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VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

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EDGEDAVAO Serving a seamless society

MARKED. An election officer applies edible ink to the forefinger of a voter at polling precinct in Mini-forest Gym along Quezon Blvd. in Davao City yesterday.

LOW TURNOUT Brgy polls generally peaceful but voter turnout notably low By NEILWIN JOSEPH L. BRAVO and THE EDGE DAVAO STAFF


Precincts in 42,000 barangays opened with the more than 50 million voters pouring to their respective polling booths which closed at 3 p.m., or eight hours after they opened across the country, except in previously designated areas where the elections were postponed to a later date – because of natural calamities.

Elections have been postponed in Zamboanga City, where residents are still recovering from a stand-off between government troops and rebels from the Moro National Liberation Front last month

Elections were also postponed in some areas of Bohol and Cebu, hit by a deadly tremor this month that killed at least 215 people and destroyed infrastructure projects and collapsed about a dozen religious structures in the two provinces.



AVAO City mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte and the Philippine National Police regional office declared as “generally peaceful” yesterday’s barangay elections in Davao City and nearby provinces, but voter turnout was notably low. The assessment came despite two incidents of Molotov bomb throwing and a strafing of a barangay hall, and grenade-throwing of a residence of a provincial prosecutor in Davao del Sur hours before the opening of polling precincts. Mayor Duterte, who cast his vote at the Daniel R. Aguinaldo National

High School yesterday afternoon, declared the


MAYOR’S CHOICE. Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte casts his ballot during yesterday’s barangay elections at Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School in Brgy. Matina Crossing, Davao City., around 2:20 p.m. at Precinct No. 1245A of Cluster982. Lean Daval Jr.

DCL Final 6 cast is complete INSIDE: Impersonators noted in brgy polls – Cullo Reforms needed in city transport Slaughter: Ready to be King

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VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

4 incidents of violence in DavSur


T A Muslim lady casts her vote with her daughter in tow during yesterday’s barangay elections at Brgy. 23-C, Mini-forest in Quezon Blvd., Davao City. Brgy. 23-C is one of the hotly contested barangays in the city. Lean Daval Jr.


In Pikit, North Cotabato, the Comelec announced that no voting has occurred in 13 villages after the teachers refused to serve for security reasons.

In Davao City, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte arrived at Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School to cast his vote at Precinct No. 1245A Cluster 982. He was with executive assistant Christopher “Bong” Go.

Davao City police director Sr. Supt. Vicente Danao Jr. visited Sonta Elementary School in Brgy. 23-C in Quezon Boulevard for routine security checks. The said barangay is among the identified areas where elections are seen to be “hotly-contested.”

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Complaints of vote-buying reported in in Cabantian Peace and order situation in the second district, according to Cullo, however, was generally good, with no election violence recorded. As of 5:30 pm, BETs were not able to submit the result of their precinct counting yet, The Board of Election Canvassers (BOC) started convening 6pm. Cullo said, the results of the winners in the big barangays will probably come out before 12 noon today. Roughly 7,000-8,000 voter turnout in F Bangoy National High School, Sasa out of 13,000 voters.—Anonymous tip

Problems of the past still haunt this year’s barangay elections


ANILA -- Monday casting of votes will definitely stop at 3 p.m so counting would start immediately, said head teacher Victoria Fernando of Espana’s Ramon Magsaysay High School (RMHS)at Espana Blvd. ”With the continuous flow of enthusiastic people since this morning, about 75 per cent have already cast their votes by 12 noon. Hopefully, everybody will go home happy that they have done their duty in electing responsible barangay officials to serve them in the next three years,” Fernando said. The school atmo-

sphere has suddenly changed into noisy and festive mood with food carts, fruit drinks, ice cream and all sorts of merchandise sprouting on the streets of Don Quijote and Dos Castillas and the main road by 10 a.m.and lots of leaflets, pamphlets, caricatures and styrofoam have disgustingly accumulated all over the streets. On the other hand, a handful of persons with disabilities were waiting for help from their relatives young poll volunteers to either help them climb up to the building’s fourth floor or do something to help them vote on


HE Philippine National Police in Davao region reported incidents of ‘Molotov bomb’ throwing in two polling precincts, strafing of barangay hall that injured a civilian volunteer officer and grenade explosion inside the house of a prosecutor on election day yesterday—all that happened in Davao del Sur. PRO XI spokesperson Jed Clamor said that they noted four incidents that “might be related to election.” He said they are

still investigating the incidents. So far, only Davao del Sur has reported incidents of violence among the provinces in the region. Clamor said they haven’t received yet notable reports in other provinces. Despite the incidents, Davao del Sur Provincial election supervisor (PES) Febes Barlaan has lifted the order to implement curfew hours since yesterday night until October 29 (Tuesday). This was

buying, and Cullo suggested that the complainants just file a case to disqualify the violators. The peace and order situation in the second district, according to Cullo, however, was “generally good, with no election violence recorded.” Cullo said, the other offenses were minor, including complains that they couldn’t find their names in the precincts, but with proper assistance, they were able to find the names. Other people were not able to vote in two consecutive elections,

which mean they will not be able to vote anymore, according to the rule. Last is the people who transferred residences, who cannot vote in the barangay where they currently live. As of 5:30 pm, BETs were not able to submit the result of their precinct counting yet, while the Board of Election Canvassers (BOC) started convening 6pm. Cullo said, the results of the winners in the big barangays will probably come out before 12 noon today.


Impersonators noted in brgy polls – Cullo By EJ DOMINIC FERNANDEZ


ill the real voter please stand up. The most serious offense recorded in this year’s barangay elections is impersonation. How is that committed? Take this scheming machination by a voter who used someone else’s name in the voters list to cast his vote at barangay Alfonso Angliongto Sr., Buhangin. Davao City Commission on Elections (Comelec) District 2 lawyer, Danilo Cullo said, “the violator succeeded in impersonating someone else, because, according to the rules, you

cannot question anyone if no one challenges his or her authenticity.” Another big offense that was recorded in district 2 was in Barangay Leon Garcia, Agdao, where a candidate was campaigning around the precincts early in the morning. The Comelec stopped that person right away, Cullo said. The Board of Election tellers in Don Julian noticed that some of the ballot boxes did not have internal cover, which the Comelec replaced. There were also complains in Cabantian on vote

TRANSPORT SYSTEM. Councilor Leo Avila, transportation and communication committee chair of the city council, says that major reforms are needed in the Davao City transport system during Kapehan sa Dabaw at the Annex of SM City Davao yesterday. Lean Daval Jr.


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013


DCWD okays P10-B project Tamugan River to be tapped in joint venture


HE board of directors of the Davao City Water District (DCWD) has given its go-signal to start considering a P10-billion surface water project tapping the Tamugan River in Marilog District in joint venture with a still unidentified private company. This was bared by Imelda Magsuci, spokesperson of the DCWD, during yesterday’s edition of the Kapehan sa Dabaw at the atrium of the SM City Davao annex in Ecoland. The DCWD board-approved study came after the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel issued an opinion that the water district may proceed with the project

using the 2008 guidelines and procedures of the National Economic and Development Authority in considering proposals for joint projects. The DCWD has formed a committee to consider the unsolicited proposal to build the water project from JV Angeles, a construction company which submitted its proposal after the DCWD conducted a “roadshow” last April describing Davao City’s water situation to the country’s eight giant water providers. Only JV Angeles submitted a proposal, Magsuci said. After the DCWD finds JV Angeles’s joint venture proposal feasible, it will open the project to chal-

SECURITY CHECK. Newly-installed Davao City Police Office (DCPO) director Vicente Danao Jr. (3rd from left) visits Sonta Elementary School in Brgy. 23-C

FDCWD, 10 accompanied by Sta. Ana Police Station commander Caezar Cabuhat (4th from right) during yesterday’s barangay elections. The said barangay is considered

Sci-tech energy exhibits Avila bares 3 options set at science centrum


NTERACTIVE science educational exhibits on energy will be showcased at the Mindanao Science and Technology Centrum (MSTC) at Bago Oshiro in Mintal, Tugbok District in Davao City, Nov. 5-20. MSTC Foundation president Madel Moran-Morados told media practitioners convering yesterday’s Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM Annex, Ecoland that 35 energy exhibits from Manila will be shown during the event, the third to be hosted by the MSTC since its establishment in the late 90s. Morados, who is a retired regional director of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Davao Region, said that P195 million more is needed to

complete the MSTC building constructed within its five-hectare lot. Mila Francisco, also an MSTC officer, said that during the rare exhibit, the students, through interacting with the 35 different materials, will discover energy production as there will be demonstrations on how to generate energy through light, mechanical, sound, movement, water, and electric. She said, “learning science through lecture is not enough, interaction is important.” Interactive learning at MSTC will be difficult, since the building is not yet done since its ground breaking in 1999. She said, the foundation received a P10-mil-


as among the identified areas where elections are seen to be hotly contested. Lean Daval Jr.

Reforms needed in city transport By EJ DOMINIC FERNANDEZ


EFORMS are needed in the current chaotic and problematic Davao City transport system, according to Councilor Leonardo Avila III, transportation and communication committee chair of the Davao City Council. “Many reform options are being studied, but definitely it can be

business as usual in our traffic and transportation system,” Avila said during yesterday’s edition of the weekly Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM Annex, Ecoland. Avila said, reform was one of the main conclusions of a series of studies and consultations his committee has conducted, which is currently

being finalized and will be presented sometime in the third week of November. The three main reforms recommended, he said, are the crafting of a comprehensive transport and traffic management ordinance, capacity building among regulators, and conducting a deeper study on the so-


Comelec: No voting in13 villages of Pikit P

SURFACE WATER PROJECT. Imelda Magsuci, spokesperson of the Davao City Water District (DCWD), bares that their board of directors has given its go-signal to start considering a P10-billion surface water project tapping the Tamugan River in Marilog District in joint venture with a still unidentified private company during Kapehan sa Dabaw at the Annex of SM City Davao yesterday. Lean Daval Jr.

cial impact, specifically the public utility vehicle operators, drivers, and commuters. He said, between among the four types of transport system, namely, the Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Highly Prioritized Bus System (HPBS), the LRT would be ideal

IKIT, North Cotabato-- The Commission on Elections here announced that no voting has occurred in 13 villages after the teachers refused to serve for security reasons. Joel Celis, Pikit election officer, said the teachers did not proceed to their assignments and the voters did not show up “so no election ever happened.” Soldiers and policemen have been tapped by the Comelec to assist some teachers who prefer to proceed to their assignments. “When we arrived there at past 12 noon, no voters showed up so we decided to bring the election paraphernalia back to the town hall for safekeeping,” Celis said. “We did not declare fail-

ure of elections since it is only the Commission on Elections en banc can declare failure of election after receiving reports from the ground,” he said. Celis said he already forwarded his report to Comelec provincial director Lawyer Duque Kadatuan as to what happened and the election supervisor forwarded them to Manila. Some BETs in 13 villages have already started facilitating voting at Pikit Central Elementary School at 7 a.m. until Celis told them to stop and move to their respective barangay assignments. The teachers refused. Despite military and police assurance that the 13 villages are secured and that balloting can be held there, the teachers opted not to serve. [PNA]


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013


Mindanao’s 27th province


OTERS of Davao del Sur will not only vote for their barangay chair and seven councilors on Monday, they will also vote “yes” or “no” to the creation of the province of Davao Occidental. If ratified, Davao Occidental, which will comprise the municipalities of Santa Maria, Malita, Don Marcelino, Jose Abad Santos and Sarangani, will be Mindanao’s 27th province. Pursuant to Republic Act 10360, the law creating Davao Occidental, its capital will be in Malita town. Davao Occidental will be carved out of Davao del Sur’s 14 towns and one city. At present, Davao del Sur has two legislative districts: District 1 comprising Digos City and the towns of Bansalan, Hagonoy, Magsaysay, Matanao, Padada and Sta. Cruz; and District 2 comprising the towns of Jose Abad Santos, Kiblawan, Malalag, Malita, Santa Maria, Sulop, Sarangani and Don Marcelino. When residents of Davao del Sur approve the creation of Davao Occidental, the five-town Davao Occidental will


have a lone legislative district “to commence in the next national and local elections” or 2016 while the nine-town and onecity Davao del Sur will also comprise a lone legislative district But RA 10360 provides that the incumbent representatives of the present Davao del Sur “shall continue to represent their respective legislative districts until the expiration of their term of office.” The second district is the turf of the family of the incumbent governor Claude Bautista. The Bautistas have been dominating politics in the present eight-town district with his father and brothers serving Congress since 1987 and as mayor of Malita. Claude is the second Bautista to be elected governor. The first was Benjamin Bautista, Jr., who was elected vice governor in 2001 and assumed the post of Governor when then Governor Reynerio Llanos died in October 2002. Bautista, Jr. was elected governor in 2004. The Bautistas’ father, Benjamin Bautista Sr., was mayor of Malita

FLOOD ON POLL DAY. Floods due to strong rains before dawn submerge parts of Koronadal City that hampered voting during the 2013 Barangay Elections on Monday, October 28. [MindaNews photo by Bong S. Sarmiento] town in the 1960s and served as Assemblyman from 1978 to 1984 and as Representative of the second district from 1987 to 1998. Franklin, the incumbent governor’s brother, served as Representa-

tive from 1998 to 2001 followed by Claude form 2001 to 2007. Instead of running for a third term in 2007, Claude ran for governor of Davao del Sur but lost to then reelectionist Governor Douglas Ca-

gas. In 2013, Bautista won against Douglas’ son, Marc Douglas. Franklin was the second district’s representative from 2007 and is completing his third term. The governor’s

brother, Franklin and then Rep. Marc Douglas Cagas, were the principal authors of then House Bill 4451, which proposed the law creating the province of Davao Occidental. [MindaNews]


citizens, PWDs Media village pushed, supported Senior laud special voting D

AVAO del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario has supported the media village housing project pushed by mediamen in the province. He urged mediamen to look for site to be proposed for land-for-housing project for mediapersons, adding that the provincial government can possibly make a tie-up with housing agencies like the National Housing Authority to introduce site development in the area.

The governor made his fresh policy pronouncement last week before mediamen celebrating for the provincial press freedom month this month. He said a one-hectare area can accommodate a less a hundred mediapersons in the province, with a minimum of 100-square-meter homelot size per beneficiary mediaperson. The Davao del Norte Press & Radio-TV Club (DNPRC) has recently

asked the governor to acquire land for the landless and disadvantaged mediapersons in the province citing his earlier commitment to build a media village. At press time, the DNPRC has been looking for suitable sites in Tagum City to be proposed to the governor next week while it is on the process of formulating its proposed guidelines in the selection of eligible beneficiary mediapersons. The DNPRC is proposing that the land to be ac-

quired would be provided by the provincial government as land grant while site development under the assistance of a national agency can be made through a soft community loan amortized at longterm term period. The DNPRC is the oldest media organization in the province founded in 1967 during the erstwhile undivided Davao del Norte.[Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte]

Luzvimi Entila Jr., acting chief of the City Public Information Office, said the move is based on the security and traffic management plan for the “2013 Undas” laid out by the local government in a meeting with local stakeholders on Thursday. He said the meeting, which was presided by City

Administrator Arnel Zapatos, focused on the finalization of the city’s preparations for the annual observance. The preparations focused on the convergence of efforts of the barangays, city police, military, organized civilians, national government agencies and

the city government, he said. “More or less a thousand personnel (will be) mobilized to provide heightened security in order to protect the life and properties as well as manage the traffic during the Undas,” he said in an advisory. [MindaNews]


Everything ready for Undas T

HE General Santos City local government is mobilizing around a thousand government personnel and local residents to provide security and manage road traffic in various parts of the city for “Undas” or the observance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day on November 1 and 2.


N less than five minutes after approaching the Board of Election Tellers on Monday for the 2013 Barangay Elections, Gloria Rivera and Bartolome Hoyo separately emerged from the polling center with wide smiles. Unlike majority of the voters who suffered the scorching heat of the sun and long queues to vote in public schools, the two septuagenarians, for the first time in their lives, were voting in the comfort of a shopping mall. Rivera, 79, and Hoyo 76, were the among the 68 senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs) from Barangay Lagao, General Santos City, who agreed to be part of a pilot project of the Commission on Elections. But only 59 of them or 86 percent had cast their vote by the time the special voting closed at 1:00 p.m., or two hours earlier

than the regular polling precincts. General Santos City is one of only four areas in the country selected by the Comelec for the initial implementation of Republic Act (RA) 10366, or “An Act Authorizing the Commission on Elections to Establish Precincts Assigned to Accessible Polling Places Exclusively for Persons with Disabilities and Senior Citizens.” “There’s no queuing, it’s not tiring. This is very good for us senior citizens,” said Rivera, recalling that in the previous elections, voting has been difficult for her since she has to look for her precinct amid the huge crowd. Citing her age and her foot ailment, Rivera said she would not have voted if she has to cast her vote inside the public school in Monday’s barangay elections. [Bong S. Sarmiento/ MindaNews]



Banks’ consumer protection practices closely watched T

HE Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is considering to check whether banks’ consumer protection practices are in line with the central bank’s financial inclusion program. “Up for consideration by our Monetary Board is a consumer protection framework that outlines the modes of behavior and practices that should be adhered to by BSP-supervised institutions,” BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. told delegates of 3rd Annual Asian Banker Philippine International Banking Convention held recently. The central bank chief stressed that in the central bank “the drive to promote financial inclusion is balanced with programs to institutionalize redress mechanisms and financial education.”

“Today, this balanced approach is part of global standards,” he said. Tetangco explained that the main goal for a financial consumer protection framework “is the aspect of responsible market conduct” but stressed that “this, extends beyond consumer protection and is a critical pillar of our market.” He said Philippines’ banks continue to follow high standards of credit discipline. For one, the current high liquidity situation in the domestic economy can be taken advantage of by the financial institutions in a negative way but Tetangco said the sector remains responsible. He noted that that while total loan portfolio (TLP) of banks rose by over P1 trillion between December 2009 to March 2013 NPLs over the same period

contracted by over P11 billion. “And even with this improvement, banks further increased their allowance for credit losses on loans by more than P11.6 billion. The result is a declining NPL ratio and an NPL coverage ratio above 100 percent,” he said. Also, the country’s credit-to-GDP ratio remains low compared to members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations -5 (ASEAN 5) “suggesting that there is room to grow within the tenets of sound credit standards.” “In addition, stress tests, which we conduct every semester, tell us that the balance sheet of banks can absorb extreme credit shocks. Even at a 50 percent write off, capital positions are sufficient to take on the magnitudes of such losses,” he said.

SELF-SERVICE. While the peddler is busy attending to other customers, a boy gets a pack of fish cracker he purchased as his parents cast their votes in yesterday’s barangay election at S.I.R. Elementary School. Lean Daval Jr. Relatively, the central bank chief said the central bank continues to register progress in its bid to push for more inclusive banking system as more underbanked, unbanked and

those who are considered “unbankable” join the formal banking system. He said only about 20 percent of the country’s about 100 million population have bank

accounts and ensuring that most of these have access to banking institutions is a feat given the archipelagic situation of the Philippines, which has about 7,107 island. [PNA]



Stat Watch 1. Gross National Income Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

7.1 1st Qtr 2013

2. Gross Domestic Product Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

7.8 1st Qtr 2013

3. Exports 1/ 4. Imports 1/ 5. Trade Balance 6. Balance of Payments 2/ 7. Broad Money Liabilities

USD 3,741 million Feb 2013 USD 4,708 million Feb 2013 USD -967 million Feb 2013 USD -640 million Dec 2012 P 4,964,560 million Feb 2013

8. Interest Rates 4/

2.4 % Mar 2013 P113,609 million Mar 2013 P 5,281 billion Mar 2013

9. National Government Revenues 10. National government outstanding debt 11. Peso per US $ 5/

P 41.14 Apr 2013

12. Stocks Composite Index 6/

6,847.5 Mar 2013

13. Consumer Price Index 2006=100

132.8 Apr 2013

14. Headline Inflation Rate 2006=100

2.6 Apr 2013

15. Core Inflation Rate 2006=100

3.1 Apr 2013

16. Visitor Arrivals

418,108 Feb 2013

17. Underemployment Rate 7/

20.9% Jan 2013

18. Unemployment Rate 7/

7.1% Jan 2013

MONTHLY AVERAGE EXCHANGE RATE (January 2012-April 2013) Month Average December November October September August July June May April March February January




40.67 40.73

42.23 41.01 41.12 41.45 41.75 42.04 41.91 42.78 42.85 42.70 42.86 42.66 43.62

43.31 43.64 43.27 43.45 43.02 42.42 42.81 43.37 43.13 43.24 43.52 43.70 44.17

VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

BSP eyes 2.8-3.6% inflation T

HE Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) eyes inflation to stay between 2.8-3.6 percent in October 2013, higher compared to past months on account of impact on agriculture of Typhoon Santi. In a text message to reporters, BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. , however, said that the forecast “remains consistent with a within target inflation rate for 2013” referring to the three to five percent target for this and next year. “Going forward, the BSP will continue to closely monitor the factors that affect movements in prices, in line with the BSP’s primary mandate of delivering price stability conducive to a balanced and sustainable economic growth,” he added. Inflation rate in October 2012 stood at 3.2 percent. Last September, rate of price increases rose to 2.7 percent, higher than month-ago’s 2.1

RIGHT LOCATION. Durian vendors put up temporary stall just outside S.I.R Elementary School to take advantage of the huge foot traffic due to yesterday’s barangay election. Lean Daval Jr. percent but the same as last June’s level due to faster annual inflation rate of the food and non-alcoholic beverages index due to rainy season-related factors.

The central bank’s policy-making Monetary Board (MB) maintained its three percent average inflation forecast for this year during the Board’s meeting last Thursday.

It, however, adjusted higher its 2014 forecast to four percent from 3.9 percent while the 2015 forecast was cut to 3.4 percent from 3.5 percent previously.

The government’s inflation target for next year is a range between three to five percent while it is two to four percent for 2015. [PNA]

Bank’s Channels Development and Management Division of the Transaction Banking Group, said they were doing last minute preparations for the service when the calamity struck and banking services were badly needed. He said one of the bank’s officials have friends in Iligan City who badly needed money to buy medicines. “They can’t withdraw from the ATMs because their things were lost because of the flooding so we decided to dryrun the mobile service there. The first users posted their experience on Facebook and that

was how it became known,” he told PNA in an interview. Navarro said this service is available in all Security Bank ATMs nationwide. As of endJune this year, the bank has about 327 ATMs nationwide. Under this service, Security Bank account holders need to pay P20 if they send money up to P10,000 per transaction through the internet banking system while walk-in clients, even those who are not account holders of the bank, need to pay P50 per transaction. The sender will be given a pin, which he needs to give to his

beneficiary for the latter to encode it in the Security Bank ATM and be able to withdraw the cash even without an ATM card. Navarro said the service has not been formally launched in public but about four to 10 transactions are recorded daily. He explained that their service fee is cheaper than those of other money transfer service providers due partly to the fact that they need less people to deliver the cash to the recipient. “There’s a god reason for that. The other money transfer services need people

from both ends to cater to their customers but we do it through electronic way at the receiver’s end,” he said. Navarro disclosed that they are now in talks with ATM operator Electronic Network Cash Tellers Inc. (Encash) to be able to cater to more people in the rural areas. “We’re developing our interface to be linked to their system. Once done we can service more rural areas,” he said. Navarro said they intend to put more ATMs to further widen access of the public to their services. [PNA]

Hope in the midst of calamity, an ATM service without the need for ATM card C

ALAMITIES bring in problems but not for the money transfer service of Security Bank Corp. (Security Bank) dubbed eGiveCash mobile banking solution, which uses automated teller machines (ATMs) without the need for an ATM card. The service was initially eyed to be implemented in the first quarter of 2012 but was prematurely used, without any glitch, in the latter part of 2011 when Iligan City among others suffered from heavy flooding due to Typhoon Sendong. Henry S. Navarro, head of Security

as of May 2013 Cebu Pacific Daily Zest Air Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Philippine Airlines Daily Philippine Airlines Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun Philippine Airlines Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Thu

5J961 / 5J962 Z2390 / Z2390 5J593 / 5J348 PR809 / PR810 PR819 / PR820 5J394 / 5J393 5J599 / 5J594 5J347 / 5J596 5J963 / 5J964 PR811 / PR812 5J595 / 5J966 5J965 / 5J968

5:45 5:45 6:00 6:10 7:50 7:50 8:00 9:10 9:40 11:30 12:00 12:55

Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu-Davao-Iloilo Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Zamboanga-Davao-Zamboanga Cebu-Davao-Cebu Iloilo-Davao-Cebu Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila

6:15 6:25 6:30 7:00 8:50 8:10 8:30 9:40 10:10 12:20 12:30 13:25

Cebu Pacific Tue/Wed//Sat 5J965 / 5J968 13:35 Silk Air Mon/Sat MI588 / MI588 13:35 Silk Air Wed/Sun MI566 / MI566 15:20 Silk Air Thurs MI551 / MI551 12:05 Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 5J507 / 5J598 15:00 Philippine Airlines August 15:55 Mani2Mani 16:50 Zest Air Daily Z2524 / Z2525 16:05

Manila-Davao-Manila Davao-Singapore Davao-Singapore Davao-Singapore Cebu-Davao-Cebu

14:05 18:55 18:55 15:45 15:30





Gold in trees leads to hidden deposits M

ONEY might not grow on trees, but scientists have confirmed that gold is found in the leaves of some plants. Researchers from Australia say that the presence of the particles in a eucalyptus tree’s foliage indicates that deposits are buried many metres below. They believe that the discovery offers a new way to locate the sought-after metal in difficult-to-reach locations. The research is published in the journal Nature Communications. Dr Mel Lintern, a geochemist from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), said: “We’ve found a lot of the easy deposits in Australia and elsewhere in the world as well. “Now we are trying to tackle finding these more difficult ones that are buried beneath tens of metres of river sediments and sand dunes. “And the trees are providing us with a method to be able to do this.” Buried treasure Gold particles have been found around the soils of eucalyptus trees, but the researchers confirmed that the plants were taking in the element. Using the Australian synchrotron - a vast machine that uses X-rays to probe matter in remark-

able detail - they found traces of gold in the leaves, twigs and bark of some trees. The amounts of the precious metal were tiny. “We’ve done a calculation, and found that we need 500 trees growing over a gold deposit to have enough gold in the trees themselves to make a gold ring,” said Dr Lintern. However, the presence of the particles pointed to greater riches buried more than 30m (100ft) below. Dr Lintern said: “We believe that the trees are acting like a hydraulic pump. They are bringing life-giving water from their roots, and in so doing, they are taking smaller dissolved gold particles up through the vascular system into the foliage.” Currently, the metal is found in outcrops, where the ore appears at the surface, or it is detected through exploratory drilling. But the researchers said that analysing vegetation could offer a better method to find untapped gold deposits. Dr Lintern said: “Not only do we believe it is a way of stretching the exploration dollar further, because exploring for these deposits can be quite expensive, it also minimises the damage to the environment because we are taking a very small sample from the trees themselves, as

N a bid to ensure protecting the health of the country’s coral reefs and aquatic life, two House solons have filed a bill seeking to regulate the aquarium aquatic life collecting industry. Reps. Diosdado Arroyo (2nd District, Camarines Sur) and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (2nd District, Pampanga) filed House Bill 2803, which mandates the implementation of prohibitions and a system of fines for violators. “There is an urgent need to regulate the country’s aquarium aquatic life collecting industry to ensure the health of our country’s coral reefs and aquatic life. The industry of harvesting fish and other marine creatures for home and commercial aquariums remains largely unregulated, thus raising various environmental concerns,” the Arroyo’s said. The bill, to be known

as the “Aquarium Aquatic Life Act of 2013,” is in consonance with the declared policy of the State to give highest priority to the protection of the environment, particularly marine life. “Article II, Section 16, of the Constitution provides that the State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature,” said Rep. Gloria Arroyo, former President of the Philippines. It is prohibited under the bill to sell, trade or distribute aquarium aquatic life for aquarium purposes without seeking a permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The DENR shall develop and maintain an approved aquarium collecting list of aquatic species. No aquatic species shall be collected or sold for

The scientists found traces of gold in the leaves of Eucalyptus trees. well as the leaves and twigs on the ground.”

The researchers said the technique could also be

used to find other minerals such as iron, copper and

lead in other parts of the world. [BBC]

aquarium purposes unless the species appears on the approved aquarium collecting list. Under the measure, the approved aquarium-collecting list shall only include species that can survive capture, transport and be in captivity for at least 180 days. Historical evidence should show that the species is part of a stable or increasing population trend in the area where the species is being collected and the species’ removal does not negatively impact the reef ecosystem. Likewise, the species should not be endemic to the Philippines and not endangered or vulnerable as classified by the DENR in accordance with laws, international conventions or rules and regulations and such other criteria as may be prescribed by the DENR. A fine of P5,000 shall

be imposed on any person, corporation, partnership or association who collects aquatic life not on the approved aquarium collecting list for each specimen collected. If the specimen is an endangered or vulnerable species, a fine of P20,000 shall be imposed for each endangered species collected. If the aquatic life sold is not on the approved aquarium collecting list, a fine of P10, 000 shall be imposed for each specimen sold. If the specimen is an endangered or vulnerable species, the fine shall be P30,000 for endangered species sold. Moreover, a fine of P10,000 shall be imposed on violators caught selling aquatic life without a permit. The DENR is mandated to promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to carry out the objectives of this Act. [PNA]

NVIRONMENT and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon J. P. Paje hailed the efforts and contributions the Philippines has made during the last 25 years to help restore the ozone layer, which experts say is on track to fully recover over the next four decades. Paje cited the country’s compliance to all obligations under the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty to phase out ozone-depleting substances (ODS), particularly chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). “For 25 years, our country has been working very hard to cooperate with the international community to implement national programs for phasing out ODS such as CFCs that were traditionally used as cooling chemicals for refrigera-

tors and air conditioners, blowing agent for foam, and as propellant for spray cans, among its other uses,” Paje said. The protocol, which the Philippines signed on Sept. 14, 1988, was said to have helped reduce the size of the hole in the ozone layer that protects humans and other organisms against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Paje reported that the Philippines has contributed to the global key achievements of the Montreal Protocol, which include the phase-out of 98 percent of historical production and consumption of ODS and the anticipated healing of the ozone layer following 2012 reports that the ozone hole has shrunk and was recorded to be the smallest in the last decade.

Regulation sought for aquarium life industry PHL support to ozone layer recovery hailed I E


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

EDITORIAL Democracy in action


ILLIONS of voters went to the polls yesterday to pick their choices for barangay captain and members of the barangay council. Although the initial reports showed a rather low turnout, still the exercise was an indication of the Filipinos’ belief in democracy, of electing the people who would govern them ( or serve, if you please). However, as elections go in this country, violence was also present. It is believed that for those who engaged in electoral violence, the motive is greed for power and money, never for public service. Barangay governments can now hold a lot money and wield power to produce more money for corrupt barangay officials,


ANTONIO M. AJERO Editor in Chief


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that’s why. There’s such a thing as Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), the share of local units such as the barangay governments from the local taxes collected by the national government in their area of jurisdiction. Barangay governments have the power to allocate IRA money for projects and for themselves in the form of salaries and allowances. However, the negative things about it are not a reason to reconsider barangay election, much less abolishing it. Scrapping elections is unthinkable. Indubitably, though, reforms are in order to address violence, vote-buying and other anomalies. Corruption in barangay government is an entirely different matter.


RAMON M. MAXEY Consultant


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VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

The political landscape


ICIOUS, SELF-PERPETUATING CYCLE – Overall, the pervasive issue in our political system is power – who leads, who follows and who rebels and why. Power, popularity and machinery are crucial factors that will bring aspiring politicians to their glorified seats. The Philippine version of politics is actually coalition of clans, and political families rather than parties, are the main form of a political organization. But it is bitter knowledge that plenty of political wannabes who belong to influential clans feed on dirty tactics and constantly promise the electorate some sort of abundance, and then dash their hopes. To say it bluntly, our political structure and electoral processes have miserably failed to be an expression of freedom and right of suffrage. We could always think of electoral fraud and sabotage blatantly practiced not only in remote barangays, but in the urban centers as well. Political clans are a fixture of the country’s landscape and political office seem like an heirloom passed on from one generation to the next. In election after election in the country even down to the barangay level, many of the same names appear as candidates – at least the same family names. The big clans possess a great deal of clout. Their political power and business connections feed at each other. The more influence, the more wealth; the more wealth, the more influence. Parties come and go, but the political families that make them up endure. The country’s legislatures have been dominated by elite families that eventually formed the so-called “dynasty.” The political opposition, critics and legal luminaries say political dynasties are an obstacle to democratization. The Constitution itself recognized this when it included a provision that says,” The State shall grant equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as

may be defined by law.” N o t surprisingly, Congress, the traditional bastion of political families has refused to enact a law that will put this Constitutional provision into effect. After the 1986 People Power Revolution, then President Corazon Aquino tried to do so by placing limits on the terms of elected officials could serve. However, the restrictions are great only in paper not so in practice. Candidates who are keeping a moist eye on national positions have traditionally relied on elite political families for votes. In return, those who succeed and steered the levers of power had to grant concessions to favored powerful clans. The political game continues to this day, as the annual scramble for “pork barrel” funds in Congress shows until it has been stopped lately when a whistleblower exploded a bombshell implicating some cash-starved lawmakers in the abuse and misuse of the multi-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Development Acceleration Program (DAP) budget. But dynasties are not just for the established clans. The rule of the affluent and influential families has not always proved to be unchallengeable. New and upcoming politicians, mainly from the professions, academe, business, police, military and workers and farmers’ sectors are challenging the stronghold of the elites. Why are so many political contests becoming family affairs? Political experts blamed the “lack of two-party system.” This, they say, means too little fresh political talents to contest top posts, leaving

the clans to fill the gaps. However, every election provides an opportunity for new aspirants. But the big problem is that in many areas, last-term officials are fielding their spouses, children and other relatives in their positions. Thus, the tradition of elections as dynasty-dominated exercise remains entrenched in our political system. It engenders its own logic and it is a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle. In the countryside, elections have always been the domain of the local elite and their trusted allies. The only way to become a winnable candidate was to seek the blessings of dominant political families and ride on their money, influence and machinery. “Are dominant clans really bad for politics?” Not necessarily, says one member of a political family. He should know being a local executive who took over the post of his father. On the other hand, some political analysts and keen observers think the voters are also tired and exhausted of patronizing political dynasties. For sure, some things have changed. Nowadays, voters are looking for simple messages and uncomplicated images, perhaps an expression of frustration over traditional politicians (trapos). They are tired of listening to lengthy, boring speeches and lofty promises. But a veteran political observer points out that at the end of the day, you still cannot ignore the party machinery, which goes all out to meet the voters at the polling precincts. In any case, another member of a political family adds they “do not inflict themselves on the people.” It is the people who make the choice. They just have fewer choices. That is why even to this day incumbents whose time is up skirt them by fielding their spouses, children and seemingly endless stream of relatives to ensure that plum posts remain within the control of their clans.

planted to bananas, according to Antig. The PBGEA head who represents the big multinational growers and exporters said that aside from China and Iran as alternative markets, banana traders and exporters here had been exploring other global markets for bananas which included Russia, Mongolia and Kazahkstan. Of course, to survive calamities, the banana industry is still clinging to traditional markets like Japan, Korea, Middle East which are getting regular banana shipments from the Philippines. But just to make sure they won’t be caught flatfooted, the industry has recently been tapping potential new markets worldwide, including US and Europe. Rene Dalayon, chief executive officer of

the Federation of Banana Cooperatives or FEDCO representing small banana farmers here said that they are developing the domestic market for Cavendish bananas by putting up ripening room facilities in Davao, Cebu and Manila. Their nationwide market distribution plan includes ripening fresh bananas into yellow for retail in supermarkets, malls, groceries and other commercial outlets. They can’t sell green bananas even if they ripen them artificially. “There’s a growing demand now for ripened yellow Cavendish bananas in our domestic market all over the country. This is one big market we haven’t fully tap yet since we’ve always exported the fruit for many years,” Dalayon said. If you had the chance to stroll around supermarkets, you’ll see some of these fresh ripened bananas on display. Many supermarkets nationwide are now selling fresh Cavendish bananas attractively packed in plastic showing such brands as Dole, Del Monte, Unifrutti and FEDCO. (Comments? Email > tradingpost_ )

Bananas for Russians and Americans ?


OU MAY not heard of this yet, but Philippine banana exports are expected to hit P74 billion when both the United States and Russia will start importing fresh Cavendish bananas regularly from this country sometime next year. The key word here is “regularly” because we still don’t know how the first trial shipment of bananas to US actually turned out. Stephen Antig, president of Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) said growers and exporters are optimistic the multi-billion peso industry is expected to bounce back next year after suffering heavy losses from last year’s typhoon that wiped out 14,000 hectares of banana plantations in southern Mindanao. “Yes, the good news is ---the banana industry is recovering from that typhoon and expected to be fully recovered by next year,” Antig told reporters here At this point in time, this southern region covers some 48,535 hectares of Cavendish banana farms or more than half of the whole country’s 82,412 hectares



All Saints’ Day a festive affair SPECIAL FEATURE BY HONOR BLANCO CABIE



LSEWHERE farther north, particularly in Ilocos Norte, surviving relatives go to the graveyards twice -– the first on All Saints’ Day and the second on All Souls’ Day, particularly for the occasion, a regular holiday in the Philippines. They never spend their time overnight from Nov. 1 to Nov. 2. But on the hours they are visiting the tombs of their departed, they would often ask for prayers and blessings -– if a priest is available, which is often, in the area –or ask a town band to play one or two funeral marches, sometimes Chopin’s or even “El Panteon.” In either case, the surviving relatives hand to the priest or to the band master a sealed envelope containing he family’s token of gratitude. In these areas, largely in the rustic countryside, the religious culture of the residents is starkly different from that being witnessed in grass carpeted cemeteries in urban areas. But in either point of celebration, not many would even bother trying to honor and remember the saints whose intercession they often seek in other times. To them, this is a day to remember their departed kin. This is also perhaps, according to some religionists, an opportune time to inculcate yet again in the minds of Christian Filipinos the meaning of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, living the faith and examples of the saints as well as the relatives who died, as the parish priest always intones during masses, “in the hope that they will rise again.” Some scholars, particularly those specializing in feminist theology, are in fact calling for a re-examination of the theology of saints, stressing more than 70 percent of the saints on the liturgical calendar are men. They add that of the saints canonized in the past 100 years, nearly 80 percent are clergy, 21 percent lay and -– this is the beef –- a smaller percentage women. Some 44 years ago, in 1969, Vatican II dropped more than 200 persons from the list of saints in the universal liturgical calendar. They include Saints Filomena, Barbara, George, Christopher, Nicholas, and Patrick who are withal continued to be given profound respect and whose feasts are continued to be celebrated. One person who was declared a heretic and burned to death on May 30, 1431 has been canonized as a saint in 1920. This is Joan of Arc. Not all saints, of course, went directly to heaven after death. There were those who spent some time in Purgatory like St. Albert the Great and St. Severinus the Archbishop of Cologne. And there were a few considered living saints while still alive. [PNA]


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013


4 incidents...FFROM 2

Low turnout...FFROM 1

ordered after the series of incidents happened in Digos City. The curfew will start at 10:00 p.m until 4:00 a.m. P/Superintendent Quirobin Manalang, Digos City police station commander said that they are conducting a pursuit operation against a suspected group allegedly responsible of the series bomb incidents in Digos City. Manalang said they are also still investigating the suspect who threw a hand grenade yesterday around 1:00 in the morning at the house of provincial prosecutor Artemio Tajon residing at Estrada 1st, Brgy Zone 11. Tajon survived the attack but the incident resulted to damage to property. In a separate incident on Saturday night at around 10:00 p.m, suspects on board a motorcycle threw a ‘molotov bomb’ inside the vicinity of Don Mariano Marcos Elementary School in

Brgy. Zone III that razed school property including plastic chairs and curtains. After 30 minutes, another Molotov bomb was thrown inside the compound of Isaan Abalayan Elementary School in San Jose that partially damaged one classroom allegedly perpetrated by the same suspects. Police recovered a broken bottle of beer and cellophane with gasoline believed to be the components of the bomb. After an hour, the Barangay Hall of Matti was strafed by unidentified suspects onboard a pickup vehicle which injured CVO Larry Remios who was on duty at that time. “Baka may malalim na dahilan even election related ito,” Manalang said. Meanwhile, Supt. Vicente Danao, Jr., declared the elections as “peaceful and normal” in Davao City. The police apprehended 67 violators of liquor ban.

the ground floor since the big public school has no elevator ”I have been here since 8 a.m. My neighbor has not yet arrived to help me walk because of my arthritis. A young man said he will get me forms so I can vote right here on the ground,” said a one-legged man in his mid - 50s who refused to identify himself. It could have been comfortable for the physically challenged if a table was put up on the ground or first floor for them, including the aged who still want to participate in the elections. A trip to Legarda Elementary School suggested it has outstripped RMHS this year with 19,457 registered voters. Bounded by Craig St, Quintas and Fajardo Sts. at Bgy. 522, the sprawling school is currently enjoy-

ing a fiesta atmosphere with eating, singing and campaigning some 50 meters away from the main door. Meanwhile, a teacher keeps blaring on a megaphone for residents who are already through voting to please leave the place to avoid overcrowding. A UST college student, Josua G. Mariano, deputized by Commission on Election (Comelec) as poll watcher described the process as peaceful but enumerated problems they were encountering. ”First, not a few voters were disenfranchised because their names could not be found in the Comelec master list even if they have voted in the last national election. Youths who are voting for the first time are fortunate if they find their names too. [PNA]

elections generally peaceful in a television interview. Davao City Police Office (DCPO) chief Vicente Danao Jr. said that there were no reported cases of election related crimes in the city. “So far the situation is peaceful and normal. All polling precints are secured and attended by our troops,” Danao said. In Davao del Norte, Provincial Police Office chief Samuel Gadingan said that the province experienced relative peace during the opening of the polling places for the barangay elections. Gadingan bared that they are closely monitoring the election watchlist areas with the presence of the New Peoples Army (NPA), but have not received any reports on harrassments among the rebel groups. Police Regional Office XI spokesperson Chief Inspector Jed Clamor said that they noted at least four incidents that ‘might be related to election’ and are still under investigation. Clamor said that so far, only Davao del Sur recorded major crime incidents related to yesterday’s elections. Some 2.55 million registered voters in Davao Region were expected to

cast their votes. Initial report showed low turnout at around 40 percent. The Commission on Elections has not issued any voter turnout report as of presstime. The Philippine Information Agency XI reported that a fire incident occurred at one of the rooms at Don Mariano Marcos Elementary School in Barangay Zone 3, Digos City, after an alpha Molotov bomb exploded at about 10:50 pm on October 26, according to the Philippine National Police. The PNP said that the bomb was thrown by two unidentified suspects riding a Neo Yamaha motorcycle. A window curtain and a plastic chair were damaged by the fire, and that a broken bottle of beer was recovered in the crime scene. Another fire incident occurred at Isaac Abalayan Elementary School in Barangay San Jose, also in Digos City, following an alpha Molotov bomb explosion at about 11:20 pm on October 26, which resulted to partial damage in school properties. The bomb was thrown by two unidentified suspects also riding a Neo Yamaha motorcycle, the PNP report said, adding that a broken bottle of beer and one 4x16 size cellophane

filled with unleaded gasoline was recovered in the crime scene. The provincial Comelec, Provincial Peace and Order Council and the Provincial Joint Security Center of Davao del Sur considered the incidents as election related. In a separate incident, the Barangay Hall in Barangay Matti in Davao del Sur was strafed by unidentified suspects on board a pick-up vehicle. One CVO volunteer identified as Larry Remios was injured. Digos City police station commander P Supt Quirobin Manalang said they are also investigating a hand grenade-throwing incident yesterday at around 1:00 in the morning in the house of provincial prosecutor Artemio Tajon at Estrada 1st, Brgy Zone 11. Tajon survived the incident which the police are still trying to investigate the suspect’s motive. LOW TURNOUT, CONFUSION Voting in most Davao City precincts was notably low. In F. Bangoy National High School which has a total of some 13,000 voters, observers noted that there were few voters estimated at 7,000 who trooped to the precincts as compared to the

elections last May. “Walay violence, mingaw kayo,” said one observer who requested anonymity. In Compostela Valley, DepEd Schools Division supervising officer for Nabunturan Central Elementary School Trifon Torrevillas noted low turn-out of voters of only about 70 percent at the close of barangay elections. The situation at the polling place was generally peaceful from the start to finish of the casting of votes. DIRTY POLITICS There were some dirty political gimmickries too. Reelectionist barangay captain Robert OlanOlan was accused of circulating a “sex photo” of a female candidate. He has denied the allegations. “That thing you cannot stop it, elections is really dirty” Mayor Duterte said on his comment to the complaint of a female barangay council candidate in the city, whose sex photos were allegedly circulated by a barangay chairman reelectionist. The mayor recalled past elections were issues of his womanizing ways were drag out to the public by rival candidates.

lion grant from various lawmakers –congressmen and senators- but the money was not to finish the construction. The funds were coursed to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), she said. The building was supposed to have a dome that will serve as a planetarium to conduct interactive exhibits, create an alternative learning environment and even bring in more tourists, according to Morados. She said Rep. Isidro T. Ungab, who heads the powerful House appropriations committee, has

pledged to make representations with the national agencies to provide at least 50 percent of the needed amount to finish the project and another 50 percent the following year. She said Ungab is one of the lawmakers consistent in making funds available for the science centrum, which is the only one of its kind in Mindanao. M o r a d o s and Francisco invited Dabawenyos, young and old alike, to visit the centrum during the exhibit. The entrance is minimal, only 50 centavos per person. [EJF]

lenge by other water providers which can offer a more competitive deal. The Tamugan water project is designed to produce 300,000 cubic meters of water a day at the most. Davao City needs 280,000 cubic meters of clean water a day, with a growth rate of three percent every year due to increasing population and rapid urbanization in Davao City. According to Magsuci, DCWD aims to start the Tamugan surface water project in 2014 and have it finished by 2017. She said, DCWD can produce enough water to supply for the demand of Davao City at present, which is exactly what was projected in one of their studies, which states that on 2011 the demand and the production of ground water will equal. This is one of the main

reasons why DCWD is now pursuing surface water production, and reduce the production of ground water to give it time to replenish. DCWD has 52 operating ground water wells, 36 of which are from Dumoy. Out of 36 from Dumoy, only six will remain operational after the Tamugan surface water project will start producing water. Come 2025, six more ground water wells from Dumoy will be back to operations, and on 2035, all 36 wells will start operation again. She said, DCWD has an Agency Budget Cost department that estimated the project cost at P10 billion, only for the water generation in the Tamugan surface water project. Once the Tamugan River water project is in place, it will be the task

of the DCWD to look for more money to build the infrastructure system that would bring the generated water to the households. This component, which is the sole responsibility of the water district, would cost hundreds of millions of pesos more, but in no case should it be more than P10 billion, the original estimated cost of the joint venture, Magsuci clarified. This is why last April, 2013, they conducted a road show to eight water providers, to forge possible partnerships for a joint venture agreement on the project. Out of the eight, only one expressed interest and made an unsolicited partnership with them, the JV Angeles Construction Corp. She said that DCWD consulted with the Office of the Government Cor-

porate Counsel (OGCC) to determine, whether to have the Joint Venture Agreement according to the 2008 or 2013 guidelines. The 2008 guidelines let the proponent match the price of water per cubic meter produced, while the 2013 guidelines give other companies the right to outbid, and not just match. Magsuci said, the highest bidder will be developing the project with their money, and DCWD will simply buy the water produced by that company and sell it to the consumers. As to reports that JV Angeles will partner with Aboitiz Equity Ventures in the Tamugan project, Magsuci said JV Angeles is not prohibited from doing so pursuant to established government guidelines. [EJF]

to address the transport problems of the city. However, LRT will need so much time and a huge budget for road right of way (RROW) acquisition alone. For an LRT to be viable there should at least be 18,000 passengers a day, not

just 8,000 passengers a day like what Davao City has today. In lieu of LRT, Avila would go for the prioritized bus transport system, since it will only use the streets that are readily available, only reroute the jeepneys and

prioritize busses on the roads. Whatever option the city would adopt, there will be need for capacitating laws and ordinances, and a lot of coordination between the local government unit and concerned national

agencies which are mandated to implement traffic and transport laws and issue franchises. There is need for a second study to determine of the social impact of whatever options the city government will take, Avila said.

Problems...FFROM 2

Sci-tech...FFROM 3


Reforms...FFROM 3



BIGGER PICTURE Midnight date with Thor VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013



OR a change, how about a movie date on midnight? Get up from bed in your pajamas ad head straight to the moviehouse for an advanced screening of… you guessed it right, The Mighty Thor. Yes, folks, prepare for the thunder and lightning’s arrival as SM Lanang Premier brings you a special Midnight Screening of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ on special screening at the IMAX Theatre on October 30, 2013 at 12:05 am. Hear and feel the strength of the Marvel comic superhero and Mighty Avenger Thor charactered by Chris Hemsworth. Not to be a funspoiler but here’s just a bit of Thor for your appetite. ‘Thor: The Dark World’ tracks down the adventures of Thor as he fights to save his favorite planet Earth and all Nine Realms from a cryptic enemy that predates the universe. As an ancient race led by Malekith returns with a vengeance to plunge the universe back into darkness, Thor embarks on his most perilous and personal

journey yet—one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice all that he has to protect everyone. Movie fanatics have until today, October 29, to get tickets at the regular IMAX screenings

of the movie. Each tickets purchased in advance entitles you to get a movie poster or a freebie from SM Cinema. Never miss the welcoming of the world’s demigod hero only at the midnight

screening of SM Lanang Premier’s IMAX Theatre. For inquiries and seats reservations, call SM Cinema at 285-2356. Gates are open for Thor’s delighted guests at 11:30 pm today.

TILL scouting for your Halloween gig yet? Get ready for SM Lanang’s Royal Halloween Treat as the region’s premier shopping and lifestyle hub is offering a day full of spooktacular activities and surprises for kids, families and even to your furry friends. You can take your pick from a Royal Halloween Ball contest, a spooky family-inspired event, a pet Halloween costume contest, spooky Science or a Design-Your-Donut contest. Royal Halloween Ball Costume Contest Kids aged 12 and below are invited to dress up with their spookiest halloween costume for the Royal Halloween Ball Costume Contest which happens at the Atrium on October 31, 2013, 4PM and win fantastic prizes. Kids must dress up with their best regal costume upon entrance to the mall to catch

shoppers attention that includes in the criteria for judging which is visual impact, creativity, adherence to theme and stage presence. Winners with their best halloween costume will receive SM Gift certificates worth P1,000 for 3rd prize, P2,000 for 2nd prize and P 3,000 for 1st prize. They are also given a chance to join the Trick-or-Treat on the same day at 1PM and can visit participating stores in search for yummy treats. As a bonus, first 100 kids in the Royal Halloween Ball will get a free Krispy Kreme Doughnut. To participate in the contest and trick-or-treat activity, sign up from October 23-31 at SM Lanang Premier Marketing Department, 3rd Level entrance between Ace Hardware and Goldilocks. Registrant needs to present P500 or accumulated receipts puchase within promo period from any mall

tenant. A family spooktacular time at SM Bowling Center SM Bowling Center at the 2nd Level of SM Lanang Premier will offer a spooky and fun-filled Halloween for children, families and friends on October 31 from 6PM to 9PM. That’s composed of Bowl-inthe-dark-alley, trick or treat for kids, staffs dressed in the spookiest costume and freebies like face painting, photo booth services and Real Leaf drink that await those who will join the activity. Every P 300 single receipt purchase at SM Bowling Center from October 18 to 31 entitles costumer to free Halloween Pass for this event. Pet Halloween Costume Contest for your four-legged friends As the first ever pet-friendly mall, SM Lanang encouraged pet lovers to glam up their furry friends with spooky and crazy costumes on October

26, 2013 at the Fountain Court 4PM to win P 2,000 worth of GCs and certificate each for the following categories: Cutest Costume, Most Enchanting Princess/ Fairy ans Spookiest Costume Category. For those who’ll not win in the contest will receive a certificate of appreciation and freebies as a consolation prize. The contest is co-presented by One Fab Pooch and The Ark Veterinary Clinic and is open to medium-sized pets aged six months and above. Registration is free. Spooky Science at the SM Science Discovery Center E x c i t i n g activities await those who purchase tickets to the Science Discover Center on October 31, 2013. For the whole Halloween Eve, costumers will get to enjoy the Mad Science Experiment Show, storytelling and face paint sessions and

Fully-loadedHalloweenatSMLanangPremier S

watch the Spooky Magic Show from 3-5 in the afternoon. They will also be entitled to one free extra Planetarium stub which is valid for use until November 30, 2013. Design your own doughnut contest Krispy Kreme and SM Lanang Premier have also conspired for a fun and sweet activity for kids aged 12 and below as they join in the Design Your Own Doughnut Contest. This event does not only give out prizes but also aims to develop and show off the children’s creativity in decorating doughnuts. To sign up,

participants should purchase box of three doughnuts from October 23 to 26 at the Krispy Kreme store then present the receipt to the registration area to get another box of three doughnuts that they have to design. The best entry wins a prize. Limited slots are available. Preregistration will be from October 23 to 25 at SM Lanang Premier Marketin Department. Pack up your bags and costumes and bring your Halloween Spirit at SM Lanang Premier! For inquiries call 2850943 and see poster for details. [AJB]

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VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

EDGEDavao Gensan Partners

Health and Wellness

EDGEDavao Gensan Partners Tel No. (083) 553-2211 / (083) 877-0019 / (083) 878-0308

open from 1pm up to 2am

Realty FOR SALE:

1) 1-hectare commercial lot at P10,000/sq m, along National Highway, facing east, beside NCCC Panacan, Davao City. 2) 17,940sq m commercial lot at P2,500/sq m, along Matina Diversion Road. 3) 3,831 sq m lot along Matina Diversion Road. 4) 41,408 sq m commercial/ industrial lot at P800/sq m along the National Highway, Bunawan. 5) 7,056 sq m at P1,200/sq m commercial/residential lot along Indangan Road, Buhangin District. 6) 27,411 sq m commercial/ industrial lot along the National Highway in Bincungan, Tagum City. 7) 116.15 to 245.92 sq meters , at P5.5M to P12.3M commercial/ office condo units in Bajada, Davao City. 8) 699 to 1,117 sq m at P4,100/sq m commercial lots at Josefina Town Center, along the National Highway, Dumoy, Toril. 9) Ready-for-Occupancy Residential Properties: 4BR/3T&B in a 240 sq m lot with 177.31sqm floor area (2-storey) at P4.8M in an exclusive beachfront community in Dumoy, Toril.; 3BR 2-storey in a 71.25 sq m 2-storey in a 143sq m lot in an exclusive flower village in Maa, Davao City; 180 sq m lots with 71.25sqm to 126.42 sq m floor areas, priced at P3.751M to P5.773M in an exclusive mountain resort community along Matina, Diversion Road. 10) 1BR/2BR residential condo units located in Bolton, Maa, Obrero, Davao City. 11) FOR ASSUME (RUSH): 1BR res’l condo unit in Palmetto, Maa. P600K negotiable. Note: Items 1-9 can be paid in cash, in-house or bank financing. If interested, please call Jay (PRC REB Lic. 8237) at 0922-851-5337 (Sun), 0908-883-8832 (Smart) or send email to

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BLACK AND WHITE SIZE Full Page Half Page 1/4 Page 1/8 Page 1/16 Page per col. cm.


Classified Page 10,000.00 5,000.00 2,500.00 1,250.00 650.00 55.00

P150.00 per column inch; P55.00 first three lines; P10.00 on succeeding lines

FULL COLOR ADS + 35% color surcharge

3 + 2 bonus




VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

How mobile phone can help you have a stress-free Undas I

T’S that time of the year again, when you have to brave the thick mass of people in cemeteries to pay your respects to departed loved ones. The experience can be taxing, but you can still have a stress-free Undas with the help of your trusty mobile phone. Here are some useful tips from wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart): Avoid traffic jams using Waze Download the crowdsourced navigation application Waze from the App Store or Google Play so you can quickly identify the fastest

route to the cemetery. Smart has a suite of packages that will allow you to use the app at affordable rates. For instance, you can get unlimited use of Waze for three hours for just P2! Simply text Waze2 to 211. More details can be found here: http://www1. Check bus schedules and reserve seats via Pinoy Travel There’s no need for you to queue for hours in a crowded bus station to check the trip schedule and book a seat with the free Pinoy Travel Android app. Right now, booking and payment is available for trips to Baguio and Tuguegarao

but very soon, services for provincial bus companies in Visayas and Mindanao will be available. Pinoy Travel was created by one of the startups supported by IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc., a business incubator backed by Smart and other leading companies in the country. Be ready for the weather Project Noah Mobile for Android, which is downloadable for free from the App Store and Google Play, can give you real-time weather updates and show the probability of rain in different areas. Get the app so you’d know

whether to bring rain gear or dress for warm weather. Smart collaborated with the software developer community to produce this mobile version of the Project Noah website of the Department of Science and Technology and the PAGASA Weather Bureau. Stay connected with your companions When you’re in a crowded cemetery, it’s easy to lose track of your companions. But you can easily get in touch with them using your phone. With the recently launched Smart Unli Call and Text 25, Smart Prepaid subscribers

can enjoy one whole day of unlimited calls to Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers, unlimited ‘tri-net’ texts or to over 70M subscribers of Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular, 50 texts to other networks, plus online chat and browsing of up to 15mb – all for only P25. For subscribers using their favorite apps on their smartphone, Smart has a suite of mobile messaging data plans, which includes an all-day chat offer for as low as P10 a day on WeChat and LINE. With the promo, all Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers can enjoy chatting with their relatives and friends all over

the world (who are also users of the same app) even without connecting to a WiFi hotspot and incurring additional data charges. To register, just text the WECHAT10 or LINE10 to 2200 (for Prepaid users). It would also help to remember the Philippine National Police Hotline, in case of emergencies. You can call 117 or send TXT PNP to 2920. Make sure your phone is fully charged Plug up your phone before leaving the house and bring a portable power bank to make sure your phone lasts the entire day. @

General Santos Drive, Koronadal City, South Cotabato 9506 General Santos Koronadal City, South Cotabato 9506 Tel. No.Drive, 083-228-2511 ; Fax No. 083-228-2654 Tel. No. 083-228-2511 ; Fax No. 083-228-2654







1. Male, 28 – 40 years old Male,high 28 –school 40 years old 2. At1.least graduate 2. At5least high schoolexperience graduate (bus, trucks) 3. With years driving 3. With 5 years driving experience (bus, trucks)

Requirements: Requirements: 1. Driver’s License with Official Receipt 2. 21.x 2Driver’s I.D. picture pcs.) License(2 with Official Receipt 3. Certificate of Employment 2. 2 x 2 I.D. picture (2 pcs.)or clearance from 3. Certificate of Employment or clearance from

previous employment May apply in person at Human Resource Department, YBLI Office, General Santos Drive, May apply in person at Human Resource Koronadal City. Department, YBLI Office, General Santos Drive, Koronadal City.


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013


Bartolo, Miranda win 10K titles V

ETERANS Elmer Bartolo and Judelyn Miranda ruled the premier 10-Kilometer division in the 1st “Takbo Para sa Mga Atleta” Fun Run last Sunday. The 30-year old Bartolo, clocked 32 minutes and 20 seconds to win the men’s open category. He pocketed P3,500 with a medal and a brand new sunglasses from Ideal Vision. He was followed by 32year old Gilbert Maluyo (33:29) of Kidapawan City and Michael Jan Echalico (33:25) of Toril in second and third, respectively. Miranda, the 28-year old ace from Tagum City took the women’s 10K with a time of 43:45 to beat 30-year old Monalisa Ambasa (43:47) of South Cotabato and 19-year old Celie Rose Jaro (43:50) of Davao City in that order. In the 5K category, Jimboy Lugay (16:04) and Diana Mae Memoracion

(19:26) took the men and women’s title, respectively. Lugay, 19 of Brokenshire College was followed by Erwin Gubal (16:18) and Michael Barrosa (16:25) of Dona Carmen Denia National High School while Memoracion, a sophomore high school student of the Emar Human and Environmental College had a winning time of 19:20. She was followed by Toril’s Creselyn Jaro (19:23) and Ruffa Sorongon (19:26) in second and third, respectively. Brokenshire’s Jessmar Lopez and Toril’s Rosenelyn Depillo won the 3K race. Lopez (8:12) ruled the men’s open followed by Joppe Sabitan (8:13) and Arlan Arbols (8:18), while Depillo clocked (10:31) followed by Julie Mae Gabaisin (10:32) and Vivian Avergonzado (10:36).

ROOKIE. Jeric Teng goes through wingspan measurement during the PBA Gatorade Rookie Camp. Nuki Sabio

PHL lady cagers in second win T

HE Philippine national women’s basketball team leaned on a late-game rally to make it two wins in a row in the FIBA Asia Women’s Championships after a 62-55 victory over Uzbekistan on Monday in Bangkok, Thailand. Team captain Joan Grajales led Discovery Perlas Pilipinas with 13 points, including three three-pointers, and three assists while two others scored in doublefigures as the team stayed unbeaten in two games in the tournament so far. Perlas looked like it was on its way to replicating its rout of Hong Kong after

riding a hot-shooting start from Grajales to leads of as high of 16 points in the first half and a 37-25 lead at the halftime break But a strong effort from Uzbekistan in the third all but erased the Filipinas’ lead. Perlas was held to just six points and went scoreless over the last 6:20 of the period as Uzbekistan inched to within a single point entering the fourth. The teams were tied at 51-apiece with 4:37 to play in the fourth before Perlas busted the game wide open with a 10-0 run that gave them back a double-digit lead, 61-51, entering the final minute.

Melissa Jacob, who earlier hit a buzzerbeating three-pointer before the halftime break, broke the tie with another long-range bomb and center Analyn Almazan followed with a basket on the next possession for Perlas. Forward Chovi Borja then added another threepointer and Merenciana Arayi capped the run with a two-pointer for the Filipinas. Grajales split from the line to seal the final score. Arayi finished with 11 points and Almazan had 10 for Perlas, which next faces host Thailand on Tuesday.

FLYING ANEW. Michael Beasley makes it to the Miami Heat’s final 15-man roster.

QUEENS OF THE BEACH. April Ross and Kerri Walsh of the United States (center) defeated world No. 1 Taiana Lima-Talita Da Rocha Antunes of Brazil (left) to win back-to-back FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Grand Slam titles.

U.S. bets win back-toback beach volley titles X IAMEN, China-- April Ross/Kerri Walsh of the United States held off world No. 1 Taiana Lima/ Talita Da Rocha Antunes of Brazil in three sets here Sunday afternoon to win back-to-back FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Grand Slam titles. The American duo, who had captured the gold medal of the Sao Paulo Grand Slam two weeks ago, beat Lima/ Talita 21-14, 17-21 and 1512 in a three-set thriller in the final of the season-ending Xiamen Grand Slam for their second championship in three World Tour events together. “My new partner is wonderful, in so many ways, she is such an amazing

volleyball players, she makes my life on the court very very easy,” said Walsh after landing her 21st Grand Slam title and 46th career win. “Her energy is great, her target is great and her skills are unbelievable. So it’s going to be very fun partnership.” The three-time Olympic gold medal winner has already put her eyes on the 2016 Rio Games. “Yes. We are going for gold for the next Olympic Games,” added the 35-year-old Walsh. “It’s fantastic. It’s such a great start. We are going to have a great off-season, and then go to work and come back next year even stronger and keep chasing our dreams.” (PNA/Xinhua)


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013


A roaring fun time at Tiger Kingdom Phuket


love a good adventure once in a while, be it a road trip, riding a bike in midair or flying down the Philippine’s fastest zipline, but nothing can prepare me when it came to a face-to-face encounter with full-grown tigers. All the while, I thought it was just a joke made by Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Director for Singapore and the Philippines Kate Kritwutikon on the day we are to visit Tiger Kingdom Phuket. But as me and the other lifestyle writers streamed into the park’s visitor centre, I saw people taking photos and even touching the huge cats and kittens. I guess hand raising them and training them through touch and encouragement made the tigers accustomed to people and people touching and stroking them. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive when it came to my turn to have a photo with the big cats. Tigers ARE wild animals and should not be treated as pets, but with the reassurance of the staff of Tiger Kingdom and of course following the rules of the park, it was a magical oncein-a-lifetime experience. In fact, the tiger I was strok-

ing purred as if he liked the human interaction! If only Katy Perry could see me now and her me roar. The Philippines’ leading low-cost carrier, Cebu Pacific (CEB) flies direct from Manila to Phuket every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for as low as P999. It operates the most extensive network in the Philippines for convenient and easy flight connections in Manila. For flight schedules and bookings, visit or call (02)7020-888 or (032)230-8888. The latest seat sales can also be found on Cebu Pacific Air’s offi-

Hear me roar at the Tiger Kingdom Phuket. cial Facebook Fan Page or @cebupacificair on Twitter. When planning itineraries to Phuket, visit the Tourism Authority of Thailand website at http://www. Many thanks to Rose Razon for the photos. Follow me on Instagram or on Twitter at @kennethkingong for more foodie finds, travel tips and happenings in, around and beyond Durianburg.

Rules are meant to be followed.

These tigers are wide awake Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Director for Singapore and and ready for their closeup. the Philippines Kate Kritwutikon together with the big cats.


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013



Sun Cellular and Opera Mini join forces to democratize internet access for Filipinos AS the industry gears up to welcome more smartphone brands and embrace emerging digital technologies, mobile network operator and Sun Cellular and mobile web browser Opera Software join forces to democratize internet access and provide best-value internet experience to Filipinos. “We acknowledge the growing penetration of the internet across all age and social groups, and how it is becoming deeply incorporated into the lifestyle of the Filipinos,” says Michele Curran, Vice President for Data Services of Sun Cellular. “And now, we embark on this thrust with Opera to offer Filipinos not just an affordable access to the internet but also lead them to the experience of a fast and efficient mobile web browser through the seamless technology of Opera Mini,” she adds. Sealing this partnership is the recently launched Browse On: Opera 15 specialized mobile internet subscription which allows Sun Cellular subscribers to enjoy unlimited mobile internet browsing through the Opera Mini software for just P15 per day. Compatible with around 3,000 types of handsets, Opera Software Chief Executive Officer Lars Boilseen said that the content-efficient technology of Opera Mini allows users to experience up to six (6) times faster browsing capabilities than other mobile internet browsers. “We want users to enjoy the best browsing experience on their mobile phone with Opera Mini. It’s fast, simple and works for most phones. If you are looking for the best deal for your mobile internet experience, your search ends here,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. ”With Opera’s efficient browsing capabilities and Sun Cellular’s high-speed third generation connectivity, the power of the internet is now right at the fingertips of every Filipino.” Further noting the growing relevance of the internet, Curran is positive that this partnership will work to let even more Filipinos embrace mobile browsing and let them enjoy the experience better. To begin using Sun Cellular Opera Mini browser, users may log-on to to download the software to their smartphones. To avail the Browse On: Opera 15 subscription, they will just have to send the keyword Opera15 to 247. This may be availed for seven days via Opera 80, fifteen days via Opera 160 and thirty (30) days through the Opera 299.

Gaisano Mall gets spooktacular GET READY for a most spooktacular Halloween party at the Peak - #Nightcrawlers! For a P350 consumable coupon, party goers can join our costume contest and participate in fun Halloween beer drinking games. On Oct. 31, party starts at 7pm and ends at 1am. Come in your best Halloween costume to have the chance to win Php10,000 as the spooker of the night or best in costume.

1st A321 with Sharklets in Asia THE arrival of Philippine Airlines’ latest Airbus A321-231 jet from Hamburg, Germany, has made the flag carrier the first airline in Asia to use the new A321 with sharklets at its wingtips that improve flight efficiency. The new aircraft with sharklets is the 3rd A321 out of 45 ordered by PAL. Photo shows the delivery team led by Capt. Randolph Kier, deputy chief pilot – A320 division, upon arrival in Manila last Sept. 27.

Microtel Gensan awarded as Best New Hotel by the Wyndham Hotel Group.

Microtel by Wyndham Gensan is best new hotel at Wyndham Global Awards MICROTEL by Wyndham Gensan, the first and only international chain hotel in General Santos City, was awarded the Best New Hotel during the Wyndham Hotel Group Global Conference in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

This newest addition to the prominent hotel group lives up to the world class standards of the renowned hotel brand that beckons its high patronage of leisure and business travelers. With its international class of service and standards, it is now the preferred hotel of corporate accounts from multinational and local companies. Continuing to raise the bar for economic lodging through comfortably furnished rooms and suites, Microtel by Wyndham Gensan offers 66 well-appointed guest rooms. Aside from the standard facilities and amenities found in any Microtel by Wyndham hotels, the Gensan property has a conference facilities situated on the 2nd  floor for meetings, conventions, seminars, special events and other social occasions that can accommodate up to 150 persons. It is conveniently located

At the Wyndham Global Awards.

Microtel Gensan’s well experienced and competent team. just 30 minutes away from establishments are within the airport and a 5-min- reach. It is also situated ute walk from the business within walking distance area where banks and other of, not only its own commercial complex, but also nearby malls familiar to all. Also recognized by Wyndham Hotel Group Global Conference were Microtel by Wyndham Boracay as Hotel of the Year and Microtel by Wyndham Cabanatuan as Most Improved Hotel. Wyndham Hotel Group Microtel Gensan is strategically located along the National is one of the world’s largest hospitality companies enHighway of the Tuna Capital .

compassing 7,410 hotels in 67 countries under 15 hotel brands that include Microtel, Ramada, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Planet Hollywood, Travelodge, Days Inn, and others. Microtel by Wyndham is the pioneer in the “no-frills” limited service hotel in the Philippines. Damosa Land, Inc., the property development arm of Anflocor Group of Companies, is the franchise owner of Microtel by Wyndham Gensan.


INdulge! A3

VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013


Sam Concepcion at SM City Davao on November 10 TALENTED Sam Concepcion is set to perform at SM City Davao on November 10, 6PM. Sam’s major television exposure came through the 2006 Little Big Star where he was dubbed as the Singing Crush ng Bayan throughout the duration of show as he became the crowd’s favorite. He eventually won the whole competition with for the Big Division over major competitors, Gian Barbarona and Charice. He has done the role of Peter Pan from 2002 until 2012. Aside from theater roles, he has also acted in movies including “Way Back Home” and “Shake, Rattle & Roll 13.” In 2007, Concepcion launched his self-titled album under Universal Records, which was certified Gold by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. He also launched two other albums “Pop Class” (2010), and “Forever Young” (2011). The latter was his biggest hit, hitting the charts at number one for seven weeks in a row. Meanwhile, SM City Davao will be giving away a total of P200,000 worth of

shopping money from October 12 to November 9. For every P1,000 single purchase receipt from any SM City Davao mall tenant, a customer is entitled to 1 raffle coupon. Purchases made with SM Advantage Card from SM affiliates entitle a shopper one additional ticket. To join, customer may claim coupons by presenting a proof of purchase at the redemption booth in the mall during from 10am

to 9pm during the promo period. Coupons must then be duly filled out and dropped at the designated drop boxes. Five lucky winners of P10,000 worth of SM gift certificates will be drawn on November 2 and November 9. Call 297.6998 for inquiries. Like SM City Davao on Facebook or follow @smcitydavao on Twitter for event and promo updates.

“Honesto” upholds honesty on primetime TV ABS-CBN inspires Filipinos to lead a life of honesty and sincerity via its newest and timely drama series “Honesto” that will premiered on Monday. “Honesto” revolves around the story of a young boy named Honesto (Raikko Mateo), the son of Diego (Paulo Avelino), and Fina (Maricar Reyes). Just like the extraordinary trait of his mother’s family, Honesto grew up having an allergy that causes his nose to swell whenever he tells a lie. How will the truth separate and reunite the families and hearts that were broken because of many lies? Will purity and kindness be enough to erase all the selfishness in the world? It is topbilled by awardwinning and seasoned actors such as Paulo, Eddie Garcia, Janice de Belen, Angel Aquino, Nonie Buencamino, Joel Torre, Melissa Ricks, Joseph Marco, and introducing ABS-CBN’s newest Kapamilya child star Raikko. Completing the powerhouse cast are Malou Crisologo, Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Michael Conan, Josh Ivan Morales, Janna Agoncillo, with the special participation of Maricar and Spanky Manikan.

CARRIE 2D Chloë Moretz, Julianne Moore R 13

12:00 | 2:00 | 4:00 | 6:00 | 8:00 | 10:00 LFS

SHE'S THE ONE 2D Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil PG 13

“Honesto” is under the direction of Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Darnel Joy Villaflor. It is the newest masterpiece of Dreamscape, the group that created hit inspirational drama series such as “May Bukas Pa” and “100 Days to Heaven,” the phenomenal teleserye “Walang Hanggan,” and the superhero series “Juan dela Cruz” which is already nearing its finale. The campaign for honesty has taken off on social media with people taking their selfportrait photos while posing

like Honesto and posting them on the Facebook fan page Viewers can support the call by participating in the ongoing campaign. Don’t miss the premiere of the inspiring and honest story of “Honesto” on Monday, after “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For exclusive updates, pictures, and videos, log on to “Honesto’s” official social media accounts and TV.

12:00 | 2:00 | 4:00 | 6:00 | 8:00 | 10:00 LFS


12:00 | 2:30 | 5:00 | 7:30 | 10:00 LFS

R-16 BEKIKANG: ANG NANAY KONG BEKI 2D Joey Paras, Tom Rodriguez, Wenn Deramas PG 13

12:40 | 3:00 | 5:20 | 7:40 | 10:00 LFS

A4 INdulge! EVENT


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

Spook-tastic, heartwarming Halloween at Toy Kingdom By ATHENA JILLIAN BRAVO


T’S Halloween time at Toy Kingdom--that amazing toy store with its spooktacularly fun stuff for kids and kids-at-heart. This year, Toy Kingdom brings you four times the scary fun as it highlights the four ambassadors of fright: The Vampire, an all-time favorite character straight out of children’s books and films such as True Blood and Twilight;

The Wicked Witch, one of the scariest characters ever and another favorite of children who flies at night on broomstick; Jacko-Lantern, all-time trickor-treat favorite mate; and The Zombie, the living dead inspired by television series like The Walking Dead and the movie Warm Bodies. Get on to the Halloween spirit with hair

Nuclear zombie costume available at Toy Kingdom. The Jack o Lantern. Pumpkin pail plus pumpkin suit makes trick or treat spooky fun!

EDGEDavao Davao Partners

raising hanging monsters, pumpkin lanterns, bewitching accessories, macabre standees and other spooky displays inspired by the four characters. But if you wish to celebrate Halloween in a rather ‘lighter’ way, then kids may enter the storybook dressed like princesses and fairies or step into the world of superheroes. Glam it all up with eerie masks, hats and wigs or maybe a broomstick and pumpkin pails for trick-or-treats. Halloween actually began early at Toy Kingdom with the launch of Trickor-Treat for UNICEF held at SM Megamall event center as children collected money instead of asking for sweet candies in a special Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF box to help children in need. Register for your free special donation box

at Toy Kingdom branches at SM City Davao, SM City General Santos and SM Lanang Premier and at all branches nationwide from October 1 to 31 until supplies last. Kids who turn their donations before November 30 will receive a certificate of appreciation and suprise gift via mail. All donations can be turn over to ny SM Bill Payment counters nationwide. So, come now to Toy Kingdom, your amazing Halloween toy store and purchase spooktacular stuff for you to officially join the trick-or-treat for UNICEF to help children who don’t have the luxury to celebrate halloween just like yours. Now, instead of scaring off your playmates, how about making less fortunate children happy. It’s spooktacularly fun and heartwarming.

With this Ghost cape costume, Halloween is a sure fun.



VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

STAYING ALIVE Gomes helps Red Sox even World Series

GAME 4 HERO. Boston Red Sox’s Johnny Gomes did not know he will start Game 4 of the World Series.


T. LOUIS – Jonny Gomes swings a baseball bat with a brief and heaving hack, as if his body were entangled in baling wire. In left field, he’s slightly less graceful than that. He’s a sight. There’s this saying, though. It goes, “They don’t ask how.” And Gomes is beautiful enough in his rolling, tattooed, bewhiskered simplicity, how he attacks the whole game with a thick, barreled-out body and eyes alight with the opportunity. Man, he loves to win. To be around guys he likes and then to win. Then sometimes it seems enough just to try,

and Lord knows he’s done plenty of trying in plenty of places. It’s worked and it hasn’t, depending on the time and place, and then depending on who believed with him, or in him, and who didn’t, and in the end there was Jonny, finding the best of it and probably having a laugh and maybe already off looking for the next chance. So it came to be that he’d stand in the on-deck circle Sunday night with what seemed like the World Series on the line. Nothing would be won or lost, necessarily, but Gomes’ Boston Red Sox had gone down painfully

PALOS VERDES. The Ladies squad of host Rancho Palos Verdes composed of (L-R) Jean Gotianse, Sun Ae-Kim, Ok Hee Park, Misun Jo, Gye Sun Kim, Maricel Kim, Young Rung Chon and Young Ran Park receive

the night before, and weren’t hitting, and were down in the series, two games to one. They’d have to fight now to return the series to Boston, against the momentum of the St. Louis Cardinals. In a 1-1 game with two out and two on in the sixth inning, Gomes would bat against Seth Maness, a right-handed sinkerballer he didn’t know. He walked to the plate. He set his back foot, then the front. He drew his hands near his right ear, the bat high. Maness threw him four pitches, all of them sinkers, all of them near Gomes’ knees, and the count stood at

their Sportswriters Division runner-up trophy in the Friendship Division of the PAL Ladies Interclub on Saturday night from Dina May Flores of the Philippine Airlines. Boy Lim

2-and-2. Dustin Pedroia led off second base, David Ortiz off first. At that moment, Gomes was hitless in eight at-bats in the series. The Red Sox were batting .184. If something was going to happen, it would be there and then. In the bullpen, out beyond the left-field fence, the veteran Ryan Dempster sat bundled up on a bench against the back wall. Craig Breslow sat beside him. He’d tucked his baseball glove behind him. Dempster turned to Breslow and said, “I should probably grab my glove in case I have to

catch this.” Breslow nodded. Dempster retrieved his glove and started to stand up. In the dugout, behind Gomes from the batter’s box, Jake Peavy sat beside Jarrod Saltalamacchia. He turned to the catcher and said, “I will take this guy in any situation, really in life, but in any baseball situation at any point in any game. Give me Jonny Gomes and I’ll take him.” Gomes raised his bat again, and sat heavy into his legs, and readied that swing that could only be his. “He has no follow-

DAVAO CITY GOLF CLUB. The Davao City Golf Club ladies team made up of (L-R) Rosalie Altivo, Roselyn Sara, Virginia Hemiston, Winnie Dixon, JM Valbuena, Josehine Vergara, Roheln Revelliza and Eevelyn Quinsay receive

through,” catcher David Ross said. “Like the little guy in the pinball machine.” A rookie who hadn’t given up an earned run in seven playoff appearances, Maness threw a fifth sinker to Gomes. This one was not at the knees, however. It rode up higher, maybe overthrown in the moment, and it was slightly in, and there is maybe nothing in the world Gomes likes better than to turn on a 90-mph fastball. “It’s a heavyweight fight,” Gomes would say, “and you have to win as many rounds as you can.”

the runner-up trophy in the Friendship Division of the PAL Ladies Interclub on Saturday night from Dina May Flores of the Philippine Airlines. Boy Lim


VOL. 6 ISSUE 162 • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013

EDGEDavao Davao Partners

CHAMPIONS. Apo Gold and Country Club I, the proud champions of the Sportswriters Division in the Friendship Division of the PAL Ladies Interclub, receive their trophy on Saturday night from Dina May Flores of the Philippine Airlines, with team members (L-R) Olivia Lee, Melanie Kuwahara, Lilibeth Crisologo, Stella Barnes, Imee Garcia, Irene Shimura, Mereane Siason and Gemma Bokawachi. Boy Lim

Slaughter: Ready to be King W

ITH the draft less than a week away, 7-foot center Greg Slaughter is excited to finally join the PBA. And the former Ateneo slotman has one team on his wishlist. “I’m hoping for Ginebra. They got the best fans, a lot of history for that team. Hopefully, I will be playing for Ginebra,” Slaughter told InterAKTV in an exclusive interview. The interest seems to be mutual, with Ginebra team manager Alfrancis Chua posting a message welcoming Slaughter to the team after the rookie aspirant attended the team’s practice this past weekend. Slaughter sees himself filling a need for the Gin Kings. “Ginebra looks like a real good team. They have veterans, leadership, athleticism. The only thing they’re lacking is the man in the middle,” said Slaughter. The Gin Kings will pick first overall for the first time in 17 years. In 1996, Ginebra selected a franchise big man in Marlou Aquino, who turned the team into instant title contenders, leading the squad to a championship a year later. But while Slaughter hopes to make the same impact for the Gin Kings, he said he has no problem dealing with the expectations. “I don’t think there’s pressure. I see this as a great opportunity,” said Slaughter. “In fact with great fan support, I don’t see any pressure, but I’m more excited to play for the team.” “I really appreciate the love shown by Ginebra fans and I’ve been reading their messages on Twitter.”

ROOKIE CAMP. Potential top draft pick Greg Salughter (top) does some bench press while potential no. 2 Ian Sangalang (below) goes through vertical leap measurement during the PBA Gatorade Rookie Camp. Nuki Sabio

Edge Davao 6 Issue 162  
Edge Davao 6 Issue 162  

Edge Davao 6 Issue 162, October 29, 2013