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Colonel, men charged

8 cops in extort, other offenses By Aquiles Z. Zonio and Allen V. Estabillo


eVeRAL Philippine National Police officers and their men have either been sacked or charged criminally in connection with extortion and other illegal activities involving them in General Santos City. Two Gensan police officers


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2 drunken officers sacked for creating trouble during CIDG operation vs “kotong” cops

were relieved of their post for creating disturbance while intoxicated inside the city police office compound Monday night. Chief Supt. Alex Paul Mon-

teagudo, Region 12 police director, said Wednesday he personally ordered the immediate relief as well as the filing of appropriate charges against Chief

Insp. Jardi Mont Sibal and Insp. Nemesio Calipjo, who reportedly came in drunk, created trouble and fired their guns indiscriminately inside the General Santos City Police’s Public Safety Company (GSCPSC) headquarters at Camp Fermin Lira.

F8 COPS, 11

Follow Us On UNPRESCRIBED. An officer of the Traffic Management Group (TMG) issues a ticket to a motorcycle driver for using unprescribed tires for motorcycle along J.P. Laurel Ave. yesterday. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]

City councilors approve new smoking ordinance

[Editor’s Note: In yesterday’s front page story of Edge Davao on this very same space on the same topic, the body was inadvertently omitted and replaced with unrelated, previously published material. Our apologies.]


he Davao City Council approved unanimously Tuesday the new comprehensive anti-smoking ordinance as proposed by Councilor Tomas Monteverde IV. Chairman of the committee on rules, laws, privileges and ordinances. “We do not wish to condemn smokers. We understand and sympathize with them. It is extremely difficult to stop smoking,” Monteverde said before the voting. As public officials, he said members of “the city council [have] to come to the aid of the public to en-

sure their right to life,to be free from danger and that their safety must be assured.” Dr. Domilyn Villarreiz, action officer of the Anti-Smoking Task Force, said the newly approved ordinance is not in conflict with Republic Act 9211 or the TobaccoRegulation Act of 2003. She said the new ordinance has wider scope as it applies to all tobacco products listed in the tobacco atlas. Aside from manufactured cigarettes, it includes water




EDGEDAVAO Davao gets Seal of Good Housekeeping award



USEFUL TOOL. Maya Vandenbroeck of the Tuburan Institute, Inc. believes that education is a useful tool in attaining peace in Mindanao during a discussion at Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Mall. To her left are Scheherazaide

Avila cites decline in marine catch By Vicky Berdina M. de Guzman


he current decline in marine catch is a global concern. In Davao City, the decrease has been noted the past three to four years, most probably due to pollution and other threats to marine life. The decrease in marine catch here is an issue that should be addressed, according to Leonardo R. Avila III, secretary general of the Davao Gulf Management Council which advocates the promotion of mariculture to address the decrease in marine catch. Avila, however, said there is something more threatening to marine catch, and that is the practice of fishermen catching young fishes before they mature and could reproduce. he added that what is perceptible these days are the sizes of the fish caught before they can replace or

reproduce, thus depleting a number of species in time. he pointed to the law that is against this practice, but whose implementation is weak. he also added that fishery laws should be implemented in order to strengthen the fight against this practice and illegal fishing. Better still, he said fishermen should be taught responsible fishing. he admits, though, that there is a perceptible improvement in Davao Gulf’s economic activities, like more oil depots rising, sea transportation bringing in more goods to the city and region. Meanwhile, Avila announced yesterday the joint observance of National Maritime Week and Davao Gulf Week which started last September 15 and will end September 28.

Coast Guard eyes new vessel for Mindanao


he Philippine Coast Guard is eyeing a new multi-role vessel to be deployed in Southeastern Mindanao, probably in the latter half of next year. Captain George Ursabia commander of the Coast Guard District Southeastern Mindanao said that their district is hoping to receive one of the new Japanese made multirole patrol vessels which can be utilized for search-and-rescue. Ursabia said the district has no search-and-rescue (SAR) ship after the 35-meter SAR vessel BRP Ilocos Norte was redeployed to Luzon in July of this year to beef up Philippine maritime presence in the disputed Panatag shoal. he added that no PCG vessel took the place of BRP

Ilocos Norte in the district since the Coast Guard has not enough ships in its inventory. The PCG has 12 vessels; there are four 56-meter Australian-made Search and Rescue (SAR) vessels of which two are undergoing repairs, four 35-meter SAR vessels, a Japanese buoy tender and three old ships handed down from the Philippine Navy which are up for retirement. he said currently Coast Guard assets in the Southeastern Mindanao included a 50-footer small craft and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) fishery patrol boats manned by Coast Guard personnel. These small crafts can only go about 5 kilometers from the coast and are not meant for open seas, Ursabia said. [PIA/RG Alama]

he Seal of Good housekeeping (SGh) launched by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is given to worthy local government units that perform exemplary service. Last Friday, September 14, was Davao City’s turn to be awarded the SGh. In the words of Councilor Tomas J. Monteverde IV at yesterday’s regular council session, “the Seal of Good housekeeping award was conceived by the late secretary Jesse M. Robredo in line with the DILG’s commitment to aggressively scale up interventions to institutionalize the kind of governance that comes from values development.” he said that the central idea of SGh is to make sure that the local govern-

ment should accord primacy to the principle of performance, accountability, transparency and participation. Monteverde added: “By being bestowed such award, it only shows that the city government of Davao practices transparency in the procurement process and full disclosure of its finances, and complies with the Anti-Red Tape Law, promotes the honest, orderly management of public funds and helps minimize corruption and fund misuse. This award is an effective way to ensure that the local government performs at its best for the people.” DILG City director Merilio Limbaro said the award comes with a P175 million fund for the city. [Vicky BERDi-

distance from the sea while only two families sought refuge in the barangay covered court. The extent of damage done is still being assessed to determine in what form assistance will be rendered by the city government. Srong waves started to reach the dwellings of the settlers during high tide de-

stroying a makeshift bridge that connected their shanties to the mainland. Gaban said the residents had been forewarned of the danger that monsoon waves which occur between July and September bring. “The waves were unusually strong and bigger, unlike in the past that they simply dissipated as they hit

the shoreline. Last night, the waves literally rammed the shanties,” he said. Gaban revealed that the residents are originally set for relocation on the higher grounds of Barangay Catalunan Grande in accordance to their agreement with the owner of the property where their destroyed shanties were located. [PIA 11]

upon by a bully determined to get his way. “My neophyte instincts were telling me then to just keep the peace and get out of his way. “But then, the public servant in me just couldn’t let this thing pass.” Trillanes said enrile “even said that this bill should be passed immediately to relieve him of the pressure.” Trillanes added: ”What, the great Senator enrile could be pressured? I remember him saying otherwise, during the last impeachment proceedings. “Is the pressuring coming from congressman Villafuerte, who we see often loitering about at the senator’s lounge, the Senate President’s office, and even personally lobbying to senators while we are in session? ”As persistent as Congressman Villafuerte is, I doubt it if our Senate President would be pressured by him. “Annoyed, probably, but not pressured. “of course, President Aquino cannot possibly be

the source of the pressure since this bill isn’t even in the president’s legislative agenda.” Trillanes manifested his decision to leave majority bloc and joined the minority “effective this day”, saying he lost trust, faith and confidence in enrile’s leadership. Trillanes said: “With this totally unexpected twist, everything seemed to fall into place. Now, there remain only two possibilities: that our Senate President is deeply indebted to GMA; or that he is a GMA lackey. “either way, I have lost trust, faith and confidence in Senator enrile’s capability to lead the senate along the path consistent with the reform agenda that I espouse.” Trillanes lashed back at the 89-year-old enrile for calling him ‘coward’ when the former did not attempt in the last two sessions where Trillanes was supposed to interpolate the committee report of Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on CamSur bill. ”I’ve learned that one senator called me coward. Now here I am,” Trillanes

opened his privilege speech titled “Kung Gusto Ko Isasagasa Ko, Kung Ayaw Ko, Uupuan Ko.” Visibly annoyed by Trillanes’ act, enrile called for suspension and went down from the podium to answer Trillanes’ allegations. “(But) just to set the record straight. This is the first time in my whole career as a senator that I was accused of railroading, pressuring people in the Senate,” enrile said. enrile admitted that Villafuerte was in the July 24 caucus but explained that the congressman has been called to explain the timeline of the bill. ”Congressman Villafuerte was pleading with us to just set the hearing conducted because they are running on the very, very tight schedule. As president of the Senate it is my duty to hear everybody,” enrile explained. enrile accused Trillanes of telling “falsehood” and even asked the young senator if he was angry “because you were asking for additional budget in your oversight committee and I did not allow it.” [PNA]

Pahm, youth program coordinator of Mindanao Commission on Women, and Sittie Rahana Jhan B. Ganda-Pacasum of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]


23 families lose homes to big monsoon waves T

WeNTY-ThRee families of informal settlers were displaced after huge monsoon waves battered the shoreline of Shanghai Village, Barangay 75-A, Davao City 7:00 pm Tuesday. Kagawad Jet Gaban said most of the affected families sought refuge with relatives residing some


Trillanes, Enrile clash over CamSur bill, China talks

eNSIoN erupted at the Senate session hall yesterday when Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Senate President Juan Ponce enrile clashed over a local bill dividing Camarines Sur and on the role of Trillanes as the country’s special emissary on Panatag Shoal dispute with China. The ‘word war’ sparked when Trillanes delivered a privilege speech where he criticized enrile’s leadership for allegedly favoring the proponents of the house bill splitting the four-district Camarines Sur province. Trillanes revealed that on July 24, enrile called a caucus at the Senate President’s office to allegedly discuss the bill dividing CamSur, being lobbied by Camarines Sur Reps. Luis Villafuerte, Arnulfo Fuentebella and Rolando Andaya. ”Without elaborating on the details of what happened in that caucus, suffice (it) to say that I was shoved aside for the nth time,” the 39-yearold Trillanes said. he added: ”I got out of that caucus feeling trampled


Riding in tandem stalking radioman By Aquiles Z. Zonio


Ne of the program hosts of Radyo Alerto in General Santos City reported to the police on Tuesday that suspicious persons riding in tandem on a e motorcycle have been casing him since last month. Anter Alcos of dxBB Radyo Alerto told the San Isidro Police Station that the first time he and his colleagues noticed two suspicious persons standing outside the station’s compound was on August 3 at around 12:07 p.m. The two unidentified persons wearing helmets were aboard a honda-125 XRM with license plate number Io- 4260. Then again on August 31, Alcos said they again saw two suspicious-looking men aboard a honda-125 XRM around 6:18 a.m. in the vicinity of Radyo Alerto.

Alcos said he was further alarmed when last Sunday morning, two suspicious-looking men aboard a motorcycle tried to chase him along Yumang Street in Barangay City heights shortly after he went out of the station. Alcos believes it has something to do with his expose of the alleged P42-million anomaly in the purchase of heavy equipment in Malungon town, Sarangani. According to him, he already reported the incident to the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP)-Gensan Chapter. Alcos is hosting the daily “Alerto Balita-Morning edition” aired daily around 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. over Radyo station dxBB, an AM station here owned by eight-division boxing champ and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao.

A mini-Niagara


Bislig’s Tinuy-an Falls By Vicky Berdina M. de Guzman


he Niagara Falls, a famous tourist attraction and the most famous falls in North America is found on the border between ontario, Canada and New York, U.S.A. Unknown to many, the Philippines has its own mini-version of the Niagara Falls. It takes four to five hours travel by land from Davao City to reach Surigao del Sur.

The province is also touted as an upcoming tourist destination whose two most popular tourist attractions are the enchanted River and the Tinuy-an Falls. Tinuy-an Falls is situated in Bislig City and, according to Mayor Librado C. Navarro, the falls alone generated revenue amounting to four million pesos last year. In fact, he added that from January

to August this year, it has already earned 4.2 million pesos and will continue to increase as more tourists keep coming, already estimated to hit about 180 thousand by the end of this year. one tourist, Ms Jury Mabras, 30, of Butuan City, who brought with her the whole family, said this was already her third visit, although some family mem-

bers saw Tinuy-an Falls for the first time. Another tourist, 31 yearold Philip Cacho, travelled all the way from Cebu City to see Tinuy-an Falls. The falls is 95 meters wide and 55 meters (180 feet) high. The play of early morning sun rays on cascading sprays of fresh, sparkling clean water gives the illusion of a rainbow occasionally.

Rep. Zamora pushes for girls’ rights and welfare


eP. Maria Carmen Zamora served as a reactor during Plan International-Philippines’ “Who Wants to Be A Girl in the Philippines? The State of Filipino Girls” discussion held at the Manansala Room of the Sulo hotel in Quezon City last September 6, 2012. The gathering is part of Plan International’s Because I Am a Girl campaign to call attention to girls— the issues that they face and their capability to improve their lives. It focused on the presentation of a study on the situation of girls in the Philippines, as undertaken by the Women and Gender Institute of Miriam College. Key findings of the Plan International-commissioned study are the following: poverty and social inequity disable the rights of the girl child; there is lack of data on the Filipina girl child; many Pinay girl children work as household helpers; there are new forms of sexual exploitation of girl children in the country; IP children experience multiple discrimination and rights violation; and many young Filipinas serve as girl solodiers. Rep. Zamora contributed to the discussion by relating the plight of young girls who, because of sheer poverty, wind up as laborers in mining communities in Compostela, of women who leave the country eager for foreign employment, but end up as abused and maltreated domestic helpers in the Middle east. She emphasized the need to discourage this continu-

ing trend, if not totally stop it as recommended by the congressional fact-finding mission she joined last year as Vice-Chairperson of the house Committee on overseas Workers Affairs (CoWA). She shared her own personal advocacies concerning women from Mindanao, and that she actively encouraged women and girls from Compostela to study and take up skills and technical training through TeSDA to help them seek work outside of domestic employment. Upon being apprised of the actions taken by CoWA and the rescues of oFWs, Plan InternationalPhilippines pledged to set up a resource center purposely to help Pinay domestic helpers in the Middle east, who have encountered ill-treatment or exploitation in the hands of their employers. It was also proposed during the multi-sectoral dialogue that support for children must be mobilized; LGUs must be encouraged to promote community-based monitoring systems; create an oversight committee on girl children in the national legislature; use the gender and development (GAD) budget for the girl child; prioritize maternal health; and for Congress to pass the proposed Kasambahay and Anti-Corporal Punishment Laws soonest. In turn, Rep. Zamora and fellow reactor, Rep. Bernadette herrera-Dy of Bagong henerasyon party-list, happily informed the body that both bills had been passed by the legislature on third reading, and that they were already lodged with the Senate.

To ensure peaceful balloting

Maguindanao gub aspirants ready to sign peace pact W hILe filing of certificates of candidacy for next year’s elections is yet to start on october 1, two possible gubernatorial candidates in Maguindanao have already signified their openness to sign an “election peace covenant” to ensure peaceful elections in the province. on separate media statements, reelectionist Governor esmael Toto Mangudadatu and aspirant Mayor Tocao Mastura of Sultan Kudarat, both said they were more than willing to sign a peace pact to ensure a bloodless Ma-

guindanao elections. “I am ready to accept the electorate’s verdict in next years elections,” Mangudadatu said. “I am for peaceful elections so I am willing to sign a peace covenant.” For his part, Mastura declared he is pushing for “spiritual awakening” in Maguindanao and that he is to serve as an example. “I want peaceful elections like all the people of Maguindanao, so I will sign a peace pact for the sake of our people,” Mastura said in a news conference. Mangudadatu is the of-

ficial and standard bearer of the Liberal Party while Mastura is the official candidate of Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban). Both Mangudadatu and Mastura also vowed to convince their running mates and those under their respective line-up that they too should sign the peace pact. Mastura said he and his party mates will campaign based on issues and concerns of the province. “We will campaign above board, no mudslinging but we will convince our people

to vote for us by telling them our platform of governments,” Mastura said. Mangudadatu, on the other hand, said his administration has so far settled amicably about 15 clan wars in Maguindanao that has already claimed lives and damaged properties. Major General Rey Ardo, 6th Infantry Division commander, welcomed the aspirants pronouncement on signing of peace accord. “The military is ready to broker the peace covenant because that is what all of us wanted to happen in Maguindanao,” Ardo said. [PNA]




Donsol hosts most whale sharks in Philippines

oW many spotted sharks have been spotted? In Donsol at least, 377. high-tech satellite tags, waterproof cameras and hefty lungs are the tools of Dave David’s trade. As the head researcher of WWF’s Donsol-based whale shark photo-identification programme, Dave has spent the past six years holding his breath – literally – to swim with the world’s largest fish. Strikingly-spotted whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) can grow longer than a passenger bus and weigh a whopping 10 tonnes. With unblinking golf ball-sized eyes, they wolf down wafting clouds of plankton and the occasional, unlucky small fish. Together with basking and megamouth sharks, they are one of just three planktivorous or filter-feeding sharks and have cruised the world’s seas for some 50 million years. Little is known of their habits, with fewer than 350 sightings recorded prior to the 1980s. Through the support of WWF-Denmark, WWF-Philippines allied with Australia-based eCoCeAN, the hubbs Sea World Research Institute (hSWRI) and Banco de oro Unibank (BDo) to catalogue the country’s whale sharks. The partnership provides researchers with both population pegs and migratory data to guide conservation efforts not just for whale sharks – but for all migratory pelagic species. Sporting waterproof digital cameras, trained WWF skin divers snap photos of a spot right above each shark’s pectoral fins, behind its gill slits. The photos are fed into a computer which uses a program to triangulate each shark’s unique spot configuration. Data is then uploaded to the web-based eCoCeAN library.

Like human fingerprints, whale shark spot configurations are wholly unique and allow individual sharks to be identified. [WWF-PhiLiPPiNEs] Unless it is a new individual, the library shows researchers when and where the shark was last encountered. Since 2003, eCoCeAN has catalogued 3822 individual sharks from places as far as Mexico, Mozambique and the Galapagos Islands. “Photo-identification is a non-invasive approach for identifying sharks,” explains David. “The library uses the whale shark’s distinct patterns, plus information on scars, sex and size to identify individuals.” Since WWF-Philippines began implementing the programme in 2007, 458 individual whale sharks have been iden-

with detachable GPS satellite tags designed to pop to the surface after several months of data collation. Four sharks were tagged in May 2007, 10 more in May 2009 and 15 in April 2010. The results suggest that most tagged whale sharks keep to 200 kilometers of Donsol. Three however, swam east to the Philippine Sea, with one more swimming as far north as Taiwan. All spent most of their time below 50 meters, rarely rising to the surface to feed. “The results suggest that whale sharks are highly-mobile, transient foragers which recognize no country or territorial boundary as their own. The distribution of whale sharks and other large filter-feeders also indicate the presence of plankton and the overall health of our oceans,” expounds David. For years, Donsol has been identified as a whale shark hotspot, hosting one of the largest aggregations of whale sharks on earth. other large aggregations include Ningaloo Reef in Australia with 808, Mexico with 812 and Mozambique with 624. Through continued research, Dave and other WWF volunteers hope to generate an accurate peg of the country’s migratory and resident whale shark population. “Long days at sea are worth it, considering the immense scientific, ecological and economic value that whale sharks bring people,” adds David. “even after years of research, there’s still so much we WWF researchers chase after a shark in Donsol, Sorsogon. have to discover – where they feed, mate Recent surveys indicate that at least 377 whale sharks and give birth. our work continues, which frequent its waters. [cLAus ToPP] is just as well because diving with these tified – 377 in Donsol, 54 in Cebu, 14 in gentle giants is pure magic.” After six years of swimming with the Leyte and the rest in Bohol, Palawan, Alworld’s largest fish, it seems that each bay and Batangas. shark encounter still leaves Dave breathTo complement the photo-identificaless. tion drive, 29 whale sharks were affixed

MGB closure on mine WheRe hAVe ALL The FoReSTS GoNe? firm’s warehouse stays SPECIAL REPORT

Illegal logging intensifies in Surigao Sur despite total log ban

By Vanessa L. Almeda [2nd of three parts]


N August 18 and 19, the Surigao Development Corporation (Sudecor), together with local police, apprehended some 190 round red Falcata logs or an equivalent of 157.62 cubic meters, estimated to cost P900,000 at the roadside of Barangay Cancavan, part of their concession area. A month earlier, between July 14 and 17, round logs and sawn lumber of yakal and red lauan hardwood species were found strewn and abandoned by illegal loggers in various parts of Barangay hinapuyan, also part of the Sudecor area, apparently waiting for transport under cover of darkness. A documentation report sent to the Community environment and Natural Resources office (Cenro) showed photographs of wreckers in Km. 18 along the esperanza line in Sitio Gacub, Barangay hinapuyan and anoth-

er in Km. 20 at Sagimsim Spurline. For the Social Action Center (SAC) and environmental watchdogs, the seizure of these logs has opened a Pandora’s box as it led to allegations of involvement of officials ironically tasked to oversee the implementation of executive order 23. Rowil Aguillon, Woods Division head of Sudecor’s Management Committee, said that on Aug. 18, a certain “Jhero King” talked to him over the phone and ordered the immediate release of the logs confiscated that day. Aguillon narrated that when he refused, King, who was later identified as Roland Seblario, allegedly threatened him: “Wag niyong pakialaman yang mga kahoy ko kundi magkakaputukan tayo.”(Don’t you dare touch my logs or we’ll shoot it out). Aguilon alleged that the logs documented in July were also owned by

Seblario. “Iya man ni tanan ang kahoy, basta gani naa ng wrecker iya na.”(he owns all those logs; when you see a wrecker that is his). he said they have been sending to Cenro and the Department of environment and Natural Resources regional office documentation reports, including photographs, of illegal logging activities within the Sudecor area, since June 2011, when the company shut down operations. he said Seblario also started to drop names including “Gen. Miranda” and Secretary Ramon Paje of the Department of environment and Natural Resources (DeNR). “Gen. Miranda” is retired Marine Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda, executive Director of the national Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force. A peeved Miranda told MindaNews in a telephone interview Monday that he

will have Seblario arrested if he is found to be “violating a regulation.” he said he will not tolerate the use of his name to “commit a crime.” Miranda figured in the national scene as one of the brains behind several coup attempts against the Arroyo administration. he has availed of the Aquino government’s amnesty program and was appointed head of the Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force. Miranda said DeNR Caraga, headed by Undersecretary Marlow Mendoza is tasked to investigate the confiscated logs, not him. In the company of Aguillon narrated that sometime on August 28 and 29, a police official informed him that Seblario and retired Army colonel harry Taladua, the regional head of the Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force in Caraga, were at the Community environment and Natural



he closure order imposed by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau 11 on a mine firm’s warehouse along Lanang, Davao City will remain for as long as the ongoing conflict between two factions of the Nationwide Development Corporation (Nadecor) is not resolved. This was the statement made by MGB 11 director edilberto Arreza after Nadecor’s American partner, St. Augustine Gold and Copper Inc. (SAGC), sought clarification on the closure order issued since last July and is still in effect until press time. The Lanang warehouse is the storage depot of the core samples of the drilling conducted by SAGC for the past year. In an interview, Arreza said he issued the order upon the request of one of the two warring factions of Nadecor. he explained that as part owner of the core samples, the government has the right to issue such an order aimed for the protection of the samples. “When the Ricafort group brought to my attention because they were

worried that the samples might be destroyed or interchanged/harmed due to desperation, I decided to intervene and issue the order, because the government is part owner of these samples,” Arreza said. “This is to safeguard the integrity of the core samples while the two factions are embroiled in a dispute,” he added. When informed that the warehouse is actually being rented by SAGC and not Nadecor, Arreza maintained that the government is duty-bound to protect the mine core samples which is partly-owned by the government. The MGB regional director said the closure order on the warehouse will stay for as long as the “two factions of Nadecor would not resolve their conflict among themselves”. “This is to safeguard the integrity of the core samples while the two factions are embroiled in a dispute. The two groups are not allowed (to make use of any of the samples inside the warehouse) at this moment,” Arreza said. [BoT]



SM Group eyeing entry in Tampakan project?

T FIRST OF ITS KIND. Noelle Marie Martin, SM Lanang Premier branch head of cinema and Imax, explains the features SM Lanang Premier’s Imax, a first of its kind in Mindanao, during a press briefing at SM City Davao’s Roadhouse Restaurant recently. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]

he SM Group was reportedly assigned a board seat at Indophil Resources NL, raising the possibility of the former’s entry into the Tampakan copper and gold project of Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI). Indophil owns 37.5 percent of SMI, which is controlled by Xstrata Copper, the world’s fourth largest copper producer. The SM Group was assigned a seat in the seven-man Indophil board of directors by Alsons Consolidated Resources following a loan it extended to the Alcantara-owned conglomerate. early this year, the Alsons group hiked its shares in Indophil to 19.99 percent

– up from 3.5 per cent by infusing US$99.4 million after a failed bid to sell its stakes to Zijin Mining Group of China three years ago. A Business Mirror exclusive report said it was Banco de oro, the SM Group’s banking unit, which provided Alsons the long-term loan to increase its shares in the Philippine operations of Indophil, an Australian exploration company. Alson then reportedly nominated the SM Group to take one of the two board seats in Indophil following its increased share in the exploration company. SM Group officials could not be immediately reached for comment. [EDWiN EsPEJo/MiN-

in the countryside. By providing clients the choice and control in keeping an eye on accounts and managing the cash flow of their business, oNB’s Business online Banking makes business banking experience in the countryside more efficient. oNB continues to respond to the evolving needs of unbanked and underbanked progressive communities with the expansion of its network of branches, ATMs and

PoS. As of end August 2012, the bank operates with 86 branches, 5 micro banking offices (MBo) in Davao City and a total of 126 onsite and offsite PeraAgad ATMs. The bank has recently secured approval from the BSP to establish 5 more branches in Iloilo which will complement the existing 6 offices of RB of San enrique in Iloilo soon to be absorbed by oNB once the merger secures approval of banking authorities.


ONB launches Internet banking for countryside business clients


NTeRNeT banking is now made accessible for business clients with operations in the countryside. The good news was announced during the first ever Client Appreciation Night hosted by rural banking giant oNB last August 24 at the oNB Center in Sasa, Davao City. Guests of the event witnessed a special segment in the program marking the official launching of the oNB

Business online Banking (BoB), an internet banking cash management solution designed for business banking transactions in the countryside. A product demo booth was also installed where interested clients gained firsthand experience of this much awaited electronic banking facility with the assistance of oNB’s online Banking team. oNB Business online Banking is a business tool designed to address the cash

management needs of countryside business clients. It makes business banking possible wherever there is an internet connection - at the comfort of your home, internet café, Wi-Fi zones and even out of the country. Business online Banking offers a package of internet banking functionalities according to the size, needs and operations of the business. It basically enables direct access to accounts and transaction

history, facilitating real time banking transactions such as fund transfers and payments of bills anytime in the day without the inconvenience of personally going to an oNB branch. It also expands into a bundle of cash management services such as collection and payment solutions designed to improve administrative and operational efficiencies of corporate clients or multinational corporations with multi-branch operations



Stat Watch

1. Gross National Income Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

5.8% 1st Qtr 2012

2. Gross Domestic Product Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

6.4 % 1st Qtr 2012

3. Exports 1/ 4. Imports 1/ 5. Trade Balance 6. Balance of Payments 2/ 7. Broad Money Liabilities

USD 4,931 million May 2012 USD 4,770 million Apr 2012 USD -135 million Apr 2012 USD -209 million Mar 2012 P 4,580,674 million Apr 2012

8. Interest Rates 4/

4.1 % May 2012 P131,403 million May 2012 P 5,075 billion Apr 2012

9. National Government Revenues 10. National government outstanding debt 11. Peso per US $ 5/

P 42.78 Jun 2012

12. Stocks Composite Index 6/

5,091.2 May 2012

13. Consumer Price Index 2006=100

130.1 Jun 2012

14. Headline Inflation Rate 2006=100

2.8 Jun 2012

15. Core Inflation Rate 2006=100

3.7 Jun 2012

16. Visitor Arrivals

349,779 Apr 2012

17. Underemployment Rate 7/

18.8 % Jan 2012

18. Unemployment Rate 7/

7.2 % Jan 2012



SM Lanang Premier houses SMX L

oCATeD at the 3rd level of the soon-to-open SM Lanang Premier Mall in Davao City, SMX Convention Center Davao will be launched in the third quarter of this year. It boasts of 4,745 square meters fully-carpeted function room space that is divisible into three separate rooms, depending on the requirements of the event. Five well-designed meeting rooms will also be in place to

cater to smaller functions. Be it a meeting, a convention, an exhibition, a concert, or a social event, SMX Davao can accommodate from 25 to 5,000 persons or up to 380 exhibit modules. Clients can enjoy customized packages to suit their needs and budget. SMX Convention Center, the leading and largest private facility of its kind in the Philippines, will be opening another venue

in one of the country’s fastest growing cities and the biggest outside Metro Manila. Davao City is a natural choice location for another facility that supports the Philippines’ MICe (meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions) industry that is now a major tourism driving force. As the first SMX outside Manila, its opening will definitely create a buzz among event organizers based in Mindanao as well

as those from other places who are considering holding their events in Davao. Clients can expect the same exceptional facilities and exemplary service that SMX is known for. Park Inn by Radisson Davao, also a part of the SM hotels and Conventions Group, will be open to serve the accommodation needs of event organizers and attendees in the first quarter of 2013.

of eastWest Bank’s parent firm Filinvest Development Corporation. Gotianun, who is number 17 in Forbes Magazine’s list of richest people in the Philippines for 2012, personally gave the go signal for the expansion after being impressed with Tacurong City’s business and investment prospects. “Mr. Gotianun may have heard about the booming business economy in the city through his partnerships and networks,” Garcia said in a statement. Garcia said the bank has already started to transact with concerned groups and individuals for the establishment of its Tacurong City branch. Tacurong City Mayor Lina Montilla said eastWest Bank’s expansion mainly shows that the city remains an attractive

trade and investment destination. “This kind of investment asserts the city’s capability in sustaining businesses and enterprises. Rest assured that the city government will continue to support the business sector as this is vital for the city’s sustained progress,” the mayor said. Montilla said strategies have been formulated and employed by the local government to make the city more business-friendly as well as attract more investors and generate more employment opportunities for local residents. Among these are the establishment of the Tacurong Investment Assistance Center and the passage of the Tacurong Local Investment and Incentive Code, she said. eastWest Bank evolved from

a consumer business founded by Andrew L. Gotianun Sr. in 1955 that has become one of the country’s premier conglomerates, with business interests in real estate development, banking, hospitality and tourism, power-generation and the sugar business. The bank presently operates a total of 150 branches nationwide, including one that was opened recently in nearby Koronadal City. eastWest had forged an agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC) to open up its lending and other banking services to MSMes. It was among the private financial institutions that that were included in a web-based loan portal that was launched last July by the Department of Trade and Industry. [ALLEN V. EsTABiL-

EastWest Bank to open Sultan Kudarat branch


ICRo, small and medium enterprises (MSMes) in Sultan Kudarat province are getting another boost with the upcoming expansion in Tacurong City of the Gotianum-led east West Banking Corporation (eastWest Bank). erwin Garcia, chair of the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Small and Medium enterprises Development (PSMeD) Council, said eastWest Bank has formally signified to open a branch in Tacurong City as part of its ongoing expansion program in Mindanao. he said the bank, which is considered as among the top private financial institutions in the country that cater to the MSMe sector, finalized the move following a visit in the area last July of real estate tycoon Andrew Gotianun, chair


MONTHLY AVERAGE EXCHANGE RATE (January 2009 - December 2011) Month Average December November October September August July June May April March February January




42.85 42.70 42.86 42.66 43.62

43.31 43.64 43.27 43.45 43.02 42.42 42.81 43.37 43.13 43.24 43.52 43.70 44.17

45.11 43.95 43.49 43.44 44.31 45.18 46.32 46.30 45.60 44.63 45.74 46.31 46.03

BOOKSTORE. A lady looks into a bookstore’s wide collection of romantic novels hoping to find something she likes at the Annex of SM City Mall Davao yesterday. [LEAN DAVAL JR.] as of august 2010

Cebu Pacific Daily Zest Air Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Philippine Airlines Daily Philippine Airlines Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun Philippine Airlines Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Silk Air Mon/Wed/Sat Cebu Pacific Thu Cebu Pacific Tue/Wed//Sat

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Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu-Davao-Iloilo Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Zamboanga-Davao-Zamboanga Cebu-Davao-Cebu Iloilo-Davao-Cebu Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu-Davao-Manila Davao-Cebu-Singapore Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila

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Davao-Singapore Cebu-Davao-Cebu 16:50 Cebu-Davao-Cebu Manila-Davao-Cebu Manila-Davao-Manila Cagayan de Oro-Davao-Cagayan de Oro Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila

15:20 15:30 16:45 17:05 17:45 18:20 19:10 20:30 21:00 21:00 21:50 22:50



Bamboo a potential money-earning trade

By Lovely A. Carillo


AN bamboo be the next money-earning and environment-friendly industry in Davao City? City Agriculturist Leonardo Avila III was confident that the city has another winning industry in its hands if it is able to maximize the economic potentials of bamboo, the same way China did with its approximately USD20 billion bamboo industry. The country’s bamboo-based furniture industry has a growth rate of 15 percent per year, with export revenues amounting to USD3.2 million per year. The bamboo-based handicraft industry has a growth rate of 7 percent with export revenues of 8 billion dollars per year. Philippines is the fifth largest bamboo exporter in the world, tailing Vietnam. The three bamboo exporters are China, eU and Indonesia. The Philippine Bamboo Foundation reported that up to 52,000 hectares of land in the country is planted to bamboo but this could not meet the market demand. As of 2010, the market needs 575,000 handicraft poles and 3.5 million furniture poles. “We are looking at the possibility of establishing sustainable bamboo plantations in Davao not only for its economic value but also for its environmental value,” Avila said. The Davao City Agriculture office is set to include bamboo production in its Agro Forestry Program. But first, it has to conduct an inventory to determine how many areas in the city are planted with bamboo. There are more or less 1,500 uses for bamboo. It is a good building material as some species can withstand 52,000 pounds per square inch (psi) before it breaks, compared to walnut wood with only 20,000 psi and steel which is stronger at 60,000 psi.

It can prevent soil erosion and can be made into rafts, for biomass production, textiles, paper, and chemical products. “The good thing about bamboo is that you can plant it on mountains and include it in multi-cropping,” he said. “It should not replace existing food crops but can complement the existing crops,” he added. Avila said it is essential that thorough research is done before Davao invests in the bamboo industry just like what China did when the Ministry of Science and Technology conducted a research on the industry way back in 1970. The study looked into the possibility of planting bamboo to improve the quality of the economy and human life. After 40 years, China is reaping the benefits of the bamboo industry.

Bamboo and the economy Bamboos grow rapidly and reach maturity in three to five years making it a viable alternative to hardwood and traditional timber when it comes to the furniture industry. The return on investment on bamboo is also a lot faster since it can be frequently harvested, making it an attractive and sustainable community project even for small farmers. “It has huge income potential so it can be utilized to improve the lives of people in the countryside,” he explained europe has been China’s favorite market for bamboo flooring because europeans are willing to pay over USD100 for every square meter of flooring material made of bamboo instead of the USD25 cost for every square meter of flooring made of oak.

DA rice program moves A to protect Christmas crop T he National Rice Program of the Department of Agriculture this week ordered all regional field units nationwide to create el Nino Action Teams to assess and anticipate the effects of a possible dry spell beginning this october until the Christmas season. Assistant Secretary Dante S. Delima, national rice program coordinator, issued the order on September 12 as a result of findings of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration (PAGASA) that the last quarter of the year might be prone to the el Nino phenomenon. “As forecast, el Nino is seen to adversely affect large portions of Luzon, and other parts of the country with drought-like effects at a time when heavy rainfall is traditionally expected. This phenomenon will undoubtedly affect rice production in our

rainfed areas, while critically placing water supply in our irrigation facilities at dangerous levels,” Delima said in his order. he cited the report of PAGASA Senior Weather Specialist Anthony Joseph Lucero in the 56th Climate Forum on September 07, 2012 about the impending dry spell. The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) has projected that rice production for the second half of 2012 is forecast at 9.92 million MT, 8.9% higher than last year’s level of 9.11 million MT. Based on standing crop, production of palay for July to September 2012 may reach 3.56 million MT, some 12.3% above last year’s 3.17 million MT, the bureau said. BAS data also indicate that based on farmers’ planting intentions, the october to December 2012 palay out-

put is forecast at 6.36 million MT, 7.1% above last year’s 5.94 million MT. Delima mandated field units to create their own Regional el Nino Action Team (ReNACT), to be led by the Regional executive Director as chairperson, the regional rice coordinators, regional information officers, regional focal persons from the NIA, BSWM, ATI, BPI, IA Regional Presidents, and other pertinent officials of DA. The action teams should also coordinate with corresponding local government units and Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils. once created, the teams shall immediately convene to assess the rice situation in their region, get updates from the appropriate regional or national government agencies, and plan out activities or interventions in consideration of the impending

“But we should not immediately go into the export market and compete with China because they have already established their markets,” Avila said. “Davao should instead look into the local market for bamboo,” he added. he said the wood industry can get a lift even with the present log ban by using bamboo as a raw material for furniture. Bamboo waste can also be converted into charcoal which is in demand in europe. Bamboo and the environment More than its contribution to the economy, bamboo is also an important component in humanity’s fight against climate change. A hectare of bamboo is capable of isolating or removing up to 12 tons of carbon every year. China’s 5.38 million hectares of land planted to bamboo is helping the country in its commitment to lower its carbon emission by up to 45 percent by the year 2020. Deforestation is a major concern worldwide and bamboo presents a solution as it can be an ideal tool for preventing soil erosion, landslides and flooding. The environmental Bamboo Foundation reported that bamboo produce more oxygen than the other trees “so it can play an important role in combating the greenhouse effect.” The biomass of bamboo increased by up to 30 percent every year compared to ordinary trees which increases only by up to 5 percent. Biomass is an energy source that can be directly used or converted into biofuel. Bamboo is a good source of fuel in any form including charcoal.. As of 1995, a total of 1,685 hectares of land in Mindanao are planted with bamboo. The largest bamboo plantations in Mindanao are in Laak, Davao del Norte with 434 hectares and Panabo also in Davao del Norte with 303 hectares. [PNA]

P17M worth of farm-to-market roads opened in Sultan Kudarat

effects of el Nino and other climate change-related phenomena to rice production, Delima said. Action planning workshops should be undertaken, to assess the projected impact of el Nino on regional rice production, broken down into the provincial level, and considering various possible scenarios, he added. “Mitigating measures should be identified to minimize the projected impact of el Nino on rice production, along with its budget requirements, monitoring and reporting mechanisms, and information management strategies in all stages should be in place,” Delima said. earlier this year, the country’s January-June 2012 palay production was 7.89 million MT, 4.2% higher than last year’s level of 7.58 million MT. [ADAM o. BoRJA/DA NATioNAL RicE PRoGRAM]

FTeR years of passing through rough and bouncy roads, residents in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat are grateful to the government for new paved farm-to-market roads (FMR). on Tuesday, the Department of Agriculture 12 has turned over to the local government of Isulan P17 million worth of FMRs. Three villages could now enjoy a 7.29 kilometers of FMR each after the project was completed in Barangays Laguilayan, Lagandang and New Pangasinan, according to DA-12 Regional Director Amalia Jayag-Datukan. Datukan also announced the availability of P37 million worth for other FMR in other villages in Isulan. Speaking during the simple ceremonies, Datukan challenged farmer-beneficiaries of FMR to maximize the use of the projects to increase rice productivity to meet the DA’s mission of food suf-

ficiency next year and the years ahead. Datukan said Sultan Kudarat has a rice production of 127 percent, more than enough to meet its local demand, thereby having enough supplies for other regions in the country. Isulan Mayor Diosdado Pallasigue said the FMR will surely boost the agricultural production of Isulan because more than 2,000 hectares of rice fields surround the road network. “The project is also expected to provide savings for farmers because their transportation costs will be reduced,” Pallasigue said. Farmer-beneficiaries and local residents were grateful for the project made possible through the Mindanao Rural Development Program of DA. Aside from turn-over program, Datukan also led DA officials in a raffle draw where farmers won five carabao and tarpauline they can use in solar drier. [PNA]


EDGEDAVAO Epal, Epalitics and Epaliticians





The travails of Dr. Ledesma

T’S A GooD thing that Dr. Danilo Ledesma, the embattled city medico legal officer, has broken his silence on a controversy which has unnecessarily involved him for more than a week now. In an interview with edge Davao’s Carlo Mallo, Ledesma said there is nothing irregular in his tearing up a document, a death certificate, which he cannot sign because it was spurious. The controversy stemmed from the death of a child, one Khean Marc Buco, who reportedly died after he was injected with a vaccine at the City health office. After the child was autopsied at the Southern Philippine Medical Center, Almacio and Maridelma, parents of the ill-fated child, approached Ledesma to sign the death certificate. The government physician refused to sign the document because he was not the one who performed the autopsy. “Why should I sign the death certificate when it was not I who conducted the autopsy?” he said, adding that “it should be the attending medico legal officer of the institution (SPMC) that conducted the autopsy.” Ledesma said that after telling the couple what to do, and since the unsigned document bore his (Ledesma’s) name, he deemed it necessary to tear the document in half.

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“I even gave them the other half so that the details appearing on the document would not be lost,” he said. Apparently after this, the couple went to the media whose knee-jerk reporting gave some sensational angles to the story. one angle was that it was Ledesma who injected the vaccine. Another bizzare angle is that Ledesma was in hiding when in fact he went to Manila to attend a scheduled seminar immediately after his refusal to sign the document. When he returned to Davao, the poor chap was so devastated to find out that he had been pictured by media as a virtual fugitive from justice and perceived guilty of many crimes courtesy of some unthinking media sectors. Now that he has decided to talk and answer the innuendoes straight, he is expectedly to regain his tarnished image sooner or later. According to record, Ledesma, who became a physician in 1986, has been medico legal officer of Davao City for more than 20 years now, with nary a negative report or a complaint against him. he had never worked abroad, choosing to dedicate the best years of his professional life in the service of the country. hopefully, this sad episode in his career will not discourage him from continuing to serve the city. ANTONIO M. AJERO Editor in Chief

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NTIL it became viral, I never realized that “epal” has no direct english equivalent. It is yet another proof of the richness of the Filipino vocabulary as a language. epal is likely derived from “mapapel” as an astute description of a person always in need of attention and recognition. epal persons, in ordinary parlance, annoy us, for they constantly grab our attention, interfere in our private conversation or simply say something entirely irrelevant. export that epal culture to the mundane realm of politics and its implications are menacing. Senator Miriam Santiago, principal author of the Senate bill that seeks to criminalize the practice, says that epal system promotes the “culture of political patronage and corruption.” her bill provides for an imprisonment term of six months to one year. If passed, the Departments of Public Works and highways, Interior and Local Government and the Metro Manila Development Authority will be given three months only to pull those mischievous billboards down. The battle cry against epal started when President Aquino launched the shame campaign. Together with the anti-utak wangwang, it was part of his administration’s broader crusade for greater transparency, good governance and eradication of corruption in the government. Says CoMeLeC Chair Sixto Brillantes, “epal posters cheapen our electoral process as if these candidates are supermarket commodities that need to be advertised. The best way to deal with these epals (is to) remember their faces now and forget their names come election day.” Well, it seems that we, the voters, have so much remembering to do soon. Brillantes admitted that the commission is legally ill-equipped. The Santiago bill is a welcome move. At least, I have found a rare reason to agree with her. What constitutes epal politics then? Who is an epalitician? essentially, epal politicians are either elected, appointed or anyone who intends to run for an elective post who have the nasty habit of appending their names and studio photos on billboards, posters, signage, etc, claiming credit for facilitating various public works. They also include those who place their names or initials in parks, piers, ambulances or multi-cabs, as if those were constructed or financed from their personal coffers. here, in our city, you see some of their names embedded on narrow streets that look more like a tombstone than as an icon of good governance. epaliticians are also those who hang tarpaulin streamers that greet rural folks a happy fiesta, bastardizing the real essence of a saint’s birthday or martyrdom. For all we know, many of them do not even spend a single minute inside the church to piously pray for the salvation of their souls. Maybe, next time you see those epal streamers commemorating the ascension of the Virgin Mary to heaven, let us pray that La Virgine brings them too to the place beyond. We do not need them here on earth. By extension, epal phenomenon is an offshoot of a brewing bipolar personality disorder, experts assert. These interlopers and scene-stealers are best described not merely as epal but also as kapal, if we are to take Mae Paner (aka Juana Change) of the Anti-epal Movement seriously. In the old Testament, human vanity was called the Whore of Babylon. In Renaissance paintings, it was a woman combing her hair in front of an open jewel box and a mirror held by the Devil himself. here is the good news. Vincent Lazatin and Betty Romero created an anti-epal FaceBook page last May 2012 and barely four months since then, they have 26,000 online followers already. Sample epal photos are liked and shared by the thousands every day. Carlos Celdran (remember the Padre Damaso incident inside the Manila Cathedral) and Juana Change gave the movement a modified pro-pop culture image, making it easy for younger generations to identify themselves with. our election laws are not comprehensive. Pending adoption of the bill, the battle shifts to mass social media. Massive support from civil society against corruption last 2010 elections redefined the political arena, helping catapult an anti-corruption candidate into the presidency. epaliticians steal from whom real credit is due---the taxpayers. We, therefore, have the critical role to play. Remember their faces now.



The Gospel of P-Noy

have a simple unsolicited advice for government agencies, private companies, organizations and educational institutions that will observe anniversaries or milestones in the future: Do not invite President Aquino as guest speaker. If recent events are any indication, it is very likely that these entities will be at the receiving end of an uncalled for reprimand. Just recently-- in a, span of six weeks-Mr. Aquino was the guest speaker at the 25th anniversary celebration of TV PATRoL, the popular ABS-CBN primetime television news program. With the network’s top officials in attendance-- Chair Geny Lopez, Ceo Charo Santos-Concio, news anchors Noli de Castro, Korina Sanchez, Ted Failon-- the President jolted the audience when he unleashed a vitriolic tirade against the program for highlighting negative news stories and ridiculed Noli de Castro’s trade mark greeting “Magandang Gabi Bayan.” Naturally the entire ABS-CBN community was greatly embarrassed and the people were left squirming in their seats. It was a stinging slap on the faces of the people behind the news program. P-Noy simply threw propriety out the window. Civility requires a guest to show respect to the host. No matter how high is o n e ’ s place in society, one has no license to brush aside right manners and good conduct. Mr. Aquino’s rebuke of what displeases him is an unmistakable display of moral ascendancy with dash of arrogance.




sion by spewing his displeasure over the bungled jobs of BID officials. Moreover, he vowed to use an iron

hand in dealing with incompetence. So there you are. Inviting P-Noy as guest speaker is a risky proposition. one is bound to hear a sermon, instead of a speech that inspires. Now, here’s another advice: Do not invite senators and congressmen and other politicians as guest speaker. Most of them don’t fully understand the true essence of plagiarism and, therefore, are prone to plagiarizing. They think plagiarism is simple speech tool that helps deodorize rhetoric. There is some amount of truth in saying that we cannot expect inspiring messages and nuggets of wisdom to come from the pork barrel-conscious minds of politicians. For one thing, some other guys write their speeches. For another, they themselves don’t mean what they perorate. They mouth ideas fed to them by their speech writers. And they pass these as their own. In the sense that they are not the authors of their speeches, they are innocent, if not ignorant, plagiarists. --oo-Politicians are addressed as “honorable”. Question: Is it honorable to steal?

solutions to their tribulations. But amid the brighter socio-economic outlook and peaceful environment envisioned by the Aquino administration, opposition leaders and their spokespersons who always act like loose cannons with runaway mouths alleged the present dispensation is actually struggling to keep up with the prevailing crisis – services disorganized and unreliable. This fits into a pattern of distrust the opposition now feels besides bearing a simmering resentment about PNoy’s much-ballyhooed “Daang Matuwid” (Straight Path) policy. They blame the Aquino leadership for the interlocking problems that continued to plague the country. Will those criticism and tirades ever stop? The opposition forces, which are also badly disintegrated, are turning more attention to destabilizing campaign. They had already spent time and money on smear drive. After only a few months of PNoy’s incumbency, his detractors already embarked in negative pronouncements with a spot calling the President “wrong on socio-economic policies, wrong on taxes, wrong on defense” and every wrong thing they could ever imagine. Looking from different angles, political experts say the opposition group hasn’t produced anything but hate and distrust. It was a risky move for the opposition

team to come out so early against PNoy and the formidable Liberal Party (LP), but their political strategists firmly believe that opposition bets seeking reelection are going to win in 2013 mid-term elections by engaging early. It’s not even the time to file Certificates of Candidacy (CoC) yet opposition attackers keep on pounding PNoy and company and playing a vigorous political game. To weaken the strength of the LP, the opposition has to destroy first its titular head – Pnoy. For an incumbent President, the kind of intense engagement and personal attacks undertaken by political detractors over the radio, TV and print that have characterized the recent weeks and months should be considered part of the country’s traditional mucky political game. But the power of the office and the extreme media coverage are guarantees that would give PNoy the luxury of staying above the fray. The Palace political advisers already saw the next few weeks or so going to the 2013 mid-term polls as a window of opportunity for the opposition in which to inflict real damage on PNoy and the LP political contenders before voters get to know much about them. What the opposition bloc probably didn’t know was that at the appropriate time the dominant party was also planning to pull a surprise of its own. That might make it awkward for the power-hungry opposition to likewise stage their own shocker – which is quite a challenge considering that between now and election Day many unexpected things could happen that would certainly favor the powers-that-be.

I am inclined to believe that P-Noy is not a social illiterate. Maybe, he is just flexing presidential muscle to exact positive response and obedience to his political Gospel of matuid na daan.

And few weeks ago, at the Bureau of Immigration anniversary program, trigger happy P-Noy dampened the holiday spirit of the occa-

‘Just recently-- in a,

span of six weeks-- Mr. Aquino was the guest speaker at the 25th anniversary celebration of TV PATROL, the popular ABS-CBN primetime television news program.’

A question of perception

ARLY SMeAR PoLITICAL CAMPAIGN – “For now the economy is clearly gaining ground,” thus says President Benigno Aquino III when he gave an inside glimpse of the country’s business climate during a meeting with leading investors. on the same occasion, President PNoy likewise emphasized that his administration has moved aggressively to address a range of neglected issues that have long been the subject of concern: rising crime, widespread corruption, bureaucratic red tape, education, food, shelter, medical services and job generation. PNoy reiterated his course of action in different venues whenever invited to be the guest speaker. Already he has backed up his oft-repeated speeches railing against corruption with a swath of prosecution of middle-level government officials and businessmen, and a handful of more high-profile prosecution. he seems willing to show a little more of the iron fist than usual, underscoring with unusual sternness that there will be no compromise – or exceptions in his drive to minimize if not totally eradicate corruption. In responding to harsh critics, mostly remnants of the Arroyo leadership who accused him of being indecisive, he says with conviction the concerns raised by his power-obsessed political detractors is a question of perception. Also, in what appeared to be a direct slap on the face of the opposition bloc, PNoy maintained his adversaries have nothing else to offer to the people. They have no tangible ideas that can be transmitted into some realistic programs. They just want to promise their supporters and followers with unimaginable


Sons of their guns


o, where’s the supposed reformer named Benigno S. Aquino III? Gone. Not physically but from the hopes and dreams of those who voted him and those who did not – like me – but had given him nonetheless the benefit of a doubt. The surveys that showed he still enjoyed high popularity ratings compared to other officials may have made Aquino arrogant, leading him at times to dismiss criticisms thrown his way like misplaced toys strewn on his “matuwid na daan.” he has been acting like it is enough to pave the road with good intentions – no action needed – even if it leads to hell. At best, the drive for reforms has been selective. Renato Corona has been ousted as chief justice supposedly to prevent former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from seeking protection from the Supreme Court. Some of Arroyo’s close allies have also been charged in court in relation to major controversies that happened during her administration. But Aquino’s journey down the straight path has stopped there. his feet wobble for the next step each time an official of his cabinet gets embroiled in alleged anomalies. The indecisiveness shows in the case of recently resigned Interior undersecretary Rico Puno, who was implicated in a questionable gun contract for the Philippine National Police (PNP) amount-

‘A shooting buddy of the President,

Puno assumed full supervision of the PNP upon the appointment of the late Jesse Robredo as Interior and Local Governments secretary, putting the latter in an awkward position. Puno’s body language showed he was not ready to call it quits even after the controversy had blown in Malacanang’s face, and only stepped down after Aquino announced his replacement.’

ing to a billion pesos. A shooting buddy of the President, Puno assumed full supervision of the PNP upon the appointment of the late Jesse Robredo as Interior and Local Governments secretary, putting the latter in an awkward position. Puno’s body language showed he was not ready to call it quits even after the controversy had blown in Malacanang’s face, and only stepped down after Aquino announced his replacement. The replacement however is far from ideal – PNP chief Nicanor Bartolome, who is also as liable as Puno in approving the gun deal. Aquino’s move can only be interpreted as an effort to cover up the whole thing. Now, who can blame critics of this administration if they say that the Palace itself has a stake in this deal? It did not help that Aquino attempted to downplay the controversy by saying that P1 billion is a small amount. Why make the amount involved the issue? In ancient times, so the movies say, men had died for lesser offenses. Maybe thieves then had died for stealing a penny – or maybe they got a punishment that had prevented recidivism. But this should not be construed as a proposal to restore capital punishment or to impose brutal measures like cutting off fingers. All that Aquino needs to do is to stop treating government as an employment agency for close buddies and coddling them whenever their official acts are questioned. Bringing along the “kabarkada” on the straight path is the worst he can do. (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. h. Marcos C. Mordeno can be reached at hmcmordeno@




3,000 residents benefit in Presyo Diskwento Caravan in Lupon


RELOCATION SITE. Laborers work on houses at a relocation site for Typhoon Sendong  victims in Sta. Elena, Iligan City. The 15-hectare site, which is being managed by Gawad Kalinga, is intended to accommodate


this year,” reveals assistant director Priscilla N. Razon of DSWD. “Davao Del Sur [including Davao City] has 3,823, Compostela Valley has 2218, Davao Del Norte with 2417 and Davao oriental, 1979. For this number of recipients, we disbursed some P 31,272,000 to cover

agencies and the private sector. For the Lupon leg of the caravan, the agency partnered with the local government unit (LGU) of Lupon, NCCC-Tagum City, and eR Supermall. Lupon LGU executive assistant Bong Pacetes said he had observed that residents left the area with two or more purchases. “I haven’t seen such a huge crowd like this,” he said. Documentation of the activity revealed total sales receipt of P167,939.25 from the 3,011 registered buyers. [DTi-Do/ziR/JMM]


Davao Light conducts 15-minute power interruptions Sept. 23, 24

the pension from January to June this year,” Razon said. DSWD XI records show that in 2011, there were only 7347 recipients for the program. An increase of over three thousand is due to the new enrollees who qualified beginning this year. For easy monitoring and tracking, the oSCA

AVAo Light & Power Company will conduct a Preventive Maintenance Servicing (PMS) on its Pampanga Substation. The PMS will take place on September 23 and 24 both from 5:00 a.m. to 5:15 a.m. Communication officer Ross Luga said that the scheduled PMS is necessary for a more reliable power supply. This will prevent unexpected equipment breakdown and thereby avert unforeseen and longer power interruptions in the future. These service interruptions will affect customers from Bajada Power Plant going to corner Arroyo Street in Lanang. Customers along Mamay Road up to Cabantian

1,700 families. Around 300 families have so far moved in.[MiNDANEWs/BoBBy

DSWD: Davao Region has 10,437 social pensioners

N coordination with the local government units, local social welfare and development offices and the office of senior citizens affairs (oSCA), the department has so far validated a total of 10,437 senior citizens who are qualified to receive the monthly social pension

VeR 3,000 people from the different barangays of Lupon, Davao oriental recently took advantage of the Presyo Diskwento Caravan conducted in their area. As part of the founding anniversary celebration of Lupon, the caravan offered as much as 80 percent discounts to basic and prime commodities. The Presyo Diskwento Caravan is an initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) which is aimed at bringing relief to consumers from the rising prices of goods. This is in partnership with other government


Notice is hereby given that IMELDA P. LEE, whose picture appears above, is no longer connected with Zion Accuprint Publishing, Inc. effective July 16, 2012.

Any transaction entered into by IMELDA P. LEE in behalf of Zion Accuprint Publishing, Inc. will not be honored.

and the local social welfare offices maintain and ensure an updated Social Pension list in every barangay, municipality and city. hence, statistics may change based on reports on age qualification and mortality incidence among potential and existing pensioners. [DsWD/ cARMELA cADiGAL-DuRoN]


and those from Buhangin Flyover to Mandug will also experience these outages. Davao Light apologizes for the inconvenience of these scheduled power interruptions. But, it will exert all efforts to restore electric service as scheduled or earlier. however, there may be instances where restoration may extend beyond the schedule due to unavoidable circumstances. Davao Light’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) remotely controls switches in substations and along the distribution lines. hence, maintenance works or restorations of power supply are implemented at its barest minimum.


Notice is hereby given that

JESSICA M. PADILLO, whose picture appears above, is no longer connected with Zion Accuprint Publishing, Inc. effective January 26, 2012.

Any transaction entered into by JESSICA M. PADILLO in behalf of Zion Accuprint Publishing, Inc. will not be honored.



8 cops... FFROM 1

he said the erring police officers had been disarmed and are now in the custody of the city police personnel holding and accounting unit. Sibal headed the CPSC’s anti-illegal drugs special operations team (CAIDSoT) while Calipjo was chief of the unit’s theft and robbery section. A report released by the city police office said Calipjo initially turned up heavily drunk at the CPSC headquarters around 6 p.m. Monday. Calipjo later created some disturbance and fired two shots in the process, said deputy city police director Supt. Ruel Berango. he said Calipjo hastily left the scene after the incident, leaving behind a drunken Sibal who reportedly made another scene at the CPSC office. Berango, who was among the police officials who responded at the scene, said they immediately detained Sibal at the CAIDSoT lockup and was joined by Calipjo after he surrendered around 11 p.m. Monday. “he (Calipjo) reasoned that he was just venting his frustration at that time because of his implication in the CPSC extortion case,” the police official said on the other hand, the


Criminal Investigation and Detection Group 12 (CIDG12) filed on Wednesday charges of obstruction of justice and grave threat against a police colonel and his men who spoiled the entrapment operation of CIDG-12 operatives against the suspected “kotong” cops. Charged before the General Santos City Prosecutor’s office were Supt. Jessie Ramos, former head of the GSCPSC based at Camp Fermin G. Lira Jr. Also included in the charge sheet are Insp. Calipjo, Po3 Jeffrey Lopez and several others under the GSCPSC. Cases of attempted bribery and robbery (extortion) were lodged against Po3 Leopoldo Pascual of City Anti-Illegal Drug Task Force, Po2 Melchor Mallo, Nelson Bering and Ronel Susing. The charges stemmed from a Sept. 6 botched entrapment operation of CIDG12 operatives just in front of GSCPSC headquarters inside the city police headquarters. on Sept. 6, the CIDG-12 to launch an entrapment operation against some police personnel and civilians who were reported involved in extorting P200,000 from the family of arrested drug suspect, Jonard Abaga. Senior Supt. Noli A. Romana, CIDG-12 regional director, told reporters here that Pascual and Bering de-

manded P200,000 from the Abaga family to drop the case. The family, however, reported the extortion to PDeA and the PDeA, in turn, sought help from CIDG. CIDG informed Monteagudo, who immediately issued a verbal order to launch an entrapment operation. The pay-off took place in a hut inside the compound of the GSCPSC in the afternoon of Sept. 6. But Bering, upon learning that the money was only P17,000, returned the envelop to the complainant without counting the amount. The CIDG operatives tried to arrest Bering and Pascual inside the GSCPSC compound but a commotion took place when GSCPSC personnel prevented them from doing so. “GSCPSC personnel, except Chief Insp. elmer Yago, were brandishing their M-16 rifles and threatened CIDG operatives. hence, Bering was not arrested,” Romana stated in his report. Romana further bared that despite the explanation of Senior Inspector Leo Deofiles, CIDG operatives team leader, Ramos even “challenged the CIDG team to a gun fight, drew, loaded and cocked his M-203 rifle.” To avoid bloodshed, the CIDG operatives returned to their headquarters nearby

“It will be up to the Cenro to prove whether the documents are legal since it is now under adjudication,” he said. But Aguillon said the company has a GPS reading, pictures and other documents to show that the logs in question did not come from a private land. he said the logs were cut along the Diwalwal, Plaka and Agasan areas in Sitio Gacub, Barangay hinapuyan, Carmen and not in the supposed “private property” which he identified as Kadilotan. Lanuza is the next town from Carmen, some 15 minutes away from the Sudecor compound. Aguillon said the logs could not have come from Kadilotan because that place is inaccessible and if, indeed, cutting was done there, they would not have been able to take the logs out. Taladua explained that his visit to the Cenro should not be a cause for alarm as he was “in the Cenro office and in front of the police” and “not in other places.” he also said the logs confiscated in August were planted species, notfrom natural and residual

forests. eo 23 bans cutting and harvesting of timber in natural and residual forests. But Aguillon asked, “who owns the land and who planted it?” he added the company still has authority to apprehend the logs because it is under their Integrated Forest Management Agreement (IFMA) and even the Provincial environment and Natural Resources officer (PeNRo) Merlinda Manila “has recognized this authority given to us.” Permits Aguillon also explained that the issue is not whether it was planted but Seblario failing to provide the pertinent permits needed to validate his claim. These include the transport and cutting permit and, if it is from a tree plantation, an ownership permit. Taladua said the government encourages private entities to plant trees which is why it also has to provide help to people who engage in wood trading. he said the groups who questioned his presence in the Cenro are alleging that the logs impounded in the Sudecor


Resources (Cenro) here “presumably to retrieve the logs.” “What we are wondering is why (Seblario) was with Taladua when he is with the anti-illegal logging task force,” Aguillon said. But Taladua denied allegations he went to the Cenro to help Seblario retrieve the logs. he told MindaNews in a telephone interview on Sunday night, that he was at the Cenro here, as representative of the task force. Part of his job, he said, is to attend to the concerns of businessmen involved in the buying and selling of wood. Taladua said Seblario earlier went to his office in Butuan City in Agusan del Norte province to seek “clarification” but denied knowing him on a personal basis. Private property “I am not helping anybody. I am just giving them the opportunity to talk,” Taladua said, adding Seblario brought with him a copy of a land title of a Manobo named “Iligan” to show proof that he bought the logs from a private individual.

and reported Ramos’ actuation to the police regional director. Romana vowed to file charges against Ramos and those involved in the extortion using as evidence the complainant’s affidavit and CIDG surveillance video. In an interview, Ramos said Bering and Pascual


were no longer his men. “They (Bering and Pascual) are no longer under my command for more than a month now. I hadn’t slept the night before because we secured the whole city in time for the opening of Tuna Festival. Then, armed men not in uniform suddenly entered my compound without prop-

er coordination. Naturally, I had to react,” Ramos said. Ramos appealed to his superiors not to implicate him in illegal activities of his former subordinates. Monteagudo immediately ordered the relief of Ramos and his men from the General Santos City Public Safety Company.

as defined in the previous ordinance, refers to “an area which is closed whether totally or partially at the sides and is roofed or makes use of the flow above it as a ceiling, or even if open on all sides but is covered by a roof, permanent or temporary in nature.” She said penalties are increased with the new anti-smoking ordinance, ranging from P1,000, P2,500, and P5,000 for the first, second, and third and subsequent offenses, respectively. Under the previous ordinance, the fines range between P500 and P2,000. She also mentioned that instead of being penalized for the first offense, a violator will be issued a citation ticket to pay for an administrative fine of P500 with the City Treasurer’s office three days from the day of apprehension. The length of imprisonment has also been increased to one month, two months and four

months, depending on the gravity of the offense, Villarreiz said, noting that RA 9211 does not impose imprisonment. “We have to make a very strong ordinance by increasing the penalty and inclusion of imprisonment,” she said, adding that no one was imprisoned during the previous anti-smoking ordinance. She said the new ordinance is a joint effort of the city council and the task force in order for them to protect the public from the harmful effects of second hand smoking. “If this is a model ordinance, this will be used internationally,” she said, citing that the World health organization has adopted the city’santi-smoking ordinance definition of enclosed place. At least 12,000 violators of the anti-smoking ordinance had been apprehended in this city since 2002, or an average of more than 1,000 violators every year. [Lorie Ann A. Cascaro / MindaNews]


pipes or shisha, and electronic ore-cigarettes that are available here. In case there will be new tobacco products even if it would be 10 years from now, Villarreiz said, this ordinance will be able to respond to emerging tobacco products. “We’re not banning shisha. We’re not banning e-cigarettes. We’re justregulating their use. So like the use of cigarettes, [we can allow useof these] only in designated areas for smoking,” she said. She stressed out that indoor smoking areas are now prohibited under the new ordinance. however, she pointed out that the number of establishments with smoking areas is negligible, citing that out of some 34,000 establishments in the city, only less than 20 establishments have indoor smoking areas. She said the new ordinance only allows smoking outside a building and not in enclosed places. An enclosed place,

compound are “hot logs.” “That’s why I told Cenro that it will be up to them to decide whether Seblario’s documents are valid. “Mananagot din si Seblario niyan pag peke yung dokumento, pero pag hindi naman wag natin pigilan,” (Seblario will be answerable if the documents he presented are fake but if they are not, we should not stop him), he added. he said those who question the propriety of his meeting with Seblario at the Cenro, “have a

wrong impression. I am very strict when it comes to illegal logging.” The Philippine Wood Producers Association (PWPA) listed a Roland Sevlario as one of its members through its website ph with Jeroking enterprises as his company. MindaNews last week made several calls to Jeroking enterprises in Upper Doongan, Butuan City, the company listed in Seblario’s name, but was informed by the person who answered

the call that it was a residential number. Several calls were also made to his mobile number but these went unanswered. MindaNews went to Jeroking enterprises in Butuan City on Tuesday (September 18), a compound with an eight-foot high gate and a watch tower but no signage and was told by Junry Umbal, who claimed to be a guard there, that Seblario was not around and that he left for Manila on August 29. [MindaNews] [Tomorrow: Unlikely ally]

Edge Davao hiring editor, 3 reporters

eDGe DAVAo is in need for an editor and three staffwriters/reporters for its expansion program. The three reporters will be assigned to the business, science/environment and political beats. on the other hand, the editor will supervise the reporters and do gate-keeping tasks. An applicant must be a graduate of a four- year college course. For reporters, experience is not needed although preferable. The editor should have at least one-year experience in editing. Interested parties are requested to send their applicant letter to Mr. Antonio M. Ajero, edge Davao editor thru email address ajero_antonio@yahoo. com. For inquiries, please call Mr. Ajero thru mobile phone 09052422686 or landline 221-3601.


There’s a better way to get attention.


RATES FOR BOx ADS BLACK AND WHITE SIZE Full Page Half Page 1/4 Page 1/8 Page 1/16 Page per col. cm.


Classified Page 10,000.00 5,000.00 2,500.00 1,250.00 650.00 55.00

P150.00 per column inch; P55.00 first three lines; P10.00 on succeeding lines

FULL COLOR ADS + 35% color surcharge

3 + 2 bonus



FOR SALE: 1) 1-hectare commercial lot at P10,000/sq m, along National Highway, facing east, beside NCCC Panacan, Davao City. 2) 17,940sq m commercial lot at P2,500/sq m, along Matina Diversion Road. 3) 3,831 sq m lot along Matina Diversion Road. 4) 41,408 sq m commercial/industrial lot at P800/sq m along the National Highway, Bunawan. 5) 7,056 sq m at P1,200/sq m commercial/residential lot along Indangan Road, Buhangin District. 6) 27,411 sq m commercial/industrial lot along the National Highway in Bincungan, Tagum City. 7) 116.15 to 245.92 sq meters , at P5.5M to P12.3M commercial/ office condo units in Bajada, Davao City. 8) 699 to 1,117 sq m at P4,100/sq m commercial lots at Josefina Town Center, along the National Highway, Dumoy, Toril. 9) Ready-for-Occupancy Residential Properties: 4BR/3T&B in a 240 sq m lot with 177.31sqm floor area (2-storey) at P4.8M in an exclusive beachfront community in Dumoy, Toril.; 3BR 2-storey in a 71.25 sq m 2-storey in a 143sq m lot in an exclusive flower village in Maa, Davao City; 180 sq m lots with 71.25sqm to 126.42 sq m floor areas, priced at P3.751M to P5.773M in an exclusive mountain resort community along Matina, Diversion Road. 10) 1BR/2BR residential condo units located in Bolton, Maa, Obrero, Davao City. 11) FOR ASSUME (RUSH): 1BR res’l condo unit in Palmetto, Maa. P600K negotiable. Note: Items 1-9 can be paid in cash, in-house or bank financing. If interested, please call Jay (PRC REB Lic. 8237) at 0922-851-5337 (Sun), 0908-883-8832 (Smart) or send email to

Serving a seamless society

Reporters (4)

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3 Door Apartment, lot 320 sq. m. Located at Bo. Obrero near Victoria Plaza 10 M, Direct Buyers only Contact: 0932-532-7304

IDEAL FOR INDUSTRIAL / MANUFACTURING PLANT, 3 hectares, Santa Cruz along the National Highway, Direct Buyers only Contact: 0927-706-2510

Deadline for submission of materials is 12:00 NN. Deadline for Friday and Saturday issues is 5:00 PM. Deadline for Sunday and Monday issues is Saturday 12:00 NN. For more information, please call our Advertising Office 2213601; 301-6235 and ask for Jane or Chay.




PRIME PROPERTY FOR SALE ROBINSONS HIGH LANDS, 173 sq. meters, 1.5 M, Direct Buyers only Contact: 0926-305-1555 0942-966-2444


LOT FOR SALE 180 sq. meter, Farland Subd., Dumoy, Toril, P 350,000 only Contact: 0927-706-2510

EDGEDavao Gensan Partners

Tel No. (083)- 553-2211

Clinic We offer Pasta, Pizza and all Filipino foods

- Male / Female, not more than 30 years old - Preferably a graduate of BS Mass Communication or related courses - Experience not necessary - Can work under pressure and within deadlines - Good command of the English language - A team player

Account Executives (2)

- Male / Female, not more than 30 years old - Candidate must posses a Bachelor/College Degree in any Business field. - Willing to work under pressure, flexible, persuasive, can speak fluently and computer literate - A team player - With Basic Salary, Transportation, Communication, allowance + Commission

For interested applicants, you may send your resume to: HR Department EDGEDavao Doors 13 & 14 Alcrej B;dg., Quirino Ave., Davao City Tel. No. (082) 221-3601 Email:

South Osmeña, General Santos City Cell No. 09999923588 Tel. No. (083) 552-3297


Shop at







ilipinos’ appreciation of president Benigno “noynoy” Aquino iii as well as confidence in his administration bounced back and almost hit their peaks again, results of a new pulse Asia survey showed. Aquino’s approval and trust ratings both reached 78 percent in August, comparable to his 79 percent approval rating and 80 percent trust rating in october 2010, his highest scores since he took office.



ilipino businessmen think that “radical progress” has been made under president Benigno “noynoy” Aquino’s anti-corruption campaign, a social Weather stations (sWs) said Tuesday. This, as it cited positive preliminary results of its 2012 survey of Enterprises on Corruption which account for interviews with executives from 826 companies from July 16 to sept. 14.



opEFully, some alleys and walls would no longer stink, as the government officially opens the bidding for the creation and rehabilitation of over 1000 public restrooms nationwide. The Department of Transportation and Communication (DoTC) published an invitation to bid in major publications on sept. 18, indicating the start of the bidding process for the p341-million toilet project.


Call center

HE Philippines expects to boost its revenues from call centers to nearly $15 billion by 2016, sustaining its three-year lead over rival India, industry leaders said Tuesday. The archipelago, which already hosts global giants Accenture, Convergys, iBM, nTT Docomo and Hinduja, is attracting more and more likeminded companies, Contact Center Association of the philippines head Benedict Hernandez said.


Roxas survives Miriam’s threat, gets CA approval S outgoing Transportation Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas survived Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s threat after he successfully gets the approval of the Commission on Appointments (CA) as the new Interior secretary. Senate President Juan Ponce enrile approved the confirmation after Santiago withdrew her motion invoking a one-person veto power on Roxas’ nomination for snubbing her hearing last week. “My high intelligence quotient dictates that I should reconsider and therefore withdraw my motion to suspend approval on the nomination (of Roxas),” Santiago said. Santiago issued the statement after Senator Tito Sotto appealed for her not to invoke Section 20 of CA’s Rules, which states any member can suspend consideration of any nomination. earlier, Santiago said she was deeply insulted by Malacañang’s action ordering its cabinet members to collectively snub a hearing evaluating ex-In-


Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas II is seen during the hearing at the Commission on Appointments held at the Senate in Pasay City yesterday. [NPPA iMAGEs] terior undersecretary Rico Puno’s performance. Santiago chairs the panel that evaluated Puno on his alleged involvement in jueteng and P1-billion arms deal in the Philippine National Police (PNP). “I now want to stand by the principle that the executive branch of the government cannot effectively prevent the legislative branch from holding an inquiry in aid of legis-

lation, the constitutionally-protected power, simply by agreeing among themselves that theu will not show up,” she said. Santiago expressed resentment that “a certain person cannot be investigated on the mere say so of Malacanang.” The senator also earlier moved to veto the nomination of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima. For his part, Roxas clar-

east Asia, but said better ties would “advance peace and stability and prosperity in the entire Asia-Pacific region.” Panetta and Chinese Defence Minister Liang Guanglie said they had candid discussions on the difficult issues confronting the two countries, including U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, the shift in U.S. strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific, cybersecurity and the territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo.

Panetta’s trip to Beijing for talks with senior Chinese military and government leaders has coincided with an eruption in tension over rival claims by Japan and China to a cluster of islands in the east China Sea. Anti-Japan protests have flared across China in recent days, including attacks on Japanese cars and restaurants. “With respect to these current tensions, we are urging calm and restraint by all sides

ified he did not intend to skip the legislative process when he failed to show up at Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments’ hearing last week.

Santiago chairs the panel that evaluated former DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno’s performance including his alleged involvement in jueteng and P1-billion arms deal in Philippine National Police (PNP).

Panetta urges China to increase military ties to avoid missteps


.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urged China on Tuesday to expand military relations with the United States to reduce the risk of a confrontation, even as the two powers grappled with a volatile territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo. Panetta, on his first trip to China as defense secretary, acknowledged differences between the two countries over maritime security in


AUDI Arabia has threatened to block all access to YouTube inside the kingdom unless the site cuts local access to a film which mocks the Prophet Mohammad, state news agency SPA reported late on Tuesday. YouTube owner Google Inc. has already blocked access to the film in egypt, Libya, India and Indonesia after deadly protests in several countries, but it has rejected a request by the White house to pull it from the site altogether.



orMEr navy junior officer and incumbent senator Antonio Trillanes iV claimed he was on an “official mission” to conduct “backdoor negations” that eased tension between Manila and China in May. Trillanes said it was unfair when Foreign secretary Alberto del rosario claimed that his negotiations with Chinese officials “did more harm than good” on the government’s claim over panatag shoal.


U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (L) and Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie shake hands before their delegations meet at the Bayi Building in Beijing September 18, 2012. Panetta is on the second official stop of a three nation tour to Japan, China and New Zealand. [REuTERs]

and encourage them to maintain open channels of communication in order to resolve these disputes diplomatically and peacefully,” Panetta said. Liang said China’s claim to the islands, known in China as Diaoyu and in Japan as Senkaku, dated back to the Ming dynasty. he blamed the Japanese government’s purchase of the islands from a private Japanese owner last week as the source of the current conflict. But Liang said China hoped for a peaceful settlement of the dispute. “We reserve rights for further actions,” he told a news conference. “of course, that being said we still hope for a peaceful and negotiated solution to this issue.” Panetta’s three-day visit to China is part of an effort to bolster military-to-military ties between the two countries and avoid the kind of on-again, off-again relationship they have had in the past. The two resumed contacts less than two years ago after a breakdown in ties over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. [REuTERs]

Close ally


he foreign minister of close ally Iran arrived in Syria Wednesday after proposing to send observers and as Amnesty International accused the regime of waging “relentless, indiscriminate” attacks against its own people. Ali Akbar Salehi’s visit comes as the ex-head of Syria’s chemical arsenal, Major General Adnan Sillu, told London’s Times newspaper he had been involved in “serious discussion about the use of chemical weapons, including how we would use them and in what areas.”

Highest honor


eMoCRACY icon Aung San Suu Kyi will receive the US Congress’s highest honor on Wednesday during a landmark trip in which she has called for the lifting of sanctions on her native Myanmar. The Nobel peace laureate was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2008, during the 15 years she spent under house arrest, and is only able to receive it now as relations thaw between the United States and the South Asian nation.



French magazine published a series of provocative cartoons Wednesday showing a nude Prophet Mohammed, likely to further fan the flames after a wave of Muslim protests over an anti-Islam film. More than 30 people have been killed in attacks or violent protests linked to the controversial USmade film “Innocence of Muslims”, including 12 people who died in an attack by a female suicide bomber in Afghanistan on Tuesday.



hINeSe leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping denounced Japan’s decision to buy disputed islands as a farce on Wednesday and said Tokyo should “rein in its behaviour” as China moved to snuff out anti-Japan protests after days of demonstrations. Relations between Asia’s two biggest economies have faltered badly, hitting their lowest point in decades on Tuesday when China marked the highly charged anniversary of Japan’s 1931 occupation of its giant neighbour.





A Canadian fusion at the Cafe Marco

The Marco Polo Davao and the embassy of canada recently held a canadian food festival titled “ a Glimpse of canada: a Journey to canadian cuisine” last September 14 at the cafe Marco.

highlighting canada’s multi-cultural harmony, the food festival focused the spotlight on canadianinspired dishes created by guest chef Sharwin Tee, the star of lifestyle Network’s “curiosity Got the chef”. having trained at Vancouver’s Pacific Institute of cu-

linary arts, Sharwin was the perfect chef to showcase the fusion of canada’s beautiful ingredients with Filipino style food. The festival featured many of canada’s famous food products like salmon,

steaks, and maple syrup used in many innovative fusion dishes such as adobo and White cheese Poutine, curry Kinilaw of canadian Salmon, Pork Belly humba and Pea Puree, and Maple-Guava Glazed chicken lollipop. little-known canadian products such as the beautiful canadian wines from Quebec served throughout the service was the talk of the evening. This is a special limited offer available daily for dinner from September 14 to 30, 2012. For inquiries and reservations, please

call 221.0888 local 7222 or 7223. Follow me on twitter @ kennethkingong for more foodie finds and travel tips. Chef Sharwin Tee oversees the preparation of the beautiful Canadian Ribeye Steak.

Decadenty delicious Durian Nanaimo bars.

Canadian ambassador Christopher Thornley enjoys a light moment with Goofing around with Chef Sharwin. the staff of Cafe Marco.

A salute to the beautiful food during the Canadian Food Festival.

Fried Canadian oysters.

Canadian Ribeye steak.

DOT XI regional director Art Boncato.


A2 INdulge! UP anD aBOUt

Khalil Ramos at SM City Davao Annex, September 28! Sixteen-year-OlD heartthrob Khalil ramos is set to serenade girls at SM City Davao on September 28, 6 PM at the annex. Khalil entered the entertainment industry in 2011 by earning third place at the reality talent show Pilipinas Got talent. Since then, there was no stopping his rise to fame as he was casted in aBSCBn’s primetime series Princess and i, top-billing with Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla and enrique Gil. the primetime tV teen sensation recently launched his highly anticipated self-titled debut album which he lovingly dedicates to his fans who have supported him since he joined “Pilipinas Got talent Season 3” last year. Khalil was inspired by his father, who started to train him to be a singer at the age of 5. His talent were influenced by Michael Jackson, David Cook, Journey, and John lennon. However, his musical taste matured from the influences by Queen, aerosmith, and the Beatles while growing up. in 2011 he trained with Jay Glorioso of the UP Diliman School of Music and Juilliard School of Performing art. Get a chance to meet and greet Khalil ramos live at SM City Davao! For inquiries, please call 297.6998 local 126. For promo and event updates, like SM City Davao on Facebook or follow @smcitydavao on twitter.

SKYcable launches new genre-based digital channel line-up in Davao JUSt when you think you have all that SKycable can provide in terms of digital cable tV, think again. SKycable, the leader in digital cable tV, has introduced yet another service innovation that is sure to make cable tV viewing more enjoyable for its subscribers in Davao. in the successful press conference held last September 19 at the D’leonor Hotel Davao, SKycable officials formally launched the new organized channel system. in the campaign dubbed, “OC for you,” SKycable goes all out in its mission to give its customers the ultimate in cable tV service by arranging its programs according to genre and by giving them channel assignments in increments of 100. Family members can now enjoy a more seamless channel surfing because they can easily locate their favorite programs. local programs are found anywhere from Channel one to 99. Moms and kids alike won’t have a hard time finding child-friendly content as they are found from channels 101 to 199. learning or educational channels are conveniently located in the 200 series, while men-oriented and Sports channels are found from channels 301 to 399. Meanwhile, movie addicts can satisfy their cinematic fix by surfing through channels 400 to 499. to get the latest news, both local and foreign, one can check the channels between 501 and 599. Subscribers looking for general entertainment channels will surely enjoy programs on channels 601 to 699. international and religious channels are found between 800-899 and 900-999, respectively. For lifelike viewing, nothing beats watching various content in high definition. enjoy the most number of HD channels only from SKycable, located in channel numbers 701-799. a subscriber must have an HD subscription and an HD box to be able to watch channels on HD. this new genre-based channel system does not only help subscribers easily locate their favorite programs, it will also help them find out all the other channels being offered by SKycable, which they may subscribe to via SKycable Select, in case their current basic plan does not include them. not yet on SKycable? Subscribe to any of SKycable’s basic plans --SKycable 280, 399, 499, Silver, and Gold then beef up your channel line-up through SKycable Select and/or SKycable HD. For more information, visit or call SKycable’s customer service hotline at 3055456.



A sumptuous dinner at Ranch and Reef By Bai Fauziah Fatima Sinsuat Ambolodto, MBA Photos by Elle Ocon

We all have our favorite restaurants. our reason? They simple serve our choice of good food.

raNch and reeF at the abreeza Mall may seem like your typical restaurant but for its loyal patrons, ranch and reef is beyond the typical. It spells out a full dining experience like no other. Unlike other establishments, ranch and reef offers a full range of variety dishes that its rivals (in the Metro) do not. With its buffet ranging from juicy and succulent steaks to their uber-crunchy tempura and exquisite pasta dishes, your craving for good food, excellent customer service and friendly price range would be satisfied – and more. For starters, they have one of the most extensive salad bar I have seen. From fresh and crunchy lettuce leaves, seasonal and Davao staple pomelo slices and a number of other salad condiments of all shapes, sizes and colors, you are surely to have fun creating your own salad. In addition, they have a wide range of dressings to go with your cravings. I recommend the pomelo slices and balsamic vinegar combo – Pasta lover? Try their creamy carbonara and fall in love the moment you taste its richness and creaminess in your palate. My good friend and photographer elle, a certified pasta lover, enjoyed the interplay of flavors in her mouth and was up for seconds. enjoy their pasta hot and served just the way you like them. another crowd pleaser and is their best seller (and a personal favorite) is their hot off the grill steaks. With their tender meat choices, you are surely to have a bountiful feast. Their meats are certainly like no other. once you taste it, you are up on your seats for seconds – and fast. The perfectly concocted sauces pairs well with whatever steak choices or meat dishes you will have. Their other best seller, crunchy tempura, is simply one of the best I have tasted so far. Its crunchy

batter is not overpowering and the shrimp remained sweet and soft inside. With or without a dipping sauce, their tempura is inevitably delicious. For the dessert lovers out there (just like me), an opulent feast of sweet choices line their plates and are simply inviting. Their miniature red velvet cupcake melts in your mouth and leaves a trailing sweet explosion with every bite. one of my favorite, their mini chocolate moist cupcakes are all so tempting to the eyes and makes you forget about your diet. Not to forget about their blueberry cheesecake bites

that are just as rich and creamy without the “umayness” you get from others. I personally love their individual crème brulee pots – not so sweet and just the right taste. owned and managed by Mr. enrick Yap, the ranch and reef is simply one of the best buffet restaurants in the Metro. one of Davao’s finest high-end restaurant, they vary their menu each and every single day thus you can expect fresh, new and delicious dishes every time you visit. More so, you can be guaranteed of dishes that are not only appetizing to the eyes but a feast to the stomach as

they themselves taste test the dishes before it gets out of their show kitchen and to the plates of their loyal patrons. The name raNch and reeF came about because of their love to eat good food. Their extensive search made them open their own and serve dishes that they personally love. ranch from their infamous steaks and reef from their tempura, the owners aim to cater to the growing need of good food and pocket friendly restaurants that we all look for. The abreeza Mall branch is actually their second branch, their first [branch] being the one situated along F. Torres Street. Though closed, it was said that they opt to focus on one branch and further its development for the people of Davao. ranch and reef is open for menu requests and cater to exclusive parties. For more info, you can give them a call and their friendly customer service will be right at your request. The next time you crave for an all dining experience, visit raNch and reeF at the rooftop of abreeza Mall and be simply amazed. Special Thanks to Ms. elle for the wonderful pictures, Ms. Kahru for the introduction and to Mr. enrick Yap for the warm welcome. Thank you! Do you want to be a part of Davao’s Thursday habit? Send me your recipes, questions, suggestions and comments and be featured. If you are interested, then email me at Happy Cooking!



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The late Dennis Hopper leaves $2.85M to 9-year-old daughter

MOSt of us will never accumulate millions in our bank accounts. But in a real-life “richie rich” story, the daughter of late actor Dennis Hopper has done just that – and she’s only 9 years old. Galen Grier Hopper has inherited a trust fund of $2.25 million cash and $600,000 worth of property from the “easy rider” actor’s estate, according to tMZ, which cites legal documents. the millions are a fraction of Hopper’s fortune that included properties in California, new Mexico, and north Carolina, plus an extensive art collection featuring works by artists such as JeanMichel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, and Frank Gehry. the legal docs reportedly stipulate that Galen’s mother and Hopper’s estranged wife Victoria Duffy have absolutely no access to the money. Hopper was still legally married to Duffy when he died from prostate cancer at 74 in May 2010. at the

time, the couple were embroiled in a divorce that was bitter even by Hollywood standards. the couple reportedly met in the early ‘90s when she was a waitress at a restaurant he frequented, and married in 1996. But they fought often, and stopped having sex several years before he filed for divorce in January 2010, according to the Daily Beast. (He was already living in the Beverly Hills Hotel at the time.) later, he filed for several restraining orders against Duffy, who is in her mid-40s. When a judge ordered Duffy out

of Hopper’s Venice, California, home, she filed a court document arguing that she needed to stay because she expected to be completely cut out of Hopper’s will. She reportedly complained that the divorce settlement didn’t provide enough money to take care of the couple’s only child, Galen. looks like she doesn’t have to worry about that now! though Galen made out well when it comes to her father’s will, she was often the victim found in the middle of the heated battle between her parents. She didn’t attend

her father’s funeral, for example, because Duffy was uninvited. Hopper’s ex reportedly received a letter from the actor’s attorney hours before the taos, new Mexico, service that stated Duffy was not welcome. it acknowledged that Duffy had stated Galen would not be allowed to attend without her, but requested that Galen be allowed to attend anyway. She was not. Hopper’s fortune became even larger last month when his Venice compound that included a 5,000-square-foot house, a guest cottage, three two-story condos designed by Frank Gehry, and a pool house, sold for $5 million. Presumably, Hopper’s three adult children, daughters Marin and ruthanna, and his actor son Henry, who starred in last year’s “restless” and this year’s movie “tar” with James Franco and Mila Kunis, will also be receiving some sort of inheritance of their own.

Tori Spelling rushed to hospital for emergency surgery

JUSt a few weeks after giving birth to son Finn Davey, tori Spelling is back in the hospital dealing with a postpartum health scare, her rep tells Us Weekly.

talization are available at this time, although her rep adds that the Craft Wars host is still under the care of the medical staff there and “is resting comfortably.”

“tori Spelling underwent emergency surgery over the weekend due to complications from her Csection,” her rep shared in a statement tuesday. Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott welcomed their fourth child together on august 30. they are already parents to liam, 5, Stella, 4, Hattie, 10 months, and Jack, 13 (from McDermott’s previous marriage to Mary Jo eustace). no further details regarding Spelling’s hospi-

Jennifer Aniston reveals pregnant belly in funny new ad

iF you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. and since it’s more or less a given that nothing can stop the unfounded pregnancy rumors (or any rumors, for that matter) surrounding Jennifer aniston, Justin theroux’s fiancée has gamely made the tabloids’ dreams come true. She’s pregnant! With triplets! and calls herself rachel! and her private home security tapes have leaked online! and...she has Jimmy Kimmel and an alien toddler for sons? yes, it’s all a spoof for SmartWater. But it’s a damn entertaining one.

THE MISTRESS John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo R-13

12:35 | 2:55 | 5:15 | 7:40 |10:00 LFS

RESIDENT EVIL 5- 2D Milla Jovovich , Michelle Rodriguez R-13

in addition to wearing a fake baby bump in the new viral video, the 43-year-old is rude to the help, shows off her lessthan-enthusiastic workout techniques and even inadvertently reveals that her much-coveted locks are nothing more than a

wig. Oh, and then there’s the little matter of her supposedly having given birth to a certain floatie-wearing late-night host. now that’s how you beat them to the punch(line). nothing to be pashamed about here.

12:50 | 2:40 | | 4:30 | 6:20 | 8:10 | 10:00 LFS

JUDGE DREDD Sylvester Stallone , Armand Assante R-16

12:00 | 2:00 | 4:00 | 6:00 | 8:00 | 10:00 LFS

PRIDYIDER Andi Eigenmann , Janice de Belen PG-13

12:30 | 2:25 I 4:20 | 6:15| 8:10 |10:00 LFS

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Trust Home Depot launches its new Eco-Bag aFTer the monthlong contest for the best eco-bag design, Trust home Depot unveiled the tilt’s winning design. The new, stylish and durable eco-bag debuted at the store on the first year anniversary celebration of Trust home Depot.

During the presentation, Stephanie ong, Trust home Depot Marketing Manager said, “In line with today’s thanksgiving celebration, we are launching the Trust home Depot eco-Bag. The new ThD eco-bag is durable, functional and visually pleasing, a bag the customers can tote in and out of the store. It’s also a showcase of how talented the Dabawenyos are in the field of art and graphic design.” among the many entries submitted during the design search, 24 year old James Bacarro, a layout and multimedia specialist and a full-time IT administrator at Southpoint School, emerged as the winner. “his design is unique, creative and evokes a sense of coziness and family which stayed true to the Build your home with TrUST theme,” said Ms. ong and referred to the designer as a “brilliant artist.” When asked how he conceived his design, Bacarro replied, ”having carefully read the brief, with the strict compliance of the colors to be used, I came up with a “global” concept for my design. Simply put, Trust home Depot is a business establishment that is globally competitive with an emphasis on excellence; eco-friendly; eco-conscious and gears toward a greener world; and values the community and pays attention to

its needs. The Trust home Depot logo is placed at the core of my design to evoke trust and confidence.” James Bacarro was awarded a cash prize of P 10,000 for his winning design. “ThD is one with Davao city in advocating environmental sustainabil-

ity and conservation,” said Ms. ong as she proudly presented the new reusable shopping bag along with the design features of the ThD building that supports the company’s advocacy, “This store is powered by solar tubes and long-life induction lighting, and the giant fans installed all over the store help conserve energy and increase ventilation within the building.” The new ThD eco-bag is now available in Trust home Depot at at ecoland Drive, Quimpo Boulevard, Matina (formerly Task Force Davao) with telephone numbers 2987878 and 295-3588. like Trust home Depot on Facebook.



8 AAK Davao karatekas in SM tilt By Neil Bravo


IGhT standouts from the AAK Davao Karatedo Team will be competing in the tough SM Superalls Super Karate Kids Age Group Championships on Sept 23, 2012 at the SM Bacoor in Cavite City. 2012 So Kim Cheng Sports Foundation Athlete of the Year awardee Arthur Lao III of Ateneo de Davao University will banner the 8-man squad honed by AAK Davao branch chief Rommel Tan. Coach Jeoffrey Albarico will be dishing instructions from the sidelines for the Davao karatekas. Also in the team are Carmela Marie estarija, another SKC awardee who plays out of Stella Maris Academy, Pavel Jervis Bacayo, Vivian Cortes, Czarina Morales, Danya Paquil, Mary Ann Pilarte and Angelica Noro of the University of the Immaculate Conception. The tournament will

serve as a tune-up for the team who will be seeing action in the 2nd Vietnhat Karatedo Championships in hanoi, Vietnam on october 20-21. Tan also took time to thank the AAK Davao Parents led by Charlie and Gloria estarija, Mimi Lao, Xiam Calamba, LCI Inc., engr. Celso Manaois, Benjade Construction, engr. Michael and esther Te and Jimmy and Vicky Javier of Beefit Gym for supporting the team in their Cavite stint. Meantime, Tan announced that AAK Davao will be hosting the 2012 Interschool Karatedo Age Group and Seniors Championships on oct 13, 2012 at the SM City Davao Annex. “Winners in this event will be competing in the National Interschool Championships to be held in La Salle Greenhills in February next year,” Tan said.

Global Port banks on David-Miller duo


LoBAL Port team owner Mikee Romero has quashed speculations of more trades for the pro league’s newest franchise with two weeks left before the 38th PBA season comes off the wraps. The dashing sportsman-businessman says he’s more than pleased with the roster the Batang Pier have right now, a team which he pointed out is capable of spring-

ing surprises right on its maiden season. And who knows, perhaps even win a championship. “This is the team already,” said Romero in Tuesday’s PSA Forum at Shakey’s Malate. “May mga gumagawa ng rumors, but we will live and die with this team. I told the players in practice that those faces beside you, ‘yan na ang magiging teammates ninyo.”

TOP BETS. Rommel Tan, Davao Branch Chief of Association for the Advancement of Karatedo (AAK) (extreme left) pose with his protégés Carmela Marie “Ella” Estarija and Arthur “Chino Lao III who will be bannering

the AAK Davao in the forthcoming SM Supermalls Super Karate Kids. With them in this file photo are PSC Executive Director Atty. Guillermo Iroy, Jr. and SKC Foundation chairman So Peng Kee.

Chot: Taiwanese are dangerous


hINeSe-Taipei has never beaten the Philippines since the birth of the Smart Gilas program, but there’s a reason why Chot Reyes is not letting his guard down ahead of their quarterfinal showdown on Thursday in the Fiba Asia Cup. “This is the strongest Taiwanese team I’ve seen,” the Smart Gilas coach said. “They have good shooters and good big men. They’re dangerous.” That should be enough warning to get the Nationals back on their feet and working hard in practice after a day of rest, shopping, and a little sightseeing in Tokyo. The last time they met,

Smart Gilas 2.0 held off the Taiwanese, 76-72, a month ago before a raucous home crowd in Taipei, but Gabe Norwood came away from that game impressed with the way their opponent played. “They’re quick and they move around a lot,” Norwood said. “And they have big guys who really can play. They’re going to be a dangerous opponent for us and we have to come out and play our best.” That Taipei team is expected to once again lean on Tien Lei, the former Dallas Mavericks invitee whose alley-oop dunk on Tuesday gave the Taiwanese a 75-73 win over Qatar and the No. 3 seeding in Group B.

New kit for the Kings


Carl Jules Domingo hits from the fairways in the recent Rancho Palos Verdes Classic Pro-Am sponsored by ICTSI. (Boy LiM)

he Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings officially unveiled Wednesday three new sets of their red-andwhite uniform, which they will wear beginning the 38th season of the PBA. From coach Siot Tanquingcen to reigning league MVP Mark Caguioa, just about everybody in the team is hopeful the change will bring a change of fortune – and a championship for the league’s most popular ballclub. “We’re excited to unveil our new jersey and looking forward to winning a championship,” said Caguioa speaking on behalf of the team during the formal rite held at the Gateway Suites at the Araneta Center. The new playing jersey is also a fitting way to welcome the team’s new players in rookie Chris ellis and Keith Jensen, and star point guard L.A. Tenorio. The three, according to Caguioa and backcourt part-

ner JayJay helterbrand, will make the Gin Kings more competitive the entire season, beginning with the Philippine Cup. “The addition of rookies will make it easier for us veterans. Mas magiging madali sa amin, these guys can run and score,” added Caguioa. “L.A. (Tenorio) will definitely be a big part of this team,” said helterbrand. “For me personally, it takes a lot of pressure out of me, it will take the pressure out of us in the backcourt. he’s a great addition to the team.” Aside from Caguioa and helterbrand, also present during the unveiling ceremony were ellis, Jensen, elmer espiritu, Rob Labagala, Allein Maliksi, Willie Wilson, Billy Mamaril, Dylan Ababou, Rico Maierhofer, Kerby Raymundo, Mike Cortez, and Rudy hatfield. only Tenorio and veteran big man eric Menk were not around.

Slotman Marcus Douthit will be the main man in the quarterfinals battle against Chinese-Taipei today. (FIBA Asia photo)

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late PoLLY ReFoRMINA-MeRCADo married to JUAN F. MeRCADo ,who both died intestate in Davao City on April 18, 2011 and April 28, 2001 has been the subject of an ADJUDICATIoN BY SoLe heIR per Doc. No. 297; Page No.60; Book No. CLXXX; Series of 2012 of the NoTARY PUBLIC ATTY. ANGeLA PATRICe A. eSPeJo-BIAG 9/20,27,10/04




SBP Executive Director Sonny Barrios with FIBA Asia Secretary General Hagop Khajirian. [PhoTo couRTEsy oF PATRiciA hizoN]

PHL loses FIBA Asia bid to Lebanon T he Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, led by Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan and executive Director Sonny Barrios, presented to the FIBA Asia executive Committee in Tokyo its bid to host the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship for men on Wednesday and was perceived to have the best chance to win it. But in the end, Lebanon pulled off a big upset. With Japan being encouraged to host the women’s championships instead with their team among final four contenders, China hosting the recent editions of the tournament, and Iran and Qatar practically conceding, the Philippines seemed to be the top choice. The SBP has put a lot of emphasis on our read-


iness to host the tournament. During a recent visit to Manila FIBA Asia Secretary General hagop Kajirian saw for himself the brand new, worldclass SM MoA Arena facilities, stayed in the fivestar hotel being eyed for the executives, and again got a dose of renowned Filipino hospitality and passion for the game. By 2013, four decades would have passed since the Philippines last hosted this grand regional event. We also have a competitive team that could make it to the finals which gives assurance that Filipinos would fill the stands to watch and follow the tournament. The SBP showed that they surpassed all the requirements, which included hotels, a main

and secondary playing venue, practice gyms being in close proximity of each other; having more than the required transportation, cuisine and extensive medical care if needed; media and government support, and the backing of the entire basketball community. Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Commissioner Chito Salud was also in Japan to show his support. The league would have changed its schedule and would have aggressively promoted the tournament during the upcoming season. All these and more were emphasized by SBP through a bid hand-out and a video especially produced for the presentation to the board who gave very positive feed-

back. “They applauded our presentation”, shared Barrios. Despite the tremendous effort, the hosting of the FIBA Asia Championship for Men was awarded to Lebanon. Their bid was presented by national team player Fadi el Khatib who came dressed in casual clothes - a total contrast to the powerhouse cast that came to support SBP’s presentation. “It’s Lebanon, with a clause that it will be given to the Philippines if they can’t make it”, shared Barrios. Lebanon, where hagop is from, will be hosting these games for the first time which serves as the Asian qualifier for the world championship in 2014. [yAhoo!]

here and I wanted to have a nice day with them. hu reached the final last week in the China Masters. If I played like normal, it would have been a close match,” he said. “I love Tokyo. This is one of my favourite cities in Asia. I will come back some day,” said Gade, adding that his best memory of Tokyo was a back-toback victory in 1999. Another two-time Japan open champion, top seeded Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, eased aside Anand Pawar of India 21-13, 21-9, while 2008 champion Sony Dwi Kuncoro of Indonesia lost to

Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand 21-14, 17-21, 18-21. “After the olympics, I’ve been trying to change my style technically, because it becomes physically tougher to play with hard-hit shots when you get old,” said Lee, 29. “It’s my new challenge, but I don’t stop hitting hard shots,” he added. Sixth seed Jan o Jorgensen of Denmark bowed to Japan’s Kazumasa Sakai 22-24, 16-21, and fifth seed Kenichi Tago of Japan lost to Chong Wei Feng (MAS), 21-8, 16-21, 1721, but other seeds safely went through. Athens olympic gold

medallist Taufik hidayat of Indonesia, seventh seed, whipped Kashyap Parupalli of India 21-18, 21-18, while Nguyen Tien Minh of Vietnam, eighth seed, outclassed Brice Leverdez of France 21-19, 21-19. In the women’s competition, seeded players 2007 champion Tine Baun of Denmark, Porntip Buranaprasertsuk and Ratchanok Intanon of Thailand, South Korea’s Bae Yeon-Ju and Sung Ji-hyun, and Japan’s Ai Goto advanced. But seventh seed Gu Juan of Singapore fell victim to Japan’s Minatsu Mitani 16-21, 17-21.

Peter Gade bids farewell to Japan Open


wo-time champion Peter Gade’s final appearance in the Japan open badminton tournament ended in a first-round defeat to hu Yun of hong Kong on Wednesday. The second-seeded Dane, who came back from a left-wrist injury, lost to the China Masters finalist 11-21, 20-22, in the men’s singles event. “of course, I wanted to do better. But I broke my wrist some weeks ago. Today I couldn’t move. I still have pains,” said Gade, whose wrist was in a plaster cast until last Friday. “I brought my family

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