure. Don’t take out a loan until the New Moon. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)…What are your needs within relationship, dear Sagittarius? The Full Moon highlights your relationships, and your place within them. An ex-partner may even reappear, now. Re-examine the issues without judgment, and renegotiate the terms of your partnerships using clear communication. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)…The state of your environment reflects the state of your mind. So, if you’re surrounded by chaos and clutter, then this is what it looks like inside your head. Now is the perfect time to take a mental health break to reorganize your brain. Spend some time in solitude in nature and/or do some hypnotherapy. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…As the month opens, a group endeavor could be ending, and you may wonder where your place is in the world and where you’re headed next. As Bob Dylan sang, “The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind.” Be a free spirit, now, and seek out new inspiration. Fly your “freak flag” at the New Moon. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…Whatever is going on in your career or with your public image is directly related to your home life. So, you need to focus on building a firm foundation. Childhood issues may resurface, now. What were you told as a child that you still believe is true? Rearrange your furniture to shift the energy in your life. a Kathie Anderson, M.A., C.C.H.T., R.M.T., is a healer, astrologer and writer who guides others to reach their highest potential through her private practice, Lunar Adventures. She utilizes vocational and locational astrology, transpersonal hypnotherapy, Reiki, EFT and dream interpretation to help individuals discover their life purpose and direction, find their place in the world and accomplish major life transitions. Contact Kathie at Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

The Law of Invisible Consequences Lessons learned from my father’s life review by Giselle Massi Not many hours before my father died, he spoke to me about the life review that occurred weeks before, while he was being transported by ambulance to the hospital. As he was looking out the ambulance window, he knew he was about to die. “Lights out” is how he put it. In that moment, scenes from his entire life appeared. Like frames of a movie, he said. He told me he saw everything he had ever done. He explained all of this to me as I sat beside him in his private room in the critical care unit. Propped up by pillows and morphine, wearing a flimsy hospital gown that bore no relation to style or dignity, my father slowly lifted his skeleton of a right arm. Just like that, he said, swiping the air from right to left showing me exactly how it happened. The images from his life were in color and sharply in focus, he told me. Every moment was right there in front of him to see, hear and feel all over again. All the joy, the happiness, the sadness. All the good he ever did and all of his mistakes.

You’d think that it would take a long time to relive the experiences of a 69 year-old man, someone who had lived a rich, full life long before cancer mistook his body for sport. But no, my father told me, his life review happened in the way we’ve heard others talk about their near death experience. It took only seconds for him to see everything go by in a flash. It was all in 3D. He said the scenes appeared as if they were “lit from behind” and that all of his mistakes stood out more than any of the good he ever did. They were highlighted so that there was no way he could miss seeing them. As he spoke to me, he had to pause and cough, spit and wheeze and adjust the oxygen tube that was jammed up his nostrils. All to no avail, since the pneumonia was relentless in refilling his lungs. Like the other stories from the last days of his life coming out of his mouth in whispers on spit, this one too kept me silently waiting, collecting, and connecting the fragments. He said, “One thing stood out more than any of the rest, more than any good I did. It was brighter than the rest somehow. It was the only mistake I knew I made that I regret.” He spoke with humility as though in   Consequences

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Past-life experiences made me a believer by Itzhak Beery An Excerpt from The Gift of Shamanism: Visionary Power, Ayahuasca Dreams, and Journeys to Other Realms Is there life after life? Is our soul immortal and caught in the birth-death-rebirth cycle? What is the role of our physical bodies? As a self-declared rationalist and atheist, I used to be awfully cynical about phenomena such as past lives. But in my grief over losing my mother, I found myself praying that my mother’s soul would come back in the form of my daughter. So, when I began to experience the reality of past lives, as in the following stories, it caught me totally by surprise and made me a believer. Two Knights

“Can you ‘see’ a past lifetime vision I had recently had?” A new client challenged me as we were sitting to do a candle reading. At first I was taken aback by her forthright question, as I always wait for the images to come to me and do not like to be forced or challenged this way. So I took a big breath. Scanning and gazing at her softly, suddenly a picture of two English soldiers riding fast, dark horses and wearing

  Consequences


confession. “I didn’t tell the people I loved that I loved them. I didn’t tell them or show them enough. I saw what a terrible mistake that was, and in that moment of realization I knew I wanted the chance to fix it, to make it right before I died.” I was stunned by all of this and I was totally choked up with emotion. Still, somehow miraculously, my curiosity — and maybe even my propensity for wanting to know more that had served me well in my journalism career — kicked in. Without a moment’s hesitation, I slipped right in between his pause, and asked him why it was so difficult for him to express his emotions all his life. He told me he didn’t know why, but that he wished that he did. His life review showed him the pain it had caused. He knew it was wrong and he said he wanted the chance to fix it. So he hung on for dear life as they say, long enough for me to get from the newsroom in Denver to New York and his bedside, to hear the words face to face: “I love you, Giselle.” The agony of his struggle to catch his breath to tell me everything and to say he was sorry was proof of his love. All of what he shared with me during those last hours


heavy armor materialized on the left side behind her head. It was the middle of a massive battle. A large forest surrounded the slanted, green, hilly battlefield. I recognized my client as the man on the left. His shoulder was terribly wounded. I watched him as he finally fell off his horse to die. The man on his right, his best friend, looked backward and continued galloping, realizing he could not protect or save him. As I conveyed this vision to my client, she nodded in sadness and confirmed that it was exactly what she saw and experienced herself. “Why couldn’t he save me?” she asked with deep mourning. “That is the story of my life. I am always deeply disappointed when people don’t come to help me.” My Life as a Witch

Very thin, with dark, flowing, curly hair, Laurie walked into my healing room. Her brown eyes were bright, playful and curious, hiding a lifetime of deep suffering. “I need to be prepared for my planned trip to Peru, where I am going for the first time to drink ayahuasca. I want to cure my chronic depression, anxiety and addiction to painkillers.” These were the reasons she gave for coming to 

changed both of us forever, because we knew we simultaneously healed at the most intimate emotional and spiritual levels. As we held each other’s hands in complete peace and quiet, it felt like we merged as one heart. Lessons from my father

One of the most important and unique lessons I learned from my father began to take form at his bedside. He was showing me that there are so many moments throughout our lives when we are simply unaware of the effect — positive or negative — we are having on others. Through no willful intention, or malice, but rather only due to our ignorance. To widen our spiritual perspective, he said, requires that we learn about and respect this fundamental principle: the law of invisible consequences. For it is operating at all times, whether we can actually see it in a precise moment of our life — what we call “in real time” — or get to see it later as a rewind, like he did during his life review. On his deathbed, my father was blessing me with what he learned about this law so that I could then live my life “less ignorant” than he. He has taught me how essential it is to do our best to become aware of the invisible footprints we create that have a negative impact, and also do what we can to increase the opportunities for a positive invisible footprint, and to forgive ourselves for the mistakes along the way. To be kind to ourselves, not beat ourselves up when we do see our mistake. To fix our mistakes as we go. Before his life review, he wasn’t aware of the law of invisible consequences. No one had taught him. His religious educa-

tion had primarily been focused on the opposite law: learning about right from wrong through sins that express that basic principle in visible forms. Much of that education emphasized the lessons of what not to do. So, for example, lessons about dishonesty vs. honesty, in big lies or little white lies, and through all the degrees of sins ranging from venial to mortal that he had to memorize. They were taught to him like they are taught to many people, as the black-and-white map to a virtuous life. It was through his life review he learned that the kinds of mistakes, missteps or sins that are obvious and seen by others are not the only kinds we are capable of making that have profound and lasting impact. There are also the gray ones, the ones that are so faint, or so dim of color and contrast they are virtually impossible to see. They are our invisible consequences. These also create the need for us to be forgiving of ourselves, as well as of others. My father’s strength of spirit that enabled him to fix his singular regret and to walk the path of peacemaking to his very last breath is what underpins my developing wisdom. I’ve had nearly 23 years since then to practice the great gifts of wisdom and grow from the love he gave me. Teaching me the law of invisible consequences was without a doubt the most meaningful gift. For this upcoming Father’s Day, I couldn’t think of a better way to honor his memory than to pass on his gift to you. a Giselle M. Massi is a former journalist with The Denver Post and author of We are Here for a Purpose: How to Find Yours and the novel Just Dance the Steps. Contact Giselle at Copyright © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

this shamanic healing. Little did we know then that this session would reveal a whole other lifetime. I brought to her attention the fact that most of the time when a person takes antidepressants or anxiety medication, shamanic healing may not be as effective, as it needs to combat those spirits, too, while the client’s spirit is suppressed. She seemed to understand and agreed anyway. “I have some pain on the right side of my lower back. Could it be an intrusion of bad spirits?” she asked. I handed her a jaguar bone to hold between her two palms to check for possession. “No you are not possessed, but you had some trembling in your left hand, which signals problems or disturbances with a mother or a feminine energy,” I said. She nodded in agreement. As we continued our conversation, a picture, a holographic image, formed above her right shoulder, slightly above her head. A short, heavyset, round and youngish European woman stood in her kitchen mixing with her right hand what seemed like soup in a big cauldron on a wood-burning stove. Her lightblond hair was tucked under a light blue cap, and a white apron was tied to her bluish dress, covering her full feminine figure. While continuing our regular conversation, I thought, “Who is this woman? How is she related to my client? She seems to not have any resemblance to my client, so why is she here? Is she her ancestor?” I needed more information. “What is your ancestry?” I asked my client, looking into her dark eyes. “Oh, part French, part German, and part English. Why do you ask?” It must be France then, I thought. “I do not know why yet, but there is a woman here.” I went on, describing to her the scene that was evolving in front of my eyes. “I think she is a healer, a witch making a special brew to heal someone.” ANOTHER VISION

I took a breath, and another vision came. “There is a girl walking in from the door on the left side. She is maybe 16,

looking like a younger version of her mother, but without the cap. The woman is calmly teaching her daughter to make the healing brew. They seem to be so innocent and peaceful, an almost idyllic image of a young farmer’s family, but not for long. I can see a few people coming down a road from the fields. I don’t know who they are.” I concentrated on them. “Suddenly, the front door of the kitchen on the right side opens aggressively and three men walk in. They are wearing black hooded robes.” “Who are they? Are they priests?” Laurie asked. “Yes, they are, wearing black robes with hoods over their heads, I can’t see their faces. I think they came to take them. Yes, they’re arresting them. They are going to burn them as witches.” I had to stop and take a big breath, as I felt goosebumps spread over my entire body. I continued: “I have the sense that this woman might actually be you a few hundred years ago. I think I’m seeing you in your past life.” “Interesting,” Laurie said. We had a long period of silence. “You know, it makes a lot of sense. I’m a writer, and for the past few years I have been working on a book about women healers from all cultures who fought against society’s judgment. I feel very passionate about it. I’m also working for an organization for women’s rights. And I have one daughter.” “Are you very protective of your daughter?” “You bet! I hope not in a bad way, though,” she said. a Itzhak Beery is an internationally recognized shamanic healer and teacher. He was initiated into the Circle of 24 Yachaks by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian Kanamari Pagè. He also trained intensively with other elders from South and North America. Founder of ShamanPortal. org and co-founder of the New York Shamanic Circle, he is on the faculty of New York Open Center. His work has been featured in the New York Times, films, TV, and webinars. An accomplished visual artist and owner of an award-winning advertising agency, he grew up on Kibbutz Beit Alfa in Israel and lives in New York. Reprinted with permission from Inner Traditions International, Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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Healing the Body — Enlightening the Spirit

An Interview with Qigong Master Chunyi Lin by Tim Miejan Renowned Qigong Master Chunyi Lin came to America more than 20 years ago to learn how this nation educates its people. Since that time, he has educated America — and people throughout the world — about how to heal the body, mind and spirit with simple movement and meditation called qigong (pronounced chee-gong), an ancient practice dating back more than 4,000 years in China. Its principles are the foundation of all Chinese Medicine: Everything is energy, and energy is intended to flow smoothly and continuously, in balance and in harmony with all. On June 19-21, Master Lin’s legacy as a healer will be celebrated in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Spring Forest Qigong (see Spring Forest, page 8). Spring Forest Qigong is a practice of simple movements, mental focus, breathing and meditation. This effective way to unblock energy and rid the body of disease, described by Dr. Bill Manahan of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine as a practice that will “revolutionize the manner in which we look at healing,” was birthed in the Twin Cities by a man who believes that everyone was born a healer. During the past two decades, Spring Forest Qigong has been used by a quarter of a million people worldwide. The anniversary will kick off on June 19-20 with the first workshop ever taught by Master Lin on the Heart Sutra, the Buddha’s expression of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. This noted healer took the time to speak with The Edge about qigong, about the heart and about how we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. For those not familiar with it, what is qigong? Chunyi Lin: Qigong is an ancient Chinese

meditation. “Qi” means energy, “gong” means with — working with the body’s energy; that’s what qigong does. What we are doing with qigong is to help people to heal, to balance the energy in the body. They’re sick because of energy blockages here and there in the body. These blockages existing in the body block the energy flow and then the body gets sick. Qigong is a simple healing movement and meditation that can help you to unblock these energy blockages so that the energy can flow freely in the body — and then the body heals. What effect does qigong have beyond the physical body — on the emotions, the mind and the spirit? CL: No matter what kind of things exist

in the world, from the stars or rocks or trees or an emotion or an illness in the 18

Chunyi Lin body — physically, emotionally or spiritually — that is just energy in different forms. Einstein said that energy cannot be created and it has always been. Energy cannot be destroyed. It will always be that energy can be transformed. The question is whether the energy is transformed for better or for worse. Through these simple movements and meditation, we can help you to empower yourself to unblock these energy blockages and redirect energy flow in the body so you can heal completely. So, ultimately all disease comes from the blockage of these energies? CL: Exactly. You may have aches and pains

and even cancer — any kind of thing you can name in the body — and it is there because of energy blockages. Once you unblock these energy blockages, then the energy can flow. It’s just like a river. When you have a flood, there is a lot of problem of water spilling over both sides of the river. To resolve that situation, the best way is to open the flow of the water back into the river. This is what qigong does. It helps you to bring your energy back to the normal flow in the body so the body heals. Does qigong simply relieve pain or does it eliminate it at the source? CL: Qigong helps to release the source

of the cause of the blockages so that the symptoms disappear, no matter if it is a pain or a tumor. What was your ambition as a young boy? What did you want to become? CL: At the very beginning, I wanted to

become a writer, an author who writes a lot

of books, and then later I changed my mind and I wanted to become a philosopher. I also had a dream that I could become a t’ai chi master or a doctor or something like that. I had lots of dreams in my life. When I grew up and I met a lot of people and they changed my life, I really wanted to find a way to understand how we can help this world to become a better place for everybody to enjoy. I have had a lot of personal challenges. I love to play basketball and I had lots of injuries in my back. I tried everything to find healing, but they didn’t work. Injuries became swollen in my knees and in a bone spur in my back. Nothing helped me, no matter what I tried. Then I came to qigong, and in one meditation, seven hours and a half, the pain in my knees was 85 percent gone. For two months or so I practiced the qigong again from this master, and I healed myself completely. That got me deeply into the qigong studies. I followed different masters and practiced a lot, and then I found out that qigong is actually something very simple. You can empower yourself and learn a way to love yourself — and then you can give this love back to the world. So that’s how I got into the qigong. Through qigong I found three things that are just awesome. Number one, you can help yourself to heal your physical body. Number two, you can help others to heal, too. And number three, you can help people to open their hearts — and help us all to open our hearts, too. You know who you are and what you are. You come to a bigger picture to understand the relationship between you and the universe, between you and the Divine. So now, when anything happens or if you have conflicts with any people in the family or at work, you can use this wisdom to resolve this situation in a harmonious way, and you enjoy your life. Now, any place and every day is a joy. In June, you will be teaching the Heart Sutra workshop. Is that all about opening the heart? What will participants experience? CL: Oh, yes, absolutely. The Heart Sutra is

the most profound of Buddhist teachings. All the Buddhists around the world agree that the Heart Sutra is the most powerful practice. It took me 20 years to figure out how to interpret the Buddha’s teaching in a simple and powerful way to the level I feel comfortable sharing with others. With this sharing, people can really come deeply into their inner hearts to understand the power of the heart. When you have the heart open, you can use this universal, unconditional love to heal the emotions, to heal physical

challenges. I’m going to share techniques on how to do that. It is how to put yourself in the light, like Jesus said and the Buddha said and Lao Tzu said. In this workshop, I’m going to share with people what I know and how to use these simple techniques to heal with the Heart Sutra. The workshop is two days long. We have a lot of meditation and a lot of fun time and there’s a lot of healing — healing through your heart and healing through your physical body and healing through your spirit. Tell me about Spring Forest Qigong, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer. How many people were a part of Spring Forest in the beginning and how has it grown as an organization? CL: Yes, that is a very interesting journey.

In 1993, I was a healer on an AFS program, American Field Service, an exchange program. At that time in China, I was a college teacher. I was training people to become teachers at elementary schools and high schools. Through the AFS program, I came to the United States to study the educational system to observe how people run schools in this country. I went to colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, to observe the educational system in this country. During my evening time and sometimes in the weekends, I gave small classes on qigong and t’ai chi. My first qigong class was in a middle school. My class was offered through the community education. A friend helped me get my class going because I helped his dog with deafness in the ears. My friend was very happy about that, and then later he asked me to work on his knees, which had a lot of pain. He was a hockey coach. After about five minutes of working on him, his pain 90 percent gone — and he was very excited. He told me to go to the community education center to talk to the director, and then we put a class out there called “Chinese breathing exercise.” When the classes started, we had five people sign up — and among these five people, two people signed up by mistake. They came thinking the class was about acupuncture or t’ai chi. When I explained to them, “No this is a healing movement in the qigong,” they said, “Well, since we’re here, we’ll just continue.” One of these five people was one lady who came with an oxygen tank. She had been on oxygen for six and one-half years, diagnosed in the Mayo Clinic that she needed a lung transplant, and her lungs were filled with the scar tissue. I asked her, “How did you find out about my class?” “I did not. My son did,” she said. This lady was not very happy that evening. She said that with a very unfriendly tone. I said, “Well, you’re here.”

You can help yourself to heal your physical body. You can help others to heal. You can help people to open their hearts — and help us all to open our hearts, too. “I told my son I’ve been breathing for 60 years and I don’t want anyone to come over from the other side of the world to teach me how to breathe.” I said, “Well, you are here now and let me make a demonstration before we start the class.” I asked around the table if anyone had any aches and pains in the hands, in the back, in the neck, or whatever. A woman said she had a carpal tunnel and pain in the wrist. I said, “Well, put your hand on the table. Let me work on you.” So, I worked on her hand for about three to five minutes and then I asked her to open her eyes and move her wrist. She did, and the pain went away. She was so surprised. Every week we had a one-hour class with exercise and meditation. People went home and practiced the exercise a half an hour to one hour a day. The woman who needed the lung transplant three weeks later came back from the Mayo Clinic. All the lung scar tissue had disappeared. And she did not need oxygen anymore since then. Qigong gave her 20 extra years for herself for her life. This was documented in the Mayo Clinic as a miracle healing, and after that I was invited to the Mayo Clinic to give some talks and do some studies. I had a pain management study with external qigong, and I sent energy out to help people with their chronic pain and this was very successful. Then I did a study on internal qigong and on pain management, and it was also very successful. I did another study on depression in Chicago and that one was also very successful. What makes Spring Forest different than other forms of qigong? CL: With all the qigong forms, the goal

is to help people to balance the energy. Spring Forest Qigong is different because I like something simple and more powerful, number one. Number two, I focus on healing. And, number three, the most powerful healing energy is unconditional love, actually the love energy from your heart to help you to heal. In June with the 20th anniversary of Spring Forest Qigong, I will present a new qigong exercise for people. I will combine the five elements of emotions together with unconditional love in a guided meditation and very simple

movement to help you to unblock the energy channels, even faster than the exercises I had taught before. Through all these years I have studied the body and observed people’s healing. So I went deeper and deeper into my meditation, and then through guidance I developed this completely new movement for people. I have been sharing it with a few dozen people and it has had fantastic results, so I am just so excited to share this new revolutionary qigong form with the world. What is it called, this new qigong form? CL: This is an Energy Healing movement

under the Spring Forest Qigong system. Later on, I will have external qigong practices to help you send out energy through your hands to help yourself to heal, with different techniques for different ailments, such as to heal deafness in the ears, migraine headaches, eyesight problems, lung problems and heart problems. These will be simple exercises to help you to stimulate the energy flow in the heart and help yourself to unblock those energy blockages even faster. It is amazing. Spring Forest Qigong offers many levels of training — Level I through Level V. The levels of training may seem complicated for firsttime people to know where to begin. CL: Starting from this 20th anniversary, we’re

not going to call these level I, level II, level III, level IV and level V anymore. They will be called self-healing, and I’m finalizing the titles for each of the courses. Each one can stand alone by themselves. For some people who say, “I have been doing meditation and exercise for a long time, so I don’t need to go to the fundamental one,” they can just go directly to the advanced classes for healing cancer or healing HIV, for helping to heal from strokes and Parkinson’s and depression and bipolar and such. You can go to any level that you want. I will have also different workshops, like a teleseminar, to give people direct information how to work on specific things — how to help heal the liver, how to help heal breast cancer, how to help heal a migraine headache, how to help heal the digestive system and many other things. I will have a simple exercise for particular challenges.   Interview on page 20 June 2015 the edge  19

  Interview



How has Spring Forest Qigong spread over the past 20 years? CL: In the United States, we have

taught through conferences and workshops and classes and selflearning courses about 250,000 people around the world, and so we have trained over 200 teachers to teach Spring Forest Qigong. I estimate that we have 500 practice schools all around the world doing so. These people already are demonstrating that everybody was born a healer. Everybody was born with the beautiful gift. You can help yourself heal and you can help others to heal, too. In the middle of the night when the baby is crying, the mother can use the techniques to clear energy blockages and help the body heal. It is important to help every family heal and give them hope.

If you could tell every single person in the world something right now, what would you tell them? CL: I would tell them that this

is the most powerful healing energy. Utilizing unconditional love using this ancient wisdom is so simple and so easy to learn, and you can help yourself to heal and you can help others to heal, too. When you do so, you will always put a smile on your face. SMILE stands for Start My Internal Love Engine. With a smile and with unconditional love, we can activate the inner heart, and with these simple techniques you can make miracles any time in your daily life. You can have more energy in your life and you will feel more peace in your life. Your heart is more open and you can tolerate any situation much better. You have time you do it — five minutes or ten minutes or a half an hour. Even if you don’t have time, you can do it with your mind, so you can use it on the go. a For more information on Spring Forest Qigong, visit Tim Miejan is editor and co-publisher of The Edge. Contact him at 651.578.8969 or email Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.



by Janet Michele Red Feather Sitting down to write is like arriving at a spring storm’s beginning. At first, there’s the light scent of incipient ideas in the wind, mingled with the fresh piney aroma of potential insight. Then a few blessed drops of thought permeate the volatile, vaporous atmosphere. The air then becomes saturated with thoughts, images and feelings. Soon, there’s a microburst of guided ideas. My hands cling like wet leaves to fleeting bits of insight and clarity. Eventually, a tempest is in full gear, everything whirling and mixing, sifting and layering. Ultimately, in precious, dew-laced moments, the whole enchanted forest comes alive with green meanings. I needed an “over the top” exordium in order to warm up to this month’s topic. I’m wild inside, but not in my external life. I first had to call a trusted mentor to inquire how to address this topic with integrity. The wise Cedric Red Feather opined, “You cannot write about the topic because you’re not there yet. You’re peeking in the door. When you become enlightened — like Krishna, like Buddha, like Yogananda — then you will be wild. You will be like everything else in nature. To be wild is to be entirely without ego.” I realize, after speaking with him, how fortunate I am: I am conscious of the journey, of being on the road to somewhere, of having not yet arrived. There are beautiful guides with me along the way: Native American spirit guides, enlightened beings, some animals, and a bird or two. Two of them — Song of the Wind, and Wildflower — are integral to helping me recapture and record in writing my connection to the natural realm, a past-life bond weakened through a false sense of separation. I have let myself become distracted, hiding behind work and routines. I long for the woods, my true home. I have altars indoors for the faeries and elementals. I need lots of help re-growing myself as “wild.” I should, perhaps, write about running on the beach barefooted. I should admit to having gone skinny-dipping with a friend in a creek deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, with only day lilies

and butterflies to witness our childlike, free and open state of being. Maybe I should confess the time I danced in a wild ring with my law school buddies — high as a cloud — to the song, “All Night Long.” While these moments were joyous and festive, they pale in comparison to my soul’s liberation from ego, a feat made possible only by traveling in a direction opposite to that of sensory pursuits. The beautiful and wise Paramahansa Yogananda taught Kriya Yoga: meditation to withdraw our energy from the senses in order to travel a direct path up the spinal column and out the third eye, into the infinite expanse of All That Is. Remember Wordsworth, the beloved Romantic poet? Centuries ago, he wrote, “The world is too much with us; late and soon, / Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; — / Little we see in Nature that is ours; / We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!” His words have stayed in my heart. They are still fresh and contemporary. Wordsworth knew of the wild soul: he would have danced with Zorba. This insulated, material world does not completely serve our most essential needs. It’s odd how we use labels like “wildflowers” and “wild animals,” as though both needed to be corralled and tamed. In point of fact, these spirits of the natural realm understand inherently what should be our quest. We ought to cultivate a wild soul — a wild heart — an authentic Spirit, expressing its true nature. The truly wild soul and I are coming closer. When I am that soul, I will no longer speak through the column Spirit Leaves. Instead, you will hear the tapping of a shutter one night. A window panel will swing open, striking the exterior of your turreted home. In the wind you will hear my song, sad and soulful, and you will wonder at the freedom of it. a Janet Michele Red Feather, J.D., M.A., has taught literature and composition for 18 years at the university, state, tribal and community college levels. She is currently a tenured English Faculty member at Normandale Community College. Janet enjoys her role as Ceremonial Singer for Native American ceremonies, singing traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota. She made a career shift into teaching after serving nearly eight years as a defense litigator in California. Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. She welcomes correspondence at Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

HONORING MY WILD WOMAN by Suzanne White I became divorced, bought a drum and unleashed the wild woman within. “Come on” I said with a wink, “It will be fun.” My two girlfriends met me at the Spiritual Center in town. I couldn’t wait to bang the drum communally and be discovered for my innate rhythmic talents. Before the actual drumming began, all of the participants were asked to sit in a circle and introduce themselves to the group. It became quite obvious that many in the group were regulars. The introductions began to sound like a 12-step program for Fruits and Nuts on the mend from a granola bender. “Uh, my name is Mystic Voyager and this past month I learned more about how my anger has become misplaced and displaced….My name is Amber Divine and my spirit guide has instructed me to cast my fears to the four corners of the universe….”

While my turn grew closer, I realized that I did not have a spiritual name, or a clear-cut quest. Trying to sound hip, I announced, “Hi, my name is Rhythmic Brook and I work as a massage therapist.” My one friend smirked, while the other kept a stoic look on her face. They didn’t give me away. Maybe they both understood how important this was for me, navigating the waters as a single woman, wanting to find my tribe. I soon discovered that not everyone in attendance had a cool spiritual name or some profound proclamation. Most of us were seekers looking for a good time. Finally, the drums were handed out and the wild ruckus began. One woman pranced around with her heart drum. She made it over to me and rhythmically patted the hard buckskin while scanning my heart chakra. Joy welled up inside me. Feeling giddy, I danced around while banging my own drum. Smaller drumming circles formed, morphing into larger ones. Bodies writhed, scarves billowed, a new-found freedom reigned on all levels. I could sense

THE CONSTANCY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT OF SELF Ricki Lee Schuster Today is! Tomorrow will be! The present moment is constant! Previous moments are gone! The future is not fully foreseeable or even changeable. So live your life and embrace what is of value to you. Let go of the rest. More than a trillion lives have been lived on this Earth, and dysfunction and warring still is abundant. How much of a difference can one life really make? Be happy and content! Forget about and remove yourself from the drama that does not add value to your life! Let go of friends and even family who pull you down and drain your energy. Anger, frustration, resentment, manipu-

old emotional patterns breaking up in my life, while being carried off in the riotous rhythm that early summer evening some 12 years ago. As a new cycle starts up this year, I barely know that woman any more. She has since traded drums for listening to her own inner rhythms. While she has healed her heart, she realizes that a regular emotional inventory is necessary. The wonder and curiosity she felt then could be seen as a blessing. Her explorations brought many rich experiences to her life. I miss her sometimes for her spontaneity, her spark and her wonder for all things new. This is a reminder that she is still a part of me. Even though I have settled down and am in a love-filled relationship, I still need to honor her and allow my wild woman to freely navigate new horizons. a Suzanne White works as a hospice massage therapist and videographer. In her free time, she journals, gardens and engages in many creative pursuits. Contact her at Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

lation and the constancy of struggles are a disease, like cancer. They will kill you and drain you of your life force. When the dust of your life settles, will you look back and say to yourself, “No regrets!” So, choose accordingly. This Earth and the universe will continue on no matter what you think, feel, believe, do or say! The challenge within each individual life is to be filled with peace within, regardless of the unrest and dysfunction around you and in the rest of the world. Whether you believe it or not, this is really all about you! It is today and will be tomorrow. That is the constancy of the present moment of Self! a Ricki Lee Schuster can assist with possession issues in your home or possibly with family members. He can tell you instantly if there is any activity taking place, and when he gets involved, they leave. Contact him at 651.734.8399 or email contentttt@ Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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align to what you have been waiting for and then to anchor and align this through your consciousness and cells now! Through your conscious choice action of reaching out to take what is rightfully yours in the moment, you access new elements of Self that are waiting for you within this space. This higher realm doorway allows you to experience unlimited aspects of your self now. this next step

Waking to a new paradigm A Pleiadian Message

by Christine Day Beloved ones, we greet you. There has been a monumental dimensional shift taking place on your earth plane since the end of April. This was a destiny moment in your earth plane’s history of awakening, which created a series of “shattering of veils” to take place. These veils had been held in place to keep all of humanity firmly anchored within a 3rd-dimensional illusion of fear, limitation and struggle for lifetimes. The winds of change are upon you. In May there was a subtle and persistent filtering of frequency of light flowing onto the earth plane. This flowing light contains powerful energetic aspects of expanded multidimensionality that have begun to interact within your consciousness and energetic field, changing your perceptions in a subtle way — waking you up, moving you gently to a new paradigm, liberating you from the 3rd-dimensional illusion of drama and limitation. place of alignment

This dynamic process has opened up the possibility for the armoring that has kept you in separation for lifetimes to simply dissolve within you. This may appear miraculous, but it is simply the time for you to come back to a place of alignment beyond the 3rd dimension. It is time for the higher truths of who you are to be naturally revealed to you. Energetically, you have the ability now to shrug off this limitation that has held you in this place of illusion. As this barrier within you dissolves, a unique opportunity is opening up before you to transcend the human drama. For the first time in the history of your planet, a multidimensional higher realm consciousness doorway is now accessible to 22

all of you who are seekers. Huge change is upon you — and you are ready for this, for you have been waiting for this next step of your evolution. This change is all about returning to a place of self-empowerment as you access this new dimensional doorway, which is simply an access point in which you reconnect to a timeless space where all aspects of you exist. This is where you can align and remember a Truth of unlimited proportions about you, and become a witness to all that is in reality in front of you, within you. It is the time to move naturally back to your sacredness, to Truth. This multidimensional higher realm doorway that has just opened up here on the earth plane anchors you into a timeless space where you can align to aspects of your own pure source higher self-consciousness. Know that there is purity, love and a series of timeless, multidimensional aspects that are carried within the light frequency that exists within this higher realm space. This is where you meet the many aspects of your own divinity and begin to transcend into the higher realms, shrugging off the powerlessness that you have worn for lifetimes. This higher realm carries and opens you into a place for you to re-access the direct experience of Truth. Within this space, all aspects of past, present and future are held within one timeless multidimensional space. This “timeless multidimensional space” moves you beyond the 3rd-dimensional concepts of illusion that time exists. The biggest illusion on this earth plane is time; there is no such thing as time. The aspect of this illusion has kept you in a separated state from Truth. You no longer need to wait for any particular experience. This is your time to reach forward through conscious choice to

We are announcing to you this next step of your evolution. This is a natural process for you to open up into, as you choose to move forward through conscious choice. Now is the time for you to be given this access through this higher realm doorway so that you can accelerate your own transition of awakening. Then you are able to play a pivotal role in the energetic transformation of your earth plane and take your place with many other human beings who are also taking their next step. Together as a group, your energies will naturally forge and open a platform of light that will act as a mirror, reflecting a pathway that will support others to join you by taking their next step through this higher realm doorway. This mirror will grow, reflecting an expanded frequency of light that will radiate throughout the earth plane and into the universe. Your role in the unfolding of the earth’s transition is a part of your destiny. By aligning consciously through this higher realm doorway, you begin a rebirthing process of your own pure source multidimensional light consciousness. This consciousness of light anchors through your cells and energetic field so that you are actually anchoring this higher part of your light self within the cells of your physical body. You will become a natural transmitter of light for your planet and for mankind. Wherever you go, you will be transmitting your light outwards, touching humanity, anchoring light on your earth plane. This is a part of what you have pre-agreed to do at this time. You play your role. This is a part of you fulfilling your destiny. You, in your own individual process of connecting through this doorway, create a significant shift for the planet. Just by carrying this new frequency, you contribute to the planet, making a difference. A light team

Many of you have come here to be part of this unique process now, to be part of a light team. Imagine the frequency of light force shifting on your planet, impacted by so many of you holding this transformation within you. You can carry this new dimensional life force, holding these new truths and channeling them through your energetic body and outwards to others. As a collective group, you will forge a pathway

for others to follow and they also can awaken by utilizing this higher realm doorway. You get the opportunity to be a “way shower” at this sacred time, as you play your role and others play theirs, too. Together, collectively, a group of you hold this pathway open, for this is your next step within the plan of the earth’s transition. The opening of this higher realm doorway has already impacted the earth plane energetically. An expanded dimensional light is flowing within the natural forces, and a strong expansion of all the energetic grids on the planet has taken place since late April. The natural forces are carrying an expanded light frequency that has been birthed through them from the opening of this higher realm doorway. This new frequency is being transmitted and held within the trees, rocks and the earth, and there is also a higher frequency of nutritional light transmitted within the rays of the sun. The wind also is playing an integrating role by supporting the energetic integration within the planet’s new energetic systems, which are in a continual birthing process at this time. This higher frequency of light has created an energetic aura around the planet, and these frequencies are now in place to support you by fortifying and integrating your energetic field as you move through your process. This support has been designed to enable you to take ongoing initiation steps through this higher realm doorway, bringing in a new integrating mechanism on your planet for this time. You will be supported by being consistently realigned to a higher aspect of Self, so that you can play your role more fully. This process could be described as an organic flow of sacred synergy developing between you and the natural forces. This collective team effort of you, humans, with the natural forces will reopen your natural ability of telepathic communion. As you become more aware of your natural ability of communion and interconnectedness with all life force energies on the planet, a telepathic aspect within your brain will be reactivated. Know that your telepathic abilities are a part of your natural abilities. Telepathic communication will allow you to take a more fully active role within the Universal Community. All beings within the Universe and the Spiritual realms only

communicate through telepathy. As you work with this transitional energy, a natural shift will occur within your body and energetic field. This recalibration of your system creates a reduction of the effects that the chem trails have had on your system. Through this transmutation within your aura and an electrical recalibration through your body, your new dimensional frequency creates a natural barrier against the effects of all chem trails on your energetic system. The earth also is unaffected in a similar way through its natural transition through the changes taking place. Initiation process

We offer a simple initiation process to align you within this “multidimensional new realm doorway.” It is important to take your time, to consciously choose the moment to open into this new experience of Self within your multidimensional higher realm consciousness. Know that this new realm doorway will remain stable and open for you. It is waiting for you to take this next step. Note that it is important to utilize the natural forces to support you in integrating your new frequency within the cells opened up by this initiation: Earth — Lie down or sit on the earth and   bring your awareness to where you are connecting physically to the earth. Take a “conscious breath” — in and out the mouth — and just let go into the earth. The earth’s energy will act as an integrator in your system. Wind — Feel the wind on your face, body,   arms and legs. Open up to the wind caressing your body. As you open to this physical experience, you will feel an integration of energy through you. Sun — Watch the sun rise. The moment you   glimpse the sun coming over the horizon, open into the rays of light, take in the light from the rays. This light carries a high frequency nutritional energy that can feed the cells of your body. Nature — Touch the rocks, trees and open to   receive from the plants, birds and all things from nature. Know that you can open up through conscious   Pleiadians

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  Pleiadians


choice now into this higher realm doorway. Do this through your heart space, breathe and let go. Follow these steps: 1. Bring your awareness into your heart space by bringing both palms of your hands to your whole chest area. Breathe into this space you are holding. Know that it is through your heart that you will open into this higher realm doorway. 2. Bring your sound, VAHM EE, into your heart space to expand the energy within the space. Use the sound until your heart space feels open. You may see, sense or feel the response. 3. Keep holding your heart space. Now bring your awareness into the symbol. Use your conscious breath, like a soft wind, into the symbol (see above). Feel the symbol open up to you in some way. Maybe you will feel, see or sense the opening. 4. Bring your sound, VAHM EE, into the symbol just once. Feel yourself being drawn like a magnet into an aspect of your higher realm doorway. 5. Bring in your sound again into the symbol, VAHM EE. Feel yourself being drawn deeper within your space within the doorway. Know that you will work within this space, with your symbol, with this sacred sound as you feel. Take one step, then another step. Trust your instincts and move at a pace that supports you. Remember to work within the natural forces for integration. We support you. We witness you as you take this, your next transitional step forward. Blessings, The Pleiadians a Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.


Dan-de-lions are roaring by Maria Lisa Polegatto Once upon a time, there was a bee called Dan. He had slept all winter and was still pretty tired and cold, but he was getting hungry waiting for the sun to come out and warm up nature. He was all snuggled up with his family of 30,000 bees in their hive, keeping warm. Sometimes the sun warms up the hive and it can trick a bee into thinking spring has sprung. Dan had learned from his family that it was dangerous for a bee to venture out of the hive or even out of the comforts of the warmth of their snuggle. His uncle couldn’t wait one year and he was sadly missed. In memory of his uncle, the bees all met and decided they would elect a head bee for each hive. Dan was now protector of the lady worker bees and their precious Queen Bee of the hive. The warm days came and continued and finally, it was time. Dan peered out into the world, looking for signs it was time for him to

come out. He called out to the next hive for its leader, but it still took several more days of warmth before the hive heated up enough, turning the crystallized honey into a warm, runny, amber flowing liquid fit for a honey bear. Some of the younger bees were becoming restless, and it was Dan’s job to keep everyone safe. He explained to the younger bees about the cycle of nature that changed with the seasons. In every season, there is a reason why nature acts the way it does. “Bees,” he explained, “are part of the summer season, along with all the delicious flowers they collect pollen from, like dandelions, rose buds, vegetables and fruits.” “Dandelions! What are they?” the bees buzzed as they asked Dan questions. Their set of five eyes each were wide open watching him. Dan had learned the story a long time ago when he was a young bee. It was how he got his name. For all the bees, it seemed like a long time ago, but it was a mere moment of

time ago when Dan’s Mom and Dad told him this story, too. “Dan-de-lions,” they told Dan, “are God’s way of letting nature roar to the bees to convince them to come out for dinner and play amongst the flowers tickling them to bud and sprout in the magical world of nature.” Dan explained that dandelions were like lions roaring in the fields to let them know it is safe for them to come out of the hive. When the lions open their mouth, their teeth spike and turn bright yellow as they tilt their heads up to the sun to ask it to get warmer so they can grow taller. The French bees learned that dent-de-lion means “tooth of the lion.” Dan told the other bees that dandelions also have healing

abilities that can help humans. That is why bees dance with them, to pass along that healing to humans through their honey. Just then he heard, “Look, dan-de-lions are roaring!” All the bees looked out of the hive through the hexagonal windows in search of a dandelion. They didn’t see just one dandelion! They saw a field of yellow as bright as the sun, waving back and forth in the spring sunshine, gently bending their stalks in the warmth of the winds that danced and swirled around them. Mother Nature was out with her magic sparkles and sweet voice, waking up everyone for springtime. There she was in the middle of the field dressed in a light blue bonnet and dress, looking like an orchestra conductor teaching the dandelions how to dance and sing and reach up to the warm sun in the clear blue sky. All eyes peered out the hive as the buzzing increased so loudly that Mother Nature heard it. All of a sudden, she disappeared. The hive went silent, for they thought they scared away Mother Nature. Then they felt a loving warmth approach them. Just then they heard the sweetest voice of all call out to them to come out and play. She didn’t disappear! Mother Nature was simply able to move so quickly that even the bees couldn’t keep up with her. “Out,” she called each of them, by name, to dance with her in the field full of dandelions as they all rejoiced in the coming of spring. Dan stayed behind to make sure all the bees made it out safely to meet Mother Nature. Mother Nature greeted them all. And when Dan finally appeared, she smiled so sweetly. She missed how his beautiful wings twinkled in the sunshine. He humbly thanked her for coming to wake everyone. She knew the bees were in good hands after hearing the lessons Dan lovingly conveyed to them. The tradition of the bees carries on. Mother Nature encouraged them all to practice, practice, practice pollinating as they dance in the gardens of nature. “Quickly,” she encouraged them, “enjoy the sweet nectar, before the dandelions disappear in the puff of the lions breath.” But fear not, their seeds spread their love to share in the dance with the bees next year. a Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria at Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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Becoming Aware by Lisa Garr An excerpt from Becoming Aware: How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life The setting of the championship race was certainly picturesque: Castaic Lake, a reservoir formed by the Castaic Dam in the Sierra Pelona Mountains of northwestern Los Angeles. Action scenes for movies and TV are often filmed there because of the gorgeous but rugged natural terrain, and this is where I arrived for the California State Championship Mountain Bike race. I was in second place overall, but this was the last race and it counted for double points. I was focused in on my goal of taking the title. It didn’t matter to me that when the race started at eight in the morning, it was already a searing 95 degrees. Or that this particular year, they ran the course in a different direction than they had run it in previous years, which would entail far more climbing for the racers. About 5,300 feet of steep uphill biking was in my future during the 21-mile course.   Hours later, the win was in my reach. The race was three laps, and in the previous two, I’d always passed the first-place girl on the descent. Jon had taught me how to descend, and I was fearless about it. On the third lap, I spotted her right before the descent began, and I knew I’d pass her on the downhill and get to the finish line first. That was the last thing I remember. All of a sudden, I woke up at the bottom of the hill with pine needles stuffed into my jersey. My helmet was sideways on my head and cracked in several places (although I didn’t know that at the time). I wanted to climb back up the hill, but the pine needles were so thick that I kept slipping. Another cyclist saw me struggling to get up the hill, stopped, and said, “Are you okay?”   Later, he told me that I was trying to get back on my bike and just kept falling back down the hill. All I remember was pedaling and watching that girl in front of me. Eventually, doctors would tell me that memory loss is retroactive, and this is why I don’t remember the actual fall or trying to scramble back up the hill. I assume that I passed out when I was pedaling due to dehydration — I thought I’d been drinking plenty of water, but it must not have been enough for the heat. I blacked out and fell down a mountain.   What happened next was the most important thing to ever happen to me.   Somehow my body finally dropped to the ground, and I started to float above 26

the entire scene. I was hovering over my body, which was down below me. I could see people surrounding me, but I couldn’t really tell what they were doing. Instead, I could tell what they were feeling. Some of them were feeling like they were on-purpose in their lives and put here to be emergency medical technicians. Others were off-purpose and wanted to do something else — one wanted to be a painter. I knew that one of the female medics had romantic feelings for one of the male EMTs, but she was too afraid to tell him. I could feel their thoughts, their desires, their unmet needs, but I couldn’t hear their voices, as there was no need to do so. The place I was in was magical. It was vast and pure, with a type of expanded consciousness that I had never experienced before in my life. It was beyond words. I don’t even know if there are words that can explain the level of consciousness I experienced. No words could explain something that is much more expansive than anything I’ve ever known here. I once looked out over the cliff at the great Grand Canyon, and this feeling was even vaster than that experience. When I ask myself why, now I know the answer. This was a place of complete, unconditional love. There are no conditions of any kind in this state of pure expansion. There are no boundaries; no pain; and no past, present or future. It is all of those things at once: the past, present and the future occurring at the same exact time. It is actually a state of all-encompassing awareness rather than a “place.” It just is. I can’t report that I saw a white light, nor did I travel down a tunnel, according to the classic depiction of a near-death experience as defined by Dr. Raymond Moody. All I felt was vast consciousness, and anything that came into my awareness was instantly manifested in front of me. I thought of Asia, for example, and Asia was in front of me. I’m not specifically sure why Asia came

into my awareness, as I’d never been there; however, it is the best way I can describe how everything was immediately in my realm of awareness, without borders. Even the most remote place I could imagine appeared in my limitless sphere of consciousness. I was definitely not creating this in my mind, as I was the furthest from analytical thinking I had ever been. I was purely experiencing this peaceful state. I felt so serene and wanted for nothing. There were no unmet needs, hopes, or goals. There were no desires, as everything was present at that moment. What I would find so interesting when I would look back on it was the absence of pain in that state. What I know now is that all discomfort is created in the mind. I had no feeling of pain after my accident — in fact, I couldn’t feel my body at all. Now I see bodies as beautifully intelligent sacs of fluid and bones, encapsulated by the boundaries of our skin. Don’t get me wrong, because I love our human bodies and know that they are amazing creations, but I also know for a fact that we are not our bodies. We are pure expanded consciousness. Back at the mountain, one of the EMTs was asking, “Are you Jon?” “Yes,” a familiar voice said. “She has been saying your name. She has been asking for you.” I saw this silver cord, luminescent, pure, and bright, attached between Jon and me. It was like a light beam connecting us. I saw the connection, and knew that it was something quite significant. At that moment, I jumped back into my body, which felt very confined and small. I looked up, and my eyes met Jon’s. I didn’t have the ability to speak because my body had been throwing up. These wonderful medics kept turning my head to the side so that I wouldn’t choke on my own vomit. Even though I couldn’t form any words, I marveled that I could communicate in a new way. I spoke from my eyes to his eyes. And it was one of the most powerful and complete communications I had ever experienced. It only lasted seconds, and then I left again, returning to this beautiful place of expanded consciousness. a   Lisa Garr is host and producer of a popular syndicated radio show , “The Aware Show,” heard in the Los Angeles market on KPFK 90.7 FM or on, and she has a Hay House Radio show, “Being Aware.” Lisa also hosts a series for Gaiam TV called “Gaiam Inspirations.” She also is a weekend host on “Coast to Coast AM,” syndicated in over 500 stations around the world. She interviews influential and incredible transformational luminaries  from all walks of life. Her new book, Becoming Aware (Hay House), helps readers transform their lives by showing how she applied 15 years of these experts’ lessons to her own life as a businesswoman, wife and mother. Visit Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Magical Medicine Bag: Following a dream to its end by Kathleen Cotter Lloyd Years ago I volunteered to drive a friend to Bozeman, Montana, for a short visit. Two nights before I was to pick up my friend, I had a dream that vibrated to me: “Find your medicine bag.” I know what a medicine bag is, and I knew I did not have one. I woke up the next morning and remembered — get your medicine bag. That day I was busy getting ready for my trip and forgot about the dream. I went to bed very tired and fell asleep within minutes. In the middle of the night, I heard that “voice” again. This time it showed me the items I needed, and how to position the item to activate the medicine. More was given about how to find the medicine. I had never had this sort of thing happen to me in this manner. I keep a recorder next to my bed so I can use it to describe what comes to me at night. Spirit said, “We will show you what you need. Start at the shop for the newly cleaned

and prepared deer skin hide. Tell the shop owner what it is for. He will tell you how to find the river. We will tell you what rocks and items to pick up.” I was being instructed to follow my gut and listen to the wind telling me what to do. To trust in the dream. “Go down to the river where you will hear the sparrows sing to you sweetly in their little bell voices. Look for the three pink crystals.” What! What? The next step was perplexing. Where do I go now? I had to stop for gas, so I asked the station owner about the road and the blue rock. He knew about the road and rock and told me how to get there. He told me to drive north about two miles and I would find the road. (Later, I found it interesting that the shop owner and the station owner were both Native Americans.) “At the blue rock by the dirt road, walk into the piney woods where there is no sound, only your foot steps crunching on the pine needles. Go to the pine tree. The

top will be golden colored. Take three small branches from the bright green branch which is still alive.” This must be important for my dream to be so exact! I felt like I was on a quest. “Continue down the road to the small creek that crosses the road. Do not drive over the creek or you will disturb the energy. Step out of your car, take off your shoes and socks, step into the creek. Move to the left in the creek and look down as you walk. Take the heart-shaped, gray rock. Move down the creek, look down, pick up the yellow-gray rock with the small white dragon. Go back to the spot where you began and move down into the deeper part of the creek to where the water is ankle deep and your toes hang over a ledge. Look down, pick up the gray rock with crystal E in white. Slowly walk back to the car, look down into the creek. You will find a clear crystal with what looks like gold in it.” This was the layout: Pine on the upper left with crystal to the lower left. Three rose quartz crystals — large, then small, and medium below — all lined up in the center. The rock with the E on the upper right, then heart, then dragon rock on the bottom. These were all wrapped in a golden colored deer skin, and bound with a bone choker necklace. The marvelous thing is that I found the items on my trip to Bozeman in one day. My magic “Medicine Bag” is under my pillow. My daughter’s bone choker necklace is wrapped around it. It is “Medicine.” I use it during the night for protection. Just as you use your crosses, gems, totems or herbs, this is my protector. For you see, I am a lightworker, and I know the value of my “Magic Medicine Bag.” a Kathleen Cotter Lloyd is a writer, artist and intuitive. Kath began seeing at the age of 6; she is 70 this year. She trained with her grandmother, Rev. Cotter, in her teens. She began working in the metaphysical industry 21 years ago for Mikal & Associates in St. Anthony Main. Currently she is working on two children’s books, and re-establishing her art studio. She can be reached at 763.263.6271 and Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.


Another great resource is the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s “Energy Kids” website (, which provides by E - The Environmental Magazine teachers with energy related stories, hands-on activities and research articles for their classrooms. Dear EarthTalk: What resources are out there for A more “hands-on” approach is to start a school helping teachers integrate sustainability topics into their curricula? — Melinda Zullo, Toronto garden — planted and tended by the kids themselves. provides a full step-by One great resource is Green Teacher, a quarterly step guide to help any teacher get a school garden magazine dedicated to helping educators promote off to a great start. a environmental awareness among young people ages 6 through 19. The magazine offers perspecEarthTalk® is produced by Doug Moss & Roddy Scheer and is a tives on the role of education in creating a registered trademark of Earth Action Network Inc. View past columns sustainable future and provides lots of ready-to-use at: Or e-mail us your question: earthtalk@emagaactivities. Green Teacher has also released a series of books that contain kid-tested ideas contributed by Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved. educators from across North America. June 2015 the edge  27

ment. Most of us juggle the demands of our lives by giving partial attention to each activity without being fully present for any of them. We listen halfheartedly to our child’s story about “Show and Tell” while our wandering mind thinks over the emails we need to send. We rush our kids through brushing their teeth, counting the moments until we can fall wearily into bed. When our kids sense our divided attention, they often generate chaos and drama to bring all of us into the room, even if their behavior results in threats or punishments. Focus on the one thing you’re doing, whether it’s serving a snack or changing a diaper. Investing even a few moments of fully engaged time with your kids can bring greater joy to your parenting life.

5 tips for Parenting with Presence by Susan Stiffelman I had meditated from the time I was 16, so as I approached motherhood, I was certain I would be spared those dramatic, stressful moments I saw frazzled parents having with their children. Yelling or shouting? I would be too centered to succumb to that level of frustration. Trying to rush my child to get where we were going? I was confident about my ability to slow down and live in the moment. Ha! In theory, parenting with presence sounds easy enough. Putting it into practice in real time with real children is another thing altogether. No one can push our buttons the way our kids can — ignoring repeated requests to come to dinner after we’ve made something healthy and tasty, or refusing to stay in their beds when we’ve run out of steam and desperately want to go to sleep. Sometimes we lose our cool, and our way. Parenting shows us just how human we are. Humbling, yes, but if we relax into the experience rather than resist the difficult moments, it can be one of the greatest opportunities we will ever have to learn about how to love more deeply, live more fully in the moment and become more open-hearted versions of ourselves. A blessing of untold magnitude, but one with a never-ending invitation to stretch and grow. 28

Here are a few of the things I have learned about parenting with presence: Be good enough. Our children don’t   need us to be saintly or enlightened. We just need to be good enough. Don’t allow mean, critical voices in your head to tell you that you’re not adequately conscious or evolved. That voice — the one telling you that if you were more “spiritual,” you wouldn’t yell at your kids — is not your friend. It is only with a heart that is at ease with our imperfections that we can truly embrace the opportunities for spiritual growth that come with being a parent. When you lose your way, touch your heart with a “there, there” as you would comfort a child, and begin anew. When your buttons get pushed, look   beneath the surface. None of us like being ignored or dealing with tantrums. But when we feel especially triggered by our child’s unpleasant behavior, unfinished business from our own childhood may be rearing its ugly head. If your child’s anger makes your blood boil, it may be rekindling memories of a parent’s explosive temper. If you feel painfully disrespected when your kids pretend they don’t hear you, it may be activating the hurt of being ignored as a child. Our children can be invaluable beacons of light, illuminating our emotional dark corners to catalyze deep healing and open us to extraordinary dimensions of love and acceptance.

  Commit

to moments of full engage-

Challenge fear. Many parents are driven   by anxiety. What will happen if she doesn’t finish her homework? What if he refuses to eat dinner…again? When we are ruled by fear, we tend to come across to our children as desperate and needy, effectively putting them in charge of our happiness. Make friends with the worst-case scenario so it has less of a hold over you. Unplug. These days it is nearly impos   sible to visit a park and not find parents checking their devices while the kids play, or strolling their baby while chatting on their cell phone. Rarely do you see families in a restaurant without at least one person — often a child — on some kind of digital device. We all know that the digital revolution has brought amazing things to our lives, but our children need regular doses of our presence. Yes, it’s great that you can reach out for the support of your cyber-tribe when you’re feeling isolated with little kids. But the next time your cell phone beeps, try staying a little longer in the 3D world. My now 24-year-old son walks into the house as I’m finishing up this article. I feel the tug of my writing, but the pull on my heart is stronger and I stand up to share a hug and a few moments of “How’ve ya been?” as we catch up after not seeing each other for a few days. I have enjoyed many soul-nurturing experiences in my life, but to this day, seeing my son still splits open my heart like nothing else can. Through the many rough patches and the countless days when I fell miles short of being as conscious as I had hoped to be, this love remains. Pure, perfect and miraculous. a Susan Stiffelman, MFT is the bestselling author of Parenting with Presence and Parenting without Power Struggles. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a credentialed teacher, and the Huffington Post’s weekly “Parent Coach” advice columnist. She lives in Malibu, Calif., where she is an aspiring banjo player, a determined tap dancer and an optimistic gardener. Visit her online at Printed with permission of New World Library. Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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PAST LIFE REGRESSION: Release karma that’s causing recurrent patterns or inexplicable symptoms. Dr. Kyra will guide you through a regression with Reiki & flower essences to help you connect with your Akashic memories. Minneapolis, Hudson WI & by Skype. Dr. Kyra Mesich, PsyD, 612.568.3538,

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SERVICES listings …provide name, address, phone, website, service times + brief description. $90 total for 3 mos., $150 total for 6 mos., $240 total for one year. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards accepted. Order online at Contact: 763.433.9291 or ECKANKAR / TEMPLE OF ECK: Religion of the Light and Sound of God, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, — Keys to spiritual experiences: Explore past lives, dreams and Soul Travel. Worship Service: first Sunday of each month, 10-11 a.m. Youth programs. Community HU Song: third Sunday of each month, 10-10:30 a.m. Free workshops: Wednesdays, 7-8:30 p.m. Temple hours: 5-9 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Noon-4:30 p.m. Sunday. Tours available. Lake Harriet Spiritual Community: A Center for Conscious Living, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272, online at www. — Encouraging authentic spiritual connection through Sunday services, classes and workshops. Sunday 10:30 a.m. Services are led by our resident speakers Patty Peterson, Christine Day, Cindi Claypatch, Michael Foley and Linda Saggau; guest speakers; or Spiritual Director, Theresa Rose. 9am Services include Spiritual Development, Drum Service, Toning/Healing and Body and Soul.

Space also available for weddings, concerts and special events.

Nourishing Wholeness: St. Paul Yoga Center, 1162 Selby Ave, St. Paul 55104, 651.321.3961,, online at www. — The Way of the Happy Woman® Seasonal Yoga, Meditation & Life Balance Mini-Retreats: Reconnect to your innate feminine wisdom. Summer Retreat is from 2-5 p.m. on August 2. Pyramid Meditation — The Lighted Way Fellowship: Kathleen Frances, 310.403.1320,, online at www. — Gathering as friends, forming a Circle of Healing Love and Peace, We breathe up Golden Light, opening up a portal into The Infinite Mother. Ascending, experiencing our own Divinity, Oneness with Source, We are One

v i s i t w w w.e d g e m ag a z i n e.n e t

SPIRIT UNITED CHURCH: 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis, 612.378.3602,, — Worshiping the Wonder, birthing the Emerging Spirituality. Welcoming ~ Supportive ~ Healing ~ Transformational. Discover your spiritual home. On Sundays: 10:30 a.m. Main service, 10:30 a.m. Kids With Spirit Class. Unity in the Heart: 1898 Iglehart Ave., St. Paul, at the Triune Masonic Temple, 651.222.1732, — You are Warmly Welcomed. Unity: A Spiritual Movement that honors all paths to God, sees God as good and everywhere present; affirms the spark of Divinity in all of us: Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center: 4011 W. Hwy 13, Savage, MN 55378, 952.895.0745, — Discover Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center, a positive path for spiritual living. Practical teachings to help you live a healthy, meaningful life. As we grow in consciousness, we create a loving, peaceful world. Sunday Service 10 a.m. UNITY MINNEAPOLIS: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, 763.521.4793, online at www. — Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Sunday 8:15, 9:45 & 11:30 a.m., nursery & Sunday school at all 3 services. Monthly Healing service 7 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday. Adult education classes throughout the year.

S E E K P E A C E D A I LY 32



June 2015 SCHEDULE

Free Podcasts that Enlighten & Educate Listen at or call 714.364.4750. Show archives are at Edgemagazine. net/edge-talk-radio. Host your own monthly program by calling 612.710.7720 or 763.433.9291. “Edge Intuitive Business Guidance” with Amber Annette Monday, June 1 at 6 p.m. — Tune in to host Amber Annette and learn ways to strengthen and grow your business with tailored messages from spirit! Call in for an opportunity to receive a channeled message from your personal “spiritual board of directors.” Whether you are a starting a new venture, or have an existing business you are guaranteed to hear exciting new ways to kick start your soul and ignite your business! “Edge Learning Well” with Elise Marquam Jahns Tuesday, June 2 at 6 p.m. — Host Elise Marquam Jahns will have a conversation about getting unstuck with Dr. James S. Gordon, a Harvard educated psychiatrist and a world-renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety and psychological trauma. His most recent book is Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression. This show is sponsored by the Integrative Health Education Center of Normandale Community College. “Edge Inner View” with Cathryn Taylor Wednesday, June 10 at 3 p.m. — Join host Cathryn Taylor as she speaks with a member of the holistic community who offers information and insight that supports body, mind and soul. “Edge Animal Talk” with Mary Stoffel Thursday, June 11 at 6 p.m. — Animal communicator Mary Stoffel gives insights into the relationships that our animals have with us, and with each other. Join her to explore how animals feel, think, work, heal and react as they share our lives. Learn how to help your animals cope with change, illness and trauma. Get practical information dealing with all types of animal-related issues. “On the Edge” with Doug Crandall Sunday, June 14 from 6-8 p.m. — Host Doug Crandall will speak with Beverly Hutchinson McNeff about A Course in Miracles, as well as the A Course in Miracles International Conference coming in August. Beverly is an international lecturer and author on A Course in Miracles. She became a student of the Course in 1977 and, with her brother Richard, founded Miracle Distribution Center in 1978. Its popular publication, The Holy Encounter, of which Beverly is the editor and primary writer, is read by thousands around the world.

“Edge EFT Happy Half Hour” with Cathryn Taylor Monday, June 15 at 5:30 p.m. — Take the edge off your day! Treat yourself to a half hour of relaxation and relief with the new, innovative stress-reducing technique of Energy Tapping. Learn how to use EFT for Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. “Edge Happenings” with Cathy Jacobsen Wednesday, June 17 at 3 p.m. — Live conversations with those who are bringing special events to the community in the next month. Gather more insight into what to expect at these coming events and why they will be meaningful to you in your everyday life. “Beyond the Edge” with Mary Laven Thursday, June 18 at 6 p.m. — We often become bewildered about alternative therapies and concepts and their effectiveness. Mary’s show will assist you in gaining in-sight and a deeper understanding of some exceptional alternative therapies and their practitioners, removing our expectations and grasping better ways toward healing our bodies to become the person we are meant to be and become fully present. “Edge Quantum Leaps for Life” with Anette Rugolo Tuesday, June 23 at 6 p.m. — Annette Rugolo creates pathways for YOUR Quantum Leap. She will share valuable resources that she has applied in her own life to become a transformational teacher, mentor, and Master Dowser with students worldwide. “Edge Insights” with Deborah Lynn11 Thursday, June 25 at 6 p.m. — Twin Cities Psychic Medium and Author Deborah Lynn11 — in her final podcast — helps you discover why and what it is you are working on in your life on Earth. Learn how to manifest your life on Earth as it is in your heaven. And free mini-readings for those who call in. “Edge Strength of Sensitivity” with Kyra Mesich, PsyD Sunday, June 28 at 6 p.m. — How many times have you been told, “You’re too sensitive!” Take a breather for an hour filled with respect for your sensitive nature. Host Dr. Kyra Mesich strives to uplift and empower you with new ideas to overcome the challenges of emotional, physical, chemical & empathic sensitivity in an insensitive world.

a Benefits OF Advertising in The Edge You save money and receive great public exposure in the Twin Cities & Upper Midwest, both in print monthly and online. You multiply your exposure with ad packages in print and online. You can participate in the new Edge Business Network gathering each month to support your business success. You can become host of an online podcast, audio recordings monthly or more frequently, as part of Edge Talk Radio. You get special discount pricing on additional advertising, listings, email blasts and sponsorships with The Edge. You can receive a discounted business guidance or mediumship reading by Amber Annette And more benefits coming in 2015.

Join The Edge Advertise Yo u r G i f t s 763.433.9291 June 2015 the edge  33






EVENT listings

…provide date, title and text. $29: up to 35 words. $45: 36-70 words each month. Listings over 70 words will be edited. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Listings must include specific event dates. Major credit cards accepted. Order online at Call 763.433.9291 or e-mail June 3 – The Edge Business Network: This month —

“Charging what you are worth & Creating Packages of Value for Clients.” All current and potential Edge Advertisers are invited to attend the monthly networking group that will inspire, inform and motivate you to greater success for your business. Hosted by Amber Annette, Your Intuitive CEO, each meeting will focus on helping you discover creative ideas to grow your business. Noon - 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday every month, Living Waters Market & Café, 12201 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN. Info: Cathy at 763.433.9291 or June 6 – “Survival: The Need to Raise the Frequency of our Consciousness Now:” Symposium is part of

the Ancient Mysteries/Ancient Wisdom series sponsored by Minneapolis Theosophical Society. At Spirit United, 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis. Featuring Bishop Bill Torvund of Portland, Ore., and Dr. James Ulness of Fargo. $35 adults, $55 couples of families, $30 students, seniors or T.S. members at the door. Info: 651.235.6645. June 7 – The Mahanta: Guide to the Heavenly Worlds: Join people from all walks of life for the

monthly worship service at the Temple of ECK. Dynamic speakers, original creative arts, and singing HU, a sacred name for God, celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. Sunday, June 7, and every first Sunday of the month, 10 a.m., Temple of ECK/Eckankar, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. 952.380.2200, June 8 – Wild Plant Walk Identification for Food & Medicine: Learn to identify and appreciate basic

edible and medicinal uses of wild plants and shrubs of late spring and early summer. Students will explore plant life in Normandale’s expansive natural setting and learn how to utilize them for food and medicine. 5-7:30 p.m., $49, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343, June 10 – Discover Keys to Secret Worlds: Learn

spiritual exercises to access and explore past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel. Find keys to your inner worlds. Free! Wednesday, June 10, 7-8:30 p.m. Eckankar,, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. www.facebook. com/Eckankar. Pre-register; gift booklet, Eckankar’s


Spiritual Experiences Guidebook. June 11 – Free Health IT Program Information Session: Curious about a career working in Health IT?

Learn about our training to work in electronic health records management, health information exchange and project management. 5-6 p.m., Free, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343, June 12 – Reiki Energy Therapy Level 1: Reiki Energy

Therapy is a simple, natural and safe method of therapy that uses life force energy transmitted through a practitioner’s hands that offers physical pain reduction and profound relaxation. Reiki Energy Therapy sessions are a hands-on, fully clothed touch therapy. These courses are taught using traditional Usui Reiki form. 8 a.m.-4 p.m., $150, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343, classes June 12-13 — Reiki I Class: In Wayzata — Two day

instruction - Healing on Self and Others. Attunements to activate your Reiki channel. Universal Life Force energy balances you on all levels. Class size limited - Register at 651.735.2863 or email rachel.miejan@ and visit June 13 – Holistic Wellness Expo: 20+ vendors offering

their services. Door prizes, Four Free workshops, Products for sale. $5, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, June 13 at Earthway Farm, 15832 County Rd. 7, South Haven, MN. For info: or June 13 – “25 Bullet Points” Workshop: Transmute old

patterns, Elevate your Consciousness, Open to Your Whole Divine Self. Dr. Madonna Kettler (from Silver City, NM) facilitating a first-time event at 2:30-6:30 p.m. Saturday, June 13, Center for Harmonious Living,  12201 Minnetonka Blvd.,  Minnetonka.  $88,  optional dinner and open discussion afterward at Living Waters Café.  Reservations Required. More info:, 612.709.5578. June 17  – What Are Spiritual Dreams? Dreams can

be a report card on our spiritual growth. Learn to understand the sacred messages in your dreams. Free workshop. Wednesday, June 17, 7-8:30 p.m.,




Eckankar., 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register, free booklet! June 17-21 – Spring Forest Qigong Events with Master Chunyi Lin: June 17-18 — Spring Forest

Qigong Level Three, 2-Day Workshop, advanced energy healing training; June 19-20 — The Heart Sutra Explained Live, 2-Day Workshop, Your Path to Infinite Wisdom & Life Purpose; June 21 — Spring Forest Qigong 20th Anniversary Celebration, Celebrating, Experience New Active Qigong Movements, Fun Activities, Connecting with Community. Reserve your ticket online now to get a free bonus webinar: www., or call 952.593.5555. June 18 – EFT — Free 15-minute “Life Breakthrough” chat: Do you feel stuck? Need to get over something

or move forward? Schedule your private 15-minute phone “Life Breakthrough Chat” to see if Kim can help you. Register at Kim Eisen, Experienced & Intuitive Master of EFT “Tapping,” Life Breakthrough Coach and Energy Healer,, 612.802.HEAL (4325). June 18 - July 30 – 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong: This

ancient qigong form has been used for centuries for health maintenance. Qigong loosely translated means “energy practice.” This class with explore qigong’s relationship to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and put the relationship into practice using the 8 Pieces of Brocade, meditation and breathing techniques. 8-9 p.m., $65, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343, June 18 - July 30 – Intro to Yang Style Tai Chi: Yang

family tai chi is the most popular and widely practiced form of tai chi. Learn the history and philosophy, and the fundamental stances and postures of Yang style. 7-8 p.m., $65, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343, June 20 – Frequencies of Brilliance: Free introductory

lecture, guided meditation and demonstration. Join Efrén F. Solanas to explore this potent, transformational healing technique channeled by  founder Christine Day and practiced around the world with profound results. Saturday,  3-6 p.m.  at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. Everyone welcome. Contact Efrén for more information or private sessions at June 20-21 – New Earth Priestess Mystery School:

“Priestess Archetype and Women’s Mysteries” — Introductory weekend of the New Earth Priestess Mystery School begins June 20-21. For women seeking transformation, sisterhood, and connection with deep and ancient mysteries. We meet 10 a.m.-6 p.m. in Golden Valley. Future weekends at New Earth Center in Robbinsdale (

$250. Contact Sarah O’Rourke, 651.398.9056  or Visit for more information. June 21  –  Find Inner Peace — Chant HU! In our

fast-paced world, are you looking to find more inner peace? Experience the divine love and inner peace of chanting HU, a sacred name for God.  All are welcome to this half-hour HU Song at the Temple of ECK.  Free!  Sunday, May 17, 10-10:30 a.m., 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen,, 952.380.2200. June 23 - July 30 – Longevity Qigong: Longevity

Qigong will focus on two different Qigong forms — Symbols of Longevity Qigong and the Crane Frolic. Both forms enhance health, fitness, energy and longevity.7:30-8:30 p.m., $65, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343,

Words of Wisdom by Nadine Penny Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The first wealth is health!” So, invest in yours this summer by stepping away from your desk for a 30-minute sunshine-filled, lunchtime stroll! Why walk? Doctors agree that a brisk half-hour walk, five days a week, is great for the body’s cardiovascular system, helps boost circulation and is good for the bones. And, according to Essex University, a saunter through the trees or down a trail helps bust stress, improves attention and lifts your spirits, too, which means you’ll work smarter on your return! So grab those shoes, call a co-worker and get going, for a lunch-time ramble that’ll have you floating on air! a Nadine Penny attained her M.A. from the University of Denver in Counseling Psychology. Nadine lives in Minnetonka where she works as a medium, life issues reader and Reiki master. Contact her by email at and visit Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

June 23 - July 30 – Radiant Lotus Qigong: This qigong

form is designed for women and addresses menstrual and menopausal symptoms, breast, skin, hair and bone health. 6:30-7:30 p..m., $65, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343, June 24 – Is Heaven Real? What lies beyond the portal

of physical existence? Learn how you can find ways to explore the secret path to heaven here and now. Free! Wednesday, June 24, 7-8:30 p.m. Eckankar,, 952.380.2200, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Pre-register; gift booklet, Spiritual Wisdom on Life after Death. June 26-27 – Healing Touch Level 1 Certificate:

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle, heart-centered touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal. Open to anyone who desires to study energy therapy to help others. Healing complements standard medical care and is safe for all ages. 8 a.m.-5 p.m., $295, Normandale Community College, 952.358.8343,

June 27 – Psychic Gallery Experience! With Alison James, award-winning Psychic Medium and Animal Intuitive. Intuitive forum, 2-way connections with loved ones in the afterlife, including pets. Come with a general question and first name of someone you hope to connect with. 7 p.m., Healing Elements, 2358 Stinson Blvd., Minneapolis. Adults. Small group size. Reservations recommended: $45 advance ticket or $50 cash at the door, no checks. www.alisonjames. us,, 612.424.1411 message returned via text. July 8, 15, 22, 29  – Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing: Come explore divine keys to good health.

Learn how dreams can bring healing, and discover the greatest creative force you can use for healing. Free class! Come any or all Wednesdays: July 8, 15, 22 & 29 from 7-8:30 p.m. at Eckankar, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen,, 952.380.2200, Pre-register; free copy of Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing. July 18 – The Spirit Wellness Center 5th Annual Holistic Fair: Over 25 Psychics, Healers and Vendors

plus free lectures! 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Satuday, July 18,

Dakota Ridge, Best Western Hotel, 3450 Washington Dr., Eagan MN 55122. Admission $5 – additional charges for services varies between $20 and up. Info: call Kellie at 612.804.4463 or email Kellie@ July 25 – 2nd Annual Soul Cleansing Retreat: From

ancient to modern healing modalities in bringing your truth forth and begin living with new eyes. We connect you to love, life and family into your highest good with our 2015 2nd Annual Soul Cleansing Retreat. FaLiThi Healing LLC exists as spiritual rituals and psychic energies to save spirituality with highest integrity. Chee Vue (PaLiChi), FaLiThi Healing LLC, 763.742.8690, August 1-2 – Kryon & Lee Carroll: Interactive

Weekend! Noon-5:30 p.m., doors open at 11 a.m. Saturday: The “Best of Kryon.” Saturday evening: “Lemurian DNA Reawaken Divine Feminine Essence Initiation.” Sunday: “Navigating the New Normal.” Airport Marriott, 2020 E. American Blvd., Bloomington, MN. $99 1-day, $180 both days — Seating is limited! Register: or call 910.352.7495. Questions? Anita at 952.221.6372.

Resources supporting Body, Mind & Soul T H E A R T S ✺ H ea l i n g C e n ters ✺ H ea l i n g P r o d u cts H ea l i n g T herap i es ✺ H o m e , B u s i n ess & E n v i r o n m e n t I n t u i t i v e G u i d a n ce ✺ Me d i tat i o n , R e l a x at i o n & Y o g a R eta i l R es o u rces ✺ S p i r i t u a l G u i d a n ce


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June 2015 the edge  35

The Edge magazine 0615  

The Edge is a monthly magazine on holistic living. It supports an authentic way of life. It features an online digital magazine, as well as...

The Edge magazine 0615  

The Edge is a monthly magazine on holistic living. It supports an authentic way of life. It features an online digital magazine, as well as...