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Freshers’ week Timetable What to do & where to go

Department of Performing Arts

Course provision in the Department of Performing Arts The Department is based in the Performing Arts building, and is responsible for the following undergraduate and postgraduate provision: BA (Hons) Dance (with pathways in Design, Music & Sound and Aerial Performance) BA (Hons) Dance and Drama (with pathways in Design, Music & Sound and Aerial Performance) BA (Hons) Dance and Drama with Physical Theatres BA (Hons) Drama (with pathways in Design, Music & Sound and Aerial Performance) BA (Hons) Visual Theatre BA (Hons) Design for Performance BA (Hons) Music and Sound with Drama BA (Hons) Performance and Health MA Making Performance

Welcome to the Department of Performing Arts Congratulations on your recent exam results and securing your place at Edge Hill University. In the Performing Arts Department we have developed an approach to admissions, which means that we see all applicants in audition workshops and consider carefully the qualities each person has in terms of both academic and practical skills. You have, therefore, been offered a place with us after thorough consideration. We value what you have to offer to the department and are delighted that you have chosen to become part of an ambitious, forward thinking department. We sincerely hope that we are at the start of a strong partnership over the period of your degree study and that we can develop your ability to the highest possible levels.

It will take time for you to get used to all the various approaches and routines of the department. Freshers’ Week is designed to gradually introduce you to the department and the key structures and systems that you need to know about. It also provides an opportunity for you to meet the other undergraduates you will be working with. All Performing Arts students are asked to register with the department at: 9.20am Monday 19th September – Rose Theatre Foyer

A programme of events will follow as outlined below. Make sure you have something to write with and on, and wear clothes suitable for practical work. Joint students will have an opportunity to meet with the department at 10.00am on Weds 21st. You are welcome to attend any Performing Arts events in the week such as your other subject’s timetable allows. See Performing Arts timetable overleaf. First Week is always a busy and full week and you will hear and receive a lot of information, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little confused at times or you need to double check anything you are told. Always feel free to ask questions and clarify with staff at any point.

Phil Christopher Head of Department of Performing Arts

Department of Performing Arts Freshers Week Timetable 2011/12 9am

Register with department and coffee

Monday 19th September

9.20-10.00 Rose Theatre Foyer



First Meeting Year 1 Performing Arts All Programmes Head of Department Welcome The Rose Theatre and Student Season Tickets (Celia Wardle-Robinson) LRC Talk (Andrew Fleming) Student Services Talk (Shahida Ahmed) 10.00-11.30 Rose Theatre

Exploring Performance Workshops cont’d

Wednesday 21st September

Tuesday 20th September

9.30 -11.30


Individual Programme Meetings

and briefing for Exploring Performance workshops 11.30-1.00 Rooms as announced





Exploring Performance Workshop/ Programme Activities

Personal Tutor Group Meetings

2.30-4.00 Rooms as announced

4.00-5.00 Rooms as announced Check Notice Board for Rooms

IT Induction Sessions Students will be allocated sessions on Monday 1.00-2.30 or 2.30-4.00 or 4.00-5.30 LINC IT 1, LINC IT 2 or DANCE SINGLE HONS ONLY – Dance Workshop


MA Student Performance No 1 7.30

Note: Inclusive Services Support Session 2.00-4.00, SPS 001 Meeting for Joint Students 10.00 -12.00 Seminar A

Students’ Union Freshers’ Fair

Performance Maelstrom Dance Company 7.30







Thursday 22nd September

3.00-4.00 Rose Theatre Foyer

Student Services: Money Doctors

Friday 23rd September


PA Social Part 1 All Years

9.00-10.00 Rose Theatre

Personal Tutor Group Meetings 10.00-11.00 Check Notice Board for Rooms

Exploring Performance Workshops cont’d 11.00 -12.30

Exploring Performance Workshops cont’d 1.30-4.00 or DANCE SINGLE HONS ONLY – IT Induction Sessions Sessions 1.30-3.00 and 3.00-4.30 LINC IT 1



Performances including: Edge FWD Dance Company Year 2 Music + Sound Edge of Your Seats Company (Student Society) MA Student Selection 6.00-7.00 PA Social Part 2 7.30 MA Student Performance No 2

MA Student Performance No 3 Note: Waterloo Cathedral, Liverpool Buses Depart from Campus 7.30

Joint Students Joint students please ensure that you attend the Joint Honours meeting on Wednesday 21st September at 10.00am-12.00pm in Seminar A, Performing Arts Building.

Part-time Students Please attend Freshers’ Week sessions as per timetable.

Please Note: A noticeboard will be positioned in the Studion Theatre Foyer all week with schedule reminders and updates.

Department of Performing Arts Contact Details

Head of Department Phil Christopher T: 01695 584688


Programme Leaders BA (Hons) Dance Karen Jaundrill-Scott T: 01695 584223


BA (Hons) Design for Performance Sidsel Bech T: 01695 584110 E: BA (Hons) Drama James Stock T: 01695 650851


BA(Hons) Dance and Drama Phil Christopher T: 01695 584688 E:

BA(Hons) Music and Sound with Drama Phil Christopher/Karen Lauke T: 01695 584412 E: BA (Hons) Visual Theatre Sidsel Bech T: 01695 584110 E:

MA Making Performance Bill Hopkinson T: 01695 584558 E:

The Department of Performing Arts is based in the Performing Arts Centre which incorporates the Rose Theatre. Administrative staff (Office Top Floor) Jean Kennedy T: 01695 650883 E: Jayne Tickle T: 01695 584760


Technical Staff / Production Office (Office Main Corridor to Rose Theatre) Dave Praties - Technical Manager T: 01695 650905 E:

Peter Restall - Senior Technician T: 01695 584742 E:

Murray Smoker - Technician T: 01695 650892 E:

Mark Beaumont - Workshop Technician T: 01695 650892 E:

Thomas Harrison - PA Technician T: 01695 584208 E:




Edge Hill University St Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4QP United Kingdom

EHU Performing Arts Department Freshers Guide  

Edge Hill University Performing Arts Department Freshers Guide 2011

EHU Performing Arts Department Freshers Guide  

Edge Hill University Performing Arts Department Freshers Guide 2011