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Cops warned against smoking in precincts By Jade C. Zaldivar

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AvAO City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has advised policemen not to smoke inside police stations, following reports that such has been the practice. In a media briefing last August 13, the mayor said the practice is an internal matter and disciplinary action should be decided by their superiors. However, she stressed that the decision on whether to smoke or not is a personal decision.

Sara warns the city does not allow smoking within the premises of government property, including police stations. “Yes, I advise them not to (smoke), but that’s really up to them, if they do not want to live a long life,” she said. She also warned that the city does not allow smoking within the premises of government property,

including police stations. last June, the city was elevated to the Hall of Fame for receiving its third Red Orchid Award from the Department of Health (DOH) which frowns on smoking. Personally receiving the

award, the mayor said the local government is intensifying its campaign against smoking. “We’re pushing for 100 percent tobacco-free places in Davao City. So far we’re receiving enthusiastic support,” she said. Meanwhile, the Anti-Smoking Task Force (ASTF) last week proposed imposing stiffer fines on violators of the comprehensive anti-smoking ordinance to attain the local government’s goal of a smoke-free city.

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TOURISM FAIR OPENING. Tourism 11 Regional Director Art Boncato (2nd from left), together with Davao Regional Tourism Council chair Mary Ann “Baby” Montemayor (leftmost), Trade City Director Teololo Pasawa, (center), Gene Bangayan of Duaw Davao and Davao City Tourism

and Investment Officer Jason Magnaye cut the ribbon formally opening the Kadayawan Crafts Tourism Fair at the Abreeza Mall yesterday. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]


Crafts Tourism Fair now at Abreeza Mall By Vicky Berdina M. de Guzman

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lEvEn exhibitors are participating in the Kadayawan Crafts Tourism launched at the Abreeza Mall on Tuesday by the Department of Tourism (DOT) in partnership with the Department

of Trade and Industry and in cooperation with Davao EcoCrafts. The Mandaya, T’boli and Bagobo Tribes are highlighted in the fair along with crafts and products produced in the Davao region and oth-

The event highlights products which showcase the unique culture of Davao region inhabitants and beyond.

er Mindanao areas. DOT regional director Art Boncato said the event highlights products which show-

case to tourists, local or foreign, the unique culture of the inhabitants




MEDICAL MISSION. Residents of Brgy. Vicente Duterte in Agdao District wait for their turn during the medical mission sponsored by 2nd district Congressman Mylene Garcia, while a mother with her two children consult Dr. Antonio Solar Jr. Three other medical doctors, Dr. Flora Mae Sumagat, Dr. Soo Rah Kwak and Dr. Rowena Bantas, assisted patients



of the barangay. In coordination with village officials the weekly free clinic program of Cong. Garcia has so far visited 38 barangays.

Media observe FOI Day, Sara lauds drug campaign condemns media killings By Jade C. Zaldivar


HE passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill has yet to see the light of day in the current administration. The media community has not ceased urging President Aquino to make it a law. In the observance of the FOI Day on August 15, various media organizations and media practitioners once again prompt the government to prioritize its passage. The public is also asked to join in the nationwide call as media outlets and journalists publish the pooled editorial in newspapers, online, and social media demanding: “With time fast running out on the 15th Congress, the long wait for

the FOI Act should be over yesterday. The time for decision is now.” “Citizens need and must know how public officials exercise their powers and authorities, how they spend public funds, what contracts and agreements they sign and seal on our behalf, what policy issues bother them that must also bother us so we may participate in making decisions,” the editorial says. The joint position also demands political will on the part of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. to lead their respective institutions in immediately enacting the FOI law.

In the same token, on August 19, Sunday, the media will also conduct a vigil at Bantayog in the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue to seek justice for the victims and their still-grieving families of the Ampatuan Massacre. The ‘prayerful gathering’ of media practitioners and news organizations is another attempt to urgently call for the resolution of the case and heighten consciousness for various sectors to also keep constant vigilance on the ongoing trial. The unsolved cases of mass murders will turn three years old in november of this year.

January to August 13 this year, there were 40 crimes against persons, including 27 cases of murder. last year, there were 145 crimes against persons from January to August alone, although only nice murder cases were reported. Physical injuries topped the list. The police chief explained that most of the cases involved family feuds and drugs. Supiter said one of their problems is the refusal of some witnesses and family members to cooperate in the investigation. Tan also explained that some grudges had actually originated outside of this town but that some victims are living or doing business here. “Yung mga namamatay dito ay may mga atraso na ba,” added the mayor. local police meanwhile have have launched 33 anti-illegal drug operations and arrested 56 suspects since January. Supiter said they recently seized 25 grams of shabu, with an estimated street value of P280,000. “Here in Kabacan, this is already a big amount,” he told the officials.

Replying to a query from Robredo, Supiter said the drugs were coming “Pagalungan and Montawal towns in Maguindanao), and Pikit in north Cotabato. Bad name But Robredo said that whatever the reason for the killings, it’s giving the town a bad name. “Kahit na drug dealer ang pinapatay dito its not good for the town,” he said. “I received several text messages from residents of Kabacan. Alam mo secretary, hindi na mapigil ang patayan dito. And it’s giving the town a bad name,” said the secretary, adding it was for this reason that he came here. Robredo urged the police officials to file cases against the suspects to encourage witnesses to come out and cooperate. “Maguumpisa mag cooperate ang tao mag testigo kung nakakssampa ng kaso. If I feel secure, mag-tetestigo ako. If we need to put more people, more resources, I think we should do it.” He urged the local authorities to stop these incidents saying it may affect the business community. [KEith BAcoNgco/MiNDANEws]

North Cotabato police officials want more cops for Kabacan


OlICE officials in north Cotabato province have asked Department of Interior and local Government (DIlG) Sec. Jesse Robredo to augment the personnel of this town and help stabilize its peace and order situation. The request to Robredo came after the spate of killings, explosion and bomb threats in the municipality, which will hold its 68th Foundation Anniversary on August 18. Senior Supt. Cornelio Salinas, provincial police commander, told Robredo this town of 86,000 people only has 38 police personnel. “That’s how big the problem is. So what I do is assign the PPSC (Provincial Public Safety Company) here at daytime. At night, they are at the provincial jail as it might be attacked again,” Salinas told Robredo during a meeting with Mayor George Tan, town police chief Supt. Raul Supiter and other local officials. He added that the solution is to deploy additional police in the municipality. Crime rate decreased In his presentation, Supiter reported that as from


ITY Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio commended local law enforcers for their campaign against illegal drugs, noting the increase in the number of apprehensions. The mayor bared last August 13 that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) along with the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) has improved their apprehension stats to two or three persons a day. “That’s very commend-

able. It’s already good if they can apprehend one person a day. To apprehend two or three a day is good deterrent,” she said at media briefing. That will discourage those who are (into the habit),” she said. In their mid-year report, PDEA Region 11 noted an increase in the volume of drugs seized by the agency. PDEA 11 regional director Emerson Rosales said there was a 105.76-percent increase in the amount of

shabu seized from January to April this year compared to the same period in 2011. “Shabu is second only to marijuana in terms of proliferation. There has been an increase in shabu seized this year, from 52 grams in 2011 to 107 grams in 2012,” he said last June. There has also been an increase in the amount of marijuana seized from P1.1 million worth of the material confiscated in 2011 to P1.3 million worth seized in 2012.

InETEEn fishing companies are each assured of a slot to catch tuna in a limited portion of the Pacific Ocean in line with the access given to the Philippines in the rich fishing ground, a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) official said. Ambutong K. Pautong, BFAR Region 12 acting director, said 17 more vessels would be chosen in a draw lot system to complete the allocation set to the Philippines by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC). Earlier this year, the WCPFC gave access to 36 Philippine purse seine vessels to catch tuna in pockets of the Pacific Ocean. Prior to this, the WCPFC closed pockets 1 and 2 of the Pacific Ocean to purse seine fishing to member nations for two years that ended last December to allow tuna species to replenish. Pautong told Mindanews the agency has yet to issue international fishing permits to the fishing companies pending the finalization of a BFAR fisheries administrative order that would regulate the limited access given to the country. Also, he noted that Philippine vessels could not catch fish until the end of September in the rich Pacific tuna fishing ground

due to the three-month closure also imposed by the WCPFC as part of the annual conservation measure there. local fishing magnate Marfenio Tan, immediate past chairman of the Socsksargen Federation of Fishing and Allied industries, Inc., said there are still issues that would have to be threshed out involving the 36-vessel allocation of the country in the Pacific Ocean. These include the size of the net that would be used in the fishing operation, the vessel monitoring system and the observer to the vessel, Tan told reporters last week. He said that government policymakers and tuna industry players will discuss the issues in the forthcoming 14th national Tuna Congress to be held here on September 6 – 7. The congress will carry the theme “Opening new Grounds and Strengthening Commitments: A Resilient Tuna Industry.” Tan also said that the fishing companies that will be part of that 36-vessel allocation have been identified already. There have been earlier consultations to discuss the procedure on how Philippine fishing companies should benefit from the limited fishing access. Among the initial consensus reached then is

assigning a specific catching ground to fishing companies included in the 36-vessel allocation, with a proposed penalty of up to P1 million to a violator. Pautong earlier said that once the Philippine fishing vessels start catching there in October, it would enhance the production of tuna canneries in this city, touted as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines.” Six of the seven tuna canneries in the country are based here, with the BFAR official saying the local canneries have been experiencing production difficulties due to lower catches, supposedly because of the two-year fishing ban in the Pacific Ocean that ended last December. The limited access to the Philippines will last until February 2013 and this was expected to yield at least 90,000 metric tons of tuna for the local industry. Tuna remains one of the top exports of Mindanao with a combined freight-onboard value of US$311 million in 2010. In the same year, the total tuna industry was valued at P23 billion. The tuna industry employs at least 100,000 people ranging from fishing to canning, processing and other auxiliary services. The United States, European Union and Japan remain the top export destinations of tuna products from the country. [BoNg

Pacific tuna vessel sharing scheme fixed n







Arctic sea ice ‘melting faster’ A

RCTIC sea ice is vanishing much faster than generally expected, according to preliminary data from European Space Agency satellite Cryosat. UK scientists combined results from Cryosat, which uses radar to measure ice thickness, with data from nasa’s IceSat, which uses lasers. Their preliminary analysis suggests an annual ice loss of up to 900 cubic km a year from 2004. Projections of Arctic ice melt vary widely. But the new results are some 50% higher than projected in most scenarios. The ice loss is pronounced in areas to the north of Greenland where thickness has fallen from 5-6m a decade ago to around 3m last year. The analysis was done by Dr Seymour laxon, reader in climate physics at the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling. He said the figures might change slightly when all the data had been analysed but that

Science vs law

the broad thrust of the research showed a clear and dramatic thinning of the sea ice. At the end of last summer 7,000 cubic km of ice remained. The satellite figures were cross-checked against data from planes over-flying the Arctic and submerged buoys sending sonar signals to measure ice thickness. Dr laxon said the results were thought to be accurate within 10cm (3.5in). “We have to be cautious until our data has been properly analysed as part of a climate model, but this does suggest that the Arctic might be ice-free in summer for a day at least by the end of the decade,” he told BBC news. “But the past is not always a guide to the future.” The Arctic is warming much faster than the rest of the planet and the loss of sea ice affects populations. The light-coloured sea ice bounces back warmth into space. If it disappears, the Arctic Ocean

will absorb more heat. That will cause more warming which will in turn contribute to sea level rise. It may also affect Europe’s weather because of the link between sea ice and the jet stream which dominates some of our weather patterns. There are many uncertainties. Scientists cannot be sure how much of the Arctic warming is natural and how much it is being driven by manmade climate change. last month a nasa news release headlined news of an “unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface melt”. Images showed that in July, 97% of Greenland’s ice sheet experienced some degree of melting at the surface in July. Many readers assumed that manmade climate change was being blamed. But laura Koenig, a Goddard glaciologist, confirmed in the same news release that melting events of this nature happen naturally on average every 150 years. “If it continues it will be worrisome,” she said.

Battle over the Dumoy water resource [Part 6] By Ricardo Jr. A. Jimenez


HE July 3rd City Council session voted against new memorial park applications placed on top of our source of drinking water. To this writer, this sentiment could have been influenced by the appeal on June 26th by Retired Judge Jesus v. Quitain before the August Body “to please think of the future generation of Dabawenyos.” The 71-year old former court official said: “Your honors, you are the fathers and mothers of Dabawenyos as far as governance is concerned.” “We elected you because we like you and we trust you. We believe you will protect the health and safety of 900,000 Dabawenyos, especially our children, our schools, hospitals, offices.” “The Dumoy aquifer is a very delicate and sensitive area. The addition of new burial sites will increase the risks to the safety of our families. “We are invoking fairness. During committee hearings, all testimonies and documents came from the developers. The other side never had a chance to disprove the claims of applicants. On behalf of 900,000 Dabawenyos,

sampiton mo kamo, sa kinasingkasing nga pagsampit, tabangi intawon kami, ayaw intawon kami pasagdi.” The speech must have struck a sensitive cord in the heart and conscience of most councilors. When the votes were counted by the raising on hands on July 3rd, the memorial park items lost in dramatic fashion. lubogan: Yes—4; no -- 14; Abstention—3. Baliok: Yes – 2; no – 16; Abstention –2. now it can be told. The opposition, the United Residents and Homeowners Association of Dacoville, Inc (URHADI) through its president Conrado vidanes texted his board members: “let us be humble in victory. This is a victory for the people of Davao city. let us respect the position of the proponents. Anyway, ok na ang ipinaglaban natin.” Dumoy Barangay Captain Dr. Jessie Mar Y. Culaste, in a thanksgiving mass message said: The victory of the opposition means that we have stopped the possibility that cemeteries from Baliok would be expanding until they reach our subdivision boundaries. We have helped protect the Dumoy aquifer by our unity

and vigilance. Gabriela Partylist representative in the lower House Congresswoman luz Ilagan: “Up to the last moment I was texting our city councilors to think of the welfare of our people. Haay salamat, lord! Congrats to all!” Tony Ajero, editor in chief of the Edge Davao, a business newspaper, a keen supporter of environment causes, especially the Dumoy aquifer, texted: “Wow!” Betty Cabazares, executive director of Kinaiyahan Foundation, Inc (KFI), texted: “Congrats. The opposition’s hard work paid off.” Juland Suazo, secretary general of Panalipdan Mindanao, “Yes, we won! A green thanks to all supporters.” norma Javellana, former key officer of Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) texted: “This is the second big victory for Davao. The first was the ban on aerial spraying ordinance. now the banning of cemeteries and memorial parks over the Dumoy aquifer” Retired Judge Jesus Quitain: “We are safe because we have good councilors.” Councilor Pilar Braga, author of the controversial

Water Code: “Thanks to Councilor Al-ag for bringing the ordinance to the consciousness of Filipinos. Congrats to Councilor Marissa S. Abella for her resolution convening the Water Resource Management and Protection Council. To the pro cemeteries who insist the ordinance did not specify such barangays (lubogan, etc), you have myopic interpretations! What may be legal may not be moral.” This writer finds timely lessons from this legislative experience: 1. There is need to focus on a law-making policy which integrates science/ technology with environment protection. The people’s right to health and safety, balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature is paramount over business. 2. There is need for city planners and regulatory agencies (those issuing clearances) to recognize that economic growth can be pursued without sacrificing environment care. The rule is to place cemeteries and similar industries away from delicate natural resources like water. 3. There is need to pursue transparency through

public consultation, starting with the smallest government unit, the barangay, whereby objections are duly entertained and acted upon, thereby eliminating doubts and questions, as the process goes upward, until reaching the final approving authority. 4. There is need for regulating and sponsoring government agencies to be impartial, fair and objective, exhaustive and thorough especially in the processing of applications. Their action should be above board and can stand the test of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. 5. There is need to support the activities of the Davao City Water Resources Management and Protection Council headed by its chair, City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte, a staunch environmental advocate. If its membership will come from the same subordinate agencies issuing certificates without regard for public acceptability, the result may be suspect. It might help to have a parallel private sector-led “Save the Dumoy Water Resource Movement” composed of people with unquestioned integrity and compassion for the environment. The URHADI would be glad to

spearhead a convenor group to put up such a movement. It will stand up for Mother nature and the Water Code Council in the interest of the service. Post script: This writer is an inactive president of Barog Kalikupan Dabaw, (Stand Up For the Environment, Davao) or BARKADA, a Davao Citybased loose coalition of environment oriented groups and individuals, both in the public and private sector, especially among school-based environment and science clubs. We sincerely thank the City Council staff for providing the official minutes of sessions from where data was taken to compose the series of articles. It helped that we attended committee hearings and city council sessions even it meant staying up to near 12 midnight just so we get a complete picture of the issues at hand.. We acknowledge the support of nGO partners for their advices and friends in the trimedia, particularly Rene Ezpeleta Bartolo, and Mr. Antonio M. Ajero, for without public information and discussions, the issues would have gone largely unnoticed. For comments, please email me at rjrjrajimenez@




More tax incentives for investments in city’s preferred far-flung districts By Greg G. Deligero


HE Davao City government will provide more tax incentives for investments poured into farflung districts. This is one of the new features of the enhanced Davao City Investment Incentive Code of 1994 which was amended by the Sangguniang Panlungsod last August 9. Under the code, the city government offers various fiscal incentives to investors who will invest in any of the preferred investment areas [PIAs]. Qualified projects are entitled to exemption from payment of local business tax for three years and basic real property tax for the real property for two years where the project is located provided this is owned by the proponent. A new feature of the code is the provision of longer incentives for investors who invest in any of the PIAs in preferred districts as defined by the city’s development plan. These districts include Calinan, Baguio, Marilog, and Paquibato. “Proponents of these projects shall be entitled to five-year exemption from the payment of business sales tax instead of three years and five-year exemption from the payment of real property tax instead of two years,” said city investment promotion chief Jason Magnaye. Under the new code, the PIAs that are retained and refined include the agribusiness sector, tourism and recreational facilities, light manufacturing and assembly, property development, health and wellness, educational and sports facilities, environmental protection or green projects and information communications technology. “For the new PIAs, we are introducing production and generation of new sources of power to address the anticipated steady growth in demand in the coming years, logistics and Infrastructure, with transshipment facilities already being subsumed under this area and those projects enrolled under the city’s Public-Private Partnership program,” said Magnaye, who presented and handled the interpellation from the city

councilors before the approval of the code’s amendment. The amended Code excluded branches of foreign banks from among the list of PIAs and for telecommunications to already be subsumed under ICT. Magnaye said the preference was derived based on the present demand of the city for additional infrastructure, lacking support services to certain business activities that are considered to be sunrise industries, and emerging trends in both the local and international markets. “As most of you may know, we are the first city in the country to have adopted an incentive code back in 1994. Today, 18 years after, almost all major cities in the country have enacted their own incentive codes. This makes it necessary for us to always review and update, if necessary, our incentive code to make it competitive against the other cities,” he said. In 2011, the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC) initiated the amendment process of the code through a technical assistance from a program called local Implementation for national Competitiveness for Economic Growth or lInC-EG of the USAID, and in partnership with the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Department of Trade and Industry and the City Planning and Development Office. Magnaye said the review process was anchored on a two-pronged, holistic framework of achieving a businessenabling environment by way of improving the business permits and licensing system or BPlS and reviewing the investment promotion program of the city government. “The investment promotion component of the program was done to assess the code’s continued relevance, particularly the investment priority areas and the accompanying incentive structure,” he said. “likewise, it was reviewed to check the significance of the DCIPC in terms of its service delivery and to identify other investment promotion strategies that can be effectively carried out by the center and its partners,” he added.

INTERPELLATION. Investment promotion chief Jason Magnaye presented the enhanced Davao City Investment Incentive Code of 1994 and handled

the interpellation from the city councilors before the approval of the code’s amendment.





Vegetable areas shrinking with mining, banana farms expansion U

nABATED banana plantation expansion and discoveries of new mining areas have shrunk the areas planted to vegetable, threatening stability of supply in the domestic markets, and the export of Mindanao vegetables to recently developed markets. Ray Acain, president of the vegetable Industry Council of Southern Mindanao (vicsmin), said the association and the Department of Agriculture need to update production areas that were already mapped in 2005 due to “changes in the crops that farmers have planted recently.” Areas like Kapatagan, Davao del Sur and Maragusan in Compostela valley, have reduced their usual volume of “semi-temperate” vegetables – such as broccoli, cauliflowers and bell peppers –when farmers either opted or were forced to shift to export Cavendish bananas, as in

the case in Kapatagan, or when the menfolk left the farms to try their luck in a newly-discovered mining area, as what happened in Maragusan. But it was mostly the shift to banana that threatened the traditional sources of vegetables, Acain said, citing the same trend in Bukidnon and Marilog, the northern agricultural district of Davao City. The threats in areas like Tupi and lake Sebu in South Cotabato were less severe, though still a cause for concern, “as these grow the tropical vegetables, or what we call the Bahay Kubo set of vegetables,” the vicsmin president bared. vegetable growers sort out vegetables into two distinct groups: the “Bahay Kubo” or “pinakbet” group, or the tropical climate vegetables, and the “chopsuey,” or temperate climate vegetables. The more common and affordable vegetables like squash, eggplant, ampala-

ya, string beans and other leafy vegetables belong to the “Bahay Kubo” group. The more expensive vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflowers, bell peppers and lettuce, belong to the “chopsuey” group. Environmental concerns have been raised on the conversion of lands in Kapatagan from vegetables to bananas, as the barangay which is 25 kilometers from Digos City proper, has been classified since two decades ago as a protected area, being part of Mt. Apo, a national park and wildlife reservation. Kapatagan is at the foothills of Mt. Apo. The most susceptible to crop conversion are mostly farmers who have problem with access to markets. “For growers of mostly semi-temperate climate vegetables, the shift to banana was less tempting because these farmers already have institutional buyers, like shopping malls and hotels,” Acain said.

“For instance, we have these farmers in the Malaybalay, Bukidnon side of Mt.Kitanglad, whose lettuce and broccoli are already pegged to the demand of hotels and shopping malls in Cagayan de Oro City, and to a highend hotel in Davao City.”

“But there would be a realignment of the vegetable map in Mindanao,” he said, “especially that until now, there are still a lot of vegetable farmers who are not listed in our roster”. valente Turtur, vice president of vicsmin, said they would be seeking

fresh funding to undertake another round of survey to locate other production areas. “The lukewarm or inattention of many local governments to look into the situation of vegetable growers also limited our efforts,” he said. [MiNDANEws]



St. Jude Council installs ‘JoeVal’ as Grand Knight By Leoncio “Nonoy” Villa-Abrille


RO. Jose valenzuela Jr., an entrepreneur and civic leader, was installed Grand Knight on August 12, Sunday, by Knights of Columbus Worthy District Deputy Antonio Partoza Jr. of Zone 4, District 11. The simple yet solemn rite, its 47th installation, was held at the St. Jude Parish Hall along Malvar St, Davao City. Grand Knight valenzuela took over leadership from GK Julito Pepito. Both of them belong to the Knights of Columbus of St Jude Thaddeus Parish, Council 5831. A registered mechanical and professional electrical engineer rolled into one, “Joe” or “Joeval”as he is known to his peers, loves sports, specially playing golf, hiking and doing morning walk. He is president and general manager of Philippine ventures Enterprises, a company that deals on hydraulic seals, industrial inks, solvents, traction batteries for forklifts and tool steels for machineries and heavy equipments. Rev. Fr. Pete lamata, St.

KNIGHTS. Newly-elected officers of the Knights of St Jude Council led by GK Jose Valenzuela Jr. (left photo holding microphone) in a posterity pose with

District Deputy Antonio Partoza Jr. (in white barong) and chaplain and parish priest Pete Lamata. Photo by Karl Pepito.

Jude Thaddeus Parish Priest, was installed as council chaplain. The other elected officers for 2012-2013 who were installed include Deputy Grand Knight, Pablo Gonzales Jr; Chancellor, Emeterio Orteza; Recorder, Julito Pepito; Treasurer, Fidencio Dizon Jr; Advocate, Antonio Partoza; Warden, Jesus Tolentino Jr; Inside

Guard, Sergio Selorio; Outside Guard, Michael Duran; Trustee – 3 Year, Danilo villanueva; Trustee - 2 Year, Wendell Udan; and Trustee – 1 Year, leonoro Gudin. Following his installation, GK valenzuela in his speech appealed for support from his other officers, saying “You can expect me to work hard as your lead-

er, but though how much I strive, I will never succeed without your full support and cooperation.” For more than a decade, engineer valenzuela was president, as well, of the local chapter of the Philippine Institute of Supply Management Association. now a South Davao Rotarian, Joe was formerly president of

Rotary Club of Matina, and past president of Davao Jaycee Senate. He was formerly secretary of the local club of Ambassador Club Philippines. Actively involved in other civic work, he is a 17-year trustee of Boystown Davao and director of the local YMCA. A past JCI Senate Philippines director and national

vP for Mindanao, he is currently treasurer of the Davao JCI Senate Foundation. Married for 39 years to Teresa Pahate, their marriage is blessed with two children, Pamela and Jose Adrian and three grandchildren, Isabel, Gabriel & Jose Miguel. Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney at new Haven, Connecticut, the Knights of Columbus was officially chartered as a fraternal benefit society on March 29, 1882. The Order is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity. The Knights of Columbus was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. The Knights of Columbus has grown from several members in one council to more than 14,000 councils and 1.8 million members throughout the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Bahamas, the virgin Islands, Cuba, Guatemala, Guam and Saipan.

tomers. Tattoo@Home consists of wired or DSl broadband packages bundled with voice, or broadband data-only services which are available at download speeds ranging from 1 mbps up to 15 mbps. In selected areas where DSl is not yet available, Globe offers Tattoo WiMAX, a fixed wireless broadband service using its WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) network. Meanwhile, for consumers who require a fully mobile, internet-on-the-go broadband connection, Tattoo On-the-Go allows subscribers to access the internet using 4G, 3G, or Wi-Fi at various hotspots nationwide using a plug-and-play USB modem. In addition, consumers in selected urban areas who want blazing speed connection have the option to subscribe to Tattoo Torque broadband plans using leading edge GPOn (Gigabit Passive Optical network) technology with speeds of up to 100 mbps. This is the same technology that Globe provided in the recently concluded ADB›s 45th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors held in

Manila last May. “While we expect competitive and market pressures to persist and even intensify, we are confident that we can build further on our momentum as we head into the second half of the year. Over the years, Tattoo has proven itself as the broadband with superior performance in terms of speed, reliability, and value-formoney plans. And with the ongoing network transformation, we expect to deliver on our promise of creating the happiest customers by providing them with the best internet experience,” said Ernest l. Cu, Globe President and CEO. Part of the massive $700-million network modernization program of Globe is a wider coverage of 3G and 4G services, a ten-fold increase in data capacity, and the rollout of an additional 12,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables to enhance internet speeds and service reliability. Aside from performance, Globe also continuously reinvents itself by coming up with various innovative marketing and promotional strategies to create the most

personalized and tailor-fit services for its internet-loving subscribers to further solidify its position as the number one broadband provider in the Philippines. For instance, Globe broadband combines the services from mobile Globe Postpaid and Tattoo Postpaid broadband to come up with My Ultimate Super Plan, a bundled offer that provides subscribers calls, texts, mobile browsing, and broadband surfing under one plan for as low as P999 a month. Each plan comes with a free handset and a free Tattoo SuperStick which enables Wi-Fi sharing up to five other devices at the same time. With just a single account, subscribers get the most value for their money compared to subscribing separately to mobile Globe postpaid and broadband Tattoo postpaid plans. Empowering students to get the most of their campus life, Globe introduced the Tattoo University Sticks (U-Stick) in time for the start of the school year. Available in either Tattoo 3G Stick or Tattoo 4G SuperStick, each device comes with

one-year free unlimited access to the subscriber’s school website, Yahoo!Mail, Google Mail as well as free 10-day unlimited access to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the Tattoo U-Stick of-

fers a special surfing rate of P25 for three hours valid for one day and a 2 GB micro-SD card that will enable the dual functionality of the Tattoo U-Stick as a mobile broadband stick and a USB device.

Globe asserts broadband leadership with double-digit revenue growth l

EADInG telecommunications company Globe Telecom continues to assert its leadership in the Philippine broadband industry with sustained doubledigit revenue expansion driven by rising internet usage stemming from the popularity of social networking sites and the growing affordability of access devices such as tablets, PCs, and laptops. Broadband revenues were up 13% year-on-year to P4.1 billion with the continued strong demand for Tattoo-On-The-Go offerings which comprise the bulk of the company’s quarterly acquisitions. This led to the overall growth in Globe broadband subscriber base to nearly 1.6 million by June 30, higher by 22% from almost 1.3 million subscribers in the same period last year. From 2007 to 2011, Globe broadband service has grown by an average of 99% per year in number of subscribers, and 84% per year in service revenues. At present, Globe offers Tattoo@Home and Tattoo On-The-Go services across various technologies and connectivity speeds for its residential and business cus-

PICE Davao hosts show, conference


IvIl engineers and civil engineering students from various cities and provinces in Mindanao will converge in Davao City for the 2012 Mindanao Construction Show and Conference set on August 17-18 at the Grand Ballroom of the Apo view Hotel. The two-day event is organized by the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Davao City Chapter with its theme - Civil Engineering Trends and Advancements. The conference provides a venue to discuss the vital issues, trends and concerns of the civil engineering profession, aside from offering members an

opportunity of professional development and be more responsive to the new challenges of advancements and development. Erdsan Rene S. Suero, president of PICE Davao City Chapter, said that the program includes eight technical sessions, construction exhibits, technical presentations and fellowships. “This is held in time of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw, thus, we are inviting all civil engineers, engineering students and all interested construction players and professionals to attend the said gathering and experience the Kadayawan at its best,”he added. [Pio]



Understanding the consumer behavior of tourists




Push, pass the FOI Act now!

n 1986 at EDSA, the first people power revolt ended 21 years of a government so dark and so opaque, and ushered in one of light and transparency. The strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos was vanquished and democracy icon Corazon C. Aquino came to power. A year later, the 1987 Constitution enshrined state policies of full transparency and accountability in the conduct of all public officials and employees, and of full public disclosure of information vested with public interest. The Constitution upheld the people’s right to know and be informed about all policies, projects, and programs of government that involve use of taxpayers’ money. It is now 2012, or over 26 years after EDSA. Filipinos today are the most exuberant in their exercise of the freedoms of speech, of the press, and of peaceable assembly for redress of just grievances. But one other inalienable freedom that the Constitution also guarantees -- Freedom of Information -- remains just a bill perpetually stuck in the legislative wringer over the last 14 years, hobbled by the discombobulating “concerns” of the Executive, and mocked by restrictive administrative fiats of the judiciary, the House of Representatives, and even the Office of the Ombudsman. The Freedom of Information Act long promised by the Constitution to this day remains just a promise. And from the 12th to the present 15th Congress, despite the dozens of bills filed and refiled, it seems like we always return to square one, marching but only in place, on the FOI Act. The second Aquino administration of Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III was installed in June 2010 on major summons for the citizens and public officials to trek the “daang matuwid”, rid the nation of corruption, and alleviate poverty. From birth, it is an administration that seems naturally betrothed to pushing and passing the FOI Act. Two years and two months on office hence, the administration and its Liberal Party-led coalition in the House of Representatives have yet to do the job. From various accounts of senior officials and pro-administration legislators, Their less than vigorous interest to pass the FOI Act supposedly derives from a few reasons: 1. That some Executive agencies have become more transparent anyway they are already uploading online some budget and public finance documents; 2. That the FOI Act seems largely an issue of the middle class and the media; 3. That the FOI Act might not get the numbers needed in the House, and with the May 2013 elections coming soon, might divide more than



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unite the political parties. Online uploads of public documents are just half the transparency equation that the FOI Act must guarantee. The other, more important half of the equation that an FOI Act guarantees is the public disclosure of documents on request or on demand of citizens asserting their right to access information in government custody. Citizens need and must know how public officials exercise their powers and authorities, how they spend public funds, what contracts and agreements they sign and seal on our behalf, what policy issues bother them that must also bother us so we may participate in making decisions. Citizens need and must know what programs for the delivery of the most basic services, as well as how they can access with success and within reasonable time frames the most relevant public documents they need to secure and safeguard their most basic needs. Indeed, in the panoply of rights, the right to information is both the most supreme and the most fundamental as it is the bedrock of all our rights to education, property, livelihood, even life. The right to information is our protection against government abuse, at the same time that it is our power to make government accountable. But our right to information, as great and self-executing as it is under the 1987 Constitution, requires a complementing legislation to ensure its clear-cut, full and predictable operation. Twenty six years and five presidents since, the FOI Act remains just a promise. Over that long wait, the proposed measure has undergone numerous adjustments to carefully balance the people’s right to information on the one hand, and the interests for reasonable confidentiality and sound administrative practice, on the other. This balancing process has already been exhausted. In truth what is now left preventing the passage of the FOI law are the personal and speculative fears of our leaders of the people’s exercise of their right to know. Today, we speak with one voice and join the rest of the people in demanding political will on the part of President Aquino, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, and House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. to lead their respective institutions in immediately enacting the FOI law. With time fast running out on the 15th Congress, the long wait for the FOI Act should be over yesterday. The time for decision is now. ANTONIO M. AJERO Editor in Chief

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(1st of two parts)

n 1994, Kellogg’s decided to penetrate the Indian market. At that time, India had a booming population of almost a billion people; onefourth of them belonged to the middle class. It was a largely untapped market for a cereals breakfast industry giant with no serious competitors. Kellogg’s failed! Why? To an Indian, the most typical way to start a day was with a big bowl of hot veggies. Eating cereals was a strange and alien concept. Kellogg’s had to promote both its own product and the idea of eating cereals in the morning. lesson learned from Kellogg’s experience is also applicable in tourism promotions. Many entities embark on massive and, mostly, expensive promotions without seriously considering what the tourists need or how they form their decision to travel, to begin with. Untrained in modern and effective branding strategies, many local government units and entities end up addressing the wrong audience and wasting their meager resources. In the end, after having spent millions of pesos for whatever infrastructure, promotions, collaterals, they hardly have a thousand visitors per year. Tourism is a commodification of experience. As a commodity, it has its own production cost, market price and intrinsic properties, among others. Promoting a destination is not all about telling the whole world what you have in your place. It also means identifying your audience and anticipating what they want to experience. We want to understand the consumer behavior of the tourists because we want to increase tourist traffic and receipts. By being able to act in relation to their behavior, we expect to sustain client loyalty. In the end, we have improved the brand image because we knew whom do we want to attract with what. There are many motivations why people travel. They want to experience, explore, seek adventure, visit new places, gain new experience, learn other culture and even taste unique cuisines, among others. These are largely influenced by norms, perceptions, biases, peer groups, age and social class, education, etc. The decision-making process a tourist undertakes is all about attitude and perception. Does the image of a destination conveyed by various communication tools trigger an arousal or need to travel, for example? There are four basic stages in the decisionmaking process of a tourist. First is the formation of a vague image, like a fantasy of a destination or a tourist activity, like festivals and competitions. The image is largely transmitted by tourism promotion strategies, such as advertising, education and even word-of-mouth referrals. This is when strategic communication tools come in, because a potential traveler is still thinking of making a trip. A destination manager who knows the craft bombards the audience during the first and most critical stage. Being the need-arousal stage, such tools must evoke the feeling or the need to travel and explore, etc. The first stage progresses to the next level only when a decision to take a holiday has been made. This is the time when choices and alternatives are being explored, such as time, specific destination, activities to look forward to, etc. The tourist also begins making arrangements, such as tickets and room reservations. The third stage is the experience itself, be it a holiday spent in a tropical beach resort, participation in a major festival or travel to an attraction. The tourist also makes adjustments to the brand image, correcting or removing elements that are not true or invalid and enhancing those which are correct. If a poster of Mt. Apo shows too much steam, thanks to Adobe Photoshop, and the tourist realizes that there is hardly any fume at all, s/he corrects the erroneous image and will modify the way s/he shares the experience to others. The last stage is the post-mortem, after-image assessment and recollection of the holiday. The tourist may either have an induced feeling of missing the place or activity or having regrets for making the trip, on the first place. The second and last part of this article will discuss the most common errors in local tourism promotions and ways to correct them.





Gov’t acts to make “drag racing” a thing of the past

HE government has taken an active role in order to make “drag racing” a thing of the past. In fact, Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary leila M. lima has issued an advisory on “drag racing” in line with the DOJ’s thrust to take a proactive stance and a dynamic approach in criminal justice concerns. In Advisory Opinion no. 01 dated Aug. 8, 2012, De lima said that when drag racing is conducted in public streets, highways and other thoroughfares without permits and without regard to the safety of motorists, spectators and innocent third parties, it becomes a punishable act. De lima noted that “drag racing”, when referring to motor vehicle or motorcycle speed contests done within a controlled and regulated environment, and adhering to standards, is not illegal when sanctioned. In the Philippines, there are automobile clubs and other sports associations which sponsor legitimate drag racing events in various race circuits. Many drag racing activities in the past have been reported and continue to be reported, especially in certain “hotspots” like Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City, Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, in Pasay City and other major avenues in urban areas which are wide and with sparse vehicular traffic for the conduct of unauthorized races. In some instances, these activities resulted in harm to persons involved in the race or not, and unduly puts at risk motorists who pass through the roads. The harm caused by drag racing range from physical injuries and property damage in case of crashes, to damage to roads due

SPECIAL FEATURE By PHILIPPInE nEWS AgEnCy to the excessive “wear and tear” induced by burning rubber. Other forms of collateral harm include noise pollution, vandalism and littering. Crimes associated with alcohol are also likely to arise, since many race contestants and spectators consume it within the vicinity of a drag racing event. Because of these, De lima issued the following advisory points: -- Do not participate in any drag racing activity. -- Immediately report drag racing activities to the proper authorities. -- Shop owners should assist in educating racing enthusiasts about the hazards of drag racing. -- Parents, schools and other institutions should exercise informal control over drag racing participants. -- Ensure that the law is made to apply fully against violators, and that law enforcers take a strong stance in apprehending them. “Drag racing can be defeated if law enforcers pursue violators and members of the community (especially those who have been victimized) fully cooperate by filing timely complaints or supply information necessary for the charges to prosper,” De lima said. “Drag racing is a scourge that, with the help of the entire community, can be taken off our streets,” she added. [PNA]

‘Many drag racing

activities in the past have been reported and continue to be reported, especially in certain “hotspots” like Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City, Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, in Pasay City and other major avenues in urban areas which are wide and with sparse vehicular traffic for the conduct of unauthorized races.’


Exploring investment prospects


A D AYAWA n TIPS – There is no such thing as a wrong turn in the city during the duration of the much-ballyhooed two-week Kadayawan festivity, billed as the Mother of Festivals. One of the great pleasures, especially to first-time tourists and visitors, is getting lost amid the city’s serpentine streets and labyrinth of foot walks. But many areas should be sought out, notably those that had been transformed into a smorgasbord of street foods during the night. visit the places and feel yourself spinning back to an age of sumptuousness. And when hunger interrupts your fantasia, try the fresh grilled pork or chicken, squid, beef broth, and an array of delicious local cuisine. Then you will feel like you’re dreaming, fellas! --O-WIDE RAnGE OF TRADE OPPORTUnITIES – There are lots of opportunities for other industries in Davao City that prospective investors should be excited about. The city’s flourishing investment climate prompted both domestic and foreign investors to explore more trade opportunities. The present investment trend is increasing the city’s exposure for many companies based either in Manila or abroad who are looking to diversify into the local market. Many dauntless capitalists are very bullish on the investment prospects in the city and region because they can choose from a wide range of businesses. For the determined investors, trade is very encouraging and the city is good value. They have shown a lot of interest in tourism, food industry, furniture making aside from processing of homegrown fruit produce. likewise they are interested in fast-growing sectors. Business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology (IT) are two sectors that investment managers understand. We will see more domestic and foreign investors coming to the city maybe next year of the year after. Aside from being a big market the city government aggressively continued its effort in offering strong business potential in the domestic and global market. The pace of establishing new businesses improved rapidly during the second and third quarter of this year and the long-term business outlook for the city and region is superb. On the other hand, the city’s far larger domestic sectors – construction, retailing, agriculture, among others have likewise thrived. With the completion of additional modern shopping malls, commercial buildings and high-end condominium units, analysts predict occupancy rates of 75 to 80% - higher than in previous years. But other market forecasters are pessimistic still, for one; they note that there has been over-investment in the property market. Despite spikes of negative observation, self-assured investors seem unwilling to change course on these. Trade opportunities can be attractive for any industrialist where growth and profits exist and the city’s competitive positioning is improving at accelerating pace. This prodded city officials and captains of trade and industry to report with confidence that increased investments will ultimately lead to higher employment rate. If there is business here, if there are contracts to be done and trade opportunities to get excited about, investors will keep on coming. City officials still expect big domestic and foreign companies with new investment portfolio to rush to the city with subcontracting deals and other spending. They are predicting that the latecomers will need to do everything to catch up with the prompt stakeholders. Even the normally upbeat local officials admit that the prediction about foreign and domestic investors storming the city was on the mark. The city is an extremely robust, vibrant and educated metropolis and there are lots of trade opportunities to explore. And most importantly the basic institutions are righty in place. Being an entrepreneur based in the city may be the most comforting and reassuring jobs in business today. The influx of investors in the days ahead would accelerate growth and drive an economic boom.



SoCot boosts weather S monitoring facilities S

OUTH Cotabato will have at least three new facilities to monitor weather conditions and possible climatic disturbances in the province. John lorca, disaster response coordinator of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) said an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) will be installed inside the provincial capitol, this city. Talks are also on-going between the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) and their office about the installation of a weather monitoring station in Banga town, lorca added. Meanwhile, the city government of Koronadal is also finalizing plans with the Department of Science and Technology for the installation of an AWS in the vicinity of the city hall in Brgy. Carpenter Hill. lorca explained the AWS in the provincial capitol compound, which may

Mining company donates ultra sound to Pantukan

be mounted atop the Finance Building, is an initiative of the league of Provinces in the Philippines (lPP) in cooperation with the AboitizPower and its social responsibility arm Weather Philippines Foundation (WPF) with technology partner Meteomedia Philippines and UnionBank of the Philippines. “The equipment will gather weather data from Koronadal City and South Cotabato and transmit these to the server of WPF in Manila,” he said. He added that the real benefit it will give the province would be the provision of three to five days of weather forecast. The equipment is capable of capturing atmospheric and meteorological data such as rainfall, wind speed and direction, humidity, and temperature, according to the project briefer. It said the instrument, which was based on a technology developed by a company based in Switzerland, mainly senses, measures,

and transmits meteorological data of weather conditions The lGU has direct access of the weather readings because it is equipped with a monitoring screen that records the data sent to the server. Monitoring will be done by the PDRRMO. lorca said, with this facility and the data it provides the provincial could easily alert residents who are in harm’s way, such as those living along the Allah River. The AWS costs US$57,000, lorca said. lorca also confirmed that Pagasa has also contacted them on Monday for the installation of a weather monitoring facility, possibly in nearby Banga town. “But I suggested that the facility will be installed either in T’boli or lake Sebu,” he said, “for us to be able measure rainfall in the Upper valley area.” He explained that both municipalities are within the area of a rain-

forest where precipitation differs as compared the lower areas like Koronadal. Thus, with the AWS at the provincial capitol compound and the Pagasa weather monitoring facility in the Upper valley, the province would be provided with a more comprehensive weather data. lorca expects Pagasa personnel to visit the province within this month for this purpose. Meanwhile, Koronadal City Engineering Office head, Engr. Ruel Tianchon confirmed DOST will be putting up an AWS in Koronadal City. Mayor Peter Miguel has already identified an area at the back of city hall in Koronadal City where it will be installed, he said. The local chief executive is now awaiting authority from the Sangguniang Panglungsod to enter into an agreement with DOST on the matter before negotiations could be finalized, Tianchon added.

worth Tudaya Hydropower project with a capacity of 7 MWs. “Our place is welcome to any people, provided that they will embrace and respect our culture and traditions”, said Datu Rogelio Manapol, chair of the Bagobo-Tagabawa. “This culture sensitivity discussion alone to Hedcor workers is a manifestation that the company respects our culture”, he added. Datu Manapol spoke together with representatives of the na-

tional Commission on Indigenous Peoples and Hedcor officials before the participants. Hedcor vice president for Business Development Gregorio Jabonillo explained the importance of this discussion. “Our mutual understanding and respect to our culture and traditions will lead us to a peaceful conduct to any field activities we have”, he said. “It is easy for everyone present to work on our expansion project because we are now all

aware of which places are sacred for the tribe and what are the offensive physical gestures for them”, Jabonillo added. The tribal leaders were also enlightened to the policies and procedures of the company. It was also brought out that the IPs were properly informed of company’s run-of-river hydro power systems, its impact and the needs of community in which Hedcor provided in their signed Memorandum of Agreement. The Tudaya Hydro 2 project broke ground on August 1 in the presence of the government officials and its host communities. A tribal ritual was also conducted on July 31. As Hedcor extends its horizons to serve more host communities, the same culture building and understanding are to be conducted prior to construction. In Davao City, Hedcor has a plan of building 11.5 MW Tamugan Hydropower Project which will be located in Barangays Wines and Gumalang, Baguio District.

Hydro developer initiates IP’s culture understanding H

EDCOR Tudaya, Inc. recently held a session for understanding the culture and customary laws of the Bagobo-Tagabawa, the host indigenous peoples community of the Tudaya Hydropower Project, at the Municipal Training Center of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. The culture sensitivity discussion amongst Hedcor employees, contractors, suppliers, and IP communities was at the start of the construction of the P1 billion

MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING. Participants form a humanchain during the culture sensitivity discussion as their gesture for unity and mutual understanding of the culture, traditions,


practices and all customary laws of the host indigenous peoples community, the Bagobo-Tagabawas, of Hedcor’s Tudaya Hydropower Project.

T. Augustine Gold & Copper ltd (SAGCl) donated an ultrasound machine, the first of its kind, to the Compostela valley Provincial Hospital (CPvH) in Pantukan. SAGCl is the Torontolisted mining firm that is working to develop the King-king Copper- Gold Project (KCGP) in the municipality of Pantukan. The donation was in response to the growing number of patients, mostly pregnant women, coming not just from Pantukan but also from neighboring places like barangays Pintatagan and Puntalinao of Banaybanay in Davao Oriental province, who seek out abdominal diagnostic examinations. According to Dr. Royce Garcia, CvPH medical officer II, the machine will be a big help for the community because patients will no longer have to go all the way to Tagum City for their examinations. He added that it will cater to the needs of patients and will also help save on the cost of fuel for ambulances transporting patients to Tagum. This helps CvPH’s budget and allows it to direct the savings to other areas of patient care. SAGCl earlier bought an ambulance for the Pantukan community in 2011, has trained local residents as emergency medical technicians, and operates the ambulance in conjunction with the volunteer emergency medical technicians to

provide emergency medical services to Pantukan. Dr. Garcia also said that this is not the first time that CvPH has benefited from St. Augustine’s medial donations. The company was also the benefactor in the installation of air conditioning units for the hospital’s dental clinic, ultrasound room and the x-ray room. According to Clyde Gillespie, director of environmental permitting of SAGC/KCGP, the company recognizes the need for “active community engagement, particularly in areas that are of primary concern to the people. This includes health, livelihood, housing, employment and education, which is where we want to focus our efforts.” “The project cannot be successful without the support and participation of the community around it. We know this, which is why we are building strong relationships with the people; relationships that are built on genuine trust, a deeper understanding of our different cultures and a sincere desire to better the lives of the people of Pantukan.” St. Augustine Gold & Copper ltd. is currently studying the feasibility of mining the King-king copper and gold deposit in Pantukan. In connection with this, they are conducting extensive environmental and social baseline studies, community consultations, exploratory drillings and other related studies within the area.

Mati pitches in P500,000


HE City Government of Mati headed by Mayor Michelle nakpil Rabat is donating P500,000 for the millions of victims of the flooding that hit luzon last week. The decision was made last Friday, August 10, after an emergency meeting called by Mayor Rabat. The money will be sourced from the city’s calamity fund. The half a million pesos donation will be coursed thru the Depart-

ment of Social Welfare and Development Southern Mindanao. In 2009, Mati City also donated the same amount to the victims of typhoon Ondoy. Mayor Rabat said that though their annual budget is just enough for the needs of the people of Mati for infra and social projects, helping fellow Filipinos in times of disasters like flooding is an obligation that all of us must do.


EDGEDAVAO VOL.5 ISSUE 117 •WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 2012 De Lima appeals to next CJ, IBP to resolve her cases


EPARTMEnT of Justice Secretary leila M. De lima appealed on Tuesday to the incoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines to resolve the cases filed against her. De lima has a pending contempt case before the SC while her disbarment cases are pending before the IBP for allegedly defying the temporary restraining order issued in connection with the travel ban against former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. “To the next Chief Justice, I would just like to appeal to him or to her if they can please expeditiously resolve the TRO disciplinary charge against me. Matagal na rin yun na hindi nila dinidispose,” De lima told reporters in an ambush interview. “I would like to make the same appeal to the IBP. If they can already expeditiously dispose of those disbarment complaints, bakit patatagalin pa nila? Hindi pwedeng

ang sisisihin lang nila is the Supreme Court... Anyway, it served the purpose already, the pendency of the disbarment complaints, it served their objective of blocking and destroying my chief justice’s bid. The least they can do is to already dispose of that,” the DOJ chief said. De lima said she intends to return to the Judicial and Bar Council and push for reforms in the selection process beginning with the rule on disqualification. She added that she will also push for other reforms that will put a stop to “influence peddling” in the selection process by “powerful fraternities and some personalities.” She pointed out that her pronouncements are a matter of principle and she sees no problems in continuing her work with other JBC members. De lima also expressed her gratitude to her supporters and President Benigno S. Aquino III who respected her decision to accept her nomination for the post of Chief Justice. [PNA]

Villar backs DFA’s diplomatic approach on Panatag dispute


EnATOR Manny villar said on Tuesday that he supports the diplomatic approaches of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in resolving the Panatag Shoal dispute with China peacefully. ”I agree with you that at this point, we have to speak with one voice and there should be one position,” villar said while discussing with DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario the agency’s proposed P11.46 billion budget for 2013. villar, during the Senate hearing on DFA’s proposed 2013 budget, asked Del Ro-


sario about the support that the Philippines had been getting from its neighbors in the Southeast Asia regarding the disputed reef, which is situated 220 kilometers west from island of luzon. ”May I ask sir if I can provide a full briefing on exactly where we are in terms of the challenges presented by the South China sea under an executive session. I think that it would be more appropriate sir and I would be able to share with you complete information in terms of how to assess the situation,” Del Rosario said. [PNA]


of the Davao region and beyond. People would certainly want to know where these products are made. The Filipino traveler’s custom of bringing back home to their families pasalubong items from their trips is a key in promoting the city as well. Boncato says the Kadayawan Festival is the peak season for tourism in Davao City, and he expects that this time there will be more tourists than in past stagings of the festival, especially so because the events are sequenced all throughout the month-long celebration. Today, Boncato adds, this progressive city is teeming with more hotels, resorts, restaurants, and its booming economy is a good sign that more tourists are coming over. It will be a challenge for the local gov-

ernment and to the Department of Tourism to sustain the gains in the local tourism industry. The Davao Crafts Association (DCA) has been collaborating with the DOT and DTI in events like Kadayawan Crafts Tourism, according to its president, Mary Ann M. Montemayor. The fair is celebrated in conjunction with the Davao EcoCrafts’ first anniversary. The DCA has 20 members plus allied members who are also exhibitors in the fair which promotes handwoven cloth and hand-made crafts to protect tradition. The other exhibitors are CARP-Davao City, CARPDavao Del norte, Davao Oriental lGU, CARP-Comval, Davao Del Sur, Regional Office of DTI, le’mar Arts and Crafts, Crystal Seas Handwoven Handcrafted, Great

DANCE CONTEST. Students from Cesario Villa Abrille Elementary School perform a bird inspired dance during the Sayaw Mindanaw Dance contest at the

Annex of SM City Mall Davao yesterday. [LEAN DAVAL JR.]

Proposal to change school calendar gets cold support A

proposal to change the school calendar from June to September received cold support, based on the Senate hearing Tuesday. During the public hearing on K-12 program, Education Secretary Armin luistro said though he is open to the proposal of Sen. Franklin Drilon, it still faces gloomy prospects based on the consultations conducted by the Dept. of Education. “The long holidays are endemic to summer months in the Philippines. So these include all the cultural and family reunions, fies-

tas, holy week, flores de mayo, etc.” luistro said. The proposal also got unfavorable support from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration. PAGASA acting deputy administrator for research and development Falviana Hilario told the Senate committee only the national Capital Region and western provinces will benefit from the scheduling of classes. Hilario said the nCR and the provinces of Ilocos norte, Ilocos Sur, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales experience Type 1 climate or dry

Gifts Souvenirs & Int’l Corp, Tadeco livelihood, M. Tanoy Concepts and Alabaster. Javier D. Hernandez, assistant vice president of the Commercial Business Group of Ayalalwelcomed the special guests and visitors to the fair. Cited at event is the upcoming Centrio, an integrated mixed-use complex, to be built at Cagayan de Oro. Meanwhile, Abreeza in Davao City has three constructions on-going, including the Kukun Hotel, an office building and a residential condo by Alveo which has been completely sold out. A 9-hectare land still has enough space for their other projects in Davao City. The Kadayawan Crafts Fair is at the 2nd floor of Abreeza Mall is open to the public from August 14 to 20, 2012.

EnATOR Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III condemned on Tuesday “in the strongest possible terms” an attempt to assassinate Surigao del norte Gov. Sol Matugas last Monday morning. “This dastardly attempt on the life of Governor Matugas is yet another painful reminder that going into public service in our country may entail putting one’s own life in peril,” said Pimentel. “I am thankful that Governor Matugas survived this harrowing experience, but I feel for the two members of her security detail, as well as for a court security guard, who sustained gunshot wounds from that bloody incident.” The senator who hails from Mindanao also com-

season from november to April. She also said September is covered by rainy seasons in the eastern side of the country like in Mindanao and eastern visayas described as Type 2 of climate. ”If we start with September, we will also start with the peak rainy season,” Hilario told the committees of education, arts and culture and ways and means. Sen. Edgardo Angara, chairman of the committee on education, arts and culture, recognized the strong arguments on both sides. Angara said they have

to conduct series of consultations with other stakeholders like the Commission on Higher Education and business sectors as well as the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. ”I think we have to set another hearing to further discuss this issue,” Angara said. last week, Drilon proposed to change the school calendar after weather disturbances forced the school authorities and local government units to declare more school suspensions specifically in the floodstricken areas. [PNA]

mended the two policemen assigned to secure Governor Matugas for the “exemplary bravery they showed in putting themselves “in the line of fire” of the assassin. Pimentel urged the police to get to the bottom of the incident to determine whether it was just the act of one man or one committed with the help of others. He said the police must determine whether it was politically motivated or whether it was the handiwork of those affected by the lady governor’s crusade against crimes, especially on the sale of illegal drugs. After the morning flag ceremony at the capitol grounds, Governor Matugas took shelter from the rains at the Bulwagan ng Kata-

rungan when the gunman appeared, fired a warning shot and then took aim at the governor. Her security, PO2 Ronnie Goles, immediately covered and embraced the governor. Goles sustained gunshot wounds in his neck, back and right upper arm. Another security detail, PO2 Jerson Uindulman, was hit in the lower left leg, while court security Reymar Quiñones was hit in the arm and back. Wearing a white barong, Samuel lapac, suspected gunman, was armed with a caliber .45 pistol which he drew from a bag moments before the assault. He sustained two gunshot wounds and was brought to hospital.[PNA]

Attempt to assassinate governor condemened



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Major meltdowns

Tiger Woods reacts to his tee shot on the ninth hole during the final round of the PGA Championship golf tournament on

the Ocean Course of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in Kiawah Island, S.C., Sunday. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

IAWAH ISlAnD, S.C. (AP) -- Tiger Woods is done enjoying golf, especially at majors. Woods said his 4-over start on Saturday before

rain delayed the third round put him so far behind he could never catch up at the PGA Championship. The reason? Woods, who shared the lead



through two rounds, said he tried a different tactic, to relax and have fun. ‘’I was just trying to be, you know, a little bit happy out there and enjoy it,’’ Woods said. ‘’Unfortunately, that’s not how I play.’’ Happy Tiger missed a short birdie putt on no. 3 on Saturday, then made bogeys on three of his next four holes. Woods faced a 7-footer for par on no. 8 when heavy rain delayed things until Sunday morning. He missed the putt for another bogey to fall six shots behind eventual champion Rory McIlroy. It was the latest example of Woods playing well early in majors, then watching things go sideways on the weekend. Woods wouldn’t say why he changed, only that he won’t do it again. ‘’I was trying to enjoy the process,’’ Woods said. ‘’But that’s not how I play. I play full systems go, all out, intense, and that’s how I won 14 of these things.’’ Woods, though, has gone four years without winning any majors, a drought he’d hoped to end at the PGA Championship. Instead, McIlroy

blew away the field with an eight-stroke victory. The 23-year-old from northern Ireland played 13 shots better than Woods over the weekend. And Woods knows the prospect is there for McIlroy to challenge for even more majors in years to come. ‘’He’s very good. We all know the talent he has,’’ Woods said. McIlroy went through a dry spell this year, Woods said, that all great players go through on the way to bigger things. Woods believes he’s in the middle of one right now and says he keeps coming close, he’ll break through again soon. ‘’The thing is, to keep putting myself there,’’ he said. ‘’I’m not going to win them all and I haven’t won them all.’’ Woods shot a final round 72 after completing his third-round 74. Woods says he’s on the right track, though. He came out fiery and intense on Sunday and felt more like his old self. He had only three bogeys on his final 28 holes and finished at 286, tied for 11th and 11 shots behind McIlroy. ‘’I’m intense and I’m

focused and nothing else matters,’’ Woods said. ‘’I got back to that today and I hit some really good shots and I played the way that I know I can play.’’ Woods has eight months of waiting - and questions - before his next chance at a major when the Masters comes around next April. ‘’The key is putting myself there each and every time, and you know, I’ll start getting them again,’’ he said. Woods almost got a couple this year. He was tied for the lead at the U.S. Open, yet finished 75-72 on the weekend to end tied for 21st. He shot 67-67-70 and was in contention at the British Open until a final-round 73 dropped him to third. Sunday at the PGA Championship wasn’t Woods’ day. It began at 7:45 a.m. with his missed par putt to drop further behind. He let his driver go after a bad shot on the 15th hole into some cactus like stickers right of the fairway. Woods got stuck by several of them and limped his way back to the fairway before picking them off his shoes and slacks.

‘’It got in both legs well, left shoe, right shoe, and then in my right leg,’’ he said. ‘’It itched like hell for about a hole, and it was fine.’’ Woods entered the final round five shots behind McIlroy and never made a charge. Then again, McIlroy played like a man who wouldn’t be caught by anyone. McIlroy won his second major in runaway fashion - he captured the 2011 U.S. Open by eight shots - and then brushed aside the inevitable comparisons to the start of Woods’ career. ‘’I’ve won my second major at the same age as he had,’’ McIlroy said of Woods. ‘’But he went on that incredible run like 2000, 2001, 2002 and won so many. You know, I’d love to sit up here and tell you that I’m going to do the same thing, but I just don’t know.’’ Woods isn’t worried about who golf’s next great star is, just about what tournament’s next after this one. ‘’We’ve got a lot of golf to be played the rest of the year, some big events coming up and the Ryder Cup at the end of it,’’ Woods said. ‘’So looking forward to that.’’





Glammin’ up with Glamorosa

IN oNE of those boring lunch breaks some five years ago, I stumbled on a link to a relatively new fashion haven on Multiply called House of Glamorosa. The face of the seller looked so familiar to me, like I’ve already seen her on TV or something. Her pretty face exudes drama, fun, and glamour, similar to the kind of dresses that she posted online. Tired and weary, I finally decided to give in to retail therapy to boost my energy, even if the initial intention was only to browse through the shopping site.

What was supposed to be a breather eventually became a habit. Not a bad habit, mind you. I came to love and favour the brand, especially since it is proudly made by a Davaoeña. Whenever my bank account permits, I’d browse through her site, which was relaunched as a Facebook page, to check if there are new pieces I can add to my closet. The selection process is always difficult, time consuming, and, sometimes, even depressing --- as you’d end up wanting to buy everything in every color. The clothes are definitely of high quality and style, and nothing is overpriced. My closet can definitely attest my loyalty to the brand. House of Glamorosa was conceptualized in 2006 by, then, a budding young entrepreneur named Carine Cabebe. This Accountancy graduate’s first claim to fame was her win in the Closeup to Fame contest in 2005. Hosting and commercial modelling appealed

to her for a brief period, as she eventually became engrossed to a more suitable line of interest cum business: fashion merchandise. In 2008, she modified her brand and created House of Glamorosa, an online hub for fashionable and affordable clothes. A fashion-fanatic herself, Carine understands that women nowadays are not only fashion-conscious, but most especially brand-conscious. According to her, one of the main goals of her online site is to provide closet staples that would complement her shoppers’ existing high end and branded items, resulting to ensembles that exude class

and elegance, without having to spend as much. Her background in Fashion Merchandising in one of the Philippines’ top fashion schools helped a lot in developing her eye for fashion. She personally scours around the world to acquire ready to wear clothing for women, which are inspired by retail giants such as Topshop, Mango, Zara, Forever21 and H&M. Carine’s exceptional style is evident in the quality of clothes she sells. You can tell each piece was carefully chosen. Nothing is redundant or plain. The designs are a mix of classic essentials complemented with a pinch of panache and quirkiness to keep up with the latest trends. Each style is limited only to a few shades, with no more than one in stock for each. After all, who would want to be caught dead wearing the same outfit with someone else? My friends and I frequent Carine’s stalls in Christmas bazaars, and the shop she

built in her residence. I’d tag along a friend or two, who have also become Carine’s regular early birds, if I may say so. “House raids,” as we call it, are more fun coz we get to swim and select through the piles of clothes, before the rest of the population hoard away the good finds.  Just as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Carine has definitely put a lot of effort in improving her brand and market. Not only does she model the clothes herself (in the company of loyal friends, as well), she also takes care of the dirty work, which include hours of ironing each piece to perfection, polishing some photos on the computer, and carefully setting clothes on hangers and racks. Shipping her stash back and forth, from

Davao to Manila, is a different story altogether. With hard work, she has proudly seen her brand grow. From a simple online shop, it developed into an actual boutique in Davao. Its popularity earned invitations to exclusive bazaars in Rockwell, The Fort, and, just recently, at the SMX

Convention Center (for the SUPERB Bazaar, in tandem with the Philippine Fashion Week). House of Glamorosa is now all set and ready to dress up Davao once again with the latest of its luxe and trendy wearables, all meticulously chosen to impress the city’s most stylish.  Visit Carine’s booth at the Great Kadayawan Trade Fair, happening at the Davao Convention Center from August 16 to 19, 2012. For more stories on women and fashion in Davao City, visit Meg’s blog at http://meg-has-scene-it.





Anne Curtis Annebisyosa tour in Davao this Saturday

Who is Justin Theroux?

PRINcESS Of All MEDIA Anne curtis has evolved through the years from a teenage turned host, then became a recording artist and last year she became blockbuster actress for “No Other Woman.” This year, she stepped up to become a concert artist as she staged her very successful concert, Annebisyosa: No Other concert, at Smart Araneta coliseum on January 28. A series of provincial tour soon followed, and this Saturday, the big concert event will be in Davao. The concert title is inspired by her debut album and recent movie. Her album turned platinum in a span of less than three months after release. The “Showtime” host was overwhelmed by the support given by the “madlang pipol” – as they fondly called the audience of this Kapamilya noontime show. Anne developed her confidence to sing on stage because of the daily sample segments held in “Showtime.” It was her dream to have an album and also to have a concert, and it all slowly unfolded. In a press statement, Anne said the “madlang people” in Davao must expect the best with regards to the production. She revealed that she has her brains on with the concept of all the production numbers and the designs for her costumes “Basta ginagamitan ko na talaga ng bongga‘yung imagination ko dito just to give the best kasi kung ano nga ‘yung kakulangan ng boses ko, ibibigay ko na lang sa lahat ng production number at outfits ko. Kaya abangan nyo yan!” The people behind her concert include Rico Gutierrez as the director and Marvin Querido as musical director. The concert is produced by Viva concerts as Anne is under the management of Viva. Georcelle Dapat, the ASAP Rocks choreographer, will also work for her concert. Georcelle said in a TV Patrol interview that Anne is no longer just a goddess on TV but she is now also a concert goddess. Joining Anne’s concert are luis Manzano, Rachel Anne Go, Jon Santos and G-force dancers. Anne assured the concertgoers that the show will cause them to smile and be entertained through the best she can do. She said: “handa na akong lumipad, tumiwarik, magsayaw, at siyempre kumanta.” But with all these success that she has now gained, she still looks back to the “madlang pipol” who made her step up to the best she can be. Proceeds will go to the chairs and Table Project for Magtuod High School in Talomo District. Annebisyosa: No Other concert Davao Tour will be on Aug. 18, Saturday at USeP Gym. Preshow starts at 7 p.m. and concert proper will be at 8 p.m. The major event is brought to you by Gatchi Gatchalian Production. It is presented by Viva concerts, Yes Generation, and Kanin Bowls with Smart Telecom, Primadonna, folded&Hung, Argentina corned Beef, cherry Mobile. The event is also supported by Greenwich Pizza Pasta, Airphil Express, The Ritz Hotel, UnionBank, Antonio’s, and Phoenix Petroleum with ABS-cBN, MOR, DXAB, MYX, Monster, Killer Bee, Edge Davao, and N4RM MAGAZINE as our media partners. Tickets are now available at all Greenwich branches in Davao (Gaisano Mall, SM city, Nccc Mall, Abreeza, Ilustre) and Gatchi and Gatchi Office (Valencia compound at the back of central Back, corner Arellano Street and Jacinto Extension).

10 things about Jen’s fiance NoW that our famous Friend Jennifer Aniston is going to marry Justin Theroux, it’s only appropriate to know a little more about this guy.

It turns out that there are a lot of interesting facts about him that you may not have known. So, while you send your well wishes to the engaged couple, gain some knowledge about the soon-to-be Mr. Aniston. Recognize His Face?: Theroux has been on the big screen a number of times. You might remember him from Your Highness, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Miami Vice, Zoolander and, of course, Wanderlust (where his romance with Jen began). You can also hear Justin’s voice in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Missing Friend: The romance with Aniston could have happened ages ago. It just so happens Theroux turned down a screen test for the hit show Friends. He later said, “Who wouldn’t want to be a bazillionaire, but I don’t really regret it.”

1 2


Sex and the City The actor appeared on the HBo series twice as different characters. on the episode “Monogamists,” he played Jared, a braggy novelist who flirts with Carrie at a bar. Then he came back a year later as Vaughn, an author who unfortunately suffered from premature ejaculation. oh, and that episode was called “Shortcomings.” Connection Game: His father is novelist Paul Theroux, who wrote The Mosquito Coast. Its film adaptation starred River Phoenix, who was in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon with Matthew Perry, who was on Friends with Jennifer Aniston! He’s Got Moves: Justin can bust a move like no other. Theroux showed off his breakdancing skills in Zoolander and more recently, on Ellen (thanks to Jen). A Night to Remember: Academy Award-nominee (documentaries) Rachel Grady and her friend, Brooke Jones, took Justin Theroux

4 5 6

to his first prom in Washington, D.C., and Justin’s journalist mother, Phyllis Theroux, reported on their date in the June 5, 1985 New York Times. There’s Another Theroux: Ladies, don’t be sad. Justin has a younger brother (born in 1989) named Sebastian. Meat Lover Hater: You won’t find this guy grubbing on a hamburger or filet mignon. Jennifer Aniston’s man is a vegetarian. Isn’t That Funny?: Theroux guest-starred in a number of episodes of Parks and Recreation and in one of his episodes, Theroux’s character’s love interest talks about Jennifer Aniston picking the wrong guys. Ha! Writing Runs in the Family: Justin comes from a long line of accomplished writers, and has some big achievements under his belt, too. Theroux has written scripts for multiple box office hits, including Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2 and Rock of Ages.

7 8 9 10



INdulge! A3


They came, they saw, they conquered Michael Phelps strips for Louis

THE SPIcE GIRlS: They came (to the 2012 london Olympics closing ceremony), they saw (their reunion become one of the most anticipated and talked-about moments of the night), they conquered (the post-ceremony party scene). Hey, girl power can be harnessed, but it certainly can’t be given a curfew, as evidenced by some of the allnight tweeting and party play-byplay coming courtesy of Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, Sporty Spice Melanie chisholm, Scary Spice Melanie Brown, Baby Spice Emma Bunton and Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell! “We did it!! I love u girls so much!!!!! xxxvb,” Victoria tweeted alongside a picture of the girls backstage immediately following their two-song performance, adding moments later, “I was a pop star for the night!! I love u @Melaniecmusic, @OfficialMelB, @GeriHalliwell, @EmmaBunton!! we did it!! X vb.” But David Beckham’s missus wasn’t done yet sharing the love, and after a bit of a comedown, she tweeted, “totally overwhelmed. Thank you so much to all of our AMAZING fans, I love u, VB x.” However, if the steady stream of tweets and twitpics that followed were any indication, Posh seems to

have tapped out there for the night, leaving the more party-hardy ways to her sister bandmates. “Party till the break of dawn, and Mel is still in her outfit #spicegirlsolympics,” Bunton tweeted (early) Monday morning, along with a photo of the Spices (sans Victoria) partying with the unlikely likes of fellow closing-ceremony performer liam Gallagher. Gallagher was apparently the unofficial Spice Boy for the evening, as Mel B posted a photo of the four girls along with the Beady Eye frontman. “love @liamgallagher ‘come and ‘ave a go!’” Mel c chimed in. Though hanging with liam wasn’t the big-

gest topic of conversation among the girls. That honor goes to Scary’s wardrobe choices. Or rather, her choice not to change out of her leopardjumpsuit performance outfit as the night (and morning) wore on. “Oh what a night!” Geri tweeted. “What a party! is melb still in her performance outfit? #spiceolympics.” “Ha ha! Had one hours sleep, too excited!”” Mel c added. “ffs @OfficialMelB it’s done, get changed lol! xx” Of course, it wasn’t all good-natured ribbing of their bandmate. “What an honour to represent our country and perform for all of the incredible Olympians,” Mel c wrote. “We salute you one and all #coloursoftheworld x x.”

IT lOOKS lIKE Michael Phelps has traded in a pool water for a bit of bath water. Sure, the U.S. swimmer may have announced his retirement from the sport that made him the most decorated Olympian of all time, but he’s obviously not ready to strip off that Speedo just yet. In a new ad for louis Vuitton, Phelps can be seen partially submersed in a tub while wearing a suit and a pair of goggles with a duffle bag from the french fashion house sits conveniently beside him

on a towel. The campaign was reportedly shot by famed photographer Annie leibovitz. And this may very well be the last time we see Phelps in skimpy swimwear. In addition to his retirement from swimming, the 27-year-old will soon be appearing on Hank Haney’s Golf channel show, which will follow Phelps’ attempts to improve his game under the guidance of Tiger Woods’ former swing coach. We’re guessing his wardrobe won’t be nearly as revealing.

A4 INdulge!




LCB performing arts to stage Broadway show By Maybelle Anne C. Yutiamco

MIGUEl BRAGANZA II and chin Bon lu of the lcB Performing Arts center foundation, Incorporated announced yesterday that they would be holding the Broadway Our Way show this coming September 1 to 2 at the cAP Grand Auditorium.

Braganza is the founding president of the filipinos in the Arts of America, Incorporated in New York city while lu is the President of the lcB Performing Arts center foundation Incorporated. The show is a culmination of the workshops organized by the lcB that started last June 9, 2012. The finale shows will also be choreographed and directed by Bing locsin, Artistic Director of lcBPAcf. It will also be in celebration of lcB-PAcf’s 14 years of training in dancing, singing, and acting. It is also noted that lcB-PAcf is the only tap dancing school in Davao city. The September 1 and 2 shows at 7 p.m. will offer upper box and front seats for 300 pesos and a general admission worth 150 pesos. There will also be a show at 3 p.m. on September 1 slated for students. The promo price is 100 pesos. Both Braganza and lu stressed that the main objective of the trainings is to deliver the Broadway experience to younger people, especially to students. It is also an avenue for them to appreciate Broadway or musical theater without paying too much for the ticket.


Nike not dropping





OnTRARY to reports, boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao and giant sports apparel nike remain solid partners. Fred Sternburg, publicist of Top Rank Promotions and Pacquiao himself, made the clarification in the face of news reports that nike is set to drop the Filipino ring great from its list of top endorsers. Sternburg stressed the reports were “100 percent false.’ “The relationship between Manny and nike has never been better,” Sternburg said as quoted by BoxingScene.

The news spread like wild fire on social networking sites on Monday shortly after the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) weekly published a report quoting UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) president Dana White that nike “is shutting down the Manny Pacquiao line.” The item came out shortly after MMA star Jon `Bones’ Jones was signed by nike, which will soon launch the MMA fighter’s own line of sports apparel in time for UFC 151. “They’re shutting down the Manny Pacquiao line and starting up the Jon Jones line,” said White.

He continued, “I don’t know why they shut down the Pacquiao line, but they did, and that (expletive) was selling like hot cakes. I got Manny Pacquiao (expletive) from nike.” Along with HewlettPackard and international liquor brand Hennessey, nike is one of several big brands being endorsed by Pacquiao worldwide. Tim Bradley, who beat Pacquiao in a stunning split decision two months ago to wrest the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown, had recently been signed by nike. (

Lebron transformed


OnDOn – Before they ever finalized a roster to chase a gold medal in Beijing, USA Basketball officials delivered an unmistakable ultimatum to leBron James: Unless you grow up, treat people with respect, and commit to taking this seriously, we’ll leave you home for the 2008 Olympic Games. Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski wanted a culture of commitment and had come to believe that James’ momentous talent couldn’t overcome his impulses to instigate and infuriate everyone. Perhaps nike would’ve never let it happen, but James wisely decided against testing the limits

of people’s patience after his intolerable act in the 2004 Olympic and ‘06 world championships. Ultimately, James heeded the warnings, became a better teammate, blossomed into a fully dominant force and played marvelously in the 2008 Olympics. When the gold-medal game grew tightest in Beijing, James still showed a measure of reluctance, leaving Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade to deliver the biggest plays in the final minutes. And finally, full bloom for leBron James on Sunday. Finally, the full realization of his prodigious talent and intelligence, the manifestation of the superstar completely con-

trolling a collection of superstars, reaching higher and higher to his global apex. This was leBron James’ game and leBron James’ Games. “leBron James is a different player and a different person than he was in ‘06,” Colangelo said in a private moment after the United States’ 107-100 gold medal victory. “And I say that with exclamation marks. He’s matured incredibly as a person, player and leader.” So here comes leBron James with his gold-medal moment within these Olympics – within a basketball year that belong to James, the way it hasn’t

belonged to a player since Michael Jordan in 1992 – leaving the bench with four fouls in the fourth quarter, with Spain closed within six points. James grabbed the ball at the top of the circle, pushed past Spain’s defenders, past the free-throw line and leaped into the air, holding that ball and the sport higher and higher until it was just James and a thunderous dunk to redeclare the gulf between him and everyone else. Soon, James was isolated again, bringing poor, perplexed Marc Gasol all the way back out to the 3-point line and delivering a swish over the 7-footer. Soon, James had pushed the United States out of harm’s way, out of jeopardy with his 19 points and seven rebounds and four assists. It felt inevitable, because it probably was inevitable. James controlled these Olympics on a yo-yo, delivering the first tripledouble by an American in the history of the Olympics. Kevin Durant broke the American Olympic scoring record with 156 points, but James could’ve decided that he wanted the record and gotten it for himself. He controlled these Olympic Games the way he controlled the nBA Finals: always the proper blend of pass and score, defend and rebound. He’s forever dominant now. “He’s matured incredibly ... ,” Colangelo told Yahoo! Sports. “He never had someone to emulate in his life, and Coach K fit into a great role. He did the rest himself. He’s grown so much. So much.”

Manny Pacman is one of the top endorsers of nike, sharing the spotlight with the likes of Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant.

PBA: Chambers returns to Alaska


IKE norman Black and Bobby Parks before, now it’s Sean Chambers turn to try his hand as coaching consultant. The Alaska Aces, who Chambers had led to several championships, have tapped the services of its former resident import as team consultant for the PBA’s 38th season. According to assistant team manager Dickie Bachmann, Chambers arrived in the country on Saturday and will stay here for the next two weeks to plan with young coach luigi Trillo the course of action the franchise is going to make for the new season. Chambers is the latest former import to be tapped as team consultant after Black with Talk `n Text – now promoted as coach in place of national team mentor Chot Reyes – and Parks with Petron. The 45-year-old Chambers, one of only two recipients of the PBA’s 100 percent performance along with Black, steered the Aces to their first-ever league title during the 1991 Third Conference, and later on, played a key role in Alaska’s historic Grand Slam during the 1996 season. On Monday, Chambers accompanied Trillo, Bachmann, and assistant coach Alex Compton in watching the nCAA men’s basketball game between defending champion San Beda and San Sebastian at The Arena. The Aces own the no. 2 pick in the annual PBA Draft and could have

been setting their sights on reigning MvP Calvin Abueva. “He is here for two weeks. He will focus on skill development of our big men,” said Trillo. “nothing final on his tenure. He has a commitment as principal in the US, but when he can help us, he will.” Chambers obviously gained weight, but remains the friendly import with the charismatic smile that he’s always been known for. He began his career with Alaska in 1989 and retired in 2001, a 12-year stretch that saw him win five titles with the franchise, the `96 Grand Slam included. His #20 jersey was also retired by the Aces. The undersized 6-foot2 Chambers, who is listed no. 3 in both all-time scoring leaders (8,225) and alltime most total rebounds (3,253) among imports, was inducted in the Cal Poly Hall of Fame in 2005 after leading the Mustangs to two California Collegiate Athletic Association titles. He first caught the attention of Filipino basketball fans when he beat the highly-favored Billy Ray Bates in the slam-dunk contest of a PBA exhibition series in 1987 as part of the IBAF selection that competed in the tournament. Chambers also finished no. 7 in the PBA’s all-time best scoring averages (30.5) among imports, and no. 6 in all-time best rebounding averages (12.0).




Edge Davao 5 Issue 117  

Edge Davao 5 Issue 117, August 15, 2012

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