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VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Serving a seamless society

Anti-Discrimination Ordinance



ERTAIN property developers refuse to sell condominium units or subdivision lots to buyers simply because they are Muslims. Years back, the San Pedro Hospital rejected a nurse applying for a job because her religion is Islam. It was ironic because she was a graduate of the nursing school of San Pedro College, the hospital’s sister institution

Gaisano Mall rejected the assignment of a cinema checker because she was a deaf-mute. This, despite the fact that she was a city government-paid worker tasked by the City Treasurer’s Office to check whether the mall management was reporting the correct number of moviegoers patronizing the mall’s cinemas. Cases of injustice such as those cited above will soon be things of the past when the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance (ADO) of Davao City goes into full effect. The persona behind the city ordinance, which is another first in the country’s history, is Rodrigo R. Duterte when he was still the city’s vice mayor last year. He conceptualized

the measure which was crafted into an ordinance by the erudite Councilor Melchor V. Quitain. Just what is the ADO or Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Davao City? What forms of discrimination does the ordinance abhor and deems them punishable? ADO is officially Ordinance No. 0417-12, Series of 2012, otherwise known as “An Ordinance Declaring Unlawful, Acts and Conduct of Discrimination Based on Sex, Gender, Identity, Sexual Orientation, Race, Color, Descent, National or Ethnic Origin and Religious Affiliation or Beliefs and Penalizing the Same.” The landmark legislation derives bases and authority fromthe provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, particularly Sections 10, 11 and 22 of Article II, Section 1 of Article III and Section 3 of Article XIII which mandate the state to promote social justice in all phases of national development; value the dignity of every human person and guarantee full respect for human rights; promote the rights of indigenous cultural communities within the framework of national unity and development; and afford full protection to labor, local and overseas, organized and

unorganized, and promote full employment and full equality of employment opportunities for all. The ordinance reiterates the Philippine Constitution’s guarantee that “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.” It also derives inspiration from other documents on the generally accepted principles of international law “such as those. but not limited to, the 1981 Declaration of the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination based on Religion or Belief, the 1993 UN General Assembly Resolution on Elimination of All Forms of Religious Intolerance and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.” DISCRIMINATION DEFINED The ADO defines “discrimination” as “any act, or conduct which withholds, excludes, restricts, curtails, demeans human dignity, or otherwise impairs the recognition, enjoyment and exercise of human rights and basic freedoms in the economic, labor, social, cultural, educational or any other field of public life based on

sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin, religious affiliation or beliefs.” The ordinance enumerates seven ways how discrimination may be committed against people applying for jobs, buying products and services, seeking enrolment in school, entry to restaurants, bars, entertainment spots and other establishments generally open to the public, among other privileges. PENALTIES Any person, natural or juridical, found liable of committing any act of discrimination will be admonished and fined P1,000 in the first conviction; meted a fine of P2,000 or animprisonment of not more than 10 days, at the discretion of the court, during second conviction; and a fine of P5,000 and imprisonment of 15 days on the third conviction. MEDIATION AND CONCILIATION Cases on violations of the ordinance will still pass a mediation and conciliation board composed of the city mayor or his duly-authorized representatives, and 13 other persons who are heads or representatives of government and private



VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Will Udang improve DIA?


ORMER Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Davao airport manager Fredrick San Felix received a bad press, especially when Cebu Pacific flight 5J971 skidded off the runway of the Davao International Airport (DIA) last June 2. The CebuPac mishap prompted the Davao City government to file charges against CAAP, with then city mayor Sara Duterte asking for the ouster of San Felix, because CAAP allegedly did not cooperate with the city’s rescue team, especially the Davao Central 911. What changes or improvements can Dabawenyos expect from new CAAP Davao airport manager,

Agnes Udang? Agnes Udang, who used to manage the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, replaced San Felix who was transferred to the Iloilo City airport early July, due to the “restructuring” in the CAAP agency. Engineer Joey Saddam, assistant airport manager, told Edge Davao that Udang is a very meticulous woman, citing as example when she called for a whole-day marathon meeting last Friday. He also said that Udang is a very strong woman, who is strict at times, if needed. Saddam said, Udang pays greater attention to details and is focused more on the development of the


PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS. Wedding photographer Roland Jumawan shows his portfolio to prospective clients during the second day of Kasalang

Filipino 2013 exhibit at the activity center of Abreeza Mall yesterday. Lean Daval Jr.

vet confiscates Davao deserves more City 2 tons of meat, fish Korean visitors, envoy January to July




ILIPINOS are fond of Korean telenovelas, Korean music or the K-Pop in general, including music artists like the Super Junior, Girls Generation, and Psy. South Koreans, on the other hand, are fond of tropical beaches or amazing places to spend vacation at, and this is evident in the Department of Tourism (DOT) data which show that South Koreans were the leading visitor market for 2012, registering a high of 1,031,454 visitors to the

Philippines. Davao City, however, only had some 8,000 to 10,000 South Korean visitors in 2012. This will not be the case in 2013 as DOT region 11 director Art Boncato is very aggressive in enticing more South Koreans to visit the city, especially by persuading major airlines to have direct flights from South Korea to Davao. The latest strategy of DOT 11 in aggressively promoting Davao to the South Koreans is by part-

nering up with the Davao Korean Association Inc., in the launching last Saturday, July 20, the “Davao Korean Association Information Desk” at the Davao International Airport (DIA) arrival lobby. Davao Korean Association Inc. vice president of foreign affairs Richard Ryu said that the information desk is only a small part of the DIA, but plays a very important role in promoting Davao to South Koreans by assisting Korean tourists arriving here in any way

possible. He said, there are only 3,200 Koreans living in Davao City as of now. Korean Ambassador to the Philippines Hyuk Lee said at the launching, “Davao deserves more Korean visitors, because it is a very beautiful place and the people here are very hospitable.” “I myself feel very comfortable and at home here, the air is very clean, and it has every reason to be a very attractive destination,” he said.



OME two tons of meat and fish were confiscated by the City Veterinarian’s Office (CVO) from January to July 2013 from various markets in Davao City. CVO’s Dr. Clarita Tellano told Edge Davao that 1,706.10 kilos of meat and 799.55 kilos of fish were confiscated as a result of the daily inspections and monitoring of meat and fish products in all public and private markets in the city by aqua technicians (fish Inspectors) and meat inspector teams to ensure that only fresh and quality of meat and fish are sold to the consuming public. “We also confiscated meat from the so called

Friday afternoon at the Davao City Recreation Center. His yawning seatmate, however, does not appear to feel the same. Lean Daval Jr.

“small talipapa” or unregistered establishments,” she explained, adding that meats that confiscated meat 23re mostly those illegally slaughtered, hot meat, adulterated, had foul odor, were mishandled and found to be unfit for human consumption. “Even at the “lechon” houses on Chavez Street we confiscate lechon if the meat inspectors discover that it was not slaughtered in an accredited slaughterhouse,” she said. “We confiscate fishes if it is caught by means of explosives. We have a team of fish inspectors who has the expertise to determine if it was caught illegally.”

Travel, liquor bans no effect on Kadayawan T

AMUSED. This man appears to be very amused while listening to the speech of Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte during a gathering of barangay police

HE negative travel advisory from the United States, Australia, and Canada to their nationals intending to visit Davao City, and the newly approved liquor ban after 1 a.m. will not adversely affect the Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival that the city will host on the 3rd week of August. Davao City Tourism Office (CTO) officer-in-charge Lisette Marques, in iSpeak Forum at the city hall said they had an informal discussion with major airlines, and that there have been no flight cancelations for the Kadayawan so far. “The airlines’ businesses are affected by the travel advisory, but most tourists in Davao City are domestic,” she said, which means Kadayawan will not really be

affected. She said, “despite the cancellation of the Ad Congress, there is another big congress with 3,000 delegates set May next year from a medical association.” The recently approved amendment to the liquor ban ordinance moving the prohibition of selling liquor from 2 a.m. to an earlier 1 a.m. will not be a disadvantage to Kadayawn as well, said Marques. “There are more reasons to come to Davao besides the night life and the drinking,” she said. City Council tourism head Al Ryan Alejandre supported Marques, saying, “night life is just one aspect of tourism, but it is not the only reason why tourists visit Davao City.” EJF



VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013



DavNor brings health care closer to indigent PhilHealth members I

NDIGENT PhilHealth members sponsored by the Provincial Government of Davao del Norte now enjoy outpatient services right at their own doorstep. Keeping Capitol’s tradition of hauling basic services to the people, the Provincial Economic Enterprise and Development Office (PEEDO) has brought the Primary Care Benefit (PCB-I) package, which is the new PhilHealth outpatient benefit bundle, to the barangays. The services under the package include, medical consultation, regular BP monitoring, periodic breast examination, laboratory services and medicines for common diseases, among others. PEEDO Chief Ma. Eliza Andin said the province rolled out the PCB-1 to the communities since last year in order to bring the health care services of the three provincial hospitals, while helping the hard-up beneficiaries save time and money.


“Nilalapit natin sa kanila ang serbisyo para mabawasan ang kanilang gastos,” she enthused. Andin said that aside from holding hospital-based PCB-1 missions, the provincial hospitals covering the Island Garden City of Samal Zone, Carmen Zone and Kapalong Zone also conduct outpatient benefit outreach in the barangays. Both Carmen and Kapalong Zones send PCB-1 teams to the barangays during Fridays, while the Samal Zone do it every Thursday. The Capitol executive further bared that the 23,600 PhilHealth card-holders sponsored by the province were assigned to the provincial hospitals. At the same time, the other 36,585 PhilHealth members in the province enrolled under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) were assigned to the various rural health units.

RECIPIENT. PEEDO Chief Ma. Eliza Andin, right, ushers a recipient during the primary care benefit (PCB-I) package outreach for PLGU-sponsored PhilHealth beneficiaries at the GSP Hall, Mankilam, Tagum City. [Noel Baguio] According to Andin, the sponsored members may still opt to go to any PhilHealth-accredited hospital around the province for their medi-

cal needs. However, the beneficiaries are being encouraged to avail of the services of the provincial hospitals so the facilities

would benefit from the per family payment rate (PFPR) provided by the PhilHealth PCB-1 providers. PhilHealth alots a

PFPR of P500 to every enrolled indigent family as subsidy when they avail of the outpatient benefit package. [Noel Baguio]


push reward system CSOs pledge to combat malnutrition Police for crime witnesses, tipsters


HIRTY organizations from the academe, urban poor, non-government organizations, and local government units in North Cotabato have commited to support the ‘battle’ against malnutrition. Cotabato provincial nutrition officer Elly Nebrija said the campaign is in response to a nationwide call launched

recently by the National Nutrition Council to counter the high malnutrition rate in the country. Speaking on Friday before the first-ever provincial Nutrition Summit, Nebrija said that although the malnutrition rate in the province has decreased the past two years, a strong public support should remain


in place to eliminate the problem. The summit has for its theme “Gutom at malnutrition, Sama-sama nating Wakasan”. He lauded the support of the ACF (Action against Hunger) International, a global NGO committed to ending world hunger, in their campaign. The ACF, according

to him, ,has been their partner in their advocacy to end malnutrition in the province. During his summit lecture, ACF nutrition program head, Dr. Oscar Fudalan, identified three causes of malnutrition - food and security, access to health and poor health practices – that needs immediate attention. [PNA]

Lolong will stay in Bunawan after taxidermy in Manila


OLONG,” the world’s largest saltwater crocodile that died in captivity, will be displayed at the town’s eco-park after its taxidermy at the National Museum in Metro Manila, officials assured. The reptile was exhumed Thursday from its burial site inside the fenced artificial pond where the crocodile stayed after it was captured

on September 3, 2011. Councilor Ronald Nuer, chairman of the special committee for the preservation of the remains of Lolong, said the local government, the National Museum and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) have crafted a memorandum of agreement a suring the return of the crocodile’s remains to their town. “What we are after

here is the assurance that the remains of Lolong will be returned to the town, we are not going to argue who will own the remains. We have asked the National Museum and they assured us that both the stuffed skin and the assembled skeleton will be returned and displayed here in the eco-park,” said Nuer. Nuer said that the MOA between the DENR, National Museum and

the local government “will be signed between July 23 to 26.” “We are just finalizing the details since the signing should be done in public and the initial plan was to have it done at the National Museum in Manila,” he said. Bunawan Mayor Edwin Elorde said he is optimistic that the crocodile’s remains would be returned to the town. [Erwin Mascarinas/MindaNews]


OLICE officials are pushing for the creation of a localized incentive or reward system for crime witnesses and informants in a bid to enhance their crime prevention and control initiatives. Senior Supt. Froilan Quidilla, city police director, issued such recommendation to the city council here as he admitted that their ongoing efforts to resolve the recent surge in murders and other crime-related incidents in the city were hampered by the lack of witnesses. “Our efficiency in solving crimes is affected by adamant witnesses, inadequate personne and logistics and (lack of) community support,” he said. From January to June 15, the police official said they have recorded a total 802 crime-related incidents within the city’s 26 barangays. Quidilla said 662 of these or 83 percent comprise robbery and theft cases while 48 or six percent were carnapping incidents. In terms of murder, he

said they have recorded 37 fatalities in 49 shooting incidents during the first six months of the year. “Nine of these cases were already solved but 40 have remained unsolved,” Quidilla said in a presentation. Of the profiling conducted by police investigators on the victims, 13 of them had involvement in illegal drug activities, 13 in theft and robbery cases, five in carnapping incidents and two in murder and homicide, he said. Quidilla said the background of the 24 other victims was unknown or no information involving them was immediately available. He noted that they have already created a special investigation and intelligence team that will look into these cases. “We’re continually validating some intelligence reports that we gathered about these incidents and conducting periodic intelligence and investigation case conferences about the matter,” he said. [Allen V. Estabillo/ MindaNews]

4 THE ECONOMY De Ocampo ushers in ‘fresh new beginning’ as chairman of PVB EDGEDAVAO


ESPECTED business leader and known public figure Roberto de Ocampo was officially voted in, last 09 July 2013, as the new chairman of the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB), a private commercial bank owned by some 400,000 World War II veterans and their heirs. De Ocampo said his term marked “a fresh new beginning for PVB, with the aim of revitalizing the medium-sized commercial bank to be an active major player in the banking industry, not just locally but globally as well.” De Ocampo also chairs the board advisers of the RFO Center for Public Finance & Regional Economic Cooperation, an ADB Regional Knowledge Hub.

He served with the World Bank in Washington D.C. just prior to returning home to join the Development Bank of the Philippines as its youngest chair and chief executive officer and subsequently appointed as the country’s top fiscal manager during the term of President Fidel V. Ramos. During his stint as finance secretary, De Ocampo was commended for helping the government’s fiscal position from large deficits to surpluses. It was during his term that longest period of consecutive years of fiscal surpluses in the Philippines was realized. De Ocampo designed and imposed the country’s investment liberalization and privatization strategies. As a testament to his con-

tributions to government, Euromoney awarded him as the Global Finance Minister of the Year in 1995. Moreover, he also received the honor of having been the Asian Finance Minister of the Year in 1996 and 1997 by Euromoney and Asiamoney. He was also the president of the Asian Institute of Management. A son of a World War II veteran, De Ocampo held a position as chairman of Asia-Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Finance Ministers. He held a post as Governor of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank. De Ocampo was com-

mended as the lone Filipino knighted by both the France and United Kingdom. He was conferred “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” or OBE by the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 for his hard work in promoting Philippine-UK relations during his stint as public servant and as chair of the British Alumni Association. He received a commendation as Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor by the Republic of France for his promotion of links between France and the Philippines in the economic domain. His current post as new chairman of Philippine Veterans Bank has already been hailed by the Veterans Federation of the Philippines.

VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013 Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 11th Judicial Region Branch 17, Davao City



x-----------------------------------------------------------------x ORDER

Pettioner Theresa Joy Sollano Fuentes and Jomar Sollano Fuentes filed the instant petition, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order be issued directing the City Civil Registrar of Davao City, to cause the cancellation/correction to wit: The Certificate of Live Birth of Petitioner Theresa Joy Sollano Fuentes Entry No. 12 Thereof, which is Date and Place of Marriage of Parents from November 25,1985, Municipal Court Janiuay, Iloilo to NOT MARRIED ; Likewise , Entry No. 6 Middle Name of her mother from DALMERO to PALMERO. Certificate of live Birth of petitioner Jomar Sollano Fuentes Entry No. 18 thereof which is the Date and Place of marriage of parents from August 28,1977, Davao City to NOT MARRIED.

Other reliefs and remedies just and equitable under the foregoing premises are likewise prayed. Finding the Petition to be sufficient in form and substance, set hearing of the Petition on September 16, 2013 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning,,ordering all interested persons to appear on the said date and show cause, why this Petition should not be granted. Petitioner is directed to publish this Order, at least once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks prior to the date of hearing, in a designated qualified newspaper of general circulation, pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1079. Furnis a copy of this Order to the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Davao City, for raffling of the publication. Given this 28th day of June 2013 at Davao City Philippines (SGD) EVALYN M. ARFIIANO-MORALES Presiding Judge



EJF-REM CASE NO. 14,261-13

CELSO JR R. LUGO, married to KAMYA F. LUGO, Mortgagor/s.

x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE

Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by the mortgagee Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-ibig Fund against the mortgagor/s CELSO JR. R. LUGO, married to KAMYA F. LUGO, with postal address at LOT 03, Blk 12, 10th ST. GUADALUPE VILLAGE, LANANG, Davao City to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of October 12, 2013 amounted to ( P 1,932,974.86) Philippine Currency, inclusive of interest, penalty charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to TEN ( 10%) of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned Sheriff IV of the Regional Trial Court, Davao City, will sell at public auction on July 26 , 2013 at 10:00 A.M. or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland,Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate of Title No. T- 435077 “ A parcel of land (Lot 3, Blk. 12 xxx) situated in the Distirct of Lanang, Davao City, Island of Containing an area of THREE HUNDRED FIFTY SIX(356) SQUARE METERS, more or less”

All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on August 23, 2013 without further notice.

Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, June 18, 2013


Noted by:


(SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff (edge 7/15,22,29)




Tax incentives, credit access top topics in 1st Mindanao Exporters Congress T

AX incentives and credit accessibility are two most important issues that will be raised by Philippine Exporters Confederation,Inc. (Phil Export) 11, organizer of the 1st Mindanao Exporters Congress (MEC) slated on August 1-3 at SMX Convention Center to the office of President

Benigno Aquino for action at the end of the three-day gathering. Speaking at the Club 888 Forum, Monday at The Marco Polo, Davao, PhilExport 11 chairperson Domingo Ang said the two above-mentioned issues are only two of the expected various resolutions and recommendations which

they will consolidate after comprehensive discussions on significant issues affecting the export industry in the region. “We will ask the President how small exporters could access to funding assistance without stringent requirements to sustain the growth of the industry,” Ang said.

In apparent disgust, Ang likened small exporters to people queuing in pawnshops for money to sustain their everyday needs. He said this is the most opportune time for government to provide small exporters easy access to credit when the country’s economy is in the pink of

Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte (2nd from left) and Gov. Jonny T. Pimentel of Surigao Del Sur (2nd from right) grace the inauguration of the Enterprise Bank building in Buhangin, Davao City Thursday afternoon. Seen with

health. The small exporters or small medium entrepreneurs are the backbone of the country’s economy, hence, should be given privileges to funding assistance to allow them to keep growing, he said. PhilExport 11 corporate secretary Ireneo Dalayon for his part spe-

cifically cited index prices for export commodities in Mindanao as another important issue that will be tackled at the congress. He said MEC is perfect venue for small exporters to get organized and agree on better prices of their exportable products eventually capturing a bigger market.

them during the ribbon cutting ceremony are Enterprise Bank, Inc.’s Ignacio U. Alvizo, founder (left), and Ronald E. Alvizo, president and chief executive officer. Lean Daval Jr.




VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013


DGE DAVAO reported last week that the Davao City government will install 130 more cctv (closed circuit television) cameras in city streets for “protection and traffic management”, as announced by Public Safety Command Center (PSCC) chief Francisco Villaroman to the media. The installation will be done by Abratique & Associates, Inc. whose management has boasted that the firm’s cameras are “more intelligent than those in other cities,” whatever that means. But then, they ought to be because the taxpayers will be spending a fortune for this high technology project – P100 million for a total of 200 cctv cameras, or a whopping P500,000 per camera on the average, if our arithmetic is right.

It may be remembered that Abratique is also the lucky contractor of the city’s so-called multi-million signalization project which is reportedly not yet completed. There is no question that cctvs play a growing indispensable role in modern-day maintenance of law and order. The cctv is the rock star in crime news reporting as we see it in daily television news, especially in the matter of identifying perpetrators of crimes against property and persons. However, a disturbing trend seems to emerge lately—cctv cameras themselves are being stolen or destroyed by the criminals. Maybe, Abratique endorsers should first convince us that their cctv cameras are theft-proof before we become the butt of ridicule, yes, multi-million peso ridicule.

Condo living


HIS ISSUE’S special supplement is condominium living, a growing trend in Davao City, particularly in the property development department. A question or two may be asked –why is there a growing trend in condominium living? Or, to say it in another way, why is the sale of condo units brisk? Is it because people have more money to buy condo units, that’s


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why there is a boom? Don’t bother yourself with such questions. We think that the reason behind the phenomenon is the quality of living that Davao City offers and many people who have tried residing here know this for a fact. The secret behind it all was revealed more than a decade ago by the defunct Asiaweek, a prestigious international news magazine. It adjudged Davao as “the most liveable city in the Philippines.”


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Great challenges lie ahead

HAT’S NEW ABOUT SONA? – Pondering over the past three State-of-the-Nation-Address (SONA), people perhaps have already accumulated a lot of contemplations. It would seem that these thoughts germinate from the manner of their day-today life under the present dispensation. Sure, a SONA provides a venue for the sitting president to enumerate all his achievements during the previous years and it goes without saying that we ought to know as citizens. Much of what comprised the customary presidential message to nation no matter how extensive is expected, after all, SONA is a well-defined and well-calculated proclamation crafted by the best of minds – highly-paid wordsmiths and speechwriters. For the fourth time, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III will deliver his much-awaited State-of-the-Nation-Address or SONA on Monday, July 22, 2013. Now we can see what a difference three years can make. The reported declining popularity of the President PNoy after its three-year reign, which is oftentimes exaggerated by the critical press, has led to much speculation about the fate of the Aquino administration. Ironically, there are disturbing aspects of any SONA being delivered by whoever is in power certainly because the entire Filipino population expects something new during the significant moment where the Chief Executive presents in details his performance during the past three years and what he ought to do in the remaining years of his incumbency. Again, to recapitulate people understand notably political analysts and pessimists that a SONA is nothing but a well-crafted speech embellished with tantalizing and captivating words expertly prepared by highly-paid wordsmiths and speechwriters. Just about every political experts and adversaries

were predicting that President PNoy’s fourth SONA would be similar and as enthralling as the previous p re s i d e n t i a l speeches full of hackneyed phrases and worn-out statements. Because of this, only the people’s perception had changed. The people, supposedly PNoy’s “bosses” are now wary of the country’s much-ballyhooed growth and development stories. And the big worry is that President Aquino’s remaining three years in office presents a great challenge as well as it signifies a make or break opportunity to his administration. President PNoy, through its favorite catchphrase “Daang Matuwid,” (Straight Path) at this time, is in a position to force the inclusion and resolution of other critical issues such as the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB), diplomatic stalemate with China over the disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea, rising crime rate, unemployment and grinding poverty in his fourth SONA. Moreover, the impending oil price hike will severely undermine the administration’s effort to maintain the confidence of the disgusted and disenchanted consuming public. But no matter how political adversaries, harsh critics and militant and progressive groups frown and grin, there’s one thing President PNoy has to be able to do: deliver a simple and sincere message and assumes an amiable but interested expression during his SONA and try to make his expected expansively

speech easier for the ordinary Filipino to understand. This is one of the most crucial moments for the President to use his political leverage to push for a strategic vision, which incorporates economic reform, respect for human rights, and rule of law, transparency and accountability. Nevertheless, there are reasons to believe that the Aquino leadership will most likely honor its commitment of “Daang Matuwid” and give people a high degree of importance. The government cannot just talk about growth and sustainable development without thinking of a durable and lasting peace and order condition. A comprehensive security agenda for peace and stability, with a formula of conflict solution acceptable to all parties – the MILF, MNLF, NDF-NPA and foreign elements is urgently needed. With a peaceful environment rightly in place, it will increase its importance politically and economically. Although many difficulties and pressing concerns lie ahead, President Aquino may be able to do more to govern effectively than just put a smiling face on the leadership’s declining popularity. As it is, President PNoy will be judged on how he manages the economy, basic social problems and the fight against crime because public dissatisfaction and distrust had risen with the perception that the present dispensation has not been able to tackle, in particular, rising crime, as well as conduct peace dialogues with different rebel and secessionist groups and straining foreign diplomatic relations. Most importantly, the Filipino nation expects more from President Aquino after his fourth SONA and they want more than the “Daang Matuwid,” and of his broad-grin and press-friendly attitude. Simply put, they want progress and prosperity.

Let’s face it: Pork Barrel is a giant scam per se


HERE’S nothing new about the interest and excitement being generated by the P 10 billion expose’ of late about Pork Barrel on the front pages. It’s a scam that’s been going on almost as soon as Pork allowances were made to balloon during Jose de Venecia’s term as Speaker of the House. The Lakas-NUCD coalition is virtually a dead horse now; but it cannot escape the blame for having husbanded the greatest rise in congressional entitlements ever—and the consequent spread of corruption in a political system that is still gasping for survival to this day. Corrupt ab initio Contrary to its original conception and justification, and unlike the hype with which the so-called Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) was inaugurated, the Pork Barrel has never been a useful scheme or instrument for local development. In reality, it is a tool for self-enrichment and political dominance as well as a convenient workshop for incubating corrupt practices. There are enough details in the JLN expose to familiarize or educate everybody on the mechanics and nuances of this scheme.


(1st of two parts) In the beginning, before the trapos (traditional politicos) wised up to its many-splendored potential, PDAF or Pork did some good in some places. But not really very much. Roads built were substandard. Services funded were politically loaded, redeemable at election time. Other projects were make-work or make-shift sorts that did nothing for real welfare, employment, or livelihood. To this day, Pork projects do not help expand productivity or the gross barangay product, which is the micro-component of the Gross National Product. At the outset, in practically no time after the ballooning of these personal entitlements, the trapos invented all sorts of schemes and bogus programs that were designed (1) to suck out and exhaust the budgets of line agencies and (2) to shovel kickbacks and commissions into their pockets and bank accounts. Doing so was the secret to their

firm control of power on various levels over the years. It was no secret how they became instant millionaires, financing their re-election campaigns, expanding their dynasties, raking-in fabulous amounts, and enjoying the good life while everyone croaked and groaned and agonized. Formidable dissenting voices Now that there is a great outcry to rid the system of this wellspring of abuse and corruption, formidable voices are being raised to defeat the move. All sorts of specious reasons are being cited to retain the Pork. And because corruption has so permeated the system, chances are that they will prevail, never mind that it is an imperative for maintaining a *matuwid na daan.* No less than the incumbent speaker favors retaining the Pork. It is understandable, of course, as he has been one of the most relentless practitioner of the craft of Pork Barrel politics. He’s had lots of practice in using and abusing Pork— starting with when he was mayor of Quezon City when even the concreted footpaths of sidewalks were engraved with his name and even city councilors were allotted quotas for followers to include in the payrolls.



Too much hullabaloo over the SONA


have a suggestion on what to do with the President’s SONA: Let’s stop the practice/ tradition of having it delivered before a joint session of congress. After all, the SONA is not meant only for the ears of our “horrible” lawmakers, but for all the citizens of the nation. I contend that the SONA can be delivered by the President, or his alter ego from the Halls of Malacañang, and broadcast live to the people in all corners of the archipelago, including the Spratlys Islands. It may be recalled that past SONAs have been a sorry spectacle of unwanted violence, chaos and obscene display of sartorial and fashion pomposity, especially by the lady solons who seem to convey the message that poverty does not exist in the country. Let’s have a practical, realistic look at the SONA. What makes it so controversial that it causes much rambling in the asphalt jungle between lawmen and militant citizens who seem to give the impression that their lives depend on it. Is it that important? What exactly is the SONA? Don’t jeer at me, but I say that the SONA is a sanitized and deodorized presidential self-praising literary piece that is 95% computerized lies and 5% truth. Anti-SONA people can save money, time and effort if they just stay home and let the President do his thing. After all, the majority of our people know the real and actual state of the nation. On the other hand, government will save money and needless use of manpower if the police and the military stay in their normal posts fighting criminals and lawless groups. Let’s forget the SONA and move on with our lives earning a living so that we will have food on the table three times a day. SONAmagan! ooOoo Rep. Rolando Andaya of Camarines Norte, a former budget chief during GMA’s reign, days ago, briefed neophyte solons on how to use the pork barrel fund (PDAF). He cautioned them to beware of “purveyors of botcha” (bogus projects) who walk on the corridors of Congress offering huge financial gain. Andaya is wasting saliva briefing new solons. He should realize that many, if not all of those new congressmen ran because they were attracted by the PDAF. ooOoo Speaker Sonny Belmonte – he was also speaker during President Gloria Arroyo’s administration, doesn’t want the pork barrel abolished. He said stricter and closer security must be applied to effect proper use of the pork. “Saba diha, Sonny!” (Shut up, Sonny). You’re just dreaming. Don’t pull our legs. You know very well that pork tastes good. ooOoo CHOICE QUOTE: All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies. – Dr. Arbuthnot. ooOoo



BLACK AND WHITE SIZE Full Page Half Page 1/4 Page 1/8 Page 1/16 Page per col. cm.

VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

EDGEDavao Gensan Partners


Health and Wellness

Tel No. (083) 553-2211 / (083) 877-0019 / (083) 878-0308


Classified Page 10,000.00 5,000.00 2,500.00 1,250.00 650.00 55.00

P150.00 per column inch; P55.00 first three lines; P10.00 on succeeding lines

FULL COLOR ADS + 35% color surcharge

3 + 2 bonus

NOTICE OF LOSS Notice is hereby given by LOYOLA PLANS CONSOLIDATED INC. that CERTIFICATE OF FULL PAYMENT No.(s) 77003 under LOYOLA PLAN Contract No.(s) 000605875950 issued to BLAS P. COSTELO was lost. Any transaction entered into shall be null and void. 7/22/29/8/05

Realty FOR SALE:

1) 1-hectare commercial lot at P10,000/sq m, along National Highway, facing east, beside NCCC Panacan, Davao City. 2) 17,940sq m commercial lot at P2,500/sq m, along Matina Diversion Road. 3) 3,831 sq m lot along Matina Diversion Road. 4) 41,408 sq m commercial/ industrial lot at P800/sq m along the National Highway, Bunawan. 5) 7,056 sq m at P1,200/sq m commercial/residential lot along Indangan Road, Buhangin District. 6) 27,411 sq m commercial/ industrial lot along the National Highway in Bincungan, Tagum City. 7) 116.15 to 245.92 sq meters , at P5.5M to P12.3M commercial/ office condo units in Bajada, Davao City. 8) 699 to 1,117 sq m at P4,100/sq m commercial lots at Josefina Town Center, along the National Highway, Dumoy, Toril. 9) Ready-for-Occupancy Residential Properties: 4BR/3T&B in a 240 sq m lot with 177.31sqm floor area (2-storey) at P4.8M in an exclusive beachfront community in Dumoy, Toril.; 3BR 2-storey in a 71.25 sq m 2-storey in a 143sq m lot in an exclusive flower village in Maa, Davao City; 180 sq m lots with 71.25sqm to 126.42 sq m floor areas, priced at P3.751M to P5.773M in an exclusive mountain resort community along Matina, Diversion Road. 10) 1BR/2BR residential condo units located in Bolton, Maa, Obrero, Davao City. 11) FOR ASSUME (RUSH): 1BR res’l condo unit in Palmetto, Maa. P600K negotiable. Note: Items 1-9 can be paid in cash, in-house or bank financing. If interested, please call Jay (PRC REB Lic. 8237) at 0922-851-5337 (Sun), 0908-883-8832 (Smart) or send email to

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NOTICE OF LOSS Notice is hereby given by LOYOLA PLANS CONSOLIDATED INC. that CERTIFICATE OF FULL PAYMENT No.(s) 21089700 under LOYOLA PLAN Contract No.(s) 187438-1 issued to TEOFILA B. COBAROBIAS was lost. Any transaction entered into shall be null and void. 7/8,15,22




PRIME LOCATIONS: Lot 2 Lot 7 FS Catanico

– – – –

Cugman Cugman Gu sa Gu sa

– – – –

28,206sqm 32,662sqm 3,013sqm 25,201sqm

Pe rf ec t fo r D ev el op me nt Contact Mobile No.: 09269128630;09061005776

09272485996; 09168966433

Email Address: rv




VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Will Udang.. FFROM 2

Anti-Discrimination.. FFROM 1

DIA building and the safety of flights. He said, if the new manager sees deficiencies in the DIA, she would report it immediately to the CAAP national level to get support right away. “Udang even said, that if CAAP Manila would not give its full support to DIA, she would leave her post,” Saddam said. One of the main reasons why a manager is removed from a post is if the airport is not in good condition and is not functioning well, which is why Udang wants to make sure that the DIA will be in the best condition, said Saddam. This is what Davao business leaders want, which is why they are pushing for a Davao International Airport Authority, just like the Cebu-Mactan Airport Authority. In the June 18 issue of

sector institutions or industry associations. The board is empowered to create as many sub-boards as it deems necessary. The board and sub-boards are tasked to receive complaints about violation of the ordinance and subject them to the mediation and conciliation process “to the end that judicial, quasi-judicial, prosecutorial and administrative action is avoided.” The ordinance does not cover acts that fall under the Labor Code of the Philippines, or Republic 7610, and the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act. EGALITARIANISM? Students of political science and governance may think Duterte is dreaming of attaining for Davao City a system of egalitarianism, a “belief in human equality, especially with respect to social, political, and economic rights and privileges,” or simply “a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people.”

Edge Davao, article “Business leaders clamor for creation of airport authority,” Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., (DCCCII) head Sebastian Angliongto said such an Authority is needed to address the airport’s multifarious challenges, especially the lack of standard equipment and features required in a real international airport. Mindanao Business Council (MinBC) head Vicente Lao added that Dabawenyos don’t have to be at the mercy of CAAP Manila. Will Udang be the game changer in the DIA and create a CAAP Davao which serves as the DIA Authority that Dabawenyo business leaders are pushing for, or will she be another case of a San Felix that a mayor would want to be ousted? EJF

REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Office of Atty. Godofredo M. Duremdes III Notary Public for Davao City



x-------------------------------------------------------------x NOTICE OF EXTRA JUDICIAL SALE

Pursuant to the terms of the Real Estate Mortgage dated and notarized on 16 November 2011, executed by SPS. ALEXANDER A. ABAYA and JUDEL C. ABAYA with residence and postal address at No. 15 orchid St., Napco Subdivision, Bangkal, Davao City Mortgagor/s, in favor of UNION BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES, Mortgagee, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness in the total amount of PESOS:TWO MILLION NINE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTEEN & 11/100 ( 2,925,815.11) Phillipine Currency, inclusive of sale and other charges, the undersigned Notary Public for Davao City, hereby gives notice to all parties concerned and to the public in general that on September 2, 2013 at 11:00 A. M. in the morning or soon thereafter at the main entrance/lobby of the City Hall of Davao City, he/she will sell at public auction to the highest bidder and for cash, in Philippine Currency, the property covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. 164-2011004410 issued by Registry of Deeds for Davao City, Including the improvements thereon and more particularly described as follows: Registry of Deeds for Davao City Transfer Certificate of Title No. 146-2011004410 IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that certain land situated in BARANGAY OF TALOMO, CITY OF DAVAO, ISLAND OF MINDANAO, more particularly bounded and described as follows: A PARCEL OF LAND (LOT 5, BLOCK 12, OF THE CONS.-SUBD. PLAN , PCS 11-004305, BEING A PORTION OF THE CONS. OF LOT 3946, LOT 4005, LOT 4007 & LOT 7887 ALL OF CAD-A02) SITUATED IN THE BARANGAY OF TALOMO CITY OF DAVAO, ISLAND OF MINDANAO, BOUNDED ON THE NVV., ALONG LINE 1-2 BY LOT 2: ON THE NE., ALONG LINE 2-3 BY LOT 4, BOTH OF BLOCK 12; ON THE SE., ALONG LINE 3-4 BY ROAD LOT B; ON THE SVV., ALONG LINE 4-5 BY LOT 6; AND ALONG LINE 5-1 BY LOT 7, BOTH OF BLOCK 12; ALL OF THE CONS-SUBD. PLAN, BEGINNING AT A POINT MARKED “1” ON THE PLAN, BEING S, 64.DEG. 44’ VV., 842.91 M. FROM BLLM NO. 23, CAD-102, DAVAO CADASTRE; THENCE N. 70DEG. 11’ E., 5.90 M. TO POINT 2; THENCE S. 76 DEG. 03’ E 12.18 M. TO POINT 3; THENCE S. 14 DEG. 36VV., 14.69 M. TO POINT 4; THENCE N. 38’ VV., 12.09 M TO POINT 5; THENCE N. 23 DEG 55’ VV., 9.11 M. TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING, CONTAINING AN AREA OF ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR (174) SQ.M. ALL POINTS REFERRED TO ARE INDICATED ON THE PLAN AND ARE MARKED ON THE GROUND BY P. S. CYL. CONC. MONS. 15 X40 CM.; BEARINGS: TRUE: DATE OF ORIGINAL SURVEY JUNE 30, 1965 & FEB. 1916 TO MAY 1920 AND THAT OF THE CONS. SUBD. SURVEY, NOVEMBER 4, TO 15, 2004. EXECUTED BY GEODETIC ENGINEER FRANCISCO A. GUEVARA JR. AND WAS APPROVE ON OCTOBER 20,2006. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the abovestated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date, it shall be held on September 9, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. in the morning or soon thereafter at the same place without further notice. Pursuant to law, copies of this Notice shall be posted for not less than twenty (20) days in at least three (3) public places in the City/Municipality where the mortgage property is located and shall be published once a week for a least three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation before the date of the foreclosure sale. Done at Davao City June 21, 2013 (Signed) Atty. GODOFREDO M. DUREMDES III Notary Public

May be so, but Duterte, when interviewed, admitted to be more interested in the immediate salutary effect of such an ordinance in the perennial search for the elusive peace in our land. Rebellion and the resulting unpeacecan be attributed to social inequities, the mayor said, adding that it is his fervent hope that

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 11TH Judicial Region Branch 12 DAVAO CITY



x------------------------------------------------x NOTICE TO CREDITORS

Letters Testamentry having been issued in the above-entitled case in favor of Pilar mynthia b. Vicente; IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that notice be, and the same is hereby, given to all persons having claims for money against the decedent, Ramon C. Vicente, arising from contracts, express or implied, whether the same be due, not due, or contingent, for funeral expenses and expenses of the last sickness of the said decedent, and judgment for money against him, requiring them to file their claims with this Court within a period of (6) months after the first publication of the notice. SO ORDERED

Davao City, Philippines, July 4, 2013 (SGD) MAE T. CAÑETE-TUPAS Branch Clerk of Court 7/22/29/8/5


the removal of these inequities will unlock the keys to lasting peace and unity, Duterte said. INITIATIVES Long before the enactment of ADO, the Duterte administration had already made a name and won awards for espousing legislation and programs on equality and justice, particularly ordinances that promote the rights and protection of vulnerable sectors of society such as women, children, indigenous peoples and senior citizens, among others. These are: ----the appointment of five deputy mayors for as many Muslim tribes (one each for Maguindanao, Tausog, Kagan,Maranaw and Sama) and another five for as many indigenous peoples’ tribes (Ata, Matigsalog, Obu-Manobo, Klata-Djangan

and Tagabawa). The deputy mayor is the city mayor’s alter-ego in community activities. No other local government unit (LGU) in the country has this setup. It is widely known that the city mayor also worked for the release of Isla Verde, a large island created by accretion fronting the city’s Magsaysay Park, and part of the so-called Mini-Forest in Salmonan home to thousands of informal settlers, which include Badjaos and Muslim tribesmen during the time of former President Joseph Estrada. The other initiatives are ordinances for the protection of women and children, senior citizens, and differently-abled, among others. (With a report from EJ Dominic Fernandez)

He hopes that there would be direct connecting flights from South Korea to Davao, since he believes that connectivity is one of the most important factors to promote tourism, adding that there is a need to promote Davao more, since it is less known to Koreans compared to Boracay, Cebu and Manila. He said, “you need to be more aggressive in promoting Davao, and one good idea for DOT is to invite tourism companies in Korea to see and look around Davao.” Boncato said, “we should not stop dribbling the ball,” regarding the promotion of Davao to Koreans, especially to its airlines in creating direct connectivity. “If you look at it objec-

tively, these airlines are bringing in Koreans to the Philippines, and eventually, they need to expand their business, which means they would ultimately expand to Davao,” he said. “So, logically, having direct flights from South Korea to Davao is very possible, and we target that to happen this year, we just have to confirm with the airlines.” DOT has been meeting up with five airlines in South Korea, and so far Jin Air, Jeju Air, and Busan air has shown great interest in creating direct flight from their country to Davao. DOT is also meeting up with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines to promote the direct connectivity.

Davao.. FFROM 2


VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013



Fresh wedding options at the Kasalang Filipino Bridal Fair By Kenneth Irving Ong Weddings today are becoming ever more and more sophisticated as the tastes of the couple getting hitched become more and more global thanks to the Internet and social media.

Every little detail is now scrutinised and suppliers get specialised on what that was recently held at they do, from invitations, the Activity Center of the to give-aways, to photog- Abreeza Mall last July 19 raphy services, down to to 21. event styling, catering and Deemed to be the bigvenues. Planning a wed- gest wedding expo to hapding in 2013 can be a task pen in the Davao region, with so many suppliers the event is the fifth leg strewn all-over the city. of Kasalang Filipino 2013, It is a good idea then, to which ties key cities in the create a one-stop exhibit of Philippines with one obsome of Davao’s best and jective of promoting the up-and-coming wedding local wedding and toursuppliers to help soon- ism industry. Following to-be-wed couples made the highly successful runs that decision on what they in General Santos, Angewant for their wedding les, Subic and Dumaguete, day, and that one-stop ex- Kasalang Filipino Davao hibit is Kasalang Filipino FFRESH WEDDING, A4

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s resort-inspired exhibit with lush greens.


Festival for the jeans lover at SM

YOUR favorite denim jeans are still as fashionable as ever as SM brings you the biggest Jeans Festival this July.

Check out the Jeans Exhibit at SM City Davao, SM Lanang Premier and SM General Santos City to see the hottest denims from various brands. Grab a new pair of jeans and avail of big discounts as participating brands go on sale for a big Denim Blowout, which runs from now until July 31. Avail of the Swap and Shop promo, where you can donate your old jeans and get a special discount coupon from participating brands from July 12-31 at The SM Store. For inquiries, contact SM City Davao at (082) 297-6998, SM Lanang Premier at (082)285-0943 and SM City General Santos City at (083) 878-0667.

Cellar de Boca to hold fund-raising dinner for Ballet Ph dance scholars ENJOY a special one-of-a-kind Argentinian dinner paired with special Argentinian Malbec wine on July 26, 6:30pm at Cellar de Boca at the second floor Fountain Court of SM Lanang Premier.

The dinner is a delicious collaboration between Chef Monica Floirendo and Tricie Arcenas and aims to raise awareness and to raise funds for the benefit of Ballet Philippine’s dance scholars. Interested parties may call 09189990917. Un Abrazo!


VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Top Cat@lyst ideas set to create positive social changes CAT@LYST, the CSR initiative of Tattoo promoting positive transformation for society, recently distinguished five innovative solutions that harness the power of information technology to address social issues with practical IT-based remedies. Three medical-based applications, an ecologyinspired software and a good-governance monitoring tool emerged as the best among the over 100 entries submitted over a three-month period. The five Cat@lyst winners are Bloodtype, a web and mobile app designed as an information dissemination mechanism, record keeper and advocacy campaign for blood donation; Clinical I, a diagnostic software containing a database of known symptoms and manifestation of neglected tropical diseases with treatment recommendations; eTapon, an app allowing households access to options on managing waste disposal; iNanay, an SMSbased program that provides modules on prenatal, postnatal, and neonatal care among mothers and a reminder system for pregnant women; and, an online database of the promises made by various elected officials featuring crowd-sourced information.

Proponents of the winning Cat@lyst entries showcase their cash grants to help fund their ideas and turn them into actionable solutions that will promote positive social change. Based on the criteria of of the young and young at winning Cat@lyst solutions innovation, implementa- heart and empowers them were recognized during tion feasibility and impact to fuel their passions, spark the recently-held 2013 Tatt to society, the winning change and manifest it in Awards. Together with felCat@lyst solutions will their communities and low “movers and shakers” receive program develop- society at large. Tattoo is in the digital landscape, ment, mentorship and ICT an enabler of connectivity they were given due recsupport from the Global not just to the World Wide ognition for their influence Shapers Manila Hub, ICT Web but to everything that and impact to the public. experts, development brings about hope and Tattoo also commemoprofessionals and Globe transformation.” rated the event by launchBridgeCom, which will Lynn Pinugu, current ing the limited edition Tatprovide the opportunity curator of Global Shapers too Cat@lyst sticks, both as to institute the solutions as Manila Hub and co-found- a tool and inspiration for part of its regular corporate er & executive director of other aspiring IT-proficient social responsibility drives. Mano Amiga Academy, individuals to ideate inProponents were also be- averred that “the Cat@lyst novative solutions. Those stowed with P200,000 cash winners embody the pos- who share similar aspiragrants to transition their sibilities of social change tions with Cat@lyst can still ideas into actionable pro- through technology. We support the campaign by grams, with assistance. believe that they have the purchasing them through Tattoo Head of Nomadic potential to effect that Broadband Dong Ronquil- change. With Tattoo and For every online transaclo said that Cat@lyst pro- the rest of us stakeholders, tion until December 15, gram is all about “driving we will combine our ener- 2013, P200.00 will be allochange and doing good.” gies to see their solutions cated to fund one of the five He adds, “Tattoo is not touch the lives of others in Catalyst projects of choice. just about bringing people a positive way.” Log on to www.catalyst. online. Through Catalyst, As an integral social for more informaTattoo recognizes talents program of Tattoo, the five tion about the winners.

CEB increases Vietnam, China seat capacity by up to 33%

THE Philippines’ leading low-cost carrier, Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB) increases seat capacity to Hanoi, Vietnam and Guangzhou, China by up to 33%, when it mounts one additional weekly flight to each route due to passenger demand.

New reductions added to apparel and accessories for Promod’s End of Season Sale! Visit any of our branches at Abreeza Mall and SM Lanang Premier today.

“Vietnam and China are two of our fast-growing source markets for foreign tourists. We continue to support the government’s tourism goals, with this increased connectivity and Cebu Pacific’s trademark lowest fares. Cebu Pacific currently operates more flights and offers more seats to Vietnam and Guangzhou than any other Philippine carrier,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog. “This is also in line with the delivery of more aircraft in 2013, as we expand in Asia and the Middle East. These additional flights will provide more flight schedule options to guests booking their flights in time for the holidays,” she added.

The airline will operate a total of thrice weekly flights from Manila to Hanoi, starting October 31, 2013. Using an Airbus A319 aircraft, the additional flight leaves Manila at 10:30pm on a Thursday, and departs Hanoi at 1:00am on a Friday. With this frequency increase, CEB offers 33% more seats to Hanoi. CEB is the only airline with direct flights between the Philippines and Hanoi, gateway to the Ha Long Bay, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. CEB also flies daily from Manila to Ho Chi Minh. Meanwhile, starting November 2, 2013, CEB will operate a total of four weekly flights from Manila to Guangzhou. The additional flight will depart Manila at 10:40pm on a Saturday, and leave Guangzhou at 1:40am on a Sunday, using an Airbus A320 aircraft. This additional frequency translates to a 25% seat capacity increase for CEB flights to Guangzhou. Aside from Guangzhou, CEB flies from Manila to Beijing four times weekly, to Shanghai daily, and to Xia-

men thrice weekly. It also offers flights to Hong Kong from Manila, Cebu, Clark and Iloilo, as well as flights to Macau from Manila and Clark. Lowest year-round fares to Hanoi start at P2,499, while lowest year-round fares to Guangzhou start at P1,899. Presently, CEB offers 22 international destinations: Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Brunei, Busan, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Incheon, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Osaka, Phuket, Shanghai, Siem Reap, Singapore, Taipei and Xiamen. For bookings and inquiries, guests can go to, or call the reservation hotlines (02)7020888 or (032)230-8888. The latest seat sales can also be found on CEB’s official Twitter and Facebook pages. Those still booking flights may also sign up to be a CEB Club member through the Cebu Pacific website, for seat sale alerts, easy management of flights and travel funds, and a faster booking process.

VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013


INdulge! A3


Glee delays Season 5 premiere in wake of Cory Monteith’s death IN LIGHT of the devastating passing of beloved Glee star Cory Monteith, officials at Fox have decided to postpone the premiere of the show’s fifth season. Originally set to debut on Thursday, Sept. 18, Glee’s fifth season premiere was pushed to Thursday, Sept. 26, Fox announced in a press release on Friday. As a result, production on the newest season of Glee will not begin until early August. There are no further details as to how Glee intends to handle the news of Monteith’s passing in the new season. Although we don’t know much about Glee’s upcoming storylines, we do know that the Fox hit is adding two new characters to the mix this season. Fans can expect to meet a “cute and quirky” twentysomething girl named Jenny, as well as a new Af-

JULY 19, 2013

NOW  11:40 2:00 4:20 6:40 9:00

11:20 1:45 4:10 6:35 9:00

12:00 2:15 4:30 6:45 9:00




on everyone in his life. Former co-star Dianna Agron described Monteith as “generous and kind” with a “smart, curious mind,” while Harry Shum Jr. rememebered his friend as “kindhearted. Incredibly funny. Extremely passionate.” Monteith’s death was devastating for everyone on Glee, with a source who works on the show telling E! News, “To say that Cory was much-loved on the Glee set doesn’t even begin to do him justice.” E!News

12:45 3:30 6:15 9:00



12:00 2:15 4:30 6:45 9:00

12:15 3:10 6:05 9:00

11:00 2:20 5:40 9:00


rican American student at McKinley High. Earlier this week, Monteith’s autopsy report revealed that the 31-year-old actor died of an overdose from a mixture of heroin and alcohol. The Glee star was found dead Saturday in his hotel room Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in downtown Vancouver after missing his scheduled checkout time. Many members of the Glee family have already released touching tributes about Monteith and the positive influence he had








Bugaboo strollers and more items expected to sell out when the royal baby arrives THE fashion industry isn’t the only business realm getting a boost in sales thanks to “the Kate effect.” Luxe stroller company Bugaboo is also likely to see a rise in purchases. Mom-to-be Kate Middleton has already bought the brand’s special-edition Cameleon3 design and the Amsterdam-based manufacturer is eagerly waiting to see when the Duchess of Cambridge will step out with the buggy. Other famous tots such as Victoria Beckham’s brood and Sienna Miller’s daughter, Marlowe, also rode around in similar stroller styles from the brand. A spokeman told the San Francisco Chronicle the band would be “delighted that a style icon such as Her Royal Highness has chosen Bugaboo for her first child.” Indeed, especially if Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s Asda chain is any indication of just how giant that increase might be. The store reported a 57 percent rise in sales of a woven-straw bassinet after Prince William’s wife was snapped with one at a baby boutique. Considering the fact that new mommys are holding off on naming their own bundles of joys until the royal baby is born, just imagine how quickly the brand’s strollers will sell out when the duke and duchess begin to roll around town! E!News

TUHOG 2D Eugene Domingo, Leo Martinez R 13

12:00 | 2:00 | 4:00 | 6:00 | 8:00 | 10:00 LFS

TURBO 2D Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamati GP

12:00 | 2:00 | 4:00 | 6:00 | 8:00 | 10:00 LFS

LONE RANGER 2D Johnny Depp PG 13

1:00 | 4:00 | 7:00 | 10:00 LFS

R-16 PACIFIC RIM 2D Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba PG 13

12:00 | 2:30 | 5:00 | 7:30 | 10:00 LFS

A4 INdulge! EVENTS


VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Fresh wedding.. FFROM A1

EDGEDavao Davao Partners

All the services a wedding needs were under one roof. showcases the best wedding suppliers and event venues of Davao and nearby areas. “We want to showcase the new trends and specialised services that couples can choose from for their special day.” says’s Mathel Ong “Some new services that we see here in Davao are new photography techniques and hardware, as well as new design trends when it comes to the bridal gowns. Another thing to note is the entry of event stylists and string quartets which, a couple of years ago, did not exist in Davao.” Aside from the bridal exhibit, it offered weddingrelated talks and demonstrations, a bridal make-

up contest, fashion shows, musical rendition and other activities for to-be-weds. There was also a competition among exhibitors for the best booth design. Kasalang Filipino 2013 in Davao is presented by Abreeza Mall, in cooperation with and ABS-CBN Regional Network Group. The event has national, quad media promotion through its media partners: ABS-CBN RNG, Lifestyle Network, Sky Cable, WRR 101.9, My Only Radio, Metro Weddings Magazine, Metro Home and Entertaining Magazine, Food Magazine, The Manila Times, Business Mirror and M Life and Living in Mindanao Magazine and is promoted globally at

Gowns and suits get more daring and current.

Shabby chic invites are also the current rage.

Fondant wedding cakes by Goldilocks.


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VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Camella Northpoint:

Bringing nature into the building



ALKING inside the gated compound of Camella Northpoint condominium just off J.P. Laurel Avenue, one can already feel the cool breeze from the pine trees and notice the green landscape leading to the buildings. But one’s curiosity may be aroused by the meandering access roads of the sloping terrain dotted with age-old acacia trees, mango trees and other natural vegetation forming pockets of gardens. How the roads were constructed, however, was really intentional. “We wanted to preserve the trees. As much as possible, we introduced development without altering the natural terrain,” said architect Art Secuya, Camella’s head for planning. Even a manmade deep well which

has existed for many long years was also preserved. “We will make this community an oasis in this part of the city,” he said. Even inside the buildings, a garden is conspicuously set up in the middle of the structure where there is a vertical shaft that allows air to rise exit through the sky light. In building Camella Northpoint, Secuya said, they factored in the natural elements in the design development, like the sun and the wind paths to avoid the hottest part of the day and capture natural breezes to ventilate the interior spaces. “We considered the two major wind flows, what we locally call habagat and amihan and how these affect wind behavior in this part of the country. The analysis gave us free input on the best

SECUYA position of the building to maximize the benefits of free flowing wind,” he said. “We are brought nature inside the building and introduced natural lighting so there would be no need to use electricity during the day and introduced passive air cooling without the use of mechanical equipment like

air-condition,” said the 42-year old renowned architect who is the father of two. Camella Northpoint has two finished buildings, the Manchester and Nottingham. The construction of Nottingham, the third building, is nearly complete while the fourth and last building, the Liverpool Tower is also ongoing.

For the 16-story Liverpool Tower, Secuya said they will plant pine trees on the entire 8th floor as part of the salient features in making the building greener. It will also have a sky garden, spaces that open the facade of the building and serve as entry points of natural, cool wind, resulting to a cooler and more comfortable ambi-

ance within the building’s interior and in the condo units. “This also allows more natural light to cascade into the building, requiring less lighting during the day,” he said. “With more indoor gardens and natural ventilation, these buildings will be kings of green buildings on J.P. Laurel,” Secuya added.

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VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

S4 EDGEDAVAO PROPERTY Serving a seamless society

VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013


The pioneer in condo living By GREGORIO G. DELIGERO



ONDOMINIUM projects are mushrooming in Davao City, a concrete testament (pardon the pun) to the vibrant economy of one of the most progressive cities in the country. But perhaps unknown to many, it was the Consunji-owned DMCI that pioneered the lifestyle referred to as “urban condo living” in the city. Way back in 2006, putting up and selling condo units was not attractive endeavor among realtors and brokers. “I had a meeting with them and broached our intention to build a condo unit, but their answer was no,” recalls

DMCI Mindanao general manager Leonora Gutierrez, adding that realtors and brokers argued that the city was not yet ready for that kind of development, citing the vast tract of lands still available for horizontal housing development projects. “We were frustrated, but still pursued the project. It was like an experiment. We were testing the market,” she said. In 2008, DMCI built the Ecoland 4000 two-building condominium with 112 units. The project sits on a 4000-square meter area in Ecoland---thus, the name. Gutierrez said the market reception for

the project proved that their decision was right. “We proved them wrong. They failed to recognize that there were many migrants in Davao City, that it had become a melting pot of people. It had become a place where they send their children to schools. They do business here,” she said. Even without much promotional activities, Gutierrez said Ecoland 4000 condominium units are selling like the proverbial hotcake. “We printed our fliers only once as we did not conduct much promotional activities. Many of our buyers got information from word of mouth,” she said, adding that the project was so successful that when it was finished in 2009, DMCI had to construct a second project, the three-building Magallanes Residences in the downtown area. The second project is similarly successful, so much so that when the first building was finished in 2010, DMCI was again constructing the second building that was turned over to

unit owners in 2011, the same year the third building was constructed. “Every year, we turn over a building,” she said. While the construction of Magallanes Residences was ongoing, DMCI was also developing another exclusive residential and commercial condominium, the Palmeto Place in Maa which has opened its third and last building, the seven-storey Lombardy featuring

commercial units on the ground floor. Also set to commence construction this year is another four-building condominium project on a three-hectare property in Ecoland. with one hectare allotted as an open green space. It is tentatively called Ecoland 3000. “It offers urban living in a rural setting. The theme is modern classical,” Gutierrez said. Despite the entry of other big property developers into Davao City,

Gutierrez believes the local market is not yet saturated. “There is still a very bright prospect in real estate, “she said, adding that DMCI remains as the industry’s frontrunner, owing to its brand and quality trademark. “We have the cutting edge in terms of price, high quality standards and delivery on or ahead of schedule. Our price is really competitive, because in all our projects, we own the land,” Gutierrez said.

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VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

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VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Looking up and looking forward to

Aeon Towers

MAN OF THE MOMENT. Ian Cruz, president of FTC Group of Companies.



NVESTORS and end-users alike are looking up at Davao City’s tallest high-rise mixed use property development project that will soon become the ultimate oasis in this buzzing city. Aeon Towers, the launching signature project of Davao’s very own breed FTC Group of Companies, is set to takeover as the city’s tallest skyscraper at 33 floors of an awesome 90 meter architectural wonder. But there’s more to Aeon Towers than just its mighty height that makes its clients excited. With the opportunity of living in the most modern condominium using the state-of-the-art Smart Home control system in activating its in-room amenities, advanced safe-

ty systems like fully automated anti-fire sprinkler systems and emergency fireman’s lift, the surrounding setting of a luxury hotel, shops, restaurants, BPO facilities, bank, fitness centers, offices and the trademark infinity pool at the Skydeck, Aeon Towers packs all the right reasons for an intelligent investment. The 3.1 billion mixed use development project is expected to tower over the growing skyline along the stretch of J.P. Laurel Avenue and Lanang. That gives its future residents the best view of this amazing city. There’s more to be excited about because FTC Group of Companies has already began moving the earth for the project with the timeline set at three

MOA signing with FTC Group of Companies and Philippines Business Bank.

BREAKING GROUND. FTC Group of Companies president Ian Y. Cruz (4th from left) leads the ceremonial groundbreaking to mark the start of Aeon Towers’ full swing construction yesterday in J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. Also gracing the event are (from L to R) Ian Campbelle, project manager of Campbelle and Associates, Philippine Business Bank’s Peter N. Yap, vice

chairman and chief operating officer, and Rolando R. Avante, president and chief executive officer, Francisco T. Cruz, chairman of FTC, Lesly Ann Cruz, finance head of FTC, Jason Magnaye, Davao City Tourism officer, and Alvin Cruz, secretary of FTC.

years. FTC’s youthful president Ian Y. Cruz himself was particularly excited

So what do people get from investing and living in Aeon Towers? Imagine this. It will be property that combines luxurious condominium features with 5-star quality amenities and promises to be the most modern, future-ready building in the region. Partnering with Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, each unit will be equipped with Smart Home Technology that allows electronic devices in that unit to “act smart” – that is, be more automated and interconnected not only with each other but with the unit owners and the manufacturers as well. “This is a dream proj-

in shoveling the ground along with his father and chairman Francisco, brother Alvin (secretary) and sister Lesley Ann (finance head) with their partners Ian Campbell of development management partner Campbell and Associates, Rolando Avante, president of financial partner Philippine Business Bank and its vice president Peter Yap and representative of the city government during the project’s grandiose groundbreaking ceremonies. FTC’s marketing office is also abuzz with sales now reaching the 50 percent mark while inquiries are also picking up fast.

ect not only for us at FTC and our family but also for every Davaoeño,” said Cruz. Cruz said FTC’s vision is to help people achieve their dreams and will carry the spirit of the Davaoeños with pride: deeply rooted but forward looking, very enterprising, and ever-evolving. With the racecourse speed of modernization in Davao City, Aeon Towers provides the pinnacle of excitement reinforcing the evolution of the city into the country’s investment haven where cultural diversity is fused into a setting of natural beauty and bounty.

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VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

S8 EDGEDAVAO PROPERTY Serving a seamless society

VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013

Property development leads investment projects in Davao By EJ DOMINIC FERNANDEZ


movie producer can a l m o s t film a Pacific Rim, Part 2 movie in Davao City, complete with monsters toppling, crushing high-rise buildings, as more and more tall hotels and condominium units are being constructed here. According to the Accomplishment Re-

port of the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC), of all the investment areas, property development leads with 14 projects as of 2010 to August 2011, followed by Tourism with seven, and Agriculture with one. DCIPC head Ivan Cortez said, property development will continue to lead in the next 3 to 5 years. He said, “Property development always leads all sectors in terms of investments being poured into Davao C i t y,

simply because it’s the most basic operation requirement among other business activities.” He said, “How high the growth will be depends on how players will capture the less-serviced mid-low end markets, especially in the housing sector. “Add to that the expanse of the city which is far from being saturated,” he said. “Brisk condo sales, on the other hand, can be attributed to the demands of urban living of not having to travel far and endure traffic.” “ I n D a v a o City’s case, it h a s been observed that a condo unit is the most practical op-

tion for non-Davao residents who need to do business here on a regular basis,” he said. If monsters were to destroy the highrise buildings in the city, it may cost P5 billion, since the cost of the 14 property development projects has reached a staggering P5,113,421,112, while tourism projects are valued at

P1,165,983,331, and Agri-business P357,060,000. Property development has also provided 3,505 direct employment and 7,827 indirect employment while Tourism has generated 407 direct employment and 1,187 indirect employment, and agri-business has created 38 direct employment and 68 indirect employment.




Roach has fight plan laid out for Manny B

OXING trainer Freddie Roach said Manny Pacquiao will reply to Brandon Rios’ knockout claims once they meet in the ring. The hall-of-fame boxing coach has heard Rios’ lofty predictions and he is sure they can come up with the right answer on November 24. “He likes to talk s--t and we’re going to shut him up,” Roach said in an interview with Boxing Scene’s Luis Sandoval.

Rios earlier claimed he’ll show the Filipino boxer who’s boss when they clash at The Venetian in Macau in November. He also claimed that he’ll duplicate Juan Manuel Marquez’s feat of knocking out Pacquiao. “When I catch his ass, he’s going to go down,” the brash Mexican said. Roach welcomed Rios statement, saying that Pacquiao will love a good old-fashioned brawl with the younger fighter.

“Rios is tough guy, he’s coming off a loss,” Roach said. “He knows he needs a big win here. I love the fight.” Meanwhile, the boxing trainer said he has no problem setting up camp in General Santos ahead of the Macau clash. Roach said Pacquiao has already laid out plans for a distraction-free training camp that will be beneficial for their preparations against Rios.

Wimbledon. A four-time champion on the clay courts of Hamburg, Federer needed 2 hours to overtake Mayer. Federer was down 5-1 in the second set, won the next two games but then faltered again. He double-faulted and had two straight forehand errors to

give up the set. In the third, Federer broke serve twice, only to see the German re-break both times. But with the match on the line, the Swiss former No. 1 raised his game. He broke serve for a 6-5 lead and served out the match at love, hitting a service winner on match point.

Federer struggles in Hamburg


AMBURG, Germany (AP) -- Top-seeded Roger Federer struggled for a 7-6 (4), 3-6, 7-5 victory Friday over Florian Mayer and a place in the semifinals of the German Tennis Championships. Federer is playing his first tournament since losing in the second round of

Roger Federer returns the ball to German Florian Mayer during their quarterfinal match of the International German Open ATP tennis tournament in Hamburg, Germany on Friday.


VOL. 6 ISSUE 91 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, JULY 21-22, 2013


IN THE PROWL AGAIN Woods sets up a chance for major win


ULLANE, Scotland (AP) -- Tiger Woods couldn’t get anything close all day except for the one place that mattered at the British Open. His name high on the leaderboard. Woods didn’t charge into contention Friday at Muirfield as much as he kept from falling back like so many others. Not only did he go 12 holes without a birdie, he only had two reasonable chances before finally cashing in with a 15-foot putt on the last hole for an even-par 71. It looked even better as the day went on, and more players ahead of him kept dropping shots on the some of the fastest greens at the British Open. When the second round ended, Woods was at 2-under 140, only one shot behind 49-year-old Miguel Angel Jimenez. Woods was tied with Lee Westwood (68) and Henrik Stenson (70). He plays

in the penultimate group Saturday with Westwood. ‘’Just continue plodding along,’’ Woods said. ‘’Just continue being patient, putting the ball in the right spots. We’re not going to get a lot of opportunities out there, but when I have, I’ve been able to capitalize. And

h o p e f u l l y, I can continue doing that.’’ It was enough to impress Graeme McDowell, who found himself caught up in watching golf’s No. 1 player work his way through the wind. ‘’There will be no surprise to me if he’s picking up the claret jug on Sunday night,’’ said McDowell, who

also had a 71 and was 4-over 146. ‘’But I’m not writing off the rest of the field. There’s quality players there in this field, and I’m certainly not writing myself off. But if he continues to play the way he’s playing, he’s going to be tough to beat.’’ For three hours

i n

the middle of his round, Woods looked like he was trying to hang on. Getting the speed of the green was tough enough after officials hand-watered the greens overnight, making them slower than what Woods faced Thursday afternoon. The real problem was judging the speed of the fairways. Six times he came up short of the greens as he tried to bounce his shots off the firm turf and onto the putting surface. On consecutive holes, Woods finally saw the ball run onto the green and over the Tiger Woods reacts after back. putting on the 9th green during the second round of the British Open Golf Championship at Muirfield, Scotland on Friday.

Portugal’s Rui Costa celebrates as he crosses the finish line to win the 19th stage.

Costa takes Tour’s stage 19


E GRAND-BORNAND, France (AP) -- Rui Costa of Portugal won the mountainous 19th stage of the Tour de France with a solo breakaway on the final climb, while Chris Froome retained the overall lead in rainy conditions on Friday. Costa secured his second stage win of the race after catching Frenchman Pierre Roland about a quarter of the way up the fourth and final major ascent of Col de la Croix Fry.

‘’A lot of Portuguese fans have supported me through this Tour and I want to thank them,’’ Costa said through a translator. German veteran Andreas Kloeden was second, 46 seconds behind, and Belgian Jan Bakelants was 1:44 back in third. Froome and Alberto Contador finished together several minutes behind Costa. Froome maintained his lead of 5:11 over Con-

tador. He is two days from becoming the second British rider to win the race after Bradley Wiggins last year. The 127-mile trek featured two HC climbs and two Category 1 ascents between Bourg-d’Oisans and Le Grand-Bornand in the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. Contador was expected to attack Froome on the long downhill finish, but perhaps because of the rain, the attack never

came. ‘’I didn’t want to attack in the downhill,’’ Contador said. ‘’A lot of people like me and when they see me attacking downhill they get scared.’’ Froome said he wanted to remain cautious. ‘’Even though there wasn’t much attacking, it was really tough out there,’’ Froome said. ‘’I certainly feel a big sigh of relief. Today was a day I was nervous about, happy to put it behind us.’’

Edge Davao 6 Issue 91  

Edge Davao 6 Issue 91, July 21-22, 2013

Edge Davao 6 Issue 91  

Edge Davao 6 Issue 91, July 21-22, 2013