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Original concept by Tony Bird Choreography by Ben Love Original score composed by Debbie Wiseman Watercolour Artwork by: Anna Runefelt




wo charities, The Salmon & Trout Association and Ballet Soul, have combined to form a unique and powerful sponsorship to bring The Mayfly, an original fulllength ballet, to life. The theme of the ballet – how fragile and holistic our environment is, and how its delicate balance can so easily be broken – is one that has never been more important that it is today for the public at large. By using as its subject the lifecycle of the tiny ephemera, the Mayfly, which has only one day to ensure its survival, it graphically and beautifully illustrates, through the medium of dance, how nature’s chain is interwoven. This exciting and original work, conceived by Tony Bird of the Salmon & Trout Association, choreographed by Ben Love of Ballet Soul and with an original score composed by awardwinning composer Debbie Wiseman, will appeal to a wide

and diverse audience, from ballet lovers to nature lovers, from schoolchildren to their grandparents. The sponsors of The Mayfly will, with their support, make this happen! Sponsors’ benefits will be detailed further on, but it is important to emphasise here that, as both the Salmon & Trout Association and Ballet Soul are charities, the sponsorship can be treated as a charitable donation if this is more appropriate for the sponsor(s) concerned. The sponsorship will ensure a week-long run, to include a Gala evening at a central London venue, as well as its ongoing performance which can include several provincial tours, television programmes, overseas performances, inclusion in repertoires etc. Unlike the ephemera it portrays, once it is given its wings, The Mayfly Ballet will fly forever!




his new full-length ballet, the first to be created and performed in the UK for many years, and with an original score, is the story of the Mayfly. Part of the genus ephemera, having lived on the river bed as ugly nymphs for two years, Mayflies in their adult winged form live for only one day, but their existence is a vital link in the life of many streams, lakes and rivers. And what an eventfilled day it is! From the time the Mayflies start hatching in rivers in late spring, they are the target for a host of predators, from trout that gorge themselves as the nymphs rise to the surface, to the birds that feed on the adults flying in the air. For fly fishers, Mayfly time in late spring is the best time of all to catch trout using artificial flies that mimic the movements of the living Mayflies skittering on the water surface.

one eventful day from the time the young Mayflies start emerging from the river. It begins with a young fly fisher attempting to attract a trout with his artificial Mayfly while his girlfriend tries vainly to distract him from his quest, leading on to the river trout as they, in turn, hunt the Mayflies which escape only to be pursued in flight by birds. Not all the Mayflies’ enemies are living entities – among the most dangerous is pollution, from which there is little escape, that can destroy its habitat and by doing so, devastate a vital food source for fish and birds. And, of course, the Mayflies have their own pursuit – to find the mate that will ensure that life goes on after they die. The final resolution of death creating life is as poignant as it is beautiful.

The presentation on 31st October brilliantly encapsulates the story with scenes from the ballet. Debbie Wiseman, the awardAnd, in the meantime, Mayflies winning composer who has are driven by one compelling urge written the original score, – to mate before they die. has also orchestrated the music The Mayfly Ballet depicts all these especially for this presentation to conflicts and interactions through match Ben Love’s choreography.


An Inspired Collaboration



he Salmon & Trout Association was established to promote and protect the freshwater aquatic environment in the UK for all its citizens, and it funds research and education projects towards that end. It is therefore an environmentally based charity, strongly supported by game anglers. The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) is the only organization representing the interests of game anglers and fishery owners at the highest level – within Government departments and agencies. Game angling in the United Kingdom is a hugely diverse sport relying on a wide range of river and still-water habitats, a collective resource which is at the mercy of matters beyond the single angler’s control – excessive water abstraction, land management practices, drainage, diffuse pollution, urban run-off and inadequately treated sewage, together with the inevitable confrontation between different water users on an overcrowded island. It is therefore more important than ever that game anglers have a strong and effective organization representing them when decisions are taken over the management and conservation of our wetlands.


he Ballet Soul Charitable Trust was founded by Benjamin Love in September 2001 with the aim to bring ballet and appreciation of ballet in all its forms to a wider audience particularly those disadvantaged as a result of their financial or cultural situation and background. The Trust aims to assist financially and otherwise provide development opportunities amongst young people to engage in the performance and in the study of ballet in all its forms by the way of workshops, master classes and educational projects. These objectives are reinforced by one of the fundamental aims of the Trust to assist the public at large towards a greater appreciation of ballet in all its modern and contemporary dance forms. Ballet Soul signature choreography employs the discipline and structure of classical ballet fusing contemporary and ethnic dance forms – it is the mixing together of the rhythms and movements found in Africa, Eastern and Western cultures which give Ballet Soul a distinctive position in modern dance. One of the aims of the Trust is to train and support dancers to perform this exciting new form of ballet.


What the Sponsorship Embraces The Mayfly Ballet sponsorship package is multi-dimensional, addressing as it does several important and timely contemporary concerns: Educational: The Children for Arts charity (patron HRH Prince of Wales) is a foundation supporter of the project. Not only will children from the Birmingham Ballet School participate in the actual performances, the sponsorship includes performance stages specifically for school audiences, and includes a specially prepared programme with work sheets and background notes. Environmental: The Riverfly Project, a major initiative to monitor riverfly life in England and Wales jointly undertaken by the Salmon & Trout Association, Buglife, the Environment Agency, and headed by The Natural History Museum, is a Foundation supporter of the project. Support for the arts: This is a brand new ballet, with choreography created, and original music composed, for it. It involves many disciplines, from dance to art and design and, by entering the international ballet repertoire, will materially help enhance and promote Britain’s leading role in the world of international dance.


What the Sponsorship offers Sponsors The package below outlines suggested levels of support, whether you choose to give as a charitable donation, and benefit from Gift Aid, or become a sponsor – which may be more advantageous for business tax purposes. These packages are flexible and are guidelines for the incremental benefits you, as a financial supporter of The Mayfly Ballet, can expect to receive.

Guideline sponsorship package

(Elements to be tailor-made to sponsors’/donors’ requirements) • Branding, logo and credit on all publicity material including programme, souvenir brochure, posters, press releases etc. • Listed as patron in appropriate publication(s) e.g. souvenir brochure. • Seats at the Gala Performance. Additional seats at subsequent performances to be made available. • Invitation to private reception to meet artists. • Invitation to attend dress rehearsal. • Profits from the performances and subsequent royalties to be invested in the BalletSoul and Salmon & Trout Association charities promoting education in dance and the environment. In addition, the following could be included in the sponsorship package by negotiation: • Seat on the board of Ballet Soul trustees. • Opportunity to be presented to royal patron, depending on patron’s attendance at the Gala / private reception. • Artists will wear merchandise with sponsorship logo.


Debbie Wiseman


ebbie Wiseman MBE is one of the UK’s most talented and prolific young composers; to date she has has composed over 100 scores for film and television productions – including, most recently, the themes for “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” and “Judge John Deed” and has won and been nominated for numerous awards. Two forthcoming film releases are “Arsène Lupin” and “The Truth about Love.” She has won critical acclaim for her classically-centred and often very moving score to “Wilde” starring Vanessa Redgrave and with Stephen Fry playing the title role. The association has been retained through her music for an audio book of “Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales” narrated by Vanessa Redgrave and Stephen Fry. In terms of style, Wiseman is prepared to experiment with modern rhythm tracks and electronics but seems most at home with classical orchestral forces. She was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Honours List in 2004.


Tony Bird


ony Bird is a retired career banker and a passionate flyfisher, with a lifetime’s love of water and the countryside. As past Chairman and currently an Executive Vice President of the Salmon & Trout Association, he keeps a keen eye on the health of our lakes, rivers and streams and their surroundings. Environmental concerns over the future of aquatic flylife, coupled with previous connections with the City of London Ballet companies, have inspired him to write the story of the Mayfly as a new work for people of all ages.

Ben Love


dancer and choreographer with a record of success in the performance arts and with extensive international experience as a principal and soloist dancer, Ben started dancing at the age of 16 after watching a performance by the Dance Theatre of Harlem. He trained at the Arts Educational School for four years where he won the Markova Cup for Boys in 1984. Thereafter he has danced with London City Ballet, Northern Ballet, Norwegian Opera Ballet and has worked with the Nordic Dance Theatre. His distinctive contemporary style is strongly rooted in his classical training.

Get In Touch Debbie Creasy, Salmon & Trout Association Trust, Fishmongers Hall, London Bridge, London, EC4 9EL T: 0207 283 5838 E:

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