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VOL. 4 NO. 30

september 26 - october 2, 2011

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Samal, Davao cautioned vs tourism pitfalls


VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011

On the cover

Samal, Davao cautioned vs tourism pitfalls n Leaders, planners told to learn les-

sons from other tourism spots


WO of the country’s top environmentalists and climate change experts reminded local town/city mayors on the downside of tourism and other development pursuits. Jose Maria Lorenzo Tan, chief executive officer of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-Philippines, cited the experience of the tourism industry in Baguio City which may happen in the Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS) and Davao City Tan said tourism was the anchor of Baguio’s development for 50 years. However, recent economic data show that tourism in the summer capital is on the decline. Baguio kept building hotels like the cities of Cebu and Iloilo. However, while occupancy rate in Cebu and Iloilo increased from 60 to 70 percent, the one in Baguio dropped from 40 to 35 and then 30 percent, he said. “What is growing in Baguio is educational enrolment. It’s becoming a talent center. So all these hotels designed for tourists are actually more than half empty now,”Tan told the mayors

and local government development planners attending the conference at Grand Menseng Hotel Friday as a culminating activity of the Davao Gulf Week. “There is a proliferation of unregistered home stays in Baguio. People build houses for rent, they don’t pay taxes, they don’t issue receipts, so the city government does not get anything from the industry,” he said. “We’re telling you this, so that you’ll know that since this is already happening in other places; it may happen in IGaCoS and Davao City,” Tan added. The conference was attended by mayors from six cities and 18 towns of four provinces that ring the Davao Gulf. Tan said tourism maybe good for now. “But when we start the tourism program, we should always think about what will happen later because everything ends. You start and you end.” Impact In planning tourism and other development thrusts, Presidential assistant on climate change Elisea “Bebet” Gozun also cautioned the mayors to

ICE GIANTS. Couples Joseph and Rachelle Villaceran and Jackson and May Lee, business partners, pose with friends and family members during the opening last September 19 of the third branch of Ice Giants, a

brace against the impact of climate change, including excessive rainfall, flooding, and extreme temperatures. Based on the patterns of temperature, she said Northeastern Mindanao is getting hotter now and by 2025, “it will be the entire Mindanao.” “The hottest part in terms of temperature in the country is Mindanao,”according to Gozun who served as secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources during the Joseph Estrada presidency. The country being an archipelago, she warned local governments, particularly in the coastal areas, against the implications of the gradual rise of seawater levels that “will eventually reduce the area of our wetlands and other low-lying areas.” “Kaunon sa dagat ang atong yuta. It will erode the beaches. Ma-cover sa dagat ang atong beaches. Sa tourism dako ni ug impact kay angbulk sa atong tourism attraction is really coastal. Coastal tourism ning atoa tungod sa atong mga beaches,” she said. Mining and migration In the case of mining, Tan said the mining companies must take into account

the impact of their operations on the communities. “I told the chamber of mines that from day one, from the day you start, you should begin talking with the communities and identify what will be the sources of their livelihood 20 years, 30 years down the line.” Tan said that farm areas and water sources must be spared from mining and other related forms of development. “If the soil is damaged, the famers can no longer plant after (the mining companies) leave. “I told the chamber that you must not touch water areas. It’s not enough to plant trees so that you can recharge your aquifer. You must make sure that the water, the recharge is actually delivered to the communities who need it and the oversupply of water that causes floods and death is managed so that communities are not marginalized and driven out of their homes,” he added. Tan cautioned the mayors against the impact of migration. “One of the greatest threats that we have seen here in Davao is your having no typhoons,” he said. It is because it will attract inmigration. People will move here,” he said, adding

homegrown business establishment offering ice-based deserts and snacks located at Quimpo Boulevard. The other branches are located at Damosa, Lanang and Sta. Avenue, Davao City. [tomas avanceña]


It figures 6.3 percent

INCREASE in remittances sent home by overseas Filipino workers from January to July, this year compared to the same period the year before. The funds remitted during the period reached $11.4 billion, according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.


1 in 6

THE Census Bureau reported last week that almost one in six Americans was living below the federal poverty line in 2010, the highest percentage since 1993 and the most in at least five decades.



that in the cities of Cebu, Iloilo and Baguio, the local governments are complaining about the difficulty of managing migration. “These are things that local governments have to think about. That’s something which will happen. We are seeing it already. It all started here in Davao,” he said. Climate change Tan said there is a need for local governments to look into the “hazards that will result from climate change. “We must look at the probability that the city or municipality will face those hazards. When we realize that, we must look at the adaptive capability of the city or municipality-your labor force, educational level, savings and economic factors that will help you decide what is the rating of the city in terms of its capacity to adapt economically, to climate change,” he said. Tan added that it would be to the advantage of each LGU to assess its own capability and compare with other counterparts. “So you’re not only looking at yourself. You will discover what the other cities are doing, what other towns are doing and learn from that,” he said. Gozun said that one worrisome fact about Davao City is rise of seawater level which will further push the freshwater level upwards. The former cabinet official said that during the time she was residing in Davao City, Toril was famous for free-flowing drinking water from the aquifer. “This is no longer the case today, when people are extracting more water than what nature can recharge or replace,” Gozun, who is a relative of the Almendrases, warned. She also advised local planners to look into the growing problem of urban sprawl due to the fast expansion of areas being converted into housing subdivisions. She said urban sprawl causes increased motorization, air pollution, diseases and other problems. [GREG DELIGERO]

NUMBER of areas, where Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. and Globe Telecom Inc. have agreed to interconnect their fixed – line networks, among the 30 locations cited by Globe that await full interconnection with PLDT. With the interconnection, residents subscribed to different operators can call each other without having to pay long distance charges.

P1 billion

INCREASE in the budget for agricultural research and development next year, from P600 million allotted for agricultural R&D this year. The budget for next year includes grants from the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act allocations for R&D-related programs of the Department of Agriculture including corn, high value crops and organic agriculture.

$20 million

AMOUNT a subsidiary of German software company SAP was ordered to pay after pleading guilty Wednesday to criminal copyright infringement against rival Oracle, which is still seeking more than $1 billion in a related case.

366 million

NUMBER of people afflicted with diabetes worldwide, says the International Diabetes Federation. In addition, 4.6 million deaths are attributed to diabetes, and healthcare spending has grown to a staggering $465 billion.

P10 billion

FUND meant to help small farmers, fisherfolk and agriculture entrepreneurs raise their skills and production which went to corrupt agriculture officials, politicians and businessmen favored by the Arroyo administration for almost 10 years.

645; P645 million

A total of 645 towns and cities in the country do not have fire stations, while 666 others which have fire stations make do with old and dilapidated fire trucks. Due to lack of fire-fighting capability total damage due fire incidents during the first quarter of 2011 alone reached P645 million, according to the Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo. (Figures in this section have been culled from past issues of Edge Davao and other local and national publications. -The Editors)


property forum September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30


Camella redefines subdivision living C

amella’s newest project in Tagum is breaking way for Tagumenos and those from neighboring cities and municipalities to enjoy fine subdivision living with its residential development, Camella Tagum. “Our mission is to provide quality homes in a master planned community for all Tagumenos and others from nearby towns to live the good life,” said Marlon Escalicas, Camella Davao GM. Camella Tagum raises the bar of subdivision living in Davao del Norte. It is a complete departure from the usual subdivisions that have houses built with identical looks and in cramped, tiny lots spaced so close together, with meager or no amenities at all. With the increasing vibrancy of Tagum, its people are looking to enjoy the spoils of their hard work by looking for homes that will match their developing lifestyles.  Camella Tagum gives them the best home choice with its stylish and functional houses

and deluxe facilities and amenities. Camella Tagum is an Italian-Mediterranean themed subdivision sprawled over 14 hectares of prime land at the Visayan Village along the National Highway in Tagum.  Its elegant and affordable homes will be set against a backdrop of manicured lawns and landscape with lush vegetation. Homeowners of Camella Tagum will get to enjoy complete amenities including a clubhouse, swimming pool, park, garden, playground, grand entry gate, tree-line avenues, secure perimeter fence, multicourt activity area, entrance plaza, underground storm drainage and water system, complete electrical facilities, 24/7 security, and a professional property management team Making living in Camella Cerritos even more comfortable and convenient is a shuttle service that will ferry homeowners around the subdivision and in Tagum’s downtown area. To top it all, a quaint com-

mercial development will also be built at the front of the subdivision, making it easier for homeowners to get their daily essentials a short walk away. With so much to offer, Camella Tagum will surprise even the most average homebuyers when they find its exquisite homes are well within their reach.  Camella offers very affordable packages that start as low as P655,000 to those looking for affordably priced homes.  With this low package, monthly amortization can come as low as P6,682 or P223 per day, quite within the means of new families, young professionals, and even single individuals who desire a house of their own for an independent lifestyle. Those who want a grander house can avail of the larger homes offered up to P5.2 million, a wise choice for bigger families, OFWs or their loved ones, and start-up families who plan to expand in the future. Whatever type of homebuyer will find Ca-

Camella Tagum will raise the bar for subdivision living with its deluxe facilities and amenities.

mella Cerritos an attractive place to live as it is within one- to three-kilometer radius to schools and university, churches, hospitals, malls, and supermarkets, and approximately six kilometers to Tagum Overland Terminal, the city’s transportation hub.

As a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, the largest homebuilder in the country that has built over 250,000 homes all over the nation in 35 years, Camella undoubtedly builds architecturally beautiful houses that stand out, making Camella Tagum the com-

munity where one can find the best homes in Davao del Norte. Inquiries on Camella Tagum are welcome at the 2/F Delgar Building, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City, or at 222-0963 and 0917-5639617, or email


The economy


VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011

as of august 2010

Cebu Pacific Daily 5J961 / 5J962 Zest Air Daily Z2390 / Z2390 Cebu Pacific Daily 5J593 / 5J348 Philippine Airlines Daily PR809 / PR810 Philippine Airlines Daily PR819 / PR820 Cebu Pacific Daily 5J394 / 5J393 Cebu Pacific Daily 5J599 / 5J594 Cebu Pacific Daily 5J347 / 5J596 Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun 5J963 / 5J964 Philippine Airlines Daily PR811 / PR812 Cebu Pacific Daily 5J595 / 5J966 Silk Air Mon/Wed/Sat MI588 / MI588 Cebu Pacific Thu 5J965 / 5J968 Cebu Pacific Tue/Wed//Sat 5J965 / 5J968



1. GNP Growth Rate (At Constant 1985 Prices)

1.9 % 2nd Qtr 2011

2. GDP Growth Rate (At Constant 1985 Prices)

3.4 % 2nd Qtr 2011

3. Exports 1/

USD 4,128 million Jun 2011

4. Imports 1/

USD 4,503 million Jun 2011

5. Trade Balance

USD -376 million Jun 2011

6. Balance of Payments 2/

USD 222 million Jun 2011

7. Broad Money Liabilities

P4,423,849 million Jun 2011

8. Interest Rate 4/

4.48% Apr 2011

9. National Government Revenues

P100,139 million Jun 2011

10. National government outstanding debt

P 4,777 billion May 2010

11. Peso per US $ 5/ 12. Stocks Composite Index 6/ 13. Consumer Price Index 2006=100

5:45 Manila-Davao-Manila 5:45 Manila-Davao-Manila 6:00 Cebu-Davao-Iloilo 6:10 Manila-Davao-Manila 7:50 Manila-Davao-Manila 7:50 Zamboanga-Davao-Zamboanga 8:00 Cebu-Davao-Cebu 9:10 Iloilo-Davao-Cebu 9:40 Manila-Davao-Manila 11:30 Manila-Davao-Manila 12:00 Cebu-Davao-Manila 18:55 Davao-Cebu-Singapore 12:55 Manila-Davao-Manila 13:35 Manila-Davao-Manila


he Department of Agriculture (DA) has constituted a team to push the country’s agenda in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), which banned purse seine fishing in pockets of the Pacific Ocean that weighed on the local tuna industry here. Asis Perez, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) director, said the permanent Philippine team consists of representatives from the departments of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, and Trade and Industry, the Mindanao Development Authority and other fishing industry leaders. The team will attend the 8th WCPFC regular session on December 5-9, 2011, at Ngarachamayong Cultural Centre, Madalii in Koror, Palau. Among the agenda items for discussion is the stock status of key tuna species and evaluation of the WCPFC Conservation and Manage-

4,503.6 Jul 2011 126.4 Jul 2011 4.6 Jul 2011

15. Core Inflation Rate 2000=100

3.7 Jul 2011

16. Visitor Arrivals

317,443 Apr 2011

17. Underemployment Rate /7

19.4% Apr 2011

18. Unemployment Rate /7

7.2 % Apr 2011

MONTHLY AVERAGE EXCHANGE RATE (January 2009 - January 2011)

Month Average December November October September August July June May April March


43.37 43.13 43.24 43.52

2010 45.11 43.95 43.49 43.44 44.31 45.18 46.32 46.30 45.60 44.63 45.74







2009 47.637 46.421

47.032 46.851 48.139

48.161 48.146 47.905 47.524 48.217

48.458 47.585 47.207

Silk Air Thu/Sun MI566 / MI566 18:55 Davao-Singapore Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 5J507 / 5J598 15:00 Cebu-Davao-Cebu Philippine Airlines August 15:55 Mani2Mani 16:50 Zest Air Daily Z2524 / Z2525 16:05 Cebu-Davao-Cebu Cebu Pacific Daily 5J967 / 5J600 16:35 Manila-Davao-Cebu Philippines Airlines Daily PR813 / PR814 16:55 Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat 5J215 / 5J216 18:00 Cagayan de Oro-Davao-Cagayan de Oro Cebu Pacific Daily 5971 / 5J970 18:40 Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu Pacific Tue/Sat/Sun 5J973 / 5J974 20:00 Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu Pacific Daily 5J969 / 5J972 20:30 Manila-Davao-Manila Airphil Express Daily 2P987 / 2P988 20:30 Manila-Davao-Manila Philippine Airlines Daily except Sunday PR821 / PR822 21:20 Manila-Davao-Manila Philippine Airlines Sunday PR821 / PR822 22:20 Manila-Davao-Manila

15:20 15:30 16:45 17:05 17:45 18:20 19:10 20:30 21:00 21:00 21:50 22:50

PHP pushes own tuna agenda in international fishing body

P 42.81 Jul 2011

14. Headline Inflation Rate 2000=100

6:15 6:25 6:30 7:00 8:50 8:10 8:30 9:40 10:10 12:20 12:30 13:35 13:25 14:05

ment Measure (CMM) 2008-01. CMM 2008-01 was implemented on January 1, 2010 until December 31 this year, which closed pockets of the Pacific Ocean to purse seine fishing to allow tuna stocks to replenish. Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala has approved the creation of the Philippine team that will be responsible for the country’s strategic positioning, bargaining, and negotiations with the WCPFC. The Socsksargen Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries, Inc. has submitted a position to the WCPFC meeting in Hawaii last year calling for the establishment of a Special Management Area in High Seas Pocket 1, where Filipino purse seine fishers may be allowed. The federation also noted that closure of portions of the high seas may be extended beyond 2011, and skipjack tuna may be among the species to be managed by the commission, warranting the organization of a Philippine team

ECONOMIX Coco industry PRESIDENT Benigno S. Aquino has expressed excitement over renewed interest by potential investors in the Philippine coconut. Presidential Communications and Strategic Planning Office Secretary Ramon Carandang said the President was in good spirits after a soft drink manufacturer as well as a Filipino and American company expressed their intent to invest in harvesting the natural and medicinal properties of coconut water and selling it around the world.

Mariculture parks

The recent partnership of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and the Land Bank of the Philippines is gearing towards optimizing utilization of mariculture parks and promoting them as alternative livelihood for the fisherfolks in the countryside.   BFAR and LBP have just conducted orientation on this joint venture for stakeholders, including target beneficiaries in the region, such as cooperatives, fisherfolk associations and small and medium enterprises, all engaged in the fishing and mariculture industry.


“that will draw strong and strategic positioning and negotiating tools on WCPFC matters.” Based on the report of two BFAR scientists who attended the 7th Regular Session of the WCPFC Scientific Committee (SC) last month in the Federated States of Micronesia, Perez said the body concluded that tuna, specifically the yellow fin species, “is not experiencing overfishing.” “However, the scientific committee recommended that there should be no increase in fishing efforts in the western equatorial region,” he said. During the same conference, experts noted that bigeye tuna was nearing the overfishing level, prompting the WCPFC SC to recommend a 32 percent reduction in fishing effort to address the diminishing stock, Perez said. He added that it was “still early to determine the effects of the high seas closure in terms of other tuna varieties.” [PNA]

Energy top priority of business sector E

PRESIDENT Benigno S. Aquino III welcomed a top US business process nsuring dependable power generation capacity has emerged as outsourcing company’s decision to among the top priorities the Mindanao business community want renew its pledge to partner with govaddressed in the coming years to keep up with the surging demand ernment in its advocacy to alleviate and prevent supply shortfall. poverty, provide more jobs and spur The consensus was contained in the policy agenda that came up as economic growth through its comthe Mindanao business sector’s policy recommendations at the recently mitment to invest in the Philippines.                                            Convergys Corporation claimed concluded 20thMindanao Business Conference in Pagadian City.  The policy agenda was presented to Mindanao Development Auit is cognizant of the opportunity for growth any one would have when thority (MinDA) chair Luwalhati Antonino, who represented President investing in the Philippines and that Aquino at the largest annual gathering of business and industry leaders the company was taking definite in Mindanao. The business sector has strongly pointed out the need for a concrete steps to ensure that the partnership between the two remains strong. energy plan for Mindanao, in light of the increasing demand and the projected energy supply shortfall if power generation capacities are not sufficiently readied. In its earlier economic report, MinDA has noted that power gen  The local government of New Bataan in Compostela Valley province eration was among the top investments in Mindanao last year, but the has taken the lead in promoting the expected power generation capacities need to be scaled up to keep pace municipality for local and foreign in- with the island’s required capacity. Mindanao’s power generation has been steadily increasing at an vestments. The conduct of its first-ever Investors’ Forum last month, as part of average annual growth rate of 4.7% from 2002-2009. But in the seccelebrating the town’s 6th Sal’upongan ond quarter of 2010, the average and peaking capabilities of Mindanao’s Festival, signified the commitment of lo- main source, hydropower plants, dropped to 771 MW and 860 MW, cal leaders in positioning New Bataan as respectively, resulting to 4-6 hours daily brownouts in certain areas. The average capability was at its lowest during the height of suman investment destination.  The Local Government Unit (LGU) mer months last year when it dropped by about 90%. The huge depenof New Bataan took the initiative of dence of Mindanao to its hydropower sources has rendered it vulnerable institutionalizing investment promo- to power shortages during dry seasons. The Department of Energy projected that demand would increase tion activities by designating an Investment Promotion Officer as well as by an average of 4.6% annually, topping 2.2 GWH in 2020 and 3.5 reviewing and amending their Local GWH in 2030. To meet and sustain this demand, at least 1,000MW Investment Incentives Ordinance. new capacities must be installed in the next 10 years and still another 1,500MW from 2021-2030.

Investment promo

the economy


September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30


Grand project. General Santos City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio is all ears to what SM Prime Holdings Inc. president and director Hans T. Sy is saying during the ceremonial opening in San Miguel Street, General Santos City. The expansion of the 200-meter street is both beneficial to SM and the city government since the public enjoys easy access in crossing from Santiago Blvd. to J. Catolico Avenue and vice versa, while it also gives customers of SM direct access to the mall. [C. SULIT/CPIO]

Remittances of Filipino sailors seen to surpass US$ 4-B goal


ash remittances from Filipino sailors on foreign ocean-going vessels may surpass the US$ 4-billion goal this year amid resilient global demand for their services. Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) Secretary-General and former Senator Ernesto Herrera said that remittances of Filipino sailors already hit US$ 2.433 billion in the first seven months of this year, up 14.13 percent, or US$ 301 million, from the US$ 2.132 billion during the same period in 2010. Herrera said the cash wired home by sailors had been growing three times

faster than remittances from land-based migrant Filipino workers. “The Philippines has secured its position as the world’s preferred supplier of able ship staff,” he said. “The number of Filipino sailors registering for the first time with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has been increasing by around 3,500 every month,” he said. The POEA processed for deployment a total of 280,348 sea-based workers in the first seven months of this year, up 5.5 percent from 265,656 over the same period in 2010.

Sailors accounted for nearly one-fourth of the 1,470,826 workers the Philippines deployed abroad last year. Last year, a total of 347,150 Filipino sailors were deployed to 2,496 foreign ships. This was 16,726, or five percent, more than the 330,424 sailors set out to 2,340 boats in 2009. Filipino sailors mostly serve as licensed senior members of the deck department of merchant as well as passenger ships. Others serve as rated technicians in the engine department, bosuns and messmen.



Agritrends VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011

BFAR awaits experts’ word on closed Mindanao fruit season harvest of Mindanao sardines board to host

DATE 2011


he Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) will await next month’s peer review of scientific papers on sardines before declaring the season for banning in Mindanao harvest of this small pelagic fish, one of the country’s most commercially important marine species. “We want to have scientific basis for our action,” said BFAR Assistant Director for Technical Services Gil Adora. He noted the peer review from October 4 to 7 in Zamboanga will show if the season for banning sardine harvest must commence in November as BFAR targeted. Adora said stakeholders concerned and BFAR recognize need for declaring such closed season to help prevent further depletion of the country’s sardine stocks. Several experts earlier reported some Philippine fishing grounds already started showing signs of such depletion from overfishing. BFAR is eyeing a November-February closed season particularly in Zamboanga waters which the agency identified as being among the country’s richest sardine fishing grounds. “Both local government


and sardine stakeholders there are recommending December as start of the closed season, however,” Adora said. He said such clamor arose as the stakeholders reported preparing for respective workers financial packages covering the December-February period. Such packages aim to help tide over the workers while awaiting their next sardine harvest activity, he noted. The stakeholders are concerned advancing the closed season by a month will create a gap in such assistance to the workers and affect the local sardine

industry as well, he continued. Adora said BFAR is open to negotiating with the stakeholders a schedule for the 2011 close season, even if the peer review shows this period must commence in November, to avoid such problems. “There could be a transition period for this year,” he said. He expects such period to give stakeholders concerned time to adjust respective financial plans and packages of assistance for succeeding years. A closed season for sardines is already observed in the Visayas from November

soil can be eliminated. PBGEA scientists said the fungus that affects cavendish, lakatan and other varieties commonly grown in tropical countries was categorized as Race 4, the strain that has no concrete cure up to this time and can wipe out entire plantations and neighboring areas if control and containment is not properly managed. The disease is spread by infected planting materials and soil and can move in water flowing over infected areas. Hence, the need for quarantine and farm equipment hygiene is important. Dr. Emily Fabregar, chairperson of PBGEA’s technical committee, said that “at present, there are no hard and fast rules on how to manage FW. Although PBGEA is now undertaking an experimentation project called Fusarium Wilt Focus Group (FWFG) that hopes to develop an integrated disease management program for FW of cavendish banana, it would take some time yet until the study could yield conclusive results.” Fabregar strongly recommends that “after detection, exclusion and containment must be the first line of defense. Quarantine procedures must always be in place and should be reviewed regularly”. “All banana growers, whether with or without contracts with big companies and cooperatives, must be educated about Panama

Disease starting from identification, isolation, quarantine methods and procedures and proper eradication”, Fabregar added. Meanwhile, Dr. Gina Escuadra of Dole-Stanfilco suggested to government agriculturists to strictly apply rice hull burning method in eradicating the fungi. Burning should be done continuously to maintain the application of heat until it can hit the spores. Escuadra also warned growers against the use of chemicals as this could aggravate the infection. She reported to the council her observations during her ocular inspection in the areas affected that some growers inject glyphosate plus chlorine solution that is not recommended as an eradication method. She also noticed abandoned farms putting at high risk the spread of the disease to adjacent plantations. Tadeco’s Dr. Benny Corcolon suggested to government to determine the incidence level or the status of the affectation of growers without tie-up so that appropriate and costeffective interventions can be applied. Corcolon said burning is still the best method to be used and that the use of glyphosate would hasten rotting and subsequently the production of spores. Unprescribed use of chemicals may also cause the development of a more resistant strain of the fungus.

to March, Adora said. If BFAR declares a closed season for sardines in Mindanao, he said this will be the first of such fisheries management strategy for that area. Among people BFAR earlier invited to review the scientific papers on sardines are experts from University of the Philippines-Visayas, Marine Science Institute and Zamboanga State University, Adora said. He noted experts from such institutions, BFAR and National Fisheries Research and Development Institute produced the scientific papers that are due for review. [PNA]

ays to boost productivity and income will highlight the Mindanao Fruit and Vegetable Summit next month that will highlight the 13th Davao Trade Expo (DATE) here slated on October 20-22. Mindanao Fruit Council president Atty. Antonio Partoza said the summit will feature a face-to-face encounter between buyers and growers to boost marketing and get rid of the perennial problem of middlemen who take a big bite off the meager income of farmers. “In the past four or five years, we have been inviting processors, buyers, and farmers to major events basically for them to meet and negotiate/ discuss among themselves prices to avoid the entry of middlemen,” Partoza said. Larry Miculob, of the council’s board of trustees, cited the serious problem of roductivity in the fruit industry of the country triggered by such factors as high cost of inputs, land reform, inadequate support to boost production and lack of technology. He said Thailand is

producing 10 tons of durian per hectare, while the Philippines produces less than two tons per hectare. He said farmers raising other fruits/crops need more support from government such as the bigger budgetary support provided to the banana and pineapple growers by the Department of Agriculture (DA). He said farmers need important data on weather, effects of climate change, the total number of hectares planted to fruits, potential areas for fruit farming, and the best fruits for irrigable lands in Mindanao, adding that small fruit growers need more support from government given the high cost of inputs. Bulk of the fruit growers in Mindanao comprise 80 percent (small scale sector). To improve productivity, Miculob said the council has been advising fruit growers to focus on one crop insread of multiple crop/fruit planting. “It they think durian is viable, then they should focus on the production of durian and not engage in planting other kinds of fruits,” he said. [PNA]

Banana disease infects farms City to focus on agro-forestry


overnment agriculture officials confirm the infestation of fusarium wilt fungi in the soil of banana plantations in Davao del Norte that kills banana plants. Fusarium wilt (FW), caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Cubense, is reportedly the most notorious of all plant diseases affecting banana. The soil-borne fungus attacks roots and cannot be controlled by fungicides. Afeaid the disease could adversely affect its local economy, , Sto. Tomas local officials brought to the attention of the provincial agriculturist’s office the report of small banana growers of the rapid wilting of banana plants since June this year. The assistance of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association, Inc. (PBGEA) was sought as government agriculturists admitted they have inadequate knowledge about the disease, including strategies for its exclusion and containment to prevent its spread. In a series of hearings conducted by the Sto. Tomas Sangguniang Bayan committee on agriculture, it was learned that FW, popularly known as Panama Disease (PD) in other bananaproducing countries, can render the plantation or farm area unfit for banana cultivation even up to 20 years unless the spores of the fungi that cling to the


ome 105,000 hectares of non-tillage lands in Davao City are being eyed as agroforestry areas after Mayor Sara Duterte stressed in her recent state-of-the-city address the importance of agro-forestry in the rehabilitation of the city’s the upland agricultural areas. City agriculturist Leo Avila said the City has allocated P8-million as initial funding for agro-forestry program this year. for

seedlings and trainings for farmers. “Agro-forestry addresses poverty in the uplands, increases the productivity of small farmers and protects our watershed,” Avila said during his guesting at Marco Polo’s Club 888 media forum. He said that out of the 163,000 hectares classified as agricultural lands in the city, the city has identified 105,000 hectares based on terrain analysis as suitable

areas for agro-forestry. Among the preferred trees and crops for the city’s agro-forestry program are cacao, coffee, coconut, abaca and rubber. The city has developed a five-hectare central nursery in Malagos district and eight satellite nurseries spread out in the barangays within the five watershed areas of the Davao river, Lasang, Talomo, Lipadas. [R, Alama/PIA]

Mine tailings’ impact on fisheries subject for study next year, say


he Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) hopes to start next year a two-year assessment of the impact of mine tailings on fisheries, one of the country’s economic drivers. BFAR assistant director for technical services Gil Adora said the agency will seek from the Norwegian government - its partner in previous fisheries projects - funding for the undertaking. Mine tailings are large piles of crushed rock that are left over after the metals of interest like lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold and others, have been extracted from mineral rocks that they were a part of originally. “There must be a thorough hydro-biological

study on the matter to protect Philippine fisheries,” he said. He noted the project’s preliminary design involves sampling at least one site each in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. Agriculture chief Proceso Alcala has already approved the project, he said. Adora said BFAR came up with the research plan as mining-related habitat destruction and heavy

metal contamination also affect fisheries. A previous hydro-biological study in Mindanao showed a “very high” level of mercury contamination in seaweeds and demersal fishes there, he saidm adding that BFAR earlier informed the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) about the project so both agencies could jointly undertake it.


‘AS they say, I look soft, but make no mistake about it, I am a firm decision-maker. Looking like a nice guy is just my front.’

--Newly-appointed Customs Commissioner Rozzano Ruffino Biazon


governance September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30


Davao’s new tag line: ‘Davao. Life is Here.’ “Davao. Life is here.” his is the new tagline launched earlier by the city government of Davao led by Mayor Sara Duterte with guests from the tourism and business sectors as well as media. It is part of the new brand divulged to the public as the city government tries to boost its tourism sector aiming to attract more tourists and investors in the coming months. Brand expert Rey “Bai” Manginsay packaged the entire branding about life in Davao, the things non-Dabawenyos long for which most Dabawenyos take for granted. From the adventure hike to Mt. Apo, to the heavenly taste of the Durian fruit, to the juicy bite of Davao Pomelo, all these are but some of the reasons why many tourists want to visit the city. “We see these things everyday and sometimes take them for granted, but for our market, for those who do not live here, these are the reasons they come


to Davao,” Duterte said. The mayor describes the entire branding as something that each Dabawenyo will take part in, something they own. Brand maker “Bai” bared how it took him ten years to understand Davao life and appreciate it. He chose the Philippine monkey-eating eagle as the brand identifier. “The eagle is a very strong image because it is unique and we own it. Its kingdom is in Mt. Apo, another tourist destination of the city. It symbolizes power and unity,” he said. Mayor Duterte appreciated the use of the eagle as the defining image of the city since the Philippine eagle is uniquely Davao and the national bird. The image shown in promotional materials is an eagle wearing tribal accessories which depict the multi-cultural set-up in the city. The city government is yet to release other promotional materials in the coming months. However, ready for publication and for airing are the television

NEW BRANDING. Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio (center) unveils the city’s new tag line with Tourism regional director Art Boncato and City tourism and investment chief Jason

Magnaye along with private sector tourism leader Ann Montemayor. Also in photo is Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre (second from left) [TOMAS AVAÑCEÑA]

commercials, the materials for print ads, the new brochure, and the website. Duterte and her team

other avenues where this may come to be known and exposed to the public. “With this strategy, we

urge Dabawenyos to embrace this new branding by using the logo in their letterheads, buses, and all

also expect more tourists and investors to come visit our city,” she said. [PIA 11/ Mai Gevera-Macapagat]

Audit commission asked to look SK holds livelihood training into school building program W


enator Franklin Drilon on Monday called on the Commission on Audit (CoA) to look into what appears to be a huge disparity between the cost-effective school building program initiated by the lawmaker in partnership with the private sector and that of the Department of Education (DepEd). “The CoA should look into it... That’s a proper area for a CoA inquiry,” said Drilon, chairman of the Senate finance committee, in an interview with reporters. Drilon said there is basis for the state audit agency to scrutinize the costing of the DepEd’s school building program, adding that the construction of each classroom through the Drilon- Federation of

Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc. (FFCCCII) program is cheaper by half compared to the cost of classrooms built by the government. Drilon said through his partnership with the private sector, cost effective school buildings would only cost P650,000 per building with two classrooms, while that amount would only build one classroom under the DepEd. As such, Drilon asked the DepEd to study how to lower the outlay for the government’s school building program, using the Drilon-FFCCCII program as a blueprint. DepEd officials led by Secretary Armin Luistro said the government’s cost of building classrooms is relatively high, citing contractor’s tax and contrac-

tor’s profit, among others. “This may be correct but this does not account for the double the amount,” Drilon stated. “I’m not saying that they reduce their cost by half but make it a reasonable item.” To date, the program has built about 1,400 classrooms all over the country since the Drilon-FFCCCII school-building program started in 2002. The fund comes from Drilon’s Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel. A total of P18.2 billion is allocated for the DepEd under the proposed P1.816 trillion national budget for 2012 for the construction and refurbishment of 15,000 classrooms, provision of 2.5 million seats and 25,000 sanitation facilities.

munity,” Lacierda said amid concerns that the ‘low’ trust for mining companies might deter foreign firms from investing more in the country. Of the 500 people surveyed by PR firm EON Inc. for its first Philippine Trust Index, only 22 percent from the national capital region (NCR) and the cities of Cebu and Davao reportedly said they trust mining from among 19 different sectors.  Lacierda added that Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Ramon Paje “has so far been consistent with the enforcement of mining rules and regulations” in the country given

the number of laws which are in place right now pertinent to mining. He said that the government through the DENR is still studying measures as to how it can handle all the rich mineral resources in the country and Secretary Paje has so far not signed any mining permits for companies that have already submitted applications.  “The only directive that we can give mining companies is for them to follow our rules and regulations strictly. We would like to ensure that the community and the environment [are] maintained after mining is done,” Lacierda said. [PIA]

Malacañang maintains commitment to responsible mining in the country


alacañang on Monday reiterated its commitments to responsible mining amid the release of an independent survey showing that more Filipinos have ‘low’ trust on mining industries operating in the country. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said President Benigno S. Aquino has so far made his commitment for responsible mining given the ‘deleterious’ effects the industry could create in the environment if carried out irresponsibly.  “If the community would favor mining then he (the President) has offered it really depends on the com-

ith the Philippine economic condition on shaky grounds, how will you stand firm? The Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Davao City’s response was to conduct a citywide livelihood training program with the theme “Sa Negosyo Tayo Aasenso” held at the Davao Recreation Center last Saturday, September 24. The training aimed to provide the youth sector of Davao City with technical skills that may enable them

to put up income-generating activities aside from teaching them the value of hard work, financial management and creativity. The program is a response to the challenge posed by the economic condition of the country. Among the many skills taught wre dishwashing liquid and perfume making, lumpia shanghai, fishball and no bake cake making, as well as flower arrangement. The participants in the training were youths from

different sectors of the city of Davao. SK Federation president, Councilor Jashera L. Gonzales, said she wanted the participants to learn from the training and apply it in the barangays which would later on +contribute to the economic welfare of the youth in particular, and the community in general. The activity was in partnership with the University of Mindanao and KB Alumni Association of Panabo.

DOLE revives big brother concept


bout 17 companies in the region have committed to act as “big” brother” to small and micro enterprises through the KAPATIRAN WISE-TAV project of the Department of Labor and Employment. A memorandum of understanding was presented last Wednesday to Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz during the Social Partnership for Effective Labor Governance held at the Grand Men Seng in Davao City.  Baldoz witnessed the commitment shown by the companies in lending a hand to new and starting businesses, especially in catching up with labor standards.  The project is a Big Brother - Small Brother concept wherein large companies (Big Brothers) that are fully compliant with labor standards and are willing to share their resources and expertise, assist micro and small enterprises (Small Brothers) in improving their work conditions, particularly in the field of Occupation-

al Safety and Health (OSH). This will eventually enable the latter to comply with labor standards. The project also aims to empower the Small Brothers to share their experiences of workplace improvements with other micro and small enterprises. DOLE 11 regional director Joffrey M. Suyao calls this a partnership that supports the goals and programs of the agency, paving the way for a stronger and unified labor sector.  Some of the big companies which committed to act as big brother are DOLE Stanfilco, Carmen Corrugated Container Inc., Stanfilco, Nakayama Technology, CJ Toyota Tsusho Phils. Inc., Therma Marine,

DORECO, NCCC, Coca-Cola Bottlers Phils., SUMIFRU, and TADECO. They will provide technical advice and assistance to the small brothers on how to improve their working conditions, increase the productivity of their workers and achieve compliance with the general labor standards and the occupational safety and health standards  The small brothers, on their part, will have to cooperate in full by attending safety meetings, trainings, workshops or seminars relevant and necessary to the KAPATIRAN WISE-TAV Project and commit to adopt a minimum of two (2) Small Brothers each for the next cycle of the said project.


‘AS they say, I look soft, but make no mistake about it, I am a firm decision-maker. Looking like a nice guy is just my front.’ --Newly-appointed Customs Commissioner Rozzano Ruffino Biazon


VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011



The maker of growth centers


here are places that can manage to grow faster than others. Most of these places are the natural and historical growth centers or hubs. In the Philippines, there are the Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Davao City. They are the so-called primate “cities” or urban places in the country. Metro Manila serves as model for growing cities – a model of best practices worth replicating in some other cities, and a model of worst and lamentable situations to avoid. On the whole, however, it remains as the country’s dominant showcase of advancement and the main center of opportunities and possibilities. The growth of Metro Cebu followed the pattern of growth of Metro Manila, albeit in a faster and more dynamic manner. What is good about Cebu City and Metro Cebu is that they applied most of the lessons learned from the experiences of Metro Manila and other key cities worldwide. Thus, they were able to avoid some traps and pitfalls of urbanization. Metro Cebu has also allowed market forces to operate while the local governments exist to correct market failures and inefficiencies. In a sense, their own strengths are reinforced while new and correct measures and directions are constantly provided. It is not a perfect place yet but Metro Cebu, particularly Cebu City, has clearly put itself in the map the way it is right now. Cebu is Cebu period. Davao City, on the other hand, remains as the third primate city in the country. Whether a far or a close third to Cebu, it doesn’t really matter. It has its own brand of progress and development – distinct and unique to its socio-cultural and political settings. Yet, as the presumed leader of development in Mindanao, it has to play its role well. It has to project itself not in the way its political leaders paint Davao City to be, but how key development players and stakeholders, such as the business and the civil society, would actually see it. Development is traditionally measured by esoteric indicators and statistics. However, real development is something that can be felt and seen. It is not something that can be announced, proclaimed or claimed; it simply

becomes apparent and selfevident. At the end of the day, development is something that one cannot hide; it manifests itself in many forms – pleasant to the senses. In bringing about development, the roles of the business sector and civil society are critical. They also serve as the ultimate indicator of satisfied constituents, investors, service providers and service beneficiaries. They are very sensitive to the signals of opportunities and relevance. Their radar can likewise detect risks and danger to investments and other economic ventures. The message is that the government must provide the safe environment in which the development players can operate and bring about sustainable growth and development. Gone are the days when growth could be left to the normal wave of trade and commerce. As can be seen, many cities have taken strong position and have taken great strides to prove that they can also be dominant or be the leaders of their own. Their common denominator is the shared vision between the concerned local governments and the private sector (business and civil society). They have that mutual respect to allow one to correct the failures of the other. That is efficiency working to the advantage of both and, consequently, benefitting the whole society. Soon enough, primacy in progress and development will no longer be determined by how cities were in the past. Very soon, primacy will just become part of the history unless there is that expressed and apparent determination to take necessary bold actions that go beyond mere palliative and disjointed solutions to basic social and economic problems. Do something more. Attract more investments. Build and strengthen infrastructure support facilities so that business can thrive. Construct more buildings and facilities to meet prospective business demands and requirements. Industrialize. Carve your economic niche. Create your own brand. The bottomline: clearly, it is a game that private sector can excellently play! The challenge is how to make them play on your home court.


‘WE had our periods of darkness, but now we are living in the light.’

–President Aquino, speaking at Fordham University after accepting an honorary doctorate of laws.



A tale of two cities: bonanza and handicap

N the published mid-September opinion poll of Edge Davao designed to find out how city residents rate the performance of Ms Sara Duterte-Carpio in her first 14 months as mayor, many Dabawenyos lauded her for “honesty” and such synonymous traits as “transparency” and “sincerity” in dealing with people. She showed a similar candidness in her State of the City Address before the City Council last Tuesday, when she admitted failure to realize four promises she made in her first Soca. Her defenders were quick to point out they were not exactly failures, but reasonable delays. The promised PhilHealth accreditation of district health centers is a work in progress, while the planned pasalubong center could not be implemented because the Department of Education, the current occupant of the space, has not yet vacated the area. On the other hand, the planned new city public library cannot yet be built because the site is going to be used as a temporary office while a city hall annex building is still under construction. Finally, instead of privatizing the hauling and segregation of garbage as earlier promised, the city government is considering a better option involving an environment-friendly technology guaranteed to multiply the usefulness of the city’s multi-million sanitary landfill in Tugbok. Whatever, the mayor rattled off an impressive list of achievements in the Soca, a reason applause interrupted her speech at least a dozen times. Actually, the greatest challenge that Inday Sara’s administration faces is the forced reduction in the city’s budget in 2012. According to regional director Achilles Gerard Bravo of the Department of Budget and Management, Davao City’s share from the Internal

Revenue Allotment (IRA) will decrease by P360 million next year. This is brought about by two factors --the creation of 16 more cities in addition to the original 122 and the reduction in the country’s internal revenue collections in 2009. Despite the huge reduction in income, covered by Memorandum No. 65 and Memorandum No. 65-A of the DBM, Inday Sara has vowed not to retrench workers of the city, admitting, however, that costcutting will have to be resorted to. How the lady mayor will steer the city in the remainder of her term in the face of a financial double whammy will depend largely on her strength and creativity as a leader. Yes, managing the third biggest metropolis in the country with such a daunting handicap is yet another acid test in the mayor’s young political career. The loss of Davao and the 121 other old cities of the country is the gain of Mati and the 15 other new cities. From a low P88 million of annual IRA as a municipality, Mati will be entitled next year to a staggering P496 million. That’s more than ‘10 little crazy boys can count in 10 years’, to resurrect a cliche. Levity aside, the bonanza is in a way a big challenge to Mati City Mayor Michelle Rabat. It is an opportunity for her to show her mettle as a fiscal manager. Her constituents will be watching with more than passing attention how she will allocate this mind-boggling resource and artfully marshal the concurrence and cooperation of the city council. We hate to appear like a killjoy, but it is quite possible that some corrupt elements in and out of Mati’s political ecosystem are salivating at the unprecedented manna and are already scheming at how they could dip their dirty fingers in the cookie jar. Indeed, managing the fund could make or unmake Ms Rabat as a leader.

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vantage POINTS


September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30


Good news and bad news ‘To me, they are pushing for this bill because they will inculcate in us that certain means of abortion are medically safe procedures, feasible, and will eventually be considered legal. Parang ganoon po ang dating. Ang kinakabahan po ako, mayroon po tayong bukas na mga pintuan doon sa ating RH bill na version. ‘Now, Mr. President, if enacted into law, will this mean that if a certain family wants only two children but the mother becomes pregnant, the State shall equip that parent with the means to abort the child?’ --- Senate Majority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, oppositor

‘There is nothing here [in paragraph (j)] that says abortion will be given as an option to a family. That is absurd, that is not a logical conclusion. Mr. President, I have to say I think the answer is obvious. We [sponsors] made it very clear that it is not. So let us not read into the bill what is not in the bill. I have made it very clear in the sponsorship speech in the provision that preceded this section [Sec.3, paragraph (i)], it is very clear. So let us not read into the bill what is not in the bill.’ --- Senator Pia Cayetano, principal sponsor



SHOULD “Lolong”, the crocodile, be returned to the wilds? YES! He should be returned to the marsh, his natural habitat. People should stay away from these places, RUDOLPH ALAMA, lifestyle columnist, SunStar Davao. Yes, because that is his natural habitat. And the crocs are an endangered species. ESTELLITA B. TURINGAN, regional director, National Statistical Coordinating Board. Lolong grew up in a friendly environment where prey abounds. He should be returned to the wilds, if he is under stress. But he must be monitored so as to prevent him from attacking people. ATTY. DIOSDADO ANGELO MAHIPUS SR., former Davao City councilor. Yes, that’s where he belongs. ELISA TAY, Rotary International leader. Yes, we just happened to encroach into his territory. That area must be protected instead. Davao Light and Power Co., Inc. executive. Yes, Lolong is owned by the wilds.He is part of the mystery of the Agusan Marsh. He has to return to his home. Jepoi Tupas, journalist. Yes, he should be in a crocs habitat for ecological balance. LEO VILLAREAL, TV 5 executive. Yes, return the croc to where he belongs, the wilds. ALEX DIVINAGRACIA, travel and tour operator.


Lolong should be back to his natural habitat but contained in a developed area designed with nature. ROMY SABALDAN, columnist of SunStar Davao. NO! He is already a threat to the residents and considering his huge size, it’s not hard to imagine the damage that he can do, especially to human lives.VALENTINO DIONISIO, president of the Rotary Club of East Davao. No, just find him a mate and allow him to propagate because his kind is a threatened species. SERAFIN C. LEDESMA JR., Mindanao Journal, editor-publisher. No, he will be hunted down and killed. It’s safer for him and us, humans, to keep him in a good reserve. JON JOAQUIN, Mindanao Daily Mirror managing editor. No, Lolong is a big threat to the lives of residents of the area. NOEL DAQUIOAG, information officer of the Island Garden City of Samal. Lolong has become a menace to the local residents of Agusan. The right of the citizens to a safe and secure environment is superior to animal rights. If human beings are incarcerated for killing their fellow human beings, how much more animals like Lolong. ATTY. ISRAELITO “BOBBIT” TORREON, Eastern Mindanao governor, Integrated

Bar of the Philippines. No, but it should be cared for by experienced handlers. ATTY JOSE “ABO” GEMPESAW, president of the Rotary Club of West Davao. The people of Agusan marsh themselves have petitioned to capture Lolong due to the danger he posed. We should be concerned about people’s safety first. HONEY WONG, information officer of Anflocor Group of Companies. Lolong should be kept in captivity to prevent it from harming people. This will likewise allow Filipinos to enjoy the sight of the world’s biggest crocodile for the least cost. ATTY. OSCAR GONZALES, president of the Rotary Club of Davao. No, he should be killed for the many innocent people he had eaten. Lolong is a beast and a monster! NEL RUIZ, hotelier in Makati City. If returned to the wilds, it will just eat more people. The lives of human beings are indubitably more important than that of Lolong’s. Besides, Lolong is already 50 years old. LEAH SANGA, Philippine Airlines Davao branch. The primacy of man in this life should always prevail. Back in the wilds, Lolong will resume being a menace to the residents of Agusan marsh. It’s better for Lolong to remain captive and amaze viewers. JUN APARECE, Liberal Party.

Of course not! Dapat sa iya death penalty. GERMELINA LACORTE, correspondent of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. To preserve human lives because it is more important than other creatures is theological and even constitutional. We should consider human life on top of the other living creatures. I strongly suggest that the crocodile be turned over to the Crocodile Park for rehabilitation. UNNAMED RESPONDENT. No! Which is more important, people or crocodiles? God gave us dominion over all creatures. God also wants us to be the caretakers of His other creations. But we over-populate even areas that belong to the other creatures. HENRYLITO D. TACIO, Readers Digest writer. No, he can only cause further damage to the human populace. If he can not adjust to life in captivity and die as a consequence, let it be. ATTY. BENJO TESIORNA, practicing lawyer. YES and NO! THIS IS not a simple question. YES for me, but in a place or suitable habitat much isolated from human population. A strong argument against returning Lolong to the wilds is his being a clear and real danger to the human populace. But latest technology allows us to track movements of endangered species and thus drastically lessen the threats on both sides. WAWAY OF ABS-CBN. LIKE the tuko, crocodiles should be left alone to avoid imbalance in the ecosystem. But, if Lolong is proven to be a threat to the human race, he and his partner should be kept in a place where they can be safe and allowed to reproduce. CARMILLE MARIE HARROW, SunStar Davao reporter.

FIRST, the good news. SHAMCEY SUPSUP CONQUERED THE WORLD The biggest and most refreshing good news this month is Shamcey’s third runner-up finish in the 2011 Miss Universe pageant last September 12 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Shamcey shone the brightest among the 89 candidates with her regal charm, sparkling smile, captivatingly unique ramp walk now fast gaining recognition and popularity as “tsunami catwalk”. Shamcey will go down in pageant history as the originator, creator of that walk. Shamcey is beauty and brains personified. She is a magna cum laude architecture graduate from UP and a board topnotcher. She made all Filipinos proud with her victory just like previous Miss Universe top finishers – Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Miriam Quiambao, Precious Lara Quigaman, Venus Raj. Shamcey’s answer in the Q & A final segment was a standout. She was confident, concise and fluent in the universal language. The judges should have given her extra points for her effortless verbal excellence. She is the talk of the town. The Shamcey fever has everybody boiling with delight. It’s simply amazing. And nobody wants to touch a paracetamol, branded or generic. ooOoo BYE-BYE DENGUE. The search for a cure or antidote to the dengue virus may very well be over soon. And it won’t be in the form of capsule, tablet, syrup or injection, but a new breed of mosquitoes. British scientists from Oxford Insect Technologies claim that the GM mosquitoes (aetes aegypti) species of the dengue carrying mosquitoes, when mated with the female mosquitoes, will produce “flightless” female offsprings, which they say cannot survive in wild areas. Further, they say that only female mosquitoes bite. So, if they can’t fly, they can’t roam around to bite their victims. But there’s a catch: Scientists say that the num-

ber of GM male mosquitoes must be 10 times the number of male mosquitoes in a particular area. The release or invasion of GM mosquitoes will result in a “crash” in the mosquito population, and eventually wipe out the dengue carrying mosquitoes. Now, that’s the real news. ooOoo GO FOR GOAT We are familiar with the golden calf which the Israelites worshipped while waiting for Moses to come down from Mount Sinai where he had a talk with Yaweh. Now, let me tell you about the golden goat. Well, metaphorically speaking that is, because there is no such animal. What we have is a goat that is as valuable as gold. Here’s why. A doctor of agriculture in Cagayan Valley has done extensive research work on goat raising and came out with the finding that goat with good genes can grow twice the size of traditional one, and will fetch twice the price. The doctor says that an ordinary 16-kilo goat sells for P1,600, while one with good genes weighing 30 kilos will fetch P3,600. The price of gold on the average is P2,300 per gram. Summing up, one goat has a higher value than a gram of gold. So, let’s go for goat. Let the athletes go for gold. ooOoo PHIL-VIETNAM INK DEAL After Malaysia, Vietnam became only the second nation to have a bilateral pocket “open skies” trade agreement that is expected to boost our tourism industry with the increase by 38 percent of flight seats between Ho Chi Minh City and Manila. You see, when tourism is robust, so is the economy. Vietnam is the fastest growing economy in the SEA region. We can expect greatr trade activities in the immediate future. ooOoo Now, for the bad news. But then, who cares about the bad news? I’m sure you don’t. So, forget it. Let’s just keep on watching over and over again Shamcey Supsup do the tsunami walk. (heheheh)


‘WE have been informing the public that hunting tuko is illegal, however, there are still individuals who are unmindful of our warnings.’

--Regional Executive Director 11 Jim O. Sampulna of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on the seizure of 29 heads of “tokai gecko” (tuko) by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation 11 in Davao City last week.

10 VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011

competitive edge


UBIX boosts mark in digital printing industry U

BIX Corporation with Konika-Minolta as its business partner for the last 37 years, is committed to continuously develop products that are “innovative, creative, and dynamic.” A testament to that is its Bizhub C8000, which is a high level digital press that offers a wide range of printing capabilities. It can produce high image quality and definition that is nearly equal to offset printers and can print in color at a speed of 80 pages per minute with ease, thereby promoting business efficiency and productivity. Additionally, it has various in-line post processing system options for finishers like hole punching, folding, stapling, saddle stitching and perfect binding that could meet the print-on-demand requirements of commercial printers and other business institutions. Another top of the line product of UBIX is the Konila-Minolta Bizhub C452 which has a hard disk drive box function that allows users to scan, copy, print and fax data to the box. It can also print files from mobile phones and has an automatic access key display for USB flash memory devices making it one of the most versatile models in the market today. Additionally, the company is also proud of its

Konika Minolta Bizhub C280. The unit facilitates seamless business operations through flexible network scanning, multiple transmission methods, and simultaneous transmission of data to multiple addresses such as HDD User Boxes, PCs and servers, all in a single operation. Not to mention its data storage feature and FAX functions using the internet and intranet that results to a lot of cost savings. Aside from venturing into the office furniture business through a partnership with Okamura of Japan and acquiring distributorship for RISO digital duplicators, the company also strengthened its standing on the business outsourcing industry through its data center. The U-BIX Data Center, formerly known as Kodak Imaging Center, boasts of its software called DocuVu which is a search engine that enables a user to manage digitized images and computer files efficiently. It has likewise positioned itself as a significant player in providing innovative end-to-end business process outsourcing solutions and services. Its offering include document and microfilm scanning, document management system (DMS), data capture, and variable printing services. UBIX held an Open

House on Sept. 20, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Sept. 21-23 from 9:00 am9:00pm at White Garland Function Room, Grand Men Seng Hotel, MagallanesAnda Streets, Davao City. Product demonstrations and various lectures were conducted. A 32-inch LED TV and other exciting items were raffled off during the company open house.

UBIX IN DAVAO. Lawyerindustrialist Edilberto Bravo owner of Ubix Corporation, explains the capabilities Bizhub C800, a high level digital press and other business solutions during a press conference in Davao City last Tuesday. To his left is Eisen Balcueva, UBIX Data Center head [TOMAS AVAÑCEÑA]

Sun Cellular introduces unlimited offers


ust when you thought mobile communication couldn’t get any better, Sun Cellular comes out with the most irresistible prepaid offers to date that stretches your money. Enjoy more benefits as Sun Cellular’s Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) brings together the best of both worlds in one single load by adding the most texts-to-other networks found in any Call and Text Unlimited load in the market today. For only P25 per day,

CALL FOR PROPOSAL ACDI/VOCA Philippines a non-profit, US based agricultural enterprise development organization is seeking for proposals from qualified organizations/Individuals for the consultancy work on multimedia. The work will primarily focus on the production of newsletters, radio program, infotexting, press releases, and AVP. To get a complete copy of the Scope of Work and application forms, kindly send request through email at this address: jlaquihon@ or at telephone number (082) 298-6250 kindly look for Janoz Laquihon. Deadline for submission of proposals will be on September 30, 2011 at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

you continue to enjoy unlimited talk time and endless texts with your family and friends using Sun. But now, Sun CTU 25 has also been enhanced with a whopping 50 free texts to other networks so you can text all your phonebook contacts with no worries! Don’t forget the free 30 minutes of mobile internet that lets you update your Facebook status and Twitter account so that you’re connected on-line as well. If you want to be assured of unrestrained connectivity for two days, avail of the new Sun CTU 50 that not only doubles but triples your free texts to other networks with 150 free SMS.

That’s 75 texts per day to Smart, TalkNText, Globe and TM on top of Unlimited Sun Calls and Texts, and the free 30 minutes of mobile internet. With convenient loading, no complicated registration, reliable on-time texting, and seamless 24/7 calling, Sun Call and Text Unlimited is unlike any other prepaid offer in the market. It presents added flexibility with more texts and the benefits of reliable connectivity, wider network coverage as well as uninterrupted communication that only the pioneer in unlimited can bring. So relax and take advantage of Sun’s Call & Text

Unlimited offers. Also part of Sun’s CTU family are the CTU100 packed with unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts, 30 minutes of mobile Internet and 200 texts to other networks valid for 5 days; CTU150 loaded with unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts, 30 minutes of mobile Internet, 250 texts to other networks, and free Php25 regular load, all valid for seven days; and finally CTU450 that allows you to enjoy unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts, 90 minutes of unlimited mobile Internet and 500 free texts to other networks valid for 30 days.

DaLight energizes rebuilt Victoria Power substation D avao Light  and Power Company energized and put into service its newly reconstructed 69/13.8kV Victoria Power Substation last August. This  project  is  one step towards the company’s goal

of standardizing the design of  all  its  substations with two main features, according to Engr. Ronald  Chan,  assistant  vice  president  for  the  distribution utility’s engineering  group. Aside from the usual rehabilitation, the recon-

NN Freight, 2GO join supply chain confab


N Freight and 2GO, both owned and operated by Negros Navigation-ATS, were among among the exhibitors in the Supply Chain Management of the Philippines’ (SCMAP) annual conference at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel last Thursday and Friday. The two-day event was a venue for industry practitioners, the academe, and the government to work together and share ideas on solving supply chain problems. With the theme “Always Moving Ahead”, the conference highlighted the importance of a strong partnership among industry

players. “Through this collaboration, NN Freight and 2GO hopes to improve productivity and efficiency to better meet increasing demand and higher customer expectations,” said Negros Navigation –ATS CEO Sulficio Tagud Jr.

struction was purposely  made  to  [1] convert existingsubstations to become mobile substation  connection- ready, and [2] prepare its 69kV line to operate in a close loop system. The  reconstructed  substation now provides space for a Mobile Substation necessary  to  carry  the loads of the power substation if a major problem occurs  specifically  affecting the substation’s power transformer. This is designed to avert a prolonged power interruption which happens when a power transformer has to be repaired before restoration can be implemented.


‘I don’t want to be definite about things. One thing I’m sure of is that, in the future, I’ll be an architect.’

--Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup

competitive edge


Inside Wood Lane Residences

September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30


Designing the interiors of a dream home W

ithin the exclusive “77 residents only” enclave of Wood Lane will rise the WOOD LANE RESIDENCES, the latest community development of Alsons Properties along Diversion Road, in Maa. Architect Leo P. Pariñas of the LPPA Design Group conceived the Wood Lane Residences to merge sustainability with elegance and pleasing sense of space. The cozy, well-planned two-storey single-detached homes will be the urban dweller’s sanctuary. For the model unit of the Wood Lane Residences, complementing the architectural design of Arch. Leo P. Pariñas is Dabawenyo Interior Designer Charisse P. Puentespina.  The tandem of these talented designers will make the green living and Contemporary Asian concept

of Wood Lane Residences whole. IDr Charrise P. Puentespina describes her interior design approach to the model unit of this new and exclusive project of Alsons Properties. “The Alsons Wood Lane Residences features the appeal of Asian contemporary design that prides itself of its simplicity, spaciousness and elegance that blends indoor and outdoor living thus answering the needs of urban living. It has a combined Living-Dining layout with bright interiors that incorporates the use of natural lighting and ventilation, comfortable furniture, and a variety of well appointed finishes that include a combination of wood, glass, and fabric lending a serene, balanced, and uncluttered atmosphere. It also show-

cases a modern kitchen that has an ample space to move around in coupled with efficient lighting and excellent cabinetry materials and hardware. The Second Floor bedrooms have its individual appeal combining clean lines, elegant color combination

and beautiful yet functional interiors that exude the warmth, comfort and practicality of today’s way of living.” Chic, modern, sensible and comfortable, these perfectly describe the design of IDr Charisse Puentespina for Wood Lane Residences, a de-

sign that the future residents can probably integrate into their own dream homes. Arch. Leo P Pariñas and IDr Charisse Puentespina, two talented designers, two respected names in their field, a tandem who can create your most exclusive and ideal sanctuary in Davao

City at the WOOD LANE RESIDENCES. For more information about the Wood Lane Residences, please call the ALSONS Properties Main Office at telephone numbers (6382) 222-3281, (6382) 227-2152 locals 203, 206 & 207.

Therma South gets ECC for 300-MW CFB project A

boitizPower (AP) subsidiary Therma South Inc. is one step closer to starting the construction of its P25billion 300-MW CFB coalfired power plant project in southern Davao, after receiving its Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) recently. The Environment Management Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issued the certification last September 9, 2011. The ECC, addressed to Therma South vice president Thomas Sliman, means the project has complied with government requirements to ensure that the project, once constructed and operational, will not

This photo, taken at the 247-MW Cebu Energy Development Corp. CFB power plant in Toledo City, Cebu, shows how a CFB power plant looks like.

cause any significant negative impact on the environment. The document also cer-




Along Hi-way, Bucaran, Babak, Samal

Please Call : 082-225-3766 0918-901-3035

tifies that the project’s Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and its operational and environmental protection plans received positive reviews from independent reviewers.

The ECC was signed by EMB OIC director Juan Miguel T. Cuna. “We are happy to receive the ECC and AboitizPower, true to its promise of building a clean, safe


and efficient power plant, will ensure that the facility will meet Philippine environmental standards as required by the certificate,” said Manuel M Orig, AP first vice president for Mindanao

affairs. “AboitizPower has been in Mindanao for more than 50 years and we will continue to live up to our reputation of corporate responsibility by providing clean, reliable and affordable power with this project.” Therma South will continue to secure permits and clearances from other national government agencies as well as from local government units like Davao City and the municipality of Sta. Cruz before it could start construction. The project will take 40 months to build. The project earlier received endorsements from the Davao City council, the municipal council of Sta. Cruz as well as the host barangays of Binugao in Toril and Inawayan on the Davao del Sur side.

The Business PAPER

is looking for:

ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Qualifications: 25-35 years old Male or Female College Graduate Pleasing Personality Good Moral Character Can work with less supervision

Interested applicants submit your resume with recent 2x2 ID pictures to: Human Resource Department Zion Accuprint Publishing, Inc 14 Alcrej Bldg. Quirino Ave. Davao City Tel. No. (082) 221-3601

weekly winners

September 16 Jellyn Dingal Elsa Ypanto Mario Lumbaning Carmen Pedro

September 17 Jean Descaler Melchor Cabarles Joseph Brion Rhea Contestable

September 18 Ronald Malinao Charito Reyes Suraya Mokamad Ryan Caminero

September 19 Mercelyn Suwa Jane Banawan Janel Senador Emily Triggs

September 20 Joseph Bryan Modina Francisco Tocmo Flor del Rosario Victor Uba

September 21 Catherine Jardinel Neil Nathan Saturion Leonor Morado Nadine Eustaque

September 22 Joaquin Mendoza Beth Garcia Elsa Fluri Elvijane Pang


12 VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011


DENR to embark on a PPP with SMI’s adopt-a-project T he Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Digos City, Davao del Sur is set to embrace another publicprivate partnership (PPP) with a mining firm which signified to adopt an almost 2,000-hectare communitybased forestry management area in two municipalities of Davao del Sur. DENR regional executive director Jim O. Sampulna said the adoption by the Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI) of two CBFM areas in Kiblawan and Matanao of the province is a welcome development for DENR in line with its reforestation program. Sampulna told Davao media n an interview last week that SMI would be like to be a foster parent to the communities that would not only engage in reforestation program but would also take care of the wellbeing and livelihood of the residents. He said this endeavor would improve President Benigno Aquino’s National Greening Program in the province. Provincial environment and natural resources officer Adonis Rico said SMI plans to adopt CBFM areas in Ba-

rangay Balasiao, in Kiblawan and Barangay Dongan Pekong in Matanao where the mining firm is proposing infrastructure components for its Tampakan Copper-Gold project in South Cotabato. Rico explained that the three-year (2011-2014) duration of the adopt-a-CBFM program would take up reforestation, improvement of the communities’ livelihood, environmental protection and as an effective steward of the environment. The program would be implemented by the peoples’ organizations Balasiao Integrated Social Forestry Association (BALISFA) in Kiblawan and Dongan Pekong Tree Farmers Association, Inc. in Matanao, according to Rico. “We really need the PPP to roll the seriousness of the program,” he told stakeholders, referring to the NGP during the supposed signing of emmorandum of agreement (MoA) involving SMI, DENR and the provincial local government unit. However, the anticipated MOA signing last week was deferred due to the refusal of Davao del Sur Governor Douglas Cagas to affix


EJF-REM CASE NO. 12667-11

LYNDON DE LARA ENOROBA, Mortgagor/s. x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc., with postal address at the 24th Floor, BPI Buendia Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, against LYNDON DE LARA ENOROBA, with postal addresses at # Lot 11, Blk. 1, Zuellig St., SOUTH VILLA COUNTRY HOMES, BO. MA-A, DAVAO CITY, DAVAO DEL SUR the mortgagor/s, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of May 29, 2009 amounts to Three Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand One Hundred twenty Five Pesos (Php, 358,125.00),Philippine Currency, exclusive of interest, penalties and charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned will sell at public auction on October 20, 2011 at 10:00 A.M.., or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland, Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate/s of Title No/s. T-198616 “ A parcel of land xxx (Lot 1, Blk. 1, xxx), situated in the Barrio of Maa, City of Davao, Island of Mindanao, xxx containing an area of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY(150) SQUARE METERS, more or” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on November 17, 2011 without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, Sept 01, 2011.

his signature, asserting that he wanted a bigger responsibility for the provincial government to undertake in this partnership. “I don’t want to be a mere decoration in this agreement,” Cagas said, referring to some provisions of the MOA as to the role of the LGU which were not yet clear to him. However, the governor said during the aborted MOA at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan session hall that he supports the project except for that some some provisions need to be ironed ou first. Cagas stressed the need for his support and close involvement with the adopt-aCBFM project, and he called for an intensified reforestation program to address the concern on landslides. He said Davao del Sur is among the top five landslide prone provinces in the country, citing the municipalities of Kiblawan, Sulop, Matanao, Don Marcelino, Sta. Maria and Jose Abad Santos as landslide-prone areas. “We need a budget for the reforestation of thousands of hectares in the province,” he said. [Carina L.


IPs ASSEMBLY. Senator Loren Legarda is welcomed by Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario (left) and former Mayor Pilar Libayao, who is now the Tribal Chieftain of Talaingod Town, to the Mindanao Indigenous People’s Assembly at the Bulwagan ng Lalawigan in Tagum City. [Noel Baguio/PIO]

Public servants’ integrity key to PNoy’s anti-graft campaign


o matter how daunting the task might seem, corruption can be stopped if public officials and employees toe the line and be true to their oath as public servants. On the heels of President Benigno S. Aquino’s highly-celebrated state visit to the United States, Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo P. del Rosario said civil servants should keep to their oath of office in order to end


EJF-REM CASE NO. 12748-11

WILFREDO D. TABORADA, Mortgagor/s. x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc., with postal address at the 24th Floor, BPI Buendia Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, against WILFREDO D. TABORADA, with postal addresses at Lot 7, Blk. 14, Ph. II, Romblon St.., NHA Kadayawan Homes Housing Project, Bangkal, Davao City and Lot 7, Blk.13 Ph. II, Romblon St., NHA KADAYAWAN HOMES HOUSING PROJECT, BO. TALOMO, DAVAO CITY, DAVAO DEL SUR, the mortgagor/s, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of May 08, 2009 amounts to Two Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Six hundred Seventy Five Pesos (Php, 285,675.00),Philippine Currency, exclusive of interest, penalties and charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale;the undersigned will sell at public auction on October 20, 2011 at 10:00 A.M.., or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland,Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate/s of Title No/s. T-188792 “ A parcel of land xxx (Lot 7, Blk. 13, xxx), situated in the Barangay of Talomo City of Davao, Island of Mindanao, xxx containing an area of NINETY SIX(96) SQUARE METERS, more or” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the abovestated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on November 17, 2011 without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, Sept 01, 2011.

FOR THE EX-OFFICIO SHERIFF: (SGD) DEXTER P. SALCEDO Sheriff IV Noted by: (SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff

Noted by: (SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff

Copy furnished: The Mortgagee- Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc. The Mortgagor- Lyndon De Lara Enoroba PUBLISHER – EDGE DAVAO POSTING – 3 conspicuous places ( Edge- 9/12,19,26)

Copy furnished: The Mortgagee- Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc. The Mortgagor- Wilfredo D. Taborada PUBLISHER – EDGE DAVAO POSTING – 3 conspicuous places ( Edge- 9/12,19,26)


corruption. “This social cancer can only be eradicated if each of us in the government abides by our moral conscience in giving genuine public service,” del Rosario told Capitol officials and employees in last week’s Monday morning convocation at the Bulwagan ng Lalawigan. The governor urged everyone to follow through the provincial government’s commitment to the Citi-

zen’s Charter and the government’s anti-wang-wang policy towards attaining the “Daang Matuwid” (Straight Path) agenda of the president. Del Rosario noted that the president’s prominence in gracing the launching of the Open Governance Partnership (OGP) in New York highlighted the Aquino government’s pursuit of good governance and campaign against corruption.

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 11TH JUDICIAL REGION OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF COURT-SHERIFF Davao City EJF-REM CASE NO. 12,760-11 PLANTERS DEVELOPMENT BANK, Mortgagee -versusNORA O. BELTRAN,CAROLINE M. OCLARENCE AND MARLENE T. OCLARENCE NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for sale under Act 3135, as amended file the above-mentioned mortgagee against NORA O. BELTRAN, CAROLINE M. OCLARENCE AND MARLENE T. OCLARENCE with postal address at No. 9, Horseshoe Drive, Banawa, Cebu City, mortgaging the real properties covered by TCT Nos. 83532,80354 and 105469 of the Registry of Deeds of Cebu City and TCT No. T-262949 of the Registry of Deeds of Davao City, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of May 16, 2011, the total amount due inclusive of interest and charges thereon secured by the mortgagee,stands at THREE MILLION SIX HUNDRED EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FIFTY NINE PESOS & 96/100 (Php 3,688,659.96) Philippine Currency, and plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned Sheriff IV of the Regional trial Court, Davao City, will sell at public auction on SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 at 10:A.M.., or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland, Davao City,to the highest bidder for CASH or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property mentioned and described below together with all the improvements found thereon, to wit: TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NO. T-262949 “ A parcel of land (Lot 14, of the consolidation-subdivision plan (LRC) Pcs11469,being a portion of the consolidation of lots 1 to 25, blk. 12 (LRC) psd-26950 (inc) lots 1 and 2, (LRC) Pcs 5978 and lots 28 to 36, Block 12, (LRC) Psd-26950 (inclusive) LRC Rec. No. 14265) situated in the City of Davao, Island of Mindanaoxxx containing an area of FOUR HUNDRED SEVEN (407) SQUARE METERS, more or less, registered in the name of MARLENE T. OCLARENCE.” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date, it shall be held on OCTOBER 27, 2011, without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the title of the here-in above described real property/ies and encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, AUGUST 17, 2011. FOR THE EX-OFFICIO PROV’LSHERIFF (Sgd) TERESITA M. CEBALLOS SHERIFF IV

NOTED BY; ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court & ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff

Copy furnished: THE MORTGAGEE: Planters Development Bank THE MORTGAGOR/S: Nora O. Beltran, Carolene M. Oclarence and Marlene T. Oclarence THE PUBLISHER: EDGE DAVAO POSTING 3conspicous places Edge(9/12,19,26)


community sense September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30


Globe Business partners with Upland farmers start up nursery; socialized housing developers get assistance from Davao Light


lobe Business, the corporate and Smalland-Medium Enterprise (SME) customer unit of Globe Telecom, is appointed the Official Communications and Solutions Provider of the Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP). OSHDP is a national association of private developers that aims to consolidate efforts in the development of socialized and low-cost housing, with focus on delivering quality and affordable housing to Filipinos. Now on its 16th year, OSHDP has 110 regular members and 35 affiliate members nationwide. The partnership between Globe Business and OSHDP kicked-off during the 2nd National Convention of the OSHDP and the Housing and Urban Devel-

Photo shows Aligada (right) with Engr. Jefferson Bongat, OSHDP National President of the contract signing between Globe Business and OSHDP last August 23, 2011.

opment Coordinating Council (HUDCC), held last August 25 & 26 in Holiday Inn, Clark Free Port, Pampanga. “We are one with the OSHDP in their goal of providing more Filipinos with decent housing. What we would like to do is to help low-end developers rationalize their cost by provid-

ing information and communication requirements that are relevant and tailorfit to their scale and scope of work,” said Manny Aligada, Head of the Corporate and SME Segments of Globe Business. Globe Business aims to provide the best products and solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Experience the benefits of having customized solutions to support your business. Consult a Globe Business Account Manager, visit Globe stores, call the Globe Business Hotline at +632 730-1288 or log on to www. today to find out more.


he Upper  Kibalang  Agro-forestry Farmers Association (UKAFA) in Barangay Marilog,  Davao City is well on its way at realizing a nursery project that will  help  its  members  succeed in implementing a sustainable re-greening project in a 500 –hectare logged over area. This developed as the Aboitiz-owned Davao Light & Power Co. released last Friday, a financial subsidy to help the association complete a nursery located right in their community. Upper Kibalang is one of the few areas in Davao City that has been  designated as site of the Department of Environ-

ment and Natural Resources’ (DENR’s) Community-based Forest Management Program (CBFM) area. Davao Light, according to the company’s Community Relations Department, has entered into an agreement with DENR whereby the former adopts a 500 -hectare area that will be converted into its permanent treeplanting site with a long term objective of developing the place into an Aboitiz Park. According to the company’s Comrel Department the trees that will be planted, when grown up, are seen to sequester carbon emissions coming from the operation of Davao Light facilities.

The cash grant amounting to P45 thousand will supplement UKAFA’s budget for the setting up of the nursery. Specifically, part of the fund shall be used to buy net to cover the area in the nursery where newly planted seeds are awaited to grow. The money will also help procure planting bags, and even the seeds for planting. UKAFA officials led by chairman Idilfonso Pama said they hope to supply seedling requirements for succeeding tree planting activities in the 500 hectare area, as well as other groups who would want to buy seedlings for their own tree planting activity.


EJF-REM CASE NO. 12,773-11


SUPPORT FOR FARMERS’ NURSERY: Davao Light Exec. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Art Milan (3rd from left)  hands  over a check for P45 thousand to Upper Kibalang Agro-forestry Farmers’  Association  (UKAFA) president Idilfonso Pama to help jumpstart a nursery  project. 

The occasion  was  witnessed by the company’s Community Relations  Manager  Vic Sumalinog (left), DENR’s Forest Resource Management Division  Chief  Fred  Zarasate  (right) and UKAFA officials German Arcadio (third from right)  and Emiliano Payusan (second from left).


Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 11TH Judicial Region Branch 15, Davao City

MARY CARESS R. TIMBOL / SPS. EDGARDO L. TIMBOL AND MA. THERESA R. TIMBOL Mortgagors NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for sale under Act 3135, as amended filed by the above-mentioned mortgagee against MARY CARESS R. TIMBOL/ SPS. EDGARDO L. TIMBOL AND MA. THERESA R. TIMBOL, with postal addresses at 579 Gomez Street, Maniki Kapalong, Davao Del Norte; Block 21, Lot 14, Calle de Teresita, Fuente de Villa Abrille, Tulip Drive, Matina, Davao City; c/o Kapalong College of Technologies, Kapalong, Davao Del Norte; Gomez Street, Maniki Kapalong, Davao Del Norte and c/o Meridian Technologies LLC, PO Box 103750 Room 307 oriental House, Dubai, UAE, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of 01 June 2011 the total amount of the outstanding obligation/indebtedness of the mortgagors in favor of the mortgagee has amounted to Philippines Pesos: FOUR MILLION FIVE HUNDRED NINETY NINE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NINETY FIVE AND 28/10(P4,599,595.28) inclusive of interest, penalties and other charges, plus other legal expenses incident of the foreclosure and sale the undersigned Sheriff IV of the Regional Trial Court, Davao City, will sell at public auction on October 13, 2011 at 10: A. M.; or soon thereafter , at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland, Davao City, to the highest bidder for CASH or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property mentioned and described below together with all the improvements found thereon, to wit; TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NO. T-427014 “ A parcel of land ( Lot 14, Block 21 of the consolidation-subdivision plan Pcs11-003911, xxx), situated in Barangay Matina, Davao City, Island of Mindanao. Xxx containing an area of ONE HUNDRED SIXTY EIGHT (168) SQUARE METERS, more or less. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date, it shall be held on NOVEMBER 10, 2011, without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the title of the herein-above described real property and encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, SEPTEMBER 7, 2011




EJF-REM CASE NO. 12670-11

SPS. ASUNCION EUGENIO JACINTO AND ROGELIO ENRIQUEZ JACINTO, Mortgagor/s. x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc., with postal address at the 24th Floor, BPI Buendia Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, against SPS. ASUNCION EUGENIO JACINTO AND ROGELIO ENRIQUEZ JACINTO, with postal addresses at Lot 17 Blk. 17,Road Lot 10 NHA KADAYAWAN HOMES HOUSING PROJECT,BO. TALOMO DAVAO CITY, DAVAO DEL SUR and Lot 17, Blk.17,Road Lot 10, NHA-KADAYAWAN HOMES HOUSING PROJECT, BO. TALOMO , DAVAO CITY,DAVAO DEL SUR the mortgagor/s, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of June 30, 2009 amounts to Two Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Five hundred Thirty Seven Pesos and 50/100 (Php288,537.50),Philippine Currency, exclusive of interest, penalties and charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned will sell at public auction on October 20, 2011 at 10:00 A.M.., or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland, Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate/s of Title No/s. T-177941 “ A parcel of land xxx (Lot 17, Blk. 17, xxx), situated in the Barrio of Talomo City of Davao, Island of Mindanao, xxx containing an area of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY (120) SQUARE METERS, more or” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on November 17, 2011 without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, Sept 01, 2011.


Noted by: (SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff

Copy furnished: The Mortgagee- Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc. The Mortgagor- SPS. ASUNCION EUGENIO JACINTO AND ROGELIO ENRIQUEZ JACINTO PUBLISHER – EDGE DAVAO POSTING – 3 conspicuous places ( Edge- 9/19,26,10/03)

SP. PROC. NO. 11,419-11 IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION TO CORRECT THE ENTRIES IN THE CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE OF PETITIONER VIOLITA ALCOTAS MALABAD-ADLAWAN PARTICULARLY HER NAME AND HER PARENTS NAMES, AND TO CORRECT THE ENTRIES IN THE CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH OF HER CHILDREN MELANIE MALABAD,ALISA SHEYN MALABAD AND JULYANAH ACE MALABAD ADLAWAN ,PARTICULARLY THEIR MIDDLE NAMES,SURNAMES, AND THE COMPLETE NAME OF THEIR MOTHER VIOLITA ALCOTAS MALABAD-ADLAWAN, Petitioner, -versusTHE OFFICE OF THE CITY CIVIL REGISTRAR OF DAVAO Respondent AMENDED ORDER This is a verified petition to correct the entries in the Certificate of Marriage of petitioner Violita Alcotas Malabad-Adlawan particularly the following: 1. Petitioner’s name from VIOLETA A. LIBRES to VIOLITA A. MALABAD; 2. Father’s name from LEONARDO LIBRES to LEONARDO MALABAD; 3. Mother’s name from ZAIDA A. ALCOTES to ZAIDA A. ALCOTAS. A. In the Certificate of Live Birth of MELANIE MALABAD, particularly the following: 1. Her middle name from ALCOTOS to BLANK; 2. Her surname LIBRES to MALABAD; and 3. Her mother’s name from VIOLETA ALCOTOS LIBRES to VIOLITA ALCOTAS MALABAD; B. In the Certificate of Live Birth of ALISA SHEYN MALABAD, particularly the following: 1. Her middle name from ALCOTOS to BLANK; 2. Her surname from LIBRES to MALABAD; and 3. Her mother’s name from VIOLETA ALCOTOS LIBRES to VIOLITA ALCOTAS MALABAD and c) In the certificate of live birth of JULYANAH ACE MALABAD ADLAWAN, particularly the following: 1. Her middle name from LIBRES TO MALABAD; and 2. Her mother’s name from VIOLETA ALCOTAS LIBRES to VIOLITA ALCOTAS MALABAD Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance let the petition be heard on October 28, 2011 at 8:30 a.m.,at the session hall of this Court, on which date, hour and place, all interested persons are hereby cited to appear and show cause if they have any, why this petition should not be granted. Let copy of this Order and Petition be published before the hearing date at the expense of the petitioner in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Davao once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks. Give the Davao City Civil Registrar and the Solicitor General copies of this Order. SO ORDERED. Davao City, Philippines, September 20, 2011 (SGD)RIDGWAY M. TANJILI Judge Serve on: Atty. Citadel L.C. Trasmontero, PAO, Davao City The Local Civil Registrar, Magallanes St. Davao City Solicitor General. 134 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City Office of the Clerk of Court,Regional Trial Court, Davao City VIOLITA ALCOTAS MALABAD-ADLAWAN, Purok 14, Brgy,Bunawan, Davao City


ict hub

14 VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011

Globe DUO expands nationwide 2nd most tweeted airline in the world


lobe DUO, one of the biggest breakthrough services of Globe Telecom, has recently expanded its coverage to 13 more areas in the country to serve and benefit more subscribers. The service is now available in the provinces of Pampanga, Isabela, Ilocos Sur, Zambales, Nueva Vizcaya, Palawan, Marinduque, Oriental Mindoro, Southern Leyte, Eastern Samar, Western Samar, North Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat. With this expansion, Globe DUO has increased its coverage to 31 key areas in the Philippines with existing presence in Metro Manila, Cebu, Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna, Pangasinan, Negros Oriental, Leyte, Antique, South Cotabato, Rizal, Bohol, Negros Occidental, Capiz,

Batangas, Quezon, Northern Samar and Davao del Sur. Launched in April 2009, Globe is the first to offer unlimited calls to landline through Globe DUO. It is the first-ever two-in-one mobile and landline service that provides unlimited, meter-free calls to landlines and other DUO users. Globe increased its proposition further by offering Globe SUPERDUO, the first service that combines the unlimited calls to landline of DUO with unlimited calls to any Globe/TM mobile phone nationwide. Both services allowed subscribers to save on communication costs by giving them an easier and more economical way to stay in touch with other DUO and landline users within their local calling area. Apart from consum-

ers, Globe DUO has also been instrumental in helping rural and urban small and medium enterprise (SMEs) owners in their businesses by providing consistent and reliable communication services. Globe DUO and Globe SUPERDUO are available to both Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Duo is available at P450 for 30 days while SuperDuo is available at P599 for 30 days. To register, text DUO <area> 450 to 8888 for prepaid and MYDUO <area> ON to 8888 for postpaid. For SuperDuo, text SUPERDUO <area> 599 to 8888 for prepaid and MYSUPERDUO <area> ON to 8888 for postpaid. For a list of DUO areas, text MYDUO AREA to 8888. To know more about Globe DUO and SUPERDUO, visit


he Twitter account of the Philippines’ largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB) is the 2nd most tweeted airline in the world according to the latest monthly study from the Eezeer Data Lab, a Twitter analytic products company. In partnership with social networking site SimpliFlying, the Airlines Monthly Twitter Report for August 2011 provides data that serves as a marketing reference in social media for the travel industry. Eezeer said @cebupacificair received almost 12,000 public tweets for the month of August, ranking 2nd in the Airline Listening Champion category. Approximately 186 airlines tweet, but only 81 of them are actively tweeting. Based on their report, Delta received more than 27,000 public tweets, while

CEB received close to 12,000 tweets. JetBlue rounded up the third place with almost 9,000 public tweets. CEB was also singled out in the report with a 106.7 global satisfaction rate. A score of 100 indicates average consumer satisfaction. “Cebu Pacific remains innovative in using social networking sites to share our culture as an airline to our fans and followers, and boost travel with our trademark low fares,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog. “We owe this increase in public tweets to @cebupacificair to our Twitter promos and games. We currently have a Where in the World is Ceb promo that is linked to a CEB Facebook app. There, we give fans the chance to win four tickets to any CEB destination

they want,” she added. Because of this, CEB holds a seat sale as low as P1 from September 23 to 25, 2011 or until seats last. For travel from November 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012, passengers can buy P1 seats from Manila to Laoag; from Cebu to Bacolod, Clark, Dumaguete, Iloilo; from Zamboanga to Tawi-Tawi; and, from Cagayan de Oro to Iloilo or Davao. It also highlights local destinations such as Bacolod, Iloilo, Tacloban, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran from Manila, and Davao from Cebu with seat sale fares as low as P388, for travel from November 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012. P688 seats are also available for flights from Manila to Davao, General Santos, Dipolog, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro.

As Facebook keeps growing, social gaming is changing W

hen many people think of social gaming they think of and FarmVille, but there is substantial change happening in the industry, from start-ups to large companies, as well as new business models and new sources of intellectual property. Top social gaming executives talked about the changes in the industry at the Thursday in San Francisco. Facebook didn’t make major

changes specifically affecting gaming companies Thursday while it focused on announcing its new . But it has already made to highlight what actions people are taking inside of games. “Games are important to Facebook,” said Sean Ryan, who heads game partnerships at Facebook. Here are some highlights: New Sources of IP Importing “IP,”or brands or content from elsewhere, and turning that into social games


EJF-REM CASE NO. 12673-11

is becoming more commonplace for social game developers. Google Ventures-backed is launching a game based on the Godfather trilogy of movies and EA released Sims Social based on a longstanding PC game brand. For its part, recently added Disney branding to some of its games, and decreased the cost of acquiring customers by about a third, said John Pleasants of Disney and former Playdom CEO. When consumers see a brand

they know, they’re much more willing to pay because they trust the brand, Pleasants said. Disney has launched two social games with ESPN branding, a college town game and a sports bar game. New business models As far as business models, social games are most known for the micro-transaction business model, where most people play for free but a small minority pay for virtual goods. Kabam, a developer of hard-core social


EJF-REM CASE NO. 12672-11



x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc., with postal address at the 24th Floor, BPI Buendia Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, against SPS. EMMANUEL D. GAANE AND EFIGENIA E. GAANE , with postal addresses at No. 43 Emerald St., Ecoland 4, Matina , DAVAO CITY, and Lot 13, Blk.6, Banahaw St., CENTRAL PARK SUBD., BO. TALOMO , DAVAO CITY DAVAO DEL SUR the mortgagor/s, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of March 13, 2009 amounts to One Million Ten Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Three Pesos an 56/100(Php1,010,793. 56),Philippine Currency, exclusive of interest, penalties and charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned will sell at public auction on October 20, 2011 at 10:00 A.M.., or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland, Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate/s of Title No/s. T-189358 “ A parcel of land xxx (Lot 13, Blk. 6, xxx), situated in the Barrio of Talomo, City of Davao, Island of Mindanao, xxx containing an area of TWO HUNDRED FORTY (240) SQUARE METERS, more or” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on November 17, 2011 without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, Sept 01, 2011.

x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc., with postal address at the 24th Floor, BPI Buendia Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, against SPS. LOLITA C. EVANGELISTA AND HENRY L. EVANGELISTA, with postal addresses at No. 15 Opal Street,ROA Village, DAVAO CITY, and Lot 15, Blk.2,Ph. 1, LA VERNA HILLS SUBD., BRGY. MAMAY, DAVAO CITY DAVAO DEL SUR the mortgagor/s, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of June 29, 2009 amounts to Three Hundred Seventy Thousand Two Hundred Pesos (Php370,200.00),Philippine Currency, exclusive of interest, penalties and charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned will sell at public auction on October 20, 2011 at 10:00 A.M.., or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland, Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate/s of Title No/s. T-170845 “ A parcel of land xxx (Lot 15, Blk. 2, xxx), situated in the Brgy. Of Mamay,Cabantian City of Davao, Island of Mindanao, xxx containing an area of ONE HUNDRED FORTY (140) SQUARE METERS, more or” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on November 17, 2011 without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, Sept 01, 2011.


Noted by: (SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff

Copy furnished: The Mortgagee- Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc. The Mortgagor- SPS. EMMANUEL D. GAANE AND EFIGENIA E. GAANE PUBLISHER – EDGE DAVAO POSTING – 3 conspicuous places (Edge- 9/19,26,10/03)


Noted by: (SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff

Copy furnished: The Mortgagee- Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc. The Mortgagor- SPS. LOLITA C. EVANGELISTA AND HENRY L. EVANGELISTA PUBLISHER – EDGE DAVAO POSTING – 3 conspicuous places ( Edge- 9/19,26,10/03)

games, is working on releasing a hybrid subscription and microtransaction model, says Kevin Chou, CEO of Kabam. With a

subscription model, users won’t make a mistake and spend much more than they want to, Chou says.


‘THE government needs to accelerate spending, even with the risk of having a little corruption seep in.’

--Makati Business Club chair Ramon del Rosario Jr.


EJF-REM CASE NO. 12669-11

SUZETTE JOCELYN M. ESTOQUE, Mortgagor/s. x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc., with postal address at the 24th Floor, BPI Buendia Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, against SUZETTE JOCELYN M. ESTOQUE, with postal addresses at No. 40 Falcata Street, Nova Tierra Village, Lanang, DAVAO CITY, and Lot 25, Blk.5, Road Lot 5,EMI-VILL HOMES SUBD., BO. SASA, DAVAO CITY DAVAO DEL SUR the mortgagor/s, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of May 18, 2009 amounts to Three Hundred Five Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (Php305,500.00),Philippine Currency, exclusive of interest, penalties and charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned will sell at public auction on October 20, 2011 at 10:00 A.M.., or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland, Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate/s of Title No/s. T-166500 “ A parcel of land xxx (Lot 25, Blk. 5, xxx), situated in the Barrio of Sasa City of Davao, Island of Mindanao, xxx containing an area of ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY (180) SQUARE METERS, more or” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on November 17, 2011 without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, Sept 01, 2011. FOR THE EX-OFFICIO SHERIFF: (SGD) JOSEPH T. CASTRO JR. Sheriff IV

Noted by: (SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff Copy furnished: The Mortgagee- Balikatan Housing Finance, Inc. The Mortgagor- SUZETTE JOCELYN M. ESTOQUE PUBLISHER – EDGE DAVAO POSTING – 3 conspicuous places ( Edge- 9/19,26,10/03)


It has a nice ring to it September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30



Inside Cebu book launched

Zee Publications Inc. handin-hand with Genvi Development Corporation recently launched Inside Cebu. Inside Cebu is the latest coffee table book from Zee Publications and features a collection of 27 beautiful homes that embody Cebu’s relaxed island lifestyle. The book gives readers a glimpse into the Queen City’s distinctive architectural style and an intimate peek into the homeowner’s personalities.   Inside Cebu is available exclusively at Fully Booked outlets in Manila, Cebu and Davao or, and at

Introducing Cebu lifestyle to Davao, Genvi President Architect Toti Villalon, Inside Cebu Editor Jing Ramos, Zee Lifestyle publisher Eva Gullas, Inside Cebu Editor-at-Large Rosebud Sala, & Zee Lifestyle Fashion, Architect James Hao, Editor Oj Hofer

Cooking green with Lodge Cast Iron Cookware at SM Homeworld

When Joseph Lodge began making cast iron in 1896 in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, he began a legacy that would create the foundation for an enduring standard of quality carried forward by four generations of family management.   Today, Lodge Signature Series Cookware’s legendary cooking performance keeps it only the list of kitchen essentials for great chefs and home kitchens alike. The resulting privately held metal formula, precision molds, and exacting mold wall thickness are the result of years of dedication to improving quality that began with the first skillet from the first sand mold.   It has been said that the Lodge cast iron cookware made four generations ago is still in the kitchens of a whole new generation of food enthusiasts.  After all, some things taste so much better when cooked in cast iron – think fried potatoes, chili, burgers, and cornbread.   The good news is that Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware is now available at SM Homeworld.  There are Dutch ovens, the largest selection of iron skillets, deep fryers, country kettles, and more.  Lodge Cast Iron cookware is also great for outdoor cooking with its griddles and grills of unparalleled quality.   What makes cast iron cooking special?  Besides being an ideal heat conductor, cast iron cookware heats evenly and consistently.  It is also inexpensive and will last a lifetime with proper care.   The benefits of cast iron pans and skillets are terrific.  It is an old fashioned way to cook fat free.  Foods glide out of it with ease; it goes from stove to oven; and no special utensils are needed to cook in it.   Professional chefs consider cast iron cookware to be precision cooking tools, as these dependable pans enable precise control of cooking temperatures.  Their heat retention qualities allow for even cooking temperature without hot spots.  Cast iron pans can be used on top of the stove or to bake in the oven.  Our grandmothers all had cast iron skillets and stove top griddles and made many delicious family meals on it. The best part is that these pans are easy to care for – they won’t warp and clean-ups are a cinch.    The Lodge collection of Pre-Seasoned Iron Cookware is available at selected Homeworld branches at the SM Department Store.




Party music picks


s I always say, keeping on top of party music is always a good idea for partyphiles. It simply helps to know what music is “in” for today’s partyphile so you know what you are dancing to in clubs; or you know what to play during house parties. In this article, I am grabbing the top five tracks from’s Dance and Club charts, and telling you what I think about the current chart-toppers. Here they are:

  1.) Collide by Leona Lewis and Avicii: There are songs that only require you one listen to know that it is definitely on its way to the top of the charts—a song with a catchy beat that pushes you to move—a song that has catchy lyrics, an infectious beat, and a certain unique sound to it—a song that is unfortunately not this one. Collide is based on the original Avicii track Fade Into Darkness—a ready club hit with all the right elements: simple vocals, a simple harmony, and a banging beat. However, this second version of the club favorite by Leona Lewis simply just does not work. First of all, it makes the instrumental harmony sound like cheap background music for some old school video game. Second, the song manages to make Lenoa undersing, and worse, they run her gorgeously silky vocals through an autotune machine (as if she needs it). Finally, the melody of the vocals is not really catchy, nor is it pleasant. It does not go with the beat, and the heavily layered vocals seem too overwhelming for the light, staccato beat. It is currently at the top of the dance charts and it boggles my mind. I simply do not understand how two great artists produced such crap.   2.) Little Bad Girl by David Guetta, Taio Cruz, and Ludacris: The top 2 track on the Dance/Club Charts is from the powerhouse partymusic-making-machine: David Guetta. As you would expect rom a Guetta-produced track, the beat is repetitive, infectious, and quite familiar. It’s the type of song you’d

remember hearing somewhere but would not remember the lyrics to. All in all, the track is good for parties, but I do not expect this to become the star of the dance floor or a staple in DJs’ playlists for years to come. It just has a very “now” feel and would probably die down right after it hits a couple million sales. What I find lacking from this track is a very distinctive identity. Party tracks that have a strong identity, distinct sound, and feel take you back to a particular event or string of parties whenever you hear it; unfortunately this song does not achieve that. Does it make it a mediocre track? Maybe. But it still inspires one to dance.   3.) I’m Still Hot by Luciana: Aside from the fact that this newbie divette sounds like a copy of Ke$ha (and Fergie at times), and she looks like a retired female wrestler with huge arms

and a protruding nose, this track is really banging. The beats are heavy; probably heavier than any of Ke$ha’s outings… in fact I just might go as far as to say that this track is heavier (in terms of beats) than most of the tracks on radio today. It kind of sounds like it was made in the vein of Ida Corr’s Let Me Think About It, but with a more annoying vocalist. The funny thing is, her voice actually works with the song and the song really inspires one to move, get wild, and get drunk. In fact, it is my favorite among the top five.   4.) Wepa by Gloria Estefan: Alright, so you do not exactly think of Gloria Estefan and hard partying together; but there was actually a time when “party music” meant

a different thing, and Gloria ruled supreme. Now, it seems like she wants to get back to her dance diva roots and give the younger generation a taste of her music. Unfortunately, her gorgeously honey-dipped voice is not highlighted in the song (thanks to the very very fast harmony) but her vocals do lend a certain sense of warmth to the song. Does it sound uniquely Gloria? Maybe. It kind of sounds like the newer J.Lo songs, but with an actual live band instead of fake digital instruments. Also, the track actually features horns, bongos, claps, and a lot of unique Latin instruments. It is the perfect track for a laid back beach party. The tracks follows a totally different party DNA and is best plaid back to back with J.Lo’s Papi, Sakira’s Loca, and Alexandra Stan’s Mr. Saxobeat.  5.) Champagne Showers by LMFAO and Natalia Kills: First of all, Natalia Kills sounds like an autotuned chipmunk and her voice isn’t really given any ustice in the track. Second, this tracks follows the vein of Party Rock Anthem. It is very much alike, which is perfect for partyphiles who actually liked the song (Party Rock Anthem) before it got overexposed and overplayed by DJs and Radio Stations. Like their previous outing, it features a fast beat that goes even faster as it reaches the climax of the song where Natalia finally lets it all out (vocally), unfortunately, it is still run through an autotune machine and doesn’t really highlight her voice. Is that a bad thing? For Natalia it is, but for the song, it really works well. The song is ultimately about living it up and doing crazy (party-related) things and this song sounds like the perfect soundtrack for you to do just that.   Catch Confessions of a Partyphile’s (The Radio Show) this Wednesday (August 31, 2011) from 6 to 9 PM on 105.9 Mix FM or For comments, suggestions, and more confessions, log on to or follow the columnist on zhaun




VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011

It has a nice ring to it S

The Business PAPER

Partner Tagum Establishments You can now buy your weekly paper fill of in-depth business news and features from any of these establishments still at Php 15.

National highway, tagum city 8100 Tel 6384 2188380 cel 63917 7193982 facebook

email yuyu cafe and dessert shop

Jose Abad Santos St., Corner Arellano St., Tagum City 8100 Philippines Tel. No.: (084) 216-3003 Cell No,: 0939-243-8539


ome like to associate rings with momentous occasions while others simply use them to create fashion moments. Cocktail rings in particular are familiar culprits when in the hands of stylish ladies and even men who use them liberally but with admirable, studied aplomb. Mimi Tupas, the owner of Soul Lifestyle, is one such lady who understands the impact of parking something a little interesting between one’s fingers. And if it may indeed be true that love is indeed in the details, the Davao-grown clothing brand is showing us plenty with their wide assortment of choice accoutrements.   The rings are sourced from all over Asia, from being handpicked out of quaint shops in India and Bangkok to their supplier in Hongkong who also creates accessories for international high-street brands such as Forever 21, H&M and Betsey Johnson. Alone, they are undeniable conversational pieces and collectively a great style proposition. It all the more becomes hard to ignore when placed alongside looks from Soul’s clothing collections. The

owl rings are the perfect accompaniment to the enigmatic, glamorous rocker they envision clad in tulle and denim. Youth and playful charm emanate from the oversized turquoise and feather rings of their bohemian line, which is a gypsy moodboard in flowy fabrics and the sexy, free-spirited 70’s.

Having just fully launched Soul’s online store on Multiply, there are even more rings in impressive array, the most notable being mod rings of different shades and bejeweled amphibians set in metal.   An accessory nut herself, Mimi shares that she understands all about that moment

of bliss that can be quite a rush when chancing upon a great find among the racks. There are days when she even works on choosing her outfit from the ring up. Quite akin to finding diamonds in the rough, Soul already does half the job for us. And as most of the rings are priced from P195 to P250, it is just a good time as any to admit that all this stir that Soul is causing has really got a nice ring to it.   Discover more of Soul Lifestyle by visiting their stores at the 2nd floor of Gaisano Mall and the 3rd floor of Abreeza Mall. Search for them on Facebook by typing “Soul Lifestyle” or browse through their collections online at soulifestyle.


September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30

Breast augmentation and breastfeeding


omen who had breast augmentation and are lactating need NOT fret! There is no need to worry about the effects of breastfeeding on the shape and size of your breasts. Go ahead and breastfeed your baby! Researchers from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) pointed out that the number of pregnancies a woman has -- not whether she breastfeeds -- is what causes breasts to sag over time.

  “If a woman believes that breastfeeding will adversely affect her breast appearance, she decreases her chances of successful breastfeeding,” study author Dr. Norma Cruz, said in an ASPS news release. “This misconception is unfortunate. Reassuring women that breastfeeding won’t harm their breast appearance, and that it has significant health advantages for both mother and baby, is vitally important.”   “It makes sense that breast augmentation patients would be concerned about the effect breastfeeding could have on the appearance of their breasts. After all, these women have invested both time and money into them,” said Cruz, an ASPS member surgeon. “However, available evidence tells us that although breasts sag more with each pregnancy, breastfeeding doesn’t seem to worsen these effects in women with or without breast implants.”  Breastfeeding helps strengthen the mother-child bond, it is linked to a number of health benefits for women, including lower risk of type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and post-partum depression. Breast milk also

helps children build their immune systems and fight diseases.   Here are other facts about breastfeeding:   Practically all mothers can breastfeed. There are only a few true contraindications to breastfeeding. These include galactosemia, in severe maternal conditions such as heart failure, serious kidney, liver or lung disease and rarely from a few maternal drugs including amethopterin, thiouracil and radioactive or chemotherapeutic therapy. Malnutrition among breastfeeding mothers is not a contraindication as a malnourished mother produces the same quality or nutritional content of milk as a wellnourished mother. Mother’s breast milk is designed to provide for and protect baby even in times of hardships and famine.   A mother produces enough breastmilk for her baby. Almost all mothers can produce enough milk as long as they feed the baby as often as needed. The baby’s frequent suckling stimulates further the production of breast milk. In industrialized countries, the inability to lactate is closely associated with women who have little or no information about breastfeeding; have little or no experience with its mechanics; lack confidence about their ability to breastfeed; and have no close family member, friend or other means of social support to aid them in overcoming problems they may encounter in initiating breastfeeding. On the other hand, in societies where breastfeeding is widespread, failure to breastfeed is improbable. Thus, it is important to provide the necessary support to the mother

Breastfeeding does not cause the breast to sag. Breasts sag because of poor physical support during pregnancy and lactation. for breastfeeding.   A baby needs to be fed on demand. In the first two days of life, babies need only to be fed 2-4 times a day. From about the third day onward, the baby starts to feed more often or about 10-20 feeding in 24 hours. On the second week or so, most babies settle into a routine of their own and feed 5-10 times a day. From the third week onward, the number of feedings decreases to about one feeding every 3-4 hours. A mother should offer her breasts to the baby often.   Babies are content with breast milk alone. Breast milk is adequate when the baby: is satisfied after 15 20 minutes of feeding, falls asleep right away after each feeding and sleeps for about 3 - 4 hours, gains weight satisfactorily, i.e. about half a kilogram every month for the first six months such that birth weight will be doubled by about the sixth month, and tripled by the first year, urinates about six times a day (wetness test).  Breastfeeding does not

cause the breast to sag. Breasts sag because of poor physical support during pregnancy and lactation. To prevent breasts from sagging, mothers can do breast exercises, and use a firm but comfortable brassiere. A nursing brassiere can be used during breastfeeding.   Breast size is not important in producing breast milk. The size of breast does not determine the quantity of milk. A mother can store enough milk, even if she has small breasts. Frequent suckling of the baby stimulates milk production.   A mother can breastfeed even when she is sick or tired. It is best and safest to breastfeed an infant even if the mother is sick or tired from work or even after doing house chores. The baby will not suckle her sickness or tiredness. Whenever the mother is exposed to an illness or infection, her body makes the antibodies, and her milk contains antibodies to protect the baby.   Breasts do not produce sour or spoiled milk. Breast milk is always safe and will never get spoiled in the breast. The quality of the milk is the same in both breasts. Mothers must be reassured of this and encouraged to feed the baby on both breasts during each feeding.   Colostrum is not dirty milk and should not be thrown away. Colostrum is often yellowish in color, but it does not mean it is dirty. It should be given to the baby to protect the baby from getting sick.   Breast milk is not ‘too thin’. It is important for a baby to have both fore milk (breast milk released at the start of feeding) and hind milk (milk released towards the end of the feeding) to get a complete meal, which includes all the water that the baby needs. The hind milk is especially high in fat which helps the baby feel full and satisfied. It


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‘White’ fruits, veggies take Partner Koronadal Establishments a bite out of stroke risk


Gen. Santos Drive, Koronadal City Telefax No.: (083) 520-0816 Mobile No.: 0922-843-9427 email:

Alunan Ave. corner Abad Santos St., Koronadal City

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Tulip Drive, Ecoland, Davao City



VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011

General Santos

Partner Establishments

2F Meetrovi, South Osmeña St., General Santos City Tel No. (083)- 301-1991

Tel No. (083)- 553-2211

Upper Ground Floor. KCC Mall, General Santos City 4th Floor, Gaisano Mall, Bajada, Davao City


he old adage that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a good one to follow, according to a new Dutch study. The researchers found that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables with white flesh, such as apples and pears, may protect you against stroke. “To prevent stroke, it may be useful to consume considerable amounts of white fruits and vegetables,” Linda M. Oude Griep, lead author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow in human nutrition at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, said in a statement. “For example, eating one apple a day is an easy way to increase white fruits and vegetable intake.” Although previous research has shown the positive health benefits of daily fruit intake, the new study suggests a link between stroke risk and fruits and vegetables of certain colors. Orange, green and red Researchers looked at the answers 20,000 adults gave to questions about what they ate over the previous year. The average age of the participants was 41, and all were free of cardiovascular diseases at the study’s start. Over the next 10 years, 233 suffered strokes. The researchers found that the risk of stroke was 52 percent lower for people with a high intake of white fruits and vegetables, compared with people who ate few foods in that color group. The researchers classified fruits and vegetables into four color groups: orange/yellow, which contained mostly citrus fruits; green, which had dark leafy vegetables, cabbages and lettuce; red/purple, for mostly red vegetables; and white, of

which 55 percent of the foods eaten were apples and pears. The fruits were grouped based on the color of their flesh, not their skin. For example, a red apple belongs to the white group because although its skin is red, its flesh is white. The color of the edible portion of fruits and vegetables reflects the presence of plant compounds such as carotenoids, which are organic pigments, and flavonoids. Food color and stroke risk Apples and pears may lower stroke risk because they are high in dietary fiber and an antioxidant flavonoid called quercetin, the researchers said. Other foods classified in the white category were bananas, cauliflower and cucumbers. (Potatoes were classified as a starch.) Green, orange/yellow and red/purple fruits and vegetables didn’t affect participants’ stroke risk, according to the study, but the study authors said that people shouldn’t dismiss them as less beneficial overall. “Other fruits and vegetable color groups may protect against other chronic diseases,” Oude Griep said. The researchers also warned that the study findings should be interpreted with caution because food frequency questionnaires are subject to errors. “The observed reduction in stroke risk might further be due to a generally healthier lifestyle of individuals consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables,” according to Dr. Heike Wersching, of the Institute of Epidemiology and Social Medicine at the University of Münster in Germany, who was not involved in the study but wrote an editorial accompanying it in publication.



September 26 - october 2, 2011 VOL. 4 NO. 30

PSC reports on financial GOLFER OF THE WEEK assistance to 54 NSAs F T


Natalie Gulbis

he Philippine Sports Commission released the breakdown of financial assistance given to National Sports Associations in a recent NSA General Assembly at the PSC Badminton Hall. The report showed the 2011 budget allocated to 54 NSAs totalling P380 million. The amount was broken down to P357 million as direct financial assistance and P23 million as indirect financial assistance, referring to the billeting and venue use of PSC facilities. The boxing association had the biggest budget allocation of P15,498,800 while the lowest amount went to the bridge association at P499,500. From highest to lowRepublic of the Philippines Department of Transportation and Communications LAND TRANSPORTATION FRANCHISING AND REGULATORY BOARD Regional Office No. XI Davao City Case No.2001-XI-00550 Petition for Renewal of Certificate of Public Convenience to operate a PUJ Ordinary Regular Service. ROMEO M. MANTO, Petitioner x- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - x NOTICE HEARING Petitioner is a grantee of a Certificate of Public Convenience issued in this case authorizing the operation of a PUJ-DUAL Ordinary Regular service on the route:: CIRCULATION ROUTE 2 and for cargoes as dual service from said route to any point in Region XI with the use of ONE (1) unit, which Certificate will expire on September 12, 2011. In the petition filed on September 12, 2011, petitioner requests authority to extend the validity of said certificate to operate along the same route with the use of the same units previously authorized. NOTICE, is hereby given that this petition will be heard by this Board on OCTOBER 25, 2011 at 09:20 a. m. at this office at the above address. At least, TEN (10) days prior to the above date petitioner shall publish this Notice once in a one (1) daily newspaper of general circulation in Mindanao Parties opposed to the granting of the petition must file their written opposition supported by documentary evidence on or before the above date furnishing a copy of the same to the petitioner, and may if they so, desire appear on said date and time. This petition will be acted upon by this Board on the basis of its records and the documentary evidence submitted by the parties, unless the Board deems it necessary to receive additional documentary and/or oral evidence. WITNESS the Honorable BENJAMIN A. GO, CESO V, Regional Director, this 12th day of September 2011 at Davao City. TERESITA DELA PEÑA-YÑIGUEZ Chief Transport Development Officer /hoc Copy furnished: Petitioner, Romeo M. Manto, Phase 1, Doña Asuncion, Bo. Pampanga, Davao City Counsel, Atty. Marvin G. Camino, Rm 202, New Borgaily Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City NOTE: Affidavit of Publication and newspaper where notice was published must be submitted three (3) days before the scheduled hearing.

est after boxing are wushu (P15,386,940), taekwondo (P15,200,600), shooting (P14,995,396), athletics (P14,522,087), cycling (P12,462,200), swimming (P12,214,495), gymnastics (P10,768,000), fencing (P10,610,840), chess (P10,070,575), Philspada (P9,783,500), sailing (P9,676,000), volleyball (P9,001,430), archery (P8,285,955), karate (P8,217,854), judo (P8,210,180), wrestling (P8,120,800), triathlon (P7,996,830), softball (P7,990,250), water polo (P7,528,400), muay thai (P7,468,043), table tennis (P7,441,070), weightlifting (P7,306,430), tennis (P7,219,900), football (P6,992,800), billiards (P6,845,496), rowing (P6,656,451), basketball (P6,602,600); Sepak takraw (P6,508,500), windsurfing (P6,416,708), dance sports (P6,313,255), canoe kayak (P6,181,000), bowling (P6,143,506), rugby (P6,054,720), pencak silat (P5,769,350), equestrian (P5,454,000), badminton (P5,389,300), dragon boat (P5,310,000), Namsa (P5,200,000), diving (P5,149,200), golf (P4,473,070), base-

ball (P4,378,800); Lawn bowl (P4,332,000), soft tennis (P4,206,000), squash (P4,146,960), finswimming (P2,488,000), synchronized swimming (P2,366,720), handball (P1,848,020), petanque (P1,845,020), powerlifting (P1,113,325), arnis (P1,000,000), skating (P1,000,000), sportclimbing (P1,000,000), open water swim (P592,000), duckpin bowling (P514,000), wakeboard P499,750). The biggest chunk of the direct financial assitance went to meal allowances at P80.1 million out of the P357 million while the smallest went to direct billeting and office space expenses at P2 million. After meals, basic allowance of P74.2 million came in second followed by international event participation totalling P70 million. Equipment, supplements and medical supplies amounted to P49 million while P23 million went to international training expenses.  Foreign coach allowance and other fees totalled P20.4 million while local events cost P13.4 million. Local training expenses were tallied at P13.3 million while direct venue fees cost P6.6 million and international hosting at P5 million. [Mo-

ses P. Billacura]

Milo run in Davao Nov. 6, list-up at Toby’s Abreeza


he 35th National Milo Marathon will be held on November 6, at 4:30 a.m. in an out-and-back course on Roxas Avenue. For years, the National MILO® Marathon has been the biggest running event in the country. This year, it will hold its biggest advocacy campaign to date. Ten thousand more pairs of MILO® running shoes will be given to underprivileged children in 2011. That’s more than twice as

many MILO® gave away in 2010. Same as last year, for every runner who joins the National MILO® Marathon, a portion of the registration fee will be allotted to the advocacy. And the money raised will be used to produce running shoes that will be donated to different public schools selected by the Department of Education in the areas where the 35th National MILO® Marathon will be held.

EXTRA JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE WITH DEED OF DONATION Notice is hereby given that the INTESTATE ESTATE of VICTOR C. BONGAO with Deed of Donation has been the subject of extra judicial settlement by his heirs per Doc. No. 305, Page No. 63, Book No. VIII, Series of 2011 of the Notary Public ANTHONY P. BANZALI.

rom the very beginning it seemed like I was drawn to golf. Starting at the age of 4, I would tag along with my dad to the local Sacramento courses and picked up the game from him. By age 7, I won my first tournament, and by age 10, I was breaking par. Growing up I tried to be an all-around athlete, also competing at the high school level in diving and gymnastics. I achieved level 8 in gymnastics, which is only three below Olympic level, but my heart was in another sport. I continued to really love playing golf, and in high school (Granite Bay HS) I actually played No. 1 singles on the Men’s golf team which was a little awkward at first, but everyone really welcomed me and it was a lot of fun. I finished second in the California State Women’s Amateur at 13 in 1996, losing in the final to current LPGA player Filipino Dorothy Delasin, but I turned it around the following year, beating Delasin in the 1997 final. At age 14, I was the


lease don’t forget to support the Davao City High School Batch 81 Scholarship Run on Oct.2 presented by Castrol Philippines GTX . The more runners joining, the better as funds are being pooled to support deserving high school students get into college or university and graduate. The race starts at 5:15 a.m. for the 10-K, 5:30 a.m. for the 5-K and 5:45 a.m. for the 3-K starting at the Peoples Park. Registration is going on at RunClub Davao in Obrero (2228786), city treasurer’s office Room 1 at City Hall (2268001), Astrochairs in Bajada (2212222, 2213333), Stadium Buffet Restaurant in Matina (2990898) or contact the Secretariat at  09088814237 or 09228861021. Support this noble cause and you will be glad you did. *** Brokenshire College only recently organized the 2011 Sports Management Seminar and Cheerleading Accreditation with participants coming from all regions in Mindanao. Important areas in sports development were discussed by resource speakers from the Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Center for Sports

youngest player to qualify for an LPGA event (Michelle Wie at the age of 12 broke that mark in 2002), playing in the Longs Drugs Challenge just 10 miles from my home, which was a very exciting experience. I went on to finish high school in three years, and graduated at the age of 16. After high school I received a scholarship to play collegiate golf at University of Arizona, the defending NCAA champs at the time. As an Arizona freshman in 1999, I won three tournaments and earned All-America honors. The summer before my sophomore year would turn out to be a major turning point in my golfing career. First, I made the cut at the US Women’s Open and went on to tie for 34th place as an amateur. Shortly thereafter, I earned female MVP honors at the USA-Japan Collegiate Golf Championship. Based on my success during that summer and the opportunity to make a living playing golf, I decided to turn professional after only one

year of collegiate golf and attempted to make the LPGA Tour by heading to Q-School later that fall. The success I had during the summer followed me to the fall in Qualifying School, where I won my sectional qualifier by eight shots and tied for third in the final, which meant I had made the Tour fully exempt. 2002 marked my rookie year on Tour. I had a great learning experience, traveled to new cities, and met some really great people and new friends along the way. I ended up finishing second in Rookie of the Year points, and most importantly, found a permanent home on Tour where eversince I have been living my dream! [WWW.NATALIEGULBIS.COM]

City High 81 run

Medicine as well as from Davao’s Bravetower Promotions. Brokenshire College will soon have roadshows in key cities in Mindanao to promote cheerleading as a sport in collaboration with the Women’s and Men’s NCAA. So expect, the WNCAA and MNCAA to visit schools in General Santos City, Koronadal City, Tagum City and even as far as Zamboanga City.  We just hope that cheerleading as a sport and sports management as a new course will thrive and become strong in Mindanao. *** Coach Alther Rivera of the Davao City National High School is planning to do something big for student-athletes. His plan is to set up a sports high school curriculum similar to other schools

in the country. What will happen is that for every year level, there’s a section that is composed only of studentathletes. So their academic needs are addressed in a special way by teachers. You see, rarely can you see an athlete who is academically strong. Their strength is mainly in athletic endeavors, so through this move, teachers will be able to do a program specifically designed for them in order for them to adjust and excel too in academic work. It’s actually a tougher job, but coach Alther and his coworkers want to work things out to help student-athletes. This is really wonderful and I hope big private firms will also come in to support this program. *** Happy birthday to Inquirer correspondent Dennis Jay Santos.

sive.” Villanueva, 21 wins with 20 KOs, becomes only the second Filipino boxer to be currently handled by Roach, widely acknowledged as one of boxing’s best trainers. Roach is in the Philippines to start the first phase of the training program for his favorite boxer, Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao

who will figure in a third bout with Mexican challenger Juan Manuel Marquez. “I don’t want to be excessive with my praises but this boy learns fast, disciplined and he definitely packs power,” proudly told Pacquiao of his new ward. Pacquiao arrived at the Coyeesan Gym to work out shortly after Roach finished his first training session with Villanueva.

Roach impressed with new protege


all of Fame trainer Freddie Roach started his training program with his new Filipino boxing protege, undefeated featherweight Lorenzo “Thunderbolt” Villanueva, at the Coyeesan Shape-Up Boxing Gym in Baguio City last week and after four rounds of mitts sparring described the 24-year-old southpaw from North Cotabato as “impres-


VOL. 4 NO. 30 September 26 - october 2, 2011


Edge Issue 30  

edge davao issue 30

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