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VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

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A time to honor the ‘light of our households’


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

CELEBRATING MOTHER’S DAY A time to honor the ‘light of our households’



hEIR love and sacrifice started even before we are conceived. They take care of our health for us to be born normal. They gamble their life, feeling the pain just to deliver us and be born. But, the duty of being a mother is not done by giving birth as lots of responsibilities of our mothers lie ahead in every step of our lives.

After we grow into our infancy and early childhood, our mother become our best friend every time we are in trouble, always there comforting us while we are in pain. They are our lifetime teachers, giving us everyday lessons as we tack the life we have chosen even we become already an adult. That is what is called a motherly love. A Filipina mother is described as “light of every household,” around which all activities revolve. In Filipino culture, it is the object of filial piety. For Regional Trial

Court Branch 11 Judge Virginia H. Europa, a mother two, the duty of being a mother is not just providing the needs of the children but also ensuring that they become upright and good citizen of the country by teaching them the commandments of God and the basic tenets of morality. “Bringing your children a right way that they become a good citizens and children of God – that’s the essence of being a mother,” she emphasized. Europa said in an interview with Edge Davao that as a woman court judge for 20 years, she emphasized the great challenge

as a mother because aside from her work in handling and deciding cases, there is a need to attend her families and household. Despite of her busy job, she has managed to accomplish her duty as a mother. Even as her children already got married, Europa said she is still playing the duty of being a mother to her five grand children. As we celebrate, Mother’s Day today, Edge Davao pays tribute to the ‘light of our households,’ honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our society and

the entire humanity. The said that the origin of this celebration came from the ancient Greek and Roman Civilization. The ancient annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to maternal goddesses. They used the occasion to honor Rhea, wife of Cronus (god of time) and the mother of many deities of Greek mythology. The ancient Romans also celebrated a spring festival, called Hilaria dedicated to Cybele, a mother goddess. It may be noted that ceremonies in honor of Cybele began some 250 years before Christ was born. But, the roots of Mother’s Day history can also be traced in United Kingdom where a Mothering Sunday was celebrated much before the festival saw the light of the day in United States. However, the celebration of the festival as it is seen today is a recent

phenomenon and not even a hundred years old. The idea of Julia Ward Howe suggested that the official celebration of Mothers day in US in 1872. Howe is an activist, writer and poet she shot to fame with her famous Civil War song, “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Julia Ward Howe suggested that June 2 be annually celebrated as Mothers Day and should be dedicated to peace. Then, Anna Jarvis is recognized as the founder of Mothers Day in US in 1905. Though she never married and never had kids, she is also known as the Mother of Mothers Day, an apt title for the lady who worked hard to bestow honor on all mothers. A loving daughter, Anna never forgot her mother’s word and when her mother died in 1905, she resolved to fulfill her mother’s desire of having a mother’s day. Growing negligent attitude of adult

Americans towards their mothers and a desire to honor her mothers soared her ambitions. Today the festival of Mothers day is celebrated across 46 countries (though on different dates) and is a hugely popular affair. Millions of people across the globe take the day as an opportunity to honor their mothers, thank them for their efforts in giving them life, raising them and being their constant support and well wisher. In the Philippines, the common practices of celebrating it include treating mothers and mother-figures to meals out, strolling in a park or shopping at malls, or giving mother’s time to pamper them. Most families celebrate at home, with children doing household chores that the mother routinely handles such as preparing food, or giving mothers small handcrafted tokens such as cards.




a ‘force for good’in Mindanao, 2 Mindanao solons hit Energy BeAntonino tells Ateneo graduates czar’s approach to power crisis W


nERGy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla and top government officials met with Mindanao congressional leaders last Wednesday, but they “did not offer any solution” to the power crisis crippling the island with the daily brownouts lasting six to 12 hours in some parts, Mindanawon lawmakers said. Petilla, who came with top officials of the national Power Corp. and the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM), was instead pushing for the adoption of the Interim Mindanao Electricity Market (IMEM) as the solution to end the Min-

danao power crisis. The House Committee on Energy had already recommended the suspension of the IMEM following objections from Mindanao’s power distributors and consumers during a public hearing in Cagayan de Oro on March 4, 2014. “Petilla did not offer any solution. He was asking us to give IMEM another chance,” said Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, representative of the city’s second district. “Petilla did not go there to offer a solution. Instead he pushed for the IMEM and for the co-ops to buy the expensive modular generating sets,” Bayan Muna

Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate also said. The meeting, sponsored by the House Committee on Energy, was held not in Mindanao but in the posh Sulu Hotel in Quezon City last Wednesday. Petilla reiterated the government’s proposal to adopt again the IMEM, which was already rejected by Mindanao electric cooperatives and consumer groups. Rodriguez said they have reminded Petilla about the House resolution rejecting the IMEM but he persisted, asking to meet again the leaders of Mindanao electric cooperatives

in Manila next Wednesday. “Petilla did not even give us any update on the current Mindanao power situation,” Zarate said. Rodriguez said the Mindanao congressmen were the ones who offered solutions to end the power crisis, adding Petilla was only bent on pushing for the revival of IMEM. The three solutions they offered were to fasttrack the procurement of modular generator sets, for the Energy Regulatory Commission to issue immediately the uniform rates for the electricity produced by the modular generators,


ITH Mindanao development as a platform, graduates of higher education programs from a leading university here were told to use their learning to broaden individual perspectives and remain deeply committed to being a force for good. Speaking to more than 200 graduates of the Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU) Graduate School and College of Law at the school’s commencement rites recently, Secretary Luwalhati Antonino, chair of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), encouraged the Mindanao’s future leaders to remain bullish about island’s potentials. “Having been educated in this highly reputable

university, you carry with you the valuable learnings, new ideas, and Ignatian ideals that will come in handy when you are tasked to solve problems in the real world,” Antonino said while underscoring the need for new breed of experts who will play active roles in realizing inclusive growth in Mindanao. Thirty-three of the graduates are from the College of Law, while 204 completed the graduate school programs in Business and Governance, Arts, Education, Engineering, nursing, and Sciences. “The academic feat you have achieved today comes at an interesting, if not exciting times in Mindanao. As we lay down the foun-

advantage of this insightful presentation as it is informative, compelling, and absolutely free. Conceptualized as the largest and most comprehensive building and construction trade show to be held in the region, PHILBEX Davao aims to open up the region’s construction industry not only to the entire nation but on an international level at that. Meanwhile, its range of exhibitors which will showcase local Mindanaoan designs and innovation will seek to put the region’s mark on the global design map. In light of the alarming threats brought on by climate change, PHILBEX Davao will center on the theme of “Connecting the World through Resilient Construction.” Going beyond the cry for sustainability, the exposition aims to promote resilience and preparedness by showcasing the latest technologies in construction and building that will directly address the issues of environmental hazards and calamities. As WSI strives to deliver first-class exhibitions each time, the four-day exposition will deliver a premium range of exhibitors as well as activities and pocket events that will set the stage for business-to-business transaction opportunities. Through all these substantial offerings, PHILBEX Davao will also serve as an ideal chance for future exhibitors to get an idea of what the trade show can offer, as well as the perfect venue for style and design enthusiasts as well as students to gain industry insights and inspiration. As PHILBEX Davao is committed in tapping all sectors of the industry and audiences, the four-day expo offers to conduct free seminars and

free admission to everyone. Other highlights of the event include the Developers’ gallery where guests can discuss the possibilities with top property developers. Ideal for design enthusiasts and students are the Architects’ gallery and the Interior Design gallery where capsule presentations will be mounted. To make the four-day trade show all the more definitive, WSI has partnered with associations including the European Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association, Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, and the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers. The dream of building the Philippines to become a powerful economic player in the global field seems to be a monumental feat. However, through ensuring that the entire nation’s potential in each of its sector is tapped, explored, and developed through the highest ethical standards, it could very well be possible. As it is, building the Philippines from within means making world-class professionals out of our labor pool and students. Through the comprehensive PHILBEX Davao, WSI aims to contribute in uplifting of this sector by providing a venue for the high-grade exchange of industry information as well as a platform for industry professionals to keep in constant interaction. Don’t miss this chance to take part in the convergence of top construction companies from here and abroad at the first-ever Philippine Building and Construction Exposition Davao on May 15 to 18 at the SMX Convention Center Davao in SM Lanang from 10am to 7pm. Admission is free.

FBE, 10

Free Seminars to take center stage at the first-ever PHILBEX Davao T

OWARDS the South of the country lies a potential ripe for the taking and Worldbex Services International (WSI), the country’s leading exhibitions and events organizer, sets its sight on the limitless opportunities that lie ahead. Mindanao holds much promise and it takes the right vision and drive to nurture it and instigate its exponential growth. Envisioned as the much-needed boost to fuel the economic growth and cultural development of one of the southern region’s most promising sector, WSI presents the first-ever Philippine Building Construction Exposition or PHILBEX Davao on May 15 to 18 at the SMX Convention Center Davao from 10AM to 7PM. WSI sees PHILBEX Davao as only the beginning of something big. As such, guests can expect a compelling and prolific trade show with 100 exhibitors in participation. There will also be extensive product and equipment presentations from the industry’s top companies as well as free seminars featuring experts and influential industry professionals. Free for all interested participants, Dr. Angelo Lazaro will be conducting a talk on “Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings and Bridges,” Architect Illuminado C. Quinto Jr. will be discussing “Rainwater Harvest,” Mr. Joshua Rey Albarina will tackle “Energy Smart”, Engr. Denis Estrella will be sharing a talk entitled “Basic Lighting Design”, Engr. Joseph Dareen Claire Solicar will share his ideas about “Lighting Control Techniques” while Dr. Hazel Graces-Resari will be touching on the topic of “Interior Design into the Road to Resilience.” Visitors are highly encouraged to take


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

More investments for energy development set in Mindanao By ChENEEN R. CApON

T MOMS AND KIDS. Mothers and their children troop to the activity center of Abreeza Mall where the Mompreneur Fair, an exhibit dedicated to entrepreneur moms, is being held. Lean Daval Jr.

Brownoutsdelayscourthearings By ARMANDO B. FENEQUITO JR.


HE long-hour brownouts hitting Davao City may cause delay in the conduct of trial hearings in the Hall of Justice, according to Regional Trial Court Executive Judge Pelagio Paguican. Paguican told reporter last Friday that once the power outage schedule falls during office hours, all courts inside the premises will be forced to postpone the hearings due to security reasons. “ngit-ngit man gud ang

sulod sa Hall of Justice kung brownout. Delikado pasudlon ang mga tao pag brownout,” he said. Paguican cannot categorically declare if the operations of the courts were affected during the past week as he was on leave last Monday to Wednesday. But last Thursday the brownout occurred in their area at around 4:00 p.m. or one hour before the end of office hours.

The executive judge said they will be forced to postpone the schedule of hearings as the Hall of Justice has no generator set to utilize. He said that the Supreme Court (SC) has not appropriated budget for the generator sets while the local courts also lack funding to avail of the equipment. Paguican said that even if they will make request from the SC it will take a long time before it will be grant-

ed, citing the long process in undergoing the bidding and eventual purchase. A check made by Edge Davao from some employees in the Hall of Justice revealed that brownout occurred along the area at around 11:00 a.m. and lasted up to 4:00 p.m. The employees said that all hearings in courts were postponed and the transactions with other offices were also disrupted.

groups to institutionalize positive and non-violent discipline of children in homes, schools and barangays. The project is being implemented by Plan International Philippines, Lihok Pilipina Foundation, and the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) Foundation, with

support from Plan International Germany and the European Union. According to Jayson Lozano, Project Manager from Plan International, “Plan International is pleased to work with government and civil society partners in Alabel, Saranggani province to promote a nonviolent and protective society for

children. We look forward to building the confidence and capacity of parents, teachers and service providers to practice positive and non-violent discipline of children. We are also excited to work with children to promote violence-free homes, schools and communities.”

HE Department of Energy (DOE) has launched the 5th Philippine Energy Contracting Round (PERC5) which offers more investment windows for energy development project in Mindanao, particularly in coal exploration. Under the PERC5, DOE offered 15 potential areas for coal exploration in Mindanao. In a statement sent to Edge Davao, energy secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla said that an “an equal playing field for all interested parties, in which the government ensures that all service contracts and offered areas are in accordance with existing Philippine laws and policies is created”. According to the press statement, the areas for coal exploration are in Carmen, Lanuza and Tandag, Surigao del Sur; Tandag and Tago, Surigao del Sur; Tandag, Tago and San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, Butuan City, Agusan del norte and Sibagat, Agusan del Sur; Butuan City, Agusan del


Constraints on PHL credit ratings being addressed


RESIDEnTIAL Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. on Friday said issues raised by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) regarding the ratings constraints on the Philippines are being addressed. His reaction came a day after the debt watcher upgraded a notch higher its investment grade rating on the country to “BBB” with stable outlook, which in turn is given a year after S&P gave the country an investment grade rating of “BBB-”. In a Palace briefing, Coloma said the Aquino administration is doing its best to implement solutions on the problems cited by the ratings agency namely: the narrow revenue base, shortage of basic infrastructure and govern-

ment services, and the low income level in the country. He said the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) continues to introduce reforms that would ensure increase in tax compliance. Coloma also noted that tax to GDP ratio of the Philippines went up to as much as 16-17 percent before the 1997 Asian financial crisis or during the term of President Fidel V. Ramos. However, it declined after the crisis and is currently at about 12 to 13 percent to GDP. ”Under the Millennium Development Goals and the Philippine Development Plan, we target to bring it up to the level similar to that during the Ramos administration,” he said. On the issue of lack of


norte and Sibagat, Agusan del Sur; Bunawan, Agusan del Sur; Bunawan and Trento, Agusan del Sur; Bunawan and Trento, Agusan del Sur and Bislig City, Surigao del Sur; Lingig and Bislig City, Surigao del Sur; Godod, Zamboanga del norte and Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay; Godod, Zamboanga del norte and Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay; Baliguian & Siocon, Zamboanga del norte; Alicia, Imelda and Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay; Imelda, Malangas, Alicia and Payao; and Maitum, Sarangani for Cotabato-Saranggani. Petilla said there are three additional potential areas for petroleum under Bangsamoro area but are temporarily excluded. He assured the areas will be put on the list again once the Bangsamoro government is formed. It said that the applicants for coal exploration may start submitting their application on May 29 until September 19 at 11 am. Applications will be


New hydro power plants operate in summer time

Project promoting ‘positive, nonviolent H discipline’of children launched in Alabel

nEW project to promote ‘positive and non-violent discipline’ of children in the municipality of Alabel, Saranggani province is being launched at the Alabel Municipal hall last May 7. The project will work closely with Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officers, DepEd officials, and civil society

edcor’s newest hydropower facilities, Tudaya 1 and 2 run-of-river hydropower plants in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur entered commercial operation stage at the height of summer season. After completing its testing and commissioning phase ensuring its reliability last March, the two hydropower projects began generating clean and renewable energy to the region. To date, the two hydropower facilities generated about seven million kilowatt-hours with an average daily generation of 110,000 kWhs.

Since run-of-river hydropower scheme relies on the natural flow of the harnessed rivers, this generation is expected to rise as the rainy season begins to engulf the region. The construction of the hydropower facilities run 18 months starting late 2012. Tudaya Hydro 1 plant operates at 6.6 MW while Tudaya Hydro 2 runs with a total capacity of 7MW. Together, the plants can produce clean and renewable energy at 14 MW with an annual generation of 76.5 million kWh. The projects are part of the

FNEW, 10

MEAT AND BONES. A meat dealer sharpens his knife that he will use to separate pork meat from bone at Agdao Public Market’s meat section yesterday. Lean



VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014


May 12 to May 18 12-May














12:00 MN – 4:00 AM








Off-peak (2.5 hours)

4:00 AM – 8:00 AM








Off-peak (2.5 hours)

8:00 AM – 12:00 NN








Peak (5 hours)

12:00 NN – 4:00 PM








Peak (5 hours)

4:00 PM – 8:00 PM








Peak (5 hours)

8:00 PM – 12:00 MN








Off-peak (2.5 hours)

Time-frame for the start of power interruption

Maximum Duration


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

Davao City investment arm urges solar energy ventures W

ITH the power crisis besetting Mindanao, the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC) is encouraging more energy investments in the city to augment supply. Speaking at Thursday’s iSpeak forum at City Hall, Ivan Cortez, DCIPC officer-in-charge, said they are looking for more investments on rooftop solar panels as well as other en-

ergy-producing ventures. Cortez cited that solar panels can help curb the faltering supply in the Mindanao grid once they are developed. Despite the rotating brownouts in the city, Cortez said they have not monitored “any investor trying to back out from doing business in the area.” Among the persistent proposals was a $116 million waste-to-energy

facility, currently being discussed at the city’s private-public partnership board. The proposal from Synova has been existing since 2011, Cortez said. While claiming that businesses are losing up to P6 million per hour during peak hours, he said that the city “has slowly learned to adjust to the rotating brownouts.” Generators have also

become as cheap as P6,000 per unit, Cortez said. He added that consumers have also flocked to more regularly electrified areas such as malls to manage the power outages. “We’ve experienced it before, and we’ve learned to cope.” The more responsive business players are the more they will survive the power crisis, he said. [MindaNews]

Andrew Tan’s property firms to be consolidated under Megaworld P

ROPERTy giant Megaworld has agreed to purchase the 49.20% stake of Alliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI) in Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. (GERI) for a total purchase price of P10.43-billion. The company offered to purchase the GERI shares at P1.93 per share based on the 30- day volume weighted average price (VWAP) of GERI shares as of April 30, 2014. The price is supported by a fairness opinion and valuation report issued by navarro Amper& Co. (Deloitte). After the acquisition, Megaworld will own 74.96% of GERI. The company will then initiate a mandatory tender offer for the remaining GERI shares held by minority stockholders. The acquisition is set to complete the consolidation of all real estate businesses of AGI under the Mega-

world brand, enabling the company to capitalize on real estate opportunities and to capture the expected growth momentum of its real estate affiliates. Last year, Megaworld has announced its acquisition of Suntrust Properties, Inc., making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of the real estate giant. The company also owns 82-percent of Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. “We are excited that this consolidation will enable us to further capture the growth in the tourism sector through GERI’s projects. The exposure to the tourism industry will also complement our leadership position as the no. 1 landlord and developer of office spaces in the Philippines, specifically for information technology-business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) companies, which are considered

key growth drivers of the Philippine economy in the next decade. The consolidation will also increase our landbank all over the Philippines to more than 3,900 hectares,” says Francisco Canuto, chief finance officer, Megaworld. GERI is the country’s leading tourism estate developer that has landmark tourism projects across the country such as the 150-hectare Boracaynewcoast in Boracay Island; the 1,149-hectare Twin Lakes in Tagaytay; the 170-hectare Sta. Barbara Heights in Iloilo; and the 561-hectare Southwoods City in the boundary of Carmona, Cavite and Binan, Laguna. Today, Megaworldis the Philippines’ pioneer in LIVE-WORK-PLAy-LEARn township developments, the country’s leading residential condominium developer and the no. 1 office landlord and devel-

oper with around 712,000 square meters of office space inventory across the Philippines. Megaworld has ten (10) townships namely:the 17-hectare Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City, which is considered to be the country’s first cyberpark; the 50-hectare McKinley Hill and the 34.5-hectare McKinley West in Fort Bonifacio; the 25-hectare newport City in Pasay City which is home to the famous Resorts World Manila; the 5-hectare Forbes Town Center and the 15.4-hectare Uptown Bonifacioin Bonifacio Global City; the 28.8-hectare The Mactan newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu; the 12.3-hectare Woodside City in Pasig City; the 11-hectare Davao Park District in Davao City; and the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

code at par with other countries, especially on conservation measures for threatened aquatic species, highly migratory species and other marine resources. She said the proposed amendments will address the requirements set by the European Union (EU) for countries exporting fisheries and other marine products to its markets. “We need to pass the amendments to the code so that our marine exports to the EU will not be affect-

ed by an audit scheduled in June,” said Villar, who graced the three-day 17th national Dairy Congress and Expo in General Santos City. Villar said the proposed amendments include the revision of the code’s declaration of policy to reflect the need for the country to pursue and achieve its international commitments. She said such declaration will be revised to ensure that the management of fishery and aquatic resources will be anchored on

ecosystem-based approach. The amendments also covered portions of the provisions regarding the prohibitions and fine for its violators, she said. “We need to observe international treaty obligations on food safety: to curb illegal, unreported, unauthorized and unregulated fishing, and to comply with conservation and management measures,” Villar said in her earlier sponsorship speech for SB 2207. [MindaNews]

Revisions to Fisheries Code crucial for PHL to keep EU market--Villar I

n a bid to keep the country’s fisheries exports, including tuna, in the European markets, Senator Cynthia Villar is pushing for the passage within this month of the proposed amendments to Republic Act 8550 or the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998. Villar, who chairs the Senate committee on agriculture and food, asked the Senate earlier this week for the urgent passage of Senate Bill (SB) 2207, which mainly seeks to make the fisheries

by the numbers PHL’s total export re totaled


US$5.2 billion in March 2014 from

US$ 4.7 billion in the previous year due to sales of manufactures, tota l agro-based, forest and mineral pr oducts.

Source: PhiliPPine StatiS ticS authority (PSa)

Creation of single brand for dairy products pushed


HE Department of Agriculture (DA) is pushing for the creation of a single brand for the country’s dairy and dairy products in a bid to enhance their competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. Jose Reaño, DA undersecretary for livestock, said they are currently working with dairy industry players for the possibility of consolidating the country’s fresh and processed dairy products and eventually market them under a single brand. He said the national Dairy Authority (nDA) has initially conducted some consultations with dairy farmers’ cooperatives, processors and other related players for the development of the uniform dairy brand. “This will address the concerns of our dairy producers and processors regarding high logistics costs and at the same time enhance the marketability of our dairy products,” he said at the ongoing three-day 17th national Dairy Congress and Expo in General Santos City. Citing their initial studies, he said such move could significantly bring down logistics costs, specifically on the use of dairy containers and in terms of packag-


Reaño said the consolidation of the dairy produce will eventually maximize the use or operations of local daily processing facilities. In 2013, data released by the nDA showed that the country’s dairy production reached 19.45 million liters, up by a million liters from 2012. The net supply, mostly coming from imports, stood at 321.64 million kilograms (kg) last year, which is five percent higher than the previous year’s net supply of 305.80 million kg. Imports of milk and dairy products increased by one percent or from 305.45 million kg to 309.06 million kg. nDA said the country’s sufficiency level in terms of local dairy production was only listed at a dismal one percent but it still exported some 6.88 million kg of dairy products last year. About 76 percent of the dairy exports comprised whole milk powder while the remaining 24 percent were condensed milk and cheese. Reaño said they adopted the idea of launching the country’s dairy products as a single brand so it can compete with other players in the expanding global markets. [MindaNews]

7 ENVIRONMENT 8 Mindanao provinces, 2 cities Book to highlight urgency for wildlife conservation listed as vulnerable to El Niño T EDGEDAVAO

VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014


HE Department of Agriculture (DA) has placed eight provinces and two cities in Mindanao in the list of areas vulnerable to the El niño or dry spell. The DA classified the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Sarangani and South Cotabato and Zamboanga City as “highly vulnerable” to El niño. “Moderately vulnerable” to the dry spell are the provinces of Zamboanga del norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay, Bukidnon and Davao Oriental and Davao City, the list showed. The list, covering a total of 44 provinces and two cities across the country, was cited by the DA’s Field Operations Service as highly and

moderately vulnerable to the impacts of a prolonged dry spell following the announcement of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) that an El niño phenomenon may start affecting the Philippines in June and peak by the end of 2014. The DA released the list “for purposes of monitoring and crafting of possible interventions.” The department cited that the last prolonged drought recorded in the country was in 2009 to 2010. The other provinces in this year’s “highly vulnerable” El niño list are Ilocos Sur, Ilocos norte, La Union, Pangasinan, Cagayan, Aurora,

Bataan, Bulacan, nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales, Cavite, Rizal, Occidental Mindoro, Palawan, Capiz, Iloilo and negros Occidental. The rest of the areas listed under “moderately vulnerable” are Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, ountain Province, Isabela, nueva Vizcaya and Quirino, Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, Romblon, Sorsogon, Aklan, Antique, Bohol and Samar. In a statement posted at, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said “the government is prepared to deal with the adverse impact of the El niño phenomenon.” The website cited that as early as last month, the DA has been implementing

cloud seeding operations to induce rains in major watersheds and farming communities in Cagayan Valley that did not receive a rainfall for at least a week. With a protracted dry spell now an increasing possibility, Alcala said that DA would intensify cloud seeding operations to save harvestable crops and other produce from damage, in tandem with the DOST. The DA-Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) has already completed 28 cloud-seeding trips in drought-affected municipalities in Isabela, nueva Vizcaya and other areas in Cagayan Valley, the DA said. [Walter I.Balane/ MindaNews]

half of the urban population being monitored is exposed to air pollution that is at least 2.5 times higher than the levels WHO recommends. According to WHO, air pollution is getting worse in most cities where there are enough data to compare the situation today with previous years. “Too many urban centers today are so envel-

oped in dirty air that their skylines are invisible,” Flavia Bustreo, WHO assistant director-general said in a statement. WHO noted that individual cities could take local action to improve air quality, including improving hose energy efficiency, encouraging public transportation, and carrying out compact urban development plan.

The health organization called for greater awareness of implementing effective air pollution mitigation policies and close monitoring the situation in cities worldwide. WHO last month estimated that outdoor air pollution was responsible for the deaths of some 3.7 million people under the age of 60 in 2012. [PNA/ Xinhua]

Air quality deteriorates in most cities worldwide


HE World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled its new urban air quality database, which indicate that air quality in most cities worldwide monitoring outdoor air pollution fails to meet WHO guidelines for safe levels. The urban air quality database, which covers 1,600 cities across 91 counties, showed that about

HE Environment department’s Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) targets launching in Metro Manila this month ‘Treasures of the Philippine Wild,’ a coffee table book featuring several extinction-threatened wildlife species in the Philippines. BMB’s nature Recreation and Extension Division (nRED) noted the featured species are the tamaraw (scientific name ‘Bubalus mindorensis’), Philippine eagle (scientific name ‘Pithecophaga jefferyll’), Philippine cockatoo (scientific name ‘Cacatua haematuropygia’), Philippine crocodile (scientific name ‘Crocodylus mindorensis’), and golden crowned flying fox (scientific name ‘Acerodonjubatus’) which are all endemic to the country. Also featured in the book are five marine turtles -- the hawksbill, leatherback, olive ridley, green sea and loggerhead -- found in the country, BMB said. “By launching the coffee table book, we hope to help further raise public awareness about plight of the featured species and encourage more conservation efforts for those,” said BMB-nRED Senior

Ecosystems Management Specialist Thelma Perez. She noted that aside from describing the species, ‘Treasures of the Philippine Wild’ will highlight the role each of these have in the ecosystem. “The information will help people better understand the need to conserve those species,” she said. Wildlife conservation programs established in the country include those for the tamaraw, Philippine eagle, Philippine cockatoo, crocodiles and marine turtles. Perez said BMB is already finalizing preparations for the book so the agency can launch it on May 22 in time for this year’s global celebration of the annual International Day for Biological Diversity (IDBD). In December 2000, the Un General Assembly adapted May 22 as IDBD to increase public understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. The 2014 IDBD theme is ‘Island biodiversity,’ coinciding with the Un General Assembly’s designation of 2014 as International year of Small Island Developing State. [PNA]





VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

Tax amnesty


HE discussion on a proposal for the Davao City government to grant amnesty to taxpayers who are delinquent in real property taxes (RPT) gives the public a feeling de-ja vu, a term of French origin which refers to something we’ve seen or heard before. Indeed, granting tax amnesties is commonplace among local government units looking for ways to improve tax collection. nevertheless, history tells us that such a scheme is legitimate and has time and again worked in improving tax collection performance of LGUs. The delinquent taxpayers usually prefer it to the prospect of facing a tax collection case filed by the local government in court. There is a lot of hassle, tension and costs, particularly lawyer’s fee, especially on the part of the taxpayer, involved in this way. The amnesty’s general idea is for the taxpayers to settle their outstanding tax arrears now in exchange for the city government waiving of certain penalties, interests and surcharges, if they pay at a specified time.


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now comes a proposal by former city councilor Peter T. Lavina for the city council to authorize the city mayor’s office, through the city treasurer, to implement a new RPT tax amnesty program. Lavina has come up with facts and figures that favorably argue for the amnesty program that has worked so well in other LGUs elsewhere in the country. One document that Lavina has submitted is a comparative study of the tax collection performance of local governments which shows Davao City as among the top five performers. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, according to a news account, has a different idea in dealing with tax delinquencies. Instead of waiving penalties and interests, the city mayor reportedly wants the taxpayers to be given more time to settle their account. This maybe a creative solution needed to address an age-old problem. Whatever, this deserves serious consideration by our city lawmakers.

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VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

Subject of constant dispute


UTUAL AnIMOSITy AnD CURREnT BAD BLOOD – no matter how we try to conceal it, there is actually a disconcerting aspect in the Filipino character. We are turning out to be increasingly motivated in raising grievances in every twist and turn. Perhaps tellingly, we have the inclination to find the right pasty upon whom to fix the blame on our misgivings and failures. It comes as no surprise that with kind of attribute that we have, perhaps we will be rated very poorly. The most callous accusation probably is that the leadership or any government for that matter, past and present have been remiss in their responsibilities to the people. A greater number of us are insensitive on our leaders – its programs and policies. Sad to lament, though, but this is all we can say: we have the habit of relying too much on our own biased opinion and buttered up with self-righteous pride bordering on haughtiness. The toughest problem relates to the very nature of the Filipino character – hard to please but hasty in making judgment. One glaring example: different critical groups and their worn-out invectives and bitter side comments had a familiar tone to the annoyed public. When I mentioned about groups, I’m referring to opposition diehards, over-assuming church leaders, human rights advocates, student activists, transport organizations, progressive labor and peasant groups and militant factions of different colors and stripes. The object of their moral indignation was no less than President Benigno Aquino III and his style of governance. Actually the friction between the President and his adversaries, the same groups perhaps with additional few who are steadfastly critical of whoever is in power is


nothing new. Ever since he became president in 2010, he and his persistent detractors have crossed swords over a number of socio-economic and political issues. But the critics’ latest tirades about the country’s mounting problems were the strongest attack on President Pnoy yet. The President, they charged, was seeking to lead the country back into the ages of political dynasties, nepotism, warlord era, corruption, sham democracy and debilitating poverty. What’s the triggering factor behind their outburst? – a litany of old issues such as joblessness, homelessness, landlessness, food shortage, shelter, proper education and medical care and health services, and lately the unbearable power deficiency situation. However, the crucial issues that had been on the boil for quite some time with the transport groups, student activists, militants and workers movement loudly making their cases heard in the streets is the rampant corruption, widespread smuggling, unabated oil price hike and tuition fee increases. The President, though, has consistently stated that his administration is addressing all the pressing concerns without letup. At the center of controversy is the alleged failure of the Aquino administration to curb corruption which is related to critical issues such as the “pork barrel” scam, kickbacks and other venalities in all government levels. These pressing concerns have been the subject of continuous

debate and refused to calm down – in the street corners, coffee shops, public halls, and elsewhere. notwithstanding the number of obstacles, the Aquino leadership, however, believes the prevailing issues related to the people’s basic social needs, protection of the environment, disaster preparedness, proper use of natural resources, crime prevention, fluctuation of prices of oil and other refined petroleum products have a good chance of being address posthaste and given priority concern. Fortunately, the Aquino administration has not been slow in reacting to the slew of criticism. The Palace spokespersons stressed that the President is not likely to back down from a cause he strongly believes is extremely beneficial to the nation. The vast majority according to the present dispensation would eventually support programs and policies of the government if all are deeply rooted into the country’s economic and social peace.

er. What’s her role in this controversy?, Delima mumbled. It seems that Sandra is just muddling the issue. She is obviously getting free media mileage riding on the napoles bandwagon. Sandra, by the way, as reported in the papers, is president of the whistleblowers association. Frankly, I didn’t know there was such an organized group. What’s its agenda? What does it want to accomplish? I won’t be surprised if one day, in the not-so-distant future, Sandra would be holding a press con as a party-list representative of whistleblowers. Boy, that’s crazy politics, indeed. *** The napoles List is not just a simple enumeration of names involved in the PDAF scam. It is an affidavit signed by the accused. It should be in the possession of the DOJ, and its contents should be bared only during the trial proper. The Senate

and the Lower House should not insist on its release to them and to the public. Delima should stand pat on her decision to keep the list under wraps. She defied the Supreme Court when she stopped GMA from leaving the country. She should demonstrate the same courage and conviction, and defy the order of the Senate and House of Representatives to divulge the contents of the list. *** By the way, the list in the possession of Panfilo Lacson is an unsigned piece of paper. It is worthless. napoles can readily deny what’s in the list. now, why napoles didn’t sign the list she gave to Lacson, is anybody’s guess. My guess is that she’s playing a game where she would come out the eventual winner. *** The Supreme Court, the other day, ruled that the legal wife has the right to keep the remains of her husband, not the mistress, or common-law wife. One doesn’t have to be a master or doctor of laws to know which has more right – the legal wife or the mistress. All one needs is a common sense. The legal wife has the full force of the law, while the mistress has only the misguided affection of a philandering husband.

nevertheless, an important adjustment must be observed: President Aquino’s trademark broad grin and press-friendly attitude had earned him praises, but he may be able to do more than just put a smiling face to the mounting challenges he would encounter along the way. He will be judged on how well he manages the economy, social concerns and the fight against crime and other pressing problems, as well as the relations with his adversaries and political detractors. For all the mutual animosity and the current bad blood, President Aquino and his multitude of critics are actually not so alienated therefore they still could maintain a certain level of civility toward each other.

‘Doctor’ Delima’s dilemma

USTICE secretary Leila Delima appealed to senators and congressmen to “trust me” as she promised not to tamper with the list of lawmakers involved in the PDAF scam submitted to her by Janet Lim-napoles, alleged scam mastermind. “I am not going to sanitize the list. That is my promise to the people. I won’t doctor the list”, she stressed. The list that Delima is referring to is the signed affidavit of Janet Lim-Napoles, which contains the names of congressmen and senators who got kickbacks from their PDAF. An unsigned copy of the same affidavit was given to Ping Lacson, a friend of Janet’s husband, a military officer. My hunch is that Delima won’t “doctor” the controversial list because if she does, she could be charged with illegal practice of medicine. *** The brouhaha over the napoles list of PDAF kickback recipients is getting messy. An unexpected twist surfaced when Sandra Cam came out of nowhere claiming to have also a copy of the same napoles list. This sudden turn of event prompted Delima to wonder what the hell is Sandra up to. She is not a PDAF scam whistleblow-



Shhh – don’t talk about higher taxes COMMENTARY By Edward HadaS


Any people assume that tax increases are the only realistic response to excessive income inequality. They are wrong. There is a better way. The International Monetary Fund first came out in favour of greater “redistribution,” a code word for higher taxes, in February. It joins the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which issued a big document decrying the privileged position of the richest residents of rich countries in 2011. The OECD has just called for “policies to restore equal opportunities,” another code for higher taxes. The IMF and OECD certainly are not alone. This year, Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st Century” has been at the top of best-seller lists. The French economist has helped popularise the idea that an overly privileged “1 percent” needs to be restrained. His main proposal? The elite should pay more in taxes. Income inequality is worth worrying about. Ethically, pay levels should bear some relation to the worker’s actual economic contribution. Of course, the value of work cannot be measured precisely. But success in the modern economy is too much of a group effort for bosses to be paid massively more than other employees. The rapidly increasing rewards for top executives, identified by Piketty as the main source of increasing inequality in the United States and other rich countries, are unjust. More pragmatically, greater wage equality is good for the economy. Additional funds collected by the less well-off are more likely to generate spending and jobs than the same money placed in the bank accounts of the rich. And when incomes are more equal, the relatively poor are less tempted to borrow from the rich – a financial tie which often ends in disaster. These convincing arguments have had little political impact in any country. After a blip following the 2008 financial crisis, the rich have continued to get richer faster than the rest of the population. The Occupy movement and other protesters against the trend have been less successful than campaigners against big government, such as the Tea Party in the United States. It’s not clear why inequality has struggled to gain political traction. Some people see a conspiracy of deception by the powerful; others an epidemic of ignorance among the weak. Both of those may play a role. In addition, the official income distribution statistics vastly exaggerate the pain of the non-elite. I also think that many people readily accept economic elitism. There is yet another possibility. Perhaps many of the people who want more equality do not like the main solution on offer: higher taxes. They may think that overly generous pay for some is a lesser evil than an expropriating government. After all, the widespread reduction of top tax rates, from an average of 66 percent in 1981 in OECD countries to the current 43 percent, was broadly popular. But the support for making the income elite put more into the governments’ coffers is weak. Even after the financial crisis created huge fiscal deficits and spawned widespread resentment of rich bankers, the average top tax rate increased by only 2 percentage points in OECD countries. The popular reluctance to increase tax rates is not a rejection of the welfare state’s fundamental goals of helping the poor and providing basic services for all. nor is it a repudiation of the secondary tenet that those who have more should contribute more. Even in a flat tax regime, 20 percent of a $1 million income is a lot more than 20 percent of $50,000. Rather, the desire for flatter tax rates looks like a rejection of a particularly ambitious claim of the left. People seem to be saying that they do not trust governments to determine what levels of after-tax pay are really fair. If this explanation is right, anti-inequality campaigners should move to a different battleground.


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

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FISH FOR THE TABLE. These men spend their morning trying to catch fish for their families’ breakfast at Sta. Ana wharf in Davao City. Lean Daval Jr.

Be... FFROM 3

dations of lasting peace, we also take advantage of the increasing interest for Mindanao’s progress and transformation,” added Antonino. In 2010, MinDA led the formulation of the Mindanao 2020 Peace and Development Framework Plan, a document that lays down all the specific programs, projects, and strategies necessary to achieve the envisioned development for Mindanao. “no less than the Aquino government subscribes to the thesis that the pursuit of dynamic growth and sustainable peace in Mindanao is a major endeavor that can be best defined and pursued by Mindanawons

themselves,” she said. One of the long-term strategies identified in Mindanao 2020 is the power development strategy and policy, which pushes for the diversification of energy sources with emphasis on renewable energy. ADDU is among the Mindanao universities that are contributing significantly to this power agenda. “I am glad to note that your university takes the renewable energy agenda more seriously, and actually implementing it by installing solar power technology right on top of this building,” Antonino commended. She further challenged the rest of the graduates to be involved in creating the

renewable power rush in order to maintain the desired 50-50 mix of power sources in the next 20 years. “Sufficient power supply is crucial for Mindanao to move forward,” she added. Reliable power supply is also underscored in the Mindanao Development Corridors program, along with accessible financing, improved infrastructure and connectivity, and good governance. The development corridors program aims to strengthen Mindanao’s local supply chain and effectively link production centers to export gateways. “These strategies are crucial for Mindanao in

light of the 2015 ASEAn integration, where value chains cross national boundaries to achieve more complementation and less competition,” the secretary said. She also encouraged the graduates, regardless of academic and professional background to take part in achieving Mindanao’s full potentials. “There is so much that you can do, to be involved, to always respond to emerging opportunities and to make decisions that matter to Mindanao. you can all contribute to making Mindanao a land of fulfilment, and a better place to live for generations to come,” concluded Antonino.

and the use of a power barge in nasipit, Agusan del norte. Rodriguez said the 25-megawatt power barge is floating idly in nasipit town. He said the barge was among the three small barges privatized by PSALM under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001. “If the government is serious, they can even bring the other two barges moored in Visayas to Mind-

anao,” Rodriguez said. Rodriguez said funds from the Malampaya project could be used to pay the private owners of the barges. “The Malampaya funds can also be used to dredge and rehabilitate the Agus and Pulangi hydro plants instead of selling them,” Rodriguez said. Zarate said the administration of President Benigno Aquino III has been urging Mindanao cooperatives to buy the modular

generators, which will be funded by the Malampaya funds, as a solution to the Mindanao power crisis. “Electricity produced by modular generating sets is very expensive. Many consumers will be surprised how high their electricity [bills would be] if the sets are used,” Zarate said. The Association of Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperative has been urging the DOE to relax its regulations on the use of modular sets.

The Agusan del Sur Electric Cooperative, which has already bought a modular generating set, is enjoying a brownout-free environment while the rest of Mindanao is reeling from lack of power supply. Electric cooperatives that have no modular sets, like the Misamis Oriental Rural Electric Service Cooperative (MORESCO) 1, are experiencing at least a six-hour daily brownout. [Froilan Gallardo/MindaNews]

only opened after the submission period. There will be a two month evaluation after the

opening of the applications. It will be evaluated for compliance with the DOE requirements on legal, technical, and

financial capability. It should also include the proposed work program and economic development of the propo-

nent. DOE is targeting to endorse winning applicants for coal on november 21.

expansion of the 42.5 MW Sibulan hydropower plant. Hedcor supplies a total of 61 MW to the Mindanao Grid from its nine run-of-river plants in Davao City and Davao del Sur. The Tudayahydros will escalate the generation by 22%. Tudaya Hydro 1 plant will deliver power to Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC) which serves about 264 barangays. Meanwhile, Tudaya Hydro 2 plant will supply Davao del Sur Electric Cooperative (DA-

SURECO). During the construction, about 400 manpower were outsourced locally giving employment opportunities to both skilled and professional workers. This is one of the company’s corporate social responsibility programs specifically in livelihood. The plants also attained over two million safe manhours without disabling accidents during its construction phase as validated by the De-

partment of Labor and Employment Region IX. Also, earlier this year the United nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UnFCCC) awards Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to Tudaya 1 and 2 run-of-river hydropower plants for producing carbon neutral electricity. Through balancing CO2 emission reduction, energy security, environmental protection, social development, and inclusive growth.

As the leading force in run-of-river hydropower development in the country, Hedcor proactively seeks better solutions towards a better future. Currently, Hedcor is also working to complete the pertinent requirements for the 69 MW ManoloFortich Hydropower Project in Bukidnon and for the completion of the ongoing construction of 14 MW Sabangan Hydropower Project in Mt Province. [Hedcor]

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EDGEDAVAO necessary infrastructure, the PCOO chief said the Aquino administration has increased infrastructure spending over the last three years and has strengthened program on this through the public-private partnership (PPP) initiative. The government has listed several minor and major projects such as construction of roads, bridges and school building under the PPP program. To date, seven projects under the list have been awarded and these are the Daang HariSLEX Link Road, PPP for School Infrastructure Project (Phase 1), nAIA Expressway Project, PPP for School Infrastructure Project (Phase II), Modernization of the Philippine Orthopedic Center (MPOC), Automatic Face Collection System (AFCS), and the Mactan-Cebu Interna-

tional Airport Passenger Terminal Building. ”When this program comes into fruition the number of our infrastructures will increase,” he said. On the issue of low income levels, Coloma said the government has strengthened its social protection program by implementing the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program, which is not a dole out program by simply giving out aid as it requires the beneficiaries to also do their part by ensuring that their health and basic educational needs are met. Mothers who are part of the CCT program are required to go to health centers if they are pregnant while students who belong to the CCT-beneficiary families are required to go to class. [PNA]

Citing a 2011 study of Filipino childrearing practices commissioned by Plan International, Lozano added: “We know that corporal punishment, or the act of using physical or psychological violence to ‘discipline’ children, is not effective in teaching children. On the contrary, it lowers children’s self-esteem, teaches violence, and weakens the bond between parent and child. In the long run, it may result to depression and even suicide. Worldwide studies have also shown that corporal punishment is linked with poor learning outcomes, psychological trauma, increased aggression, and may lead to physical injuries and even death.” According to Jeffrey Sabado, Plan International Project Officer for Saranggani province, “‘Positive and non-violent discipline’ is a parenting approach that teaches and guides children’s behavior

while respecting their human rights. Collective action from government, nGOs, parents, teachers and children is crucial to promote this in Saranggani. If we can do this, we can help end the culture of corporal punishment, as well as build a society that cares and protects for children.” In 2011, DSWD served 5,691 cases of child abuse all over the Philippines: 2,327 children were neglected, 1,401 were sexually abused, 884 were abandoned, and 521 were physically abused. In the same year, it served 8,807 cases of children in conflict with the law with 1,796 in nCR. For 2013, in Saranggani province, there were 49 cases of child abuse, wherein 20 were sexually abused, 12 were physically abused, 2 were kidnapped and 13 were neglected; 2 case of trafficking were also recorded, along with 29 cases of children in conflict with the law (CICL).

Project... FFROM 4


Notice is hereby given by LOYOLA pLANS CONSOLIDATED INC. That CERTIFICATE OF FULL pAYMENT No.(s) 21005514 under LOYOLA pLAN Contract No.(s) 82105-1 issued to ALVIAR, GRACE M. was lost. Any transaction entered into shall be null and void. 4/28,5/5,12


Notice is hereby given by LOYOLA pLANS CONSOLIDATED INC. That CERTIFICATE OF FULL pAYMENT No.(s) 49805 under LOYOLA pLAN Contract No.(s) 6025957-6 issued to IMELDA G. CAÑETE was lost. Any transaction entered into shall be null and void. 4/28,5/5/12


Notice is hereby given by LOYOLA pLANS CONSOLIDATED INC. that CERTIFICATE OF FULL pAYMENT No.(s) 21081580 under Loyola Contract No(s). 193839-3 issued to EVELYN JAMpAC 1002451 under Loyola Contract No(s). 30787-4 issued to ROMEO KEITh C. LLAGUNO 1003377 under Loyola Contract No(s).1120357-7 issued to ELIZABETh C. GONZAGA were lost. Any transaction entered into shall be null and void. 5/12,19,26





Who need to register, when, where, why and how? By FERDINAND G. pATINIO


OUnG Filipino men and women who are turning 18 years old on or before the May 9, 2016 national and local elections may now register with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as the 17-month voter’s registration period started on May 6, 2014 and will run until Oct. 31, 2015. Voter’s registration in the Philippines is the process of filing an application to have a voter’s record at the Comelec in a specific date and designated places set by the poll body. Aside from new voters, the Comelec said Filipinos who are already registered but do not have biometrics data, those who are looking to transfer registration as well as those whose registration has been deactivated for failure to vote in two consecutive electoral exercises are advised to register anew. Requirements for new and unregistered voters and those applying for reactivation are the same: the applicant should be a Filipino citizen, at least 18 years old, a resident of the Philippines for at least one year; and living in the place wherein he (or she) proposes to vote for at least six months immediately preceding the May 9, 2016 polls. Applicants must remember to bring any of the following identification documents for them to be able to regis-

ter: Employee’s identification card (ID), with the signature of the employer or authorized representative; Postal ID; PWD (Persons with Disability) Discount ID; Student’s ID or library card, signed by the school authority; Senior Citizen’s ID; Driver’s license; nBI clearance; Passport; SSS/GSIS ID; Integrated Bar of the Philippine (IBP) ID; License issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC); Certificate of Confirmation issued by the national Commission on Indigenous Peoples (nCIP) in case of members of ICCs or IPs; and any other valid ID. The Comelec said that in the absence of any of the above-mentioned identification documents, the applicant may be identified under oath by any registered voter of the voting precinct where he (or she) intends to be registered, or by any of his/her relatives within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity. no registered voter or relative shall be allowed to identify more than three applicants. It also reminded that Community Tax Certificates (cedula) and PnP clearance shall not be honored as valid identification documents for purposes of registration. Biometrics registration The Comelec said that some 9.6 million registered voters have been found not having biometrics captured

by the Voter Registration Machine (VRM). These voters should have their biometrics taken or they will not be able to vote in the coming polls as prescribed under Republic Act no. 10367. The biometrics data refer to the automated identification of an individual, particularly his/her photograph, fin-

gerprint, and signature. On the other hand, a VRM is a desktop computer equipped with a digital camera, fingerprint scanner, and signature pad attached to it to enable biometrics capture. Under R.A. 10367 or the Mandatory Biometrics Registration Act of 2013, voters who fail to have their biomet-

rics taken prior to the May 2016 elections shall be deactivated from the voters’ list and shall not be allowed to vote. New registrants The Comelec is looking to register some 3 million new voters during the registration period. They are the qualified voters who turn 18 years old, the allowable age for Filipinos

standards and practices. According to the DOT, its new quality assurance and accreditation standards system -- which was launched

last year -- will be applied and tested in 155 hotels and resorts located in main tourist destinations. The DOT said that these include Cebu, Bohol, Davao, and Palawan. If successful in the pilot areas, DOT will consider an expansion nationwide. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr., in a statement, expressed hope that the agency’s new quality standards would benefit the tourism industry significantly. “Through the DOT’s new quality assurance and accreditation framework, we hope to motivate Philippine hotels and resorts as they strive to maintain and enhance the quality of their services and facilities,” Jimenez said. “With a positive outlook

for the Philippine travel and tourism industry, other industries from transportation to recreational and lodging facilities, cultural centers, and community-based handicraft businesses, and local attractions are expected to benefit from the said program,” he added. He also said that the Philippines Improving Competitiveness in Tourism is designed to assist the government’s tourism roadmap of reaching the 10 million tourist arrivals by 2016. The Hotel and Resorts Quality Assurance and Accreditation System is an internationally recognized guide that seeks to assist visitors in terms of the quality, service, and comfort provided by accommodation businesses of all sizes and types

Assessing PHL’s tourist destinations

to participate in the national polls. Reactivation Registered voters who did not vote or participate in two consecutive electoral exercises are also advised to check on their registration status as their registration might have been deactivated. [PNA Feature]



n its efforts to increase the competitiveness of the country’s tourism industry, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has employed a group

of international accommodation assessors to check starting this month if Philippine hotels and resorts adhere to globally-accepted quality

in the Philippines. Under this system, DOT recruited 10 International Assessors (IAs) who will undergo an orientation, along with DOT Area Officers and industry third party auditors, on the new standards to prepare for joint pilot assessments. The project will also zero in on the service, hospitality, efficiency, and food provided by the pilot hotels and resorts apart from focusing on quality over and above the provision of facilities. Accommodations will also be graded according to their environmental practices, comparative review against international quality assurance systems, and overall guest experience from their arrival until their departure. [PNA]


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014



ACOUSTEENS: An Extraordinary Music from Ordinary Teens

By GreGOrIO G. DelIGerO

They are simple teens one can ordinarily see in your neighborhood: Fun, energetic and care-free. But on the stage, members of ACOUSTEENS render a variety of song genres sans the annoying sound of digital add-ons and technology often associated to the wild spirit of youth. They simply perform acoustic, a “pure” music where good melody is something everyone easily enjoys and understands but is commonly considered as forte of more established bands among adults. There is dearth of teen acoustic bands in Davao or even in the Philippines. Aside from being teens and their love to music, members of ACOUSTEENS have diverse background: They reside from different communities in Davao City and study at different schools. They are Jannine Joyce T. Cartagen, 15 years old, vocalist and studies at

the Davao City National High School; Rayjel Jan V. Virtudazo, 13 years old, vocalist and studies at Christian Colleges of Southeast Asia; Yel Salas, 16 years old, vocalist/ guitarist and studies at F. Bangoy National High School; Allen Paul Linareas, 16 years old, who plays beat box and studies at the Sta. Ana National High School and Bentrell M. Gamad, 18 years old who is the group’s lead guitarist and studies at the University of Southeastern Philippines. Members of the group were former part of a talent center that caters to youth who want to develop their music, dancing and acting talents and explore eventual commercial opportunities. Unfortunately, the center stopped operations. One of the center’s patrons was Camella Davao

general manager Marlon B. Escalicas who threw support to the group as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. When the center folded up, Escalicas narrates, some of the parents approached him for his asFACOUSTEENS, A4

A2 INdulge! UP ANd ABoUT

Mobile in-app purchase via Globe load credits now available for android smartphones ANdRoId phone users can now buy a variety of items directly within their mobile phone application using their Globe prepaid or postpaid load. Starting with Manila Rush and Cherry dots of Philippine pioneering development studio Anino Games, fans of the two new apps no longer need to own a credit card to purchase virtual goods, premium content, and subscriptions. Manila Rush has its main character Miguel run through streets of Manila as he races against the clock to reach work on time while Cherry dots makes users look for and eliminate patterns from the board before time runs out. Both Manila Rush and Cherry dots can be downloaded for free on Google Play and are pre-installed in all new smartphone releases of Filipino phone manufacturer Cherry Mobile. Anne Michelle Santos, developer Relations Manager for Globe Labs, meanwhile, encourages other developers to integrate the operating billing feature in their apps so that Globe smartphone customers can easily avail of the mobile in-apps. The amount spent would simply be deducted from their existing prepaid load or be charged to their postpaid account. “We are very excited to have the Globe Labs - Charging API (Application Programming Interface) for Android where it can help developers monetize and reach more users. We are also thankful to Anino Games for pioneering this in the Philippines. We are confident that this would inspire other developers to create free apps where they could earn as well using the easiest method available – mobile load credits,” she said. “With more and more Filipinos switching to Smartphones, the time is just about right to start creating mobile games for the local market. We are excited to partner with Cherry Mobile in order to bring our games to more Filipino gamers. We also applaud the vision of Globe Telecom so that creating mobile games for the Philippine market becomes a win-win for both the telco and the developer,” said Niel dagondon, CEo of Anino Games. Richard Francisco, Head, overseas Business development of Cherry Mobile, adds: “Pinoys have always been game lovers. Who doesn’t have memories of Mario? We at Cherry believe that collaboration with local developers such as Anino would allow everyone to access games that are more relevant to Pinoys not just in terms of content but also payment accessibility through the help of companies like Globe.”

Earth Day at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao IN LINE with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of the Waterfront Insular Hotel davao, we have partnered once again with Barangay Hizon of the Buhangin district to celebrate Earth day last April 26, 2014 through a joint coastal clean up drive. Led by the hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Rouel P. Guanzon, and Brgy. Capt. Ralph o. Abella, in cooperation with members of the Philippine Army and Philippine National Police, Saturday morning was spent cleaning up the coastal area around the waterway located inside the property. With rakes, brooms, a chainsaw and a motorized shredder for the driftwood, an assortment of trash were all segregated and placed in garbage bags and sacks. The feeling of accomplishment of being a part of the Save our Shores (S.o.S) campaign for Earth day was ripe in the air as everyone present were all smiles while doing their share to save our planet.


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

Fab finds at the Mompreneur Fair Rowena Tai’s Messy Bessy locally-made home care line.

MOTHER’S DAY came early as the Abreeza Mall held their Mompreneur Fair last May 8 through May 11. Celebrating Davao’s smart and business savvy women, the weekend market featured some of Davao City’s most enterprising moms showcasing their oneon-a-kind products.

Eco-chic offerings came from Mia Floirendo with her upcycled, handmade bags and home accessories, while Baby Montemayor and Leny Castillo offered handmade personal and home accessories using indigenous materials Foodie moms also offered their best treats such as Joey Sy’s Flazos, Betty More’s coconut sugar treats and herbal teas, Tatiana Moran’s jared Nomnoms, Aimee Bonguyan’s Chloe’s Cheesecake, Mimi Tupas’ treats from her Soul Kitchen, Ning Dureza-Uy’s Green Agenda juices, and Andrea Anonevo’s Annipie cinnamon rolls. Crafting moms as well as home diva moms also had their say in the fair as Kay Fanlo showcased her polymer clay creations and The Pod’s Rowena Marie Tai introduced the Messy Bessy line of locally made organic home cleaners and detergents. Also at the exhibit are Abreeza Mall merchants

Choe’s Cheesecake’s mini cheesecakes.

Joey Sy’s Flazos.

Mia Floirendo’s Mindanao Inspires upcycled bags.

Coco sugar and chocolate nibbles by Betty More’s Healthy Sweets.

Theo and Philo chocolate bars from the Human Nature store.

Tropical fruit wines by Earth Basics.

bringing health, wellness, food, and fashion offerings to the mix. Follow me on Instagram or on Twitter @kennethkingong for more travel stories, foodie finds, and happenings in, around and beyond Durianburg.

Adorable plymer clay creations by Kay Fanlo.

Anniepie’s cinnamon rolls.

Tatiana Moran’s tapenade spread and blueberry cheesecake in a jar.


INdulge! A3

VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014


Daniel says ‘I heart you’ to fans via new album

STAR RECoRdS has released Teen King daniel Padilla’s third album titled “I Heart you.” It contains eleven songs that will surely make KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and daniel) fans love him more. Included in the track list are “Sana S’ya Na,” “With A Smile,” “Ewan,” “Everything,” “Sa Aking Piling,” “It Might Be you,” “Langit Na Naman,” “Walang Iba,” “In My Life,” “Next In Line,” and the carrier single “I Heart you.” daniel’s “I Heart you” album is now available in record bars nationwide for only P299. The tracks can also be downloaded via iTunes,, and Meanwhile, in the recently held thanksgiving dinner

for the success of his “doS: daniel on Stage” birthday concert, daniel gave credit to his fans who made his second event at the Big dome a

huge hit. “I’m happy that ‘doS’ was successful and everybody enjoyed the show. Because my fans are the real reason

why I do concerts,” said daniel about his sold-out concert that was graced by Rico Blanco, Toni Gonzaga, Richard yap, his band Parking 5, and The Reo Brothers from Tacloban. The “doS” concert, which drew 10,000 people, also featured Teen Queen Kathryn and daniel’s mother, Karla Estrada. With the success of “doS,” Star Records’ multiplatinumselling recording artist gives his followers a promise. “I’ll continue to take care and make my supporters happy. I will not disappoint them,” he said. For more information about Daniel’s “I Heart You” album, visit Star Records’ Facebook fanpage at Facebook. com/starrecordsphil or follow @starrecordsph on Twitter.

Photo of the day

The boys of One Direction certainly aren’t shy about taking their clothes off, and we’re not complaining! Liam Payne and Zayn Malik lounged and enjoyed some sexy shirtless downtime today at their hotel in Rio de Janeiro, before their second concert in the Brazilian city. Liam looked ready for a dip in his red and black swim trunks, which he paired with a matching hat. Meanwhile, Zayn was edgy and cool in a black beanie and low-rise acid wash jeans, putting all his ink on display. And, of course, both British cuties completed their poolside outfits with their greatest accessories—their toned abs! Harry Styles also joined his fellow bandmates for yet another afternoon of fun and relaxation.

Jessie J reveals she had a stroke at 18 JESSIE J did more than just lend her powerhouse vocals at the delete Bone Cancer Gala in New york on Wednesday night. While taking the stage to perform for a good cause, the English singer decided to share something very personal with the audience. “I had a stroke when I was 18,” Jessie reportedly announced, and continued to tell the star-studded crowd at Cipriani Wall Street that she is so thankful she was able to recover from her stroke. “I appreciate every day that I am able to live my dream.” The 26-year-old star,

whom emcee Chris Tucker called “the new queen of British Soul,” was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome as a child (which

can cause an irregular heartbeat) and dedicated her performance of “It’s oK Not to be oK” to “the people we have lost to cancer and who

are battling cancer.” While there may have been a somber mood in the room, Jessie J managed to sneak in a joke while singing to the crowd. “It’s not about the money, money, money,” she sang during her performance of “Price Tag,” but quickly added that “tonight it is about the money.” The gala raised a recordbreaking $4 million for delete Blood Cancer, which will be used to register lifesaving bone marrow donors. “Proud to perform at this inspirational gala! #deletebloodcancer #dkms,” Jessie J wrote.

Julia on her love scene with Coco: ‘I was nervous’ KAPAMILyA actress Julia Montes reveals that she got tensed before shooting her first ever ‘love scene’ with Teleserye King Coco Martin in ABS-CBN’s master teleserye “Ikaw Lamang.” “I was really nervous when we did Samuel and Mona’s love scene because I’ve never done something like that before. But were able to do it beautifully with the help of Coco, who was such a gentleman, and our directors,” said Julia who portrays the role of Mona, a young woman who is deeply in love with her childhood friend Samuel (Coco). Now that Mona and Samuel’s relationship is starting to change after Isabelle (Kim Chiu) married Franco (Jake Cuenca), Julia said that

followers of “Ikaw Lamang” should watch out for the big twists that will happen in their top-rating primetime drama series. “Viewers should not miss the life-changing revelations in the lives of Samuel, Isabelle and Mona, especially if Mona will succeed in replacing Isabelle in Samuel’s heart,” she said. Don’t miss the heartpounding scenes in the timeless master teleserye, “Ikaw Lamang” weeknights after “Dyesebel” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For more information about “Ikaw Lamang” visit the show’s official social media accounts Online, and Instagram. com/IkawLamang_TV.

BRICK MANSIONS 2D Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA R 13

12:25 | 2:20 | 4:15 | 6:10 | 8:05 | 10:00 LFS

THE OTHER WOMAN 2D Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton PG 13

12:40 | 3:00 | 5:20 | 7:40 | 10:00 LFS

SO IT'S YOU 2D Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez PG 13

12:40 | 3:00 | 5:20 | 7:40 | 10:00 LFS

R-16 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 2D Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone PG 13

1:00 | 4:00 | 7:00 | 10:00 LFS


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014


Acousteens...FFROM A1

sistance to help the children hone their talents and pursue their dreams. “Since I saw their potential and dedication  in singing and performing, I handpicked some of them to form an acoustic band,” he shares.  So last February, with help of their voice coach Mr. Ronie Luma who is

a voice teacher in Yamaha, ACOUSTEENS was formally formed and able to come up with their own rendition of  popular songs of different genres from pop, contemporary, r & b, standard , ballads/love songs . 

Even with their diverse background, ACOUSTEENS learned how to relate to others, how to work as a team and appreciate the rewards that come from working together. From songs popularized by Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion and Glee to the masterpieces of Beatles,  Eraserheads and Apo Hiking Society, ACOUSTEENS renders a unique blend of music and sounds that can appeal to teens, young people and even adults.  They have performed in many events of Camella in Davao City, Tagum City, General Santos City and Marbel.  The group also did a live performance at SMX SM Lanang and at ABS CBN’s Maayong Buntag Mindanao program.  ACOUSTEENS has been also hired to perform in some personal events like birthdays, weddings and small functions and events.   For bookings you can contact Marlon Escalicas or Gina Cartagena at 09283625891 or visit the group’s facebook page www.facebook/Acousteens.

VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014


Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late RONILO B. pALMA has been the subject of an EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT with the special power of Attorney executed by his heirs per Doc. No.268; page No. 54; Book No. XIV; Series of 2014 of the NOTARY pUBLIC ISRAELITO p. TORREON 5/12/19/26

Edge Davao hiring 3 reporters EDGE DAVAO is a need of three staffwriters/reporters for its expansion program. The reporters will be assigned to the business, science/ environment and political beats. Applicant must be a graduate of a four- year college course. Experience is not needed although preferable.

Interested parties may send their application letter to Mr. Antonio M. Ajero, Edge Davao editor, thru email address ajero_antonio@yahoo. com. For inquiries, please call Mr. Ajero thru mobile phone 09052422686 or landline 2213601.


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

Agassi says Nadal is greatest ever


HERE is nothing sports fan like doing more than comparing generations. We compare the 1985 Bears to the 2013 Seahawks. Golf fans talk about Tiger Woods versus Jack nicklaus as much as they talk about who is leading the current golf tournament, and in tennis, the debate rests with Rafael nadal and Roger Federer. Federer has 17 career Grand Slam titles, the most ever, while nadal sits with

13 Slams which includes eight French Open titles. That is enough for Andre Agassi, who has eight career Slams himself, and told Singapore’s Straits Times just that this week. Agassi was asked to rank the best in the world, and he had nadal as his top pick, with Federer coming in second, and his reasoning is pretty sound. “I’d put nadal number one, Federer number two,” Agassi said in an interview

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer — AP

EDGEDavao Davao Partners

with Straits Times. “Federer separated himself from the field for four years. He separated himself from (Andy) Roddick and (Lleyton) Hewitt,” “nadal had to deal with Federer, (novak) Djokovic, (Andy) Murray in the golden age of tennis. He has done what he has done and he’s not done yet.”

Obviously this is a topic that people will definitely pick sides on. Federer has won three of the four Grand Slams at least four times, while nadal has only won the Australian Open once and both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open twice. But, the glaring stat that people forget is how nadal has owned Federer over the

course of his career. nadal is 23-10 in his career versus Federer, and 6-2 against him in Grand Slam finals. nadal has always seemed to know just how to approach his matches with Federer, and while he hasn’t been perfect, he has won the last five meetings between these two, including a semifinal matchup at the

2014 Australian Open. So, let the debate begin. nadal or Federer? Are either of these guys, or someone else, the best ever? With Pete Sampras snagging 14 Grand Slams himself and names like Roy Emerson and Rod Laver on the accomplished list, it should make for a solid debate.



VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

Woods will return in October


HILE we still wait out the return of Tiger Woods to the PGA Tour, one thing we now know is that he will be playing, health pending, at an inaugural event in Argentina this October. According to ESPn’s Bob Harig, Woods has committed to the event and will team up with Matt Kuchar for what they’re calling the Americas Golf Cup, and it will take place October 2126 in Buenos Aires. Here is what Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg, told ESPn this week. Steinberg said “the deal is now in place” and that he was awaiting word on the venue. The format possibly will be medal-match play, but Steinberg said it is still to be determined. Steinberg, whose company is Excel Sports Management, also represents Kuchar.

It’s interesting to think Tiger picked this of all events to commit to this early in the season, and this long since he stepped away from competitive golf to undergo back surgery, but if Woods is heading to Argentina for a new event, it’s probably going to be worth his time. Also, Kuchar has become a serious staple on PGA Tour leaderboards, meaning two of the most popular golfers in the world will be teaming up at this event if Woods is healthy at that time. While we still don’t have word on when Woods plans on actually returning to competitive golf, and major championships, we know that if the back is healthy, we will get to see him in an event come October and that is never bad news for golf fans.

Tiger Woods

Kobe on D’Antoni: I didn’t care


t was no secret that Kobe Bryant didn’t much care for the coaching stylings of the recently-resigned Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. The former nuggets, Suns and Knicks coach was brought in by the Buss family, or most of it at least, over Phil Jackson after Mike Brown was fired early in the 2012-13 season, and the two never seemed to click in spite of D’Antoni allowing Bryant unending minutes and shots during that disappointing year. Following a 2013-14 campaign that was beset by injury, and after the Lakers declined to pick up D’Antoni’s 2015-16 option, the coach walked away from his gig. Bryant was on holiday at the time, but he’s back in Los Angeles now, and the future Hall of Famer decid-

ed to take a trip to Jimmy Kimmel’s set on Thursday evening to clarify his views on D’Antoni’s resignation. “Honestly, I didn’t care,” Bryant said Thursday when asked whether he was happy D’Antoni accepted a buyout of close to $2 million instead of coming back to coach the team next season. “Mike was dealt a really bad hand in dealing with all the injuries that he had here,” Bryant said. “This is a tough place, man. If you’re not winning, you’re not going to survive, man.” Bryant went on to say that he’ll “sit down” with Lakers brass as they attempt to hire D’Antoni’s replacement, and he offered this shot to El Segundo along the way: “On the last two they didn’t,” Bryant said, refer-

ring to Mike Brown and D’Antoni, who both failed to endure the length of the initial contracts they signed with the Lakers before parting ways. “On the third one, I’m hoping they do.” It should be noted that Bryant wasn’t exactly lobbing shots at the departed D’Antoni, the Buss family, and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak. That’s just how he talks. That’s just how he is. Because this is a family website, we can only say that Kobe Bryant is a bit … brusque. As Kobe did, D’Antoni’s time in Los Angeles is worth defending. Steve nash was never healthy during the coach and point guard’s reunion with the Lakers, Bryant was injured for just about all of 201314, Dwight Howard was

distracted (to say the absolute least) both mentally and physically in his one season under D’Antoni, and the Lakers’ top-heavy payroll chart made it so solid supporting role players were few and far between in the team’s lacking rotation. D’Antoni went 28-12 with the Lakers to finish 2012-13, though, even with nash and Bryant missing chunks of games. With that in place, the former Los Angeles coach failed to adapt to his roster in many ways, he sold out star big man Pau Gasol to the press on a number of occasions, and he never won over Bryant – who reportedly idolized D’Antoni while growing up in Italy, where the former Olimpia Milano point guard starred.

Messi: Talk of leaving Barca nothing but lies L IOnEL Messi has insisted he is “fine”, refuting claims in the media that he has been unhappy at Barcelona this season. Both the Argentine’s form and attitude have been openly questioned during what has been a difficult season for the Blaugrana, with some reports suggesting the 26-year-old could be tempted by Manchester City’s alleged interest in his services. However, Messi says he remains content at Barcelona and lashed out at the media for fabricating stories about him. “A lot of things have come out in the press over the past year, and practically all of it is nothing but lies. I am fine,” the four-time Ballon d’Or winner told reporters. The forward’s sole focus is now on helping Barcelona retain their Liga title, which looked all but lost after last weekend’s 2-2 draw at home to Getafe. However, Atletico Madrid’s subsequent loss

to Levante, coupled with third-placed Real Madrid dropping four points in the space of four days, means that the Blaugrana’s destiny is now in their own hands once again. Indeed, if Barca beat Elche away this weekend, Tata Martino’s men can then clinch the title by defeating Atleti at Camp Nou on the final day of the season. “We are in a much better position now than we were a few weeks ago,” Messi said. “There is a real possibility that we could win the league; it’s down to us. Winning the league depends on us alone; we have to make the most of the situation – we cannot let this chance slip away from us.” Barca currently trails the Rojiblancos by three points but given the teams’ draw at the Vicente Calderon earlier in the season, a win for the Catalans would see them crowned champions on account of a superior head-to-head record.

Azkals rise in FIFA rankings

T Kobe Bryant says that he’ll “sit down” with Lakers brass as they attempt to hire coach Mike D’Antoni’s replacement.

HE Philippine Azkals rose 3 notches to 140th place in the latest world FIFA football rankings. Vietnam is in top spot among Southeast Asian countries in 116th place. Thailand is in 143rd place, followed by Malaysia (145th), Singapore (147th), and Indonesia (152nd). Spain remained on

top in world rankings, followed by Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. England is in 11th place, the US is in 14th spot, while France is in 16th place. In Asia, Iran is in top spot, followed by Japan, Uzbekistan, South Korea, and Australia.


VOL. 7 ISSUE 40 • SUNDAY-MONDAY, MAY 11-12, 2014

No word from Floyd after Ali’s Pacman challenge


LOyD Mayweather Jr. has yet to respond to Muhammad Ali, days after “The Greatest” urged for a super bout with his Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao. After congratulating Mayweather for his unanimous decision win over Marcos Maidana, Ali tweeted: “Maybe after you rest up we can see you rumble with @MannyPacquiao!” Retired heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis joined Ali’s call, saying the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight seems to be a perfect finale. “Honestly the only fight I want to see for Mayweather is Pacquiao! #TheGrandFinale,” Lewis said through his own Twitter account. Mayweather, however, chose to ignore both boxing greats and instead posted a Twitter message saying he expects to earn up to $70 million for his

clash with the Argentine brawler. “$32M for 36 minutes. I’m waiting for the PPV numbers to come in so I can make another $38M on the back-end. Making it a grand total of $70M,” he said through his official Twitter account. Pacquiao, on the other hand, said he’s always ready to fight the controversial American. But the bout, which has been talked about for years, has yet to happen because Mayweather always comes up with reasons not to fight his Filipino rival. “Para sa akin, kailangan narin matuloy ‘yang laban na ‘yan, kasi ilang libo nang tao nagtatanong sa akin kung kailan ba matutuloy ‘yang laban na ‘yan,” said Pacquiao in an recent interview with ABS-CBn. “Hintayin nalang natin kung lalaban siya.”

Manny Pacquiao lands a punch on Timothy Bradley’s face in their WBo welterweight title rematch on April 12, 2014 in Las Vegas.

Edge Davao 7 Issue 40  

Edge Davao 7 Issue 40, May 11-12, 2014

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