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Serving a seamless society

Unta kanunay ani!


T’S that time of the year when business is good, and people are in the spending mood. With Davao City celebrating its most anticipated event, the 76th Araw ng Dabaw, several entrepreneurs translate the celebration into an opportunity for its small and medium business ventures when business is brisk during. The various food stalls, agritrade booths, henna tattoo booths, the ubiquitous ukay-ukay stalls second hand wearing apparel, handicraft booths and the hudyakaan business booths selling primarily liquor and grilled food took full advantage of the crowds of people out to savor the fiesta atmosphere and, in so doing spend money. Renato Salve Añasco, a renter of a Hudyakaan booth, told Edge Davao that he came up with the idea of renting space because, like many other enterprising souls, he wanted to cash in on the chance to make some money.


Araw ng Dabaw is good business By Che Palicte Photo by Lean Daval Jr.


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013

For Pope Francis


Being Jesuit is secondary By EJ Dominic Fernandez


OR Pope Francis, being a Jesuit is of secondary importance to the commitment he has for the Lord. This, according to Fr Jose Magadia, S.J. (Society of Jesus) of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus in a statement posted in the Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU) official website. He said, “Pope Francis comes from the Society of Jesus and shares with us the spirituality of St.

Ignatius a special gift, but of secondary importance to his own deep commitment to the Lord.” “The Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus rejoices that our cardinals have so quickly been able to name a new Holy Father,” he said. “Mabuhay ang bagong Santo Papa (long live the new Pope).” ADDU president Fr Joel Tabora, S.J twitted: “Habemus Papam” (Lat-

WAVE WITH CONFIDENCE. Former vice mayor Louie Bonguyan (center)

atorial candidate Teddy Casiño during the during Parada Dabawenyo along

San Pedro Street, Davao City yesterday. Also in photo are Vice Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte (2nd from left) Rep. Neri Colmenares (ext. left) and Coun. Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz. Lean Daval Jr.

was forced by the UP Manila administration to file a leave of absence (LOA) on Wednesday as a part of UP’s forced of absence (FLOA) policy which states that students must take an LOA if they can’t pay the full amount of their tuition during the enrollment period. In Davao City, student protesters conducted a rally in front of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) region 11 last March 12 asking the office not to approve the tuition fee increase (TFI)

N eight-hour water service interruption is scheduled on March 20 from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM that will affect Residencia Del Rio Subdivision in Catalunan Pequeño. This water cut is needed in order to allow DCWD’s Engineering and Construction crew to tap the 3-inch diameter Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipeline to the existing 3-inch diameter PVC pipeline for the water distribution system in Blocks 9-12 and some portions of Blocks 1, 3, 5, 13 and 25 in said subdivision. Once this P19,257.51 project is completed, approximately 130 new connections can be accommodated. DCWD acting general manager Edwin V. Regalado advises would-be affected customers to store

FPOPE FRANCIS, 11 waves to the crowd as Bam Aquino (3rd from right) chats with fellow sen-

Leftists enraged by stude’s suicide


EFTIST groups are enraged by the death of a 16year old student of the University of the Philippines-Manila who committed suicide for failing to pay her tuition fee. In a press release, Anakbayan extends its “deepest” sympathies to the families, friends and classmates of the student who committed suicide. Anakbayan said, “we (Anakbayan) are more than grief-stricken, we are enraged as this was a death that could have

been avoided.” The national spokesperson of the League of Filipino Students, Issa Baguisi, also added, “We are ready to hold massive protests next week and hold President Benigno Aquino accountable.” The student who committed suicide was a freshman of UP-Manila taking up Behavioral Science. She was found dead 3:30 am March 15 inside her room after drinking poison. According to the Manila Collegian, the student

application of Higher Edication Institutions (HEIs). LFS Davao spokesperson Rendell Cagula told Edge Davao that, “It would be insensitive for Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to approve increase amidst worsening economic crisis and job layoffs.” He said, “we call for the disapproval of all applications because for years, meager budget on education pushes HEIs to increase TF and other fees, and resort to com-


Waterservice interruption A

Long brownouts in Mindanao to save power for May polls


ENTERPRISING. A vendor peddles peanuts to spectators of Parada Dabawenyo along C.M. Recto Avenue, Davao City during the culmination of the 76th Araw ng Dabaw yesterday. Lean Daval Jr.

enough water prior to the scheduled water interruption as water supply may be restored earlier if work goes smoothly or later if unforeseen problems arise. The general public may call the DCWD trunk line at 221-9400 and press “1” on their phone dial to listen to the latest daily water updates, or contact its call center through the 24-hour hotlines 221-9412, 0927798-8966, 0908-441-0653 or 0925-511-3293 for updates, complaints, queries and other matters pertaining to DCWD services. This announcement is also posted on the DCWD website ( ph) and official Facebook account (www.facebook. com/davaocitywaterdistrict). It is also recorded in the 221-9400 voicemail. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod)

HE long brownouts experienced in parts of Mindanao since early March are reportedly meant to conserve energy for the May 13 polls, the National Power Corp. said. Omar Pacilan, spokesperson for the NPC-Power Sector Assets Liabilities and Management (PSALM), said the directive to ensure the region has stable power supply for one week starting May 12 came from the Commission on Elections and the Department of Energy. In an interview over radio station DXND, Pacilan said that one of the measures they have adopted to conserve power is to curtail the load assigned to power distribution firms, including the Cotabato Electric Cooperative (Cotelco).

Cotelco is serving some 98,000 power consumers in North Cotabato. Since March, Cotelco has been told to maintain nine megawatts daily, which is “way, way below” the power needed to supply the whole area of coverage of the cooperative, according to its spokesperson, Vicente Baguio. During peak hours, the demand for power in North Cotabato reaches 28 to 32 MW, Baguio said. “This is the reason why we in North Cotabato are again experiencing long brownouts daily,” he stressed. Citing data from the NPC-PSALM, Pacilan said the total daily power demand for Mindanao, especially during peak hours, ranges from 1,150 MW to 1,200MW.




Villar vows to help empower women T

EAM PNoy senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar assured to help empower Filipino women because 50 percent of our population are women and more than 50 percent of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are also women. Speaking in yesterday’s celebration of the Women’s Month in Pampanga, Villar also divulged that 95 percent of the OFWs who were provided assistance by the Villar Foundation’s Sagip-OFW were women. Villar, known as “Misis Hanep Buhay,” is the managing director of the Villar Foundation, which has been helping our OFWs from different countries in the past 20 years. Some of these OFWs, Villar said, were maltreated by their employers, and worse, sexually abused and raped. Because of this, Villar vowed she would not stop helping women and empowering them to become productive mem-

bers of the society. She remains thankful to Pampanga Gov. Lilia Pineda and other local officials for inviting her to the momentous event to recognize the important role being played by women. “The women is the sector closest to my heart being a woman and a public servant,” stressed Villar. She said it is always a pleasure for her to interact and be with her fellow women. “As you know, I personally advocate for the empowerment of women across all sectors. It is my belief that women play an important role in nationbuilding,” she said. “And I am happy that the leadership of Pampanga under Gov. Pineda share my love for women,” she further said. She said the country needs more empowered women because when “we empower women, we empower families and generations of people”. She related that when

she was congresswoman of the lone district of Las Pinas from 2001- 2010, she prioritized legislations that uphold the welfare of women and family. Among these piec-

es of legislations are the Magna Carta of Women and the Anti-Violence against Women and Anti-Trafficking against Women and Children Law. And as managing

G R I C U LT U R E should be at the forefront of economic growth, not lagging behind.” This was the message of Senator Alan Cayetano as he visited farmers in Sta. Rita, Pampanga yesterday as part of his Listening Tour to discuss issues related to PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita. Cayetano expressed dismay over reports stating that despite a 10-percent increase in foreign direct investments (FDI), the agriculture, forestry, and fishery sectors are still lagging behind. In fact, these did not receive any FDI for the third

quarter of 2012 – a stark contrast to the P960 million it received as FDI in 2011. “We need growth that is felt by all families, not only big businesses, but also small enterprises as well as various demographics, especially farmers,” Cayetano said. Quoting World Bank country director for Philippines Motoo Konishi, Cayetano emphasized that “(s)upport for both the agriculture and tourism sectors is particularly important for job creation. These sectors also create more jobs and economic opportunities in other areas of the econ-

omy.” CAPITAL FOR FARMERS Cayetano said that government must increase farmers’ access to capital by making loans available to existing cooperatives and small businesses. “Instead of paying 20 percent interest to ‘56’ lenders to rent equipment and buy seeds and fertilizer, farmer cooperatives will only have to pay 3-5 percent in interest,” he said. He also proposed that these cooperatives be supported by the government to enable them to acquire small-scale post-harvest facilities. “These will

hopefully address the inefficiencies in agricultural production and help in improving the state of our farmers. This will help boost their income and help uplift the lives of their families,” he said. Cayetano is running on a platform centered on addressing issues related to PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita. He presented his platform to address poverty at a grand launch in Taguig City University (TCU) yesterday in front of a 3,000-person strong audience consisting of Filipinos from the youth, senior citizen, women, and blue-collar workers sectors, among others.

of the law,” Cayetano said. “The Fair Election Act (R.A. 9006) in this case, intends for the restriction to be on a per station basis. Comelec now goes outside that by resolving to restrict airtime aggregately.” The senator had long been urging the Comelec to reconsider its ruling, saying that the agency should democratize campaigning rather than put limits to it. While Cayetano said he recognized the rationale behind Comelec’s resolution, he lamented that the problem lies in its applica-

tion. “The goal was to equalize advertising opportunities among candidates and also to control their spending. But limiting advertising airtime actually has the opposite effect,” he said. Cayetano also noted that the resolution “smacks of prior restraint” – a clear affront to the freedom of speech or expression. AD LIMITS ARE ANTI-POOR The senator said that limiting the advertising airtime, particularly for

radio, deprives the masses of much-needed information about their candidates. “With 180 minutes for all radio stations nationwide, that means candidates only have four 30-second spots for 80 provinces. Considering that we would also need to allot a great percentage of the 180 minutes to national issues, how will we get our message to our voters in the provinces and our stand on local issues with that limited amount of time?” he questioned.

director of the Villar Foundation, Villar said she has been pursuing programs that would redound to the benefit of women. Her “Hanep Buhay” campaign slogan prom-

ises job opportunities for women through her livelihood projects. “Nanininawala kasi ako na hanep ang buhay pag may hanapbuhay,” pointed out by “Misis Hanep Buhay.”`

‘Don’t leave agriculture behind’ Bayan Muna solon: “A Cayetano: Airtime restriction unconstitutional


UTTING a limit on the advertising time of a candidate is unconstitutional. It limits the people’s right to information,” This was the statement of Senator Alan Cayetano today as he filed a Petition-In-Intervention at the Supreme Court (SC) regarding the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) ruling on the time limit for candidate advertisements. UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Comelec cannot issue a rule that is outside the wisdom of the intent

Gov’t in denial of Sabah abuses


HE statement of a high-ranking government official that there are no proofs that our countrymen are being abused by Malaysian authorities in Sabah shows that the Aquino government is not in touch with reality says a Bayan Muna solon. Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Dinky Soliman said the other day they have not documented proof that Filipinos are being abused in Sabah. Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares expressed dismay at the effort of government officials to downplay the situation even as many Filipinos from Sabah continue to arrive in Sulu and Zamboanga. “The exodus of thousands of Filipinos from Sabah says a lot, it is in itself the proof that our countrymen are being discriminated upon by the Malaysian authorities. The evacuees who are mostly long-time res-

idents and workers there would not be compelled to go home in such dire circumstances if their situation there is still bearable,” said the congressman. The congressman also scoffed at the government pronouncement that there is no crisis and the evacuees should be referred to as returning overseas workers or balikbayan rather than as refugees. “Such pathetic efforts to hide the truth and deodorize the situation manifest the government preoccupation to polish its image for the elections rather than genuinely care for the welfare of our countrymen,” said Colmenares. “We have a crisis in our hands and this problem will not go away by simply denying it. We should insist for more access in the conflict area and do more to safeguard our people in Sabah,” ended the congressman.



VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


Is Davao city hall safe from fire? By EJ Dominic Fernandez


number of city government buildings, including the 86-year old city hall, are fire-prone. In line with the observance of Fire Prevention Month, Davao City Bureau of Fire and Protection (BFP) singled out the Davao city hall building as among the government structures in the city not safe from fire. According to Davao City central fire station commander Arthur Joseph Urquiza, they inspected last Monday the city hall building and the Sangguniang Panglungsod. “Actually, we have inspected them a number of times and gave recommendations to the city administrator based

on our findings, but they remain unimplemented,” Urquiza said. According to Urquiza, the electrical wiring in the city hall building is not safe while an office of a city councilor in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan building “has more electrical appliances installed, but they did not upgrade the room’s electrical wiring system which puts it at risk of overloading leading to a fire.” The city hall was built in 1926, 10 years before Davao became a city. The building has been hit by fire in an unrecorded number of incidents in the past although these are described as ‘minor’ cases. Another fire-prone

THEN AND NOW. The Davao city hall building, built in 1926, is already a historic landmark. Lean Daval Jr. and Museo Dabawenyo photos

structure is the city engineer’s office which is made of wood and is right behind barbeque stalls on the outside, and the place has only one entrance and no fire exit,” he said. “If there is a fire, as there were attempts in the past to burn it, all of the people inside it will be roasted,” he said. The implementation of recommendations the BFP has given the city administrator would still undergo process via the city council for the right amount of budget. “At least we have given them our r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s ,” Urquiza said. Edge Davao tried to contact Alparaque but he cannot be reached for comment.

BFP strict about fire prevention


AVAO City central fire station commander, Arthur Joseph Urquiza, said the Davao City Bureau of Fire and Protection (BFP) will not approve permits for business establishments, especially high rise buildings, if they do not have the required fire prevention equipment. “We do not inspect only residential homes, we also inspect schools, business establishments and even nightspots/

nightclubs,” he said. BFP region 11 chief, Nestor Jimenez, bared in a press conference last March 4 that they have only one firetruck whose ladder can reach only the fifth floor. “Fortunately, Davao City will be receiving soon a Rosenbauer type of firetruck from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) whose ladder can reach the eighth floor,” he said. “The new firetruck

will be a big help in the case of high-rise buildings, but it would not be sufficient, that’s why we should make sure that high-rise buildings must be equipped with sprinklers, fire alarms, and fire prevention equipment, before the BFP approves their business permits,” Urquiza said. He added that they are putting emphasis on Fire Code fee collection that will go to the modernization of fire equipment for BFP.


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


JCI cites 30 top HS grads T

HE Junior Chamber International (JCI) Duwaling Chapter recognized 30 Valedictorians and Salutatorians from selected

Public and Private High Schools in Davao City with the Youth Leadership Excellence Award (YLEA) on Saturday at Lispher Inn, Juna Subdivision, Matina,

Davao City. The Youth Leadership Excellence Award is a youth-led, innovative program of JCI Philippines the leading global network

of young active citizens. It offers the highest recognition and esteem for a truly outstanding performance in the schools where the selected students complet-

ed their secondary courses. The awardees truly exemplify the belief of this 2013 YLEA partner and sponsor Hon. JV Ejercito

BEAUTIES. Mutya ng Dabaw 2013 Fila Guia Hidalgo (ext. left) and her court grace the culmination of the 76th Araw ng Dabaw celebrations yesterday. Lean Daval Jr.

that “Kabataan ng Bayan, Ikaw ay Maasahan”. Indeed, the achievements of these students inspire excellence, encourage confidence and unleash the potential that would create positive impact in the lives of the Filipino youth. “Through this award, it is our enduring aspirations for all young people to continue to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to our community, to our society and to the nation,” said JCI Member Irelan Abapo, the President of JCI Duwaling Chapter. The Valedictorians received a Medal while the Salutatorians received a Certificate of Recognition. Of the 30 schools, only 22 appeared for the awarding at Lispher Inn. The remaining 17 awards will be sent to the respective schools. JCI Philippines has been known to be an award giving body. Recently, it has recognized The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) who have exhibited unselfish devotion to their field. Their effort, in turn, produced vital improvements to the Philippines and their fellow citizens. The award was presented by no less than President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

6 THE ECONOMY Stat Watch

1. Gross National Income Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

5.8% 1st Qtr 2012

2. Gross Domestic Product Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

6.4 % 1st Qtr 2012

3. Exports 1/ 4. Imports 1/ 5. Trade Balance 6. Balance of Payments 2/ 7. Broad Money Liabilities

USD 4,931 million May 2012 USD 4,770 million Apr 2012 USD -135 million Apr 2012 USD -209 million Mar 2012 P 4,580,674 million Apr 2012

8. Interest Rates 4/

4.1 % May 2012 P131,403 million May 2012 P 5,075 billion Apr 2012

9. National Government Revenues 10. National government outstanding debt 11. Peso per US $ 5/

P 42.78 Jun 2012

12. Stocks Composite Index 6/

5,091.2 May 2012

13. Consumer Price Index 2006=100

130.1 Jun 2012

14. Headline Inflation Rate 2006=100

2.8 Jun 2012

15. Core Inflation Rate 2006=100

3.7 Jun 2012

16. Visitor Arrivals

349,779 Apr 2012

17. Underemployment Rate 7/

18.8 % Jan 2012

18. Unemployment Rate 7/

7.2 % Jan 2012

MONTHLY AVERAGE EXCHANGE RATE (January 2009 - December 2011) Month Average December November October September August July June May April March February January




42.85 42.70 42.86 42.66 43.62

43.31 43.64 43.27 43.45 43.02 42.42 42.81 43.37 43.13 43.24 43.52 43.70 44.17

45.11 43.95 43.49 43.44 44.31 45.18 46.32 46.30 45.60 44.63 45.74 46.31 46.03

IT Figures


NEDA: Quality of employment improves Q

Full-time jobs increase in January 2013

UALITY of employment improved in January 2013 as employment growth came from the wage and salary employment and as the full-time workers grew faster than part-time jobs, according to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). “Employment grew in January 2013 mainly coming from the services and industry sectors and the quality of employment significantly improved in the period,” said Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio M. Balisacan. Growth in employment mainly came from more remunerative wage and salary employment, which expanded by 10.9 percent, while the growth of full-time employment, which grew by 6.5 percent, was faster relative to part-time employment. “This is reflected in the increase in mean hours worked to 42.2 hours in January 2013 from 41.1 hours a year ago,” the Cabinet official said. Balisacan added that most of these wage and salaried workers were employed in private establishments, which

recorded an increase of 1.9 million or 12.4 percent in January 2013. Also, unemployment rate dropped to 7.1 percent in January 2013, an improvement from the 7.2 percent a year ago. However, the bulk of unemployed remained to be the educated workforce, mainly high school graduates (33.7%), college graduates (16.9%), and college undergraduates (13.1%). “This implies insufficient employment opportunities for those lacking in work experience through education,” said Balisacan. The total number of employed Filipinos grew by 1.6 percent to 37.9 million from a year ago, led by the services and industry sectors. But this resulted in a net employment creation of 606,000 during the period, only more than half of the 1.04 million generated a year ago. “Employment gains from the services and industry sector offset by the 571,000 net loss in agriculture as damage of typhoon “Pablo” in December 2012 lingered in January 2013,” said Balisacan.

Furthermore, the underemployment rate increased to 20.9 percent in January 2013 from 18.8 percent in the same period last year. This is an increase of approximately 7.9 million employed persons. “The high level of underemployment may be partly due to the high percentage of new labor entrants aged 15-34 years old who might have been employed as contractual or are still under probation for which the wage received is low,” he explained. Nevertheless, Balisacan said that the creation of decent and productive employment should remain as the top priority among policies and programs of the government. “There is a need for more strategic policies and programs to address high levels of youth unemployment and high rate of underemployment especially in agriculture,” he added. In terms of education, he stressed the need to improve the employability of worker applicants, even among those with less than tertiary education. “A more effective partnership between government and

firms/establishments can provide useful inputs to the curriculum design of schools and promote skills training and apprenticeship programs,” said Balisacan. In agriculture, the problem of underemployment in the sector can be addressed by increasing effective demand for agricultural output. “This can be done by developing more by-products from the same agricultural output, or further processing the output so that it can be sold in the urban areas,” said Balisacan. The NEDA official added that it is also important to implement effective disaster response mechanisms. “The high unemployment rate observed in Mindanao can be traced back to the effects of Pablo. But these results say that employment opportunities in the Pablo-affected areas were still lacking even after one month since the incident,” said Balisacan. These considerations, nevertheless, are already part of the strategy and action plan on employment creation being formulated by the Cabinet’s various clusters.

Finance, which is expected to show that agribusiness companies can use farm waste as energy source and thus reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Technical lectures on livestock production and poultry management capped the event. “The agriculture sector is highly important for the Philippines as it promotes food security. Agriculture promises to be the key to alleviate poverty among millions of Filipinos who depend on farming and livestock raising. A stronger agri sector is needed to sustain growth and food sufficiency,” BPI said. BPI stressed that a strong participation in agribusiness development is part of its contribution to the government’s efforts aimed at inclusive growth through its BPI Agribusiness Solutions. This is BPI’s way of helping finance agribusiness ventures which are predominantly at the countryside and therefore help in wealth distribution as agribusinesses employ less skilled workers in the provincial areas. What compelled BPI to launch its agribusiness campaign this year is its strong belief that the Philippines will be a big player in the livestock

industry in Southeast Asia, noting that the country is free of the dreaded food-and-mouth disease (FMD) that has been the bane of cattle raisers in the region. Moreover, the Philippine poultry industry has been free from the equally lethal bird flu virus that had been decimating the stocks of chicken and duck raisers in mainland Asia with virulent regularity. BPI also noted that agriculture has contributed 12.3 % percent or P11.9 billion of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2011. The labor force in agriculture is 13 million, or 35 percent out of the total labor force of 37 million. “BPI Agribusiness Solutions currently lends primarily to piggery, poultry and also finances other agri-related businesses like fish production, fruits, vegetable and crop production, post-harvest operations and food processing, agricultural trading and sustainable / renewable energy financing. Considering that both pork and poultry products are top most staple foods after rice and fish, there is a projected 10 percent increase in demand for pork and about 4 percent increase for chicken in 2013,” the

bank stressed. “Currently, imports supply 153,000 metric tons (MT) of pork (6.82 percent of the total consumption) and 179,000 MT for chicken (10.86 percent of the total consumption). It is in these two big windows of opportunity that BPI has decided to go big in 2013,” BPI added. For this year, BPI will unveil two of its agri products, namely: “BPI Agribusiness Solutions Commercial Hog Breeding and Fattening,” which involves the partnership between BPI and Pig Improvement Co. (PIC) as the technology provider and breed supplier for prospective clients. PIC targets to expand its sow level from 120,000 to 180,000 or 60,000 sow level increase in 2013 representing 30 percent share of the total sow level population, and; “BPI Agribusiness Solutions Poultry Contract Growing / Commercial Broiler Operations,” which will entail the financing of qualified/prospective poultry contract growers of San Miguel Foods Inc. (SMFI), which is bidding to increase its bird population by 5 million birds in 2013. Other integrators such as Bounty Fresh and other commercial poultry integrators will also be tapped depending on their expansion plans.

BPI pushes agribusiness dev’t in Luzon and Mindanao


ANK of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is betting heavily on agriculture this year and is increasing its involvement in the sector by launching a loan program designed to benefit livestock raisers in Central and North Luzon and in the expanding business corridors in Mindanao like Cagayan de Oro, Davao and Gen. Santos. Through its BPI Agribusiness Solutions, the bank has crafted a program that would support commercial poultry raisers and hog farmers. For starters, the bank formally launched BPI Agribusiness Solutions last March 8, at the Holiday Inn at Clark, with Executive Vice President and Corporate Banking Group head Alfonso “Yogi” Salcedo Jr. holding a media briefing and presenting an overview of the program, along with Senior Vice President Reymundo “Budong” SL Castro, assistant vice president Pearl Padilla. Andrew Bateson of Genus Pig Improvement Co. (Genus PIC) talked about “Genus PIC, Helping Nourish the World” followed by Vincent Borromeo, who discussed “World-class Pig Production in the Philippines.” BPI also brought along its experts in Sustainable Energy

$50 million

NEW YORK Stock Exchange-listed technology firm Emerson Electric Co. is $50 million in the country for the expansion of its in-house outsourcing operations that support the company’s $24-billion-a-year global operations. – PDI, MARCH 14, 2013

VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013

132 percent THE BROADBAND postpaid business of Smart Communications Inc. grew by 132 percent last year, from year-ago level, according to broadband Internet and data services head Lloyd Manaloto.- PDI, MARCH 13, 2013

200 MAYBANK Philippines Inc. announced on Thursday that it plans to open 25 branches this year and another 25 thereafter until it reaches 200. –BUSINESSMIRROR, MARCH 15-16.

P200 billion THE PHILIPPINE Stock Exchange expects capital raising to reach P200 billion this year, replicating last year’s record high level, as good valuations are seen to encourage more companies to raise fresh equity. –PDI, MARCH 13, 2013


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


Kia Rio Hatchback:


A Korean in European ‘clothing’


IA’S first appearance in the Philippine automotive industry began about twenty years ago with a sub-compact, affordable ‘people’s car’ known as the Pride. However, the Pride was a far cry from what we would call worthwhile, though what it lacked in quality was somewhat matched by mass-market appeal. The Pride, however, was ages ago, and since then Kia has undergone a revolution... internal and external. Though the Picanto may be Kia’s replacement entry into the now defunct ‘people’s car’ segment, this slightly larger Rio hatchback could very well be the model that may assert Kia’s expertise in affordable, small

cars. I’m actually excited to see what this little rascal had in store, so let’s see how it gets on. For starters, the all new Rio is definitely light years apart from the Pride, no comparison whatsoever. You can even throw in the first-generation Rio for argument’s sake. This hatchback version I certainly got more than I expected, reminding me of a Golf GTI rather than a Korean econo car. The design is very Euro and sat very nicely on its elegant ‘Golf GTI-like’ 17inch wheels with low profile Continental tires. The design details weren’t the only things that were of vehicles from the old world (Europe). It had keyless entry with

push-button ignition which meant you never have to take the keys out of your pocket, iPod connectivity guaranteed to keep your day entertaining while the Bluetooth handsfree made it easier to coordinate your day while running about town. Climate control, power steering and a Multi information display would make for comfortable experience around and out of town. Overall, this new Kia is easy on the eyes and the cabin was not a bad place to be in. So far so good. The keyless entry made it even easier for me to get in and out of the car and load items even when my hands were full, as all I needed to do was pull

the door handle and voila, door unlocked. It also had a good amount of trunk space for all the stuff I was hauling around, all while maintaining a roomy feel uncharacteristic of small cars. Should you wish, five grown individuals can be comfortably seated, though I think that for the price tag it should have come in leather. The Rio’s powerplant -a 1.4 liter naturally aspirated gas engine with 107 PS and 137 Nm- was more than adequate enough to take me where and when I needed to be, all while being adequately economical. It gave me a consumption of about 8.5 kilometers to the liter in the city and about 12 kilometers to a liter with a

little highway driving. On normal mode, the fourspeed automatic transmission it was mated to did what it was supposed to do, but the car felt less exciting than it looks. On sport mode however, it became livelier keeping the revs high as it shifted. Do remember to put it back to normal mode when you get into traffic, as it insisted on kicking down to first gear every time I slowed down making the car quite jerky. The macpherson front and rear torsion beam suspension is tuned to handle corners well to match its dynamic looks, however the ride comfort is not as harsh considering its capabilities. I would call it a good compromise,

as you really can’t the best of both worlds; especially in this vehicle segment. It absorbs bumps quite well, although you will definitely feel the larger wheel size. The Kia Rio may not be the most affordable in its class like the older Swift and Yaris, nor was it powerful like the Fiesta, Jazz or Accent hatchback CRDI, but it certainly has the most character. This was a Korean in European clothing and specs, not to mention delivering a quality feel. Kia has come a long way and the Rio hatch is a testament to their continued efforts in improvement and innovation. Overall, I was pretty impressed with this little hatchback.

has changed. The Lancer EX 1.6 still has the same overall look as the versions we got to drive before. It still has the sharp, fighter-inspired design up front, the same side profile and other bits. Mitsubishi has omitted the aggressive kit and details though, like the front splitters, the blacked-out grille, the spoiler, and the large 18 inch wheels with Advan A10 tires. Some may find it a little plain looking after getting used to the look of the original, but I just think of it as a blank canvas for tuners to do with as they please. Inside, not much has changed, apart from the details like the trim colors (no more silver plas-

tic trim) as well as the choice of fabrics. The steering wheel, previously wrapped in leather, is now an all urethane affair, though many of the power features remain like the windows, locks and mirrors. The Rockford Fosgate audio system that we liked in the Lancer EX GT-A has also been replaced, though this time with a more functional DVD system with iPod compatibility. The particular example is the GLX, meaning that the DVD entertainment system doesn’t get navigation functions, though the MX versions do. The big difference, however, lies at the heart of the Lancer as engineers

transplanted a smaller 1.6 liter MIVEC engine in favor of the 2.0 liter MIVEC in the GT-A (as well as the now discontinued GT) variants. The new 1.6 motor produces a decent 117 PS at 6000 rpm as well as 154 Newton meters of torque, and is matched with either a 4-speed automatic or -in this case- a 5-speed manual. Driving it

around town, it sure feels light. In fact, I’d say it didn’t lose much in terms of perceived acceleration. Of course the 2.0L engine has a long leg up on the 1.6, as it does have 38 PS more, but overall, the lightness of the car -especially

the slimmer wheels and tires- do well to complement the 1.6 engine’s capabilities. The 5-speed manual is good but a little notchy, while the 4-speed auto models we drove before seemed pretty good and smooth.

CAR REVIEW: 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.6 GLX

When less is more


HEN Mitsubishi launched the 8th generation Lancer in 2008, many of us were excited. The stunningly aggressive looks, the performance-oriented engines, the sharp handling, the overall excitement it brought to what was becoming to be a rather boring class of car. The Lancer EX, however, didn’t make as much of an impact on the sales charts as we expected, owed perhaps to the relatively high price points as well as the perception of thirst for 2.0 liter engines. Maybe this new Mitsubishi Lancer EX with the new 1.6 engine can do the trick. Style-wise, not much


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


Remembering Bataan Day 71 years ago (Conclusion)





Never ignore a warning

HE Davao city hall façade looks like a lady fresh out of a beauty salon. Vibrant make up and neatly-blown hair. She looks oh so pretty and ready to party for the city’s 76th founding anniversary. Inside and around the 86-year old edifice is a different story. The Bureau of Fire Protection inspected several times the city hall building as well as other government structures in the city, including the Sangguniang Panlungsod. The BFP went about the buildings again last Monday after the city hall “facelift” was completed prior to the Araw ng Dabaw. The agency came out with a recommendation—the city hall and SP buildings are both not safe against fire. In coming out with their findings, the BFP probers cited very obvious reasons like electrical overload, faulty electrical wiring and pres-


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encet of barbecue stalls next to the wooden City Engineer’s Office. The BFP said it has sent several warning notices, but no response or action were made. The way we understand it, a government office must take action on a simple letter or request within 15 days from receipt as embodied in Republic Act 9485. This is even a different case where time is of the essence. In this case, you cannot afford to dilly-dally when it comes to urgent matters where the safety of the public or government property is in peril. While she looks good in her spanking new beige and light burgundy dress, the new-look city hall is at the same time a virtual leaking gas tank. In these hot summer days when fire incidents happen almost everyday, this “lady” cannot afford to flirt with fire. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!










LEIZEL A. DELOSO | Marketing Manager Unit 6, Southbank Plaza Velez-Yacapin Sts. Cagayan de Oro City Tel: (088) 852-4894


ANGELICA R. GARCIA | Marketing Manager Blk. 1, Lot 10, La Mar Townhomes, Apitong St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City Tel: (02) 942-1503

total 108 Japanese bombers and 84 zero fighters were airborne on Dec. 8 from Japan’s Formosa-based 11th Imperial Air Fleet and speeding south toward Luzon, flying past the forest crowns of Pinili’s rolling hills on a mission to bomb the US bomber base at Clark Field, 363 kms south of Pinili. Zero pilot Saburo Sakai chopped up two B-17 bombers on the Clark runway then got in his sights an airborne American P-40 fighter for the first kill of World War II. Sakai later became the leading Japanese air ace. On that same day, 17 planes hovered over Camp John Hay in Baguio and dropped bombs unexpectedly. Although most of the bombs fell on open spaces, some bombs directly hit the Post Headquarters building, the Quartermaster warehouse, the radio station, and the big concrete Officers Mess Hall (guest house). Historians say among the fiercest battles were fought on the scorched slopes of Mount Samat overlooking Corregidor and the often placid Manila Bay. But on April 9, 1942, some 78,000 Filipino and American troops surrendered to the Japanese Imperial Forces, in the words of its commanding officer Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainright, Jr., “to end the useless effusion of blood” on the peninsula. The Battle of Bataan had ended. But it was, in the view of a soldier who fought there, the beginning of yet another battle – not to fight but to stay alive. It was on the slopes of Mt. Samat that battle-scarred and exhausted American and Filipino soldiers surrendered to the Japanese, ending the organized resistance of the US Armed Forces in the Far East in the early months of the Pacific war. Only 54,000 men, including some from Pinili, survived the subsequent “Death March” of 112 kms on hot, dusty roads across the Bataan peninsula to San Fernando in Pampanga before the train ride to a piteously congested prison camp in the now lahar-devastated Central Luzon Plains town of Capas, Tarlac. The town is about 10 kms northwest of the site of the Kamikaze – sometimes referred to as the Divine Wind – Airfield in Mabalacat, off the northeast perimeter fence of Clark Economic Zone. But many, decades after the notorious Death March, have waited in vain for justice. Before noon on April 9, 1942, the guns fell silent over the scorched Bataan Peninsula. In poignant tribute to the captured allied troops, the National Historical Committee has marked each of the 112 kms to Capas with a white post, and each year many people walk the road on a pilgrimage. A shrine on Mount Samat called Dambana ng Kagitingan itself commemorates the memory of the “gallant men who chose to die rather than surrender.” This year, elderly Filipinos, their offspring and grandchildren -- veterans, war widows, dependents and other pilgrims -- would converge on Mount Samat to mark the day when US Maj. Gen. Edward King trudged down the hill to give up to Lt. Gen. Masaharu Homma after holding out for 120 bloody days. It was in the same peninsula where the US Armed Forces in the Far East retreated and regrouped for their stand against the Japanese invaders. [PNA]



Failed job creation plan

LAN TO CREATE A SO-CALLED “GREEN JOBS” MARKET – As the Philippines continue to progress economically registering a steepest growth during the past several months, people likewise are demanding better, stable jobs and products. How to address the exigency? A year ago the Institute for Labor Studies of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) made an effort directed at seeking help from the industrial and manufacturing sectors to determine where the socalled environment-friendly or “green jobs” may be found. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) then has set up panels to conduct consultations among industry players to tackle climate-friendly services, products and sustainable practices at the workplace. The DOLE people are increasingly convinced there is a way we can be resilient in climate change and be more proactive through the introduction of green jobs and products. The jobs include but not limited to chores that protect the ecosystem, biodiversity, reducing energy, materials, water consumption and minimizing all forms of waste and pollution. By the way one might ask what “green jobs” mean? Well, it is defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as the “direct employment in economic sectors and activities with reduce negative environmental impacts ultimately resulting in levels that are sustainable.” This probably prompted the Philippine Labor and Employment Plan of 2011 and 2012 to call for the mainstreaming of green jobs creation in labor market policies. Driven by public concern about air pollution and global warming, the DOLE it seems is on the right track in search for green jobs.


T h e search is proving fruitful alt h o u g h the shift to green jobs won’t happen overnight, but when it comes, it will probably be insightful. After all, the sectors now under study that are expected to yield green jobs – agriculture, forestry, fishery, transport, construction and tourism are already integral parts of Filipino life. The series of consultation with industries spearheaded by DOLE will greatly help clarify the characteristics of green jobs and what activities fall under it. Furthermore, it is widely believed that shifting to green jobs will lead to permanently higher employment rate. For a long time many Filipinos grimace just discussing joblessness and they speak about their predicament as if they’d been afflicted with a horrible disease. Some economists claim that high unemployment is unacceptable because the source of the country’s ills and the economy will not rebound until labor productivity has greatly improved. Instead of evolving into an industrial economy, government should focus more on services than manufacturing, or encouraging exports in anything other than OFWs. The government should return to what always worked so well in the past: emphasis on sectors that are expected to yield green jobs. The

country has already more environment-friendly jobs that have been made renowned by frequent admiration in the local and national press. But the DOLE’s current challenge is to expand beyond green jobs and to recognize itself as the country’s labor unit gearing up to generate more employment. The time is right for a lot of growth in the labor sector. At present we have seen a lot of “green jobs” opportunities waiting to be utilize. Growth in the labor sector really comes on the heels of varied work schemes that are government-sponsored and green jobs are unprecedented opportunity for Filipino jobseekers. However, the most important thing is for government not to treat the millions of unemployed as part of the country’s prevailing problems. It should always treat them as victims of consequences, therefore the DOLE and other concerned agencies have to provide them with jobs and teach additional skills to either acquire a green job or find employment in other sectors. The “green jobs” have greater prospects and eventually help jobseekers to make their own choices. Certainly some sectors have not yet been informed of the DOLE-sponsored program or have been informed but indirectly refuse to venture on it, but initially it will be agriculture, forestry, fishery and tourism that will lead the pack. Sad to lament, though, that more than a year after the plan has been presented to the key players in the industry, nothing can be heard about it. Well, the toughest problem relates to the very nature of the implementing agency, which we surmised was moving in a snail-paced mode – a common practice among government line agencies.


its adherents. So is it true that a considerable bloc of politicians actually aspire to “destroy Medicare” in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy? Is it true that Democrats desire government control for its own sake? Far too often, we take these accusations at face value. Ryan has offered a vision. He is critical of alternate visions. He rightly calls on others to counter what he has proposed, and in the coming weeks, it’s likely they will do just that. The formula that has the right amount of debt, the right amount of stimulus, and the right way to structure needed safety nets is hardly clear to anyone, and there is room for debate and genuine disagreement about how to best structure our public sector to help generate healthcare, growth and a degree of economic stability in the years ahead. Assuming there is only one set of views that correspond to a desire for a better future assumes there is only one truth. That may work for the cardinals assembling in the Vatican to elect a new pope. But a representative democracy? We can debate it, but I’m dubious.

Budgeting for mistrust

TILL, going from adamant disagreement to disdainful dismissal requires a leap. It requires the belief that those with whom you strongly disagree are not making their own goodfaith effort to solve collective challenges, but instead are attempting to “get theirs” at the expense of the rest. That can take the form of insinuating that Ryan and the Republican Party are engaged in a relentless and purposeful campaign to gut the middle class and reward rich cronies. The Democratic Congressional Committee sent an email blast in response to Ryan saying he had “announced yet another plan to destroy Medicare just so Republicans can give massive tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy.” It can take the form of accusing Barack Obama (or other Democrats) of seeking government control and believing in socialism as a goal unto itself. If you search for “Obama” and “socialism” on Google, you’ll see thousands of hits from the fringe, yes, but they’re also from the Tea Party (which many consider fringe but still has dozens of members in the House caucus) and, of course, Fox News.

(Conclusion) It may be that some individuals are indeed as nefarious as imagined. There may be a few people who do indeed crave government control, or wish to enrich the oil industry just ’cause, or want to gut the middle class. But have they all gathered in one political party? Did all people of these inclinations decide to enter politics, thereby driving away countless others who believe in public service? The Tea Party may be extreme in its views about the dangers of debt and the perils of compromise, but is it to a person dedicated to harming the middle class? And if so, why? Because some oil companies paid them? We should push these casual accusations to the logical end. For instance, who ultimately benefits from gutting safety nets? Do “the ultra-wealthy” benefit from an impoverished middle class? No, nor would the Tea Party and



Bureaucracy will set you free (Conclusion)



’DONNELL’S example is the British civil service, which, since the reforms of the 1850s – around the time Little Dorrit was published – has progressively become free from major corruption. His bureaucrat is one who decides and allocates on the basis of rules, not on grounds of class, gender, race or status. He brings in a man with a quintessentially establishment English name, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former British ambassador to Afghanistan, to argue that the “best thing we can do for Afghanistan is to leave a good bureaucracy behind us.” Cowper-Coles is right. The lack of a decent bureaucracy dooms institutions of all kinds. As the cardinals gathered in Rome Tuesday to deliberate on a new pope, among their biggest criticisms was the chaos in the Vatican curia, the administrative office, under the retired Benedict XVI. But there are several larger bureaucracies whose dysfunction is even more critical to the future of the world. Vladimir Putin’s bureaucratic arrangements hinder rather than help him; his strategy has been to make deals with the billionaire oligarchs, keeping their corporations and profits safe as long as they stay out of politics. It has meant the toleration – and alleged involvement in – massive corruption, to the point where a 2014 Winter Olympics projected to cost $10 billion is now likely to cost some $50 billion. Russian bureaucracy has the worst of both worlds: It’s corrupt, it’s unproductive in its love of forms and it has survived the privatization of the economy, right down to the small shop level. The bureaucracy in India is famous for its delay and corruption. A report by the Singapore-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy puts the state, soon to be the largest by population in the world, at the bottom of a list that includes Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, by no means clean bureaucracies. The corruption means endless delays, large bribes and dragged-out disputes like that between the Indian government and the telecommunications giant Vodafone, with its retrospective tax claims. In China, still the world’s largest country, the bureaucracy should be good: It was the Imperial Chinese civil service on which the British reforms were modeled. But corruption is in the woodwork there, too. China’s 50 million officials (one for every 27 people) constitute a sizable state in themselves, while the wholly opaque Central Organization Department oversees the placing and performance of every institution – public and “private” – in the country. Does it get things done? It surely does in China, and it does, if more slowly in Russia, and even in India – as long as the wheels are well greased. But the price mounts. The protests that have been features of all three states are by men and women who don’t wish to live in a state where the elite are thieves, even if they get things done. Bureaucrats whose hands are in the public’s pockets are a curse; the answer is not their abolition but their cleansing. It can be done, and it must, if progress is to have a steady foundation.


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


51 families flee fighting in Butuan B

UTUAN CITY -- Fifty-one families fled their homes after fighting broke out between elements of the police’s City Public Safety Company and suspected New People’s Army rebels in Sitio Malanay, Purok 8, Barangay Bonbon on Thursday. Police reports said the clash erupted at 11:20 a.m. and they reinforcement from the Regional Public Safety Battalion arrived at 1:00 p.m. Another gunfight with the estimated 100 rebels who were about to withdraw took place upon the arrival of the reinforcement, the reports added. The clash sent 51 families from Purok 7 and Purok 8, Bonbon fleeing to a nearby tourist adventure park. “We all packed our bags and left our homes for fear as we heard loud explosions and automatic gunfire from the hills,” said Jessica Sobrero a resident of Purok 7. “Our neighbors started getting out of their homes with their children so we followed with my family to the nearby tourist park since they have security and the area is well lit,” she added. Senior Inspector Christian Lipke Rafols II,

RPOC MEETING. Governor Arturo T. Uy together with the province’s officials in attending the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) Meeting on March 13, 2013 at Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao City. (Albert A. Dayao/ IDS ComVal) CPSC platoon leader said the encounter resulted from a pursuit operation against the rebels who disarmed two policemen last Wednesday in Bonbon. He said the policemen were in Bonbon to

Sabah fallout

serve arrest warrants. “Our team caught up with the rebels the next day (Thursday), ending in a firefight,” he explained. Rafols said the CPSC which was personally led by its commander, Chief Inspector Ferdinand Dacillo, stayed in the

area overnight to ensure the safety for the villagers. He added that they recovered an improvised explosive device that did not explode. By 7:00 a.m. Friday the area was declared safe for the villagers to

return to their homes. Police withdrew at around 10:00 a.m. The regional police office reported that there were no casualties and injuries on the side of the police and civilians. Last week, 126 families from three sitios in

Barangay Anticala were displaced for five days after elements of the 3rd Special Forces Battalion of the Philippine Army encountered around 200 NPA members. (Erwin Mascarinas/MindaNews)

Gas vendors affected, trike fares up in Tawi-Tawi


ONGAO, Tawi-Tawi ---With the increase in price of gasoline coming from Sabah, Malaysia, sev-

eral roadside gasoline vendors here have been forced to close shop as tricycle drivers were forced to adjust the fare

ANTI-RABIES. ComVal joins the nation in celebrating the Rabies Awareness Month. The Provincial Veterinary and Health Teams conducted orientation, education, registration and rabies vaccination of dogs in Manat, Nabunturan

by P5 to the discomfort of passengers. Prices of rice and other basic consumer commodities in this town,

which for decades sourced an estimated 80 percent of their supply from Sabah, also rose as trad-

on Mach 5 and in Brgy. Bongabong, Pantukan on March 14, 2013. (Dodong Renoblas/ IDS ComVal)

ers remained wary in plying the route on security concerns given the uncertain situation in the contested region. “Talagang gipit kami ngayon dahil sa nangyaring gyera sa Sabah (We’re really in a difficult situation nowadays because of the war that erupted in Sabah),” 26year old James Ladja said Friday, his roadside gasoline store just in front of his house closed for two weeks now. Before the standoff in Lahad Datu town, Sabah ended violently on March 1 between the followers of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram and Malaysian security forces, Ladja and his 25-year old wife Emily were not as hard pressed as they are now. Kiram is pressing the claim that Sabah belongs to the Sultanate of Sulu based on legal and historical evidence. “We’re earning a profit of P1,500 with the drum of gasoline that would

be sold out in just three to four days,” Ladja told MindaNews in Filipino. Emily, who just gave birth a month ago to another girl, recalled that they used to buy a drum of gasoline containing 200 liters from traders getting the stuff from Sabah at just about P8,000. The couple was forced to stop buying gasoline and retailing them as the price rose by P4,000 to P12,000 a drum, she lamented. “Masyado ng mahal (The price has become really expensive),” she said. Before the conflict in Sabah erupted on March 1, gasoline retailed for P45 per liter and P50 if with an oil additive, tricycle driver Hassan Kadir said. Referring to the gasoline retailers as “sidewalk” vendors, he said he buys from them the fuel product at P75 per liter and P80 if with an oil additive.



VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013

Araw ng Dabaw... FFROM 1

“I decided to venture into this kind of business, feeling the excitement that comes with generating income,” Añasco said, adding that although he was late in applying for space rental, still he paid for the contract fee of P12,300 for 16 days from March 1 to 16. Añasco sold grilled barbecue and beer during the 16-day Hudyakaan, a nightly entertainment area with local performing bands at the crowded Rizal Park. He said his venture did well, even if he started only a bit late last March 6 still he

was able to realize a return on investment in only five days, adding that he would continue to support Davao City festivities, another one of which is the Kadayawan 2013 when he would be back doing what he had been doing during Araw ng Dabaw. “Now that I have the materials needed for this type of business, I will surely be back for the next festival,” he added. On the other hand, Lolita Mascuerdo, owner of an ukay-ukay stall, said she earned three times her capital from selling ukay-ukay from March 1.

Pope Francis...

“It is only during Araw ng Dabaw that we can easily recover our investment because a lot of people buy our items,” Mascuerdo bared. She wishes that the same number of people would remain constant because it would mean more income generated for her business. The intermittent businessmen are but some of the few who made money out of the Araw ng Dabaw season, not to mention the city’s major shopping malls which went on multi-night sale during the festivity.

FFROM 2 in for “We have a Pope”) on twitter last March 13. Tabora expressed elation over the election of a new Pope. He twitted further: “St.Francis was a lover of God and nature, may Pope Francis help us preserve God’s gift in our environment.” Tabora described the new Pope as, “the first non-European pope, first South American, first Jesuit, and first Francis.” Tabora said the new Pope is amiable and humorous, who speaks of a journey of friendship,

love, trust, fraternity, and silence. The Society of Jesus in the Philippines describes the new Pope as a person with a kind heart who is very much concerned for the needs of the poor and disadvantaged, and whose manner of life is touched by great simplicity and faith. Former Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla, who had a personal encounter with Pope Francis in the World Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist back in 2005, describes the new Pope

as someone who is more characterized by humility, poverty and simplicity. Capalla said, “as a person, he (Pope Francis) appeared calm and self-possessed; he listens a lot, smiles left and right though with a lot of respect accompanied with wonder; and while other bishops would argue, he would always find a reconciling point.” “This will surely be a radical change in the lifestyle of church leaders if he encourages it by example,” he said.

ond, which would mean a decrease of 140-160MW in power generation for the Mindanao grid, he explained. The NPC normally draws 110 cubic meters per second from the lake. Pacilan added that power generation in the island is further reduced by at least 85MW when one of the three units of the Pulangi hydropower plant in Bukidnon province underwent preventive maintenance since Monday. He said the unit will resume operations either on the last week of March or first week of April. Distribution utilities should strictly follow the load curtailment imposed on them

otherwise their power supply would be cut, said Bambie Capulong, corporate communications officer of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines-Mindanao. But Cotabato provincial board member Jose Tejada said he was not convinced by the “highly technical explanations” made by NPC-PSALM on the long brownouts in the province. “How can the power firms say that the water elevation in Lake Lanao and in Pulangi is not stable when in truth, and in fact, we had experienced excessive rainfall since December,” Tejada, chair of the provincial board’s committee on energy, said. (MaluCadelina Manar/MindaNews)

Long Brownouts... FFROM 2

“But because the NPC-PSALM is mandated to conserve power for the May 2013 polls, the generation capacity of our power plants is pegged at 940MW to 950MW,” explained Pacilan. At present, the Agus hydropower plants in the Lanao provinces are only generating between 320MW and 340MW daily. “During normal period, the Agus plants used to generate power from 450MW to 500MW,” Pacilan said. As part of the conservation strategies, the NPC is drawing water from Lake Lanao for the Agus hydropower plants at a volume of 70 to 80 cubic meters per sec-

Participants of Parada Dabawenyo wave their flags to the local government officials and the guests during the culmination of the 76th Araw ng Dabaw celebration along Sna Pedro Street, Davao City yesterday. Lean Daval Jr.

JCI cites 30 top HS grads T HE Junior Chamber International (JCI) Duwaling Chapter recognized 30 Valedictorians and Salutatorians from selected Public and Private High Schools in Davao City with the Youth Leadership Excellence Award (YLEA) on Saturday at Lispher Inn, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City. The Youth Leadership Excellence Award is a youth-led, innovative program of JCI Philippines - the leading global network of young active citizens. It offers the highest recognition and esteem for a truly outstanding performance in the schools where the selected students completed their secondary courses. The awardees truly


exemplify the belief of this 2013 YLEA partner and sponsor Hon. JV Ejercito that “Kabataan ng Bayan, Ikaw ay Maasahan”. Indeed, the achievements of these students inspire excellence, encourage confidence and unleash the potential that would create positive impact in the lives of the Filipino youth. “Through this award, it is our enduring aspirations for all young people to continue to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to our community, to our society and to the nation,” said JCI Member Irelan Abapo, the President of JCI Duwaling Chapter.

The Valedictorians received a Medal while the Salutatorians received a Certificate of Recognition. Of the 30 schools, only 22 appeared for the awarding at Lispher Inn. The remaining 17 awards will be sent to the respective schools. JCI Philippines has been known to be an award giving body. Recently, it has recognized The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) who have exhibited unselfish devotion to their field. Their effort, in turn, produced vital improvements to the Philippines and their fellow citizens. The award was presented by no less than President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

exorbitant and dubious fees should be included in the guidelines. On the statement of CHED region 11 director, Raul Alvarez that students should take their concerns to their respective HEIs, Cagula said, “we have expressed sentiments to our respective HEIs, but since the decision is up to CHED, it has to make a stand and defend the democratic character of education on how it should be accessible to all.” LFS joined UP Manila in mourning the death of the student who commit-

ted suicide and led a candle-lighting at the steps of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) in UP Manila, while similar solidarity activities were also held in UP Baguio and UP Diliman. In the press release, incoming University Student Council Chairperson of UP Manila, Mariz Zubiri, said, “The UP Manila community is deeply saddened with the death of our kapwa Iskolar ng Bayan reportedly due to failure to settle account and compounded instances of financial challenges within her family.”


mercialization schemes.” “Commercialization schemes, like selling of school’s idled assets to private sectors for commercial use and proliferation of questionable fees, mostly from private HEIs,” he said. He said they (LFS) oppose some provisions in the CHED memorandum order (CMO) 3, and calls for a.) required presence of CHEDRO representatives in every consultation; b.) miscellaneous fees that should be collected are council, publication and ID fee; c.) monitoring of redundant


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013

There’s a better way to get attention.


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JAMES O. AUSTRIA Mortgagor/s.

x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE

Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by the mortgagee Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-ibig Fund against JAMES O. AUSTRIA, with postal address at LOT 28 , BLK. 11,DECA HOMES SUBD., CABANTIAN, BUHANGIN, Davao City to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 amounted to ( P 757,745.37) Philippine Currency, inclusive of interest, penalty charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to TEN ( 10%) of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned Sheriff IV of the Regional Trial Court, Davao City, will sell at public auction on April 26, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland,Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate of Title No. T- 146-2011004883 “ A parcel of land xxx (Lot 28, Blk. 11,PCS-11002129, xxx) situated in theBarangay of Cabantian , City of Davao, Island of Containing an area of NINETY SEVEN (97) SQUARE METERS, more or less” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on May 24, 2013 without further notice. Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, March 12, 2013



Noted by:

(SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff (edge 3/22/29,4/05)

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 11th Judicial Region BRANCH 14 DAVAO CITY



x------------------------------------------------------------------x ORDER OF HEARING

A VERIFIED PETITION dated January 17, 2013 has been filed by petitioner Joshua Vincent Pulvera assisted by his Uncle Alexander V. Pulvera, assisted by counsel, Atty. Beethoven L. Orcullo praying that after due notice, publication and hearing,an Order be issued for the cancellation of the petitioner’s (second) Cerificate of Live Birth under Registry No. 2001-15549 entered on May 25, 2001 and to correct the following erroneous entries in the (first) Certificate of Live Birth under Registry No. 95-19,562: a. Entry No. 1 correcting the name of petitioner from JOSHUA TO JOSHUA VINCENT: b. Entry No. 1 deleting the term ALONZO (middle family name) since the petitioner is an illegitimate child. ALONZO is the surname of Shiela, wife of Alexander Pulvera; c. Deleting the entries in Entries No. 13,14,15,16 and 17 since Alexander Pulvera is not the father of the petitioner. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, set the hearing of the petition on May 15, 2013, at 8:30 o’clock in the morning. Let this Order be published at the expense of the petitioners in a newspaper of general circulation in the city of Davao, once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks. All interested persons may appear before this Court on or before aforesaid date of hearing to show cause, if any why the petition should not be granted. Let this Orde3r be furnished together with a copy of the Petition to the City Prosecution Office, Davao City, the Office of the Solicitor General, Atty. Beethoven L. Orcullo, the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Davao City, the Office of the Local Civil Registrar, Davao City, as well as the petitioner. SO ORDERED. GIVEN THIS 6th day of March ,2013 at Davao City, Philippines. (SGD) GEORGE E. OMELIO Presiding Judge



Serving a seamless society

Account Executives (2) -


Male / Female, not more than 30 years old Candidate must posses a Bachelor/ College Degree in any Business field. Willing to work under pressure, flexible, persuasive, can speak fluently and computer literate A team player With Basic Salary, Transportation, Communication, allowance + Commission

For interested applicants, you may send your resume to: HR Department EDGEDavao Doors 13 & 14 Alcrej B;dg., Quirino Ave., Davao City Tel. No. (082) 221-3601 Email:


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


COBRA BOXING AT THE PARK. Welbeth Aberanis (left) of Mandaue City and Juan Purisima (right) of Bacolod City strike a pose after yesterday’s weigh-in at Victoria Plaza for the Cobra Boxing at the Park fight card promoted by ALA Promotions.

ALA’s Cobra Boxing at the Park tonight By Neil Bravo

Realty FOR SALE:

1) 1-hectare commercial lot at P10,000/sq m, along National Highway, facing east, beside NCCC Panacan, Davao City. 2) 17,940sq m commercial lot at P2,500/sq m, along Matina Diversion Road. 3) 3,831 sq m lot along Matina Diversion Road. 4) 41,408 sq m commercial/ industrial lot at P800/sq m along the National Highway, Bunawan. 5) 7,056 sq m at P1,200/sq m commercial/residential lot along Indangan Road, Buhangin District. 6) 27,411 sq m commercial/ industrial lot along the National Highway in Bincungan, Tagum City. 7) 116.15 to 245.92 sq meters , at P5.5M to P12.3M commercial/ office condo units in Bajada, Davao City. 8) 699 to 1,117 sq m at P4,100/sq m commercial lots at Josefina Town Center, along the National Highway, Dumoy, Toril. 9) Ready-for-Occupancy Residential Properties: 4BR/3T&B in a 240 sq m lot with 177.31sqm floor area (2-storey) at P4.8M in an exclusive beachfront community in Dumoy, Toril.; 3BR 2-storey in a 71.25 sq m 2-storey in a 143sq m lot in an exclusive flower village in Maa, Davao City; 180 sq m lots with 71.25sqm to 126.42 sq m floor areas, priced at P3.751M to P5.773M in an exclusive mountain resort community along Matina, Diversion Road. 10) 1BR/2BR residential condo units located in Bolton, Maa, Obrero, Davao City. 11) FOR ASSUME (RUSH): 1BR res’l condo unit in Palmetto, Maa. P600K negotiable. Note: Items 1-9 can be paid in cash, in-house or bank financing. If interested, please call Jay (PRC REB Lic. 8237) at 0922-851-5337 (Sun), 0908-883-8832 (Smart) or send email to



EJF-REM CASE NO. 12-328-11


Franora C. Lagahit married to Justino Roman D. Lagahit Mortgagor/s.

x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE

Upon extra-judicial petition for foreclosure and sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by the mortgagee Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-ibig Fund against Franora C. Lagahit married to Justino Roman D. Lagahit with postal address at LOT 05 B7 L17, Kadayawan Homes 4, NHA Bangkal, Davao City to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of March 9, 2011 amounted to Two Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Five Pesos & 23/100 ( P 299,865.23) Philippine Currency, inclusive of interest, penalty charges, plus attorney’s fees equivalent to TEN ( 10%) of the total indebtedness plus other legal expenses incident of foreclosure and sale; the undersigned Sheriff IV of the Regional Trial Court, Davao City, will sell at public auction on April 26, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. or soon thereafter, at the main entrance of Hall of Justice, Ecoland,Davao City to the highest bidder for Cash or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine Currency, the following real property together with all the improvements thereon, to wit: Transfer Certificate of Title No. T- 214289 “ A parcel of land (Lot 17, Blk. 7 xxx) situated in the City of Davao, Island of Containing an area of THREE HUNDRED (300) SQUARE METERS, more or less” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date.

In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on May 24, 2013 without further notice.

Prospective buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the titles herein described real property/ies and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Davao City, Philippines, March 12, 2013


Noted by:


(SGD) ATTY. EDIPOLO P. SARABIA, JR. Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff (edge 3/22/29,4/05)


ANDAUE’S Welbeth Loberanis and Bacolod’s Juan Purisima banner an exciting fight card in tonight’s Cobra Boxing at the Park. Rizal Park will surely light up with boxing fans as renowned boxing outfit ALA Promotions headline a six-fight card featuring fighters from Mindanao and the Visayas. The Araw ng Dabaw card is backed up by Cobra Energy Drink. The Loberanis-Purisima encounter is set for 10 rounds under the 112-pound limit. Both fighters made the weight in yesterday’s official weigh-in at Victoria Plaza supervised by Games and Amusements Board (GAB). “We look forward to an exciting fight tomorrow and we hope Davawenyos will come out and watch

the fights,” Clair Lukban, head of ALA Promotions Events said. Also in the same card are up and coming Mark Acub of Antique going up against Bonni Makiling of Aglayan, Malaybalay City in a 130-lb. fight over 10 rounds, and Boyce Sultan of Labason, Zamboanga City against Jessie Tuyor of Dipolog City in the 122lb class over 8 rounds. In four-rounder action, Jonas Sultan of Labason, Zamboanga City goes up against local boy Glenn Campaner at 118-lb., Melton Sandal of Labason, Zamboanga against Gabby Simpo of Valencia City (130 lbs) and Robert Amlani of Labason, Zamboanga against Jestoni Makiputin of Valencia City (120 lbs.). Fight starts at 6:00 p.m. tonight.

Top riders join AnD Phoenix Motocross


HE country’s no. 2 motocross rider Donark Yuson of Iloilo is the man to beat in the Araw ng Dabaw Phoenix Motocross to be held on March 16 and 17 at the Crocodile Park Complex in Ma-a, Davao City. Yuson will be joined by thirteen-time ‘Rider of the Year’ awardee Glenn Aguilar of Cebu, Winsor Pamorca of Bacolod, Joven Lagrada of Agusan Del Sur, Bornok Mangosong of Mati, Team Phoenix’ Kimboy Pineda and other riders from Luzon, Visayas and Min-

danao. Categories of the race are expert, pro open, intermediate, novice and executive. The Motocross is one of the events in celebration of the 76th Araw ng Dabaw celebration. It is the first of the six legs of the Phoenix Mindanao Moto-X Series which will be held in different places in Mindanao. The Araw ng Dabaw Motocross powered by Phoenix Cyclomax Titan Motor Oil is presented by Pioneer Insurance and Marra Builders Inc.


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013



Catching up over tapas WHILE the rest of Durianburg was busy for the recently concluded MICEcon, my good friend Kathy Manuel-Salenga and her sales team from the Linden Suites in Ortigas decided round up a few more friends from Davao for some after dinner wine and tapas at Cellar de BoCa at SM Lanang Premier’s Fountain Court. For the uninitiated, tapas are a wide array of small Spanish appetisers that may be hot or cold and are traditionally served with drinks at a bar. Given that we were all coming from dinner elsewhere, having tapas and wine was a delicious choice since the food was not too heavy and the delicious white house wine by Lagarde paired nicely with almost everything we had. Although Cellar de BoCa may be known for their steaks, it is the tapas that shine and really define the food served at Cellar. From their deliciously tender Beef Salpicao, to their bright tasting Shrimp Ceviche, every bite of their food lead to even more conversations about food. A kind of surf and turf but in a small half shell, Cellar’s Baked Clams and Chorizo was simply di-

Angus Beef Belly Sisig


Chitchat and stories filled the air while food filled our bellies.

Instagramming before eating.

Baked Clams with Chorizo

A toast to good life, great food and even greater company.

vine! The clams were juicy and the bit of chorizo added a smoky salty note to the clam’s clean briny taste, no processed cheese here to mask the flavours! We ended the meal with Cellar de BoCa’s famous and sinfully good

Angus Beef Belly Sisig that is flavourful, fatty and beefy. I swear, if this was not tapas night, I would actually be eating spoonfuls of this with tonnes of rice but for tonight, pieces of bread, wine, and helpings of great stories made the evening special. Follow me on Twitter and on Instagram @kennethkingong for more food finds, travel tips and happenings in and around Durianburg. A special thank you goes out to Jojie and Rhonson for the group shots!

Shrimp Ceviche

Linden Suite’s Kathy Salenga (left) together with her sales and marketing team together with M Magazine’s Ian Garcia and me.


A2 INdulge!

VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


Mrs. Philippines-Globe holds bigger and better search for 2013

Sarap Magbabad 2013 sizzles in Vismin

AFTER the success of its first-ever search last year, Mrs. Philippines-Globe is now back to celebrate Filipina women who possess that rare combination of beauty and substance.

One of the biggest international beauty pageants of its kind, Mrs. PhilippinesGlobe honors Filipina women of substance who play an important role in the society. It salutes women who do not let age and civil status get in the way of fulfilling their dreams, and whose achievements, charitable acts and life stories serve as inspiration to others. On its second year, Mrs. Philippines-Globe is bound to become bigger and better as it opens its doors not only to married women but also to single mothers. This year, the pageant will also hold screenings in key cities and provinces in the country. “We were deeply overwhelmed with the success of Mrs. Philippines-Globe last year. So this 2013, we made the pageant even bigger to reach out to more Filipinas and to let them know about the pageant’s advocacy, which is women empowerment. We also wish to encourage them to take this opportunity where they themselves can become an instrument of empowerment and source of inspiration to others,” says National Pageant Director Morena Carla Cabrera-Quimpo. Out of all the applicants, pageant officials will choose 20 official candidates who will compete for the coveted crown during the national pageant night set on May 25, 2013 at New World Hotel. More importantly, she will also have the rare opportunity to represent the Philippines in the Mrs. Globe 2013 World Finals at Shenzhen, China on September 2013. “My journey during the Mrs. Philippines-Globe pageant was definitely oneof-a-kind. It allowed me to expand my horizons by helping me meet different kinds of people, bringing me to places I’ve never been before, and creating more opportunities for personal development. All in all, the pageant helped become a better person,” shares Mrs. Philippines-

BEER market leader San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) brings again this time of the year one of its most anticipated events, the Sarap Mag Babad series of summer parties celebrating the Filipino’s zest for fun, friendship, and yes, pulutan (beer match), in the company of one of the world’s best-tasting beers, San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

Globe 2012 Joycelyn Agsaway, who also won Face of the Year Award in last year’s Mrs. Globe World Finals. More than just a celebration of beauty, Mrs. Globe in the US is affiliated with The Women In Need Foundation which aims to help abused women and children recover their selfesteem. The pageant emphasizes that women have the right to be heard, loved

and respected. Interested parties may download application forms at Mrs. PhilippinesGlobe 2013’s website at www.mrsphilippinesglobe. com. Special screenings will also be held simultaneously on April 2, 2103 in Pampanga, Cebu and Davao. GMA and South Luzon screening will be on April 6, 2013. Deadline of entries is on March 20, 2013.

For more information about Mrs. PhilippinesGlobe, you may log on to its website or the pageant’s official Facebook page at MrsPhilippinesGlobeOfficial. For inquiries call PRWORKS, our event coordinator through numbers (032) 416-7159; 0932 2931224 or 0915 4293209 and look for Ms. Mafe or Ms. Nancy.

ARE YOU READY FOR SUMMER? Beat the heat in your most dashing ensemble of accessories that will complement your summer look! SM Accessories, the only fashion accessories authority, brings in the biggest sale of the season with the SM Advantage Sale on March 22-24, 2013! Present your SM Advantage or BDO Rewards card and get an additional 10% on top of existing sale offers. You can choose from eyewear, hats, bags, jewelry, and even rain gear for that unexpected summer rainshowers! What are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest SM Store branch near you on March 22 to 24!

Every Friday beginning March 15, San Miguel Pale Pilsen treats the barkada to a taste of summer that’s targeted to be “classic, refreshing, accessible and rewarding to the barkada who want to maximize their hard-earned money’s worth”, as described by SMB President Roberto N. Huang. This year, San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s Sarap Mag Babad Taste of Summer goes to Visayas and Mindanao, in popular bars and food destinations namely Baluarte Park, Baclayon in Bohol, Food Park in Ormoc, Manokan Country in Bacolod, Divisoria in Cagayan de Oro, and Panabo Food Centrum in Davao del Norte. Huang added that it is important for San Miguel Beer events to be relevant to the needs of the customers and synonymous with the brand’s attributes, hence the trademark summer event of its iconic brand San Miguel Pale Pilsen should be no-fuss, straightforward, exciting and genuine. “We want to deliver to our customers what they want, so it is only right that we give them what they basically want in a summer get-together,” said Huang. One popular Babad component is the San Miguel Pale Pilsen Battle of the Bands which the brand relaunched last year to accommodate popular requests from aspiring bands that play relaxing music reminiscent of summer like reggae, acoustic, alternative, pop, R&B and other non-rock genres. To join, interested bands of three to seven members each may audition on said Babad venues during the actual Babad parties. Close to P300,000 cash prize are up for grabs for all the winning bands. Apart from the cool sounds provided by the contending bands, guests will also be entertained by joining, if not watching the “Wildest Pulutan Challenge,” an onstage game for the barkada that challenges them to finish the “wild” or exotic pulutan especially prepared by San Miguel Pale Pilsen for this year’s Sarap Mag Babad. Weekly winners in all six Babad areas will get a total of P300,000 cash prize. And who doesn’t want a free pulutan? Only in Babad, the barkada are in for a “Pulutan Blowout” for every six, 12 or 24 bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen that they will order in Babad venues. This appetizing treat extends to purchases in participating convenience and sari-sari stores in selected VisMin regions during the entire Sarap Mag Babad season. Consumers can take home free cans of Purefoods Sisig for their purchase of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Sarap Mag Babad is also part of the grand radio promo dubbed as “Bueno Mano Salvo Year 8” in partnership with the Bombo Radyo Philipppines. For a chance to win a tax-free cash prize of P1 million, consumers should submit their entries with 2013 specially-marked crowns of San Miguel Pale Pilsen 320 mL or 1000mL. For more of San Miguel Pale Pilsen Sarap Mag Babad 2013 activities, visit ph.

VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013



Emma Watson cast in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Actress did not get sexy role in new movie COULD Emma Watson being stripping down for the sexy lead role in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film?!

Earlier today, reports hit the web that the Harry Potter star is attached to headline Focus Features’ movie adaptation of the sexy E.L. James novel. But sorry, Watson fans. A source tells E! that casting for the flick has not

even begun yet, which means the 22-year-old will not be starring as Anastasia Steele in the racy flick (for now, at least). Rumors that Watson was attached to the Fifty Shades movie first began swirling last September—rumors that Watson’s Perks of Being a Wallflower costar Nina Dobrev laughed off. Watson’s rep had no comment on the bogus casting reports.

Emma Watson

The Host: Author Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons and Jake Abel talk the “Love Box,” fame and movie vs. book TWILIGHT’S officially over, so it’s time to move on to Stephenie Meyer’s latest supernatural sensation: The Host.

Directed by Andrew Niccol, the sci-fi flick is set in a futuristic world where a parasitic alien race called “Souls” invade human bodies and erase their personalities. The story follows Melanie Stryder (played by Irish beauty Saorise Ronan) as her body is inhabited by a soul know as Wanderer, but Melanie refuses her captor’s mind control. The follow-up to Meyer’s Twilight juggernaut, of course, includes a love square (or “box,” as Meyer informed us, as triangles are so Twilight) with Melanie, her “Soul” and the other two main charac-

ters, Jared Howe (played by Max Irons) and Jake Abel (played by Ian O’Shea). And today, Irons, O’Shea and Meyer stopped by the E! News set to answer your burning Twitter questions on the highly anticipated flick! Asked how she gets the inspiration for her fictional characters, Meyer admitted said, “Every now and then, one person in my life will jump in. But generally it’s just my imaginary friends.” She revealed, however, that The Host’s Doc was largely inspired by her younger

brother, Seth. “The movie doesn’t look anything like my brother. But the charcter always kind of had the same mannerisms and the gentleness my brother has.” So sweet! Fans also quizzed Max and Jake about whether they’re prepared to be the object of affection of many, many fans once The Host hits theaters (“I don’t know if it’s entirely healthy to be too preoccupied with the consequences,” Max mused”) and how Meyer ended up with a “love box” when she originally started out with a twoperson love triangle. Wait, what?!

INdulge! A3


A4 INdulge!

VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ wins sixth USTv award FOR the sixth consecutive year, GMA Network’s multiawarded top-rating Sunday program Kapuso Mo , Jessica Soho was declared as Students’ Choice of Magazine Program in the 9th USTv Students’ Choice Awards held last Thursday at the UST Plaza Mayor.

Its host, Jessica Soho, widely regarded as the country’s most awarded broadcast journalist, was recognized as Students’ Choice of Female News and Current Affairs Host for the second year in a row. Internationally acclaimed documentary program I-Witness received the Students’ Choice of Documentary Program. A special citation was also given to GMA News TV’s historical docu-drama San Pedro Calungsod with actor Rocco Nacino portraying the life of the saint.

Rocco Nacino as San Pedro Calungsod GMA Network’s musical-variety show Party Pilipinas won its first USTV award as Students’ Choice of Talk Variety Program. Party Pilipinas’ mainstays Maricis Garcia, Aicelle Santos, and Jonalyn Viray, collectively known as the singing trio La Diva, accepted the award and also performed a song number for their Thomasian fans. Kapuso Pop Superstar Julie Anne San Jose was chosen as Students’

Chris Tiu

Choice of Local Music (Video) Artist, while hardcourt heartthrob and Ibilib host Chris Tiu won the Students’ Choice of Best Sports Personality award. GMA’s highly-popular gag show Bubble Gang won the Thomasians’ votes for the Students’ Choice of Best Gag Show while the original and top-rating family sitcom Pepito Manaloto was cited as Students’ Choice of Situational Comedy or Sitcom. Lastly, Philippine TV’s longest-running noontime variety show Eat Bulaga took home one of the night’s topmost awards – the Student Leaders’ Choice of TV Program. Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Television and Production Exponents Inc. (Tape Inc.) Malou Choa-Fagar received the award along with child superstar Ryzza Mae Dizon who performed her trademark chacha dance in front of the cheering crowd. Spearheaded by the Office of the Secretary General of the University of Sto . Tomas, the USTv Student’s Choice Awards is an annual award-giving body that “serves as a conduit that allows TV Networks to work hand in hand with educational institutions in developing the youth into more critical, sensitive, and responsible viewers”.

Ryzza Mae Dizon

Jessica Soho



VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013

Kobe plays hurt in Lakers win I

ORANGEMEN. Team Villar led by former PBA standout Chester Tolomia (7th from right) poses for a souvenir photograph after upsetting defending champion Montaña Pawnshop Thursday night. Lean Daval Jr.

NDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- When Kobe Bryant couldn’t be the tough guy on the court Friday night, he resorted to being an MVP coach. After hobbling around on a severely sprained left ankle for 12 minutes, Bryant retreated to the bench, where he spent the rest of the night contesting calls, waving teammates into the right spots and even drawing something up on a clipboard for Dwight Howard to see. He wasn’t going to let up - or let his teammates down. So on a night Bryant was held scoreless for only the 15th time in his 17year NBA career, Howard finished with 20 points and 12 rebounds, and delivered a tiebreaking three-point play with 90 seconds left that sent the Los Angeles Lakers past Indiana, 99-93. ‘’It really just continued to swell and I couldn’t put any weight on it, so I called it a night,’’ Bryant said after getting more treatment on the sore ankle in the training room. ‘’I told them before the game, ‘I don’t know how much I have, but whatever I have, I’ll give you.’’’ He did plenty.

Bryant, known as a remarkably quick healer who hasn’t missed a game since the 2009-10 season, gallantly played less than 48 hours after turning his ankle when he landed on Dahntay Jones’ foot in the waning seconds of Wednesday’s loss at Atlanta. For two days, Bryant worked in silent seclusion. He didn’t speak to reporters when the Lakers took Thursday off, after the team’s morning shootaround or before Friday night’s game started. Instead, he got round-theclock treatment on what he described as the worst ankle sprain of his professional career. Coach Mike D’Antoni watched closely as Bryant went through warm-ups, then spoke with the team’s medical staff and again with the five-time NBA champion before putting him in the starting lineup. Clearly, Bryant was not himself. He went 0 for 4 from the field, coming up short on each shot, then went to the bench after one quarter and never returned to the game. He spent the second half clinging to a little black box with wires attached to the injured ankle.

Heat win streak: 21


ILWAUKEE (AP) -- The Miami Heat had just watched the Super Bowl when Shane Battier delivered a speech that left quite the impression. Whatever he said that night in Toronto, the Heat sure took off from there. They haven’t come down yet. L e B r o n James and Chris Bosh each scored 28 points, and the Heat made it 21 straight wins, beating the Milwaukee Bucks 107-94 on Friday night. Only three other teams have won 20 in a row in one season, and the Heat now trail just the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers (33) and the 200708 Houston Rockets (22) after moving ahead of the 1970-71 Bucks. The Heat haven’t lost since they fell at Indiana on Feb. 1, and they return Sunday to the place where this streak started two days later, back when they were a mediocre road team barely on top of the Eastern Conference standings. It’s been nothing but good times for the Heat ever since, although there was a scary moment for them in this game. That was when Wade walked to the locker room with what the team said

was a neck strain after crashing to the court in the early going. The Heat overcame that and led by as much as 17 in the third quarter, then withstood a push by the Bucks to keep the streak going. Bosh hit from all angles and was 12 of 16 in the game, nailing two 3-pointers. He even converted a four-point play that made it 67-53 about five minutes into the third quarter. James was his usual dominant self, and Wade finished with 20 points as the Heat avenged a loss at Milwaukee in late December. There’s a chance these two teams could meet in the first round of the playoffs, and Milwaukee’s Brandon Jennings basically said bring it on. Ersan Ilyasova led Milwaukee with 26 points and a season-high 17 rebounds. Jennings scored 21 but was 6 of 15 from the field, and the Bucks shot just over 37 percent. Monta Ellis struggled, finishing with seven points after scoring 26 in the previous game at Washington, and the Bucks dropped their third straight. Larry Sanders got ejected for the second straight game with 2:44 left after he was called for a foul against James and picked up two technicals.


VOL.6 ISSUE 2 • SUNDAY - MONDAY, MARCH 17-18, 2013


Hail the Champs! RMH-VMO wins title in a thriller

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. Members and officials of the Royal Mandaya Hotel-VMO squad whoop it up after winning the Araw ng Dabaw title last Saturday night over Montana Pawnshop.

CHAMPIONS. Liga Dabaw vice chair Mans Carpio (second from left), awards the champion’s trophy to team owner Glenn Escandor of The Royal Mandaya Hotel-Vice Mayor’s Office (3rd from left) after his team won this year’s Araw ng Dabaw Mayor Sara and Vice Mayor Rody

Duterte Commercial Basketball tournament last Friday at the Almendras gym. Also on photo are RMH-VMO team owner Mik-Mik Escandor, VMO executive assistant Bong Go, RMH-VMO’s Gerome Escandor and SBP’s Bernie Atienza. (Contributed photo by Tommy Inigo)

By Neil Bravo


HE Royal Mandaya Hotel-VMO won their first ever Araw ng Dabaw basketball title 93-85 over defending champion Montana Pawnshop in a manner suspense movies are made of. Coach Miggy Solitaria swore he was about to be thrown off his seat and team coordinator Jek Melendres thought he was about to lose his job. Teetering in defeat after a momentum-changing 10-1 run by Montana, the RMH-VMO squad that’s loaded with big ticket players went to an extra period and were lucky to force two crucial miscues in the endgame to dispose off the stubborn Pawnbrokers. Trailing 71-77, the Pawnbrokers banked on import Devon Suillivan’s gutsy plays and the outside sniping of Bonbon Bulac and Don Adorneo to knot the score at 77-all. After Jojo Tangkay made it 80-77, Montana went to

Bulac who connected from beyond the arc to tie the game with 11 seconds left in regulation. The Hoteliers had a chance to win it but Cris Calaguio made his move too early and lost the ball in the paint. Quickly, Montana’s Bulac rushed down the floor apparently to dribble the game away but realized there was enough time left for a final attempt. Good thing his hesitation last second heave from a meter past the halfcourt line bounced off the cylinder. “Nabunutan ako ng tinik, akala ko madadale na kami,” said Solitaria, who picked his first commercial basketball title at age 26. After Devon Sullivan made it 85-82, the Hoteliers silenced the Pawnbrokers from then on, capitalizing on errors by Sullivan and Adorneo to turn the game around. Jojo Tangkay had two jumpers that broke the backs of Montana and those

were reasons big enough to earn for him the MVP award. Former pros Kiko Adriano and Calaguio paced Montana with 17 apiece, import Cedric Happi and big man Marc Andaya had 15 each and Tanghkay had 14 for the champions owned by basketball purist Glen Escandor. “It was tough but we are happy. That’s basketball,” said Escandor who sat with team manager Bong Go, executive assistant of the Vice Mayor’s Office. Montana got 18 from Adorneo and 15 from Sullivan. The championship was RMH-VMO’s second straight title after winning the Kadayawan Basketball Tournament last year. The tournament is sponsored by Mayor Sara Duterte and Vice Mayor Rody Duterte and organized by Liga Dabaw. Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas sanctioned the four-team tournament.

SAILING SULLIVAN. Montana Pawnshop import Devon Sullivan (34) changes his shot in mid-air to elude the outstretched arms of Royal Mandaya Hotel-VMO center Mark Andaya as Julius Tangkay (22) and Cedric Happi

(6) prepare for the rebound. The Hoteliers won 93-85 in overtime to win the Araw ng Dabaw title. (Contributed photo by Tommy Inigo)

Edge Davao 6 Issue 2  

Edge Davao 6 Issue 2, March 17-18, 2013

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