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Give up bomber, police ask NPA Paquibato blast

By Anthony S. Allada


overnment officials have asked the new People’s Army (nPA) to surrender those behind the bloody grenade explosion on September 1, 2012 in Paquibato district here that inflicted injuries on 47 people after it admitted re-

The Economy


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sponsibility for the incident. “I am requesting them to surrender those who were involved in the grenade throwing. It is not enough to admit the crime since they should face the consequences of their actions,” said Sr. Supt. ron-

ald dela rosa, chief of the Davao City Police office (DCPo), during a press conference Saturday morning at the task Force Davao headquarters. But Dela rosa said whether or not the nPA hands over the perpe-

trators to the authoritiest, police investigation would still continue and that formal charges of multiple frustrated murder are set to be filed by next week with the City Prosecutor’s office (CPo).


CONDEMNATION. A lady reads a streamer containing the City Government of Davao’s condemnation letter against the perpetrators responsible for the grenade-throwing incident that left 48 civilians wounded on September 1, 2012 at Brgy. Fatima, Paquibato District, Davao City. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]

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Invest now, Lao tells fellow traders Follow Us On


mInDAnAo business leader said the best time to invest in the Philippines is now because the country’s economic fundamentals are strong. the advice was given by contractor vicente t. Lao, chairman

of the mindanao Business Council and vice chairman representing the private sector of the regional Development Council (rDC) of the Davao region. Investment grade “Businessmen in Davao and

elsewhere in the country should take advantage of the fact that the Philippines is now only one notch below investment grade under the Standard and Poor rating,” Lao told reporters covering the Kapehan



2 THE BIG NEWS ‘Case closed’ -- police chief


Gym instructor’s murder


Vicky Berdina M. de Guzman


AvAo City Police office (DCPo) Chief P/ SSupt. ronald Dela rosa said the recent murder of a lady gym instructor is already a closed case “as far as the DCPo is concerned.”. Dela rosa added that residents living near the crime scene, a dark alley in Barangay 11-D, told him that juvenile delinquents frequent the place to molest people passing through it. the police chief immediately acted on the matter and locals have noticed that with the alley now lighted up suspicious characters have shied awy from the area.

He said the murder case was solved with the killing of two suspects, the arrest of two others suspects and the surrender, and the filing of cases of cases against the suspects live in the area. Dela rosa also said the suspects used to lord it over the place in terms of committing various crimes, adding that one of the suspects who were killed for allegedly resisting arrest was reportedly recognized by some victims of criminal acts such as molestation. Dela rosa chided residents for not reporting the alleged criminal acts to authorities.

To make DRRMA in favor to locals

Zamora bats for amendment


AyInG that the law on disaster risk reduction and management (rA no. 10121) should be amended to enable local government units to fully cope with natural calamities and disasters, rep. maria Carmen S. Zamora is one of the authors of House Bill no. 6353 entitled, “An Act Amending Section 21 of republic Act no. 10121, otherwise Known as the Philippine Disaster risk reduction and management Act of 2010.” the proposed amendment will allow the use of the Local Disaster risk reduction and management Fund (LDrrmF) for the “construction of infrastructure projects certified by the national Disaster risk reduction

and management Council as necessary in mitigating and reducing the effects of disasters.” Under the same proposal, the LDrrmF may also be used “to pay for whatever obligations the local government unit incurred in the reconstruction, repair, and rehabilitation of major infrastructure damaged by disasters.” rA 10121 merely allows the LDrrmF to be used for disaster risk management activities such as, but not limited to, pre-disaster preparedness programs including training, purchasing life-saving rescue equipment, supplies and medicines, for post-disaster activities, and for the payment of premiums on


Phil-Export eyeing NDC property in Daliao as food terminal complex By Antonio M. Ajero


He DAyS of huge wastage of fresh fruits and vegetable products in Davao City may be numbered. If plans do not miscarry, a food terminal and cold storage facility will rise on the old property owned by the national Development Corporation in the seaside barangay of Daliao, toril district, this city. Phil-export Davao, headed by Ferdinand maranon, a leading entrepreneur engaged in agribusiness for export, the city government of Davao headed by mayor Sara Dutere-Carpio, nDC representatives and the Department of trade and Industry led by Davao City DtI Director teololu Pasawa are now talking about converting at least 10-hectares of

the nDC property into a food terminal complex. Phil-export, maranon said, is proposing to convert the area into a fruit and vegetable “bagsakan” and a food processing facility for export. He said the city government had earlier declared that the area should only be used as a food terminal and cold storage for export. maranon believes the proposed facility would go a long way to reducing the huge wastage of fruits and vegetables brought about by the lack of a cold storage that would prolong the freshness of the products which otherwise would end up as trash. “the establishment of such a facility is very timely


PRESENTATION. Watershed Management Council members listen to the presentation of a personnel of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) during a recent meeting at DENR XI office. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]

DENR to lead delineation of Davao watershed areas D

eLIneAtIon of the boundaries of the watershed areas of Davao City as indicated in the City Watershed Code will be led, and partly funded, by the region 11 office of the Department of environment and natural resources. the department’s involvement in the activity was assured by newly assumed Denr 11 Director Joselin marcus e. Fragada. Denr 11 hosted the first of a series of final meetings of the survey teams com-

posed of members of the Davao City Watershed management Council (WmC) headed by mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and co-chaired by City Administrator Zuleika Lopez. Forester Fred Zarasate, who facilitated the meeting, reiterated the commitment of Director Fragada to the project during an earlier meeting with WmC members led by Davao City Councilor marissa S. Abella, chair of the city council committee on environment

and natural resources. Fragada said the Denr will lead the ground delineation, aside from providing technical personnel and equipment to the project. the project will involve the delineation (demarcation) of conservation areas and agricultural non-tillage areas and agro-forestry totaling 35,357 hectares and a perimeter of 507 kilometers. the three survey teams are expected to cover more than 40 barangays in a de-

tailed schedule of more than 100 days to delineate the boundaries of the watershed areas. Part of the finalization activity will be a meeting of the WmC and Denr with officials of the mines and Geosciences Bureau (mGB) to reconcile differences of the mGB map and the WmCDenr survey plan. the meeting’s tentative schedule is September17, a few days before the monthly meeting of the WmC on Sept. 26.

Chinese languages. She said the Spanish language plays a very important role in the history of the country, although Chinese also shares similar importance, specifically in terms of business. Lawyer Sam matunog, president of the Davao Software Industry, Inc., said there is a huge demand for foreign language speakers, especially for call center agents, but the industry lacks human resource that has proficiency in those languages. Janette velosom,

secondary education program supervisor of Deped-11, said high school graduates who pass the program will have an advantage of being employed in the BPo industry. *She said the SPFL will develop students’ fundamental communication skills in a foreign language apart from english “to prepare them for meaningful interaction in a linguistically diverse global workplace.” A school may apply for SPFL to Deped as long as its students have shown

competence in english and are capable of learning another foreign language, velosom said. If a school is qualified to implement the program, she added, Deped will provide funding for materials and training for teachers. Also aiming to develop understanding and appreciation of other people’s culture among students, the SPFL has been pilot-tested in seven schools in the region for the Spanish language students since 2009.

Foreign language program in schools


He Special Program in Foreign Language (SPFL) for secondary education will support business process outsourcing (BPo) industries in developing potential workforce, especially for contact centers that require competence in foreign languages. Susana teresita B. estigoy, regional director of the Department of education (Deped-11), said in a press conference tuesday the program initially offers Spanish but will eventually open for Japanese, French, German and

[Lorie Ann A. CAsCAro / MindAnews]






Fish oils ‘help slow age decline’ m

oDerAte exercise, and a regular intake of oily fish fatty acids, keeps elderly immobility at bay, a study suggests. Findings of a recent trial show that women aged over 65 who received omega-3 fatty acids gained almost twice as much muscle strength following exercise than those taking olive oil. A larger trial is planned to confirm these findings and to determine why muscle condition improves. the findings are being presented at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen. Some studies have linked diets high in omega-3 - commonly found in oily fish such as mackerel and sardines - to potential health benefits, such as a lower risk of coronary heart disease. During healthy ageing, muscle size is reduced by 0.5-2% per year. this process - known as sarcopenia - can result in frailty and immobility in old people. Little is known about the prevalence of sarcopenia in the UK, but data from the US shows that 25% of people aged 50-70

have sarcopenia and this increases to more than half of those aged over 80 years. According to Dr Stuart Gray from the University of Aberdeen, the cost of sarcopenia is immense; either in direct nursing and care costs or in hospital admissions through falls. “Around one-and-ahalf percent of the total US healthcare budget is spent on sarcopenia-related issues”, he said. tales from the farmyard the rate of muscle loss is dictated to some extent by lifestyle - consumption of a low protein diet and a sedentary lifestyle are known to exacerbate muscle loss. Previous studies demonstrated that livestock fed on omega 3-rich diets had increased muscle bulk. this prompted Dr Gray to investigate whether these fatty acids could help reverse sarcopenia in the elderly. In his initial studies, he showed by mrI imaging that middle-aged rats taking fish oil supplement had a lower loss of lean mass than counterparts fed a normal diet.

“the fish oil seemed to be having anabolic [muscle-building] protective effects in the rats, but rats aren’t humans, so the next step was to try it in humans,” he said. So, Dr Gray recruited 14 women aged over 65 years and asked both groups to undergo a 12 week exercise programme consisting of two 30-minute sessions of standard leg muscle exercises. Half the women were given the omega-3 fatty acids ePA and DHA, whist the other half received an olive oil placebo (negative control). At the start and end of the trial, the women’s leg muscle strength was measured. the results were compelling. Women receiving olive oil increased their muscle mass by 11% whilst those receiving ePA and DHA showed a 20% increase - a statistically significant improvement. But as Dr Gray was quick to point out, not all fish oil supplements contain beneficial amounts of these fatty acids. He told BBC news: “one of the problems with a lot of these supple-

ments is that the amount of ePA varies. “A capsule containing one gram of fish oil might only contain 100 milligrams (mg) of ePA and some might contain 400”. His advice for anyone wanting to improve their intake of dietary ePA and DHA was to take a supplement that contained the highest levels of these two fatty acids. Alternatively, half of the average portion of oily fish contains equivalent amounts of beneficial ePA and DHA as those used in the trial. Sex difference

the researchers have now received funding to carry out a larger trial that includes 60 people aged over 65 years to confirm the beneficial effects of the fatty acids. the new trial will recruit similar numbers of men and women. Previous research has shown that men and women differ in their ability to synthesise new protein and also in their response to exercise. “older women have similar levels of protein synthesis to younger women whereas older men have lower levels compared to younger

men.” “older men adapt to exercise and increase their protein synthesis. older women don’t do this to a great extent, although their basal levels of synthesis are higher,” Dr Gray explained. Assessing whether women and men respond differently to exercise and fatty acid supplements will be one of the questions that the new trial will address. the trial is scheduled to start in the next month and will recruit people from the Aberdeenshire area.

grazing livestock lie behind increasing local extinctions and a reduction in diversity. the work will help to inform future conservation efforts, said lead author ms maria veronica Chillo. the findings are published in the Journal of Arid environments and assess how man-made disturbances affect the role of

mammals in the ecosystem. “We report for the first time that in drylands, the effect of human-induced disturbances on mammal functional diversity is negative,” said ms Chillo, a biologist in the Biodiversity research Group at the Argentinian Institute of Arid Lands research.

“regardless [of] the characteristic of the disturbance, functional diversity is diminished.” the review brought together evidence from 25 studies that evaluated the effect of human-caused disturbances on mammals in arid and semi-arid lands. A total of 110 species

were included in the analysis, spanning a range of animals. Poaching, logging, grazing, fires and introduction of invasive species were some of the ways that humans were found to have damaged mammal communities. Although deserts and arid lands may seem to be barren places, they often support complex and fragile ecosystems in which mammals play a key role. Some mammals dig to build nests or find food, which can bring organic material underground, enriching the soil. many herbivores play an important role in maintaining plant life by eating leaves and dispersing seeds. Life in a desert can be a precarious existence for many mammals. they are constantly exposed to extreme and unpredictable environmental conditions and will be negatively impacted by anything that wipes out the resources they rely on, said ms Chillo. the “human activities” that the study suggests are most damaging mammals’ role in the ecosystem were those that made

fundamental changes to habitat type, such as fires or overgrazing that caused grassland to turn into shrubland. “the most negative effect is seen when disturbances change the conditions of the system [such as something that] modifies the structure or dominant plant species,” said ms Chillo. the team found that “old fire” from at least a year ago seemed to have a more detrimental effect than “recent fire”. recent fires simply wipe out plants, whereas new types of vegetation colonise areas scorched by fire that happened earlier. these new plants can be more damaging to desert mammals than no plants at all. But the team also found that moderate grazing, while it did have a small impact on mammal diversity, had a much more limited effect. the scientists hope to understand how humans can continue to make use of desert habitats while preserving the mammals’ contribution to the ecosystem in areas such as the monte desert in Argentina.

Desert diversity cut by ‘human activities’ H

UmAnS may be destabilising desert ecosystems across the world, according to a new study. Analysis of the human impact on dryland ecosystems suggests it is “drastically changing” mammal communities. the scientists believe that activities such as over-



6 THE ECONOMY Stat Watch

1. Gross National Income Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

5.8% 1st Qtr 2012

2. Gross Domestic Product Growth Rate (At Constant 2000 Prices)

6.4 % 1st Qtr 2012

3. Exports 1/ 4. Imports 1/ 5. Trade Balance 6. Balance of Payments 2/ 7. Broad Money Liabilities

USD 4,931 million May 2012 USD 4,770 million Apr 2012 USD -135 million Apr 2012 USD -209 million Mar 2012 P 4,580,674 million Apr 2012

8. Interest Rates 4/

4.1 % May 2012 P131,403 million May 2012 P 5,075 billion Apr 2012

9. National Government Revenues 10. National government outstanding debt 11. Peso per US $ 5/

P 42.78 Jun 2012

12. Stocks Composite Index 6/

5,091.2 May 2012

13. Consumer Price Index 2006=100

130.1 Jun 2012

14. Headline Inflation Rate 2006=100

2.8 Jun 2012

15. Core Inflation Rate 2006=100

3.7 Jun 2012

16. Visitor Arrivals

349,779 Apr 2012

17. Underemployment Rate 7/

18.8 % Jan 2012

18. Unemployment Rate 7/

7.2 % Jan 2012

MONTHLY AVERAGE EXCHANGE RATE (January 2009 - December 2011) Month Average December November October September August July June May April March February January




42.85 42.70 42.86 42.66 43.62

43.31 43.64 43.27 43.45 43.02 42.42 42.81 43.37 43.13 43.24 43.52 43.70 44.17

45.11 43.95 43.49 43.44 44.31 45.18 46.32 46.30 45.60 44.63 45.74 46.31 46.03



Davao City needs P10-M for streamlined business system


funding worth at least P10 million is needed to have a full blast streamlined business permit and licensing system (BPLS) in Davao City early next year, Business Bureau chief tristan Dwight Domingo said thursday. Guesting at the regular I-speak session, Domingo said the fund will be utilized for the training of personnel and procurement of electronic equipment for faster online business processing or e-BPLS. Included in the budget are the needs of other offices involved in the entire process such as the City environment and natural resources office, Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Internal revenue, and Department of trade and Industry, among others, he said. Domingo said the goal is to minimize the process by a maximum of five steps for new business permits and four steps for renewal of permits. Currently, business processing takes a whole day or at least an hour as long as requirements are complete and queues are short, he added. Domingo said that a permit applicant may also be given a temporary authority to operate while complying with the requirements within 30 days. the city government is hop-

ing to improve its BPLS as it always look for ways to streamline the process, but we are still waiting for the fund, Domingo told mindanews earlier. mayor Sara Duterte said earlier that one of the things that investors consider in locating their business here is how fast they can complete the process. Jason magnaye, city investment and promotion center chief, also agreed that one of the major considerations of investors when locating in an area is the ease of setting up their businesses. “Streamlining business permits and licensing system will certainly be an added come-on for businesses to continue locating in Davao City,” he added. magnaye said that the city government and national agencies will enter into a memorandum of agreement to establish a one-stop shop for business permits, which is still awaiting the approval of the city council. teolulo Pasawa, Department of trade and Industry city director, said that streamlining BPLS lessens the cost of doing business and fosters investors’ confidence. “It minimizes business uncertainties and brings an environment that is conducive to doing business,” he added.

Domingo said there are 4,304 new business permits issued out of 4,918 applications this year. Last year, 6,277 business permits were issued. He said that as to the target number of new permits to be issued this year, it depends on the number of businesses opening in the city and not on the efficiency of BPLS. more local government units (LGUs) in the region have undergone training with the DtI to adopt a streamlined BPLS, Sarry L. Kinoc, Jr., DtI trade and industry development specialist and BPLS point person, said earlier. Based on the Anti-red tape Act of 2007, he said the new processing system involves three standards steps involving “actual interaction with institutions; processing time, including travel time from one office to another; and, unified forms, which will be used by all LGUs that adopt BPLS.” this year, the LGUs of Sta. Cruz, Hagonoy, malita, and Bansalan in Davao del Sur and monkayo, Pantukan, and maco in Compostela valley are set to undergo a BPLS training with DtI. Lawyer miguel B. varela, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), said at the 21st

mindanao Business Conference (minBizCon) in Butuan City last month that streamlining business permits and licenses has been an oft-repeated issue raised by a number of investors. He said the PCCI has taken the lead for the private sector in terms of streamlining business permits and licenses, citing that chambers in Central Luzon have achieved the 100 percent BPLS target. they streamlined procedures to a maximum of five steps and two signatories and a maximum processing time of five days for new applications and one day for renewals, he added. President Benigno Aquino III noted in his speech read at the minBizCon that streamlining of business processes is being done both at the local and national levels. “our goal [is] to ensure that social justice, security, and market stability become the business of the day. your efforts to create an environment where trade, commerce, and learning will thrive is indicative of your vision for real economic growth and development, not only for the business players and enterprises, but equally for all the people of mindanao,” Aquino said. [Lorie Ann A. Cascaro/MindaNews]

China economic downturn may fuel Spratly’s issue


n t I C I PAt I n G a one-on-one meeting between President Aquino and Chinese President Hu Jin tao on the sidelines of the 20th Asia-Pacific economic Cooperation (APeC) Leaders’ meeting in vladivostok, russia, Ang Kasangga Partylist representative teodorico t. Haresco yesterday urged the government to continue seeking diplomatic solutions to the burgeoning encroachment of China in the Spratlys Island chain, saying that amidst a slowdown of China’s economy, the country’s leadership may use nationalist sentiment as a means to divert focus from domestic problems. Haresco pointed out that recently signs have become more obvious that China’s economy is slowing down.

“Bloomberg reports that among China’s five largest banks, overdue loans have jumped by 27%,” he said. “trade figures are also down due to the debt crisis in europe and the earthquake in Japan; these are traditionally strong trading partners of China.” Bloomberg has noted that manufacturing figures have contracted further as of August, and financial institutions like Australian new Zealand Banking Group Ltd. (AnZ) and Bank of America have revised their growth forecasts for China downward, from 8% to 7.6%. So far, China has yet to institute immediate steps towards cushioning the impact of a GDP growth shortfall, noted Haresco. “We should expect interest rate cuts and increased Government spending in in-

frastructure,” he said. “But we should be wary if that spending goes into China’s military-industrial complex.”

Haresco pointed out that as of 2012, military projected spending was reported at over US$100 billion. “But this is probably a conser-

POPULAR. Balut are being sold along the sidewalk of Panacan Public Market yesterday. Balut, a boiled, fertilized duck egg, is still a popular snack especially to older

vative estimate,” he said. “China probably spends up to 4% of her GDP on security, so this is closer to about US$450 billion.”

men because of the myths associated with it with claims such as improving male vitality and potency. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]

as of august 2010

Cebu Pacific Daily Zest Air Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Philippine Airlines Daily Philippine Airlines Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun Philippine Airlines Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Silk Air Mon/Wed/Sat Cebu Pacific Thu Cebu Pacific Tue/Wed//Sat

5J961 / 5J962 Z2390 / Z2390 5J593 / 5J348 PR809 / PR810 PR819 / PR820 5J394 / 5J393 5J599 / 5J594 5J347 / 5J596 5J963 / 5J964 PR811 / PR812 5J595 / 5J966 MI588 / MI588 5J965 / 5J968 5J965 / 5J968

5:45 5:45 6:00 6:10 7:50 7:50 8:00 9:10 9:40 11:30 12:00 18:55 12:55 13:35

Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu-Davao-Iloilo Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Zamboanga-Davao-Zamboanga Cebu-Davao-Cebu Iloilo-Davao-Cebu Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Cebu-Davao-Manila Davao-Cebu-Singapore Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila

6:15 6:25 6:30 7:00 8:50 8:10 8:30 9:40 10:10 12:20 12:30 13:35 13:25 14:05

Silk Air Thu/Sun Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri Philippine Airlines August Zest Air Daily Cebu Pacific Daily Philippines Airlines Daily Cebu Pacific Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat Cebu Pacific Daily Cebu Pacific Tue/Sat/Sun Cebu Pacific Daily Airphil Express Daily Philippine Airlines Daily except Sunday Philippine Airlines Sunday

MI566 / MI566 5J507 / 5J598 15:55 Z2524 / Z2525 5J967 / 5J600 PR813 / PR814 5J215 / 5J216 5971 / 5J970 5J973 / 5J974 5J969 / 5J972 2P987 / 2P988 PR821 / PR822 PR821 / PR822

18:55 15:00 Mani2Mani 16:05 16:35 16:55 18:00 18:40 20:00 20:30 20:30 21:20 22:20

Davao-Singapore Cebu-Davao-Cebu 16:50 Cebu-Davao-Cebu Manila-Davao-Cebu Manila-Davao-Manila Cagayan de Oro-Davao-Cagayan de Oro Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila Manila-Davao-Manila

15:20 15:30 16:45 17:05 17:45 18:20 19:10 20:30 21:00 21:00 21:50 22:50





3rd Marketing Wars set at Abreeza Mall


FOR THE THIRSTY. A street salesman refills his water case with bottled mineral water in J. P. Laurel Ave. yesterday. Bottled mineral waters are sold on the streets of Davao City to cater the needs of the thirsty motorists and riding public. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]

He Philippine marketing Association Davao Inc. in cooperation with the Federation of Junior marketing Associations will again host the marketing Wars at the Activity Center of Abreeza mall on September 17 to 20, 2012. this year’s 3rd marketing Wars, an inter-school competition featuring marketing students from different colleges and universities in region XI and extended it’s invitation for participation to as far as Cotabato,Digos, Bukidnon and Surigao. Close to 20 colleges and universities already signed up for the event. this activity is part of the celebration of the national marketing month with the theme “marketing evolution: Innovations and transformations”. At stake is the annual trophy and title of Best marketing Club in region XI that can only be won by topping the seven categories of competition

which includes the quiz bowl, new product development, extemporaneous speech contest, newspaper ad competition, video ad competition, marketing plan competition, essay writing contest and FJmA Ambassador and Ambassadress 2012. this annual marketing event by PmA-Davao is open to the public. this is the second time that Abreeza mall has supported PmA-Davao by providing the venue for this same activity. event organizer in partnership with PmADavao is IntreX Philippines, Inc. other sponsors to the event include Adtech, villa de mercedes, Danpro Ink master, Pilipinas Hino and Kaolabear Productions. For interested parties who wish to know more about the event, please get in touch with the PmA Davao Secretariat at tel nos: 221-6351, 286-6443 or mobiles: (0917) 7008039, (0932) 2909111.

APEC ministers agree on tariff cuts on 54 green goods


PeC ministers have agreed on a list of 54 environmentally beneficial goods intended for eventual tariff reductions as they concluded a two-day meeting here. the trade and foreign ministers adopted a joint statement reaffirming their commitments against protectionism to strengthen food security, noting the impact of food export bans and other restrictions on price volatility. the participants, who drafted the list at the meeting of the Asia-Pacific economic Cooperation forum, recommended that their leaders, who will converge on the port city for a summit on Saturday and Sunday, approve their work. the tariffs on the goods would be reduced to 5 percent or below by the end of 2015 as agreed on at last year’s APeC summit in Honolulu to promote so-called green growth in a manner that would balance economic growth and the environment. “We greatly appreciate the outcomes of the work of the forum in 2012,” russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, co-chairman of the ministerial meeting, said at a news conference after the talks. “everyone believes that we managed to preserve continuity in APeC’s work and at the same time give additional impetus to that work,” he said. In the statement, trade and foreign ministers expressed support for explor-

ing opportunities for diversifying transport and trade routes to build reliable supply chains, while promoting antiterrorism measures for secure logistics networks. on energy security, they noted that increased production and trade in natural gas, which emits lower amounts of carbon dioxide, would advance green growth as the economy transitions to a low-carbon society. they also agreed that the safe and secure use of nuclear energy will “contribute to broadening the region’s energy mix.” Host russia had cited fostering innovation as one of its priority areas in which it wanted to see results coming out of this year’s regional economic forum. on thursday, the ministers agreed to establish a new entity called the policy partnership on innovation, where businesses, academia and government would interact to turn new technologies into businesses. to maintain free trade, the ministers also reaffirmed their commitments to refrain from imposing new export restrictions, “roll back” protectionist measures and continue to exercise maximum restraint in carrying out measures that have a “significant protectionist effect.” the list of goods approved by APeC ministers on thursday includes solar panels, wind power generation equipment, large gas turbines, and incinerators designed to remove pollutants.




Historic Answer Likely* COMMENT By Patricio P. Diaz



Highly competitive


He PHILIPPIneS is now ranked high in competitiveness. yesterday’s headlines were screaming that for the first time the country is in the top 50 percent of the world ranking in competitiveness. this welcome development brought about by favorable performance of the country’s economy and the positive effect of the Aquino government’s anti-corruption drive, augurs well for our collective aspiration to achieve the ever-elusive economic nirvana. It is reported that the country jumped 10 notches in the ranking to 65th place out of the 144 countries. this is the second time it has happened, the first being last year when the Philippines also jumped 10 notches from 75th place. the ranking will make the Phil-

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ippines more attractive to foreign investors aside from our much improved image in the community of nations. of course, the ranking was based on our country’s rating in infrastructure, health and primary education, government institutions, macroeconomic environment, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, financial market development, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication, and innovation. It is hoped that this strong competitiveness will translate to jobs, more money in circulation in the economy, better public and other social services currently wanting in our society. otherwise, the ranking will not mean anything to the ordinary Filipino. ANTONIO M. AJERO Editor in Chief

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Ur last Comment article *“talagang Committed Ba si Presidente?”* was to seek a historic answer. Government Panel Chair marvic Leonen and mILF Panel Chair mohagher Iqbal in their opening statements at their 31st exploratory talks – as well as Secretary teresita Quintos-Deles of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process in statements in anticipation of the 31st exploratory talks – provide the likely historic answer. they are cautiously optimistic. they are aware of the contentious issues before them. But they think that in their common desire to put an end to the mindanao problem they will persevere to reconcile differences and compromise hard positions until they are able to sign the historic peace agreement. Leonen proposes to “take home to our principals a completed … consensus draft, *even a very rough draft*, with some options of a framework agreement for their serious consideration” [emphasis supplied]. * “Principals”* refers to the President and the mILF Chairman who are both committed to the final solution of the Bangsamoro problem. Signing the framework agreement is only the beginning of the final solution. He sees the “inevitable difficulties that lie

‘In such a case, signing the Framework Agreement is not a remote possibility. It can happen, perhaps not in a very distant future.’

ahead after the peace agreement is signed” -- the “long road that all of us have to take”. But the difficulties would be overcome. “our principals have already committed to take measured political risks to point to where that road will start.” ** Iqbal says “the GPH-mILF peace negotiation is passing through a defining moment, nay critical phase, which allows no complacency on the part of the parties”. He cites realities and challenges that can be “put to rest when after signing an agreement with the government, the mILF can deliver and the condition of the people will change for the better”. referring to Deles’ “very positive statement” about the “bright prospects of peace in mindanao”, Iqbal says “this optimism reflects the positive response of the government to the proposal of the mILF vis-à-vis some of the remaining sticky points still to be hurdled by the parties. In such a case, signing the Framework Agreement is not a remote possibility. It can happen, perhaps not in a very distant future. the framework agreement may be the final agreement. In an exclusive online exchange of views, Igbal said: “the Framework Agreement, if ever it is signed, is more than the moA-AD. It will contain all the essential elements of the comprehensive compact.” He suggests it is immediately implementable. When necessary, the President will prevail on the Congress to pass the implementing law. [Patricio P. Diaz / MindaNews]




Will Twitter’s uncanny luck ever run out?

HIS past week I heard two rational arguments on the fate of twitter from two smart investors. one was an argument that it’ll likely fail in its bid to become a public company. the logic went like this: Facebook, Groupon and Zynga have proven the private markets are fundamentally horrible at valuing companies. In the early stages, that doesn’t particularly matter. But when you get into pre-IPo secondary shares being bought and sold, it does. Just ask the people who bought pre-IPo shares of all three of those companies. twitter – with its relative lack of a business – was always a more dubious growth bet than those other three, buoyed by the sheer strength of its product. And now, there’s just no way it’s worth anything close to the $8 billion it was valued at at the last round, this person argued. If Facebook, Groupon and Zynga have all had a greater than 50 percent haircut – twitter can’t even dream of going public now. this doesn’t mean twitter is going under. the company has enough cash to grind it out, and it could always raise more money – albeit a larger valuation might prove a challenge until some of the questions around its business model are answered. But odds are, this person argued, in this new public market reality, with twitter’s business still very much tBD, the company will sell for less than its last valuation to a Google or a microsoft. the other argument was for why twitter is in a far better position than Facebook. this had to do less with its current revenues or valuations, and more with future prospects. twitter’s ads – while nascent – just work bet-



OpiNiON By Sarah Lacy ter, this person argued. twitter is a simpler product (or will be, now that it’s asserting more control over how users interact with it), and when inserted in a stream responsibly, people don’t tune their ads out the way they do on Facebook. Also, unlike Facebook, its audience transitioning from Web-to-mobile isn’t a problem for its business. twitter has always been heavily mobile. Its ad products can work equally well on either. neither of these investors had a clear agenda. one of these arguments was made by someone invested in both twitter and Facebook, one was argued by someone invested in neither. taken together, the conversations demonstrate something weird going on: Unlike the cases of Facebook, Groupon and Zynga, Silicon valley people in the know have no fucking clue what to make of twitter. What’s more, they haven’t for years. Because no company has ever defied the odds quite like this. Developers feel just as torn: While twitter keeps smacking them in the face with potentially company-ending moves, there’s still no other platform quite like it. even some of twitter’s biggest fans feel split on what the product has become. Part of that is circumstantial: the fortunes of the three horsemen of the IPo apocalypse have been so shockingly bad, after years of pent-up enthusiasm. that hits everyone. or put a better way: they have been shockingly bad relative to what everyone expected.

Had the private markets valued them more rationally, we’d be marveling at the size of Facebook’s market cap – even 50 percent lower than at its debut. We’d be stunned that something as seemingly frivolous as the many iterations of Farmville was worth anything close to the market cap of eA. And the fact that anyone in the hard-to-win local space had created any company worth $2 billion in just a few years would be impressive. these three would be successes, not failures. But expectations matter. And like it or not, these companies are all considered goats now, which has to trickle down to other companies priced in that same mania. But the uncertainty over what to make of twitter goes well beyond recent macro events. twitter has long defied all startup reason. When this era of Silicon valley history comes to a close, the most fascinating book will be written about twitter – not Facebook. If I didn’t have a company to build and a baby to raise, I’d be tempted to spend the next year or so of my life trying to best nick Bilton at this. Facebook was always an outlier – a oncein-a-decade success story by a young kid who came out of nowhere and built something huge. But while they’re rare, we’ve seen those sorts of outliers before. twitter is something even more uncommon: A company that has violated nearly every spoken or unspoken rule for how you build a successful company in the valley. you hear it muttered everywhere in startup circles these days: This company should never have made it this far. And yet, here it is. recent haters aside, it’s still the most significant private company to watch in the consumer Internet space.

Robredo’s key advocacies have come to fruition (Feature)

ey advocacies vigorously pursued by the late Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse m. robredo have now begun to come to fruition, according to many local government unit officials. robredo, together with pilot Capt. Jessup Bahinting and nigerian student-pilot Chand Kshitiz, perished in a plane crash in the sea off masbate on Aug. 18, 2012. However, robredo’s legacy of ideal public service and good governance lives on. robredo has initiated the DILG Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) award and incentive system for LGUs exemplifying excellence in good governance, especially in the aspects of planning, fiscal management, transparency, accountability and performance management. In fact, citizen leaders and four LGUs in Pangasinan province have set in motion a “participatory budget monitoring mechanism” to enhance people’s direct and active role in monitoring the use of public funds as well as ensure transparent and effective local governance. About 160 leaders representing farmers, fisherfolk, youth, women, elderly, public utility drivers, religious groups, professionals and other sectors in Alaminos City and the municipalities of Dasol, Burgos and Bani partnered with their local officials to monitor the implementation of projects listed in the LGUs’ 2012 Annual Investment Plans (AIPs), particularly those related to millennium Development Goals (mDGs). the initiative, which was facilitated by development organization La Liga Policy Institute (La Liga) under the empowerment of the Poor Program of the national Anti-Poverty

SpECial FEaTurE By Perfecto t. raymunDo Jr. Commission (ePP-nAPC), was launched on the first week of August this year and is now into the stage of the leaders’ visits and familiarization with the local Planning and Development office, Budget office, Agriculture office, Health office, engineering office, Accounting office and others. the mechanism involves six stages, namely: consensus-building among citizen leaders and LGU officials per town on the selection of projects with AIP budget line item; the visits and familiarization with concerned LGU offices and project sites; citizen leaders’ review and analysis of related documents; joint session with LGU officials for reflection and feedback; budget monitoring report preparation; and citizens’ assembly for all project areas to present results and outcome. “this initiative gives form and substance to the spirit of participatory governance and people empowerment as espoused by the Aquino administration and especially by the dynamic promoter himself of empowerment at the grassroots level, the late DILG Secretary Jesse robredo,” La Liga managing director roland Cabigas said. “For their part, the chief executives of the four LGUs, namely: mayor Hernani Braganza of Alaminos City, mayor marcelo navarro Jr. of Bani, mayor noel nacar of Dasol and mayor Alberto Guiang Jr. of Burgos vowed to pursue the institutionalization of the participatory local budget monitoring mechanism for which

they forged a memorandum of Understanding with La Liga as part of the ePP rollout,” Cabigas added. Specific mDG items regarded as prime concerns of the four LGUs are: local poverty, primary health care and maternal mortality, universal primary education and environmental sustainability. Among the mDG-related projects selected for monitoring are: the organic Farming Program, Health Care Fund and Community Development Fund in Alaminos; the Integrated Coastal management Program and the AgriPinoy and Agriculture Programs in Bani; organic Farming Program and the Garantisadong Pambata Program, specifically the provision of vitamin A and Iron to children aged 6-59 months old in Burgos; and the purchase and distribution of Biologics or biotechnology medicinal products in Dasol. “the participatory budget monitoring mechanism initiative is part of La Liga’s implementation of the ePP in partnership with the nAPC. It builds on La Liga’s work with the four LGUs on the localization of the mDGs and citizens’ participation in local planning and budgeting. the earlier phase of the project was dubbed mDG Pathways Project and was supported by the european Union (eU),” Cabigas said. La Liga also implemented in Western Pangasinan the organikong Palayan Project which was supported by the Department of Agriculture. these projects form part of La Liga’s core development themes which include: promoting effective governance; sustainable agriculture; environment protection; climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction; and LGU Alliance building. [PnA]



Sidewalk merchants

eLF-eFFACInG vICe mAyor tAKeS on trADerS over SIDeWALK venDInG – the people of Davao City like vice mayor rodrigo Duterte’s can-dostyle, even more so when he was still the city mayor. tough action is a Duterte’s trademark. And it is so appreciated by close to two million city inhabitants. this is no pen-pushing official who seldom confines himself in an air-conditioned office. one afternoon might find the vice mayor on the riverfront discussing plans to replace illegally encroaching housing community with a walkway or probably a park area. the next day, he might be on the other side of the city, checking on the progress of an investigation surrounding a heinous crime or supervising the distribution of relief goods to the fire victims or sufferers of other calamities. After more than two busy years in office, vice mayor Duterte still has much to do to clean up the city – clamping down on litterbugs, clearing squatter areas and most importantly getting rid of criminal elements. Davao City can be a dangerous place for members of the underworld. And there is the matter on deteriorating sidewalk vending. For the past several years even during his stint as city mayor, the crusading vice mayor has had to deal with the recalcitrant sidewalk vendors. Despite persistent reminder and warning from city hall, stubborn sidewalk merchants are busy conducting their illegal trade with impunity and even right under the noses of law enforcers. For decades, they clearly violated the existing one-third, two-third policy that regulates the utilization of the city’s sidewalks. not only noncompliant vendors occupied almost the entire sidewalks in busy thoroughfares specifically in the commercial districts, but likewise throw their litters and other refuse wherever they want. you have to check on the vendors’ activities and you will see that many of them are building semi-permanent wooden structures while others choose to display their merchandise not only on the sidewalks, but of all places, on the sides of the streets. And you’ve got to understand that they’re also an abusive lot. more serious still is the safety of the pedestrians who have to walk through the flow of vehicular traffic instead of using the sidewalks to avoid inconvenience, which is exactly the kind of scene concerned citizens could have imagined. this hasn’t escaped the attention of the vice mayor, which immediately called for an urgent meeting attended by more than a thousand sidewalk vendors. the dissatisfaction over the wanton abuse in the use of the city’s sidewalks emanate from a series of complaints raised by the deprived and aghast pedestrians. the grievances had set off a chain reaction across the social spectrum that is putting city officials on the spot. But all throughout the sidewalk vending problem, the vice mayor remains almost uncannily calm. His mind was made up, thus presided a meeting with immovable sidewalks vendors to immediately iron out the prevailing problem. Actually, there were other reasons aside from implementing the one-third, two-third policy and to strictly carry out to the letter. namely, to look for a person who speaks his conscience and when he does, people say, “Boy, that was brave although a little bit risky.” the only thing the vice mayor was surprised about is the sheer number of lives involved in the sidewalk vending business. But just the same he is determined to stop the sidewalk vendors from trekking the dangerous path of ignoring the rule of law. Sidewalk vendors notably the abusive and stubborn kind had already ingratiated themselves with the infuriated public. this is certainly the case when it comes to explaining the move to reinvigorate the process of government. During the meeting sidewalk vendors promised to observe the existing regulation. meanwhile the vice mayor has been clear enough about his directive giving the sidewalk merchants only three months to strictly follow and respect the agreement otherwise he would execute appropriate measures against erring vendors. the new deal also means that the vice mayor and his trusted adjutants will have a relatively free hand to oversee the activities of all sidewalk vendors. Well, the Christmas season is fast approaching and as a matter of practice sidewalk vendors are tolerated to conduct their business with impunity for humanitarian consideration, however, as their wont, took advantage of the situation by simply ignoring the one-third, two-third policy even long after the season is over. the pedestrians and commuting public expect that the move is not just cosmetic and hope the vice mayor is determined to cut through the worsening sidewalk vending problem and get on with the job he was elected to do.




Del Rosario supports bamboo eco-industry


SUPPORT. Davao del Norte assistant provincial administrator Romulo D. Tagalo conveys the support of Gov. Rodolfo P. del Rosario to the bamboo eco-industry by giving P250,000 subsidy to Asuncion town.

AvAo del norteGov. rodolfo P. del rosario bared his support to the bamboo eco-industry in an instruction meted out giving P250,000 subsidy to Asuncion. In a forum on Bamboo eco-Industry the Provincial Government spearheaded, Assistant Provincial Administrator romulo D. tagalo conveyed the instruction of the governor. tagalo said in his welcome remarks that Gov. del rosario has instructed him to establish three tourism sites in the province early next year, which include madgao river in Asuncion town. As the river is being groomed to be like Loboc river in Bohol, the local government has planned to develop it also as a park with bamboo plants as a distinct feature surrounding the river. “the governor really would like to support madgao as a new tourism site,” tagalo said, for which the Provincial Government is initially committing P250,000. “this is our way of supporting the bamboo industry,” he added. When asked of his impression as regards the subsidy, Asuncion tourism and Investment Promotion officer engr. Servando Lawas who participated in the forum was appreciative. “I am happy,” engr. Lawas said in an interview. the subsidy will really help not only in the development of madgao as an income-generating eco-tourism adventure site but also in their “riv-

erbank protection and climate change mitigation” efforts, he added. Apart from preventing soil erosion, bamboo is a potential agent in absorbing carbon in the atmosphere. the United nations Industrial Development organization (UnIDo) reported “A grove of bamboo release 35 per cent more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees and absorbs four times as much carbon.” moreover, engr. Lawas said bamboo shall also spur livelihood opportunities in the area as the plants can be harvested and made into handicrafts among other uses that show increasing demand. According to the Department of trade and Industry oIC-Provincial Director engr. vedastito C. Galvez, there is a global demand for bamboo but the supply is not sufficient to meet the demand. Galvez said there have been laws passed promoting the Philippine Bamboo Industry and other provinces have already felt its positive impact. “We wanted this program to be felt” also here in the province, said Galvez. the forum held yesterday in Capitol, tagum City was the first in the region organized in line with the bamboo industry in partnership with DtI, Denr, DoSt, and DAnA Foundation. It tackled the advantages of bamboo both on environmental and disaster risk mitigation, and sustainable business opportunities.

Undergrad capitol staff to get college degrees


nDerGrADUAte employees of the Davao del norte provincial capitol will soon realize their college dreams through the specialized educational system of the Davao del norte Learning Institute (DnLI). Governor rodolfo P. del rosario bared the DnLI, which is set to start operations before the year ends, will initially benefit provincial personnel who have not been able to finish their baccalaureate degrees. the DnLI Board of trustees, which is chaired by the governor, approved on its maiden meeting the resolution giving priority to the undergraduate staff, whether holding permanent or co-terminus positions, to be enrolled to the baccalaureate degree or technical-vocational programs of the provincial academy.

In pursuit of his agenda P.e.o.P.L.e., the governor created the DnLI as a learning facility of the province, to streamline and rationalize its personnel development program, as well as, provide degree courses and miscellaneous trainings for local officials, barangay functionaries and the like. out of the over 700 regular and co-terminus workers of the Capitol, there are 55 college undergraduates, 84 techvoc graduates and 30 techvoc undergraduates, while 83 are either high school graduates or drop outs. Del rosario said the institute will implement a specialized curriculum using practical modules with mostly seminar-type classes, as it does away with the standard academic setting where students attend daily classes to get a college diploma.



DOLE lines up jobs fairs from October to Christmas



ABor and employment Secretary rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz announced Friday that the Department of Labor and employment (DoLe) will conduct more than 153 job fairs in 15 regions nationwide from october until Christmas 2012. “Following our earlier announcement that we are conducting more than 40 job fairs nationwide for the month of September, I might as well announce our job fair schedule for the last quarter of the year,” Baldoz said. She said the DoLe will have an average of 51 job fairs a month, or almost two job fairs per day, from october to December. more than half, or 80 of these job fairs will be in metro manila; the other half, or 73, will be outside the metropolis, or in the various regions. the fairs will be held in accessible venues like city halls, municipal halls, PESO offices, schools, sports gyms, and malls under the supervision of the Bureau Local employment and the DoLe regional offices, in coordination with public employment service offices (PeSos). the region-to-region schedules and venues of the job fairs are as follows: national Capital region: october 1--LrPeSo, marikina City; PeSo Office, Taguig City Hall; october 3--Brgy. Lower

Bicutan, taguig City; october 5--LrPeSo, marikina City; different barangays, muntinlupa City; october 6--South Station II, muntinlupa City; october 8--LrPeSo, marikina City; october 10--St. Joseph Parish, taguig City; october 11--Ampitheater, malabon City; october 12--LrPeSo, marikina City; different barangays, muntinlupa City; PeSo Office, Pasay City Hall; October 13--South Station II, muntinlupa City; october 15--LrPeSo, marikina City; PESO Office, Taguig City Hall; october 17-Coop SmmPC, taguig City; october 19--LrPeSo, marikina City; different barangays, muntinlupa City; City Hall, Las Piñas City; october 20--South Station II, muntinlupa City; october 22--LrPeSo, marikina City; PeSo Office, Taguig City Hall; october 24--our Lady of the Poor Parish, Western Bicutan, taguig City; october 25--Ampitheater, malabon City; october 26--LrPeSo, marikina City; different barangays, muntinlupa City; PeSo office, Pasay City Hall; October 27--Brgy. Sta. monica, Quezon City; South Station II, muntinlupa City; october 29--LrPeSo, marikina City; PESO Office, taguig City Hall; october 31--Brgy. north Daang Hari, taguig City; november 2—LrPeSo, marikina City; South Station II, muntinlupa City; [PnA]

sa Dabaw at the Sm Annex Atrium. If a country is rated investment grade, businessmen have easy access to loans with much lower rates of interest, said the mBC chairman, who is also into agri-business and has investments in mining. “our gross domestic product (GDP) is going up fast in the range of six to seven percent,” he said, adding that “this is a very good performance considering China’s economy is slowing down and the US economy is in the doldrums. We don’t need to talk about europe, because what they have there now is a disaster.”

Banks awash with money Lao said Philippine banks are awash with money for borrowing which should encourage businessmen to invest and expand because the cost of money is relatively cheap. Speaking about “hot money,” he said in-bound investment is pouring into the country, adding that in Davao City investment in the BPo (business process outsourcing) alone is growing by 15 percent “which is fantastic.” “If we can sustain such a growth for the next two to three years, this would mean thousands of new jobs for

Dabawenyos,” Lao said. City gov’t support the mBC leader also lauded the pillars of Davao City for reacting fast to the positive economic trend, specifically in putting into place the necessary legislation to “support this trend.” Lao was referring to the support the city government is lending to BPo, tourism, It (information technology) sector, and specially agriculture “which has always been our bread and butter.” Per capita income Another thing good going for the Filipinos is the per capita income that has

bananas of the cardaba variety through Sagrex Corporation. maranon bared that Phil-export is planning to put up its own blast freezing facility and cold storage at the proposed food terminal and food processing for export complex once it is established.

Part of the area in question used to be the location of the defunct Davao ramie textile Corporation (Daratex), a factory for clothing materials made out of ramie fiber. Some two decades back, a horde of informal squatters swooped down on the area and are still there.

fruits galore at alabel’s Kasadyaan festival

Ex-treasury chief urges vigilance on target 2013 budget


ormer national treasurer Leonor Briones is seeking sustained public scrutiny of government’s proposed PhP2 trillion budget for 2013 to guard against possible misuse of public funds. “We have the right to know and ask,” she said during Saturday Forum at Annabel’s in Quezon City. She made the call, noting government still hasn’t yet spelled out all details of the target budget’s PhP317 billion special purpose fund and PhP117 unprogrammed fund. non-disclosure of such details will only further fuel speculations on the funds’ real purposes par-


ticularly as the may 2013 election is nearing, she noted. “to erase doubt, government must release details on the matter,” said Briones who’s also lead convenor of civil society group Social Watch Philippines. reports this week cited budget chief Florencio Abad as saying government already answered, in Congress and during several fora, queries on the target funds. He also said to promote transparency, government agencies are required to itemize lump sum appropriations. Among budget items


this came after the nPA’s merardo Arce Command issued a statement distributed to different media outlets Friday admitting responsibility for the incident and apologizing to the public and the families of the victims. In a statement titled “A self-criticism” signed by one rigoberto Sanchez, the socalled spokesperson whose name has been appearing in newspapers for two decades already, the group even promised to indemnify the victims. However, major Jake


obligado, commander of the Civil military operation Battalion of the 10thInfantry Division, described it as a laughing matter since from time immemorial no indemnification had been done to the rebels’ victims. “How can they indemnify the victims? By using extortion money?” obligado asked the communist rebels. earlier, vice mayor rodrigo Duterte demanded from the nPA an explanation for the attack. A military detachment is located only a few meters from the gym-

Briones is questioning is the retirement benefit fund, noting this rose from PhP34.4 billion (2012) to nearly PhP99 billion (2013). She’s also questioning the PhP22.4 billion Priority Social and economic Projects Fund. earlier this week, Department of Budget and management (DBm) provided explanations for both funds. “rBF for 2013 is the representation of total amount of benefits appropriated for civilian and uniformed personnel,” DBm said. “of this amount, pensions of uniformed personnel - which have previously beentucked into their respective agencies’ budgets - account for PhP64.16 nasium where the explosion took place. “even if (putting up a detachment near the gym) was a violation of the International Humanitarian Law, it was not an excuse for them to bomb civilians,” an angry Duterte said. Lt. Col. Inocencio Pasaporte, commander of the 69th Infantry Battalion, said it was not a “detachment” but only a “temporary patrol base” being used by the peace and development operations team in the area. [ASA]


calamity insurance. “With the proposed bill, the options for the use of the LDrrmF have become broader, and now include funding infrastructure projects

and the payment of obligations related to dis a s te r - p re p a re d n e s s . this makes LGUs more disaster-resilient and responsive to calamities,” the Compostela valley

solon said. “the LGUs, being at the frontline of disaster-preparedness, response and rehabilitation, will be greatly benefited if this measure becomes a law,” she added.

billion. the aggregation of pensions for uniformed personnel into rBF was a reform policy decision instituted by DBm in budget preparation. this will ensure that funds for retirement benefits will go directly to the proper beneficiaries and avoid exposing the funds to corruption in the hands of a few unscrupulous parties.”[PNA]




because the Davao region is experiencing problems in selling its fresh bananas due to the country’s differences with China” which has stopped the importation of Cavendish bananas and other products, according to maranon, who is in the business of exporting microwavable semi-processed


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Petition for Renewal of a Certificate of Public Convenience to operate a FILCAB Ordinary Regular Service

Petition for Renewal of a Certificate of Public Convenience to operate a FILCAB Ordinary Regular Service

MARIALEDE P. MANANG, Case No.2003-XI-01521

NORON S. BUCAY, Case No.2010-XI-00044

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NOTICE OF HEARING Petitioner is a grantee of a Certificate of Public Convenience issued in this case authorizing the operation of a FILCAB Ordinary Regular Service on the route: DOÑA PILAR SUBD. VIA JP LAUREL AVENUE ROUTE with the use of ONE (1) unit, which certificate will expire on March 21, 2013. In the petition filed on July 2, 2012, petitioner request authority to extend the validity of said certificate to operate along the same route with the use of the same unit previously authorized. NOTICE, is hereby given that this petition will be heard by this Board on SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 at 09:10 a.m. at this office at the above address. At least, FIVE (5) days prior to the above date petitioner shall publish this Notice once in a one (1) daily newspaper of general circulation in Mindanao Parties opposed to the granting of the petition must file their written opposition supported by documentary evidence on or before the above date furnishing a copy of the same to the petitioner, and may if they so, desire appear on said date and time. This petition will be acted upon by this Board on the basis of its records and the documentary evidence submitted by the parties, unless the Board deems it necessary to receive additional documentary and/or oral evidence. WITNESS the Honorable BENJAMIN A. GO, CESO V, Regional Director, this 6th day of July 2012 at Davao City.

NOTICE OF HEARING Petitioner is a grantee of a Certificate of Public Convenience issued in this case authorizing the operation of a FILCAB Ordinary Regular Service on the route: CIRCULATION ROUTE 5 with the use of ONE (1) unit, which certificate will expire on December 31, 2012. In the petition filed on July 3, 2012, petitioner request authority to extend the validity of said certificate to operate along the same route with the use of the same unit previously authorized. NOTICE, is hereby given that this petition will be heard by this Board on SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 at 09:50 a.m. at this office at the above address. At least, FIVE (5) days prior to the above date petitioner shall publish this Notice once in a one (1) daily newspaper of general circulation in Mindanao Parties opposed to the granting of the petition must file their written opposition supported by documentary evidence on or before the above date furnishing a copy of the same to the petitioner, and may if they so, desire appear on said date and time. This petition will be acted upon by this Board on the basis of its records and the documentary evidence submitted by the parties, unless the Board deems it necessary to receive additional documentary and/or oral evidence. WITNESS the Honorable BENJAMIN A. GO, CESO V, Regional Director, this 6th day of July 2012 at Davao City.

TERESITA DELA PEÑA-YÑIGUEZ Chief Transport Development Officer

TERESITA DELA PEÑA-YÑIGUEZ Chief Transport Development Officer




NOVENA TO THE MOST SACRED HEART OF JESUS may the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, blessed, loved , adored and glorified throughout the whole world now and forever. Amen.most Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. Say nine times a day for nine days. Prayer will be answered by the eight day. It has never failed. NOVENA TO SAINT CLAIRE Ask St. Claire for 3 favors: 1 business, 2 impossible, Say 9 Hail mary’s for 9 days with lighted candles. Pray whether you believe it or not. Publish on the 9th day. may the Sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored and glorified today and everyday. request will be granted no matter how impossible it seems. St. Claire, St. Jude, St. therese, infant of Prague, St. Ann, St. joseph, Pray for us.



LOTS FOR SALE ROYAL PINES SUBDIVISION MATINA DAVAO CITY SEMI VIEW LOTS BLocK 3, Lot 5 – 404 SQuare meterS BLocK 3, Lot 7 – 349 SQuare meterS VILLA JOSEFINA RESORT VILLAGE, DUMOY – PHASE 1 BLocK 6, Lot 13- 240 SQuare meterS BLocK 17, Lot 6- 240 SQuare meterS BLocK 19, Lot 4- 240 SQuare meterS (082) 225-5258, 0915-511-1985,









A Glimpse of Canada:

A Journey to Canadian Cuisine CELEBrITy CHEF Sharwin Tee is getting ready for Café Marco’s Canadian Buffet this September. “I am looking forward to sharing a great selection of Canadian gourmet delights with Davao,” Chef Sharwin enthused. Guest Chef Sharwin is no stranger to Canadian cuisine, having trained in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver in 2004. Apart from a Diploma in Culinary Arts, Chef Sharwin also bagged a School Award for Outstanding Attitude and a Food Safe Certificate in British Columbia. A cheerful disposition coupled with exceptional culinary expertise and a gift of gab is his formula for winning the “Clash of the Toque-en Ones,” Lifestyle Network’s search for a Star Chef in 2010. These same enviable skill sets gave him a TV show: Chef Sharwin is both chef and host of Lifestyle Net-

work’s Curiosity Got the Chef, which is making waves on air. He writes and develops recipes for the show. A basic culinary arts teacher at Xavier School (Greenhills), Chef Sharwin also gives private cooking lessons. As a personal chef, he designs bespoke dinners for the Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines

and members of the diplomatic corps, media and entertainment personalities. “Given his superb training and his natural knack for cooking, Chef Sharwin is certain to be in his element in a cooking show and in Café Marco’s show kitchen,” says Marco Polo Davao’s F&B Manager Ian Mendoza. Watch Chef Sharwin

strut his stuff as Marco Polo Davao, in partnership with the Embassy of Canada, features his Canadianinspired creations at Café Marco. Special limited offer available daily for dinner from September 14 to 30, 2012. For inquiries and reservations, please call 221.0888 local 7222 or 7223.

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Photo by Lean Daval Jr

Celebratin years of free

LAST August 22, Acting Consul General Sukarsono of the Indonesian Consulate in Davao and his wife yet Sukarsono hosted a diplomatic reception at the Marco Polo Hotel Davao Ballroom to celebrate the 67th Independence Day of the republic of Indonesia.

The Business PAPER

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It was a momentous occasion that marks the creation of the country of Indonesia on August 17 after years of struggles and colonization. representing Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte was councilor Tomas Monteverde III who delivered her message.

Also present were the mem bers of the Indonesian consular corps and staff and their fami lies, Japanese and Malaysian consular officials, Indonesian communities in Davao, official of the local government, mili tary, police and regional gov



ng 67 edom

mar in n ls iv-

ernment agencies, and friends of the Indonesian Consulate office. Being that Davao is geographically close to Indonesia, it is no surprise that there are thousands of 3rd and 4th generation Indonesians residing in Davao, adding to the colorful cultural mix of the city what is proof also of the close bilateral relationship between the people of the Philippines and Indonesia. Acting Consul General Sukasono enjoined guests in a ceremonial toast to the progress and prosperity of both Indonesia and the Philippines as neighbors, hand-in-hand for development.

World today Serving




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San Miguel oktoberfest kicks off September 28

ON SEPTEMBEr 28 at the Aseana City in Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City, beer market leader San Miguel Brewery Inc. kicks off the country’s much-awaited, grandest and biggest beer festival, the San Miguel Oktoberfest 2012, with Fil-Am of the supergroup Black Eyed Peas together with popular San Miguel Oktoberfest “Beer Festival” endorsers to give the ultimate beer party of the year.

For as low as P12.00, one can enjoy a cup of his favorite San Miguel Beer brand while seeing, San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s newest endorser, bring the house down with his popular hits during the welcome party. No other place in the country offers the lowest priced San Miguel Beers except in all San Miguel Oktoberfest grand celebrations on September 28 at Aseana City; September 29 at Paseo de Satna rosa in Laguna; October 5 at MEPZ II in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu; October 19 at Limketkai in Cagayan de Oro; and October 20 at robinson’s Starmills in San Fernando, Pampanga. The occasion is made extra exciting this year with the installation of six San Miguel Beer customized beer brand tents that feature diverse activities and performances for the enjoyment of all San Miguel Beer lovers. San Miguel Pale Pilsen will put up its so-called Beer Plaza where Filipino Pulutan Legends and the iconic San Miguel Pale Pilsen will be present and served by beer maidens. Manila’s clubbers will surely dance the night away in the San Mig Light Party All Night tent, courtesy of the leading low-calorie beer in the country. It will be a hard core rock and roll night at the country’s no. 1 extras strong beer’s tent – the red Horse Beer Pinoy rock Tent. Those who go for the fruity kick of San Miguel’s lemon and apple flavored beers can enjoy their interactive fix in the San Miguel Flavored Beer Digital Hub. The San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Bistro Lounge will make available sumptuous meals best paired with Cerveza Negra, San Miguel Super Dry and San Miguel Premium All-Malt, ushering guests to a superb gustatory treat. The Cage of San Mig Strong Ice, meanwhile, will be a haven for mixed

World-class entertainment, overflowing SMB beers for only P12 per cup

martial arts fans and hiphop enthusiasts. According to SMB President roberto N. Huang, this year’s beer festival focuses on relevant elements that are sure to delight every San Miguel Beer customer who anticipates the annual San Miguel Oktoberfest. The idea, Huang said, is to “bring to the customer what the customer really wants in a beer festival, without fuss, and with variety of choices in one grand venue for celebration.” “We are excited to bring our six brand tents to the San Miguel Oktoberfest “Beer Festival” kick-off party in Manila. Our valued customers will not only en-

joy must-see performances from our world-class homegrown artists, they will also enjoy all their favorite San Miguel Beer brands with their friends, over activities that represent their diverse lifestyles,” explains Huang. From September 1 to December 31, 2012, San Miguel will also give away collectible premium items such as the limited edition mini beer bottle USBs and tool kits that come in the form of all San Miguel Beer brands. To win instant prizes, just collect 20 Oktoberfest-marked crowns of any San Miguel Beer brand. Items can be redeemed in San Miguel Brewery Inc. sales offices nationwide, and

selected convenience stores in Visayas and Mindanao. Of course, the celebration would not be complete without the star of the show - San Miguel Beer! San Miguel’s award-winning beer brands will be offered in all San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival parties: San Miguel Pale Pilsen, red Horse Beer, San Mig Light, San Miguel Super Dry, Cerveza Negra, San Mig Strong Ice, San Miguel Premium All-Malt, San Miguel Flavored Beer, Gold Eagle Beer, and the seasonal San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer. These brands have received the Gold Quality Award from the annual Monde Selection Awards, the world’s most prestigious organization that acknowledges the adherence of products to the highest international standards of taste and quality. Don’t miss out on this year’s San Miguel Oktoberfest “Beer Festival” 2012 dahil ito ang saya na walang katulad! For more of San Miguel Oktoberfest “Beer Festival”, visit www.sanmiguelbeer.

trust Home depot turns one with big discounts TRUST HOME DEPOT will be celebrating its First Year Anniversary and treating Davao City to big discounts on home essentials.

From September 10 to 16, 2012, Trust Home Depot will be offering major discounts up to 50% on Plumbing and Electrical items, Curtain Accessories, Tiles, Furniture, Power Tools, Kitchen Appliances. “This is our way of saying thank you to all the Dabawenyos who have visited our store since we opened our doors last year. A lot of our customers come by so often that they have become like family,” says Stephanie Ong, Trust Home Depot’s Marketing Manager. “As we welcome our second year, we are inviting everyone to be part of the growing Trust Home Depot family and enjoy the many offerings of this store built with you and your needs in mind,” she added. The recently concluded search for the best ecobag design contest revealed a bevy of talented

Dabawenyos who took part in this creativity tilt. On September 15th, Saturday, the winner will be announced and the winning eco-bag design will be launched. This is in line with the anniversary celebration of THD and its drive to promote reusable bags to support the creation of a more sustainable environment. “We are also overwhelmed by the support everyone has shown during our events in the past year. We’ve launched a lot of firsts at Trust Home Depot such as Summer Arts and Crafts Classes, Cooking Classes, A Home, Gardening and Food Festival as well as our Eco

bag design contest, and the reception has been so positive!,” shared Ms. Ong. “We hope you will continue to come and visit our store and allow us to serve you in the best way we can. We also have several exciting, innovative activities lined up for the remaining year as well as the next, so please look out for that!” Visit TRUST Home Depot at Ecoland Drive, Quimpo Boulevard, Matina (formerly Task Force Davao) with telephone numbers 298-7878 and 295-3588. Trust Home Depot is on Facebook, “Like” the page to receive updates.




Court of Inspiration rises in Matina By Neil Bravo


Building greatness J

erry Havana, a volunteer from Brgy. matina, is among those who have willingly jumped at the opportunity to help build a basketball court in Barangay matina Crossing, Davao City. Along with his neighbors, he spends a few hours each day to shovel sand, rocks, and concrete together and lay out the mix on the ground that will serve as the floor for their much-awaited edifice.

“I believe this is good for our barangay. It will help keep the kids away from vices,” says Jerry when asked why he volunteered to help build the basket-

ball court. “It’s a place where the youth can practice so I’m looking forward to seeing them play here together.” Alaxan Fr’s Galing mo! campaign is first and foremost about encouraging the people to take pride in their body pain, because it is a testament to the hard work they have given in creating something that will greatly benefit their community. For this purpose, the company has partnered with locals to build something they can be truly proud of through their own sweat and pain—the Courts of Inspiration. “not even the rainy

Milo Running Clinic in Davao


t was a different experience for running enthusiasts in the city as some 150 participants experienced new trends in running technology with renowned coach Jim Saret in the milo 3in1 Apex running Clinic at the People’s Park. Supervised by vantage Sports, the milo-sponsored running clinics was held yesterday from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm and ends today from 6:00 am to 9:30 am. Kenneth Sai of vantage Sports expressed elation over the good turnout. “maganda ang turnout as expected. marami talagang bagong matutunan dito ang mga runners. this is also in preparation for the milo marathon on november 11 this year,” Sai told eDGe Davao. the milo marathon, now on its 36th year, is the longest-running marathon event in the country. (Neil Bravo)

season could dampen the spirit of the community members who have committed to building the Court of Inspiration. rain or shine, they keep on coming back, having a bit of fun and encouraging each other a lot. It’s very moving to watch them at work,” shares Barangay Chairman Joel Santes, citing the locals’ dedication while encouraging more to join the efforts. “So far, everything is on schedule. We’ve laid the foundations, and we’re almost done with the concrete. We’re still working within the 21-day construction period,” he adds. ten Courts of Inspiration are currently in the

works or have been constructed in various parts of the country. these are in Iloilo, Dumaguete, Bacolod, tacloban, and Cebu for visayas; and Cagayan de oro, Zamboanga, Butuan and Saranggani for mindanao. on Sunday, September 9, basketball legends Benjie Paras, Jerry Codinera, Jojo Lastimosa and ronnie magsanoc, who started their careers in similar neighborhood courts—will grace the unveiling of Barangay matina Crossing’s Court of Inspiration. to top it all off, they will even play a friendly exhibition game with locals before turning the court over to the community.

He so-called Court of Inspiration built by the country’s basketball legends will formally be inaugurated today at matina Crossing. Benjie Paras, ronnie magsanoc, Jojo Lastimosa, Jerry Codinera, and Johnny Abarrientos will be on hand to personally turn over their ‘legacy’ in the project whipped up by Alaxan Fr and its mother company Unilab. the PBA legends,who started their careers in similar neighborhood courts— will grace the unveiling of the matina Crossing Court of Inspiration. to top it all off, they will even play a friendly exhibition game with locals before turning the court over to the community. this program is a project of Alaxan Fr under its “Alaxan Fr’s Galing mo!” campaign. “It is first and foremost about encouraging the people to take pride in their body pain, because it is a testament to the hard work they have given in creating

Lex Maximus golf at DCGC


He Cor Jesu College Law School hosted the Lex maximus Golf tournament which concludes today at the Davao Golf Club. the two-day tournament is held to raise funds for the bar operations of the 2012 Philippine Bar examinations aspirants from the CJC Law School. Among those taking part in the

tournament are celebrities Danny Javier, Chad Borja and a host of local officials and prominent personalities. Former north Cotabato Governor manny Pinol, who is a law school freshman at the CJCLS spearheaded the organization of the tournament along with Dean Israelito “Bobet” torreon. (Neil Bravo)

eW yorK (reuters) - maria Sharapova was frustrated by her three-set defeat to world number one victoria Azarenka in Friday’s U.S. open semi-final, but the russian preferred to look on the bright side. “I’m looking forward to checking out the ice cream truck that’s around the corner from my hotel,” she said after her grand slam campaign ended one hurdle short of the final in a 3-6 6-2 6-4 loss. “It’s been haunting me.” Sharapova dominated many of the statistical categories in the two-hour 42-minute match, blasting 44 winners to just 19 for Azarenka and ripping eight aces to none for the Belarusian. However, she neutralized those numbers with 42

unforced errors compared to Azarenka’s 19, while committing 10 double-faults. the third-seeded russian put her defeat down to her failure to take opportunities and a weaker return of serve, especially in the deciding set. “In the third I think a lot of it had to do with the returns. I didn’t do much on her service games. She was winning them pretty easy. on mine they were quite long and just making too many errors not putting any pressure on her,” Sharapova said. “So that’s the most frustrating part.” Looking back on her year, 25-year-old Sharapova saw only positives, having won the French open to complete a career grand slam and taken silver at the London olympics.

Sharapova crashes out

Azkals blank n Singapore 2-0 t

He Philippine national men’s football team bounced back from a lackluster outing to notch a historic victory over home team Singapore, 2-0, Friday night. the Azkals got a boost from the return of Filipino-German midfielder Stephan Schrock, who assisted on goals by longtime Philippine football stars Chieffy Caligdong and Phil younghusband. Schrock, who plays for Bundesliga first division squad tSG 1899 Hoffenheim, facilitated the Azkals attack for the whole match. the Filipinos had a sluggish start as their lousy defense almost allowed Singapore to score in the fourth minute, which was saved by goalkeeper neil etheridge. But the Azkals recovered quickly on a fortunate goal by Caligdong off a

Schrock pass at the eighth minute. the Singaporeans nearly scored the equalizer in the 35th minute, but referees ruled it as an offside. etheridge almost surrendered an own goal after failing to keep hold of the ball at the 43rd minute. Luckily, the Azkals managed to clear the ball. After the halftime break, Schrock connected once more, this time with younghusband for a goal at the 49th minute for the 2-0 lead. Singapore, missing veteran striker Aleksandar Duric because of an ankle injury, looked toothless on offense as it tried to rally. the Azkals showed much finer form than in their match against Cambodia last Wednesday, which ended in a scoreless draw. the Philippine team wraps up its three-nation Southeast Asian tour on monday.

something that will greatly benefit their community. For this purpose, the company has partnered with locals to build something they can be truly proud of through their own sweat and pain— the Courts of Inspiration,” said Leo Aquino, marketing Professional for mindanao Area of Unilab’s Consumer Health. Unilab is the maker of Alaxan Fr. Barangay Captain Joel Santes will be receiving the project on behalf of the Barangay matina Crossing. Aquino said residents of Barangay matina Crossing devoted long hours of volunteer work for the completion of the basketball court as their counterpart. the project was constructed by local volunteers, under the guidance of Alaxan Fr. Last week, Sarangani became the recipient of the Court of Inspiration project with no less than boxing champion and Alaxan endorser Sanrangani congressman manny Pacquiao gracing the turnover.




Edge Davao 5 Issue 135  

Edge Davao 5 Issue 135, September 9-10, 2012